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From the Rangers:

January 25, 2010 – New York Rangers 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 4 (Game #53, Home #28)
·         The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 10-6-4 in their last 20 games.
·         The Blueshirts have now posted a record of 24-22-7 (55 pts.) overall, including a 12-12-4 (28 pts.) mark at home this season.
·         Rookie forward Artem Anisimov recorded his first career multi-goal game with two goals and established a career-high with six shots on net; he also won a team-high 11 faceoffs in 15 attempts for a success rate of 73%.
·         Christopher Higgins tallied the primary assist on Anisimov’s goal at 13:04 of the second period, and finished with a plus-two rating in 18:35 of icetime; he has now registered three points (one goal and two assists) in the last four games, and has posted a plus or even rating in eight of the last nine games for a plus-three rating over the span.
·         Enver Lisin registered one assist and a plus-two rating in 10:51 of icetime; the plus-two rating tied his season-high (Oct. 24 at Montreal); Lisin has now recorded two points (one goal and one assist) and a plus-two rating in the last four games.
·         Defenseman Dan Girardi recorded an assist on Anisimov’s goal at 3:15 of the third period, and logged 19:42 of icetime; Girardi has tallied two points (one goal and one assist) in the last four games, and has posted a plus or even rating in eight of the last 12 for a plus-three rating during the stretch.
·         Ryan Callahan registered six hits and four shots on goal in 19:20 of icetime while skating in his 200th career NHL game.
·         Marc Staal led the team with a personal season-high seven hits, and tied for the team-high with 23:12 of icetime.
·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their fourth and final meeting this season; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on Artem Anisimov… “He has played well.  Although he has not put up a lot of numbers, he has really.  He is one of the guys I am using quite a bit away from the puck, late in games.  His defensive awareness has really improved.  As he grows and gets stronger, he is just a kid, he is going to be a very good player.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “This one was painful.  We battled back and it was a pretty good game.  In the second period we played pretty well and we came out in the third and kept it going.  I don’t know what to say.  That was bad timing , when we got that penalty, they get a lucky goal on a deflection off our player.  We have had a bunch of these games this year.  It could be a different story if we manage to win these games.  We have a tough time winning games like this but we definitely played a lot better than the last two games.  That is a good thing.”
Brandon Dubinsky on the 2nd intermission… “I thought we were good here in the room and we knew we just had to fight for another 20 minutes out there to try and get 2 points. Arty (Artem Anisimov) scores a big goal there, but we have to respond after that. It starts with my line. We have to make sure we are strong defensively, especially when it’s tough to put pucks in the net.  We have to make sure we are doing our jobs and try and keep confident here.  From now on we have to try and stay confident and believe in what we got here. We have to believe in what we can do and get over this.”

Bonus quotes (from me):

Marian Gaborik: “We’ve got to manage to keep the lead if we have it in the third period like that. It happened in the last game against these guys too. We play a good game, but we have to hold onto the lead. … when they tied it, we can’t let them score the go-ahead goal.”

Dubinsky (on the winning goal): “I was maybe a little late trying to get there. I’m not going to sit here and say it was my guy or another guy’s. We’ve got to do a better job and make sure we’ve got to make sure we’ve got a high guy and make sure they don’t get an odd-man rush and make sure they don’t even get that opportunity.”

On the six-minute power play: “We’ve got to find a way to get that going. It’s certainly a privilege to be on the power play there, and guys gotta make sure, all of us, the 10 guys who go out there night in and night out, we’ve got to find a way to get those timely goals. It would have been big. We had three in a row, and if we get one early there, or two there, it’s a different game. We’ve just got to find a way to battle hard and at least get some momentum off it. I felt that they got momentum off it because we didn’t get anything going. Those are big plays.”

Lundqvist (on the long power play): “They’re a good team. They made it tough to get something going on our power play. Special teams were the difference and it’s funny but a lot of times against Pittsurgh, the special teams in the end will be the difference.”
On the winning goal: “It was just bad positioning. I tried to reach for it on the rebound and I went down to make a block and he just found a hole there above my pad. You know, everything happens so fast. You sit here and maybe think what I would have done differently — maybe not reach for the puck and just get back in position. But I didn’t see the guy coming, I reached for the puck, and then I saw him and I was a little too late there.”


You should know that Tortorella answered only three questions, because by now nobody wants to be shouted down when they ask something he won’t answer.
I asked him about the six-minute PP
“Yeah, we struggled,” he said. “We would like to score a goal there and yet we end up leading 2-1 after that. Power play struggled.”
And before the quote above about Anisimov, he said, “We played much better as far as away fro the puck, in our end zone, we played better. We have to find a way to win a gane when we’re up 2-1.”

After the Anisimov quote, there was a long pause and he said, “Thank you” and left.

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  1. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i’ve been carped by izzy??? Somethings afoot!!

    what was wrong that i said??

    I know, that was just such a funny part of that movie…I could so see aves doing that!!!

  2. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i will definitely pass on that and concentrate really hard on the game. I can only roll my eyes so many times in one night.

  3. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    please let cccp out of the basement and give him some food and drink!!

    great job on the quotes Rick. you guys have to hate asking the same questions every night as much as Torts hates not answering them ;-)

  4. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i dont think vs even mentioned it was cally’s 200th game.

    artie had a great game. Good for him,he deserved it.

  5. I dont even know what to write here anymore … this team is so bush-league, it’s not even funny

  6. glad i had to work is all i’ll say….

    hey CARP
    in regards to Tortorella, i understand that it
    sucks to be a reporter covering the team and the coach not
    saying much but i don’t know much more that he can say at this point that would really be worth printing.
    in other words, it’s the same thing here again and again and again and….
    there’s nothing really new to say about the lack of offense, defensive lapse, bad bounces, not taking the body, not getting it done on the power play………just the usual.

    i think you’re better off getting quotes from the players anyway

  7. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on


    good, thought my slapshot movie line reference got me in to trouble!

  8. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    jpg, the players pretty much all say the same thing too. it’s sad, almost like they are all spewing the drury/company line, and losing their own personalities.

  9. Sather's WrapUp on


    Hello, Ranger fans! Ahh Home again, to the chants of “Fight-er Sa-ther”! It’s so nice to be remembered as a player…

    I think Muckler has been slipping that 5-hour energy drink into my scotch again. My naps have dropped off to under six a day. Sometime even the phone wakes me up. But it’s probably just some other GM wanting to make a trade for Redden or Rozival. I should have locked them up with a NTC like I did Drury. No one calls about him anymore.

    Brian Trottier sent me a written 90-page apology, so I hired him again. I then went out and when I saw Milbury I yelled out to him “Hey Mike! I’ve got the Trots again!” What a funny look he gave me….

    Finally Torts has put My Big Bad Brash the Basher out there! As Brash told me before the game, “No one be messin wif muh brudda Gabby dis time”. You can rest easy tonight Brash. You played so well, I’ll spring for some new tennis balls for your walker. (Carp- pay Linda the royalties.)

    (singing) “Obla di, Obla da life goes on bra… Lala how the life goes on” Oh-oh. That’s Dolan’s newest ringtone. Hey there BIG GUY! We did it! Another sellout! No, not just the way Redden plays, I meant all the seats were sold. Now you can buy that Ruby studded Tire Pump you saw on 5th Avenue. Did you see, we also got Brash in the lineup tonight. You can write off another 20 grand! No, you just “write it off”…

    I coulda traded for Crosby, but I thought he was damaged goods. Did you see those lips! His dad Bing must have really beat the hell out of him!

    I see that sales of Ranger Jerseys is down a lot. Wearing a Blueshirt nowadays is kind of like watching kiddie porn. It’s fun until somebody sees you…

    Wow, those pickled eggs Mother Sather sent me are starting to rumble through. I GOTTA go.

    Your Uncle Glennie

  10. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I’m telling you guys, it is time to trade some of this mediocre young talent we have and package it with a contract and get some vet help in here!!

  11. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ok boneheads, have a great night!!!

    shor, I think manbearpig was starring at the circus freak show tonight ;-)

  12. Tank the Season on

    Another disgrace. Why is Tortorella still coaching this team, and why hasn’t Lundqvist demanded a trade?

    Oh, and FIRE SATHER.

  13. just thinking it would be more lively than what Torts has to offer………….and i meaning that in the most desperate for quotes way possible.

    i don’t envy you in that regards Carp.

  14. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    every game they win validates sather and prolongs the agony of mediocrity.keep up the good work boys..

  15. honestly the reporters should stop even bothering to interview the coach or the players. they can spit out every empty platitude they want, but it all means nothing since they won’t (or for the majority of players more likely can’t) practice what they preach as a team.

    sather/dolan have relegated the rangers to an afterthought in most NY papers. Perfect example, the day after the loss to the flyers and Torts’ tirade with Brooks, the NY Times just ran the AP article.

    Fire Sather and thou shalt be saved

  16. Carp, you may as well break out that bachelor party fight story. Its pretty slow in this neck of the woods, as evidenced by…..

    The following 10 things posted here are as follows:

    10) The Ranch 1 combo platter is pretty good @ MSG
    9) Higgins has stone hands, doesnt ever score
    8) Brashear is a bum
    7) Roszival stinks, send him to New Haven or Binghamton
    6) Avery for Captain
    5) Torts is a meanie during press conferences
    4) Fire Sather
    3) Wade Redden stinks, send him to Hartford
    2) Rip C off Drury’s jersey
    1) Fire Sather and see #4

    So lets hear it Carp!

  17. 80pt LW – 70pt C – Gaborik
    60pt LW – Dubinsky – 60pt RW
    Avery – Anisimov – Callahan
    15pt LW – 15pt C – 15pt RW

    Staal – FA
    MDZ – FA
    Gilroy – FA


    That’s what you need to win a championship. I’m sick and tired of this organization putting third liners in the top two lines and wondering where the hell the offense is.

  18. ThisYearsModel on

    Really, we need this group to completely implode resulting in Tortorella’s head exploding. Better wear goggles to these press conferences, CARP.

  19. Chris Clutch Drury on

    Im just a little upset no one has spoken about my clutch dump ins, and my clutch pullback pretending I was waiting for a one timer pass to confuse the defense while Gaborik took a shot on the power play. Of course, if he was clutch like me, it would have gone in.

    Who stole the clutchmobile?

  20. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Say, any of you boys smithies? Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin’? Just wonderin…

  21. “The New York Times is still in business?”

    On Wednesday, they will be back … saved by Apple

  22. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

  23. Actually, on Wed, Apple may save the Drury’s season as well … he can use the iPad to draw up clutch plays real-time while he’s on the bench …

  24. if anyone wants to watch the Rangers lose to the worst team in the NHL on Wednesday, let me know. My tickets are for sale:

    Section 303, Row D, isle – $100/pair

    steve at blacks4 dot com

  25. I’m exhausted but had to check in

    I was there tonight, and I’m disgusted that only one player showed up and that was AA. The first period was a snooze, the crowd was quiet, and the Rangers did nothing to change that.

    Brashear being on the ice was a joke, everyone was screaming for him to get off the ice. Once again, another disappointing performance. Right now I wouldn’t mind to just unload Prospal, Higgins, etc and get a few picks. At least we can sign Prospal next year

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The Rangers will lose to the Rangers? I’d pay to see that!

    But I wouldn’t pay much…

  27. Who are you sending to New Haven, since they don’t have an arena? Maybe just a ride on the Metro-North? I doubt the Binghamton Senators want him either.

  28. REPOST

    You really see how worthless Gaborik is when he’s in a slump. Sure, when he’s scoring he’s a god but he just has a good release and shot. THAT’S ALL.

    Watching him against crybaby and malkin is jokes. He doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t make room for himself. Is afraid to get physical because he’ll probably fall and get hurt. He has no good moves or hands.

  29. This game stunk but I’m glad Artie had a sick game so I’m not too upset. He’s gonna get better as will Del Z and Gilroy. That deflection he had on his PP time was great and would have gone in on a lesser goalie.

    As long as the young guys are playing well, it’s fine.

    Hopefully next year some combo of Sangs/MacD/Illka can get a shot on the bottom 3 D, Weisse and Owens get a shot at a young and hungry 4th line, and Grachev can maybe play with Artie and Lis.

  30. kc
    January 25th, 2010 at 10:14 pm
    Watch Dubinsky glide past Connor as he watched him score from up close to win the game.

    agree – could not believe it when i saw that

  31. Can you tell me a story that I don’t know?
    can you show me a picture that I havn’t seen before?
    can you do one thing for me? just let me know.

    can you give me a reason why i should still watch?
    can you say it to my face that I’m not wasting all my time?

    can you do one thing for me? just let me know

  32. Where's Pavelich? on

    I watched every Drury shift against the pens.. he did (does) nothing, zero, zilch… intangibles? he got kotalik here to help him out ..that cost us 3 mil per for a healthy scratch in 5 straight..thanks.

    The Captain is on the books for EIGHT MIL, NEXT year..Kotalik 3mil, Brash: 1.4mil… and the biggest dman in the minors is like 5’10 180lbs.. the future is bleak..

    Yet, the Stogie remains in charge? COME ON!!!!

  33. Where's Pavelich? on

    I watched every Drury shift against the pens.. he did (does) nothing, zero, zilch… intangibles? he got kotalik here to help him out ..that cost us 3 mil per for a healthy scratch in 5 straight..thanks.

    The Captain is on the books for EIGHT MIL, NEXT year..Kotalik 3mil, Brash: 1.4mil… and the biggest dman in the minors is like 5’10 180lbs..

    Yet, the Stogie remains in charge? COME ON!!!!

  34. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    CCCP- They claim I had you locked in the cellar. Tell them! Tell them you were resting comfortably in the trunk of my car.

  35. One thing we have learned about the Rangers that should be mentioned as much as the disappointing play of the players themselves:

    Renney is a better coach than Tortarella.

  36. Carp I hope you guys in the media stick together, and not let this coach get away with not being held accountable.

  37. Good morning all
    Toe Blake couldn’t get this team to win. To be a winner you have to get some production from your big money guys, and the Ranger big money guys are mostly playing like little money guys. Talk about bang for your buck, or lack of it.

  38. Tortorella’s not the problem…this team just has very little offensive talent and and thats on Sather.They need see what they can get for moveable contacts (Higgins, Prospel, etc) now, acquire more draft picks and continue to build through the draft. Gordie Clark should be the GM.

  39. I have loved Prospal this year, but the way things are looking, you almost have to see what you can get for him at the deadline. I don’t want to be the negative nelly here, but I honestly do not think this team will make the playoffs this year. We will lose that last spot to either the Islanders or Montreal. Teams that are pretty much as bad as us, but can actually score some goals.

    I don’t think Torts is the problem.

    Sather should be handcuffed in the shower and done Scarface style.

    Torts shoudl just unleash the hounds for a game and just let them play run and gun and take chances from the drop of the puck. Let defensive play take a back seat, because they do anyway, and just go for it. Try and get a few goal lead from the start of the game and then fall back. SOMETHING! ANYTHING but what we have been watching of late.

  40. So sad…

    just so sad…

    I regret going to that game last night…it wasn’t one of the better ones I’ve been at, that’s for sure.

    And you know what’s going to happen? We’ll crush Carolina, go 2-1 on the coast and come back and play like crap again

  41. Nasty, I agree with everything you said. Prospal has a spot next year if he wants it, we can get a 2nd round pick for him, maybe more considering his salary.

  42. Good morning!
    Agree Nasty1, Torts isn’t the problem. It’s easy to be Dan Bylsma, standing behind the bench, looking smart. Especially when you have Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury etc. All still reaching their prime. Torts has very little PR, or perhaps even social skills, but I believe he’s done well with what was given to him. I think he needs to stay for a couple of years.
    They tried to compete, but they were outmatched. You just felt that Pittsburg would explode after Artie’s 2nd goal any minute.

  43. Yeah, last night was all to familiar, especially against the Pens. How many times have we played them like that, fell behind, then scored two goals to take the leas, only to give up two quick ones right after we take the lead. It’s like frigin groundhog day. And when we didn’t score on that long PP, I bet my friend 10 dollars, yup, I am a high roller, that the Pens would score on their very next PP, and what do you know, I am a genius, they did. Malkin with the BOMB.

  44. See what you can get from Prospal, Higgins, Girardi, Rozi. PLay AA with Gabby. Just say screw it, and give AA top line minutes with our best payer. I like his wrist shot, he puts a lot on it.

  45. And don’t anyone be so sure that we are going to beat up on Carolina. I would not be surprised one bit if they come in and beat us. Not with the way we are playing.

  46. I wouldn’t be surprised Nasty, but it would be typical Rangers for them to win 3 of the next 4 then lose the last whatever games until the break

  47. I worked and missed game. One question, did anybody boo Girardi last night? Or was everybody just happy to be there and put more $$ in Dolan’s pocket? If the crowd doesn’t start letting the rangers know that they are ripping us off, it will keep going on and on and on and….

    I get in my car after work and Rangers are up 2-1. 3-2 Pitt by the time I pulled into my driveway. Maybe I should take the bus.

  48. I was there too.

    Last night reminded me of the playoff series 2 years ago. I was at the game where the Rangers came back from 3-0, Gomez hit a crossbar and then Hollweg took that brainless checking from behind penalty. Pens scored on the ensuing PP and that was that. Every time in that series where the Pens needed a crucial PPG they delivered. Meanwhile the best chances on the 6 min PP last night were two Pens breakaways.

    Honestly, I went with a friend last night who is from Pittsburgh, pretty die hard fan. We’ve gone to at least one Pens-Rangers game the past few years and last night was finally her first Pens win. I actually felt glad for her. Too many Pens fans in MSG last night but I think that has something to do with disgruntled Rangers fans and Stubhub/Craigslist. At the very least a Rangers fan can profit off a Pens fan.

  49. The Penguins were out of the playoffs last year until they fired their coach and brought in Bylsma.
    Tortorella’s act is getting old, both in public and behind the bench. What exactly has he done to improve the team?
    But the real problem is allowing Sather to make adjustments and be involved in trades/free agent/team building scenarios. Sather needs to go first; otherwise it’s all pointless.

  50. Of course if they get rid of Sather, he is still welcome to continue writing on this blog — love his game recaps!

  51. I watched the game around doing other things last night and just as I thought, they lost. At least they scored. Good on Artie. He’s been really good the past little while, just hadn’t gotten a goal.

    I have my annual evaluation/review this afternoon. Send some luck my way, pretty please?

  52. nasty- torts has done that with the team before. against weaker teams he does let them go run n gun, but against the pens it wouldve been a bloodbath again. i think against a team like the pens u have to hold back a bit and not send 3 fwds deep while the d just skates by 2 and the 3rd is caught racing back expending so much energy that by the time the fwds get back it was either an odd man rush/goal or they just wasted their shift. tyes it will pay off sometimes but not against the pens. you have to do a dump. n chase but actually retrieve the puck. they dont do that well enough. if they had a 3rd or 4th lin that can handle facing the sidney or malkin lines then we could play them in a defensive role but do u see how stacked they are down the middle? staal is their 3rd line center! he would eb number 1 here. its just an amazing difference of talent. we might score 3-4 goals on teh pens but playing run n gun we get 5-6 scored onb us. i am no coach but i wouldnt wanna see crosby and co. goin on 3 man rushes more than 5 times a period. hank is not that good because the d is not good. we just dont have the personnel to compete and the way we were playin last night wasnt great, but it was bettr than what we have been doin. and gabby in a slump is killin us too. our top line cannot even come close to pens 2nd line.

  53. Prospal, for all that he’s brought to the team this year was one of the worst Rangers on the ice last night. His passing was pretty poor and was standing still too much. Then again as a whole the Rangers have trouble trying to connect on more than the most basic passes. And are way too slow moving the puck on the PP to take advantage of being a man up.

    I have no more games scheduled for the rest of the season, now odds are I’ll yield at some point and go to one, but it’s really hard to see myself getting too excited about a game these days.

  54. Things could get really ugly out west vs. Colorado/Phoenix/LA. Which game does Henrik sit? I’d sit him vs. Phoenix and let him have three days off between Carolina and Colorado.

    Then again, if they lose to Carolina, can they really afford to sit him out at all?

  55. i get what youre saying though. we could potentially get a few quick early goals and gain confidence, but so many times this year we came out swingin, we had chance after chance usually by higgins and kots, or other 3rd liners that couldnt score. they really dont even have to double team gabby, just put their best shutdown d man on him. the pp is where gabby should be doing his damage. hes got morons who cant enter teh zone or cant keep the puck in. gabby would be great if he had a brad richards on his line or a spezza. he is getting chances now but not scoring but slumps happen to everyone. its just soo bad because we only have him to do much of teh scoring.

  56. zz- if they lose to carolina, i think some trades have to be made and a backup goalie would be high on the priority list. that is if they really think they can make the playoffs. a few wins here could change teh situation dramatically again. but i really think torts knows we arent gonna make it with what we have now. unless some trades are made we prob. wont make the playoffs, but then its not a bad thing. who wants to watch us get knocke out in 1 again? i really want us to tank. i was on the fence about it for awhile but renting another antropov will not help us. i heard ponikarovsky’s name as a rumour., cmon slats hes not gonna put the team on his back!! hes a 2nd liner. sell!!!

  57. the problem with tanking is i think it is bad for the kids. its a tough situation ecause anything is possible, but i think by late feb. if they are still playing this way, then just sell off prospal,higgins,who would be a FA anyway, and prospal too. we may get low picks but so what. finish the season out with guys like locke,byers,grachev. and so what if he isnt ready yet. let him see how hard it is. give him a taste of whats to come. if were goin down anyway, i play him unless we can get tyler arnason back!! lollol

  58. Mikey, I hope you’re OK after that fall. I just realized last night while scrolling through some posts. Sounded bad.

  59. Let this team play full tilt offence, and the big differance would be they would get scored on more, a lot more. The D is to weak for that. I can’t see the offence getting many more points.

  60. Guess, you are OK. When I was reading about your adventure for some reason I imagined that guy in Pepsi commercial. lol

  61. ZZ – Instead of asking can we afford to sit him, can we afford NOT to sit him? This guy is our most important player. What do you expect to happen if we make the playoffs? We miraculously beat Washington or the Penguins in a best of seven and make it to the cup? We’re going through at least one of them, and if not someone who beat them in a best of seven. Give this guy a break, he has to tend net in the Olympics pretty soon as well. Let him go there rested so he doesn’t hurt himself and if he wins another medal it’ll help him deal with how much we suck (I imagine). Why would we risk burning Hank out and getting injured so we can MAYBE make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round? Makes no sense to me

  62. While AA is looking very good. Would HE benefit from Top line exposure? Wouldn’t he be better served gutting it out on the lower lines with less ‘entitled’ guys? The younger guys all seem to coast when they get on that top line. They look good initially, but before the game is over, they are returned to their former line or worse. I loved the Lisin AA Higgins line. I thought that was a well constructed line with energy, speed and creativity. There are a couple lines that work well together and play some good hockey together. For whatever reason, they arent scoring and are broken up. i understand that changing lines is a big part of the game, but isn’t development and chemestry as well. If I work with a guy every day for a month, I feel obligated to perform my job better knowing that he is depending on me to do it a certain way. Having never played competitive organized hockey, I do not know the answer. I can only guess that it takes more than 8 to 10 shifts to develop chemistry and on ice comeraderie.

  63. Get Drury off the power play — he has destroyed it. The same way he destroyed Jagr’s power play and destroyed the power play last year. Look at the stats. Put Kotalik back on.

  64. From The Fourth Period..

    Leafs GM Brian Burke has stated that he is willing to take on salary in order to get a deal done, which could help some organizations looking to shed some bodies to acquire additional help for a run at the Stanley Cup.

  65. I’m sick of this awful team and its classless coach. Trade everyone except Cally, Hank and Gabby then replace Torts with John Stevens. I can’t believe there aren’t rumors about trades in the works or ::GASP:: a coaching change.

  66. I’m sick of this awful team and its classless coach. Trade everyone except Cally, Hank and Gabby then replace Torts with John Stevens. I can’t believe there aren’t rumors about trades in the works or ::GASP:: a coaching change.

  67. Another crappy game, another sad loss.

    Obviously Hank should have had that last goal, i don’t know how that nobody Connors managed to get two goals on him in his first game of the season. Only against the Rangers.

    Good to see AA score though. He’ll be better as time goes on, gotta be patient with him, but he deserves to be on the 1st line. Precious Dubi looks like he lost his game ever since he screamed like the little girl he is. He needs to get it back ASAP, so we can have a better shot at a good return once he gets dumped, along with Diana.

    As always, Verses had a great broadcast. They even let that chipmunk Stevens along for the ride, yipee.

  68. “then replace Torts with John Stevens”

    Is that sarcasm ? You want to replace Torts with the coach who had Carter, Richards, Briere, Gagne, Pronger, Giroix, Vanriemslesbian, and all those talented players, but was out of a playoff spot for the last few months ?

    What do you think he’s gonna do with this lineup, besides take us to 15th, which i am in favor of.

    Keep Torts, dump the team. As far as im concerned, Hank, Gabby, Del Z, Artie, Aves, and Voros are the only players that id want to keep. Cally i wouldn’t mind too, but he can be a big piece in a trade, and the same with Staal.

  69. Stevens looks and sounds like he is a robot or something. Or he went to the Ben Stein School of Broadcasting. Man, he is god awful. I can totally see how a team would tune that guy out. They need to check that guy for a pulse.

  70. Kind of shocking that Voros is included IN the group of players worth keeping, eh?

    Thats more of an indictment to the lack of passion & heart this team has more than anything.

    I’m so over the Rangers at this point…wish I could change allegiance and become a fan of a team that actually gave a $heet about the game. But, alas, that aint happening b/c I love torturing myself apparently.

  71. Well as I think we talked about last year after Renney got the axe, teams tend to bring in the opposite of the previous regime. Before Stevens that hey Hitchcock who was a huevos buster. Now they have Laviolette who’s got a fire to him. Maybe if the Flyers stopped building their teams like it was the early 70’s they’d finally get somewhere.

  72. NYRGuy, I read about Burke saying that. Apparently Burke has no problems with obtaining a high-salary player at the deadline, and then burying him in the minors. That would be fantastic. Let’s send Rozi & Redden to TO. Too bad you can’t send Drury along for the ride.

  73. Torts ain’t the problem and there is no one better out there for the moment. Fire Sather hire Shoney and let him wheela and deal this year. Nobody on this mess of a team should be untouchable, even though we love a couple of guys. Last night Vinny was bad, even worse and he’s entitled to a bad game was Gabby, bad passing missing shots, puck bouncing over his stick, he’s becoming a real NYR. If Hank aint great we lose and he wasn’t great. Down on his knees early, I don’t think the Pens shot low all night.

  74. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Nasty 1
    January 26th, 2010 at 10:11 am
    Stevens looks and sounds like he is a robot or something. Or he went to the Ben Stein School of Broadcasting. Man, he is god awful. I can totally see how a team would tune that guy out.

    i bet you 7 million that Drury would absolutely LOVE this guy!

  75. Lundqvist is tied with Brodeur for most appearances this season. I thought Torts wanted to cut down on his workload this year?

    The same season that there is an Olympics is probably not the optimum time for a goalie to set his career high in games played but as long as the Rangers sit agonizingly close to the playoff bubble (and with how mediocre the East is, they will), Torts will continue to drive him into the ground.

    I personally don’t believe that Lundqvist is physically affected by the heavy workload. But emotionally draining games (ie: last night) seem to take a toll on him mentally and it takes him a few games to get going again.

  76. Three things preached to us in the pre season by the MSG network:

    This team will not have trouble scoring goals.

    Kotalik is the ultimate professional.

    Brashear will prevent this team from being pushed around.

    Strike 1, 2, 3, you’re out!


  77. Anyone who thinks that changing the coach would make any differance much to this team, is not watching the team play much. Although I am not a Torts fan, I really can’t see anyone out there doing much better with this outfit. In this cap system you big money guys have to produce. You might get away with a guy droping off, but with this team almost all the big money guys are doing nothing. There has to be deeper problems than it just being a poorly put together Unit, and I use the word loosely.

  78. Orr, I don’t really understand why Torts gets as free pass here. In-game management isn’t his strong suit, he’s riding Hank into the ground and after more than half a season, he hasn’t adapted his system to fit the players he’s dealt. Most other coaches in the league would be on the chopping block in this situation. And as for accountability, Torts is just as unwilling to bench veterans as Renney was. Benching Redden once doesn’t back up Torts’ schtick at training camp that every player on the team would have to earn their spot.

  79. I don’t blame Torts

    What coach can take this team to the promised land with Redden/Rozi/Drury holding up almost 18 million in salary?

    There are many more problems than the coach

  80. Even if the collective mind of all the Boneheads were in charge, the rangers would still be just what they are.

  81. Where's Pavelich? on

    not that it matters, but the Captain will actually take home 8 mil for the next 2 yrs and 5 mil in 11-12, but the cap hit is ONLY 7 mil due to the brilliance of Slats!

  82. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    agreed NYR, but Dan has a great point.

    The entire accountability thing from camp, where it was not going to be about who makes the most money getting the most ice time, is a joke. So Kots sits, Brashear has been out (between injury and the fact that he adds nothing on the ice) Rozsival sat for what, one period, he’s made an example of Gabby twice, Redden sat for a game or two, but the mighty sleepaid captain, gets a jersey EVERY night.

    Yes, I’m sure guys are gonna come on here and say ‘well, who is going to play if you sit…. insert name here….” well, we can’t do any worse with a call up or two from the pack now can we? At least they will bring some OOMPH to the team.

  83. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i think most of us would have already sent Redden to the pack and brought up a guy or two, and Higgins would either be prucha’d or have been dealt somewhere by now.

  84. wow, really quiet today… the raw reference by the way ct!!

    I think we should be trading some of these mediocre young guys that are supposedly out “future” in deals that move a few bigger contracts and get some vet help in here with character! (and crease clearing ability).

    If i had to pick, I’d take richards over VL at this point. I like VL game better, more physical, but the length of his contract is a killer! Either would help Gabby though!

  85. Doodie machetto on

    Gaborik is worn out. He has never played this much without a rest (read: injury). Add in the heavy minutes he gets from torts and he’s just worn out.

  86. I don’t give Torts a free pass. I don’t care for tort’s coaching style at all. Some people who know a lot more about the game than I do say he’s a good coach. I personally don’t think he’s all that great. The team with or without Torts is not capable playing the caliber of hockey it has to, to be a winner. They have tied up to much money in guys that cannot produce. The lower paids guys have been the backbone of the team for the most part, and most of these guys still have a lot to learn. So they have a bright future, as long as Sather stays on the rebuilding path. They have some good young talent in NY, and some good young guys in Hartford. There is also Ranger prospects in the juniors and Universitys right now are possible future stars, so hopefully a good team is not far away. I doubt Torts will be here to see it though, I can’t see this team improving much until they get rid of the dead weight, and I doubt Torts will outlast that

  87. Rangersfan32.

    None of them that I heard.


    So you blame Torts but you say it’s not his fault (the team with or without torts is not capable playing…) and put the blame on the players, so which is it?

  88. NYRGuy,

    Thats awesome, they are in the select few that know what it means to be a Ranger, and play every night!

  89. Doodie, not to mention the mental exhaustion from being the only guy who can score — where if he scores they have a chance, if he doesn’t they don’t.

    Hockeymon, I’ll only say this about Torts (who has not done a good job by any means): You can’t judge anybody — Torts, Renney, anybody — until he has enough talent on his team to succeed. Well, maybe you can judge Muckler, Low and Trottier without that, although those guys had a lot more talent on their rosters than this guy does.

  90. My only observation from what I was able to watch (the first five minutes):

    Like I said before the game last night, you have to get the fourth line out of there when Crosby or Malkin hits the ice. It’s like Bylsma was waiting for that Rangers line to be out there so he could unleash Crosby, since, as Beninati mentioned, Crosby didn’t start the game with his line.

    Good job by Anisimov to score two goals; would not have expected that.

    Remember, free Center Ice preview today, so if you’re not interested in Red Wings-Coyotes, watch an exciting team or game for a day!

  91. I just said it does not matter if Torts is Coaching or another NHL coach, this team is not going to improve much either way.

  92. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Gabby, MDZ and Hank need a rest. We all know Hank won’t get it because every point counts in this struggle to get Dolan his one or two home playoff games. Gabby looks mentally done, he needs a couple of games off to rejuvenate. Too much is placed on those two, while we have 5 guys gliding. MDZ also needs a game or two off, maybe sit up top and see things from a different perspective. Yea, you’re gonna say I’m picking on the wrong guys, but they actually do need a little break.

  93. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    1. We have 18 million dollars in 3 guys
    2. We have no depth scoring
    3. We have terrible ownership and management.

    Can we talk about something other than the same 3 things that this blog has talked about for god knows how long? Whining isnt gonna make Redden Dreary and Rozi go away.

  94. Linda, I agree wholeheartedly, bench em. Earlier I was going to post send em down and bring up some kids, it might make it tougher on the other young guys because of the greenness of the new recruits, but then I realized ya know what? They will play 100% night in and night out, and even if they make mistakes, so do all veterans for the most part. The consistent effort will probably actually improve this team, they will be so happy to be in the NHL I don’t think we’ll see them get deflated like this team seems to. Gabby definitely needs a break, I’m sure he can’t sleep at night thinking about being stuck on this team for five years.

  95. I watched the third goal a few times on the online highlights, and while Lundqvist should have had the shot (along with being too deep, as he was on Conner’s first goal), I think Prospal should have been hustling back to the defensive end. I guess he is taught to look around and cover a man, but how often do they do that well? If he was skating hard, he had the best chance to get to that rebound first, since Staal was blocked by Crosby and Rozsival.

  96. 4Generations and only 4Cups,

    The funny thing is in NHL 10 no team will take Redden, Dreary and Rozi either.
    i was tryin to do it last night in my season! after a while i got it done. LOL

  97. In regards to Torts, you can’t place the blame on him, but the only thing that would ever keep me from saying he’s done an awful job is if Sather has effectively told him he has to play certain players, etc or he’s gone. I can’t picture Torts submitting to that but maybe after sitting behind a desk as an analyst he would. Only so many coaching jobs available, let alone an original six team which he clearly values. If it’s not orders from above what could possibly explain such a hard-nosed coach as Torts not being more aggressive about holding his players responsible? Just fear in general of losing his job? He has to be furious at some of these players, ok most of these players.

  98. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    4 Cups, what else would you have us talk about? Those 3 huge factors are why this organEYEzation is where it is,and why it will stay there for at least 2 more years unless some miracle occurs. In actuality, there is NOTHING the fans can do to change anything in regards to the team, except come here and talk about it with other fans.

  99. Staal’s been a bit of a disappointment…keep waiting for him to develop some physicality. He shows spurts of it, just is not consistent with it at all, true to his team I guess…he makes some mistakes I didn’t really imagine him making at this point. He’s not a rookie anymore. Not a veteran either…he’s still our best defenseman, not that that’s saying much

  100. Linda – I would agree with sitting Del Zotto for one or two. I feel like he has been playing well, but then I see that he such a huge minus rating. Of course, that could have to do more with the dead weight around him, but sitting him (and maybe a couple others) and bringing in another defenseman couldn’t hurt too much.

  101. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Nasty, try a vanilla shake with orange drink, not orange soda (either MCdonalds or white castle) Creamsicle in a cup..yum

  102. MDZ’s minus rating is also a result of his inexperience. Right now his upsides are his offensive abilities. His defense is definitely a work in progress. Whereas Rozsi, Redden and Girardi appear to be a work in regress

  103. ranger32
    I was able to unload them pretty easily!

    excellent point!

    what is dandenault’s deal in htfd, why hasn’t he been called up?

    thanks for your interview posts BTW!

  104. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    spider, it might be a good idea to let him watch from above for a game or two,just for perspectives sake. I have no problem with him at all, but he just looked tired during that lil intermission interview last night. Nothing wrong with having some of the guys watch from above once in a while.

  105. Watching the Rangers is like playing golf.

    With golf, you can have 16 lousy holes and get frustrated with it so bad that you want to throw your clubs in the pond. Then you have a par and a birdie and can’t wait to play golf again.

    Watching the Rangers is the same scenario.

  106. wicky229,

    I was prob tryin to get too much, i kept getting a message saying we do not want any 1 way contracts lol.

  107. At this point i really don’t care if this team makes the playoffs. That would just give Sather the opportunity to say they made the playoff another year. So if they brought up some of the young guys from Hartford, I would be all for it. Send some of the vets down, I doubt it would change the outcome for this team much anyway.

  108. rangerfan32, are you playing Be A GM mode? Redden for Jackman in St Louis is always a good trade. The Ducks usually take Drury and you can work out a deal with Columbus for Rozi (either Commodore or Klesla).

    The funny thing is that in my 2nd season of BAGM, Rozi is in the AHL.

  109. Stop with the Hank needs a rest crap. He’s 10 years younger than Broduer and fatboy has averaged 73+ games per year over the last 10 years.

    So far Broduer has played 48 of 50 games this season while Henrik has played 47 of 53. That’s what they get paid to do.

  110. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I just think that maybe discussing the future; the positive for the team that can come out of having a crappy season, the positives that have come out of this season and last, Anisimov, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, MDZ, Lundqvist. All these guys are bred Rangers. 6 guys for something to look forward to in the future, because theyre all relatively young. We steal Gaborik from Minnesota, and we have a few really bad contracts.

    f anyone doubted the Scott Gomez dump it was myself. We unloaded a speedy 2nd line center (1st line with very good sniping wingers that will cater exactly to his playmaking abilities) for a hunk of junk in Higgins who will not be a Ranger next year, For a Prospect in Ryan McDonough and for what? We signed this guy FOR FREE! He was simply a free agent! We (the fans) did not lose a single thing in regards to this trade. We dumped salary, got back a roster spot for a year, and got a potentially very good defenseman in return.

    The fact is, that if a team is even the slightest bit interested in any one of the 3 players we need to get rid of, we can. Redden could go, who knows? A friend of mine from Canada, a Habs fan said that Rozsival was once a great Dman, so if people think that, if he plays well for a stretch, it could turn out good.

    As for Drury? He needs a linemate. Not Ales “Powerplay” Kotalik, and not Jaromir Jagr. He played with Daniel Briere on the wing in Buffalo, With Tanguay or Hejduk on the wing in Colorado and god knows who he played with for the year in Calgary. He needs a quick sniper. Somebody like Petr Sykora. I’d really like the Rangers to pick up Sykora again. We need a smart, speedy sniper on our team really bad. He’d be cheap and he’d work. Captain Crutch isnt going anywhere.

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