Kotalik’s a goner (updated)


EVENING UPDATE, 7:40 P.M.: Larry Brooks is reporting from Denver that Ales Kotalik has left the team after being told he was going to be traded. No word on what the deal is. Kotalik apparently is done as a Ranger.


So it’s not bad enough the Rangers are playing so poorly. Now they have to play a second game in two nights on the road, in that altitude, against a pretty good team, and without their goalie.

Nice. Good luck with that.

I am astonished, first of all, that the Rangers didn’t have another goalie flown in to Denver last night. If Ocho gets hurt tonight, it’s going to be the dog-and-pony show to end all shows. What could it cost to get somebody in town just in case? The cost of a flight? Now Lundqvist can’t play tonight, no matter what. Can you even imagine what will happen if Ocho goes down?

Maybe that’s what the big team meeting was about: Tortorella asking around the room if anybody else could play goalie. Maybe Brashear or Kotalik? You know what would happen. Lundqvist would have to suit up, sick as a dog. Perfect.

In terms of trade rumors, well, we know something’s up with Calgary, and we know that Calgary shuffled a lot of players in and out with their trade with Toronto today. So perhaps a trade is coming down. Why is it that we doubt it will be a good one?

You know why.


SECOND EVENING UPDATE, 7:48 p.m.: Just found out from the Rangers that Lundqvist isn’t so bad that he couldn’t play in an emergency. Tortorella apparently misunderstood the question. Lundqvist will not play if Johnson is struggling, was what he meant to say. If Johnson is hurt, Lundqvist could play.

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  1. Harry (from the previous thread) … what the hell are you talking about? Why should I care if the Rangers are better, and how am I not objective?

  2. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    DRURY in goal! he’s such a leader, he’d be able to do it. He loves blocking shots eh

  3. Haha, Linda. Man, that would be sweet. He’s so clutch, he would probably throw a shutout!

  4. sather has some of that same Ranger blood in him, hasn’t done him any good. i hate sather, but maloney was very involved in picking jessiman over parise…he wasn’t the answer. of course old man sather isn’t either.

    frankly im not that impressed with burke either, the moves he made today have sather written all over them, they have no good forwards on their roster (and not that many good forward prospects either) and 8+ defenseman taking up a lot of cap room…yikes

  5. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    and then the clutchmobile would come right onto the ice and whisk him away to a partaaaaaaay

  6. Like it or not, no trade is coming that will help.UNLESS,we put up some of our fav’s.and I mean one or two of our top 5.You pick who.That includes our guys in the minors.Believe me IF Sather makes a deal we’re gonna loose someone big.
    After all that I still say he does nothing.As Theo Flurry once said(with his arms flapping)BAAAAAK,BAAAAAAAK,CHICKEN.

  7. This is BS! Certainly Kotalik isnt the root of the problem. WTF about Higgins? Girardi? Rozsival?

  8. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Its pretty funny that Kotalik is such a bad sport that after getting benched, and told he was going to be moved to PLAY somewhere, he leaves the Rangers and cries about it.

    Boohoo. You are miserable Kotalik and that’s why you’re traded so much. You got lucky in Buffalo.

  9. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    good bye to Alex and his 3 million dollar contract. I wonder what we’re getting back

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Kotalik going away is a positive development. Of course, if there is not yet a deal, his value just plunged into the basement.

  11. Why give Kotalik a hard time for walking? I’m a fan and I feel like walking out on this organization. Imagine being a player. If I played on this team and was traded I’d run out of the building. He doesn’t have the emotional investment we do.

  12. Carp, I mentioned the same thing on your posting early this morning around 1AM. That a backup goalie was not enroute with Henriks illness is unbelievable. Valli broke his finger, Zaba has to play in Hartford, with about Charlotte? Is this organization in that much of disaaray that a goalie cant be found after Henrik has been sick since late Friday?


    Yeah but they guy wants to play. If I was getting CARPED around I would ask for a trade too….

  14. i doubt he is crying at all. he got wat overpaid and now he gets to leave…lucky him. i’m sure he is happy to be leaving this team. unless he is going to atlanta or columbus i would be pretty pumped if i was him. if you were told u were being fired would you stick around?

    don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  15. at 3 mill per season for the next 2 traded kotalik is a great thing. lets hope its not for a lot of money coming back.

    kotalik for exelby perhaps?

  16. Why get rid of Higgins? He is playing himself into an affordable deal. Which the Rangers are gonna need to offset the overpaid zombies.

  17. Haha, Brooks mentions Exelby. If this is true then maybe it leads to a chain of events to get Redden to the Insurance Capital.

  18. Demitra would be an interesting target. I think its Exelby and Orr. Toronto needs some/any offense.

    Brash & Kotalik
    Orr & Exelby

  19. Have a feeling Kotalik will take some shots at the coach and the team on his way out the door.

  20. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    NYP_Brooksie Rangers tentaive deal to move Kotalik fell through due to complications, per NYR.

  21. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    AGrossRecord Complications have arisen with #NYRangers deal involving Ales Kotalik. The team sent him back to NY to await a yes or no on the deal.


    do you know how EFFING stupid Sather will look if he gets Orr back. I hope that happens so he’s even MORE of a laughing stock!

  23. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers GM Glen Sather may or may not address media tonight, depending on whether there’s anything new to report on Ales Kotalik

  24. Kotalik WAS the problem, because he’s making too much money for the next 2 years after this season. He had to go.

    I can live with Piggins cause he’s gone after this season, better yet, he’ll be gone at the deadline.

    Hopefully the same can happen for the rest of the overpaid losers on this team.

    And that includes Lundqvist.

    Haha, just kidding…..aboot Hanky that is.

  25. Have a feeling Kotalik will take some shots at the coach and the team on his way out the door


    Like they have a chance of hitting their intended target.


    Right because there arent ANY other overpaid players on this team LOL

  27. If the Kotalik reports are true, I wouldn’t blame him one bit for walking out. The coaching staff has been very unfair to him.

  28. ThisYearsModel on

    Another EPIC FAIL by Glen Sather. If this deal falls through, he won’t be able to get a bag for pucks for Kotalik. WTG Slats!

  29. Sather “may or may not address media tonight”? Isn’t that like “Cal Ripken may or may not be in the line-up tonight” in reverse?

  30. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    McLeod is a TOUGH customer. I really enjoy Aaron Voros being a Ranger. As for all of those people who got Voros jerseys early last year and regretted it, I wouldnt. He and Avery are presumably the only guys bleeding blue.

  31. Therein lies the answer…put a slice of pizza in the net and Captian Clutch will find it there…he is thinking about pizza all the time…7mil buys alot of pizza….

  32. I’d send Kotalik, Duby and Sangs to Vancouver for Kesler…maybe you get Demitra thrown in….

  33. omigod!!!

    what’s the deal with the Kirsten Dunst looking female behind the Ranger bench chewing off her thumbnail?!?!?!?!?!?!

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