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All the good from that late-December/early-January run is being undone now. It’s six losses in eight games, with only five of a possible 16 points gained.

1) Don’t know about you (actually I do), but haven’t we seen enough of Drury and Rozsival on the power-play points? Isn’t it time to put Kotalik back in the lineup, even if he only plays the PP point? What’s the worst that could happen? During those nearly six minutes of consecutive PP in the third period last night, we saw Rozsival fail to keep a puck in at the point, commit an icing; we saw Drury get shot after shot blocked; we saw the Penguins get three (I believe) shots on goal to the Rangers’ seven, including a semi-breakaway. Could Kotalik do worse than that? How bad could it be?

2) I don’t know how many times the Rangers’ fourth line has been on the ice against Sidney Crosby this season (the Rangers are 0-4 vs. the Pens, by the way) but it has happened far too often. If it happens once, that’s too often.

3) Vinny Prospal had his worst game as a Ranger. Watch the replay of the winning goal. That’s all him. Originally I thought that the goal occurred because both Rozsival and Staal were on the same side of the net, and they were, but that’s because Rozsival was taking care of Crosby. Then I thought it was Dubinsky’s man — but I had my doubts when Dubinsky wouldn’t own up to it in the post-game lockerroom. So I watched it again. Prospal glided down the slot and let Conner get away from him.

4) The battle level was a lot better than it was in Montreal. That’s not saying much.

5) I guess Anisimov saw that story about how he should be sent to the minors. Seriously, he’s fine where he is, playing a third-line role and developing. And if he gets on a little roll, maybe he slides up to the first or second line.

6) I cannot believe how many Penguins fans were in the building, not to mention how many Islanders fans the last time the teams played, and how many Devils fans the last time the teams played, and how many Flyers fans the last time the teams played. Add to that the number of first-time fans who somehow got tickets at every single game, and that’s why the crowds are so average-to-dull, and why there’s so little actual fury in the building when things go bad. One game recently, the Rangers scored a goal and the cameras panned the crowd and a bunch of “Rangers fans” were sitting in their seats clapping. Sitting!

7) Saw an interesting move by a guy sitting near the pressbox, which is over the Zamboni entrance. When the game ended he took off his Rangers jersey and clapped for the Penguins and told them what a great game they had played, in an attempt to get a stick from one of them.

8) It seems the worse the losses get, or the more they pile up, the funnier you guys get. Last night might have been the most hysterical thread yet … and one of the biggest in terms of traffic.


Matt Zaba (daba-doo) was assigned to Hartford today, and Dos Nueve (Chad Johnson) was recalled.

Here is my column from The Journal News and today.

Don’t know if you saw this story on Gordie Howe Hat Tricks on

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  1. A couple Tavares jerseys were in the buidling last night…are those individuals just looking to get their as— kicked???????

  2. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    LMAO @ rangerfan! you’re heartbroken,aren’t you?

    Rick, told you i’d save all the jibberish for the game ;-)

  3. and for those who are defending drury even a lil bit- it must stop, not only must he lose the C he must be benched immediately…if he is not benched well he deserves 6-8 min of ice time and he should be playing with brashear and voros….move boyle up – DRURY is so bad at this point it is comical….it seriously looked like the pens game plan was try to win this game with as little effort as possible coming off a difficult game the day before in philly and then all of a sudden they were down 2-1 and they were like ok lets show some effort score 2 quick ones and get outta here with a win….the girardi boos from the blueseats were actually very loud in the first period

    I was optimistic early in the season-shame on me…Sather start selling anything and everything

  4. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Rick, so glad you liked that one. I think i’m just going to call him Sophia or Petrillo for the rest of the season

  5. I need to start copyrighting my work:

    January 26th, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Too many Pens fans in MSG last night but I think that has something to do with disgruntled Rangers fans and Stubhub/Craigslist. At the very least a Rangers fan can profit off a Pens fan.

    January 26th, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Prospal, for all that he’s brought to the team this year was one of the worst Rangers on the ice last night. His passing was pretty poor and was standing still too much. Then again as a whole the Rangers have trouble trying to connect on more than the most basic passes. And are way too slow moving the puck on the PP to take advantage of being a man up.

  6. Zaba back down eh? I wondered if he might get a game because he didn’t go down right away. I think between him and Johnson on any given night is a toss up.

  7. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    fan. you like guys with 4 letter last names, every other letter being an A! good on you

  8. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat,

    oh man i didnt even realize i did that, i just thought of an obscure random ranger! LOL

  9. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    CT, this entire blog needs to be copyrighted! ever thread needs protection from guys coming here, stealing our stuff, and writing about it the next day (NOT RICK, he’s allowed)

  10. Agreed Carp. I was sitting between a bunch of Penguins fans and corporate dudes with no interest in the game. To be honest, I’d rather sit next to the Penguins fans though. At least they help contribute to the game’s atmosphere. The corporate dudes talked incessantly about the Jets/their work for 40 minutes and left towards the end of the second period. Why bother even going at that point.

    Also, it’s time to put Kotalik back in the line-up, hopefully at Higgins’ or Brashear’s expense (though I wish it were at Drury’s). I liked Voros on the first line. Nobody forechecks like he does in the corners/has the balls to go and dig for the puck in deep.

    Good meeting you last night. Thanks for the distraction at work.

  11. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I decided at the end of last season to take a ho hum approach this year. Not get SO INVOVLED with my beloved Rangers and if they win they win if not I am not going to get all pissed off about it. It seems to be working last night I just shook my head and said they still have more work to do. Much better way to go about it rather then being PO more than not. Cheers all.

  12. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    wow, i just noticed the copyright at the bottom of the screen! Rick,does this mean tennis balls is protected? LMAO

  13. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ThGeneralissimo Im also announcing that Im doing this so much because its so fun to say “Zaba”
    6 minutes ago from web
    Reply Retweet

    i wonder if the Generalissimo is also Uncle Glennie!

  14. Carp,
    Do you know the term of Sather’s contract? It’s clear he has no understanding of how to build a team in the current NHL and it’s so frustrating rooting for a team that often does try, but doesn’t have the players to be successful. Every other GM of a New York sports team speaks to the media except for him.

    I’m also getting tired of Torts’ tough-guy attitude to the media, so that now no reporters want to ask questions, but that attitude doesn’t translate to the ice.

    As captain, Drury is useless. He doesn’t say anything off the ice and he doesn’t do anything on the ice. Even Jagr, who wasn’t so comfortable speaking English, had much better quotes than Drury.

  15. AFLY-

    AFLY unfortunately tks to the corporate world that is what happens in NY-the diehard fans cannot afford to pay $125, $175, $225 a ticket and you end up sitting next to people who cannnot even spell H E N R I K-they come because its the place to be on a Monday night, they hope for a goal, have a beer, watch ho– larry dance enjoy the circus act on the ice and call it a night…..totally agree, i rather have 50 crosby jerseys next to me then WALL ST fellas who dont even know what icing is

  16. Carolina

    Anyone want to make some guesses?

  17. I didn’t know Anisimov could read English, I guess I was wrong. Carp mentioned that already, but I think the two goals by Artem was sort off a middle finger to Brooks. I agree with Brooks more often than not, but he at times tends to be too drastic. Anisimov has no business being in AHL. Even before last night. He is ready. The only way for him to learn is to be here and make mistakes on this level. In fact, defensively he is already better than any of our centers. I was hoping Larry would admit that he was wrong today in his article, but no mention of that at all.

  18. Carolina-Win

  19. But again, I thought we would beat Philly and Montreal and we all know how those games turned out.

  20. I Hate the suits! My wife and i always try to get in the 100’s for one game a season but normally we are in the 300s and 400s, anyway we were able to sit in 119 row a for the tampa game last tues, these three tool bags in suits stop and start having a conversation right in front of us, i was like wtf! i stood up and yelled, You Suck! as loud as i could, they moved! then my wife was yellin at this chick who was up and walking around every 5 mins! i cant understand paying for such awesome tickets to walk around and leave during the second period!

    what a joke!

  21. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    thanks CT, gonna put that at the end of some of my posts from now on!

  22. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There are a lot of opposition fans in MSG because the Ranger ticket owners don’t want to watch this mess and are selling off their tickets. Who would buy them, but the opposing teams fans that normally wouldn’t have a chance to get in the door? Now the other teams fans are supporting Sather’s regime.

    Thanks, Glen.

  23. Seth – Usually I sit up in 316, but one of my good friends (who is a huge hockey fan, but unfortunately a Caps fan)has company seats. Since he’s a big hockey fan, they leave him in charge of selling the tickets on StubHub and the ticket exchange. If no one buys ’em or no client wants them, we get to go for free and sit in $210 seats. The only trade-off is the guy from last night who said, “Is it a penalty if you cross-check someone from behind, rather than the face?” Stop yourself right at cross-check…yes.

  24. On point #6 on all the other teams’ fans….how do you think they have a sellout every night? There are just not that many gluttons for punishment anymore? Not in this economy for sure. In fact, I left with my bro last night (we go to almost every game) and I was thinking, “Why the F do I do this to myself all the time?”

    But truth be told, this team will play OK some nights and play like dogs others. There is no consistency. We will hover between 6th and 11th for the rest of the season. Then we might win 1 game or 2 in the playoffs and then hit the fairways.

    If it were my team, I would ship out Redden, Kotalik, Drury, and Roszival before the trade deadline. AT ANY COST. NO TRADE CLAUSE, FIGURE SOMETHING OUT. $7mm CAP HIT, FIGURE SOMETHING OUT. In my business, if someone tells me something is impossible to do, I find away to get it done.

    But Sather is f-ing clueless and spineless. So we are f-ed.


  25. thanks for the boom shakalaka love nasty!

    ahhh what a day ey?
    if they lose to the hurricane there are 2 days off. too much time to think. wouldnt be shocked if a minor move was made.

  26. To be fair, I was sitting next a couple of drunkards last night (Rangers fans) that didn’t know anyone on the team aside from Henrik.

    But yeah, in general the best crowds are in the 300 and 400’s. There was a person a section over that had a Crosby jersey but instead of the name he had something put over it that said “I ^&*&”

  27. CT, maybe I should have you do the morning-after recaps … honest, I didn’t steal from you, but I may as well have.

    Adam, I think Sather’s contract looks like this: Whatever amount of money he wants for as long as he lives.

  28. I also think that if we are not in a playoff spot come the Olympic break, that a change will definitely be made.

  29. AFLY-trust me I hear ya….I have season tix in 309 and occasionally get to sit down below-its a circus down there all the time and it really becomes unenjoyable especially the day after a loss for another big market team in the area….all game long people i can imagine were babbling about Rex Ryan and he coulda/shoulda done this and that

  30. also, if something could be done, it will be done regardless of win or loss vs. Canes or whatever the upcoming road trip brings. The options are extremely limited, though.

  31. Pepsi Throwback is the shiz!!!!!! So is Mountain Dew Throwback. I hope they do that with every soda.

  32. Just as long as they don’t bring back Pepsi Clear, good god was that terrible.

    Nasty, how do you get away with eating so much junk food?

  33. Souray/Cogs almost definitely costs us Dubi plus.

    You willing to give up Dubi TR?

    I am on the fence on that one. There are games when Dubi is an absolute monster. There are games that he is invisible.

  34. I doubt we can do anything drastic. We have, thankfully, plenty of good young players whom every GM would ask for in return. I’m sure if Burke takes Redden, he will ask for MDZ. Or Staal. Etc.

  35. I don’t really eat that much junk food. After reading about and feeling the affects of too much diet soda, I gave it up completely for a long time. Now, if I want soda, I will have a regular soda, and drink it over the course of the day. Like a 20 oz bottle. I like the throwback kinds because they are made with real cane sugar and not corn syrup. Very good.

  36. I Got A QUESTION for you all…

    Would anybody cheer for an expansion team in Brooklyn?

    Meaning, if a team (not the Islanders) came to play in Brooklyn, would any of you DROP the Rangers and root for this new team?

  37. nasty
    i dont want to trade him because we dont have any other centers.
    but somethin has to happen soon.

  38. Dubi for Cogliano doesn’t make sense. We give up some size. I’d be willing to watch Dubi grow. Souray would be a good addition if there are other means to get him.

  39. Well Calgary was supposed to a Cup contender or so some publications thought. Maybe it wasn’t all Keenan’s fault they flopped again?

  40. Honestly, I would mind them missing the playoffs. Even if we get in, it would be as #7 or 8. With the fast exit. I think it might wake up mr. Dolan, or perhaps bring him back from life support. And put some pressure on our beloved GM.

  41. pavel
    calgary is very upset as of late
    lots of “core players” on the trade block apparently

  42. TR- you can pencil me in for February 6. With mrs ilb. We are going to the game, so after the game. She wants to meet people I’ve been spending more time with than with
    Also, I think you and I are neighbors, so I can drop you off home on the way back if you want.

  43. ilb
    i have a reservation so ill just bump it up another 2 no worries.
    im usually there @ 10:45
    hit me up on FB if anything and ill let you know whats up.

  44. I still say they need to get a 3 team deal or bite the bullet with one of the toxic trio (Drury, Rozi, Redden – most likely Rozi) and open cap room to take one of the salary cap victims from Chicago. They’ve got a lot of good talent they simply can’t afford to keep.

    Based on their current roster and as per in 2011/12 they’ll have $49.6MM committed to just 10 players. Even the Rangers aren’t in a squeeze like that.

  45. ooooh god thats for the 6th hahahaha
    i just called and made my reservation bigger for tomorrow night
    im an ass

  46. Nasty

    Colorado-Loss (OT)
    NJ-Win (OT)

  47. Doh, just realized Feb 6th is a Saturday. I think I have a family (in law) obligation that day.

  48. The only guy I would trade Dubi for is Kovalchuck.

    I can see the Rangers giving Kovalchuck a 15 year forward loaded contract where he makes the bulk of his money in the first 10-12 years.

  49. Roc…I know you asked Carp and not me, but I would say yeah, why not…the contracts are the same length pretty much

    I dunno if Souray would even come here though. Edmonton to NY is a big move

  50. So I think we can all agree that the Rangers front office (i.e. Sather and Dolan) are the biggest problems with our beloved (black and) Blue Shirts right now right? Well, I’ve been thinking… there are SO many things that are better than Glen Sather. So here begins my countdown, for the rest of the season, titled…… “30 Things That Are Better Than Glen Sather”… starting with NUMBER 30!

    30. Traffic Jams
    Don’t you just hate traffic? Maybe you have to go to work, pick up a friend from the airport, go to the beach, or make warm ups for a hockey game. No matter what situation, traffic always seems to get in the way, and when it happens you just want to bash your head against the steering wheel. The only thing you can do is stop and go and stop and go and stop and go and repeat for an hour, only to move about 5 feet during that time. It’s SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! Yet, as much as you want to just want to punch a hole through your windshield when sitting in frustrated traffic, just remember: it isn’t quite as bad as Glen Sather.

  51. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on



  52. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i already have pen and paper Laurel,, great idea Yergs!!

  53. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    sorry, i just got done doing some core cross training and am about to die, and had a vision of yummy cheesecake…

  54. Tony in Az–

    I’m not sure, but I meant an NHL team.

    And herpes is isn’t that bad, unless you Th4 count drops.

  55. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    30 things better than glen sather

    the shallowness of realitly tv ?

  56. pavel
    that’s because ranger fans get upset if guys don’t have points and flames fans get upset if guys don’t knock other teams players out of the game enough!

    i sent redden and a prospect and a draft pick to dallas for richards and sent rozy to edmonton with lisin and a pick for souray!

    what dubinsky were they talking about in that gordie howe hattrick article?? Are there two dubinskys in the NHL?

  57. Yes I want to try to post one after every game (I think there are about 30 left). Any suggestions??

  58. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Tony, just think, Pru will get a hat trick saturday night!

  59. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    30 things better than glen sather

    the burning and itching of athletes foot

  60. Staal Wart says "Can Sather" on

    Everything points to Sather and the front office…I mean there is seriously a cancer in this organization.
    Example 1…Prospal came to the Rangers and the first 10ish games he played amazing hockey. We were all so pumped about him…Greatest signing for the money! But look what has happened. He is a shell of the October version.
    Example 2…Look at Torts. He came here with fire and told us about how things were going to change. Now he’s just defensive or says nothing.
    Example 3…Like it or not Drury used to be a very good hockey player. He was a leader but a silent leader. A perfect assistant captain. He has never led this team…in fact he is also a shell of his former self. There is absolutely no passion at all. I know Messier was one of a kind but he oozed confidence. You could feel it through the television you could see him lead on the ice…When the Carp hit the fan he was the first to respond. When the team was getting beat, it was Messier Gravy or Leetch that responded with a monster hit, or a fight or a good play to at least create a spark.

    This team is lost. Free agents lulled to sleep by the comforts of NY…Totally sold out by Sather and Co. with a fat paycheck.
    The funny think is…the answers are right in front Sathers fat freaking mug…the passion of the Rangers lies in Callahan, Dubinsky, DZ, Staal, Voros, Avery and anyone else who leaves it on the ice every night.
    We all know the problem…
    “Fire Sather”…say it! Say it loud! Shout it Loud in MSG!!

  61. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Yergs, send them to me in an email and i will post them on the FB. We’ve actually just riled off about 20

  62. Philly offered me Pronger and Cote for Drury and some AHLer. XD

    I packaged Dubi to get Stamkos.

    I packaged Kotalik for Duschenehnehenene.

    I somehow got Souray and Chara from Edm (not sure how Chara was in Edm).

    I sent Cally and a pick for Sharp.. then signed Savard as UFA.. but eventually got bored and got Cally back for Savard. XD

    I got Lucic for someone else… can’t remember..

    Either way, my lineup injures someone every game. Sometimes I replay the Pens, just so I can hurt Crosby multiple times.

  63. Well Linda, I like to keep the element of surprise here. You guys have come up with a LOT of fantastic suggestions (and who knows, maybe I’ll use a few), but I’m gonna do it game by game… keep you all in suspense ;). Trust me, this will probably be the only thing to keep me sane after these embarrassing loses.

  64. 30 things better than Glen Sather:

    Watching Donald Brashear skate on the Madison Square Garden ice wearing a New York Rangers uniform

  65. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    Yerg, just email them to me after every game, and I will post it up on the Boneheads facebook at the end of the season! it will make for excellent SPRING reading!

  66. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    according to mr. gross

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers practice their power play. Ales Kotalik will be back in lineup tomorrow vs. #Hurricanes. Erik Christensen still a scratch.

  67. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    no way MAMA, this is Yergs baby! nothing posted on the facebook until he (or she) writes it. we can have fun with it, but this is all Yergs!

  68. 30 Things better than Glen Sather:

    Jean-Guy Talbot. What did you think of him, Carp. And his sweat suits.

  69. did anyone see the chaos on the official rangers facebook page yesterday, when they posted about having a moment of the week? LOL

  70. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    so there you have it, Kotalik back in FIMQOM prucha’d again. There’s the shot from the point on the PP. and maybe they should also practice how to pass and how to receive a pass !! aye aye aye!!

  71. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    Hey Rick, do the guys and gals in the press box prefer line combination talk, or the jibberish???

  72. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    obviously these guys SKIPPED middle school!!

  73. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    moment of the week?? Gabby throwing down with the genetic wonderment that is Carcillo!!

  74. Pavel do you play with the salary cap?

    Trade logic in NHL10 is still a little screwy with superstar caliber players.

    I was able to get Vinny Lecav in my first season in BAGM mode for Lisin/Sangs/Owens.

    Frolov for Brodie Dupoint straight up and then I was able to get Kovalchuk this past season for Kendall McArdle (signed as FA), Barrett Jackman (traded for him season 1 for Redden straight up) and B level prospect I drafted the season before.

    So my current cap compliant team is:

    Kovalchuk/Dubi/Grabner(via trade with VAN)
    Burrows(via trade with VAN)/Anisimov/Cally
    Avery/Christensen/Kaleta(FA signing)

    Gleason(via trade with CAR)/Campoli (trade with OTT)
    1st round draftee from season 1/Grabeshkov (trade with NSH)

    2nd round draftee from season 1

  75. Carp any chance i can get a signed 8 x10 for my Rangers room? LOL

    Thats way better than Sather!!!!!!

  76. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    wait, if Rick is doing signed photos, I want the Christmas Wizard one!!!

  77. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I understand why the crowds are terrible at MSG… why wouldn’t they?

    I’m to the point where I watch the games… don’t cheer when they score… don’t get angry when they get scored on. I’m a very firey guy and I’m emotionless.

    I guess it comes from watching this emotionless team.

  78. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER,

    Theme song when the rangers hit the ice!!!!!!! LOL

  79. CT

    The problem with me having insane teams is I never score enough goals to make it realistic lol. I hate having Kovy get 50 points a season lol. I don’t know why I cant score that much, but sometimes its difficult

  80. “Hockey is different [and awful] here.”
    “MSG: New York plays [and loses] here.”
    “I am a Ranger [sufferer].”

  81. Just got an email from the Rangers about skating the Garden ice, i guess that means they are holding interviews for a new captain. LOL

  82. The only trade-off is the guy from last night who said, “Is it a penalty if you cross-check someone from behind, rather than the face?” Stop yourself right at cross-check…yes.

    Nice-up in 402, a Devil fan sitting behind me…explains to his girlfried that the Devil could make a hand pass to another Devil because he was on his stomach. I was almost on my stomach….

    I have not sat next to the same people all season up there. Usually get Henrik’s aunt and uncle wanting to watch little Hankie….

  83. I don’t seem to have that problem, my first year Gabby and Vinny L put up 100+ goals between the two of them.

    This year I have a bunch of 30+ scorers in Gabby, Vinny, Kovalchuk, Frolov and Grabner. Cally and Burrows have 25 each. And Dubi just cracked 20.

  84. I do NOT play with the salary cap in NHL 10 because the salary cap is a way of interfering with the free market.. much like socialism!

    The NHL lasted for decades without a cap, but the problem is expanding teams. There are too many teams like PHX and ATL that do not belong. They are bankrupting the league.

    Also, you have to take into consideration the living costs.. $1m in PHX is like $250k in NYC.

    Perhaps the NHL should allow signing bonuses to the high cost of living cities, if anything. Dolan’s good for it!

  85. Best part of last night was leaving work, walking through Times Square…I was looking straight ahead…I said to my friend I know this guy coming up. I said to the guy “how you doing Mr. Leetch”…he smiled and said hello back. So my friend says, where do you know him from…work. I said he was only one of the greatest to ever lace em up!

  86. Carp, You are right. There were many Penguin fans last night. But also, there were many empty seats. I am a long time season ticket holder. 6 seats in my row were empty plus 2 right behind me. The last few years Ranger – Pens are a tough ticket. But alot of fans are already deflated this season. And like someone above said, with different outlets to sell tickets now, stubhub, ebay, Ranger ticket exchange, they can make a few bucks. I somehow have remained loyal this season only missing 1 game.

  87. Kotalik back tomorrow? I guess. Sam and Joe act like his slapper adjusts the Earth’s tides but it all it ever does is send shrapnel from the end boards everywhere. But he can’t do worse than Drury.

  88. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    will do Yergs, and thanks! should be hilarious

  89. Players rarely have year round homes in the city they play in these days. Plus I’m sure the team and the league help with a lot of standard costs of living including housing for new players, food stipends, transportation, etc. I think they’re pampered well enough.

  90. Mike S, the sweat suit didn’t really work as a look, and it didn’t really produce results.

    rangerfan, an 8×10 of what?

    Linda, the jibberish was a big hit in the pressbox last night. The tennis ball comment, and somebody (sorry, I forgot who?) saying how proud they are when the team glides so hard.

    JBytes, don’t forget “Same fire, same desire” on WPIX (note: Two losses by a combined 10-1).

  91. As much as it sucks lately to be a Rangers fan, ill still rock my gear with pride and the attitude that we are better than everyone else! I got into a argument with a fake devils fan at work the other day, he was giving me crap but then he couldnt name any other player on “his” team besides fatso! LOL

  92. Yeah man, I hate where this team is at right now, but I will always wear my Rangers hats or shirts or whatever. That is part of being a die hard fan. You stick with the team no matter what. They are making it really hard this year, but I will stay and play my bass as the ship goes down. Ha

  93. Nasty 1,

    I decided to go with glenn healy….LOL

    Im still stuck on Matteau or Graves!

    I feel like Matteau will be so bad ass plus #32 was my hockey number!

    But Graves is Graves ya know

  94. 2 things

    1. as a season tix holder i have sold of most of my seats. if you think for one second i will waste money top watch this disgrace right now then your mistaken. where i sit in sec 330 the faithful had enough.

    2. sather lives down the street from me. the diner next door to my apt tells me he comes in on weekends for brunch. if i see him he wont make it out of there until i get done having a talk with him.

  95. Sather hasn’t spoken to the New York Media since that day. Of course he still grants interviews to Terry Jones in edmonton. What a slap in the face to Rangers fans.

  96. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    Rick, i found it:

    January 25th, 2010 at 7:38 pm
    dont you just love it when this team glides really hard!! makes a fan proud!


    it was right after that comment that Izzy put CCCP in the trunk of his car.

  97. Callahan 4 Captain on

    With all the quicksand this team in trapped in, all the GD GM can do is continue to rotate the back-up goalie position.

    And to those who want AA farmed out, keeping him here is called “going through the growing pains.” We need more players with long-term potential up here and experiencing the same frustrations AA is experiencing, as he works through it. And guess what, a couple years down the road the players mature and mesh with eachother and this team is in the Stanley Cup mix as a serious threat to win it all.

    Good GM’s exhibit PATIENCE, bad GM’s don’t know the meaning of the word.

  98. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    now, does anyone think that artie and gilroy go to the Pack for the olympic break?

  99. good question Linda. I personally hope they do, if only to keep their hockey sharp ( as possible ).

  100. Why is the arena dead? Well sure, the economy is one reason, but let’s dive further shall we?

    Ticket price changes since 05-06.

    400s – 22.50 vs. 37.00 = 64.44% increase.
    300s – 36.00 vs. 56.00 or 60.00 = 55.55% or 66.67% increase
    200s – 58.50 vs. 95.00 or 108.00 = 62.39% or 84.62% increase
    Average increase of 67.95% in all the upper bowl seating.

    The best part is that if you look at the average price for the whole arena…95/119-2008-09

    Ticket prices have gone from 44.63 to 58.57. That’s a 31.2% increase in price. Meaning that if the upper bowl has increased by almost 68%, there has to be something offsetting it somewhere…

    Even more is the fact that MSG can say that the average ticket price in 99-00 & 00-01 was $65.82. Surely that wasn’t all from the upper bowl. Maybe some STH from back then could share some light on the prices back in the late 90s & early 00s.

    So guess who’s been getting screwed in recent years?

  101. Bottomline! I’d rather have Rangers missing the playoffs in order to get rid of Sather. Who gives a shit about playoffs only to loose in 1st round playing the most boring hockey of all teams in the NHL? Nowadays its more like you are happy when they dont play…

    The last couple of games ive started to think why i dont seem to care if they win or not…Its all gettin much clearer for each day that passes…its really sad!

  102. Eric – He lives in the building right next door to me, and my boys at Cafe Luca (the diner you are referring to) says he is in there all the time and is extremely nice.

    I see him (and his cigard) and his wife walking their dog all the time. It makes me sick that my wife refuses to let me scream at him on the street.

  103. Linda says cut the head off the snake and then FIRE SATHER on

    as many Rangers fans as there are in the city on any given day, I bet sather walks around totally annoymous to most people. And as much as we despise what he has done to the team, how many would actually go up to him and let him have it, only to be told to ‘go piss off’. the guy is Lucifer

  104. You guys live next to Sather and he gets away with it??? PLEASE LET ME RENT YOUR HOUSE FOR A WEEK!!!!

  105. i just beat Cindysburgh (PS3) in OT 3-2 on a beautiful deflection in front by Captain hooch..err…i mean crutch… EEERR…i meant Clutch! :D

  106. Read some comments about the atmosphere at the Garden and as a current season-ticket holder I thought I’d throw in my comments

    1. Have a number of friends who had been long-time season ticket holders who did not renew this past year because Jimmy boy jacked up the prices yet again. Obviously MSG is recession-proof – which would explain the new fans

    2. MSG marketing blitz – I swear, I feel like the Garden is trying to sell just about anything and everything when you walk in there…totally kills the vibe of the arena. I understand its a business and you’ve got to generate a certain amount to pay off Redden’s monster contract but still……enough is enough. My brother went to Detroit, Montreal and Toronto and said you don’t see ANY of that garbage that MSG puts on during the game. I’d rather they just played hard, resurfaced the ice between periods (which sucks by the way) and stopped with the idiotic gimmicks to try to get the fans interested.

    3. Frankly, this team just hasn’t connected with its fan base. They don’t mirror the people who are diehard loyalists. Their play is so uninspired that most of the fans I’ve known for the past ten years have been beaten down by their apathy. Why cheer your heart out for a team that won’t even play their hearts out?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more long-time fans drop off at the end of this season because no matter how many $9.75 beers you suck down – it won’t drown the pain of watching this current squad of B & C-level players.

  107. Linda- Russian keyboard?
    We got it though, annoymous is a combination of annoying and Gluteus Maximus?

  108. I have to say the more I watch this team, the more content I would be with waiving dead weight, and bringing up a bunch of wolf packers, and getting a nice draft pick next year…
    I mean, I think this team has a shot at the playoffs, but only because of how weak the east is…And I think all of us Rangers fans would agree that as is, this team would probably not make it out of the first round of the playoffs…

  109. This is my first post I love reading your blog everyday. The one point you brought up really hit home there is no more home advantage, the garden has outpriced the loyal fan and what you get is polite clapping after a goal. I sit at home and every time they pan the crowd it makes me sick I remember the blue seats alone could raise the building but now it’s like looking at people who could care less that they are at a hockey game.

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    Watching Girardi look on while Gabby got his butt kicked caused me to finally take a break from watching the Rangers. It sucks when it appears that we as fans care more than they do as players. Don’t know if that is true, but is sure looks that way. Too many of these guys are content with losing.

  111. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    If the Rangers trade up, which they will because Sather never gives up, I’d love to see Phaneuf, Visnovsky or Ponikarovsky come to the Rangers. I really liked Nik Antropov and we really need an imposingly large forward. I’ve heard that Ryane Clowe is on the block too, which would be amazing if we got him. If we actually traded for physical players, or superb puck movers, it’d be really nice.

    I’m not sure- again- why Olli Jokinen is not 1st line talent. Due to his past mercenary jobs his role seems very diminished. On a depleted Rangers line up, a former perennial 30 goal centerman (very rare) could do very good business with a winger like Gaborik.

    I wouldnt mind some big, strong guys coming our way.

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