I don’t know what else to say. I’ve said it so many times in the last 12 months. This is what the Rangers are.

And nothing sums it up better than the following linescore.

In their last seven games, over 21 periods (not counting an overtime), the linescore looks like this:

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 3 3 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0.


Actually, I have a lot more to say. I just don’t have time to say it today. Plus it would be a lot easier to list the players who played OK in Montreal than to list those who didn’t. You can start with all six defensemen, who were putrid.

I’ll stop back later.


Here’s Larry Brooks’ story from Montreal, where Capt. Sean Avery had some interesting things to say.

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  1. # ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?! January 24th, 2010 at 2:34 am e

    Yeah, lets fire Torts, then the next coach can come in, do nothing, then we can fire him, then get a new coach, then fire him, then fire the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one….

    Then we’ll finally realize, this team is just not good enough, and no coach can take us to the promise land. This team needs a change, and it’s not the coach who has to go.

    You cant lose something that’s already lost.

    Perfectly said, Orr. Perfectly.

  2. the coach and the gm are a part of the problem, they are not innocent bystanders. And some of the players need to be sky-boxed ( prucha’d ) instead of the usual suspects.

  3. 0 goals while I have been out of the hospital! Woooo! 14 when in! I think I am going to eat some poison so I can go back in. (Once again, just kidding!)

    Glad I didn’t watch this one….sounds like it wasn’t fun!

  4. Tank the Season on

    This is THE most poorly constructed hockey team I have ever seen. What a total disgrace.

    Even if we can’t rid ourselves of Sather, I just hope that Chris Drury has the decency in the offseason to realize that he can no longer compete at an acceptable level for the contract to which he signed and as captain of the team of which he is a lifelong fan and announce his retirement in the offseason to free up some cap space to sign Patrick Marleau or do something else. I think he is suffering from post-concussion syndrome anyway and probably shouldn’t be playing at all.

  5. Avery says the team won’t compete for each other. Said that last year too.
    Drury — the team reflects their captain. His arrival destroyed the team. Statistically, physically and emotionally, he brings nothing.
    Redden — ditto.
    Jagr and Shanahan invigorated, played with passion and led. Sather dumped them.
    Avery and Lundqvist and Prospal are the only leaders the kids on this team have. And the coach is just a nutcase.

  6. Some of what Torts has done has been undoubtedly head-scratching and definitely shoulders blame. It’s easy to say fire the coach (and yes last season I thought firing Renney was the right thing). But what coach do you bring in that will actually have success with this group of mismatched parts – many unmovable because of their contracts?

  7. gregm_section403 on

    Tuned in near end of the first and saw rangers were down 1-0. Put the kiddies to bed and came back 25 minutes later to find the rangers down 3-0. So glad I went to the garage to do some tinkering with model train project and didn’t watch the rest of the debacle.

  8. Exactly, kc. It’s one thing to be a horrible GM, but the fact that he practically never deems himself worthy of communicating to the media or fans – aside from one annual cosy chat with a friendly reporter from Edmonton – is an embarrassment.

    Even if he came out and threw the players, Torts, whoever under the bus and defended every decision he’s ever made, while clearly insane, at least he would be showing some signs of life.

  9. Tank The Season on

    If the Rangers are going to make some kind of move this season they best be making it now.

  10. Carp- Any idea what the cap is going to be next year. Is it going up,down or staying the same.

    I am so sick and tired of this horrible team. There more boring then last year if thats possible. There are no trades on the horizon and Trots is at his wits end. Did I leave anything out. One word: Disgrace!!

  11. Tank, if you’re referring to “move” in the standings, this is their move: win a few. lose a few. Get some skills competition or OTL points, and be right there with the rest of the drek in the Least, fighting for seventh through 13th place right to the end.

    If you’re referring to “move” as in personnel, sorry, kid. Their hands are tied. They don’t have the resources or cap space to get anybody who’s going to make a difference. And they can’t move anybody they’d like to dump. This is it, at least until the trade deadline.

  12. Wow, ORR, you should be honored…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Carp repost somebody else! (except me once, but that’s different :)

    Happy Birthday ranger909….being first, what a gift!

  13. Don’t even care whether the coach gets fired or not. The Devils fire coaches all the time. It’s the GM who creates the team. He was lucky to get Jagr and Lundqvist and Shanahan — the team went on an upswing.
    Their success rekindled Sather’s arrogance, and he decided to change the successful team. Drury is by far the worst example of the post-Jagr Rangers — he is a disaster in every way.
    And what is the significance of Avery complaining to Larry Brooks, Tortorella’s nemesis, about the state of the team?

  14. Well Monday should be fun….can you say 10-0? Could Sam and Joe have talked about how slow Hal Gill was and now he’s lost a step a few more times…Maybe they should discuss how Blowsitall has gotten even slower than Hal Gill to put it in perspective.

  15. I bet they could move Higgens – he CAN be good, is a good age and contract — they’d get another underperforming part for him, but he is movable.

  16. “You can say it’s a lack of preparation, but that’s BS; it’s a lack of competitiveness,” Sean Avery, perhaps the Blueshirts’ best player, told The Post. “We do not play hard enough.

    “I don’t have the explanation for it. I don’t know if it’s us not holding each other accountable, or what, but it’s a total lack of respect for our fans and the organization. It’s a joke.”

    As long as the Rangers have this management and ownership NOTHING WILL CHANGE…

    I agree, Sean Avery, The Rangers are a JOKE !!!!!

  17. As long as the players don´t take management and ownership for serious, they play that way, because they know nothing negative can happen to him because Rangers are handcuffed by the cap…

    And who is responsible for this, but anyway I always repeat..

    So you guys really exspecting a team to be motivated ????

  18. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Avery will probably pay for his outspokenness .
    But good for him, maybe he’ll be moved to a contender.

  19. Speechless about sums it up.

    This team plays like a bunch of prima donnas, skating around aimlesly hoping that Gaborik will score and Lundqvist will save so they can cash their paychecks and not be bothered with this foreign thing Avery calls “competing”.

    Doesn’t seem like it can be fixed with the personnel on hand, so we are stuck with disappointment after disappointment, with a few flashes of how good things could be sprinkled on top to make things hurt all the more.

  20. Leetchhalloffame on

    When will everyone watching and covering this team realize it is Slats who has let this team down? FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Remember when Avery went after Malik in practice a few years back? I think Drury has it coming…

  22. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Avery Hank,Boyle and Voros were the only players I saw last night who actually came to play, oh and Zaba too. (Didnt look too bad)

    Sean’s words sum it up perfectly.

    And Carp couldnt agree more, Avery is the defacto captain. Drury jsut says and does nothing.

    Serioulsy, whats the enigma about why he is the captain?
    he ISNT the captain, not even an A. Jsut a player collecting his check.

    Oh well, could be worse, we could all be Oiler fans!!

  23. ThisYearsModel on

    Really……..unacceptable efforts like last night have become the norm rather than the exception. These players are not worth any of our investing our emotions in. They are mercenaries pulling down huge coin who don’t care enough to compete.

  24. I remember Messier as the Captain at the end. Not very good results. Avery as the Captain – I say who will look up to or listen to him -doubt it especially with that loud mouth and history of dumb episodes. The only guy that will listen to him is Brooks. Both are third or fourth liners!

  25. if Avery pays (again) for telling THE TRUTH, then this organEYEzation is a bigger joke than we think!! Nothing he said is false, and he’s the ONLY guy on the team to call it like it is. He’s the only one with the guts to say what WE all say. He’s got the right attitude. If other guys on this squad have one tenth of his attitude, they’d actually be fun to watch.

    The truth hurts, but I guess when you’re cashing your millions and making a mockery of the sweater, that’s ok. Say what you will about Aves, but he’s nothing if not honest on this. He loves being a Ranger. Thanks Sean, for telling it like it is, and for being a voice for so many of us here. Hell, if he gets fined for speaking out and calling out his lackluster, lazy assed teammates, let me know where to send some money to pay his fine!

  26. why is there a lack of effort? If the coach can’t get it, either he or the guys not doing it have to go. Instead the lifetime gm, maintains status quo, and the coach basically goes along. Somebody else has to get prucha benched, put the other 2 back in. I chose Higgins & AA. Call up a D man, bench Girardi.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I haven’t seen the Drury quotes yet, but if Brooks quotes him implying the effort was good enough and you guys too, then he probably said something like that. Won’t even waste my time finding them.

    I really think the problem with this team is Chris Drury’s awful personality. Jagr was a dogged winner who despised losing, even in pre-season. Drury lolligags all over the place, collects his check and goes home. A lot of the players have taken on that personality. Torts needs to hold Drury and even Gaborik accountable. Lisin is getting better chances than Gabby these days (who is shooting way wide when he has an open net). Put Gabby on second line for a game, bench Drury entirely OR take the C from him. Avery and Lundqvist are really the leaders of this team, followed by Team DJ Aaron Voros and future Captain Brandon Dubinsky.

  28. Anisimov needs to go to Hartford, his confidence is shot. there are moves to be made, there just going to take guts. they are not going to get any better by trading Higgins, Roszival, and whoever. they need to be gutsy, and check the market on Staal and Hank. you can change the whole make up and look of the team if you move those two for the right packages. otherwise is just the same old mediocre soft team.

  29. Make Hank zee Capitone ! Such emotion will last about as long as the retaliation -payback for Carcillo. By the way he had 13 goals for Phoenix and can play the game much better than Orr etc. Even if Carcillo is a middleweight he gets the job done. As I understand it if you drop your gloves and the other guy doesn’t and start fighting, that is a 5 min major. That is enough to win many low level playoff type games in this league.

  30. without trades, I would look to change the style of the team. send AA down,and waive Christensen. call up Dupont, who is a rugged type center, and call up Byers. this would change them from a soft team that relies on the goalie, and one scorer. to a team that could be tough to play against physically.

  31. Ans stop putting the gritty guys on the 3rd/4th line and mix them with skill players

    Put Voros with Dubi and Gaborik
    Put Avery with Prospal and Callahan
    Put Drury with Boyle and Kotalik (he needs to play again, I’m sure the point has been proven)
    Put Higgins with Anisimov and Lisin

    Why not? So we get shutout again, it would happen with any other lines too

  32. Doodie machetto on

    I hate brooks’ hard on for Avery. Maybe he should try a little bit to be objective instead of wearing his “I love Avery” t-shirt everyday.

    This team is terrible.

  33. I don’t see how Dubi, Cally, Voros, Avery, and Boyle can be considered any but gritty. please leave Dubi out of any soft comments.

  34. Avery said what needed to be said. it has nothing to do with brooks liking him.
    truth of the matter is it should of been said by the captain. they need to hold each other accountable.

  35. Can’t we trade Higgins for something? Montreal traded Latandresse for Pouliot, 2 guys who were playing poorly and got a spark with the trade

    Can’t we do the same? Just acquire some crappy player for him, it can’t be any worse

  36. the rangers have the softest defence in the NHL. it all starts there. the only one that plays with any attempt at physical play is MDZ.

  37. The most frustrating thing about the rangers is they are owned by the Dolan’s and little Dolan has a hard on for Sather. Ranger fans have seen this trip before and nothing will change until Sather is gone.

  38. Bulldog, agreed

    Girardi showed signs of physicality the last few years, but it has disappeared. Same with Staal.

    Is Redden seriously the 2nd most physical D-Man on the team?

  39. Before we all go anointing Avery as the true captain of this team, let’s all take a step back and think for a second. I like Avery and am very happy the Rangers got him back. I find him entertaining both on and off the ice, which I think is an opinion shared by most fans.

    I also find Avery to be one of the more media savvy players in the league. He’s trying to crossover into being more than just a hockey player, I doubt anyone would disagree with that statement.

    So when I read his quotes in the paper I always take it with a grain of salt. Avery likes to be in the media spotlight and he knows what to say, particularly to get fan support.

    I think he’s played well, with heart and continues to mature. Having said that, I don’t know that anyone on the team is rushing to play better because Sean is saying the “right” things and playing well. Let’s not forget that he has been disliked in every locker room he’s ever been in, including the Rangers’.

    I have no problem with Avery developing into a leader but I’m not ready to crown him with the “true” captain label after a quarter of the season of doing the right thing. In my mind that’s Lundqvist, who has been saying and doing what needs to be done for years.

  40. JJP, they don’t seen to listen to Hank either, and he’s the guy with the biggest axe to grind. I don’t mind Avery stepping up when the captain of the team, Drury, doesnt spout off anything but the company line. Just because Avery has been disliked in every lockerroom doesn’t mean he’s not speaking the truth. Avery and Hank called that players only meeting, NOT Drury. Then avery had another one after that. Has Drury called a player only meeting? Has he done anything but say the same 5 lines over and over and over again? Whoever said his personality is a cancer earlier is right.

    We all watch this team play every night, we all have said many times what Avery said yesterday. If there are people in that room that don’t want to hear the truth because of who the person telling it is, we’re in a bigger mess that I thought.

  41. I have a problem with the excuses that the team only needs to play harder or care more or some such excuse.

    They need people that can play. When they put a guy like Christensen on the top line that ought to tell you something. They’ve got a bunch of mediocre or worse talent and a couple of good players mixed in.

    There is no quick fix. It won’t happen at the trade deadline. It won’t happen by Torts yelling at the team. It won’t happen by giving the captaincy to another player. They need guys that can play. After all, if I get out there to play, Torts can yell until his larynx explodes. It won’t make me a better player.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hate your “I Hate Avery” t-shirt. You’ve been wearing it for 3 years and the pits are starting to stink it up a little. Avery was right. Avery said what needed to be said. AND, Avery is one of this team’s leaders. He may be the only leader NOT named Lundqvist. You deal with it, sautee’d crow don’t taste good, but Avery cooked up a nice dish for you this year… heck, Avery’s been a winner in NY every year he’s here and this year he’s not winning so what does he do? Steps up and leads. Says something about him. Love him, or hate him, he’s good for this team.

  43. Not trading Hank, but I would trade Staal in a second if we could get a a young center and a young physical d-man in return. Sorry, Staal is not that player.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “It’s fine if you compete and get beat, but to play this way . . . that’s not what it’s like to be a Ranger.”
    -Captain Sean Avery

  45. czechthemout!!! on

    I have not commented much on this blog at all this season but after watching the last 7 games (of which we’ve only won two) I felt I needed to vent a little.

    -Torts IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!!
    He has to put up with mostly soft players both mentally and physically who are either unwilling or incapable of playing his hard style of game.

    -Drury NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!
    He cannot make a pass. He can’t accept a pass. He can’t shoot. He does not take the body. And he is a very poor leader!

    -Sather IS THE PROBLEM!!!
    Players like Blowzy,DRedden,Krapolik,Brashit,Dreary,Voros count for $24,000,000!!!!!!!!! Just incredible!!

    These players all have to be waived cut or traded. It is just unbelievable how Sather can get away with this tyoe of mis management.

    It was embarassing to watch Lundquist get run at game after game and no response.

    It was even more depressing watching a bumb like Carcillo beat the crap out of Gaborik with no response from anyone until Avery finally got him in the third. It is no surprise than that is now becoming the strategy of almost every coach in the league. Run Lundquist,beat up Gaby, go after Prospal ETC if you want to beat the Rangers.

    GIrardi is a P—–y!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He epitomizes the softness of this team!

    They will not stick up for each other and will go nowhere. And Sather is responsible for this mess!!

  46. I’m sick of hearing the same crap over and over…it’s always the same excuses/reasoning ever other game…eventually they just need to shut up and do it

  47. It’s going to be tough to trade because alot of teams don’t have the cap room to take on a player without giving anything up…that’s why this Kovy sweepstakes should be pretty interesting

    I think Ray Whitney would be a good addition if we could send Higgins the other way with some C-level Minor leaguer or a late pick

  48. I have not been posted on this blog in a looooong time. But I feel it is time to say something and maybe one of you can tell me I’m nuts or wrong or some sort of explanation.

    I love the idea of sending Redden/Rozy/Drury all to the minors and eating their contracts. Do the Rangers just not do this for fear of backlash from future FA’s? Do they just not have the $$ to eat the contracts (I doubt that)?

    One word: Jagr! Pay his fee from he KHL and bring his ass back! That would be a good way to add a small bit of scoring. (who here wouldn’t eat drurys contract for a shot at Jagr back?)

    How is it that since the days of Jeff Beukeboom have the Rangers not had one BIG Dman? Maybe Kasparaitis, but he was not BIG he was just a pest. I would ship Rozy and Redden to the minors, to Siberia orto any team for a shiny object(haha).

    Is there no one in the minors thats the Beukeboom type? 6ft5 230? Cuz if we have one… of God help me 2… CALL THEM UP! READY OR NOT! TRIAL BY FIRE! Let them just throw their weight around and battle!!!

    Once again, if I am being stupid… just let me know!

  49. Doodie, if there was a I love Sean Avery shirt you might be surprised how many of us would be wearing them as well, I’d have trouble wearing it, probably frame it and hang it above my mantle. Trading Hank would be the worst idea imaginable, who cares what you get back, it starts with goaltending and great ones are hard to find

  50. PSU…Drury can’t go to Hartford, No Movement Clause

    As far as Jagr, I think it would be awesome. Why not?

  51. CHRIS

    Not many teams want to rent him for 3 years.


    Happy birthday broseph.


    Since i got my laptop, ive been downloading nonstop, trying to replace my dvd collection, and that’s causing me to lag, so i haven’t been playing lately.

  52. I dislike Brooks, but I’ve always loved how he loves Avery, if I was the beat writer for the Rangers Avery would have been the only thing I’d been writing about for the last week

  53. Olga Folkyerself on


    My opinion has not changed since before training camp began. (look it up!)I’m surprised it took some of you 1/2 a season to get to this point. Here’s another impossible task:


    Since he can’t be moved off the team, strip the “C” and bench him until he WANTS to leave.

  54. J JUST

    E END

    T THE



  55. In two years we’re free of Drury and Rozsi with only Redden remaining of the albatross’. 12million dollars with gabby and hank still on the team could make a real difference as long as sather doesnt blow it

  56. is anyone watching pensflyers?

    uh, circumsizedhead and buster brown, dubinsky was held up behing the net by a ref and a flyer…dont say its too little too late, if he was free,he would have jumped in.

  57. I’d love to see Avery the captain of this team. He’s the only one who stood up to Carcillo in Philly after mugging Gabby the other night. Avery has the HEART to be the captain. Not Captain Klunk.

  58. Just my 2 cents, but someone mentioned something about Torts not having the right players for his “system” and said that he is a good coach. Well although I had high hopes for him coming into the season, he gets the worst grade of the entire team for the season. A good coach in the salary cap era doesn’t have a “system”, a good coach knows how to use his personnel to maximize their efforts and potential, one that can adapt to the bodies he is given. Torts is not capable of understanding this concept, he is trying to put a trapezoid into a round hole.
    Sather handicapped this team, but Torts is stomping on any potential success we could have and any spirit we may have had.
    Again…. just my 2 cents !!

  59. Avery has done more to lead this team in the last few games than Capt. Crutch has done in his entire time here.
    This organization is totally stale from Dolan on down
    Sather is an absolute disgrace.

  60. Sean Avery:

    “We do not play hard enough…I don’t have the explanation for it. I don’t know if it’s us not holding each other accountable, or what, but it’s a total lack of respect for our fans and the organization. It’s a joke.”

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re just jealous that Drury’s been online chatting with hot babes all day.

    Little does Drury know, it’s just Michelletti.

  62. Lets face it Avery will not be the captain of the Rangers any time soon. As far as it goes Avery didn’t play like a super star last night either. I have been saying this team is not very good, and the team continues to show us it’s not very good. I have to ask myself why do I expect anything from this group. It may be the occasional good game they have. I guess its like Charley Brown and lucy with the football thing. I think now they got it, they won’t do that again. Then they do. I hate to give up on them, but they have made a fool of me so many times, I should.

  63. I think the whole letter thing is overblown.
    If you’re a leader you will lead.
    What if Messier was on this team? Would his impact be that different if he was or wasn’t the “C”?

  64. Sit Dury, Redden, Rozsival, Higgens,Voros & Brashear = Go to the Wolfpack & bring up kids that want to play & will give their all= Tort’s show some real balls & get it done

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hartnell goes after Malkin and the whole Pitt team converges on Hartnell.

    Rangers: Take note.
    Torts: Coaching opportunity.
    Sather: Get Lost!

  66. I’m selling the rest of my package tickets for the year & not going to re-up next year unless Sather & the Dolans go. The entire organization except for a few players don’t give a shattenkirk about their team & their fans. I can also get two beers for the price of one MSG beer at my local pub.

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I believe that Little League picture has been photoshopped or is a complete fraud. Where is his mouthguard?!

  68. You guys and your links are cracking me….

    True Fans…phew! I’m glad to took the time to read Aves’ comments, and I embrace your follow-up posts….for a moment there I was getting ready to pounce :)

  69. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    If only we waited a few summers for some good free agents, we could have signed Chara, Cammalleri and Gaborik and walk away. But naw, since we couldnt land Campbell, we sign Redden and since Orpik wants to go win a stanley cup with a winner (which he did!) we sign Rozsival for a long ass time. I’m glad that i have a class from 6-9pm this semester. It lessens the pain of watching what was once a prospectively good franchise.

    They pissed all the hope away when they traded Dawes, Kalinin and Prucha to the Coyotes. Now look who’s a good player in CGY and PHX? Oh! Dawes and Prucha! And Prucha is on the first line!

    At least we’re all not Leafs fans that traded 2 first round picks in a row for a guy that does not equate to a first overall pick.

  70. Avery is in the locker room and obviously knows what the problem is. And he’s friends with Lundqvist. And they both know what a team is supposed to be like — these effort problems didn’t exist under Jagr, Shanahan and Straka.
    It’s very dangerous to the young players when veterans don’t care or seem to not care. And when the coach is so menacing, it is not a good atmosphere for young players either. Something has to change. But Sather’s style is to just avoid problems.
    Where are Schoenfeld and Messier? They can’t talk to the media either? Tortorella obviously has anger issues, but no one else in management is capable of taking the heat? Pathetic.

  71. i suppose Torts is as “menacing” (great word) as he is BECAUSE he’s stuck with several vets who just dont care. He knows there is noone there to mentor the young guys, and that they are on their own. Schoenfeld needs to stage a coup d’etat and take over if there is to be ANY hope for this franchise the next 2 years.

  72. Blueshirt in Paris on

    To all that say torts has lost the team, yup you are right. He is asking them (most likely in a colorful way) to play hard and compete. And a good chunk of them are not listening. So yeah he lost team. So of course to most logical thing is to get rid of the coach and get one in that wont demand that type of play…puhlese!!!

    Again I cringe, not at the horrible play and lack of heart by Redden Rozival and now Giradi, i am numb to that already. I cringe at what this is teaching MDZ Gilroy and to some extent Staal.

  73. lmao 909, you sound like my fiancee. hey did you ever get that work out thing you were gonna order? i was wondering if it actually was working for you.

  74. not worried just yet ORR,their defense is playing just fine! Feely’s miss was odd, hopefully that is the ONLY problem he has today or I’ll be calling him Kaeding!!

  75. lol linda the jets still gonna lose though!!! go giants!!!!!!!! sry linda. i hate the jets, but at least a ny team is in the plkayoffs so i can keep talkin smack to these hicks. giants win in 07, yankees win in 09, maybe jets in 10?? doubt it but its still better than the rangers bs.

    p.s. best thing from last night was greg using the word and i quote ” dibockle” to express his frustration for the game!! dibockle!! lmao!!

  76. i gotta keep the faith. gluttons for punishment. i also like the giants and colts, but always jets first.

    greg is hilarious!

  77. hey guys did u read the comments on lb’s article? theres a poster named fran who likes to take shots at us over here. trying to rain on our fun little parade by saying we talk gibberish and we dont talka bout hockey that much. we usually talk about immature stuff. really??? we cant have some fun here? we gotta stick to x’s and o’s and the same crap everyone talks about everyday?? hate people like that

  78. Grabby- dibockle! pissed my pants when I saw that last night

    What part of Iowa are you in? Mother’s from Gilbertville- little north of Cedar Rapids.


  79. what i would like to say
    Cap’n Sean
    and his rove of skating pirates
    hungry and searching for
    goals Goals GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!

    but seriously,
    sad that Drury is the captain simply because
    he may “lead” with how he conducts himself
    professionally in the locker room or stuff like that
    but that’s not what a team NEEDS and it’s certainly
    NOT what this team NEEDS.

  80. i bet you its one of those people that come here only after losses and complain about everything over here. some people take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

  81. captain dreary on

    the first Montreal goal was a microcosm of what ails the Rangers. Drury loses the faceoff and then Rosival is beaten to the net by his man, Gomez

    that is so typical of the crap that Ranger fans have to put up with from these overpaid bums with the toxic contracts.

    as long as Dreary, Blowsival, and Dreddlocks are Rangers, you can kiss any chance of a decent team goodbye. not only do they play like slow, inept floaters, but they also prevent any possible addition of quality new players because of their cap hits.

    Sather made one good signing out of 5. that is about typical for his personnel moves as a GM. about 20% good, and 80% bad. he needs to be put out to pasture.

  82. i think this organization should cut its losses, buy out drury and redden, take the cap hits of $5 mil + for the next 5 years, just develop players and be a bottom feeder for the next few years.

  83. hey, i’ll hold off my dislike for the jets for now cuz i do wanna see a ny team win. but just cuz its football. or baseball. id be cool if the mets ever won again too. but when it comes to hockey, only rangers baby!! yankees,giants,knicks n rangers. but hockey i am so much more loyal to my blueshirts. and guys, lts not kill the team while theyre down. they’ll be better days in rangerland. we all knew this season was a stepping stone and there would be bumps, even ones as big as sathers roids, but we gotta rally guysn girlies!! rally around the blue!!! fire up msg on monday and let them know we arent gonna give up on them!! why not right? eff it!1 cheer em on!!

  84. im all for that grabby, if it looked to me as if THEY didnt give up. they get one goal scored on them and they go into a shell, another goal or two and it almost looks like total collapse or total disinterest. sigh.

    stupid penalty jets

  85. im going to the game on wednesday. thank god the tix were free. hoping for one of those freak ranger blowout wins vs. carolina.

  86. ORR!!!

    there’s a Messier and Gary Coleman pic?!?!?!?!!?!

    if so, you must post it. that could be new wall paper
    and if i have the time and the technology
    when the computer goes into screen saver mode
    i could set it up with the heads moving from one body to the other!!

  87. dd- im in newton iowa. 30 miles east of des moines. i know cedar rapids is a couple hours away north of newton. its a pretty small town but for iowa its average. about 15-20,000 hicks here. the kids are dopes here. they totally dress like bums. they have no style. they dont wash their cars here!! they wait for it to rain. no joke this is like a 3rd world country compared to ny. im not sayin this about iowa as a state, i just mean newton. so dont take offense to what i said. ive been to des moines and its much better. they actually have a nice city there. its jut they dont pay their bills and both the iowa stars and iowa chops teams had to leave because wells fargo arena doesnt pay their bills to the stars and ducks. so now i cant watch any ahl games.

    linda- ya boys d is lookin good today!!. still close but theyve gotten out of 2 close calls at their own goal.

  88. captain dreary on

    Avery shows more leadership than Dreary. it was Avery and Henrik who called the team meeting a while back, and it is Avery now calling out his teammates

    meanwhile, cap’n little league continues to chew his mouthpiece, and spout his postgame platitudes in a whisper. I guess we should call him the horse—- whisperer

  89. Funny, I saw “fran’s” post and almost brought it up myself.
    But you know what – there IS plenty of “jibberish” here and that is not necessarily a bad thing. And it it does not mean we are any less insightful, knowledgeable or most importantly – PASSIONATE.

  90. and to stay along the lines of jibberish

    Shor, even though you’re not here at the moment..

    Rex Ryan looks like he ate fudgie the whale!

    Now, to be serious, in regards to the jibberish…

    if there were rules that this blog was just an x’s and o’s thing, and debating wished for line combinations, and a bunch of guys trying to sound smarter than the next guy and telling people you don’t know a damned thing because you didnt play the game, would a lot of us spend as much time here as we do?

  91. But they BELIEVE – one of the things I love most about sports is what can be accomplished when a team believes.

  92. the rangers need a Mark Sanchez type player.. young, energetic, full of heart, charismatic, and will do anything for the team.

  93. do i have a couple of peanuts, or no? do i let the man come downstairs and watch the 2nd half, or no?

    NO NO NO!!!

  94. he came down earlier and the colts got their td… i’m looking at him like GET OUTTA HERE you’re bad luck (he’s from Indiana)

  95. Trade coming in the next 3 days I can smell it. Hope it’s big and a Cap reducer,probably not though.

  96. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    WOW!! I’ve missed waay too much to comment on posts, so the guys sucked. There is no reason higgy or lisin is in the line up and AA kinda looks like maybe he needs some time in htfd!

    Read on spectors that the panthers may be interested in kotalik…ummm DO IT!!!

    I love the way we did not go after lappy this past summer and he is on PK and everything in philly…but why would we want a team guy that fights and sticks up for teammates and can play in all situations, that would be stupid!!!

    For every person here that gets on drury for being an overglorified and overpaid fourth liner better be saying the same damn thing about higgy (not as overpaid, but serioulsy overpaid). If he isn’t scoring he should be standing up for his mates and dropping them or out you go!!

    It is time for this team to start unloading some young guys with debateable NHL futures along with a salary to get some vets in here with character and courage!!

  97. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    btw, happy bd 909

    that’s what that smell was. I thought it was the majority of our rosters pants (not hank or aves or boyle or voros) after they soiled them getting bullied by those big bad hockey players from montreal!

    one last thing, for those of you who keep saying rozy and redden have infected the other d men rozy has! I wish the rest would stand up for their teammates like redden, he is by no means a great d man and i would like to see him and his salary gone, but i’d take his heart over the rest back there (except mdz).

  98. What a depressing day. Another day, another shutout. We all know and say what we want to happen with this team. Getting rid of Drury, Rozi, Redden, & especially Sather. But the fact of the matter is, is that most likely NONE of these things is going to happen. Rozi may be possible in a trade, but even that’s far-fetched.

    I honestly just see no hope in the short term for this team. Until those contracts are gone, and Sather is finally gone, realistically what can we do?

  99. all we can do is commiserate with each other and help keep each other from going crazy over the next couple of years.

  100. saw this in post article in comments


    01/24/2010 1:16 PM

    On reading these posts I find that ALL of them contain the germ of truth and proper perspective and superb analysis that has become the hall mark of this blog.

    Rangers Report gets a big play and a host of input…but most of it is silly almost adolescent chit chat about nothing in particular…moreover most of it, if put into verbal communication would be gibberish.

  101. Good evening, Carp! Sorry to hear about your friend leaving the journal. That blows.

    On a positive note, I’m really glad I missed those last two games. I was busy drinking beer with nuns. Phew.

  102. Tell Fran we’re sorry that we don’t have film sessions here or have “analysis,” (leave that to the geniuses on VS.) we bring the funny, mothatrucker!

    Linda, Rex looks like he ate his fair share of Fudgie the Whales along the way. Good season by the Jets though, something to build on and be positive about, unlike at the Garden.

  103. Thanks Shor. Hope Sanchez learned a lot this year. He could be really good. Would be nice if they had a veteran mentor for him. There is going to be pretty decent expectations for them next season.

    And Rick, I am sorry I am not as sophisticated and analytical as those guys over at the post. I didn’t realize that, in order to post on a blog, you were not allowed to inject personality and a bit of humor. I’m glad my life isnt as empty as all the ‘smarter than you, holier than thou’ posters.

  104. interesting

    What you bring here is not *interesting* to any of us! You don’t add anything to the conversation… you only b!tch and moan like the hooker who just blew someone and didn’t get paid…

    Go fork yourself.

  105. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I miss the horn of the riddermark, after the vikings score. You rooting for your boys grabby?

  106. Here is a quote from the Brooks report-Sean Avery ,perhaps the Blueshirts best player – now, that is what I call objective reporting. Perhaps Larry may be a little too close to him. What do you think??

  107. From the Wiki Encyclopedia-
    (I think he may be an exec with Flyers now -not sure)

    David James “Brownie” Brown (born October 12, 1962, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey right winger. He was primarily known as a fighter as he lacked the skills to regularly fill other roles in the NHL. However, Dave Brown was very successful in his role as an enforcer and was widely regarded as one of the most feared players in the league due to his intimidating presence and fighting skills. In 1987, while a player for the Philadelphia Flyers, he was suspended for 15 games for cross-checking then-New York Rangers forward Tomas Sandstrom breaking his jaw and sustaining a concussion.
    Tomas Sandstrom –
    A power forward, he was effective when healthy but his career was marred by injuries due to his physical style of play, particularly after a 1988 fight that left him with a scratched cornea and broken cheekbone

    NHL now has a rule change -Now we have a 5 minute major if
    an enforcer or anybody drops the gloves ,fights and the other guy doesn’t drop his gloves and fight.

    I think Brooks and Carp want to go back to the old days.

  108. Interesting, keep this link handy. I’d suggest you tatoo it on whichever part if your body has the best visibilty. From your contribution to this place I gather you’ll be using it more than drinking water. It’s not nearly a complete list, but it will get you by.

  109. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    you kill me bro, LMFAO!!

    I did not know I had an encyclopedia!!

  110. No capicse. But thanks for the good wishes.

    I love it when those other sites mock this site. Go play with your four friends and debate whether Boyle should be playing with Kotalik.

  111. No. I have a better one for you . Check NY Times online. I spotted Joe Lapointe at the Vikings New Orleans game. You should be down there also.

  112. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    oh no, favre is hurt! The earth will now deter off its axis and we will have 40 days of darkness

  113. my head is still spinning from there.
    there are so many things i can say about that photo…from Messier’s hand behind Gary like a ventriloquist dummy to barely there steam room towel to the bottle of beer to…..
    hope that’s enough analysis of that pic.
    just waiting for the nightmares tonight. thanks.


  114. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    great analysis jpg!

    lmao no wicky, but whenever the 2nd coming gets hurt, the announcers make it sound like the end of the world.

  115. You’re on football already? I finished watching both Rangers games a few hours ago so I’m still pretty nauseous. I gather you have no desire to recap. Makes it two of us.

  116. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    when you have the time ilb, you can read all of our amazingly analytical jibberish on the previous posts! Riveting really.

  117. not watching the game……..work, as $#$@#$* usual
    so i’m not watching the game
    hope the Vikings win
    only because i want the Prince “Purple and Gold” song
    to catch on.

  118. I’m sure it was enchanting, your comments, that is. One of those times when I wished my DVR was broken.

  119. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ilb, from now on the gentleman have to wear velvet smoking jackets and have a glass of cognac when they post ;-)

  120. Bert, were you saying I should be in N.O.?

    Joe Lapointe is leaving the Times right after the Super Bowl … which I no longer have to worry about attending with the fall of the Mighty Jets.

    Harry, give me a hint, bro.

  121. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    sigh poor Jets…but hey,they made it where NOONE thought they’d wind up. Gotta be optimistic about the future.

  122. Linda- no jeans or vodka?! Screw this!

    Carp- No jibberish? Does Russian profanity count?
    I guess I should go back and scroll through the last few days. Can someone spare me tha pain? Please? I just watched two DVR’ed games. Back to back. Mercy, anyone?

  123. Leetchhalloffame on

    I know it will fall on deaf ears, but it’s time to start up the “FIRE SATHER” chant at the Garden again.

  124. Linda

    that would be so cool!!!
    until then i’ll stick with sweats and beer or wine….whatever’s handy.

    okay, back to work.

  125. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    just forget they ever happened and pick up tomorrow ilb.
    highlights are:

    – we determined that Rex Ryan ate fudgie the whale
    – avery was elected defacto captain, picture on the fb
    – this place is kind quiet when you, Mako, CCCP and Sally are off doing things with the fleshy people
    – Shor has a great sense of humor
    – and we are not real fans because we talk jibberish

  126. Sorry Lin, you must be in some serious pain right now, with the last two NY sports games you watched.

    Lol, at least you’re not a Knicks fan as well. They lost by 50 today, haha.

    This is why i follow one sport. I don’t get as angry as a would if i were into all 4 sports.

  127. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    yea, i take a pass on the basketball! i got 3 heartbreaks, i need a lil vacation now and then!

  128. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    it could be worse, you could be like the wickys and be raiders fans and france fans in futbol as well as ranger fans…and quebec city has no NHL team!!!

  129. Linda, thanks. Thought so. I like jibberish, it’s a language of boneheads! We are not robots! Wait till you hear how it sounds with some Russian accent!

    I’ll tell you. I’m kinda glad I watched these games back-to-back. I think they are closely related. That Gaborik- Carcillo fiasco totally lingered over to Montreal game. The players were not together. I hope it doesn’t last. I didn’t see Torts-Brooks pissing contest part 2, but him not saying yes, someone should’ve jumped in, doesn’t help either.
    I’m sure somebody brought up Matt Bradley on the blog, did you?

  130. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    a few people brought up Matt Bradley.

    yes ilb, we were all out of our minds disgusted thursday night and friday. tomorrow is the penguins on versus, should be a stellar night on the blog!! :-)

  131. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    OH MY GAWD! I just told my man i was jinxing the vikings , i gave em the horns and chanted mola ram suda ram…AND INTERCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    yes, i rule! damnit i shoulda done that to the colts!!

  133. Well I miss Jagr. I don’t care what anyone says about his time in Pitt or Wash, he really cared about the Rangers and about winning. Since he “left” I don’t think the team really has a complete identity. Nobody now can grab the team, put it on their back, stick their fat ass out and take charge. So he couldn’t do it every game, at least he could sometimes. More than we got now.

    As much as Avery is a stand up guy, your team will be as good as its leader(s). Our inner circle is Hank, Avery, Voros, and Dubinsky. Gaborik might now have an in with them because he fought. Then there’s the other group like Drury, Callahan, Girardi, Staal, EC…the nice guys. We could really use some jerks…you know, the Carcillo’s, Hartnell’s, or even some flat out rough and tumble Chris Neils.

    There’s honestly nobody on this team that I want as captain right now.

  134. Evening folks.

    Linda and all, sorry to hear about your Jets. They had a heck of a run though and have a bright future.

    Saints/Vikings has been ridiculously good.

    Rangers- I’m so ‘meh’ about them right now. I just hope they show up and work tomorrow against Cindy, since they have almost no shot of winning.

  135. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao, when buck was saying he would chew on that for a while, all i could thing of was drurys mouthpiece!

  136. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao ORR, there is definitely something wrong with the mindset of boneheads!

  137. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    thanks mickey


    damn these guys cannot convert

  138. Thank goodness that I decided to get head last nights instead of watching Roszvival give Redden head during the loss …

  139. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Shor, i just consulted the all seeing all knowing prognosticaotr, the magic 8 ball on your statement, and it said ABSOLUTELY.

  140. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    prognosticator, for the grammar, spelling, and punctuation police

  141. I predict that Favre will retired tonight … only to return to the Vikings one day before their first 2010 regular season game …

    He will then lead them TO the Super Bowl … only to drink a six-pack during halftime and make 7 picks in the 2nd half

  142. C’mon, guys, don’t have any fun here. We have to be more like the other blogs. So who do you think should play with Christensen next game?

    Hey. Miami’s back!

    Good evening, Sally!

  143. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    well, he should actually sit so brashear can return to the lineup. Brashear should be on the line with Gabby this way noone will mess with #10. because we all know he promised nothing would happen to gaborik if he was on the ice.

  144. CARP,
    Are you ever going to include “Bush-League” in one of your blog headlines … as an homage to me?

    I mean, it’s easy to include it these days .. with the Rangers play so … well, bush-league-style …

  145. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Brashear has earned time on the first line NYRGuy! he’s no showman, and he instills fear

  146. I think you may be right Linda…everytime Brash steps onto the ice, Crosby is going to look like he wants to run out of the Garden! 20 minutes a game minimum for Brash! I mean ,he said he deserves it right? lol

  147. Islanders want a LW…we want a backup goalie

    Can’t we deal Higgins for Biron.

    It would make the Islanders worse!

  148. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    lmao,we’d do that,and we’d have biron in net the next time we play the isles and scooby would probably get a natural freakin hattrick!

  149. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    brashear will be a game changer tomorrow! mark my woids!

  150. Wake Dolan from his corporate coma and fire Sather already. Torts can yell at Larry Brooks all he wants but it still won’t change the collection of selfish pussies that he has now.

    EVERYBODY BETTER BOO NEXT GAME, especially Girardi!

  151. Wake Dolan from his corporate coma and fire Sather already. Torts can yell at Larry Brooks all he wants but it still won’t change the collection of selfish pussies that he has now.

    EVERYBODY BETTER BOO NEXT GAME, especially Girardi!

  152. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    dont know yet NYR, we’re just having fun with being called the jibberish blog.

  153. Lol

    I wouldn’t mind seeing that Avery Boyle Voros line get 3rd line minutes and have Anisimov Brashear Kotalik as the 4th line.

    It’s not like Higgins and Lisin do anything anyway lol.

    Ideally I’d like to have Lisin in for Brashear, but I’m just thinking realistically

  154. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    well, after the last 2 games, i truly think at least kotalik may be back in the lineup, and it will probably be for AA.

  155. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    ok men, and ladies if anyone’s here…

    have a good night, and a great monday!

  156. You too Linda! I’ll be on here in the morning and later tomorrrow night, hopefully I’ll bring some luck to the Rangers!

  157. Anybody see what’s going on with Jack Johnson and Dean Lombardi ?

    Lombardi pretty much said he’s not that great of a hockey player because he played at Michigan, and he said the Michigan coach is bad, and lets them do what ever they want.

    I smell a trade coming. Johnson, Simmonds, Hickey, Two 1st round picks to the Thrashers for Kovy.

    Boom !

  158. I tried to say this earlier, but it didn’t get through:

    I wonder what happened to Girardi’s toughness since he seemed to have some in that game against Philly when there was a line brawl and he tried to fight Ricahrds. I would agree with sending Anisimov down and possibly bringing up Grachev in his place to try to provide a spark. Kotalik needs to get back in the lineup in place of Kotalik.

  159. Good night all. Now remember, tomorrow we’re not going to talk about anything but line combinations. No fooling around. No jibberish. No Bonehead comments. No fun.

  160. hey… why not eat reddens contract and sign Kyle McLaren… he’s still a FA right? That would be a nice big tough guy to throw into the lineup!

  161. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Mayhem in NY Monday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dam jibberish…I cyfer through all the jibberish and crap and I get LOADESSS of information on here FRAN “theMan”….interesting statement made on another blog.

    Rangers play boring..so we talk Seifeld..so what?…we do what we do as Ranger fan to stay sain.

    Thanks for the email linda , im getting to it right now.

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Mayhem in NY Monday!!! " … says Greg L. on


    909 ya on all the time;
    ya say some words ,ya even ryme

    on the blog ,or on a jog
    Ya say what ya feel and to us it no big deal.

    You ARE OLDER , now your age will soar:
    pritty soon you’ll be as old as bonehead ORR.

  163. Grachev is no where near being ready for a call-up.

    Dupont is concussion prone.

    The players you want are Jordan Owens and Byers.

  164. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    weise or soryal.

    Isn’t mclaren the one who rearranged zednik’s face with an elbow when he was with boston and zednik was with mtl??

  165. Toe-wicky:

    In the 2002 playoffs, McLaren injured Richard Zednik of the Montreal Canadiens with an elbow to the face. This prompted many to condemn the violence of the hit, and Montreal fans became enraged at McLaren for what they perceived to be a use of unnecessary excessive force towards Zednik. The event created a dislike for the then Bruins defenceman that endures to this day. McLaren received a three-game suspension from the league.

    Could have jumped in and saved gabs… I know he was hurt last year (knee I think) but thats a great way to add some toughness to a blue line that lacks it… give him a shot, what do we have to lose?

    Hell, I’m willing to try anything that involves getting bigger and stronger!

  166. EddieJ (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this team?) on

    Hey, wait a minute! Had I known that jibberish was being spoken here, I wouldn’t have spent all this time the last few months reading this blog! You boneheads TRICKED me!

    Seriously, to any outsider who may be reading: That is what makes this blog so great. Everyone shares a love for the Rangers and a love for each other by sharing some of their personal lives as well. Pretty safe to say that almost everyone who participates here truly cares for the other boneheads on the blog. We’re like one big happy (or unhappy- depending on if the Rangers win) family.

  167. paulieplatypus on

    Hey, any chance some of you boneheads out their could be a little more patient with Sather for the next year & a half – maybe two years? Is it possible to accept the fact that their will be growing pains from playing all the young talent that will be shaping our roster for many years to come. Can we maybe deal with having to depend on Lundqvist a bit more than we ought too inorder to squeek into the playoffs this year and next – like we’ve done every year since the lockout ended? Because the rebuliding process Slats has been working on since the stoppage is really starting to take shape…

    Just a friendly “future” line combo for Mr. Carp.




    Also, the upcoming high round draft picks that Sather won’t trade away.

  168. Ilb2001 speaks jibberish with Russian accent on

    And may the Schwartz be with you. We’ll need it today.

    Oopsie, I forgot. Line combinations only.

  169. Too bad that picture Brooks has in his article is Kotalik (righty shot).

    ::Challenges Brooks to a fight at the bus stop::

  170. ilb2001 speaks jibberish with Russian accent on

    I keep forgetting, happy non-jibberish, line combinations only day. I’m going to start:

    Greg will improve this line by teaching them how to speak proper English.

    HIGGINS- ORR! What is it good for?- DRURY
    ORR will let Drury know what he should actually be…uhmm.. chewing on and will teach Higgins how to put it in..

    Now this line can talk anyone to death.

    Russian coat check if they don’t score!

    Prucha’d- VOROS-ILB 2001-BRASHEAR
    Could be very effective ’cause I can stich Voros’ open cuts and fix Brashear’s fractures on the fly after each fight.


    Perhaps Danny will grow some cojones by playing with Wicky..

    She’ll tell him which way to skate.

    Perhaps Wade would realize he isn’t the prettiest boy in NY and play

    And no jibberish!

  171. Whay is it Brooks cannot write an article without a stab at Torts? I know they’ve had their share of disagreements but aren;t journalists supposed to be objective about things? He has a stab at Torts in the first frickin sentence of an article supposed to be about Anisimov’s struggles recently!

    Maybe the players need more tough love? Lose and they have to walk home – no limos or cabs? Get shutout and they all have to do an hour in the gym on the treadmill? 100 push-ups in the middle of the locker room, kissing the NYR logo each time? or maybe just a simple video session after the game pointing out all the mistakes or lost battles and add a couple of fans into the mix?

    When we play like we care the results are good and we find scoring ok, when the effort is not there we don’t have the depth of skill to compete with other teams.

  172. ilb- lmao @ the line combos. They’d be very effective lines, but we all know they’d last about half a period before Torts changes things up. The D would be playing forward, the forwards would be playing D and Hank STILL wouldn’t get any help.

    Good rainy Monday morning, everyone.

  173. Lets insert Hank as a forward and put a skater in goal so they can appreciate how hard it is to play behind them?

  174. Agree the line combo things are funny. Before Carp started here, that was half the “conversation” most of the day… Sjostrom vs Korpikoski vs Dawes….ZOMG!!!! Who should be in?

  175. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " All Hail Girardi!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHAH Ilb , that was priceless!!! Great line ideas , very creative. I think we shouldn’t have you “prucha’d” we should have you as Tort’s assistant on the bench!!! Fixing lines N stuff. Me centering the first line….ahhh beuty.
    Wicky with Giradi is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  176. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    On SNYrangers they list the guys on our team with no movement clauses

    Reddn & Rosi – 8 teams they wont be traded too
    Gabby- 8 teams he wont be traded to (no worries there, he aint going nowhere)
    Kotalik – Some sort of No Movement Clause
    Drury – FULL No Movement Clause

    So basically any hope of a trade that would actually help us isnt goign to come this season.

    The most notables that could be traded for what little value they have are: Higgins & Girardi and the value there is pretty low.

    Staal, Dubi, Cally, Hank, Avery, Del Z, Gilroy & Prospal aren’t goign anywhere this season

    Artie is a homegrown talent with too much upside,and I rather keep him than get a rental and lose him

    Boyle, Brashear, Voros, Lisin: who would really want any of them. A few are role players, 3rd/4th liners, Brashear is just useless and untradeable.

    So UNless Uncle Glen mortgages all our youth and trades away the ONE thing he has done right the past few years, gives away our prospects, not much is goign to get done.

    I see one MAYBE two trades, with one or two new players coming to NY before or during the Olympics.

    And does anyone think if Semeyon ( Was tha this name?),the Dman we had in training camp who didnt sign cause of his wife, actaully played this year he would have turned innto our Tough Crease Clearing D man?

    He was pretty NAsty in the pre-season and exhibition games and sure was a big body

    And this is the first game this season that I am NOT watching. Trying to change the Mojo a little bit, also meeting with the Priest whose going to marry me and the fiance in June, SO I’m gonna say a prayer, and ask the Padre for some help from the man upstairs

  177. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " All Hail Girardi!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP line is all russian …interesting. The Mike in ia and Avery line is fabulous. Like ya said …both great chatters.
    I’m thinking Orr has to play with Piggins ,like you said but also we should put Kotageek on there too. Orr could whip both clowns into shape. Ya gotta “prucha” Drury..come on , your assistant coach!!! Ya got pull !!!

  178. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Greetings and salutations to a fine group of gentlemen and young ladies. I trust the lot of you slept well, and are having a glorious morning.

    Have a deep appreciation for you combinations ILB, but you must indulge me for a short moment. Would it be possible for me to joust with Rozsival in practice?

    Noone gettin near Hank with me on the 2nd d pairing. NO WAY NO HOW!! I chuckled at the “not the prettiest boy in ny” line, very apt!

    aw Rick, release us from this mess!!

  179. Nice post Mikey. Your right, don’t expect much to happen. Even if this team could be blown up and started from scratch, that’s not the MSG philosophy. Besides, does anyone trust Sather to rebuild this team?

    That said, if we could be sellers at the deadline, there’s only one untouchable on this team….Hank. And that’s only because you could never get enough value coming back. How many first round picks (albeit low ones) would the Capitals give up to solidify a five year dynasty-type run?

    There are two near untouchables…..Staal (I haven’t given up yet, I still think he can be a monster shutdown d-man) and MDZ. What would the Blackhawks give for Staal?
    I would have everyone else on the block. Shop early, shop often…markdowns vailable.

  180. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    i wouldnt trust sather to rebuild legos, let alone this team again. How many ‘do-overs’ does this guy get? OH YEA, the whole dolan manlove thing again.

  181. Linda,
    That’s why, even if it’s the right thing to do for long-term ultimate success, you can’t blow the team up right now. Don’t have the management team (including the coach) to get it done.
    Don’t know what good GMs might be out there, but I’d give Shoney a shot and a clean slate. Never happen though, unless the team strings together a couple of uninterupted weeks of games like Saturday night.

  182. Linda is wearing her superior super analytical hat on

    Schoeny would be much appreciated after this hollow suit. Yea I know, Sather’s done some ok things, but everyone knows for each good move, there’s been 4 bad ones. He’s going to be here for as long as he wants or until Dolan no longer owns the team. As I’ve said, we gotta cut off the head of the snake, that’s what’s poisoned the franchise. Isn’t there some sort of illegal business practices Dolan can be nailed with, thereby having him forfeit his ownership? It’s just so frustrating having an owner who DOES NOT CARE about having a winning franchise, having a championship team.

  183. According to Brooks: Kotalik and Brashear most likely back in tonight. So who’s getting prucha’d? My pick would be Christensen for Kotalik, but I don’t understand why Brashear needs to be back in the lineup tonight.

    If Torts scratches Voros after Saturday night’s slugfest with O’Byrne in a game they were losing 6-0, I will be disgusted. Add to that the fact that our 4th line is the only cohesive unit at the moment.

    Then again, I can’t imagine a lineup with both Voros and Brashear in it so if Brooks is correct, Voros will be the odd man out (barring some unannounced injury or if they wisely sent AA down to Hartford).

  184. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    If we trade players for picks, then Gordie Clark can pick the future of the Rangers instead of Glen Sather.

  185. Can’t trust Sather to fix this thing. Shoney should be put in charge ASAP, that way he has a couple of weeks to clean house and take the garbage out, any other new guy would not be as famailar with the lack of talent I mean talent we have to make reasonable deals. Something big has to go to unload one of the Cap killing contracts.Other GM’s even in a Cup push ain’t taking the bad contracts unless we have something good in there.

  186. This team might not be good, but they’re better than what they showed in Montreal. I think part of the problem is that Tort’s act has worn thin with these players. Not saying the players are right, but when the coach loses the team you get the kind of Jekyll and Hyde we’ve seen.

    I haven’t been a huge Voros fan but if the coach sits one of the only 3 or 4 who have actually cared the past few weeks, then how can he expect his “accountability” BS to have any effect?

  187. Per Zipay: Brashear in, Christensen out, Kotalik still scratched. Lundqvist gets the start.

    I’m guessing Avery gets bumped up to the 2nd or 3rd line and our 4th line officially becomes the slowest, least effective line in hockey: Brashear-Boyle-Voros. Yikes.

  188. Hm, does Torts realize that the Pens don’t have George Laraque anymore? It’s going to be fun watching Crosby and Malkin skate rings around the 4th line tonight.

    At least with the Sjo-Betts-Orr line, well at least 2 of them could keep up with most players in the NHL in terms of skating. I would have moved Christensen down to the 4th line with Boyle and Voros. Unless Brashear is going to exact payback on Matt Cooke for his hit on Anisimov, he really has no use to the team, ever.

  189. Never hated a ranger more than Drury.

    After being shuffled around to a few teams who got hip to his act, that boy sure does love his no movement/no accountability clause doesn’t he?

    I’ll thoroughly enjoy his career ending, be it tonight or post Rangers contract. Lord knows some Versus will give that milk-mouthed mumbler a job doing some sort of commentary though where he can reference his “experience” on a nightly basis.

  190. Not sure if I agree with Christensen getting benched over AA, but oh well.

    I wonder if Prospal or Drury goes to center?

  191. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Also the fact that our two Assistant Captains, Avery and Hank are more of the leaders of this team than the supposed Captain Chris Drury.

    You woudl thik Drury has some pride in his work, and in his reputation.

    How long can he keep saying “things liek this happen”, or “things didnt go our way” in interviews.

    Show some damn heart, and some emotion,.

    Thats all I have ever asked. Even if we lose games, show some pride and some emption for your team. Get pissed on the bench, yell, do SOMETHING!

    Guess what Capt clutch, players like that in a team sport, when your leader LEADS!!

    I’ll give him this, he’s been playing better as of late, but still is such a wet towel on the ice its not even funny

    I cant remember the last time i saw him do or say antyhing during a game that made me go “wow Drury is into it tonight”

    Very sad

    Here’s some new Drury Nicknames to describe his captaincy:
    Captain Zero
    Captain Wet Towel
    Captain Quiet
    Captain Mouthguard
    Captain Who me?
    Captain Blankface
    Captain Shhhhh
    Captain is it Thursday, Payroll night?
    Captain Manequin

    Forget it, Captain Pathetic sums it up best

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