Homeward bound


One goal was the difference between a great trip — 2-1 and a big trade! — and a horrible trip — 1-2 and a terrible trade!


Anyway, as your NYR fly home today, do you realize the next four games look like this: Washington, Devils, Nashville, at Pittsburgh?

Do you also realize that in the last seven hockey games — SEVEN — the Rangers have gotten four goals by anybody not named Gaborik (Anisimov 2, Avery, Callahan)? Thoughts:

1) Higgins could have gone without a goal and minus-2, and Kotalik could have screwed up that SHG as easily as Jokinen.

2) The killer SHG: It is completely reckless for the coach to experiment like that, with a fragile team, in a 0-0 game in which it is competing pretty well against a very good opponent. I know, Del Zotto is in the box, Kotalik’s in Calgary, and the options are limited. But Tortorella put Drury and Jokinen in a bad spot there. And you (and Sam and Joe) and I could see that coming.

3) That said, Gaborik got a pass for that pathetic, slow-motion pass he threw between Jokinen and Drury, hanging them out to dry, and Drury was a step slow (perhaps thinking about flipping pizzas) in reacting. Then they both misplayed the 2-on-1, which is to be expected.

4) Yeah, the PP is 7-for-82 and they need to try something. Fine. But not in that spot in that game.

5) I like the fact that Prust is willing to go every night, more than once. But he has to pick his fights better. If he fights every night, eventually he won’t last (he has had two broken jaws, hasn’t he?). That fight he picked last night was needless, useless, and he got slapped correctly with the instigator. The Rangers need him to fight battles when they arise. They don’t need him fighting for no reason.

6) I still think Christensen is overrated (he’s a waiver pickup). But he does have some skills and he has the good sense that none of the other Rangers centers has: To know his No. 1 job is to get the puck to Gaborik. He does that, and maybe that’s why he has to be the Rangers’ first-line center. Another indictment of the roster.

7) Jokinen, on the other hand, does not have the ability to get Gaborik the puck. He’s a gunner, and he needs to play with others. I don’t mind him firing. Pucks to the net. Pucks to the net. There are only three guys who get that: Gaborik, Avery and now Jokinen.

8) Did Brandon Dubinsky play?

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  1. One Ranger Love on

    In my opinion, the goal was Drurys fault on the PP. He didn’t take the man with the puck…

    …and another thing, what was Rozsival doing on their second goal? TAKE THE MAN WITHOUT THE PUCK. The goalie takes the guy with the puck. I’ve played goalie and defense, and I know that better then anyone, how come these idiots don’t?

  2. 8) Did Brandon Dubinsky play?

    I’ve been wondering that all season. He’ll have 2 good games and then disappear for a month. He’s a big disappointment. So is Staal’s lack of progress. And so is Girardi turning into Roszival Jr. That’s what is most discouraging about this season to me.

  3. One Ranger Love on


    Linda- The fact is Drury was afforded a chance to play on our PP until this year. He hasn’t played on it in so long, and then Torts changes his lines every period. I can’t imagine how these players could possible get any flow with one another.

    In my opinion Renney wasted Drurys talent. That man should of been on the point during the PP the first day he got signed. No excuses. He was a good point man, how come he never got put on it?

  4. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Izzy, back in his rightful place, or is that CCCP’s rightful place? Hmmm, inquiring minds want to know!

  5. One Ranger Love on

    And again, I understand we “weathered” the storm so to speak early, but we didn’t have a flipping shot 14 minutes into the game. Come on boys. At some point instead of cycling those pucks in the corner someone has got to throw it to the net and let your lines men crash the net. Its dumb.

  6. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    quick on the trigger One Ranger, was gonna repost that if you didnt ;-)
    congrats on your carping db!

  7. Please referece: The Hockey Rodent’s breakdown of the breakdown.

    You can toss lots of blame around on that shortie, but ultimately it starts with Gaborik’s ill-advised pass. And he knows it.

    Carp – Points 6 & 7 = nail on the head. Actually – there’s nothing to argue about any of your points. I agree.

    The trade, regardless of whether the Rangers improve their winning percentage over the remaining games, is a WIN – if for no other reason that shedding 2 more years @ 3mm/per.
    Provided, of course, that Sather doesn’t do something equally “dumb” with that money on or around July 1.


    February 3rd, 2010 at 11:57 am
    Nasty- Yes he will. They’ll all be 2-1 struggles where he has to shine, but he’ll get them.

    theflynn, sooooo right on that one. They are so afraid of getting yelled at by Torts that they are playing cautious hockey that even Renney would be WTF about. Let’em loose for a game or three, get some creativity and confidence back and then slowly bring in the reigns a tad.

  9. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    One Ranger, baby steps! at least they didnt give up two goals in the first 5 minutes as has become obligatory until the Avs game. They may get pummeled tomorrow, they may play tough, who knows. I’m willing to give the new guys a couple of games to settle in, and as we said last night, FIM should be with Fanksit and Gabby the rest of the season. The kid gets Gabby the puck better than anyone but Fankist!

  10. One Ranger Love on

    I honestly have to say, Rozsival played a solid game last night. There was only one big play where, Rozsival got pinned in the corner with two guys on him, and his team mates were no where to be found. Other then that, I saw he had good positioning on a lot of plays…OH! But the goal! I had almost forgot. HOW can an effin D-man NOT know to pick up the guy WITHOUT the puck. How is that possible? UGH!

  11. 1) Still like the trade in getting Kots off the book for next year (and the year after)

    2) Agreed. Stupid move by Torts.

    3) I said it immediately (to myself) last night when that play happened: “What was Gabby thinking?!”

    4) Again. Agreed.

    5) In his first game, I think Prust was just trying to show his teammate who he is. Bad judgment, yes, but I’ll hold off on crucifying him until he does it again.

    6) Definitely not a first-line center on any other team, but he opened my eyes last night when he hit that post. It’s a shame that he couldn’t find the back of the net.

    7) Gaborik and Prospal has the ability to get Jokinen the puck. With no practices, I’ll hold off on taking a stance on this, as well.

    8) He played on the penalty kill – that’s all I really noticed him last night.

  12. One Ranger Love – That was not even close to being on Rozsival. It wasn’t really an odd man rush. Rozy did the right thing. Marc Staal thought he was Eric and was almost in the Rangers offensive zone when that play happened. That was 100% on Staal.

    Maybe a little on Jokinen because he was backchecking and was in position to pick up Smyth, but Marc Staal should’ve been embarassed with how bad his positioning was there. He wasn’t even close to the Rangers defensive zone.

  13. Agree with eveything, Carp. I’d give this kid Prust a few games to adjust. With his speed he could also be effective on the forecheck.
    I happen to like Jokinen’s game last night. He is more S-N kinda player and he looks to shoot. He can also pass, but he isn’t a set up center.

    I don’t understand the organizational stubborness on keeping Dubinski as a center. He’s shown many times that he is much more effective on the wing. Look, we all established that he isn’t a first liner anyway. Let him grow where he belongs. Neither him or Anisimov will fill the first line center position, and I believe Anisimov is a better 2nd line center than Dubinski. Hence, Dubinski should be on the wing if he is to stay here. Thoughts.

  14. #7- yes, yes and yes to infiniti.

    #8- He thought he was traded instead of Higgins, so he didn’t bother to show up.

  15. One Ranger Love on

    Jokinen is a good center, I watched him flourish with the Panthers down here for a few years. The guy is a team player, and a solid center. He needs to play with some guys who crash the net, ie. Callahan, maybe AVery? Although I can’t stand Avery of recent. He doesn’t do anything worth while on the ice.


    Ooops. Eh tho, we need some to center the top line…

  16. Carp-

    take it easy on Christensen alot of guys are put on waviers and go on to have great careers. Martin Straka was put on waviers by the islanders and Daniel briere was put on waviers by Phoenix. Sometimes players flourish in different places. He’s shown some good chemistry with Gabby.

  17. One Ranger Love on

    Jokinen is a good center, I watched him flourish with the Panthers down here for a few years. The guy is a team player, and a solid center. He needs to play with some guys who crash the net, ie. Callahan, maybe AVery? Although I can’t stand Avery of recent. He doesn’t do anything worth while on the ice. Higgin-Olli-Callahan?

    Ooops. Eh tho, we need some to center the top line…

  18. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    One Ranger, when he finally put Jokinen on the 2nd line i actually said out loud FINALLY!! For the time being, FIM needs to be one the first line, and I’d like to see a full game of Olli with dubi and cally (or whoever).

  19. i just found the papa john’s font (aachen bold font) and cant wait to have some fun w/ it today…

  20. One Ranger Love on

    Jonny – I am sorry, I was raised on defense, and if you are Rozsival you HAVE to take Smyth. He is crashing the net. Rozsival, if you watch the play again, is caught in the middle on that play. Even if Staal was a caught up in the offensive zone during that play, Rozsival has a duty, and that is to go to the front of the net and take the man. He does neither of those things on that play. He gets caught in the middle and lets a pass from Dustin Brown slip between him onto Smyths stick, and the rest is history.

  21. One Ranger Love on

    Linda- You think they would swing Dubi to the left wing, and put Olli in between him and Cally on the right side? That could work. I actually kind of like that line.

  22. Hey, whoever is in charge of the Boneheads FB page, I just requested to join. Please lemme in!!! ha

  23. Rick (No, not that one) on

    The next four games probably decide our season.
    I picked the wrong weeks to stop drinking vodka.

    I do, however, have a thirty pack in the fridge.

    It’ll have to do.

  24. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    One Ranger, I think they need to do that for the Caps game and see how it goes. FIM’s got some chemistry with Gabs and Fankist, keep them together until that runs out, and give Jokinen some time ( and this may only come after a few games and practices) to figure out who can do what on this team. I think it’d be a great fit with Dubi and Cally.

  25. Linda, From your fingers to Torts brain on those line combos. They make the best use of his 8 million centers and each players strenghts.

  26. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    WOW Carp, are you a bit cranky and taking it out on the poor blueshirts?

    I didn’t think they played bad last night, they made a few mistakes and the Kings burnt them.
    It comes down to the type of personnel the rangers have and don’t have. Callahan and Dubi no matter how much you may love them , are a tad below what it takes to consistently win.
    Gaborik has replaced Staal as an untouchable , so its Hank and gabby, the rest can be moved .

  27. One Ranger – I played defense too so I’ll agree he should get the guy without the puck. But at the same time, we weren’t even breaking out of the zone and Staal was already next to the Kings bench. That’s why I’m light on Rozy on that one because he was pretty much left out to dry by Staal.

    Roc – you are right. How about Rich Peverley? He was picked up off waivers and he’s been one of the best forwards in the league in regards to point production since joining Atlanta.

  28. Carp –

    “db, as long as they don’t extend Jokinen’s contract and further foul up the cap situation.”

    Yep – that would be as dumb as signing Kotalik…..ooops…

  29. Just put it out as information on this site is like throwing bread into the water.

    Watch the fish gather around begging.

  30. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    micha, had a feeling that Witt move was coming. once Wicky hears that he’ll be all over it!!!

  31. One Ranger Love on

    jonny- that is legit, but how long has Rozsi been playin D in this league?

    Answer: too long. He knows better then that.

    Or does he?

  32. Lipstick on a Pig on

    Good thing Dubi held out at the beginning of the year. He really proved he was worth more, eh?

  33. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    dubi was rather invisible last night. I think I heard his name once. They all better bring their A games tomorrow.

  34. Alright, I have to chime in…

    To whoever was bashing “Avery of late”… really? He’s been effective at moving the puck up the ice, has had a few solid feeds and shot attempts a game, no need to worry about his fore-check, AND thats all on the 4th line.

    And to everyone complaining about the trades….already. C’mon. The guys played two nights ago, hopped a plane, and were thrown into the situation. I was pleased to see Prust’s speed and he almost scored (I know, I know, horseshoes and handgrenades). Jokinnen had a close call as well and was taking some shots and showed some strong puck handling.

    I’d like to see a LOT more out of Drury, Dubi, Girardi, Rosi, etc. I’d like to see a powerplay that is more effective then a mesh condom, and I’d love to see Hank get some W’s to reward his excellent play (he was a beast last night).

    Go Rangers, this next four game stretch is PIVOTAL and wont be easy… that being said, thats why they play the game.

    Be well.

  35. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    how frakking hilarious is this??? I don’t post during the game thread ( monthly trip to grocery store), get done watching the game late, day off today so I post my thoughts…..AND GET CARPED!!! Oh, you are soooo funny mr rick!!

    well, hate to say it, but i’m not passing judgement on these two new guys for a few games. I like prust a lot and liked him before he got here, noe i like him more. In calgary it is OK to take physical penalties…..here….not so much! I hope he doesn’t get prucha’d a lot or nutted like avery did by torts! I hope he gets the colton orr tom renney treatment, didn’t put him in once and ever was scratched again (the gabby incident being the ONCE, even though prust wasn’t here yet).
    Not one ranger d man separated a king from the the puck the whole night!!! Until the d corps is changed by a couple of guys, this team WILL NOT get anywhere in the playoffs if they even get to the playoffs. It does not matter who they get up front!!!!

  36. Patrick
    February 3rd, 2010 at 12:40 pm
    Is anyone even going to bother showing up at the game tomorrow night?

    Calling it 7-1 Caps!!!

    We are, THE FANS

  37. Brendan Witt just put on waivers.
    Big, hard hitting crease clearing D-man.

    Too bad he is owed 3 million for next season.

  38. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    sorry, had to switch computers, my keyboard was covered in drool!!!

  39. onecup, I agree. I thought they played fine overall. I really do. Better than they have in a lot of games this season.

    Mickey, what song?

    Linda, you rule.

    Question for the CBA experts: Can they claim Witt, have him for the rest of this season, then just send him to the minors next season and escape the cap hit?

  40. They Caps are going back door no grease on us tomorrow night. It is going to be painful to watch. Yikes!

  41. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    well, i send who the hell ever i have to, to where ever i have to, to clear up cap space for him…PERIOD!!!!

  42. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao Carp you’re killin wicky with that Witt scenario!!!

    and thanks!! you rule more!

  43. Carp- yes, they can. Doesn’t matter if he is 35 at the moment he is being assigned to AHL, what matters is his age at signing the contract.

  44. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    LMAO @ wicky!! i though my mans mancrush on House was funny, Wicky’s on Witt is downright hilarious!

  45. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    Sorry had another eye injection and laser treatment yesterday so my computer screen viewing ability must be kept to a minimum for a few days (well, not now…mrs wicky is going to be pissed).

  46. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on


    hope you enjoy it as much as we do Raider. Not very ‘technical’, but loads of fun

  47. There you go Wicky, thought so. I was worried you caught an H1N1 or something.

    I doubt Slats will pick him up. He is too proud- a waiver wire rom Fishsticks?! A sloppy seconds from Islanders!? Never!

    I’d pick him. And I think we may have enough space, could be wrong on that one.

  48. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    eye injection??? you take it easy wick!! enjoy those cookies when they get there :-)

  49. Witt would desperatly fill a need, and he is REALLY tough. SMART TOUGH (like a poor man’s Scott Stevens), but his $3 mil contract is outta whack. Just say no.

  50. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    well, let me put my witt man crush into perspective….if you are on an island without food for 8 years or so and all of a sudden a saltine cracker shows up…its like a steak dinner!! We have not had anyone close to witt’s rugged team first attitude on the blueline since ulfie and bueke, so hello steak dinner!!

  51. With that said, Witt is the kinda guy that playoff teams are looking for to make that playoff grind.

  52. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    from NHL.com

    Expect to see Kovalchuk on the move soon
    02.03.2010 / 10:41 a.m. ET

    Don’t be surprised if Thrashers captain Ilya Kovalchuk is traded soon, and by that we mean before the Olympics. Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Tuesday in his blog that trade talks have heated up in the last few days.

    Also Tuesday, John Kincade of 680 the Fan in Atlanta, the Thrashers’ flagship radio station, reported the club had offered Kovalchuk the largest contract in franchise history, but it was turned down.

    It is believed that the Kings, Rangers, Flyers and Bruins are high on the list of suitors for the Russian sniper who is Atlanta’s all-time leader in games, points, goals and assists. The Blackhawks are reportedly interested as well.

    Kovalchuk reportedly ducked the media after Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to Tampa Bay, dressing and leaving the locker room before it was opened to the press. Thrashers coach John Anderson had this to say about the swirling trade rumors:

    “Quite honestly, Don (Waddell) and Kovalchuk have kept the negotiations behind closed doors. Kovalchuk comes out and plays every day. All of the stuff bothers him a little, but he’s a professional and is playing hard for the Atlanta Thrashers right now.”

    When he was in New Jersey on Sunday, Atlanta GM Don Waddell told NHL.com that he wasn’t doing any more interviews about Kovalchuk’s status. He apparently reiterated that to Vivlamore, who wrote that Waddell did tell him that he hasn’t had any contract negotiations with Kovalchuk’s agent, Jay Grossman, in over a week.

    The NHL roster freeze goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 12 and doesn’t end until 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 28. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. ET on March 3.

    — Dan Rosen

  53. Nasty 1
    February 3rd, 2010 at 12:46 pm
    They Caps are going back door no grease on us tomorrow night. It is going to be painful to watch. Yikes!

    Post of the Month!!!!!!!!

  54. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao saltine!! wick, you’re hilarious!!

    we’ve definitely been in the desert of hard hitting crease clearing physical dmen,thats for sure!

  55. I have to say the more I think about it, I like this trade…I think Prust’s game is something the rangers desperately need, and I think Jokinen is indeed a rental that will not be resigned (unless he scores a ton of goals in the next 20 games, but 5.5 mil is too much for him….and what did we lose really? If anything we gained by shedding Kotalik’s contract…
    I’m still of the opinion that I’d rather see this teem sink to the bottom and get a good draft pick, rather than be a one and done playoff team….

  56. Interesting comparison between Witt and the steak dinner. From an editorial perspective, especialy the one studying the Online Reader. You did have laser treatment, it perhaps went too deep. J/K. Hope you feel better.

    Well, I’d say it may not be Petr Luger, but for now Benihana will do.

  57. Hey Carp,

    What constitutes ‘over rated’? Ever look at Christiansen’s numbers in Juniors (go to hockeydb.com)? He is a very skilled player that may have found someone that he compliments, that compliments him in Gaborik. Time will tell. (Matt Moulson on Isles is a waiver pick up too)…

    My issue is the Coach and how he utilizes the talent he has. The team was on a tear prior to the return of Vinnie Prospal. Dubinsky, Christiansen, and Gaborik were producing consistently, and the team had points in 14 of 17 games. Prospal comes back, he changes the lines around, and the team takes a nose dive. Same thing last night. Gaborik scores 4 goals in two games with Christiansen, so let’s break them up????!!!!! Are you kidding? If it aint broke don’t fix it. Won’t even expand on why he had 5 forwards out on a 5 on 4.

    Am I the only one that saw chemistry between Jokkinen and Prospal, and the previously stated Christiansen and Gaborik? Why not try this up front:

    Dubinsky Christiansen Gaborik
    Prospal Jokkinen Callahan
    Avery Anisimov Drury
    Prust Boyle Voros

    You might score more than one goal, and have more than one line/player scoring!!!!!!

  58. Would you be shocked if the Islanders made a play for Kovi? They have the cap room and some young pieces that could interest Atlanta. Not to mention their picks are usually top-half-of-the-round ones.

    Although Wang hasn’t abondoned plans to build his Nirvana/Lighthouse, selling the team is no doubt an option as well. Kovalchuk helps the team make the playoffs….and making the playoffs increases the value of the franchise.

  59. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    this is just how my ranger “luck” would work, we will get witt, he will play his first game and destroy anyone who comes near hank, and after the game hank just smiles in his post game interview and says nothing….the next day slats trades him and prust to the coyotes for lisin’s twin brother!

  60. Kovalchuk – The Blackhawks? Why would the Blackhawks think they need him. They’re doing fine as it is. Besides, aren’t they already going to be in cap trouble next season?

    Witt – What if they allow him to pass through waivers. Then he becomes a free agent and they can sign him to a lower contract, can’t they? I’d rather they take that chance that nobody claims him off waivers.

  61. Witt is the type of guy you need for a post-season push. He always did a great job covering the Jagrs (as Sam always reminded us). Seems like a no-brainer… oh wait. Salary cap.

  62. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    outstanding TR! that’s exactly HOW he should be making a living. not gliding around on the Garden ice, chewing his mouthguard! He looks very comfy in the Papa Dru’s polo shirt and apron!

  63. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    sorry 12 concussions, i’m no longer the brightest bulb on the strand!!

  64. The Goose- Exactly! Those lines make sense and we can just call the 4th line the “Philly” line.

  65. Does Kovalchuk have any kind of NMC / NTC? If so, I can’t see him wanting to go anywhere near the Isles organization. If he does move, IMO he would want to at least go to a contender…

  66. Goose, I guess what I mean is that he’s not really, nor should he be seen as a first-line center. But, he’s the best they’ve got in terms of playing with Gaborik.

  67. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    I wouldn’t take the chance of someone else claiming him!! Of course we all KNOW what I would do!!

  68. You are fine, Wicky.

    Dudley, the Goose- we did line combinations yesterday and some today. At nauseum. Today is an official jibberish day!

  69. Linda, are those TR’s masterpieces going on FB?

    Which reminds me, you are so dead. I keep getting emails that so and so commented on my status on FB and I have no clue who those people are.

  70. LI RangerFan
    I don’t think he has NTC now (someone correct me if I’m wrong). No doubt he will have one in his next contract. So he may not be able to block the Isles.

    I’d hate to see it as tough as they play against us, but can you imaging Kovi-Tavares-Okposo/Moulson? Ugh.

  71. Thanks Patrick! I thought that post was going to get Carped, but I guess it slid through the cracks.

  72. Totally agree Carp… Weird thing is that sometimes players just compliment each other.. Remember Michael Renberg and the ‘Legion of Doom’? Never did a thing after Lindros and LeClaire but for some reason it worked best with him.

    I’m wondering if acquiring Jokkinen is an ‘NBA salary cap expiring contract’ leverage thing. Use LeCavalier’s contract as an example: I’m certain Tampa would love to get rid of that contract, and the player is still talented (but not worth holding onto 2019). The Rangers could part with Jokkinen, to get a valuable piece, and the other team would lose the bad contract. Might be worth looking into if another bad contract like Roszivals could be included in that…

    Not sure there are any teams without a chance of making the playoffs looking for that type of scenario, but the Rangers are suddenly more capable of pulling the trigger on any expensive player BECAUSE of Jokkinen.

  73. Carp, I agree with everything you said. Just wondering about #6. Who exactly is hyping up Christensen to the point where you have to state he’s overrated?

  74. It would be so cool if we could get Kovy.

    Id definitely dump a lot of guys on this team for him.

    I just hope Del Z, Artie, and Grach are not a part of the deal.

    Anyone else, i couldn’t give a fugg.

    Trade for Kovy, extend his contract, waive Dredden, trade Blowzy, figure out a way to get rid of Dreary, tank the season, get the number 2 overall pick…

    Sounds like a successful year in my book. And my book is like Dr. Suess meets Steven King. Damn good read.

  75. Carp, “Homeward Bound” by Simon and Garfunkel. The chorus keeps echoing in my head :)

    LMAO @ TR! Priceless!

  76. I’ve said it for months that this coach is WAY TOO overrated and most of time he’s inability to coach and think like one only rivals to his inability to get his point across.
    … to put all of your top players on the same line and give your opponent a chance to play there top shutdown D against them. AND as a result you loose a potentially a good trade make it into an invisible one.
    IMO, put Jokinen on the line with Dru and Cally and you could have 2 potent lines because your opponent would use his top D playing against Gabys line.
    … how did you like that experiment – NO D ON PP – I could not stop screaming and swearing at the TV (kids where a sleep). I am fed up with this coach. I’d like Rangers not win a game just to see him get fired(first person I wishing this on)

  77. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    sorry guys that was not me!! sounds like she said something good..anyone have a link??

  78. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ilb, go to the settings area of your facebook and go to notifications, make sure you have no checkmarks, then you should not get emails whenever someone comments.

  79. Long time reader, first time poster. I am curious. Why is Christensen referred to as FIM? Also, he may not be a typical #1 center, but he works well with Gaborik. I guess that’s all that really matters.

  80. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    FIM= foot in mouth

    when he first got here, he made some interesting quotes about Atlanta and got burned.

  81. Torts isn’t overrated. He won a Cup, and he took some sh*tty teams to the playoffs that had no right being there.

    On that shorthanded goal, i was laughing so hard, cause Jokinen looked like a Pig out of mud. He didn’t know what do do, he didn’t know if he should face them or the goalie.

    And this guy said that he felt COMFORTABLE playing the point, ahahaha.

    Funny scene.

    Im starting to buy into the rumors, that we may be packaging him to get Kovy.

    This is Slats we’re dealing with.

    And to be honest, i like Slats when he’s making trades, cause he really surprises us with some good ones. Just keep him away from free agents.

  82. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    it wasn’t you, this linda was from upstate NY! She did have good points like you!!

  83. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    he did look bad, but first game with new teammates, not having a d man on the other point, soft pass by gabby, i actually feel a little (little) bad for him in that situation!

  84. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    has anyone heard if torts said anything negatie about prust and his PIMs last night?

  85. Linda, you need to post a Boneheads glossary on the FB page to go along with the nicknames. Bonehead to English translation of frequently used words on the blog e.g. carping, pruchad. Not that you need another project. lol

  86. I’ve changed my mind on dubie, cally and stall. If we can trade either Redden, Drury or Rosival and either stall, Dubie or callahan has to be in the deal, I would make the deal.

  87. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i am seriuosly thinking i need to start gettin paid for all this work Nor!! hehehe

    we kinda do need an instruction manual for the blog though! Not everyone who posts is a bonehead and it could be kinda odd trying to pick up on the lingo!!

  88. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    if they are not one of us…then frak em!!!

    Just kidding!!!

  89. Than again, the correct move would be to fire sather but that is to obvious for that fat dopey idiot who calls himself james dolan.

  90. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    so on a humourous note, apparently one of prust’s fave songs to rock out to is TIK TOK!!

  91. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    now now wicky!! some people just dont like all the hijinx. not everyone can be a bonehead,or wants to be one lol. we gotta be nice and let em know what in the blue hell we’re talkingn aboot!

  92. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    you are not putting me on waivers are you?

  93. These next 4 games are going to determine whether or not we make the playoffs IMO. I only say this because we have the good fortune of the teams we are battling with sucking just as bad as we are. A pathetic situation to be in.

  94. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    never wicky!!! you’re a plank holder! although not everyone is safe lol!!

  95. Yes Linda,
    I feel sorry for the few Rangers who actually come to play every night. I hate to say this but we are becoming the Islander like…I think I just threw up in my mouth saying that.

    Finger is definitely getting better, thanks for asking!

  96. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    yep i do and mrs wicky loved it, her second fave show behind big bang theory!

  97. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    glad to ‘hear’ the finger is getting better!!

    at times,they do seem to be out on the ice without rhyme or reason. Some guys are being held back from their natural creativity, other guys who should be held back are not. I think if a few of the much needed manuevers occur, and give Torts another season, this could turn around.

  98. When I sit down and think aboot the year up to this point, I remember a good game, bad games, and think ahead to the rest of the season. These next 4 games will make or break it for us ladies and gents. I am expecting it to go a little something like this, HIT IT.


    Thank you,
    That’s all I’ve got,
    Nasty 1

  99. Did someone say creativity? I have seen more creativity at a blind fingerpainting class than what is displayed on this team.

  100. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    OUCH Nasty!

    for some reason i am oddly optimistic today and i dont know why!!! I think they get 2 wins.

  101. Nasty, I could vaguely seeing us pulling out a win against the Devils. It’s only vague and depends on everything breaking right, but it could happen. The rest are all losses for sure.

  102. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    ok, thanks, you had me wondering if i was getting witt’d.

    BTW did we claim him yet?

  103. Why would we get Witt when it completely defeats the purpose of clearing cap space? I mean I guess we could minors him next season, but still its a waste since we aren’t making a playoff push anyway.

    Staal – Drury needs guys around him to be successful. Yet again I’ll point to the fact that we don’t have anyone who is a playmaker on the roster so thats why he suffers. Plus it is “his” team, and he’s never been in that situation before where he is supposed to be one of the go to guys.

    As for Chicago and Kovalchuk, if Chicago realizes this is their one and only shot at getting the cup, they should do it. They gotta cut cap space anyway and by dumping all those guys and getting a sure thing for this season, they’ll guarantee that they will be one of the top challengers for it. Then let him walk as a UFA and they have cap space to sign other guys to surround Kane, Toews, and Keith with. They def wish they could redo that Campbell contract though.

  104. wicky – LOL @ “getting witt’d”…

    Thre are so many new verbs that have come out of this blog – s/b added to the dictionary.

  105. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    we actually don’t watch a lot of tele. BSG was a fave, and monday night funniness is a must on cbs. Other than that, futbol, motocross, NFL……..cnn, well the NHL and rangers and that’s about it!!

  106. I agree. Im more open to trading Staal than ive ever been. Dublowsky has GOT to go, and Cally, as much as i love him, he’s nothing more than a 20 goal scorer, and that’s good, but we can package him for someone who can really help. Maybe for the actual number 1 center we’ve always needed.

    Start over !

    It would be nice if Kovalchuk was willing to go to a team that needs a year or two for proper rebuilding.

  107. I suppose at this point I like to think about the good games they’ve played this year, however few there are to choose from.

    I was at the game vs the Kings earlier in the year, the one they use in the Gaborik commercial. For the position players, he’s really the only reason to watch most games. He still scores goals with such deftness that I find myself contrasting it to last year where sometimes Zherdev would score a pretty goal but that’s about it.

    I was also at the game where they destroyed the Leafs. And Avery’s 4 point night vs Dallas.

    As far as other games I’ve watched, the 4-3 win in Washington was awesome. Gaborik proving how much of a difference maker he can be.

    And um, the big wins over Montreal and Tampa, high scoring games against Phoenix and Columbus and that’s about it.

  108. A little off topic here, but does anyone know where I can get the line up for tonight’s Wolfpack vs. Lowell Devils game?

  109. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    what good is the cap space if we do not use it to fill a glaring team need?

  110. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    LMAO ILB!! you clever critter!!!

    Nasty,did you get your snow day today??? is the ear any better??

  111. We got snow, had a delayed opening. My ear is definitely getting better, but it still hurts a lot.

    My students were great today and very understanding too.

  112. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    glad the kids were good for ya!! after all, they are lucky to have you as their teacher!!

  113. Carp,

    i have less of a problem with the 5 forwards on the pp based on the ideas that he’s desperate to try something since nothing has worked so far. Ollie has had experience on the point. so has Drury. Drury is always being talked about as far as being good defensively…yet in this situation, it looked as if he caught up to kopitar and then just stopped and angled towards Ollie instead of attempting some type of stick check or hook. you could sense Ollie’s confusion of whether to deal with the situation as a 2 on 1 or cover his man with Drury catching up.

    and finally, just like they say that the goalie is the last defense, Henrik is beaten high glove hand in part because he’s too far into the paint and Allaire hasn’t “coached” him out of that.

    as far as Prust, i think he was eager to impress his new teammates. and i do hope that he picks his spots better in the future
    BUT there was no reason to give him an instigator. for what? because he turned around and confronted the kings player? the kings player ended up grabbing Prust first after a minor shove. it wasn’t as if he was going after players throughout the game and was finally handed his punishment.

  114. Thank you Linda. Being sick, I didn’t shave all weekend and this week, So I trimmed up a nice little beard. They all think I look mean with it. Ha

  115. Yes Linda…no pre-game notes or anything. Thought there might be a blog out there. Just curious I guess…my son’s hockey club got a bunch of tickets so I’m excited to see the boys play…I’ve been wanting to for a LONG time.

  116. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    jpg, as i said last night, i think Prust was maybe showing the rest of the team he’ll be the alpah enforcer. Charmin honestly has no job on this team anymore, except for being Slats errand man for the wrap ups!

  117. wicky, good for you. I watch waaaay too much tv. Including the Food Network, which is never a good thing to watch when you’re hungry.LOL. All 3 of those shows are in my fav kinda genre of scific. BSG was more thinky than the others, but still damn good tv.

  118. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ALPHA damnit! stupid keyboard tauting me, booin me,its just not fair

  119. Yikes…sorry I looked for it.

    Some teams get bitten by the injury bug. The Hartford Wolf Pack are currently being eaten alive by it.

    When the Pack took the ice to face the Norfolk Admirals at the XL Center in Hartford last Wednesday, they did so without forwards P.A. Parenteau (concussion), Dale Weise (hand), and Mike Hoffman (shoulder-season), in addition to defensemen Corey Potter (concussion), Bobby Sanguinetti (lower body), Mathieu Dandenault (groin) and Brent Henley (knee-season).

    Although Weise was able to return two nights later, when the Wolf Pack played host to the Lowell Devils, it turned out to be a case of taking one step forward and two steps back, as both defenseman Michael Sauer and forward Ryan Garlock were forced from the game with undisclosed injuries. Goaltender Steve Valiquette joined the long list of walking wounded the next morning when he suffered a fractured finger during the team’s morning skate.”

  120. So if Prust is trying to be the alpha enforcer, that makes Charmin the Omega enforcer? Who’s the beta and gamma? Avery and Voros?

    Concurrently, that would have to make Gabby the alpha scorer and ??? as the Omega.

  121. I just submitted my request for Bonehead FB admission (Dan Shea). I read every day but post once in a while. Just depends on how busy I am and what I can add.

  122. jpg, because after the whistle he turned and went to a player and instigated a fight, dropping his gloves before the opponent even knew he was in a fight. Well deserved 2+5+10. Textbook, actually.

  123. Finally got to read Rodents rant. If you have time, read it. If you don’t, I’ll sum it up for you:

    1. Gaborik had a brain…umm cramp.
    2. Jokinen shouldn’t be playing with Gaborik on the same line.
    3. Prust is an employee of the week.
    4. Drury is a total eff up, even on the fourth line.

    Does that sound familiar? I’m telling you, all these famous hockey writers make their living stealing all our thoughts. We’ve been saying that since last night.

  124. Anybody notice that we are always down a goal with 12min to go in games. The point being we have to score a goal to prolong the match, right, everybody with so far and this happens every game, right. Then can you tell me why we are playing Voros and scratching Lisin. BTW long term maybe neither is going to be with us but I would rather put my money on the guy with some talent right? all agreed?

  125. Thoughts on lines after last night. 1. Gabby-Christianson-Dubi. 2. Vinny-Olli-Avery 3.Lisin-Atrie-Cally 4.Prust-Boyle-Drury. And keep Drury off the powerplay @ all costs. Maybe spreads out the scoring or lack of?


    26. The Microsoft Blue Screen
    For those of you who have Macs, let me explain: the Microsoft Blue Screen (or Blue Screen of Death as many people like to call it) is this screen that comes up randomly on your Windows program, and when it does come up you’re screwed and have to restart your computer, losing all your data you worked so hard on (like a research paper for instance…ugh!). So you could be minding your own business, writing or chatting or whatever it is you do on your computer and then BAM! the freakin blue screen of death comes and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s highly annoying, but not quite as annoying and idiotic as Glen Sather. So keep that in mind next time you get the dreaded blue screen of death; it could be worse: it could be a huge picture of Glen smokin’ a stogie on your screen. ::Shudders::

  127. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    BRAVO YERGS!! been keeping those in a special place for the big reveal on the FB!!

  128. Bring back Prucha on

    You think they will ever separate Prospal and Gaborik? I’d like to see a line of Christensen, Gaborik and Jokinen. I would also like to see it for more than 3 minutes.

  129. sorry Carp
    but i disagree


    Prust did come up to the Kings player and shoved him in the chest. the Kings player grabbed Prust at the back of the helmet and that’s when the gloves came off.

    now both came pretty quickly at that point. it wasn’t as if Prust had his gloves thrown off and was skating towards the opponent. if it’s a matter of who’s gloves come off first well…unless they count to 3 and then throw ’em off then one player is going to have his off first every time.

  130. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i used to get that blue screen of death on the first computer we used! oh man thing sucked,but yes, Sathers smug visage WOULD BE WORSE

  131. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    DarrenDreger Following up on the RDS story. Don Waddell met with Kovalchuk today to tell him he should expect a trade. 5 or more teams still in.

  132. Leetchhalloffame on

    Note to Slats – Claim DimWitt. He’s 10 times tougher than any one of the pansies we now have on D, he sticks up for his teammates and he’ll especially hate the Isles when we play them. Worse comes to worse he can also bring back a draft choice from a contender at the deadline in the likelihood that we’re out of the playoff hunt.

  133. ok, we disagree. I thought he absolutely deserved the extra two/10 … and I wonder if the long-after-the-whistle, U-turn helped him get it.

  134. From RDS (google translation):

    The record Ilya Kovalchuk could evolve rapidly. According to RDS has learned that the CEO of the Atlanta Thrashers, Don Waddell met with his star player on Wednesday morning to prevent a transaction could occur within hours or even days.

    Waddell said the Russian player two teams are in the race, the Bruins and Rangers.

    We know that the Kings also have an interest Kovalchuk, but are they able to pay the price for his services immediately, it will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1?

    Kovalchuk is currently 12th in the NHL scorer with 58 points, including 31 goals in 49 games.

  135. kirill

    shouldnt you be cheering for yourself?
    kirill kabanov is definitely someone id like to see in ranger blue

  136. At what point is the coach responsible for so many players not showing up on certain nights…not playing a defensive game (putting 5 forwards on the pp is just one example)on an offensively challenged team? Also..when is someone going to stick up for Avery like he does for every other single guy on this team? Also Redden..if you are reading this on the bench…you still have a large chuck of the season to change peoples minds about your uninspired play..shades of Ken Hodge in his Ranger days…show up and play..hit..and for goodness sake..take a hit..play like you need to sign a new contract and Sather’s not a GM on the league!

  137. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao, IF, by some miracle, Kovi comes this way, I cannot image the boys and their kovigasms!!!!

  138. Linda,
    Kovigasms? Priceless!
    How shall I say this in the most respectful way???

    I’ve already lit the cigarette.

  139. Sorry, but IMO, it’s silly to blame yesterday’s loss on 1 single event/act. Yes Gabbie shouldn’t have made that girlie-like pass, but the Rangers should be:

    1) Forechecking harder
    2) Playing with more passion
    3) Stop running around in their own zone
    4) Manipulate the roster better
    5) Score more
    6) Fire their GM and get someone in charge who’s actually got something to put on his resume about building a successful team that post dates the late 80s

    The point is there is tons of blame to go around – everyone shares in it, especially the incompetent GM!

  140. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Jim, you do realize you are asking for an entire change of philosophy at MSG, and in the huge hole in the skull of dolan dont you??? You ask a lot ;-)

  141. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao! that just looks weird!!! we need to trademark or copyright some of the great words and phrases we come up with here!

  142. And each town looks the same to me
    The movies and the factories
    And every stranger’s face I see
    Reminds me that I long to be …

  143. i still don’t think the rangers manage to land kovy but at this point i really could care less who has to go the other way in order for it to happen.

    whomever needs to go, so be it.

  144. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    there is definitely something wrong with me. I just ordered a box of “worlds finest chocolate” because I used to see them when I was in Catholic school in Brooklyn, and they AAAAAARE totally awesome!

  145. It’s on TSN now. We’re not getting Kovalchuk. I have no idea why the Rangers keep popping up in this. We have the guys with the contracts to trade, except nobody wants the players we have.

  146. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    SELL not see. STOP MOCKING ME KEYBOARD!! TORTS said your taunting is too hard on me!

  147. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    the Rangers are mentioned in almost EVERY suspsected/proposed/wished for trade.

  148. bottom line is we’re going to have to give to get.
    i don’t think moving one or two roster players plus some picks / prospects is going to completely cripple this franchise.

    i just keep thinking about kovy and gabby on the same line… slats has to do this. with or without a legit number 1 center, it would still be ridiculous.

  149. watching the game last night/morning, it looked like
    2 completely different teams.

    the Kings looked bigger, faster, disciplined, skilled….
    there were on us all 3 periods, except for the Gabby goal. we did a pretty good job defensively on them but it looked like us chasing an elite group of players.

  150. “i just keep thinking about kovy and gabby on the same line… slats has to do this. with or without a legit number 1 center, it would still be ridiculous.”

    I agree!!! the two of them would be insane, i would just put AA between them its as simple as that!

  151. Filing is the devil. The devil, I say.

    Kovigasms and Gaborgasms every game? Sign me up. Oh wait, we have to give players, picks AND sign him. Crap, that’ll never happen until hell freezes over.

    I’m almost homeward bound. 45 more minutes.

  152. Ah Linda sorry I’ve been forgetting to e-mail them to you. I will as soon as I have some free time today or tomorrow!

  153. I as wondering how long it was going to take TR to reply to the “Redden in a puffy shirt” comment.

  154. Somebody will give up an arm and a leg for him without even assuring he stays next year. That’s what I’m worried about.

  155. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TR you are SUPERIOR!!

    Yergs, dont worry!! I’ve been copying and pasting them!! Got a nice like document going on. You’re too funny!!

  156. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i know ilb! its going to be very interesting to see where he lands, who goes to atlanta,and if he signs long term with the new team. Someone’s gonna be pretty damned lucky to land him though! Great age!

  157. that instigator was well deserved on prust last night, it was stupid, he was trying too hard to get into a fight

  158. just a thought on the Phaneuf trade. I would not have taken Toronto’s pkg for Marc Staal, and I would definitely trade Staal. Calgary did not get nearly enough for him.

  159. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    damnit LITTLE document!!

    what is wrong with me today? oh yea, my keyboard is a New York Rangers fan and we all know how brutal they are.

  160. This trade could empty one’s whole system. He wants two young regulars, two prospects and high picks for him. Too much for a rental, and I don’t think he’ll get that, but someone will certainly get totally crazy once the real bidding begins.

  161. this has all the makings of sather giving up stepan kreider staal and a draft pick or cally for a rental who will not sign.

    watch the praise he got for the other trade with kotalik turn to crap after he trades our youth for kovi for 2 months

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think Prust’s fight was just to show his teammates he’s there and is going to stand up for him. It hadn’t happened naturally at that point, so he forced it. I was OK with it because it was his first game with the team.

    If he does it next week, then it serves no purpose.

  163. you need to do what you need to do, in order to get Kovalchuk. trade unproven prospects and a couple of players (Staal, and Dubi) who may be overated. this is a one chance at getting a player like this. do what you have to do.

  164. no way you take him as a rental. The cost would be too high. But Atlanta could get a lot more for him if they let teams have a window to negotiate.

    Just wondering, though, even if they got rid of Redden/Rozsival, how could you fit him and Gaborik and Drury and Lundqvist’s contracts and still have room to field 18 skaters and a backup goalie next year? How?

  165. what is kovalchuk looking for contract wise, doesnt he want close to $10 million? how could the rangers possibly afford to do sign him with their cap disasters. Unless the rangers r serious about buying out/burying redden in hartford, and possibly even buyin out one of rozi or drurys contracts, then i dont know how this kovalchuk trade/signing in offseason could even b a thought. Whats the use of trading away some potential pieces of this team down the road for a guy that might only play here 2 months and then leave for free agency. Unless you trade him and know your signing hiim long term, you cant do this, but like i said i dont even kno how they could set somethin up long term for him at this point without ridding ourselves of some cap dollars tied up

  166. I think Wade, even without the puffy shirt, looks like the guy in the Fat Wallet commercials.

    “Is it OK if I call it fat?”

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it could be argued that giving teams a chance to negotiate a contract with Kovalchuk would get Atlanta less than what they want because Kovalchuk would then have a de facto no trade clause and could force them to trade him to a team that offers them less of a return.

  168. & how reliable of a source is that RDS google article that says Waddell says us and bruins are the ones in serious contention for kovalchuk???

  169. Unlike some other cities, I don’t think you’re going to convince Kovy to play in NY unless you rent him for the remainder, and use that time to woo him (assuming the dollars and years are close).

    So I think it’s worth the risk to rent. I love Cally but he’s not going to be anything more than what he is now. I’d give up Cally, any prospect and any pick. The upside of acquiring a second elite star far outweighs the risk of playing without those three for the next few years. Cally’s replaceable, we don’t have any “can’t miss prospects, and a pick is, well at least an unknown commodity.

  170. don’t know if this up yet
    but Ken Hitchcock is out as columbus coach.
    interim coach is Claude Noel

  171. And it would only work if Dolan agrees to bury Redden in Hartford. Otherwise, can’t afford him.

  172. i wish there was one from the front. i have a really good pic of reds in front of a blue screen and need a pic of the shirt from the front

  173. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    ERic: I agree; Slats it ABSOLUTELY goign to push for Kovy

    Kovy on one line, gabby on the other, and he’ll try to fill in th b lanks over the summer, with us BARELY making the playoffs and losing in the first round

    GoosE: I like your lines, maybe you can call torts and have him stick with them for more than one game.

    So Atlanta wants 5 players for Kovy: Wadell better start letting people negotiate with his agent then, cause no on is gonna want him for 2 1/2 months only to lose him in the summer

    Do you boneheads think maybe sather got Jokinen to either include in an offer for Kovy, or to replace a center he’s thinking of including in the offer for Kovy? Say Dubi? or Even Artie? (even thoguh i’d hate moving him even more)

  174. @ the real mikeynj –

    absolutely. i’m telling you. i have a hunch that slats is going to shock us and somehow land kovy.

  175. JONNY

    You never know. Maybe we can get a 3rd party involved.

    I still think LA would consider accepting Dreary, and Dreary would go there.

    I say it all the time. He has a house there, and has a sh*tload of friends, and it’s where he stays in the summer with his family. So why not.

    It can happen. We can get Kovy.

  176. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And for the next four games, I have a feeling Hank will have a game like the playoffs against Ovie tomorrow and we break there winning streak.

    So Say this happens:

    Win vs. Caps – 1-0 or 2-0 with Hank making 58 saves
    Win vs Devils 2-1 or 3-1
    Win vs Preds – total blowout or 1 goal game
    Win vs. Pitt – we havent beaten them once yet but we may be able to pull it off.

    IF, and I’ll say it again IF we could win these 4 games, and more specifically, beat THESE 4 teams in a row, with 3 of the games at home, then I will absoutley agree we have a chance to make the playoffs and dare say the possibility to go PAST the first round

    If we go 0-4 or 1-3 or even split with 2-2 were not makign the playoffs, and we get a higher pick than we’ve had in years

    balls in your court Rangers

  177. if the rangers are going to land kovy its going to happen soon.

    they need him for these next 4 games. they can’t wait if they’re going for him.

  178. Kovy as a rental seems ridiculous to me. All those players for 2.5 months and no guarantee of signing him? Too risky.

    Oh wait, this is Sather we are talking about. The GM who’ll do anything to get all the star names on his roster.

    6 minutes to go, I’m out the door. Catch up with the convo laters.

  179. atl is off tonight.
    rangers are off tonight.

    if kovy is going to be a ranger, it’s going to be tonight.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    If Waddell blows this Kovy trade, it’s the end of his job.

    Kovalchuk getting traded is already the end of hockey in Atlanta.

  181. IF we could replace Redden and/or Drury’s (plus whatever spare parts) contracts with Kovy’s, that’s obviously a huge upgrade for the money. As long as we keep Cally, and we can really re-sign Kovy (as a rental it’s just not worth it at all), then it could be really good. Oh, and IF Sather is no longer our GM, so someone with some sense can build around Kovy, Gabby, Hank, etc.

  182. doodie,
    how many teams does the NHL really need in the south? Carolina, and Tampa, maybe. the league needs to downsize in the south.

  183. what does Kovalchuk and Josh Thomson have in common?

    how great would it be to get Kovalchuk to come and stay in New York!? NO ONE IS SAFE NOW! LOL

  184. If we get him, that is exactly what it is going to look like. That is exactly the kind of package that Atlanta wants in return. Naturally, they would have to take Rozi from us, for cap reasons. And of all the “contracts” that we have, Rozi is the one that could be moved.

  185. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    IF, and that’s big if, that happened, I’d be going to Atlanta on March 12!

  186. I like Dubi and I like Gilroy, but to then build the team around Hank, Gabby, and Kovy, who are both in the prime of their careers, you do it. I said this a long time ago, and I got so much crap from some people, but let’s be realistic folks. You make that trade, and you don’t even think twice about it. If they take Jokinen instead of Dubi, maybe, but they want young talent.

  187. ek’s saying its going to take a few days.

    i don’t think the rangers have the time to blow. like i said, if they’re going to do this, it has to be tonight. they need him for these next 4 games.

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    bulldog, you don’t have to preach to me about contraction: I’m openly in support of contracting up to 6 teams and reorganzing the NHL landscape. Atlanta would definitely be one of the goners. But I’d keep the Panthers instead of the Lightning because Miami is the better sports city. Without a competing Florida franchise, they might flourish.

    I’d also cut the Islanders (no, this isn’t a prejudice, just hard facts that they are awful, their attendance is terrible, and they have the worst arena in the league), the Ducks, the Coyotes, and the Predators.

    If any of those franchises wanted to move to Canada, that would also be acceptable.

    I’d also move the Blue Jackets to Cleveland from Columbus. After LeBron’s gone, the market will be ripe for the NHL’s picking. And if by some miracle LeBron stays, at least they will have an actual sports base in Cleveland to work from.

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    AC your trade doesn’t work. We wouldn’t be able to afford Kovi under the cap.

    Jokinen, Callahan, Dubinsky, Gilroy, Grachev, and a first and second. Conditional second back our way in 2011 if he doesn’t sign here

    That’s a deal they might actually take.

  190. I agree with you that Dubi and Gilroy would be the key parts to the trade. I think of the players that they would want from our roster now, you can pretty much come up with Dubi, Cally, Staal, Delzoto, Gilroy.

    Then you think to hartford, and I imagine they would want Grachev. So, you have to play pick your poison. Who is more valuable in their position to the future of the team.

    I know people would trade Staal now, but I think you hold on to him. You hold on to Delzoto too. So that leaves you with Dubi, Cally, and Gilroy.

    Personally, Dubi and Gilroy get shown to the door by me.

    Lisin, I don’t know if Atlanta would want him. I do think they might take Rozi though.

    And I wonder if Kovy comes back the other way alone, or with a dman or a pick or something.

  191. Nasty, I agree with you on this. We have too many centers right now anyway. Hey maybe Sather can work his magic and talk Captain Clutch into waiving his NMC! Ah we can dream. I’d still like to see what Grachev turns into. But, we’re talking an elite player here. Even if he doesn’t sign with NYR in the summer we still dump one of the R’s and a bunch of salary with that deal. Go get him Slats!

  192. @ doodie – i live in cleveland and work for the cavs.

    did you know that the jacket’s affiliate was supposed to be the monsters? too bad some big wig in the columbus organization wanted the farm to be in syracuse because it was closer to canada and closer to his family.

    woulda been great for us here in cleveland if our affiliate was the jackets. not to mention their fans actually being able to hop in the car and head up to cleveland to watch their prospects play. to me, the jackets shit the bed on that one.

  193. oh. and sorry to break your balls, but lebron isn’t leaving for at least another 3 years. get over it.

  194. Does Kovy have any say in where he goes? Does he have a NTC?

    If he does, I can’t see him wanting to go to NJ. Farty is in the twilight of his career and that team is just bound to hit a rough patch and have a string of bad seasons. I know we say that every year, but it has to happen doesn’t it?

  195. This isn’t getting Sundin last year, or the best of whatever is left out there. This is getting one of the absolute purest of goal scorers that the league has seen in a very long time.

    Do it!

  196. Kovy doesn’t have an NTC. A deal is happening with the Kings in the next few hours. So far their trade seems to be the best one.

    It’s probably Frolov, Johnson, Teubert or Hickey, and a pick for Kovalchuk. And they have room to sign him to an extension.

  197. Orr – LA wants nothing with Drury. They didn’t want him 3 years ago and that definitely hasn’t changed. They had a chance to go after him and passed easily.

    We actually can fit Kovalchuk under the cap right now. His cap hit isn’t the full one, just how much is left on the rest of his contract for the season. So since it’s more than half way through, it’d really end up being like half of his cap hit or something like that.

    The issue is we don’t need him since we aren’t going anywhere and we’ll never be able to sign him next year.

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    Then I would deal Prospal immediately for a draft pick. We could probably get a 2nd rounder from a team looking for scoring.

    The closest things to a #1 center this summer (besides Marleau, a scoring center who is going to get PAID) are Plekanec and Stajan. Neither guy is going to be worth anything remotely near what they will get paid (sound familiar Chris Drury and Scott Gomez?).

    After that, it’s all crap. Might as well try and land something cheap, or at worst, resign Christensen to a small number. He seems to have chemistry with Gaborik.

  199. Doodie agreed on Christensen. Some players just click with other players. It is like putting a puzzle together.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    nyrcc, Hate to break it to you, but LeBron is gone if they don’t win this season, and even if they do win, he might leave anyway.

    Personally, I’m praying he doesn’t end up on the Knicks. The Rangers get treated badly enough by MSG when the Knicks are terrible. If they had LeBron, they would never be on TV. Rangers game would be on MSG2 while LeBron James picking his nose and watching the Rangers game would be on MSGHD.

  201. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    everyone drooling over witt now…did we get him yet???

    loved the obi wan reference!!

  202. i cant even listen to ESPN anymore, they mentioned that callahan was part of the calgary deal, good call there huh? they suck, ej hradek sucks, burnside sucks, that site should not even be mentioned when speakin about hockey

  203. Exactly! I was going to say that. Jagr and Nylander. Messier and Graves. Now, yeah, I am going to go there. I love Gravey as much as anyone, but he and Messier CLICKED. Graves was a great heart and soul player, but not a natural goal scorer, and on any other team, probably would not have been as good a player.

  204. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    if we are doing this hypothetical situation, then valabik better be coming along with kovy in the deal

  205. young players not developing properly is the failure of leadership. and that means that Torts, and his staff, and Sather and mgmt and the vets Dreary , and blowsival,and Redden and Gaborik ,Prospal etc. you name it. if they are in a position of leadership, if they are veteran players, then they are failing the young Ranger players because we don’t see the progress that should be made by the young kids with the amount of icetime they are getting. thus, they are obviously not getting the right lessons from the veteran players who can’t even do it right themselves. and that is the problem. the vets can’t do it right, and they are showing the kids how to do it wrong. a double whammy this season.

  206. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    did we get witt yet?

    you guys are just lucky my eyes are all frakked up or i would really be all over the witt waiving!!

  207. Good evening, Sally!

    I’m off to a local hockey game … If the Rangers get Kovalchuk, discuss it amongst yourselves until I get back. Haha.

  208. We don’t have enough space to get Witt off waivers unless we send someone down ourselves. His cap hit right now would be something like 1.5 mil for the rest of the year.

    Also Plekanec is pretty legit. He is going to get paid, but I don’t think he’ll get anything more than 5 mil. He’s like Nylander and is a very good pass 1st center. Faceoffs need work though.

  209. @ doodie –

    i think i’m just a tad more connected than you are… this isn’t a basketball forum so i won’t waste my time telling you you’re wrong. yes, he could be gone but i think he re-signs a 3 year deal with a player option for a fourth year. and i dont say that because i’m a homer. if they lose and mike brown keeps his job though, it could get real interesting.

    kovalchuk to the rangers – tonight or never.

  210. by the way I just transcribed this and figured I’d paste it here… what movie?

    _As everybody knows, today is the big culminating, climactic softball game against evil Camp Tiger Claw. WE have put together an unlikely team of misfits and we’ve been training like crazy all summer. Yeahhh, it’s a motley crew that you’d think would never even be able to win a single game. We had a kooky training period where it seemed like, well it seemed like NOTHING was gonna go right..but guys, somehow we made it to the Finals! So I say, when those anonymously evil campers from Tiger Claw get here we give it our best shot, and we try to come from behind at the last minute with some weird trick play that we made up and we WIN the game… whatta ya say team?!_

    (winner gets my Manny Malhotra rookie card)

  211. Ill say it again, I love Dubi as do most ranger fans.

    But damn, how much worse could the rangers be if they traded for Heatly sending Dubi and Staal. Dubi you wouldnt even know he is gone and Staal would hurt but not as bad as you think.

    Also I am not mad at Jokinen, give him some time this team isnt doing anything this year anyway even if he plays good for his short tenure.

  212. Wet Hot American Summer.

    Prucha is greater than or equal to Dubinsky, I don’t think losing him would cripple our future any worse than it already is.

    Kovalchuk will never be a New York Ranger.

  213. Fire Glen Sather Rally Organizer Mike Zippo will be On Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight at 8 PM. Plus we will be taking calls and talking about the recent trade and future transactions as well.

    Listen to the show Live or archived at


  214. I still say the trade was a good one, even if the only reason is to unload salary. I don’t expect much from Ollie anyway, and the other guy, well at least he’s tough.

  215. Don’t think Christenson is overated; if anything he’s underated. Very soft hands and a excellent passer. Also, makes some smart defensive plays. Torts really blew it last night with (5) forwards. Somestimes you really have to wonder how much he knows. Need balance with Propal, Christenson, Gabby, then Avery, Joki & Dubie, thirdly, Lisen, Anisimov & Callahan & a 4th line of Prust, Boyle & Drury. Redden close-up looks like he’s on some serious stuff. He and Rosy got to go. Finally, I’m getting tired of Drury not giving a crap. After watching clips of him with Bufalo & Colorado you wonder where his twin is hiding. Shouldn,t have the “c” Prust a keeper. Can’t wait for the Flyer game.

  216. Dubi, Staal, Girardi, 1st round pick, and Prospect, and maybe Cally for Kovy.

    Then get the best hookers NYC has to offer, and fluff Kovy up, and make these girls convince him that the prostitutes in NYC are better than anywhere else, and he should sign an extension NOW !

    Boom !

  217. could be first thing in the morning but again, i don’t think the rangers are in it if it hasn’t be done by game time tomorrow.

  218. trading for kovalchuk would set this franchise back another 5 years at least. even if we got him there would still be a very good chance we wouldn’t make the playoffs. if those two weren’t bad enough we can’t afford to sign him in the offseason and he doesn’t want to play for a big market team. PASS

  219. If Rosi or Redden go in the many packages for Kovy, we have the cash to resign him. You have to demote the other one and bite the bullet. You just gained 3million from the Olli dealafter the season and cut loose for nothing in return Brash. If you can do it saves some more $. I know there will be a lot of holes to fill with a small amount. Then you have a team spending on a true superstar and we are going to have to hold our breathe on cheap young guys,Artie,MDZ,Gilroy,Lisin,Sags,Christianson,Prust,Cally if some of these guys aren’t in the deal. Drury would really be the long term key,I say keep scratching him until he wants out of NYC, you not going to reduce his value it’s impossible and maybe next year it doesn;t look as bad to a team looking for a rental. Somebody’s got to get bought out demoted or retire wheather we get Kovy or not and want to compete before Gabby/Hank get worn out.

  220. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "How much buck could a kovalchuk chuck if a Kovalchuk could chuck buck??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Bahhh Kovalchuk , we need Vinny L!!!! ohh wait , another 10 million plus player …umm are these guys really worth all that loot?

  221. I’d be careful about Anisimov, CCCP.

    I’m sure you all saw that Columbus Helmets fired Hitchcock.

  222. According to Fox Sports, “Waddell’s asking price was reportedly two good young roster players, a first round pick and at least two promising prospects. Remains to be seen if that’s still the case or if it has dropped in recent days.”

    Any of you want to give up that much of the future for Kovy? Seems like the wrong move to make at this stage, when what the Rangers really need to do is get rid of wasteful spending on aging players who just don’t deliver.

  223. Kovalchuk def. worth the money… he is only 26 years old! Twenty freaking six!!!

    Throwing Anisimov in would definitely seal the deal but I agree…could be very bad move for us…though Anisimov will never amount to Kovalchuk’s status.

  224. May I remind you that Kovalchuk and Avery had a little friendly contact a few years back during that embarassing for Atlanta playoffs? Jeez, who didn’t Avery piss of?

  225. this thing from down goes brown is hilarious
    (Burke wanders by the Rangers draft table and runs into Glen Sather.)

    Burke: Hey Glen, I need to feed the meter. Any chance you have change for a five?

    Sather: Sure. How about six loonies?

    Burke: That would be… wait, no.

    Sather: Fine, fine. Four toonies?

    Burke: No, Glen, it’s a five, all I need is…

    Sather: Nine loonies, five toonies, six quarters and a mint condition Franklin half-dollar. Final offer.

    Burke: …

    Sather: Six years, $39 million.

    Burke: Deal.

  226. Will give them one good young roster player(Dubi) a 1st rounder,2 prospects and 1 good powerplay,veteran,stable,hustling D-man(Redden) DEAL or NO DEAL ATL?

  227. Kovy is 26 and better than any of our prospects will ever be.

    Give them Dubinsky, Grachev, Girardi, some other prospect, and a 1st

  228. or would you guys rather have Kovy rip us a new one every time we play the Flyers or, God forbid, the Devils?

  229. unless the team he is traded to offers him $10M a year for 6-7 years he will wait to test the market. he has waited this long he is in no hurry to sign before the season is over.

    trading kotalik gives us the money to resign staal, still need to sign a couple defenseman, few wingers and a center. i guess if they waived both redden and rosi they could sign him for around $7M, but he has shown no signs of wanting to take such a discount, let alone for the rangers where no one ever takes a discount

  230. Also, if I may point out … Gaby hasn’t gotten injured .. yet.

    Does anyone think he’ll stay this healthy for the rest of his Ranger career?

    Another reason to get Kovy

  231. who did Atlanta get for Hossa?

    Colby Armstrong, *Erik Christensen*, prospect Angelo Esposito, and the Penguins’ first-round pick in 2008 (Daultan Leveille)

    we can’t match this up? We sure can…i think Dubinsky’s “potential” alone beats Armstrong and Christensen put together…

  232. Linda

    it is obvious that Iliya doesnt want to stay in Atlanta anymore.

    we are a desperate team in a desperate need for scoring…besides Gaborik nobody else knows how to put the puck in the net… i say trade whoever you need to get this done…period.

  233. Kings certainly have enough kids to spare. And Atlanta would much prefer to deal him to the Western Conf.

  234. i betwe dont get him, but we will get rid of one of the bad contracts by deadline or sooner. maybe make a run for 29th place and get kabanov. eff kovy, hes too much money. we’ll get kovy and end up with gabby,drury,kovy,redden,rozy,olli and hank. and replace the rest with cardboard cutouts of petr prucha so opposing fwds forget to score and just go crazy trying to destroy prucha. we dont need d men. na we cant afford this guy. you know what would be really funny, is if the team hes traded to gives up a crap-ton of prospects and picks, then kovy just resigns back in atlanta in teh offseason. can u imagine? is that even legal? it would be funny though

  235. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i know you guys want him badly. sheesh, you’d have to be a nut to not want the guy on your team. The question is, even if he IS traded here, will he sign here in the offseason? There is no guarantee that he will. He’ll tease us for 2 1/2 months and then bolt for another team. Now THAT would suck.

    the Kings thing is just a feeling I have, that is all ;-)

  236. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    going to be verrrrry interesting where he winds up,and what moves happen afterwards! gotta love February in the NHL

  237. If he comes to NY he will have a long term deal, same with Philly or LA. He won’t with the NJ or Boston mark my words.

  238. from Eklund just now:

    “The Rangers MAY be trying to put Jokinen in the deal for Kovalchuk. He helps the Thrashers win now….But Atlanta will not take on Redden.”

    Yes, yes, yes … get that POS outta here! Instead of Redden, get them Roszival …

    Come on Sather, go get Kovalchuk!

  239. pimp- are u sure?? if thats true u are the modern nostradomus!!

    hey linda- you see that new show where bigfoot runs a pawn shop in las vegas while making bold predictions for the end of the world and him and hitlers ghost are going to take over afghanistan while doing documentaries on gangs in southern antarctica when they encounter an abominable snowman who then realizes that the bigfoot is actually his long lost brother from when they were baby yeti’s who were separated at birth in nepal by olli the demon swine from finland who writes prophecies of the downfall of the unholy dolan empire that will be destroyed by a giant firey comet from the snickers galaxy

  240. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    mike you are fantastic!!!that would be my favorite show EVAH!!!

    grabby, me you and mako watch all the science and wacky stuff!!

  241. I just read on sportsbuzz/hockey that the the rangers are gonna be the shocker team that gets kovy,i dont c it happenin but it also said that possibilities of guys that could b dealt of they do make this trade would be Dubinsky,Callahan,Gilroy,Girardi,Avery,Stepan,Grachev,picks.

    i no u wont agree with me but i think they should maybe move even a dubinsky to get kovy as long as we send redden to hartford so we could sign him.

  242. linda- i have history channel, nat geo, discovery,and the military channel programmed and locked in whenever hockey isnt on. i hate regular sitcom tv shows. i like weird stuff. satherquest, i mean monsterquest is a good one. but they never ever find anything!! not even a sather sighting, i mean monster sighting

  243. Is Ilya Witt a ranger yet? You know.. the dynamo scoring machine/crease clearing defenoffenseman..?

  244. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i’m the same way grabby. the only ‘major network’ tv show i watch is Fringe. I love some of this wacky stuff, and even watch Ghost Hunters on occassion (and South Park)

  245. Lets not trade Stepan, Grachev, McDonagh, or Kreider for Kovalchuk. They can have Dubi and Callahan and pretty much anyone else but Gaborik. We need to clear a ton of cap space though.

  246. Brooks twitter: “Asking price on Kovalchuk absurd…Rangers would like to be a player but can’t be….”

  247. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    waddell went to the slatipuss school of GMing! How do you not give teams the ability to negotiate with him before the deal if a team is giving up all the property he is asking for kovy?

    I mean if we do get him no matter what we give up, he tests the market after this season, we are screwed. I mean if he wants 11 mil per season, you are just screwed, can’t resign him and lose all of what you have traded for 25 games and the playoffs perhaps! and it kills addressing any of the other team needs, which are greater. if (IF) we trade for him you have to include redden in the deal to get some sort of cap relief as well as all the other parts of the deal!

    I would rather have armstrong than dubi even though i do think dubi is more talented!

  248. How about this trade:

    To NY: Ilya Kovalchuk

    To ATL: J Woww, The Situation, Pauly D & Snookie

  249. wicky, i try, i try :) the original ones are some of my fav movies of all time, even if i never saw them in the theater

  250. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    i guess of the larger contracts out there, kovy is the one with the greatest upside but highest tag, VL’s playing style is by far my fave of the big ones…physical stands up for teammates, or richards who is probably the best fit for gabby in my opinion and has the most favorable contract situation!

    i would go with richards if i were the rangers. He’d mesh better with gabby i think, you could still dump rozy in the deal and maybe only lose dubi/sangs as well. clear out girardi and lisin to someone, as well as dump redden somewhere so they don’t count against the cap. You can still add 2 good solid physical d men, a secondary guy like holmstrom, and maybe get a back up for hank if 29 isn’t going to work!

    oh well, back to reality….so have we claimed witt yet?

  251. I’m so torn on Kovy. He would look fantastic in Ranger’s colors. But I’m not sure he’s worth the package, the picks AND the money. Would be nice to just pay him the money over summer like the yanks did with CC, but clearing the cap room is a nightmare.

  252. hells yea wick!! and holy hell yea craig!! i cant stand those mooks. bunch of preppy spoiled punks. its the real world but just with italian kids. can they stereotype us anymore?? just what about that show is appealing to anybody but 16 year old suburban girls? i saw that stumpy brute snookie at an la kings game and she thinkis she is a total celebrity!!! shes a lil piggie!! higgins future wife

  253. I think the only untouchables are hank staalmdz and gabby. I love cally and dubi as much as the next guy but for every 50 dubi and callys there is only one kovalchuck…..

  254. amazing , just amazing…. I might be going to hell for this one, but she’s contributed about as much to this world as anna nicole smith did…

  255. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    someone on another blog referred to her as an “OXYGEN THIEF” i thought that was freakin hysterical

  256. kovalchuk is good for a playoff team that needs to compete with washington or chicago. we are not in that category. if there was no drury or redden, it would be very possible, and also, sather got gabby for 5 years. you got 1 high talent guy and 2 would just be great, but then you have a 1 line team like ottawa did. 1 player is not going to change this team. we really just need to keep all our picks, prospects. the more we have the more likely we get our own kovalchuk somewhere down the line. get a top draft choice. its not like thje rangers will fold up and move if we miss the playoffs for 7 more years.

  257. lolo hey linda. she actually said. ” ohh well teh best thing about the show is that we are total celebrities now”. i choked and couldnt breathe for a minute cuz she was stealing oxygen through my tv set.

  258. brooks says the asking price is too high for slats. says slats wants kovy but unless the asking price comes down, he can’t be a player.

  259. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    if her and that rat that sits on top of her head are celebrities, i am so glad i’m just a sports fan! here’s hoping they dont dilute the gene pool

  260. why are dumb bimbos like that allowed all the perks in life? they get the guys, the money, the fame,everything.
    I’m not complaining or asking for anything (well, there are things I want, but don’t we all), but sometimes it just seems the balance of things is all out of whack.

  261. kings should get kovy. they would really be exciting to watch against chicago or san jose. then if they do get to the finals, they can probably beat the pens. i will not survive if crosby wins another cup. i will whither and fade away into the cosmos like carl sagen. remember when they used to play that show on history lina? that guy was kinda weird and his voice was too. interseting show though. the fact is, i like watching that kinda stuff after a ranger loss. helps me forget!

  262. shes fugly by my standards mickey. i wouldnt date her. i wouldnt give her 5 bucks or a balogney sandwich. id have to drink pure everclear and lots of it if i ever had a run in with her stumpy butt.

  263. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    valley of the stupid:

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    Police said the man was hanging out with a 24-year-old female friend in a home on Cotton Row where the two were drinking alcohol and playing with a gun.

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    The man was shot once in the hand and was taken to Huntsville Hospital in a private vehicle, police said. His non-life-threatening gunshot wound was treated, and he was released.

    Police said the man is not planning to press charges.

  264. killer bees are not monsters!!!! thyre animal. theyre bugs!!1 this show is called monsterquest!! the only monsters they ever find are actual real animals. i wanna see one of these dopes wrangle a minotaur or a liger!! something with skills. bred for its magical abilities.

  265. oh linda, thers a new show on bravo called steven seagal/lawman!! i didnt know this, but hes actually a deputy sherriff in lousiana. u gotta watch it. its kinda funny when p[eople recognize him.

  266. linda, that story is hysterical. Makes the ‘people are crazy’ line in that song all the more true

  267. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ Grabby fallin for ORR’s shenanigans!!

    I watched that Segal show a few weeks ago! i think i’d

  268. i miss carp. where are ya big guy? ohh, just so u know linda and mickey, im a celebrity too. i was on a nickelodean show one time. i was a contestant on a little kiddie show like double dare. haha i was like 7, but im a celeb 4 life now

  269. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    LMAO mike on double dare! my brother watched that show all the time!!! so you were still a new yorker when you were on it eh!!

  270. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    it would really suck if the rangers sign witt and wicky is not here to celebrate it!!

  271. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    how many different versions of ‘unwrapped’ and ‘how its made’ are really needed????

  272. Nasty, I thought of you today when I went to amvets and found an ugly old mug with a Turkish Van on it! I’ll post pictures eventually.

  273. Bob Mckensie says that the Rangers have a very good shot at landing Kovy if they are willing to part with one each of:

    Dubi or Calli
    Staal or Girardi
    A High pick or prospect

    Honestly, We have alot of depth right now at the Center position (Props, Olli, Chrstensn, AA, Drury, Boyle) and I think I would trade Dubinsky. He disappears too much from game to game and I havent had confidence in him since “The Holdout”

    I think its a no-brainer to trade Girardi at this point

    and I’d offer a 2nd round pick with an additional 2nd round conditional pick if signed.

    Plus, I think they would have to take a salary dump as well to make the money right …. Brashear anyone ???

    Sending Brashear to HOTlanta sounds pretty sweet!!!!

  274. i bet before the end of this carolina/calgary game kotalik or higgins scores. mark it down. i hate both with a passion

  275. Slats needs to trade Dublowski now, before he makes the same mistake again. Could have had Heatley, now even better, we can get Kovalchuk.

    Staal, i can care less aboot him. Id include him in the package.

    It was be nice if somehow Wadell was dumb enough, and he thought wasking for both of them was a bit too much, and he tells Slats that he’ll take Dredden, or Dreary off his hands if he sends us Dubi, and Staal, as well as some other pieces.

    I would be in heaven.

    Lol, imagine we actually get Kovalchuk, and both he and Gabby have a knee on knee collision that ends their seasons. Haha as sad and depressing as that sounds, i would laugh, just because that’s the way it’s been for this team. Nothing byt garbage luck.

  276. Props, Olli, Chrstensn, AA, Drury, Boyle-you call this depth at the center position?

    Olli and Prospal are probably gone at the end of the year (not worth what they will be asking)

    AA has a lot of potential but is he ready to be a 1st line center next year? think he needs more time

    drury and boyle are 4th line centers at best. Duby isn’t an amazing center, but trading him for a rental is not the answer, especially when we could very well still miss the playoffs even if we got kovalchuk

  277. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    if i’m not here, wht is happening to me???am i getting witt’d?

  278. orr
    couldnt agree with you more. the one guy i would not include is staal. dubi cally whoever else see ya

  279. Not sure why we’re all contemplating who..or who we wouldnt give up for Kovalchuk. I think the writing’s on the wall already.. LA will have him before the olympic roster freeze…

  280. If we could get Kovy for Dubi, Girardi, Brashear, two 2nd rounders a prospect like Byers/Dupont that would be sick


    It’s all terrible if he doesn’t re-sign.

  281. how many of you are gonna jump off a cliff when we don’t get Kovalchuk?

    I’m gonna enjoy it. You Ranger fans are too used to getting every big name available.

  282. Salty…I’m not expecting him, but anytime you hear stuff, it’s impossible not to wonder what it would be like to see him and Gabby together.

  283. I agree with the great Bob McKenzie, the Rangers really aren’t the best match for Atlanta as a trading partner.

    -Atlanta isn’t going to want the R&R idiots and Drury has the NTC and to make this trade happen they need to take back a large contract.

    -If they keep Redden, Drury, Gabby, Henrik plus Ilya that’s like the entire cap right there. They won’t even be able to afford AHL contracts yet alone ECHL ones.

    -Trading Staal/Cally/Dubi is dumb and it once again promotes the mercenary culture that was prevalent in this club post-Cup until the lockout.

    -They’re not that close to a Cup. I’d rather take my chances with Olli and maybe one more minor trade for a guy like Tanguay or Stillman and have the chance of tanking and acquiring potential cheap young talent (Hall, Sedguin, Fowler, Kabanov, Tarasenko, Neideieriter, Embrem, etc.)

    -ATL is going to want one of Grachev, Stepan, or Kreider and there’s no logic in doing that.

    So in sum, this is a dumb idea and just makes zero sense.

  284. obviously I would love Kovalchuk, and would give up quite a few of our youngsters…

    Many people around here have that “gimmie” attitude, as if it has done us well in recent years anyway.

    Remember how many kids around here were creamy undied over MATS SUNDIN? Get OVER it. Face it, Rangers fans don’t deserve Kovalchuk, and he’s already on record saying he doesn’t want to play here in the first place.

  285. ThisYearsModel on

    Go ahead and trade for Kovalchuk. Just don’t trade his line mates for the next 7 years……Anisimov and Grachev.

  286. And how could we even afford him? He wants 10-12 years at near the league max…if we had a competent GM I would just say we could get 3 very good players for the price of Kovy, but that’s asking too much of course

  287. I don’t get why Boston isn’t a player like McKenzie suggests they should be

    They can deal a 1st rd pick while still keeping a top 3, Wideman, Sturm…

  288. Is Kovalchuk really going to solve this team’s problems this year? They might win a round but no way they figure this out in time to compete with Pittsburgh, Wash, etc. the deeper they go. Not with Redden and Roszival on the blue line.

    If they can get Ilya K, make it happen in the offseason. If they’re gonna tank let them get an elite young player and they still have Gaborik AND Kovalchuk and then some of the younger guys improve, some of the Hartford guys come up, and we actually have a more cohesive and complete TEAM to root for.

    New York Rangers mercenary pretty pony of the moment culture. Let it die a long overdo death already.

  289. Tank the Season on

    You know, we should do with Kovalchuk the same thing we did with Wayne Gretzky – DO NOT trade for him at the deadline, wait until he’s a UFA, sign him for nothing other than money.

    The man has made it clear that he is going to test free agency no matter what.

  290. Gabby’s next goal will be a career high in PP goals…and he needs 18 more points for a career high

  291. Tank the Season on

    We absolutely will have the space to sign Kovalchuk as a UFA next season. That won’t be an issue.

  292. proof that the rangers are a bunch of sissies:

    Matt Gilroy became a fan of Sprout Baby Food.

    this was on my facebook news feed.

  293. salty, honestly, i would rather NOT see Kovy here. It would hamstring the team even further, not to mention gut what is a legit youth movement by Rangers standards

  294. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    i certainly won’t jump off a cliff if we don’t get kovy. He would be a nice guy to have for sure, but at what price.

    Now if we don’t claim witt, i may go right over that cliff!!

    linda, get that deal done please!

  295. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    sather is havingn a problem with him looking like a caveman! he keeps wanting to have relations!

  296. From Twitter: @DownGoesBrown Burke’s plan for replacing Komisarek on Team USA: offer four crappy guys to whichever country Sutter is GMing.

  297. CCCP, i wouldn’t call ranger fans greedy who want to trade for kovalchuk. I’d call them clueless. Unless it’s kovalchuk straight up for roszival, no thanks. I don’t think we’d win a round with kovy in the lineup if we even qualified for the playoffs

  298. No to Kovalchuk. We’re lucky to compete for the cup in 2 years if Sather keeps the young core and somehow 1-adds some good picks and 2-somehow gets rid of Rozi and Drury or Redden. Doubt it.

    Best thing to happen will be to keep losing and maybe Dolan will let his wallet kick him in his ass and wake him from his coma and realize that sather is done.

  299. We’re lucky to compete for the cup in 2 years if Sather keeps the young core and somehow 1-adds some good picks and 2-somehow gets rid of Rozi and Drury or Redden.


    those are three giant “ifs”

  300. Ahhh now i see the boneheads page on FB ..I sent a req ..Chris G..aka Hammerhead…sometimes Chris G the real guitar hero/…Rocker/…..Lickmaster

  301. Dublowski = Bust
    Staal = Bust / Not the offensive d-man we hoped he was when we drafted him / Not the physical d-man we hoped he can be
    Cally = Nothing more than a 20 goal scoring grinder.

    Id be willing to move all of them, cause they’re not the future of this team. They’re just minor pieces of a puzzle.

    I love Cally, and im only willing to trade him if it’s a part of a good deal for someone we need.

    I don’t want to get rid of Artie, Grach, Del Z, and the obvious players.

    Im not expecting Kovy either, but im saying that im more willing to package those 3 guys.

    But i REALLY want Kovy !!!! Just think aboot it. We have Kovy, and Gabby. Maybe some secondary support from some youngsters, and we can build the D, and we have Hank.

    Sounds pretty sweet.

  302. Dolan's favorite fans on

    fans who clamor for big names are exactly what Sather and Dolan want. they escape rebuilding the team with homegrown kids who want to be Rangers instead they just point to clueless fantasy fans who want marquee name players who are nothing more than mercenaries who could care less about NY Rangers, sure, dump the homegrown kids for losers who got swept in 4 straight by the Rangers in their only playoff series with no-backcheckov. this greedy bastard wants $120 million bucks to float while the opponents have the puck. no thanks. if they have not learned anything from the recent dumb contracts still haunting and hurting the team, then some fans will never learn.

  303. I do not consider Redden,Drury,Gomez, or Roszival ,or Lundqvist BIG NAMES.. Gaborik Scores like an elite player. Heatly would have if he was a Ranger. Kovalchuk would also. Lets not get confused here.

  304. Carp,

    Your SHG assessment is in correct, IMHO.

    Both Joke and Dru played the breakaway correctly, allowing Lundqvist to face the shooter and taking possible pass away. Any other D would do the same. As for losing the point, any D, Leetch included, could have that happened. I am not Torts admirer, but I wouldn’t blame him for “experiment”. I’d say Lundqvist should have made a save. He did not and goal was a carbon copy of Fedorov’s and many other he allows on top glove.

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