Good (game) morning


I’ve got to run off to do an interview this a.m. I’ll be back later today, and through the game. Not sure I’ll make it to MSG, though.

Ales Kotalik is back in the lineup tonight. Not sure who is being prucha’d along with Erik Christensen. There are a long list of deserving candidates, although I imagine it will be one of the usual suspects (accountability, right?).

Off three straight losses (in regulation, so zero points), this is a pretty big game since the Rangers go West for three in four nights starting Saturday.

See youse later.

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  1. Oh snap….look at the kid! I chose NOT to go to the game tonight with my brother. I let my cousin go. Why not just be sitting on my couch with a beer and have the ability to turn the channel if it gets too infurating. Carolina in last in the East. Thank God the Isles lost last night or we’d be out of a playoff spot right now.

  2. Keep that revolving door open for some new deserving candidates to sit out. How about the coach picking and sticking with 2 top units of 5?

  3. newman- yea thank god. lol. we still arent makin it, and if we do, or have a good chance to, sather will screw us and trade some young valuable players to get those 2 extra home games

  4. Carp,

    HUGE game! This team will either finish 8th or miss the playoffs and is probably better off missing the playoffs. Then the organization can wake up, fire Sather and realize how far they are from contending for the CUP.

  5. bk- avery-prospal-gabby

    then he can interchange th 3rd and 4th. the first line is still too small though. the thing is, nobody has played well enough to be on the top line, so whos gonna go there? hell, maybe voros on the lw for awhile. teh ec-duby,gabby line was great. we were winning with that. prospal comes in and we lose every damn game almost. chemistry is vital so maybe just for 1 last go, put that line together again. but ec is out, so tort cant tonight. its just a big mess and higgins should be sitting, not ec. at least ec can get a goal if hes in position to score.

  6. ct- we are better off missing it. get a better pick with it being not as deep a draft and also for stopping this cycle of barely getting in and gettin tossedd right back out. it looks better for sather, but every year we repeat the same thing, getting no better, being complacent with just making it., and unless kovy comes here, we have no chance. especially with gabby hitting a slump at such an important time.

  7. ilb – i take your point about Stepan and Bourque but thats what most of us thought about MDZ this year, we were expecting Sangs to be the one, or maybe Ikka Heikkinen.
    I think Stepan looks the hounds gentleman vegetables and Bourque definately has the right attitude and some natural talent to make the step up (thanks to his dad).

    I say roster purge!!

  8. UKRanger- people may not realize we are having a conversation from the previous post. I’d love to see these ready next year. They both look like real deal.

  9. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Do you know why I would love to see the rangers miss the playoffs?
    Because Dolan would lose MONEY…
    Making the playoffs justifies Sather’s action and gives Dolan MONEY.
    Take the MONEY away and watch!
    Let’s hope for the worst!!

  10. Let’s face it, the problem with this team is the system that they play.
    And that brings us to the COACH and his “teachings”.
    He was hired to help the low scoring team to find the back of the net a little more or maybe a lot more. But as we can see the problem is still not solved.
    Let’s face it. NHL has far more quality goaltending than in recent past (Miller, Luongo, Marc-Andre Fleury and the hated one across the Hudson, to name few).
    To fire coach like Renney, who is as articulate and as a classy of a gentlemen and who, granted with JJ’s help, brought respectability to this organization, then hire this sewer mouth, is the worst mistake this organization has made since trading Mass in ’97. For this team to go any wear there is got to be a coach that takes defense first approach to help that poor goaltender they live out to dry almost every game. In conclusion in my opinion the goals will put your team ahead, but with out good D you can not win games. So before we talk about getting Kovy, we need a coach that will take steps to protect leads and his goalie.

  11. Callahan 4 Captain on

    If we flip-flop our first and fourth lines, we would have the 10th best fourth line in the NHL.

  12. Callahan 4 Captain on

    Too bad so many teams make the playoffs. If, say, eight teams made the playoffs and played a round robin schedule for the Cup, there would be a helluva lot more accountability as regards the 22 franchises which did not make the playoffs. And “Panatella Slats” would have been gone, years ago.

  13. King – i liked Renney, but he’d lost the team and the fans were tuning him out because of the cautioius style he wanted the team to play.
    when this lot are on their game they score, forecheck and are good to watch.

    However, all too often they switch off and look lost and slow and sometimes downright lazy. The thing that puzzles me is when the coach is meant to be a passionate (some would say hot-headed) guy who preaches accountability why are we not hearing about how he screams the locker room down or slaps some players about or benches anyone other than the poor ole Prucha club? (Kots, Lisin, Voros, Christy)

  14. we are better off missing it. get a better pick with it being not as deep a draft and also for stopping this cycle of barely getting in and gettin tossedd right back out. it looks better for sather, but every year we repeat the same thing, getting no better, being complacent with just making it


    People will never understand this. People will be scratching and clawing “for a playoff run” again this year, as if just getting into the tournament is a victory within itself.

  15. GWG,

    Gabby is burned out because the coached played him 25 mins a night and does not play a 4th line. Also, other teams realize if they mark him the Rangers have nothing else. Would not give up Stahl, Dubinsky and Callahan to get Kovy. Rangers will not make a run until they can clear at least Rosival and Drury’s contract and maybe banish Redden to Hartford after next season.

  16. It’s understandable that there is interest in getting a high draft pick — it’s desperate fans trying to find something positive in a disgracefully managed organization.
    However, this team was excellent and entertaining only 2 seasons ago. The ticket prices have not gone down. Looking to the future is fine if the Rangers were an expansion team, but they’re not. Playoff appearances should be mandatory at a bare minimum. No excuses. This horrible management team needs to be fired. It’s a business, not an old geezer hockey retirement home.

  17. gregm_section403 on

    If the rangers make the playoffs again and get bounced in round 1, MSG/Dolan/Sather will consider the season a success. Really? No way is that acceptable. No way should should fans accept it and NO WAY should the management of the franchise accept it. But Dolan will, and he will happily hike ticket prices next year as a result.

    Only hope for the middling-at-best Rangers is a total collapse down the stretch. At least it will shine spotlight on management. And maybe the rangers will get a decent draft pick.

    I certainly pray Sather doesn’t “go for it” at the trade deadline and handcuff this team for the next decade.

  18. I agree with Carp, this is a HUGE game for the Rangers. They need a 4-1, 4-2 win to regain some confidence on both offense and defense. Getting the lead would help boost their confidence big time as it seems that everytime they get scored upon first, they immediately sag and start thinking ‘oh noes, here we go again’.

    Over/under on how many times we hear that the Staals are brothers? I’d put it around 48.5 times.

  19. Good morning all. My prediction is they will win tonight, cause I’ll be on a plane missing the game. Won’t see you all til Sunday, so LGR!!!!

    Mickey, the Staals are brothers!!!???

  20. I’m Cablevision customer and supposed to get free access to Newsday Online. Since they wanted me to enter my customer info, I declined to register. I think they finally figured out how to grant access through IP address.

  21. King Fog,
    the reason the Rangers don’t score, is not the coach, its the lack of offensive talent. the system is fine the players are not. except for a few blips, they don’t give up a lot of goals.
    Renney was a gentlemen, but he had run his course and needed to be replaced. Torts, by the way, is a Stanley Cup winning coach. Renney is now weaving his magic as an assistant in EDM, where they are about to blow the whole thing up because they are so bad.

  22. Mama, they are! Can you imagine that, two brothers playing in the NHL! And against each other tonight! It’s unfathomable!

    BTW, I owe you an email and a picture of my dog for sister blog. I keep meaning to send it, but my brain, she has been shiney recently and I’ve been forgetting :)

  23. doodie,
    they would be foolish to let him go. he is a god coach, stubborn at time, but a good coach. I think if given the right players, he will win. there are just not enough guys on the team that can play the way he wants.

  24. The Torts debate, for now, is moot, because no coach could make a serious contender out of this roster. There are only 2 guys who have ever scored 30 goals in their career and one of them will be lucky to net 12 this year for his $7m. There are 2 old soft Dmen, 2 young soft Dmen, and 2 rookies (can’t expect anything from them – any production is a bonus). There’s a bunch of middle-of-the-road guys who are good complementary parts that any team needs, but who shouldn’t be relied on for primary scoring (Dubi, Cally, Vinny). There’s a bunch of middle-of-the-road guys who just suck (Higgy, Kotalik). There’s a fighter who won’t fight, and a fighter who tries but usually loses.

    You just need more TALENT. Then see what the coach can do with them.

  25. TR and I were talking about this last night. I think Torts would get canned only if Sather thinks his job is in danger. So, to answer your question, No, Torts won’t get canned. LOL

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    SCX, to a normal observer, yes, you need more talent. But to Dolan, he will go to Slats and say “Why did I lose out on my first round playoff revenue?” To which Sather will reply “Must be that damn coach’s fault!”

    I think if they miss the playoffs he’s out.

    Nasty, I think Dolan missing out on his money will put Sather in the hot seat a bit so that he has to can Torts to cover his own ass.

  27. LOL and will do, mama. :)

    Read a great article this morning on the state of the Mets front office and realized that you could pretty much insert Sather and the Dolan’s for Minaya and the Wilpon’s and it would be the same exact article. Only difference is in the manager/head coach- Torts has balls and a clue, while Manuel has neither.

  28. Nor he should be. With all his poor PR skills and questionable ability to speak well, he is good at what he does. Like you said, he needs the right team. I think he is also pretty patient with young kids’ mistakes. And looks like will have more young guns coming up. Or so we hope.

  29. Well, I don’t think Sather would dare come down and get behind the bench again. If he does, we can have Orr Harvey Oswald stand on the grassy knoll. LOL

  30. am i missing something?

    people keep saying that we’d give up cally, dubinsky, staal for kovalchuk

    kovalchuk is asking for 11 million…which is CRAZY, clearing cally, dubinsky and staal would clear about 5m of cap space

    wed have to get rid of 2 of the 3 “million pound contracts” too, wouldn’t we? i doubt the trashers would take any of those salaries even with the youngsters involved…so wouldn’t this whole plan involve sending two of the contracts to hartford, which we know isn’t going to happen?

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    If Torts gets fired I think we will end up with Mike Keenan. He’s already in NY and around the organization. Dolan likes him enough to put him on TV.

    Otherwise it’ll be some tired retread friend of Sather.

  32. If Torts gets canned, gotta take it even further back than Keenan…

    Phil Esposito and Emile Francis.

  33. Torts getting canned is nonense…it’s like we’re reverting back to the trade Hank stuff.

    You can blame him for some things, but when you have a lack of talent and 3 losers taking up so much money, what can he do? His first full year in Tampa they were terrible, the next year they were in the Eastern Quarters.

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Since being in the “NASTY” mindset (Watch games expecting to lose) I have really watched without the fan rose colored glasses on lately

    We are def a 500 club who can either dominate you or be dominated on any given night

    Anisimov, Avery, Hank, Gabby, Prospal and Cally are the only players who are remotely consistent with there EFFORT EVERY GAME

    Dubi is 50/50 with his consistency

    Lisin is very fast, but has little finish and no one to keep up with him to finish for him.

    Redden and Rosi make very bad first passes out of the zone almost every game.

    Almost the enitre team is very un=creative as far as passign the puck goes, and msot cant even make a stick to stick first pass without it getting intercepted or turned over

    Staal has had a mediocre year, but is till our best Dman

    Del Z and Gilroy are rookies, but both are adding toughness every game, they will only get better

    Voros and Boyle – Both do there job of 4th liners, PK and tough guy.

    The rest of the team is jsut invisible most nights and do not have the skill sets to play to the level of the higher tiered teams

    Removing Sather is the only option at this point, playoffs or not this year
    we will never go anywhere or win anything with him controlling the NY Rangers.

    Its gonna be a few good years of terrible teams, or mediocre finishes until he Either Drops dead or retires

  35. Glad to see Kotalik back in the lineup. I hope I can catch the game online somewhere, since Vexcast won’t work for me (no Internet Explorer).

  36. I really don’t think we have ponder to much about the Rangers making the playoffs. I doubt they will make it, that is just judging by how the team has been playing. The standings are to tight to be playing the win a couple loose three or four hockey. There are seven teams within a point of each other the Rangers are among them, and five teams with a seven point lead or more over these teams. I really can’t see this Ranger team putting together enough good games to get the points to leave the pack, and put themselves into the playoffs. For those who care if they make the playoffs, I’ve been wrong lots of times before, so there is still hope, and for those of us who don’t care, I’ve stll been wrong before.

  37. Wow…there are tickets in like section 96 for tonight’s game for 50 bucks. Section 116 for 40…jeez



    how do you guys find this stuff, its hilarious

  39. Repost from last game’s recap thread:

    80pt LW – 70pt C – Gaborik
    60pt LW – Dubinsky – 60pt RW
    Avery – Anisimov – Callahan
    15pt LW – 15pt C – 15pt RW

    Staal – FA
    MDZ – FA
    Gilroy – FA


    That’s what you need to win a championship. I’m sick and tired of this organization putting third liners in the top two lines and wondering where the hell the offense is.

    That’s all I got.

  40. linda

    my fave site for a while was illegal curve but they dont post anymore
    thats where i found down goes brown and so on

  41. **************************************
    Section 303, row D, isle – $80/pair for tonight
    steve at blacks4 dot com

  42. Pavel – Pretty much.

    Not sure if it’s been talked about here, but there’s been an organized Fire Sather rally in front of MSG set for March 7th (Before the Bruins game).

    Wonder how many people will actually show up.

  43. If you google Fire Sather Rally…the first thing that pops up is a message on Blueshirts United, but it’s not there anymore…

    Guess MSG will keep anyone and everyone from promoting it on their sites


    NYRGuy, you KNOW they are going to try to totally squash anything having to do with that Rally. They WILL probably have extra police outsid the Garden. Those police should be inside, arresting Dolan and Sather for their crimes against the franchise!

  45. Now that I’m recovered from my weekend hangover, I have to say, how amazing is this team? They are incredible.

    Drury scores 10 goals tonight. Rangers 10, Carolina -5. I can’t wait.

    Seriously I’m looking forward to going to MSG and having a good laugh again. This is seriously the most inconsistent team of all time.

  46. Linda

    If I go to the rally, I’m going to the game also, I won’t waste a trip into the city. My hope is that they don’t keep ppl in the rally out of the Garden


    NYR, i doubt dolan will turn away paying customers. People can voice their disdain on the outside (it IS a free country) and then go inside and spend $20 for a hot dog and a beer. It would be funny if whoever showed up for that game actually LEFT after the National Anthem though. THAT would possibly lead to dolan opening one eye half was

  48. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    the bad part about that rally is it is after the trade deadline…..what if slatipuss actually does something we like???? It should be before the deadline!!

  49. Doodie, I think Torts stays. That’s just a hunch. Nobody knows what the hell is going on in the minds of those who matter.

    Nasty, LMAO: Orr Harvey Oswald.

    Those who want the Rangers to miss … let’s see how we’re all feeling when they’re fighting for eighth spot, or seventh, with a week and a half left. Or at the trade deadline. I doubt there will be very many who really want them to miss the playoffs, or who wouldn’t be irate if they do.

  50. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    we just got the new basia bulat cd off of itunes and it’s worth every penny!!!

  51. Carp, if Sather would be fired, when the Rangers miss the playoffs, I would hope, they miss the playoffs….

  52. That answer shows the whole dilemma ! As long as in Rangerland are not rational circumstances, you wont never see a sucessful franchise…

    But I dont want to repeat myself over and over again, In any other place a general manager woulde be fired long time ago, when he doesnt produce, but not so in NY…..

    Mickey, that would be on eucalyptus :)

  53. I am sorry, since the last ten or so games, I dont have the motivation any more to have a wake up for 1 am or be awake until then despite having acess to any Rangers game via the Internet..

    It will always be the same, they have two good games like against Montreal and Tampa ( weaker teams !!) followed by another two or three 0-gol efforts….thanks to the up mentioned reasons..

    I am going to watch the Manchester Derby now from Old Trafford which starts in ten minutes time and then fall asleep, dreaming of a Satherless Rangertime…:)

  54. LOL.

    Maybe if they were actually ON something collectively, they’d be better. Bring some to share with everyone before the game, like in grade school. I’m sure Higgins or Redden could bake special brownies.

  55. I have witnessed too many years of the Rangers not making the playoffs to willfully wish it on them.

    I dont care how inconsistent they play, how many bad contracts we could unload at the deadline, whether or not they get beat in the 1st round …. You Never wish your team to miss the playoffs (that’s just crazy talk).

    Honestly, I’d like to see the Rangers dump a few contracts at the deadline again this year like they did last year in order to make another playoff push (its the best of both worlds).

    I really liked the Prucha/Kalinin/Dawes unload last year … Maybe somebody like Toronto could take Rozy and or Higgins/Kotalik off our hands this year in exchange for Stajan, Poni or Exelby

  56. Question???

    Since Montreal said they are no longer gonna play Laraque …

    *Would anyone trade Brashear for Laraque straight up??*

    no matter how stereotypical/racist this trade sorta seems for some reason

  57. Hi Linda – I am not finding the Fire Sather Rally FB page; nothing comes up in the search. Is there a link available to it?

  58. Yeah of course I dont want to have the Rangers miss the playoffs as well, but once in a while it is better to make a step down in order to be able to make two steps up…

    but..anyway. wish you guys a good game tonight, I may watch the archives tomorrow…!!!

    GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. somerset, Depends. Can Laraque still play and can he still be the enforcer that Brashear can’t/won’t be? If so, then I’m all for it. If not, then Brashear can be prucha’d for the rest of the year for all I care.

    Any news on who’s in/who’s out/who’s in goal/ANYTHING for tonight?


    LI,others have said that also. You can access it through my wall, i’ll put up another link to it because there’s a lot of crazy stuff you’ll have to scroll through!

  61. If we miss the playoffs by a few points, all they will say is that we’ve made the playoffs every year since the lockout but this one, where we were only a few points from missing out, so we have the right nucleus.

    So unfortunately missing the playoffs won’t mean anything. Come on guys, remember pre-lockout days? Missing the playoffs really helped!

  62. THE REAL MikeyNJ on



    We know, and the players and coaches know, but do you really thin kSather has any friggin clue about how to build a contender?

    I doubt it

    Maybe one day we will have a championship team again, oh yeah Sather has to die first!


    except for the nose pickah right sally??heheh

  64. NYRGuy , you really think us missing the playoffs all those years helped us ?
    What helped was admitting the team was going no where & dumping everyone including our best defenseman Leetch

  65. Question???

    Since Montreal said they are no longer gonna play Laraque …

    Would anyone trade Brashear for Laraque straight up??

    no matter how stereotypical/racist this trade sorta seems for some reason


    I would trade Brashear for an actual ROCK! It’ll be more useful!

    Good Morning, Children! :P

  66. From Spector:

    “Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild have officially demoted forward Petr Sykora to their AHL affiliate in Houston but he’s refused to report. The two sides have mutually agreed to terminate his contract pending NHL approval, which would make him an unrestricted free agent. Sykora will then be free to sign with any NHL team other than the Wild prior to the March 3rd trade deadline.”

    Can’t they just do that with Redden?!?!!??!

  67. Mickey – hahaha. Remnds me of the Charles Wang theory of goaltenders – he actually came out and said that he wanted to get one of those really big sumo wrestler-type guys and park him in the net…..

  68. I think the Rangers will keep Sather. When the Rozi/Drury deals expire in two years, the promising kids will be ready. At that point, Sather will either be a genius or an idiot. The team should look like this:



    Henrik-Shooter tutor

    That would be the core. Most of them under Torts regime, so there would be no excuses for him either. Just looking at this roster, it makes sense to me for Sather to be a seller at the deadline, get the cap under control, and let these promising guys get a shot.

  69. drury has a full NMC and cant go anywhere
    cant even be demoted to hartford

    someone correct me if im wrong

  70. I think — and I’m not sure — that the crucial word is that the termination of the contract was mutual. I doubt Mr. Redden is going to mutually agree to anything like that, ever.

  71. Pavel – no because Sykora only had a one year deal I believe. Plus in his contract, he had a clause that said he could go to Europe instead of reporting to the AHL.

    So no, we can’t do that with Drury or Redden.

  72. Drury and Redden are here for the duration. 99% sure Rozi will be here too. Gotta live with it. The only way to get these guys going is to fire the coach, and replace him with a guy that will light a fire under their asses. . . . . oh,. . . . wait. . . . we did that already?!?! oh…….

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  74. cwgatti – I think Sather would look like an idiot with that roster.

    Anisimov, Grachev, Callahan, Dubinsky, and Avery as 5 of our top 6 forwards? We’ll be scoring less than we are now!

    Callahan is a VERY good third liner on a championship team. Ditto with Avery. Dubinsky, if he gets his head out of ass can be a second line center. Grachev and Anisimov are not going to lead us to 1994 on our first line.

    Why does our franchise insist on depending on offense from unproven players?

  75. did you see that Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were both suspended for the remainder of the NBA season for their little gunplay act in Washington. The idiots.

  76. that is not a championship roster. far from it

    THE REAL MikeyNJ
    January 27th, 2010 at 9:26 am
    Things to do list to make the NY Rangers a Stanley up Contender:

    Current players to keep on Roster:
    Hank, Gabby, Dubi, Cally, Prospal, Avery, AA, Lisin, Boyle, Del Z, Gilroy, & Johnson.

    See how it easy it is to build a championship team?

    If only it were this easy…

  77. Carp, good for the NBA to throw the book at them. Why anyone, let alone a pro athlete, would point a gun at someone and then say that they were kidding is beyond the realm of anything regarding sanity.

  78. i missed the parade for this excellent team of 2 years ago

    January 27th, 2010 at 10:47 am
    It’s understandable that there is interest in getting a high draft pick—it’s desperate fans trying to find something positive in a disgracefully managed organization.
    However, this team was excellent and entertaining only 2 seasons ago.

  79. Mickey – yeah, I can’t remember exactly when this was but it was not long after Wang bought the Isles ~2001 or so. Caused major jokes at his expense on, ESPN, etc.

  80. LI, Ah, 2001-ish. That would explain why I don’t recall that. I was in college in western NY then and not paying much attention to hockey, lol.


    thanks for the reminder Staal,got a meditation thingie on my iPod. might need it tonight.


    sorry. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

  83. hes got the 70’s porn stache goin too lnda just like oates. and the hiar!!. whenever the rangers win, they should play “your m,akin my dreams come true” and when they lose “either “say it ainst so”, or out of touch”. crap idk really what soings would be good for a loss or a win, but its still funny. i wonder if brooks ever said that he looks like oates to his face before. i know brooks is annoying but why do they hate each other sooo much?


    grabby you are outta control! They should play MANEATER when he’s havin a conniption on the bench, that would be a delight!!!!!!

  85. Is there veteran leadership on this team?

    It would be nice if we could pick in the top five of the draft for a few years, but who wants to hear the media and the fans bitch and moan about waiting for the youth movement.

  86. cwgatti

    I agree with your line combination’s you had there.

    But we are going to have to get a power forward at some point along the way here.

    IMO one major glaring weakness this team has is toughness, willingness to drop em, hard hitting, etc.

    Your lineup with AA, Grachev, Dubi, Cally, Higgins, Gabby, Kreider, etc does nothing to address the needs of the organization.

    We need someone on the back end who hits and fights, we have nobody like that.

    We need a top line player who brings a physical presence and scoring to the ice every game… which means we have to look outside the organization.

    Sather must rid himself of Drury’s contract and if he simply lets it expire he could miss out that top line UFA that can match us up with Carter/Richards , OV, Malkin/Crosby, etc.

    I say Sather makes a real move for Lacavalier. He trades Drury to Tampa for Vinny, and trades Rozival, Girardi and Kalinin. That frees up the $10 million it will take to have Vinny plus Tampa saves $3 million.

    Rozival, Girardi, Kotalik go for draft picks/prospects.

    Of course all this depends on whether or not Tampa is really looking to move Vinny. Either way I believe he makes upwards near $10 million per.


    damn that didnt work! Hey RICK, can you or Josh Thomson, 26 delete that last post of mine with the rally link..PLEASE!! thanks


    vogs, that is assuming drury waives his no trade/no movement clause

  89. Staal, I was surprised you didn’t (or maybe I missed it) comment yesterday during the “things that are better than Sather” conversation. I figured a smashed finger would have fit right in.

  90. Hi Boys and Girls …

    So how are we going to blow this game? Any predictions?

    I’m going with the usual Roszival mishandling … with a lazy Drury backcheck as icing … which will result in a glove-side goal against The King.


    good to hear the finger is improving Staal

    vogs, we can dream, cant we?

  92. haha Carp…I didn’t even turn my computer on yesterday…I’ll have to go back and check it out…
    I hate missing a good day on the blog!

  93. Also, will Redden be wearing his Maxi iPad?

    If not, we’re in trouble … watch out for his usual drippage on the ice.

  94. why do some of you insist on throwing the kids into the fire?

    stepan is not anywhere near ready. nor is bourque, nor is kreider and nor is grachev.
    grachev has been pretty disappointing this year with the wolfpack. he’s no where near ready for top 6 duty. in a way i almost wish most of you boneheads had no idea what happened at the WJC this year so i can stop reading that those kids need to be here ASAP.

    as far as lecavalier goes, NO THANK YOU. i’d rather spend that money on kovy. lecavalier’s contract will absolutely kill this team for the next decade.

    as of right now dubinsky, callahan and avery are all third liners. if you want to see them succeed, or more importantly, if you want to see this team succeed, you need to fill the top 6 with players that actually produce. i’ve been saying it for months now, we don’t have those players and we can’t trade our trash for the type of top 6 guys that are going to help this team.

    poor drafting, poor free agent signings and terrible contracts… it’s a vicious cycle that we keep repeating.

    i don’t know how some of you stay so optimistic about this franchise. i will always bleed blue and i will always be a die hard ranger fan but that doesn’t mean i have to be happy with the way things are or the way the organization is being managed.

    just wait, we’re going to unload some of our trash for other some other teams’ trash at the deadline and then in the offseason sather will go out and do what he does best… sign a bunch of bottom 6 guys to terrible contracts that will continue to kill this teams chances of making any kind of run let alone opening up any kind of window of opportunity to win a cup.

    rozsival, redden, drury will all be here next year. suck it up. until this team fires sather and starts to draft well and not completely revamp their roster year in and year out, we’re doomed.

    to hell with sather. to hell with the dolans.

  95. So…I’ll get my 2 cents in…
    Things that are better than Sather…
    crushing your finger in a logsplitter where all the stuff on the inside of my finger wanted to be on the outside!


    thanks Carp! and thanks Josh too!

    agree with nyrcc on Vinny, too much money, too many years, no thanks

  97. is there really a rangers drinking game?… if so can i have the rules?

    One deff has to be a shot for every time the rangers hit the post or shoot wide… right there is a good 14-15 shots lol

  98. nyrcc

    Good enough point… LeCavalier’s contract is through 13/14, too much money per year for one player.

    But you know Sather can’t sit idle unless ownership tells him to, so in that case, there’s no chance of it.

  99. if there was a drinking game for every scoring opportunity the Rangers had we’d be sober for a while.

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