Now go to bed with no Kovalchuk


I saw a HS hockey game tonight where both teams scored three goals. Can you imagine? Three goals in a single game? And there was no skills competition at the end of the five-minute OT. And you know what? It was one of the best games I’ve seen this year.

Anyway, since it doesn’t appear this Kovalchuk thing, no matter which way it goes, is happening any time soon, I’m hitting the hay.

I really doubt the Rangers have the goods to get him, anyway, and I really, really, really don’t think they should give up much to get him as a rental. If they’re serious about adding Kovalchuk, then they have to have him signed to an extension.  Then there is nobody on the roster, nobody in the system, that they shouldn’t sacrifice to get him.

And that all has to be prefaced by the cleansing the organization of some of the albatross contracts, because you can’t have Gaborik, Lundqvist, Drury and Kovalchuk and no money left to spend on the rest of the roster. Otherwise you end up with third and fourth liners and third-pair D-men, and we’ve seen how that works out, haven’t we?

Good night.

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  1. I went to a Hartford Wolf Pack game, it went to overtime and they did 2 things this team is not capable of, scoring 3 goals, and scoring in overtime!

  2. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    so, did we claim witt yet??

  3. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    damn slatipuss, what are you waiting for to fill an obvious team need??

  4. they are not gettng kovalchuk. even the moron sather will not mortgage the future on a non cup team for a rental…

    the rangers should trade prospal, jokkinen, and any other older guy they can at the deadline if things do not improve immediately and probably should sell prospal and girardi(if you do not plan to sign him) regardless of there position..

    druy and redden are presently the only horrible horrible contracts on the books. these contracts make the rosz contract look like a deal………

  5. The only way I could possibly see Kovalchuk making sense for the Rangers is if they get rid of Drury and Redden, and probably Prospal and Jokinen. Obviously, it’s going to be difficult to trade them without taking on significant salary, so they would have to be banished to the minor leagues. I doubt Sather would do that. As expensive as Kovalchuk is going to be, I would have no problem giving him that sort of money, provided the Rangers can make the space. The Rangers chronic mistake in free agency has been giving first tier money to second tier players (see: Drury, Chris; Gomez, Scott; Holik Bobby; Kamensky, Valeri; Redden, Wade), but Kovalchuk is a first tier player. I have no problem spending $25 mil/year on Kovy/Qvist/Gaborik.

    Now, the Rangers aren’t going anywhere this year, so assuming they’d even consider Kovalchuk, it doesn’t make sense to give up young talent for him. If the Rangers can somehow shed the contracts of Redden and Drury before free agency, then I’d go for it.

    I see the Islanders as a potential dark horse for Kovy. They have a lot of good young players and a ton of cap room. Of course the last two 10+ year deals the Islanders handed out worked out great for them.

  6. Get rid of Girardi!!! This guy is hanging out with Rozi to much!! He is declining in hie mid 20’s so get something for him now. Please don’t get Kovalchuk!!! Make a deal and get a BIG D-man and then deal Dreary!!!


  7. I obviously only want Kovy if we can re-sign him

    It’s kind of BS here. Waddell wont let anyone talk to him, he’s setting a team up for a serious poop loop abusing.

    For all we know, this is an evil plan hatched by that wobbly eyes crazy looking freak.

    Trade Kovy, get a great return, and then he re-signs with a team that is MUCH better.

    Now that i think of it, that is what will happen.

    Atlanta needs help, well they’re gonna get Frolov, and Johnson. Those are two guys that can help. You’re gonna get a little bit more on the side, some pieces of the future, but most importantly you get Kovy back !!!!

    If this happens, he should be tied up, kidnapped, and forced to watch Mike Ricci getting it on with a girl while he watches his “greatest goals compilation” !

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Sung to the tune of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

    Sather went down to Georgia, he was looking for a player to steal. He was in a bind with his team behind: he was willin’ to make a deal. When he came across this young man with a hockey stick and playin’ it hot.

    And Glennie jumped upon a hockey bench and said: “Boy let me tell you what: “I guess you didn’t know it, but I was a hockey player too. “And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.

    “Now you play pretty good hockey, boy, but give ol’ Sather his due: “I bet ten million of gold against your soul, cause I think I’m better than you.” The boy said: “My name’s Ilya and it might be a sin, “But I’ll take your bet, your gonna regret, ’cause I’m the best that’s ever been.”

    Kovy you tape up you stick and play some hockey hard.
    ‘Cause hells broke loose in Georgia and Sather deals the cards. And if you win you get this contract full of gold.
    But if you lose, the Rangers get your soul.

    Kovalchuk put on his skates and he said: “I’ll start this show.” And fire flew from his fingertips as he took the puck in tow. And he shot the puck on the net and it made an evil ping. Then Henrik Lundqvist jumped in and stopped the god-darn thing.

    When Kovalchuk finished, Slats said: “Well you’re pretty good ol’ son. “But if you’ll skate down on defense, right there, and let me show you how it’s done.”

    Check that pussy, kick his groin.
    Sather’s in the house and getting it done.
    Punch in the jawbone, Kickin’ out teeth.
    “Glennie, will Russkies fight?”
    “No, child, no.”

    Kovy bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat.
    He signed the entry contract on the ground at Sather’s feet.
    Glennie said: “You just come on back if you ever want to try again. “I told you once, you son of a gun, I’m the best that’s ever been.”

    Check that pussy, kick his groin.
    Sather’s in the house and getting it done.
    Punch in the jawbone, Kickin’ out teeth.
    “Glennie, will Russkies fight?”
    “No, child, no.”

  9. Witt is $3m per year and signed up for next year also, do we really need a 35 year old D-man who is considered “in decline” to go with our rag tag band of youngsters and soft veterans? OK, so he’s a damn site more physical than Roszival but he’s a #6, #7 d-man at best and we need someone physical who can play top pair minutes, not 12 minutes a night with Wade Redden.

    As for Kovy, Waddell would love for Slats to get involved but he would be asking for Staal, Dubi or Cally and a pick and probably a Grachev or Stepan as part of the package (which would be suicide for a team which will at best go one and out in the playoffs) and Slats would not be able to squeeze a long-term deal under the cap with Hank, Gaby, Dru, Reds and Roszi already taking up about 60% of it.

    We should be sellers really, but no-one wants Slats bad contracts!





  11. Okay so let’s get this straight: Is everyone saying that if the Rangers traded Jokkinen, Dubinsky, prospects Stepan and Sanguinetti, and say a 2nd round pick for Kovalchuk they wouldn’t be happy?

    (The Rangers would actually gain $550k of cap space in that deal)

    Sure they’d still be incomplete, but wouldn’t they be better and more exciting?

    If they could make that deal and extend Kovalchuk, I’d sign up for that immediately.

  12. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Izzy I liked your Sather goes down to Georgia, very clever. Yea I think we just need to keep the players we have hopefully we are bringing up some descent picks. I tell you one team that is kicking butt right in regards to bringing up players and apprently have the know how in picking good draft picks is Washington Caps. Their AHL team Hershey Bears are kicing series butt and have for the last 3 or 4 years. If the Rangers could have this many quality draft picks and bring them up through the ranks we wouldn’t need palyers like Kovy or Gaby. But I do say we have done better lately, it seems we are starting to get on track.

  13. Goose

    We’d gain cap space this year, but not after. The guy wants 11 mil a year of 10-12 years.

  14. If Kovalchuk wants to wait until July and see who gives the best money, I would not give up anyone of value for him at the moment. He may or may not get us in the playoffs, but we are not contending. On the other hand, if Slats thinks or knows(hey, let’s not be naive here, even if they are not allowed to talk, I’m sure there are means for agents to give some ideas to GMs)that he will resign with us, and they know they can fit him under the cap, by all means. Spare Hank and Gaborik, anyone else could be packaged. In alphabetical order. Don’t kid yourself, we are talking 26 year old premier, top 3 in the league goal scorer.

  15. We are going to be soon getting 1 of 2 quotes from Darth Sather.

    1. When a player like Kovulchuk is available, you don’t pass up on getting him. We feel that with him and Gaborik on our team, it instantly makes up a competitive team in the East.


    2. They wanted too much, it wasn’t in our best interest to give up the future for a player we weren’t sure we would be able to resign. (Translation) Atlanta didn’t want Redden in the deal at all or any of our crappy players.


    I think we are going to really try and land him though.

  16. Kovy is going to NJ … Waddell and Company are scouting NJ Devils and Lowell Devils games.

  17. NYRGuy

    Yeah, you’re right, he wants 20% of the cap which is max. The way Tampa gave LeCavalier max was to give him the $10M he wanted for his productive years, but then added years to the end when he would clearly be in decline (or not playing at all). That brought his cap number beneath $8M. Just something to think about.

    When you see teams like LA, Colorado, and Phoenix doing it with speed, youth and grit, you wonder if chasing the stars is like chasing your tail.

    This is NY and it has been awhile since this team has been elite..

  18. I would love to see NJ get Kovy…have them give up alot to get Kovy for half a year and then see him walk…so they gave up some good stuff for nothing

  19. The whole point of having homegrown talent is for them to compliment the team system of playing. Dubi and callahan were brought up in the Renney era. They were trained to play a much different style than torts system.

    As much as i love cally. It wouldn’t be hard to find a player with bigger size and the same numbers as him for less pay.

    Dubi has some upside but his asset is his speed and puckhandling. Instead of working on his shot in the offseason he needs to work on passing and reading the game. I believe he could be a good playmaker if used right.

    That said i wouldn’t mind seeing these guys go. The team has a bunch of good prospects coming up. Grachev, kreider, stepan and bourque.

    Stall, del zotto, gilroy and anisimov will also be better next season.

  20. I wouldn’t give up anything of value for him with no exclusive negotiating rights, which Waddell is not allowing. Would he instantly make the team better? Of course he would, trading anyone except for Gaborik or Lundqvist would make sense.

    Even someone like Del Zotto, who has a bright future ahead of him but probably does not have nearly the same ceiling as the level that Kovalchuk plays at now. And considering that Kovalchuk still has at least 4-5 years left of high end prime production due to his age, whatever you’re giving up for further down the road, you’d be receiving at the very least equivalent if not superior value in the near to medium term.

    Of course the team would still have holes, but essentially every team does. Pittsburgh has poor depth on their wings, Chicago masks it’s goaltending issues with a fantastic team, Washington doesn’t quite have a bona fide shutdown D and goaltending is still a question mark whether it’s Theodore’s inconsistencies or Varlamov’s health, San Jose has the huge psychological block of half a decade’s worth of playoff flops. Even a team that got career best production from a number of players, had a Norris trophy winner on D and a Vezina trophy winner in net wasn’t guaranteed success (Boston last year).

    The real core of talent is still a few years off. By then we’ll hopefully have the toxic contracts off the books, another year or two of prime production from Gaborik, hopefully a Lundqvist that hasn’t broken down from overuse, Del Zotto running the PP and splitting apart the D with stretch passes and a skilled mostly fresh team that has been playing in a cohesive system for a couple of years in the minors ready to seamlessly transition into the big leagues. Is that really too much to ask?

  21. Also please no Kovy. Getting him now does not guarantee he will sign for next year, and the guy will destroy our cap. It would only make sense for a team after the cup with a surplus of talent that they can give up.

    Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands in NJ. Lou wants another cup before Brodeur retires or starts declining. And his window is short. But there is no way Lou gives up what Atlanta wants and there is no way he signs him for the money he wants in July.

  23. the only way to realistically get him without sather undoing the only good thing hes done the past 4-5 years is to wait until july, but then we would have to pay much more. considering if we got him now we wouldnt be likely to get him to sign much less than 11 mill anyway. the gms have to pin all theirt hopes onto 1 guy who has 1 goal in the playoffs in all his years combined. that is great to have a star player like him but only teams with a shot at a cup should be tryin for him. even if they win the cup with him, theres still a chance he does what hossa does and goes to the team he thinks is the best or has the best shot and will pay him the most. he would probably be a ranger by last night if sather never signed drury redden and rozsival. and the only reason sather has been drafting and running a decent farm is because of teh cap. so all the work that went into drafting grachev,dz,staal,cally,hank should not be undone in 1 swift strike overa guy who will not(95% chance) get us a cup. it just doesnt make sense right now for sather. if he has to waive redden and rozy in teh offseason to make room, fine, but dont give up our drfat picks . they are the only way you can build a good enough team for the future without having to worry about trading the next guy who is stealing precious cap spoace. alls sathers trdes for the most part get dealt because they dont work out or for cap reasons. its a cycle of retarded kid touching hot pan, burning his fingers, then doing it again. except this time, retarded kid, puts his pet gerbils(us fans) on teh fryin pan and giggles as we plead for mercy. no, that was not even making sense. but whatever, it made sense in my mind when i think of sather.

  24. For the record, I’m aboard with the idea of trying to acquire Kovalchuk, but in practice I know this is unlikely to happen without trading off unmovable assets. However if they were to pull a Kasparaitis with Rozsival or Redden then the possibilities open up significantly.

  25. Brodeur is soooo overated. His numbers are directly influenced by the play of his team. He does have tricks up his sleeve, but when his team plays mediocre defence, he is exposed.

    Anyway I don’t think NJ will sign him. It goes directly against what the management has done for 15 yrs.

  26. I suggest trading Dubinsky, Girardi, Redden, 2nd round pick and a conditional pick based on whether or not Kovy signs an extension. Send Brashear to Hartford and have Drury restructure his contract for the “Good of the Team”

  27. and from the looks of it, we could probably get some decent draft picks and prospect for jokinen. prospal should be resigned just for his chemistry with gabby. jokinen is a good 2nd line center but we can fill that spot with AA soon?(hopefully). if sather s job is not on the line, he has no reason to trade for any big stars. he can get them when they are 19 and futures uncertain but its a gamble that u cant really lose with. unless you pick jessimans younger brother

  28. Can you sign conditional picks based on players re-signing? I know you can trade conditional picks based on team performance like they did with Antropov last year.

    I don’t think the CBA allows team to re-structure contracts for salary cap purposes. Otherwise I’m sure the Rangers may have tried that.

  29. Anyway I don’t think NJ will sign him. It goes directly against what the management has done for 15 yrs.

    hey mazzo- exactly. and see the difference between us and the devils. thats all u really need to know whether this is a good tong term investment(which, most likely for us, wont be)

  30. no they cant restructure contracts or so thats what ive heard. and only when signing new contracts are players able to renegotiate for the sake of the team by signing for less. you dont see those types of team first players that often anymore. just ask jagr. he wanted to be the highest paid guy on the team. so, money means everything for many players.

  31. We were able to get Jokinen for two players that have little to no perceived value, especially one player that has a decent sized cap hit for 2 more years. Calgary swapped a bum contract for two bum contracts that added up to a salary cap wash.

    Teams also saw how little Jokinen changed the Flames performance in last year’s playoffs. Even pro-rated he carries a relatively heavy cap hit and on top of that he’s a rental. His value right now is pretty low.

    No to Prospal as well. Looks closely at his numbers and they started to dry up at the end of November, he’s shown spurts since then. I don’t know why many people in the hockey media are fixated with this idea that Gaborik needs certain players around him. He’s produced with Prospal, Dubinsky, Christensen, etc. He’s that good where he doesn’t need other elite talent to play well. Consider this a blessing. The team needs complimentary scoring, not someone to unleash Gaborik’s potential because he’s doing pretty well as is.

    Anyway, next year Prospal is 35. If he continues a career long trend of alternating good and not so good years we’re stuck with a Brashear-like contract (and he’ll demand more for next year) because of his age. He was a nice stop gap, but Prospal is really a 2nd line player.

    And that’s honestly the approach that the Rangers need to take the next couple of years unless high impact talent emerges from the system or significant salary can be shed. Sign players to short term deals until the prospects are ready to assume the role.

  32. The Rangers are going to need one of those donuts that people have to sit on after they have hemorrhoid surgery, after the Caps are done with them tonight.

    Ovie-greatest sniper of them all

    I would like to think we put up a hell of a fight, but I just don’t see it happening. The Caps are something like 14-1 since Ovie was named captain. Why would things change tonight?

    I would love to be able to say, “Mr. Ovechkin, Mr. Semin, Mr. Backstrom, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Gaborik and Mr. Kovulchuk.”

  33. the thing i would be ok with, and one of the only scenarios that benefits us longterm is if we waive redden, just get him out of here once and for all. then bring up heikkenen. next, trade rozy for anything!!!. sign boynton. then trade jokinen for picks/prospect(s), and buy out brash. you only have dru,gabby and hank with high salary. give atl duby,cally,girardi, some picks u got from other trades or our own if we are higher up than the team we got from. and if any prospect has to go, send them sangs. if that dont cut it, then forget it. but if they trade grachev aa stepan, or kreider, its too much. and in return we get kovy, a deal signed in blood for a new contract here. then trade kovy for witt(haha j/k wick). no, honestly, to get all that done would be asking for a miracle, so just dont trade for him. were not getting anywhere neasr a cup this season. no way u get a guy like that who is unsure if we can even resign him, for a team that is gonna use him for 2 more months. stupid stupidstpid dumb, asinine, moronic,borderline infantile egomaniac syndrome

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    For arguments sake, say Sathe ris hell bent on getting Kovy.

    Woudl he actually pull the trigger and demote REdden to HArtford and eat the contract?

    He’s the one that would free up the most $$

    Drury is an imovabel object, and Rosi at least is cheaper, with less years and plays better than Redden anyway

    So if Atlanta wont take Redden, and you demote him, keep Rosi in blue for the remainder of this season would anyone be upset with an offer as follows:

    Dubinsky or Jokinen
    one or two prospects from Hartford
    2nd Round pick

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be. I love Dubi, always have, but if you can move him or Jokinen in the deal for Kovy I would do it.

    Girardi is replaceable, and we could jsut insert yougnsters from HArtford (Heikinen) for the remainder of the season.

    Again thgouh this woudl all hinge on SAtehr demoting Redden and taking the embarassment of admitting he was wrong

    So I say, at the end of the day, we don’t get Kovy

  35. Im downloading some anime ive been wanting to watch, so i cant sleep till it’s done.


    ANIME huh…? you do realize that’s worse than just admitting what you’re really downloading, don’t you?

  36. Is it crazy for me to think that Kovalchuk on NJD would lead to at least a SCF at the very least?

    Also… can we clear something up? There is only ONE “Kovy”, and it’s not Ilya Kovalchuk. Please stop with that, it’s kind of embarrassing.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Salty, depends on what the return for Kovy is. Waddell wants solid players in addition to prospects and picks.

    If Atl took Redden as part of the Kovalchuk trade, I don’t think that there is a player on our team or in our system that I would mind parting with to make that work. Dumping Redden and Jokinen would give us the cap space to resign Kovalchuk to that max deal he is looking for.

    CBA question: I know what a guy’s maximum cap number can be, but can he be paid more in actual salary in any given year than that number? Since the Rangers have money, they could afford to really front-load Kovalchuk’s contract, which would probably entice him to sign here, and possibly come off of his max contract demand. Like if they paid Kovalchuk 15 million a year for the first 3 years, he might take a lower cap hit, maybe in the 8-9 million per year range.

  38. Doodie, Atlanta has no reason to take any of the big contracts back.
    The second part- yes, that is the luxury that teams with money can still use to their advantage. The contract will probably be investigated by NHL but there no provision in CBA that would preclude the Rangers for giving him half of his total money over, perhaps, first three years.

  39. I have two tickets to the game Saturday night (the 6th) VS the Debbies for sale. Great seats – section 209 row b (20 ft from Maloney & Kenny A)- looking for face value.

    email me – lpresser23 at


  40. ATL wants the following for Kovy:

    One of staal or del zotto
    One of dubinsky or callahan
    One of kreider/grachev/stepan

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Marc Staal or Michael Del Zotto+
    Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky+
    Chris Kreider or Derek Stepan or Evgeny Grachev+first rounder=No deal -per L Brooks

    First off, im my opinion, Del Z and Staal are definite NO”S to trade, end of story.

    Second: who would you rahter part with Dubi or Cally?

    Third Insert one of our better HArtford guys – PArenteau (even though he’s hurt right now, or someone else and see what happens

    Sather coul totally tweak it and offer the following:
    2nd round pick
    Redden sent to Hartford

    Again this ONLY wokrs if Redden is demoted

    Again, I think Slats, prob for the first time in his Cigar faced life, will show some restraint.

    Dont think KOVALCHUK is gonna be coming to NY

  42. I believe Drury, Gomez and Redden all had actual salaries significantly above their cap hits in their first couple of years. I think Gomez was getting around $10MM his first season with the Rangers.

    There needs to be something done to amend these mega length contracts. The 10, 11, 12 year deals are great for cap managment because they allow low buy out numbers at the tail end of the deal and lower the cap hit. Something that blends the 35+ year old contract restrictions with contracts over a certain length with regards to cap hits.

  43. With no exclusive negotiating window Sather should write back:

    Well you can take:

    A)1 of my cigars (lit)


    B) 1 of your orifices


    C) 1 choice of whether you want choice A shoved in sideways or length-ways.

  44. I like how some posters pass knowledge gained from others without attributing sources. What fun it is to sound smarter than you actually are during the Internet age.

  45. Yea id do option number 2 if we can get time to get kovy to sign an extension otherwise u cant do that.

  46. With regard to “Kovy”.

    I’d be willing to bestow that nickname on Kovalchuk if he was ever on the Rangers.

    Kovalchuk is what Kovalev could have been given his skill level. In the same amount of seasons Kovalchuk has 163 more goals, 65 more assists, 228 more points. His plus/minus is significantly worse but Kovalev played on much better teams throughout most of his first 8 season in the league. I appreciate that Kovalev had probably the best month of his career in the ECF and SCF in 1994, but through the equivalent point of their careers, Kovalchuk has been a far superior player on inferior teams.

  47. Kovy is more about character and personality than it is about on ice accomplishments. There will always only be one Kovy.

    The cessna flying, saxaphone playing, troll-toting puck magician.

    And yes, he did lift the Cup in MSG.

  48. Okay so I have been trying to think this post out, but I couldn’t, so I am going to rant and see where it goes…

    Please note my f key dies a lot so if a word doesn’t make sense, just add an, this won’t get vulgar..

    Honestly, why deal for kovy? Hell, why would anyone deal or him? I know this sounds crazy, but I think it is a very very valuable point. OK, so the Atlanta Thrashers got burned with the Hossa trade. So I think we can assume that they won’t get fooled twice. They want a nice group of players to replace him.

    Now, assuming that, every team has four options, three which are the same but or different reasons:

    1.)Trade a boat load for him because you think you have a legitimate shot at the Stanley Cup this year.

    2.)Wait till the off season to sign him either because you have or can create cap space and there’s no need to send all your young talent to Atlanta.

    3.)Trade a boat load for him because you get nervous that you need him and that next year will be better. Also, you are afraid that someone else will trade for him and you won’t be able to sign for him in the off season.

    4.) Trade a boat load for him because you are ready to rebuild around him.

    Okie.. so here we go:

    1.)Okay, right now, there are the Caps, Devils, Pens, Sabres, Sharks, Canucks, and Blackhawks. One of those teams will win the cup. No question. Now, I have watched alot of these teams (thanks to the reedom of the internet) except for buffalo. And I don’t see any of them in a place where they can trade a ton of their younger talent for kovy and it actually helping their chances. These teams are all solid! And the two teams I can actually think of, devs and buffalo, just are good fits for kovy and they don’t have the share parts to deal to Atlanta. The only reason why hossa was good for the pens was because they traded the thrashers their trash (should they be called the trashers then?). Atlanta can’t possibly be that stupid to make the same mistake. Or could they?

    2.) This is the obvious decision. Right here. If you are a team that is in cup contention, I mentioned the reason above for leaving kovy alone. Then, you can move players you don’t want and then just sign kovy. with that, you’ll still have your picks and young talent (which you may lose in another trade, but it’s worth trying this option!)

    3.) Sign him because you are afraid that another competitor will get him. I am sure Atlanta’s GM has these conversations “Hey Lou, oh, you don’t want to give me any of your good talent? Wait hold on, Paulie G. is on the phone, he may be wanting to talk about cheesesteaks…or maybe a kovy trade to the flyers! Would you like that to happen?!” This is the best option for the thrashers, not anyone else.

    4.)Yeah sure, do it Toronto. you won’t…..Rangers? really? rebuild again?

    SO there’s my rant. Oh yeah, one final piece: If the rumors are true, Flyers are getting this guy. They are dead set on making this their year, especially with the Pronger deal. Also, the rumors I read state that Atlanta wants Matt Carle and Hartnell. I would jump at that offer! Carle is a risk, but Hartnell is the greatest trade bait in the league right now. Good player, but definately expendable.


  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I have no allegiance towards Kovalev. OK, he helped win the cup, but then dogged it in NY for the rest of his stay. Then he went to Pittsburgh and was amazing, only to come back and dog it again. Then he goes back to Motreal and becomes a star (for a while).

    Not to mention that he is an all-time great Ranger killer.

    I wish they had kept Amonte instead of Kovalev.

  50. Doodie are you referring to his last two playoff series with the Habs or in 1994?

    If it’s 1994, the unsung hero from Messier’s game 6 was Kovalev. He scored a late game winning goal in the finals in Vancouver and set up one of the first two goals in game 7 as well as being very good defensively and not wasting puck possession.

  51. Tank the Season on

    Don’t trade for Ilya Rentalchuk. Get him as a UFA.

    He’s going to LA, Detroit, or the Devs.

    Top priority now if anything should be getting Brendan Witt.

  52. I agree with you on the Kovalev point Doodie, my post about him was to show that Kovalchuk has been and most likely will be a much better player.

  53. I have no allegiance towards Kovalev.


    There’s a difference between “allegiance” and “affection”

    I don’t think Kovy intentionally dogged anything anywhere. I think he’s a true head case. Anyone remember when he finally broke his goal scoring drought and was crying on the bench?

    Another time they were asking him why he took his visor off and he said “it makes my eyes bleed”.

    The guy was adorable.

  54. Doodie and the rest…..Kovy was an integral part of the 1994 Cup. Period. End of story. He will always have a place in my hockey heart. Any of you on this site who disagree, don’t understand the importance of that 1994 Cup. That means you are too young or too ignorant or both.

    Forget what he did before and after. Stephan Matteau…same thing. If the guy played one hockey season in his life and that was 1994, he would still have a place with me.

    Of course 1994 was my first of 7 years of living overseas, so I watched most of the playoffs on tape delay at a dive sports bar in Tokyo while my brothers and my dad went to all the games.

    But Kovy still has a spot, regardless of his pre and post actions.

    And for the love of 1994, stop referring to Kovalchuk as Kovy. That is f-ing blasphemy.

  55. Tank the Season on

    To claim Witt all we’d have to do is shuffle Gilroy to Hartford until Girardi is unloaded.

  56. But my point also was that Kovalev played really well the last two rounds of 1994. He stepped it up after Graves went on a long drought that lasted through half the Devils series and all of the finals until game 7.

  57. “ can’t have Gaborik, Lundqvist, Drury and Kovalchuk and no money left to spend on the rest of the roster.”

    Actually you can. Pittsburgh has $27.6mn tied up in Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar and Fleury.

    I can’t imagine Kovalchuk gets more than a Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin – especially after down cap years.

    Assuming he gets paid $8mn that would put those four at $29mn, roughly inline with Pittsburgh. Or they could be creative and put together a Hossa tpe deal that has less of a cap impact. The only difference is the Rangers aren’t getting full value out of Drury……

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it’ll be a team from group 3.

    Whoever trades for him is going to free up enough cap space to sign him to a max contract and sign him before he hits the market.

    I’d gladly make the trade formula suggested by Brooks. Out of the prospects, I’d rather dump Stepan.

    Everyone else, I could easily dump one or the other. Probably Callahan over Dubinsky though because Dubinsky is more of a set up man than Callahan and can play center. But Callahan has better defensive play, work ethic, and leadership. Tough call.

    Staal and Del Zotto. Logic dictates it should be Del Zotto since we have a couple of offensive blueliners in Sanguinetti and Gilroy. But Staal has really slowed in his development and is just not anywhere near as physical as he needs to be. At least Del Zotto throws the body. I’d probably dump Staal.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    “I can’t imagine Kovalchuk gets more than a Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin – especially after down cap years. ”

    Kovalchuk is getting a max contract. 11.3 million per year. He turned down an offer from ATL that would have paid him 10 million a season on a term of 7 years. He turned down a 12 year deal of 8.42 million per year.

    He wants the max contract for 10+ years. And he’s going to get it.

  60. JJP – have you seen the numbers that kovalchuk is looking to get?

    From “Kovalchuk has turned down a 10-12 year offer that totals more than $100 million from the Thrashers. His agent says they are looking for the league maximum of $11.2 million per year, or a total commitment of about $120 million on a long-term deal.”

    THAT is certainly more than Crosby, etc.

  61. Regarding the high school hockey game:

    1. Did any player scream in the ref’s face? (a la Cindy Crosby)

    2. Did any player score and do a well rehearsed choregraphy-laden Stanley cup like celebration? (a la Alex from Washington)

    3. Did any player scream like a girl when hit and cough up the puck? (a la Rosival)

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, could there have been a better year for Staal to struggle? His soft play is really going to affect his contract negotiations.

    Just as an aside, the formula suggested by Brooks won’t work for cap reasons. We would have to clear about 4.5 million on top of Dubinsky/Callahan to fit Kovalchuk under the cap.

    Staal/Del Zotto would require calling up Heikkinen, which would be a wash on salary.

  63. Yeah, Malkin and Crosby in essence gave the Pens a hometown discount even if their salaries are high. Ovechkin gets about $9.5MM a season and his free agent market value would be astronomical (imagine what it would be in an uncapped world).

    But Kovalchuk might be the best player to hit the free agent market since the lockout. Gaborik is great, but his durability issues diluted his worth.

  64. Tank the Season on

    There is no scenario short of burying Redden or Rozi in Hartford that will make a Kovalchuk trade to us possible this season.

    Hopefully Drury will retire to run his pizza places in the offseason and we can sign Kovalchuk free and clear.

  65. maybe I’m being naive but why does Kovalchuk think he deserves that kind of money?? I get it he can score goals but from what I’ve heard he’s one dimensional that way.. I don’t think backcheck is in his vocabulary

  66. beth – IMO he’s asking for that because he feels someone will most likely be willing to pay it…

  67. Just cause Kovalchuk turned down Atlanta’s offer doesn’t mean another team is going to make him the same offer or one of greater value. Atlanta has to overpay to get him to stay, no other team will do that. Of course his agent is saying that, he’s trying to set the bar at the maximum and then will ‘settle’ somewhere lower.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    What if we could get every Rangers fan in the world to donate $10 a year for the next 10 years to the Wade Redden Retirement Fund. Figure there’s probably half a million fans willing to do that. That’s 5 million bucks a year for 10 years to Redden, and his cap number off our books.

  69. Am I the only one who cannot wait to slam Drury’s “Colony Grill” all over the place when it opens? Definitely going to “find a roach in my food” and make sure people hear all about it.

  70. Tank the Season on

    Only other way is if ATL takes Rozi (they won’t) or Jokinen (let’s give him a shot first) in the deal.

  71. As long as some of that money is spent to buy back every game program, every scoresheet, every piece of merchandise (at factory cost) and all other evidence that Wade Redden was ever a member of the Rangers.

  72. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    it amuses me when I read fans talking about who to trade and not to trade.

    Newsflash, in order to get something good, you must give up something good. So, if it is between Staal or MDZ, I would choose giving up Staal.

    If you think for a second they will take Girardi over the other two, you are smoking some really good stuff.

    If there is any truth to what Brooks is saying, I would rather see the following:

    Staal, dubinsky, kreider and a 1st for Kovy.

    It would be insane not to go after a 26 year old proven goal scorer. We can build around him, Gabby and Henrik.

    Heck, I would have done that Dubi+ trade for Heatley in a heartbeat.

  73. SALTY

    I love how you’ve said in the past that you’ll skip my posts, yet it seems like every few days you respond to me. Haha, you’re the definition of grumpy old man, i love it. And you’re probably the only person in the world that actually downloads porn, cause i don’t think anyone does that anymore, ahahaha.

    Anyway, no way the Devs get Kovy. What do they have to give ? They have a few good players, but i just cant see it happening. So many better options.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravey, I’m with you. I would’ve gladly traded for Heatley, ESPECIALLY since it involved getting rid of Rozsival!

    I’d dump Staal, Callahan, Stepan, and the 1st.

    Kreider is bigger, that’s the only reason why I’d want him over Stepan.

  75. One Ranger Love on

    It is safe to say I am scared to watch the game tonight. I work from 3 till like 9ish, so I’ll be tivoing the game. We will see. Sometimes when I watch these games after I work it seems like a relaxing thing to do, but when they get murdered it seems like a waste of time. Whatever the case be tonight, I’ll still be watching.

  76. Kovalchuk will get that money because all it takes is one team willing to do it.
    Atlanta is not taking Redden and Girardi and any pile of crap. They’re going to want Dubinsky/Callahan, DelZotto/Grachev and first rounder(s).

    Izzy, great job … I was just listening to Charlie Daniels the other day, because of that Geico commercial. I don’t normally go for country, but that Devils Went Down to Georgia is a classic.

    Doodie, the thing with Staal is the organization thinks he’s playing great. And please watch the language.

  77. As per the fourth period:
    (my apologies if this has been posted)

    The Atlanta Thrashers are on the verge of trading captain Ilya Kovalchuk.
    Thrashers GM Don Waddell told Kovalchuk of his decision this morning after the team’s practice.

    “It certainly appears to be the direction the club is moving in,” Thrashers GM Jay Grossman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Ilya’s disappointed. But we appreciate the fact there they’ve been honest about what their plans are.”

    While a deal is not imminent, several reports claim the Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers are among the teams interested in Kovalchuk.

    Kovalchuk, 26, is in the final year of his current contract and can become an unrestricted free agent July 1.

  78. One Ranger Love on

    Can we please stop talking about trading our youth? Please? We’ve always gone after the big names, and it never works. Never, EVER. Why do we continue talking about trading away our youth, when so many of us have argued the point of having a youthful team. Now we do, we can’t score consistently, and every one wants to trad everybody away. I don’t get it.

  79. One Ranger Love on

    If I were Sather, I’d not trade for him and hope the team that does trade for him can’t sign him and then hope you can sign him as a free agent.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Apologies on the language.

    Carp, it seemed like the organization thought Avery was playing great two years ago, and then at the arbitration they said he was “a detriment to the team.”

  81. Mister Delaware on

    We should trade Atlanta Drury, Roszival, Redden and Brashear for Kovalchuk. Maybe throw in a 2nd round pick if they ask for it.

  82. Atlanta is asking too much, they are either go to take less of they are going to screw themselves into a corner. This is not a signed player, and they are acting as if he is.

    The Rangers best offer should be:

    Dubinsky OR Callahan
    Gilroy OR Girardi
    Redden OR Rozsival

    That is 3 NHL players, Atlanta won’t get anything more. The Rangers don’t have the depth to take away Dubinsky and Callahan from the forwards. Certainly they cannot even think of trading Staal or MDZ. And they need to include a big salary going back.

  83. ONE

    This isn’t a big name, this is a massive name. This name is like as big as CoCo’s ass. And that thing looks like a planet on it’s own.

    It’s Kovalchuk !! Not Blowmez, or Dreary, or anyone else. He’s one of the top 3 goal scorers in the league.

    Dubi is worth trading, Staal is worth trading, and Cally is worth trading.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    The thing with Kovalchuk and Gaborik is that they already produce so much with pretty much no help and being shadowed by the opposing team’s top defense. If they were on the same team and different lines, they would be unstoppable.

  85. We used to go after big names when they were old and washed up and give them big contracts. Then go after tier 2 guys and give them big contracts. Jagr and Gabby were both young and tier 1 guys with big contracts and they worked out as would Kovy. Giradi Dubi stepan and a 1st only if we could resign kovy

  86. We used to go after big names when they were old and washed up and give them big contracts. Then go after tier 2 guys and give them big contracts. Jagr and Gabby were both young and tier 1 guys with big contracts and they worked out as would Kovy. Giradi Dubi stepan and a 1st only if we could resign kovy

  87. ORR – The Rangers don’t have the NHL depth to trade Callahan, Dubinsky and Staal in the same deal. Where would that leave the team for next season? With a #2 unit of Avery-Boyle-Drury?

  88. Let’s refer to Kovalev as “20th Century Kovi” He hasn’t been relevant since then. ATL’s Kovi can just be “Kovi”.

    Isn’t it ironic, that the teams with a plan for building thru the organization (draft), have the best young players, and don’t spend irresponsibly, have the best chance of landing Kovi?

    New Jersey & L.A.

  89. For some crazy reason, I think Ottawa is gonna snag this guy. Michalek, Karlsson and MULTIPLE picks gets him.

  90. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I’ll say it again

    EVERYTHING Depends on Sather being a man, admitting he was wrong, and sending REdden to HArtford for the duration of his contract

    Sather could solve $7 million problems in that one move alone.

    Drury AGAIN,IS IMOVEABLE, he’s here til the end of his contract and will retire a rich ex ranger Captain, period.
    I dont like it, you dont like, NO ONE likes it except Chris Drury and his new pizza chain, but this is fact and will not change

    Rosival – Has some value, is cheaper, and plays more solid than Redden. So I have no problem keeping him here til end of this season at the least, and either trading him in the summer, or keeping him into next year and try to make a trade if he still underperforms. At best he’s a decent 2nd pair D man

    It frees us up for the rest of this season to make the tough decisions this Franchise NEEDS to make to go into next year. KNOWING who we want to keep on the team, what our GLARING needs are, and the ability to have the cap space to make those moves.

    Remember this summer there will be alot of very good, complementary players who we can sign with the $7 Mil Redden frees up by going to HArtford.

    If Im Sather and Torts, I play out the year with what we have, playoffs be damned, cause we aint going far in them even if we make it, and plan for the summer.

    Players on our team next year:
    Gabby,Dubi,Cally,Drury,Avery,Anisimov,Voros, Boyle

    Staal(RFA and we re-sign him), Del Z, Gilroy, Rosi

    Hank & Johnson

    Prospal, Jokinen, Prust, Christensen, Staal, Girardi & Lisin are all RFA or UFA after this year, and Brashear has one year remaining at 1.3

    Total Cap for next year Including Redden is at $46.5 Million
    Leavea roughly $11 million is cap sapce to go out and replace the players who are UFA or RFA next year, as well as Resign staal.

    You minus Redden’s $6.5 Million by sending him to HArtford, then we’ll have roughly $17 million available

    To me there’s no choice, say no to Kovalchuck, send Redden to HArtford in the summer, Keep the core players, and get strong in the summer.

    The only player for sure on the UFA/RFA list that I WANT resigned is Staal. Everyone else depends on what they are looking for, and production from now til end fo the season

    Sorry for the long pst y’all!!

    Now LETS GO RANGERS TONIGHT and beat the Caps!!

  91. C’mon ORR, simmer down buddy, tell us your favorite japanese animation cartoon character you like to download…is it Pokemon or Dragonball?

    I bet Megan Fox would just melt like butter for those cool cartoon stories!

  92. One Ranger Love on

    No Doodie, he isn’t, HOWEVER he is a big name guy, who is commanding big name money, which we have always been interested in and we would still be trading away, well, whoever. I mean there is all kinds of trades that have been posted on here. From Stepan and or Kreider, a first round pick, to Staal and MDZ. OR. Dubinsky and Callahan… Etc. You get the picture. My point is, YES, most of these deals we want to move some of these dead contracts too, but it’ll never work.

    Olli Jokinen is a first line center. If they don’t want to play him there that is fine, but on the second line would work, if they put Christensen, who seems to have some chemistry, with Gabby and Prospal, that could work. And like we have discussed, maybe a line with Dubinsky-Jokinen-Callahan.

    Whatever the line combos, I don’t think we can trade away these guys that are main frame of our team right now. YES, no doubt we need to add scoring, but there are other means to go about getting it then a huge blockbuster deal. This team has shown talent enough to make the playoffs. I think you try to shake off one of these big name talents at the trade deadline, maybe redden or rozsival if possible, and prospal if sather feels he wont come back next year, and I’d be willing to trade Avery and Brashear as well for pretty much about anything. So, we will see.

    And Kovy can get traded, but it doesn’t mean the GM of the team he gets traded to will resign him. So there is STILL a chance he could be a free agent. Yet, a GM would be an idiot if he didn’t get Kovy signed if he traded for him…

  93. Hmmm…. let’s see

    We have no cap space and 3 albatrosses left.
    Farm system has little ready to move up.
    We are short on team toughness, chemistry and camaraderie.
    We are weak on defense.
    We are still weak at center.
    Now that I’m thinking about it, we are weak at forward!
    Duh… yep we should be sellers.

  94. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Hey guys… quick favor.

    my dad’s going in for some surgery tomorrow,so if you could send some good thoughts his way, I’d truly appreciate it! You guys are the best!!

  95. Doodie Machetto on


    First, let me say that I love your handle. Very clever.

    The deals being proposed are Callahan or Dubinsky, Staal or MDZ, and then one of Kreider, Stepan, or Grachev. All of that plus a first rounder.

    But even if they did drop both Dubinsky and Callahan, it could still work. They would have to call up Grachev next year for sure and they would need someone to play out of position at Right Wing, but it’s totally doable.

    Also, in any scenario involving Kovalchuk, Redden needs to be removed in order to afford it.

  96. If we someone landed Kovy and didn’t have to include Grachev in the deal, then Kovy could help mentor Grachev. Might make him feel more comfortable by having a fellow russkie on the team.

  97. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Cally is 25 and Dubi is 24 and Kovi is 27. Cally and Dubi will never produce like Kovi and there is no real big age difference. I would get rid of them both in a NY minute, if it meant we would get Kovi.

    But, I really doubt we will get him.

  98. We don’t need Kovy because Bob McKenzie says we already have a scorer.

    “Really, the Rangers’ primary need is not for a Kovalchuk type scorer. They already have Marian Gaborik on the wing.”

    Yeah Bob, we’re drowning in goals. eh-hole!

  99. How great would it be if the Rangers could beat the Caps tonight………….

    Probably wont happen, but it would be great!

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    One: You don’t buy Kovalchuk as a rental. You buy him as a centerpiece to build your franchise around. He is better than every player on the roster and is better than the ceiling of any player in the system.

    Dubinsky or Callahan: they’re going to have solid NHL careers. Callahan has already pretty much hit his NHL ceiling as a low 20-20 guy that can play physical (although he’s a little small) kill penalties, and has leadership qualities. You need guys like him to win, but they are much easier to come by than a top 5 player like Kovalchuk.

    Dubinsky has a little more point potential, but not goal scoring. I think the most you can hope for from him is to be a consistent 20-40 player.

    But Kovalchuk is HOF quality. He has a very serious chance to be the first European to break 650 goals in his career. You throw everything at him and then make the other pieces fall into place.

    Staal could be an elite shut-down defenseman but he just doesn’t seem to have the guts to get nasty. He shies away from contact. He just doesn’t seem to have that killer instinct that separates a great shut-down defenseman from a good stay at home defenseman.

    I think MDZ is the only guy I would try to keep, but they have puck moving defensemen in the system in Sanguinetti and Gilroy, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. MDZ is just much better than they are.

  101. One Ranger Love on

    Messiah- I was thinking the same thing this morning.

    PBR- Now there is a decent memory. Avery was in top form that series, I miss Mara, now there is a guy that stood up for his team mates!

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Linda, I’m pulling for him.

    Lou, I agree we should sell, but Kovalchuk is the kind of player you build a franchise around. If they can’t land him and resign him, I would sell everyone I could.

    Prospal can probably net us a 2nd rounder.


    I think what McKenzie is saying is that we don’t need to tie up tons of bucks in another elite wing. I think he’s suggesting that the team needs depth scoring instead. “Kovalchuk-type scorer.”

    I don’t think there’s any debate over whether this team needs goals.

  103. Sorry, it looks like Mikey did his homework.
    We will have cap space next year especially if we
    can jettison Redden and his anchor.
    Fantasy league Sather still prefers to trade for a team. So don’t count out a trade for Kovy if we can use Joker’s 5 mil and Redden’s 7 mil to pay him. I’m not sure what other MGs are offering, but I bet it would take at least Cally, Grachev and Staal.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    I have been saying it:

    Redden needs to be removed from the books somehow for the Rangers to resign Kovalchuk. Without that, there’s no way.

  105. You say you want Kovalchuk? Here is how you get him and it only takes 2 steps. I think its a high price to pay but If you sign him LOOOOOOOONNNNNG TERM it is worth it.

    1. Redden to the Wolfpack (Maybe even Rozy so you can sign him). You MUST get one or both of their salaries off the books to even consider this. And don’t think you can trade them… Not a soul in the league is going to take them with their contracts. SOOOO the Rangers must eat it.

    2. Say goodbye to the following: Callahan, Gilroy, 1st round pick and maybe (if its a bidding war) another young gun or pick (Grachev/Dubi/Sanguinetti/2nd/3rd or 4th)

    That is how you REALISTICALLY do it. I’d love to give them Redden and a 5th for him but its just not gonna happen.

  106. Is Kovalchuk really worth 11 MILLION dollars per season?

    I wasn’t impressed with his performance a few years ago when the Rangers beat the Thrashers in the playoffs.

  107. Ok Doodie agreed, but cann’t we use Druy’s $ when he’s done to use on Kovy, and then some Redden $ for Kovy ans one or two secondary scorers. Mind you, I’m no Capologist.

  108. Kovalchuk isnt a player that comes around for availability often. Look around the league, and see how many trades happen between now and the deadline involving players like Callahan and Dubi……….Yes, they are fan favorites, yes, they play with heart, but they are a dime a douzen players. I would do it in a heartbeat.

    Kovalchuk is an elite player you can and should build a franchise around. He is a game changer, and he can bring you a championship. You have him, and a good goalie in Hank, and you start to put the peices together in the summer. This has nothing to do with making the playofffs this year. This is for the BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

    When you have a chance to land a player like this, you do it. We do not have the picks, not the personell to land us prospects like this. We also dont have the league on our side as we are the # 2 biggest name team in the league after the leafs. We will never get a player like that handed to us the way Shittsburgh did. NEVER.

    We have to go out and get it. C’mon Slats, heres your time to shine.

    Ofcorse this is all with the assumption that he resigns with us, otherwise run as fast as you can.

  109. One Ranger Love on

    Doodie- If MDZ and Staal go, then you have to call up two defensemen, and if you want to sign him you have to bury Reddens contract, or trade him. If you bury his contract, then you need to call up three defensemen.

    If you trade away dubi and cally….why would you do that? Those are two of the only guys that normally play hard. Then that leaves you with what? Propsal and Olli? Two guys that probably/maybe wont be here next year. Anisimov, an unproven rookie, and Boyle a fourth line player at best. Then youd have to call up at least two centers next year, or aquire some other dead beat. Oh, I forgot about our captain, lord forgive me. lol

    I just can’t see doing it.

  110. No he isn’t worth 11 per yr. He’s not the best player in the game.
    But I also believe part of his high demands is just a way for him to get out of Atlanta. I think he lowers his price for another team that he likes.

  111. I just hope no one in the East gets him if we don’t. Especially the Devils/Flyers. But it would be so great if they did and then we signed him as an FA anyway ha.

    Best wishes to Linda’s dad. Tell him to hang in there.

  112. You guys need to really remember that Kovalchuk is a RENTAL. If he weren’t, yes, it would be worth giving up some value for him. But as it stands, with or without Ilya this team isn’t a Cup contender. So giving up Dubi, Cally, Staal or anyone else is just foolish because if they really want him, what they need to do is keep clearing cap space and then they can just sign him in the off-season and lose no assets.

    No brainer guys, without being able to ink him to a deal first, the Rangers aren’t getting him – he should go to LA and tghen he can sign with us if that’s his intent next year. The price will be burying Redden in the minors.

  113. Linda- all the best with your father.

    Carp, because of you we just lost one of our regulars. Wicky had a stroke.

  114. Doodie machetto asked:
    CBA question: I know what a guy’s maximum cap number can be, but can he be paid more in actual salary in any given year than that number?

    Actually, the “max” for a player in a year is salary against the cap. If the cap were to hit $60mm, the max SALARY for any given player for that year would be $12mm. The “Cap Hit” for any given player contract may be more or less than the actual salary for that year. And the ‘theoretical max 20%’ is based on the cap max in place for the year when the contract is signed. As the cap changes, the “max” for a signed contract does NOT change. And the CBA does not allow for “percentage” values in contracts – they must be hard US Dollar amounts.

    Hope that helps.

    It’s Article 50 of the CBA – Section 6 (50.6 on page 218).

  115. Hi Moron #18201

    “The Rangers best offer should be:
    Dubinsky + Gilroy + Redden ”

    Wouldnt this offer for Kovy be highway robbery?
    There must be better trades being offered.
    Even if Waddell was dumber than Sather, Waddell
    is the one with the leverage and getting multiple calls
    from which to pick.

  116. Hasn’t Kovy basically said that he WILL be testing the free agent market come July? If so, then why trade players now for him now? I say wait until July. But he still doesn’t settle our need for a center or a hard-hitting d-man though.

    Best of luck with everything, Linda!

  117. Linda
    As a person just recuperating from really bad surgery, I feel for your Dad and for you. Will pray and wish him absolutely the best and want to assure you that everything will be OK ! Just create him a strong moral support on premises and we will take care of Aura of thoughts, prays and well wishes. As for doctors – they know their business better than anywhere in the world, no doubts here.

  118. What’s the point of playing Drury on the fourth line when he is still playing both special teams? Bench the captain! Any chance that chant starts at MSG? It has four syllables, just like Fire Sather and Lets Go Rangers.

  119. Kovalchuk may have a problem getting that max cap number in free agency because teams probably won’t want to committ to that right away, and after the first couple of days, they won’t have the cap room. He would be better off signing that $10 million per year extension. I can’t blame Atlanta for trying to trade him. Some captain he is. At least he has talent.

  120. Who would you all be willing to give up JUST to be able to include Redden in the deal?

    I’d let Staal go if it meant shedding WR’s contract, no question.

  121. All this nonsense talk about trading Rozi, Drury & Redden. It ain’t gonna happen. I mean really, who would take them & their outrageous contracts.

  122. Lisin in, Voros out

    Lines from morning, per Gross:

    Vinny Prospal-Erik Christensen-Marian Gaborik
    Brandon Dubinsky-Olli Jokinen-Ryan Callahan
    Sean Avery-Artem Anisimov-Enver Lisin
    Brandon Prust-Chris Drury-Brian Boyle

  123. Drury and Rozi each have only two years left after this season. Is it unlikely that a team would take those contracts? Yes. Is it unfathomable or out of the question? No.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    One Ranger Love:

    I have never said Staal AND MDZ, Callahan AND Dubinsky. It’s always been Staal OR MDZ, Callahan OR Dubinsky.

    So Staal and Dubinsky would be a possibility.


    No, we can’t wait for contracts to expire to use on Kovalchuk because his cap number will be his cap number from day 1.

    dbmaven: Thanks for the knowledge. Changes what I thought was possible with Kovalchuk.

    I thought we could sign him to a 10 year deal with the first few years at like 15 million so maybe they would come off of the max contract cap number. That doesn’t appear to be a possibility based on what you’ve told me.

  125. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i’ve said this a million times to everyone here,and i mean it every single time i say it… you guys are the ABSOLUTE best people in the world! We may have our differences and what not, but there truly is NOT a better group of people out there! I love all of you!!

  126. According to Brooks:

    Source: price of NYR rental of Ilya is Staal or DelZotto+Callahan or Dubinsky+Kreider or Stepan or Grachev+first rounder=No deal.

    So it looks like he wants 2 high level players, a high level prospect and a pick.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, don’t forget about Drury’s NMC. He’s not going anywhere.

    As for Rozsival, I could see him getting traded very easily to a low-budget team. His cap number is higher than his salary. It would help them reach the cap floor without having to pay as much money.

  128. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Tony, there is a guy named Glen Sather… oh yea, riiiiight, he’s the nincompoop who GAVE those contracts out!

    I was just looking in the archives to see when I first started posting here, and its just funny how the stuff being said last year, is pretty much what we’re saying this season. The more things change (free agent summers) the more they stay the same!


    and can someone please get smelling salts to wicky?

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t call any of the players listed by Brooks a “high-level” player. Staal and MDZ are high-ceiling players and Dubi and Cally are solid young players.

  130. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Voros and Charmin scratched! which one of them gets traded at the deadline or over the summer???

  131. NYRGuy …

    Like those lines !!! I think Jokinen will be better when he has some younger guys feeding HIM the puck like he had in Flordia. It doesnt work when Prospal is responsible for getting the puck to both Gabby and Olli on the same line


    There is no one in this organization i wouldnt trade besides Gabby, Henrik, MDZ, Grachev, and Stepan. Everyone else is replaceable.

    We have the 3rd ranked Prospect pool in the League … Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Girardi, and Gilroy’s time are all gonna be passed by in a few years by our other prospects anyway … Why not unload them to land a Star in his prime

  132. SALTY

    Funny you should mention that, cause she’s actually a big anime fan, as well as a cartoon fan. She’s a total geek, which is why she is locked on the top of the list.

    And no, i didn’t download Pokemon or Dragonball. I did that a while back when i got this laptop, buaha.

    I have no shame in admitting that i still watch Pokemon. Those early episodes fuggin rule !

    Old people like yourself will never understand the ways of the youth. Booo ya.

    Anyway, i guess it was pretty obvious Voros was getting scratched. Prust can do what he does a little bit better. Im not gonna go back to calling him the Virus though, he did pretty good in his short time with the team this season.

  133. Good hockey afternoon all!!!

    I would imagine voros’ face needs to heal. I’m glad Lisin is back in the line up.

    I’m going to save my opinion on kovy because it’s too much to give up for him for only 2 months. It would make much more sense to give up players like that if Sather knew he was going to sign with the team. Oh well whaddy know, I did give my opinion lol

    Much love & prayers out to PAPA Linda. BIGBRASHHUG!!!!

  134. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i was afraid you were gonna say that! Well, Brashear is pretty much unmovable, as is our beloved Pizza Proprietor capitan. If Prust impresses over the rest of the season, they will probably have no problem eating Voros contract, we cant have 5 4th liners now, or can we?? ;-) Would be nice if that was a side order to eating Reddens ;-)

  135. Ha, sorry, I hope this Kovy thing is settled soon. I would love to have him. I would love for NJ or Philly to not have him, and I just want it to be over and done with.

  136. Don’t think you fooled anyone. Kovalchuk isn’t coming to the Rangers and we all know it, so that’s probably why.

  137. Jonny D, there are many who don’t think he is, there are some who do think he is.

    Either way, that is the buzz right now.

    I will do it for you Jonny.


  138. Caps will crap the win-streak bed tonight…Avery has 3 in a 6-2 victory…Ranger Nation goes nuts as beating the best team in the league means you are now the best team in the league..

  139. Linda, omg it’s about time for Heinz! Those packets they have now suck! There’s like 0.2 grams in each so you need like 10 to get a decent amount for some fries!

    Anyway, I think Kovalchuk rejected that $101 million contract because he is thinking he’ll get that money somewhere else. i.e, he doesn’t want to play in Atlanta.

  140. “$101 million over 12 years”


    The more i think of it, this is all BS. Kovy is gonna go to another team, and try to win a Cup, and probably do so, and then he’s gonna go right back to Atlanta and have a team that can make the playoffs next season.

    That would be classless of the both of them, but that would be awesome if Slats did that, if he was in that position.

    Smart move. Waddell has made some retarded moves, but this one is diabolical !

  141. Do you think that is what they are doing? Maybe that is the reason why they are not giving permission to sign him first.

  142. Ok Nasty, you got me now haha.

    And I’m pumped about tonights game. I’ll get to see goals…by the Caps. I’m honestly expecting an 8-0 loss.

  143. I am not expecting anything good at all tonight either. I am out of here. Check back later, and a good day to you all.

  144. OK…how about this..Rangers badly outshoot and outplay the Caps, and due to 3 or 4 defensive lapses the Caps bury every mistake and win 5-1.

  145. I wish we were in the Trashers position.

    Imagine they trade Kovy, and completely tank. Get a top 5 pick, get a great return on the Kovy trade like players like Versteeg, Bolland, Seabrook, Barker etc, or Frolov, Johnson, Hickey, etc.

    Then they re-sign Kovy.

    That would be a pretty dangerous team next season. Im not sold on the goaltending though.

    I bet my right nut, that this is what’s gonna happen. This guy says how much he wants to be a Trasher, and they’re throwing massive money at him, but still he wants to leave ?

    I call BS !!

  146. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    I’m with Tony on this! I think they have a ‘back to basics’ game tonight because, well hell they really can’t keep up with the machine! Smart defensively, good forecheck, Hank stellar as always! Staal’s gotta bring his A game. I think it will be a tight game.

  147. after reading waddell’s presser, kovy is going to end up in the khl next year.
    there’s no team that can pay him that much and still ice a competitive team.

  148. I am sure the Rangers will win 4-3 in OT by a deflected shot from Matt Gilroy !

    Oli Jokinen, (1G/1A) Marian Gaborik (1G) and Wade Redden (1G)
    are scoring for the Rangers as well..

    I try to rest now in order to watch the game live at 1 or in full replay around 4.45 am..!!!!

  149. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    CT, we dont share DNA but he’s my pops!

    ORR,that would be hilarious if he signs with ATL in the offseason!! Would THAT be considered collusion??? Interesting! You better hold on to that nut though, didnt you lose one in a bet already??

  150. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    JBytes, that stache is epic!! If Drury is allowed to have that mannequinnish thousand yard stare, Nostrils should keep his stache!!

  151. It seems to me that the Rangers always play to the caliber of the teams they play. Good against good teams & crappy against bad teams. Caps are a very good team
    I’m expecting a good game tonight.

  152. Top 6 F, Top 4 D, & a prospect.

    I would offer:

    Cally, Dubi & Girardi + Sangs + 1st rd.


    Kovi & Armstrong

    Demote Redden

    of course next year Kovi will cost $11 mil (+ Redden’s $6 mil).

    What’s $17 mil per year to me anyway?!?!

  153. Rangers should really be looking for some value players on the blueline. But this is more exciting!!!!

  154. Waive Dredden NOW !


    I like that trade. We always liked Colby Armstrong, AKA Butthead.

    Hey, if the Devils actually trade Martin to the Trashers, Beavis and Butthead will be reunited !

    Seriously though, if Kovy doesn’t re-sign, then hockey in Atlanta is pretty much over with. I still cant believe there’s a team there.

  155. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    cw, the voice of reason!!

    ORR,they can fold but just leave the Preds where they are please!!!

  156. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    this tidbit pretty much guarantees a win, wouldnt you say??

    thenyrangers RT @NHL: Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer) and husband Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) will be at tonight’s #Capitals-#Rangers game

  157. I just dont know how any team would give up all that atlanta is asking for just for kovalchuks rental services. And who is going to pay him all this money in the offseason, the cap may go down, right? How can you tie up 1/5 of your capspace with one player, thats not the answer in the new NHL, just look at some of the more recent contracts, like Hossa’s He took alot of years so that the cap hit per year could be lower and so that his cap hit wont cripple the teams ability to sign other players in the future. Kovalchuk wants insane money for insane years, if say atlanta signs him in the offseason what the hell are they going to do for the rest of their roster. i dont get it, kovalchuk is awesome but he shoudlnt b highest paid player in the league. when your makin the amount of money the stars do in the NHL, is 1 or 2 mill less a year really gona cramp the way you live? no. if he cared about winning he would take a bit less so the team could go get some help for him, hes a selfish prick and i never liked him, especially started disliking him when we swept them in 1st round. hes an unbelievable talent but hes an idiot. Better off without him

  158. starting next year kanes cap hit will be 4.8 and toews 4.4.. those guys get it. they definitely both could deserve around 5 or so mill. They want their team to be great and for a long time so they can WIN. I know they arent kovalchuks but they may end up being that damn good, they are already well on their way. So does anyone believe that kovalchuk deserves double what these guys are making? matter fact making more than them combined almost? no, def not

  159. Tony from AZ… LOL @ “Do you have any idea how long it took me to make my first $11 million !!!!”

  160. It’s unfortunate, but part of the scene today – these guys throw around the millions phrase like it’s nothing. Very depressing for us common folk… ;-)

  161. I agree with what you’re saying Rob M. I think Kovalchuk is going to find that teams aren’t just going to give him the money he’s looking for at the expense of setting back their teams. The window to win in the new NHL is tight and unless a team drafted a couple of classes of absolute stud players all with in 1-3 years of each other there is no way you can build a full team with one player taking 20% of the overall payroll.

    Remember Gaborik rejected a large offer from Minny, went to the open market and ended up getting far less years and money. Now some say it was a ploy just to get out of Minn and you can certaily argue his injury history diminished his value, but even Kovalchuk and his agent have to realize that there’s a reason why no one has ever been signed to a league maximum salary.

  162. Who Needs Lohan on

    when is our government going to step in and disallow 11mm/ yr salaries? They get involved in everything else…….

  163. Wow… I haven’t seen so many Amerikuski talk so much about a Russki since…umm I don’t know… since Russki mafia took over Brighton Beach in the early 90’s! I WANT KOVALCHUK, AND I WANT HIM NOW! I bet all of you are praying quietly for Kovalchuk… I BET!

  164. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thanks Ralph!

    10-11 million a year is a TON of money for one guy,and you’re right, that will seriously tie the hands of a lot of teams for the future. Rob made a good point about Kane and Toews. Sure, they are not in the Kovi stratosphere, but, they both have contracts that ALLOW the team to get the other necessary pieces for the Hawks to be good for a very long time. Does Kovi just want all this money, or does he want to go to a TEAM that has a chance to win the Cup at some point in the duration of his next contract? And honestly, Atlanta is doomed with or without him. If they do sign him in the offseason, they have no money left for anyone else.

  165. Nah, CCCP, Americans have been talking about the Russkies for a while. Remember Anna Kournikova was the most searched for person on the entire interwebs?

  166. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Linda: best wishes to your dada, I’m saying a prayer for him

    Ok Boys and Girls, until after the game

    LEts Go Rangers!!!

  167. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    first of all, thanks for all the concern. Just out of commission with the eye thing.

    Can we please quit talking about the kovalchuk think and focus on what’s importatnt here….why the hell is witt not in our lineup tonight? I mean we have a huge hole in grit and spit and grit and sticktuitiveness on the blueline. No vet leadership at all back there for a young d corps. We could get this guy for nothing…a waiver claim, i mean do any of us really expect to see redden or rozy on the blueline next season (or even girardi for that matter). His 3 mil is not a huge deal. Consummate team guy…maybe this deal makes too much sense and that’s why it hasn’t clicked for slatipuss! Unbelievable!!!!

    again best of luck my friend!!

  168. Rob M – where did you get your figures from? Kane and Toews will both have cap hits of 6.3 million next year. Keith will have about 5.5 million.

  169. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    i mean if holmstrom was waived, wouldn’t we go claim him…toughness with the ability to score 30 goals and rugged team guy…this non-move makes no sense to me at all!!

  170. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Thanks MikeyNJ

    Rob, what are they after givin up the 2 goals in the first 7 minutes of a game? ;-)

  171. you want to claim someone that was waived by the islanders? you’re kidding right. guy is a bum, there’s a reason he was waived he has blown this year.

  172. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    linda cohn from ESPN is such a rangers fan, she picks the rangers all the time no matter how bad they are, here is her last tweet

    What could the Bruins have to offer Atlanta for Kovulchuk that the Rangers cant! On Sportscenter tonight with Melrose at 11p et.

  173. someone needs to get me to stop lookin at these caphits on other players… going through teams seeing guys like kane, toews, zetterberg, datsyuk, the sedins, kopitar, getzlaf, marleau ALL make LESS than chris drury that is so sickening

  174. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    absolutely… i mean i would claim about 3 or 4 guys if the islanders waived them if it filled a whole on this team. I mean if the islanders had peverly and waived him, i would claim him. I don’t care what team he comes from if he fills a GLARING NEED on this team, I would claim him. That “bum” has more heart in his middle finger than all of our current d men combined!!! He has more courage in his middle finger nail than all of our d men do combined!!!

  175. Hey all! Getting ready to head into the city for the game. I am keeping it positive. I believe they are going to play well tonight. Rob M, a while back I did their record if they scored 3 or more goals and I think it was 16 out of 20 or 22 or something like that. Well, if anyone is there, give a wave to 318.

  176. idk how it works with getting waived, if he would only hit for half of his 3 million, but still, 1.5million is valuable to us since we have such limited capspace to work with due to you know who’s contracts

  177. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    this just came across on twitter (sorry, i don’t have password for this site)

    New York Rangers fans! Rangers dropping out of Kovalchuk race? just got published: (by bryan_navy)

  178. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    respectfully, I totally disagree!! I know his salary s prorated for the season and yes, it is half on re entry waivers, either way personally i would have claimed him already!!

  179. wicky – we can’t fit him under the cap though for next year. Witt’s career in the NHL is pretty much over. Unless a team can get him for league minimum or under 1 mil, he’s done. He’s too slow, can’t keep up with play, and his stats are terrible. there are so many other hitting guys we can get that are younger and better. I’d rather see Boynton, and he sucks too.

  180. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    DarrenDreger Kovalchuk and his agent will meet shortly to discuss situation. Nothing new. Kovy will continue to practice and play.


    we’d try to finnagle a free ticket for you ORR!

  181. Will light a candle for your Dad Linda and the RANGERS will win tonight because some one has to break their win streak so it might as well be our guys who do it

  182. I don’t know if Waddell can read between the lines well, but what Kovalchuk is saying that he has no desire to play for Atlanta. This franchise has been collecting high draft picks for years. In fact, they had Heatley and Kovalchuk at some point. And what do they have to show for it? Not a single game won in the playoffs.

  183. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thank you very much Ria!
    and wouldnt it be something if this is the night for the Caps streak to meet its demise?

  184. Before anyone knew the Caps would become a force ATL had the building blocks to be a contender for the SE and possible Eastern Conference mover and shaker and then they got too wrapped up in finally making the playoffs and went for broke with a team that was at best a one round threat. They probably could have made the playoffs with most of that team and a few minor tweaks, gotten bounced in the first round but gained valuable experience and avoided the selling off of assets they got nowhere the appropriate return on.

  185. If anyone hear is ready to seriously part with any of Stepan, Kreider, or Grachev for Kovalchuk meet me by Brooksy’s bus stop.

    Seriously, have we not learned anything?

  186. I was playing NHL in my Be a GM mode, scored a goal with Gaborik…the puck sat in the net for about 10-15 seconds, slowly creeping back out, then when it finally came back out across the crease, the goalie jumped on it for a whistle and faceoff.


  187. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i think its safe to say there will be a carping within the next 20 minutes!

  188. mikeA,
    what is we haven’t learned? that when there is a great player made available, the Rangers should try to get him. I would trade any of those unproven guys, for a proven star. in a conference with Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Staal, VinnyL, and Stamkos. as well as Backstrom, and Semin, Carter,and Richards, you do not want to add a star. please.

  189. yea lets add a star for 2months, give up 3-4 players that could be valuable pieces of our future, and then hav neither to show for it when the season ends. yea definitely lets do that… so stupid

  190. The Rangers have had stars for the past 20 years and one only 1 cup. Gretzky, Jagr, Bure, Lindros… We could go on all day… The bottom line is that they misfire and overpay. They are like the Mets. Bobby Holik, Bruce Driver, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Wade Redden… All not nearly worth what they got paid… Sather, like Omar Minaya, were great when they had NO MONEY to mess with… That culture of spending to fix problems MUST change.

  191. Excellent post by You would think our management could learn from history. Our current GM is an overpaid lazy clown. Someone in the press please ask his boss Dolan, how it smells up there in the dark.

  192. atlanta won’t get that return completely, but we shouldn’t give up any prospects, picks or young talent for him (this means DZ, Staal, Anisimov and Dubi). even with kovalchuk there is a good chance we wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    Kovalchuk may really want the max money, but he also may just have no interest resigning in atlanta and this is just an easy (and arguably cowardly) way to tell the gm and the 10 atlanta fans. he is in no way worth more money than ovechkin and he shouldn’t get paid more than crosby and malkin b/c he isn’t that good. yes he can score but his attitude and commitment have to be questioned based on his past behavior. if he really does want the max money allowed under the cap then i wouldn’t want him on our team b/c you can’t build a team around a player making that much money. ultimately he will prob sign between 8-9M cap hit, which is still a lot of money

    also if i were give the choice between kovy or kovalchuk for a playoff series i take kovy every time.

  193. Linda, best wishes for your Dad and family. As my wife says for anyone from these parts “at least he’s not in France.”
    Carp my favorite Charlie Daniels song is the one that goes “so I kicked old green teeth in the knee” and Devil went down to Georgia is a burnin classic.
    To gut the team to get Kovalchuk on rental would be insane. A team with Gabby and Kovy and no one else would suck.
    The Ranger’s hierarchy needs to bite the bullet on one those 7M contracts and start fresh next season Kovalchuk may still be avaiable when FA time rolls around.
    Lamorello is to stingy to tke Kovy as a rental and woulf never go 10M on free agency.

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