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just because it’s 1:41 a.m. and I’m going to bed, and the last post was getting too big, and I hadn’t yet seen the post-game notes …

so here’s a new thread.

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Olli, wait til you realize Sather isn’t making you an offer and the Rangers won’t make the playoffs.

    You’ll be sweating the trade deadline.

  2. dump prospal, jokinen, and any other older guy you can at the deadline. this is the worst ranger team since the lockout… they stink and are not fun to watch either.

  3. at least we have one brandon who is worth his money

    welcome to the new york rangers brandon prust

  4. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    you guys are incredibly hardcore!
    get some sleep Rick, you deserve it!

  5. Sather's WrapUp on

    New post. Catchy title…

    Hey Ranger Fans! Hello from Los Angeles, Californicate. We’re playing in the Staples Center tonight. Nice building, but staples won’t hold. I think they should have used nails…

    Well, it was Ground Hog Day today, and I’m pretty sure Bettman saw his shadow. That means we’ll have six more weeks of Avery penalties…

    Don’t believe any of those “Sather on Thin Ice” rumours or that silly little “FIRE SATHER” rally back at the Garden. When I first got to New York, I gave myself a No Movement Contract. And I haven’t moved hardly at all since then. So your Uncle Glennie isn’t going anywhere, except to stock up on scotch and stogies.

    Did you hear about Chris Drury and his new pizza business? If he runs it like he plays hockey, then he won’t deliver there either… That little league weasel wouldn’t give me a free pizza, so I had Torts put him on the fourth line tonight. From what I see when he’s showering in the locker room, there’s hardly any pepperoni anyway, if you know what I mean…

    (Singing) “No No No No, I don’t smoke it no more…” That’s Junior Dolan’s new ringtone- Hey There, Big Guy! Did you see the trade announcement today? It was broadcast over all the TV stations… Oh, I forgot, you don’t get Cablevision. Way too expensive, eh? (click) I charged mine to Madison Square Garden Network.

    Mess! Why didn’t you tell me Jokinen was Finnish? I thought the scouting report said he was FINISHED! You know that’s when I like to sign these guys… When are you gonna learn?

    Brash! Where’s my Million Dollar Paperweight? Brashear, I see it’s Black History month. If Prust works out, it’ll be a black history for you and the Rangers too!

    Well, boneheads it’s back to the Garden Thursday, to scout the Capitals, and get working on that Ovechkin-Jokinen trade before the deadline.

    Uncle Glennie

  6. I’ve seen boring games in my life but this latest LA game was one of the most ..absolutely nothing going for them. Same old, same old. Slapping the puck around willy nilly, skating around willy nilly, coaching willy nilly,They have no passing game whatever. they don’t get many goals because they rarely get near the net, and the few times when they do, they
    don’t know what to do with the puck.

  7. For anyone who was complaining about No-Trade-Cluases the other day and why they are there – see prime example of Ray Whitney and how it doesn’t mean “no trade”, it just means a trade on the players terms:

    He is using his to leverage a deal to a team he wants to play for (probably the Ice Chickens) or an extension if he is not going to his 1st choice team. Fair play – if a GM dishes them out he has to be prepared to have little or no control when he tries to trade such a player.

  8. Brian Burke looks like a genius this morning too!
    Phaneuf 24 mins TOI plus a fight and 6 hits, Freddy Sjoes and assist and primary PK duties and the small matter of a Giggy shutout – not a bad start from their roster makeover.

    (Only black mark was Phaneuf fighting Colin White keeping his visor on – i’ll bet seanaverydotcom has something to say aboot that!)

  9. Jokinen means Drury in Finland on

    I believe the NYR should sell, sell, sell!!!!

    Girardi has been abysmal. Glen may have missed the window to trade him for anything.

    Like Prust. I hope the NYR country club culture doesn’t turn him into a teddy bear.

    When does baseball start?

    I don’t even like baseball.

  10. kc…Tortorella putting Drury out there time and time again on the PP is all the proof I need to believe that Torts got where he is because of (a) his mouth and (b) pure luck.

    If Torts doesn’t see how atrocious he is…then he’s a moron.

    If he’s not allowed to take him off the PP due to pressure from upstairs…then he’s all bark and no bite.

  11. I was in the pool!! on

    We need to miss the playoffs in order to rebuild properly. I hate rooting for losses but if you are a true Rangers fan you are always thinking long term. Picking up the Sandy Osolinshes of this world at the deadline every year is not going to make you a cup worthy team. I just hope we have the right people judging talent right now. I’m somewhat skeptical.

  12. Middle Aged Mutant Jokinen So what did he show us? 1st game well ok, but with that being said I hope the stoogie smoker can package him to get someone who knows how to clear a crease

  13. OK, it was just 1 game, you can’t expect miracles to happen the same day you were traded especially comeing off a lase the night before with your old team. Give them a game to gel, lets see what happens tomorrow night.

  14. Domi28
    February 3rd, 2010 at 8:34 am
    OK, it was just 1 game, you can’t expect miracles to happen the same day you were traded especially coming off a lose the night before with your old team. Give them a game to gel, lets see what happens tomorrow night.

  15. Tank the Season on

    Oh yeah, it would be sell time.

    Chris Drury must go ASAP. Him, Rozsival, Redden, and Brash are the reasons why we have no talent on our team.

  16. I’m exhausted today Gonna be a tough one at work. Anyone else regetting staying up last night to watch?

  17. Mickey – I usually end up regretting having watched the games when they are on at 7; last night only makes it that much worse… :-)

  18. I had a very intense meeting last night that didnt end untill 11pm. When i got home there was no way I was going to get to sleep. Fortunately for me, I was saved by Center Ice. Ready to sleep before the end of the second and asleep before the start of the third.

  19. i am mickey. i almost went back to sleep n just called in, but i need the money, so i’ll be goin in depressed as usual that we cannot score, cannot win, are just an embarrassing hockey team that i dont even wanna wear my jersey around IOWA anymore where its not very popular. i hate those bandwagon chicago fans that just surprisingly pop up out of nowhere now. i did like prust but hes gonna be a headache for us if hes that reckless. he will do no good boarding players like that. but i do think we need a guy like him, even voros is ok. to get jokinen is only to get gabby that top center or to have him on the 2nd line to help there. but hes not a playmaker. so hes probably not gonna be making any of the lines any more dynamic besides the fact that hes a better goal scorer. so, hes gone vby deadline maybe.

  20. i had a very intense meeting with my sather voodoo doll. i stuck a pin in his right hand and am leaving it there until the offseason is over. then im gonna get my drury doll out of the dungeon and stick a pin in his mouth so he cant chew his mouthpiecve any longer.

    btw i read some crazy comments last nighht but one of teh best was this gem by truefans- “better mouthguards, clutcher pizza, papa drurys”!! that was good!

  21. The rangers are so bad that the only guy on the team who can actually score a goal is Gaborik. I haven’t watched a rangers game in a while now and don’t plan to. This ranger team is the most boring team to watch in the nhl.

  22. Grabby, that was a tempting thought for me too. And yet here I am at my desk, staring blankly at the computer screen, hoping for the coffee to kick in.

  23. Jokinen will better serve the team by playing on the second line between Dubinsky and Callahan. Leave EC with Gabby and Prospal, since there seems to be some chemistry between them. Make the third line Artie between Avery and Lisin and the fourth can be Boyle between Prust and Vorors/Drury. I’d prefer AV there, but if Torts is gonna play Captain Fantastic, shove him to a 4th line wing and give him PK time and that’s it.

    Torts also needs to shake up the D pairings. Girardi and MDZ have been dreadful together for awhile. Put Girardi back with Staal as they seem to play off each other pretty well. Get MDZ back with Rozy, who’s been very good recently. Leave Wade and Gilroy together. Is it me or does MDZ look worn out in recent games?

  24. So another night that Gabby is the only one to score ..and Christensen is the one with a great pass..

  25. tomg- i know we suck, but still man, u may miss soem of the more exciting games comin up at the end of teh season. u know were not tanking and if thats the case, i wanna see what kind of run we can go on. i still think gabby can breaks jags record. he needs 21 to do it, but still, at this rate he may be getting 50 of the next 51 ranger goals. with cally getting the other. cmon man, tough it out!!! ur a ranger fan damnit!! we go down with teh ship. get on h streams its not as fun wiothout ya there. no, i dont blame ya. the team is so boring to watch most nights and just no skilled playmakers or danglers like jagr to make plays with and set up for more than 1 goal a game. next were gonna see dru centering gabby and jokinen to get dru scoring. gabby will probably never score a goal again for the rest of his life if drury ever gets on the top line. holy shatshow!! but were rangers fans man. were not bandwagoners, were not devil fans. were ranger fans. trueblue all teh way to the golfcourse. watch teh games again tom. have i told you lately that i miss you. ;) lol

  26. Good observation, MickeyM. MDZ is tired. He is 19 and has been playing alreday more games than he is used too. On NHL level. And he is asked to q-back the power play, make perfect passes and play some defence. It’s a little too much pressure. They need to keep decresing his minutes before his confidence is totally lost.

  27. One thing about last nights game when they announced Drury on the 4th line WOW, its time for Chris to move on.

  28. MickeyM – I agree with your take on forwards.

    Yes – MDZ is run down, and that’s only going to get worse. Plus he still hasn’t figured out how to play defense at the NHL level. IMO Girardi is second-guessing himself being paired with MDZ.

    If someone bites at a trade for Rozsival, they should do it. Quickly.

    Redden playing “better” still isn’t good enough – waive him to HFD even if he stays there for the next 5 years – at least he’s off the cap. Exelby (if the cost isn’t too high for what TOR wants in return) or Boynton (especially if he comes up on recall waivers) would be decent “until the end of this season” alternatives – and bring up Heikkinen.
    The glaring issue is on the blue line people – nobody to clear the crease or take out a player with the body. Too much damned poke-checking…

  29. Good pep talk, Mike. But do you really think that any of the regulars here will stop watching the games? I doubt, no matter what we say. We will be right here, biting our nails until the very last moment. And they will either miss the playoffs or just barely get in. And no matter how much some of us, perhaps subconsciously think that it might be better for them to miss the playoffs, we would still be rooting for them to get in.

  30. i love the neaderthals who like brust from last nights game. let’s review 1 instigator penalty and one charging, yea that really helps the team a ton. maybe we can trade for some other great players like georges larocque and colton orr so we can enhance the skill on the team….

    get a clue fool……….

  31. Grabby- D’OH! How silly of me to forget the Professor! He was fabulous last night. All over the place.

  32. that shorty against was the final straw that broke the reddens nose for me last night regarding torts. ive had it with his reckless and just flat out stupid decisions during games. practice that 5 fwds on teh pp in practice!!, not at a game against a great team. especially since they hadnt even got jokinen 1 practice yet with his new team. unreal. hes gotta be kickin himself because this game couldve and shouldve went to ot at least and then we get a point. and then we get that point, we can really make a run for the playoffs then!! buttt noooooooo, not torts. the way the pp has been goin, if renny was here hed have 5 d men out there just defending and wasting time. i miss renny. jut a little. i dont really care about torts press game antics. to me, thats just a little entertainment, but hes not helpin the team and if he cant get this team to get on track soon, after getting upgraded with olli, then maybe he needs to be canned. bring in keenan!! j/k j/k

  33. ilb, Agreed on decreasing MDZ’s minutes. Of all the players, he could use the Olympic break the most. I have a feeling he might stay home and just sleep the entire time. A lot of pressure on such a good young player.

  34. I like this Prust kid. He was a bit overzealous last night to show his new teammates what he can do, but I’m sure he will settle. Especially after Torts uses his perfect English to explain certain things.

  35. dbmaven- the issues are scoring goals. the defense limited the kings to 2 last night. yes they arent great by any means, but they played ok last night. the fwds just cant score. thats teh problem. the d doesnt have to be soo damn good all the time if we would jkust score. every mistake the d makes is magnified and put under the microscope but without goals, they can have an all star d corps and still not win

  36. i liked prust too. hes obviously nothin but a tough kid who can fight. but i give him a pass on those penalties even though i was pissed last night. and about the d men again,.they played a good game mostly. they played well on all teh kings pp’s. we score 1 goal on our pp and its at leasta point in teh standings. we are so bad at it. with gabby,prospal,jokinen on there it should get better… hopefully

  37. ilb- i hear ya on watching the games, but tomb… uh oh, wait. that was tom g, not tom b that posted that!! my bad tom g. man their names are so similar

  38. db, the problem with trading Rozy or sending Redden down (which I agree should be done, but they aren’t doing that, no matter how much the threaten. Sather’s ego is too big for that) is that there is no one else to bring in. Hartford’s D is really banged up and if you want to go outside the organization, who is really available that will help the team by playing defense? Souray? No thinks. I like his shot from the point, but his D play is suspect and he’s out with a broken hand. Anyone else you get would be someone else’s unwanted scrub. I don’t think we really want that.

    Back to the pairings,I’ve heard people advocate putting Staal and MDZ back together. IMO, that won’t work as the both play the left side and as far as I know, neither of them have experience on the right. You know who I’d like to see back- Tyutin. Yeah, he seemed to have hit his peak, but I loved that he seemed somewhat willing to hit, he had great chemistry with Girardi and that would allow a shakeup of the D. Girardi/Tyutin, Rozy/MDZ, Staal/Gilroy- would be intriguing at least.

  39. Did anyone grill Torts for the 5 fwds on the PP move? I mean as much as I can’t stand Joe M, he was right on it from the get go.

    On Drury, he plays hard. He does try and hit a little. He is in the right place a lot defensively. That being said, we hate him because he earns 7mm (and 8mm next year, right?) For 3mm or so, he’d be a good player. At 7mm, he’s a f-ing joke.

    MDZ needs a rest for sure. He does look tired. I am hopeful that at 19 he will regroup with 2 weeks at home sleeping.

  40. all I can say is taht I gotta see my boy Chad get his first win and a Gaborik hat trick in person. only Rangers game ive seen in a while

  41. I love how everyone is flipping out on Jokinen already because he happened to be on the ice for the 2 goals, neither of which was really his fault. 1st goal I said was on Torts for being stupid. 2nd goal was on Staal for playing left wing instead of defense.

    Also this team would be so much better if we had just one playmaking center or winger (a pass first guy) and just one defenseman who could either take the body in the open ice or be a stay at home guy that plays well positionally.

    We only have shoot first guys and grinders so the lack of creativity and patience to hold the puck instead of shoot all the time kills our offense. Its another reason why the PP has struggled as well.

  42. Here’s the thing I kind of overlooked, but now realized was a big reason for the 1st goal against. Along with Gaborik throwing a bad pass in between Jokinen and Drury, as I recall Jokinen was manning the right point and Drury the left. Yet, as the play moved into the Rangers zone, Jokinen was left defending the left side. What in the hell did Drury do that Jokinen had to slide over to the other side of the ice?

  43. Jonny D, bang on with the need for a creative playmaker. This team has desperately needed one since Nylander left.

  44. Mickey – there will be a few guys in free agency we can go after to help on defense. We would need to part with Girardi, which I have absolutely no problem doing. We’re tried to fill up our defense with crap and hope it stuck together and its finally starting to unravel. Believe it or not, but Malik was probably better than 4 of our 5 d-men even though he wasn’t physical.

  45. Just wondering, am I the only one who starts humming “Madame Librarian” from The Music Man everytime I hear Gabby’s first name?

  46. CT – regarding the first goal against, bottom line is that five forwards should not be on the ice for that PP; IMO that one is completely on Tortorella

  47. Good morning all. Sigh…..this season is starting to wear on me….

    every time someone writes phaneuf I want to say “bless you…”

  48. I don’t know if they should never been on the ice. I think you could get away with it if you have 5 forwards that have been playing together for a while and maybe have all spent time on the same line at one time or another. I could see Pittsburgh pulling that off or Washington or Detroit.

    Obviously their skill level is higher, but familiarity with your teammates takes time and Torts trying to jam in Jokinen into the 1st line and 1st PP unit with ZERO practice time was another contributing factor.

  49. CTBlueshirt – they switched sides so Drury could take a one timer. They wanted to be on off wings so they could take a quick shot. They did the right thing. It was just a terrible pass by Gaborik, Drury going to far away from Jokinen, and Olli taking too much of the passing lane away/miscommunication with Drury. Either way thats on Torts for making yet another dumb decision.

  50. Lipstick on a Pig on

    5 fwds on a PP, in a 0-0 game, in the 2nd period, in February, is just greedy, selfish, stupid.

  51. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 5 forwards on a 5 on 4 PP ever. Maybe Pittsburgh did it back in the day, but they were so dangerous and passed extremely quickly since they had great playmakers and scorers. It was like Lemieux, Francis, Jagr, Stevens, and maybe one other forward, although they usually ran Larry Murphy back there and Ron Francis was one of the best defensive centers of all time.

    5 on 3 its ok, but 5 on 4 is a terrible idea, especially when one of your top PP forwards is Ryan Callahan. Not to knock the guy too much, but he lacks offensive creativity and is pretty much only good at standing in front of the net, something he’s a bit too small to do and can never seem to bang home any rebounds.

  52. And I should note that Cally had nothing to do with that goal, but I was just pointing out that our PP is sad if he’s on the 1st unit.

  53. Jonny, I know that both Jokinen and Drury were on their off wings in the offensive zone. But by the time the play had been moved into the Rangers zone, Jokinen was defending the middle cheating toward the left side. Where did Drury go that caused Jokinen to have to slide over to the other side of the ice?

  54. I think I recall seeing Pittsburgh do it Lemieux, Stevens, Tocchet, Francis and Jagr. Francis was great at the point and Lemieux loved to work just below the point on the off-wing sideboards and take advantage of teams backing off so he could literally glide into the middle of the ice to get into prime shooting areas.

  55. Jonny, yeah there will be free agent Dmen, but honestly, what we can do for right now besides hope that they can somehow fix themselves. The forwards scoring would go a long way towards that.

  56. CT, I think Drury wasn’t skating back hard enough or the Kings players went around him at the blue line. That is what caused Jokinen to slide over. I could be wrong as I think I was typing at the time and not paying total attention to the game.

  57. Oh, and in case we get ahead of ourselves and think that they’ll be fine for the next game after getting a practice in with the new guys, remember that they’re flying home from the west coast today so there will most likely NOT be practice today. Then just a morning skate on Thursday before OV and company. The first chance they’ll have to practice for real is Friday at the earliest.

  58. I thought that Jokinen played well, all things considered – or, did he look good only because the rest of the Rangers were so bad in comparison?

    Both LA goals were scored high to the glove side. What a surprise – who wudda thunk it? None of these goals would have been scored on an old time stand-up goaltender. But no one plays that way anymore – they all like to flop down on the ice. They cover the low shots, but are vulnerable to high ones.

  59. MickeyM –

    You’re not going to see Tyutin back – even though he’d be a good candidate. Unlikely that Columbus would even entertain bringing his name into a conversation.

    GWG in IA – if you think that ‘scoring goals’ is the fundamental issue with this team, then, respectfully, you’re not really watching the games. In the “system” (whether you like it or not) – defense breeds offense. In tight games or losses (in other words, the majority of the games to date) this team spends an inordinate amount of time in their own zone. Which basically means you can’t score. You could have Kovalchuk, Heatley, Gaborik, as your 1st line – and they still wouldn’t score because they’d never be in the offensive zone. Take the San Jose first line and transplant them as a group to New York, and their numbers would be crap.

    You’ve got to control the puck and maintain posession before you can be a good offensive team on a regular basis.

  60. db, I know Tyutin’s not coming back, but damn would he look good in this group instead of Redden.

  61. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    This shoudl be a set line, permanently for the rest of the season.

    Why mess with the only line that scores and has chemistry?

    I’ll give them til the Olympic break to see if any chemistry forms.

    But our schedule up to the break is pretty brutal:

    Caps, Devils, Predators and Shittsbrugh

    IF we end this next stretch with a record of 2-2 I’ll be surprised

    Caps have won 11 in a row and are scoring 5 goals a game
    Devisl are in a slump but always sho wup to play us
    PRedators (im going to this game) are playing really well)
    Shittsburhg- we’ve lsot all 3 games to them this year)

    Not gonna be a fun two weeks if we dont get out sheet together

  62. MickeyM –

    As much as it pains me to say it – Tom Poti would look better than Redden. A bag of damaged pucks would look better than Redden.

    I’ll stop….

  63. In his past 25 games Lundqvist has allowed:
    – 2 goals or less 19 times
    – More than 3 goals twice

    Conversely in those games the Rangers offense has scored:
    – More than 2 goals 8 times (and won all those games)
    – 1 or less goals 11 times

    At this point I don’t care that high glove is his weakness, anyone thinking losses like last night are on him surrendering high gloveside goals is giving the offense a free pass.

  64. Benoit really needs to get Hank straightened out. On the Kopitar shot, rather than raising his glove up by moving his elbow upwards, he pulls his elbow closer to his body. While this keeps his arm closer to his body and closes off any hole between his arm and his body, it drops his glove a few inches offering up the top shelf. He does this time and time again, and it’s not just a matter of a slow glove. He’s technically unsound. Show him tapes and drill that shit into him in practice. Elbow up, not in.

  65. dbmaven – “You’ve got to control the puck and maintain posession before you can be a good offensive team on a regular basis.”

    I agree. One thing that I’ve noticed is that this team dumps the puck out of the zone a lot instead of carrying it out or looking for a breakout pass. Getting the puck out of the zone is good, but essentially you’re giving it back to the opponent to take another shot at you.

  66. Sorry for the S bomb there Carp. Too much workspeak this morning…I was in need an outlet to vent. My apologies

  67. I totally agree with the posters saying this team is hard to watch. I was so bored last night I had to turn it off. I really just wanted to see the new players…I don’t expect much from either player, but I fully expect Sather to sign him to a nice long term deal at 6.5 million with the standard Rangers NTC offering.
    The first thing I thought about Prust was, wow Sather managed to find another Hollwegg…but I’ll give him a few more looks.

    This team is brutal to watch. The passes that connect are so few and far between that I noticed last night that when they do connect I open my eyes a little wider, my pupils dilate a little…

  68. MikeyNJ,Agree 1,000 percent on Prospal/EC/Gaborik. Leave’em and fudge with the rest of the lines, eh Torts.

    db, LOL. A crippled Carlos Delgado would look better back there than Redden.

    Ohhh, a thought- Imagine Jose Reyes as a hockey player. We thought Lisin was fast, Jose would blow him away.

  69. Oh and I can’t stand Torts coaching. It has been this way since day one…the constant line shuffling, it sucks!
    I feel like Torts stands behind the bench and yells stuff like, “OK the first 3 forwards to stand…get on the ice!”
    ZERO chemistry! You would think at this point in the season there would at least be ONE set line.

  70. Whatever happened to the Rangers being in such great shape that they were going to dominate the 3rd periods as other teams crumbled from exhaustion?

    Sad-I’m actually happy I got out of going to tomorrow’s game so I can work.-Sad

  71. On second thought, based on the goal scoring stats I posted, we’d probably never get to see them.

  72. For you folks who are concerned about Del Zotto…
    …keep in mind that despite being a very talented young player, he’s still only a kid and just up from Jrs…he’s fallen into the trap of many neophytes in the bigs…he’s locked into doing the same thing all the time..becoming VERY predictable. That skate out and then the loooong forward passes, which go largely unclaimed because there are so few on this team who know how to receive a pass without fumbling it one way or another. Perhaps a phantom coach on the Rangers could might change his modus operandi somewhat ( if there are any other coaches on this team), but let’s get out of that skate out -long pass – and forget it) tactic. (Same holds true to a degree with Gilroy..he’s another guy who has more to give than he’s showing,( and he really plays more like he’s afraid of his coach then the other team.) Nothing natural about his behavior on the ice because he tries to PLAY DEFENSE….ALL THE TIME. TURN HIM LOOSE TO BE HIS NATURAL SELF.

  73. AFLY – that Kopitar shot was a snipe. No goalie was stopping that. Henke’s glove hand is a weakness, but both goals were pretty much on breakaways and anything but Henke’s fault. He played fine last night.

    Mickey – Nothing. I don’t want anything from this team. We should just realize we’re not making the playoffs or won’t make a run in the playoffs if we somehow find a way to squeak in. So trade off some contracts if we can (MAYBE someone will take Rozsival, but thats a stretch). I just want them to get ready for the offseason. Only trades they should be making are for younger guys who are prospects, decent playmaking centers/wingers, or solid defenseman.

    Realistically we’re not going to get any stars or steals, but if we can get someone who can maybe pitch in until Stepan and crew arrive, then I’m happy with that.

  74. I have no problem with putting 5 forwards on for a shot to revive a slumping PP. I do have a problem with putting 5 forwards on to revive a slumping PP when it is a 0-0 tie in the second period. That was all on Torts. And I lost some respect for him when he didn’t own up to that shortie against being his fault last night. Fine, he wasn’t on the ice, but he put those players out there. Bad move, and even before the goal was scored, Sam and J Mitch were saying that it was a bad idea, and before they could even finish their sentences the puck was high glove side.

    That was on your Torts. Own up to it.

  75. good point theflynn,
    I think they all play like they are scared of Torts.
    A healthy understanding of the coaches tactics are good, but that can’t happen when players see some players being held accountable and not others.

  76. Staal – the constant changing of lines is one of the reasons why this team can’t score too. They never get used to playing with a set group. And when you don’t have pass first players, which we definitely don’t, its even harder to build chemistry.

    When we had Nylander, you could throw anyone next to him and Jagr and they would play great. Marcel Hossa, who leads the KHL in goals with like 30 this year btw, played his best Ranger hockey next to them. Hell even Brad Isbister played well with Nylander and Jagr.

    Nylander made all the difference because of his patience and his willingness not to shoot and instead circle back up ice and look for a pass to a player with a better shot. It was frustrating at times when he would get close to the slot and do it, but we usually would end up scoring on it anyway. Plus he had the cockiness to know he could skate around the zone and wanted to hold onto the puck. The guys on our team now treat it like its a damn grenade.

  77. Torts always had arguments in his locker rooms between himself and players. Vinny Lecavalier and him yelled at each other, Prospal and St. Louis yelled at Torts, and a few other guys too (Khabby too).

    It worked because it kept both sides honest. Torts gave his assessment of what he thought about the players game and they threw back their opinions on his coaching style. Torts needs to be challenged just like the players are otherwise he will keep doing what he’s doing. If the players step up and let him know what they think, he might get pissed off, but at the end of the day Torts doesn’t take that stuff personally and it’ll get the best out of both sides.

  78. my favorite player to handle the puck has to be drury or redden…the puck doesn’t even have time to realize its been passed and both drury and redden already have it flipped out and usually have zero pressure…and zero reason to flip it.

  79. Drury is by far the worst at it. Him and Callahan can’t catch or make a pass to save their lives. Redden has some signs of brilliance in regards to passing, but then he averages it out with a simple dump out of the zone when he has time.

    I’m less harsh on Redden and the d-men though because if you go to the games, you really see how terrible the forwards are at breaking out. There is no puck support what-so-ever when the d-men are trying to move the puck up ice. A couple times they have an open pass on the outside, but usually the forward is standing still instead of moving up the ice so the pass never gets through.

  80. Jonny D – Agreed, that shot was a snipe and Jokkinen should’ve put a little pressure on Kopitar as he was coming straight in as if he were on a breakaway, but guys like Fleury, Luongo, and even Brodeur get the glove up there on a shot like that. Time and time again Hank pulls his glove closer to his body to close off any space between his body and his arm, but in turn drops his glove lower than where it should be positioned. It’s a technical problem that every player in the league is aware of.

  81. AFLY – agree about Henrik. This high, glove side stuff started for whatever reason in the playoffs last year against the Caps. If we the fans are picking up on this, you can guarantee that every team has also done the same thing. The frustration about this though is that there doesn’t seem to be any improvement – the team does have a goaltender coach, correct?

  82. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    LI, the high glove side has been an ongoing issue for two good years now, even before the Caps series. We’ve discussed here on several occassions why the goalie coach does not seem to be working on it with him. It’s very frustrating, because it seems like a pretty workable fix. How many times here have we all said, high glove side?

  83. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ Tiger back in two weeks! They had to wait for the new teeth and the swelling from the plastic surgery on his face before letting him out in public. Note to all the golfers out there, don’t piss of the wife if she has access to your golf clubs!

  84. For eveyone who is talking about Hanks’ glove- if it wasn’t for him, the score would’ve been 3-0 before that goal. And I bet you Kopitar puts this one in 9 out of 1o from that position, I don’t care who the goalie is.

  85. ilb – not blaming Henrik for the loss by any means. Just saying that if you watch where others teams are shooting on him, most of the shots are going high glove…

  86. One Ranger Love on

    You guys act like Torts actually has anyone to play on the powerplay. I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but Torts has tried countless line combos. Drury on, Drury off. It doesn’t matter. Fact of the matter is, Drury DID play the point on the PP in Buffalo, and DID score points on it.

  87. Chris Drury is poison to the power play.

    Let me say this one more time, loud enough for all of MSG to hear.

    Chris Drury is poison to the power play.

    What part of this do you not understand?

    Classic Rodent.

  88. ilb – No doubt that Hank is a monster in goal. Down low he is one of the best, if not the best, in the game. He has one glaring weakness though, and I haven’t heard any mention by anyone who watches the Rangers practice of Allaire working with Hank on his glove work on top-shelf shots.

    I tried playing goalie in roller hockey here and there just messing around and so much of it is instinctive. Dropping down before a shot, no matter where it is going…it’s a reflex. Henrik’s natural instinct on a high shot is to pull his glove closer to himself instead of keeping it in position. The only way around it is constant work.

    Can you imagine what a wall he’d be in net without this one glaring weakness? Now with that out of the way, he could maybe work on playing the puck…that is a site for sore eyes.

  89. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ilb, you know i’m not blaming Hank, its just frustrating that the issue is ongoing. Maybe its something that needs to get worked on in the offseason, who knows, but as everyone has said, every guy in the league knows he’s susceptible there, and it’s been that way for 2 years.

  90. Here is the Nasty Poll Question of the day.

    Will Hank make it to 30 wins again this year? He has 22 right now.

  91. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    One Ranger, he may have been stellar on the Buffalo pp, but he’s done pretty much jack squat here. I’m really hoping, for the guys NOT going to the Olympics, that the 2 weeks off will afford them time to rest and slow themselves down, especially MDZ. I’ve been saying for 2-3 weeks the kid needs a break. And to theflynn, you nailed it buddy! Let these kids do what comes naturally. Torts needs to let ’em loose. You can tell they are holding back for fear of reprisal.

  92. Here is the Nasty Poll Question of the day.
    Will Hank make it to 30 wins again this year? He has 22 right now.


    Yes…when he gets traded to clear cap room for the Jokinen extension.

    ::Laughs, cries, downs another shot::

  93. CT, Torts would lose his mind the first time he saw that handshake between Delgado and Reyes. But you’re right, we’d never see that.

    Jonny, Very much in agreement over what the team should do and what we’d like to see. They need skill and some more toughness and I’d love to see a young vet with both of those brought in. That is what this team needs.

  94. Nasty –

    Yes he will make it to 30, barring injury.
    But it’s going to be a real squeaker, based on the games/opponents remaining. He’s going to have to pull a few rabbits out of the magic “steal a game” hat.

  95. Nasty- Yes he will. They’ll all be 2-1 struggles where he has to shine, but he’ll get them.

    theflynn, sooooo right on that one. They are so afraid of getting yelled at by Torts that they are playing cautious hockey that even Renney would be WTF about. Let’em loose for a game or three, get some creativity and confidence back and then slowly bring in the reigns a tad.

  96. One Ranger Love on

    Linda- The fact is Drury was afforded a chance to play on our PP until this year. He hasn’t played on it in so long, and then Torts changes his lines every period. I can’t imagine how these players could possible get any flow with one another.

    In my opinion Renney wasted Drurys talent. That man should of been on the point during the PP the first day he got signed. No excuses. He was a good point man, how come he never got put on it?

  97. MickeyM –

    Raffi Torres (Columbus) may fit your wish list nicely.

    But, since that makes sense (at least to some of us), it will never happen….besides the fact that we probably have nothing that COL would want in return…. :-(

  98. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    well, hate to say it, but i’m not passing judgement on these two new guys for a few games. I like prust a lot and liked him before he got here, noe i like him more. In calgary it is OK to take physical penalties…….not so much! I hope he doesn’t get prucha’d a lot or nutted like avery did by torts! I hope he gets the colton orr tom renney treatment, didn’t put him in once and ever was scratched again (the gabby incident being the ONCE, even though prust wasn’t here yet).

    Not one ranger d man separated a king from the the puck the whole night!!! Until the d corps is changed by a couple of guys, this team WILL NOT get anywhere in the playoffs if they even get to the playoffs. It does not matter who they get up front!!!!

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