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From the Rangers:

January 27, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Carolina Hurricanes 5 (Game #54, Home #29)
·         The Rangers were defeated by the Carolina Hurricanes, 5-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden.
·         The Blueshirts have now posted a record of 24-23-7 (55 pts.) overall, including a 12-13-4 (28 pts.) mark at home this season.
·         New York registered 22 shots on goal in the second period, marking a season-high for shots in a period and the most by the Rangers since they recorded 24 shots in the second period of a 4-2 loss vs. Los Angeles on Feb. 5, 2008.
·         Ryan Callahan notched one goal, registered a game-high six shots on net and tied for the game-high with six hits in 22:15 of icetime; he has now tallied six points (three goals and three assists) in the last six games.
·         Defenseman Marc Staal recorded one assist and logged 24:37 of icetime; Staal has registered four points (one goal and three assists) in the last six games.
·         Vinny Prospal collected one assist and led all skaters with 10 faceoff wins in 16 attempts (63%); he has now registered five points (one goal and four assists) and a plus-four rating in the last six games.
·         Dan Girardi registered a game-high five blocked shots; he entered tonight’s contest ranked first on the team and tied for seventh in the NHL with 114 blocked shots.
·         Forward Brian Boyle tied for the game-high with six hits, and has posted a plus or even rating in 21 of his last 27 games.
·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday, Jan. 30, at Arena (8:00 p.m. EST), to begin a three-game Western Conference road trip; the game will be televised live on MSG Plus and can be heard on 970 The Apple.
John Tortorella on the upcoming schedule… “You have to make your own luck.  It is an unforgiving week.  No one is going to feel sorry for you.  The best thing for us is to get out of town.  We have to regroup as a hockey club.  You can’t be pointing a finger at your teammates.  You can’t feel sorry for yourself.  You have to grind through this.  Having gone through all of this, in the Eastern Conference, we are still right in the middle of it.  We will get on the plane tomorrow and get out west and try to regroup here.  That is the key thing, not break apart.”
Ryan Callahan on the team… “It is tough but we are all pros in here.  That is why we play this game.  We have all gone through this with another team or coming up.  We have to put this behind us and concentrate on the next game.”
Henrik Lundqvist on the veteran leadership… “Some guys might say something but for the most part it is more important that the older guys, starting with me, show it with the way we play.  We need to play better.  It is some small details that just need to be corrected.  We can turn it around.  I know we are a good team.  I know I can stop pucks.  We just need to stay confident and turn this around.”

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  1. Tank the Season on

    I can’t watch this garbage anymore. At least the dream of tanking for a top 10 pick may be a reality.

  2. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    got carped last thread……….no comment.

    here is the repost:
    yes you are!!

    yep, i hear you man, that stupid democratic congress really handcuffed bush while he was in office. Bush is like hank, did the best he could behind shaky stupid democratic congress/bad d men!!

    this may cheer everyone up, tweet from prospect park:
    TheProspectpark NYR fans here is something to hopefully ease the pain, Ryan Bourque had 4 assists, Chris Doyle 2 more, Sam Klassen + Tomas Kundratek good D

  3. Henrik Lundqvist on the veteran leadership… “Some guys might say something but for the most part it is more important that the older guys, starting with me, show it with the way we play. We need to play better. It is some small details that just need to be corrected. We can turn it around. I know we are a good team. I know I can stop pucks. We just need to stay confident and turn this around.”

    Hank is a stand up guy

  4. I know it is late notice, but at 1145 i have a buddy at ESPN 1050 radio who will be mentioning the Fire Sather rally

  5. Been a loooooooooooooooooooong time since I posted here, but I still read when I can… Carp, can you just travel with the team and tell them it’s go time before every game? They need the reminder more than we do

  6. Pimp, i truly think Hank means what he says. It seems like he wants to call guys out, but won’t do it in the press. i hope he does it in the room, because when people OTHER than the captain call team meetings, it just shows who cares.

  7. Linda, i know he cares … but i dont think it matters what he says, this team is BUSH-LEAGUE

  8. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    here is a good link:

    I know he is in a killer contract, but VL would be the best captain this team has seen since messier. He takes his gloves off immediately when the scrum gets out of control and then confronts calamari (yep, that is how I like to spell it) and says let’s do it, but seafood turns him down, then he goes and talks to the officials unlike the last 2 crappy captains we’ve had!

  9. too bad they HAVE to make some players available after the games… the same questions, the same quotes, you’re right,it gets really old for everyone involved.

  10. Tank the Season on

    The way I see it, if the Rangers don’t plan on trading for Lecavalier at some point, there is no reason to keep Tortorella around.

  11. thanks for posting that link CCCP

    wicky, i dont think paying this guy 10 million a year at the back end of 30 is a wise investment

  12. i was at this game. first off, i got beer ticket outside, which i was pissed for but the free tickets i got for this game in the 300s got upgraded when the cop “felt bad” and he game me 100 level seats behind the net (which he probably took off some scalper). so as im trashed watching this abomination, im sitting in front of CAROLINA HURRICANES fans!!! didnt know they had any, and no they werent old whaler fans, this guy was with this wife and 2 young kids and they were from raleigh. amazing. this game was bullpoop. the only good thing was that a few “fire sather” chants were started around me and we tried to say it louder but no one cared.

  13. “But no matter how many fish in the sea
    Post-games on LoHud feel so empty without Chris Drury!”

    Captain Clutch should be a rapper! MC Clutch! Clutch Daddy! Ha-Ha!

    Anyway, you guys already know the post-loss drill! I’m not gonna let this loss ruin my Serbian St. Sava Day, we gotta forget about this one, it’s a good thing we play again on Saturday and don’t have to wait around for the next game, yada yada yada! What leadership! Captain Clutch cares! Just ask Torts!

    Why are you guys always so down anyway??? You know that Captain Clutch gets $7 million Dolan Dollars whether we win or lose right??? That should cheer you guys up! Captain Clutch is too clutch for a recession!

    Gotta keep everything in perspective though! Captain Clutch has bigger things on his mind than this loss! Like the Olympics! Everyone keeps talking about Canada and Russia, but Captain Clutch isn’t gonna sleep on Taiwan! You think they forgot about what Lil’ Cap’n Clutch did in the 1989 Little League World Series??? The hockey media obviously hasn’t! Ha-Ha! Captain Clutch will be ready for the rematch!!!

    Gotta wrap this up quick! They just let the media into the locker room, and Joe Micheletti won’t stop staring at Captain Clutch’s forearms! What’s with this creepy guy??? Captain Clutch has to get outta here!

    Before I go, time to update my “Best 4th Line Center In The NHL” standings again!

    1. Captain Clutch: 49 games played, 8 goals, 0 Power Play goals, -10
    2. Blair Betts: 32 games played, 6 goals, 1 Power Play goal, +6

    If Captain Clutch is on Team USA, why isn’t Bettsie on Team Canada???

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  14. I didn’t even read any of the posts…and after watching that, I really don’t care to…I just want to go to sleep lol. That was pitiful, disgusting, can’t even figure out enough words to describe it…oh boy….

  15. Linda
    January 27th, 2010 at 10:14 pm
    between that game, the false prophet, and NO arnold movies on any of these weird channels i get… what do i do???

    linda- ive been watching T-2 the past hour or so!! dont tell me theres no good ahhnold movies on! i actually missed the whole game tonight. i told myself im done watching for the season. its a waste of time. i took my post workout nap and woke up to this crap? good thing im in iowa where nobody even knows what hockey is. i’ll still be here though posting!! i just cant watch these games anymore.

    linda- is there a way to cancel h-streams?

  16. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i agree, bad contract. But he would still be a better captain than the last two we have had!!

  17. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    the thumb scene at the end brings a tear to my eye!!!

  18. No point in getting Vinny L. Too long a cap hit and he’s no longer an elite player just a very good one.

    It sucks but maybe this team figures it out, maybe not.

    If they’re gonna tank then so be it, get Kabanov or Neirderreiter or one of those dudes. Not the worst thing.

  19. GWG I have cancelled it but it runs until april 1th….
    they dont give an answer, if you ask them anything because I have cancelled it…

    I have asked for a full coverage of hockey day in Canada in Saturday, but they refused to give me any kind of answer..

    bad service at all..makes no sense at all….

  20. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    from Gross:

    I asked Sather later if he could characterize what he said to the team. And this was apparently not the first time Sather has spoken to the team in this setting this season.

    “No,” Sather said.

    But several players said Sather told the team he believed in them and that they should stick together.


    translation: I’m hamstrung by my own stupidity and this roster that can’t be fixed because of the toxic trio I signed to absurd contracts (Redden, Drury, Rozsival)…please sneak into the playoffs as an 8th seed and get me my 2 home playoff gates, then Dolan will never notice a thing, and I will continue to not have to answer to anyone…thank you

  21. Fire Sather??? I mean – of course I think he should go but – he didn’t play in Rangers goalie mask tonight. Lundqvist was absolutely terrible and it was one of his worst games I’ve ever seen. Same goes for Redden, he’s not responsible for this teams offensive impotency, isn’t he? Why he sits? I think Torts just need to look at the mirror. These players didn’t forget how to play hockey, right? That is where a good coach should step it. Scratching Kotalik or benching Redden is not going to change how this team play. There is no dedication to the game. That’s the problem.

  22. The Rangers came out flat tonight, that’s what the problem was right from the get go.

    I’m glad that the 1st line finally started cycling. If you’re not gonna get offense from pretty passing you gotta dump the puck in, retrieve, and get dirty cycling. That’s what guys like Cally, Artie, Dubi, and Avery are good at.

    I’d still like to see Heikkenen/Sangs/Sauer and maybe even Weisse up to just generate some positive vibes in the room and get a lot of these veteran idiots going.

  23. My optimism last night was at an all time low and i couldn;t be bothered to stay up past bedtime to watch (i’m 5 hours ahead don’t forget) and i’m glad i didn’t bother. In fact until i start hearing something positive about this team again i’m not going to tune into any games until Valentines Day (as thats at a convenient time for me).

  24. I will say it one more time. Vinny L. is a year younger than Messier was when the Rangers traded for him. saying he is not an elite player anymore is just wrong.

  25. And I thought I was getting a deal when my son and myself got tickets in sect 116 for $35.00 a pc. Man did that guy see us coming LOL. Last night was the first time in my life as a Ranger fan of 36 yrs that I left a game during the 3rd period.This team didnt show up AT ALL with the exception of maybe 4 players and overall has NO HEART.I will still be reading you Boneheads cause your hysterical but the Rangers can KISS MY ASS

  26. I appreciate how the individual Rangers feel and how they express themselves. One of them said that they are really a good team….but he is wrong. They are not a good fact, they are not even a team. They are a crowd – and not too far removed from being a mob. Sure some of those folks are trying their utmost ( Callahan leads the league in this), but for the most part..they don’t even act or look professional.I’ve seen better performances from beer league teams.

    Carolina ( who admittedly are a light year removed from their origins as the Whalers), are not one of the hallmark teams in the league, but they actually toyed with the Ranger last night.

    And now these poor souls are going WEST? …hoo boy.

    Well – the only bright spot is that they cannot do much worse than last night.

  27. or get Kovalchuk. Time for ,’hello my nickname is genius’ ” I believe in you”, to make a move. Then go back to fishing . The kiss of death has been given. Coach I think your boss has more to say. Like, ‘make the playoffs, so dopey gets off my back, you know the drill, ;-)……don’t make waves, give redden his job back, thx buddy’.

  28. And yet, I beleive they can and will do much worst than last night on this road trip. We are in for a very long ride. Buckle up everyone, its gonna get bumpy.


  29. Chris Drury complains about negative stuff swirling around the team. Mirror, anyone? Drury helped get rid of Jagr and Renney — now he can’t handle it? Drury will go down as Sather’s worse signing ever.

  30. kc
    January 28th, 2010 at 8:24 am
    Chris Drury complains about negative stuff swirling around the team. Mirror, anyone? Drury helped get rid of Jagr and Renney—now he can’t handle it? Drury will go down as Sather’s worse signing ever.

    I believe the worst Rangers captain ever.

  31. you heard correct

    January 27th, 2010 at 9:18 pm
    what kind of mystical power does higgins possess that he gets to play every night???? please!

    we know drury uses jedi mind tricks to fool those in charge.

    are they saying WE SUCK

  32. Sather addressed the team: ” Hey, boys! Does anyone have a light? Oh, yeah, you don’t smoke, forgot. Anyways, I won’t be joining you for the trip. Sorry, got to go catch some fish. Did you lose or win tonight?”

  33. I’ve said this half the season: the team has no locker room chemistry. They don’t get along. Not like they “fight” per se but they just don’t care for each other. It shows on the ice.

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    What a big pile of poop in the toilet that game was.

    This trip is just goign to be even more brutal

    No need to even review last night, it was like the three games before it.

    Sather in the room? Shocking, I thought he forgot he was the manager of a NHL Hokcey club

    3 more losses to go this month, yeah!!

    And liek someone said above, last night was the first time in about 15 years I turned off the game before it was over.

    I wanted to put in as much effort as I was seeing on the ice


  35. ilb- happy ranger morning buddy!! i missed the game, but i just finished watching a replay of it. i skimmed through everyhing except the goals. damn!! hank really sucked last night. i know we cant score, but he looked like a echl goalie out there. letting 50mph ground balls slide through him like the diahrea i get after eating taco smell!!. everybodys slumping at the same time. the lies dont click. they dont have any time playing with each other. torts has now been probably called to teh principals offce for one of the last times. hes gotta get these guys to play hard. and whats all th negative stuff drury was talkin about? all the money and the limos,the nightlife, uhh the huge amounts of money!!! did i mention that yet?? be a man drury and torts. you get b slapped by the worst team at home after getting embarrassed bigtime last week?? and then you say its all the negative stuff? like the fans booing??? well score a freakin goal once in a while. nobody cares about a shot blocker and it isnt a skill to lay down in front of a puck. it takes balls, but our 7 million wait, 8 million dollar capn blocks shots, but doesnt score? when the hell was that ever acceptable? unless youre rod brindamour or chelios and 250 years old then u can do the little things. start smackin some pucks in the net damnit!

  36. Mikey, good morning. Nice to see you healthy after that fall. WTF?

    Pavel- every time we hate a player on the other team, he should probably be in Rangers uniform.

  37. the team needs to fly to canada and bond on the plane like renny had them do. ya know, play magnetic chess or checkers, yahtzee, spin the dradle, get the team into a competetive mindset. get them to have milk drinkin contests like back in school. whoever can drink your half pint the fastest gets to date reddens wife. or somethin fun. play some sweet caroline while having a fartng contest. make rozy be the sniff tester to see whos fart is the nastiest.

  38. Same old Rangers – year after year
    build up your hopes a few games – then crash
    I taught Trots would not let the Rangers take it easy
    but, after last night shows that New York RAnger hockey
    means taking nights off
    It could have been a game from any year in the 80’s or 70’s

    but we really need an overhaul – GM, coach, President, etc.

  39. Same old Rangers – year after year
    build up your hopes a few games – then crash
    I thuought Trots would not let the Rangers take it easy
    but, after last night shows that New York RAnger hockey
    means taking nights off
    It could have been a game from any year in the 80’s or 70’s

    but we really need an overhaul – GM, coach, President, etc.

  40. gregm_section403 on


    As a 10 year season ticket holder, i can now saw i actually dislike going to games. In fact, i dread it. Wasting 3 hours inside MSG where many of the people sitting in the 100-300s can’t tell the difference between a puck and a cow-patty, actually makes it unfun (is that a word?). Even many of the people in the 400s aren’t ranger fans. Many out of town jerseys. It’s disgraceful.

    And don’t lay this at the feet of Rangers fans. Rangers fans have been loyal for decades, but with higher ticket prices, $9 beers and pricey concessions, parking and, oh yeah, a recession, Rangers fans have had enough.

    Why go to watch a crappy team play? Even in the 400s, where tickets can be had for $40/seat, you’re looking at at least $80 for 2 seats, plus $40-$50 food, and 2 $10 train tickets (or $30 in parking). For what?

    I have much more fun watching my 6-year old play rec-league hockey. At least all of those kids give 110% percent every shift and have fun!!!

  41. oh im good ilb. ive been sleeping alot though. unusually tired for some reason. been takin naps and im not old yet. i feel like curling up next to a good book while sipping some hot cocoa on a sleep number bed from swewden. i missed the last 2 games from sleeping but watched the replay. i got all teh hair on my arms and some on my face burnt off when a big broaster blew up and a huge fireball shot in my face and threw me back like 5-10 feet and i hit my head on teh ground. i breathed in some erious smoke and i was vomiting for awhile. but im ok now

  42. REBUILD! Skip the playoffs and start rebuilding now! I will give up a first round exit for a new team, a new Captain and whatever else they can get new! Maybe some new beer cups!

  43. if any of u believe in the efficacy of prayer, now would be the time to if u believe the rangers can pull together and win the cup. yea baby!! higgins, your on my list buddy. i’ll be prayin for those pucks to go 5 feet closer to the net, which unfortunately will still be 5 feet away from the net. its loony tunes time in rangerland ilb!

  44. I disagree with the hate him so he should be a ranger. I hate Brashear and he should never have become a ranger. I hate Rutu and he should never become a Ranger. Crosby should never become a Ranger. Crosby should play long enough to be a burden to Pittsburg then hang on for 3 more years and retire.

    I dont think I have ever been as angry about a NYR team. Last year Renny’s replacement was a surprise to me. Maybe I was brainwashed via boredom into believing that all was well. That was before I lifted the veil of the Dolan-Sather MSG Propaganda machine. These days its as if the Rangers have hit rock bottom. I come into every game hoping that this will be the game where they turn it around. They cannot possibly sink any lower.. Then, they take the ice, and start to DIG!

  45. Maybe they should play those videos on garden vision to pump us up for the damn players!!!!! I dont think i would be as upset if it looked like they were at least trying!

  46. Hey Domi28, when I read what Markov said earlier this morning the first thing I thought is that Slats needs to get him in here to wake up the corpses skating in Ranger uniforms.

  47. The rangers are as dysfunctional as there owner. This crap will never change when your owner is a dysfunctional business man. The same way the Wilpons are a dysfunctional in running the Mets. The only way for this nonsense to stop is hope the owners of these teams sell the teams.

  48. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    I have seen a lot crappy NYR teams in the 60’s and 70’s , they played hard every night, scored goals and fought but they still lost,but you still rooted for them.

    I cannot root for this team and watching them is a drag.

    They couldn’t beat a ranger team from the 60’s and 70’s.

    This team plays listless, spiritless hockey.

  49. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on

    kc- I am pretty sure that Drury is not only the worst signing, but worst ranger captain and worse than the Holik signing.

    This team has zero pride, Drury is number one. Redden is number two on that list of having zero pride and Rosival is probably more of just plain sucking than anything.

    I wouldnt mind having them lose or be a mediocre team if the cared. I would watch 18 Callahans and Lundqvist take the ice every night because it would be a team that cared and had pride. This is part of why I dont care about the 4th line including Boyle and Voros as much as this enrages many fairweather fans who want 10 goals a game. Voros got a bad rap because he had one good month and everyone expected him to be a 30 goal scorer and it didnt happen (I still think throwing him out in front on a PP might not be a bad idea)

  50. guys/girls,humanoids, larry brooks offspring, we love the rangers right? do we want them to turn it around and make the playoffs for a shot at getting beat 8-1 by the caps for 4 straight, or do we step in like a father and say enough is enough you bastage child. i only stuck around for u and your mother made me hate myself!! its time to step in like dear old dad and smack some sense into the team. stop goin to games!! stop buyin tickets, no more buying staal or duby jerseys. they’ll be gone in a month. but what i willnot tolerate is booing. if youre gonna go to the games, then realize its your own fault for subjectinmg yourself to it, and cheer whenhank makes a glove save from 200 feet out and still manages to drop it. say”hey ho, sather must go” only when we score, so they realize that we wont be foole by the ranger goal song. it has subliminal messages in it anyway. ok, i gotta go. im getting sleepy. need rest, need a smoke. carry on. as u were gents

  51. Wow, I would advise those in the area not to go out, and if you do, go slowly. Tons of accidents…took me 2 hours to get to work when it normally takes 25 minutes…pileup in front of my house…crazy stuff..good job weather people lol

  52. Hey guys its awesome up here in Montreal, Glad i got away from New York, you guys have it rock bottom, Tell John Giannone he is short and sucks at his job!

    Later Dudes!

  53. Is this rock bottom? No we can get much worse. How did everyone like the line of Dreary, Kotalgeek and Dubenchki? Plain awful. What I admire most about Dreary is that he makes everyone around him much WORSE. That takes talent. And his inspiration in the dresing room has shined brightly as the Rangers came out DULL last night. To make my day even better…hoping Glen (Bernie) gives Dreary a lifetime extension

  54. Sather should take them fishing out west, and teach them how to catch the big one, light up a few cigars and tell them about his glory days.

    Than Rosey, Dreary,and Rotten should genuflect before rubbing Sather’s belly for continued good fortune.

  55. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on

    gwg- If you want to buy into the whole the crowd dosent support the team and they are the reason they do bad there is a place for you to go:

    here you can meet other fans who are delusional and believe that the crowd being into the game will make a mediocre team Stanley Cup champs

  56. Here is what I think I know about our veteran leadership off the ice.

    Drury New baby, family man
    Rosival family man
    Redden family man, tied to Ottowa still
    Avery Business owner, Fashionista, model, NYC playboy
    Lundqvist model, NYC playboy, hockeys version of Jeeter
    Prospal Sun-worshiper, family man
    Gaborik nothing?
    Brashear nothing?
    Higgins Native, strong family ties in area

    I made this list trying to come up with reasons why there is less intensity and heart coming from the veterans. Family and especially new baby is a distraction and at times can be consuming as we all know. While the Night life is definitely atractive and holds quite an appeal, it can also be quite a distraction. When i was going through a tough time at home, nothing outside of that held my attention. work suffered, friendships suffered, everything.. what the hell is going on in that locker room that is causing such a lifeless effort nightly?

  57. Big sale today. Two’s are wild.

    Call Atlanta. Tell them they can have any two players on this team except for Gabby, MDZ or Hank (they can have Anisiomov, Staal, Dubi or Callihan, but each one of those count for two) plus any two from the minors plus any two non-first round picks.

    Spend the next few months figuring out how to Kovalchuk love NY and how to make a long-term contract work. Not that I think Kovalchuk will change the outcome of this season, but if we’re going to compete next year and beyond, we need Gabby and Kovy to anchor the offense.

  58. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    This all seems like a great idea to me: from teh fourth Period:

    If the Ranger can move Prospal, Drury, Rozival, Redden, Kotalik or any combo of the players with some farm players…. The Rangers can make a run at a better future and a better team all in 1 shot.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing fans say no one will take these guys with their contracts. because the truth is. Sather makes VERY BAD SIGNINGS BUT GOOD TRADES. He was able to unload Gomez and that mess of a contract… so don’t believe that it’s not possible to move most of these others.

    Here is the money you can save:
    Higgens: is a UFA at the end of this year. Wave goodbye to him and collect that 2.2 Million back.
    Rozival: has 2 years left at 5 Million. If the Rangers recieve a player back with a contract at 2 million.. the other team will only be paying 3 million and the Rangers will save that 3 Million.
    Drury: 2 years left at 7 million. Although this would be a tough contract to move. It is not impossible. He is a Captain and a leader and has proven throughout his career… (not in NY) that he comes up with some big goals. His play has declined while the pressure of playing where he always wanted to has gotten the best of him. Gomez’s contract was worse and they moved him. Take a player back in return at 3 Million a year or so and save 3.5 Million
    Prospal: UFA after this season. So let him stay if you want… his price won’t go higher if you want him again but i’m sure you can receive something back in return for him as his numbers are not bad right now. Bottom line after this season 1.1 Million comes back to us.
    Kotalik: buy him out at the end of this season. take a cap hit of half his price 1.5 a year for the next 2 years and save 1.5 milion
    Redden: buy him out. Take the cap hit or Sather work the magic. But lets say we get stuck with him… no money saved here.
    Girardi: Keep him RFA next year, Price will drop from 1.5…

    Overall You can save at least 11 miillion and send a 9 million contract offer… maybe more to Kovalchuk. This way when you have big contracts. They are with Proven Players along the line of SUPERSTARS: Gaborik and Kovalchuk

    You can let this season go…. Try and get a top 5 or 6 pick and make something happen with this team.

    As for lines.
    you still would have players for you first 2 lines in
    Bring up Grachev…

    This team has enough to turn it around. Dealing players like callahan and dubinsky will come back to bite them in the ass. Look at Mike York’s play when he left, Michael Samuelson, Marc Savard. all solid players. Trading them away will be the worst thing they could do.
    With Staal, Gilroy, Del Zotto in the back you already ahve a good core for your Defense.

    This team needs a top 5 pick and make a solid offer at Kovalchuk. you could be a real playoff contender within 2 years, maybe 3.

    this team right now and always will play like a 1 and done team. They have no chance of being a real playoff contender anytime soon.

    Time for these moves to happen. Time to not look to a quick fix in Lecavalier. Lets make this team a real contender

  59. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I really couldnt have said it better myself

    Sather DOES have the ability to make crazy trades that everyone thinks are impossible.

    But again as always we know, and everyone else knows what NEEDS to be done ot make us a contender, but will it ever happen?

  60. For everyone calling for us to tank it and rebuild: If Sather is the GM in charge of that rebuilding, it will be the same crap. The rebuild has to start at the top or it’s pointless.

  61. Good morning
    I haven’t been able to come up with an answer for Torts benching Redden after the third goal. Sure Redden screwed up, but there were defencive mistakes going on all over the place. The Ranger D last night, well most games, were awful. So Torts decides to bench Redden. What good will that do? I wonder if he is trying to get Redden so pissed, that he does something stupid, so through some loop hole they can get rid of him and his contract. I think they should just man up and either send him down if possible, or try to trade him, or waive him and be done with it. Redden has not been good to say the least, but benching him like that is not going to help him or the team. My opinion it’s just plain stupid.

  62. Mikey
    I agree with your thoughts except for one thing. I don’t think Kovalchuk comes to NY as a free agent, especially since some team will likely offer more money than the Rangers. So if that’s the case, you need to get him here for the balance of this season, convince him that along with Gabby and Hank they can build a winner, let Graves & Co. show him the upside of playing in NY, and hope he decides to he can live on $90 million instead of $100 million.
    If that means giving up Dubi or Cally to have that opportunity to build an elite team, I would do it in a heartbeat. If he walks after the season anyway, so what. Team without those two is not competeing for the cup anyway.

  63. Mikey, Drury has a total NO MOVEMENT CLAUSE. He can’t be traded or sent to the minors without his approval. Unless we buy him out (which will not happen), he is going NOWHERE.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “translation: I’m hamstrung by my own stupidity and this roster that can’t be fixed because of the toxic trio I signed to absurd contracts (Redden, Drury, Rozsival)…please sneak into the playoffs as an 8th seed and get me my 2 home playoff gates, then Dolan will never notice a thing, and I will continue to not have to answer to anyone…thank you”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    “Scotty Gomez
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:40 am
    Hey guys its awesome up here in Montreal, Glad i got away from New York, you guys have it rock bottom, Tell John Giannone he is short and sucks at his job!”

    Funny, I would tell Gomez the same thing!

  65. Krisy,

    He also wrote “I really don’t have anything to say” earlier, Maybe he is feeling how all of us are about this team!

  66. Its time we drop this “oh he has heart” crap and start playing hockey… dubi has a heart and 11 goals, callahan has heart and 13 goals now for a change we need someone who doesnt give a shit and can score….

  67. Ha, thanks.

    I hate that nobody on this team looks absolutely angry and miserable after losses.

    Get mad dammit, Get ANGRY!

    I want the whole team wearing Sutter faces everywhere they go.

  68. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Sather would have to ask Drury to wiave the clause and give teams he would accept a trade to

    Only way he is goign ot get out of town. Honestly though after the last two years, who knwos, he may actualyl WANT out fo NY. God knows WE all want him out.

    Welcome this is our Farmhouse..
    Great PHish tune

    Avery is prob trying to meditate to thsi tune so he dones tgo balistic and kill some of his teammates.

    And anyone else thingk all the “Stuff siwrling aroudn the team” is mayeb them and the coaching staff have been reading lohud blogs?

    Ha Carp’s ultimate influence!!!

  69. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I agree NAsty

    LEt me see them be pissed and throwing chairns
    it at LEASt would show us they give a sheet

    But of course, same old co. lines, bla bla bla

    Show some heart of get the F out

  70. Exactly! I made fun of Brent Sutter over and over again for always looking and being miserable, but you know what, at the end of the day, that is probably what you need to be a competitive team. Fight a teammate, throw a stick, get in to a bench clearing brawl, do something. Enough is enough. I have honestly seen more compete level watching my 5th graders play floor hockey in the gym, and I am not even joking when I say that.

  71. I have seen more of a compete level between two of my 5th grade girls racing each other to complete a knitted baby hat. Again, I am not joking.

  72. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Current Points – 55
    Games Left: 28 (56 attainable points)
    Points normally needed to make playoffs: 92-96
    Games needed to win to obtain 94 points: 20 (would give us 95 points to end the season)

    So as a team starting on Saturday, the Rangers would need to go 20-8 to make the playoffs

    Chance of that happening – Pretty farking remote!!!

    Trades are a coming!!
    Sather will start doing his retarded “make the playoffs” moves I say before the Olympics

  73. Callahan 4 Captain on

    Sather makes good trades – SOMETIMES. Another Eric Lindros-type deal would set us back for the first five years after Sather is mercifully gone. Another whining, career downside, overpriced creep trade acquision better not be in the works.

  74. I have a feeling he is going to go after Demitra or Joikenen. Neither of whom are going to make a lick of a difference.

  75. LOL, yeah, how awkward was that. He almost looked scared to be doing that little Q and A. Ha. poor guy.

  76. Callahan 4 Captain on

    How would it hurt for Torts to strip Dreary of his “C” and give it to Callahan? A diffident mercenary who has lost what little scoring touch he had does not figure to inspire, by words or example, the rest of the team to snap out of this lethargy. Give the captaincy to a Ranger organizational player – now.

  77. Darren Dreger just tweeted:

    Atlanta wants 4 or 5 assets for Kovalchuk. Young roster player(s), plus combo of draft picks and prospects.

  78. Dear Rangers : Please show up Saturday in Phx & play some freegin hockey ! I’ve been mouthing off about how the “real” Rangers will show up & not the guys we’ve been watching lately. Please don’t embarrass me.
    Like Ralph Kramden would say ” I’ve got a bigggg mouth”

  79. I would try to replace AA with either Dubi…….but YES. AA has more upside in my opinion. I’d give three unproven minor leaguers if there were no picks involved. Do you really think ALL three will be major contributors in the bigs?

  80. (camera 1) My favorite clothing store is Hugo Boss (switch to camera 2) and (back to camera 1) Dolce & Gabana (switch to camera 3 for the money shot) My favorite ice cream is vanilla.

  81. Nasty 1,

    he should just buy out redden ship out rozi, and kotalik to anyone that will take them, ship them to phx for the rights for hollweg! i dont care

  82. Hate to lose AA & Grachev. especially AA, He is fast becoming my favorite developing player. Sadly, my favorites do not last long before getting traded, so now that i have said that… so long AA

  83. dont know if this was mentioned

    @ the stars/flames game there were ranger scouts there possibly scouting the flames. at the game there were also scouts from vancouver, washington and calrolina

  84. Who knows, I just look at it this way. I think AA and Grachev will be very good players in the NHL some day. Kovy is ELITE, and he is still young. I don’t know. It is a hard decision to make, but in this case, given that it is KOVY, and not KOVALEV, I would do it. Meaning, it is a young player in his prime, and not an aged veteran.

  85. hey Alanta is on the right track, if they can get it. I say the Rangers should be shopping Gabby around right now, if it was poddible to get a deal like than for him.

  86. TR, it makes you wonder if a Phaneuf and Joikenen trade might be in the works.

    I wonder what Calgary would want from us for Joikenen and Phaneuf?

    I would rather get Kovy, but who knows when Darth Sather is calling the shots.

  87. Not that the Rangers have given him any support, but when will Rangerland accept that Hank should not be treated as an ironman. He thrives on competition, which means having a capable [read threatening] backup, and he gets exhausted physically and mentally every year. This is an even greater concern this year considering the Olympics.

    Shame, again, on the management for not building a proper team.

  88. I wish the guy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom would rip out Sathers heart and throw his body in to a giant pit of fire.

  89. Wait a second, in order for that to happen Sather would have to have a heart. Oh well, my dreams can’t be any more crushed than they already are.

  90. rangerfan32,

    i mean the isles have 3 number 1ish goalies,

    what would we have to give up to have a solid back up for hank

  91. My favorite ice cream……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  92. i just wrote to myself LOL

    tony from AZ,

    i mean the isles have 3 number 1ish goalies,
    what would we have to give up to have a solid back up for hank

  93. Would Joikenen and Phaneuf help this team? I really doubt it. I’m all for getting prospects, get draft choices. This team is not likely to make the playoffs. If it does they wouldn’t get by the first round. Right now I say do what they can to get guys that do it for them in the future.

  94. Chris Says Waive the Losers Fire Sather and Give Avery the C on


    Kovalchuck for 9mill? how do we fill the holes this team has then with 2 mill(granted the players replaced suck but damn you still need 12 forwards and 6 dmen)

    This team would be 10x better if they spent the practically 6mill on Kotalgeek and Huggies on Camaleri for 6mill.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Anisimov said “vanilla” like Borat did when he called the hotel manager a “vanilla face.” I would have laughed harder if I wasn’t cringing from how awkward that whole spot was.

    Everyone forget about Kovalchuk. We don’t have the assets or the money to get him. And even if we had the pieces for a trade, we woudn’t have the money to resign him. Let it go.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of Kotalik, Carp, do you still love the Kotalik signing?

    Have to say, I hated it from the start and I continue to hate it. And I will hate it for another 2 years.

  97. I think whatever is effecting this team floated over from the meadowlands when the Giants were “playing”

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    rangerfan, I imagine the asking price for Biron would be fairly low (mid round pick), but I don’t think the Isles would deal with us because they are so close to the Rangers in the standings that they won’t want to strengthen our squad.

  99. Tank The Season on

    This season is lost. Someone will get bought out in the offseason. God willing Drury will take a page out of Naslund’s book and leave money on the table and retire. Patrick Marleau is a UFA. He is a 4-5 time 30 goal scorer who will break 40 this year. Get him to replace Drury and go from there. Kovalchuk ain’t happening unless Redden and/or Rozi go.

  100. Good to hear that Rangers scouts are out working. Are they the same scouts that brought us Patrick Rismiller and Dan Fritsche last year? Isn’t one of the scouts Sather’s son? Cool.

  101. That Fourth Period story is completely delusional. Gomez was traded because he still had some value. Redden has none, and has an albatross contract that will be toxic for years. Drury has a full NMC. Trading Higgins doesn’t save the full contract, it saves the pro-rated amount. Prospal is not going to be signed for the same amount next year. He took the discount because he was being paid big money by Tampa as part of his buyout; after a decent season he will get a big raise somewhere.

    And my personal feeling on the Islanders’ goalies: If they think DiPietro is good to go, they will keep Biron and trade Roloson at the deadline. He would have value to a team that needs a No. 1 or a 1A and therefore bring something in return. Biron would be fine as a backup to DiPietro.

  102. Doodie, I have long since admitted I was wrong on that one … but what I liked about it originally was that the Rangers rarely go after the cheaper free agent types, the kinds that most teams get, the kinds that usually work out better than the marquee FAs. The Rangers always have to have the most expensive ones.
    And I thought Kotalik was a better player than this.

  103. Carp, what do you make of what Prospal said about the team wanting to practice more? Because afterwards, Maloney said that the coaching staff hasn’t had them practicing much. Is that just because of the Olympic schedule affecting things?

  104. tony from AZ,

    “Hey Carp, why doesn’t MSG show more of the post game interview, it’s the most exciting part of the game”

    that and the intense music they have now!

  105. Carp – re: Isles goalies… Didn’t Biron leave Buffalo for Philadelphia because he came out and said that he did not want to be a backup (at the time he was the Flyers #1)? Not sure I’d want a backup on my team who states that he does not want to be in that role. Your thoughts?

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry Carp for not knowing about your Kotalik admission. I haven’t been around much in the past couple of months with work being busy and getting married and all. Looks like the blog has done just fine in my absence.

    LI Ranger fan, Biron was traded to Philadelhia and resigned there to start for them. But he signed into a committee situation with the Islanders, so I can’t imagine he’d be too disgruntled as a backup elsewhere, especially since right now he’s #3 on his team.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Nobody is untradeable depending on the return.

    That goes double-true for our lousy squad and prospects.

  108. Where's Pavelich? on

    The Rangers need one of those 4 player-type trades and will need to overpay (thru youth/prospects/draft picks) for role players who actually do their job … in essence, they need addition by subtraction to improve the “team”… Currently, they are a terribly constructed group from a talent and chemistry standpoint.

    Target guys LIKE Ryan Clowe, Rene Bourque, Nathan Horton, all Vancouver 2-3rd line players … we domnt need not another high-priced guy, or else we will be done cap-wise for another 5 years..
    JLone2Bubblehead (9:59) – I agree with a lot of that, why the ranger lack chemistry – add to Rozival that Slats dismissed all of his czech buddies

    Repost: Agreed
    Chris Drury 12:08 post…absolutely priceless

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