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From the NYR:

January 23, 2010 – New York Rangers 0, Montreal Canadiens 6 (Game #52, Road #25)
• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 6-0, tonight at the Bell Centre, and are now 10-5-4 in their last 19 games.
• The Rangers dropped their record to 24-21-7 (55 pts.) overall, including a 12-10-3 (27 pts.) mark on the road.
• New York now own a 37-18-10 (84 pts.) mark against Original Six opponents since the 2005-06 season, and rank second with a .646 winning percentage in head-to-head action vs. Original Six teams over the span.
• The Rangers are now 9-3-1 (19 pts.) against Northeast Division opponents this season.
• Goaltender Matt Zaba made his first career NHL appearance, entering the game at 6:18 of the second period and stopping 14 shots, including nine of 10 in the third period.
• Marian Gaborik led all skaters with seven shots on net, and has now registered seven-or-more shots in five games this season; Gaborik was tied for 10th in the NHL with 178 shots entering tonight’s contest.
• Christopher Higgins and Aaron Voros tied for the game-high with four hits apiece; in addition, Higgins has registered a plus or even rating in seven of the last eight games, and Voros in four of the last five.
• The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, January 24, is TBA.
• The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday, January 25, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division rivals; the game will be nationally televised live on Versus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. taking it upon myself to repost John Doe’s last post!


    John Doe
    January 23rd, 2010 at 10:30 pm
    I hear ya Linda, Renney was in the exact same sitauation last year witha worse team and people were screaming for his head. This team is definitely better than last years, the addition of Gaborik immediately makes this team infinitely better than the one Renney had last year. My problem with Torts is his inability to adjust. Ok great, you don’t have the team for your system, so figure out another system that’s effective and wait until you do, like if Grachev is ready next year and becomes that big dominant power forward we need so badly.


    exactly! he needs to tweak the system to take advantage of what he’s been given. We had said that earlier in the season, but it really hasnt been done. Lines are changed and changed again during the game. Ok, we understand that you’re trying to find what works, but it seems we have a lot of square pegs trying to go into circles. Something CORRECT needs to be done. I’m afraid what might get done will, once again, be a band aid on a missing limb.

  2. I was in the pool!! on

    This is how it should read!!!

    January 23, 2010 – New York Rangers 0, Montreal Canadiens 6 (Game #52, Road #25)
    The busdriver got us their on time.

  3. izzy is Carp, Carp is izzy, CCCP is locked in a closet in Chateau Carp… it all fits together now

  4. reginald dunlop on

    culture of team needs to be changed or this will happen all season…. need character and some pride…too few are wearing the sweater without any heart in it….

  5. I am normally not one to complain or get upset after another rangers loss, but tonight is different for some reason. These are a few of the things i have been thinking about.

    1. how good could gaborick and gomez been together. having a center to create for him to allow him to shoot.

    2. Higgins is lucky if one of his shots is actually in the arena. We had a 2 on 1 and he missed wide by ten feet. Hard to believe hes been a 20 goal scorer.

    3. This team is so fragile that trailing by one goal is huge. After Gomez scored the game was over.

  6. Ha! the only laugh of the night….I was thinking the same Izzy/Carp thing…..OK, I’m beat…enjoy your late night party (or post mortem) all…..

    My last game to watch til Feb. will be Monday, cause then I’m L.A.-bound baby for a long weekend on Wednesday….If they don’t send me off with a win (oy, spitsburgh!) I’ll cry.


  7. LOL. I remember the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon and how much I liked it. There was also an Atari game for them.

  8. I’ve occassionally thought that maybe sometimes we’re too hard on them. I think, they try their hardest, and you’re not gonna win them all. And then they come out like tonight, and you just know its gonna be a long night. Are they really giving it their all? Do they honestly get deflated after one goal?? And if so, WHY???? If ownership is NOT dedicated to winning, they should be stripped of their right to own a team under the “conduct detrimental to the league” clause. We need an owner who cares about the team, the fans, WINNING! We need people who are proud to be Rangers, NOT guys loving the paycheck.

    Are we too hard on them?

  9. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Maybe the philly game was the stab to heart for this team.
    I doubt if it will get any better.

  10. Matty 87

    1. Gomez – Gaborik potential has crossed my mind

    2. Dazed and Confused?

    3. This team is so fragile PERIOD.

  11. I’ve always wondered what getting Carped meant, never asked because I figured I’d figure it out one day, didn’t realize it would be at my expense lol. Every time I get down about how awful we are doomed to be for years to come I think about Grachev. We can’t afford to sign another superstar for our first line so we need to develop it until we’re free of Redden et al, and hopefully hvaen’t added any new arbatross’. But its possible that Sather learned a lesson with gomez drury redden and rozi, a slow and painful one but maybe he’ll do more of the Gaborik signings…here’s to wishful thiking lol

  12. Linda, it’s one thing if they lose like they lost on opening night against PIT, or against the Devils last week, but tonight they showed no heart or even that they cared, so don’t feel guilty about being hard on them. They practically asked for it.

  13. Sather's WrapUp on

    This Wangers Pwesident is stawting to wub me the wong way…

    Hello From Montreal Ranger Fans!(wait a minute… Yeah, Montreal)

    Wow! It’s just like Canada here, but warmer! It was 70 degrees here today! 20 in the morning, 30 in the afternoon and 20 at night…

    (singing) “ You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song is About You…” That’s Dolan’s new ringtone. Hey, Big Guy!! I see the Knicks lost big to the Lakers last night. (click)

    I had to do that to Dolan before he asked me about the game. Don Van Assisfrozen should be proud of this one! I left the game early to do some shopping in Montreal. Who finally won?

    Brashear! Where’s my million-dollar boat ballast? Brash! Go get me some Sno-Cones. They make some really nice ones in Upper Greenland. The snow is a hundred years old. Yes, Greenland! Take the Clutchmobile, we won’t be needing you for awhile. Make sure you take a few loonies with you. Kotalik and Valiquette. They aren’t doing anything either.

    Just think how bad this game would have turned out if I didn’t unload Gomez and steal Higgins from Montreal! Damn, I’m Good!

    What ever happened to Sweet Caroline? I kinda liked that song. And did you notice? They don’t raise their sticks at home much anymore…

    I gotta go count the holes in Lundqvist.
    See Ya
    Uncle Glennie

  14. To me, not firing Torts at this point is only with the firm belief that either grachev is going to be that guy next year, or that we need to gut this thing out and hold on to him hoping we can right the ship in a few years. And if Torts is gonna talk about accountability yada yada, send Rozi or Redden down and bring up Sauer already

  15. Gomez would have to make our power play better. currently we have problems getting into the zone and getting set up. Gomez has always been good as carrying the puck deep and allowing plays to develope

  16. Linda, tonight could have had no other outcome. It’s an impossibility. My fear is we drive Lundqvist away if we don’t right this ship soon. The saving grace is how much he LOVES ny, doesnt mean the devils couldn’t steal him away. How many years are left on his contract?

  17. And no were not too hard on them. Were too hard on the Yankees. Well I guess your not, you’re a…mets fan…ugh.

  18. wicky, this laurel is for you….

    Linda, you always have excellent posts but that may be one of the best ever. I’m too pooped to respond fully and intelligently, but I think the answer is a bit of yes to the first question, and definitely yes to the second. It’s all part of the territory of being a Ranger fan, eh?

  19. some hard decisions have to be made. unfortunately, sather is the one making them.

    It’s time for Dolan and Sather to prove to the fans, the ones who’s money pays for all the nice stuff they have (well, the fans and the poor cablevision subscribers), that they are committed to doing the right thing for this franchise. How can they honestly be ok with being a laughingstock because EVERYONE knows they dont care? Oy, its like a vicious circle with no end

  20. I still firmly believe we need to demote the albatrosses that we can and use their roster spots as revolving doors to give AHL players quick tastes of NHL gameplay to help their development. Too long can expose them and hurt their development. But it’s good for a player to get a couple games in at the NHL level, learn a few things, see what the game is like, what some of the things about their game needs to change and takethat back to Hartford and apply it

  21. Sorry I guess thats not true Gabby has been great. The best signing for a while. Sathers still should be fired though.

  22. Linda- Did you really expect this tonight?

    Really?? After being emasculated the other night??

    You have a better pulse on the team than I do ‘cuz I couldn’t imagine this.

  23. Prospal has been good as well, albeit he’s not a superstar. Matt, I may be mistaken but I remember Gomez losing the puck at the blue line leading to odd man rushes the other way constantly.

  24. thanks Laurel. After 31 years, I should be used to this, but you just lose a little piece of your heart each time.

    I would like to see Torts right the ship. I think, as much of a hot head as he is, and as much as he benches certain people for the silliest thing, I truly think he wants to win here. I love his entertainment value too, although i dont get to see it as its happening. We saw how his system could work at the start of the season. He just doesnt have all the horses yet. If this malaise keeps up, I say bring up some of the Hartford kids, let them get some experience and get smart over the off season.

  25. ya know Linda

    not that i’m that much of a pessimist
    i would have been VERY surprised if we won tonight
    because the game was in montreal and on hockey night in canada.
    2 big things against us.
    so, i wasn’t surprised that montreal came out hard and not even that surprised……just disappointed in our coverage…that they scored the first goal.
    we seemed to be playing most of that period in their zone and didn’t look bad.
    at the very least
    i thought that we’d either lose a 3-2 game or a 4-3 shootout
    or, dare i say it,
    we continued on the approach from that first period and start making our breaks and send the montreal fans home

  26. Last time I checked, Grachev wasn’t exactly lighting up the AHL this season; what makes so many of you think he’s going to be “that guy” in the NHL next season?

  27. i just had a feeling they were NOT going to respond like many expected. Some people were expecting them to come out like gangbusters. I just had a weird feeling during the anthems, then realized OH CARP, its HNIC, we’re in Montreal, and its got loss written all over it. DID NOT EXPECT 6-0 twice in a row, but figured they’d actually get one or two.

  28. john

    who ever we play at the point has problems keeping the puck in and its ends up turning into odd man rushes now. if we had someone that could make a few plays and create space

  29. When the game started I mentioned we were going to get creamed to a friend. Then they actually had a lot of opportunities and the game seemed like it could be a win and even entertaining. Then…ya know what tonight reminded me of? It reminded me of the way the team was, I think it was two years ago, not sure but they would play a GReAT game and then for some reason just collapse and look like chickens running with their heads cut off. Then after they gave up a few goals pull it together. Only problem is they never pulled it back together, just kept running around lke chikens with their heads cut off

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    January 23rd, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    Tony from AZ
    January 23rd, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    Don’t ya just love game day
    The pre-game, the beer, the excitement, the beer, the anticipation, the beer, jumping off your seat, the beer, the goals, the beer, the post game, the beer.
    I love game day !


    6.03pm, it was obviously going to be a bad night and my joke of no goals was a big joke on all of us.

  31. Your right Matty, thats been a problem for years now, its incredible how consistently bad we are at it. Gomez and Gaborik would’ve been fun to watch, but lets face the facts, Gomez was not very creative with the puck, which was his biggest problem. He was too predictable. This team does have a distinct lack of good passers. Every pass made they need to settle the puck down first, the one timers are not as effective because the feeds are not stable. Del Zotto Gaborik Prospal and maybe Dubi are really the only two good to very good passers. The best passing forward unfortunately happens to be the one we want shooting the puck lol

  32. you were prophetic there TRUE. i got a chuckle at that, and when i became 6-0 i was hoping tony had plenty of beer

  33. I overestimated the impact of the humiliation from the Philly game. This team is a a bunch of heartless pussies. I almost want to cry when I think they represent the Rangers. Seriously.

  34. Lundqvist will not be going anywhere. He loves New York he’s a hero there. He gets mad and throws a hissey fit every so often, but he will never ask to be traded, and Im sure Sather will not be offering him up real soon. That been said I feel bad for the guy. He’s in a real tough situation. He has a talented lot of young defencmen, that have little experience, and some experienced old guys that have little talent left. The other facter is the two rookie backups that have little big league playing time, that really can’t be counted on to come up with a good game on any given day. The team needs the points, so Hank has to play, and I’m sure he wants to play, but playing for this team every game has to take its toll.

  35. when does the embarrassment become enough? I really thought that Islanders game was as bad as it would get this year. Unfortunately ,that loss happenedn in 2009. Then we have the Flyers debacle, and now this. Back to back shutout losses, the Flyers loss announcing to everyone that this is team carvel, and tonight…blah i dont even know!

    I think I made a mistake earlier saying back to back 6-0 losses. I will take my 5 minute stupidity penalty now.

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hope that game was half as painful for Tony, brewless it was an atrocious matchup.
    Anyone notice Dubi around 4:59 left in the game all of a sudden start pushing everyone around like he wanted to start a fight…? My buddy realized a major would send him right to the locker room after that point, so then he could get the hell out of the arena and hit the clubs with the ladies. I wonder if he’s got a fake ID.

  37. On hockey night in Canada, they were talking about Sheldon Souray, and how the Rangers were very interested in making a trade for him. Nothing about who would be going the other way though.

  38. Let Grachev stay in Hartford and develope. He is only 19, has size and skill. Jordan is right, he is struggling somewhat in Hartford. Hockey News just had a story about him, how things are not coming as easy for him now. The level of play is tougher for him, but the point of the article was, he is young and has the tools. Let him play and get the experience in the minors.

  39. so another season of hank burning out, and if we are lucky enough to get in the playoffs it’ll be another one and done? It may be smart for them to try for a vet backup. I hate that Hank gets burned out every season! We all know he wants to play every game, but looking at the bigger picture, it would be nice for the talent on the team to be at such a level where the entire season was not a mad dash for points and he can have a few games off here and there and be fresh for the playoffs.

  40. Linda
    I am now convinced, after this evening that is team is capable of a lot more, far worse than this.

  41. ddebened-EXACTLY!

    This team is exactly what Sather built it to be. A super soft bunch of overpaid pussies who don’t care if their world class goalie gets run over or if some talentless, half ass mustache growing a-hole attacks their only talent. At least the youth core is there but we need somebody to mix the ingredients. Sather was done when rich boy Dolan hired him last century ago. Anybody going to the next home game better BOO LOUD and kill Girardi or we’re in for more of the same jello.

  42. MON,that is a very disheartening thought. How are the vets not embarrassed by their play? You can say the right things a million times, but actions speak louder than words, and they are not acting on their words.

  43. I wasn’t concerned about him being traded, I agree its unlikely he’d leave after his contract because he does love NY, but I’m sure he’d love a stanley cup, too. If this team fails to show the ability to field a good team in front of him he may say goodbye and cross the river to replace brodeur when he’s done. We all know and hate the fact that the Devils are a well run orginization. Objectively if Sather continues to have teams like this why should he stay? NY is right across the river, and he has a chance to win a cup.

  44. Man, that would totally be a dagger to the heart John.

    dde, what does that even mean? LMAO!!

    thankfully i found something to maybe take this off my mind…METAL MANIA on vh1 classics, at least until the man is done with homework!

  45. Ok he has five years left, so I guess it would have to be by a trade if it’s to be any time soon, and there’s no way they’d hand him to the Devils

  46. One thing I can’t understand is why in gods name do Chris Drury, Wade Redden, Michael Rozival not walk into managements offer and request a renegotiation of their salaries so this team can get some freaking players to help them win a cup! Is their a rule in the collective bargaining agreement banning this? Chris Drury is our captain, show it and renegotiate your salary so we can get somebody to play with Gaborik, doesn’t he want to win another Cup?

  47. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’d love to catch Sather somewhere out in public and just slap that G**D** smirk off of him. Then yank that stogy out of his pie hole, turn it around and insert it at the other end.

    But I’ll settle for


  48. If Redden and Rozi don’t want to be traded now that they have lower salaries add a no move clause to their contracts if they don’t already have one. Drury cut two mil off, redden cut 2 mil off and rozi cut off one mil that would free up a lot of money to go get a guy toplay with Gaborik or a gritty body taking check finishing crease clearing face bashing defenseman. I know its easy to say when its not youre money but dont they want to win? They have to realize it’s their contracts holding this team back no?

  49. i dont think the PA would allow that. And are you kidding?? These guys dont give a flying cahoot as long as they get paid. The Rangers are the official NHL Retirement Nest Egg.

  50. This should be no surprise:

    MSG busines model:

    have one player with Star Power

    perpetual mediocrity: OK

    simple as that!

  51. By the time he’s able to go, this Ranger team will be ready to win the cup. There is young talent in NY, and in Hartford. That is unless Sather trades it away. I hope he knows by now that the only way to have a winner in this NHL is to build one. He will likey move some of the guys here now soon if he can, but I really hope he’s careful. Its his ego you know, he really thinks he knows what he’s doing. The poor simple bastard.

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    They aren’t giving up salary. Would you? Blame the goofus that gave them those sweet deals with NTC or limited trade clauses.


  53. I guess after how things went out of the lockup I’d managed to convince myself that was no longer the case…the sad thing is how quickly we went from a team of nobodies with a surrounding a incredible first line playing their guts out to right back to where we were in our darkest days….I miss the Blair Bettses, the freddy sjostroms, the Jed Ortemyers, I used to love Ortemyer the guy busted his tail shift in and shift out. These guys were frustrating because if they coul just score they’d be such good players, but they were loveable because they gave the team their all, every single solitary shift. I couldn’t believe we didn’t bring Betts back and/or freddy shoes back

  54. Linda, I’m watching tonight and when Zaba comes in, I’m cursing Sather AGAIN for not getting a capable backup. There were plenty available last year but he chose to give Valley a contract.

    New poll-who is the bigger a-hole
    c-us fans who continue to sell out the garden


  55. Marti did it, he took less money to help the team get better players. If he can do it anyone can. I’m not worried about Sather trading away our youth…Sather has displayed savvy with his trading, its his signings that are the problem.

  56. I also was very disappointed when I saw Vali was given that contract. Never liked him, he couldnt control the pace of the game at all, he was terrible with controlling where the puck goes, and I don’t mean only with stickhandling, i’m talking about rebounds passing everything. He was never on the same page as the team. Only reason he survived was because Renney had such a solid defensive system. He was exposed under Torts.

  57. also I knw Marti had not already signed a contract and that that is a different story. but the point remains. If the PA would allow it or not is a different story.

  58. that’s definitely C

    because we all know the only way dolan will wake from his coma is if he starts getting hit in the wallet! that will never happen. If you all you guys boycotted the team, others would get the tickets instead. Everyone wants to see things change, but the fans could never organize like that.

    and what’s the status on Biron,now that Golden Girl Hips DiPietro has some games under his belt? Is he a chip in a possible deal for Kovalchuk?

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kovalchuk to the Islanders? wow… i don’t know. I doubt it, but who knows maybe they try and make some playoff noise. Its the complete opposite of everything we think of when we hear “Wang’s Islanders”… not to be confused with “Islander’s wangs.” Easy there, Michelletti.
    Goodnight all.

  60. 22
    You are right for sure, it really puts the team in a bad situation. that said though both Zaba and Johnson are capable goaltenders. The problem is in my opinion neither are ready. It’s rare for a goalie to be basically shoved into the big leages, and be sucessful. the proper way, and they know it, is to take time to develop young guys. Not throw them to the lions, and it was Sathers stupid move in signing Vally when there were better guys out there that caused the problem.

  61. lmao! and on that note,

    have a good evening gentlemen and ladies! and BANJ,here’s hoping for a great result Sunday afternoon!!!

  62. Blah blah blah, random Seinfeld quote, Renney reference, Blah Blah Blah.

    Let’s get to the point. The Rangers stink. Did any of you REALLY think that the Rangers were finally coming together after the Tampa game? PLEEEEASE!! You want to see you the Rangers really are? Just watch Girardi. Embarrassing, absolutely disgusting. He’s softer than Redden as of late. HOLY COW! did I just say that? Redden actually hasn’t played that badly as of late… until that giveaway in his own zone in the first period MY GOD HE’S BACK!! Oh and Dubinksy. You want to be captain someday? Better stop worrying less about the money and more about the name on the front of your sweater! What a greedy little twerp. If you’re gonna ask for more money, you better be damn sure you play with a lot of heart and play your ass off. Stop looking at the Canadian girls in the stands and start PRODUCING!!! Though, I could probably say that same thing about 90 percent of the team. By the way, did the Stars take Avery with them after the game last month? I haven’t seen him in a while. Oh! He’s still on the Rangers? Hm, doesn’t show.

    Also, was it really necessary to pull Hank? I almost wish he would get traded but only because he deserves to play behind a REAL NHL team. I can see the headlines now: RANGERS TRADE LUNQVIST FOR WASHED UP VETERAN. Is Forsberg still looking for a team? That last spot in the NHL is still up for grabs. Can the Rangers do it? I think they can!

    So here’s to the heartless Rangers, and here’s to having this same exact conversation after the next 2 game win streak, because this team is not/far from the best Jerry.

  63. “New poll-who is the bigger a-hole
    c-us fans who continue to sell out the garden


    C, C, C !

    It really pisses me off when Rangers fan whine and whine and whiine aboot how they hate Slats and Dolan, but continue to buy tickets, and put money in his pocket. Make up your fuggin mind!!

    The only go to games when i have a free ticket. Other than that, i refuse to pay money for these pieces of garbage who don’t care aboot the team.

  64. 6-0 Perfect example of why Tortorella HAS TO GO. You think after the other night they would really kick ass. He’s slowing losing this team. It’s so obvious.

  65. Yeah, lets fire Torts, then the next coach can come in, do nothing, then we can fire him, then get a new coach, then fire him, then fire the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one….

    Then we’ll finally realize, this team is just not good enough, and no coach can take us to the promise land. This team needs a change, and it’s not the coach who has to go.

    You cant lose something that’s already lost.

  66. -Reposting this because it needs to be reposted

    Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival+Redden January 22nd, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    The cancer from Redden and Rosival is spreading to the other Defensman, lets just hope it doesnt get Gilroy and MDZ too.

    Redden and Rosival are the biggest bitches going and since they joined the team I cant remember the last time Staal and Girardi have hit someone (I have noted this before) and how much of a wuss Girardi is showed last night.

  67. It wouldn’t happen anyway, but our veteran “stars” couldn’t offer to renegotiate their contracts even if they wanted to. No renegotiation of contracts is permitted under the CBA.

    When it was allowed, I can only remember it leading to solid citizens like Tkachuk and Yashin holding out while under contract in order to renegotiate upwards or force a trade anyway. Not many players are going to give up agreed money. Yes, some take hometown discounts (or took deferred payment), but only when signing a new contract as a free agent or as an extension.

  68. Some elementary things Watson.

    They don’t or won’t pass properly. They cannot hit the net with their ah, “shots” …you know those things that they do with their wrists ( just short of flicking a hankey).

    They take it way too easy ……way too often.

    They are a team of stick checkers….all over the ice. They do not interfere with bodies standing around their net> They poke and poke and poke until the puck goes in ( Rangers net.)
    They are destroyers ( of their own goal tenders.)

    The coach is a lost soul. He will be found before the season is over, sitting in front of the garden talking gibberish.

  69. I figured that, just wish there waas some way to correct this mess…I don’t even enjoy going to the Garden anymore, there’s no life to the crowd. It’s genuinely boring to go to a Rangers game, it’s shocking, didn’t think that was possible! Been to two games this season, both losses, which i historicall never go to losses, the puck was almost never in our own end, there was no energy in the building from start to finish. None, I could’ve gone to sleep, instead I got drunk lol.

  70. I stopped watching the rangers over a month ago because watching them is boring. The bottom line is the rangers stink and i don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Until sather is gone this garbage will continue.

  71. Callahan 4 Captain on

    This team needs the infusion of some hungry organizational young players from Hartford. Bringing in more outside veteran rentals, at this point, is NOT the answer. At least three dead-heads need to fly AHL for awhile, if not permanently. Can we just get rid of Sather, now, not 10 years from now? Why can it not be done? This is one of most most chemistry-lacking collection of individuals pretending to be a sports team I have ever seen. No chemistry = no pride. That’s why they mail it in, such as in the Montreal game, so often. It’s January and they are going through the motions. Unbelieveable.

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