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Enough is enough with the entitlement and keeping on giving people ice time. And so the room has to handle it and then the room becomes better, I think. If it doesn’t, then we have the wrong lockerroom.

-John Tortorella, Dec. 18, 2009, after a 2-1 loss to the Islanders

After that game, Wade Redden saw bench, as he did last night. After that game, Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery held a team meeting; last night Glen Sather gave a pep talk.

So there are similarities, even though last night’s game wasn’t as atrocious, in terms of effort, as that Islanders game. It was pretty bad. Granted, there were two deflected goals, and Lundqvist gave up a terrible goal. But the Rangers didn’t create much at all. And sure made loads of mistakes.

That said:

1) So where do they go with Redden now? Is it time to send him to Hartford and eat the salary? I don’t see why not. Same with Brashear.

2) I can’t imagine what the Rangers have cooking with Calgary, but obviously it is something.

3) That shots on goal total last night was hard to believe. Just like the 51-45 total in the Devils game a few weeks ago. It sure didn’t seem like the Rangers were pummeling shots at Cam Ward, did it?

4) The Rangers must shop Christopher Higgins, Ales Kotalik and Michal Rozsival at the deadline.

5) What’s all this about Drury/Tortorella saying there’s stuff swirling around the team? Do they mean the negative press, the booing in the arena, or what? And do they expect anything different in New York City? For a team that has won two playoff series since 1997?

6) I am still not ready to completely blame the effort (I think a majority of players really are trying and care) or the coach simply because there is such a dearth of skill, and those with skill are having such woeful years production-wise.

7) Lundqvist might come back from the Olympics in a wheelchair.

8) I still fully expect that there will be more ups and downs, more winning streaks and losing streaks, and for this team to be in the race for spots 8-13 in the final weeks of the season. In fact, I will not be surprised if they return from the Western trip with two wins.

9) Going back to the top quote: When, exactly, does the entitlement run out for people not named Redden and Kotalik?

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  1. Completely agree with the post. How long has Tortorella been preaching accountability and entitlement and done very little about it? All talk and no action – not what I was expecting from JT after his pre-season “speeches”. Oh, and I am sure that Glen Sather’s pep talk is really gonna fire up the team (NOT).

  2. Entitlement is a great thing for a coach to preach and believe in but he to has a boss. A boss that is paying for these players, a boss that is clueless enough to allow these players to be offered the contracts that they were, a boss that is clueless enough to think that the amount of money a player “earns” dictates where they sit on the depth chart.

    Everyone has a boss but the Dolans… and Sather of course.

  3. Sorry, I should know this since it’s been mentioned before but how does burying Redden in Hartford affect the cap?

  4. Torts is a good coach trying to win a gun fight with a butter knife. This team is crap, bottom line. Sather constructed it, so he must go. Nobody on this team gives a damn whether they win or lose. Everyone goes home rich.

  5. Carp, I would think whatever is brewing with Calgary or any other team does not include Redden otherwise he would be showcased and not benched.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    GCBLue, when a player is in the minors, his salary comes off of your salary cap books. Dolan will still pay him 6.5 million, but the Rangers will have the cap space as a result.

    Carp, perhaps it’s time to switch off of “It’s Go Time!” for game threads. The team has looked as frail as Mr. Mandlebaum.

  7. GCBlue,

    Burying Redden in Hartford takes him off the cap completely. He would still be owed his contract in full.

    Buying him out keeps him on the cap for an amount 2/3 of what he is making for twice the length of his contact.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s all this chatter about Calgary. I haven’t seen anything. Someone post me a link.

  9. I keep waiting for “Waive Redden Day”…. It is time to firmly show this team that if they do not perform there will be firm consequences.

  10. Either the Rangers are playing too many games in a short period of time due to the Olympics and /or they are tuning out the coaching staff. It has become pathetic. A pep talk form Sather is not the answer. Trades or getting rid of management should be the first answer.

  11. that talk sather had w/ the team was far from a pep talk
    but if that doesnt wake em up somethings got to give

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it’s safe to say any trade won’t involve Redden because he has the worst contract in the brief history of the salary-cap era. No need to look at whether he is playing or not.

  13. doesn’t Redden look strung-out?? he didn’t look that way when he first signed in New York. There’s something about him…his face looks drawn out and his eyes are hollow.

  14. Rangers must also shop Prospal. He is having a good season and probably has the most value out of all the tradeable players. I’m sure a team would love to get him for there playoff run. Prospal is not going to resign for 1 million dollars next year with the type of season he is having.

  15. Does Phaneuf have a NTC? Like everyone else, I keep hearing his name come up. If we got him, do you think there would be issues between him & Avery?

    I can see it now: Sather will acquire Phaneuf completely unaware that they have a history!! lol

  16. Doodie- Good point although I never thought anyone would take Gomez off our hands. (one can only hope about Redden)

    As far as Calgary I think it all started during the Flyers game where the announcers said the GM and scouts from Calgary were following the Rangers for a couple of games. I really have not found anything concrete to share.

  17. Where's Pavelich? on

    All true Carp, I watched the goal that “benched” Redden 3-4x… Drury was covering no one.. at least Redden was near a player…next step would have to be Hartford

    The Rangers need one of those 4 player-type trades and will need to overpay (thru youth/prospects/draft picks) for role players who actually do their job. Target guys LIKE Rene Bourque (if Calgary), Ryan Clowe, Nathan Horton, all Vancouver 2-3rd line players etc … we dont need not another high-priced guy, or else we will be done cap-wise for another 5 years.

    Hopefully, the new GM can make this next trade.

  18. I dont see how he can hold more than 3 players acountable. If he held everyone acountable and benched-scratched all the players that deserved it…. we would truly be a one trick pony. sometimes without a netminder. The players that would see the ice normaly would be IMO
    Gaborik, Cally, Voros, Avery, Boyle, AA
    DZ Gilroy Staal

    Guys that would be cycling through bench waivers
    Prospal, Higgins, Christensen, Drury, Lisin, Dubinski, Kotalik
    Girardi, rosival, redden

    So, consider everyone on bench waivers expendable. For some, the effort is there, but the results are not. for others.. dont forget to wash your hands after you wipe.

  19. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    When, exactly, does the entitlement run out for people not named Redden and Kotalik?

    Like Drury, whose contract is almost as bad as Redden’s.

    And Dan Girardi, whose skills, passion, and balls are nonexistent.

    And Higgins, who’s just plain clueless.

    Despite his many limitations, at least Voros cares, is proud to wear the sweater, and sticks up for his teammates.

    It seems hopeless right now.

    Somebody help…getting weaker…don’t know if I can hang on much longer.

  20. Andy from the LES on

    The problem with benching Redden is then – who plays? One can argue that a kid from Hartford can’t do any worse, but if the results remain the same (losses)the team will go into the toilet, and I honestly don’t think NY fans are honest about a TRUE rebuild. Heck, I’ve seen posts on other forums where people wanna trade Staal and Gilroy so soon (thus proving my point).

    I think the team should make some moves like last year – get some midlevel guys that can modestly contribute, and then address the big problems in the off season.

  21. The Dolans make a nice chunk of change if the Rangers get two home playoff games. I can’t see them signing off on a fire sale.

  22. i dont know about a link to show calgary chatter. youll just have to take my word for it. i know there was a scout @ the cal/dal game last night. but there were a couple of teams that had scouts there.

    also keep in mind dallas owes us a favor imo. so i wouldnt be shocked if they were watching dallas as well. they are another team that could use a shakeup if they dont make the playoffs.

  23. im tired of watching this team play like a squirts team and then listening to the coach talk about accountability and playing better. I would rather watch the wolfpack play the flames than this rangers team.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Gomez at least had some value. There was the myth of Tom Renney’s system having stifled his offensive creativity, plus the lack of a decent winger hurting his production. He still was ridiculously fast. And he still scored SOME points. Not to mention he had two decent playoff appearances. Multiple cup winner. So Gomez had SOME value, even though his contract was almost a million more per year.

    Redden has been nothing but awful the entire time here, with no hope in sight.

  25. Thanks for the info guys.

    So if Redden’s salary comes off the cap entirely if he’s sent down, then that’s 65% of the cap space you need for Kovy.

    I, along with 34 friends, will do our part and commit to signing up for Newsday.com to increase the current subscriptions by 100% and help Dolan build the remaining balance needed.

  26. Where's Pavelich? on

    Jason – I think the Charlotte nickname is the “Checkers”..talk about a bad fit for Wade!

  27. So, the game didn’t quite go as planned last night, and apparently ol’ Glenny boy is allowed to talk in a country other than Canada after all! All the more reason to celebrate the 30 things that are better than Glen Sather. Number 29:

    29. Paper Cuts
    Paper is a delicate creature, you have to handle it gently or else it’ll rip or wrinkle. Paper is supposed to be your friend, but as soon as you are careless with it, paper turns its back on you and cuts your skin open like a knife! Admit it, at that certain moment in time, there is no greater pain than getting a paper cut, almost to the point where you feel like getting shot would hurt less. And as if that wasn’t enough, your skin starts to bleed and bleed like there’s no tomorrow. So be nice to that piece of paper on your desk, or that envelope you are about to open, and remember: even though a paper cut can be pretty painful and annoying, it is still way better than Glen Sather!

  28. Hey Carp,

    Just a side note on Brashear, if the Rangers send him to Hartford, only $100k comes off the salary cap. It’s a part of the 35+ contract clause.

  29. I’m STILL upset from last night’s loss.

    – Will Sather swallow his pride and assign Redden – Nope
    – Will Sather find us players to play on the first and second line someday – Nope
    – Will Sather make a STUPID move prior to the trade deadline – YES

    Also, i love the olympics just like everyone else, you know 1980 and all that but I HATE the idea of our world class goal scorer and goalie participating…remember what happened to Jagr?

  30. Where's Pavelich? on

    Who should play for Redden? How about that young, big tough dman in the minors, who is still a little raw, but is tough and sticks up for his teammates.. oh wait, nevermind.. he’s not in our system.

    …just get Strudwick back.

  31. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on


    Re: Kotalik

    Am I right to be enraged that Sather targeted Higgins and Kotalik instead of making a real try at Cammalleri for the same $

  32. Long 3rd/4th Liners on

    Rumor has it that Sather’s post game meeting primarily was to inform the team that he is on the verge of signing flamboyant U.S. figure skater Johhny Weir to a contract to add some team toughness for a post-Olympics run at the playoffs.

  33. Where is Perry Pearn coaching now? That would be the only place that Redden would ever have a chance of being traded to. Would a trade of Brashear for LaRauque make any sense? Both are finished, and I believe if they are traded, they can be sent straight to minors without salary/cap implications.

    Correct me if I am wrong. . . I often am.

  34. Pearn is in Montreal, isn’t he?

    Chris, yes. Not to mention all the tough guys he could have signed for less than what he gave Brashear.

    Thanks, Tony.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  35. CW – last I knew Pearn was one of the assistant coaches in Montreal. IMO, Brashear for Laraque would be a waste of everyone’s time on both sides – trading one over and done enforcer for another…

  36. Do you remember when the Ranger post lockout mantra was-“Win while rebuilding”?!?!?!

    Oxymoron then, just moronic now. The Rangers need to sell, and start now. Acquire picks, build for two years from now when the crap contracts expire.

  37. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on


    I never envisioned this team landing Gaborik so I was always hoping they got Cammeleri for around 5.5 and had a young guy who would have heart and a bit of a scoring touch.

    Turns out we could have had both him and Gaborik.

  38. Where's Pavelich? on

    …but Brashear’s aggressive forecheck will force bad decisions by other teams AND he will protect the Rangers and Hank from getting run AND he scored like 100 goals in juniors 34 years ago!

  39. I heard that the Rangers team charter need to refuel in Edmonton in order to make into Arizona.

    I hope that their party dont lose someone on that stop and they will be there in time for the Saturday late afternoon start in the desert :)

  40. The era of heavyweights is over anyway. The Carcillos, Averys, Tootoos, etc. are the new enforcers.

    Which begs the question:

    With all the dealing we did with Phoenix, how did we not go hard for Carcillo?

  41. I will be the first to admit, that I thought letting Orr go and signing Brashear was a good move. I was half right, because Orr got beat up by Carkner and hasn’t been the same since (3 years to go on that deal). But I had no idea how much Brashear could regress.

  42. brashears contract stinks but it is only pennies.

    someone said Dubinsky sit/waivers, what are you talking about the guy is 23 and pretty decent player………

    higgins tries but just is not effective, he cannot shoot the puck period…

    btw whiners all is not lost, they are young and have some decent long term options in the system.

    lundqvist has played well this year but on occassion he has underperformed like goal #2 last night….

    try to move higgins, kotalik, and others if possible. do not take on any insane agreements period… kovalchuk especially as a rental is insane…I would not do it at all regardless.

    if girardi is not resigned or his production and performance has become worse(I am not sure how he is playing) then move him also. If you are not going to sign him for next year or have guys that can fill in his spot then trade him………………

  43. For those of you who are pining for the days of Tom Renney, I’d like to point your attention to the team he’s with now, who suck even worse than the Rangers do.

    I want to defend the Oilers because Pat Quinn is a Widener Law alum (at least before he trasferred to UCLA, where he ultimately earned his JD), but that team sucks REAL bad.

  44. time to dump Sather and friends on

    it is time for Redden to be dumped to Hartford once and for all. the same goes for Dreary, Blowsival, Kotalik, and Higgins as well. but Redden is likely the first to go.

    let Dolan eat contracts, and then he will be more willing to kick Sather upstairs to get him out of the GM job where he has cost the team millions and wasted a decade spinning their wheels with summer turnover and prospects who are second and third line guys.

  45. + for the team long term…

    staal, dz, gilroy, lundqvist, chad johnson(possibly), callahan, anisimov, dubinsky, gaborik, lisin(possibly), and that are the young positive assets on the team…

    5 forwards and 3 d men. but they have sanguinetti and heikannen and other possbile d men in the system so d is really not in that bad of shape yes, they need 1 tough stay at home d man but that is doable. the problem is of course up front.. AA, dubi, cally, lisin, should improve but they need much more. grachev is on the way.. stepan is a year away, and kreider is multi years away and obviously that is a problem…..

    drury, kotalik, higgins, prospal(do not resign), voros, brashear, and avery are all underperforming, older, and not real good……….

  46. cwgatti, you’re absolutely right. The era of the one dimensional enforcers is over. Players need to be able to fight, score, play both ends. I don’t think Colton Orr would have been the answer, but Brashear certainly wasn’t.

    Carcillo, Laperierre, Shawn Thornton, Milan Lucic, Avery, Tootoo, these are the new generation.

  47. boyle is a non entity so he is not mentioned. the guy has about 20 goals for his career and at best is a question mark…

  48. CCCP

    If I want to go eat some real russian food at affordable prices where do I go? I am not into ambiance and fluff.

  49. What’s going to change? Nothing.

    Cigar puss showed up… gave his little “go get ’em boys” speech.

    They’ll win 2 of the next three and the cyle will continue.

    I’m not watching until REAL change is made. (i.e. Rozi, Redden, Drury, or Sather are gone).

  50. It was a mistake signing Brashear. How did Sather sign a guy, who just last year was posted as being one of the top least bang for the buck guys in the league, when he was in Washington. Plus the guy is 38 years old. What was he thinking. Where were all Sather’s scouting experts when he decided to sign Redden for the big bucks? Did they not watch the last olympics? Even I noticed that Redden had slipped to average or below when he was still in Ottawa. I could go on but why bother, it’s all been said. Sather has to be the laughing stock of the league as far as GM’s are concerned.

  51. I have season seats. They are awesome – almost center ice. Section 205, Row C.

    I am selling 3 seats for each game, but won’t split them up.

    2/10 – Nashville Predators
    2/14 – Tampa Bay Lighting

    The tickets are $108 each. That is face value. If you want them, email me at mitchellcohen@nyc.rr.com

  52. This is the same thread we have had on this blog over and over for, i dont know, perhaps seven years or so? I said it last year that Brashear was a horrible signing (should have fired Sather then). It is the same story every late January – we get a little excited in September, and by January we are all pulling our hair out because this team has trouble scoring (insert any of the following: checking, covering d zone, power play, break out, etc.).

    The killer for me was when Carcillo roughed up Gaborik – there is no passion, no grit, NOTHING. You as a player just dont let that happen – EVER. The response was pathetic and woeful. I also said that the problem last year was not Renny – and I still believe it. Renny was a good coach, as is Torts. The real issue is the construction of a team that only needs to barely make the playoffs and let all of the Rangers fans feel good for a week. Then of course we can crushed at some point and we all look at the calender for next August/September – hoping and hoping and ….

    Enough of that – I cant wait to see the Olympics!

  53. How about we trade Brashear and a low level prospect to Toronto for Jamaal Mayers. Mayers is a UFA after the year, so we can shed that salary.

  54. press the reset button on

    prospect Derek Stepan showed me more leadership and skill in that WJC tourney than most of the Rangers have shown me in years.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I was having a debate with a friend of mine who is a Devils fan about Fatso’s place in history. He made a point when comparing him to Lundqvist that I thought rang true. You just don’t see Brodeur give up the soft goals that other goaltenders do. I mean, yes, occassionally EVERYONE let’s one in. But his are so few and far between. It’s just a level of focus that separates elite goaltenders from good goaltenders.

    That’s why I don’t think Henrik isn’t an elite goaltender right now. He gives up so many soft goals. He can make huge saves look routine, but he completely negates them by letting in easy stops.

    Good thing he doesn’t have the highest goaltending contract in the league? He does? Damn it!

  56. How bout Toronto already has Colton Orr, why would they possibly want Brashear in a trade and his salary

  57. press the reset button on

    Brash!t sux, and he was a terrible choice from the beginning. only a couple fools and Sather, the ultimate fool, thought any different

    send him to Hartford with Redden. they will be “sorely” missed.haha

    and Mc”Sorley” can club dumbass Huggy over the noggin again anytime he wants. I can see why that was well deserved.

  58. I love Prospal, always have liked the guy thought he was always a good playmaker, but someone made a very good point before I think, by saying how he has had a very good year and has some value, and that he probably wont sign here for $1 mill next year with the year that hes had, and we cant really afford to give a vet much money so might as well shop him, and start building this offense around Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Avery, and eventually Grachev and the 3 young Team USA forwards… thats 9 forwards.. I know the USA guys probably wont be ready for another couple of years but I think we may see one make the team if they had a good camp next year, especially if we can get rid of some of the dead weight aka Kotalik/Higgins.. I think if he took a small contract again I would give Lisin another shot maybe but it depends on what happens at the trade deadline with us and whos available in the offseason
    I am probably in the minority here but I want to hold on to Girardi and hopefully the D for the next few years (post Redden/Rozsival era) will be Staal-Girardi-Del Zotto-Gilroy-Hiekkinen-Sanguinetti-McDonagh.. Maybe trading one of them for a forward and tough D-man, we’ll see

  59. But Jamaal Mayers can actually play hockey, Brashear cant, thats my point, I know your saying give up a young prospect too but Toronto wouldnt take Brashear, would anybody at this point? after watching the way he’s “enforced” this year

  60. So if figure skating Redden and I cnt fight no more Brassier are sent to Hartford we would clear 7.5 myn of cap space?? Wow that would be great. Now all that needs to be done is Sather admit he screwed up and bite the bullet.

  61. Is this guy Josh Thompson seriously not changing his age ever? He looks more like 46 then 26. The joke is old Josh put your real age or don’t put one at all.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s with all of the Avery man-love? He throws a few mosquito hits and called a team meeting a month ago? Big deal. 5 goals. Even Higgins has more. The only forwards on the team with less are Boyle, Brashear, Voros, and Christensen (who is scoring at a faster pace).

    Put the puck in the net, stop being a turnover machine, play defense, and actually draw a penalty every now and then (I thought he was supposed to be a good pest). Then give me a call.

  63. Doodie,

    Brodeur’s accomplishments (both individual and team) and awards will always place him in the top 3 or 5 goalie of all time debate and very likely in the top 10 players of all time.

    Objectively it’s tough to say he hasn’t been a great goalie and been a major reason for that franchise across the river’s success over the past 1.5 decades.

    In the context of his career as a whole, it’s true that he isn’t known for consistently giving up soft goals, however his post-lockout playoff performances have left a lot to be desired. And in recent years he’s had a number of performances against the Rangers where he had a fairly negative impact on games with letting in bad goals. He was conspicuously sloppy in the playoff series 2 years ago.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    John, not quite. Only 100k of Brashear’s salary would come off of the books because he has an over 35 contract. So, 6.6 million.

  65. Burke loves these “tough guys”

    I don’t see what the big deal is with this guy, I don’t think he’s so great of a GM

  66. It may just be me but I think Mike Sullivan seems more like a coach I’d want to play for than Tortarella. Sullivan comes off as tough but professional. Tortarella just seems whiney, cranky and a guy who’s always looking to pick a fight with someone. An instigator. The kid at the playground who deserves to be punched in the nose. I’m wondering if Torts has lost these guys.

  67. Carp – right on with this blog post.

    I’m tired of seeing Redden and Kotalik blamed for the teams play. Have they been bad at times? Of course. But so has everyone else.

    Drury isn’t even winning FACEOFFS now. Someone posted yesterday that our Captain Clutch has 10 more points (and a -16 +/- differential) compared to Blair Betts, and thats with Drury playing 17 more games.

    Higgins is worthless. He couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a camel. His biggest asset to the team is that when he is out on the ice, the guys on the bench get a breather.

    Rozival – I cringed when we resigned him a few years back. The guy is a turnover machine with the puck. On the PP, he’s constantly NOT keeping the puck in at the blue line. I’d rather have Kotalik out there because at least he SHOOTS the puck.

    I love Callahan’s effort, but I can’t stand that he never cuts to the middle with the puck. Everytime he rushes up the ice with the puck, he goes wide, and he’s not fast enough to blow by anyone.

    Torts really needs to stop playing favorites and start sitting players regardless of the name on the back of the Jersey.

  68. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on


    Its all about hard work and caring

  69. In my opinion what should be done:

    Demote Redden, Brashear to Hartford and callup Corey Locke & Mathieu Dandenault. Also, send back down Zaba/Johnson and return Valliquette.

    Trade Kotalik, Girardi, even if possible Drury (which I highly doubt)to either Calgary, Carolina, or even Phoenix(who are looking to ship out Peter Mueller). Would like to see Phaneuf with this team however this is Avery’s team.

  70. i read this blog, and the comments everyday.
    i just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys. i feel like this blog is a support group. i know that there are other people out there going through the same pain that i feel everytime i watch a game.

    and btw i hate sather sooooo much.

  71. Calgary has cap issues, they can’t take on any major deals and they’re also not giving away Phaneuf for free even if there are limited options based on the cap space he commands.

    Phoenix has financial issues, so they’re not taking any cap nightmare off our hands.

    Carolina is probably going to try to get younger, only Girardi fits that criteria but I’d imagine they have the same quality D in their system for less money.

    Teams that have large cap space amounts usually do for austerity reasons.

  72. So I left midway through the 2nd period of last nights game. I had enough…comedy that is. I was laughing so hard because the team clearly was playing like crap, but yet when Callahan scored, the fans in my section were like “YESSSS, NOW WE’RE COMING BACK!!!”

    My response was “watch Carolina score” and two seconds later they did just that. I don’t remember much after that because I wasn’t exactly paying attention since the game was so boring. Then I left. The positives of last night, I got to pickup my Northeastern Jersey from Cosby’s and had dinner at the PBP with my bro. That’s pretty much it.

  73. Rick, great job yet again! And to everyone who has posted, i think you guys have covered just about every single angle this team can be dissected by.

    From the top on down, it’s just a conglomeration of ineptitude. It starts with our lazy, couldnt give two craps owner, filters down to our GM who has run an Original Six franchise into the Marianas Trench, our coach, who only makes certain players accountable but not ones who should be, and the players who are only here for the NY Rangers retirement nest egg contract.

    We cannot do a damned thing with DRURY because the asshat gave him a NT/NMC. We’re stuck paying brashear either way, so just bury his ass in Hartford and forget about him. Rozsival needs to be moved, and Redden needs to be in Hartford and dolan needs to eat that contract.

    It is truly unfortunate that the owner cares so little about performance and winning that he pretty much has given a horrible GM a job for life. I thought owners were supposed to be business men and expect the people they pay to perform up to their salaries. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a Yankee fan, but Steinbrenner does whatever it takes to put a winner on the field every season. You HAVE to respect him for that, the guy loves to win, his family loves to win, and the guys he hires and signs love to win.

  74. Leetchhalloffame on

    So glad the assistant to the GM (think his name is Messier?) is learning his future trade from the Slats, the master GM. Maybe Slats should have Mess address this mess of a team he created.

  75. Domi – Corey Locke is another Jason Krog. He won’t do anything to help the team. He’s too small and not quick enough. PA Paranteau is a better NHL player than him.

    Also I know people want Phaneuf because he hits, but he’s by far the most overrated d-man in the league. He has a decent offensive game, but outside of big hits, he absolutely sucks defensively. With the crap we have already, he wouldn’t do much if anything at all to help our team out defensively.

  76. Jonny D – I’d hate to sit next to you. I always think we’re gonna come back to win. Even with 5 minutes left in last night’s game. I just thought if we can get a goal a minute we can win it.
    Sad, I know.

  77. Dolan cares about winning. Anybody who doesn’t think so is crazy. Dolan is a business man, he wants money. Considering all that MSG owns, they don’t care too much about expenses, but what makes more money, a decent team that makes the playoffs each other and wins a round or a team that is a cup threat? Clearly its the latter. He wants the team to be successful because it brings in a ton of money. Sather isn’t necessarily treading on thin ice, but he’s not on solid ground either.

    Also Drury was a stupid move and we all know that (some knew it when it happened). The problem with this team is the lack of identity. I said it last night, but we haven’t had a team identity since 06-07. The last few years we’ve pretty much just had a clusterfargen of players and turnover. We did well out of the lockout because we were Jagr’s team, and love him or hate him, it was his team that played his style. Since we overpaid for guys like Gomez and Drury, we screwed that up and took away our identity. Now we totally lost it and have none.

  78. Tony – I usually have that feeling. I even had it early last season. But with how they’ve played, I don’t have it. I’m not a pessimist, but when the team is crap, it’s hard for me to watch (unless the other team is playing great). I still follow them and support them, but I hate seeing them play like crap when I know a few of my friends and I can play harder than they do, and while we’re good (played in college) we’re not NHL players.

  79. this franchise is in dire straights right now and for the foreseeable future. we have one elite offensive player (gaborik) on the nhl roster, one rookie who may turn into a good 2nd line center (anisimov), then 2-3 good young D in the nhl. The rest of the youth on our team are 3rd liners, plain and simple. On any decent team dubinsky and cally would be 3rd line guys. We have one potentially elite forward in the ahl (grachev) who is struggling and will need time to develop. Kreider is probably at best 3 years away and i loved watching stepan/borque but they too likely will only be good 3rd liners in the nhl.

    What this all means is that we are destined to go through this (like we have the past 3 years) for the next few years until drury/redden are off the books. the east is bad enough that they probably will make the playoffs, but no one should be rooting for them to do so. We need to gut the team and go through the growing pains of actually developing youth for a few years.

    Now, Sather/Dolan of course will do the exact opposite and acquire someone like jokinen. And the majority of fans will cheer when they sneak in the playoffs and possibly win a round (if they play the devils).

  80. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Why have Vally back, he’s still sucking in HArtford. He’s done after this year and wont be back in a Rangers uniform anyway, so no thanks.

    Johnson will prove to be a capable back-up

    Rosi is Tradeable no matter what we all think so that can be done

    Redden is not tradeable unless someone else is as dumb as Sather was. So we either buy him out or bury him in hartford. Either way he HAS to be off this team next year for the sake of the entire franchise

    Brashear we should absolutely buy out and say goodbye forever to, unless some how some way he realizes he cant play anymore and just retires in the offseason

    Kotalik, Girardi, Higgins, Lisin, Voros, Prospal, are all tradeable and all have worth, jsut not alot but packaged could get useful players back.

    Drury: and this is the only way we get rid of him, is to politely ask him to waive his No Trade clause and give us a list of teams he’d liek to go to. If he refuses, you automatically strip the “C” from his chest and bench him the rest of the year. His ego is too big to stay on the team after that. And hopefully he wouldnt want to even stay here anymore after that

    Then build the team around the following:

    Blank-Boyle-Blank(Or Voros if we keep him)

    Staal-Blank-Crease clearing D Man
    Del Z – Blank -Stay at home Dman
    Blank – 7th Dman

    (Sanguinetti, Heikinen and or Potter or McDonough caa fill out 2-3 of the lower pairs)

    Johnson – signed through next season already

    We are AT LEAST 7 players away from being a contender.
    Do we have enough of that in Hartford?
    Dmen, Yes
    Forwards – Not yet. Maybe Grachev and one other make the jump (like Byers to play 4th line)

    Until then, until Sather does the right thing, or chokes on his cigar, or has a massive coronary, this shoudl be the new chant at MSG:

    WE ARE F#CKED! Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!!!

  81. Sather (Bernie) Giving a pep talk? Sounds like Harry Reid giving a pep talk. I heard that the suicide prevention hotline was very busy with calls from Ranger players. And that fiery leadership that Capt Dreary exibits…enough to want to swallow a mouth piece. Good comment above from Chris. Callie does only fake inside and then go to the boards. It’s Billy Fairbarn disease which some of you older fans might remember.

  82. Locke is small, but hasn’t he at least earned a callup? PA didn’t work out, but he was solid for his first 3-4 games.

  83. Jonny D
    January 28th, 2010 at 3:03 pm
    Domi – Corey Locke is another Jason Krog. He won’t do anything to help the team. He’s too small and not quick enough. PA Paranteau is a better NHL player than him.

    Also I know people want Phaneuf because he hits, but he’s by far the most overrated d-man in the league. He has a decent offensive game, but outside of big hits, he absolutely sucks defensively. With the crap we have already, he wouldn’t do much if anything at all to help our team out defensively.

    Not necessarily on P.A. better than Corey, since Corey Locke actually leads Hartford in Points and comes in 3rd in the AHL in points. Corey Locke stats 09/10 (47gms 19G 34A 53Pts) compared to P.A. Parenteau(26gms 13G 19A 32Pts)

  84. Livio, lighten up, bud.

    Now, can we please PLEASE PLEASE stop with the “trade Drury” and “demote Drury” stuff. He has a full NMC. They CANNOT move him. He is here for the duration of his contract. And nobody is taking Redden or Brashear in a trade. NOBODY!

  85. this team had the same problems when jagr was here Jonny. Every year since the lockout we have snuck into the playoffs, often in the last week of the season. That’s what happens when you have a patchwork roster every year.

  86. “Now, can we please PLEASE PLEASE stop with the “trade Drury” and “demote Drury” stuff. He has a full NMC. They CANNOT move him. He is here for the duration of his contract. And nobody is taking Redden or Brashear in a trade. NOBODY!”

    When it comes from Carp it hurts so much more!

    The fact that Drury is gonna be here makes me vomit!

  87. Redden has/had a drug problem and went to rehab while in Ottawa. Hence why they let him go. No we’re stuck with him. Forever.

  88. Ditto with that rangerfan32, and what makes it more sickening is he is our captain. where is the barf bag?

  89. Real Mikey-

    While I admire your appreciation for the team, you have to understand that Drury’s NMC clause isn’t the only thing holding him back. Under the current agreement with the NHLPA and the league, players cannot be traded with cash considerations or partial salary payments (like Jagr’s trade to us). With that said, no team is going to take on Drury’s contract. He is paid more than 99% of the league’s players yet produces around the 20% marker for everyday players.

    We’re stuck with him and Redden til their contract’s run dry.

  90. 32, i hate going to ‘the official website’ because when that Casino Night thing comes up, the site of him makes me shudder, he’s reached POTI proportions for me.

  91. Jonny D
    you are right on about Phaneuf, he’s got a great shot and he hits period. He is way over rated, his defensive game is terrible, that is why he is in hot water with Sutter. Sutter will not put up with that. I am really afraid that Sather is doing a deal with Calgary for Phaneuf, it would be just like him to do another bummer deal, and set the team back another few years.

  92. I have a funny feeling that Atlanta will not move Kovalchuk and would rather trade for prospects to get Carey Price since they are just 1 point from the 6th seed.

  93. Is it me or has Gilroy actually looked even worse since he was called back up from Hartford? The guy is a scarecrow. He couldn’t move a girl scout off of a puck in the corner. Not to mention his decision making with the puck looked much better in the beginning of the year. He looks lost out there at times. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- the only guys who I WOULDN’T think about trading are:

    Del Zotto

    Everyone else is expendable in my opinion.

  94. LI, to this day, whenever i hear or say his name, it is said with such disdain you can hear the despisement dripping off it

  95. Tony, he is just blending in with the rest of the team, even Del Zotto had a bad game along with more than half of the team.

  96. Domi28,

    all of those Drury jerseys at the garden can be easily converted into barf bags!

  97. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    you think my idea wouldnt work if Sather and Torts tried it?

    He may have a NMC/NTC clause but he DEFINTETLY Doesnt have a no sit clasue or a removal of the Captaincy clause

    Its the only way we could ever get rid of him, casue you know he woudlt want to stay here if that happened

  98. I beleive this may be the worste we have looked since 97-98………….Yeah other Rangers teams in previous years may have been bad, but the effort and heart was there.

    This is un-watchable, if thats even a word.

  99. carp et al: I am prepared to guarantee that if a trade is consummated with the Flames, that overrated piece of crap Jokkinen will be a New York Ranger. The bigger question for me is who will go the other way? The Flames need scoring – who on earth on New York, save for Gaborik, can help Calgary with that dilemma? I suppose there’s a chance they have interest in Prospol but I cannot believe Sather will trade away on of the few guys on this club who can at least occasionally help out Gabbie. The only other thing I can deduce is something much bigger – like Prospal, Girardi and Dubinsky for Jokkinen and Phaneuf, but when do trades like happen now with the cap restrictions?

  100. Why have we had to wait more than 50 games for there to be accountability? Has anyone seen any reason why Redden should be on the team other than the fact that Management made a mistake they were hoping time would fix?

    Several people have the right idea in terms of choosing a nucleus and letting the others go for picks. There isn’t any way that hungry/physical players in Hartford could score LESS than these guys.

  101. MikeyNJ, I doubt Tortorella or Sather would do it. Or that they would want to.

    Messiah, and others, I think we have some short memories … there were a lot of years a lot worse than this, where you’d be doing tragic number countdowns by now. The Muckler years. The Low years. The Trottier half-year. C’mon. At least there are a few young players who will be NHLers. How about the Theo Fleury meltdown year? How about the Kevin Stevens/crack year? How about the year they bought all those guys — Kamensky and all? Or when they traded Leetch? or when they traded Graves? This isn’t the worst. It’s just the most recent.

  102. It is amazing to me they keep losing like they have and the lineup basically stays the same. If management does not care, I do not care.

    How does Higgins continue to play? He has done nothing. Rangers are having trouble scoring — Hartford has 2 of the AHL scoring leaders – bring up Parenteau.

    Bring up Byers for energy.

    Bring up a 7th defenseman as I believe it is time for Del Zotto to watch a game or two from up top. THat is not a negative but he and Gilroy need to watch a few games so they can learn. After they watch a few games maybe you cut bait with Redden and/or Rosival.

    My doubts on Torterella, which started when he scratched Avery when the immense underdog Rangers had a 3-1 lead on the Caps because of discipline then he is trying to go into the stands the next game, continues to grow.

  103. rangerfan: Bryan McCabe has a similar contract as Captain Dreary, but Cliff Fletcher found a way to get him to agree to a trade. I think he can be convinced, but his contract is so ridiculous the only way a team agrees to take him is if they can off-load on the Rangers a similarly stupid contract. That man is making $7,00,000 a year for the next 2 and 1/2 seasons and brings to the table what the combination of Jed Ortmeyer and Dom Moore would do, albeit at 1/3 the cost (total). I swear that deal is almost as bad as Redden’s – Redden’s is worse because there’s 4 and 1/2 years left!! OMG, 4 and 1/2 more years of Wade Redden!!!

  104. Brendan,
    How do you know this? Same guy that told you Lindros was boffing a teammates wife?


  105. BTW, what Fletcher did was tell McCabe to stay home – he was not to report to camp. The Leafs, in other words, would pay him to stay away. That stung McCabe’s pride and he eventually relented and provided the Leafs with a handful of teams he’d accept being traded to. The problem remains, as I stated, who wants Dreary’s contract for what he now seems capable of doing?

  106. Mr. Glen talk to us in the dressing room last night after game about steakhouse in Glendale. He say “tell them we trade them Wade for the surf ‘n turf special. Then he laugh, and light is cigar”. Coach tell us not to worry because Captain Drury is Olympic hero and he blocks many shots.

    I ask coach, “If he so good at blocking shots, then why he not goalie like Mr Henrik?”

    He told me I get Prucha’d for game tomorrow. I like the west, it’s warm there.

  107. Mikey –

    I hear ya, but the thought of that is too good to even bother torturing yourself with it.

  108. well burke never had any doubts about picking drury for the US team…hah.

    No way Drury is being traded. I would never let him touch the ice at the practice rink again, but I am rational and our owner, GM, and coach are not.

    There isn’t a trade out there that could really help this team

  109. I ask coach, “If he so good at blocking shots, then why he not goalie like Mr Henrik?”

    He told me I get Prucha’d for game tomorrow.


  110. waive Redden, trade or waive Kotalik, get one of LeCav or Koval,& Pheauf , for whomever, plus prospects, plus picks…….. Move on. ……………With thos 2 of 3 additions minus the trade and waive subtractions,with Gaborik & The King, they will hum for years to come.

  111. Orr – with all due respect, how can you possibly know what he’s like in the locker room???

  112. press the reset button on

    they are not stuck with anyone. you can send players to Hartford and eat their contract. but that would take Sather admitting mistakes

    and you can sit players in the stands until they cry uncle and demand a trade. again it would take a GM with brains, guts and clever tactics, and that is not Sather who got them into the mess in the first place and refuses to take the blame or responsibility for the mess.

  113. li ranger fan

    it was mentioned a lot when he left florida
    i believe “locker room cancer” were the words said by matthew barnaby

  114. TR – OK, hadn’t seen that info. Still think a lot of it is speculation… But, thanks for the reply.

  115. bklynblue, those trades would decimate our meager farm system and cripple us capwise for the next 4.5 years in dion’s case, 10 years for vinny’s case, and kovalchuk is testing the waters and wants more than we afford even if we waived redden and roszival. Dion is overpaid and overrated, Vinny is good but he won’t be for more than a few more years and kovalchuk is just too expensive. We would have the same exact problems as before

    the fact that you don’t see that leads me to believe that you are Sather or maybe sam rosen

  116. TR – yeah, I always thought that the Finns were peaceful and a bit laid back… :-) Guess you never really know…

  117. Any trade with the Flames better involve my boy Glencross. He would be loved in New York and is a decent 2nd and 3rd line winger.

  118. Hey, why is it that there seems to always be a member of the opposing team that makes nhl.com’s three stars of the night the day after playing the Rangers. Tuesday was Chris Conner of Pittsburgh, and today is Sergei Samsonov from Carolina. Just an observation…

  119. Where did the Lindros call come from? Emery and Redden were exiled from Ottawa because of their role in the drug scene on the Senators.

  120. If someone has time, try to find Jokinen fight against Francois Beauchemin. I saw the game, but you will have a good laugh, I promise..

  121. pete you stick with what they have, and wait 54 more years. You sound like sather. He has crap and thinks he bought gold. And his and their future is not bright, just some homegrown kids no Ovechkin, Malkin, or Pronger. Gaborik & Lundqvist can’t carry nor wait for this team to develop in maybe 5 years…….

  122. Jokinen would be a big mistake. Especially if anyobody younger than 26 goes the other way. Too bad it smells like Sather all the way.

  123. Bring back Prucha on

    I do definitely remember worse years than this in terms of our record, but honestly, besides these past couple years I can’t remember the last time the Rangers had this much trouble scoring. There were years in between Hank and Richter that we would give up an incredible amount of goals due to lack of a good goalie but I can’t ever remember such long droughts in the goal scoring. A know a loss is a loss, but a 5-4 loss is much more fun to watch than a 5-1 loss.

  124. Carp – You forgot the title to the post!

    The Fire Sather rally wasn’t organized by someone from here, was it? I was invited by Linda, though, I think.

  125. Brendan, back off on that stuff unless you have seen substantial reports of it … and have the link.

    last year was worse in terms of scoring (everybody blamed the system). remember all those goals in the first-round choke?

  126. It’s disappointing that accountability doesn’t extend to Sather and Tortorella. Sather always blames the players — he bashed Avery when he didn’t re-sign him, accused Bure, who was playing on one leg, of faking the injury, and didn’t re-sign Jagr or Shanahan, who had saved the franchise. And a multitude of other arrogant moves.

    Tortorella either “doesn’t know” or blames the fans for being negative or blames a player for making an error. But is it ever his fault? Does he ever step up and take the blame or criticism? He can’t even answer a simple post-game question without freaking out.

  127. OFF TOPIC:


    If I want to go eat some real russian food at affordable prices where do I go? I am not into ambiance and fluff.



    I really like “Stolovaya/Pelmennaya” on avenue U. Always great food, inexpensive and very Russian! Its on avenue U right off the Coney Island avenue (813/819 Ave U Brooklyn NY 11223)

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    Sorry for my gibberish.

  128. LI

    Like TR said, a lot of NHL “insiders” mentioned that he was a locker room cancer.

    I forgot who it was on TSN that said, he doesn’t hang around with this teammates, and doesn’t seem interested in that whole team concept.

    I think he’s having a terrible season.

  129. CCCP and whoever asked- there are plenty more good places in Brooklyn- Bensonhurst (20th and 84th), Brighton/Corner of 3rd(similar to the one on ave U). Nothing in the City.

  130. blue, those are the kind of trades sather would make and has made.

    i would waive redden/roszi and wait for drurys contract to expire before i made another big free agent signing. in the mean time i would play our kids (who aren’t that great) and hopefully get good draft picks for a couple years. that’s how you build a team.

    we wouldnt be that good team with vinny, gaborik, henrik and drury accounting for 22.8M of our cap. dion isn’t that good and doesn’t address the lack of scoring, kovalchuk wants $10M and will prob get at least $8M, too expensive and duby/anism would be in on that deal so now we’d have no centers.

  131. ilb2001

    Sure… i could’ve just say go to Brighton Beach and take your pick but “pelmennaya” is a pretty good spot…the quality of food there never changes. :)

  132. pete sather has gone stupid, he gone mostly for ufa’s and overpaid, just not to trade. You have to give to get. Forget waiting for the kids. Lundqvist needs real teamates NOW. So do NYR fans. So far this has been a bootleg team, time for the resl deals. Put sather to the test, he’s a genius in his own mind.

  133. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    ok, really bizzaro day here so i only have a sec and will have to catch up on everything later…
    what is going on with calgary?? any ideas at all?

    it’s one way or another folks, in order to get rid of contracts we don’t like..rozy, brash, kots and so on, we are going to have to lose draft picks and/or young guys. If we want say toronto to take rozy or brash for something (toronto said it would take some teams salaries) we are going to have to sweeten the pot with draft picks or young guys. I think it is possible to get better players by the deadline and move contracts, but it is going to cost some youth. can’t have it both ways folks!!

  134. “CCCP, I think it’s Oy vey” said the Italian guy! :P

    oi vei or oy vey… what is the difference? as long as we all healthy! (said in a Jewish-Russian accent) lol

  135. d’oh i meant saturdays! shees i am having a lot of senior moments lately, i guess my contract from sather should be in the mail

  136. For those that want to see Locke, there’s a reason he doesn’t play NHL games, he’s a one way player.

    Also, Dandeneault won’t be back for several months.

  137. dont know if this was mentioned before but…isn’t it funny how all of a sudden Sather magically appeared out of nowhere to “address” the team all? I wonder if “Fire Sather Rally” news had anything to do with it.

  138. Blue, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze in those deals. you honestly want vinny playing center on our team and counting $7.7M against our cap until 2020, he is more overpaid than any of our players. Dion is a younger and slightly more aggressive version of redden, he isn’t that a good defenseman and definitely overpaid. it’s no sure thing kovalchuk would sign in ny, so trading for him makes absolutely no sense. you are telling me we are suddenly a cup contender with gaborik, kovalchuk being centered by drury, lord knows who would be the 2nd/3rd line centers after such a deal.

    i am willing to wait to build a team. if sather had done that like he said he was after the lockout we would be 5 years into that process. Patience is a virtue. Hank took no sort of discount to sign here (like Marty did for the Devils), so honestly I could care less if he has to wait. He hasn’t exactly been awesome this year and he hasn’t corrected his flaws (high shots) at all.

  139. pete,
    do you really want to waste a couple of more years waiting for, and hoping for, the young players in the Rangers system to come up and be productive. while having Hank, and Gaborik in there prime. you need to make a big move now, not wait. they absolutely should go after Vinny L. they should also check in on Chicago( they are in cap hell) to try and pry away Sharpe.

  140. ddebened is fluent in jibberish on


    It’s kind of like Ground Hog Day – Sather pops out of his hole but whether he does or doesn’t see his shadow he goes back into his hole and we have another 5 years of misery.

  141. cccp,
    where are the centers coming from? where is the talent coming from? it’s not here, it’s not in the system. I repeat where are these players coming from if not for trading for them. you have 2 great players in there prime, with no help, none!

  142. bull dog, that’s how you build a real team, it’s not a waste of time at all. Vinny’s deal is an albatross and he isn’t even the best center on tampa. we would not suddenly be a great team if he was centering gaborik. there still wouldn’t be any other scorers on the other lines
    taking on his contract doesnt even make sense if the trade was roszival for vinny straight up, it’s that bad a deal.

    name a team that has won a cup or at least been a consistent contender who relied solely on free agent signings and “blockbuster” trades. I can’t think of any

  143. I don’t read any great ideas here, other than send Redden and roszi to Hartford, and try to get Drury to waive his no trade. same stuff every day. it’s like you all like the misery, and losing. hey I can wait for the team to rebuild, I have been through a lot of them, but by the time these young players that are supposed to coming, get here, and are good, you will need a new goalie and Gaborik will be 30.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d be interested in some of the older fans’ take on the Glen Sather question.

    Carp, I’m not calling you old so much as… experienced. What’s your take on Sather’s rank in the GMs of the franchise?

  145. Carp,

    Like me, you’re Italian. What’s with the “Oy Vey?” Shouldn’t be it an “EHHH YOOO!!!!” instead?

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, I think he addressed the team to try and give them a confidence boost that none of them will be traded… because no one wants them.

  147. pete,
    they have nothing here. A bunch of 3rd and 4th liners. I can’t watch that anymore. so I guess we wait for 5 years, because Kreider, Stepan, Grachev, and who ever else are not going to walk in a become stars over night.

  148. bull dog line

    Who are we trading if there’s no talent in the system, as you say? And how do we bring those players in with Drury and Redden still here? And i think that from now on before we offer any trade scenarios on here we should stop and remember three names R-D-R… can you guess who those three letters represent? Because as long as they’re here, no one is coming to help us…

  149. bull dog, there are no quick fixes with the mess sather has created. sad, but that’s the truth. so the only hope is that the youth we have can develop into decent players and that we get a couple high draft picks the next couple years. that’s the best, and maybe only, way to become a good team. and i know you haven’t seen a rangers rebuild in the last 15+ years.

    and henrik/gaborik are only 27, they should still be good players in a few years. if not, then life goes on

  150. Carp and others-the Rangers can’t call up anyone from Hartford at this point; that team is decimated with injuries.

    As per Mitch Beck at Howlings.net Potter and Paranteau both have concussions, Bobby Sangs day to day with a lower body, Dandeinault week to week, and my boy Dale Weisse day to day with a hand issue.

    If they call up either Heikennen or goodness forbid Torts give Sauer another shot, it’ll be the other one with an ECHL defense.

    And remember everyone, Torts’ first year in Tampa they were terrible. Be cool with crapiness as long as there’s a progression each year.

  151. doodie,
    I guess I am considered and older fan, so I will answer your Sather question.
    Ranger Gm’s in my time.
    Francis, Ferguson,Keating/Shero, Patrick, Espo, Smith, and Sather.
    I would put Sather ahead of Ferguson, and Keating/ Shero, and equal to Espo.
    the thing about Sather is, I think he understands New York needs star power, and attempts to provide it. having said that, I do think it is time for him to go. I just do not know who is out there to replace him. they do need a younger GM who understands how the league works to day.

  152. Two things since I’ve been away all day.

    Domi – Locke has more points now, but PA was doing the same thing last year and was in the top 10 in AHL scoring. Plus if you are just going by stats, notice that PA only had 6 less goals than him in a bunch less games. We need scoring, not guys that get assists. Well actually we need both, but thats a different story.

    If you watch Locke play, he’s an AHL all-star, but like I said, too small and not quick enough to have an impact in the NHL. Great AHL player, but another Jason Krog. Plus he’d been filling up 3rd or 4th line roles anywhere, so he wouldn’t add to the scoring.

  153. Redden is tradeable but only one way and it’s with Hank, i don’t know if i’m for it but you could put the 2 together. I would be happier if you sent him to Hartford. 3 weeks ago I mention 2 trades that weren’t liked then and probably less now. 1. Flyers send Carter,Carcillo,and Brandon Colburn for Hank &Redden. Then send Rosi to Hartford. Some teams have a 3rd goalie, make do until the off season and you will have some space. Give away Higgins,Kotalik,Boyle and Vinny. You then have big time space in the offseason to pursue Kolvy. Next year team up front Avery,Cally Dubi,Artie,Gabby,Carcillo,Carter,Kolvy,Lisin,Drury(unless we deal him to a more stupid GM) not a bad 10 with some grit.D-men MDZ,Gillroy,Colburn,Staal,DanG,Sangs young but improved. A goalie to be named later.
    2.Trade Hank & Redden to Atl for Hedberg & Kolvy and see above for clearing space.

  154. Forgot my second point. You guys know if we just waive people to let them go, we have to buy them out. It’ll hit our cap and we’ll have like 50 mil to work with if you waive everyone that people want to waive.

    Rozsival we can trade just because he’s been playing very well lately and is our best d-man right now. I’d def deal him.

    But like I said before and someone else mentioned, STAY AWAY FROM PHANEUF!!!

  155. Why are we trading our franchise goalie for a 37 year old backup? I like Hedberg, but that would leave us without a true NHL starter.

    Coburn is being ripped by the Flyers fans because of how terrible he’s been in the last year and a half.

    And Redden is untradable. The guy had 4 more years left on his deal after this year. Nobody wants that 6.5 mil cap hit for 4 more years. Rozy is off the books in 2 and makes 5 so he has a chance. Unless Sather starts blowing some other GM’s “cigars”, no way are we getting rid of Redden to another team.

  156. If memory serves me right, Phil Esposito wasn’t exactly the greatest GM ever, but nothing matches the sheer ineptitude of Glen Sather.

    When you figure that BC (before cap) Sather made a remark how he could build championships if he had the Rangers money then he came here and signed a bunch of over-the-hill guys to big contracts. Yeah, Glen way to back up your bravado.

    I don’t think there’s anybody that even casually follows hockey that doesn’t think Sather has done a crappy job. Why doesn’t Dolan?

  157. Also hedberg, no way is Atlanta taking on 14 million in salary just to lose Kovalchuk. If both Redden and Lundqvist had expiring contracts, then maybe, but we’d have to trade a ton of draft picks. No offense, but neither of those trades make any sense for either the Rangers or the other team involved.

  158. pete,
    in a second I would watch a Ranger team with all youth. I would call up Grachev, Byers, Dupont, Sangs Sauer,and Heikenen. and I would get rid of or bench all the crap on this team. but I think we both know that it’s not going to happen.

  159. Espo was much worse. He almost set our franchise back decades. At least Sather somewhat cleaned up the mess Smith left. And also he made that comment before the cap was in place. If he could buy the stars now, he’s actually be doing a much better job because unlike before, guys are UFAs at age 27 instead of 31. He’d be signing players in their primes.

  160. Bull dog your comments are right on the 2 stars are going to be old by the time we develop. Gabby has been fragile before this year and does anybody think Hank can go long turn mentally and being run physically nite after nite year after year. Also you GM is about right but Espo was better than Sather and I was no Espo fan. Riddley/Miller for Bobby baby Carpenter on new years day real bad but Sathers worse!

  161. Doodie Machetto

    CCCP, I think he addressed the team to try and give them a confidence boost that none of them will be traded… because no one wants them.


    Exactly! He told them “hey “superstars” apparently no one but me thinks you worth anything! so…yeah…you’re here to stay”

  162. Johnny D you probably right with ATL so throw the draft picks in we piss them away like nobody’s biz. As far as not making sense for the Flyer’s, what have they needed for 18 yrs. Your right a big time goalie, they have enough forwards,Richards,Hartnell,Breire,Vansickle?,and more they would do it in a heartbeat. Still don’t know if I could stomach it. My point is the Cap is the killer and Redden is tradeable in a blockbuster.

  163. it probably won’t bull dog, but it’s what i want. trading for one of those 3 would accomplish little to nothing except ensuring we will be having this same conversation for the next 10 years

  164. Chris says Fire Sather Trade/Waive The Losers and Give Avery The C on

    you cant sign Kovalchuck its just not possible unless he gets only 6.5million tops

    You cant get rid of Gaborik or Hank unless you get equal talent back, people wanted Hank traded for the past two years.. Do you want to go back to the days where Mike Dunham quality goalies were our starters?

  165. Thats the thing, before the cap era the Rangers could buy anyone they wanted. Now it takes good old fashion hockey sense, along with good common sense to get it done. Sather it would seem has been left behind.

  166. Trading Redden and sending Rosi down for good. Selling off Higgins,Boyle,Kotalick,Vinny,Brash for probably nothing in return and if Hank was in a package we got a lot more than 6.5 million worth of room. Not going to happen though. I am not going to bitch about any trade we make as long as it has one thing, getting rid of anchor contracts even if it means sending one of the 6 guys who actually try on this team,so be it.

  167. Until Glen Sather trades a first round pick for a coach he fires a year and a half later, Esposito is a worse GM. He was dreadful in Tampa too.

    Like I told Carp last year. Bury Redden in the minors and get Kovalchuk or one of Jokinnen or Frolov. Stephon Marbury was bought out. Suck it up.

    Buy out Kotalik too. $1 million for four years sounds like a bargain to me.

  168. Pete Kovalchuk would have to agree to a long term deal before the genius gives Atlanta what they are asking. He’s 27 years old in april.

  169. CCCP, the Italian guy googled it. It came up Oy Vey. And as for Sather suddenly appearing, he has an office directly across the hall from the lockerroom and he’s in there after every game, and very often goes into the lockerroom. I see him there all the time (but he doesn’t do interviews). So, no, I don’t think this was extremely out of the ordinary, depending on what he actually said in there.

    Doodie, you can call me old if you want. Obviously, in my time, Sather’s probably the worst, although Espo spun his wheels with trade after trade after trade (before free agency … imagine if he could have signed guys?), and Keating/Shero did actually trade for Cam Connor, a left wing, when they thought they were getting Colin Campbell, a defenseman. Craig Patrick was the best in terms of drafting. Neil Smith won a Cup and had the most guts in terms of selling his soul to win it.

    And Jonny, yeah, Smith left a mess, but he also left Leetch, Richter, Graves, Dvorak, Hlavac, York, Johnsson. Much better core than now, don’t you think?

  170. Espo was bad,hard to compare in terms of not having to deal with the Cap. Sather has screwed u for years. Here’s the real bad thing with Sather he bids against himself, no one not even Dallas wanted Redden for anywhere near 7m, then add on the amount of years, same with Rosi, there wasn’t one other team out there and he give a huge number and again the amount of yrs. Holik,Trottier,Brash those 3 should never been allowed the home team dressing room. Espo was just helter skelter,I think Sather actually has a plan to ruin us

  171. hedberg,
    i am with you. I would see what I could get for both Staal, and Hank. I think you could get plenty, and change the look of the team quickly. if you were to trade Staal, you could probably convince the team you are trading with, that in order to get Staal you are going to have to take one of our bad contracts. that would be one way to rid ourselves of a bad contract.

  172. Trade ’em all for Iginla. Christ, imagine, we actually have a team where that’s not even close to a deal the Flames would make.

  173. blue, atlanta has already said they would not include a negotiating window with kovalchuk as part of a deal. even if they did we cant afford to give him the kind of money he wants, and that’s probably the case even if we waived roszi and redden today.

  174. Thank goodness some of you guys aren’t running the organization either. Package Hank or Staal to get rid of Redden? Why would we give away 10+ years of highly potential All-Star talent to get rid of one bad contract that’ll be off the books in 4 years, less if we just freaking send him to the minors.

  175. I remember that Cam Conner trade, it was for Don Murdoch.
    Conner actually scored a really big goal in the playoffs one year against the Flyers. He may even have been on that smurfs team, if I am not mistaking.

  176. Pete, if Atlanta really isn’t going to allow a negotiating window, then they won’t get anything near what they hope to get for him. They could get a lot of young players/prospects/picks if he signs first.

    Connor was tough, though. Better fighter than Voros, not as good a skater.

  177. to take the Kovalchuk thing a step further, who on the Rangers wouldn’t you give up for him, if he’d sign a long-term deal (and if you could actually, you know, fit him in under the cap?) There isn’t a player on the current roster I wouldn’t give up for him.

  178. crease,
    that is not what was said. it was look into trading them for the good return you can get on them, and as a side benefit, you may be able to get the team you are trading with to take a bad contract to get one of them.

  179. Carp, I’ve always been curious: Can you explain why Patrick left the Rangers after the 1986 season? Was he forced out or did he just have enough? He got them to the Conference Finals twice in his tenure, that’s pretty darn good. And to think he left after taking a no-name group to the Conference Finals that very year.

    Also, why I rank Esposito worse than Sather; Esposito didn’t understand the concept of a team core, he just traded traded traded and brought it different guys every week. At least the Rangers now have a young core and with some good maybe if we’re lucky great prospects coming up.

  180. well, Carp… Google’s wrong…because CCCP’s always right! :)

    i understand that Sather is always around and that he goes inside locker-room and all…but why was he mentioned yesterday specifically ? The team has played bad before… but only yesterday Sather’s name was mentioned…

  181. Bull Dog –

    You’re not going to get another team to give us a great return AND take Redden off our hands for Staal, or Hank for that matter.

  182. it would still be worth while to trade them for the return you could get even without losing a bad contract. and says who?

  183. Good point on Espo trading a #1 for Micheal Bergerion then firing him. Who did the #1 turn out to be? I loved Bergerion he was out of his mind and he wouldn’t put up with not being tough,Rudy Poechick years. Espo did just trade and trade and trade no rhime or reason. Sather’s doing it on purpose! And it’s hard to be more conceeded than Espo but Sather takes that as well.

  184. There’s really no reason period to trade Lundqvist or Staal, unless we’re getting Crosby or Ovechkin back. And that’s not happening. So pass.

  185. That #1 pick turned out to be Daniel Dore who didn’t amount to much.

    Esposito’s drafting record per wikipedia: Amonte, Daniel Lacroix, Troy Mallete, Steven Rice, Louis Debrusk, Rob Zamenuer, Jim Cummins, Aaron Miller, Joby Messier.

  186. carp,

    kovalchuk is a great scorer, but to get him it’s been suggested it would take a good young nhler, a good prospect and pick(s). so thats 1 of staal/DZ/Dubi(tho i’d want better if i were atlanta), as for prospects it would have to be grachev/maybe anisimov/kreider(but he’s at least 3 years away and atlanta prob wants more immediate return) and then at least 1 first round pick.

    and then on top of that you have to pay him at the very least $8M/yr for say 7 years minimum and he may very well want $10M a year. not to mention that he has been offered an ungodly amount of taxfree money from russia and it has been reported that he doesn’t want to play in a big media market like toronto/ny.

    Even to sign him at $8M/yr we’d have to ditch redden and roszi and that means waiver wire, at least for redden. do we really think dolan wants to pay a minor leaguer $6.5M/yr for 4 years?

    The point in all of this is that it is just way too much to give up and spend on one player. we’d still have no good centers for him or gaborik to play with, we’d still have salary cap issues and we’d have a weaker farm system.

    he wants to test the free agent market so i just dont think he is gonna sign with anyone before the season is over. it makes the most sense for chicago to get him b/c they need to clear cap room for next year and having him would make it even more likely they’d win the cup. also a combo of sharpe/barker and picks would be better than anything we’d offer

  187. Espo’s fist trade and he wasn’t even GM.Ken Hodge for Rick Middleton lol. I would say it was the worst one in our history. I think Espo care though,Sather doesn’t.

  188. No to CCCP trade with Detroit, and i’m the one who brought up Hank. Only if Redden’s with him.

  189. You guys are making this much more complicated than it needs to be.

    You want Redden and Rozsival’s cap hit off our books? Send them down to Hartford.

    If they refuse to report to Hartford, they’re in breach of contract. Suspend them. Terminate the contract. They become UFAs.

  190. Pete, if I ran a team and could fit Kovalchuk into the cap (big ifs) with enough left over to still have 18 NHL skaters and two goalies (bigger ifs) I would trade any of those guys and a No.1 for Kovalchuk. Del Zotto, Staal, Callahan, anybody, and a No. 1. And more, if need be.

  191. I forgot the headline earlier. Spider said I needed one. I asked for suggestions. You said Oi Vei. I googled it and made it the headline.

    How’s that for service?

  192. Carp you right on about Kovly to Pete. If we have space gotta go for it top 7 player in the league and has a edge to his game.

  193. I hate to mention this because I like Gordie Clark, but he not have had input in who comes to play in NY. I have always respected him as a knowledgeble hockey man, Where was he when the signed drury and Redden? Is he not the head guy in the scouting dept.

  194. I am shocked at how much this rally is picking up…it’s on the front page of yahoo sports hockey page and its still over a month away

  195. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    The article shows what an egotist sather is..
    when he falls I hope he falls a long way.

  196. carp, i really doubt you are getting a guaranteed window. atlanta has no leverage on that front, totally kovalchuk’s call.I’d compare this to the yankees and santana. why decimate our system (cally doesn’t even get your foot in the door) and then give him a max contract.

    only way you should consider going after him is as a free agent but then he’d have to take a lesser contract to sign here. the last two players to take below market deals for the rangers were prucha and mara, kovalchuk isn’t the next in line. waiving both redden/roszi only frees up $11.5M, take out say $3m for staal and that leaves $8.5M and you also have to resign/replace girardi, replace redden and roszi, resign/replace higgins, prospal. I just don’t see how its possible

  197. Thats interesting Banff is a national park. Its right up against the rocky mountains. One beautiful spot to say the least, and on the bow river no less. Sather made a smart move way back in, I think it said 74.

  198. I just asked my dad how to spell oy vey. He told me in Russian. Would that be of any help, Carp and CCCP?

  199. pete the yankees won the world series, give it up. Kovalchuk is a no brainer if the genius can create the perfect storm. You keep squirming scenarios. Don’t try to be a lawyer nor a gm, you’re overruled. Just say you don’t want him. It’s almost like passing on Ovechkin.

  200. Hockeymon- it’s also one of the best skiing places.

    Just to chime in on Kovalchuk- not Hank, and I’d think twice about MDZ. Anyone else, yes, if he could be signed long term and fit under the cap. On those two ifs- may Schwartz be with us!

  201. if we could talk redden, drury and rozsival into doing exactly what sykora did with the wild, i’d be the happiest man alive.

    trouble is, sykora was on a one year deal and we aren’t going to see anything like that here. especially after sather got on top of his soapbox and preached that he still believes in these players after that horrendous loss to carolina.

    i don’t care that we don’t get anything in return for any of them. i just want them gone and i never want to see any of them in a ranger jersey again. not to mention the cap space. hell, even if there wasn’t a salary cap and it didn’t matter what these bums were making, i’d still want them gone.

  202. blue, you aren’t even writing coherent sentences. i’m a huge yankees fan and i was saying cashman made a good move passing on santana (b/c he didn’t want to give up players and then huge $) and signing cc instead.

    i like kovalchuk as a player a lot, but i wouldn’t give up young players/picks for a soon to be ufa who wants more money then we afford. we’d need to get rid of drury in addition to roszival and redden to fit him under the cap. so it’s not gonna happen. if we had the space i would sign him, but we just don’t

  203. Pete keep studying up on that math thing we don’t need to get rid of Redden Rosi and Drury to fit Kolvy in. It would be a nice dream. You just don’t want him, go ahead and admit it.

  204. Staal Wart says "Can Sather Pep Talkin Ways!" on

    I thought Sather would be fired by now…hahaBUAhahaHAHAHHA!!

  205. altho you didn’t get any of the contracts right, you supported my point, We need to get rid of all 3 of them to fit kovalchuk in the cap

  206. Pete, I definitely don’t think it will happen. Absolutely not.

    All I’m saying is that Atlanta won’t get the bounty it could get if the other team can negotiate a new deal with Kovalchuk.

    And I’m saying, under other circumstances (cap space to have another big contract AND a supporting cast) I would trade just about anybody on the Rangers for him.

    But it’s not happening.

  207. pete i give you’re right the nyr are better off with redden rozi and drury, instead of kovalchuk. and you wouldn’t trade those 3 straight up for him. Or you wouldn’t do anything to get him, because you’re right. And their 3 salaries wouldn’t cover his plus a real D man. Have a nice night.

  208. i agree with you there carp, atlanta would get a lot more if they could guarantee that window, but i don’t think they can in this case and if they trade him he is testing the waters. so i’d only trade for him if i thought we were 1 player away from the cup…we aren’t. But that’s why i think chicago is the best fit for a deal since they are nasty and have to dump a lot of money

    i wish we could afford to sign him b/c he is a great talent but we sadly thanks to you know who we can’t.

  209. If they can trade Rozi they can get enough money for Kovalchuk by also letting Higgins walk and buying out Kotalik. However, they’d definitely have to trade Girardi, demote Voros, and maybe even let Uncle Vinny go to resign Staal and maybe Lisin and Boyle.

    I’d just be happy with trading Roszivalm letting Higgins walk, and buying out Kotalik to bring in Frolov/Jokinnen (whover is cheaper) and Tanguay.

  210. How bout Chris Higgins? This guy deserves nothing. Yet he still gets no benching.

    Where are the guys from the minors to show these “entitled “Players their jobs aren’t secure ? Torts is a Liar, Sather Is a Liar and Dolan’s pants are on fire !

    Monday Night Hockey (Yes the NHL Tried it) 1980 NYR vs Northstars Video.


  211. i’d take phaneuf, borquue and jokinen from the flames any day as long as avery, del zotto, staal and grachev remain Rangers

  212. As I said earlier Hartford is very beat up now with a lot of injuries:

    As per Mitch Beck at Howlings.net Potter and Paranteau both have concussions, Bobby Sangs day to day with a lower body, Dandeinault week to week, and my boy Dale Weisse day to day with a hand issue.

    If they call up either Heikennen or goodness forbid Torts give Sauer another shot, it’ll be the other one with an ECHL defense.

  213. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 29th, 2010 at 12:02 am
    The NY Post reporting an unnamed Eastern Conf team has entered the sweepstakes. The Rangers maybe? We can only hope.
    Why? What would Kovalchyuk do for this team that Gaborik and co. can’t? Who would they be giving up for a guy who will only play 4.5 months in Blue?

    Unless you solve the problems of Drury, Redden, Rozsival, and Kotalik (Higgins is a UFA this off-season thankfully) you don’t have enough cap space to get top 6 forwards or a top pair of defensmen! And what you would have to give up for Kovy would not be worth it.

    Miss the playoffs, tank the season. Get a top 5 draft and re-build.

    And GREAT POST Carp! Last night I said I had enough too. I will not be tool’d into believing the “accountability” speech. Drury, Higgins, Rozi… prove it Torts! *PROVE IT!*

  214. Just try your best to find a team stupid enough to take Roszival and dump Redden to the minors. You hack of 11+ million in salary cap.

    Before anyone says nobody will take Roszival, there is always some team that is stupid enough to make a poor decision like Roszival.

    I am pretty sure that some team will be stupid enough to take that overrated weasel of a goalie Tim Thomas and his bloated contract for a 35 year old

  215. We can’t get Phaneuf, can we?

    Could you imagine the fireworks with Phaneup, Avery, and Elisha Cuthbert?

  216. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CR9, Last I read the Flamers were looking to dump Phaneuf with the same fervor we want to dump Redden. Everyone’s saying he made such a huge splash in the league, got a BIG contract, and now the fans dislike him because he’s a prima donna. Big hits, no fights, and his offensive production tanked. He’s got potential, but it would be trading one ball and chain for another (in terms of sal cap).

  217. Phaneuf’s too young to just turn to garbage. Remember that Pronger had a few bad years in Hartford after making an initial impact and was fine after he got traded. They’re gonna regret this trade just like the Rangers regretted trading Zubov.

    He’d be a great addition but I highly doubt Calgary’s gonna want any of the Rangers junk. Can you imagine if Sather can pull off a Jagr 2.0 like trade Rozi for him straight up?

  218. OK, solid title guys! I’m in and out, Carp. I can’t be counted on for constant support anymore with these Tweetie pages and Faceyplaces and bliggity blogs as Denis Leary says in that commercial.

  219. The sad part is, all the Rangers would need to do is dump 2 of their awful deals and Kovalchuk could be ours. If Redden, Drury, Roszival plus Kotalik or maybe even Higgins could be dealt too, that would free up the space needed to sign him.

    Kovalchuk is a horse. Big, strong, rarely hurt, scores like there is no tomorrow… I’d take him over Gaborik. That would be a terrifying top 2 lines

  220. Tony

    Don’t be too quick to dump Gilroy. He’s not playing instinctively like he did in college, and beyond. He’s been intimidated by Tortorella into watching his DEFENSIVE game without fail. Turn him loose – let him make some of those rink length runs that he is capable of, before you throw him away.

  221. I would NOT take Kovulchuk over Gaborik. I think Kovi is great, but the NYR are top heavy already. They need VALUE players. I believe the Rangers could do better with a Colby Armstrong, Patrick Sharp, Dustin Bufuglien, Matt Stajan, or any combination of 3-4 players from around the league for the same $$$$ paid to Kovi.

    Killing Higgins should be the least of the NYR worries. If the rest of the NYR played with his determination, we might be winning some of these games.

  222. I also believe that the Rangers are pampered a little too much. Limos to Isles & Devils games, gourmet meals on the private charters, etc. It has been said many times in the past that the NYR is like a “country club atmosphere”. I am not saying feed Drury raw meat at his pre-game meal, I am saying that these guys need to be reeled in a little bit.

  223. Is it possible to send Sather to Hartford? (ha ha) Anyway, it time to maake some changes. Trade Rozi, Higgins and Brashear. exile Redden to Hartford for the remainder of his contract in order to free up cap space. Strip Prospal and Drury of the “A” and “C” respectively and place the “A” on Avery and the “C” on Gaborik and if possible a third “A” on Lundqvist. Gaborik, Lundqvist, Avery and Cally seem to be the heart of this team. Let’s officially put it on their shoulders. Hopefully this will send a message to to everyone else. Bring up Heikkenen(sp?) to replace Redden and Sanguetti to maybe replace Girardi until he can regain his form. I am lso not against sending Drury to Hartford as well. Any thoughts?

  224. Brooks has a nice little article this morning. I am not in 100% agreement with him though. He talks about not giving up blue chip prospects. Well, our blue chip prospects are never really blue chip prospects. Anything can look blue after busts like Jessiman. Out prospects are fine, but nothing to start running in the streets and banging pots and pans over.

  225. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Well I was thinking about at least sitting Drury. Why does Torts pick on the same players Redden and Kotlik, does he not dare sit Drury who should have been sitting a long time ago. How Drury got put on the olympic team is so bizar and unfair and pitifull. Drury was not made to be a captain, absolutly 0 emotion. I don’t care what he does behind the puck it is NOT ENOUGH. I agree they do need a different Captain and maybe Avery or Ludquist might be a better choice. Maybe this is some of the teams problem at the moment other players want or feel they deserve the captaincy and this is where they are not palying as one.

  226. that’s why you have to sometimes trade for true blue chip players instead of trying to pick and grow them, hope they become them.

  227. # CCCP – Great Conspirator January 28th, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    i woudnt give up LQ…because if we give up LQ and get Kovy…than whats the point?

    You’ll save some money. You don’t need a 7M goalie to let in high glove side shots. Heck I’ll do it for a 1/3.

  228. cwgotti- Higgins isn’t a problem, are you kidding me? All he does is skate here skate there skate everywhere with no reason. A stretch of o goals and 1 asst. in 18 games with a lot of powerplay time. BTW he should of mugged Breire when he had the chance as well. Higgins not a problem lol.

  229. You have to remember we have had blue-chip prospects in the past who we traded early on in their careers. Mark Savard comes immediately to mind. It sometimes takes a few years for players to break out. I would rather hold onto Cally, Dubi, Staal than to trade them away for a quick fix.

  230. Not to take away from the Kovy/trade this guy/trade that guy/(insert player name) sucks chatter, but I thought you’d all get a laugh out of what happened last night.

    I was playing the NHL 2009 game for the Wii with my 11 year old nephew and for kicks I played as the Rangers. I didn’t make any changes to the roster so there were some really interesting names on the roster- Potter, Sauer and Nik Zherdev- and yet, no MDZ. Redden and Rozival were one D pair, Staal and Girardi were another and Potter and Sauer were the third. A few times I was on the PK and the system put Brashear and Voros as the forwards. Seriously. No joking. I almost laughed my head off the first time I saw that. On the PP I had Boyle AND Drury on one unit, which led to a few wtf moments.

    The funniest part of the entire night? We played twice and I won both times- by scores of 1-0 each time. So the Wii Rangers are just as bad at scoring goals as the real Rangers! They’re so bad they are infecting video games now.

  231. Question – if you had the opportunity to become a fan of ANY team in the NHL at this point, who would it be…and why?

  232. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I would KILL to have Patrick Sharp on our team

    I watched the HAwks/Sharks game late last night

    3-0 Hawks in the first period
    Then the Shhrks responded made 3-3 by the early third

    Then they go to overtime and Sharks lose on a flukey redirection

    My point is, BOTH teams were flying, hitting, with crisp passing, and was so much fun to watch.

    Made me almsot cry becasue we will never have a team like either the Sharks or HAwks in NY

    And laso you should have seen there attitude (the Sharks) down 3-0, are there shoulders slumping? Are they looking like ther done already? HELL NO

    There all yellin at each other on the bench, motivating one anohter, it was a REAL TEAM CHEMISTRY that you could see as plaing as day

    So sad to be a NYR fan with Capatain Corpse pretending to lead our team

  233. RealMikey – last year I was out in San Jose for a game (against the Red Wings) and was literally on the edge of my seat for 60 minutes. End to end offense and defense on the part of both teams. THAT is the way hockey is supposed to be played, and the Hawks show the same inspiration as well.

    If only we could witness that in MSG… sigh…

  234. Maybe Leetch wasn’t the best captain, but he was still a great player. Drury isn’t good in any category.
    By the way, Leetch is an excellent analyst on MSG. He needs to work on his monotone delivery, but he always has something interesting to say.

  235. So, since that amazing game against the Devils a few weeks back, both teams have been on a real bad slide. The only thing to get them out, another game between the two. Too bad that doesn’t come until next weekend.

  236. Mr. T doesn’t look like he’s too smart, maybe I could use a jedi mind trick on him.

    Mr T: “I heard you were saying stuff about me

    Eddie: “No I wasn’t”

    Mr T: “Maybe you weren’t, Imma beat the fool that told me that you were”

  237. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    KC -you’re right about Leetch’s play,
    Drury? Role player , supporting player at best.
    Capt. No way.maybe its based on salary.

  238. Kovalchuk is better than Gaborik. Gabby reminds me a lot of Hossa. Great skill, great shot, and definitely a star player, but can’t carry a team like Kovalchuk can. Gabby is a strictly one dimensional offensive player. He scores goals off a quick release and deception. Kovalchuk is an aboslute superstar that can go end to end, use his strength, rocket a slapshot or one timer, snipe a wrister from the slot or the outside, or can make a couple nice moves past d-men and finish on a breakaway. Gabby can’t do all that.

    If we had both, it would be great, but we don’t have the cap space and Kovalchuk already said he isn’t going to a big market. He wants to stay low profile and wants to go to a competitive team where he won’t have to answer too many questions. New York is the exact opposite of what he wants, so he’s not coming here.

  239. If we want end to end hockey, fixing the ice at MSG would help that tremendously. I’ve never seen worse bounces, except maybe in Pittsburgh or Washington.

  240. Not to mention that Kovalchuk has been substantially more durable than Gaborik.

    I’d probably take Kovalchuk over Gaborik as well if given the choice. But Sather has left us with no choices but misery.

  241. I love the Eddie Murphy quotes on here. Makes my day.

    And lets stay away from Phaneuf. If anyone watched him, they would see how terrible his defensive play is. It’s so bad. You can’t teach defensive smarts, which he has none.

    If we’re trading with Calgary, I’d go after Giordano. Dude does everything, but Calgary won’t want to give him up.

  242. The Flames are always offering me Giordano in trades in XBox. Maybe I should take him this time.

  243. Doodie Machetto on

    “i’d take phaneuf, borquue and jokinen from the flames any day as long as avery, del zotto, staal and grachev remain Rangers”

    WTF is Avery doing in that list? His 5 goals that important to the team? Avery sucks, and it’s time everyone admits it. OK, yeah, he has heart, big deal. Heart doesn’t put the puck in the net. Callahan has heart too. At least he scores occassionally. And let’s not forget that Avery is a turnover machine, sloppy defensively, and a target for referees. If you are rebuilding the team, why would you keep Avery instead of getting a better player that has heart? Avery sucks.

    Jonny D, Gaborik and Hossa are NOTHING alike. Hossa is one of the premier two-way players in the league. Gaborik is offense only and is better at it than Hossa.

  244. The ice at the Garden is the least of the problems. It never seems to hamper our opponents into beating us to a pulp.

  245. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kovy is better than Gaborik, but it doesn’t fix the other problems or offer any cap space to add quality players to replace Drury, Rozi, Redden, Kotalik.

    I hate reading people who are writing about Trading Hank. Seriously? Not happening. You’re wrong and that’s why it’s not happening and if it does, welcome in 10 more years dark playoff-less years. Give it a break.

  246. Most likely because they have to melt it and refreeze it so many times. They don’t have time to smooth out the imperfections. Large arenas just aren’t meant to keep good ice unless you pour a lot of time and money into it. Rangers fans might expect the arena to be cold for their games, but Knicks fans and concert goers certainly don’t want to be too chilled. All the best ice I remember playing on were in shoebox sized field houses.

  247. I think that we as fans have unrealistic expectations. If you want a coach or GM that is going to guarantee you a Cup you need either Scotty Bowman/Larry Robinson or Lou Lamoriello/Ken Holland. These are the only guys to win multiple Cups over the last 20 year.

    Since none of the above will be working for the Rangers, you have to reset your expectations. If your team makes the playoffs, you at least have a chance to go all the way. Everything needs to click to win the Cup – from the players on the roster having once in a lifetime seasons to the GM making the necessary moves at the deadline.

    Sather has made some really poor moves and some really great ones. Post lockout, I think he’s actually been decent. At least he tries. Would you rather have Sather or a debacle of an organization like Atlanta/Florida/Phoenix??

  248. onecup, I totally disagree about Leetch as a captain. It’s a common misperception by fans who simply look at the record with him as captain. It’s incorrect.

  249. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jonnny’s right in a way Doodie,
    Gabby and Hossa are similar in that they don’t control a game. They can show up and have goals due to their quick release and ability to avoid d-coverage… but Kovy is a guy who controls a game. He likes the puck on his stick (Hossa and Gabby prefer to receive passes and shoot). Kovy in that way is similar to Jagr, he takes control of the tempo. Hossa is a better defensive player than the other two, you’re right.

    Kovy is the only “PREMIER” player of that group. He is a franchise center-piece, a bonafide sniper. Hossa and Gaborik are both stars and Gabby has the potential (with a healthy season and a strong center) to reach that next level of points/goals but neither Gab or Hoss can sniff the stink from Kovy’s jock.

  250. Doodie Machetto on

    I had been told once that they lay the hardwood down basically over the ice, is this incorrect?

  251. Doodie, I think the main reason: It’s on the fifth floor and above a subway station. Every other ice surface in the NHL, as far as I know, is on the GROUND floor. Then you add to that all the use the arena gets for shows, basketball, concerts, circuses, etc.

  252. Doodie – that is true. Gabby is decent defensively, Hossa is much better. But offensively they are the same player. Not someone who can carry a team, just a guy who can put up a solid amount of points and make something happen when the opportunity presents itself. Kovalchuk makes those opportunities happen, thats pretty much the difference.

    As for the ice, it does have to do with all the events that go on there. That’s the problem they have at the Verizon center. The other problem is that the building is old, so it doesn’t have the ventilation systems like the newer rinks do. I know when I skated on it last year, after a few minutes it was terrible. It felt almost like the water bubbled up instead of smoothly going over the ice. It was worse than some of the local rinks I played at. Don’t know if anyone skated at the Red Bank Armory, but that place had much better ice than MSG.

  253. Nah they Knicks court goes over a synthetic material they put down over the ice. It’s almost like rubber that they put down on the ice, then over that goes the court or concert stuff.

    And Carp thats true, I forgot that it’s on the 5th floor and its an old building. TD Bank Garden is above North Station, but the ice there isn’t too bad. It’s also a much newer building though.

  254. Carp are you referring to the circus that takes place with clowns or elephants or the one that takes place at least 41 time a year from October through April? I find it hard sometimes to distinguish between the two.

  255. Yeah, I think the age of the building has a lot to do with it. I’m not sure if the location of the rink in the building has a lot to do with it. The change in altitude isn’t significant enough to affect the physical properties of the ice. And Nassau has it’s rink on the ground floor and their ice is terrible.

    From my experience West Point has some of the best ice in the region. Also there’s a prep school in CT (Canterbury) that has amazing ice as well.

  256. Speaking of the Knicks, this wasn’t the case 3 years ago, but I wish the Rangers would take a book from them. The Knicks aren’t the best team in the world, they don’t have the best talent, but the guys work hard almost every night. If I could see a Rangers team that works hard and is as entertaining as the Knicks are right now, I could live with that for the rest of the season.

  257. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, i looked for some number since the lockout on points and goals production… Ovechkin leads by a significant margin, but he’s followed closely by Ilya Kovalchuk and Dany Heatley… those three goal scoring in the past 5 years has basically crushed the rest of the NHL. It’s not surprising those 3 are also 2nd, 4th and 5th in goal scoring. Their consistency is amazing.

  258. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That made no sense… Ovie has a HUGE lead in goal scoring, but the next two closest scorers are grouped together (Heater and Kovy).

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