The Capitals are in town … yeeesh


Not bad enough that the Caps haven’t lost in forever (11 straight wins), and they have that monster who loves to light it up at MSG, and all of a sudden Jose Three-or-More is Two-or-Fewer.

The Rangers come in having gained just two out of the last possible 14 points, which puts you in a fast boat to the depths of the Leastern Conference. As we’ve said, tough week to try to get it fixed, but it has to be fixed.

Jokinen and Prust make their MSG debuts as Rangers, obviously. Lisin is in, Voros is prucha’d.

I fear I will have to depend on bits and pieces from the static that is Rangers radio, and then Rangers in 60 for my info tonight. Enjoy.

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  1. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Happy Birthday Morg!!

    DarrenDreger LA, Ana, Dal, Wash, Phi, NYR on Souray’s trade list. Hard to trade an injured player, but Souray expects to be back 3 wks before playoffs.

  2. I fear I will have to depend on Beninati and the Caps’ coverage, since I’m almost never given the Rangers feed.

  3. Carp, they have that slingbox app for iPhone, did you know? You can watch it from everywhere.

  4. Bulldog-That’s how this mess all started the “get stars for unproven guys” It’s worked ONCE in the history of the Rangers It’s a never ending cycle of insanity;

    Glen Sather for Syl Apps, Ken Hodge for Rick Middleton, the Ridley trade which turned into the Dionne trade, the Zubov/Nedved for Robataillie/Ulf trade, the Duhnam for Zidlicky deal. I could be here all night.

    This part of the Rangers culture needs to be finished.

    You want stars? Create your own. You want Kovalchuk? Wait till he goes UFA.

    I’m not willing to give up the Captain of Team USA who led the entire WJC in scoring (more than the projected 1st overall pick this year) a 6 foot 4 Russian sniper, and our first round pick this year Kreider who is fluent in Russian, skates like Gartner, and has size.

    If that’s the way this franchise is gonna go then I’m outtee indefinitely.

  5. thanks Carp and TR,looking forward to Prust winning over the fans with his 20th fight(do you think he thinks carcillo isnt in his class like the waste of space Brash,haha..talked himself outa a job with that comment),and Joker getting his first as a ranger.

  6. i like the lines tonight, drury 4th line center.. where he should be.. now just pay him 5 mill less

  7. anyone realize in NHL 10 that the capitals where their dark blue helmets with their white jerseys? or is mine jus screwed up? gota think its all of them though

  8. hey guys!! everybody bout killed the kovy-chuk trade talks to death!! fun to talk about besides the usual stuff. and im sure i speak for many, when i say that the trade deadline approaching does make for interesting convos. i think we will be moving some players but def. not for him. sather already said they are asking too much. but yea, takes our minds off the epic beating we are about to recieve

  9. Ugh. Another game with Sam Rosen and Sean Hannity?!?!

    It’s hard to be a great American listening to their spin.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Kovi being signed by anyone is the first real jump fast-forward to another lockout?

    I mean, over 20% of a teams payroll is going to one guy and what about everyone else who wants to cash in on more than they deserve?

    The lockout was for naught.

  11. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers lines: Prospal-Christensen-Gaborik, Dubinsky-Jokinen-Callahan, Avery-Anisimov-Lisin, Boyle-Drury-Prust.

  12. not tryin to nitpick but 20% is the most u can make, but if he gets that its ridiculous, you’re probably right, teams cant keep doing that bc then when the next superstars are FA’s they are going to want that much too, ie MLB

  13. CCCP- Maalox, bro. In fact, the way this season is going, I’d buy a bucket of it if I were you.

  14. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    AGrossRecord RT @kausatoday Told Kovalchuk is being traded to an Eastern Conference team tonight. I’m awaiting confirmation that deal is complete.

  15. I have the sinking feeling that Kovy is going to the Devils. If he is going to an Eastern team tonight, it is probably a team that is not playing. And of the teams mentioned, the Devils and Flyers are not playing.


  16. MikeA,
    You better hope he doesn’t end up in our divisions, or on a good team in our conference. because if he does, well thats a lot of years of watching him win in our conference. I remember all of those trades you mentioned. none of the players they received in those trades were near Kovalchuk.

  17. Dreger:

    LA, Ana, Dal, Wash, Phi, NYR on Souray’s trade list. Hard to trade an injured player, but Souray expects to be back 3 wks before playoffs.
    31 minutes ago from mobile web

  18. Linda,ilb,thanks.
    Cant wait to hear Joe Michs take on the thickness of Jokinens sweet-ass mustache,or Prusts huge hands.

  19. As I mentioned in last thread: Isn’t it ironic that the Devils are front runners for Kovi?!?! Team built from within, better than any other team in the conference, and can actually pull this off.

    Lou Lamarillo may be the best GM in all of sports.

  20. This team is about the future regardless of what anyone thinks. So, trading for Kovy is pointless if you have to give up tons of assets while not being able to get rid of dead contracts. If the dead contracts weren’t there, then I would be all over it. However, getting Kovy would mean having two top talent players and a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners (AA is a 2nd liner in the future, but not yet). So, there isn’t enough cap space to get Kovy and then field a real team with Clutch and Blowzy. Dreaden can be banished, but would he be?

  21. manties indeed! Happy b-day morg! I’m praying, but have a bad feeling…CCCP, when the heck are you leaving the boro and getting over to warren? what’s your excuse for this Saturday?

  22. Chris says Fire Sather Trade/Waive The Losers and Give Avery The C on

    ” Told Kovalchuk is being traded to an Eastern Conference team tonight. I’m awaiting confirmation that deal is complete. 17 minutes ago from web “

  23. I’m thinking Don Waddell has taken some crappy package like Bergfors, Zubrus, Oduya and a first rounder from the Devils.

  24. repost:

    atlanta won’t get that return completely, but we shouldn’t give up any prospects, picks or young talent for him (this means DZ, Staal, Anisimov and Dubi). even with kovalchuk there is a good chance we wouldn’t make the playoffs.
    Kovalchuk may really want the max money, but he also may just have no interest resigning in atlanta and this is just an easy (and arguably cowardly) way to tell the gm and the 10 atlanta fans. he is in no way worth more money than ovechkin and he shouldn’t get paid more than crosby and malkin b/c he isn’t that good. yes he can score but his attitude and commitment have to be questioned based on his past behavior. if he really does want the max money allowed under the cap then i wouldn’t want him on our team b/c you can’t build a team around a player making that much money. ultimately he will prob sign between 8-9M cap hit, which is still a lot of money
    also if i were give the choice between kovy or kovalchuk for a playoff series i take kovy every time

  25. I cant see Lou giving up all those players for Kovy?

    I agree with Bull Dog – Its probably Philly. I wonder if they are sending Hartman….

  26. I still think Montreal…so much pressure to do something, Cammalleri is hurt…they have 2 goalies, which Atlanta needs. And with Cammalleri on IR it clears cap room and gives them time to clear more space

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ovechkin sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Rangersss!!!!!

    Rangers gametime is …!!!!

  28. Wow, tonight we get to see how good or bad the rangers are since they are playing the best team in the eastern conference.

  29. Sam Rosen is such a compny man. Trying to make it sound like the rangers are playing great. What a tool.

  30. What do the following teams have in common?
    They all have at LEAST 2 stars on their team and they are at the top of the league.
    You want to see this team get better? Kovy, Hank, and Gabby in their primes for the next ten years. Are you kidding that you wouldnt give up any of these current rangers for this guy???

    Dubinsky can be replaced
    Staal can be replaced
    Sangs can be replaced
    Give them 2 first rounders as long as they can negotiate a new deal. You dont want to give up the house for a couple of months.

    This team is not good…They can build around Hank, Kovy, and Gabby. Kovy turned down Atlanta cause they are going nowhere and he does not want to be buried there for the next ten years and play in front of 5000 people each night…they should dissolve that team anyway.

  31. DORE

    That’s what ive been saying.

    The Pens went to TWO CUP FINALS with 2 superstars, and good goaltender, and a solid D, and a good enough support system.

    It’s fuggin worth it, as long as we can re-sign the guy. If not, then pass…

  32. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    deja, that would be great if he does! they havent looked horrendous and its almost 7 minutes in and no score… baby steps!

  33. >>Wow, MSG’s graphic just called Threeormore “30 Cam Ward.”

    I thought my eyes were letting me down for a moment there.

  34. Update:7:18PM: Allen says that he will be able to confirm the team at 7:30. Says he doesn’t want to report it until its 100%

  35. NO ! Kovalchuk traded to the Devils per Mckens

    “TSNBobMcKenzie Illya Kovalchuk reportedly traded to the New Jersey Devils for Paul Martin, Johnny Oduya, Travis Zajac, and two first round picks over the next two seasons. This is the deal, but it’s not complete, there may be more involved, stay tuned”

    NOOOOO !

  36. thatd pens trade would be good for atlanta except im not sure goligoski could pass a physical right now. he hasn’t been the same since he could hurt in the fall.

  37. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    just grabbed that off twitter. if its true. someone owes Orr an apology!

  38. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    if a superstar gets traded to a team nobody watches, is he really there???

  39. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    stevezipay Looks like Kovalchuk to Devils
    less than a minute ago from web
    Reply Retweet

  40. Chris says Fire Sather Trade/Waive The Losers and Give Avery The C on

    you are now aware that not only are the rangers inferior to the devils

    but they couldnt come up with the cap sapce and tradable peices to pull off the deal

  41. Paul Martin, Johnny Oduya, Travis Zajac, and two first round picks over the next two seasons.

  42. wow, very unlike lou, especially as there is no way i see him signing there. but the devs may be the most well-rounded team in the east if this is true

  43. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Olga – you got to admit for all the fantasizing ORR does about Megan Fox, he types really well one-handed.

  44. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on


  45. Yeah, no way Kovy re-signs. Why would a guy like him want to play in a boring system like that ? He’ll go back to Atlanta. And the Debs will have to hope Fatty will continue to play good enough, along with Parise.

    I say…1st round loss for them

  46. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    whether it made sense or not, we could never be serious players for Kovalchuk with Redden’s albatross contract eating up that much cap space…that contract will kill us for years, gotta waive him ASAP

  47. Gossip from the swedish nhl blog: caps is on their dadtrip, Ovies dad not with them because he dont speak english. Still war between Torts and Brooks.. Greenberg represent The post in Torts presser and then run upstairs and tells Brooks what happened. :-)

  48. after hearing we had to giv up staal/del zotto, dubi/cally, kreider/grachev/stepan & draft pick for kovy, i feel like devils dindt have to give too much, only 1 forward back? if i were them i would hav taken 2 f’s and 1 d, zajac is gona make up for kovys scoring? yeeeaa not so much, i dont think its a brutal trade by the devils, everyone loves martin but hes not an elite d-man in the making in my opinion, and oduya? idk man not alot of talent back in my opinion

  49. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Can’t believe anyone other than K Allen would take credit for breaking Kovalchuk trade. One thing to spec, another to say its done

  50. here is the real deal

    Here’s what I’m told… Kovalchuk for Oduya, Bergfors, a prospect (believed to be Mattias Tedenby) and a 1st round pick… more on that soon

  51. The players they traded arent that great. Take Zajac away from Parise & he’s nothing….

    but 2 1st round picks for 2 years? YEOW! But hey Sather sucks at drafting so what would have it mattered LOL

  52. a steal by the devils. they have a lot of D depth, and Kovalchuk more than replaces Zajac.

  53. that is so selfish if thats true. he wanted to be the highest average paid player, who does he think he is? Chris Drury

  54. jesus.

    well nj gave up a hell of a lot.

    begrfors and tedenby we’re 2 of their highest rated prospects. it’s going to be great if they don’t win a cup this year and don’t end up re-signing kovalchuk. they just emptied the cupboard.

  55. Those earlier reports were wrong.
    It is for:
    Kovalchuk for Oduya, Bergfors, a prospect (believed to be Mattias Tedenby) and a 1st round pick… more on that soon

  56. I don’t mind the trade…

    1) We’re not going anywhere, so who cares if it was the Devs that got Kovy
    2) He’s not going to re-sign with them
    3) They gave up a few pieces of their future probably, just for a few months where it won’t matter to us

    I say good!

  57. ORR, BB? Huh? Am I missing something? Also, careful when you say oh mama in a post :)

    Trade details earlier from Nasty: Paul Martin, Johnny Oduya, Travis Zajac, and two first round picks over the next two seasons.

  58. Oops. repost from Nasty for ORR:

    Those earlier reports were wrong.
    It is for:
    Kovalchuk for Oduya, Bergfors, a prospect (believed to be Mattias Tedenby) and a 1st round pick… more on that soon

  59. If he really asks for that, he is a greedy EFF. As much as I hate them Cindy & Malkin took discounts as did AO. $11mm is INSANE… Has he ever finished in the top 3 in scoring? He hasnt broken 100 points yet!

  60. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    if the Rangers waive Redden, they’ll have $22 million in cap space this summer

    $22 MILLION

    that’s enough to give Staal his contract, maybe re-sign Girardi, make a run at Kovalchuk (without giving up assets like they would have now), and fill other holes

    WAIVE REDDEN THIS SUMMER SLATS…then fire yourself

  61. Got it Nasty, and corrected….I think a general salary-related post would be interesting in the future…thoughts?

    full disclosure: I think what many athletes in any sport makes is insane

  62. From Hockeys Future…

    Tedenby is by far and away the most exciting and offensively-gifted prospect the Devils have had in the organization since Zach Parise and has the potential to turn into a Martin St. Louis type of player. He will spend this up coming season again with HV-71 in Sweden, and should see significantly more responsibility and ice time after his performance in the playoffs. There appears to be little doubt he will be in New Jersey by the 2010-11 season.

  63. Leetchhalloffame on

    Unfortunately, and unlike our idiot GM Lamoriello’s no dummy. You can bet that he wouldn’t be giving up a bunch of players and number ones without having a long term deal in place, now or later to sign Kovy.

  64. It keeps changing, all I know is that the primary pieces in the trade are Oduya and Bergfors.

  65. We need to play like we did in the first period here, because the caps just get better as the game goes on.

  66. If Atlanta got Bergfors and Tedenby, that is pretty sweet…especially if they got Oduya and a 1st rounder…

  67. >>The answer is Flyers

    How many did they win? Didn’t Islanders win 15 straight in the early 80s?

  68. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie RDS reporting: Oduya, Bergfors, Tedenby and 1st round pick.
    2 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  69. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Patrice Cormier is confirmed included. Not Tedenby.

    good call nasty!!

  70. Staal has officially disappeared. I think if our “vet Dmen” were any good at all I would say dish him off while someone might still buy his name.

  71. From Lebrun: In exchange, the Thrashers get rookie forward Niclas Bergfors, defenseman Johnny Oduya, prospect Patrice Cormier and a first-round draft pick.

  72. MAKO – Staal wasn’t on the ice for the goal. True, that means he was as close to the Caps forwards as anyone else, but still a bit harsh on the guy.

  73. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Now confirmed: Bergfors, Oduya, Cormier and a 1st rd pick.

  74. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie All I know is NJ is a long way from LA. Kidding. Just kidding. This stuff isn’t “rocket surgery.” LOL.
    less than 20 seconds ago from UberTwitter

  75. Now “Captain” is going to do the team a “favor” and stay in the game with one foot and let up a few more goals.

  76. Hey, Nasty – attribute your sources! I clearly broke the news of 75% of the deal. Check my post at 7.06pm.

    Of course, I wasn’t guessing or anything…

  77. Nasty, was gonna say the same thing…and here we go. You’re comment about play in the period is correct, but you do seem to have a voodoo thing going….maybe not post your thoughts tonight :) jinxer!

    I gotta go watch and not miss things, like beth :)

    Tomorrow all. Pray!!!!! LGR….

  78. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    I thought it hit drury where a man’s testes are,he shouldn’t have felt any pain, he can’t score but can screen.

  79. I was just reposting everything I was hearing from my Twitter, ha, and a few other sites that I constantly check.

    Damn this team though! I knew we weren’t going to hold a lead.

  80. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on



  81. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmfao @ nostril power!!!!!!!!!!

    lawrence with a goal and an assist and 2 penalties!

  82. How do you call that a penalty? Are these referees really seeing what’s happening during play?

  83. MAKO – my mistake on the Knuble goal then. I thought I saw the ghost of Wade Redden. Staal must be playing bad…

    It’s late here, that’s my excuse.

  84. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    he will spider! as someone said earlier… Aves is gonna be all over the place, pissin off Twinkie the Kid and kovalchuk

  85. Question: Are there any Tavares, Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, or Stamkos with the top 3 picks in this year’s draft?

  86. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    whats going on???waitin for the stream to come back…eeesh i am at least a minute behind you!!

  87. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    holy crap i just found the game on atdhe!! wooooooo duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubi!

  88. CCCP

    We should still be hating him because he mortgaged our future for the likes of Roszival and Redden and Brash….

    And he could just put our team in a better financial position by dumping them to the minors, but that would be admitting mistakes.

    I read an article recently stating that with the money Dolan has made, eating the contracts of Rozi and Redden while they are in the minors would not even dent our profits.

    But if anything, the loser Sather will buy them out and so half their contract will count towards our salary cap, instead of none if we dump them to the minors where they belong.

  89. Wow…that was the most entertaining period I’ve watched all year and probably last year and the year before that and the year before that

  90. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Caps should have changed goalies at the 4th goal

    if any ones going to be the victim of a ref’s bad call-I’m glad its drury
    shoot out game in favor of caps

  91. That late period goal is going to cost us the game. It is going to take the wind right out of our sails and just come back to haunt us at the end. I didn’t even feel comfortable going in to the third with a 2 goal lead, and now it is only 1. Torts must absolutely be stressing to stay out of the box. And even if we stay out of the box, I still don’t feel safe.

  92. Listen *Nastrodamus* – Please everything you’ve said has come to fruition…. ZIP IT LOL ;)

  93. The first trade Nasty posted was a little expensive, but the official deal, that’s all ATL could get? The only reason we weren’t in was probably our mammoth contracts to garbage players like Redden and Drury. And now Kovalchuk is with a division rival, one more reason to fire Sather.

  94. Carp will never see this, but he talked the other day about playing the pass so the goalie has full view of the shooter and the shot…but if it’s a shot from Ovechkin, do you still play the pass?

  95. Oh on an unrelated NYR, Kovy note.

    BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Congratz to Booth being back in the line up! Glad to have you back BOOTH!!!!! Good luck to you the rest of the season :)

  96. To answer the question about this year’s draft. Taylor Hall and Brand Sedguin are nasty. Russians Tarasenko and Kabanov could be elite goal scorers and the dark hourse is that Swiss kid Nino Neiderieter who will go like 14th overall and could be the most complete player in the 1st round. Prospect Park LOVES him.

  97. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    showcasing girardi could be a bad idea cuz he’s just …….. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech lately!

  98. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Redden has played a whopping 10:42, 5th out of our 6 D-men in ice time this game, and is a -2…he has 1 goal and 9 points this year…all for $6.5 million per year up until 2014


  99. NYRGuy….you’ve been great tonight, but never assume…you know what that means :)

    “Carp will never see this, but he talked the other day about playing the pass so the goalie has full view of the shooter and the shot…but if it’s a shot from Ovechkin, do you still play the pass?”

  100. MSG prefers to show the Manhattan skyline while Trautwig is talking instead of the huge bump on his forehead. Funny!

  101. I can’t take this. If we lose, I’ll break something….again, this game is insane. Effing Ovi…but hey, where’s the rest of the Caps scorers? Blech.

  102. We can at least take comfort in the fact that if the Caps are letting up 5 goals to the Rangers then their D might not do too well against a good team.

  103. “Another power play for the Rangers; and for a change, that’s good news.” Wow, Sam can only say how he really feels when the Rangers are doing well and can joke about it.

  104. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    effin poti… my Gawd i still hate him with the fire of a thousand suns

  105. If the rangers lost the rest of there games it won’t make a difference. I’ve seen enough of the 10+ years of sather and his cronies drafting and it’s not impressive.

  106. >>Caps make it look so easy

    That’s what happens when you have skilled players. Nike Green is not even playing.

  107. 4 for 5 on PPs and we are still losing.

    How pathetic.

    That is truly Rangers hockey; when you need a spark, you not only hit 1 post, you hit both posts on the same shot.

  108. Thanks MikeA for the answer.

    We better hope the Leafs start winning some games, so their 1st rounder is not 1 2 or 3.

  109. A couple of interference calls missed, a too many men missed. Then Girardi actually takes his man out is called.

  110. That’s a clean hit, after the whistle.

    It happens all the time in hockey./

    It doesnt get called.\


  111. Seriously Drury needed to drive to the net harder.

    And Sam is praising him for getting in front of Ovi’s shots.

  112. Poti is a monster!! I say sather gets him off season…and yea dubinsky is horrrriiiible…game ova

  113. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    honestly, did ANY of you think we’d be down by ONE with 3 minutes left???

  114. Oh well, that was actually a penalty.

    Might as well have injured someone Dubi, get your money’s worth.

    Now Hank is coming up with the big down by 1 goal saves.

  115. Tank the Season on

    Season’s over, Boneheads. It’s all about lottery position from here on out.


  116. And there we go….sigh, I was so happy for a while. Hey, we got 5 goals and challenged the Caps…um, but we also lost. I don’t know what to say!!!

    When they play Sinatra before the game’s officially over…not good. Nite all.

  117. Good ole’ Rangers!!! 5 goals in 2 periods…0 in the 3rd

    Weren’t we a good 3rd period team at one point this year?

  118. This loser Rosen yelling for the other team.

    So tiring to hear these pieces of garbage yell for the other team and lick the other team clean.

    And hear them say how every call or noncall by a referee is fair.

    While the NESN Celtics commentators whine all game about how the referees cheat them, when in actuality, the referees are in their pockets.


  119. WTF is Cally shooting that down the boards

    Not that it matters…wow, what a carpin bummer…mother f…

  120. Positive thoughts? They lost, they blew a two goal lead. They took bad penalties. You score 5 goals and you still lose. This is as bad as Sam & JD were trying to hoc the Rangers during the playoff-less streak.

  121. Sickening.

    I feel bad for the MSG crowd.

    It’s a shame that the referees have the ill will in them, and most fans do not even realize it… They will just go home thinking the Rangers did not try or are losers (which they are).

  122. One Ranger Love on

    Joe is an idiot. He thought the fans should be happy because, ye, we scored five goals, but then again we couldn’t keep under 6 goals out of ours. Whats there to be happy about? It is another loss in my book. And Kovy and the devs on saturday doesnt get easier.

  123. Because we all know they’ll score 1, maybe 2 goals against the Devils and struggle to find offense for another 2 weeks. But as much as I prefer playoffs to no playoffs, if falling out of the playoff race is the impetus to major change in this organization with underachieving personnel both on the ice and in the luxury box then that provides some small measure of redemption.

  124. “Orr…does Dubi suck?”

    Get outta here with that NYRg. Salty Nut said he doesn’t suck, so he must not suck, right ?

    NOT ! He blows. Could have packaged him for Heatley, could have packaged him for Kovy, instead we’ll be packaging him for Souray, who wont do anything for us, and will be injured for often than not.

    Yay, gotta love being a Rangers fan. Yipeeeee.

  125. Sucks that they lost, but I expected them to lose tonight, to get blown out. So it was closer than I expected. Plus, they actually scored more than 1 goal. 50/50 night when all is said and done, IMO.

    Now they won’t score until after the Olympics.

  126. Sick of this crap…9 f’n years of Sather and his cigar chomping baloney t*ts piece of crap team. He trades for Watta Jokinen and across the river Bugeye Lou brings in Kovi….it’s not even the players it the principle. He’s had every opportunity to build SOMETHING here…something aside from this pile of shite he’s obviously created in his own image. F Sather Dolan (AND Lou!)

  127. The Rangers blew that game, to many stupid penaltys. It was a entertaining game to watch though. I thought some of the goals Hank let in were soft. He should have had a couple of them. He made some great stops though. So I guess it evens out.

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ovechkin sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hanks girdle was on too tight and his crease was puddled in a yellow substance after the game. Hank’s life flashed before his eyes and repeatedly looked back too see if he indeed save it. His clothing line should be ladies panties and push up bras.

  129. no positives. the drury crappy dump at the end of the 2nd period was the beginning of the end.

    imagine these friggin announcers taking glee in what??

    they score 4 PP and still lose. they are going no where..NO WHERE….
    Nice penalty by dubinsky at the ned, way to use your head.

    drury sucks, he is a PP expert that is it……………..

  130. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “But as much as I prefer playoffs to no playoffs, if falling out of the playoff race is the impetus to major change in this organization with underachieving personnel both on the ice and in the luxury box then that provides some small measure of redemption.”


    well said

  131. No Joe, it doesn’t matter. It is a loss. We need points. I take away nothing positive from this game. I knew that late second period goal would come back to kill us, and I knew the bad penalties would too. When I can predict a night as easy as I did, it is sad, and it shows how pathetic this team really is. Sorry folks, but I am so annoyed and sick of this team. It might has well have been Higgins and Kotalik out there tonight. We do this every few game, and now we will get shut out by the Devils on Saturday night. Frown Town, we are on the way. Everyone, I started the sad van before the third period, so it’s nice and warm, and I am driving. Sad Van to Frown Town, here we come!

  132. morons they still lost the game…

    the need to trade what they can and finally get a high draft pick. prospal is 34 and FA, they bringing him back? Not if they have any brains…………….

    play the young guys they are going no where, moral victories get you no points………….

  133. One Ranger Love on

    thom – Honestly. not that I like Sather or am condoning how terrible he has been as a GM, however, I would have to say the past year and a half have actually been his strongest years as a GM. He has made some changes and infused youth in the team and actually tried to bring in some decent players.

  134. RE: Joe’s “happy” comment…I agree with you all. For cripes sake….OK, moving on from tonight…Sigh. Linda, hope your package comes tomorrow…could use some real happiness :)

  135. Positive thoughts my foot!
    What this game confirmed is that we can’t stay with tge better ifensive teams even if our offence explodes for 5.

  136. Devils get Kovy 2 days before we play them AND we score 5 goals at home and lose?

    Just another night being a Ranger fan.

  137. I love how when my girlfriend knows I’m not happy with her she asks me questions about the Ranger game not realizing it just makes me more unhappy lol

    At least she cares lol

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ovechkin sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank should have been pulled for Johnsson because it was clear that Hank was scared shitless of Ov and the craps. Hank was embarrassing.


    really embarassing. Ov was laughing at him. Hank should pull up his skirt and stop painting his nails in the crease.
    Girlie boy should step up and lead by example and stop playing like Jose Three-or-more. Hank the tank.

  139. very well said ct. thats all that matters right now. blowing a 2 goal lead with seconds left in the 2nd and then taking soo many stupid holding, interfrence,and then the duby penalty was just peaches. thanks asswipe. they never learn. hank was just lit up from the point tonight. how many were glove side? jeez if the rangers score, than hank sucks(which he actually didnt tonight, its just that the caps are so much better and our d was the worst ive seen yet), and when hanks great we dont score. this team is just born to lose. but yea, miss the playoffs please!! get this team a draft pick that come come in and score!!, a kid who can be on the team next september. stockpile picks and sell at the deadline. sell jokinen, he sucks. 3-4 penalties tonight? hes another lazy backchecker.

  140. Clutch pop quiz time!!! Let’s see how well you guys know your favorite Ranger! Is Captain Clutch gonna let this loss ruin my Sri Lankan Independence Day???

    a.) Yes!
    b.) No!

    If your answer was “b”…you’re a winner! Give yourself an unmovable $35 million dollar contract! Ha-Ha!

    About the game, we gotta forget about this one, it’s a good thing we get right back at it on Saturday, mumbles something…yada yada yada! What inspiration! What a leader!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch has bigger things on my mind than this loss! Like the opening of my new pizzeria…


    Fuggedaboutit!!! Ha-Ha! Our specialty will be our selection of LITTLE THINGS you can add as toppings! Plus you get a free mouthpiece with every order! And we deliver! 7.7 seconds or less!

    Tell me that doesn’t look like a guy who can make a clutch pizza!!! Mama Mia!

    Just so you guys know, Captain Clutch will now be using blog posts, intermission interviews during 5 game losing streaks, etc., strictly as a way to promote *Capo Clutchio’s!* So get used to it!

    “When other pizzas don’t do much, try one that’s clutch!”

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  141. Lundqvist is a good goalie when the puck is shot at his upper body or pads. He’s not very good when he actually has to move his hands to make a save.

    No more close-ups for Al Trautwig tonight.

  142. It never fails…. players skating down the sides NEVER GET HIT! That’s what leads to these GD goals! Its what you learn in PEEWEE and these EFFin D men DONT HIT players skating along the boards. WHY???????????

  143. Joe is a friggin numpty, we should be happy? OK well then I’m thrilled that we gave up 6 goals and we’re giving $18 million to crap players like Drury, Redden, and Roszival. I’m thrilled that the Caps had their way with our D for the last 40 min.! I’m having a damn fungasm here, Joe! Is that what you want?

  144. this game was as good as any what I have seen the last couple of weeks in the NHL, but its not helping the Rangers..

  145. I’m happy we didn’t get kovalchuck, our d is awful. Rosi redden and girardi better not be on the team next yr.

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ovechkin sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I really feel sorry for Team Swe-done was Hank the Tank starting in goal. If he can’t handle OV and a fat old Knuble …then how can he handle Oylmpic all stars comming at him?? Our goalie sucked tonight and I’ll be the first one to say so.

    Hank the Tank.

  147. Thanks for being honest Prospal and thank for looking disappointed that you lost.

    And thanks to Maloney for saying you don’t really know what to take from this game because you still lost.

  148. Lou made a smart move. He knows that he only have so much time before Brodeur retires. And he also knows that with his team he wouldn’t be able to stay with tge Caps and Pens. So he took a chance. He gave up two very good players, first rounder( which will be in 20th) and a young punk. I’m glad Sather didn’t go for it.

  149. yes we need youth, and for cripes sake, someone tell anisimov hes 6 foot freakin 4!!1 tell him he allowed to crash the net!!. but yea, no amount of scoring can help if tehy cant play defense. they were chasing all night. they looked like coke addicts out there. twitchin and jonesin. somebody get wade a raise for that double post n out shot. thats the best thing hes done all year. with a shot like that, he has 1 goal?? i know im just pissed cuz we cant win, but can we just see the stick salute 1 more time before seasons end?? we had them!! we blew it!!!! ok i need my blood pressure meds now! greg, where are they??

  150. Mister Delaware on

    “really embarassing. Ov was laughing at him. Hank should pull up his skirt and stop painting his nails in the crease.”

    I didn’t get the game where I live but can someone confirm whether Lundqvist was really painting his nails in the crease? That doesn’t seem plausible. Thanx!

  151. Uh Greg, maybe because Sweden has the best defenseman of his generation in Lidstrom and a team that can keep the puck in the other team’s end instead of their own, Hank might not have to deal with shots with 5 people blocking his view every night?

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oli played with alot of grit and took alot of penaties. Wonder how long it will take before Torts benches him?

  153. Drury received more and more ice time, and the team played worse and worse. The amount of ice time Drury gets is reason enough to fire Tortorella. Drury officially is now also bad on the pk, not just the pp. And he can’t win a face-off, but he takes the draw at the end of the game. Yet Jokinen, who has been with the Rangers 2 days, gets benched. Great coaching.

  154. Ok, time to take my frustrations out in NHL10, later all.

    And Nasty…that’s not furniture it’s sh…

  155. matt- gilroy,staal and dz arent exactly great d men either. i am just sad to see gilroy not doing anything, staal being a wet crotch, and dz who is our only shining spot back there but is horrible defensively. at least staal isnt getting a big raise after this lousy season

  156. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello Ranger Fans! Are we happy yet? Tonight we get to see OV and the Washington Carp-itals. Or is it drink VO and washing all the Carpets?

    You should see Caps coach Bruce Boudreau from up here in my private box. He looks like a big flesh colored balloon on top of a suit.

    Brash! Where is the world’s most expensive doorstop? Brashear, did you see Prust out there tonight? You know, you could be out there if you could fight. Or skate. Or pass. Or shoot. You CAN do me a favor though. Run out to Drury’s pizza joint and get me a couple pizzas. And don’t put those hot peppers on it this time. The last time I ended up with a five-alarm sphincter. Muck had to apply a double portion of Preparation H.

    I was watching Rozival closely out there tonight. I wish I had one more like him. Trouble is I have six…

    (singing) “Your No Good, Your No Good, Your No Good, Baby, Your No Good…” Good gracious, I think that’s Redden’s ring tone. I wonder what he wants? I already gave him everything. Wade… what’s up? Besides your career, that is… You want more ice time? All right, I’ll talk to the coach.. (click)

    Torts? Would you keep Redden out there an extra hour at tomorrow’s practice? No, he wants to… Yeah, I thought it was a little strange, too.

    Well Ranger fans,by now you know that Kovalchuk has managed to slip through my fingers. I tried every combination of Redden Rozival, Brashear, and Drury that I could think of. Maybe if I still had Higgins and Kotalik…

    Mark my words,the Rangers will have Kovalchuk here anyway. Saturday night…

    I’ll be hibernating until then…
    Uncle Glennie

  157. Good news- Kovalchuk isn’t resigning with Devils. Lou will never give him even close to what he wants. And he will get introduced to the area. Perhaps CCCP and I should show him some umm famous Russian spots.

    Bad news- we have to play the Devils with him in their lineup for 3 more games. Playoffs my neck!

  158. I’m embarrassed to even watch this interview…even a guy that doesn’t speak English thinks he’s a crazy old man

  159. LMAO he’s a superstar. Dont you think they interview Cindy after the game? They absolutely do LOL

  160. I agree with you Matt on the Kovy “The devil came up fom Georgia”. Shocking on what Atlantas getting back. They should of at least asked for some fans in that deal since they have none.

    Congrats Ovechkin, 500 career points. At this point, I would trade Girardi to the jackets and bring back Tyutin.

  161. Gwg-oh I know they rnt that great but I’m but rosi and redden make way too much. I was so mad when I found out rosi was resigned for that deal. And girardi I’m just done with.

  162. Del Z’s gonna be fine defensively, he’s 19 and needs to ass some weight and Anisimov did crash the net on Dubi’s goal.

    It sucks but in all honesty if this is the only way to get a cheap elite impact player, then it is what is it.

  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CT , Team Swed-done will get blasted by pucks and it don’t matter if Borge Salming and Ulf Sammelsson is back there…Hank the Tank will piss himself in his crease again and eventually get pulled.

  164. sorry to say greg, but every goal except for potis weak glider was on the d. and i mean fwds too. they took way too many penalties, and with a 5-3 lead with 14 seconds left, rozy gets totally manhandled and looked like a complete puss letting ovie drive the net to get within 1. i mean hank obviously sucked tonight for his standards, but no way is teh game his fault. blame duby who took the dumbest penalty ever. jokinen took a few penalties but 1 of them saved a possible goal. drury cant score no matter how many great chances he gets. hes totally useless now. check this ok, heres drury- what 4 primo chances in front and no goals? then hes basically an 8 million dollar skating target for ovie to practice his shots on. its so embarrassing right now and not just that, but he only got those scoring chances cuz hes been dem,oted again. thats the only time he tries to score

  165. How do women find AO attractive? The same reason guys like Bill Gates and Jay Z have hot wives; money and fame.

  166. Our defence= swiss cheese, I agree Mike. When will they learn to look at the chest, not at the puck? Is OV that ugly? Well…

  167. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i think beyonce has a pretty nice bank account of her own, and yea,that dude is ugly as sin

  168. well mike, i missed the duby goal, because the feed online quit on me. but im sure i didnt see him and lisin get that many chances. were they benched in the 3rd?

  169. Ugh! Rangers
    always get crapy calls or non-calls
    starts with the goalie – Hank is over-rated!
    goes down too much – lets in soft goals
    good on break-aways
    D can’t paly 60 minutes – but I really think the D is ok
    its the system of defense that’s bad!
    players dont know who to pick up in their zone
    Watch the devils – everyone knows what to do in D zone.
    that leads to coaching & organization. They do not have a plan!
    Also, Avery only plays 6 1/2 min a game. Why!
    Boyle gets more ice time! Avery is one player who comes to play every game! & does not get ice. Dumbinsky gets 2xs as much!
    It all about coaching. Guess Sather pciked another Lemon!

  170. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah but Mike …Did you see Hank look back like 4 or 5 times during the game? He choked. He was scared. No confidence. Hank soiled his diapers.

  171. Atlanta owed us one when they shafted us on that havelid deal last year. They gave us back our money (Salmela) and gave us Kovi. We werent happy with oduya. He;s been nothing since his new contract. Bergfors is a puck hog. The Cormier deal was a deal maker. Looks like he’ll be a flyer sooner than later. We give a low 1st rounder, and get a high 2nd rounder, probably 6 pix apart.

    Be happy he came to NJ and not Philly or Boston. Thats where you guys are competing for a playoff spot. Devils actually helped you get in to the playoffs. I still dont see where the Thrasers are happy. Devils were gonna unload both those guys anyway.

    Tonight Devils helped the Rangers

  172. yea beyonce doesnt need money. sometimes a big wang helps too. and if u have a nice personality. looks arent everything, and some people have different tastes. hey, maybe ovies girl likes marine life? maybe beyonce likes those big droopy bratwursts

  173. Greg L WTF are you talking about? Is this the first game you watched this season? Because then you’d know we’d have about 13 points without Lundqvist, right?

    Amazing how quick people turn on him when he has one sub-par game while we’ve got guys who put in worse performances every damn night (cough…cough…Redden…cough).

  174. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    there ya go grabby!!!

    true there is someone for everyone out there!! i know that because someone picked me!!

  175. I can’t read all 600 posts, so I don’t know if this was addressed:

    How was the 4th line on for all those OV shifts? Everytime OV had a scoring chance, I could see Drury. . . . 80 feet behind. I am done blaming Drury, so now I have to turn my ire to Torts. QUIT RUNNING THIS GUY OUT THERE ALREADY!!!!!!!

    Unless Torts is trying to get Sather fired. . . . in that case. . . . .

    Did anyone notice that Jokinen’s shots lacked any zip? He had no deception, no quick release, and I know he scored, but I am begining to understand why Sutter let him go so easy. He can’t play with Gabby, and he is too slow for Cally-Dubi. He is not long for this team.

  176. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Only way were getting the #1 overall draft pick this year ORR …is if we trade Hank the plank to Edm for thier #1 pick this year and maybe a Sam Gagner.

  177. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    you guys are so out of control! i’m just gonna watch what unfolds for a lil while cuz you’re all killin me!!

  178. Haha, yeah Beyonce doesn’t need money but being with Jay Z definitely has helped her career as well with movies.

    To cheer people up, here’s what I was thinking the entire time I was watching The Book of Eli: “She’s (Mils Kunis) engaged to Macauley Culkin…life’s NOT fair!”

    But Mike, Torts did his usual bench shortening so Artie and Enver got 3 or 4 shifts in the 3rd.

    Don’t even get me started on Avery. He’s OK but the guy is no Tikannen, Claude Lemieux, or even Dale Hunter.

  179. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Shoryuken on Glen Sather :

    Duhhhh yeahhh foist Rwanger game Ive seen all ywear!! I didn’t realize this was Hank’s first bed wetting. Yeah Hank NEVER lets in a SOFT goal…OHH NOOOOOOOO HE WOUOLD NEVER DO THAT!!!! Hank is soooo solid.
    He just had a bad game …you must be dilutional.

  180. Man i really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, hope we can get rid of (all 3 but 2 outta 3 aint bad) of Rozsival, Redden, and Girardi

    Our defense sucks !!!!

    Package Girardi, Brashear, and Lisin for Exelby and Ponikavosky

  181. I am surprised that the Devils pulled this off. They didn’t give up as much as was speculated. A top 6 F, a top 4 D, and a prospect an d a pick yes, but Sather couldn’t have matched that?

    Cally(or Dubi), Girardi, Sangs, and a #1 couldn’t do it? Hell, I’d drive them to the airport.

  182. gatti- cally has more goals than jokinen and prospal. what does duby have 12? he really maxed out didnt he? i thought after last season with 13 goals, he was gonna come out after holding out for good money and get some like 25-30 goals. holy crap hes getting 14 again. why did we not trade him for heatley???? ohh thats right, cuz we wouldve had to trade another 14 goal scorer.

  183. MIKEA

    Don’t remind me. Between him dating her, and Brian Austin Green dating Fox, it’s enough to make me barf up last years dinners, even though it’s physically impossible, it can happen, cause that’s how ridiculous this world is.

    What’s next, Bill Cosby releases a sex tape with Miranda Kerr ? Geez.

  184. at least as long as they keep losing, the less chance sather does something stupid to get a guy for the playoffs. thats the only positives that i can take out from this game joe m u rat faced bass turd

  185. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda …Hank lets in too many soft goals. Way too many. One game its Hank stopping it all then one game he lets ’em all in. I saw Johnson play solid . Why can’t Hank stop the easy ones? He stops the hard ones.

  186. Greg, did you know that he is the only goalie that lets up soft goals? I just saw it on a Snapple cap. You’re right, let’s trade him because he had a bad game after a tremendous stretch of games, I’m sorry I doubted you.

  187. Honestly, I’ll be happy landing Fowler on D, Kabanov aka the youtube kid or Neidereiter (gets less press because he’s Swiss).

    The positive of Kovalchuk going to the Devils; no way Lou L pays him $11 million so there may very well be a bidding war come July 1st.

  188. whats next is that some chick starts to dig you orr!!! and then u marry and make baby orrs, then u will single after she dumps your ass for some rich guy and u end up paying child support even though you can barely make rent. and on top of that, the rangers will still suck by then!!! life is not fair. u gotta get youself on nickelodeon or something and get that i carly chick. shes a cutie

  189. Dolan's favorite fans on

    Kovalsuck turned down $103 million in Atl, so no way Lou gives nobackcheck what he wants financially, especially after the first time Lou sees him loaf and float when the opposition has the puck.

  190. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Shorey , I respect your defense of Hank . Nice to see some fans go to the aid of thier stars. I wish more fans were like you. Everyone seems to blame the managment when a player plays like garbage and the defense,Goalie and Coach all get the same flack. I suggest you not play sides and choose to defend all parties.

  191. Speaking of Alba, anyone else excited for Machete with her and Danny Trejo?

    And The Expendables with Stallone and comp; that’s gonna be the most ridiculous (in a good way) movie of all-time :)

  192. Hank wasn’t that bad tonite. Too many penalties, and 5 of 6 Dmen that are really crappy. And a $7 mil Center that can’t play D unless it’s PK duty and he doesn’t have to skate.

    Easy on the pizza craptain.

  193. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    wait a second, 8 hours ago people were clamoring for Kovalchuk, now we’re calling him name?? You guys are like pmsing women sometimes!

  194. I just had a hell of a night working. I come home to the Rangers losing 6-5. Lundy ruins my first place standing in my fantasy league, and kovalchuk is a devil… ugh…. I am going to sleep this one off!

  195. lol shor. gregs emotional after a loss. i think he was kinda crappy on some of those goals too, but yea, hes saved our butts so many times before. im just pissed because the one time we score some goals, we give up just 1 more and we can never ever tie the game back up. have we ever tied a game in teh 3rd when we were losing late? i mean we could have 15 minutes left, and i can almost garauntee we will not tie it. its like the other teams toy with us. if we dont score, they can get by on 2-3 goals, buyt when we do, they just get them right back on us, and theres not a damn thing that will prevent it.

  196. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Shorypukin , I did say Id wanna trade Hank. READ IT AGAIN.

    I said to ORR ,(not you) that IF we want the #1 pick we’d have to trade Hank. Not saying we would. Read it carefully ,it was a stab at the crappy team Edomonton has.

  197. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Actually I typoed the I did say. I ment I didnt say. Geezee.

  198. MikeA lol that Expendable movie sounds awesome. The critics will kill it because it isn’t “deep”, which is critic speak for 3 hours of claw your eyes out boredom. But Dolph Lundgren as a badass? Sign me up man ha.

  199. First Global Warming, then the Mayan Calender, now Kovalchuk is a devil..THE WORLD IS ENDING AAAAHHHHHHHHH

    haha..big deal tbh. Now the rangers should learn to SELL, and then restock at the draft and free agency.

  200. Craptain PIzza on

    Somebody shoot me. . . . after they buy one of my $250 plain cheese pizzas. After all if Sather can pay me 7 times what I am worth, you can fork over 25x he going rate for my bland pizza.

  201. cmon everybody. the rangers lost. we didnt!! wee winning a war with slatipuss the terrible! every loss is really a win for us in the end. i guess. lol. ok, cheer up my friends. i bid you adieu, i shall retreat to my quarters and partake in a splendid evening filled with frivolities and gentle caressing. i have a date with destiny. i shant be long. ohh, and linda, would u please pass the grey poupon.

  202. Shoryuken, yeah it isn’t a deep movie but it’s gonna be entertaining and funny as anything. Just like the two Crank movies. Can’t wait. It’ll be a nice way to end the summer.

    Stay positive everyone; if they tank, so be it. Plenty of good players available. And maybe guys like MDZ, Gilroy, and Anisimov who haven’t been through this kind of grind before will be recharged from the Olympic Break. Maybe it helps Avery and guys like that too.

  203. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank got spanked!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike , Yeah Hank could of prevented it . Hank should have been pulled when Ov scored his last goal.They said it was a highlight reel goal…whatever.Hank was soo far in his net , all Ov had to do it pop it up stairs. I do get kinda upset ..losing by 1 goal really upsets me and I’m not gonna let Shory sarcastic posts get to me. He probally has a full size door poster of Hank in his briefs on his wall and signed Jock from Hank.

  204. No kovalchuk and a loss, but still an entertaining game….Great day for the franchise. Come on lottery pick. Washington’s offense is so good because they were so bad for so long and drafted 3 stud forwards and an awesome offensive defenseman. Only way to do it

  205. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kovalchk sells his soul to the devil!!! " … says Greg L. on

    * Ive only been driving an awhour.

  206. uh….I can’t get over this Devils thing. Please god. Make saturday be respectable… OKay so I did the analysis earlier in the day about who should trade for Kovy. Obviously, 1 assumption I made was violated: The Thrashers not settling or nothing. Well they did. Johnny oduya is nothing special and bergores is great, but is still young. and they get the devils first round pick which probably will be number 27 or something. So hopefully its a deep draft or the trashers…Uh. I am ranting because I am jsut so upset…good night…

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