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Here’s a question for you, what happens if Jokinen fits in really well and plays hard and produces offense and develops something special with Gaborik?

Then do the Rangers try to re-sign him at what would have to be major bucks? Would that be a major mistake?

I’m not counting on any of that, although I won’t be surprised of Jokinen gets off to a fast, fast start then goes back to his sometimes on/sometimes off effort. He can be tough when he wants to be.

I’m also very anxious to see Prust. We know he’s tough, although probably a light heavyweight or middleweight.

(wait a second, did Duguay say Jokinen and Gaborik could be one of the top lines in the NHL? Seriously?)

Ok, back to Prust. I want to see if he’s going to be able to play well enough to stay in the lineup. God knows the Rangers need his fists.

Lundqvist back in goal. Rangers look to make it a great trip against a team coming back from a long trip. You know how that usually adversely affects the home team. Can the Rangers take advantage?

We’ll see.

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  1. Just got done with my basketball day, picked up a few slices of pizza (no, not from the Captain’s new place) and ready to settle in for some hockey.

    I may not get to read through the previous thread.

    Anything I need to know? Please bring me up to speed. Thanks.


    I havent been excited about the start of a game in over a week! Hope its a good one!

  3. damn i gotta see his shirt now! i hope i have the MSG feed tonight! that would just make this entire day!

  4. Im out of rehab doing outpatient. Getting stronger everday im maybe 50% recovered. I ended up having an auto immune disease called Guillian Barre. Theres a great recovery rate just can take up to 2 years.

  5. The Wizard is going to speak?

    Ryan Smyth, probably the Wiz’s best draft pick for Edmonton in 10-12 years after the dynasty.

  6. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    if we don’t re-sign Jokinen, and Sather does the right thing and waives Redden after the season, we will have $22 million in cap space this summer

    $22 MILLION!

    some of that will go to a new Staal contract, maybe Girardi too, and we’ll have to replace FA’s who leave, but with only 2 years left on the asinine Drury/Rozsival contracts, there would FINALLY be some light at the end of the tunnel as far as the cap hell that Sather has gotten us into


  7. Noremry

    LOL I know. While Dave was probably listening to the Eagles, Donnie was listening to ABBA LMAO

  8. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ the wizard! he’s crept out of the coffin and will now try to string together 3 coherent sentences???

  9. The thing about the Captain’s pizza place is that it was legendary in CT for decades. He just bought it and franchised it and opened a few new ones. So I expect it will be exceptional.

  10. they are asking slats why it was important to make this trade
    i doubt he’ll say “to save my butt john”

  11. Repostin’

    MAKO, I’ve been a fan since 1979 (I’m 37) and a die-hard since ‘89…So I’ve seen plenty and most of it hasn’t been good. LOL.

    My hatred of Drury comes from many angles. But mostly it’s the fact that he’s got this huge myth about him. I’ve watched almost every game of his tenure here and all I see is a small player who rarely hustles, can’t shoot, can’t pass and seems awfully disinterested in what’s going on around him.

    Yay, he blocks shots. Woo Bleepin Hoo.

    Can’t blame the guy for taking the money…but stop lying about how this was the only place you wanted to play. And stop plugging your dumb ass pizza place.

    Captain material this guy certainly is not.

  12. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    mako, i hope you’re gonna post slats on youtube!! I will send you a case of aqua net!

  13. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    deja, we’d love you to join the boneheads! just look for a pic of dubinsky pickin his nose!

  14. CJP!!

    Awesome! Welcome to BONEHEAD NATION! Fist bump for you!!!


    ARGH WOMAN! Why didnt you tell me to record it. I thought you got the MSG feed :( SOWWY. No AQUANET For me!

  15. What, you didn’t like Dougay’s shirt? I thought it was nice. It looks like birds’ poop early in the morning on Staten Island Exspressway.

  16. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    we dont get the pre game or post game on hockeystreams.. they only do that when its HNIC

  17. Linda-
    Very strange similarities between the on-ice product & out of the oven product: You expect a delicious slice for the inflated price you pay, but it somehow falls way below expectations. When I complained to management they ignored me raised their prices!

  18. Carp – thanks good to be back

    ddebened – nope managed to fight it without meds since they figured out what it was really late in.

    Linda – Cant find it.

  19. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Great post Reggie!! did you at least get a free chewy mouthguard for your troubles??

  20. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    damnit i cannot wait to see this shirt!!!!!!!!!! you guys are all abuzz aboot it!!

  21. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on


  22. It’s a new (ugly) faces time! LGR!
    Joe already looks like he is about to have an orgasm. And he hasn’t even mentioned Drury yet.

  23. Guillain-Barré was tossed around at first when my mother was hit with acute neouropathy.
    The called it “idiopathic” but she got suddenly better when she was taken off Lipitor.

    Anyway good luck to you.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  24. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    deja, so glad you’re here tonight! its always great to ‘see’ you!

  25. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    COULD THIS NIGHT GET ANY BETTER????????????? drury on the 4th line…….. too bad my man is sick!!

  26. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    thats a mighty fine set of nostrils Sam!

  27. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    why is it that this is the most excited i’ve been for a game in two weeks????

  28. Drury might be starting on the 4th line…but Tortorella won’t keep him there. WAY too much man love between those two for Drury to stay on the 4th line.

    Pretty sad that the only time this entire season that Drury played with any kind of passion was when he was demoted to the 4th line. Soon as he got his ice time back…the effort went ka-put.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lauri Korpikoski and Adrian Aucoin just won a shootout! For Phx! Who woulda thunk it?

  30. ddebened – yeah thats what they were calling it for a long time ‘acute onsetting neuropathy’ i was basically fully paralyzed, but they i started getting some function back and started getting stronger and the doctors best bet was GB since i went to a specialist who delt with it a lot in the 70s.

    Go to hear your mothers better.

    Linda help me i cant find it im a poor sick young girl ;)

  31. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thats hilarious deja!! at first it was skinhead and nazi stuff.. very odd..

  32. And remember…Drury is still the First Unit Power Play Point Man…

    And yet Tortorella can’t figure out why his PP stinks.

    Tortorella needs to do his Forrest Gump impersonation: “I’m not a smart man.”

  33. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    February 2nd, 2010 at 10:37 pm
    And remember…Drury is still the First Unit Power Play Point Man…

    And yet Tortorella can’t figure out why his PP stinks.

    Tortorella needs to do his Forrest Gump impersonation: “I’m not a smart man.”

    lmao @ outstanding!

  34. i found the nazi stuff. I dont think its meant to be it says you dont exist either. Am I still in the hospital does any of this even exist?

  35. Jokinin’s mustache is very “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” EGAD!

  36. Dammit…I’m reading the posts and getting confused….just realized I’m watching the game on about a 2 minute delay thanks to my DVR.

    I really am a low-tech.

    And yes…the ghost of Ryan Hollweg has been sighted…

  37. They forgot to ask Slats about the big rally.

    I was thinking, too, that last night’s 3-0 shutout loss with Calgary was the perfect “getting to know you” game for the new Rangers.

    But the offense looks much better (what. no shots?) The PP too.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    GREAT POINT LINDA! Until colarado, it was an auto-2 goals against within the first 5 minutes so they’re clearly over that hump. Nice job Glen!

  39. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i dont know about you guys, but it feels like a weight has been lifted off of watching them.


  40. ThisYearsModel on

    What will I remember about this period? Dustin Brown running over Girardi like he was a rag doll.

  41. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    His stache is freakin fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’ve gotta be kidding

  42. LOL at avery yapping at the fans.

    what did that guy say in the background during the coach interview?? who was that screaming?

  43. out0fyourelement on

    was it just me, or did I hear someone screaming (torts at avery for chirping at the fans maybe? during that mike sullivan interview

    I couldn’t understand what was being yelled

    dvr please?

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    February 2nd, 2010 at 11:10 pm
    What will I remember about this period? Dustin Brown running over Girardi like he was a rag doll.

    I can’t possibly remember every time it happens!

  45. The thing that makes me laugh about this “good road period” thing is that I guarantee the Kings have those “sea legs” after playing five on the road and they came in trying to play a “good road period.” Probably surprised how easy that period was.

    Yeah, something was up with Avery and the fans there. Looked like Jim Ramsay came to get him out of there.

  46. True fans,

    Not much of a ‘stache girl, so no, not awfully good looking. I guess if it works for him…

  47. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    I am right now nominating Jokinens Stache as the Mara’s Beard of the 09-10 season!

  48. From Bob McKenzie Twitter:

    You know what I think of these rumors of the LAK on verge of getting Kovalchuk? Total BS. Some interest but fit isn’t right at this point.
    2 minutes ago from UberTwitter

    Garnett Exelby has NOT been traded. The rumors are bogus. There, you will sleep better now.
    35 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  49. Exelby isn’t going to the Kings. That was a joke.

    Are the Rangers announcers serious? The Kings dominated that period. They had way more quality chances than the Rangers. I honestly feel its just a matter of time before the Kings break it open, but mind you I am a bit biased as I always watch the Kings and see them do that.

    I really like Prust. Only one who skates hard into hits.

  50. I love how after all that searching on Fb i only saw about 5 mins of the first period with the shots at 5-4 i guess i didnt miss all that much

  51. Also I absolutely love watching Dustin Brown. Wait until the 3rd period. He’ll probably try his behind the back move that he does with the puck. He fakes like he’ll cut to the middle, puts it behind his back and cuts right to the net.

  52. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    True,that contest will come down to a battle to the death between CCCP and Sally! she had an awesome beard last year!

  53. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    poor josh! the 26 is just killin him isnt it???? hehehe


  54. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    deja, how bad is this…sometimes when i see the 6, i still think doug lidster! LMAO!! Poor Redden

  55. the clang of pucks off the post is both my favorite and least favorite sounds. Incase any of you or Jame Lipton cared to know

  56. Prust, please stay away from Ivanans. That dude will kill you. I like the intensity, but he’s way above your weight class.

  57. Torts was not aware of it.

    Come on, Torts, you’ve been the coach for a year now, you should understand it.

    it’s Bill Screw the Rangers McCreary.

    Billy Mac doin his thing.

  58. No Mako

    They are not doing it because it’s Prust.

    It’s because Billy Mac gets his jollies from screwing the Rangers.

  59. lol True Fans. We really do think alike.

    And to the people saying we need to ditch Girardi, I’ve been saying that since he was broken up with Tyutin. The mistakes he makes show off why he wasn’t drafted.

  60. Sure this was mentioned but I like how Prust says organEYE zation. Weak call. Sure he may have “started” it, but “instigated” it?? I guess its the same thing. Oh well. Glad to see someone drop the gloves for the Rangers and get some good punches in.

  61. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    wonder if NuPru is just trying to establish himself as the alpha enforcer on the team

  62. I wish one of our players would take their stick and wipe that scumbag mustache off Billy Mac’s face.

    Never mind.

    The scumbag mustache suits him perfectly.

  63. Note the Kings PP. They setup in an Umbrella, use cross ice passes, and fire pucks with traffic from the middle. Why can’t the Rangers do this anymore? Oh because they don’t skate and have to slow things down since nobody can pass the puck quickly.

  64. Well, the instigator was a garbage call – the other guy was just as willing to fight. But hey, we got Prust because the team needs intensity and aggression. And he’s already bringing it. Lots of hard checks, a solid fight win, all great things. But he’s also already been responsible for four minutes of penalty killing so far and the game is only half over. But hey, I’m just glad to see a Ranger actually busting some skulls out there.

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jonny D
    February 2nd, 2010 at 11:44 pm
    Note the Kings PP. They setup in an Umbrella, use cross ice passes, and fire pucks with traffic from the middle. Why can’t the Rangers do this anymore? Oh because they don’t skate and have to slow things down since nobody can pass the puck quickly.
    Note also the lack of players with skills to pass, fire pucks, hit the net with any shot, and the ability to block EVERY shot on the PK but not to deflect a single puck on the PP.

  66. Is there a bigger scumbag referee in the NHL than McCreary.

    Maybe Kerry Fraser. We honored him before a game several years ago for a milestone, and then he proceeded to screw us in the game.

  67. True Fans – Also true. They can use the bodies, but they can’t use the sticks I guess? I don’t know. I just know I wish they would skate hard and fight to get to the slot. They never work the puck around enough on offense to get the d-men and goalie moving.

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The weird thing is that the Rangers start the last 2 seasons with a very good looking PP. They all move around, pass, skate, and produce… but then it gets stale and everyone stands around watching each other and when nobody gets open, they’re stuck fighting one on one battles that most of this Rangers team cannot win.

  69. Wow, that was some great defense. Jokinen just gave up on that shorthanded break when he could have covered Kopitar. Also, it’s a problem of just not knowing how Drury couldn’t catch up to Kopitar.

  70. That was partially on Gaborik for making a bad pass to exactly the worst part of the ice in between Drury and Jokinen.

  71. Yeah, kudos to Tortorella and putting no D men out there…

    The more I watch this team, the more I’m convinced Tortorella got where he is because of his mouth. Nothing more.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That wasn’t Joke’s fault! Geez. Someone tried to pass to Joki and it got deflected. Joki stood between the pass, pointed to the shooter telling Hank “i’m taking the pass, that’s your guy.” He did it textbook, unfortunately it was the best King shooting.

  73. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you’re blaming Jokinen, you probably don’t play the game or at least not at a competetive level.

  74. Both Olli and Drury were absolute garbage on that play…

    What a joke!!

    And always good to know Hank is working on that glove hand. He could use one of those casts that keeps your hand up.

    I mean, come on…KEEP THE DAMN HAND UP!!!

  75. Nice job by Torts putting 5 forwards on the ice in a 0-0 game…smart

    Hank is playing pretty sick tonight (no pun intended)

  76. Okay, I’ll ease off on Olli…

    But what in the hell was Drury doing on that play?? Other than thinking of whether or not to put extra cheese on his pizza?

  77. Linda well we’re not quite sure what species Jokinen is and we all know Drury is a zombie, so even if the pass was to one of them, it could still technically be considered no man’s land.

  78. Don’t see what Jokinen did that wrong…Hank just got beat 1 on 1…simple…he took away the pass, Hank knew the whole time the only thing he could shoot and just got beat

  79. Drury should’ve went after Kopitar…but that’s not even the point.


    Seriously, you can’t even blame the players on that one. You never put 5 guys out on the PP unless its a 5 on 3. That is on Torts 100% for making a stupid decision.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    miked, not just you. many people yelling at Jokinen and you play, you know that if he commits to Kopitar he may get beat by a move or at the least gives up a one-time pass to the other guy who was with him. Jokinen played it textbook.

  81. nice PP.. this PP is as bad as last year.

    prust with some smart penalties… instigator and boarding he should fit right in..lucky lisin is sitting since we have so much scoring.


  82. Also Jokinen did the right thing. You take away the pass. He went a little too far to the side, but he assumed Drury would’ve caught up to Kopitar to at least pressure him.

    Either way it’s on Torts so I’m not blaming the players for being in positions they shouldn’t be in.

  83. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thank you GOD in Heaven for the between periods guests tonight! I LOVE YOU GOD!!!!!!

  84. clowns wither drury or jokinen should have went to kopitar. the guy stole the puck just outside the kings blue line.

    they looked at each other luck dumb and dumber.

    seriously drury is the highest paid penalty killer of all time. he is toast………..

  85. That was dumb. Gilroy should have been out there or at least Staal to hold it down.

    Poor Olli, wasn’t his fault, got caught in no man’s land.

  86. Also to add on what True Fans is saying, if Jokinen goes after Kopitar, that puck is in the net anyway. Henke would have to go side to side and Dustin Brown doesn’t miss those shots.

  87. They also should have not broken up a 1st line that was working, especially with no practice time.

    Torts in game management leaves a lot to be desired.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mako, give him a break… he can’t do Pizza Press conferences, take orders, route drivers AND play defense all at once… alright bro?!

  89. Yeah, but it looked like Jokinen could have sped up to catch Kopitar. I obviously don’t know his speed, but he stood there a bit lost while the puck went away on Kopitar’s stick, obviously expected Drury to catch him. LOL

  90. like Dave Maloney said the other night “What the Rangers is going through this season is mostly self-inflicted” ahem-ahem- coach inflicted.

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Olli was NOT in no-man’s land. He pointed at Kopitar, He stood right between the pass.

  92. LMAO True

    But he’s the almighty clutch!!! He should be able to do EVERYTHING … even the little things and intangibles!!!!

  93. I think if Jokinen knew Drury was that slow, he would’ve waited longer to take away the pass.

    Also like CTBlueshirt said, what the hell was Gabby thinking it trying that risky pass? Just keep it down low.

    And for the 3rd time, Torts made a very dumb decision there.

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That move is on TOrts and Gabby for an awful pass. If anything, Drury was the one who should have intercepted the pass while Joki the right thing backing up. He commits at the blue line to what is a flat out 1 on 1 foot race and gets beat, it’s Kopitar on a breakaway. Last time i’ll say he didn’t mess it up.

  95. All that said, definitely on Torts for the five forwards; Jokinen is a forward not a defenseman in terms of knowing positioning. I’m guessing Sam and Joe were all over that. I don’t think it was mentioned on the Kings broadcast.

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Papa Drury’s” almost as good as “trading Gomez for NO Gomez.”

    BTW: At Papa Drury’s there are no pets or Gomez’s allowed.

  97. hello all. what an interesting game thus far, ey?
    god what a horrible decision on that power play.
    im also shocked its only 1-0
    1 more period to go. were still in this.

  98. Carp – it was Gaborik. That was terrible. Joe mentioned the 5 forwards thing immediately.

    Also as much as JJ sucked defensively when he first came up, he is really getting much better now that he’s healthy. Lombardi called him out saying he didn’t know hockey since he was given free reign at UM, but he’s turning into one of my favorite d-men to watch. That play with Frolov and Jones was incredible. Henke saved us there.

    Also I hope Girardi did his homework and realized that pretty much nobody knows Frolov off the puck. Why would he chase and try to hit him when he’s one of the strongest holders of the puck in the league? Totally left that pass to JJ open, not to mention the fact that we had no backcheckers on it either.

    This game should be 4-0 right now. If the Kings didn’t have that road trip, it probably would be.

  99. I’m gonna be exhausted by the end of the game, so I’m saying goodnight to all now. Lets go Rangers!

  100. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jokinen actually played that 2 on 1 better than most of our defensmen! Watch the Phx game, MDZ and Girardi stand just outside the passing lanes and outside the shooting lanes as guys pass around them to tap in pucks.

  101. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    THANK YOU ONECUP!! they find the schlubbiest guys to be in commercials, and then ruin a classic tune on top of it!! FOR SHAME

  102. Do the Rangers ever communicate on line changes. How many 1 on the entire defense do you see a game?

  103. Why can’t we draft someone like Wayne Simmonds? I thought Nigel was a less dark version of him, but Simmonds really adapted his game and is much quicker and can protect the puck better. He’s so good.

  104. Yes, Jokinen’s ‘stache is EPIC.

    Also, LOVE that Howie Rose texted them the correct answer to the trivia question!

  105. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    sam said a few minutes ago SHOOTS JUST WIDE, and i had a scooby flashback

  106. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    you KNOW that howie is just waiting for that phone call… how great would that be

  107. The Kings make tape to tape passes EVERY time, even when they are no look. The Rangers are lucky to make one pass in the vicinity of a teammate.

  108. Nice creative play by Jokinen. Finally someone who thinks outside the box. We haven’t had one of those since Zherdev…but yet again he was the only one. Jagr had guys on the same wavelength.

  109. Passing has been an issue all season in so many ways. Whether it’s cohesion between players, creativity, pass or shoot decisions, they don’t look like a team on the same wavelength.

    Changing up the lines so often doesn’t help but having 25% new players on an annual basis is really the primary reason.

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    Avery works the puck behind the net. When he centers it, Cally and Dubi are skating AWAY from the net. What is it with these guys.

  111. Jokinen had little to do with that. Sure he was there, but Marc Staal was the d-man on the ice and was nowhere to be found. He literally was playing the left wing.

    Now do you guys know why I love watching the Kings? They haven’t even played well and they’ve owned the Rangers.

  112. Whatever, this is on the offense again. Your goalie lets up 2 goals 75% of the time and you should be at least tied by the end of regulation.

  113. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    grrrrrrrr, i was sure jokinen was gonna score mako. hope you didnt tell papa jaws

  114. Jeff S from DE on

    Terrible terrible terrible. Every time I stop cringing enough to look at my TV screen, I could swear LA is on the power play b/c they are passing right around us. We look lost out there.

  115. Rozsival fell asleep on that one… Must’ve had a $ sign in his eye distracting him.

    I also love Sam blaming the ice at the Staples Center.. Like the ice at MSG is good at it’s best?

  116. Tank The Season on

    Can’t win if they don’t score. Oh well maybe we can sign Kovalchuk or Marleau in the offseason.

  117. I’m not completely upset with this game, I mean I hate to see them lose. I don’t think they’ve been terrible in their own ends, but no scoring magnifies mistakes.

    And the no scoring comes from a coach that breaks up players that have some chemistry (Gaborik-Prospal-Dubi/Christensen) to add in brand new players with no practice. We all recognize the Rangers are a one line team, potentially two if Jokinen can be more of a scorer on the 2nd line than be expected to set up Gaborik.

  118. And Staal almost gave up another goal. Overrated anyone?

    And Jason, that is a joke right? Blaming that on Rozsival when he was the only d-man anywhere close to playing defense on that play?

  119. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    so, are the lines totally different Thursday, or is torts gonna give these a few games to germinate

  120. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    so, are the lines totally different Thursday, or is torts gonna give these a few games to germinate

  121. I love how Sam and Joe think the only problems the rangers have is that they cant find the back of the net…i miss jd when it was him and sam i dont remember them being as delusional

  122. Yeah high glove is Hank’s kryptonite but those goals were scored because of major breakdowns. Gaborik’s bad pass on the PP and an odd man rush on the 2nd goal.

  123. Can they score an actual goal? Can they do anything offensively?

    Stay tuned for the next episodes of “How the Rangers Turn”

  124. CTBlueshirt – the problem is like I said in a previous post, we have absolutely 0 playmakers. We don’t have any pass first guys. We have scorers and grinders. Thats what I said Kots and Higgy would’ve had a few more goals if we had someone who saw the ice and could make a solid pass.

    And why are the d-men so far away from each other on the PP? They make these long cross ice passes, just like last year.

  125. I’ll disagree hockeymon, Avery hasn’t done a lot, but then again neither has anyone else.


    Finally a goal by the two players that should stay together all year EC to Gabby.

  127. LIke I said, why break up a line that was working to fit in a player that no one on the team had played with?

  128. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Oh man! Christensen started what looked like a Michigan and feathered a pass onto the blade of Gabby. Wow. One of the better goals we’ve seen in awhile.

  129. True Fans – Christensen always had hands. Watch him live and he looks like a slower Gaborik. They honeslty both look like the same player until you see them shoot or Gabby skate at full speed. Same equipment, same skating stride, same style of play.

  130. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    that’s really pathetic that he has 5 of the last 6 goals! aye aye aye! someone help the guy!

  131. Dear Torts,

    Please do not pull Hank. They can’t keep the puck down there reliably enough this game.

  132. Wow, the sad thing about that I actually thought Drury had a chance of scoring. He really got me good on that one.

  133. Ok Kiddies.. No need to panic – Give them a few days to skate together. Unfortunately, Washington is next.

  134. Tank The Season on

    We lose this one by a score of LA 2 – Gaborik 1. What do you expect of a team that has a $7M player centering the 4Th line, 11.5m committed to 2 worthless defensemen and and $1.4m in street clothes? The Stone Hands Crew with another epic fail.

    Sather must go.

  135. I’m pretty calm about this loss Honestly, they traded a couple of deadwood players. Even if Jokinen does well, that’s fine. But Jokinen’s expiring contract is his best asset, the ‘stache is a close 2nd.

  136. You just saw domination. At least it wasn’t a shutout. This team looks so wrong, and good luck getting some decent practice before Thursday’s game.

  137. Linda – funny you say that because I mentioned that a few years ago when they both entered the league. he’s a more attractive version of Malkin…and they are both pretty damn ugly.

    Kopitar speaks perfect English though, which really freaked me out when I first heard him talk on TV.

  138. Best player on the ice? Meaning that time that Rozi got knocked down by the ref?

    Best player for them was Lundqvist. Did he get beat on his weak side? Yes, but those goals came off of plays as a result of bad decision making by the team in front of him.

  139. Linda still says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Jonny,he looks like he’d sound like Stallone! He’s not nearly as eye searing as Malkin though!

  140. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hey Ranger Fans! Hello from Los Angeles, Californicate. We’re playing in the Staples Center tonight. Nice building, but staples won’t hold. I think they should have used nails…

    Well, it was Ground Hog Day today, and I’m pretty sure Bettman saw his shadow. That means we’ll have six more weeks of Avery penalties…

    Don’t believe any of those “Sather on Thin Ice” rumours or that silly little “FIRE SATHER” rally back at the Garden. When I first got to New York, I gave myself a No Movement Contract. And I haven’t moved hardly at all since then. So your Uncle Glennie isn’t going anywhere, except to stock up on scotch and stogies.

    Did you hear about Chris Drury and his new pizza business? If he runs it like he plays hockey, then he won’t deliver there either… That little league weasel wouldn’t give me a free pizza, so I had Torts put him on the fourth line tonight. From what I see when he’s showering in the locker room, there’s hardly any pepperoni anyway, if you know what I mean…

    (Singing) “No No No No, I don’t smoke it no more…” That’s Junior Dolan’s new ringtone- Hey There, Big Guy! Did you see the trade announcement today? It was broadcast over all the TV stations… Oh, I forgot, you don’t get Cablevision. Way too expensive, eh? (click) I charged mine to Madison Square Garden Network.

    Mess! Why didn’t you tell me Jokinen was Finnish? I thought the scouting report said he was FINISHED! You know that’s when I like to sign these guys… When are you gonna learn?

    Brash! Where’s my Million Dollar Paperweight? Brashear, I see it’s Black History month. If Prust works out, it’ll be a black history for you and the Rangers too!

    Well, boneheads it’s back to the Garden Thursday, to scout the Capitals, and get working on that Ovechkin-Jokinen trade before the deadline.

    Uncle Glennie

  141. The 1st goal was a horrible decision by Torts. The second goal was Staal thinking he was actually brother Eric and playing by the Kings bench instead of back in the zone where he should’ve been.

  142. Kopitar is the most underrated star in this league. He came in the league the same time as Crosby, AO, etc. but maybe it’s because he plays in L.A. or maybe because he’s the only Slovenian in the NHL.

    He moved his entire family to L.A. and learned English pretty quickly.

  143. Please give Drury the Lisin treatment for a game: dress him and park his ass on the bench, except for when he has to go out and do some clutch talking to the refs with his mouthpiece in hand.

  144. MikeA – he really is. People forgot he led the league in scoring this year until Smyth and Williams went down.

    Best overall player though is Dustin Brown. He was kind of quiet tonight, but he does everything. He’s great defensively, he scores key goals, makes great passes, skates hard, hits everything, and can fight if needed. Both of them don’t get any face time because they play for the Kings.

  145. Also the one thing about the Kings is that they are still missing a few guys and their top prospects other than Doughty and Moller aren’t even up with the club yet.

    They still have Loktionov, Teubert, Schenn, and Hickey waiting to come up in the next few years. Loktionov and Hickey might be ready next year.

  146. recap. man the range forwards suck.. christenson 2nd best forward tonight. gabby has no one else…

    the good news is the kotalik terible signing is erased, the bad news is jokinnen had 2 BAD turnovers that cost them 2 goals tonight. Nothing else good really to report. when a team cannot score hits 2 posts that is about all they can do.

    this offense is horrible, no one really thought they were going to tie this game up did you? lucky the 24 yr old with some speed and skill did not suit up tonight….

  147. True indeed Johnny, both Brown and Kopitar have been fantasy mainstays for me over the last 3 years. Love those guys. I’d love if the Rangers got Frolov as a UFA this offseason.

    A few things:

    -Why was Lisin scratched tonight? That was dumb. Keep him on the 3rd line with Anisimov and either Avery or Cally.

    -Prust should be on the 4th line, no higher.

    -The Dubinsky/Cally/Avery line is the same as the Drury/Higgins/Cally line. All three guys who are too similar. It’s a fine CHECKING line on a championship team but second line minutes? Sheeee…….

    -I’ve added a new rule to the Rangers drinking game tonight; “Take one drink for any time the Rangers acquire a new player and lose the first game with them while using the chemistry or adjustment excuse.” Seriously, I’ve been watching this team for over 20 years and whether it’s Kocur, Verbeek, Carter, or even Ozolinsh they always lose with them and use the above-mentioned excuse.

  148. hickey may never be anything. he has not spent a second with the kings in 3 years… they are far from a dynamo….

    they are riding quick to many games, he will melt down…

  149. Johnny, how’s Loktinov doing? I heard he got hurt in his callup.

    Two late round gems; Loktionov and Thomas Tatar for Detroit.

  150. My friends and I came up with a Rangers drinking game years ago. This was the first year we updated it. Here’s a few of the rules:

    -Anytime Joe mentions anything pertaining to his days at the University of Minnesota/Golden Gophers/etc.
    -Joe criticizes the refs
    -Joe’s Man Crush for Callahan/Staal/Girardi comes out
    -Sam messes up
    -Dave Maloney says “In all honesty”
    -John Giannone acts overly happy or makes a bad joke
    -Al comments on Mike Sullivan’s tie
    -Duguay wears a stupid shirt
    -They show Keenan with the Cup in 94 or make any 94 references to Keenan

    Dubinsky is shown picking his nose
    -Drury is shown chewing on his mouth piece during play stoppages
    -Drury’s Little League past is brought up
    -It is mentioned that Higgins or Gilroy are from Long Island
    -Kotalik takes a lazy hooking penalty
    -The “Brashear is a good guy and gonna win hearts over” angle comes into play

    -Anytime Tortorella changes the lines up
    -Anytime an ex-Ranger scores against them. If Kovalev does it’s a warm shot of Jack.

    Many more rules too.

  151. Stuart – Hickey is just turning 21. He played a few extra years in juniors because unlike some franchises, the Kings felt no need to rush guys like him and Teubert. They passed on him this year and let Martinez and Drewiske fill in for the time being so he could learn to grow in the AHL. I believe he got hurt earlier this year so he missed some time. He definitely has a ton of upside.

    Also I like Jokinen being honest that they need to get to the net. Too much in the corners or on the outside and not enough crashing to the net with the puck.

  152. MikeA – Loktionov separated his shoulder in his pro debut and has been out ever since. When he comes back he’ll be back with Manchester.

    Also thank you for reminding me that Hickey also had shoulder surgery. He’s out for another couple of months. He tried to play with it to start the year and hurt it worse so that’s why his AHL numbers don’t look that great.

    I’m intrigued to see if they trade Bernier and Frolov for Kovalchuk or someone like that. They have pieces to get a big name player and have the cap space. I’d love to see Kovi in LA next to Kopitar.

  153. johnny d the kings have not made the playoffs in I think 7 years. you know when you suck long enough you are bound to get better. why do you think the balck hawks, pens, and caps are so good??????

    I live in LA. The kings act like they are a small market club they are owned by a multi billionare, whiptydoo if they make the playoffs this year….

    jokinen – 2 tonight he will fit right in….

  154. I agree with you 100% about the sucking for all those years and I know all about Kings ownership. They had to act like a small market club because they are behind pretty much all the other sports teams and have been since Gretzky left. It was great for hockey, but when he left LA it killed hockey in the city.

    All I’m saying is that they are a very good young team. It’s been building since the lockout. I was pissed when they let go of Cammalleri and O’Sullivan, but they’ve filled in their spots fine. They also had one of the best records after the all-star break I think either last year or two years ago.

    They’ve done things the right way in regards to rebuilding and have a really fun team to watch. That’s why I enjoy watching them play and following their prospects. I follow them almost as much as I follow the Rangers.

  155. the 2nd “turnover” for a goal by jokinen was a good enough pass to prospal, that went off his stick and back to a king, staal shoudl have been back by then to make it a 2 on 2 and not a 2 on1, and i never blame staal for anything but he shoudl have been back by that time, watch the replay

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