My game day, your game day


Mine means three basketball games, then speeding home to catch the 8 p.m. faceoff tonight.

Yours means being here all day, and counting the minutes to the 8 p.m. faceoff in Glendale.

By the way, today is my actual anniversary. Sam left last Jan. 29 (We both posted that day) and I took over Jan. 30. I would never have believed I’d have so much fun while working for free, or that I’d actually read the comments, much less get to know the individual commentors (Boneheads, as they soon would be called).

In case you missed it, Glen Sather spoke to reporters yesterday, which is about as rare as Oz speaking to Tinmen. I read it on Steve Zipay’s blog. Basically, Slats said the Rangers are still in the hunt, because so many teams are (he didn’t say it’s because so many teams are so lousy). And he said that making a trade nowadays is really difficult.

So there you have it. Apparently Christensen goes back in tonight, with Kotalik and Brashear again the likely pruchas … wonder if Prucha will be prucha’d. I’ll try to stop in later, or at least by gametime. See youse.

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  1. paul g in sunrise on

    and sorry for re-post but i predicted it

    at risk for being carp’d

    IF rangers could sign Kovulchuk to an extension, would anyone say no to a Dubi/Cally/Sangs/Rozi deal?

    IF Kovy signs a 5-7 year extension is he not better than all four. Does his production not equal or exceed Dubi/Cally combined?

    Anyone here wish Rangers pulled trigger on Heatley deal? Besides me?

    This league requires two offensive stars (or more). Look at San Jose three stars; Washington three stars, Pitt two to three stars, Chicago at least two stars, Detroit (yes they are bad this year but…) two stars. Rangers and the rest of the league without cup hope one or less stars (Gaborik). I am not saying Kovy makes the team an immediate threat, but with Kovy and Gabby in the line-up for 5-7 years this team has the offensive abilities to hang with the elite. Each player can obviously make their own shot and score regardless who is centering. Kovy played with waiver wire fodder and Gabby scored with Christiansen.

    IF Kovy is willing to sign a long term deal, the Rangers SHOULD be interested. IF a rental than obviously pass.

    I like Dubi and Cally like everyone else, but they are nice 20/20/40 players which is equal to solid thirds and marginal second liners. Stepan showed me something as I watched all tourney the games. Anisimove will improve and if the deal allows Rangers to keep Grachev, then I would do it. Dubi/Cally are 24 and what you see is what you get.

    Just my thoughts.

    I am sure I posted about Drury and Gomez too. Not sure if I want to read it – might make me hurl.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Blaming Sather for Drury and Gomez is complete nonsense. At the time as we all saw , we loved the move and it was economecly the right thing to do. Why blame Sather for Drury and Gomez playing like ‘tards? Ive said all along ,Sather is perfect for NY and he always gets his man.
    We all loved the move? Nope, read my post after their signing.
    ‘Economecly right?’ Nope, again, read my post 2007.
    Why blame Sather? Because he let an 80point Jagr go for 45 point Drury. Because he passed on cheap, but productive UFA’s, like Michael Ryder [want to dig up my posts saying we should get him] for decent money while last year he had 27g and 53 points!

    There’s plenty Sather can chew crow for. You may not have seen, doesn’t meen we all didn’t see it.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I actually get queazy reading that thread of posts…
    “Cup time?” says one person.
    Another “Cheers to the cup”
    “I brought the champagne”

    But the best one:
    July 1st, 2007 at 8:57 pm
    the bad news is that now the Rangers will be featured on most of the Versus monday night games, and we will have to watch their crappy coverage if you can get the channel at all.


    Thanks for all of your hard work, Carp. I think I can speak for all boneheads when I say that it has been a blast and we really appreciate what you do to keep this blog entertaining and informative.

    Speaking of basketball, I am going to send you a note on the subject to your e-mail.

    I have a good friend in AZ who is going to the game. He is so excited. It is the first time the Rangers have played in AZ since he moved there.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Carp!
    Thanks for being here. You do a great job keeping this blog sharp and interesting. We all admire your ability to allow things get competitive, but not go over the edge. I, for one, have been reading it for years, but only started to post after you, Jane and Laurel cleaned it up. Perhaps some people don’t realize that it isn’t just the place to talk Rangers, but it’s become our community. A way of life for regulars. It’s ok, the rats will come and go. We will be here. We hope so will you and Mama.

  6. With all this talk about being successful in the NHL and having 2 or more stars, look at our roster, we have Gabby and Henrik. Last season, we just had Henrik, and the three prior to that we had Jagr and Henrik. The NYRs made the playoffs for 4 years in a row. So basically what it boils down to is the fact that this years NY Rangers team doesnt have any chemistry or the necessary secondary or tertiary parts to win with any consistency.

    Either that or Torts is system does not fit the teams skillful makeup. Renney knew what he had in regard to personel and played a defense first type system and pray to win the 2-1 type games or just get into the OT/shoot out.

    I was not the biggest Renney fan, but when you have a goalie like Henrik and atleast one star in Gabby (replacing Jagr), you gotta protect your own net and adjust.

  7. My game day involves plenty of EPL and Calcio up until the puck drops. I’ll probably take a peek at the early NHL matches as well.

    Happy Hockey Day in Canada.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Aniversary Rick!!! " … says Greg L. on

    True fans, Yeah letting Jagr go was bad. Really really bad. Getting him was a great move but not resigning him was really really stuiped.

    I need more sleep , im really really tired. Wake me up when the Rangers play. ZZZZZZZ

  9. carp- i have to agree with greg(not about manny, or dury and gomez signings, even though at the time, it felt like the time, if any, we could make a serious run at the cup) about missing afew days and having to read 300 comments to catch up. i was out working 12 hour shits an found out my grandma was in teh hospital so i was there for a long time. shes like my mom. she pretty much took care of me when my parents were gettin divorced as a kid. she broke her shoulder ,and wrist and will have surgery, but more importantly, shes a heavy smoker who is in recovery from cancer so shes in a fragile state. mor or less, shes nursing home bound from here. feel bad for her. it really does suck getting old. anyway, im always back for gameaday!!! ive been waiting 3 days for this!! cant wait!

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Goodnight Greg.

    Liquid, you’re right. That chemistry was expected in the form of Higgins, Drury, Kotalik, and to some extent the continued growth of Calli and Dubi. Basically the only guy who is meeting expectations is probably Prospal, Calli and Dubi are both very very streaky. Those other middle liners are playing like 3rd and 4th liners which is also a reason why Brashear has no role on this team. If there were guys who clearly fit into the 2nd and 3rd line, he would play the 4th line, but as it is their production is awful so there really is no one whose above the 4th line, except Gab.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “12 hour shits?”
    Wow… i didn’t know that was possible.

    Best wishes to your fam, btw.

  12. greg, what if jagr stayed and we couldnt get gabby? what if jagr was here loafing it every other game like he did his last season? he very well could be the one we are all blaming. point is, jagr is only older, and he couldnt get us a cup with shanny,drury,gomez,hank,aves, etc… so, i know what youre sayin, if we hadnt signed redden, or drury the year before, we couldve resigned him and got him heatley or gabby and maybe nylander and some big d man. hhey we couldve drafted parise instead of jessiman. but we didnt. mora of story= jagr good, sather bad, or jagr old, sather bad??

  13. Happy Anniversary Carp!! This blog and the comments section have been great since you took over. Sam did a great job too, but it was different. You made this place your own, and we all appreciate the terrific job you do..congratulations and thanks for responding to so many posts.

    GWG – Sorry to hear about your grandmother – best wishes to her and you.

  14. Carp, I’ve always loved the Oz reference when talking about Sather. It does seem the perfect metaphor for his GM tenure.

    That got me thinking: What other characters from The Wizard of Oz are perfect metaphors for some of the guys on the roster?

    Cowardly Lion? Probably a few guys we could all put here.

    Toto? That’s gotta be Avery…the only guy with enough guts to bark at the Wicked Witch and call out The Wizard for who he really is.

    The Lollipop Guild? The entire collection of 3rd line players we have skating every night.

    Tin Man?


    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s creative thoughts…

  15. I have a feeling we will be riding the sad van to frown town after the game tonight. I am driving, Beth already claimed shotgun. All aboard! There is plenty of room :)

  16. God I hate Sather I really think he has naked pictures of the Dolans or something along those lines of extortion how else does he have a job..ohh wait, Mr’s Dolan doesn’t give a crap I forgot

  17. I would contend that the Rangers never are in the rebuild mode ala Pittsburgh a few years back and with Gaborik and Lundqvist on the roster why should they be?

    Here’s what I would do if I were the GM.

    1. Trade Rozsival for draft picks. He’s tradeable now that he’s playing decent defense. $3.5mn salary with a $5mn cap hit over the next two is not a bad deal.
    2. Admit the Redden mistake after the season and put him in the AHL.
    3. Talk to Drury and get him to waive his NTC.
    4. Here’s the kicker – to lose Drury’s salary you need to give something up, there are no free lunches. Package a deal of Drury and Staal. I really think that over time Staal will become just as much as a cap problem as some of our other current d-men.

    All the deadwood is gone, we still maintain most of the prospects. Game on!

  18. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Green Suspended 3 games for elbow to head of Panthers player last night

    AND he got hurt in a knee on knee hit later in the game

    Haha, love it

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He should be forced to serve that suspension when he’s healthy, but the NHL won’t ever enforce that. The MLB will suspend a pitcher 5 games so that he misses 1 start, as is, Green won’t suffer any consequences for his elbow which was VICIOUS! His knee buckling was pretty sick, probably torn ACL, if not MCL and meniscus damage too (btw, that hit was clean the defender tried to shoulder him and Green cut). I hope Green misses a lot of time, he’s a punk.

  20. would anyone trade a 1st round pick if a team would take redden and his 4 remaining years. there is no way they will bury him in ahl so could be a way to get rid of him. so 2 choices which do you take. i would do the trade.

    trade him along with 1st round pick


    keep him

  21. Happy Anniversary Carp, and thanks for making this THE place to be for all of us to congregate! Thanks for all your hard work, and for being hellamega awesome!

    Grabby, hope everything turns out well for grandma! I’ll be saying prayers for her!!

  22. Not this year’s 1st rounder would you. Too valuable and you don’t want to end up like Toronto which has guaranteed Boston a top 5 pick.

  23. paul g

    yes i would do that deal. including callahan and dubinsky would even help with the cap. so would losing rozy, obviously.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Would you,
    I would not.

    You could eat the Redden salary and still keep that pick by putting him in Hartford. Dolan won’t be happy, but its probably the best move if you want to clear the cap space.

  25. they will not put him in hartford.

    how bad do you want him gone. enough to lose a 1st round pick. i would.

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    would you

    Why make a stupid signing cost you even more by giving up a 1st rounder just to get rid of him? Not that Stogydope would know what to do with the pick, other than draft Jessiman’s little brother.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re not going to win a cup next year and probably not the year after (based on cap space and the duds that are currently here). SO:
    1) What would you get in return that is going to be that good, it’s worth jeopardizing the future?
    2) If you start trading away top picks, you’re not going to win a cup in 2, 3, 4, 10 years?!
    3) Whoever you get for Redden will probably be gone in 2-3 years anyway, so what was the point if it got you a first round playoff exit?

    Read these points, it’s what a GM has to consider… not the $Dolans$ er, Dollars in revenue and not the fans wanting first round playoff exits now. If you’re building towards something, you’re only destroying your future and that’s what killed the 97 to 2006 New York Rangers.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Izzy, great post.

    My typo: “If you’re *NOT* building towards something, you’re only destroying your future…”

  29. ok 2 votes for keeping redden instead of trading a 1st round pick to get rid of him. anyone else? remember hartford won’t happen. i want him gone.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    would you,
    You’re not even creating a reasonable vote. You can’t say Hartford won’t happen, you don’t know that. You’re not including the possibility of trading him with a prospect (perhaps Chad Johnson, whose role in NY is undefined at best, with Hank here) and you didn’t consider a buy-out.

    You basically want to prove that YOUR idea is the only way out of his contract and while it is a way that would probably get rid of him, it’s not the best option.

  31. of course it is not the best option but hartford is not happening. neither is johnson instead of a 1st round pick. the devils did it a few years ago trading someone to san jose and including a 1st round pick.

    my point is how bad do people want redden gone. enough to include a 1st round pick. my vote is yes and yours is no. anyone else?

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Would you,
    The Devils traded Malakhov and a conditional first-rounder to SJ in order to trim his 3+million from their salary cap (as he had unofficially retired, wasn’t coming back to the NHL, but was still on the books). They needed to get rid of him contract in order to make the deadline for the $44million roster salary cap. Malakhov wasn’t playing at all.

    A little different.

    You’ll see Chad Johnson traded before a 1st rounder.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …And NEITHER will be traded to simply unload Redden.

    They will get prospects back or a stud like Vinny/Kovy in return (which I will completely disagree with because Vinny’s cap hit is absurd through 2019 and Kovy will be another 4 month rental).

  34. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    would you

    Your option is just as unlikely as all the rest. I’d like to see Redden gone too. I just wouldn’t throw away a first rounder to get it done. There are smarter ways to do it. Then there’s your way.

  35. Yeah, that was a cheapshot by Green and he deserves to be suspended.

    But sorry Frolik, that’s what happens when you have your head down…

  36. We need to sign Foster next year if we want to improve the PP. He’s injury prone so some of our young guys will get to play when he gets hurt, but man, I’d rather have him at the point than Kotalik. Tampa has replaced 4 sheets of glass this year already because of his slapshot

  37. Foster would be great… maybe Drury should be the first one to try to screen the goalie when Foster shoots. I keed. I dont.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Tampa has replaced 4 sheets of glass this year already because of his slapshot

    And how many nets have they replaced? I think we’re good on talent that ‘CAN’T HIT THE BACKSIDE OF A BULL WITH A SHOVEL’ or something to that effect (carp’s backside bullseye higgins/bennenati’ism)

  39. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Over a year, you’ve changed much about your writing style and catering to this environment. A much better blogger now, you are. Grats Carp.

  40. Of course Sather waits until the team is out west to speak with the beat writers, when hardly any of them are there. Typical Sather.

  41. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I was in the building in Tampa when Foster scored a BOMB! from the point on Lundy. Jesus, what a shot!

  42. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    I just heard WFAN play a clip of a drury interview, first I hate it when hockey players have to sigh when speaking, IE.
    Sigh ‘well we have to… another sigh.
    but drury says that things are being heaped on the team , the same type of excuse torts gave after the last loss.
    what are they talking about? Criticism or competition?
    Can’t they take being criticized?
    Is being out played too much to handle?

  43. ding ding ding True wins the Sam got mini topic!!

    one cup, if the guys on this team cannot handle criticism, they should not be playing, or maybe play somewhere that doesnt care about how the team does. They can’t handle it, yet all you guys who spend all this crazy money to watch them play this badly have to deal with it?? SHEESH

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only things being heaped on most of the members of this team are bags of cash! They’re like bandits out there.

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thanks Linda,
    I wasn’t going to (sigh…) let a silly… (ughhh…) metaphor like that (sigh…) stump me and ruin FDR’s (hmmm….? [replaces 1 missing mouthpiece in showcase]) 128th birthday. That was a lot of pressure.

  46. Staal Wart says "Can Sather Pep Talkin Ways!" on

    congrats on your ‘anniversary’
    happy we could share it with you.

    Hey gang…I am finding it hard to convince myself that I should watch tonight…I mean its getting difficult to enjoy watching the team.

    I can’t stand Sather I mean making trades is difficult? Well duh! Thats what happens you moron, when you sign players to outrageous contracts what do you expect? Its easy to make a trade when you have players doing there jobs and getting payed a normal salary. Then you don’t deal with the issues you have now…

  47. Trading picks or a prospect alongside a player with a bad contract to Toronto (who are likely the only team willing to be on the other end of such a deal) might be a realistic proposition for teams in some financial/cap distress – Brian Burke certainly hopes it is.

    But the Rangers have the resources to do what the Leafs would do anyway – bury the player in the minors/Europe and take the salary hit – so I don’t see why the Rangers should sweeten a deal to do something they could do themselves for “free”. Granted, Dolan and Sather haven’t got the humility or willingness to admit a mistake, so it’s probably not going to happen, but I think trading extra assets would only compound the mistakes.

  48. Staal Wart….that is what the DVR is for. 2.5 hrs of pain compressed into 60 mins or so. Much better. Plus, you can enjoy some of your Saturday night before ruining in the last hour before you go to bed.

  49. Staal Wart says "Can Sather Pep Talkin Ways!" on

    New Newman,
    Excellent!…Honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to waste precious DVR space…hehe

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I was big on getting Gomez. I thought playing with Jagr he would put up Marc Savard/Joe Thornton numbers: 20-25g,100-110 pts.

    Found my first post after the signings:

    July 1st, 2007 at 11:02 pm
    As much as Nylander was helpful in keeping the ship afloat for the past couple of years, he was a fool not to take whatever deal the Rangers offered him. So, thank you Michael, and good luck to you in the future (unless you end up in the East).

    I am VERY happy with the acquisitions. I’m a little upset with Drury’s contract: A little too long, a little too much money, and a no-trade clause. But seriously, we’re guaranteed at least the Cup finals, and if it wasn’t for the Ducks signing Schneider to replace Niedermayer, I’d say the cup was ours as well…

    Now, if only Malik would retire!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!”

    At least I made a good call on Drury.

  51. According to Zipay, Messier is in Russia at the KHL All-star game. Jagr’s team beat Yashin’s team, and Jagr was wearing a Rangers t-shirt under his jersey. Even a slower, older Jagr, is far, far better than Drury.

    It’s a sad day for Rangers leadership when Drury and Sather and Torts are complaining about how hard it is to play/manage/coach, and blaming everyone else, including fans.

  52. I wasn’t around here at the time to have the evidence, but while I wasn’t outraged by the Drury/Gomez signings (despite my near-hatred of the overrated Gomez), they were clearly going to be overpaid for what they were – above-average 2nd liners. I doubt anyone could have predicted quite how quickly Drury’s game would decline nor how much Gomez couldn’t or wouldn’t play with any linemates with any great success.

    I was always in favour of resigning Nylander ahead of one of Drury or Gomez and riding his chemistry with Jagr for one, two years, but Sather had to get that done prior to free agency (surprise, he didn’t). Signing Nylander to the contract he got from Washington would’ve turned out just as big a mistake.

  53. At the time I wondered why they would heap a bunch of money on Gomez when he was a 20-goal scorer at best. Most years he didn’t even get that many. I think they were pretty short-sighted in signing him thinking he would elevate Jagr back to the elite scoring status and that Jagr’s age had nothing to do with his decline.

    As for Drury, I again wondered why they gave him so much money when he wasn’t a scorer. Yeah, I know it was all those intangibles he was going to give the team.

    But they paid these guys like elite scorers and they never were. Sure, they both had one season where they scored 35 goals or something, but the majority of their careers they were not scorers.

  54. It really shouldn’t matter if a guy is making $7 million and playing in the minors or he isn’t. The team is still paying his contract no matter what. If you bring up a young player making $700-800K for him, that’s conservation of contracts. If you sign another guy for big money, only then is it wasting cash.

    Redden has 7 points. 1 million dollars for each point. 7 points. I think Boyle has more. Pathetic.

  55. The Rangers didn’t learn their lesson from the return of Messier. Signing a guy because he’s a leader is great if there are enough good players to lead. When the players suck, there’s not much a leader can do about it.

    Messier’s second stint with the Rangers was nothing like the first because the talent wasn’t there for him to bring together.

    Expecting Drury to do somehow do something to elevate the team’s play though was absurd. In fact, him having the C is absurd. Now, I’m not in the locker room, but how many times this year have you read about Drury calling team meetings? I can’t remembe any. Lundqvist has called a few, but what is Drury doing? Watching replays of Little League World Series games?

  56. oh and thanks carp and everyone. shes doin ok. shes home, but still smokin. i took her ciggs and locked them away in my safe, but she somehow got a pack out before i got to the carton. i had just finished cleaning her house and getting her meds from the pharmacy and got back and i see her with a virginia slim hangin outta her mouth like a cowboy. damn shes stubborn. little(tough) ole granny from brooklyn, not pasadena

  57. looks like sather only spoke with Zipay, whose paper is owned by Dolan. I can’t imagine Zipay criticized him or questioned his moves (as no way Sather would respond to such questions), so you get the typical defensive Sather spewing nonsense about how we are still in the mix.

    including a 1st round pick to move redden doesn’t make sense, we need all of the high-end young talent we can get. i would consider including a young player but not anyone of any real worth, so can’t see why a team like toronto would do that kind of move. and even if the rangers are dumb enough to trade for kovalchuk or phaneuf, no way redden would be part of either deal, atlanta or calgary don’t want to be saddled with a $6.5M pylon for 4 years.

    hartford is the way to get rid of Redden.

  58. Watched the Philly/Islander game. It was a decent game, and I will say that the Islanders know how to stick together as a team and stick up for each other. I hope the Rangers were watching and taking notes.

    Carp, Happy Anniversary man. When you got here, this blog became more like a family. A dysfunctional family, but a nice big family of die hards. I love it.

  59. No other team wants to be saddled with Redden’s contract. The contract is the poster child for bad cap management.
    So we are stuck with him – we can buy him out (at $2.2m cap hit for 8 years) OR we can put him on waivers and assign to Hartford OR we can hope he starts playing like a top pair D-man finally.

    The best scenario for us fans is to put him through waivers, assign to Hartford and if he refuses the assignment it voids his contract and he becomes a UFA again. Of course Slats ego will prevent that happening as he would be admitting his own mistake by putting him on waivers in the first place, so we are stuck with a $6.5m #6 D-man.

  60. What’s the difference between having Redden on the roster as a healthy scratch or in Hartford? The only difference I see is he’s taking up a roster spot as a healthy scratch.

  61. Charlie – roster spot and $6.5m per year in cap space – if he clears waivers, wipe the cap hit off the books it leaves us the cap room to trade for a guy like Dion Phaneuf, although Dolan will still have to pay Redden’s salary while he’s in the minors.

  62. I was in the pool!! on

    I’m tired of people saying it would send a bad signal to potential free agents if we send Redden to the minors. In my estimation it would send the exact RIGHT message. The New York Rangers will no longer tolerate someone signing with us merely to collect a fat check. Come to this team and give 100% or don’t come at all.

  63. I agree – so does everyone on here i think.
    Slats just won’t do it as he’d be admitting he made a mistake giving the contract out in the first place. He could bring up Sangs or Heikkinen to replace him and as they would only be playing 15 minutes a night on the 3rd pair it would be a good way of blooding the youngsters (in my opinion).

  64. Redden can go to Hartford and maybe see how freakin good he has it in NY and maybe turn the corner and earn 50% of his pay. Right now, he earns about 10-15%.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    UK Ranger, after seeing what you stated was Redden’s buyout hit I did the math. 2.167 million for 8 years. Seriously? That’s it?! How is this NOT the answer!?

  66. If Redden is no better than any 6 dmen we can put on the ice, why not just eat his contract?!?!?! Playoff revenue alone would offset his salary. I have been a Sather supporter, but bury Redden, blame that on Sather when u fire him, and move on.

    If you weren’t depressed enough, Kreider may be injured.

  67. Rumor the Rangers might actually score and win tonight. (E3)

    Carp, It’s been nice to have you back on the Rangers’ beat for the last year. I think you should grow your mustache back this week to celebrate! Happy

  68. ZZZZ NYR – You are my friend are what we call an idealist, lol. Not every person is born with the ability to be a great hockey player. Some can work hard and become serviceable, some can work hard and discover greatness, the key word is some. There is a reason why being great is GREAT and not average. Great takes determination yes, greatness can come to those to whom it would seem unlikely due to their determination. The point is that not everyone is built that way. A coach can not FORCE a player to suddenly find that determination. It is difficult enough for people to find that own determination within themselves, let alone to have someone else create it within them. If it was as simple as you make it seem there would be nothing GREAT about being great. The whole point is that not everyone can be molded, not everyone cares enough, not everyone has the talent to become great without incredible determination that few can claim theirs. And even if they’re 6’5 235 lbs with soft hands and a mean streak, they might have no brains and no hockey instincts so it’s all for nothing. You can’t teach certain things past a point. They just exist.

  69. cw-Taken from HFBoards.

    Chris Kreider is not playing tonight for BC. He did not skate this week due to a hip flexor. Day to day.

    Not that bad.

  70. Even if the Rangers aren’t that much better from a year ago, the RR definitely is! Keep up the good work Carp and don’t feel too much of a need to rush back here to catch the start of the game, it’s only the Rangers after all.

  71. Uncle Larry Brooks reports Lundquist out with the flu. Brashit & Totalgeek prucha’d.

  72. Happy Rangers Report anniversary Carp and thanks for all your posts in the last keep us coming back and also keep us involved .

    Ps.. you aint the only one that had to work today i was actually supposed to be off and i worked on my day off to cover for another manager as a favor to our district manger..being a team player.. something we need a little more of from more of our boysin Blue

  73. There’s been a lot of talk regarding burying Redden’s contract in the AHL and the possibility that Jimmy Dolan wouldn’t want to basically eat that kind of cash. But if you look at total Ranger salary before the lockout, Dolan would still be investing less into the team than before the cap.

    The Rangers total salary in 02-03 was $77.0M
    The Rangers total salary in 03-04 was $69.2M

    The current cap is $56.8M and Redden’s contract is worth $6.5M. If the Rangers were to eat the contract and theoretically bring back pieces equal to his salary, it’s a total number of $63.6M, which is still less than pre-lockout salary totals.

    Makes sense to me.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Aniversary Rick!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My game day ,your game day ,our game day ,thier game day ,his game day ,her game day, bonehead game day ,Phoeniz game day ,Ranger game day…..let’s get readddyyyy too RUNBBLEEEE!!!!!!

    BTW im still readin the days posts….seems like we have a few comments to reply too.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Aniversary Rick!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike , Yer a good grand kid for being there for yer granny. You have a good heart and we ALL over here wish her the very best!!!

    John Doe , Great hockey players are bred . Not everyone is great or there would be no great…I get it , BUT in today’s NHL every player is faster and stronger then they ever were. Today’s NHL will come up with player who will pass ALL the greats in the record book. Every era has great players and today’s NHL has more greater player then ever before. Better hitters,Better goalies,better coaches,better tenology, better coverage ,better everything. Guys like Crosby, Tavares ,Kane ,and Stamko will all score over 500 goals and will surpass most of the hall of fames cuz todays NHL is a bunch of clones drivin in a system and ONCE they make the NHL after the combines and stuff..they will be great. Only Wayne gretzky record will be untouchable..everyones elses will be at risk. Just ask Brodeur how Sawchucks record is doing.

  76. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    good luck with everything bro!!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Aniversary Rick!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers gametime is …NOW!!!

    GOOOO RANGERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

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