A little sunshine before the snow


Well, there are a few things on which you can hang your hat today. The five goals. The four PPGs.

Mostly, you can hang your hat on how dreadful the Leastern Conference is, because somehow, after getting two of a possible 16 points the last eight games, your Rangers are still only in 10th place, only two points out of seventh place, only three points out of sixth. It really is the Battle of the Incompetent.


1) Your NYR are now under NHL .500 (25-26-7), but in reality they are eight games under .500 (25-33). That with a seven-game winning streak and a four-game winning streak. How?

2) On the four PPGs, one was lucky. Jokinen’s goal was a Prospal shot that hit a skate and landed right on his stick with an empty net to shoot at. The others were legit, going to the net, PPGs, including an absolutely textbook 5-on-3. Callahan and Dubinsky and Jokinen and Prospal and everybody finally going to the net. Did something click? Or was Washington’s PK that bad?

3) There were some colossal D-zone breakdowns that DIDN’T end up in Washington goals. Still a lot of stick-checking around Lundqvist, a lot of defensemen chasing the puck to the boards, like Redden and Gilroy on the first Washington goal. It’s bad when your defensemen are barely in the replay.

4) I thought Rozsival had a decent game, and that he actually defended Ovechkin very well on that unbelievable one-handed goal with 8.5 left in the second period. Ovechkin = Monster. Also, Ovechkin = Magician.

5) How’s that trade, insisted by John Muckler, of Mike Knuble for Rob DiMaio looking now?

6) Once again, a lot of Capitals fans in the building. You reap what you sow, MSG.

7) Boy, Jokinen takes some bad penalties.

8) I was watching some highlights on NHL.com today (sadly, had to listen to Joe Beninati’s play-by-play) and listening how they talk about the Capitals targeting Lundqvist’s glove hand.


The Rangers did not want to be in the Kovalchuk stakes in a rental deal. They could have offered more than the Devils did. But here’s a good explanation of why they couldn’t have gotten him yesterday, regardless, by Larry Brooks.

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  1. Imagine Phaneuf runs Kovy tonight and dislocates his shoulder and he is out for the rest of the season. Ha.

  2. Everyone and their mother knows about his glove. If i was him, i would practice that and only that until he feels that it has improved.

    Its getting to be alittle rediculous.

  3. Considering how many times this year these guys have missed “the empty net to shoot at”, I’ll take all the lucky goals we can get!!


    CT – good point. I just think in that situation Cally should’ve just gone with it. He had Ovechkin beat and has the speed to take it all the way in.

    Salty – he’s been decent on breakaways. I’d say he’s 50/50. But he still has hands of stone and can’t beat a d-man to save his life. I love Cally’s work ethic, but he’s not the most skilled player.

    nyr13 – Brodeur doesn’t care. He just signed a new deal around the same time Lundqvist did and took less money to stay with the Devils so he would keep them out of cap trouble. The difference between Henke and Marty (as much as I hate him) is that Marty doesn’t care about the money, he wants to win. Henke wants to win, but he wants to get paid too.

  5. Carp – On that first Washington goal, the slot was so open. Neither d-man was near it and to make matters worse, Anisimov for some reason was slow coming back from the point so Avery dropped down, then saw Arty coming and was ready to go back up until Arty curled back up for some reason. It was terrible by everyone (although credit Avery for trying to help out).

  6. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Not that it matters, but does anyone actually think we will even make the playoffs anymore?

    Hank onyl has 22 wins, and has never gone a year without winning 30

    24 games left -whats everyone’s guess at how many wins we will get for the remainder fo the season?

    My guess is somewhere around 8-10 wins at the rate were currently going, and thats a optimistic estimate

    UNLESS for some miraculous reason, after the Olympic break, everyone comes back and starts goign crazy. Two 4-5 game win streaks as an example.

    I jstu dont see it happening

    “Oh to be a Rangers fan,and float upon the waves”

    Sean Avery would know what band sings this song

  7. wait till Lemaire has him trapping on

    there it is, right out of Lou’s mouth on NHL live just a few minutes ago. he will NOT commit to ANY thoughts of having Kovalsuck past this season. he will focus only oin the here and now. iow, he is a rental, because there is no way Lou gives him over $100 million, which would destroy his salary structure with all his other players who did not try a brinks holdup job

  8. I guess Cpt Clutch likes to spread the blame around (below, from Zipay’s blog) and has found a new scapegoat. Olli, this is your captain speaking. Drury is pathethic:

    “Coming in here (to the locker room) 5-3 or 5-4 is a big difference….because of a tough bounce,” said Chris Drury. “Olli (Jokinen) tries to put it in their zone, it hits a foot and away they go.”

  9. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    we have 4 games before the Olympic break and the next roster freeze until after the Olympics. It will be interesting to see if any moves are made before the next freeze. It will also be interesting to see how our young guys (MDZ, Gilly, AA and Lisin) come back after having a couple of weeks off.

  10. Carp where was Wade Redden in that poll? You know how well he’s made some of the best forwards in the league look?

  11. I think we should trade Dubinsky. He doesn’t like to play here and he’s a 3rd liner. Now, we can get good return for him.

  12. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    rangerfan32…lmao @ captain crust!! that’s going on the official nickname list!!

    Hank WILL get 30 wins this season, and that is NOT counting the wins he gets for TEAM SWEDEN.

    Nasty, I hope you’re able to make it to the Gathering tomorrow!

  13. After catching up on most of the posts from yesterdays game, I’m a little embarrassed to be a Rangers fan. Not because of the play of the team as of late which to say the least has been horrendous but by some of the fans.

    I understand we are sinking and sinking fast and this team has a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed ASAP and I understand that nobody, including me, is happy with this and right now we need a major roster upheaval but how does one call themselves a fan of a team yet continually hope that this team loses game in and game out?

    This team right now is atrocious but I never would want them to lose, no matter how bad they are!

  14. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i seriously thought they were gonna play a defensively tight game and win last night. Too many penalties.
    As Nasty predicted, that goal at the end of the 2nd was a back breaker.

  15. Jokinen is even uglier in person then he is on TV. Can he be required to wear a full tinted facemask to all games at MSG?

  16. Bring back Prucha on


    I said that they probably won’t do good. In Nedved’s case he did have good years here, but not like in Pit. Same for Fleury. Also you have to remember that teams sign players expecting them to do better than they have in the past, or at the very least, maintain there stats. That’s why no one was happy with gomez, and that’s why I don’t consider him part of what I am talking about. He was just a bad signing period. And Robitaille left here and had 4 consecutive 30 goal seasons (1 almost 40). The bottom line is we give out contracts based on expectations of players exceeding their past stats and it never works. Not here. I don’t think they should have traded for Kovy. Not for a rental, but I think they should try and make cap space to try and sign him in the offseason. I also would have taken that Heatley trade in a heartbeat.

  17. Salty – he’s been decent on breakaways. I’d say he’s 50/50.


    I’d say that’s pretty damn good for a true 3rd/4th line player. You can knock Cally for a lot of things, but he very often delivers on breakaway opportunities, and he seems to make a lot of them.

  18. Sather is a MORON for not pulling a deal for Kovalchuk. Kovy is a once in a lifetime player. IF you had the chance to get a player like that youre telling me you wouldnt do it for a bunch of players that have yet to prove themselves (Del Zotto, Gilroy, Dubinsky, Callahan, Grachev, Sanguinneti, Kreider or any other prospect plus draft pick)…..what a joke!!!



  20. Salty – you are probably right. I’m just sick and tired of watching him and Drury not be able to catch either others passes or losing the puck when they could very easily hold onto it.

    Also Carp, I think Brooks’ article is wrong. Kovalchuk’s cap hit would’ve only been 2.2 since its pro-rated from the time of the trade. If we had given up Dubi and Jokinen or something like that, we could’ve fit him. But I don’t think Atlanta would’ve wanted that deal. If it was what Brooks’ mentioned (Staal/Del Zotto, Dubi/Cally, prospect, first rounder) then I think he’s right though.

  21. Kris – as I asked before, you would trade our youth for a guy who is only going to be here for 3 months? You related to Neil Smith by any chance?

  22. Linda, I just read that story you posted, and I am locking my daughter in the basement until she is 25.

  23. I think that if we didn’t have 2 of Redden, Rozi, or Drury on our team, that I would be a lot more excited to have the mustached testicle on our team. If that makes any sense at all.

  24. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Souray gave the oilers a list of 6 teams he would accept a trade to, one of them being the New York Rangers. He expects to be ready to play in 3 weeks, which brings us to the 2nd week of the Olympic break. So, with the trade freeze going into effect on, i believe the 13th, and ending on the 28th, I expect he will be moved to one of the 6 teams by March 3.

  25. 11 year old girls having babies ? What the fugg ? I lost my appetite.

    And i wont deny it, i am one of those fans that want them to lose every game. Id much rather have a top 3 pick then to have yet another disappointment in the playoffs.

    All the “true fans” that cry aboot Sather, and how they hate him. If you hated him that much, you’d want this team to tank for a year, maybe 2 years, cause Slats might actually get fired, and this team will have 2 players to build around for the future. Throw in Hank, Gabby, Del Z, and we’re good to go.

    That sounds much better than 1st round exits, and putting extra money in Dolans pocket.

  26. Roc- Rozsival has been pretty solid for awhile now. That’s good news. Perhaps someone will want him at the deadline.

    The weak Eastern conference is a big issue, at least to me. They may be able to stay in the hunt until the very last moment, and that would prompt the genius to give up the youmg assets. I’m sure he asked someone to tie him up in bed yesterday so he wouldn’t pull the trigger.

  27. Where's Pavelich? on

    I always thght Giradi and Dubi were keepers (although I stood in there for Rosie, as well) ..they are all expendable …Gilroy is not showing much either..

    …even with drury on the 4th line, he is still getting too much ice time, esp on the PP…

  28. Ah nice to see you, Carp displaying your hatred for Muckler once again.

    It’s okay. I hold longtime grudges too.

    Unfortunately, I never see anyone I went to high school with to give them a piece of my mind.

  29. Linda, I think you said about Kovalchuk last night something like: If a great player plays for a team that nobody watches is he really there. Well, per Gross this is what FIM said:

    “You’d think Kovy would play in a place like here or L.A. or Montreal or Toronto, in some huge market with a lot of people, with a lot of people paying attention.”

    Great minds, Linda. lol

  30. I don’t know why you have to wonder why there are a lot of fans from nearby teams in the stands. As I said last week, it’s easier than ever to get tickets to games and there are probably a lot of Rangers fans that are disgruntled enough to not buy tickets or sell theirs for a profit. Plus the Caps are one of the “in” teams to watch these days.

  31. I’ll say it again, because I know you all care so much, this team would be better if Drury wasn’t the captain and even better if he wasn’t on the team.

    Drury kills this team, flat out.

    Dubinsky is not a winger.

    Torts not dressing Voros to start something and get the crowd going was a mistake. Suiting up a fourth line and not playing them is ridiculous. That new guy we got from Calgary should have started a fight. I mean anything instead of the fans sitting on their hands.

    Avery did nothing last night. Invisible.

    This team is all talk and no action. They let Ovechkin skate around with that stupid grin on his face, jumping into each others’ arms after they score. This is the biggest pansy team in the entire NHL.

  32. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on

    man if they do bad tomorrow with Kovalchuck in the building the Fire Sather Chants will echo for 5 city blocks

  33. I’m with GCBlue @ 12:28. It was a lucky bounce and an open net, but how many times have we seen that same shot go “high and wide.”

  34. wait till Lemaire has him trapping on

    totally agree about Dreary. he kills this team. what kind of message does it send to the young homegrown Rangers players to give the C to a friggin mercenary who signs here for the money and then dogs it on the ice and also avoids everyone and all responsibility with whispered cliches off the ice.

  35. Carp – Night in and night out I pull what few remaining hairs I have left watching the Rangers wave at air with their weak attempts at stick-checks and poke-checks. Didn’t someone teach these guys that if you are going to attempt a poke-check that you need to follow the poke with your shoulder into the puck carrier’s chest?

    The Rangers are the weakest team on the body in the NHL. I am not so much talking about ringing hits, but more to the point that their lack of physical play often means they are in the wrong position to defend.

  36. I’ve never, ever hated a Ranger more than Chris Drury. I hate everything about him. I have hated him for 2 seasons prior to this one and I caught a lot of guff for it and now what?

    I dreaded the day they named him captain, everyone knew it was going to happen, and many people wanted it. Even this year people were still saying “Drury is a fine captain”. My ass. Even clown face Gomez would have been a much better captain, at least the guy can skate hard and looks alive.

    I never say stuff like this, but I hope Drury gets a career ending injury, get his money, and gets the fk out of NY… I honestly thought he shattered his foot last night and I would have been the happiest person in NY. How many goals was he on the ice for last night? I feel like he was standing right there with his pud in his hands for at least 4 of the 6 goals.

  37. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp and my fellow Boneheads:

    As you know, my glass is always in the range of half full to overflowing.

    Maybe this will be the opposite of the last Olympic year.
    My memory was that we were going great, then the Olympics and the break came, then we sucked the rest of the year.

    So maybe this year, we suck going into the Olympics and the break, and then we come back after and get on real hot roll right into the playoffs.

  38. Good afternoon, Carp!

    What’s with all the Dubi haters today? Orr, how many times have I told you, you have no reason to be jealous.

    Linda, what a devastating article. I really hope that girl has a strong support network.

  39. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    yes ILB, i agree with that. very disturbing. and we all know that Nasty is too much of an awesome dad to let either of his kids do totally insane stuff like that as they grow up! It sounds like this little girls parents were NOT playing with a full deck to begin with!!

    Nor, that is hilarious! I guess FIM was reading the blog!!

  40. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Sally, I just don’t know what else to say to that! When my daughter was 11, she certainly wasnt out bumpin uglies with anyone! How do you NOT know what your kids are doing! SHEESH!!

  41. And this one Will last a lifetime-

    From your LIPS TO GODS EARS….yea in 06 before the olympics i remember Jagr scoring an OT goal in Philly that put us in FIRSY PLACE in the eastern conference in early February and then we choked down the stretch and got blown out at home i think against OTTAWA the last game of the season and the devils won like 13 in a row to end the season and took the division title that night after trailing the Habs by 3

  42. Noremry – Kovalchuk doesn’t want to play in a big market. he’s said it numerous times. He doesn’t want to be in a place where he’ll be in the media all the time and get asked a ton of question. He’s quiet and just wants to play with as little of a distraction from the fans or media as possible.

    Which is why I think NJ might keep him. They are in a big enough media market to get him some air time, but they are the 3rd biggest team in the area behind the Rangers and Philly (maybe even the Isles too). The fans won’t bother him all the time and the media won’t ask him a ton of questions. Plus he’d be the 2nd big name on the team behind Brodeur, so he’ll be out of that spotlight. It’s a perfect fit for him, which sucks because he’s my favorite player.

  43. Seth – I wouldn’t say we choked. Jagr was playing with a torn up shoulder from the olympics and he had a ton of injuries. the only person scoring goals at the end of the year was Hossa. It was sad to see.

  44. I am very protective of my kids. I know that I am not going to be too overprotective, but I will “KNOW” what is going on in their lives. I can tend to overreact at times those. Case is point, there is this complete douche nozzle the speeds up and down my street, and one day when I was out with my daughter teacher her how to ride he bike, this guy flew past us. I raised my arms in the air and yelled a warning to not let it happen again. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, and he probably drove to 7-11 and back, but he came flying down the street, very close to my daughter and me. I hit the back of his car with my fist, he stopped, and then I punched out his back driver side window. This guy was shocked, and I think a bit scared. I am not the biggest guy in town, 5 foot 11, and I fluctuate between 195-205, but he was definitely scared. I told him that if he ever did it again, and I saw it, the measures I would take would be much worse, and then I dared him to file a police report.

    He never did, and I got a lot of joy out of seeing his car with a plastic bag over the window. Now, I hurt my hand bad doing it, and I scared the crap out of my poor daughter, and made Mrs. Nasty pretty angry, but it was out of love, LOL.

    Anyway, my daughter will never be knocked up at 11, 15, or 17 for that matter.

  45. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    honestly, how does he expect to make the kind of money he allegedly wants if he’s not in a big market. You know Lou is not going to sabotage his model for running the franchise. Of course he may sign on for less money than he was trying to fleece Atlanta for if its with a franchise with a winning formula. No matter what, there is way the hell more press in the Eastern Conference (east coat bias yadda yadda).

  46. Salty, I am not going to go so far as to say I hate the guy and hopefully he gets a career ending injury, because I hope he can be traded after the Olympics. But I do think he holds this team back.

    Drury aside. How many times do the Ranger defenseman drift back into their zone instead of standing up at the blue line? Does anyone on this team know how to throw an open ice hit?

    Why are our players constantly out of position and chasing the other team around in our own zone?

    Why are our offensive players caught behind our own goal line or near the net all the time?

    Why is the point always open against us? But we can’t seem to get the puck to our point players?

    Why does it seem that the Rangers are always on their heels, getting beat to pucks and getting pushed off the puck?

    Is this talent or poor coaching or both?

  47. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Nasty, you’re an old school dad! I loved that story! Mrs. Nasty would’ve been more upset if the guy hit either one of you. You do just about anything to protect your kids.

  48. “Once again, a lot of Capitals fans in the building. You reap what you sow, MSG.”

    Do you really think Dolan cares where the dollars come from as long as they end up in his pocket?

  49. Linda, EXACTLY!

    I honestly did say this to her after we both cleared our heads. I said, “Hun, you know, I AM the Nasty 1.” And she goes, “Yeah, really? Should I call Vince McMahon and see if the WWF has an opening for new talent?” She is so cute when she is mad :)

  50. Salty

    You never played sports did you? Wishing a career ending injury on someone because you dont like how they play is brutal and leads me to believe, if not hope, you are 12.

    If you arent, ask yourself how many goals you’ve scored for the Rangers.

  51. Linda – Kovalchuk isn’t going to ask for 10 mil a year. Him and his agent just decided it was the only way to get him out of Atlanta.

    I could see him taking a 7 or 8 million cap hit to be on a contender. Atlanta had their chance to improve and they didn’t and Waddell is going to try to pin it on Kovalchuk, but when he signs for much cheaper than the offers Atlanta gave him, Waddell is going to look like an idiot.

  52. Nasty, good job.

    Cross Check, no I don’t. But I best his team(s) wish they had more fans in their home arena. The World’s Most Overrated, and soon to be the NHL’s oldest, by the way.

    Kris, what are your feelings about the president/GM?

  53. Nasty, nice man. I like to think I’d do the same thing. At least you didn’t walk away like Girardi would have.

    For all the people talking about tanking for picks, just remember that that is also a risk. For every Pittsburgh, Washington, Chicago success story, there’s an Atlanta, a Florida, maybe even Toronto to some extent. For every Crosby, Toews, or Ovechkin, there is an Alexandre Daigle, Pavel Brendl, or…gulp…Hugh Jessiman. Just keep that in mind, that high picks do not mean we’d become the next Pittsburgh. Especially with Sather at the helm.

  54. LOL Orr, you’re alright, even if you’re a hater :)

    Linda, I’m hoping they’re waiting patiently on my front porch! NOM NOM NOM.

  55. Salty Great post Agree with you 100%. How can anybody follow an a-hole as boring and as incompetent as Drury. Most of the goals were while he was on th PK. But that’s a-hole Tort’s fault. He shouldn’t be playing on this team. Callahan would be an ideal Captain. He really cares and what he lacks in talent he makes up in heart. If we had a dozen Callahans we would competitive in most games.

  56. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    7 to 8 sounds appropriate Jonny. No matter what, the teams in the eastern conference ARE big market, this includes the Isles and Devils. If he signs with either of them, he’s still gonna have the dreaded NY press covering him. Not as much as if he was on the Rangers, but its still there. Forget a team in Canada, that would be worse than the NY press. That kinda leaves the West, and I still think he eventually winds up in LA.

  57. 4) I thought Rozsival had a decent game, “and that he actually defended Ovechkin very well on that unbelievable one-handed goal with 8.5 left in the second period.”

    I agree he did have a decent game but saying he did a good job defending that fluke goal is UTTER NONSENSE. He got deked out of his pads and in a half hearted attempt to save himself he trows one arm around AO’s waist; it was pathetic!

    Carp I love the blog and almost always agree with you but I think your lost on this one. In no way can you say Rosi defended that play pretty well. It was ridiculous.

  58. Hey Nasty, my husband does the same exact thing. He threw a 2 liter bottle of soda at a car once, and just last week tracked down a car that I told him was going too fast, found the guy, and gave him a stern warning (happened to be a kid driving). He works for the town so he can get in to a lot of trouble (i.e., he could lose his job) if he gets in to this kind of trouble. But these guys are lucky it was your fist (or our soda bottle) instead of our prescious little ones…

  59. Linda, that is disturbing and very sad. What a failure on her parents part. She’s the same age as my eldest nephew.

  60. Kolvy will ask for as much as he and his agent think they can get and yes it was a way to get out of Atl. But if you think NJ is going to sign him next year your nuts. It wouldn’t happen for 2 reasons. He won’t want to be there and NJ will be about the 7th best offer if they offer @ all. I know they can fit him but it isn’t how the team is run. He will get 7yrs at 8million per give or take in July.

  61. Kris I’m just a pissed as u the Kovalchuck is not a Ranger however there is still a shot we can get him in free agency. You know Lou is not going to give him 10 plus million a year. Let’s be honest this team has alot of holes. No number one center , no number one defenseman and no proven back up goaltender. I want Kovalchuck but we needed to make sure he can be signed before we mortage the future. Sathers job now is to get rid of Rosival and either trade or demote redden!!

  62. Yeah, i bashed Blowzy on that OV goal, purely out of frustration. But, Hank should get the full blame. That was terrible.

    I just cant wait for the Oympics, it just cant come any sooner. I need my fix of Womens Curling ASAP.

  63. Rosi playing a good game??? The next time he plays a good game it will be on another team and I will consider it a good game when we torch him for 3 goals……

    I think Girardi has the Rosi FLU. And there is NO cure known to mankind. Need to put them both out to pasture !!!

  64. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Shor, lmao @ Out of sink!

    back in the day,they’d shoot horses when they’d pulled up lame…. too bad there’s no rule like that for hockey players ;-)

  65. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Nick Boynton (Ana) on re-entry waivers. Szczechura (TBay) clears waivers.

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers Tortorella says Marian Gaborik just a day of rest. Also, no issue with Chris Drury’s right knee after blocking shot Thursday.

  66. Linda, I didn’t need to wait until today to know that you rule. But today reinforces that belief: You rule!

    LongLive, what do you think he should have done differently? He took on a speeding freight train and rode him to the outside and away from the net, and continued to ride him all the way to the back of the net. He didn’t poke check. He used his shoulder. He leveraged him away from the net.

  67. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    wicky, after two years of getting beat high glove side, you may be right! oy vey!!!

  68. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    well, if he had a couple of thumpers on the back end like witt and gauthier (that was for you jonny), he wouldn’t get beat high glove side quite so much because you cannot shoot the puck if you are separated from it when you enter the zone!!!

  69. Anyone – when did this problem with Lundqvist (high glove side) start? I don’t recall this two seasons ago; it became apparent (at least to me) in last year’s playoff series with the Caps…

  70. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    a little comedy to lighten the load after another loss:

    Did I read that sign right PART 1

    Did I read that sign right?

    In a Laundromat:

    In a Memphis department store:

    In an office:

  71. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Part 2
    In an office:

    Outside a secondhand shop:

    Notice in health food shop window:

    Spotted in a safari park:

  72. Carp….

    Rosy looked like a friekin PeeWee on Ovechkin. Take the body. Take the body. Take the body. Don’t watch the puck. Basic defense 101. Oh and btw, how about on Knuble’s goal when Ovechkin went around Rosy like he was standing still? Please Carp, Rosy sucks eggs.

    Anyway, I didn’t watch the game live. I caught a bunch on replay and stuff. The team doesn’t clear the crease. The team doesn’t a body on guys in the slot. Same old, same old.

    Does this team know how to play man on man D? WTF? I mean playoff hockey is each guy marks a guy and shadows him in the D zone with the exception of the D who should be within 5 ft of the crease and never behind the goal line unless they have a 100% chance of getting the puck. How come this team doesn’t know that?

    But hey, we still within a win of the playoffs basically.

  73. I agree, Allaire needs to go. All he does is let Hank know how pretty he looks, and he bakes him cupcakes, and brownies after a win, or loss.


    Try working on that fuggi glove side, and teach him how to play the puck. Jeez.

    As for Dreary, i think he just fakes the pain, cause it makes him look extra clutch when he comes back the next shift.

  74. guys, let relax with hank- he is the least of our worries, when you play a powerhouse like that and then give them 9 PP opportunities what do you expect…..

    does the word back check ever come up when this team watches tape the next day…..i mean can we call nicklas sundstrom up so he can give capt clutch and his troops a lesson….

  75. Carp is right guys. Rozy did take the body. Ovechkin was coming in full speed and he tried to keep him to the outside. He didn’t stick his arm out, although the refs were calling a penalty for holding when it wasn’t.

    You can’t lay Ovechkin out in that situation because its impossible. He’s too fast and too shifty. Rozy played that near perfect and Henrik should’ve stopped that. This is what I mean by people pinning crap on Rozy just because they love to hate him. The guy did the right thing and it still wasn’t enough to stop the best player in the league (although like I said, Henke should’ve stopped it).

    LI RangerFan – he’s always had this problem. If you remember in the Buffalo series, when they finally started shooting high, they dominated. In the famous Malik pass game, which was totally Nylander’s fault btw), they scored 5 and I think all but one (the Drury deflection) were over his glove side.

  76. Orr – you can’t teach a goalie how to play the puck. It’s instinct and Henrik doesn’t have it. And Allaire has tried to get Henke to get a better glove hand. That’s why Henke has a new glove this year where he can actually catch it instead of batting it down. The problem is he was better off batting it down because he didn’t have to close his hand. Now he’s thinking a bit too much I think and gets beat there way too much.

  77. Rozi sucks, but OV was going to score on that play no matter what. It was that combination of insane skill and flukey luck that it was destined to just barely cross the goal line no matter what.

    But still, trade Rozi, demote Redden, stuff Drury with pizza to the point he needs to go on LTIR…

  78. You know what burns my a$$ ? (yes, backing up into a midget who is smoking a cigar does it, but also…)

    the fact that Rangers fans give so much love and admiration for Ovechkin. The way I look at it, he plays for a former Patrick Division team (Caps, Flyers, Iceholes, Penguins)….and as a Rangers fan, I hate every single player that plays on those teams with the intensity of the heat from a thousand suns.

    So to make a short story long….

    fugg AO and ….most importantly….fugg u glen sather, i hope you step on a NYC sidewalk grate and dissapear into the ground forever!!!!!!!!!

  79. Carp,

    The ship be sinking and this time it is not going to get righted.

    Sell at the deadline, Redden to Hartford – Rozsival to whereever and start rebuilding. Only way to go. MSG will be filled with opponents fans down the stretch and all next year.

    Why didn’t Drury dump the puck deep with 16 secs left in the second period??? Huge mistake. Not mentioned anywhere.

  80. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ….fugg u glen sather, i hope you step on a NYC sidewalk grate and dissapear into the ground forever!!!!!!!!!

    Liquid, can’t he step onto a con ed grate and get electric shock like those poor little dogs?!

  81. hey Carp!

    a few comments in regards to your post:


    yes, it’s much better to get “real” goals, but you’ve got to embrace any lucky bounce, especially if it’s something that’s created by a better effort. goals against us go in due to hitting off a Ranger dman’s skate or off an opponent crashing the net. so, it’s nice to have a moment of karmic payback.


    only was able to watch the first period, but i like your comment that you’ve set the bar low for Rozy.


    forgot all about that. didn’t realize it was muckler’s “brilliance” behind it. sheesh!!! i was actually wondering if he would have been worth it to get as a ufa last summer. i thought he alright with us and really stepped it up, as many do, after he left the Blueshirts.

    yes. still sure what i think of him. i like the idea that he hits, is a big body, and shoots. there just seems to be more purpose with what he does in those areas rather than Dubi or even Cally, at times. still deciding…


    is anyone going to ask Allaire or dare to ask Henrik about that? don’t know if it’s against protocol, but it’s been going on for so long that i REALLY CAN’T UNDERSTAND HOW IT’S NOT BEEN ADDRESSED BY OUR GOALIE COACH. Henrik doesn’t come out far enough to make up for his glove hand deficiencies. and he should!


    I mentioned that in the previous post…capt clutch the f— idiot he is makes ANOTHER CARELESS lateral pass at the offensive blueline…no reason to turn the puck over there whatsover-its disgusting how bad he really is…

  83. New song. Glen Sather’s “I wont step down”, sung to the Tom Petty standard…”I wont back down”

    No I wont step down, no I wont step down
    You can yell and scream and stomp your feet, but I wont step down.
    I’ve got a job for life. Got pics of Dolan’s wife.
    So I’m here to stay, so whatever you say, I’ve got a job for life.
    Heyyyy Drury, I paid you way too much dough.
    Heyyy Redden…You are slow.
    And I will not go.
    I won alot of cups. All with Gretz and Mess
    will I win one here, oh well you can guess.
    It’s been many years. we’ve shed many tears.
    But I’m trying hard to turn jeers to cheers
    Heyyy Drury. I paid you way too much dough.
    Heyyy Redden. You are slow.
    And I just wont go, no I just wont go.

  84. New Newman, watch the replay on NHL.com and tell me what he could have done better. Plus, I’ve always agreed that he stinks. (although no worse than Redden or Girardi lately, and actually, if we’re honest, no worse than Gilroy or Del Zotto lately).

    CTRanger, I forgot that blooper in a game loaded with errors. Big one. I agree.

    Happy 29th, Tony! Josh, 26, sends his best, too.

  85. JONNY

    I still think he needs to get fired, just to send him a message. Maybe it will fire Hank up. It’s not always the coaches problem when they’re fired, and sometimes it’s not the players, either way, he needs to go.

    But, i will agree, he’s not the problem right now, and the overall team just flat out sucks.

  86. Johnny D…you write a lot of smart things. But you are 100% wrong on the Rosy loss of jockstrap vs. OV with 10 secs to go in the 2nd. I just re-watched the video a few times. Rosy actually bows his head down and watches the puck go through his legs. So save me the “OV is shifty and too quick and all that BS.” If Rosy watched OV’s hips the whole time, it never would have happened. PERIOD. Go watch the high(low)light.

    Should Hank have made the stop…maybe. Should Drury have dumped the puck deep behind the net instead of just weakly flipping it on to the Caps’ D-man’s stick? Absolutely.

    But Rosy got smoked and looked like a peewee.

  87. Liquid- As a hockey fan I appreciate Ovechkin as a player. He plays all out, takes hits without crying or complaining, blocks shots and has an unmatched combination of speed and moves. He is, simply put, the best player in the world. As a Ranger fan it kills me to watch him against the team – I am afraid every time he touches the puck. As someone who has seen them all since the 50’s, it is a thrill see him as a player (as it was to see Richard, Hull, Orr, Gretzky et al)

  88. Ovi’s a freaking animal. No Ranger can stop him physically one on one. Probably the only person who could really stop him is Scott Stevens — if he blindsided Ovi with an elbow to the jaw.

  89. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Hey guys, just a lil update…dad made it awesomely and is already home resting! he’s got a bit of a recouperating period,but according to mom, all is well! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    Here is the selling I want to see at the deadline…..Cablevision selling the Rangers to the Steinbrenner family.

  91. Carp…I just rewatched the video….Rosy actually bowed his head down and watched the puck go through his wickets! You go rewatch it and tell me you don’t see that….if you watch and tell me Rosy kept his head up, I will issue a retraction statement.

  92. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    newman is that the play when the puck went through his legs? i could swear i remember him looking down…

  93. CARP! you are sooo wrong, I’m sorry, but I completely disagree.

    Roszivol did not play well and yes while Ovechkin is a great player, that could would have never happened if Rozy knew how to take the body instead of standing there like traffic cone. Ovechkin made a great move, but if Rozy takes the body instead of worry about the puck one-on-one the Rangers go into the 3rd with a 2 goal lead instead of deflated by a late period goal.

    2nd, two of Jokinen’s penatlies were very good penalties to take, because he was forced into them due to poor defensive coverage. Two of those penalties may have saved goals.

  94. just read Brooks’ take on the Kovalchuk trade
    and i don’t understand this section:


    i always thought that when a team acquires a player they’re ONLY hit with what’s left of that player’s contract. wasn’t that one of the reasons we were able to get Nik Antropov at the trade deadline?

  95. Linda,
    didn’t know about father’s surgery.
    glad things went well and here’s to a good recovery.

    happy birthday!

  96. You never played sports did you? Wishing a career ending injury on someone because you dont like how they play is brutal and leads me to believe, if not hope, you are 12.

    If you arent, ask yourself how many goals you’ve scored for the Rangers.


    You know what man, I do play hockey and know damn well how awful of a thing to say it is, yet I have thought about it long and hard, and it’s 100% true. I wish someone would end Drury’s career.

    It would be different if there was potential to unload him in some way, shape, or form and relieve this team of the absolutely handcuffing contract and unacceptable performance…but with a FULL NMC, there are literally no other options unless he goes down with an injury.

    The organization is also so vested in him and his “history of winning” that they refuse to let him be marginalized on the bench as he deserves to be. He wears the damned C on his shoulder for crying out loud and it perpetuates an awful message and image through the organization, and through the rest of the NHL.

    It’s an absolute outrage… the ramifications of the Drury contract will be crippling for years to come.

    Now more than ever would I like to see Drury finished off like an injured racehorse. As if he will not live like a mumbling milk mouthed king for the rest of his life off the $35 Million he gets from NY… he now has The Colony Grill franchise to keep things rolling for him when he finally is done gracing the hockey world with his intangibles.

  97. Interesting article by Larry. I guess we kind of forget that Ilya isn’t making peanuts this year either. And that the players’ salary remains on the book until they clear waivers.
    Wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps we shouldn’t give Sather that much credit after all. Where is Olga?

  98. ThisYearsModel on

    The only reason I wanted the Rangers to run at Kovy was so that Sather would have been forced to do something about Rozsival, Redden and/or Drury. Kovy was not going to ensure tis misfit bunch a playoff berth or series win anyway. Then Kovy walks and we have some freedom to bring good players in.

  99. I don’t understand why:

    People somehow hoped/expected we’d get him as a rental, and now that he’s been traded… it’s like “Oh well, now it’s over”. The game hasn’t even begun yet. Someone else is still going to sign this guy for a long time and it likely won’t be NJ.

    I don’t think we’ll get him… but I’ve always thought that if anything, we’d sign him to a deal rather than pick him up as a rental.

    It’s not happening either way, but if you ever had any delusion about him being a Ranger… it’s pointless to stop dreaming about it now.

  100. Then Kovy walks and we have some freedom to bring good players in.


    Good point. Kind of robbing Peter to pay Paul situation though because we’d still be getting rid of some youth who are supposed to have upside.

  101. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on

    The Whole problem with Gilroy Carp is that he needs a Dman on his side who isnt redden so he can be creative.

    You watch them play sometimes(although its not stellar) you couldnt tell which one of Redden and Gilroy is the rookie

  102. Between the two choices of slim and none with regards to acquiring Kovalchuk, signing him is the better option. Like This Years Model said, in order to even dream about Kovalchuk wearing a Rangers jersey that means some of the dreck on team gets purged out.

  103. check out this *blame shift* by the Captain:

    “Coming in here (to the locker room) 5-3 or 5-4 is a big difference….because of a tough bounce,” said Chris Drury. “Olli (Jokinen) tries to put it in their zone, it hits a foot and away they go.”

  104. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    what a captain!

    freakin DRURY, the ball and chain of the NY RANGERS

  105. What Jokinen is the winning pitcher against a team full of suspiciously aged Taiwanese kids then he can pick up his free pass from the media at MSG.

  106. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    LMAO CT!!! i hear Jokinen is looking into opening a bbq franchise!! OINK

  107. LMAO CT!!! i hear Jokinen is looking into opening a bbq franchise!! OINK


    holy smoke… youve been on a hot streak all week

  108. Only read the first few posts…

    Mikey…ooooooooooh to be prince caspian. phish of course.

    Jonny – Henrik’s made 20 mil in his career so far. Brodeur has made 62 mil. Plus Brodeur’s cap hit is a mil more than Lundqvist. You can’t seriously make that argument that he cares more about money than Brodeur.

  109. Lou Lamoriello has not only naked pics of Gart Bettman but Don Wandell also I guess. That bald s.o.b fleeced the Thrashers!!

  110. Linda, I was afraid to ask. So glad your dad’s going to be OK.

    jpg, I think you may be confused by this: The Devils will (or the Rangers would have) only have to pay what’s left on his contract. But the cap hit is for the whole year. Otherwise, they would have 2/3 of their entire cap space wide open and could add as many contracts as they want for the rest of the year.

  111. And while I agree that Waddell could have gotten more probably (definitely if he had allowed teams to negotiate with Kovalchuk before making the desperate trade that didn’t have to be made so soon), the Devils gave up a fair amount — a couple of NHL players, a (dirtbag) prospect and a first-rounder for a player who’s being rented only for the rest of this season.

  112. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i’m not ashamed to admit it but,i am loving this entire Jokinen comedy landscape!! He’s the best thing to happen to this team, comedy wise, since, since…Jessiman??

    Hey, if they are gonna be this bad the rest of the way out, we gotta find small blessings in other things to keep from going off the deep end! Besides, I have a feeling the Olympic break is going to be a huge help.

  113. SALTY


  114. Good evening, Carp, good evening dear Linda:)

    From the neutral point of view, the game was as much entertaining as any of this season and I never thought in my dreams, that the Rangers would be able to score five goals against a team like the Washington Capitals……….

    I dont know if i am right, but maybe the Rangers gain some confidence that they can play with one of the best teams in the NHL and they may win enough games against the so called lower teams to get another spot in the playoffs….

    As boring as a lot of games of the Rangers were in the past, as good was it against the Caps…

    Cant wait to see the game on Saturday against the Devils with Kovalchuk in the lineup..I hope they can go continue this trend, but honestly I have my doubts, as continuity wasn´t their strengths at all this season….

  115. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft.

  116. Carp
    thanks for the clarification. i thought that there was some sort of fine line that i was not understanding.

    as far as everyone losing their lunch on having to face Kovalchuk
    remember this,
    he really didn’t do a whole helluva lot whenever we played
    the Thrashers.
    that may change with the devils because there’s more going on there plus a better coach who may utilize in situations that won’t get Kovalchuk hounded and frustrated.

    we’ll see on saturday night.

  117. It’s honestly a terrible thing to talk about and say, but it’s a very unique circumstance and the perfect candidate, the Perfect Storm of ill wishing, if you will.

    I’ve never wanted to see someones career ended. Not scumbags like Brashear or Claude, not super star Ranger killers like Lindros or Jagr or Marty in their primes, not Crosby now… I don’t even want to see people out with injury because beating a team without their top players is not truly satisfying.
    I don’t wish the guy (too much) physical pain… but I’d like to see him lose his ability to pull the Rangers sweater over his coif and take the ice ever again.

  118. Can’t put one past Carp. We should throw him in goal…I bet he wouldn’t let that one fly over the glove.

  119. I really agree that Kovalchuk is just a rental player as all experts doubt that the Devils can accomodate the salary of a new contract for next season…

    But for me it will be thrilling to see, where Kovalchuk will land with his new contract in the upcoming season. To his credit, he refused to sign a ridicoulous contract with the Thrashers, because he wants to win a cup in a near future and he simply realized, that wouldnt be with the Thrashers…

    On the other side, there are many people saying he likes to be the superstar on a mediocre team, and dont like the pressure playing in a big market…

    So you guys see him on a big team with a lower salary or again with an average team with a monster contract ?

  120. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thanks again everyone, and i’m glad you liked them sally. great link!!!

    Salty, maybe to avoid bad karma, we can just hope and pray really hard that he retires, and takes redden and rozsival with him so they can help out in his culinary future!!

  121. Koala, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I thought it was a great game, for the most part… everyone expected a blow out and the Rangers battled very well for a while.

    The team is just grossly underachieving, as per usual. They are not a Cup-caliber team under any circumastance, but they have found ways to lose over and over again and they could be in a much higher position than they are. Maybe it’s happening for a reason…time will tell.

    Difficult to admit this, and I’m still happy Tom Renney was shitcanned… but it seems more and more evident with every game that even though Tortorella is not the greatest coach ever, his hands are simply tied in many aspects (as were Renney’s) and the team is controlled by the man behind the curtain. There’s not much ANY coach can really do with this team that has revolved around the culture of comfort over competition for ages.

  122. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thats a good question Koala. I really think he’s gonna wind up on the west coast, and I’ve been thinking Kings for a while. They seem to be on the rise, like the Hawks. He’s in a good weather climate, hence lotsa girls lol. They dont get the scrutiny out there that a team in the east would bring, so that goes along with his alleged wont to NOT have to deal with the press.

  123. that’s weird. i hit ‘refresh’ and my reply was still in the box. so i hit ‘submit’ and was told i can’t duplicate.
    did that happen to anyone else?


    as far Drury, i would have to think that if he continues his downward spiral of play i really can’t see Tortorella keeping him around.
    i mean, it has to be embarrassing for him on a professional level to be earning that salary, named the captain of the team and then playing 4th line duty.

    now, if this was an all-around good team, 4th line duty wouldn’t seem as bad because the players would be good enough to not just eat minute but also contribute offensively and defensively.
    (at the same time, Boyle has been better in the past dozen or so games than he was at the beginning of the year)

  124. Well it doesnt matter as more often then not I am a quiet supporter of the Rangers Report but I think I’ll be taking my viewing elsewhere.

    To hear a throng of people badmouthing the entire organization from aesthetics like how Jokinen looks to praying our Captain gets a career ending injury… not exactly the fans I want to associate with.

    To get granular, sure Drury is over-paid, under producing, and hasnt really given a lot of indication that he WANTS that to change (let alone that he can change it). That being said, the US Olympic Team didnt have him as a finalist for Captain out of nostalgia. Furthermore, his agents job is to get the best deal possible… Sather’s is to ensure the Rangers get the best deal. Hoping Drury seriously hurts himself and hearing other people of questionable intelligence echo that sentiment is embarassing… HIS STOCK WAS VERY HIGH WHEN HE SIGNED, what did he do wrong? I love when a player takes a cut to help the team, even when its a Debbie in Brodeur but that doesnt mean I expect every player to do so.

    Carp, Sally, and a number of regular posters gave me great insights into the practices, games, lines, etc. and for that, many thanks!

  125. Fellows, I think you need to be reminded at least once a day. You’re all nuts! That includes me, btw.

  126. Just to continue on with the negativity because I can’t control myself… anyone else hoping the Atlanta organization goes down now that their star is gone?

    I am all about the contraction of the NHL and I love seeing small market, stupid named/uniformed expansion teams suffer. I would have loved to see PHX disappear over the summer. Followed by Nashville, Columbus, Tampa Bay, Carolina, etc.

  127. Dudley (if you’re still around for a moment),

    just because one person makes such a comment doesn’t mean you need to be so thin-skinned that you run off.

    i’ll give Salty this. he’s extremely frustrated and goes for the worst case scenario as the cure. yeah, not so nice, but it’s his opinion and other shouted back at him and he did back at them. so be it.
    there’s still other posts on here.

  128. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    that’s happened a few times to me also jpg.

    Carp, do you know if the guys not going to the Olympics will have a week off and then start up with practice again in the 2nd week? I was wondering if moves were maybe in the offing for some of the guys to play for the pack for a few games, or if everyone was just going to rest up a bit and then hit the ice again after a few days.

  129. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Salty, please leave me Nashville!!! at least they have decent fan support. It was truly discouraging to be in Atlanta for the game last month and see all those empty seats.

  130. Won’t happen, Salty. If Atlanta folds, we will have a new team in Puerto Rico. EC, Southern Division

  131. Linda as far as I know, Kovalchuk is married with three children and wont look for the beauties of Hollywood :)

    As I dont think that the Ranger will ever be able to sign him, I would really like to see him with a strong team with one of his russian buddies like Ovechkin or Malkin, as once in a while I am fan of good hockey and feel very good entertained to see him with one of those superstars to be on an explosive line…

    But to play with guy like Anze Kopitar could be very thrilling for him as well, as he would really fit in with that young dynamite Kings team formation…

  132. JPG

    Of course I am around, I cant find better…

    And, dare I say, I am not as thin-skinned as I might appear. That being said, verbalizing your hope that any player suffers a career ending injury is JV in nature. I’m as dissapointed, frustrated, and bored by our play as anyone else… but I also know that at the end of the day, its not the players or even the coaches fault at this point. Its managements inability to bring together the right pieces of the puzzle at a fair, or even remotely fair price. Regardless of how well our top 3 lines play, we dont have snipers like Semin, Backstrom, or Ovie… we just dont. Regardless of how good a goalie we have, if you dont have some muscle in front of the net, you cant expect to win 1 goal games.

    Rant over. Be well, tomorrow should be interesting.

  133. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    there is some thought behind that though ILB, if the team is not going to have the support it needs, it just cannot survive. There was no way Atlanta could have afforded giving Kovalchuk that money with the lack of fan support. They probably would have been in as dire of straits as we are with our handcuffing contracts. If the area cannot support the team, it doesnt deserve it. Either contract, or put the team in a Canadian city that WILL support it.

  134. oh Salty i wholeheartly agree about your contraction of NHL

    nobody needs 30 teams..thats what i am saying for years…

  135. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Dudley, it will be a typical Rangers Devils game. This is one game I am actually COUNTING on them being ready to go at the start of the game. They played them sooooooooo well the last time, and we were all flabbergasted! I think we get the same effort tomorrow,and I have a feeling Mr. Avery will be a factor. He loves to get in Marty’s head, and he also enjoyed messing with Kovalchuk inthe playoffs! Hank will be stellar, and I think we’ll see some good stuff from all our lines if Torts keeps the same guys together as last night. We just have to hope that R2 have stellar games!

  136. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Koala, the NHLPA will not allow contraction because that would mean lost jobs. That’s unfortunate because there are a few too many teams, and there are some guys throughout the league who really do not deserve to be on the ice.

  137. That being said, the US Olympic Team didnt have him as a finalist for Captain out of nostalgia.


    Actually, that is _exactly_ what they did, and that is the only reason he’s even on the team. And he was not a “finalist” for the team Captain, sorry to break it to you.

    “We’ve had some difficult decisions and some long discussions and some vitriolic, profanity-laced arguments through the selection process but the one thing we didn’t have any kind of a fight on was picking our captain,” Team USA general manager Brian Burke said. “He (Langenbunner)is serving on an organization that is respected throughout the league. He has been a model of consistency of versatility.”


    I also can’t find the quote where they say something along the lines of “We were looking at players *history* of competing, not just their production this year.” (see: Nostalgia)

    Further more, Drury making this team is a clear indication they USA does not expect to be competitive in this tournament and is going the marketing/cash grab route. Extremely bad press to have Tortorella as one of the coaches and not have his own American- born Captain on the squad. It’s political and it’s marketing.

  138. Linda,

    maybe Atlanta can do like the penguins and just have its salary to the bare minimum, put out a near-AHL team for a few years, play to small crowds, and then use all the number one picks (if lucky) to get a handful of can’t miss players.

  139. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TR, it was amazing how EVERY RANGER ON THE ICE jumped in after that!!!!!!!!!

    Girardi should be made to watch that 24/7. And that was Rozsival!!!!

  140. Dudley, “Carp, Sally, and a number of regular posters gave me great insights into the practices, games, lines, etc. and for that, many thanks!”

    Are you sure you didn’t mean “Salty”? My insights are usually about cat poop and nosepicking. You’re welcome though!

  141. Linda – I intended “interesting” in a positive light… Love Devils/Rangers and agree, we always seem up to the task (not to mention, Hank loves beating them”

    Salty- He was a finalist with Langenbruner, heard it from a current player and am comfortable that he knows better than your search engine.
    Furthermore, you think the US doesnt plan on being competitive? Are you drunk, dumb, or simply out of Prozac?

  142. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ya know jpg, i dont know if that would work the same way in Atl. The Pens faltered,but had had Mario and Jagr and won the Cup. Then they sucked. Unfortunately, I don’t ever see Atlanta ever truly being a hotbed of hockey.

  143. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    oh Dudley, i knew ya meant that,should have prefaced with a little wink or smile, my bad! You are totally right though, Hank takes special delight in beating them!!!

  144. When raising a daughter the first dinner the boyfriend is invited to should go like this…

    DAD: Would you like some turkey?
    YOUNG BF: Yes, Mr. Smith
    DAD: Do you want the breast, the leg, or the thigh?

    If the young bf is smart he’ll ask for the wing.

  145. Can I ask you guys a question:

    Is it really true that the fans of the Detroit Red Wings are most arrogant ones in the whole NHL ?

    Despite beeing over there for a couple of times the last fifteen years and I didnt even realize that when I watched a game at Joe Louis Arena in 2003

    As you guys may know I am a member of hockeystreams and I once in a while flipping around of all game chats on their webites and very often when I watch a game of the Wings, they have the most complaining posts about refereeing in the whole NHL. and I once in a while hefty discussions with them on their chat…

    They still thinking that the Refs were not okay last season in game 7 against the Pens..

    I find it so classless because the Red Wings were so sucessful the last couple of years, they are not in need of always complaining, and when you have a team like that which won everything, you need to realize that those teams may play a weaker season as it is human…

  146. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ sally. where else can you get all this Rangers info, plus the free comedy, medical info, socializing and friendship that comes along with this blog!! It’s pretty much got everything!!

  147. true Linda

    i was just getting into the being snippy mood.

    unless things changed drastically Columbus pulls in pretty big and enthusiastic crowds. caught a couple games there.

  148. There isn’t enought talent in NHL for 30 teams, Linda. That’s why they should contract. Look who is skating for some of the teams. If mister comissioner gas it his way, we will have Matt Macarrone centering the first line on one of those team at some point.

  149. I really like to talk to other fans on the chat and make my jokes as they make their jokes about my Rangers team, which I find funny but with..

    Wings fans..its not possible..they are always as serious and tough…:)

  150. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Koala, its a lot like here too. We’re all very different people,and there are a few bad apples here and there, but you can’t judge an entire fan base on some of the nobs on hockeystreams. We have some people who come in here and think if you havent played you are not entitlted to an opinion, others who try to make themselves feel better by thinking they are smarter than everyone else in the room, and the rest of us who just come here to talk hockey and life and try to make it fun on more than just one level. Different strokes for different folks, but everyone adds something to the conversation.

  151. As per people’s posts the Kovalchuk trade was great for the Devils. It most likely will work BUT:
    A) he becomes a UFA because no way Lou L is paying him twice as much as Fatso Marty

    B) he has barely any playoff experience and playoff hockey is not regular season hockey, isn’t that right Mr. Hossa and Mr. Thornton?

    C)He may not gel with the Devils. Anyone remember Forsberg in Nashville, Kariya/Selanne in Colorado, Guerin in San Jose, etc.

    Gilroy needs to be paired with a Mike Sauer type to free him up.

    -I’d never wish an injury on anyone. Ever. Bad karma. However, maybe Sather and Torts can pull a Ted Sator on Mark Pavelich/Reijo Ruotsaolainan to Drury, Redden, and Brashear.

  152. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao ILB!!! and yea jpg, we all have to remember first and foremost, we’re all Rangers fans and we should treat each other with a modicum of respect. If not for each others sake,then for Rick’s sake. He keeps this place alive for us,and for us to devolve into name calling and bickering is like a slap in the face. healthy discourse is good, attacks on each other, not so good ;-)

    and YES it IS ok to complain about theguys making the big bucks!!

  153. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i dont have the skill level to pay attention to the game, the blog, the fb,the man AND the hockeystreams chat. I’d love to, but at my age,the brain cannot simply do 5 things at once!!

  154. Koala if Wings fans are being jerks just ask them about the “Dead Wings” era and if they remember that?

    Hockey Town is something Mike Illitch created.

    Fact is between 1972-1986 the Wings were a perennial cellar dweller in the NHL and almost folded. Rick Vive? Young John Ogrodnick? Valcav Nedorosky? Those names ring a bell? The Little Ceasar’s guy saved that franchise’s rear end.

  155. Salty- He was a finalist with Langenbruner, heard it from a current player and am comfortable that he knows better than your search engine.

    Furthermore, you think the US doesnt plan on being competitive? Are you drunk, dumb, or simply out of Prozac?


    Yeah, everyone here will believe the rumor of a guy who knows a guy…over a published quote directly from Brian Burke…okay buddy.

    And absolutely no way in hell does Team USA honestly expect to be competitive with teams like Canada and Russia.

    The fact that NHLers are even in this thing to begin with is the first indication that this is about MONEY. The second indication is that the games will not even be played on the regulation “Olympic sized” rinks in a probably effort to facilitate a North American victory, which is f*cking outrage. Want me to keep going?

    I’d be very surprised in USA even plays in a medal game.

  156. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lost in all that was micha’s clever dinner story!!! i enjoyed that!!

  157. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    koala, also remember that some people just take themselves too seriously! they dont remember what its like to joke on themselves or on their team. they kinda lost the ‘fun gene’ along the way.

  158. Salty,

    If I am a liar, then you are a joy to be around and I bet your friends are knocking down the door to spend time with ya.

    The US Team sucks, the rangers are the worst, and hopefully everyone can break a leg… literally right?

    I am sure Drury wasnt chosen because he has Olympic experience and that it had everything to do with Torts’ love affair with him (4th line, remember?).

    By all means, keep spitting revolutionary conspiracy theories… like the Olympics are about money. I mean, seriously? Of course it is a financial issue at this point, but I’m reasonably confident there is a lot of pride at stake as well.

    Youre brutal, I’m done.

  159. Don’t they have the rights to Angelo Esposito who was traded for Hossa?

    I know everyone was saying he would have been a top three pick if he wasn’t a jerk at the draft.

  160. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    dde!! i was trying to figure out a way to bring that up for WEEKS!!!!!! bravo my friend, bravo!!

  161. MikeA

    here’s what i remember from going to “Hockeytown”

    the wings were up a goal or 2 with nearly half the 3rd period to play and the place emptied out.
    as for those in the pricey seats they didn’t bother to fill them til midway through each period.

  162. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    DarrenDreger Interest picking up in Ponikarovsky…as many as 10 teams inquiring. Likely March 3rd trade. At least 2nd rounder in return.

    theres one of your nosens sallY!!

  163. Good thing Abbott doesn’t visit this site.

    He never struck me as a hunt and peck keyboard typer.

  164. Interesting jpg. To be fair, the recession has really hurt Motown’s economy. On the other hand, my old college roommate who I saw at a wedding this summer is from Mich, a huge Wings fan, and was COMPLAINING about Babcock and how Datsyuk and Zetterberg are no Yzerman, Federov, etc.. I was like “dude, you don’t know what you have!”

    What happend to poor Angelo Esposito? I heard he got hurt and I know the Rangers could have drafted him if Cherry was picked.

    Also, UFA’s people: Frolov, Frolov, Frolov! I want him. What do you all think?

  165. Funny is funny. Working in a hospital with sick people and those with special needs they’d agree. I’ve been there first hand.

    When I was sick with cancer the funniest joke I saw was a family guy with a kid who had cancer playing Jeopardy.

    Alex Trebek: The answer is absolute zero.

    Kid With Cancer: What is my white blood cell count? Alex.

  166. I think…..i want Kovalchuk…

    Ive been saying this for a while, we should all pull a “Celtic Pride” and kidnap Dreary, Dredden, and Blowzy, and keep them locked in a basement.

    That’s one way to get rid of their contracts.

  167. Dudley, try to get a hint. I think every point I made went directly over your head.

    Of course the Olympics are about winning for the players, but it’s predominantly about marketing, merchandising, and sponsorship.

    And why exactly would you say the Olympics aren’t being held on “Olympic size” rinks? They are called “Olympic sized” for a reason. There is something wrong there.

    Chris Drury lost the game for the Rangers last night, you think he’s going to help an Olympic team compete against Team Canada and Team Russia? The guy can’t even play in the NHL on the 4th line ya monkey.

    You’re another hoodwinked fan who buys into hype, enjoy your Chris Drury “Shock Doctor” flavored pizza, Official Pizza of the 2010 Winter Games.

  168. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    This is a team in crisis – not because they have lost 7 out of 8, not because they’re going to miss the playoffs, but because the future of this team isn’t improving.

    Staal, Girardi, Callahan, and Dubinski have all regressed.

    And Hank? “World class”? Please. Before we take Roszival’s head off for Ovechkin’s goal to make it 5-4, maybe we could ask Hank why he seems to let in a sofite when we need a save the most.

    (And before you crucify me for criticizing Hank — No, I don’t play in a Friday night hockey league and have a unique perspective on goaltending: No, I haven’t been to Benoit Allaire’s goaltending school, where I could at least ask him why the hell he hasn’t fixed Hank’s glove side; and; No, I don’t want Hank traded. But I wish his 16th-best save percentage good luck in Vancouver.)

    Drury? He should have three choices — the press box, Hartford, or Papa John’s management school. And he shouldn’t be the captain anymore. Pick anyone (Callahan, Prospal). Anyone would be better.

    Tortorella? He’s the loose cannon who demands personal discipline. Remember, there’s a difference between a hardass and an asshole. I fear Tortorella’ the latter.

    I will continue to watch every game, cheer them on, and hope for the best. But hope isn’t working right now.

  169. Cally isn’t regressing. He’s gonna have more points then he did last year. And this is his first year of responsibility with doing all of PP/PK consistently.

    Dubi might score 18-20 goals which is fine considering he had the injury.

    Staal should just concentrate on his D. He’s more Rod Langway than Bobby Orr.

    Girardi….well that’s a whole different story. “sigh” I really like the guy too, was at his first game in Philly 3 years ago, but he’s not playing well at all.

  170. actually MikeA

    the scene i mentioned wasn’t this year.
    it was years ago in the middle of the Red Wings ascendancy to consistent hockey greatness.

    it just so happened to be the night that Dino Ciccarelli returned to Detroit after going to Tampa Bay (someone may recall the actual year but i’m guessing it was between 95 and 99 because i went to the Detroit game a couple of days after attending a friend’s wedding in Chicago….and my memory is still a little bit wonderfully fuzzy from that weekend)

  171. saw this comment on brooks site. i agree 100%.


    02/05/2010 4:35 PM

    With all due respect koos…that’s BS.
    As hard as it was to bear, the purge before the lockout had to occur. As Dolan said, after actually emerging from his hole and seeing his shadow years ago, the team was “embarrassing the franchise”. Yet here we are in 2010 and what’s improved? It’s still embarrassing. Accepting mediocrity ensures future mediocrity. The problem here is not that we didn’t get Kovi. It’s that the franchise has been paralyzed by one bad decision after another under the Sather regime. Some of that has been to miscalculation of talent, but much of it has been outright arrogance, ineptitude and stupidity. The list is LONG with regard to poor signings the last several years with staggeringly high pricetags and incredibly long contracts, pushing the cap to the limit…Redden,Rosival,Gomez,Drury,Kotalik,etc. Flipping the bird to die hard fans by incredibly signing a thug like Brashear and hiring someone like Brian Trottier as coach. The fact that GM Lou across the river can continue to plug and play parts and contend for the cup year after year and then give up practically nothing to pick up a premier scorer, in a market that is dominated by 2 other NY teams, rubs salt into the wounds we continue to bear as Rangers fans. Relax? BS! The fans want results. We want a “team”. Not a collection of overpaid individuals and a management and ownership team that couldn’t give a rat’s @ss. We want to be competitive and have some pride here. Waiting for a cup winner is one thing. Waiting for the embarrassment to end is quite another.

  172. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    holy cow THE WALL is on!! woooo crazyarsed movie!!

    Retired–team in crisis is on point! It’s just odd! mako and i were talking the other night about how staal seems to have regressed this year. Girardi started showing little signs last year. I feel bad for Staal and MDZ and Gilroy for the guys they are paired up with. Redden and Rozsival do NOT have that veteran mentor air about them, and these kids are trying to hold it together as best they can.

    I think playing with higgins and drury so much also has had an effect on Cally. with dubi, i wonder if there’s lingering effects from the injury. They did show a glimmer with Jokinen, and hopefully Torts keeps them together for a while, and OJ can stay out of the box!!!

    Totally agree on the C. A lot of people think we’re stupid for bemoaning the fact, but Drury, while he may be stellar inthe room, is NOT captain material on the ice. At this point, if they are NOT going to dangle Fankist for trade, give him the C for the remainder of the season.

  173. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    wow grabby… that pretty much sums it up!!

    the franchise needs to be purged starting at the ownership, working down to upper management,and filtering down to the horrible contracts and those who have been blessed with them.

  174. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    February 5th, 2010 at 6:45 pm
    Interesting jpg. To be fair, the recession has really hurt Motown’s economy. On the other hand, my old college roommate who I saw at a wedding this summer is from Mich, a huge Wings fan, and was COMPLAINING about Babcock and how Datsyuk and Zetterberg are no Yzerman, Federov, etc.. I was like “dude, you don’t know what you have!”

    that is just absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. oh forget it, its on vh1 cr. or whatever. i dont get it. but yea floyd is one of my fave bands. dhavent listened to them in forever though except occasionally on the radio. definitely loved them back in high school after eating some infected mushrooms!!

  176. thanks linda. yea i looked and foun it, but i dont get that channel. i get 200 freakin hbo and stars channels that i hardly watch, but not vh1??? cmon!! i miss those pathetic “behind the music” shows where they make everybody look like a tragedy. its all the same thing. started a garage band, got famous, took drugs, got sober, took drugs,wrecked a car,developed eating disorders, took more drugs, got sober, became a ranger fan. took craploads more drugs and havent looked back!

  177. i could see Detroit having problems selling out the place now.
    at that time, the place was probably sold out but for a place that called itself Hockeytown it was pretty amazing to watch the place empty out long before the game was over and to see so many seats empty during the game…as in people couldn’t be bothered to watch it.

  178. Carp was right… Rozsival did have a good game last night. Not great, but good.

    …and as for some who said that the Rangers let Ovechkin do this… and do that… HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD… period!

    Imagine now that Mike Green played last night… that team has a real good shot if any one of their goaltenders gets hot this spring.

    Also… Kovalchuk… ehh… I’d rather pay the king’s ransom in 5 years to get Malkin when his contract runs out and he’s only 28… and the Rangers talent pool has surfaced.


  179. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    kinda sad how the leagues television outlet only has games on twice a week…

  180. Linda

    Lol true, but that’s any sporting event there. I don’t see all the fuss about LA. People act like it’s so great, but I’d take New York anyday. I was in LA once, felt like I was in Mad Max at times.

  181. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Shor, i think for some people out there, a sporting event is just another place to have your picture taken at.

    I used to hate when we were younger and my dad wanted to leave the game in the 7th inning to beat the traffic home. I remember mine and my brother’s first ever hockey game. Unfortunately for me, it was an Islanders playoff game vs. Toronto (yes I did cheer for Toronto, and made friend with abunch of guys with a huge Canadian flag in the next section over!). He wanted to leave with like ten minutes left in the game. My brother and I were like… OH HELL NO!!! crazy people!!

  182. Shoryuken-Right on about L.A. I’m a huge Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction fan and I couldn’t wait to get to L.A. and see the place where my favorite bands were from. Very disappointing, I like Anaheim or San Fran a whole lot better.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Rangers had some D men who put OV and Crosby on their behinds?

  183. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    charlie, its insane! do they leave the restaurant before finishing dessert???

  184. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    oh man. ny dailynews has a wacky concert wear slideshow… number 26 i thought was ozzy osbourne, its juliette lewis!

  185. Salty-

    what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    No, I got regrettably understood your point just fine, just happen to not think too highly of your reasoning, logic (or lack thereof), or attitude.

  186. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchuk is ruining the trap!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAH A Kovalchuk doesn’t belong in a trapping system!!!! Poor NJ , they play boring hockey with NO PRESSURE to score. Thats thier secret!!!Now they have a bonafied sniper who will pout …and pout…if he doesn’t score and be the star. This is a marrage made to break up.Watch the devils game if ya wanna laugh .

    Nj always plays a patient puck control low scoring game. With koavchuk …the team chemistry will change and you will start seeing a team in DESPERATION only because thier sniper is struggling.

  187. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchuk is ruining the trap!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!!!!! Yer da Man!!!

  188. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchuk is ruining the trap!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Kovalchuk in Pittsburgh ,Philly ,SAN JOSE or Chicago but The Devils!!???? Stuipest trade ive ever seen ,even though they got rid of that head hunter in Cormier.

  189. It doesn’t matter if it works out or not with Kovy, cause they got rid of a psychotic prospect, and two decent players, and a high 1st round pick.

    It was worth the rental.

    But, that being said, i just cant see him wanting to re-sign there, unless they change their system of course. That wont happen though.

  190. Dudley, I’m not one to usually ask people to not leave (right Boneheads?) but I just want to tell you that, while Drury is not well liked, maybe even reviled, the majority of people here are not rooting for a career-ending injury. Although I think a lot of them would laugh their abdelkaders off if he swallowed his mouthpiece.

    Good evening, Sally! You crack me up, girl.

    Tony, you still sober, Birthday Boy?

  191. Understandable… and for a minute there I thought you were just upset because your theories were shot full of holes complete with quotes and references. For the record I’m sure Drury _was_ briefly considered for a some sort of captaincy on Team USA, but again it would have been purely political and *absolutely nostalgic*.

    No one in hockey in their right mind still believes Drury is a strong leader in any sense of the word. He literally blew the game for us last night while the rest of the team put together a HELL of an effort against the best team in the league. Even IF he didn’t have a NMC, he would be almost as immovable as Wade Redden due to the way he has performed and “lead” in NY, especially right now… *no one wants him, even if we could move him*… what makes you think Team USA was clamoring to have him? Don’t you know by now that he’s the “13th” forward and was basically added to the team out of respect for what he did many, many years ago? He is literally there purely for NOSTALGIC purposes and he “may not even play”! And if it was such a close call for him to be the CAPTAIN of Team USA, you’d think they’d at the very least make him of of the FOUR (4!) alternates!

    I know you hate reading legitimate journalism, and I fully expect you to not be able to read between the lines of this article, but this is very interesting nevertheless. This is why I love JR, always tells it like it is.

    “Not to take anything away from the guy because he’s had such a great career, but for Chris Drury to be on the team, it baffles me,” said Roenick.


  192. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchuk is ruining the trap!!! " … says Greg L. on


  193. Carp- Oh, I didn’t say I wouldn’t laugh at minor misfortune (misfortune including but not limited to AHL banishment for some)!

    Salty – I’m going to the bar, You won!

  194. maybe this has been covered
    if so, sorry to bring it up again
    Brendan Witt was going through waivers
    has his play declined to the point that
    his snarl wasn’t worth picking up.

    never liked him as an islander but our team
    is desperate for some real snarl on defense.
    would it have been worth it for the team’s sake to
    have him on ice clearing the front of the net, etc.
    or is in the same playing state as Brashear?

  195. Hate them too, especially because they didn’t move to NJ about 5 years earlier. Instead, I get stuck rooting for some sorry ass team in blue.

  196. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    jpg, you just became wicky’s favorite poster!!

  197. jpg – he is terrible. Plus his cap hit is 3 mil. He might get picked up if he goes through re-entry, but he’s terrible. And the Devils just owned the Leafs. scored 3 goals late in the 3rd. The 3rd goal was caused by terrible defensive coverage by Phaneuf leading to a penalty and they were scared of Kovalchuk’s point shot. Make me hate the Devils even more than I already do.

    They look pretty good though considering they played a crappy game and came back quick like that. Never seen a Devils team do that.

  198. Why do people say the Devils never score goals? If you do your homework, you’ll see that in the 2000 and 2003 cup years, they actually were in the top 5 in scoring. I think one of those years they led the league in goals for. 95 was the only year they were more defensive. They play defensive hockey and turn it the other way.

    It is kinda boring for most of the game but at the end they open it up a bit. I am in no way saying I am a fan of the Devils or how they play, but they aren’t as defensive as people think they are.

  199. I don’t care if Kotalgeek scores 15 more goals for them, im so happy he’s gone.

    Only if he was bringing Fox to the Garden, i would want him to stick around.

    I wonder when Piggins will score a goal, ha, i wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

  200. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Oh man that is terrible ORR! I recently read about him on ESPN and how he struggled to come out to his dad. This is just terrible. Prayers out to the friends and family! so sad

  201. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    yes, his snarl would be a very good addition here. If he is put back up on re entry waivers he will probably be claimed (i hope like hell it is by us)!

    glad things seem to be going better with your father!

  202. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchuk is ruining the trap!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Linda , I know , I know …and I know Sather has done alot of outta wack moves but he has been building this team out of the best available talent . At the time Gomez and Drury were hot commonities. Everyone we had gotton ,we were happy about. Maybe Kotaleek and higgins were bad but he ditched ’em. I hated Zherdev leaving and I also didnt like how Shanny and Jagr were treated. He handle Averys situation not too bad , saving us cash. To always dwell and campain twards the firing of him is a little bit over the top. Salty saying that he hoped Drury would get a season ending injury is flat out stuiped and Eric is no better for agreeing. I hate Drury as our Captain. I hate it. I also hate the fact jagr got peddled off because of Sather but we have to accept it and move on. Its the only way.

  203. whoa!! Burke’s son who said he’s gay just died??!?!?!

    my sympathies go out to Burke and his family, and what a weird circumstance. not meaning to be gruesome but i hope it was an accident and not something self-inflicted as an after effect of him coming out.

    and yes Wicky,
    hated Witt when he used to hound Jagr. i’m sure he feels lost without him around. maybe he’ll sign to the KHL next year
    but even then i wished that we had someone with his maniacal snarl on defense.

    okay, i’m tired so i’m probably not thinking correctly and/or i’m overthinking matters
    i thought that a player needed to pass through waivers and possibly be claimed before he is sent down and goes through the same scenario if he is called up. thought that is the reason why it takes at least a day for a player to report to minor league club.

  204. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    jpg, you should read the espn story on it, it was pretty outstanding.

  205. Carp-

    Sorry to leave you hanging…been a long day.

    “I thought engineers do that.”

    “They can.”

    My favorite quote of the episode…Kramer’s defense of his word quone is about as rock solid as Redden in front of the net.

    Quone- to quone something.

  206. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    pretty funny Rick, especially since the man is on a HOUSE binge right now

  207. Awful heartbreaking story about Brendan…didn’t know his background at all…sounded like a great guy and brave as hell to handle his situation like he did, and it’s warming how his father gave him unconditional support. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

  208. “How’s that trade, insisted by John Muckler, of Mike Knuble for Rob DiMaio looking now?”

    Almost as good as the decision to let Mikeal Sammuleson go.

  209. I have a question.

    If a team worse than the NYR waives a player, how the hell is that guy gonna help the NYR?!?!?! Doesn’t the NYI need a physical Dman as well?

  210. Good snow morning.

    Muckler was a classless, inept coach. One of the “brightest” pages in NYR history.

  211. Linda, thanks for posting that great article on Brendan Burke. I’ve never liked Brian Burke, but he was a great dad, and that’s what’s important. Such a sad ending for a great kid.

  212. Wow, I had no idea about Burke and his son. Sad, but enchanting story at the same time. Tells us how little we know about people who seem to be in the spotlight every day, and whom we occasionally bash.

  213. I thought Sather finally got it when he cleaned house knowing there was going to be a hard cap. I thought finally sather is going young. The rangers made the playoffs when all of hockey world predicted they would be the worse team in the eastern conference. The rangers when on to make the playoffs the following year. Than Sather does a 360 and reverts back to his old self and signs redden, rossival and drury to ridiculous contracts knowing there is a hard cap. Because of these bad contracts the rangers will not improve until those contracts are up. Sather had his chance and he blew it. This idiot needs to be fired ASAP.

  214. sather will never get it except MAYBE by accident, and the same goes for his underlings including his coach. are they taking public transportation or limos today? Oh yeah the tough coach will show them. Everybody put your snow shoes on, for some team bonding. Meet at 42nd st and walk to 34th., that should impress NY.

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