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… the last thread has gotten way too long for a non-game day, and since the conversation is still going strong, here’s a new blank slate.

Talk on.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This repost is for you Mr Carp :
    If Brooksie says stuff about the Rangers in the press ,then Torts has every reason to do it back. It just torts doesnt have a Newspaper article.

    I saw you Carp ,When you interviewed Torts , you were pritty nice to him and you guys were funny. You wouldn’t disrespect him cuz yer not stuiped , Brooks is dumb that way…brave??…no ,Just too cheeky. You say atheletes owe the press and thier fans cuz thier paying the tickets…well Atheletes get bad press,injuries and alot of heat from coaches and other players. If the atheletes never showed up …NO one would have a job.

  2. It’s OK blogfather…did you see my request for a caboose-related post? ha ha.

    CCCP, at the risk of being yahna’d again, we’re cool…:)


    I hope not, that’s the last thing i need to know. Dubi’s been on my list since day 1, as much as im trying to like the guy, i just cant do it.

    Im looking forward to the trade deadline when we dump both he, and Princess Diana Girardi.

    I just hope the return is good, and not the typical Phoenix Coyotes losers.

  4. First time I’ve ever been Carped.



    Unfortunately I doesn’t surprise me either. When Dubi first came up I thought that he had the potential to be an Adam Graves type of player, but now I don’t see that happening. He might have the skill, but I don’t think he has the heart.

  5. Orr… I could see how duby might rub you the wrong way. You being the no nonsence type of guy. I do think he has a lot to learn, but I think he will be good in time.

  6. thats one thing about you ORR, you hate a guy, or dont like him, it’s pretty set in stone! Dubinsky could bring Megan Fox to your door, and you’d make fun of his hair cut!

  7. olga, i’m gonna make special Christmas cards that say that, and will send you one every year until it happens!


  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I think Carcillo paid a priced for his team. Comendable…kinda , cuz he took out the other teams superstar. No honor …yeah cuz he fought a guy of Gaborik caliber and statue. Gaborik is OUR TOP PLAYER , he lead the league in goals and points most of the year , he loses by sitting in the box and Carcillo knows that. If it were Jarome Iginla or Vinny L ,then its different cuz those guys are tough sob’s..winning a fight over Gaborik is like beating your little sister up..no honour at all.

    Carcillo was interviewed on OTR and sure seem proud of himself. He has NO class ,great team player BUT he lack class.

    I saw the fight and they both dropped the gloves at the same time , Gaborik DID NOT TURTLE ..he knew Carcillos gloves were comming off ..it just Gaborik even in a fight is fast and smart. Carcillo is the real loser here cuz his hands are all cut up and he has to live with beating up his sister.

    Gaborik has more fights then his captain this year …whos the real Captain here?

    I also saw the fight where OV took off his helmit to fight and his teammate rushed in and said..I’ll take this ty very much..Ov is like …”whaaa ? huh..ahh Thanks!!”
    Do these players know or realize where thier bread is buttered?? HANK AND GABORIK could of been hurt yeasterday and no one did a ratzz azz about it.

  9. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    A SHOCKER, carped again

    Nice laurel MAMA!!

    good point, it was over the top by a mile, I thought about it, but got overly involved with the toughness (or lack there of) with this team (imagine that, me talking about the lack of toughness on this team)! Bad move on dubi’s part!

    Ok, we’re off to the barn to watch some JR. hockey!

    later folks!

  10. As my best buddy (the Islander fan) has pointed out about Dubinsky since he arrived… “he’s a red-neck from Alaska”. While I resent the comment for it’s derogatorial nature, I got his point.

    I like Dubi, and I think he’s going to be a good hockey player… he just needs some more time under his belt until he can truly be a player that sticks his chest and his mouth out. I think he will someday, but he’s not there yet.

    As for the Brooks stuff… I can see how some people are a little ticked off at Tortorella now, I just think there’s a little more emotion out of it because of how the game went down.

    My take on Brooks has been this way for a while, I’ve never liked his tone with this team, yet I do read what writes. He’s just always rubbed me the wrong way, and it has nothing to do with how I feel about Tortorella or anyone else for that matter.


  11. Maybe we could get someone on the inside to plant hidden cameras to catch Slats doing something unacceptable for someone in his situation. I have no idea what that would be, but its just a thought.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its ok Carp..the story can go both ways , Atheletes are over paid -spoiled-brats and the paperatzi can flat out kill ya with its over zealous behavior.

  13. checked on Sundstrom stats- you were right .he did go on. Kings 1st .then Pitt. But the point I was trying to make was after Brown episode or episodes (there is another on you tube about decapitation with the stick in the head.). Sundstrom’s mental state with the Rangers never recovered. He was not the same player with the Rangers.

  14. Hey CARP

    you gotta look into gettin the stuff posted here trademarked or copyrighted! We come up with classic stuff, and somehow, a few days later, it shows up in columns! We need protection from poachers!

    also, nickname list will be on the FB tomorow before game time.Somehow, Dan Girardi went from having 2 nicknames before game time yesterday,to having 8 as of this morning.

    GREG, email me so I can email it to you

  15. When Toe-Mas was just starting in the league with the Rangers…I always thought he looked like a Swedish Eddie Haskell (from Leave it to Beaver fame)…

  16. I don’t remember Sandstrom going downhill at all. I thought he got even better as a Ranger — a really tough, pain-in-the-neck to play against, who could flat-out fly and had a rocket for a shot. Then they traded him and Granato for Bernie Nicholls, which got them a division title and eventually Messier. Sandstrom continued to be a really good player for L.A.

    I could see Eddie Haskell.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! ” … says Greg L.
    January 22nd, 2010 at 8:19 pm
    Salty is True fans , same person everyone.
    True Fans Bleed RW&B January 22nd, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    Salty again owns it when it comes to knowing hockey and I’ll add this. —————————————————-

    Same person saying the same stuiped stuff.

    Hahaha… Youre such a dunce sometimes Greg. If you really need Carp to verify we’re not the same, ask. I assure you we’re not but youre not going to believe me anyway.

    As far as Gabby roughing up Carcillo, I think it’s dumb too. Did Shanny drop the gloves with Brashear expecting Brashear to take it easy on him? Nope. A superstar doesn’t drop the gloves unless they’re ready to fight, Gabby wasn’t and he played some chin music for all of us as a result. He’s almost as dull as you if he didn’t anticipate a fight to ensue the moment he let the gloves go.

    Do you remember when Kovalchuk sucker shot Avery in the playoffs 2 years ago… did he take his gloves off? NO! Had he taken his gloves off, Avery knows what’s coming and Avery beats the hell out of him. With Kovalchuk getting a pretty good ‘gloved’ shot in their, he surprises Avery and doesn’t give him time to react (and he had Tkachuk right behind him to back up some real tough stuff). Gabby was dumb, Girardi even dumber. You, well, I think i’ve made my point that you 3 birds can go flock together.

  18. There is a HUGE difference in Shanny and Gabby. Shanny, even at his ‘advanced’ age, was definitely a scrapper. Gabby, not so much. Shanny was a power forward, Gabby moreso finnesse, but I gotta say, he showed some balls, stupid or not.

    And Greg, True and Salty are not the same person

  19. hmm…can we call up someone from Charlotte? T.J. Reynolds has 155 PIM in 34 games so far this season…and is plus 19!!!

  20. i think everyone has worn themselves out on these topics and are out enjoying their friday night!

  21. ilb, this is for you, even though you’re not here…

    Go watch the Haiti benefit on any channel all…if you missed most of it, you can catch again….ta!

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thx Linda.

    My comparison to Shanny is to show that a goon WILL ALWAYS fight a skilled player and try to take them down/do damage. Perhaps not career ending, but if they can impede their game or get in their heads then the goon’s done their job and they’ll do it against a glove-less skilled player everytime.

    How many times did Jagr get rocked with bad hits or cheap shots? How many times did his gloves come off? He took some big shots and I can’t ever recall his gloves coming off… because he knew it starts a fight. I don’t know if Greg plays, but when you’re 1on1 with a guy and those gloves come off you better start swinging to tag him before he tags you.

  23. True, good point. Jagr was a horse, but took a lot of crap. Too bad Gabby’s not a power forward eh?? :-)

    I’m not happy with the message this sent to the league. Gretz had a Semenko, and I am in no way comparing Gabby to Gretz, outside of their standing on the team. Gabby needs a “cementhead” type of guy.

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gosh Olga, you sure know how to clear out a room.

    Olga: Don’t forget to tip your waitress….

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    linda- Wasn’t that Brashear’s job? He’s a bag of cement, is that close enough?

  26. so I am watching nashville and colorado in my post food poisoning recovery, and wow what a difference. With the players and refs.

    1.) Wolski skates in and tries to knock the puck out from under the goalie. the ref gives him the penalty for slashing the goalie. Wish lundy would get some of those calls.

    2.) Sullivan literally goes ape crazy on Wolski for just tapping his goalie with a stick.

    Conclusion: This video should be played in replay in the rangers locker room. Also, I’ll say it again. Take a penalty. Our penalty kill is good enough!

    Carp: Yes I was watching the Haiti show but all it reminded me was that I am broke and I can’t donate money (Which I badly want to do!). So hockey it is!

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Somebody has to teach these Rangers the difference between a stupid penalty, like they have been taking, and a necessary penalty to protect your star players. Also, how to take a penalty AND the other player off the ice with you. Its a matter of not REACTING to other players but initiating hard hits, even after the whistle, to get THEM to take the bad penalty. That’s grit, and there is none on this team.

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice article, MAKO. I don’t like Carcillo but he’s right. I can’t lay any blame on him, he’s doing his job. I would love to see the situation reversed, someone on NY going after their stars after Carcillo fought Gabby.

    Brashear WAS that guy. And we all hated him for it. Now that Slats has “bought” him for us, he doesn’t do squat. What is in the air in MSG that turns players into wimps?

  29. joey get well soon! food poisoning is not freakin fun.
    Great points. I see other teams sticking up for their guys all the time. This CULTURE OF CARVEL here has to come to an end!

    and Olga, two thumbs up on that post!

  30. thanks! Yeah I ate an apple tonight! Never was so excited to eat solid food. now i would like to see a rangers goal! ooooo too soon?

  31. Sandstrom was the guy to focus on. He had skills like Gaborik. Flyers ran him in the ground. I don’t remember the team doing anything to defend him.The guy your talking about lasted for no more than a month. But what was bad about that – he took 20 or so punches and never raised his arms to defend himself.

    On Avery as asst Captain -you have to be kidding. Lets see 14 secs in Montreal game,he takes a dumb penalty. Same period he takes another dumb penalty. Hmm!

    Torts vs Brooks – You got it dead ass backwards. Brooks is always the instigator. He just wants to manage the team and does it in an absurd way. How many unleash Avery columns to we have to read. Sending Redden and Rosy to the AHL is just as ridiculous. I don’t see their plus minus causing that much of a problem -just their salaries which I am sure other teams would love to have at half the price. They were brought here by defensive minded coaches (Renney and Pern)and now the team is in transition. With Hank in goal and every game like a playoff game, defense may be more important than offense.

  32. blogmama, is Jennifer Hudson the one that just totally ruined the Beatles’ Let It Be? that was horrendous. i was almost in tears from such a murder being performed in front of my eyes, almost the same to the feeling I had watching the pansy Carsissy toss Gabby around.

  33. damnit i hate this keyboard.

    fudgie the whale ladies and gentleman…too many funny pics so i just posted the whole link above

    Cookie O’Puss!!!!! sooooooo funny!

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda , email me it at greg9794734@yahoo.ca ty ty!!

    Yo true fans , We both agree then that Carcillo is a goon.
    Yes he most certainly is. He also did the right thing to grab Gaborik and put his glove in his face , virtualy attacking at him with Gaborik knowing Carcillo is a cheap shoter he “out-slung” as in gun fighting ..Carcillo. The punches and the fact Gaborik went down shows Gaborik lost But in actuallity Gaborik was not hurt ,he said it was just hockey stuff and Carcillo was on the tv show ‘OFF the Record’ today smiling like a tool. Carcillo has pieces of his skin ripped off and it hurts him bad right now. Gaborik got the last laugh and the only problem is , is his teamate did not come to his aid.

  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Greg, I disagree bro. The Flyers ran through the Rangers. They pummeled their All-Star, Franchise cornerstone winger (for the next 4.5 years), and shut the Rangers out in the process. There were no victories in blue last night unless you consider the efforts of Avery and Lundqvist (who quietly had a great game).

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carcillo instigated the fight and Gaborik didn’t know he was going to drop his gloves or he would have backed up and removed his helmit. The fight was a bully tactic done by Carcillo and it makes Carcillo look like a punk.Guys like that dont last long in this league.

    Rangers did lose and got shut out to boot. The victories come in a negative cry from the fans that you seek. You love this turmiol ..admit it.Alot did come outta this game and it has you all smiling. You never come on here when they win but when they lose you always do. Carcillo is an IDIOT to fight Gaborik and hit his knucles on his visor ..haha talk about a dumb goon.

  37. thanks TR! its just so weird to be able to see what these guys are doing/thinking. never thought back in 1978 that would ever be a possibility

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Per Voros:
    “Just set up Marian Gaborik on Twitter People!!! Follow him @ “MGaborik10″ ASAP!!!!”

    Its apparent Voros, Gabby, Avery, and Lundqvist are tight. Dubinsky occasionally makes there news too. Interesting those are the same 5 guys who seem to also care about this team. Not a mere coincidence.

  39. Since this is the “Just Because” thread…I will post some other Rangers memories I had as a kid.

    When Rangers aquired Rick Chartraw, I alwas had difficulty pronouncing his last name. Its an annoying name to say out loud. Almost hurts when you try. Go ahead. Try. Thank goodness he only lasted a a year. Also, it took me like 3 years to learn how to spell Vanbiesbrouck (i think that is correct). Didnt Beezer turn out to be a racist? i recall reading something like that.

    I always loved when Eddie Mio made the glove hand save and he would hold the puck in the air with his glove for like 10 seconds because I felt he was giving the photographers ample time to capture the picture for the local news paper.

    I thought it was weird to see Tim Kerr in a Rangers jersey because as a Rangers fan, his image is embedded into that orange Garfield Flyers jersey. (remember the year the Flyers wore them silly black pants so the opponent would lose sight of the puck?)

    It always seemed that John Ogrodnick would hit the post with the Rangers down a goal late in the 3rd period. Sam Rosen always took note of this oddity.

    I think its funny that us Rangers fans loved JD in the booth for many years, but at the end of his stint here, we disliked him because he was a NHL a$$ kisser. But now that we have Micheletti, we all want JD back.

    I think my favorite ex Icehole to play eventually for the Rangers was Ray Ferraro. My favorite ex Devil to play eventually for the Rangers was Patty Verbeek. Both only played only a season or so for the Rangers. Ferraro is now married to Tony Granato’s girls ice hockey playing sister Cammi.

    When Ulf Dahlen was drafted by the Rangers, it was equivilant of the Mets drafting Billy Beane. The Hockey New (pre internet) would report about his progress in Sweden and how he was a wunderkind and that got Rangers fans excited since we havent seen a Cup in our lifetime yet.

    My two favorite songs that the Garden would play right before the Rangers would hit the ice between periods were “Ride the wind” by poison and “nothings gonna stop us now” by Starship….lol

    That is as much useless info I can think of tonight….Just because…..

  40. Great post, Liquid … and yes Vanbiesbrouck is spelled correctly and yes he got in trouble for saying something really stupid, but I don’t think he was a total racist nut.

    Good night, all.

    Good night, Sally!

  41. I’ve only been able to skim through most of the posts since the game, so apologies if this has been mentioned already…

    Didn’t Girardi step in and take an instigator when Mike Richards took a huge run at Zherdev in a game last year? Doesn’t make his inaction this time around right, but it does suggest he’s not totally incapable of sticking up for someone. Overthinking? Wanted no piece of Carcillo? Scared of taking a penalty? Yeah, still no excuse.

  42. Wow! LW3H, I saw your comment before heading to bed, and did some checking. I forgot all about that …

    Indeed, on march 15, in Philadelphia, Girardi was given an instigator and fighting penalty and a misconduct when he fought Mike Richards, sticking up for Zherdev. In a 0-0 game the Rangers would win, by the way, 4-1 … and they killed the penalty.

    So let’s cut Girardi a little slack. I’m putting this in my post tomorrow, too.

  43. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    On a bit of a side note, did anyone see lappy’s interview with gianone in the 2nd intermission? I don’t know why the frak we did not sign him!

    He was on NHL live today and said if a fighter would ahve jumped briere or gagne and he was on the ice, he would not have cared what the ramifications were, he would have 3rd man in the situation. Again, how the hell did slatipuss not sign this guy?

    Eddie O said the same thing about how ridiculous it was no one jumped in, you just dan’t not jump in.

    Lastly, the flames scouts have been following the rangers for a couple of games and on NHL live today, one of the insiders said they were too heavy on the back end and needed help in the middle….I wonder if they are looking at dubi or AA and a lower cost d man for phaneuf or regher? Of course the opposite end of the spectrum for bad news would be if they did a carter for phanuef swap with the flyers, just to make our lives more miserable!!!!

  44. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    oh, now i remember why slatipuss didn’t sign him, he has character and stands up for his teammates!

    One other thing, NHL on the fly guys said tonight that when the rangers play the flyers next, gagne and briere better have their heads up!!

  45. Orr thats why Avery got brass ones for holding his own against Carcillo…that guy looks like a creep

  46. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The Kiddy Korps sure has all the hockey answers. Too bad they don’t match any of the questions. Stick to Megan Fox, or at least keep making Megan Fox’s pictures stick together.

  47. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I also liked Pat Verbeek. I never understood why Beeker never came back to NY. 95-96 he and Messier reminded me of the Maris-Mantle home run race the one year they played for NY. They both scored 40 some goals each and it was back and forth between them all season.

    There were some other Rangers worth mentioning, #55 Ogrodnick scored a lot of goals for NY. Poddubney, one of the few players that came alive for the Rangers, instead of the other way around (like Robitaille?). Pierre Larouche was another one. Mike Rogers…

    Man I’m showing my age now, eh?

  48. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ORR- Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Or as Greg would say, stuiped..

  49. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    Well, if Girardi did that last year, then he should’ve done that this year….no excuses…you don’t get to do it once and then be excused for it the rest of your career…the other guys in the locker room, and especially Gaborik, could give two carps what he did last year

  50. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I think Girardi knows he screwed up not coming to Gabby’s defense. Geez, can’t a guy make a mistake once and awhile? As long as he learns from it and doesn’t repeat it, can a brother get a break here?


  51. I just bought ’99 Maxima for a hundred dollars! Dont ask me why i need this car but i just couldn’t say no! LOL

  52. ok its a new day
    a game day

    Rangers vs Le Smurfs in Mon Tray Al

    and the Rangers are pissed! (they sure better be!)

  53. Callahan 4 Captain on

    To all the Girardi bashers, he consistently leads or is near the top of club recorded hits and blocked shots. His weakness is his offensive game, and he is still young enough that that could develop to a respectible level. If he had the same game and the same numbers as an over-30 veteran it would be a different story. But he still has an upside and gives his body for the cause, every game. Someone picking on Gerardi tell what what Drury, Redden, and Roszival contribute to the physical game, other than poke checks and sissy play, game after game. I like Girardi, he is not part of the dead wood hanging around here we need to get rid of.

  54. I was in the pool!! on

    The sad thing that will come out of this is Sathers response. It will most likely be “This is why we need to play Brashear everynight!” Everyone who knows this team (except Sather and doughlan) understands that is not the answer. I doubt Sather even understands what the question is.

  55. The biggest question about this whole Carcillo incident:

    With a pipeline of players coming from Pheonix to the NYR recently, how did Sather not GET Carcillo?!?!?!

  56. I remember Marc Tardiff jumping Bill Fairbairn…
    I remember seeing the Bruins parade around with the cup at MSG…
    I remember Vic Hadfield laughing in the penalty box at the spectrum…
    I remember the Dale Rolfe incident…
    I remember the Ulf Nilsson hit…
    I remember Vukota, Baumgartner, et al. jumping a weak Ranger on-ice group (at MSG, when we had the last line change no less!)…
    I can not EVER remember being so ashamed of my boys as I was Thursday night!!!!
    Since there is no beef available in Hartford (I live about 30 minutes away, and see the pack regularly) and Brashear is a joke, I read Laracque may be available….What do you guys think?

  57. And by the way, when Carcillo pulled this crap in the playoffs, it woke up the Penguins who went on to come from behind an win the game/series. I guess that’s what bothered me the most. No response physically or emotionally from this group (except Voros & Avery).

  58. Laraque is just a younger version of Brashear. Used to be a serviceable player for an enforcer, but now barely fights, can’t stay healthy and can’t play. And he has a $1.5m cap hit that the Rangers can’t take on.

    The fact that a team like Montreal (who got knocked around by the Rangers less than a week ago) have no use for him should raise a few alarms. But this is Sather we are talking about…

  59. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I loved the little ball of hate as well!

    congrats on the car!!

    they are all lacking in the toughness dept. This team has been lackng team toughness since 03-04!

    Hope the boys come out heated tonight!!! LGR!!!

    and…off to work!

  60. goood morning ranger fans! Let’s remember all the positives today!

    1.) Gabby is not a wimp

    2.) Someone did mention last night in the comments (And carp will update it with his new post as per his comment last night) that Dan Giradi did take an instigator and a misconduct penalty against Mike Richards when defending Zherdev in the march match-up between the flyers- rangers last year. (I am disappointed in myself for not remembering this because it was the only game I went to)

    3.) We are playing Montreal…scored 6 on them the last time.

    4.) Torts vs Larry Brooks = hella funny!

    Good luck!

  61. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Gday fellow boneheads. I foresee our boys coming out on fire tonight. Full of rage and an unquenchable desire to hit something. They will take crashing the net to a whole new level. The forecheck will be better than ever. The backcheck will be unbelievable.The defensemen will not only stand the Habs up at the blueline, they will throw them onto their backsides for attempting to enter the zone. Gabby gets a hatty today! There will be Secondary scoring and the Fourth line will pitch in as well. Higgins will shoot wide, but today it will rebound off a defensemen and past the goaltender!

    ok so none of that will happen. But i had fun writing it.

  62. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Carcillo is a punk.

    Watch his fights when he does not sucker punch someone or fights a heavyweight.

    jason Strudwick threw him a beating in edmonton.

    Don;t even bother with him the next time we play.

  63. It’s not a question of enforcers. We don’t have a defenseman who cares enough to lay the lumber on an opponent if our best forward gets pummeled or our star goalie gets run.

    To me it’s just gutless, and so disheartening to be a fan of a team that has a memorable spineless incident like this twice a decade since the 70’s

  64. we do have a defenseman who is willing to throw his body around and clear the crease. but hes in hartford…..

  65. i expect this to end up in brooks article soon.

    johnson from the kings had a falling out and they have the cap space to take on a redden/rozsival type contract.


    “This guy has never had any coaching [at the University of Michigan],” Lombardi said. “Jack just did what he wanted.”

    “Michigan is the worst.” Lombardi added. “For hockey people, if you’ve got a choice between a kid—all things being equal—one’s going to Michigan and one’s going to Boston University, you all want your player [going to Boston University]. Michigan’s players—[head coach] Red [Berenson] doesn’t coach. It’s ‘do what you want.’ He gets the best players in the country.”

    he is cheap and the kings have cap space.

  66. we have to start getting everything posted here trademarked and copyrighted!

    what a burn on the michigan hockey program!

  67. clowns philthy totally overpid for carcillo who is a thug..

    do you guys ever watch the games and look at the stats????

    yea upshall or carcillo!!!!tough choice..not.. carcillo stinks……….

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