If you can’t say something nice …


The thing that has remained consistent about the Rangers in the, oh, 31 years I’ve been around the team, is that no matter how poorly they do on the ice, no matter how much ammo they give us (me) to take them apart verbally or to scold them, there is always the other side.

And the other side is one that is all about giving and doing the right thing, and on this they have never wavered. In other words, there is always something nice to say about the Rangers.

So I want to remind you of a couple of upcoming events that benefit charities — and I’m sure you’ve seen the promos during games, etc.

One is the Casino Night, Feb. 8,  benefitting the Garden of Dreams Foundation. It’s a little costly, and it requires a jacket for the men, and minimum age of 21. But it’s pretty cool, doing some casino gambling with the tuxedo-clad Rangers dealing. Get info on the Rangers web site here.

The other is just a few days away, Thursday night’s Skate with the Greats at Rockefeller Center, where you can lace ’em up with Adam Graves, Brian Leetch, Rod Gilbert and others, and which benefits the Ronald McDonald House. If you’re not familiar with what the Ronald McDonald House does — it’s not a hamburger joint — I suggest you read up on it. It’s an amazing charity for families of seriously ill children.

You can get tickets for the Skate with the Greats event at the Ronald McDonald House web site here.

I feel like I should say now: This has been a public service announcement.

I’m headed to the Garden later on. I’ll check in pregame.

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  1. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    another game with Carp at the Garden! We could get spoiled by this doncha know.

    And yes, the Rangers have always done excellent work for the community and for charity, that you cannot take away from them.

  2. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    soooooooooo close Noah!

    that russian accented jibberish talker beat ya by a snout!

  3. Paul, I was around for a lot of that, and the thing that impressed me most was that the Rangers not only did more than any other sports team in the city, but they did it without making sure the cameras and notebooks were there. Never made it a photo op.

  4. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Very interesting Rick. Guess noone alerted the tv media whenever they were doing something.

    BANJ,sympathies on the season, but the future looks pretty good

  5. ilb2001 speaks jibberish with Russian accent on

    By a snout? Do you know how many snouts I can produce in 2 min? What’s a snout anyway? In jibberish.

  6. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    well,with big bad menacing brashear in the lineup, we should score a cavalcade of goals tonight…no??

  7. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ilb, if you can produces snouts in 2 minutes, well … uh

  8. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    BANJ, once we have a departure date for Sather and/or Dolan, they i think the gray skies will clear up.

  9. ilb2001 speaks jibberish with Russian accent on

    And since I finally read what Carp said, these two organizations have a tremendous impact on treatment outcomes and on the quality of life of those kids affected by cancer. Thank you, Rangers

  10. So not to change the topic here, cause i honestly enjoy talking about how sad our team is. LOL

    But im tryin to decide on something and could use some expert help.

    I just purchased a Brand New 1994 style rangers away jersey and am goin to have a player put on the back, should i go with.

    Messier, Graves, Richter or Matteau

  11. Linda, only the collapse of Cablevision will rid us of Dolan & Sather. As an employee of Verizon Network Creations, I will do my part to bring them down.

  12. I’m assuming Carp meant #23 Drury and not #23 Beukeboom.

    Go with #28 Larmer. He ripped a slap shot on a penalty shot and scored. What else do you need to know?

  13. Carp
    Leetch is my all time favorite ranger but i have two Leetch jerseys, and im leaning towards Graves or Matteau.

  14. RT: @ChrisBottaNHL: Bill Guerin and Alex Goligoski are out of the lineup tonight for Penguins at Rangers. 1 minute ago from Echofon

  15. New York is one of two teams (Toronto is the other) who have yet to win a game this season when they trail their opposition after two periods (0-16-2).

  16. Rangerfan Go with Joey Kocur or Tikks for that matter….If you want to look outside 1994…How about Jan Erixon?

  17. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    sally will be upset one of her SKI guys will be out of the lineup!

  18. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Carp, we need a word hall of fame here! either made up words, or amazing misspellings! we can call it the ZZzzzGregL wordtionary hall of fame!

  19. Any predictions for tonight? Will we score a goal? Will Mike Rupp score a hat trick? Will the donald turn down a fight? Will Avery be penalized for farting near Fleury?

  20. If anyone uses Simplify Media, feel free to add me and browse/stream from my iTunes, user: *streetspirit*

    if you want more info, simplifymedia.com

  21. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Will Tyler Kennedys manbearpig face inspire a Sally original?

  22. My oldest Rangers jersey is my white Leetch from 1994. I like it because the mesh is so much heavier than the ones they make today.

    A couple of weekends ago when I was playing on my town’s pond I was involved in a pick up game with half a dozen or so local kids. I asked how old they were and he said 12. I told him my jersey was older than he was.

  23. Jeez has it been busy at work today.

    Leetch is my all-time favorite Ranger. I do like the idea of going with someone like Larmer though. How about Zubov?

  24. More predictions for tonight… Will Matt Cooke have dinner before the game, or will he bite someone again tonight?

  25. From The Fourth Period…

    The Florida Panthers are believed to be in the market for a top-six forward and are reportedly interested in New York Rangers right wing Ales Kotalik.

    According to the Ottawa Sun, the Panthers are interested in acquiring Kotalik, who is making $3 million per season through 2011-12.

    Kotalik, 31, has registered eight goals and 14 assists for 22 points with the Rangers this season.

    The Miami Herald recently reported the Panthers have not yet decided which route they will take near the Mar. 3 trade deadline, but if they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, the team is expected to make a move to bolster their roster.

  26. I repeat my offer…

    ::starts car again, JFK or LaGuardia Ales?::

    I’d even buy him tickets on the Disney cruiseline if he wants to go in style.

  27. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    rangerfan..that was my dream at the beginning of the year, only it was brashear and not voros.

  28. I really do hate Tyler Kennedy’s stupid looking face..


    Honestly looks like a flying monkey from Wizard of Oz…

  29. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    that is the king of the list Mike! It’s already on the FB! i emailed greg to tell him about it so he doesnt think we’re being mean to him, he’s just so hilarious!!

    Dibockle! we should petition to have that in the websters dictionary, it is soooooooo outstanding!

  30. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao @ jibberish reigning supreme here.

    Salty, is that program strictly for phone?

  31. damn i totally forgot facebook. i havent been on it since the day i signed up for it. i gotta post some better pics too. my ex has all the pics of me on her laptop. she probably sent them to her family so they can pull a jihad on my azz

  32. Salty, is that program strictly for phone?


    I think it’s predominantly for computer to computer … but if you have an iphone you can stream to that too (i dont have one)

  33. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    thanks Salty, i just have an iTouch. but computer to computer eh? interesting

    OK, ponder this, does bettman look more like the count from sesame street, or this:


  34. (1) Tyler Kennedy looks like a Who from Whoville.

    (2) What do the Panthers’ need for a top six forward and Ales Kotalik have to do with each other?

    (3) Two other sweet jersey ideas that you won’t see around the Garden: #6 Doug Lidster (Jerry Seinfeld doppelganger) and #14 Craig MacTavish (helmetless badass).

  35. ohh and thanks ilb for having me on a line with one of my fave players ever!!. please guy id rather be put with wicky on d though. im a d man all the way. my coach had me on fwd one game and i had the speed of a shannysaurus rex. im more of a pp pointman like kotalik. no lie, im not too fast but i had an extremely hard shot and was great on d. me n wick could be the bash brothers!!

  36. #6 Doug Lidster (Jerry Seinfeld doppelganger)


    ALWAYS thought this

    How about Mike Eastwood = Jay Leno

    Alexander Karpotsev = Conan O’Brien

  37. jpg- i think AA is not at that point yet, but i think maybe he should be bumped up a line and put with gabby for a few. see if he can get his confidence back that way first. give him the best shot he has before sending him down. the whole team is going through slumps of 10-20 games so i think its his teammates more than him. he hasnt been that good no doubt, but lisin is not the type of playr AA can succeed with, and i think you put AA centering gabby and avery. why not right?

  38. Corey Hirsch?

    I always figured the best bang for the buck for a personalized jersey was Beezer.

  39. ESPN Insider Headline: Caps to Swap Semin for Kovalchuk

    If that’s all it’ll take we can send a few dudes from Chelsea down to Atlanta and have Kovalchuk up here in 15 minutes.

  40. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’ll say something nice about the NYR:

    “They’re very good to the inside of the net… they never hit it or even threaten it.”

  41. I am going to take my old approach, well not that old of an approach, but I am going back to going in to games thinking we are going to lose, so if by chance we win, I can get excited. Rather than thinking we are going to win, and then being all bummed out after we lose. Makes for a healthier lifestyle. Ha

  42. well guys n gals, im off to walgreens. had a big accident at work yesterday and got thrown 15 feet by a huge fireball that blew out from the broasters at a restaurant i was fixing!! the dumb employee didnt tell me that the oil wouldnt filter back up, so he turned the thing on and started a huge fire and the explosion freakin blew me across the room and left me with some bumps,bruises and burnt ,singed hair!! im pissed but im alive. the rangers better put in some effort tonight. i didnt get blown up for nothin!!

  43. dont know if it has been mentioned
    tonights scratches are christiansen and kotalik

    good afternoon all
    probably wount be around during the game
    everyone knows where ill be after the game, lol

    need a victory tonight!

  44. Anisimov is in a scoring slump, but he is a kid. Why oh why does Higgins never sit out? He can’t score, assist, hit, play with physicality, etc. At least Kotalik has a shot and can score. Why does Higgins get constant playing time?

  45. nasty
    very good
    got the lady doin cross overs and stopin now.
    hopefully we get some more time in next week.
    ill DM you on twitter in a few.

  46. Don’t know if you saw this, but Patrice Cormier was suspended for the rest of the QMJHL season for his vicious elbow against Mikael Tam last week. Lou Lamoriello, who owns his rights, released this statement a while ago:

    “We fully respect the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s decision regarding last week’s incident. The Devils’ organization views this situation seriously, and does not
    condone Patrice Cormier’s actions.
    “This unfortunate incident does not reflect the character of the Patrice Cormier we know. We trust that Patrice will have learned a valuable lesson that will serve him well
    when he returns to hockey as a valued player in our organization.
    “We will honor the league’s suspension, have not onsidered, and will not explore other avenues for his return this season.
    “We are pleased to hear Mikael Tam is doing well. Our thoughts are with him for a full recovery.”

  47. Maybe one day the NHL will worry about the health of their players as much as they worry about the egos of their owners.

  48. From the network billing tonight as “Crosby, Malkin and Penguins visit Rangers” (sigh)…

    Broadcasters: Joe Beninati (Play-By-Play), Darren Eliot (Analyst), Billy Jaffe (In-Game Reporter)

    Am I sick for actually being glad it’s not Emrick?


  49. That Cormier elbow is absurd. How they don’t suspend him for life is beyond me. He doesn’t even drop his shoulder or show any intention other than to elbow him directly in the face. This kid really ought to have criminal charges brought against him. He’s lucky Tam is out of the hospital and his condition improved quickly.

  50. I don’t mind Emrick at all and he’s definitely the best Versus has to offer.

    Take a drink everytime two players go for the puck in the corner, end up in a scrum and Doc says “…and they cancel.”

    What would a reasonable penalty be if Avery threw an elbow a la Cormier? The chair?

  51. only prob i have with emrick is his dorkiness. casual fans have to hear” squibbed” or forearm shiver. how about the 180 seconds left in teh tilt? maybe he takes itup a notch and goes for ” and with only 30,0000 milliseconds left, drury gets the first period gwg!!!

  52. GWG – Emerick-isms could be interpreted the same way! Doc is always saying how a player gets freight-trained! lol

  53. Carp,

    Nice job on the PSA. As much as the Rangers frustrate us, their charity work is outstanding and deserves kudos.

    Has anyone done the skate at Rockefeller? I’m actually toying with the idea and wanted to know folks experiences from a previous skate event.


  54. Hey all, I have a little note to share. Just checked out the trailer for the remake of “Clash of the Titans” and Sam Worthington looks a lot like Avery. I figured since he has been such a fighter and playing so hard, maybe he is on my mind, but what do you guys think? Look alike or no? Avery = Perseus http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi2626946073/

  55. At least I don’t have to listen to the announcers tonight! Heading home from work now to go to the game, talk to ya guys later tonight!

  56. If Sam Rosen can’t do Giants games then Emrick shouldn’t be doing Pens games because he’s from Pitt. He’s annoying as Bfuyglien to listen to anyway with his “with a drive” and “ninety hundred and ninety seven” isms. Good guy but his voice just is less pleasant than Phil Anselmo from Pantera.

    And with this Larry Brooks article today; did anyone bother to check the rules? I’m pretty sure if you’re under 25 and less than 3 years as a pro once you’ve been up for a combined 50 games then you can’t go back down without waivers.

    If you wanna send Artie and maybe Gilroy down for the Olympic break on conditioning stints, fine, but don’t mess with his head now.

    Higgins will most likely be gone by March 3rd anyways.

  57. And Meliss, i love James Cameron but his newest movie Avatar

    should be called

    Ferngully 3: Sean Avery Saves The Rainforest.

  58. haha mike! good one. it was a good movie for the big screen, but yea, the aliens reminded me more of an indian tribe rather than aliens

  59. I am not a fan of the Emerick-isms either.

    So the Pens should be as tired as Montreal was after playing the day before while the Rangers were off yesterday.

    I hope we see the Ranger team that shows some desire tonight.

    Will Girardi get booed since this is his first game at home since the Flyer game?

  60. i think girardi will get booed. but imo, booing does nothing but hurt the team. give the guy a clean slate. if he effs up then boo him. but give him a chance and the team, because booing does affect the whole team i would think.

  61. I did enjoy when Doc and JD did games together. Doc is irritating at times, but he and JD were like an all-star team of announcing.

  62. “And Meliss, i love James Cameron but his newest movie Avatar

    should be called

    Ferngully 3: Sean Avery Saves The Rainforest”

    Ferngully was definitely better than Avatar.

    And right now, Ferngully is better than Rangers hockey.

  63. the biscuit gets caught in the twine minders paraphanelia while two guys in white n black/gold jerseys jostle with a certain number 16 of the blue n red squad!

  64. Carp, you idiot do some analysis instead of this PSA garbage! ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Seriously though, Casino Night is too expensive for a college student, otherwise I’d be there.

    And LW3H, Emrick owns Beninati. “Rangers getting an infraction here as Drury gets his twig tangled up with Malkin, chance for a power-play tally!”

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Versus, the only channel where you can find exclusive rare interviews with Sidney Crosby every Monday and Tuesday evenings, with reruns every 30 minutes, between every period, and often recapped Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Thursdays during the months of the hockey season, and the evenings prior to gamenights.”


  66. MikeA, ORR, What is it Good for?, Thanks guys, for the water that shot out of my nose at my desk after reading your comments! I loved Ferngully too! Going to the game tonight, I was +500, now, not so much.

  67. i think i crossed a beninati-ism with an emrick-ism. the biscuit gets waffleboarded away, it squibbs to semin who shoots it!! backdoor bang bang!!!!

  68. A drive from Malkin, Lundqvist waffle boards it into the corner as Staal and Kennedy give chase. Into the corner they go and they cancel as the clock ticks down to the last 100 seconds of the second stanza. Behind the net and they jostle for position, puck squibs out front to Crosby AND HE SCORES.

  69. one word for u shor- “squibbed”!!! beninati may be the biggest cliche machine out there, but emricks voice is bad enough, plus he has his own goofy “isms”. although i do think emrick has a much more insightful analysis of the game

  70. Orr, at this point Bill Cosby in ballet shoes riding an ostrich saving the world from vegetarians who mind control frogs and lobsters better known as Leonard Part VI is more entertaining than Rangers hockey.

    Did anyone see the Panthers 3rd jerseys? What’s up with that?

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beninati comes off as a tool because he tries so hard to create new ‘cool’ hockey lingo. If I saw Joe M. and Joe B. in the alley, I don’t know who I’d want to punch first. They are both that annoying and add nothing to the game.

  72. Hi Guys
    Pittsboig eh? It should interesting to watch all those super stars skating around and the Rangers chasing them. Well it shouldn’t be any worse than last game. Go Rangers, go I say, Go, I say, go

  73. Walt Poddubny = Sgt Slaughter from WWF back in early 80’s
    Kelly Kisio = The head ape from Planet of the Apes
    Lucien Deblois = My weird 6th grade social studies teacher
    Sam Rosen = Benjamin Franklin on a coin with side profile
    Phil Esposito = Every mama luc from Bay Ridge

  74. haha good one ZZ. doc says stanza and bang bang beninati says frame. either way its actually entertaining listening to them now. we had so many of their “isms” on a list a cwhile back. we have to find it! we cant let the doc list get out into the open!! (mission impossible theem starts)

  75. I’ve been meaning to compile a proper list of Beninatisms for a while (we did get a good number going a while back). Might as well cover the other guy as well now. “The Verizon Wireless Emricktionary of Beninatisms with the NHL on Versus”?

    It’ll keep me amused once the Pens go 2-0 up inside five minutes anyway…

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LMAO, Frame and Stanza. Yes, both crucial words to each eloquent narration style.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Your report card posting was priceless. I still chuckle over the Joe B., Joe M. idiocy.

  78. lol lw!! we gotta create a noc list for the ranger players and management. its basically just a codename for each player. i think we got some posters like linda and mako already doing that. ohh man were talkin jibberish again.

  79. @GWG in IA – Really it’s on ice? :0

    I guess no one has done that event in the past?


    @Liquid – I always thought Doug Lidster looked like Jerry Seinfeld, and Steve Larmer looked like Imus.

  80. “Crosby winding up at center, pitchforked along by Guerin into the Staal corner where it’s retrieved by Crosby, FEEDS IT IN FRONT AND…SPIKED WIDE BY MALKIN! It snakes out to the point-Gonchar A SHOT! Waffleboarded away by Lundqvist, rebound loose and Lundqvist will get a stoppage with 100 seconds left in the first!”

    Good ol’ Doc.

  81. I’m dying laughing at you guys. So true and yet so hysterical.

    Beninati needs to stop drinking the Red Bull before games. It makes his annoying voice even more unbearable.

  82. Even Beninati’s innuendo has nothing on Giannone, whose odd obsession with depth is maddening.

    “Drury puts it softly off the boards, Callahan retrieves and goes deeper. Higgins works the puck loose, cycles and goes deeper still.”

  83. meliss, here’s my in-depth analysis…..a little bit, not a lot, but I can see what you’re talking about.

    wish I could go to the skate…and “trip” and “fall” as someone passes :) Alas, I’ll be far away….

  84. MikeA
    Emrick is not from Pittsburgh. He IS a huge Pirates fan, but he’s from Michigan. He also used to be the Rangers radio broadcaster, doing games when Marv Albert was on assignment.

  85. ok People, I am trying to finish up my day before I head over to the game tonight. I am under 500 so they better win tonight!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts I hope Perseus, I mean Avery gets a goal tonight. He sure deserves one!

  86. MikeA – I’m not certain of the waiver rules myself, but most of the time if a player has less than 160 NHL games, he can be sent up and down freely.

    If Brashear-Boyle-Voros ends up being the first line, they better be fast enough to get off of the ice if Crosby or Malkin come off of the bench. Beware of the second period.

    I won’t be around tonight since it’s a Monday night, but guess what? It’s the last Monday game of the season! Yay for me! Now for those pesky weekend afternoon games during ski season…

  87. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    You carped me. First itme for everything

    Is that other moron callign the game? Joe italian somethign or other

    you know the guy who says things like”A laser beam to the bread basket!!”


    “Gobbled up on the rebound with precision”
    “Toedrag pad save on the backdoor!!”

    I swear I dont like him all that much, and not sure he even knows what the hell he is talking aboot, but I do crack up at some of his sayings

    Ok Eveyone see you tomoorw, not watching hte game tonight, and praying to the preist Im meeting with at 7 for a little help!

    Lets go Rangers!!

  88. Emrick also used to call Flyers games with Bill Clement, as I learned from the Flyers Wikipedia page.

    Is anybody gonna catch me in the fantasy hockey league?

  89. EddieJ (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this team?) on

    Hey! X’s and O’s people. X’s and O’s!

  90. EddieJ (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this team?) on

    Get a Beukeboom jersey.I got one several years ago and never regretted it.
    In the lookalikes category. Is it me, or does Duby look a little like Seinfeld? From a distance, anyway.

  91. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Staal, how’s the finger????

    Grabby, the nickname list is up on the FB. So is the Honorary ZZzz…GregL Wordtionary Hall of Fame, and the Jibberish posts you may have missed. Add to em kids!

  92. Just chatted in the pressroom with another short-term Rangers legend, Phil Bourque. Remember, they got him because he had won a Cup in Pitt.

    It’s a Beninati game. I just saw hi with a huge box on a handcart, filled with the most idiotic cliches he could buy. IMO, his idiot-speak is much more annoying than any other announcer in hockey.

  93. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    the dumbing down of hockey on VEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRSUS

  94. Linda,
    the finger is sore especially when I type. I’m reading but trying not to type much but unfortunately thats what I’ve been doing alot of…Thanks for asking.

  95. ilb2001 speaks jibberish with Russian accent on

    I don’t know about Staal’s finger, but my finger might get broken from pressing that pill called mute button on my remote tonight.

  96. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..get a Mike Gartner jersey… one of the few things I didnt like from ’94 was that he was traded for for Glen Anderson (= Ole Andersen?)

    Mike Gartner = Rick Bayless (for you cooking show people out there!)

    “…he squirrels the puck down the back boards”

  97. I was wondering…
    Has the suckness of the Rangers changed the way you watch them. I used to sit down and watch the game. But now I’m finding that to be tough, so now I find something else to do as well…the game is on, I’m just not intently watching it like I used to.

  98. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    their ineptness sure has lessened my enthusiasm lately, and i find myself playing free games on the iTouch.

    hope it feels better soon Staal

  99. Thanks Linda

    yeah when Emrick says paraphernalia, I start getting nervous and start looking over my shoulder.
    and what the hell is with waffleboard?

  100. paraphernalia should be used only we talking about,Kevin Stevens,Murdoch,Emery,Redden,McGratton,Probert,Fluery,Sanderson I know i’m leaving sooo many out

  101. I’ll be out apartment hunting, so I may miss the first 600 seconds of the opening stanza of tonight’s tilt between Sidney Crosby and the New York Rangers on the NHL on VERSUS! Hopefully the Penguins don’t notch too many tallies against our twineminder during that portion of the frame.

  102. I was in the pool!! on

    I want the Rangers to be a seller at the trade deadline. If we are to have a mediocre team, I would rather see kids playing hard and making mistakes as opposed to a team that doesn’t get it or doesn’t care. I have tremendous pride as a Rangers FAN, all I ask is that the PLAYERS and COACHES show the same pride to the sweater as I do.

  103. Pool – agreed (if we could find anyone to buy what we’re selling). But if Sather is the one making the moves, it won’t make a difference. We need a new GM to come and properly sell for us, otherwise it will be more of the same old garbage.

  104. I was in the pool!! on

    Sather= Bobby Clarke
    The only difference is that clarke admitted he didn’t have what it takes to be a GM anymore.
    very sad situation for us.

  105. Honestly guys…How much much you give up to get Kovalchuk? Ive seen him not gettin what he wants, moneywise, in Atlanta, and he might just get traded as well as hes gonna saty in Trashtown.. I mean wouldn´t it be so much of a boost to this teams offence it would be worth dealing sangs, giradi, dubi or whatever they now want, except Staal or MDZ…To me, Kovy is the most similar player of Ovechkin there is in this league…He can score,pass, play hard, good in shootouts, competitor, shows emotions, and obviously a much better Captain and more vocal than our own Drury… You just know that a guy like this produce more or less every night…. Hes one of the most stellar players overall in the NHL the last 4-5 years…Would it be possible to get him, or do u think the other teams in hunt for him have a better chance??

  106. Emerick’s favorite word is foist, and he uses it incorrectly. (maybe its just the one that really bothers me)
    Typical Doc line: “Gionta foists it to center”

    From Websters:
    Main Entry: foist
    Pronunciation: \?fo?ist\
    Function: transitive verb
    Etymology: probably from obsolete Dutch vuisten to take into one’s hand, from Middle Dutch vuysten, from vuyst fist; akin to Old English fy?st fist
    Date: circa 1587
    1 a : to introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant b : to force another to accept especially by stealth or deceit
    2 : to pass off as genuine or worthy

  107. How would you pronounce this child’s name?


    Leah??? NO
    Lee – A??? NOPE
    Lay – a??? NO
    Lei??? Guess Again.

    This child attends a school in Kansas City, Mo. Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong. It’s pronounced “Ledasha”, when the Mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, “the dash don’t be silent.”

  108. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ROFLMAO CCCP the dash dont be silent!
    why do parents saddle their kids with the most ridiculous names?

  109. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Rick, I am saving up ALLLLLLLLL the jibberish for the game my friend!!

    Chiefs, outstanding!

  110. CCCP, I just peed myself…..I hope that family puts away more money for therapy than college. Yeesh!

    FYI, Linda, here’s hoping LBD is on fire tonight!

  111. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao laurel.

    kids with strange names like that usually don’t get past the application process for a job.

  112. Carp, nice on the Phil Borque sighting. I’m about 99% sure it was Borque that threw Mallete into the bench when Mallette tried to start a fight with him.

  113. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    laurel, exactly HOW long have you been using a computer? :-) ;-) i kid i kid

    ROF= rollin on floor

  114. Doodie machetto on

    They’re gonna get beaten tonight and it’s not gonna be pretty.

    They are just plain bad.

  115. I’d love to know how the old the kid is…..if we could follow this story, I’d put Rozi’s salary on her changing at some point in life…

  116. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    laurel, if you’re gonna be here all night LBD will definitely score… heeheehee

  117. Linda, I just can’t keep up with you kids! :)

    has nothing to do with computer. i’m too busy brushing up on my dead languages to learn new ones….

  118. more gibberish…

    The stoplight on the corner buzzes when it’s safe to cross the street. I was crossing with an intellectually challenged coworker of mine. She asked if I knew what the buzzer was for. I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red. Appalled, she responded, ‘What on earth are blind people doing driving?!’

  119. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao @ kids, you’re 2 years older than me you nut!!!

  120. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    speaking of gettin carped. ILB i am 4 or 5 up on you!

  121. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Doodie’s just a realist! they ARE bad, but we watch anyway

  122. CCCP, can you hear me cackle out loud from Westchester???

    Linda, it’s all relative…techno-wise I can hold my own, but I’m sadly, and ashamedly a lazy Luddite when it comes to a lot of stuff (right TR?)and that includes all your hep cat text language :)

  123. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao @ hep cat! awesome laurel! someone posted a link for Tony a few weeks back, maybe we need to find it for you :-) to make it easier

  124. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Shor..what’s the over under on Favre retiring and unretiring this offseason??

  125. Hey ilb, glad you’re here. meant to reach out to Chris today but got tied up. I will tomorrow, but you should too. It should be done by now…sorry it’s not. hope you get this…

  126. I guess I have to ask … who is LBD? I feel like an idiot.

    It better not be jibberish.

    CCCP, that story is another sign of the Apocalypse.

  127. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Rick, I am gonna set up a facebook account for you with one of my email addresses. It’s on the Nickname list i emailed to you though ;-)

  128. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    LBD is Avery.. it’s short for Laurels Baby Daddy

  129. Carp, go to that link I just posted again, this time for Mama, and take a look at the txt abbreviation FLUID. No jibberish.

  130. A better O/U would be how many times this spring/summer ESPN goes to Favre’s hometown to have live updates that say “Brett is throwing with high school kids! OMG he is coming back!” While of course totally ignoring the Stanley Cup Finals and NHL free agency, because dammit America wants to hear about Favre throwing slant patterns to high school kids!

  131. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Rick, has any more information been released about the dude they removed from the rafters at the wings game?

  132. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i thought in the nfl offseason, espn was all favre all the time…its been that way the past 2 years

  133. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    the anticipation for the carping is getting intense

  134. Carp, just so you know, I even just learned about LBD tonight…Linda did that, I swear, I had nothing to do with it….! but I kinda like it….

  135. ilb, FLUID … hah. But I’m pretty sure LBD isn’t on there.

    and, frankly, I’m sorry I asked.

    i must be not up to date, because i have no idea there’s a story abut somebody in the rafters at a wings game. i was watching basketball live then football (and Seinfeld) on TV all day.

  136. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    poor carp! sometimes i think we write stuff that make him want to gouge his eyes out with a dull rusty spoon.


  137. Good evening, Carp!

    I’ve missed you boneheads! Got my lucky beer right here and I’m ready to DESTROY SOME PENGUINS. Penguin Appreciation Day is over… I demand BLOOD!!!

  138. Carp, just so you know, I even just learned about LBD tonight…Linda did that, I swear, I had nothing to do with it….! but I kinda like it….

    Staal!! wtf! (see I know that)

    ilb, hey A3!

    Carp, did that list make your head hurt as much as mine?

  139. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    maybe i can do my jinx thing again, it worked on the vikings!


    WONDER TWIN POWERS……………..ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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