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From the Rangers:

In exchange for forwards Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik

New York, February 2, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the Rangers have acquired forwards Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust from the Calgary Flames, in exchange for forwards Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik.
Jokinen, 31, has skated in 56 games for Calgary this season, tallying 11 goals and 24 assists for 35 points, along with 53 penalty minutes and a plus-two rating.  He is tied for third in the NHL with five shootout tallies, including one game deciding goal.  He ranks second on the team in assists (24), third in points (35) and is tied for third in goals (11). Originally drafted by the Los Angeles Kings with the third overall pick in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft, Jokinen has eclipsed the 30-goal mark four times in his career, most recently in 2007-08 when he recorded 34, including 18 power play goals which ranked third in the NHL.
The 6-3, 207-pounder enjoyed his finest NHL season in 2006-07, establishing career-highs in goals (39), assists (52), points (91), plus/minus rating (plus-18), and shots (351).  He ranked second in the NHL in shots, tied for seventh in game winning goals (eight), 11th in goals, and ranked 14th in points.  In 855 career NHL games, Jokinen has recorded 248 goals and 305 assists for 553 points, along with 847 penalty minutes. The Kuopio, Finland native is the Florida Panthers all-time franchise leader in goals (188), assists (231), points (419) and consecutive games played (376).
Jokinen will represent Finland at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada and will be making his third Olympic appearance (2002, 2006, 2010).  He helped lead Finland to the Silver Medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, tying for the tournament lead with six goals and ranking sixth with eight points in eight games.  In addition, Jokinen was a member of the Silver Medal-winning Team Finland at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey.
Prust, 25, has skated in 43 games with Calgary, registering one goal and four assists, along with 98 penalty minutes and a plus-six rating.   His 98 penalty minutes lead the team, while his plus-six rating ranks second.  The 5-11, 195-pounder ranks second in the NHL in fighting majors with 18.
Prust, who helped lead the London Knights to the Memorial Cup in 2005, appeared in 36 games for Calgary and the Phoenix Coyotes last season, recording one goal and two assists, along with 108 penalty minutes.  He began the season with Calgary before being traded to Phoenix along with Matthew Lombardi and a first round pick, in exchange for Jokinen on March 9, 2009.  He was dealt back to Calgary, in exchange for Jim Vandermeer on June 27.  The London, Ontario native was originally selected by Calgary, in the third round, 70th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.
Higgins has skated in 55 games this season, registering six goals and eight assists for 14 points, along with 32 penalty minutes.  He was acquired from Montreal along with Ryan McDonagh, Doug Janik and Pavel Valentenko, in exchange for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto on June 30, 2009.
Kotalik has appeared in 45 games this season, recording eight goals and 14 assists for 22 points, along with 38 penalty minutes and a minus-18 rating.  He signed with New York as an unrestricted free agent on July 9, 2009.

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  1. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on


  2. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on


    tunnel snout and nupruuuu!! comedy potential is endless! I am looking forward to the jibberish!

  3. Before I go, I just had a vision of Glen Sather waving his hands in front of his face at Rangers fans ala John Cena saying, “You can’t fire me!”

  4. Massive Carping! I’m posting more than I have in the past month combined!

    Look at that, Redden and Phaneuf have the exact same cap number, $6.5 million, and contract remaining, through 2013-14, according to NHL Numbers. Burke’s too smart to do that, right?

    MAKO – Yeah, I liked Kotalik for his offense, too. He should have had more chances than Higgins, but I’m guessing there was some sort of rift with Tortorella involved. It must break Higgins’s little heart to be traded away from Montreal and New York in the span of about eight months.

    Carp – Randolph’s firing news came down at about 3:15 a.m. ET.

    This is why we won this trade, from Chris Botta:

    Btw, Higgins deserved to have his heart re-broken for the poor effort he put into the games here.

  5. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    this tweet just came over and I got to admit, pretty impressive:

    Olli “You play for that sweater, that logo. Until they tell you you’re not part of the team, and they just told me I’m not part of the team”

  6. What a merciful end for both of them. Higgins couldn’t even score with Gaborik and Prospal. That’s bad. Kotalik is a one dimensional player. Good riddance.

    Props to Sather for getting rid of these guys. Too bad he had to bring them here in the first place. Kinda like getting excited for a tax return, then you realize it was your money to begin with.

  7. OK. now try and stop me from going to bed. And don’t wake me up for anything less than a Kovalchuk deal.

    Good night/morning, Sally!

  8. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on

    Good luck to Forearms,he was just misunderstood! Byebye Scooby, he was just drunk or stoned.

    we have a guy named Olli on the team, now we need a Stanny Dee!!

  9. Eklund reports that Redden has been traded to Toronto in exchange for the rights to have Elisha Cuthbert attend Rangers home games

  10. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on

    OH MAN micha! he’ll be up for weeks now!

  11. As the unofficial fight doctor here, I will say that Prust will be a welcomed addition to the Rangers club. He does not have the TKO power of a heavyweight….but he does have pretty good balance and can hang in there with both the middles and the heavies…

    Most importantly, it will be nice to see someone stick up for his team. Now we just gotta cut bait with Brashole and somehow find a way to get rid of Rozy and Redden and Captain Dreary.

  12. True fans bleed RW&B on

    It might be Higgins, Kotalik, and a former Leaf for Kovy… But calgary will probably get him. They were active last year and again this year, making big moves. Good for them.

  13. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    happy groundhog day to all!


  14. Lets pray Jokinen goes back to wearing number 12 here in NY, seeing as 21 didnt work for him in Calgary, and 21 didnt work for Higgins here… worthless tidbit i know but i am supersticious

  15. I never thought id live to see the day that the two most ugliest players in the game would grace the beautiful Rangers jersey. Oinky Joke-inen, and Donald Brash*t.

    Please, don’t tell me Mike Ricci is coming out of retirement to play with us.

    Hopefully he picks up his game, and does well. We need it.

    Im still hoping for 29th place.

  16. Olli better get his frequent flyer miles ready. To L.A. tonight, back to NY, then back to Vancouver for the Olympics, back to Calgary maybe to get his personal stuff, and back to NY.

  17. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on

    Orr, you are sooooo correct! Is tyler kennedy next??? OY VEY!!

    have a good night kids! Gotta go finish the cookies!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  18. so we get a 35 point (so far this season) possible 1st line Center and trade away 2 mediocre wingers who totaled 35 points (so far) COMBINED

    PLUS, we may never have to see Brash in a Rangers uniform again ???

    WIN – WIN !!!

  19. they got callers on now talkin about the trade.
    prust is happy teams are looikin for his services
    excited to come to the big city

    flames fans are crushed prust is leaving

    olli was more worried about his family (rightfully so)
    played for the team till his last day
    funny how his first and last game was against the flyers

    djs are thinkin somethin else is up
    too many forwards

  20. the callers sound so drained

    the game they showed no heart
    and then the bizarre trade after the game

    one caller hears circus music

    they want to land VL or kovalchuk
    they dont understand why this happened

    “this isnt nhl 10”
    sutter has to go
    drafts horrible
    we take on an albatross of a contract (kotalik)
    something better be comin back
    prust busts his hump and this is how we thank him?
    trading him twice?

    the dion pahneuf trade is horrible and shame on the calgary fans for hating on dion phaneuf
    everyone should be sickened by how he got treated and i hope he does well in TO

    thats the last caller

  21. This was a great move by Slats! I am reposting this here, since I don’t think anyone saw it in the other column.

    I do not see a single bad thing about this trade.

    -The Rangers shed Kotalik’s awful contract for the next few years.

    -Higgins seemed to work hard and had some really good years in MTL a while back, but he hasn’t been the same guy and he couldn’t buy a goal here in NY. Plus there are rumors that him and Redden like to rage too much and are snorting their money away….

    -The Rangers now have more room to sign Staal and possibly make other moves now and in the future.

    -The Rangers get a good, young fighter/agitator in Prust who should help bring some needed grit to the team.

    -The Rangers get Jokinen, who not so long ago (before his brief stint in PHO and in Calgary) was one of the elite players in the NHL. Jokinen is a big guy, and gives the Rangers the #1 center they have needed all season. Plus he will be a FA after the season and will give NY even more $ to play with. If anything, playing in the East again, Jokinen could provide a needed spark to this team. He may mesh very well with Gabby or whoever he is paired with. Let’s not forget that he was a good player before going to Calgary and it is obvious that Calgary had some serious locker room issues. Some say Jokinen is a locker room cancer, but let’s not forget the same was said about Avery before he came here and look how that turned out. Just about all of us love Avery. From 2002-2008 Jokinen played in EVERY game EVERY season and in that time frame he racked up an average of 75 points a season, scoring 30+ goals in 4 of those seasons.

    I am not saying Jokinen is gonna be the savior of this team and he may be a complete bust like many of the aging stars that come to NY. However he is a hell of a lot better than Higgins and Kotalik COMBINED. If he doesn’t produce, then no big deal, we either let him walk or ship him out. It’s a win-win situation for the Rangers.

    I DO NOT SEE A SINGLE DOWNSIDE TO THIS TRADE! Unless of course Slats give Jokinen a raise and a contract extension, or if he packages Jokinen, Staal, Dubi, Cally & a pick to ATL for Kovalchuck….

  22. “I never thought id live to see the day that the two most ugliest players in the game would grace the beautiful Rangers jersey. Oinky Joke-inen, and Donald Brash*t.”

    While they are some goofy looking dudes, I think Rod Brind’Amour takes the cake and I don’t see him wearing a blue shirt.

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is going to screw it up somehow. The downside is that Sather screwed it up by getting these stiffs in the first place.

    And jae- Spot on about Brind’Amour being the player most likely to be beaten severely by the ugly stick.

  24. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on

    oh man BRIND A’mour, father of the zombies! Ricci is also a victim of the ugly tree!

  25. Linda is attempting to make chocolate chip/white chocolate chip/cherry cookies and keep up with you guys on

    tr, those flames fans sound non too happy. Bet they’ll be ecstatic once they land Kovi eh?

  26. One of the TSN comments actually said he thought the Sutters must have really wanted Higgins, to trade Olli for him. Huh?

    This is a good NY trade, though mostly for cap reasons and for the fighter.


  27. Here’s the bottom line:
    -Olie is probably only here for the remainder of the season – if that and even if he underachieves while he’s here- he can’t possibly underachieve worse then the two guys we just got rid of.

    -We’re off the hook for Kotalik’s contract.

    – Higgins is gone a few months early.

    -Maybe this opens up the door for Grachev to come up and play some minutes on the wing?

    – Capspace for next season is never a bad thing.

    – On Prust..2 things. 1. Byebye Donald. and 2. Oh Mr. Carcilloooooooooo, we have a new Rangerrrr that wants to meeeeeeeeeeeeet youuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

  28. Great deal for 4 reasons:
    1. Jokinen may have the requisite skill to play with Gabby and if not we can abandon him at the end of the season.
    2. We are rid of the under-achieving and overpaid (for 3 years!) Kotalik
    3. We are rid of the underwhelming Higgins
    4. Mr Carcillo, may i introduce Mr Prust? Eat Fist!

    Next on your to-do list Slats:
    1. Duck off Donald
    2. Rid us of at least one of the R’s
    3. Trade for a physical defenseman

  29. I wonder if Sather reacted to the news of the fire Sather rally? Jokinen must have ebola or something. How did Sutter trade anyone for Kotalik & Higgins? Not only did he make a crazy trade, but with the extra day to think about it he STILL MADE THE DEAL!!!!

    See, when I used to rant about how Sather was not much worse than other GM’s I was right.

    Thanks for erasing Sather’s screw ups, Mr. Sutter.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust we trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I can’t believe how much I can’t stand Piggins.

    Sather is a genius.

    Now to scoop up Jagr for next year. He says he wants to come back and would go on a try out.

  31. Carp-

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m just happy to get Kotalik’s contract off the books for next season. Plus I think fans just like trades that’s why the excitement.

    Next up is to trade Rosival!!

  32. Some calculations I ran through yesterday, I got the numbers from capgeek:

    Just some numbers to play with:
    Jokinen annual cap hit = 5.25
    Lisin = 0.790
    Christensen = 0.750
    Prospal = 1.15
    Girardi = 1.55
    That’s 9.49 in cap room if you don’t re-sign those guys. 
    Now you have to deduct the salaries of whatever guys they decided to call up to replace them and also Staal is a restricted FA.  I figure they call up Grachev next year (.933) and either Sangs (.855) or see if they can re-sign Heikkinen to a similar deal (.875).  I’d look for them to give Staal what they gave Dubi and Cally, so around 2 to 2.25. 
    With that in mind you’d have a roster of:
    Chad Johnson
    With a total cap hit of anywhere from 50.234 to 50.504.  Cap right now is 56.8 so if even with a flat cap for next year you’d have anywhere from 6.296 to 6.566 to fill in two forwards.  Unfortunately Brash’s age keeps him on the books unless he’s traded (waiving doesn’t get him off).  So if they were to keep put Voros in the AHL then they’d get another 1.0 to add to the pot. 

  33. Oh and kotalik didn’t like playing for Trots!! Hey ales u think playing fir Brent sutter is any easier!!

  34. jokinen said it was a “slap in the face” to be traded. Wonder if he is mad about going to play for us, or just mad at sutter? hopefully the later.

  35. Carp,
    Loved the trade just because we can get future cap space. You are dead wrong first time in couple of weeks, it would be ashame if Voros is the odd man out. NO talent bad penalities way below avg fighter showed some heart but talent gap is too extreme to keep on the everyday roster.

  36. TSN is saying that the Flames have 13 wingers now, so i expect they are not done yet, so maybe Sutter promised Kotalik he was going to be flipped to another team in a package for a center?

    The important thing is that we are rid of those 2 more years for Kotalik opening up some more cap space and we have a #1 center who we hope has a point to prove…plus a middleweight who knows how to fight (Flames fans reckon we are going to love Prust)

  37. Quite the celebration over Sather once again dumping salaries that he shouldn’t have signed in the first place. Sather spends most of his time trying to get rid of his own contracts. How does that make him a good GM?
    Jokinen has never carried a team to success, and Prust is a 4th line fighter — woohoo! Is this building anything? No, just the standard desperation of a GM feeling the heat.

  38. Hey….let’s not have any bad mouthing of # 21…it’s a noble number……………….after all it was worn by the great sniper himself, Blaine Stoughton of the gone but not forgotten Whalers………Hah!

  39. Carp – Others have posted the same thing but I want to add to the list. The enthusiasm for this trade has several layers.

    1. Getting rid of Kotalik (and contract) and Higgins is a plus regardless of who came back. Some good players just don’t make it with a new team and here are two players that fit that category gone in one swipe.
    2. Jokinen has the playing style that has the opportunity to mesh with Gaborik, especially if he’s playing for a contract. Plus, adding a true center isn’t a bad thing for this team.
    3. Prust means we should never have to see Brashear again. He’s a tough player that we can count on to be there every night. In fact Craig Button, on NHL On The Fly, said that although his point total is low (5 pts), Prust may end up being the most important player in the deal.
    4. If Jokinen doesn’t mesh, Slats can maybe get a pick or something for him at the deadline. Worst case, he isn’t resigned this summer as a UFA. Very little risk on him.
    5. I hate every Sutter brother and saddling (Calgary pun) Brent with these 2 dogs will be fun to watch. He thought Jokinen was frustrating, at least Jokinen was a dog that had more points than Kotalik and Higgins combined.

    I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  40. Jokinen always seemed to score against the Rangers. That’s generally how Sather scouts. Higgins and Kotalik also often scored against the Rangers. The problem is how they play here. What team has Jokinen ever taken to the playoffs?

  41. Bring your flaming torches to the Garden next home game. No less then four Zombies on the Rangers now:
    1. Drury
    2. Jokinen
    3. Redden (those sunken eyes are the telltale sign of the undead)
    4. Roszival

    If you see Woody Harrelsen at the game, you know there is some trouble brewing!!!!

  42. One thing I have been reading on some Calgary boards is that Calgary’s style of play has really hampered Jokinen’s offense…maybe in Tort’s system he will improve and be really happy that he can open up his game?

    Any word on if they’re in the lineup tonight? Wouldn’t wanna see Brashear playing

  43. Didn’t the Habs cut ties with big Georges Laraque? If so can’t Slats use those compromising pictures of Gainey to convince him to take Brashear to replace him?

  44. Higgins first NHL goal was against the Rangers at the Garden. Home opener for the Rangers I believe. Might have been the winning goal. I can’t recall. . .

  45. CW – i don’t want Laraques – i think the Habs released him, just saying couldn’t that be a place to send Brash in exchange for a draft pick or bag of pucks?

  46. If I were Sather (Zombie Overlord), I would look to acquire Filitov and Torres. Filitov has Gaborik potential, but can’t play under Hitchcock. I would trade Cally/Dubi, Sangs, and picks.

  47. I would do the Brash for Laraque trade and then bury Laraque in the AHL. Laraque doesn’t have the 35+ contract so his cap space can come off if he’s not on the NHL team. If this Prust kid is as feisty as they say he is, I’m fine with letting him and Voros absorb punches the rest of the year.

  48. UK,
    Agreed, but I would think that would be a do-able (Brash for LaRaque). I believe when you make a trade, you can demote the player(s) to the minors w/o cap implications or waiver trouble.

  49. Well this should prompt the Rangers front office to create a “no sign” list. As in do not sign players coming from certain teams. Top of the list, Buffalo and New Jersey. Drury/Kalinin/Kotalik (technically he was an FA from EDM, but he was Buffalo trained) and then Gomez/Holik/Driver.

  50. I hope Voros and Prust stay in the lineup with Boyle, but it’s doubtful. Keep Brash out…I honestly wouldn’t put Jokinen with Gaborik…he’s doing fine with what he’s got…I would, for tonight…

    Prospal Dubinsky Gaborik
    Avery Jokinen Callahan
    Drury Anisimov Lisin
    Voros Boyle Prust

  51. Who has tickets to 3/14 Rangers vs. Carcillo game?! I cannot wait. My theory is that is the only reason this trade was made. DOWN WITH CARCILLO!

  52. With the Flames having played last night, I think both new additions may sit tonight and debut at MSG. Maybe just one sits, but the tavel and time zone and having played last night can’t be very restful. The lines wont be to terrible with Christensen playing for higgins and Brashear playing for…. I think im right in saying that at least one will play. Wont they need at least a practice or meeting to gather the basics of the system? Trades always make me nervous for the new players debut. excited, but nervous.

  53. CW

    I don’t know aboot that. Didn’t we all say Nicky Z had “Jagr potential” ? That landed him in Torts’ doghouse, so it would probably happen to Filitov.

    Although, i wouldn’t be against it, cause he does have talent. I was hoping Slats would trade up and draft him that draft, cause i wanted to see him play with Artie, and Cherry.

    I hope Prust, and Pig-Man are playing tonight. If there are any Ranger fans at the game tonight, try and start an “oink” chant.

  54. Good morning!

    First degree robbery? I think so.

    This is what Rodent thinks, btw:

    “1 AM: The trade with Calgary has been completed. As expected, the principles are Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik.

    This deal is both tactical and strategic for New York.

    Strategically, it gets Koty’s $3M cap hit off the books for the next 2¼ seasons. Don’t underestimate the importance of this aspect.

    Tactically, Prust and Jokinen bring some sandpaper to the club. Prust put a Flyer face first into the glass on the forecheck Monday night. He’s also got great wheels. And, of course, Jokinen upgrades the center position for the playoff push.

    It’s immaterial what you’ve heard about Olli’s temperment in the locker room. He’s unrestricted come summer – not an issue for Tortorella. ”

    Honestly, I didn’t know that Prust could skate that well until I saw the game last night.

  55. Orr,
    . . . . ummmmmm. . . . saying Zherdev was the next Jagr is like saying Zherdev would be one of the top 10-15 players to ever play the game. I don’t remember anyone saying or thinking that.
    BUT, you are right. Zherdev is all potential and no results. But with an abundance of Dubi’s and Cally’s in the system, I would roll the dice with Filitov. Especially looking forward to Grachev coming up in the future.

  56. Can you guys just imagine if Jokinen actually can build some chemistry with Gabby…………..This trade may mean more than we thnk.

    Now, if we could only get rid of one of the R’s……….

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Leetchhalloffame on

    How ironic – Higgins father & brother are NYC firefighters and he will play for the Flames. They have something in common now. Oh, I almost forgot – FIRE SATHER!!

  58. higgins played hard and was effective except the guy shot 4%. 3rd on the team in shots and 4 or 5 goals. to bad for him. if he could have been the 10 to 25 goal scorer he could have really helped out and found a home.

  59. NHL On the Fly crew thing we won this trade big time, and that Prust might be the best player in the whole deal. You have to like that.

    And I will say it again, Kevin Weeks is an awesome commentator.

  60. ok glennie next move. dubi gilroy chad johnson and a first round pick for kovalchuck if and only if he we could work out a contract first.

  61. Jokinen brings steller playoff experience to the team…he should really pick up his game come April.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, should we start the countdown to when Sather gives Jokinen an awful contract extension?

  63. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Like I had wanted to say: the goundhog saw his shadow and were in for 6 more weeks of winter, he also saw sathers shadow and were in for more bad hockey

  64. Carp,
    We’re excited because this had to happen (like moves on a chess board) before the next… so that this team can sign Kovi!

    (Or at the very least get better for once)

  65. Good morning all! I was too swamped yesterday to join in all your fun and games….Did I miss this somewhere? I’m waiting for a response to a play to be “You must be Jokin!!!” hmmm, anyway, jae ““I never thought id live to see the day that the two most ugliest players in the game would grace the beautiful Rangers jersey.” LMAO the Sassoon days are over….

  66. Whoa,go away from the blog for a few days and it explodes. Dang!

    Really like the move, mainly cause it gets Kotalik’s contract OFF the books for the next 2 years. I have a feeling that he and Torts never got along and once his production on the PP went south, so did any patience Torts had with him.

    Prust looks like the real deal. Imaging a line of Avery/Boyle/Prust that can do a hell of a lot of damage.

  67. I cant believe tha all year long everyone has been complaining about how we have no Cap space to make any moves then once we do clear some space many of you want to use it up instantly. Then we will be in the same boat so you can all complain again. keep the space free and use it more wisely next year During the season when the effort is lackluster. Kovy isn’t the answer. he will eat up $10 mill in Caproom and if he underachieves then we are screwed worse than ever. Once you get the big money there is nothing to work hard for because you are going to get that contract money regardless. Go cheap then this team may be able to find some heart like after the lockout.

  68. Enthusiasm? Of course, this team is stale-bait.

    Anything to give a boost is great. Especially waving goodbye to Higgins and Kotalik and getting a player with SOME cache in Joker and, hell, why not try out a 4th line bruiser.

  69. NYRGuy 8:58 Would have Joki between Gabi & Prospal, Dubie between Avery & Cally. Change is good. Prust could add a lot of spark to a Vanilla team. Can’t wait for the Flyer game. Very little downside to this trade. Torts still needs to mellow & we still need to dispose of Redden, Rosy & Brash.

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Olli: “It’s part of the business, ya know? You make 5 million dollars and score 11 goals, that’s not gonna cut it.”

    WOW! This guy talks like an eff’n CAPTAIN!

    “You play for the logo on the front of that jersey, no matter what.”

    Get your notepad, Chris Drury!

  71. Domi28
    February 1st, 2010 at 11:57 pm
    Jokinen’s comment after tonights Flames game “Im leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, Rangers”

    Did someone at TSN.CA read my comment from late last night since theyre website states “START SPREADING THE NEWS”

  72. MickeyM – Avery/Boyle/Prust – just what I was thinking! Can you imagine how much they would get under the skin of opposing teams? This is a great move by Slats – free up cap space and get two decent players that can walk at the end of the season if things don’t work out, all the while getting rid of the seriously underperforming Higgins and Kotalik. I really don’t know what they were thinking up in Calgary, but we definitely got the better side of the deal.

    I’ll wait to pass judgement on Jokinen and Prust until they’ve had some time to settle and prove themselves, but I am excited to see how Gabby/Jokinen/Prospal could look after a few games…

  73. Jokinen sucks, but he’s a UFA and tradable. Thats all I care about. I hope he gone no later than year end.

  74. Also Jokinen wasn’t happy he was leaving Calgary too. he wanted to stay there to finish the season out, but he understand why they moved him.

  75. I’ve watched him since he joined the Flames (and a little on the Yotes) and he isn’t what he was. I didn’t watch him much in Florida so I don’t know how he put up the numbers he did. He’s sucked since leaving. He crashes the net but is a lazy bum who is overrated and overpaid.

  76. Doodie Machetto February 2nd, 2010 at 10:18 am

    “Nobody is taking Brashear, Drury, Redden, or Rozsival. Ever.”


    I’ll bet you Rozsival gets traded before next year.

  77. Good morning everyone
    I just thought I would put my two cents worth in about this deal with Calgary.
    Getting out from under Kotalik salary, was the biggest part of the deal, in my opinion. Paying a guy 3 million to watch his team play was not good for him or the team, and I really couldn’t see him getting into to many games. I find it odd though, that Kotalik as bad as he was when he did play, and he was terrible. He went virtually unscathed here with the boneheads.
    While Higgins who it seemed couldn’t score to save his life, but played well game in and game out, was trashed daily by a high percentage of boneheads. That said I do think the defencive play of Higgins will be missed, and Calgary will be happy to have it. Also it would be just our luck the Higgins catches fire in Calgary. I hope he does, I liked him as player, he played hard every game. I doubt Sather had any intention to resign him at the end of the season anyway, so it was a good that he got traded.
    Jokinen and Torts are likely to develop an interesting relationship, very similar to the Torts, Kotalik friendship, it should be fun to watch. Ollie will score a bit though, and he should work well with Gabby and Prospel.
    Prust will give the Rangers some badly needed toughness, at a resonable price. Now if Mr. Sather could find aother team asleep at the wheel, maybe he could unload Brashear. If he were to pull that one off. I would promise not to trash him for at least a month.

  78. flipppedturtle on

    I can’t believe there is even a single positive word in the same sentence when talking about Sather. How can anyone say “wow great job by Sather!”

    This Joker needs to be as good at signing players as he is at correcting his mistakes. That is how this sneaky man works. He barley pays attention to the team when drafting or signing FA, then when the crap hits the fan he scrambles and pulls off a trade that makes the fair weather fans say “Wow what a great trade how did he pull that off”. It is complete BS so sick of it the man has it in him to make this team good but lacks the dedication or drive to do so when it counts.

  79. Has Sather put himself in position to sign Richards or what? Or dare i say. . . . Kovalchuk?!?!?!?!

  80. The Legs Feed The Wolf on

    Dubinsky – Christensen – Gabby
    Prospal – Jokinen – Cally
    Lisin – Drury – Anisimov
    Avery – Boyle – Prust/Voros?

    Am I the only one that likes this?

    I liked what I saw from the 1st line while Prospal was out. Also, someone posted a scout report yesterday on Jokinen that stated he plays far better when he’s the goal scorer on the line. I think we all know Gabby is the goal scorer.
    This also adds depth.

    Don’t get me wrong. Prospal and Gabby have chemistry, which was especially evident in the last game. I’m just looking at how to best fit the new guys.

  81. Weeks is very good. Just goes to show what a good attitude and professionalism will get u later in life. Good for him.

  82. CW-Sather is an INEPT GM. 10 + years with only 2 series wins gets 99.9% out the door. Unfortunately we have a real dumb owner who only pays attention to how much $ he can make with 2 home playoff games.

    Dolan-takes over The Wiz-out of busines
    Dolan-takes over Newsday-raises price, cuts quantity and loses money.
    Dolan-takes over Cablevision from his dad-still making $ cause dad set up an idiot proof company that makes money by itself.
    Dolan-takes over MSG. Knicks-constant losers since. NYR-2 playoff series wins in 10 + years.

  83. That’s going to change soon. Sather is apparently clearing cap space and Walsh has done a great job with Knicks, they’re set up to bid on James or Wade.
    Would you rather have owner who spends $40M? Dolan is who he is but he’s always willing to spend money on his teams.

  84. don’t know if this was addressed already, but does anyone know if jokinen and prust are going to be in the lineup tonight vs the kings?

  85. wicky doesn't wear a face shield and wants gabby to break jagr's record! on

    here’s hoping worthless lisin is the odd man out not EC!!

    I still think dubi, rozy, girardi, and lisin will be gone by the trade deadline (redden and brash would be nice as well) plus picks or prospects. I just don’t see slatipuss not making a run at richards, lecav, or kovy plus a banging d man or souray (if helathy)

  86. Gotta agree on Kevin Weeks. He’s doing a great job.
    I’m holding off on comments about the trade. I want to see them play first. JOKINEN sucked in Phx & he wasn’t very good in Calgary either. But I’m hoping he’ll be better then Kodalik.

  87. lol jokes aside some of you guys are rough. Just gotta keep in mind there wasn’t a move that was going to make this team a serious contender for the Cup. Gotta look at this for what it is, one move to set up some future moves be it by the deadline or the summer.

    And as far as the line up goes, some of you actually want to roll 4 lines that each have a centermen out of position on the wing? And then you’ll be outraged when they go 9 periods without scoring? Can’t see that happening Something has to give- Christiensen is the odd man out for now. Maybe a recall of Grachev is coming idk, but they can’t just play 6 centers. Drury especially is useless at LW.

  88. Almost noon and no Carp.

    I was only joking last night but maybe that old lady from Legion really was under his bed.

  89. And as far as the line up goes, some of you actually want to roll 4 lines that each have a centermen out of position on the wing? And then you’ll be outraged when they go 9 periods without scoring? Can’t see that happening Something has to give- Christiensen is the odd man out for now. Maybe a recall of Grachev is coming idk, but they can’t just play 6 centers. Drury especially is useless at LW.


    Well at least this time when they go on scoring droughts we’ll get to yell out a couple of new names.

  90. CTBlueshirt – I’d love to see LeBron on some skates. he’d slap the puck with his d*ck. (Chris Rock joke)

  91. Dubi and Drury are better used on the wing. Dubi gets lost when he plays center and has been a pretty big defensive liability. When he’s on the wing he doesn’t hurt us as much.

    Also Nasty, how amazing was Weekes suit last night? I love that guy. MSG should trade Pidto for Weekes straight up. Totally lopsided deal.

  92. CT – hahahah @ “…at least we’ll get to yell out a couple of new names.” Priceless…

  93. James (G) – Drury especially is useless anywhere on the ice. Send him back to the pitcher’s mound. He can even take his chew toy.

  94. This trade is good for no other reason than clearing Kotalik’s contract off the books. If Joki is nothing but a trade chip, cool. If not, his contract is gone at the end of this season. Now they just need to get rid of Brashear and Redden.

  95. Uh, so what does Maven have to do if they lose? Retire? I’d root for them to lose for that reason alone.

  96. I can’t wait to watch my boys Dustin Brown and Wayne Simmonds destroy the Rangers tonight. I mean I’m a Rangers fan 1st, Kings fan 2nd, but we aren’t going anywhere and the Kings are fun as anything to watch. I love watching them play because they never disappoint and as they’ve proven numerous times (see last game against NJ), they aren’t out of a game until the final whistle is blown.

  97. I can’t help but think this is a good move –

    1. It clears Kotalik’s cap hit
    2. moves a player who just didn’t click in Higgins
    3. gives Jokinen what amounts to a long term tryout prior to free agency to see if he can play in Tortorella’s system

    Not bad.

  98. I am soooooo happy that none of you are the GM of the Rangers. I have nightmares thinking of the proposals and ideas on this message board.

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