Higgins or Gilroy going to Calgary? (with updates)


According to TSN, the trade of Kotalik to Calgary will bring back Olli Jokinen, but it will include either Christopher Higgins or Matt Gilroy.

I think that’s a huge difference, don’t you ?

I mean, Higgins has done zilch offensively and is probably not going to be re-signed. Gilroy still could turn out to be a diamond in the rough. I know if I had my choice, I would much rather deal Higgins.

Plus, if Jokinen is coming, well, duh, he’s a forward. The Rangers only have six defensemen, and one of them (Redden) has been close to doghouse-ville lately.

We’ll see.

Sorry for the unusual new post during the game.


THE LATEST: IT’S HIGGINS! Probably going to be announced after the game … they better put Higgins on the bench so he doesn’t get hurt!


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  1. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Higgins has a lot of chances, but he is another forward that wears out the emblem on the goalies chest. have a nice time in Canadia

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    How could it be Higgins OR Gilroy? They are NOTHING alike.

    Either way, it’s good to be rid of Kotalik’s contract.

  3. Anyone know what Olli’s contract is? If its winding down I like this move a lot just as a way to get rid of Higgins and Kotalik.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t want to see Higgins on the ice the rest of the game… no chances for injury.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    5 mil plus this year, UFA next. Great trade. Just dumping Kotalik and getting a push this year too.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jokinen is in the last year of his contract. 5.5 million this year, UFA next year.

    He will be expected to play top line center time.

  7. This just in from the Rangers PR staff…

    “Christopher Higgins was pulled from the 3rd period of tonight’s Rangers verse Avalanche game due to a trade concluding minutes ago”

    10:24 update

    “Christopher Higgins was walking out of the shower when he dropped shampoo on his foot and broke 4 toes, including his pinky toe. The deal has been discontinued”

  8. Jokinen’s $5.5M this year, UFA July 1. Higgins probably not going to be re-signed anyway. So Kotalik comes off the books for the next two years.

  9. this is a good trade- nice to be rid of the mistake that was Kotalik for 3 years…if no draft picks are involved i don’t understand this deal at all for the flames- Slats is a much better trader than signer…

  10. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    damnit you should NEVER miss a freakin empty net!!

    that should be our last “GOOD PLAY BY HIGGINS!”

  11. True fans, I know. Jokinen may or may not help, but Kotaleek’s contract is off the books. Finally, a win!

  12. man sather has screwed up big time here in NY over and over but he always does somethin here or there that really makes you wonder how the hell did he get that done after some of the other bonehead things he has done. He really deserves kudos here.. it also helps that calgary is as desperate as they are right now, but man getting rid of that 3year abortion of a contract of kotaliks AND higgins in one shot?!?!? damnnn that is sick, and jokinen is UFA at end of season so this is just great for offseason cap space, i dont care if jokinen ends up being a -15 with 0 pts for us rest of season this is still clutch deal

  13. and Olli Jokinen was a star in Florida, and nothin close to that in Calgary, but who knows maybe guy needed change in scenery.. put him with Gaborik and see what happens for rest of season…
    Watch higgins score like as many goals in calgary in much less games as he did for us all year

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, great trade by Sather. He continues to baffle me with his great trades and just terrible everything else.

  15. The Rangers cannot even score on an empty net. Jokinen is a jerk and lazy, but has skills. Ironically, Higgins played reasonably well tonight.

  16. Jokinen could be a chip at the deadline as well- has Kotalik waived his no trade does anyone know?

  17. I’ll agree this was a good trade for us, but….


    Looking forward to March 7!

  18. Prust apparently is more of the same — a center, third/fourth-line type .. but tougher than the guys the Rangers have. 98 PIMs this year.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik Scoress again and again!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LA LA LA LA , new thread…doh!!!! Rick , yer on FIRE TONIGHT!

    Rangers rule and Kotaleek and higgins gone???? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA for anyone but to get Yolkanen , wow.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    He dumped Kotalweak and Piggins. He picked up an offensive boost (over those guys) and finally a good enforcer for the team in Prust. GREAT trade.

    We just have to pray he doesn’t get crazy in offering Jokinen a big contract. That’s my fear.

  21. BEST TRADE EVER. Prust is a great pick up to go with Jokinen. I HATED this trade when I saw it might be Gilroy, but after seeing it’s Higgins not Gilroy, AND Prust is coming, I LOVE this move. You guys are going to love Prust. Maybe Brashear is done as a Ranger.

  22. Prust will help, for sure. Did you Voros after the game? His face is starting to look like Michael Myers mask…

  23. next action should be to send Redden to Hartford, seriously

    Drury being traded is not going to happen, Rozsival being traded maaaybe could happen some team might take him but the Rangers have complete control over Redden situation, have to get this guy to hartford.. bring up Heikkinen, bc if he dont get a shot at the NHL level this year again he will probably go back to Europe, dont want to see that happen, seems liek he could be a solid defenseman with some “JAM” hah

  24. Don’t have a problem with the deal itself, but since when has Sather giving himself more cap space to spend on July 1st been a *good* thing?

  25. Let’s not jump to conclusions and declare this a win for the Rangers. Let’s see how it turns out. If Jokkinen does squat here, he’ll be hated and he’ll go UFA this summer, and if Higgins finds his 20-goal touch next year … I know, and if pigs fly, and if my aunt had … well. Let’s just not pop the champagne yet. It could be another Antropov deal. Or Morris. Let’s wait.

  26. It’s really sad that Gabby has to put the whole team on his back. They should pay him double………just for the workload.

  27. A new lease for Kotalik, good for him, best of luck to him. It won’t take Jokinen long to get in Torts dog house. if Gilroy is traded in this deal, Ranger fans loose again. if its Higgins who goes, the Rangers will lose a good defensive forward, who couldn’t put the puck in the ocean this year. It will free up some big bucks, Sather is not done yet.

  28. Sather doesn’t deserve any props. This is his horrible team that he is desperately trying to fix. Jokinen has issues.

  29. Bye Bye Brashear. Might as well since his rangers career is over as well. Send hime to Kasparitisville aka Hartford.

  30. This is a great trade!!! An experienced center for Gabby and look at that we won’t have Christensen playing topline minutes!!

    Anyone that rags on Jokinen, I have one question, name one forward on the Rangers better than him other than Gabby?

  31. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    good luck Forearms!

    Jokinen= dyson,hoover or oreck, take your pick. brashears negative is just too long to type

  32. Prust wins way more than he loses (unlike Voros) and is tough as hell, but I wouldn’t call him a Colton Orr type, he’s not a strict enforcer type like Orr or Brashear and is only 5’11” 200 or so pounds. He’s more of a 2nd tier type fighter, but one of the best there is. He is going to make the next game with the Flyers a lot more interesting. Brashear has been a colossal disappointment, hopefully this spells the end of him.

  33. Carp what are you talking about, Jokinen doesnt need to do anything for us, obviously it woudl be nice if he played well for us but this move is so much more about cap space for the future and not having that ridiculous Kotalik contract on the books the next 2 years on top of the other 3 disaster contracts the Rangers have

  34. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’d just like to say that Jokinen is a former hot commodity. He garnered a nice defense pairing from Phoenix when he was traded there. I dont know why he’s lost himself or whatever, but this is a guy that we could have really just stolen real good. Higgins and friggin Kotalik? For PRUST and Jokinen? Yes.

  35. I do think that Torts really grates on some players………..some can take it,other’s won’t. If he does not get his act together…………he will be a goner.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s a great deal, no matter how you slice it.

    Higgins can sign somewhere next year and score 50 goals. He still wasn’t going to be here next year, so there is no loss there. Kotalik’s contract comes off the books=definite win. Prust can actually stand up for the team.

    Even if Jokinen does nothing, just getting rid of Kotalik’s contract makes it worth it. Anything else is gravy.

    Even if Higgins finishes the season strong, he wasn’t going to turn his game around here. Lord knows that Torts gave him enough chances. Think it was to showcase him this whole time?

  37. the whole point of this trade is the 3mil off the books for the next 2 years- this is the fixing of a mistake and is big for the future

  38. Carp,

    How is this anything like the antropov trade? The Rangers traded 2 draft picks for him. Here the Rangers are getting money off the books from a player that wasn’t even playing! So, we are basically trading Jokinen for Higgins. Higgins and Jokinen will be in the same spot after this year, so in the end we got rid of Kotalik’s salary, which is phenomenal considering HE WASN’T PLAYING!

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wait til Sather extends Jokinin’s contract. 3 more years, and a NTC…


  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This trade is a win on pretty much every front. I think the only way a Kotalik + Higgins for Jokinen trade gets messed up is if Jokinen starts putting the puck in his own net like Ozolinsh did to Weekes in the playoffs. Otherwise, doesn’t get worse than a guy who doesn’t change out of his suit during the game and another who might as well not change out.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Win the game and dump piggins/Kotalgeek!!! " … says Greg L. on

    whoooooooohooooooooo this site rocks for information. Great posting Rick!!! I have to leave but ill be back to see what happened.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    The only potential drawback is Sather giving Jokinen a big extension. Let’s be honest. It’s a distinct possibility.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Win the game and dump piggins/Kotalgeek!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Higgins 235 shots on net – 80 posts – 4 goals. Good ridance.

    * ( warning numbers are strictly fictional )

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie Machetto
    January 31st, 2010 at 10:48 pm
    The only potential drawback is Sather giving Jokinen a big extension. Let’s be honest. It’s a distinct possibility.
    Or flipping Jokinen for the 19 year contract of Lecavalier!

  45. Linda ... SCIENCE!!!!!!!! on

    please dont sign this guy…….just let him finish out the year and DO SOMETHING SMART!!!!!

  46. I think this is a wash wash trade. No one is going to get resigned here. Unless Ollie has and outstanding 2nd half with Gabby & VP

  47. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Olli Jokinen got 91 points in 06-07. 91!!!!!! That is NO mistake! Cmon guys this is a STEAL!

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s Sather, guys… There’s a fly in the ointment somewhere.

    See if Jokinen still has both arms before you call this trade a “win”.

  49. Remember when Sather traded for Kovalev who was playing great in Pittsburgh? How did that turn out?
    Wait and see. This team just broke a 5 game losing streak, and Colorado was just bad tonight. And unlucky. Dose of reality.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Olga, the trade is a win even if Jokinen doesn’t play a single game just by the sheer fact that Kotalik’s contract is gone.

    Not to mention Prust brings some toughness that the team has desperately needed all season.

  51. Doodie- exactly. Worst case scenario- assume they benched Higgins and inserted another tough guy. Plus good money off the books.

  52. kc ur not gona give the rangers any credit for holding this team shotless for 3 quarters of the 2nd period?

  53. I don’t know why you guys are so down on Jokinen. Do you have any idea why he didn’t perform well in Calgary? He was paired with Iginla to replace Cammilieri. Cammilieri and Jokinen are completely different players. Now, in case you don’t know, Iginla and Gaborik are extremely different players, too. Iginla is strong on the puck and a drive to the net type player, Gaborik is much better and can play with anyone. He scores a hattrick with a waiver wire pickup as his center against a very good team and a top ten goalie. There’s no way Jokinen is going to be worse now than he was on Calgary. The people saying this might not be good are probably the same ones who when Gaborik was signed said, oh wait and see…

  54. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Shoryuken i read that too, i laughed. They got Hosed!!!!!!!!!

    Scott Gomez for Gaborik, Jokinen, Prust, McDonough.

    Legit. I dont include Kotalik because he was a FA signing, a bad one.

  55. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello From the Colorado Avalanche, Ranger Fans! For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember what state Colorado is in…

    A bit of trade news in Rangerland today. For some reason Ales Kotalik has left the team and asked to be traded. This came as quite a shock to the Rangers Management. And the timing was also a surprise. It was right after Torts told Ales that he would never play for him again. I actually had Kotalik traded to Calgary. I sent Sutter a case of scotch to seal the deal. I guess he didn’t drink all of it- he was still conscious and then backed out of the deal. The last thing he said before passing out was “and Higgins”. Bingo!

    (singing) “Y-M-C-A, it’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A” That’s Dolan’s new ringtone… Hey Big Guy! Did you see the game tonight? Have you EVER watched one? No? Hmmm, That’s good to know… Well, we won! Did you let D’Antoni out of the closet yet? There’s a Knicks game coming up soon. Then I bet he goes right back in… (click)

    Brash! Where’s my million dollar Manbearpig? Half man, half bear, and half pig… Brash Baby, here’s the keys, go down to the garage and start up my limo. When Kotalik was leaving the Pepsi Center he was carrying a suspicious looking package with wires sticking out of it. Take Drury with you. That’ll take care of that No Movement Contract, eh Mess?

    I don’t like those Copy-Cat Colorado uniforms. They look just like the Rangers. Dress like clowns, play like clowns, I always say…

    I’ll have to talk with Torts. Gaborik is hogging all the goals again. Yeah, Gabby’s getting Grabby. If I wanted that, I would have kept Gretzky. I was a Lion for a day, on that day, too.

    Well, it’s on to LALA Land. Life’s a beach…
    Uncle Glennie

  56. jokinen could score zero goals and this is a fine move, UNLESS Sather thinks now that he has a “first line” center he should make some other moves to help us stumble into the playoffs yet again.

    I still want a shot at a good draft pick, only way this franchise is really gonna improve

  57. good trade.. higgins does everything well but the guy cannot shoot the puck….

    the rangers got bigger and tougher and will save $3 mill a yr for 2 yrs. no brainer trade………

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    An ode to Glenn…
    ‘Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber…
    you go and do something like this…
    and totally redeem yourself!’

    OK, maybe not totally.

    But this is second on your “OMG, How did he do that?!” list of moves right behind ANSON CARTER for Jaromir Jagr AT HALF HIS SALARY!

    Just wow.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Scott Gomez for Jokinen, Prust, McDonough.

    Legit. I dont include Kotalik because he was a FA signing, a bad one.

    Then don’t include Gaborik either. He was a FA signing…

  60. davymax i somehwat agree, im not gona say hes gona be awesome but jokinen is a playmaker and can help set stuff up for gaborik, and if it doesnt work out who cares!!
    And everytime jokinen makes a bad play, to make ourselves better all we have to do is think of Kotalik and Higgins being gone, and we wont even give a crap about the bad playnd erik christensen has played well with gabby but as someone mentioned he is gettin top line mins, now we will be able to put the guy where he belongs, as the 3rd line center

  61. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    No, i said a bad one. I hold that double standard true to the fact that if it’s a good free agent signing, he counts in the way that i want it to.

  62. by the way, even if jokinen isnt havin a great year, we are still trading 2 forwards with a combined 14 g and 22 a (36 pts) for a forward with 11 g and 24 a (35 pts). i wont include prust’s stats since they are irrelevant as he will be a 4th liner tops on our team.
    So i still cant see how u coudl go wrong here

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B January 31st, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    An ode to Glenn…
    ‘Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber…
    you go and do something like this…
    and totally redeem yourself!’

    OK, maybe not totally.

    But this is second on your “OMG, How did he do that?!” list of moves right behind ANSON CARTER for Jaromir Jagr AT HALF HIS SALARY!

    Just wow.
    What about getting Kovelav back from the Pens

    Traded by the Pittsburgh Penguins, along with Mike Wilson, Janne Laukkanen and Dan LaCouture, to the New York Rangers in exchange for Joel Bouchard(Who?), Richard Lintner(Who?), Rico Fata(plays in Switzerland), Mikael Samuelsson(Only real good player) and future considerations.

    So he got Kovelav backs from the Pens for Samuelsson. Might i add this was at the time when Kovy was still a 80-90 point guy.

  64. Those Sather wrapups are literally some of the funniest things I have ever read. I’m going to have a freaking stroke from laughing so hard at them every night. Carp, you need to hire that guy or find him a job somewhere. Funniest stuff ever.

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    Just got a tweet from Dreger saying this deal is not done, that the Flames are holding it up for some reason and that there would not be a trade call tonight.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Tough call Doodie. Gomez can still play the game, he has a few 50-65 point seasons left in him. In that move, they were basically unloading a guy who could play with an over-sized contract for a UFA who could not play. In this move, the Rangers got rid of 2 guys who cannot play, one with a 3 year deal for a guy who can play. I think this move is better.

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