It’s go time!


Need to know: Donald Brashear and Erik Christensen get prucha’d, and Ales Kotalik returns after sitting out six, in hopes of sparking a power-play that was 0-for-9 in this three-game losing streak. Lundqvist in goal — I’m sure Ocho gets a game on the three-in-four nights Western road trip upcoming.

Maybe this Brashear thing will become permanent once and for all.


Two things about the Devils, just because …

That kid Patrice Cormier, the Devils property who was suspended for the rest of the QMJHL season for a vicious elbow, is appealing the suspension. Here’s how the meeting should go: Cormier walks in and asks that his sentence be reconsidered. The QMJHL president looks at him and tells him: Get out!

The other thing about the Devils, only because it pertains to the Rangers: Remember that great game, the 0-0 game at the Garden which turned into a skills competition? Since then the Devils are 2-5, and have scored 11 goals in seven games, four of those in a win over the Islanders; and they have been shut out twice. Of course, that game was also the first of four shutouts the Rangers have suffered in their last eight games.


Now try to remember to not have any fun tonight. No jibberish. No Bonehead comments. Just line combinations. See youse after faceoff.

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    lmao @ “BECAUSE……..”

    good job Staal, new face at the top!!


    no tennis ball comments from me tonight! sigh

  3. So…I’ll get my 2 cents in…
    Things that are better than Sather…
    crushing your finger in a logsplitter where all the stuff on the inside of my finger wanted to be on the outside!

  4. repost per carp’s request:

    why do some of you insist on throwing the kids into the fire?
    stepan is not anywhere near ready. nor is bourque, nor is kreider and nor is grachev.
    grachev has been pretty disappointing this year with the wolfpack. he’s no where near ready for top 6 duty. in a way i almost wish most of you boneheads had no idea what happened at the WJC this year so i can stop reading that those kids need to be here ASAP.
    as far as lecavalier goes, NO THANK YOU. i’d rather spend that money on kovy. lecavalier’s contract will absolutely kill this team for the next decade.
    as of right now dubinsky, callahan and avery are all third liners. if you want to see them succeed, or more importantly, if you want to see this team succeed, you need to fill the top 6 with players that actually produce. i’ve been saying it for months now, we don’t have those players and we can’t trade our trash for the type of top 6 guys that are going to help this team.
    poor drafting, poor free agent signings and terrible contracts… it’s a vicious cycle that we keep repeating.
    i don’t know how some of you stay so optimistic about this franchise. i will always bleed blue and i will always be a die hard ranger fan but that doesn’t mean i have to be happy with the way things are or the way the organization is being managed.
    just wait, we’re going to unload some of our trash for other some other teams’ trash at the deadline and then in the offseason sather will go out and do what he does best… sign a bunch of bottom 6 guys to terrible contracts that will continue to kill this teams chances of making any kind of run let alone opening up any kind of window of opportunity to win a cup.
    rozsival, redden, drury will all be here next year. suck it up. until this team fires sather and starts to draft well and not completely revamp their roster year in and year out, we’re doomed.
    to hell with sather. to hell with the dolans.

  5. No I wish I had!
    Things that look better than Sather…
    My finger after being crush in a log splitter where all the stuff on the inside wants to be outside!

  6. Ok,So without a lot of stupid trade rumors what happens next,1)Torts gets fired,2)we make a BLOCKBUSTER trade,3)we make a minor trade or two,or4)nothing?


    nyrcc, you need to go to the FIRE SATHER RALLY in march!


    i owe you a beer Carp! i’ll pay ya back at Bonehead Fest!

    YES MSG FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO i get to hear sam all excited over forearms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. David, I predict Steve Jobs will take over as Coach and force all assistants to wear, I mean use, iPads

  10. CARP: For heaven’s sakes … either use “Bush-League” or something with “iPad” in your entry tonight …


    if mako is not here before gametime and they lose, it’s the 3rd game in a row……’s HIS FAULT!


    cally on the first line……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    things that look better than sather?
    – my cat’s litter box (probably smells better than sather too)
    – the bathrooms at quicken loans arena after dollar dog night (go cavs/monsters!)
    – a tank of raw sewage
    – tyler kennedy’s pig snout

    garden of dreams? nah, more like garden of nightmares!


    the billie jean king cup…that just does NOT sound right!


    lmao @ tyler kennedys pig snout! you’re on a roll nyrcc!!

    HEY BETH!! sorry, didnt see ya come in


    sorry iPimp, got nothing from channelsurfing OR atdhe

  17. @ linda – i wish i could attend any and all fire sather gatherings. unfortunately i live and work in tropical cleveland, ohio.


    wow, this is just getting out of control! BLAME MAKO!!

    aaaaaaaaaas sunny,tropical ohio!




    BENCH GIRARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sit him down now


    less than 4 effin minutes to score 2 goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    totally embarrassing!

  22. Hello everyone.
    The internet says it’s 2-0 already. This can’t possibly be true. Can anyone confirm/deny this report?

  23. maybe the should come out 10 minutes before game time and start playing? this way, when the game actually DOES start, they MIGHT have a chance

  24. i gave my tix away this morning,thank God. Going watch the President I want to hear what he has to say. Maybe he will say FIRE Sather!

  25. Fozzy, there should be chants in the arena right now! its almost like the real fans that are there are just numb

  26. One more goal, one more goal and I give up for the night and go play NHL10 where I have control over whether the Rangers embarrass themselves or not.

  27. just got back from the gym. and i came home excited but i dont know why i expected anything different than this. usually i would never shower in the middle of a period, but here i go.

  28. Linda — who cares what it tastes like. If it numbs the pain of this game I say go for it!!

  29. Hey – if you can’t score – at least you can shoot at the other team’s players to try to injure! What a bunch of minor-leaguers!

  30. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    Im not hearing any “Fire Sather” chants?

  31. Linda, snapple is good. so if u like vodka then i say go for it. and add some ambien. thats drury and reddens pregame meal

  32. Hey – off-game topic. I was discussing sports broadcasting with a co-worker today. He brought up something that I never thought about. He said that the only way that the NHL would start getting more fans interested is to have all local sports teams games broadcast over the air for TV. In other words, MSG would have to give way to PIX 11 or something like that.

    Thoughts? Carp, I especially would like to know your opinion on this, since you are a reporter.

  33. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    Consistency in the game? How about consistency in the YEAR!?!?!?

  34. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    WTF. Dump the GD puck. Dig, Cycle – REPEAT!

  35. Sam stop with the “defensively Carolina has done a really good job”…you notice the Rangers ice the puck with zero pressure? That’s not because of defense, that’s because the Rangers have no idea what each other are doing on the ice. The lack of cohesiveness in the passing game is astound. They’re playing pin the tail on the donkey on the ice.

  36. “Hey the puck is in front of the net! Oh, wait the period is over… Maybe we should’ve tried that 20 minutes ago…”

  37. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    Glad Danny Bibs stepped up on Staal on that 2nd goal

  38. Nice, Linda picked up on it. I would take Swayze’s character from Dirty Dancing, not even Youngblood over most of these clowns tonight.

  39. Do you think if that PeeWee team that’s playing between periods stayed on the ice for the Rangers we would see a difference?

  40. The pee wees all probably strongly pursue the puck and look more than casually interested in scoring a goal. So yes, I’d see a difference immediately.

  41. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    “be on the same page as a group” Hmmmmmmmm

  42. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    Keeps on saying “group”

    We ALL know what’s up with this team. Its no secret. They need to get rid of the tumors.

  43. LOL, CT.

    So, how wants to guess what Avery really wanted to say?

    “I’ve got a bunch of [synonym for cats] as teammates! That’s what’s wrong!”

  44. You know things are going bad when they let Aves be interviewed-they never do that. They’re just trying to appease the fans.

  45. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE is wasting time and energy. They are amazing, they can play this way without practicing.

  46. he was trying so hard to get the right words in order before he said anything. he just sounded, OMG DRURY INFECTED HIM TOO

  47. Liza, you have to join the FB page just look for boneheads with a pic of dubinsky picking his nose… some funny avery pics there

  48. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    Danny Bibs with the BIG POKE CHECK!

  49. czechthemout!!! on

    what a period!!!!!!!!!

    This team really needs to sell badly!!

    They should not wait untill the deadline either. They are going knowhere fast as a franchise and the ahole at the top is the sole person responsible for this mess. We need another G.M. Someone with the balls to go to Jimmy Dolan and tell him that this “Orginazation” needs to eat or trade away all of these horrible contracts that Sather has saddled them with. They need a fresh face at the helm that can give fans some hope for a better furture. One that has someone at the top who is compotant and can get the job done.

  50. Avery was trying really hard to employ his post anger management media tone, but his eyes and body language told the real story.

  51. I’ve been holding off on crucifying Drury because I don’t think the guy doesn’t care. But this captaincy is killing him. I’m done hoping. He needs to be traded or waived and they need to have a rotating captaincy until someone steps up to claim it. Oh, and someone on this coaching staff needs to either teach these players how to play defense, or bench those that don’t listen. This whole “accountability” thing that Torts was talking about in the off season is a joke.

  52. smoke and mirrors with the accountability. that only fell on a few guys, and guys who deserved to be held accountable…nothing

  53. like a frightened turtle, TR.

    Chris, sorry for the delay. The over-the-air thing ain’t happening. Ratings are too awful for regular TV, and especially in cases where teams own their own networks, there’s no way they’re giving them up. As far as the big networks, the NHL pays for its network games, not the other way around. There’s just now way it will work or happen.

  54. Appreciate that Avery accepted the fact that the fans were upset because of the team losing. As opposed to Tortorella who blames the fans for his players playing tight. Who exactly does Tortorella think destroyed Kotalik’s confidence? It certainly wasn’t the fans.

  55. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on


    I swear Drury must have a no-bench clause in his contract too.

  56. Carp, I don’t expect it to happen, believe me. I was just curious what you thought about its effect on the fan base.

    Wow – bad night for Henrik again.

  57. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on


  58. Hm, do I keep my earlier promise of quitting this game to go play NHL10? I think my original premise was a 3 goal lead.

  59. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on

    OH please. That was a beautiful deflection.

  60. Apparently with this team we need to post our cheers in less than 10 seconds or its a moot point

  61. lmao NOR!!!!!!!!!!
    and with my lag,its like 15 seconds. i was so excited and then THANKS FOR THE GUT PUNCH

  62. The Rangers can’t play with the lead and they can’t play from behind.

    They suck when the game is tied and can’t score on the power play.

    Lundqvist gives up softees like he was an ice cream man

    All the while Sather laughs

    When will those cigars finally catch up to him?

  63. they just suck the life out of the arena, our houses and the bars that have the game on……… LIFE SUCKING DEMONS!

  64. Linda – ohhhh obviously, sorry I didn’t read your comment completely. I’m not sure if I meet the requirements as a Kings fan haha!

  65. Gaborik and Lundqvist are just trying to save themselves for the Olympics at this point. They want to remember what it’s like to play on a good team. Can’t blame them.

  66. So since there is no real game to speak of….Does anybody watch The Wire? I just finished season 4 last night. Amazing stuff.

    The best (dramatic) series in the history of television in my humble opinion.

  67. At least Artie has turned it up the last couple of games.

    ::sees a faint light at the end of the tunnel::

  68. MAKO is a fancy boy who wears NEON. As long as the chicks dig it. on


    I would NEVER EVER want him traded. But I keep seeing him in Red Wing RED.

  69. Drury with a nice back pass as he enters the offensive zone to try to pull Kotalik offsides. Is Drury both scared and horrible?

  70. I really don’t think this team is capable of scoring 3 more goals to win tonight. That’s like *3 weeks* worth of goals.

  71. “Lost” starts next week. Al Trautwig last year did brilliant recaps on, if anyone watches that show.

  72. Joe is desperate for something positive to grasp on to but he says it like a question like he doesn’t really believe what he is saying.

  73. Wow Michelletti is the eternal optimist. He’s still talking about how Callahan’s goal sparked the team. Somebody give this guy a freakin clue

  74. Let’s see. Kotalik started the season blasting away from the point on the power play and was a top scorer. Then he made a couple of mistakes, got benched, and Tortorella proceeded to bash him to the press and throw him to the wolves. Wonder why he lost his confidence?

  75. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Hey Miami pimp…so with the absinthe, now the fairies on the ice are green…haha

  76. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    anyone else feel bad that Anisimov’s family has to watch this?
    They must be like…wtf…he could have played in the KHL

  77. Unless some weird glitch happens like it used to in NHL94, I’m pretty sure you can’t score from behind the net.

  78. Something is definitely wrong with Gaborik right now. If he gets a chance like that, it’s usually in the back of the net.

  79. ddebened is fluent in jibberish on

    Saw a vendor in the stands selling those foam #1 fingers – gotta think he’s sold a boatload of those lately.

  80. YES, CT – Old EA sports game reference!

    Btw – I think I could make a save on a Drury wrist shot.

  81. to the rangers a PP is:
    – a chance for rosizval to lose the puck at the point
    – a short handed goal given up
    – pass as much as possible, without getting a shot off

  82. Too many of the Rangers shots don’t even get off the ice. Get these guys some chipping lessons.

  83. Remember in the olden days when Jagr and Straka and Nylander would actually control the puck in the offensive zone for an entire shift? When was the last time anyone on the Rangers cycled in the zone for more than 10 seconds?

  84. CT,

    They’ll have many chances to practice chipping in April when the playoffs start with 16 actual hockey teams.

  85. I’m suspicious about the love fest between Drury, Roszival, and Torts. Why are these guys above the law? Why is Kotalik made an example of?

  86. Torts likes Drury because he doesn’t talk back and obeys orders. Doesn’t seem to understand that Drury is actually simple minded and doesn’t know what anyone is talking about.

  87. TR, I noticed he switched to the latest Easton Stealth. You figured that with the new molding and stick design that they could make the sticks pretty consistent these days.

  88. I cant wait to see Callahan on a line with some talent, hopefully Brown and Kessel or Ryan and Pavelski

  89. ct
    he has a couple different blades right now. all made by easton. he uses some on the power play and others during regular play. think theres 3 or 4 models but i could be wrong.

  90. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    I’m skipping the 3rd period, I don’t want to waste anymore time on this team.

  91. lol Linda

    I had the MSG Drury profile thing on earlier. My girlfriend kept asking why I hate him so much because all she heard were the accolades being showered on him. She also thought the Little League stuff was “cute”

  92. Why do people, who probably never even saw him play, still do the Potvin Sucks? Shouldn’t they be yelling “Fire Sather?” Great sit Redden for the 2nd. Are you going to sit him in the 3rd? Are you going to sit him next game? Are going to send him to Hartford? I doubt all of em.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Wade Redden , RIDE THE PINE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ahhhhhhhhhh better , Redden is on the bench , hopefully for good. The guy is smaller in size ,not the fastest ,nor has a great shot. Wade Redden made it in this league with his solid ,hard hitting and great playmaking abilities. All of that is gone. He is what they say ..gone out to pasture. Not a big crime ..just some guys refuse to quit even though they oviously suck. Great players usually quit when they know its time. A great player hates being below average so he “retires” . Redden should take lessons from Naslund,Straka ,Yzerman and Sakic . He needs to eat his own contract and hang up his laces. Gretzky knew it was time and he was the best player on the Rangers at the time!!! Messier knew ,he pushed it but he knew. Mario tried and knew ,Kovalev should seriously consider it too. Wade Redden , Time to retire or be embarrassed..its yer choice.

  94. great post GREG!!

    i agree 22, enough potvinsucks, the chant should be FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Maybe Uncle Glennie is putting subliminal messages in those Profiles to immunize unsuspecting fans against the team suckishness

  96. Higgins’ only move is that wrap-around play. Otherwise you never even realize he is on the ice.

  97. tr-808
    January 27th, 2010 at 8:54 pm
    i cant believe carolina hasnt had a PP yet.

    Yet they had better chances than the Rangers did on their PP.

  98. Well, folks, I’m going from one car wreck to another. Time for the state of the union. Goodnight!

  99. I rather watch them lose 20-0 before I watch that a-hole read from his beloved TelePrompTer….

  100. Torts needs to employ joker make up for the next game,and some really garish outfit! a maniacal laugh would help

  101. i;ve seen better pick-up games. They seriously look like they’ve never played together before. What do they practice??

  102. HAHAHAHAHA!! We’re losing to the 2nd worst team in the NHL! Oh maaan it’s either laugh or cry at this point…

  103. Ok folks, that’s the 3 goal lead I needed to call it a night with this team. My dinner is just about ready anyway.

    Got a semi-important doctor’s appointment tomorrow, wish me luck.

  104. LIN

    That’s what im thinking. What’s the point of keeping him if he’s not gonna play ? Might as well waive him since he cant be traded.

    Im expecting it to happen soon.

    Im really hoping for a huge losing streak. Canes gotta keep winning, along with the Oilers.

  105. Does this get any more painful? You can literally hear the crowd sigh and grunt. This squad is atrocious! They literally make me sick! FIRE EVERYONE!!!

  106. Time for Torts to plan his post-game comments.
    “I have no idea”
    “I’m not dissecting the game now”
    “I believe they do care”

  107. Question: How bad do the Rangers have to be before Michelletti stops putting the positive spin on everything?

    I can just hear him during some of the dark days…

    “You can tell Kamensky is really trying out there Sam, nobody feels worse about that open-net miss than him. Dunham’s played a great game, Sam.”

  108. Lol very good point Linda! I think what we’re starting to see here is Hank quitting on the team that quit in front of him a loong time ago. Plus a goalie playing behind what is essentially not a team at all as Just Fozzy has pointed out

  109. I’m with you ORR, time to cut bait! They keep going this way, people are NOT going to go to games, especially when it gets warmer out. And sitting Redden when his dad is there…wow. He’s probably FURIOUS!!!!!!!

  110. Why is Redden Benched but not Girardi?
    Why is Redden benched but not Rozival?
    Why is Redden benched but not Staal?

    Why is Kotalik benched but not Higgins?
    Why is Kotalik benched but not Drury?

  111. Good point MAKO. As bad as Girardi has been – no benching. Torts only seems to have a short leash for a few. Makes no sense.

  112. MAKO, if I understand you correctly what you’re wondering is…why doesn’t Torts just forfeit the game before it begins? Just forfeit, maybe have a group Kool-Aid drinking ceremony….I don’t think any of us will feel to broken up about that

  113. Why is Christensen scratched but not Higgins?
    Why is no one from Hartford up here?
    Why is Lundqvist still in the game?

  114. girardi needs to sit… they should have a contest to let a fan coach the team for a game! HOLY
    FIRE SATHER CHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. John Doe,

    We were told there was going to be accountability. There hasnt been unless you name is Redden, Kotalik, Lisin, Voros. I could give a damn about Brashear. UNLESS Sather said YOU CAN NOT BENCH DRURY, ROSZIVAL & HIGGINS. I cant see why they havent been sat a game or two?

  116. all those guys Mako mentioned deserve a benching or two, not all at the same time, but they all need to be accountable.

  117. what kind of mystical power does higgins possess that he gets to play every night???? please!

    we know drury uses jedi mind tricks to fool those in charge.

    are they saying WE SUCK

  118. Really should have been a goaltending change after the 4th goal. At least let the kid get some experience.

  119. I haven’t seen Maloney on MSG these past few games. Has he been banned for being too critical?

  120. MAKO, I was kidding. I’m not sure how familiar you are with ceremonies involving Kool-Aid but that would be some nice accountability. Too many players to punish sufficiently

  121. how in Gods name did these blind ass bats get 38 shots on goal????????????????????????????????????

  122. nyroc –
    I can use 2 for the rally for sure.
    Too bad we can’t get a sponsor to hand them out to the fans going to the game! That would be awsome!! The Eagles tried to do that to anyone coming into the Linc with an anti-Vick shirt. They wouldn’t let fams in wearing anything negative. They just turned it inside out until they got inside.

  123. Somebody on here predicted the other night that we’d lose v Pitt and then lose v Carolina and we’d end up with a new player by Friday.

    So far, good call.

    Here’s hoping Glen Sather finally bites the dust.

    This the first game I’ve turned off in the middle to watch something else all season.


  124. Cant see how any of this is Lundy’s fault.

    19 of 22 games with 2 GAA or less and he probably did not even scrape even 10 wins during the stretch.

    This team is putred.

    Referees are far more putred, possibly even inhumane.

  125. @ just fozzy
    i’ll set up an email account tomorrow and post it here for anyone who wants a shirt.

  126. CR

    Seriously, the refs didnt call ANYTHING on the Rangers until 10 min mark of the 3rd period.

    Torts isnt getting fired….

  127. The defence has been really good tonight, except Redden I guess. Benching Redden in a game like this is just plain stupid. What good did that do? Something has to be done with Redden soon. It’s not doing the team or Redden any good to treat him like that. Torts is a jerk.

  128. wow Kots on the bench with his head down…. man you’d never see captain fantastic like that.

  129. ddebened is fluent in jibberish on

    Torts needs to bring the team to the Park for a nice game of Dodgeball.

  130. Drury is horrible its funny Callahan scores when he doesn’t play with Drury. Why wasn’t Dubinsky centering the 2nd line instead of Drury? And Kotalik goes from being benched to playing on the 2nd line. Torts line combinations are strange.

  131. Although I can’t blame the diluted talent on this team on Tortorella, he has definitely compounded the problem by unnecessarily alienated some of the players. He can’t expect those same guys to play hard for him.

  132. “But no matter how many fish in the sea
    Post-games on LoHud feel so empty without Chris Drury!”

    Captain Clutch should be a rapper! MC Clutch! Clutch Daddy! Ha-Ha!

    Anyway, you guys already know the post-loss drill! I’m not gonna let this loss ruin my Serbian St. Sava Day, we gotta forget about this one, it’s a good thing we play again on Saturday and don’t have to wait around for the next game, yada yada yada! What leadership! Captain Clutch cares! Just ask Torts!

    Why are you guys always so down anyway??? You know that Captain Clutch gets $7 million Dolan Dollars whether we win or lose right??? That should cheer you guys up! Captain Clutch is too clutch for a recession!

    Gotta keep everything in perspective though! Captain Clutch has bigger things on his mind than this loss! Like the Olympics! Everyone keeps talking about Canada and Russia, but Captain Clutch isn’t gonna sleep on Taiwan! You think they forgot about what Lil’ Cap’n Clutch did in the 1989 Little League World Series??? The hockey media obviously hasn’t! Ha-Ha! Captain Clutch will be ready for the rematch!!!

    Gotta wrap this up quick! They just let the media into the locker room, and Joe Micheletti won’t stop staring at Captain Clutch’s forearms! What’s with this creepy guy??? Captain Clutch has to get outta here!

    Before I go, time to update my “Best 4th Line Center In The NHL” standings again!

    1. Captain Clutch: 49 games played, 8 goals, 0 Power Play goals, -10
    2. Blair Betts: 32 games played, 6 goals, 1 Power Play goal, +6

    Take that again Bettsie!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  133. gregm_section403 on

    the really sad thing is: of the 2 teams that play at the garden (rangers and knicks), the rangers are the better team! how bad does that suck? what a circus!

  134. Im sorry I wasted good money to see these sackless felines play the coyotes this saurday night, I really feel for he msg faithful!!!

  135. obv. redden is benched. he only has certain people he makes examples of. redden sucks but honestly its such bs. higgins, what does he have? 1 goal in like 20 games?

  136. Mako, btw, my shins have gotten better but i got better running shoes with jelled support. forgot the name of them but my other shoes werent true runnign shoes. the ones i just got are much lighter so everything is easier.

  137. give Higgins his 2 year extension now! give Staal the big contract he has coming now! they need to stay mediocre or worse.

  138. Drury must go. He shirks the post-game interview again. Jagr was interviewed after every single game. And had something interesting to say as well.

  139. Ya gotta wonder if something is going to happen after a performance like this.

    Maloney also said that you have to question how a team is put together to win during a long season. Pretty blunt assessment right there.

  140. 909

    Great! Hopefully you’re still stretching. I’ve added foot lifts with a 20 lb plate resting on my toes to make the muscles stronger with some adding calf stretching.

  141. no offense to gabby, hes a great player, but i dont think hes even in ovechkins league. Ovy just uses brute strength to power himself into the zone and practically launches nukes from the blueline on the pp. gabby cant do that. thoughts?

  142. It’s so simple: this team has no talent outside of Gabby and Hank (and maybe MDZ), and even Hank has been broken.

    Cally, Dubi, these guys are mediocre players we’ve embraced because we have Ranger goggles. On any other team (okay, any decent team) they’re checking line/energy players who add a little bit of offensive support. They sure as hell aren’t expected to carry the O, nor do the fans delude themselves that they’re future HOFers.

    FIRE SATHER. Get a real team. Remind us what quality hockey is like.

  143. this team doesn’t need a guy like vinny L now does it. you all would rather shutdown Staal right. his brother tried to say Marc was physical before the game, couldn’t do it with a straight face.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    My wife, not an avid fan, was watching the game with me when I got up to take a leak. From the bathroom, I could heard her yelling “GOD THEY SUCK!”

  145. do we have to wait another 20 games before Anisimov scores again? sort of like Higgins, every 20 games he scores.

  146. That’s right Torts, it’s the “stuff around the team” that is causing problems. Fortunately they “stay together”. Whatever that means. How about playing hard and scoring?

  147. No WAY is Gabby anywhere near AO. Gabby is a pure sniper, where AO is just an all around MONSTER. Great two way player.

  148. stuff around the team is just another excuse. these are grown men who are paid very well to play a GAME! they are professionals, who honestly just dont give a damn outside of a handful of them.

    Did Redden fight Torts yet???

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    AO is not a two-way player. He can throw big hits, but big hits does not good defensive play make.

  150. i think Torts should pull a sather and not talk to the media anymore. If Sather doesnt have to answer for yet another of his crapshoot teams, why should Torts? The guy is stuck with several stiffs, and young guys who do not have real quality vets to learn from. This is the team Sather created, Torts is trying to make filet mignon with alpo.

  151. Anisimov has been the best player for the last two games. Right after Brooks suggested they should send him to Hartford.

  152. between that game, the false prophet, and NO arnold movies on any of these weird channels i get… what do i do???

  153. kc, injured pride doesnt count? how about no heart, no brain and no courage…oh wait, thats the tin man, the scarecrow and the cowardly lion

  154. *Capt. Clutch, can you please e-mail me from the Clutchmobile? I have to ask you something. thanks.*


    Carp: e-mail just sent from the Clutchberry!

    /fastens seatbelt, puts mouthpiece in, peels out in Clutchmobile again

  155. I love the hate for Torts, the guy has coached and won at EVERY level…but it’s his fault the team sucks. Boneheads. This team has an identity crisis. It tries to be fantasy and stack with top 6 talent which works for some teams(Penguins, Blackhawks, Capitals) and other teams(Sabres, Aves, Canuks) win with attitude bottom 6 talent. This team tries to be both and it isnt working and it wont work. Figure who you want to be and how you want to win then execute, dont play yahtzee with a random group players.

  156. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Thank goodness I didn’t watch the third period…
    Didn’t watch the state of the union either…talk about another waste! I know the state of the union. Its worse than these Rangers!

  157. ;-) Staal!!

    thankfully Phineas and Ferb are on right now, at least it will make me laugh for a few minutes!!!!

  158. Cormier isn’t appealing the league, his team is. He said he accepts his suspension. So of it makes you feel better, my team looks like they are auditioning for the role of The Nuts in The Nutcracker. Bad night all around.

  159. like i said, Torts is trying to make filet mignon with the alpo sather bestowed upon him. half of these guys should NOT be on this team next season, oh wait, we already do that every summer! It’s a vicious treadmill of incompetent owner, incompetent gm, wrong players!

    Kyle Mc, well said

  160. Sorry about the quality of the video. Its still being processed and I wanted you all to see it right away.

  161. if you loose 5-1 to the worst team in the NHL at home, how can it get more worse ?????

    If a team don´t react in such a situation, when do they want to react ?

    That shows the surreal situation around the Rangers….

  162. This is horrendous. I’m going to bed. I honestly think something is going to happen soon. Hopefully it will be Sather looking for work.

  163. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    The only think better would have been if Drury had been in the background instead of Prospal

  164. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    yes, we watched it, just trying to lighten the mood!

    If i’m redden i pissed as hell. How rozy is never benched or scratched is beyond me and girardi still would not have been BACK in the line up after the gabby incident.

    Loved the way cally just glided back on the delayed penalty and then took one himself!

    why higgins and lisin get more ice time than avery is just mind boggling. The only more mind boggling than that is how they are both still in the line up is beyond me. Everyone talks about bringing up young guys to play from htfd, our young guys must be really really bad to not have 2 guys to replace higgy and lisin!

    Quote of the night..mrs wicky when rozy and girardi are both in the box, “don’t suppose we would be lucky enough to have the box catch fire right now would we”?

  165. LMAO at mrs wicky..Too bad it could only happen at the Prudential. They have to use candles since the lights went off out there I hear

  166. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Maybe Torts is just like screw it, I want draftpicks lets just throw the season.

  167. Two things:

    1) Kyle Mc….go read the hockey rodent’s review of Torts. Nearly every player he is coaching this year is having one of their worst seasons, producing well less than their career average. With the exception of Gabby…..Higgins, Drury, Kotalik, Boyle, Dubi, Avery, Lisin, etc. The rodent pointed out that barely any line has played together more than 10 games. I am exaggerating but you get my (his) point. The jury is still out on Torts. Coaches are supposed to get the best out of their players, not bring out the worst.

    2) What the F is up with Joe Micheletti (sp?) “Isn’t that the story of the Rangers right now?” “Oh that is just how the breaks have been going for them?” “Another bad bounce and that kind of tells you how its been going for them.” What kind of crap is this? The team is not good. They don’t finish checks. They don’t play the body. They try these ill-advised cross ice passes at the worst times. Those very passes are traveling about 1 mi an hour across ice through 4 people. Why don’t they dump, chase, and hit? They try and carry the puck through the neutral zone and every team just traps them and gets an odd man rush. Get the puck to the other team’s goal line and chase it like hell. How frickin hard is that? Everyone looks so tentative. Oh but Micheletti has it summed up: “Oh that is just another bad break and bad luck for the team.” Sure Joe. You f-ing shill. Sugarcoat that the team is bad and has no spirit or unity to fight with. Bad luck Joe…that’s it.

    I just wish the “Fire Sather” chants were louder.

  168. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i know, when she said it i nearly spit out my kokanee!

    I have feeling there is a trade coming. Anyone else think it was interesting that msg showed sheldon souray’s trade quote when we were not playing edmonton?

  169. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Funny thing is, I see no reason to tune in anymore. I think I now watch, just so I can comment here…you know when we aren’t talking jibberish


  171. it’s becoming a more brutal experience every game! just when you think it cannot possible get any worse, it does! when exactly does ROCK BOTTOM occur??

  172. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Oh no! I hope TSN didn’t jinx Eric Staal with that Capt. Clutch title. Comparing a star to Drury is just well…plain bad.
    BTW did Clutch even play tonight.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d be amazed that if the team kept having more big losses/shutouts that there wasnt a major shakeup, probably involving Torts, but possibly even old stogey puss himself

  174. there has to be a rule that either Running Man, Conan, Commando or Predator is after yet another Rangers disaster!!!

  175. Linda:

    He’s hot? Oh $HIT … he better watch out or Redden and Roszival willl tag-team him in the locker room as an “initiation”


    Doodie Machetto
    January 27th, 2010 at 10:33 pm
    I hate you Rangers. Why do you do this to me!!

  177. iPimp, at least one of them would be gone

    I bet Reds was FURIOUS he was benched with his dad there and all!

  178. It’s an interesting intersection of the season. The bottom of EC is still very questionable. At the moment, the Rangers totally lost their confidence. They get the pill and have no clue what to do with it. They treat it like a hot potato. Gaborik struggles and as expected this team is exactly where we all knew they would be. They’ll start playing better at some point, but I’m afraid that Sather will make a few stupid trades to save the season just to shake this team up. Or will fire Torts. Don’t know what is worse.

  179. Mako Post 9:02 Agree with you 100% Re: The team and tonites game, why don’t most fans realize that Tortorella lost this team quite some time ago. To a man not many Rangers are playing for him. How can this team with only 28 games left, come out in the first period and play this poorly. This is poor preparation and coaching. Tortorella does not have the TEMPERMENT to lead this team. Drury’s a waste as captain. Crap, give the C to Callahan or Avery. On any given nite, Avery, Callahan & Anisimov give it their all. Re: Henrik, he gave up some soft goals but had he played his best game, we still would have lost. We can’t get out of our own zone, we don’t check both back and fore; we certainly don’t hiy anybody, we simply can’t execute the basics. Everybody is tense, confused and lacking passion. NOBODY APPEARS TO CARE. THIS IS A COACHING PROBLEM. Don’t get me wrong , we barely have an average team but we have a team that is grossly underachieving. This team could still eke out a playoff spot, but not with this coach. We need change and we need it soon.

  180. if they do release Torts from this horror show, they will bring Keenan back…….bleeeeeeeeeeeech

  181. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    No but I unfortunately root for this disaster, though I am questioning why I should exert any energy on this team, when they don’t return the favor.

  182. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    loneranger…there may be coaching issues, but this is a GM problem, Renney was in the same boat. I don’t care if they fire Torts. I never liked him and I don’t agree with his coaching tactics at all. But anyone that is hired will end up in the same spot, why? Because we are saddled with the likes of Drury, Redden and Rozival

  183. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Hey I just came up with a Clutch idea!
    Why doesn’t Drury become head coach and Rozi and Redden can be assistants? Monster contracts would go away… They know what should be done, they just can’t do it cause they suck to high heaven! But maybe they can teach…Oh forget it! Thats a terrible idea…or is it?

  184. staal, are you on the FB page? one of my friends made a comment i think you might enjoy, but i dont want to post it here because it may a discussion not appropriate for a hockey and jibberish blog.

  185. Hockeyman 9:27 What are you smoking. You said the defense played good tonite. What the hell game were you watching.

  186. I’m of the opinion that Tortorella is an enormously overrated coach whose loud mouth seems to cover up a shocking lack of any kind of hockey sense.

    Accountability? He throws that line around more than Obama throws around “Let me be clear”…And all he’s shown as Rangers coach is that there are definite players he WILL bench and players he WON’T bench.

    And I get the feeling that many on this team are sick of his bullshit. Is Redden any worse than Rozi? So how come #33 hasn’t missed a lick of ice time all season?

    Kotalik & Lisin…can anyone honestly say they contribute less than Captain Useless?

    One thing about Chris Drury – The ONLY time this entire season he showed a pulse was when he was demoted to the 4th line. Soon as he got his ice time back he reverted back to useless.

    When it comes to mercenaries mailing it in for a paycheck…there are few players as guilty of it as Chris Drury. I know he’s got limited skills and possible brain damage from concussions…but he’s made a habit of not breaking a sweat in a Rangers jersey.

    I expect nothing to change with this team. Not with Dolan…Not with Sather…Not with Tortorella…Not with this group.

    The Rangers are a bottom 3rd franchise in the NHL right now. Couple of good players…mostly overpaid useless players…an organization wide acceptance of mediocre efforts…

    Where is the bright side? I fear for our talented young players because if they’re looking at Drury, Redden, Roszival, etc for leadership…they’re seeing first-hand how to collect a paycheck and do nothing to earn it.

    No need to get excited…I just see absolutely no reason to believe things will ever get better until this franchise is gutted and we bring in people who actually give a shit.

    How many players on this team are really upset about these losses?

  187. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    oh yes, when i was in grad school in st louis i used to bring it back by the cases!!!

  188. not to make light of a serious subject, but following this team is almost like an abusive relationship.

  189. Staul Wart Agree with you that our main problem is the GM, but if Sather’s not fired, how do we salvage the season??? What if Sather fires Torts. which he might very well do to save his own ass.

  190. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    ilb and linda
    can’t live with them, can’t shoot them!

  191. my local (or loco) weatherman just said he’s sitting on a rock that is as hard as a rock! NO SHIP SHERLOCK!! next time i see him at sam’s I’ll ask him if the shoes on his feet feel like shoes!

  192. So in fantasy land Torts is canned tomorrow. What miracle worker do you suppose comes in and gets “the best” out of this team. 4 over the hill players, 2 young russians, 8 career 3rd liners, 2 invisable d men, 3 potential good D and Gabo. Oh and a HOF goalie who has given his all for a team and all he gets back is living in his favorite city. Yea with a coaching change this team can really “compete”.

  193. i cannot wait for Sather to get fired… but IF he goes…what changes exactly…obviously we get rid of one of the biggest cancers in all of the professional sport, but Redden Rozi Drury all coming back next year…pretty tight spot for a new GM to come in… Similar to what Bush hand over to Obama…a hot fargin’ mess (i can be political too)

  194. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    the only way to get the proper personnel with the bad contracts we have is to trade a young guy and a bad contract (except drury unless he waives his ntc to go to LA) for a another almost is bad contract, but a better player than what we have! Getting a guy like souray or richards or VL (really really hate his contract though) would improve the talent on our team. Anyone of those players would be our 3rd best player behind gabby and hank. We really do not have the cap space available to do anything until those guys or 2/3rds of them go. No one is going to take a big salary (toronto might) withour giving a big one back in the salary era and without a sweetener to get the better big contract player out of the deal (see heatley big contract for rozy big contract before the season, but sather balked at the sweetener of dubi).

    Did dubi play tonight or was he a healthy scratch??

  195. and sadly, the WORST news of today was that they found the remains of Morgan Harrington on the grounds of a farm about 10 miles from the arena she went missing from.

  196. Linda, you’re absolutely right …. this is EXACTLY like an abusive relationship

    It’s kinda like the Redden-Torts relationship

  197. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    yes you are!!

    yep, i hear you man, that stupid democratic congress really handcuffed bush while he was in office. Bush is like hank, did the best he could behind shaky stupid democratic congress/bad d men!!

    this may cheer everyone up, tweet from prospect park:
    TheProspectpark NYR fans here is something to hopefully ease the pain, Ryan Bourque had 4 assists, Chris Doyle 2 more, Sam Klassen + Tomas Kundratek good D

  198. I’m a fan of the blog, but for heaven’s sake, please stop referring to scratched players as being “prucha’d”. We get it already. They’re sucking enough right now, I don’t need to be reminded of a specific way they sucked three years ago. It’s not funny anymore. Somebody’s got to be scratched every game. Deal with it.

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