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I’m a little down today. My friend Kevin Devaney Jr. left The Journal News for another job. He was a huge loss for us, and we’ve lost a lot of people. Kevin covered high schools and did it unbelievably well, especially in the LoHud site with his blog.

Personally, though, he meant a lot to me. When I was asked to give up the Rangers beat in 2002, to become a columnist with a strong emphasis on local sports, I was completely lost. And Kevin pretty much carried me from that day until yesterday, his last at the paper.

So I’m bummed, and if anybody’s paying attention, you know how many times I’ve mentioned people leaving.

OK, enough of that. On to Rangers-Habs.

Looks like same lineup, with Brashear and Kotalik prucha’d (Brashear said he’s been healthy, even though Torts earlier said he had a hammy or something, so we’re downgrading him to prucha status). And if you want to see some of the ridiculous things he had to say today, read Andrew Gross or Steve Zipay in their blogs.

I’m recording the game because I’m going to miss the first part, so I’ll see youse all later. Don’t forget it’s a WPIX game.

Here are tonight’s pre-game notes.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend moving on to another job. Seems like you guys have been hit pretty hard this past year. Hopefully we can make you chuckle to maybe lighten your mood a bit

  2. Carp and other boneheads,

    I’m sure this has been asked prior to me discovering this great site (and great fans) but has anyone given thought to a live group chat that could be logged?

    I love how everyone here posts during the games – and instead of hitting refresh, it would be really cool if we had real-time chat room functionality during games.

  3. i enjoyed it, and the man didnt think it sucked. the old lady and little kid were the freakiest thing about it.

  4. at least u guys get msg feed. i got the hnic feed. and as much as the rangers dominated the habs last time, they are unbelievably bad in montreal. hopin for a good game from higgins here. he needs to not shoot wide all the time!! hes never gonna have kids thats for sure

  5. LETS GO RANGERS…hopefully they come out fired up tonight…lets get the puck deep fellas, win some pucks, go to the net show some f– heart, draw some penalties and PUT THE PUCK IN THE NET


  6. lmao @ dubi stickin his tongue out!

    lmao @ grabby. sounds like you’re engineering the paintrain tonight

  7. i am just gettin ready . they never do well in montreal. im not getting excited yet until i see they are gonna really bring it tonight. ive ben getting more tired watching the rangers up until their last two wins, so if they start out like they usually do i might not even finish the first period.

  8. going to be interesting to see if they are wearing the red white and blue jerseys tonight, or the pink ones ;-)

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to gloryI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sinse when does WPIX ever broadcast a game? Maybe they’ll have seinfeld on instead?

  10. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out HNIC stood for Hockey Night In Canada (instead of what I originally thought!)

    Lets hope the boys show up early and often tonight!


  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to gloryI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I CAN’T UNDERSTAND ALL THIS FRONCH!!! Wicky!!!!!!!!! Help us!!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to gloryI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Guys singing O Canada with a sucker in his mouth?

    Just yolking …Like I said , Ive read cereal boxes as a kid..I know this shtuff.


  13. damnit, another post disappeared.

    dde, i wish i was, i wouldnt have to worry about being unemployed

  14. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    LOL, we need this win tonight, because you know the game against CINDY CROSBY and the Pens will be a tough one.

  15. You guys were making up nicknames for Girardi the other night.

    Dont know if this was mentioned, but if you’ve heard of Dick Vitale’s Diaper Dandies.

    He could be Diaper Dandy Girardi or Diaper Dan Girardi.

  16. yes dde, he made some funny quotes before the atlanta game, so wecalled him FIM (foot in mouth) and a couple of nights later he said some other crazy stuff so we called him QOM (quote o matic)

  17. They just cheated us again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They called that a penalty on Voros.

    That is not called on any other NHL team or minor league team.

    Please agree with me on this one.

    They just cheated us out of a PP and cost us a goal.

  18. How many times should we end up with a PP because of after the whistle pushing and shoving, and they always call matching minors, but when we start something and deserve the only penalty, we sure as **** get the only penalty.

  19. That’s a penalty.

    It’s a charging!!!!

    After the whistle, like the penalty on Voros.

    COME ON!!!!!

  20. CR9 – it’s pretty much automatic now for a hit on an icing play to be called on anyone. You can’t blame Peter Gammons for that one.

  21. Evening folks.

    Gomez scores? YUCK.

    C’mon guys, put the puck INTO the net, not over it or on the side of it.

  22. it was a good analysis but instead of saying Drury screwed up they say there was “confusion”

  23. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    Is it going to be one of those nights that we get a ton of shots and just don’t score?

  24. No PIX again. Wonderful!

    Linda, having trouble with my email on my phone :/

    and they’re already down 1 – 0? Jeeeze

  25. Krisy – I’m actually the only person in England who isn’t a football hooligan. It’s real and I got that way at a football match, but while playing – got kicked in the head by a team-mate.

  26. gabbys only got 1 goal in his past 9 or 10 games. weve been shutout 3 times in our last 3 losses. weve had secondary scoring for 2 games in almost the whole first half of teh season. were just not good enough to win more than 1-2 games at a time. lucky if we do

  27. Krisy – neither, I’m a Liverpool fan (CR9 can add me to his blacklist now).

    CCCP – don’t actually know how it started. Certainly wasn’t the never-ending success of the mid/late 90s.

  28. “Shoryuken on Glen Sather
    January 23rd, 2010 at 7:46 pm
    Someone tell Staal body-checks are legal.”

    I’m pretty sure the referees told him and the rest of our team that they are not legal.

    I think Kevin Weekes is doing the game on NHL Network. If it is him, he is such a professional. The first real professional NHL analyst I’ve heard in a while. ANd he’s unbiased towards the Rangers…

    I know. Who knew!

  29. oh my gawd what the hell is this guy wearing! a stop sign tie lmao

    CR9, i agree,weekes is very good

  30. “LW3H
    January 23rd, 2010 at 7:52 pm
    Krisy – neither, I’m a Liverpool fan (CR9 can add me to his blacklist now).”


    Why would I add you to my “blacklist”? And why would that matter?

    I have no problem with any of you people. I have no problem with any team without Boston in its name. (I also do not like the Scottish team Celtic, and I root for Rangers in that league!) And if anyone could not tell, I truly despise referees, as they are friendless losers who become referees to taste power and control, and to exert their control over guys that rightfully make loads of money. It must make them feel high and mighty to control these rich athletes.

    By the way, Liverpool has to fire Rafa, and Man U might lose Rooney in the summer!

  31. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    How about we bring Weeks on board for MSG, Orr can be his partner, and I will take Maloney’s spot.

  32. “Shoryuken on Glen Sather
    January 23rd, 2010 at 7:54 pm
    CR9, you can’t hit on icing. Case closed. It was a penalty, a bad one to take.”

    Did not know that. I’ll take your word for it, but I’ll truly believe it when I see another team called for doing it against us (which will be never).

  33. Of course, Dolan is too stupid to hire an actual professional like Weekes. He’d rather go with Joe M.

  34. Did JG actually ask if they’re hoping to do anything better? I would have loved to hear MDZ say, Uh, no, really, we like losing as we are….are you sofa king kidding me?

    anyway, just a thought…just got back….catching up and praying for a better 2nd and 3rd…..

  35. CR9 – only messing. And I can’t see Rooney going anywhere unless the Glazers have screwed up the finances even more than anybody realises.

  36. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    Not for nothing, but Cherry is one of, if not the biggest, douchecicles in the entire universe. The Rangers didn’t stand around that much. We had NO problem getting through the neutral zone. He is one of the only people who actually has worse ties than Torts.

  37. Sounds like I’m missing a lot of HNIC on NHL Network.:(
    Somehow I have the game on MSG even though I thought it was on PIX.

  38. im nominating Rob E for comment of the week

    “Rozsival never does a reach around.
    or so I’ve heard.”

  39. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    Oh, well, Cherry is still a douce nozzle. I have always hated that guy. He and Fischler should do a show together called, “Washed Up, Our take on the NHL”.

  40. “Hal Gill – Marian Gaborik is one of the most explosive skaters in the league. How do you, possibly the slowest player in the history of the league try to handle him?”

    I’m still amused by Mark Lee (the HNIC announcer tonight) saying to Weekes during the Rangers-Flames game earlier this year that Valiquette was the “perfect backup” for Lundqvist. Weekes must have forgiven him for that already.

  41. “Not for nothing, but Cherry is one of, if not the biggest, douchecicles”

    I agree. The reason why he is, is because he’s a Bruin through and through.

  42. Mike, you bringin funny back man. lolza. how is everybody after that high glove side goal?

  43. Two PPs taken away by the referees.

    Two 4 on 4s as a result of referee screwjobs.

    2 goals as a result of referee screwjobs.


  44. damn that guy dde! he’s not allowed to go to the sticks anymore until he gets his parents a computer up there

    he’s bad luck

    are you effin kiddin me with this crap

  45. Krispy

    Why would you hate this team OUr team is not that great, but there is plenty worse in the NHL.

    Hate the referees, as they are the ruination of every league.

    They screwed us on that icing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  46. Shoryuken

    Keep believing we’d get the same calls, then wake up from your dream.

    Oh well, game over, the referees outcompeted the Rangers tonight.

  47. yea beth, its as we expected.

    who said they’d come out fired up. they look as weak as ever. No protection not hitting, stupid sissified stick checks

  48. I wish they’d stop showing replays of that one goal Cammalleri scored over Lundqvist’s glove hand. What do you mean they’re not replays?

  49. #1- Sit lundqvist once in a while. You’ll burn the only good player you have out
    #2- Find another job or team for that Giradi guy. He is not a good hockey player
    #3- Spend your money better…(maybe we should too)

    GO HABS!!!!

  50. Carcillo's Stache is a Nasty 1 on

    Well, here is my opinion. Might not mean much, and don’t call me a bad fan here, but this is what I think is going to happen. Well, this game is already a loss, and I am pretty sure we will lose against Pittsburgh on Monday night. With confidence down, and Brash and Kotalik back in the lineup on Wednesday against the Canes, we will probably lose that game too. Come Thursday or Friday, a trade will be made.

  51. Not LQ’s fault. Those guys are WIDE open in front because our defense sucks.

    CR9, you’d fit right in in Philly with the whole persecution complex thing. The refs have been fine tonight. We are the ones who blow.

  52. What is with the insults of the team.

    Weak or not, we have yet to see an actual Power Play, due to the bias of the referees!!!

    This team probably has a condition known as learned helplessness. They know that no matter what they do, they will be screwed, so… why even bother trying? If that’s their thinking, I’m okay with it, but I wish we’d stand up to the referees and make them pay for their corruption.

    At the very least, bash them in the press conferences.

  53. Joe sounds like an idiot, it’s not Hank having a problem playing in Montreal it’s the team in front of him. How does Hank continue showing up for games? He must be so furious! What awful, awful defense! It was nice to see Boyle take the body and demolish that Canadien next to the net! Too bad Boyle wasn’t next to Cammaleri…

  54. Hank just isn’t allowed to have an off night with this team in front of him. So soft, can’t score, they don’t do anything right. If they could score then if LQ has a bad night it wouldn’t be a blood bath like this.

  55. Oh please, Sam, I don’t want to hear about “strong shift”. Let me know when we score a darn goal.

  56. Ok, that was supposed to be Belushi telling Flounder to start drinking heavily – but for some reason it links to amazon (weird)

    Back to the game – this team has very fragile confidence (or none at all). Carp posted a couple of days back on this subject and he’s spot on. They play like a totally different team when they have some swagger. It almost looks like they don’t care.

  57. Who knows, maybe Philly does get persecuted by refs.

    But I do know they definitely do not get persecuted when their opposition is a NY team.

    The team tonight quit right after the first cheap penalty on Voros. Can’t say I blame them.

  58. I agree we need to start sitting Hank, why run this guy into the ground for such a lousy team? Anyone think we’re gonna follow this up with 5 straight goals and tie it up and eventually winning? these teams certainly have a recent history of that

  59. we will be shutout tonight. i already turned it off. cant root for this team anymore. btw, for all the rennyhaters, i was just joking!! dont rip my head off. torts is just as bad though. he cant get this team, (which is more skilled than last years) ready for the games. he just cant. we had plenty of chances to score in the first, and to come out lookin like crap after a pretty good first is just him saying good job boys, we forechecked and got chances. not good enough torts!!! they need a coaching change. hes too much of a beefbrain to teach these guys anything. hes toostupid fighting with larry brooks. anybody remember the movie labyrinth? hes the little talking worm. no he looks like smeagol/gollum from the rings movie. he is better at fighting with his wife larry than teaching or coaching the team

  60. Is it even remotely possible for do a reverse Rangers/Habs from last year and come back from 5 down?

    Nope, didn’t think so either.

  61. “CCCP
    January 23rd, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    stretching your psychology 101 muscle? lol”

    No, that was not the point. I was actually told that by a fellow die hard NY fan.

    It seems to fit, though.

  62. ok I gave up.. just gonna follow alerts from the phone.. time to watch the Barrett Jackson auction. Everyone try to have a good night… sigh…

  63. the absolute disgrace some of the guys are to the sweater just burn. has girardi been on the ice for all the goals? I know mdz was on for at least 2

  64. Ok, since this game is OVER… how the hell do they fix the team? Even if they fire Sather (which they won’t) you still have the same players. They obviously aren’t getting the coaching staff’s message.

    Fire Sather – and replace him with whom? (Don’t say Messier… )
    Fire Torts – and who becomes coach?

    This team is a rudderless ship. You can see the lack of leadership in their uninspired play.

  65. Shoryuken

    I do not honestly believe that.

    Our team is poorly constructed. We have no defenseman that intimidate others or help Lundqvist in any way.

    Our scoring is inconsistent and we lack finishers.

    But that does not mean I cannot get angry when referees cheat us anyways.

  66. ORR…please be so kind as to tell me which of those goals you believe he should’ve stopped? Cam’s were perfect shots right at Hank’s only weakspot, which would’ve been goals no matter where he was playing. The baseball goal was just bad defense, why that guy was even standing is beyond me, dont know where the puck is? Just knock the other team off their feet! Let Hank worry about the puck. I didn’t see Gomez’s goal so I can’t comment on that one. Hank should b@tch slap 95% of his teammates after the second period

  67. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Game is over. Only thing left is by how much do we get creamed. This will be the most embarassing game of the year score wise. I hate playing games in Canadia. errr I mean I hate watching games beng played in Canadia. Which is odd because i love going to Canadia. Sigh.. already had to much to drink with this game.

  68. It’s not worth making a significant emotional investment in most sports teams (they don’t care why should you). Just pick up some team along the way (like hey, the Jets are from NY/in the playoffs) you get some excitement if they win great and if they lose ,oh well

  69. I will say this……

    It just so happens that we get our best 2 scoring outputs and performances of the season with 8 and 6 goals….

    followed by getting cheated by referees in the next 2 straight games….


    I think not…. I think they purposely did this to thwart any momentum we may have had.

  70. waive redden drury rozy cut em whatever girardi higgins and kotalik too,all a fuggin joke sather needs to step down what hes put on teh ice for us fans is an embarassment absolute embarassment

  71. BringBackStraka on

    This team’s inconsistency night after night really drives me crazy. It’s game 52 and we have no identity, no set lines/defensive pairs, no toughness or grit.

    If we are getting shutout by Mike Brodeur, Ray Emery, or Jaroslav Halak at a critical point in the season you should think about a new system.

  72. I just came from my son’s game where they were up by 2 with under 2 minutes left and the other team scored twice in 20 seconds to get the tie. I thought that was bad enough and had heard the Rangers were down 1-0 after 1st. What the heck happened tonight? Ugh this is a frustrating team to watch!

  73. The only thing that could make this worse is finding out Milbury is on during the 2nd intermission segment on HNIC.

  74. ORR, I think it’s ridiculous to make that statement about Lundqvist in this game as if it applies. This game is entire the team in front of Hank, and so it is not warranted to make a comment that explicitly implies the only player on this team outside of a handful who seems to care and shows real emotion

  75. cr9 if u think its the refs go gte your fuggin eyes and head seriously examined you are A CLOWN

  76. giving up on this one…Going to bed. i would wish u all a good night but I dont see that happening after watching this game. Damn, really was hoping they would win this one.

  77. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    What happened between last saturday and this saturday besides philly. the bus carrying the real rangers got itself un-lost and booted those imposters out of the garden? I feel like win or lose the coaching staff buys everyone on the team a coke and a hotdog from the concession stand. Who really is taking ownership of their play? I see guys doing things that will help the team. I see them individually advancing the puck or making a play.. There is no support tonight. there is no second man in tonight. With the sucess they have had going to the net it seems 2 are standing in the crease while one gets punked into the boards. bah. gonna watch Prucha.

  78. is responsible for this game. lol, forgot to finish that, still hurtin from last night I guess

  79. haha higgins shoots wide and sam goes”story of the season for higgins” joe says”aint that th truth sam”. this guy is such a bum!! even still, i cant believe people were sayin to resign him for cheap now!! that is funny.

  80. Thirteen years ago, Mark Messier accused Don Van Massenhoven of having a “vendetta” against the Rangers.

  81. This is my first time posting here, but I have followed this blog since last summer. Its absolutely amazing how fundamentally pathetic this team is around the net. ALL 5 GOALS tonight have been scored because our soft players can’t use their sticks. No one gets tied up. 4/5 goals were scored right in front of the net solely because no one had a stick on a montreal stick. the other goal that pass somehow got through to camo because no one puts their stick in the right place. The simple things that this team can’t do is mindblowing…lets see what happens if we come out like this on Monday vs the Pens, it’ll be even uglier, which sucks because i go to school in pittsburgh…sigh

  82. Consider things officially “worse”. Although I am keen to hear how Milbury tries to defend that Patrice Cormier elbow and blame it the pansification of hockey by “crunchy granola types”.

  83. I’ve become so disillusioned with this team, and so desensitized to them that the only real reason I’m upset seeing us get creamed is because I hate to think Lundqvist is suffering because of how awful this team is. Can’t we loan him to a good team for the season so he can enjoy himself and not waste a year of his career? I know I sound like an idiot but I don’t care

  84. JOE

    That being said, you cant just call it a coincidence that he only gives up a sh*t load of goals against this team.

    He needs to make some of those saves. That’s all there is to it.

    Especially if he’s the superstar everyone makes him out to be.

    Not that im putting the blame completely on him. Like you said it’s the guys in front of him.

  85. Coach Jacques Lemaire said the referees last night weren’t going to call any penalties on it because Don VanMassenhoven didn’t see it. So Lemaire told VanMassenhoven, “You better tell your partner to call something because [McCormick’s] going to get suspended.” In other words, Lemaire was telling referee Ian Walsh there better be a penalty or it would be embarrassing for the men in stripes. Lemaire, by the way, used me as the dummy to demonstrate what McCormick did. Luckily, Lemaire avoided my face with his stick by I’d say a good, I don’t know, HALF INCH!

  86. john doe, i know its the d’s fault mostly,but you cannot say henrik plays good here at all. he never plays well here. no matter what. he is not at fault for most of teh goals, but it isnt just coincidence he gives up 4-5 or even more every single time he plays here. and the refs did screw us over on 2 pps and that did have an effect somewhat over the game. you cannot say when the refs screw you out of a pp or a mised call on the icing that it is the fault for getting scored on, but indirectly, they have definitely helped the habs with the game. not saying we wouldve won or had a better chance but the refs are bias and u saw it on some bad calls

  87. this is how bad this team is..

    my daughter just texted me to say how excited she is to see Torts post game presser!!!!!!!!!

  88. The Sens could easily be on a two-game winning streak, had it not been for one of the worst calls I have seen yet this season by Don Van Massenhoven, and Antoine Vermette having hands of stone.

  89. If you’re watching tonight’s Flyers game in New York and saw Markus Naslund’s goal 52 seconds into the game, you have to be wondering what referee Don van Massenhoven was thinking.
    His goal call on a puck that was clearly frozen by Marty Biron was the worst call I’ve seen all season. And the fact it stood after a lengthy review is a travesty. Guess the NHL wants New York in the playoffs in the worst way.

  90. I really think after that Higgins just miss, the Habs might be a bit afraid of what might happen in the third.

  91. Van Massenhoven officiated the game in Toronto – his 1000th game. The Pens ought to retire his jersey for all the help he has given them through the years.

  92. I did not say our team’s failures is due to referees.

    I just think it’s too coincidental for us to get cheated in our last 2 games, after having our best performances of the season.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to gloryI!!! " … says Greg L. on


  94. CR9- Look! On the grassy knoll! A second shooter!

    Olga! Lol you took the words right out of my mouth! Somebody has a case of delusional paranoia lol

  95. This Patron stuff that i found in my house is a lot better than watching the Rangers get destroyed.

    Here’s hoping to seeing Girardi got hit in open ice by Hal Gill, and getting laid out, then watching Dubinsky scream like a new born baby, and doing nothing aboot it.


  96. Ummmmm…. I just got home a few minutes ago. Listening between the static on the radio on the way home I heard it was 1-0. What the hell happened in the last 30 minutes?!?!

  97. I take that back, it’s not what you said, you’re still a lil paranoid lol. Some ref’s clearly have a bias against us, there is no referee conspiracy against the Rangers. I will accept the concept that when Montreal plays and all the refs except one are french canadian they can’t help but be biased…it’s not even on purpose though. But to say ref’s intentionally started calling stuff to stop our momentum is just a lil bit straight jacketish

  98. CR9 – sentence #2 contradicts sentence #1. It’s not coincidental that the Rangers haven’t shown up the last two games after playing well for two straight. That’s what they are. And it’s 5-0. Five.

  99. Torts looks like he doesn’t even care anymore.

    Heh, Dubinsky just said ‘F me’ while looking at the scoreboard.



  101. Don’t let it get you down, Its only castles burning, find someone who’s turning, and you will come around.

  102. Nasty,

    Nah, he just sampled some of Montreal’s finest last night. Higgins showed him his favorite spots.

  103. BringBackStraka on

    I don’t agree with the ref bashing. Every team gets “bad” calls against them just about every night. If you are a good team you will be able to fight through a bad call or two and get the job done.

    Also Henrik is human and can’t save this team every night.

    It’s a simple game…score more goals than the other team…and we just can’t score on a consistent basis.

  104. Shor, i just gotta hand it to him for not totally exploding at some point. He totally deserves to, and noone would blame him if he did.

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    The New York Rangers just fired Glen Sather and hired Mike Milbury as their new GM!

    CCCP- now THERE is some mixed emotions! Like watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new BMW.

  106. Having said all that…

    That was a classic Avery call there. How was that any different from the scrum in the first, when Lapierre threw the first punch and both he and Avery went to the box?

  107. At least we’re not mets fans…cant imagine how awful that is lol. Certainly getting a taste of it though

  108. What do Boyle, Voros, Lisin, Girardi, Higgins, Christensen, Brashear have in common?

    THEY’RE ALL MINOR LEAGUERS! Can’t win when half of your roster doesn’t belong on NHL team…

  109. I did not see what just happened, but how is Avery the lone man sent to the penalty box in whatever scrum just happened.

    Usually, they give matching minors, or at least when the PP is due to us.

    The “every team gets bad calls” is BS. We have a guy on our team that is discriminated against by referees clearly. Sean Avery. How can that not resonate with you people.

    I did not see what just happened, but how is Avery the lone man sent to the penalty box in whatever scrum just happened.

    Usually, they give matching minors, or at least when the PP should be due to us.

  110. Grabby – amazingly, the 6-0 loss to the Flyers was the first time the Rangers had been shutout all year. Granted, they have been quickly making up for lost time on that stat since then, but tonight would only be #5.

  111. if a trade doesnt happen tomorrow, we shouldnt expect anything. if getting shut out in 2 straight games twice in recent weeks, doesnt call for a trade, nothing does.

  112. John Doe, there are a few of us around here that are mets AND rangers fans. None of us can explain why, but we suffer the pain of both teams ineptness.

  113. Linda, I actually am dying to see Hank have a goal scored on him and see him throw a total fit. I wanted to see him one inch from Girardi’s face screaming at him for being such a d@uche after he missed that icing.

  114. Let me clarify my earlier comments.

    Our team is not good. We have Henrik and Gabby, and pray for rain. That is the reason why we lose.

    Referees occasionally cheat us; they cheated us these past 2 games after having our best 2 games of season (steal our momentum?)

    Referees are still scumbags. They are power mongers and control freaks and love to control high priced athletes, because they feel inadequate, that they could never be an athlete.

  115. wow i thought we got shutout more than that. maybe its all those games where we score 1 and the other team completely destroys us. the st louis game couldve been a shutout. so many games where we get a flukey goal and lose. and stop replaying gabbys goals msg!! he hasnt done that but once in almost 10 games!! its depressing

  116. CR9 – everyone (the player himself, Torts, the opposition, the fans) knows Avery isn’t going to get favourable treatment from the refs. It’s a loooong way from that to there being a systematic prejudice against the entire franchise (and presumably in favour of the Bruins?) by the league and its officials.

  117. They played this team less than a weeka ago, beat them 6-2, tonight they can’t seem to win one battle.

  118. John, there have been times I’ve wanted to see Hank absolutely decapitate someone. How that guy holds it together is amazing! Calm Swedish demeanor i guess

  119. This sick loser on NHL Network is still yelling after being up 6 goals.

    They were not yelling on Versus after pounding the Lightning, as I was not even cheering.

    When a team is getting pounded, why still yell over goals????????????

  120. Olga Folkyerself on

    Does Torts finally explode tonight? Or is the lid still bolted down on the pressure cooker?

  121. CR9,

    Were you screwed over by a referee at some point? Cause your venom towards all refs sure makes it sound like that.

  122. I’m sorry Mickey…I’m not sure if I’d watch sports if I were you. That’s 365 days a year of pure suffering

  123. Is there no floor for embarrassment for these guys??? Honestly, we thought the Islanders game was, then no, here comes the flyers game, and now this.

    Nasty, Shor,Grabby… next time they win 2 games in a row, please remind me to NOT get excited!

  124. maybe we should put Voros out as a Dman
    since he shows more willingness to hit
    and doesn’t score all that much anyway.

  125. “Schooling the Rangers on the powerplay” according to Weekes and Lee. OK, the Rangers have stunk tonight, but it was a 5-on-3! How exactly do they prevent being schooled there?

  126. How GD embarrassing. I’m glad I’m not witnessing this garbage. They should be ashamed of themselves. 6 goals on 22 shots.

  127. Mets fan longer than a Rangers fan, but the Rangers are life. At least the THOUGHT of the Rangers. These guys are slowly killing me. Mets NEVER got to me like this

    and uh i’m sorry but Voros wasnt actually beaten there it was a draw no

  128. John Doe, both teams trade off on drugging us to the point of being numb when we watch the games.

  129. DD

    Really ???????? Well how aboot this, im hoping for the Habs to score 6 more goals, THEN we get shutout.

    This team deserved to be more embarrassed than this.

    Lets see if all of our leaders step up and show some emotion. Eh, they wont, cause they’re all pu**ies.

    Take some notes Giradri, you loser.

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to the gutterI!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Yo , Losers , ya cheer “hey hey goodbye” when ya take out a team in the playoffs you RETARDS!! Saying it now after we CLOBBERED you a few days ago is Classless as it gets .

  131. Ok, I never really liked Voros, the last week or two how can you not? if we don’t give Hank the C give it to Voros, give Avery and Gaborik/Calli the A’s and make the rest of the teams wear blank jerseys with no logos. Except maybe Calli and Prospal

  132. BringBackStraka on

    I agree with you Great White, it is a tough to watch this team.

    At least Voros has some heart. Guy has little to no skill but will give it up for the team.

  133. already planned on skipping the pens game on monday
    because my hatred of that team will just be too much.
    have to work on wednesday.

    so, the way this team is going, i’ll just check out Gross’s tweets (i’ll be nice and not use the correct past tense of the word…) and shrug off what will probably two more

  134. Rangers are talking a bunch of low percentage shots and these talking heads are going on and on about how good Halak is?

  135. they are being shut out by a goalie who’s name sounds like the noise your cat make when it vomits

  136. Anyone think CR9 might’ve made a bet the Orioles would win a game that was ended by a certain Derek Jeter home run?

  137. “MickeyM
    January 23rd, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Were you screwed over by a referee at some point? Cause your venom towards all refs sure makes it sound like that.”

    I guess I can smile that SB XLII was reffed fairly, and they did not call what should have been a holding on the Tyree play! In the biggest game in NFL history and probably the NY-Boston rivalry.

  138. I can’t come up with a way to properly express our displeasure.

    Perhaps Linda, Sally, Mama etc. should burn their bras.

  139. John Doe
    January 23rd, 2010 at 9:24 pm
    Anyone think CR9 might’ve made a bet the Orioles would win a game that was ended by a certain Derek Jeter home run?

    That makes absolutely no sense. I would have given my life savings for that play to be called again (knowing the WS result in hindsight).

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to the gutterI!!! " … says Greg L. on


  141. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    Got back tonight to turn on the game and WOW!!!…guess I’m glad I missed most of it. AM I seeing things or are we looking at another shut out?….jeez where’s the heart? Where’s the leadership? 4 times in like 6 games? I’m speechless :(

  142. John, there have been times I’ve wanted to see Hank absolutely decapitate someone. How that guy holds it together is amazing! Calm Swedish demeanor i guess

    Preferably it’s be with his goalie stick! the satisfaction I would get from that make sickens me. Hank is clearly a much better man than myself, I would at least give them the Half Baked F U, F u, F U, F U, your cool, Im out!

  143. well,
    at least the town officials won’t have to worry about
    the canadian fans setting cars on fire and tearing up the place because they’re angry about a loss
    (ala canucks fans after game 7 and after g n’ r fans when that show ended early…)

  144. I cannot believe any of you have the gall to defend referees….

    They called the cheapest icing on the face of the earth with 2 SECONDS LEFT!

    Just to give them one more shot.

    The refs could not just allow them to have their championship, the one they earned, the refs had to screw them on the icing.

    I’d love to see the response to this, with people whining that it was a fair icing call!!!

  145. i always imagine him doing a decaptiation then a cartman


  146. BringBackStraka on

    This game has gotten so bad they are promoting the July Dinosaur show at the Garden….FML

  147. Who’d like to be the first reporter to ask Tortorella a question in the post-loss conference?

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to the gutterI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ok Linda ,right after this dibockle.


  149. CR9 very good point, I’m a fool, it was Bernie who ended it, Jete just tied it. How do I know you’re not a Mets fan?

  150. The way Hank keeps it together is the secret dungeon lair he has where he tortures small animals that he dresses up to look like his teammates. He spends hours down there getting all his aggression and anger at his “teammmates” out. Only when he’s calmed down does he come out. That is the calm, cool, collected Hank we always see.

  151. BringBackStraka on


    Every team gets “bad” calls against them just about every night. If you are a good team you will be able to fight through a bad call or two and get the job done.

  152. We are gonna get LIT UP on monday against the Pens on Versus.

    Most of this team has NO HEART nor pride.

    Kudos to Voros for battling til the end. At least that guy shows some emotion and that he cares.

    This feels like 92-93, when the team had talent and played like absolute sh*t, missing the playoffs after winning the president’s trophy the year before. You keep waiting for them to wake up from the stupor they are in yet they never do.

  153. worst thing is they didn’t look too bad in the first.
    a missed assignment…..what new?….and montreal gets the first goal
    so, there was nooooooo way that i expected us to come out even worse in the 2nd.

  154. Linda, I think the Rangers just gave us an excellent reason not to sin. We all now know what hell will be. I play by play analysis of this game by Mike Milbury on repeat for eternity

  155. i go back and forth with Brooks.
    i like a number of his recent columns
    but he still has the ***holiness about him too.

  156. Torts should just not say a damned thing to any of the team until after the Pens game. That would be hilarious.

    Would Drury pick up the mantle and freakin lead? Methinks we all know the answer to that

  157. I don’t know about you Matt, I can only speak for myself but…I think most of us have resigned ourselves to that not happening, and we didn’t have a good team last year, the funny thing is…if 93-94 Mess was on this team I bet you they’ve be a lot better. There is no way he would sit still for any of this pussyfooting around

  158. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to the gutter!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Do you hurt after a Ranger game? Does watching your Blueshirts aggravate you to no end? If your losing your hair from all the day to day stress please call (goto) and we will help you.We have many excellent councellors there.

  159. oh no John! that would be cruel!!!!

    who is this guy onthe panthers they are talkin to? He is awesome! Kendall McCardle.

  160. We all know the potential this team has. We see flashes of it…because of that I have trouble knockin Sather to the extent he is. I still say fire him because of the Drury Gomez, and Redden contracts but even the Gomez and Drury contract, how many of us didn’t think those were the missing pieces we needed to get us over the hump? Isn’t an albatross contract or two worth aa legit run at the cup? He couldn’t have known that Shanny was going to fall off the face of the earth that year, or that Avery was going to burst his spleen as we were owning the Penguins in the second round. If we made it to the cup that year those contracts are a huge reason why, and it would’ve then been worth it no?

  161. Ya know it’s a bad game when…..Watching “The Pregnancy Pact” on Lifetime would have been more productive for the night.

  162. John Doe – agree whole heartedly – although it’s ironic that 92-93 Mess didn’t get them into the playoffs. I wonder if the leadership in the locker room has tuned Torts out, much like they did with Renney.

    My point earlier was even if they fire Sather, there aren’t going to be immediate results. The next person that comes in has to deal with the awful contracts (both money and length) that Uncle Glennie saddled us with.

    What GM in their right mind would want to take over this team? You’re maxxed to the cap with players who don’t produce, and most of them have at least 2 years left on their deals.

    You’d have to give what little good players we have away just to get another team to take the high paid dead weight.

  163. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello From Montreal Ranger Fans!(wait a minute… Yeah, Montreal)

    Wow! It’s just like Canada here, but warmer! It was 70 degrees here today! 20 in the morning, 30 in the afternoon and 20 at night…

    (singing) “ You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song is About You…” That’s Dolan’s new ringtone. Hey, Big Guy!! I see the Knicks lost big to the Lakers last night. (click)

    I had to do that to Dolan before he asked me about the game. Don Van Assisfrozen should be proud of this one! I left the game early to do some shopping in Montreal. Who finally won?

    Brashear! Where’s my million-dollar boat ballast? Brash! Go get me some Sno-Cones. They make some really nice ones in Upper Greenland. The snow is a hundred years old. Yes, Greenland! Take the Clutchmobile, we won’t be needing you for awhile. Make sure you take a few loonies with you. Kotalik and Valiquette. They aren’t doing anything either.

    Just think how bad this game would have turned out if I didn’t unload Gomez and steal Higgins from Montreal! Damn, I’m Good!

    What ever happened to Sweet Caroline? I kinda liked that song. And did you notice? They don’t raise their sticks at home much anymore…

    I gotta go count the holes in Lundqvist.
    See Ya
    Uncle Glennie

  164. if it was only 2 albatros contracts, eh.. but we had 4 until he got rid of gomez. John, for year, I (and I know many more of us) have been praying for a hard hitting crease clearing PHYSICAL dman! We’ve been missing that probably since Beuk.


  165. In defense of Shanny, he got pretty badly injured, and I think he was still second or third on the team with goals even though he missed something like 10+ games.

    Hell, I’d KILL to have Shanny on this team now. He may not have the legs, but he’d work that locker room a hell of alot better that Captain Clutch. Also, he isn’t afraid to SHOOT THE PUCK on the powerplay.

  166. When is Sather going to get fired?

    How much longer can inconsistency be run out there?

    Hank and Jagr are his only clear cut great decisions. Gaborik also, but it’s only year 1 for him.

  167. wow…just wow….

    Gotta give it to Torts for not totally losing it when that microphone pretty much was kissing him!

  168. saw Tortorella press conference on Hockey Night in Canada
    (center ice only shows that version tonight)

    thought he was gonna kill the guy who had his microphone too close.

    what was the second question asked? it brought out the first

  169. I was (and still am) on the Rangers Season Ticket wait list. They called me this summer to say seats were available (in the corner for 100 bucks per – no thanks).

    I recently got an email asking for my feedback about season ticket waitlist. If they play like this, I’ll wait forever!

    Sad to say that I’m actually glad I didn’t plunk down the money for this crap.

  170. Dolan loves the fact that for the past few years, he’s gotten a couple of home playoff gate receipts. He does NOT care about winning, or championships. Sather has a job for life, or until he just doesnt want it anymore. Problem is,he gives up the GM portion, he is STILL president. His tentacled carcass needs to be totally removed from every aspect of the team. We also need owners who care.

  171. [Oops, I forgot a very important word.]
    The media should just *boycott* the Rangers until Tortorella changes his attitude or gets fired.

  172. ‘I am not going to dissect it with you guys”

    can’t blame him.he said he had not spoken to the team,and he shouldnt say a damned thing to any of them. They should walk around with paper bags on their heads until Mondays game

  173. i think sather’s spot as president is just a bunch of
    ego fluffery with dolan acting as his fluffer.

  174. Please allow me to clarify, in no way at all was I implying that Shanahan’s decline was due to anything but an injury. He was having a great season until he got hurt, if I remember correctly he only scored about two goals for the last two months of the season or so and was a complete non-factor if not a harm to the team come playoffs time. While I agree Sather should go, if Shanny stayed healthy, Avery didn’t get hurt I’m pretty confident we were going to the cup and maybe even winning. Jagr was playing like he was possessed, we were clearly the better team, the penguins were not ready yet. If we made it to the cup I would have trouble being overly mad at him considering he accomplished building a Rangers team that accomplished something so few have, if they managed to win it? There is no way we’re calling for his head right now. He is a god in our minds if we win it.

  175. someone mentioned about watching the Canucks game to see a good team play
    that’s one of the nice things and more frustrating things
    with center ice
    watching other teams play i can see how disgraceful our team is.

  176. even if it is jpg, its still there and his tentacles polute everything with this team, him and dolan.

  177. Well, for Glen, the fact that he was able to ditch Gomez and get out from his contract while getting (what we thought was a serviceable player in ) Higgins as well as a “top” prospect from Montreal – I could live with that.

    He was undoing a mistake giving approx 6 million for a guy who has only score more than 70 pts once and has never scored 30 goals.

    Kotalik and Drury are here to stay because of their NMC, and no one is taking Redden at the current salary.

    So, whomever takes this team over, is going to have the same, expensive, no-production players as the previous regime, thanks to the previous regime of course.

  178. I didnt see the postgame, if its still on I’m not watching it right now either. Torts will be Lethal Weapon’s Riggs tonight with a gun in his lap and a picture of this team next to him

  179. I didnt see the postgame, if its still on I’m not watching it right now either. Torts will be Lethal Weapon’s Riggs tonight with a gun in his lap and a picture his cup winning lightning team next to him

  180. sorry John, I’ve despised Sather from the second he got here. I give him credit when he does something that makes sense, but more often that not, if i could burn a hole in his forehead by staring at him, i would. If they ever won while he was the GM, they’d win IN SPITE OF HIM.

  181. Agreed John Doe. Teammates definitely looked up to Shanny, and he shared a lot of the media resposibility with Jagr, allowing Jagr to worry more about his play instead of the media.

    Totally hypothetical question here – if we could sign any player in the league right now, which one do you guys think would make the biggest diffence for this team?

  182. The new GM might not mind only because he’ll clearly not be responsible for the team’s performance until Drury’s contract is up

  183. lmao ORR, the dude had the biggest mic there, and he’s tryin to get up close and personal with Torts chiclets

  184. i guess what i mean was that it seems as if it’s name only……..or at least one would hope…..and he just gets some check or a percentage of something and just looks like he’s part of what’s going on
    when in reality he just stays on the golf course.

    at least that’s my wish.

  185. has the hockey media in the u.s. and/or canada taken sather to task for ruining this team?

    i thought there might have been some criticism last year but it might have been more local media.

  186. Saw Torts post game on HNL. You can tell how mad he is at the team and how disappointed he is in them. You can also tell that he’s frustrated by them and that he has NO CLUE how to fix the team. I think he’s tried everything he can think of and still nothing, so he’s getting resigned to the fact that this team just isn’t good. No questions from Larry Brooks.

  187. Ah, Shanny’s my 2nd favorite hockey player of all time. There is NO WAY a proud, hard working player of his stature would stand for this crap. His injuries and age caught up with him and limited his effectiveness on the ice, but not in the room. We need a leader like him.

  188. na j/k. gabby aint goin nowhere lol. but damnit hes been flat out bad this month. he is either burnt out or is just disgusted with the rest of the team he just doesnt care anymore

    Ok I have to take issue with this statement. He isn’t scoring goals but he’s still making plays, and even if he is not playing as well as he can…flat out bad? When he’s “bad” he’s still one of the best players in the league.

  189. John Doe
    give me a break about firing Torts.
    i haven’t agreed with all of his moves but there are only so few Scotty Bowmans….

    he’s been handed a bad lifeless lineup thanks to Sather and he’s trying the best he can with it.

    i really don’t understand how a team can miss so many assignments in their own zone or how a team of professionals who have been in the league for a number of years can completely forget how to act in the offensive zone or how to shoot the puck.

  190. Yes, i realy feel Hank could be that guy if he would let himself. He’s got that same fire inside of him

  191. jpg, john and i were talking about sather, i dont think he mentioned torts, or if he did i missed it

  192. I think the organization treats these players too well. the MSG country club treatment they get must be affecting their play.

    I saw Brooks in the Post say that Phaneuf is available. I don’t want him, but could you imagine if they traded for him and he had to share a locker room with Avery? LOL

  193. jpg, coaches and managers are always the first to tell you ultimately its their responsibility to get them in game mode. We’re all sitting here saying we need a player who would lead this team in the lockerroom like Shanny or Mess. That’s the coaches job as well, not just the players

  194. all things considered, i actually got to see Torts tonight, and he didnt pull a Linda Blair, so i gotta say he behaved!

  195. In my opinion that’s probably the most important job of the coach. Thats why Joe Torre was so revered, he kept the lockerroom together, thats why Girardi has been praised so much for loosening up the team and building comradarie

  196. While I don’t think Torts does hmself any favours with how he handles the press (and I’m pretty certain he doesn’t care at all how he is portrayed), he can’t win after games like tonight. If he rips the team or individual players, he’ll get criticised. If he restrains himself and says nothing – like tonight – he’ll get the same treatment.

  197. we have a lifeless captain,and two veteran defensemen with skills on the decline. Torts is here for almost a year, and there was a big turnover this past summer, so we really cant say they are still in a Renney coma. They need a system that allows the talent on the team to thrives. Torts cannot fully implement his ‘system’ because there are still guys here who cannot compete like that.

  198. I’m sorry, this team is not as bad as they’re playing, we all know that, they show it sometimes…

  199. Just another of many tough nights to be a Ranger Fan. Sather should be proud. I would think Torts wonders what he is doing here. The way these guys are playing he may not be here much longer. Not his fault though. These guys just don’t get it. They quit. They quit when they miss a few chances. They are like kids when things don’t go their way, they just stop giving a total effort. Then things just start falling apart. They deserved every penalty they got, and the Canadians deserved every goal they scored. Hank has reached the point were he is overplayed. He was involved in this, and has take his share of the blame. Although the defense couldn’t have been much worse. The team fell apart, after the third goal, that it seemed was the point when the rangers quit, and the effort was not there. to make a long story short it was over. Zaba is not a bad goaltender, at least as good as Johnson. (just my opinion) How many good scoring chances did Gabby have? A great scorer like Gabby should had a least two tonight, he had some great chances. If the Randers had scored a goal in the first period, it would have been a different outcome. Its really difficult to say any one player deserved any kudo’s except Zaba, he came into a tough situatiuon and played well, for a bunch of guys that had lost a game with lots of time still left on the clock.

  200. I love hockey. I love the Rangers. I’m a Ranger fan…yes I am. I am….I’m gonna keep telling myself this tonight.
    Oy vey.

    TR, wish I was with ya. As always, love to Mrs. TR…..

  201. I hear ya Linda, Renney was in the exact same sitauation last year witha worse team and people were screaming for his head. This team is definitely better than last years, the addition of Gaborik immediately makes this team infinitely better than the one Renney had last year. My problem with Torts is his inability to adjust. Ok great, you don’t have the team for your system, so figure out another system that’s effective and wait until you do, like if Grachev is ready next year and becomes that big dominant power forward we need so badly.

  202. Too bad we didn’t get a full MSG postgame, would have been interesting to see what Hank had to say.

  203. Baumgartner-Domi – Fotiu-Nystrom- Gilles- Hospadar ( hehe sorry Rangers fans)etc…fights and so many from the 70`s to mid 90`s were great fights between Islanders and Rangers and what was responsible for bringing the passion of that to become a great rivalry.
    I cant even watch these 2 teams play each other now as they look like panzies out there and nobody fights- let alone hits hard.

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