Day after the disgrace


Quick question: What’s worse? Getting beaten 10-2 by Dallas, or having your best player being beaten up by a Flyers goon and doing nothing about it (and thinking you responded properly)?

Does anybody remember how long it took to get over the Dave Schultz-Dale Rolfe beatdown? Well, horrifying as that was, and it was, Rolfe wasn’t the Rangers’ best player.

1) We’re piling on Dan Girardi here, and I did, too, in the comments last night. He should have jumped in, no question about it, taken the third-man penalty and game misconduct. No doubt. But he was in a tough spot in this regard: By the time he arrived, the officials just about had control of the situation. Still, he has to jump in. Has to. He even said if he had to do it again, he would. He also had two chances in a row to hit Carcillo clean and hard along the wall and pulled up both times.

2) I didn’t like the re-aquiring of Sean Avery when it happened, and I knew he was high-maintenance and that he rubbed some teammates the wrong way, and I don’t care for his personality. But I will say this. You can throw all that other crap right in the dumpster because he proved last night that he is a great teammate. And in the end it’s what you do on the ice, in tough situations, that matters. Give him one of the captain’s letters right now. Adam Graves has his number in the rafters because, in part, he was that type of teammate.

3) Tortorella picked a fight with Larry Brooks because he was looking for a distraction. Just like the now famous YouTube thing with Brooks after a terrible Tampa Bay playoff loss. It takes the focus off his team’s ineptitude, and in this case the Rangers sure were inept. Brooks’ question, “should somebody have jumped Carcillo and taken a third-man penalty” needed to be answered, and Tortorella failed to answer it. He took the easy way out. If he really had a problem with Brooks writing “Wade ‘Golden Gloves’ Redden” he could have taken it up with Brooks at his press conference before the game, or at a practice, or any other time. This was a time to answer a question, and Tortorella took the easy way out. Not cool.

4) Gaborik did drop his gloves first. “I didn’t really expect to fight who I fought, but it kind of worked out,” Carcillo said. “I don’t know who on that line would have been able to help him though. I wasn’t expecting him to drop his gloves, but when he did, I pretty much was licking my chops.” Carcillo separated Gaborik from the pack and was threatening to beat him up no matter who dropped the gloves. Gaborik had to defend himself.

5) Once that happened (and let’s remember that Aaron Asham ran straight over Henrik Lundqvist without retribution earlier), the best way to handle it would have been to rough up some of the Flyers’ best players. Especially since the Rangers don’t have a heavyweight who could possibly win a fight against Carcillo.

6) All the stuff that happened afterward could have been avoided if somebody, anybody, jumps in and prevents Gaborik from being pounded. Simple as that. And whoever jumped in wouldn’t have had to fight Carcillo, just tackle him.

7) Did you see the YouTube of Washington’s Bradley streaking off the bench (legally, or he would have been suspended for a long time) to jump Downie before Downie could fight Ovechkin? That’s how it’s done. And that’s Ovechkin, who is a really tough guy for a superstar, and who had dropped his gloves and his hat and wanted to fight Downie.

8) WPIX went with the “same fire, same desire” promo for tomorrow’s game. Ugh. Last time WPIX did this was after the awful Ottawa game and before the one-sided St. Louis game.

9) Even Donald Brashear in his prime, or Colton Orr, could not have had an effect on that incident. If they’re not on the ice at the time, whatever they do later is just retribution. Although sometimes you need that, too.

10) I could go on and on about this. It was an embarrassing night for the Rangers and their soft roster.

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  1. Repost:
    January 22nd, 2010 at 11:46 am
    I don’t know if you can “teach tough”. Those players are what they are and their playing style is molded long before they reach the NHL. Carcillo was a tough guy on Phoenix, he’s a tough guy in Philly. Pronger has been a tough guy in Hartford, St. Louis, Edmonton, Anaheim and now Philly. Domi was a tough guy on the Rangers, Jets, Leafs, etc. You get the point.
    It’s obviously someone’s fault for assembling a roster that doesn’t have toughness ingrained in them. Some of that is due to the lack of continuity of the personnel. Teams that stay together for long periods of time, have gone through battles of the playoffs, I think are more apt to stick up for each other.
    Obviously all of this should be instinctive as you’d like to believe that these guys honor the idea that your teammates are your teammates whether you’ve worn the same sweater for a minute or a decade, but we all know in reality it doesn’t work like that. Especially with a roster that gets chopped up and re-made on as frequent a basis as the Rangers.

  2. [I finally got carp’d]

    We have way too many pretty boys on this squad. They’re all afraid to get their faces bruised in a fight. I doubt Ian Laperriere would think twice about jumping in to defend a team-mate. Avery should challenge Girardi in practice and teach him how to be a man.

  3. That was a tough thing for Gabby to take. I think they need to bring up Brent Henley from the wolf pack. He is decent and played in the Pre-Season. He is 6-7 250. I’m pretty sure he could take care of Carcillo or anybody else the Flyers have.

  4. I don’t know if they’re pretty boys, but the roster is made up of too many soft players. I mean, Drury can’t fight Asham. Higgins can’t fight Carcillo. But everybody has the ability to jump in and tackle somebody who’s pummeling your best player.

  5. i forgot that sam said the calgary scouts have been following rangers (and was it the coach or gm who was there as well?) i sure hope this doesnt mean we are going after jokinen. phaneuf would probably be a mistake as well given what we would have to give up to get him

  6. One of the problems with retaliation is that the aside from Brier and Gagne, the Flyers top players could actually handle themselves when the game turns nasty. Richards and Dubi have dropped the gloves a few times over the years, Carter is big enough to not embarrass himself in a scuffle. Pronger and Timmonen could take on people as well, even Emery would relish the chance to drop the gloves.

    I replied back to an email from my friend who’s a Pens fan with whom I’m going to game on Monday and I told her that even if the Rangers can’t match the Flyers in terms of toughness they also can’t burn them where it counts, on the scoreboard. The Pens can at least do that when their games turn into slugfests. So in strict confines of the battle of Pennsylvania, I know which side I’d choose.

  7. Carp

    RE: Carcillo/honor

    Gaborik may have dropped the gloves first, but he was singled out by Carcillo (apparently, I did not see this part of game)… what’s your take? Part of the game?

  8. The thing is, this team has no identity. No unifying force.

    It’s not a young/fast/skilled team (Chicago). It’s not a tough guy team (Philly). It’s not a defensive team (Minny). It’s not a firepower team (Pitt). It’s not old veterans, it’s not a youthful rebuild (Colorado, Isles).

    There’s a couple old duds (Dru, Redden), 1 star (Gabby), a couple of kids making their way (MDZ, etc), no tough guys, an agitator… Without Gabby’s shot and Hank’s pads, we’re nothing.

  9. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    Carp even though you carped me for the umpteenth time….I agree with you 100% (be afraid we agree)

    and i’m sorry, but i fully expect drury as CAPTAIN to drop the gloves and get involved physically! There are certain times as a leader, you have to do things beyond your normal scope of operations, beyond your normal course of actions to show those that are following you that you are indeed their LEADER! Bottom line, you have to put your ass (sorry carp) on the line like the rest of your guys do and pohysically engage!!!

    That was the major problem I had with both leetch and jagr as captains of the rangers and I also have issues with drury for the same reason!

  10. Aves may not have a letter on his jersey, but he definitely DOES have one in the hearts and minds of a lot of the fans, and his teammates. Drury is an empty jersey of a captain and truly needs to relinquish the C after his lackluster reigh of error. Gabby earned even more respect last night for doing what I guess he felt he had to do, and not publicly calling anyone out. It wasnt pretty, and thankfully he did not get hurt.

  11. Didn’t carcillo sucker punch a player a few games back? – A player who was willing to fight but had not yet dropped his gloves. I think it was carcillo.

  12. ThisYearsModel on


    Embarrassing is the perfect descriptor for last night. Girardi embarrassed us, Tortorella embarrassed himself and all of us, and the clubs lame response to the Gaborik beat down and the repeated running of Hank. This is not new, but I must say that I am surprised at the Rangers lack of cameraderie and toughness under Torts. I expected them to be much more physical than under Renney.

  13. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    I think that was in the playoffs against the pens last season…didn’t pepe have a letter? Does burrows or max lapierre have one?

  14. Ya know, Mess easily could take care of himself, but there where times when Graves would jump in and take care of business, or not even let something go. I know leaders like Mess don’t grow on trees, but SOMEONE could be the Adam Graves of this squad. Someone has to honor teammates more than their pretty blue eyes and square jaw. Oy vey.

    Drury ain’t even close to being Messiers jock.

  15. Rangers need to take a page out of the Panthers’ book for their next game with the Flyers.

    In the next meeting after Richards’ dirty hit on Booth, Florida brought up two goons from the AHL and they brawled with anything that moved anytime they touched the ice.

  16. Salty, that goes against the code. Tough guys don’t beat up skill players. Not part of the game.

    wicky, tell me you wouldn’t want Leetch to be captain right now.

  17. Yeah Linda, read other, neutral sites about the game and a lot of people praise Gaborik for throwing down. Of course they miss the Girardi not jumping in or the general lack of an enforcer to deter such behavior.

  18. Bring back Prucha on

    This must be a disease with this team. No one is capable of thinking past one game, they’re just concerned with right now. Who cares if you get tossed, put your team down 2 men, have to play with 5 d-men the rest of the night, lose one game, etc… What does it say about your team when you let something like that happen? Sometimes winning the game is just not as important as making a statement.

  19. ya know, Gabby is in no way a brawler, but that guy’s got guts! People say he’s soft and brittle, but he plays like a man when he’s out there, and he doesn’t really shy away from getting a bit physical here and there. I’m pretty impressed with him beyond his scoring abilities, and I hope to God he stays healthy for the length of his contract. And CT, i am glad other are giving him props for haning in there and dropping the gloves, but it’s still a sad state of affairs that noone jumped in after the first 15 seconds

  20. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    honestly no, instead of drury….not sure. I mean as a player with abilities, yes i would want leetch and i would certainly give him an A. I just think a captain of an NHL team needs to show his guys that he will do the dirty stuff when needed and inspire teammates with rough physical play at times as well in other facets of the game. I mean crap on a cracker, even sid does it at times!

  21. I agree wholeheartedly with you, I have been saying Avery should get an A at least for some time, over a year. He has consistently shown himself to be the single most effective spark for this team year in and year out. He has always stuck up for his teammates, and I believe truly loves NY, it’s fans as well as the Rangers. He may have gotten an inflated head when he left for Dallas but I think we can all agree he learned there’s only one place for him, and he’s loved here.

  22. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    ohh, i love chik-fil-a and i haven’t had it in years…..thanks linda!!!

  23. What’s up fellow blueshirt fans i have not comment in a while, but last night was a a joke! It’s as simple as that, Girardi not jumping in to stop the pounding of Gabs is insane! I dont understand how this continues to happen, with the other team running down Hank all the time and now this! Those TWO are our big guns right now and your not goin to protect them! It makes me sick! Thank god for the 4th line! And i have been saying since day one of the season AVERY SHOULD HAVE AN A!

  24. I was supportive of firing Renney even though I liked him a lot and held him in the highest regard. He’d clearly lost the team…I know torts has not been here long, but he has, in my opinion, shown us that Renney did the best you could with what he had. I believe if Renney had this team, with Gaborik we would be winning much more consistently, and it would be about the same in regards to a total snooze-fest.

  25. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    I guess that’s why i always thought graves should have been captain instead of leetch those years! Graves would do what ever it took, and i never got that impression from leetch!

  26. gotta agree with wicky! can’t stand this wishy washy captain stuff. who cares what he does in the locker room, he does NOTHING on the ice. No fire, no enthusiasm, no talking to anyone, no yelling. Hell FANKIST does all that and then some. I kinda look at the captain in a sense of military terms. As your leader, you have to honor and respect the guy enough to run through a wall for him, or take a bullet for him. Does Drury inspire any of that in anyone outside of his wife?

  27. Carp
    I disagree with the statement “Gaborik had to defend himself”. I would be surprised if Gaborik didn’t hear some derivation of “Let’s go pretty boy” from a 3rd/4th liner every time he steps on the ice. He has to know to not drop the gloves. Period.

    Any 3rd/4th liner worth his salt should jump at the opportunity to fight a Gaborik and get him off the ice, that’s called doing their job. Too many people are reading into Carcillo’s comments as if he planned to fight Gaborik, I read them as exactly the opposite. He had a punch thrown at him, it’s his job to respond and he did – the fact it was the Rangers leading scorer just made his role that much more effective.

  28. Jay,
    Carcillo sucker-punched Matt Bradley last month. He got a 4 game suspension. Bradley Checked Carcillo, a clean hit, and Carcillo dropped his gloves and sucker punched Bradley. He should have gotten MUCH more than 4 games.

  29. In regards to Drury, it’s about time he gets stripped of the C. I’ve wanted to see him stripped of the C since last season. He plays hurt and gives it his all, ok, so do a ton of players. What does he do? He certainly doesn’t spark the team. He doesn’t score, he doesn’t stick up for teammates. He kills penalties and wins face-offs. Jagr was the captain for a couple reasons, respect for one of the greatest ever to play, and by FAR the best player on the team. Even in his last couple years when he turned it on for the playoff push and playoffs noone on this team or any of the teams since the lockout could dominate a game like he could other than Lundqvist.

  30. After a night of injesting this,I think the fans hold a thing like this longer than the players,hopefully get 2 off Montl. and try to bury them out of the race. Torts was fuming at his team but he did the right thing on not bringing it to the media and Brooks(who I like more than most) was the perfect defection for the coach. I think he did his job after the game, he needs now to get accountablility behind closed doors. The bigger problem with the NYR than toughness,we are ok in the new NHL even though we didn’t show it is we are not TALENTED enough. Added toughness would be nice added talent is mandatory.

  31. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    before i get butchered here, i think leetch was an awesome player (and jagr too) offencively and both deserve to be first ballot HOFers for sure, but neither had the requisite switch to “do whatever it takes” at times to be a good NHL captain and inspire their teammates forward when the tilt was getting rough by leading by example (I think it is even more inspirational to other players when a guy that doesn’t normally fight goes out and does it)

  32. Paul
    January 22nd, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    Torts, Girardi, and the rest of the Rangers were just roasted on NHL Live, and rightfully so.

    I’d expect those comments from an Islander fan (E.J.) and a Devils fan (Rob Simpson). E.J. is, was, and always will be a jerk.

  33. Give Avery an A, I’d give him a C but I understand Torts just wouldn’t do that so…, Give either hank or Gabby the C and definitely keep the A on Cally’s chest. Great call by Torts. I used to think it should be Dubi, he looked like a captain in the making for a while…maybe still could be, but Cally deserves it as much as anyone, and the reasons exemplify why Drury of all people should NOT have a C. There’s no edge to Drury’s game, no scoring, not a hits leader, worse than Redden’s contract in my opinion, if I’m not mistaken its a million a year more cap hit

  34. How come Captain Clutch didn’t make a post after the game last night? Is he still hiding from that game??

  35. jpg, this is no lie

    coming back from atlanta on the 8th of this month, my fiancee and i notice this insane looking truck like vehicle a bit ahead of us. He’s saying its for a tractor trailer and I’m saying, nah, its got 4 lights facing behind in… we get closer trying to figure out what it is. and i see an oval silver plate on the side that said OCHO CINCO. we start cracking up and i’m trying to look in the window, but the tinting was mega dark. Two days later, they are showing that exact truck during the telecast of the Bengals Jets game. My man and I look at each other and freakin crack up.

  36. flames are trying to unload players for cap space
    if we did make a trade w/ them we would also have to have a 3rd trading partner involved w/ cap space already

    apparently the flames are trying to get involved in the kovy sweepstakes.

  37. LI Rangers and Brendan (and Linda, too, I think),

    You’re right, I’m wrong. Crosby has NOTHING to do with it. I retract the whole statement. Unlike Girardi last night, I over-reacted to last night’s game and let my anger and disappontment get the best of me. Not that it’s an excuse, but I’ve had an awful day so far, with stupidity reigning everywhere to the point where I want to reach through the computer and strangle people.

  38. Leetchhalloffame on

    Slats has left this team defenseless when it comes to toughness. They are a disgrace. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!

  39. ok kids, i have date day coming up with the man. gonna go relax with some popcorn, lemonade (that cool refreshing drink) and a calming little movie called LEGION! Catch yas later!

  40. forgot to add to that the teams who have cap space

    coyotes 42mil, predators 44mil, islanders 44mil, jackets 50mil, stars 50mil

    these numbers are projected payroll figures and may or may not be the correct ammount. i do see the rangers being able to trade w/ phoenix, jackets and stars.

  41. Rick (No, not that one) on

    One of the really horrible things about working the night shift is watching a game like that at about 3 am and trying NOT to wake up the landlord. This brought me back to the 70’s and watching the Flyers goons beat the crap out of my team every time.

    Umm, Glen, you were a pretty tough guy as a player. Your Oiler teams were tough as hell. Why, oh why, have you seemed to forget that?

    Your fans are tougher than most of your players.

  42. I agree with Linda as well, and while I also agree this team does not have the talent to compete with the teams seeded 5 and higher consistently, are lack of size is acutely obvious. Every top team we match up against their best players for the most part are bigger than ours and their team generally is bigger than ours. Gaborik can be shut down because he’s only 200lbs, and the team surrounding him is his size or smaller save a few exceptions and one large one in Boyle who is never on the ice with him. There is noone to create room. If every line had a big guy on it to create room for the Cally’s Gaboriks, Prospals, Dubinsky’s we’d see a much better team I believe

  43. voice of reason on

    Anyone notice that Georges Laraque was bought out by Montreal today? Sure, he is not what he once was, but I wonder if Carcillo would attempt that if Laraque was on the bench. Positive things can come out of last night. Sather should truly understand that in order to win low scoring, tough games, team toughness needs to be addressed. The team that wins the battle for loose pucks wins the type of games the Rangers need to play to be competitive. If the refs allow a lot of crap to go on like last night, the Power Play will not be able to bail the team out. WANTED: AT LEAST 1 PHYSICAL DEFENSE MAN AND SOMEONE THAT OPPONENTS WILL NOT WANT TO PISS OFF ON THE 4TH LINE….

  44. Have fun Linda.

    The Rangers all play like that grandmother in the commercials for that movie. Minus the snarl and aggressiveness though! lol

  45. I would stop talking aboot Megan Fox for the rest of the season, if it meant getting Phaneuf and a couple of players with balls the size of Barry Trotz’s head.

    Instead, we have players with balls the size of Trotz’s neck, and we all know Trotz does not have a neck !

  46. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    glad you agree, it’s just a fact!

    anyone can captain a team when it is a soft game or no rough stuff, you want leaders who can do it when it gets rough and nasty!!

  47. voice, the point is, Carcillo fears nobody. Having Godzilla on the bench wouldn’t have prevented what happened with Gaborik. The guys on the ice at the time have to react. Same as when Lundqvist gets run over. It’s up to the five on the ice to handle it. If Brashear or Laraque or Orr or whomever fights Carcillo later, do you think Carcillo cares about that?

    That grandmother in Legion freeeeeeeeeks me out.

    Thanks, your boy Malik. See you at MSG.

  48. MickeyM – can certainly understand the frustration; I feel your pain. Hope the day gets better….

  49. Carp- I think your wrong on the Larry Brooks situation. That fact that Larry asked a legit question misses the point. Brooks writes a lot of sarcastic mean-spirited stuff PUBLICLY so why shouldn’t Torts respond publicly? Brooks can write whatever he wants and the focuses of his ire can’t pop off at him from time to time? Nonsense, let Brooks take his medicine and the post game press conf is the only way to respond publicly.

    Brooks has been bullying and embarrassing coaches for years and now he has a guy that will tell him to F off when he writes something stupid. Good for Torts.

  50. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    so hypothetically, if we sent sangs and dubi or some combination of girardi and snafs or whatever to the flames for phanuef or regher, we could dump a contract or two in htfd or something and still be ok….

  51. Patrick, that wasn’t the time, and that question needed to be answered. Tortorella should have said, “Yes” when asked if somebody should have jumped in. It should have been done at another time.

    Here’s another thing to consider. Torts is trying to bully him. Well, he’s not going to do anything more than curse at him while the TV cameras are rolling. If he wants to intimidate him, get in his face one-on-one. Torts punked out.

  52. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    carp is correct! Unless you have godzilla (sorry tokyo) riding shotgun on gabby’s line, it doesn’t matter who is dressed if the guys on the ice don’t help…… That being said, I would have pulled hank, and the rest of the game would have been pretty rough and several flyers would have been targeted!

  53. If there is one thing that this game can do is embarrass this team into playing hard and not letting that happen again. Even if they never become the Blueshirt Bullies, they will at least have some respect on the ice.

    And if they don’t have the sense to defend their best player again….then we are in for much of the same now.

  54. Soft roster?
    The commentator on Washington game vs Toronto said Wash had no enforcer now that Bradshear is gone. Hey Wash knows how to win. Detroit had no enforcer to speak of in the last 3 or 4 years. Both teams know how to win. If you want to get enforcers you may be down in the dump heap with Toronto.

    Brooks on golden gloves Redden- That was a below the belt shot. Brooks never had much class or brains.Just one small “jockstrap”

  55. wicky

    we would have to trade w/ phoenix, islanders, bluejackets, stars, or predators and dump salary there for a trade w/ calgary to work.

    they dont want salary back but they do need to help their power play.

    i would post a trade scenario here but i fear what may happen once i post it.

  56. Good day fellow blueshirt fans….

    I am not saying Girardi should not of jumped in but all this action happens quickly and Dan was at the bluelines for the majority of the fight and by the time he came skating down to the circle the fight was over….if he would then game in and got an extra penalty the majority of you would still be bashing him this morning and blaming him for the loss and how could he due that in a close game with a divisional rival etc etc-all im saying is it’s very easy to play monday morning QB……this is way overblown, gaborik dropped the gloves and of course the piece of garbage Carcilo is going to be licking his chops, he gets our best player off the ice for 5 min…..

  57. Tony,

    He does look like a retaawd-thought the same thing when I saw him last night. His picture in the Post makes him look like Josh at 26.

  58. Thanks, LI Rangers. This day won’t get better til I’m home with a beer in my hands, or maybe vodka. I HATE Fridays.

  59. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    c’mon…do it!!!

    hank has been run all season, I don’t think anything will change as long as the roster stays the same and the letters stay the same!

  60. Carcillo did single Gabby out and drag him behind the net… he’s a chump for doing that, Gabby dropped his gloves first but guys were running him all game long. I commend him for standing up for himself.

    Non call on Hank getting run is BS. Philly did whatever they wanted to do and controlled the game and the play. That being said, with all the garbage that went on, sometimes you need to throw fear of a penalty out, and STAND UP FOR YOUR GUYS. I play hockey, and if someone runs my goalie, or makes contact, i go after him, and worry about the rest later. You have to let them know when you are on the ice, NOBODY is going to touch your goalie and get away with it.

    And congrats to Avery for having a pair. He totally won me over(though i was already a big fan) He loves the Rangers, and he looks out for his teammates. That’s why he’s a fan favorite.

  61. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Carcillo fought an All-star but an All-star was dumb enough to drop his gloves with a goon. Coins are 2 sided.

    Girardi roughed up Richards in early 3rd and Richards skated after him to fight or at least start something that may have turned into a fight. A) allowing girardi a 3rd chance to redeem himself and B) taking out the skilled captain of the flyers.

    What did Fussy Wussy Danny do? Turn his back and skate away fast enough so Richards couldn’t reach him knowing Richards wouldn’t punch him in the back of the head.

    Girardi’s has been disappointing all season, worse than Redden and now even Rozi.

  62. Well we learned a couple of things with this game: 1) Girardi has now confirmed it for the whole league, players and fans -if they didn’t already know- that he is a big fat cheddar BOX – along with the rest of that line.

    2) Carcillo, like Avery and all other pest/heavyweights, are sharks on the ice and smell blood in the water. His plan was to goad Gabs into a fight – knowing Gabs would fight back – and he succeeded. Gabs should have never dropped the gloves unless he thought he could put up a good fight (let’s face it, he’s no Messier) Stop being a fake tough guy and do your job – score some more goals and don’t get HURT – idiot.

  63. I agree with a lot of what you say Peale. But the Rangers don’t have anybody that has that degree of toughness. Messier, Graves, Beukeboom, etc… they would NEVER allow this kind of stuff to happen, and you certainly wouldn’t call any of them enforcers.

  64. True Fans, agreed, didn’t see your post.

    Also, i think we did something similar when we had Orr on the team. Didn’t he fight Crosby in one of those playoff games a few years ago?

  65. wicky
    i learned my lesson a while back
    same goes for lines and such

    maybe ill post it on the facebook board in a bit


    I was thinking about how Vally used to get the call for games against Philly. Then I got to thinking more about Vally. He got sent down and made an example of over others on the roster who should have been banished to Hartford. Vally is the scapegoat. All the talk about accountability doesn’t add up to a row of beans.

  67. Goalies are held in a different light though. His play had totally dropped off. A goalie’s job is to stop the puck. Other than that, there is not much more that they can do in a game. He was not making the cut at all.

  68. While I understand that Brooks can be insulting and annoying, Torts came off looking like an arse with his little tirade. Torts frustration with his team came through loud and clear.

    Carcillo fears no one because he looks like he’s fresh outta the trailer park of which he was the king and perhaps the funcle (father/uncle) of more than a few. He is just so creepy to look at.

  69. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Hey guys how about this idea?

    Why don’t we just start referring to Avery as the captain? Let’s just assume he is. Drury can just be Drury…and we can just call Avery “Captain Avery”

  70. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Ctrain, I think you’re recalling Orr cross-check Ovie in the mouth after Brashear hit Jags hard in the corner. Orr got a suspension for it though, I think it was a ‘medium’ lengther in nhl terms too (3-5 games)

  71. The last two games against Montreal and Tampa, not only were we scoring goals, but we were hitting, hitting, and finishing checks. The team was sticking up for each other, and having fun. Last night, none of that happened. WTF?!

  72. Torts is trying to bully him.


    That was insane…one of the most unprofessional things I’ve seen…

    “Have you ever fought?” “You probably got beat up at the bus stop”= completely grasping at straws when under the gun

  73. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Let me please make a post about a man named Aaron Voros.

    I know this guy is somebody we all liked the beginning of last year because he was tough in front of the net, then fell out of favor because of his wimpy fighting ability and constant lack of effort. But does Aaron Voros deserve to be a healthy scratch for 11 games straight when he scores a goal on Tuesday night and is CONSTANTLY making the 4th line a great energy line with a team spirit and a willingness to fight. If anyone wear the Rangers jersey with pride it’s Aaron Voros. We’re paying 4.4 million dollars in cap space for Slowtalik and Brash*t to do absolutely nothing, and Aaron Voros shows heart and grit every single opportunity he’s given. It seems JUST like the Prucha situation. A guy with a purpose that is sitting for absolutely no reason. It’s absurd.

  74. voice of reason on


    Guess you’re right about Carcillo. But watching the game and understanding the old Godfather quote, “revenge is a dish best served cold”, the Rangers don’t have anyone that strikes fear into opponents. Having said that, and having 30 games left to secure a spot in the tournament, the Team needs to add toughness. There needs to be a physical defenseman. There needs to be a neutralizer that will pay back the Daniel Carcillo’s of the league for their indiscretions on Lundquist, Gaborik, Del Zotto et al. If the team is resigned to playing 2-1 games to be successful, they need to be tougher in front of the net, along the walls, in the offensive zone, and when necessary, with their fists.

  75. I just don’t get it. The refs call penalties for hooking when a player barely touches another player’s glove or mid-section. Penalties are automatically called when a player knocks the stick out of another player’s hands regardless of how lightly he hit his stick. Yet, somehow the refs let this game get out of hand by not giving Asham a penalty for running over Lundqvist. There were also non-calls on cross-checks to Callahan’s neck and Voro’s back. This is back to the 70’s and 80’s when the Flyers can do whatever crap they want and then call the other team for borderline stuff like Gaborik’s slash and Christenson’s push back. The refs let this game get out of hand. I was surprised by Sam Rosen’s reaction that the refs were doing the best they could to keep it under control. I like Sam but that was only after they let it get out of control.

  76. tony, no, but probably because I’m not around enough. but Torts was an assistant coach when I had a few with his boss, the old guy.

  77. Nasty – Montreal and Tampa are apparently softer than we are – which is pretty effin soft.

  78. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I understand why Tortorella didnt want to answer the fact that he didnt want to send out a 3rd man to take care of Carcillo because it was only 1-0, and winning the game is better revenge than with the fists. We scored 14 goals in 2 games i didnt watch (the first 2 ive missed in a long long time) and then they cant manage a single retaliatory goal when their team’s superstar, cant-live-without-him player gets jumped by a savage like Carcillo?

    I really want to know why they got the POWERPLAY after Carcillo clearly targeted Gaborik. The officiating in this game is an absolute and complete joke.

  79. Carcillo is listed at 6’0 210 – loosely i’m sure. Not a heavyweight in any regard, just a trash ball pest.

  80. Listen brashit sucks and ill admit that but he needs to be in the lineup next flyer game and he needs to run carter and gagne.. he needs to do something to earn his money.. let him do that and then let him retire

  81. scott,glad i was not the only one that saw that cross check to callys shoulders. I even posted it when it happened!

    how can you call the guy an idiot? He had to do what he felt he needed to do. At least he tried to defend hiimself. Sure, he got his ass handed to him, but he didn’t get hurt, he took his beating like a man and didn’t call anyone out. Why, on other teams, do guys that even LOOK at the star player get their bell rung, but on ours they have free reign? Because there are maybe 2 or 3 guys who will stick up for their teammates, and none are heavyweights

  82. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I heard that the Sharks were shopping Clowe. I’d absolutely be willing to trade a PLAYER for him, not a PROSPECT or a PICK. We need a forward that will score goals and drop the gloves. A Lucic-type. I really hope we sell at the deadline and maybe pick up some GOOD pieces but it wont ever happen. Ozolinsh, Derek Morris and Nik Antropov, Sjostrom and BACKMAN!?!?!?

    Jesus Christ! What a bunch of wash ups.

  83. Carp,

    I agree with everything you have said about last night’s incident. I don’t post here, but I read the blog every day. And I’ve been critical of you, albeit passively, since Sam left. You do a good job. A really good job. And I have to say you won me over with your view of what went down on the ice, and between Tortorella and Brooks. You are spot on right with everything. Keep up the good work. Everyone enjoys the blog.

  84. Messier, Graves, and Beukeboom were all tough not just because they would fight, but because they had BALLS!!! You take a run at Messier, you got an elbow in the kisser. U jump Messier, Grave put his stick in your spleen. U rum Mess, Beuk put your best player into the 3rd row.

    TEAM TOUGHNESS!!! Not necessarily goons. Girardi should have cross-checked Carcillo right above the elbow pad. Not the head, or anything like that. Worse case, 2 minutes for letting Carcillo know he was out of line. The statement that Girardi sent last nite was one of a guy who is in over his head.

  85. Linda – all i’m saying is that Gab’s role in this whole thing was admirable, but extremely risky and foolish.

  86. Carp

    Can you maybe discuss the “anatomy of a run in” between sports professionals and the media? How much of it is actually personal? Does Torts take it personally when a Brooks asks him a loaded question? Does a Brooks load questions at an athlete or a coach with the intention of making them look bad ever, vs. just trying to get material? If you don’t mind me asking, what spawned your run ins with the old man?

    I ask this because you’ve alluded before to the fact that you’re not necessarily a Ranger fan, and I just wonder about other media guys in general that may or more often/likely not be fans of what they are covering…how it affects the climate of interviews, etc… I find the interplay and situations like last night fascinating and wonder if Brooks and Torts (or any other given combo) hate eachother or if there is a mutual/professional respect or whatever…everyones trying to do a job, get paid, etc.

  87. Torts was bullying Brooks, so what? He was trying to deflect the heat coming to his team(Dan G.) that’s what good coaches do. Parcells used to abuse the media every day,Rex Ryan is saying they should be favorites every playoff game to keep the spotlight off his rookie QB.BTW Brooks was insitaging 2min as well and it’s his right but he didn’t get Tort’s dropping the F-bomb like he wanted. Tort’s first job is to the team all that other crap with the media and fans rights are a bunch of bull. And I do like reading Brooks most of the time.

  88. Colton Orr may not have helped at that instant, but Colton Orr OWNED the Flyers during his Ranger tenure. Watching him beat up Riley Cote was liking a guy kicking his dog. Sad, but the dog had no chance. And don’t forget: Orr never missed a game as a Ranger after he crushed Todd Feduryk.

  89. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    that’s what i’ve been saying forever!

    the problem is the rangers never get character guys and most of the fans always go “what, that guy sucks”. Hockey isn’t baseball, it’s not all about numbers!! this team needs guys like tollefsen, witt, carkner, volchenkov, valabik, souray, phaneuf, regher, bieksa, orpik, on the blueline and forwards like malone, doan, iggy, backes, neil, burrows, lappy, guerin, clarkson, either winchester, smyth. Character guys that understand there is more to the game than just paychecks and points!

    We always get guys like lisin and higgins who are a dime a dozen and worthless on a team full of like minded players (lisin is a great addition on a team full of iggys or doans, but not on a team full of lisins).

  90. Torts must respect Brooks. . . he reads his articles. He knew about the Redden “Golden Gloves” comment. If he didn’t respect him, why would he read him?

  91. Ctrain, RISKY it was. We want this guy to be healthy for the length of his time here. He took a huge risk, but it showed me a lot that he was willing to take it.

  92. Letting Orr go was a giant mistake, no question about that. It amazes me that Brashear doesn’t fight anymore and still has a job in this game.

  93. And Orr was useless on the ice other than that. EXCEPT,he had a knack of goading the other teams stars, and taking them out of their game. He used to drive Crosby nuts, and he could have been used to goad Richards last night. . . . . although if Orr did play, the score would have been 6-0 Philly.

  94. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Letting Orr go wasn’t a mistake considering he was asking for a 4 year contract

  95. 4Generations and only 4Cups,

    I AGREE 100% on Voros!

    There are only a handful of players on this team that play with heart!

    Avery, Voros, Boyle, Cally, Dubi, Staal, and even DZ are always busting there ass out there!

  96. Letting Orr go wasn’t a mistake. That contract he got from Toronto was for 4 years $4 mil+. Orr got beat up by Carkner and hasn’t been the same since. Brash is washedup, but he is gone in 2 years. What if Orr is washed up with 3 years + left on his deal?
    Goons don’t last as long a Probert or Domi anymore. I would make a call to LaRauque and MTL to see how we could replace Brash right now.

  97. Capo Sean Avery on

    I am honored to be your captain boneheads Thank You I will continue to do my best & make you all proud of me

  98. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Thanks Sean! We’re proud to name you the new captain of the New York Rangers!

  99. Colton Orr is the biggest waste of space on the ice. I love watching the guy fight, but come playoff time, he would be absolutely useless. Toronto fans hate him because of how little he actually helps out that team.

    Also why are you guys blaming Drury for not fighting? The guy just had his 3rd concussion this year, so why the hell would he risk getting another one by doing something he doesn’t do? He should’ve yelled at people and fired them up, but fighting in that situation would be idiotic.

    Plus he’s faught already before he was captain when he stood up for Malik a few years ago. He did it again I think last year, both before he had his 3rd concussion. Plus like Carp said, fighting after the fact does nothing really and it should’ve been handled then by the guys on the ice (DZ, Girardi, Prospal, Dubi), but in this case most were tied up. He’s not a great captain, but asking him to fight whether he’s captain or not is just dumb.

  100. being down here near philly, all these troglodytes (yes I looked it up) covering the flyers were more concerned with the fight that the fact that the flyers won the game. that comes as no surprise.

    right now it’s a bit difficult to be a fan of the Rangers. if they can’t/won’t stand up for a teammate who is the best pure goal scorer possibly ever to wear the sweater, then what is this all about? The lack of organizational accountability here from top to bottom is really shocking. this team is soft, thin through the ranks, and by and large gutless, and nothing is being done to address it.

    i’ve seen it too many times over the years. today, at least for the next day or so (until somebody else somewhere does something incredibly inept) this organization is the laughing stock of the league.

    if you’re going to lose, lose with dignity.

    Dolan, Sather, Tortorella: FRIGGIN’ FIX THIS ALREADY!

  101. Spare me the tough Torts talk. Would Renney have reacted at all if he was put in the same situation from the beginning to the end of the game?

  102. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    i agree about orr not mattering, i disagree about drury not fighting (please do not even start to try and tell me about concussions), and that is part of leadership, if he is unwilling to do it, he should not be a leader!

    dubi…??? seriously?? He was all tough once he got to the penalty box and then backed nothing up on the ice once he was out??

  103. do we really expect Drury to fight. NO, but we do expect the captain TO LEAD, something which, truth be told, we have not actually seen him do on the ice.

    ORR lmao @ ET.

  104. Carp… I agree that there always was a code, but it seems that the last few years the younger guys have not really paid much attention to the old ways. At least it seems that way. I really hope that is not the case, because the code was and still is good for the game. As much of a loose canon as Cherry can be most times, he is a big advocate of the code. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t go on a rant about what happened in the game last night on hockey night in Canada.

  105. Orr is one of the very, very few Rangers in recent memory (15 years?) that I recall consistently winning fights. I feel like this team ALWAYS has guys who start fights and get fed knuckles everytime… see: Voros.

    Yes, they show heart…but do they do their job of intimidating? That was something Colton Orr brought to the table.

    And no, he was not a great hockey player by any means…but this team should not be requiring very much from a player like that in the first place… I think it’s more of a testament to how poorly the rangers are put together in the first place that you’re wanting for production from a 4th liner…the success of a team should not be dependent upon a possible 8-10 points by fighter.

  106. I doubt anyone expects Drury to drop the gloves, to prove he’s a leader. He may be a leader in dressing room and off the ice. From the outside looking in for the fan, he does not appear to be any kind of leader, and for me at least thats the knock on him.

  107. “would it be bad if i got a C put on my avery jersey?!”

    You would be starting a much needed trend. I lobbied for Avery to be the Captain a month ago. I really believe that despite Avery being a complete scumbag, he may be the ONLY player that really appreciates the sweater he is wearing.


  108. Wicky says “I would be glad to lose some talent to gain some character” What talent do we have in excess?

  109. The Philadelphia Flyers organization has been, and continues to be, a cancerous tumor in the NHL. Their idiot fans would much rather have a fight than a goal. If you go to a game in the Wachovia Center, they show far more fight “highlights” than goals on the jumbo screen. It’s been that way for the past 35 years, and probably always will. And, you can say all you want about Colton Orr, but one of the happiest moments of being a Rangers fan was when he KO’d Todd Fedorik a few years ago. I only wish it could have been Dave Schultz or that dolt Carcillo laying there unconscious.

  110. Brooks deserves to be treated the way he has been. He’s like Girardi, both of them are gutless.


    You are the definition of clueless. Brooks is one of the very few beat writers that consistently tells it like it is regarding this team, and has the balls to ask the questions that are on all our minds yet most media guys will step miles out of their way to avoid. BROOKS IS GUTLESS? HE STOOD TWO INCHES AWAY FROM TORTORELLA’S FACE AND ASKED HIM BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THE NIGHT.

    By the way, Megan Fox is one of the trashiest girls in Hollywood. Get a clue about hockey, chicks, and life.

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty again owns it when it comes to knowing hockey and I’ll add this. Brashear plus Voros = $2.4 million a year! Kotalik is another 2-3ish. All basically worthless on the ice and in the press box. You can easily leave them off the roster and find a spot for a $1million guy! Hell, even valiquette’s making a $1million to play backup AHL hockey!

    Orr won fights. Orr didn’t take dumb penalties. Orr could fight big guys. And he could get at superstars. He was good at what he did, better than any current Ranger when it came to tough guy stuff.

  112. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    chris simon would skated circles around orr, was one hell of an intimidator and a very good hockey player, I would take him over any other rangers enforcers since kocur!!

    my apologies, supposed talent like dubi, higgy, lisin, et al

    as the captain, I absolutely expect him to fight when the situation calls for it!

    facebook yet??

  113. I have fought guys in the playground even though I knew I was going to get whipped, you have to when your friend is in need.

  114. Salty, the young guys these days like that. ORR’s young and learning on the go, like the rest of us did, or tried to at least ;-)

  115. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 22nd, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    Wicky says “I would be glad to lose some talent to gain some character” What talent do we have in excess?

    You can’t lose talent that you don’t have.

  116. SALTY the gutless guys are the coach and the guys that didn’t drop their gloves last night.

  117. Wicky – sorry, but Chris Simon was an absolute head case. Remember what he did when he was with the Isles to Ryan Hollweg – two-handed his stick across Hollweg’s chest. I wouldn’t want that guy on any team even if he came for free.

  118. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr, like someone said… he’s still got a broken hand that’s recovering! That’s prob an even better excuse than Chris Clutch “Concussion” Drury.

    The Rangers needed someone to pull a Colton Orr/Ronnie “one shot kid, that’s just one shot!”

  119. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty owns most people he has a disagreement with… obviously i feel that way because we see the game almost exactly the same, but most of the time what he says is dead on.

  120. wicky, drury’s not ‘built that way’. We got spoiled having Messier as a captain, and we expect all our captains to be of that vintage. Guys like that don’t grown on trees, and certainly not in Trumbull CT ;-) (not that i am disparraging the fine residents, and manly men of Trumbull) I am with you, I want a hard as nails captain, unfortunately that is not what we have. Yes, maybe he doesnt fight because of the concussion history, but was Drury ever known for having a mean streak, or for his pugilistic talent? I dont think so. He’s known for winning a llws and for winning a cup on a great Avs team.

  121. The fact that these players do not have the heart to stand up for a teammate is mindboggling. I bet everyone of you wanted to jump thru the TV last night and beat Cicarllo into a pulp – and yet the guys being payed to play just sit their and do nada.

  122. Fighting or winning fights should be very low on Brandon Dubinsky’s agenda. He’s taken a few stabs at it and it’s clearly not his thing, especially not at this point…maybe when he becomes an adult?


  123. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    he wasn’t when he was with the rangers, and that was after hollweg cheap shotted him from behind…I would rather have a bit of an unpredictable guy like simon on the team than gutless pukes like some of the guys now!! That unpredictability often keeps some guys on the other team in line!

  124. This team is spineless, gutless bunch except for a handful of players.
    I’m finding it harder and harder to support this team…they are embarrassing!
    I can’t stand seeing some of these players on our roster…last night nauseated me…I was sick to my stomach until Avery took matters into his own hands, and then I was only slightly less sick

  125. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lets just say you read it here… look at the date!
    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    February 26th, 2008 at 3:58 pm
    Josh Gratton looks like a bigger sean avery type kind of aquisition – trying to stir up the team a little bit. I wish the Rangers would’ve actually gotten Carcillo from the Coyot’s … his profile:

    “Assets: Could become the next Sean Avery. Has shift-disturbing qualities and the ability to drop the gloves against anyone. Is a solid hitter, as well.”

    “Flaws: Could become the next Sean Avery.”

    BTW: The better Sean Avery last night was Carcillo.

  126. True Fans – We’ve been on the same page for a very long time and I think we’ve been rather vindicated over the last year or so…cheers mate.

  127. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    personally, i do not expect goals from colton orr, (i did expect 10 or so from simon because he was a good player as well), but i do expect fights from dubi when he needs to be rough and physical (no not 30 fights a year or anything). And if you are a fan of this team and are fine with dubi not fighting, then perhaps you need to go to another planet because taht is a major part of the problem on this roster, players that are too comfy not having to get dirty!

  128. Dubi has lost his balls from a couple years back for sure. Not a pushover but not the feisty guy he was. Avery for A or C. Drury nothing, attach DZ or Cally or someone that is not expensive and is talented, would compliment a team not the Rangers really well, to a Drury or Redden and search for draft picks and/or big contracts expiring after this year or next. This team needs to stop it’s treading water and take a dive

  129. Wicky
    OK; certainly understand the need for someone, ANYONE, to stand up for one another one this team. Last night was absurd, but typical if you think about how many times Lundqvist has been run this year with absolutely no response. I agree that they need someone – BTW, “gutless” is an excellent word to describe this situation.

  130. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Linda…that pic of Avery with the C needs to become the FB picture!

    Can we PLEASE stop referring to Drury as the captain??? Drury is Drury and Avery is Captain!

  131. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    On Monday I want to start a chant “CAPTAIN AVERY….CAPTAIN AVERY”

  132. oh how you all love the melodrama. this was a learning situation, all types happen over the 80+ games, get over it. bigger concern was the O being shut down again.

  133. Albeit this is in a no salary cap league but it stil holds merit, in 2006 the red sox were mediocre to good, could compete but were not elite. Missed the playoffs, 2007? Won the world series. 2008 the Yankees were a mediocre to good team, could compete but were not elite. Missed the playoffs, 2009? Won the world series. Not saying if we sell now we’ll win the Stanley Cup next year

  134. Girardi standing there and watching was cowardly. You don’t let your superstar get pummelled. You just don’t. I’m disgusted. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Girardi over that fight.

  135. My opinion of Dubinsky is not contingent on him dropping gloves or not. That is ridiculous. He’s one of the few guys on the team that has been scoring a FEW goals… sure I’d love it if he could kick ass too, who wouldn’t?

    However, that’s not where he needs to focus right now, and that’s why people like Colton and Donald have careers in this sport.

  136. However, I do believe we need to make selling Rozi, Redden, and Drury as priorities even if we need to attach players like Cally and Del Zotto, as long as we get draft picks back. Every year we manage to field a mediocre team which finishes in a mediocre placement, gets knocked out of the playoffs and then continues to add mediocre pieces and dumping other mediocre pieces. The only exceptions are Gaborik, Del Zotto, Stahl, Cally and Dubi. He disposed of one player, Gomez, until dump Drury and/or Redden we will never be competitive short of a guy like Grachev suddenly being NHL ready and superstar level at that. We just don’t have the support, the size, team toughness or talent. The only untouchables to me are Gaborik and Hank, the only proven superstars who make superstar money. Everyone else, whatever you have to do to make a deal.

  137. John, the Yankees spent a bajillion dollars to turn 2008 into 2009.

    hockeymon, Dubinsky fought the other night at the Garden. Plus, do you want him fighting coming off a broken hand?

    benji, the O getting shut down is what’s old. It’s been happening since the day Jagr left. It’s more than a year and a half old. That can’t be fixed. Being good teammates can be fixed.

  138. calgary is 26th in the league on the power play
    penguins are 29th on the power play

    these teams should make the playoffs

    someone will want kotsy

  139. and john, they can’t move Drury, nobody will take Redden. and why would you throw in two good (one will be great) young players to get rid of them? Where does that put you?

  140. SALTY

    You idiot, just because he asks “tough questions” he’s automatically fuggin Rambo ? He’s a puss, he doesn’t have the balls to say anything to any of these players faces, which makes him GUTLESS !

    You want me to get a clue aboot chicks ? I have more than a clue, and the good thing is, im only 20 so if i didn’t, i would have a long time, unlike you who is around 50+, and single, ahaha.

    Fox is a babe, everyone knows it, so don’t argue it. Buaha

  141. Philly has had this type of team for a while now. I guess you could call it a throw back from the old Broad street bullies. The tactics they used were much the same as the old days. The officals could have calmed it down a bit right from the start, if they had made a call when Hank got run over. After that there were in my opinion a few calls that should have been made. two differant refs might have made the calls and the game might have been differant. I don’t think the goal outcome would have been though.

  142. As I said earlier, i thought dubi was gonna come outta the box like a wrecking ball. After he did come out, they showed him and torts at the bench(not sure how much later) and Dubi looked kinda intense and Torts was behind him and gave him a pretty hard tap on the back. I even said on the blog, I wonder what torts meant with that. Maybe it was meant to get him to focus, i dont know.

  143. I don’t think Torts bullied uncle Larry..he just said I ‘m not going to answer your questions and Brooks just kept going at mess with the bull..

    I think if Carp or Zip anyone else asked if Giradi should have come in, Torts would have been okay with it..

  144. oh how you all love the melodrama. this was a learning situation, all types happen over the 80+ games, get over it. bigger concern was the O being shut down again.


    I’ll agree that getting shut out again is being swept under the rug due to this fight thing, and the torts thing… but as far as “Hey, it’s a lesson, let’s move on”… that’s straight out of Renney’s mouth.

    I hate to say it, but what lesson did we take away from our Captain getting blindsided with no punishment being dole out immediately?

    It’s only a lesson if the team learns something.


    Good point Carp on #7. I was gonna bring it up but you beat to it! This is why Ovi will always have my respect no matter how many times he will light up the Rangers in the future…he is tough and not afraid to drop the gloves and hat to fight! Not many players drop the helmet to fight, let alone superstar players.

    Hockey is exciting!

  146. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Where was Chris Drury leading by example? When… tell me when he stood up to anyone wearing pumpkin and white?

    He didn’t. He didn’t because he is a cat [slang’d] who doesn’t want to muss his coif.

    Avery was the captain this night. Sean effin’ Avery did every-freakin’ thing he could to try and stem the tide of momentum.”

    Also dead on the money with this and the rest of his post.

  147. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    yep you are right!

    This team needs character before it will win regardless of skill level on the team!

    there are guys on this team if they were on a team with alot of character would be non issues in a negative way, however most are issues here because of the overall lack of character and subsequently being nondescript is a HUGE issue in a negative way!

  148. Del Zotto could be added to untouchables. I know what you’re saying about noone taking them, then send em to Hartford. Is anyone actually kidding themselves into thinking we’re going to win the Cup? We need to free ourselves of their presence as soon as possible by whatever means possible to begin the process of building a good team. What good does keeping them around do? Bring up a player on the cusp, rotate players in and out to give them tastes to accelerate their development. Drury and Redden’s spots are wasted

  149. and I disagree with you Salty, about Dubinsky, I stopped viewing players relative to the rest of our team some time ago. Why bother? It doesn’t take much to impress using those standards. Dubinsky entered this league as a Callahan who had a more polished, all-around offensive game, as opposed to being a goal-scorer. You never see Dubinsky involved in the kind of scraps Callahan is involved in anymore. Not very often at least, where as with Cally its game in and game out.

  150. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    dubi fought at the end of the game the other night to get his gordie howe hat trick, he should be doing it on a night like last night if he is going to do it, to be a young “leader” on this team!

  151. Love the Avery picture! Any hackers here who could get that posted on the rangers website somehow?

  152. Thats true Wicky, as you said though it’s not nearly consistent enough. He still hits a lot but there just doesn’t seem to be that same fire and feistiness that was once there

  153. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    John DOe
    January 22nd, 2010 at 3:02 pm
    Thats good to know Carp…I guess he knew how awful he was going to be ahead of time lol
    Hahaha… funny stuff

  154. wicky, he didn’t fight to get the GH Hat. He fought because he was challenged. And in case anybody missed it, it was Dubinsky in the middle of the entire scrum that ended up with Carcillo pulling away Gaborik. There was nothing he could have done to help Gaborik at that point.

  155. Would like to say I’m not talking about last night’s game or any of the more recent games regarding Dubi. Just a general trend I’ve noticed over the past season. Maybe it’s bias, who knows, I just seem to see Cally causing a lot more raucus than Dubi where I remember Dubi being feistier in the past. Never like Cally but much more comparable

  156. Callahan is a limited player due to his size. Yes…he scores powerplay goals but very few even strength. Dubie is a much more valuable player and he’s big and fast. Callie has a great attitude and he tries to hit everyone in sight but he has a tough time vs physical teams. Both 17 & 24 are keepers imo…but that is not our problem. It’s the dull culture of DREARY. He never stands up to anyone and as a leader…well we all know he is a joke. If he’s afraid of another concussion, he should hang ’em up. If Torts had any guts, he’d give the C to someone else who has a bit of fire in the belly. I can name many.

  157. So in the tradition of the Brashear signing, does Slats make a move for Carcillo now?

    What an embarassment that was to the team and the fans. Just really, really embarassing. I know some people are making the argument that Gaborik dropped the gloves first. Two things: 1. that beatdown was coming Gaborik’s way whether he dropped the gloves or not. Carcillo was gunning for him as soon as they blew the whistle, and 2) when your best player is getting pummelled, does it matter who started the fight?

    It’s a cliche, but letting Gabby catch it like that just shows this group of players doesn’t respect the sweater. They just don’t.

  158. ill put in on blueshirts united tonight! Im gettin slammed at work now! Damnit! anyone else on there hit me up ggoz83

  159. Our coach showed more fight than our players did last night, that’s bad. They just don’t seem to care some nights; how could they play like that against MTL and TB and then like last night? It’s a divisional game! You’re supposed to have more fire and energy, not less! About 4 effin guys gave a crap last night and got pissed after everything went down, while Captain Clutch was busy chewing his mouthppiece and admiring the “response,” this guy is seriously becoming one of my most hated Rangers, ever.

  160. CARP

    Yeah, but he should have went after Carcillo later on, especially if he was sooooo pissed aboot him going after Gabby.

    He kept calling him a “pu**y”. Eh, who looked like the pu**sy ?

    I don’t know, maybe i don’t like Dubi so much that im looking for a reason to hate him, but i would have been pissed with Voros, or Avery for doing the same thing, but they didn’t. They didn’t open their mouths and talked tough, instead they both got into a couple of fights.

    The whole team looked scared in that game, it was embarrassing. Aves, and V were the only guys who showed balls. So sickening. Our goalie gets run over, and our superstar player gets beat up, and we do absolutely nothing to their guys, how pathetic can you get ?

  161. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    I heard during last’s night telecast that a few NHL gm.s had been following the rangers and did attend last nights game, that explains the chicken act performed by the team, they have it great in NY and don’t want to be traded where they’ll be expected to act like real hockey players.

    And just think John halligan followed the rangers all his life 1941-2010 and all he got was one lousy cup,beware ,it may be decades before they win another.

  162. You brought up Dale Rolfe. I saw the fight. He got pasted badly. Absolutely defenseless. Not sure if it was Dave Schultz . He really was not a good ko type fighter. He just hung in there.The real problem was Dave Brown. Now he made a difference. Remember what he did to Tomas Sandstrom. Here they are lined up for a faceoff-as least Sandstrom was. As soon as the puck was dropped Sandstrom followed the puck. Brown had no intention of following the puck. He already had lined up a shot for Sandstrom which broke his jaw and ultimately ended his career. Never the same again.
    A good player down the drain for Dave Brown.He played worse than Carcillo.
    So how do you want to solve the situation?? The rules as set out -5 min major for fighting if the other guy does not drop his gloves. Game over. Or Girardi – he is lost for the rest of the game. Probably game over.
    Send in your stuff to Bettman.
    Hey I want to win the games. You guys are all emotion.

  163. Dubinsky entered this league as a Callahan who had a more polished, all-around offensive game, as opposed to being a goal-scorer. You never see Dubinsky involved in the kind of scraps Callahan is involved in anymore. Not very often at least, where as with Cally its game in and game out.


    I’ll agree Dubinsky’s game has changed over the years, and don’t get me wrong, I expect more out of him offensively in general…not just scoring (garbage) goals, although he’s been doing that well. I think my point is I’m infinitely more concerned with his offense than his snarl, especially considering he always gets his ass beaten. Just concentrate on your thing, don’t try to be a tough guy when your track record shows you can’t hang. I think both he and Callahan came in as similar players and are still finding themselves in this league. I’ll knock Dubinsky all day for his numbers, but I wont knock him from easing on the fighting…


  164. 1 cup in 69 yrs. how many cups have the great bruins won in 50 yrs? how about the leafs? how about the balckhawks? easy to whine and complain and live in a fantasy world.

    in simple terms this is a young up and coming team with 2.5 horrible horrible contracts and they need to get more scoring. there #1 pick of a few years ago who would have helped a ton offenisvely died, and that has not helped. they have drafted very well the last 3 or 4 years and are moving in the right direction maybe slowly but still moving in the right direction.

    sather is a dick true but the owner loves him because he is a moron.

  165. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    All this stuff about leadership really pisses me off, a leader shouldn’t fight or stand up for a teammate or that it isn’t normally what he does…bollucks to that. I mean normally gabby isn’ t getting pummeled in a fight, so screw what they normally do and go get dirty, even if it is three or four shifts later, show your fellow players you care and are there with them through thick and thin and are not above doing what it takes right along with them!! LEADERSHIP!!!

    But I guess most of you are right and not only should we pansify the game, but let’s pansify the honour of wearing the C!! Let’s do this give the highest played player a “$” instead of a C on his sweater(what most of you want anyhow, highest paid or most points int he “stats” league right). Then we can give a couple of ¢ to the guys who make the nest highest salaries or the nest highest amount of points!! Perfect, done deal…bunch of bettman clones!!

  166. A lot of Ranger bloggers are suggesting Avery for Captain. . . .I said it a month ago, but everyone else is starting to get it.

  167. Bert, it was absolutely Schultz vs. Rolfe, who wasn’t a fighter at all.

    Brown’s cheapshot had nothing to do with fighting. It was disgusting. But it didn’t end Sandstrom’s career. Not at all.

  168. Who came up with “Drury is a Little Leaguer” earlier? So simple, so effective…BRILLIANT…

    make the tee shirt

    Front: Little League (in that classic baseball team script font with the last letter swooping back down underlining it)

    Back: CLUTCH #23

    Left Shoulder: GIANT “C”

  169. I haven’t seen anyone give Gabby any credit for last night. He showed some brass, too, he stood up and fought Carcillo, took his beating like a man, and didn’t complain during or after. While we’re on the topic of respect, give Gabby some too.

  170. wicky – if the guy has another concussion, he could die if its bad enough or be completely brainfried. He shouldn’t be fighting because A) he sucks at it and B) he can end his career with one punch very easily.

    Did Nick Lidstrom fight? No. Gretzky? No. Niedermayer? Not later in his career.

    One thing they all have in common? They captained Stanley Cup teams. They were great leaders, but they didn’t fight. The one thing they did all do was be relatively vocal and show emotion when needed. I’m not asking for Drury to be someone he’s not or come out riling everyone up all the time. But occasionally I’d like to see a bit more out of him in regards to handling the refs or stepping up in moments that the team needs a boost (yelling on the bench, talking to guys, getting them pumped up).

    I don’t expect him to fight though, especially because like I said, one punch could be not only his career, but could injure him seriously for the rest of his life. Don’t know if you’ve ever had a concussion, but it’s serious business. When you have 3, you need to be extremely careful.

  171. I agree, they should have gotten dirty. Aves did some good things, but he should have gave Carter, and Richards a couple of cracks to the face when he was face to face with them.

    But this is Rangers hockey, so im already used to this garbage.

  172. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Come on Carp

    You and I and everyone on here knows Brooks likes to get under Torts skin, is good at it, and is a total smart ass.

    You think for a second he DIDNT know by saying he was laughing at Redden or calling him Golden Gloves he would piss Torts off?

    And of course he’d never say it to the face of the player, but to the coach who has a temper.

    I could care less how long he’s been a reporter, you dont bash a player on a team in any sport to the head coach and expect him to be your buddy and not retaliate.

    IF thats the case then Larry Brooks is a freaking idiot.

    And asking him are you challenging me? C’mon. Total loser for even asking that and looking to get a story

    Was Torts over the line? Yes. But they jsut lost a game, and had a whole bunch of weird things happen (PEnalty to Dubi for talking from the Penatly box, Gabby fight)

    Yes the coach is there to answer your questions, but he doesnt repsect Torts, so why the hell should Torts respect him?

    And At the end of the Day Torts CARES about the Rangers. You thik for one second Larry Brroks does?

    He’s a paid writer, and would prob care less if he was covering the Debbies or Fishsticks

    Sorry, LB is a douche and was wrong

  173. I don’t think Avery should be captain, but def get an A. He still rubs some people the wrong way and as a captain you kind of have to look out for everyone. As an A you can get away with some people not liking you because the Captain will keep the peace.

    And agreed about Gabby. The guy doesn’t complain. He’s a bit cocky, is pretty tough, and doesn’t ever make excuses. He just goes out and plays.

  174. avery will never ever be the captain children. avery has many good qualities including his bravery and willingness to stick up for his teammates as he did last night. like his hit on some flyer who had the puck about 6 feet from the wall after he was knocked down by avery(again the flyer had the puck) people appeared to be pissed he actually checked someone down totally cleanly with the puck, like that is against the rules.

    but avery is impulsive, over the top, lacks judgement often, like the teenage posters on this site and therefore can never be the captain but a A may be possible but highly doubtful

  175. SHOR

    It was dumb. He’s our best player. I give him credit for being a man and not backing down, but he’s dumb for A) picking a fight with a fighter, and B) fighting when we’re down 1-0, and need a goal.

    Obviously the rest of the losers on this team cant put the puck in the net, and we needed him.

    He had a bad game in my opinion.

  176. all this nonsense over gaborik dropping his gloves first is moronic. he dropped his gloves because the thug first from behind tried to rip his helmet off and then threw neumerous punches at gaboriks face.

    tim pannaccio another philthy idiotic reporter acts like all is well because gaborik dropped his gloves first. gaborik was being assaulted by a thug, who dropped the gloves first is irrelevant………………

  177. stuart – Carcillo didn’t throw any punches. He had him tied up and they were both pushing each other. Gabby initiated the fight. Watch the video again.

  178. A few comments about last night:

    News of what happens travels around the league very quickly. The Rangers cowardly response to Carcillo has been noted, and will be exploited in the future.

    If, however, Carcillo was given a vicious cross-check to the mouth later in the game – THAT news would also spread around the league, and would cause teams to think twice in the future before running Gabs, Hank or anyone else. The cross-check would have drawn a suspension, BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT!!!

    Unfortunately, every Ranger was waiting for someone else to do something. Cowards!!

  179. Carcillo definitely took advantage of the situation, everybody had a player, and when he saw Gabby he knew exactly what he wanted to do, so he roughed him up. Still Gabby needs to be smarter, and the rest of the team needs to be tougher.

    But, what are the odds of that happening.

    Im still all in favor of that 1st overall pick. The Canes, and Oilers need to put a winning streak together.

  180. sather 2009 – 2010 report card.

    gomez adios for – higgins and mcdonagh = A + higgins gone end of the year, mcdonagh suppose to be good prospect. yes this was just fixing a sather bonehead move but he did fix it.

    lisin for korpikoski = B move, lisin and Korpedo are both not the greatest but Lisisn does have more offensive punch.

    brashear signing for 2 yrs. F

    kotalik signing for 3 yrs. so far a D

    gaborik signing so far an A, if no injuries this is a homerun.

    gilroy singing B so far, i think he has so good upside.

    boyle trade for a 3rd round pick = C boyle has played better…

    prospal pick up for nothing = B

    christenson pick up for nothing = C+

    that is a fair assesment of his moves. thank god naslund retired and montreal traded for gomez else things would be even worse…..

  181. johny D you are just wrong. carcillo was mugging gaborik the whole time.. he was throwing punches initially with his gloves on after a mega mega face rack, helmet detach.

  182. He had him in a headlock. That was all. And they were both shoving each other back and forth. Did Carcillo agitate Gabby? Sure, but he didn’t do anything different than any other scrum we’ve seen before. You make it sound like he came out of nowhere and manhandled Gaborik. He just got him in a headlock and they exchanged shoves.

  183. On Sandstrom -I think it did- check his stats after that- then they shoveled him to Pitt.

    What they should do is send 6-7 252 Boyle to Bklyn boxing gym-
    with his reach and size – he could line em up like ORR – that is take the left hand ,grab the middle of the shoulder pads and pound away. Now with his reach, and boxing training he should come out on top.

    Wasting money on a guy who can’t play makes no sense. And which goon can play? Why don’t we start with Bradshear or Laraque.

  184. #1 picks aren’t always the franchise transformers that people might think they are. Or at least not one single pick is. I don’t think the Rangers organization would ever let their team sink to that level to get multiple top 5 picks in a row. Even then you’d have to probably wait a couple of seasons for those players to mature. Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin are generational talents. In the early 2000’s there was a string of years where the top of the drafts were exceptionally talented but almost the entire preceding decade the drafts were relatively shallow.

    Even if you got a lottery pick this year and the next you’re still probably 3 to 4 years away from being the next Pens/Caps/Hawks. By that point who knows what the team will look like.

  185. Race only distorts issues. I’m talking about playing ability and fighting ability at the age of 37. I happen to like both the guys as well as all the fighters when they are out of the rink.And both have had in days past a good run. Jagr and many others would agree with me.

  186. torts is getting paid to coach the rangers too mikey, end of the day he wouldn’t care who he was coaching. same goes for almost every player on this team and around the league. to almost all it is a business, it is the fans who take it personally. torts’ job is to prepare the team to entertain us, the paying customer, and he hasn’t been doing that well. (not that he has a lot to work with)

    like carp said, man up and answer the legit question and take larry aside after if he has a problem with brooks. Part of being a professional athlete, in general, and especially in NY, is that you are gonna take heat in the papers on a daily basis. Let us not forget he was doing the same thing when he was an analyst on tsn. It’s part of the game and he should act like a professional, not some bush league coach. He was just as big an embarrassment to the sweater in that presser as girardi was on the ice

  187. Carp, great post hitting it once again. This team is soft, I’ve said earlier they were soft when Shanny took on Brash and it’s a different roster now. Sather has built another soft team but this one just takes the abuse with no paybacks. Lundqvist gets run over, time after time with no response. Is he going to have to get hurt before somebody realizes that you can fight back?

    I’ve been watching NYR games since the mid 70’s and even when they were getting blown out, I would watch till the end to see what was going to happen and what messages were going to be sent. There’s no reason to wait for that these days cause the answer is nothing is going to happen and the only message that is being sent is come hit our goalie, hit our superstar, we aren’t going to do anything about it.

    I’ve never been one to bash Drury, nice guy with a history of coming through but I’m so sick of his monotone answers/actions. As captain he needs to remind these primadonnas that in hockey, you hit back harder than you’ve been hit. It is so basic yet it’s lost on this team.

    Hockey is different here. Whoever came up with that saying was so right. MSG needs to hang those banners again.

  188. No problem with what either player did in the Gaborik Carcillo fight, only our team’s response. And yes, Dubinsky offense has seemed to take a hit, he needs to learn to drive to the net more, he goes around it and to the side of it too often. cut up the middle already! skate across the ice he so rarely does that. He’s better that way though, he used to do the same thing ever time just like Gomez, either shoot from the same point of the left side boards or skate around the net. You need to mix things up, stop being so predictable, drive to the net, get the goalie moving from side to side

  189. and get the goalie moving from side to side while you are in front of the net…not going around behind it

  190. Things have finally calmed down,both personally and at work, so here’s my more rational take. Should Girardi have done something? Absolutely no question that he should have. Yes, it does show how gutless and cowardly this team is when they come across a tough, physical team like the Flyers. It makes one wonder what happened to the team between the Montreal/Tampa games and last night that they just collectively put their tails between their legs. Minus Avery and Voros, of course.

    Gaborik- admirable that he was willing to drop the gloves and go even though he had to know he was going to get his you-know-what kicked. Not entirely the smartest thing for him to do since it’s not a part of his game at all, but it takes guts and for that you have to respect him. One reason why he DID drop them could be that he’s seen how little fight the team puts up when Hank gets run and how no one came to Drury’s aid when Glencross dropped him, so he knew that no one would come to help him and therefore stood up for himself.

  191. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I agree with jonny on gabby dropping the gloves first!

    I also agree that those guys did captain their respective teams to the cup but i so not think they were great leaders who didn’t have to fight because of their “all knowing jedi leadership ability”, other guys did it for them (perhaps with the one aberration of the lidstrom wings most recently)! For the same reason I DO NOT consider gretz the greastest hockey player of all time (that would be messier in my opinion), he was not the all around all aspects greatest player of all time, just the greatest OFFENCIVE player of all time!! He, and other captains that do not “do everything” necessary in certain games will never be “great” captains in my eyes, cups or not!!

  192. Zsa Zsa did stand up for himself. It was said here earlier by me. He didn’t Turtle at all. Let’s move on. But Dubie is a keeper and the “C” should be De-Drearified and given to either Dubie or Callie…immediately. I didn’t like Prospal getting the “A”. Go with younger players. If some of you older fans will remember…after Rolfe got pummeled by Shultz…Vic Hadfield was sitting in the sin bin laughing as we went down to the Flyers in game 7. Disgraceful.

  193. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    My problem with dubi is he was all yappy yappy tough guy in the box and did squadoosh after he was out of the box the rest of the game. If he is going to be some tough talking NHL power forward, back it up. He fought halpern…halpern at the end of a game (and got his first gordie howe because of it) we were dominating, and talks tough but does nothing in a game where everyone, EVERYONE should have answered the bell! I am supposed to root for this guy and believe he is a future/current “leader” of this team?? Sorry, no way, trade him for someone with some character right now!!

  194. Mikey, doesn’t matter one bit. It was the coach who came up small at a big moment. His team had been embarrassed, and at this point in time he chose to take on a reporter? This was what was on his mind after his guys crapped all over the logo — on which nobody is allowed to step? The timing was putrid. I’m not defending Brooks or the way he handled it. I’m saying, the coach of the NYR should have had much bigger things on his mind at that moment, and that the fans of the NYR and the players and the organization needed an answer to the question: Should somebody have jumped in? Tortorella looked small, when he was trying to look tough.

  195. Why am I a Rangers fan?


    Because you’re an American who believe in cheering for your local tribe and not another tribe with colors/uniforms you like better, organizational philosophies you like better, better histories or traditions, or any other reason…yes?

  196. Dubinsky was tied up in a scrum with another flyer player during the Gaborik fight. Dubi has already fought Carcillo in the past. Dubi isn’t even a great fighter but he would of protected Gaborik if he had a chance. Girardi was the one that should of did something.

    The rest of the rangers did there job. Avery fought Carcillo and Voros fought Asham who ran into Hank.

    And next time they face the flyers the rangers need to send Brashear after Briere or Gagne and cheapshot one of them like he did Betts last year. That will get the flyers to stop sending there goons after the rangers best player.

  197. Toe Wicky…I must disagree. Dubie is our 2nd best forward! He is one of the strongest players in the league along the boards and on the puck. Fast and a decent passer with tons of upside. Pretty tough but not an experienced fighter. Trade him? Are you crazy? Ok…I’d trade him for Igilna, Crosby, Malkin, Ovetchkin. Not going to happen. He’s a 3rd yr player. Dubie is our future.

  198. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    well, then dubi better hit puberty pretty frakking soon and get some nutz, because I don’t want the future of my team having a big yap and not backing it up. He better develop some character or find it if he’s “lost” it!! Maybe it is in his bank account!!!

  199. At least we know we can beat up Montreal tomorrow. That is physically beat them up since Laraque was cut by them. Whether we can beat them on the scoreboard again is another matter, especially since the game is IN Montreal.

  200. Wow, this has to be the angriest I’ve ever seen folks here after a bad game.

    cwgatti, don’t forget you weren’t alone on the Aves train a while back my friend :)

  201. paulieplatypus on

    Well, I guess the Rangers relearned what they must have forgotten… Don’t play a game against the Flyers (epecially in Philadelphia!!!) without a legitimate enforcer. Why was Brashear not in the line up??? Is he hurt or did Torts just not play him in lue of Voros? If Brashear is not healthy enough to play in the games against Philly, the main reason he was signed… Than another enforcer must be obtained!

  202. “And next time they face the flyers the rangers need to send Brashear after Briere or Gagne and cheapshot one of them like he did Betts last year. That will get the flyers to stop sending there goons after the rangers best player”

    Nroduer has a better chance at losing weight than Brashit cheap shotting someone while a Ranger.


    Yeah i get that, but id be willing to throw a year just to have a nice piece of the future.

  203. Blogmama – I think it is just a build-up of there not being ANY retaliation on the Rangers part for anything that has been done to them all season long (e.g., Lundqvist getting run; Drury getting leveled by Glencross; Gaborik’s run-in with Carcillo last night). At least that’s my real frustration at this point…

  204. At least we know we can beat up Montreal tomorrow.


    I almost had a conniption when I read this! Good thing I read the rest…

  205. Why are all these people asking “Why was Brashear not in the lineup” ???

    Duuuuhhh, because he’s a puss !! He wouldn’t do d*ck. Open your eyes. How many times has Hank been blown over this season ??????? How many times has Brashit done something aboot it ???????

    Hellooo !!

    Jeez, forget Brashit. Either Slats needs to get someone who’s gonna do damage, or we can just accept the fact that we’ll always get bullied around like Brooks used to at that bus stop.

  206. I don’t know about everyone else here Blogmama but this team lost me almost two full seasons ago. After a point you can no longer tolerate a few great amazing games that get your hopes up that they’ll continue to put forth that effort, tenacity and style only to have it followed up by them returning to the same old pushover bore to watch team. And in regards to Avery, I have been calling more his at least getting an A since right before he left for Dallas, not on this blog, but in general. I was one of the ones laughing my ass off when he started waving his stick in front of Brodeur and loving every minute of their perpetual instigation of each other. Just look at the Rangers vs. Penguins before and after Avery got hurt. The team was a total different animal. One of the most irrefutable facts of this team, outside the team’s keystone is Hank, has been the Avery effect. Avery was born to be a NY Ranger whether you like it or not, and from the Avery chants in the Garden, I think most of us love the guy to death

  207. I have officially turned on Drury after his postgame comments last night (saying that the team responded correctly and didn’t take any penalties). It’s a shame I bought his jersey when he signed here and now will leave it hanging in my closet.

    There is no reason why the team has to sit back and let Avery and Voros do all the dirty work. An attack on Gabs is an attack on the team, and the team should have been throwing out challenges all night long in response…

    Which brings me to my third point. Brashear is past his prime and overpaid, but he still would’ve been the toughest guy on the ice last night, even if the Flyers had dressed Cote. With him in the lineup, our smaller guys can focus on sending a message to their smaller guys, and so on, knowing that if things escalate, Brashear will answer to the baddest Flyer out there so our smaller guys won’t have to. For this reason, he should be dressed for a game against a team with the Flyers’ history. And I know, I know…Brash hasn’t dominated a fight this season, but A) he is still scary, and B) the guys he has fought would eat anyone else on this team alive.

  208. Agreed LI, this team manages to illustrate all the reasons why hockey is so great, by showing you how incredibly boring, frustrating, infuriating, etc it is when it’s played how they play it

  209. In regards to what you said Nessier, while I agree an assault on Gaborik is an assult on the team, but like a British soldier, an assault on any soldier is considered an assault on the queen herself. That should be the MANTRA of any hockey team. No, they are not all equal in rank, but they are all protected no matter what, period!

  210. John DOe, I guess I have a really high threshold for pain, but you’ve still got to be somewhat involved or you wouldn’t be here, right :)

    As for your Avery comments, I think it’s safe to assume I agree with you. You can say what you like about him off ice, but I’m thrilled to death that he’s a Ranger on ice.

    wicky, choo choo!

  211. However, you only nuke the commies when they assault the mainland, but you still kick some ass when they assault your satellite states

  212. I watch, but I put in the same effort as the team at this point, never a full sixty lol! I don’t really root for them anymore, I just watch because theyre the Rangers, as far as I’m concerned until this team’s leadership is replaced it’s not one that deserves rooting for, much like the mid 2000’s yankees, awful pitching awful defense no character save for a few, only difference is we have great goaltending and no offense

  213. I really hope that rumor is true. What a waste. Id rather have Z, or Antro, but it would be nice to have the extra cash.

    Then maybe we can trade Rozi, and maybe we can send Dredden to Hartford, and maybe we can get Kovalchuk.

    Then Kovy can get beat up by Pierre Mary Jane Blonde Leturnho, or what ever the fugg that guys name is.

    Actually, would he even want to come to NY ? I think he hates Avery.

  214. John Doe – you’re right. An attack on Gabs (and Hank) should be treated more seriously. I’ll throw in Drury to that list as well (re: the night we didn’t retaliate against Glencross), only because the players should not allow ANYONE with the C on their jersey to get treated like that.

    ORR maybe I can package it with my Redden on ebay (just joking – my taste in jerseys isn’t THAT bad)

  215. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    Where’s Linda at? This is unlike her! This has to be the highest number of posts in a random afternoon off day in the middle of season

  216. Carp was right- last night reminded me so much of Schultz- Rolfe- it still makes me sick to think of that one. On the positive side, I’m pretty sure it was incidents like that one that turned me into an “edgy” (dirty) guy when I played. Yes, Girardi should have jumped in- someone should have jumped in- but where are the referees’ common sense? Each guy gets five? Before you argue- answer me this: what would have been called if Avery had done that to Briere…how about Crosby? Just another days work from the worst refereed sport of all. (Oh yeah- 37 odd years ago the call was five min utes each for Rolfe and Schultz- now there’s progress!)

  217. I miss the days of Jagr and Shanny and Straka, etc…I always enjoyed watching Jagr decide it was go time and just utterly dominate for the remaining two-three months + playoffs…Shanny be the leader Chris Drury seems so incapable of being, Straka just being…Straka, Gaborik is great, don’t get me wrong…for some reason he’s just never inspired awe in me…he’s got an insanely ridiculous shot, is fast and can pass, but it was so much fun watching Jagr monster his way through two or three guys and Shanny turn on tough guy and fight Brashear. The past two seasons have made me appreciate those moments all the more

  218. The rangers missed Orr it was stupid not to resign him. Orr would of went after the skilled guys on the flyers. Also Orr is feared around the league trust me Carcillo does not want to fight Orr. He backed down from Orr and fought Mayers instead against toronto.

    Now the rangers need to trade for an enforcer. And also the should call up Byers and let him play on the 4th line.

  219. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Ok, it is 10 after 5 and nothing has been done to add some toughness to this team. Oh yeah, Sather is behind the wheel and will not look bad by giving in.

    If this had happen to another team, some type of transaction would have occurred today.

    Carp, I agree with the deflection, Torts should have been honorable and answered the question. But, I did love the bus stop line.

  220. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    We don’t need an enforcer…we need players who are tough that will stick up for one another.

    Detroit hasn’t had an enforcer…they just stick up for one another

  221. Carp Still disagree with me on the shelf life of Tortorella.??? He’s severely troubled and adversely affects this team.

  222. I say next time we play Philly we send down everyone we can that is not 6’1 215 or bigger and call up everyone we can that is that size and just go out there the beat the #%$@# out of as many flyers as possible, even sign a couple goons to a cheap contract to keep in Hartford for when we play the flyers to call up and beat on them. Forget winning the game, just beat the snot out of them, who cares who gets suspended they were just going to be sent down or waived anyway

  223. paulieplatypus on

    I wonder if the last time Brooks was slapped silly at the bus stop, they must have somehow plucked all his eyebrows out??? Either that or one night after watching the Pink Floyd movie “The Wall”, he pulled a Bob Geldof and shaved his eyebrows?

    Who know’s, maybe Torts should have gone about this situation a little differently and asked Brooks about the movie instead? Maybe start calling him Bob Geldof or ask which one’s Pink or something like that?

  224. Shelf life of Torts? Torts’ shelf life expired when he benched Avery against the Caps as far as I’m concerned. Showed he had no idea what made this team go, middle of season you want to bench him? Ok, I can deal with that. When we’re in the playoffs and the opposing, not to mention FAR superior team is on the brink of elimination you sit the spark plug of the entire team? It sounds like I’m disagreeing with you for some reason…I actually agree he’s got to go

  225. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Carp: good points, I jstu dont agree with everything your saying; so be it

    Emotion is never tkaen into accoutn, and Torts was a plenty pissed already. Im jsut sayin gif timing was off, it was way off on Larry’s part. He knew it was gonna get him going.

    Enough about it though, Montreal tomorrow after a hopefully tough Devil game for them tonight

    I bleed blue and will still ALWAYS root for this team. EVEN when players are on it who I dont like or dont want are on the team.


    LEts go Rangers!!!

    HAve a great weekend all!

  226. The cancer from Redden and Rosival is spreading to the other Defensman, lets just hope it doesnt get Gilroy and MDZ too.

    Redden and Rosival are the biggest bitches going and since they joined the team I cant remember the last time Staal and Girardi have hit someone (I have noted this before) and how much of a wuss Girardi is showed last night.

  227. Now that would be interesting put Drury on waivers. I wonder how quick he would be picked up.

  228. Last night was NOT Schultz- Rolfe. Rolfe took a terrible beating. Gabby got bitch slapped. Same result though, nobody stepped in.
    shame, shame, shame.

  229. Ranger fans are loyal fans. It sometimes it seems insane to be a Ranger fan, but for some reason, I just can’t change even if I wanted to. I guess it helps to be nuts.

  230. I actually agree he’s got to go


    What coach is available/gettable that you’d rather have?

    That said, it still amazes me that people are going after Brooks in this situation. If you go after Brooks here, you waive all rights to ever question this team ever again, it’s as simple as that. By siding with Tortorella in how he reacted to Brooks, you hereby agree to take it on the chin for the rest of your life as a Ranger fan. The one poor f*ck who has the BALLS to stand there right in Tortorella’s face and ask him questions that matter. THE NERVE OF THAT MAN, WHAT A COWARD, HUH? Not even standing in the back of the crowd, but right there, asking him to his face. THAT’S experience and THAT’S balls.

    If you don’t support Brooks in this sitution, you deserve to get bent over and Buffalo Bill’d day in and day out by the Rangers organization. You deserve Wade Redden and Chris Drury sucking the life out of your team, you deserve a guy like Girardi bitching out…if you don’t support a guy like Larry Brooks asking the coach OBVIOUS questions. This guy has been asking questions the rest of the media is afraid to ask for YEARS and the fact of the matter is Tortorella *can’t handle it*.

    Some of you deserve what you get with this team, I swear.

  231. Hey Mikey, I agree with you to a certain point. The problem we have is just that, we continue to go to games. The team will never change, unless it hurts them where it counts. Do you know where that is? It is the wallet, as long as people continue to go to games, buy the jerseys, etc. This team will always be this way.

    This is a business and the bottom line is the bottom line. I support this team by watching it, but will no longer buy tickets, jerseys or anything, until changes are made.

    By doing so, gives me the right to complain and say I am trying to do my part. It is like those who complain about politicians, but do not vote.

    They do not care about what people say on blogs, forums and so on. If they did, this team would have been sold to a new owner by now.

    Hurt them by not giving your money and see how fast things change in Rangerland.

    Just my 2 cents and that is what it is worth.

  232. I think Gabby could have put up a better fight if he really wanted to. It was a half hearted effort. He is not very big, but he is in excellant physical condition, and a very good athlete. He could have done better. Not that I blame him for not getting to involved. who needs it? Iam just saying he could have been better if he had wanted to.

  233. Brooks was just doing his job simple as that. Torts wasn’t doing his. I think its part of a coaches job to talk to the press. Torts puts on a tough guy show, but when the questions get a little tougher that he likes, he refuses to answer them. Brooks held his ground, and the question was legit. Torts should have answered. The NYR should understand that without fans they are playing to an empty rink, and its the media that reach the fans.

  234. i don’t buy the “question had to be answered” thing. why? you already know the answer, everyone does.

    torts said he wasn’t answering any of brooks questions then brooks kept pushing.

    it takes two to tango.

  235. “Patrick
    January 22nd, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    I don’t think Torts bullied uncle Larry..he just said I ‘m not going to answer your questions and Brooks just kept going at mess with the bull..

    I think if Carp or Zip anyone else asked if Giradi should have come in, Torts would have been okay with it..”

    This was well said…

    Salty, when did you become class validictorian? Torts probably should have answered the question and moved on, but I cheered when I saw his reaction. There was NO WAY that he was bullying the little goat boy into anything. The situation between the two last night was set-up to happen since Tortorella was named coach last year, it was just a matter of time.

    I do believe if any other reporter asded that question, he would have answered it. And in NO WAY was he using Brooks to deflect anything. He responded to the game and all that happened just fine before and after the flap. He wasn’t hiding from anything. Do you want him to call his team a bunch of Pussys?…

    Brooks is a sarcastic F%@k and his miserable persona goes a long way. He may have a lot of time vested as a hockey writer, but it doesn’t make him impervious to justified criticism.

    As another poster already stated, Torts refusal to appease the weasel was his only way of standing up for his team against the bogus writer.

    Good job Torts.

  236. And look, I’m not gonna deny it… Torts snapping at Brooks was *funny* and it’s *entertaining*…YES Brooks got embarrassed and looked like a tool for a minute because of how Tortorella spun it on him, there’s no question.

    It’s exciting to see drama unfold, and it’s funny to see Tort’s snap…it’s been funny when it happened in Tampa Bay, it’s funny when he throws water at fans etc…I agree and I would never deny that…but that does not make it right, and as a FAN OF THIS STRUGGLING TEAM you simply cannot attack reporters asking the hot topics unless you are a gawd damned moron. You HAVE to support a journalist who is going to EXPOSE the BULLSHIT, otherwise you deserve what you get. Not everything is gonna be a fcking puff piece.

    Brooks in that clip is one of the ballsiest reporters I’ve ever seen. It’s not like some rookie who didn’t know what he was getting into either. He’s been to the races before with Tortorella, and he came right back into his face and DID HIS JOB. We should be so LUCKY to have more reporters shining a light on the dark reality of this team instead of blowing smoke and trying to stay in the good graces of these assholes who disgrace this city and this team with reckless abandon.

  237. CCCP… why would no other reporter DARE to ask that question? What makes “should the Rangers have taken a 3rd man?” a tough question????

    It’s not a tough question. If Brooks asked Torts if he thought Sam Rosen had nice eyes he would have refused to answer that question as well… do you get that?

    I think nobody else asked the question after because Larry asked it and it wasn’t answered. I think nobody else wanted to go there because Larry asked it… not because it was a ‘tough’ question.

  238. I’ve been just as disappointed and sore all day as most here..

    The Flyers do just suck. I don’t care how good they were in the neutral zone last night. They play a dangerous game.

    Ummm Ovi, and I do love him, is a complete showboat. Did he really intend to fight? He stands there stripping to his underwear until a teammate notices and jumps in the way. Well that’s team spirit hahaha but what if Ovi really did want to fight? Maybe Ovi felt like less of a man because he didn’t get to show he will defend himself. I’m sure he understood and appreciated Bradley’s effort – we all do, but Just Sayin’…

  239. also, I think if Larry hadn’t been a tool all his life… and he and Torts didn’t have the history like they do, Tortorella would have answered that same question last night. He was not trying to deflect anything. Torts is as honest as they come when it comes to dealing with questions.

    C’mon fellow brothers and sisters bleeding blue…

    I think we’re all just a bit emotional after watching what happened last night.

  240. Does anybody remember last year when we were still juggling blog authors a little bit between Carp and Linda I believe?

    Anyway, whoever it was was a woman, and I remember her telling a story about Drury…this was back when only a few of us hated him… so there was some question she wanted to ask him, honestly I think it was something about cancer patients, something about an organization in the Buffalo area…? Anyway Drury was in some players only area and she asked someone to get him for her real quick so she could ask him about the organization… so they go and call him out of his players only area and she asks him something about the cancer patients and Drury goes:

    ” You called me out here for _that?_ ”

    Prick bastard. Here he is in NY, SUCKING AWFULLY and instead of putting this bastard on the spot about why he’s so damn awful in NY, she TOSSES HIM A DAMN MEATBALL PUFF PIECE and he has the NERVE to give her a hard time about it.

    This whole beat writer conversation reminded me of that story, and how these NY MFers get away with murder an dnever have to answer hard questions to the press. And the one time someone does pitch a curveball… wow.

    Linda, was that you? Anyone remember this story?

  241. I did not have to watch the game last night to feel what I feel or think what I think today. Last night was an opportunity to change what I thought. I kept hearing they’ve been playing great, they’ve shown tenacity, spirit and fight! I said let’s see what happens as time goes on. This team has defined the method of playing a few games like they should most games and then reverting to play most games like they can be forgiven for playing a few games. This is not emotion, this is seeing a team that is undeserving of the NY Rangers Jersey save a few exceptions, and being fed up.

  242. Talkarella is known for not answering questions he doesn’t feel like answering…

    “Im not gonna answer that” or “Im not gonna get into this” crap… well you better get into it coach cause this is your team and your responsibility!

    It wasnt a tough question but none of the reports who was there asked it, before OR after Brooks, right? And Instead it was the typical go-around routine of bullsh*t questions like “what were the flyers doing to shut down rangers?” (like any team has to do much to achieve it) or “how much did it bother Talkarella when carcillo went after gaborik” (obviously not that much) or aboot sustained pressure in the first 5 minutes of the game…who cares!!! Answer the freaking question!

  243. I remember seeing Stahl crosscheck someone in front of Hank down to the ice, I forget who it was, but Sam and Joe mentioned it they showed a replay. When I saw him do that I was thinking to myself…now what don’t they do that more often, before and after the whistle? We seem to be the only team where a player can comfortably stand around the crease. This isn’t basketball where you try to box a guy out. This is hockey, a guy is sitting in front your crease you’re spearing him, crosschecking him, punching him, pushing him, and god forbid the guy is so bold as to touch The King Henrik Lundqvist…make him rue the day he was born. It seems like every other team does this. We…push our bodies against theres and try to box them out hoping to get a stick on the puck

  244. also, I think if Larry hadn’t been a tool all his life… and he and Torts didn’t have the history like they do, Tortorella would have answered that same question last night. He was not trying to deflect anything. Torts is as honest as they come when it comes to dealing with questions.


    come on, the guy is rabid. I like him, but he’s got a short fuse and everyone knows it…it does not excuse him from what happened last night. Unprofessional, perhaps more so than throwing water at a fan.

  245. say what you want about brooks, and it took him far too long to do so, but he is the only reporter consistently printing stories (not mere blog posts) arguing for redden, roszival and drury to be benched, traded, waived etc.

    in defending torts here you are defending sather/dolan and all their incompetency. brooks doesn’t have much tact, but most of his recent articles are pushing for the same solutions to the problem that many have posted here.

    As carp and others have said, it was not the time for Torts to act like a child. i could care less if brooks was being immature, he isn’t the coach who came here and vowed to hold players accountable regardless of their salary and make everyone respect the logo. i have already said it, but i will say it again, last night neither the team nor the coach respected the sweater.

  246. ThisYearsModel on

    To answer “I am not answering any questions from you” represented Torts starting and picking the fight. IMO, it is all on him. How did he expect Brooks to react? Brooks did not kill him today, although he could have.

  247. I’m more than sure Gross mentioned on his blog that he was asking the same question at the same time that Brooks was only Brooks talked over Gross I think he mentioned it in his post game entry last night

  248. I remember that Salty, don’t remember the specifics, but I do remember that. Either way, Drury has done absolutely zilch to endear himself to Ranger fans.

  249. Pete

    agree 100%

    in a way Brooks is the public voice of fans… pushing for the same things we ALL want and talk aboot 24/7

  250. CCCP
    Thats what I wondered. Are the other reporters afraid of Torts ? Why didn’t anyone else ask the same question? Is it because they all want to stay on Tort’s good side?

  251. i have the game DVR’d and i just listened to the interview again and I’m pretty sure that Gross is full of carp…

  252. Rick (No, not that one) on

    To be fair, Gross said he and Brooks started asking the same question at the same time..

    Here’s the bottom line on that, whatever problems the two have, they should not be aired in public like that. And Brooks did nothing in that sequence to instigate. He asked a proper question, in fact both he and I started to ask the same question at the same time and he got his out while I stopped halfway through just so the question could get asked.

  253. The only thing I’ll give Brooks credit for is that he writes what he feels, and I can respect any writer for doing so. But I will not accept him as my ‘voice’ ever. Anyone who wants to look at him that way, feel free.

    Torts wasn’t ‘starting’ anything by refusing his question, he was taking a stand against a man that uses his press pass and the yearly stamps it bosts as an excuse to fuel fires. It might not have been the right thing to do, but I’m still glad he did it.

    Let’s be real folks, Brooks style is always going to be protagonistic. That’s the way he is. Sometimes that can be a good thing, especially when it’s dumping on obviously poor decisions that have been made by management. But it’s just a shame that there are hardly any positive counter pieces ever written giving credit in the other direction.

    I thought Tortorella handled it pretty good considering and wasn’t trying to be confrontational, he was just defending his team and ‘the sweater’…

    For crying out loud, Brooks said last week that he thinks the Rangers could/should get a #1 pick if they trade a Prospal, Higgins or a Girardi. Whatever grass he’s smoking, he needs to share with the rest of us!


  254. Torts could have just said something like “I think somebody should have stepped in” without naming names (like Girardi) and just left it at that.

    What’s so bad about being honest? Is it so bad to say that they didn’t do what they should have? Doesn’t he say things like they should forecheck better or play harder? What was so bad that he couldn’t give a straightforward answer?

  255. I know Gross, as does Carp, and I believe he probably did ask the question, even though it didn’t get heard or answered. Go Andrew, I miss you!

    Today is insane!

    Just curious, the whole Torts/Brooks thing really seems to fascinate/incite/anger lots of you and really get in your craws…(not being sarcastic, I swear)….Explain why a coach/reporter tiff is making you so engaged? If it wasn’t Brooks, would you care?

  256. Torts is taking a page out the George Bush play book. He only answers some questions from certain reporters.

  257. If it wasn’t Brooks it would have been answered… case closed. Like I said, Brooks could have asked him any question in the world and it would have been deflected last night.

    Torts was upset about the loss last night, and the last thing he wanted at the time was to play proper with Brooks who was whipping in his column and has done so to some degree throughout.

    The question itself was not a tough question, and I don’t know why people think Torts was deflecting the ‘question’ itself… it was obvious (as wrong as it may have been) that it was personal between he and Brooks.


  258. William, even if you’re right he should answer the damn question instead of acting like a 5-year old.

    So, basically when Brooks asks a question Torts goes, “I can’t hear you, na na nana na.”

    That’a about as cowardly as watching your star player get the crap beat out of him.

  259. If it wasn’t Brooks i wouldn’t give a fugg.

    “The only thing I’ll give Brooks credit for is that he writes what he feels, and I can respect any writer for doing so. But I will not accept him as my ‘voice’ ever. Anyone who wants to look at him that way, feel free”

    How can you give someone credit for that ? Nobody should ever say anything they’re not willing to say to someones face. If he thinks his articles are so “funny” then he should go tell Dredden aboot that joke.

    He wouldn’t cause Dredden would take his golden gloves and fist him up the poop loop. You don’t know what Dredden is capable of when he’s high on cocaine, you just don’t know.

    Either way, he’d get treated like he did back in his bus stop days, which odds are isn’t that long ago.

    Brooks is a puss, and that’s all there is to it.

    It’s hilarious, i guess if i call Salty a douchebag with no life, then that means im brave cause i posted that comment on a blog. Yaaay, im such a hero, im soo brave. Please !

  260. CCCP, thanks to some great guys who posted the link to torts presser, it seemed someone was already starting to ask that question when brooks steamrolled whoever that guy was and started asking the same question. I will go back and watch, because i could be mistaken, but i remember saying to mako that someone started asking and torts looked at the guy, and then brooks started.

  261. I am looking forward to tomorrows game in Montreal. I wonder who Gabby’s going to fight? I really hope they play as well as the last time the two teams played . I don’t expect as many goals though, half as many should do it.

  262. maybe Gabby should be Silver Gloves??

    wow, you guys seem to still be seething over last nights activities,and it seems to be spilling into a little more of a personal thing with some of ya! Lets all just remember we all love the same team, and be a lil more respectful to each other on here.

  263. Laurel

    Aww, CCCP, really, what? lol


    You’re missing the point once again… it wasn’t aboot Torts and his deal with Brooks…it was aboot the team, the fans and the “honor” as Torts said… Torts acted like a prick and all of us – THE FANS… feel like idiots right now.

  264. Linda, rumor has it that was Gross :)

    All, the media v. power people, whether it be a coach, mayor, president or whatever is a complicated dancing machine…not defending either side in this case at all…but it’s a total tango…
    Carp did a great job of explaining his opinion on the Brooks/Torts deal (I think)…if you want more thoughts, happy to share tomorrow (CCCP, I’m yahna’ing!), but I think you’ll have moved on :)

  265. problem with attacking rangers/knicks players head on like that that tho is that dolan may ban you from the locker room altogether. he has already done it in the past with the knicks. also i doubt redden or any other player would strike a reporter, that is not if they want to keep playing in the league.

    i don’t think anyone is denying that torts and brooks have a history and that brooks was egging him on, but torts didn’t act like a professional, he sunk to brooks’s level just like when he sprayed that fan in washington, right after criticizing avery for acting to the team’s detriment no less

    brooks has written some dumb articles in the past, but recently he has been criticizing sather and the players consistently and since i can’t do so directly, i will take that

  266. CCCP, you dissed my buddy Gross, and I think Carp explained earlier what happens when you dis our friends! :)

    Linda, we can always count on you here!

  267. catching up … jay and paulie, no enforcer in the NHL is afraid of Brashear anymore. And he had a golden chance to fight Carcillo the last time and didn’t.

    loneranger, yes, I still disagree with you, last night’s post-game performance not withstanding.

    Guys, we talked about that Kotalik rumor yesterday. A) consider the source. B) who the hell would take him? C) He hasn’t, although he probably wishes he could get out and he still might request a trade. D) He is not defecting. He can’t.

  268. the little kiddies here need to listen to Carp, Zip, and Gross on how Talkerella was wrong with Brooks. Sticking up for the coach is not part of being a fan in this situation. The coach should publicly apologize to the fans, who wanted to know WTF no third man in? Which really meant, what’s wrong with you and most of your team not protecting their leaders, and eachother. That’s why the coach got mad. It’s been going on all season. When Lundqvist or Gaborik get seriously hurt from that garbage, then what?

  269. thanks Laurel, i saw that carp posted that after I had already posted. Trying to catch up after having date day. Cool thing is… my brother was listed in the ending credits of the film! I was so proud seeing his name up there. Kinda like when my daughter was listed on the liner notes of a cd from a band she loved.

    anyway, in case i havent made it clear… I am still pissed. Mako and I made up some nicknames for Girardi last night, and I gotta say, Mako had the funniest with “danny bibs”

  270. This is a soft team period. Torts didn’t want to say that, but we all know it anyway. Right?

  271. Salty, i think you’re approaching the situation wrong. I don’t think Torts had a problem with the question itself, and had any other person there asked him that it would have been answered no problem. However, Brooks has repeatedly taken some shots at the team, some are well deserved, but some are below the belt. Torts was trying to show Brooks the line and where he crossed it, as well as defending his team in general.

  272. Torts cant say it to the press. You can just tell by the seething in his eyes and on his face.

    I have one question and maybe only Yetipuss can answer. If you cant walk on the logo in the lockerroom because it shows disrepect, why do you allow guys disrespect the jersey by WEARING it? Why are they still allowed to be here?? Yes, some of them we cannot get rid of, but some need to go spend some time in Hartford. If you cannot wear this jersey with pride and honor EVERY DAMNED NIGHT THAT YOU ARE ON THIS TEAM, you should NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN!!!!

  273. Wow, is everyone really arguing back and forth about an exchange between Torts and Brooks? Torts doesn’t like Brooks and Brooks doesn’t like Torts. Brooks knows he can goad Torts into saying something outlandish and quote worthy, and so does Torts. I agree with William, it wasn’t a tough question and no matter what Brooks asked, he would have received the same response.

    Torts did address the question that Brooks asked (per SNY Ranger blog) and said it was between the coaches and the team. I mean really, isn’t the question almost rhetorical? Of course they want someone jumping in, it’s Gaborick for christ’s sake. Probably not the smartest thing to admit to the media however.

    I’m surprised that nobody has commented on Dubinsky’s celebration after his non goal at the end of the game. Personally, I thought it was bush and showed that this kid has a way to go in terms of being a professional.

    sorry for the long post.

  274. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Salty is True fans , same person everyone.

    True Fans Bleed RW&B January 22nd, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    Salty again owns it when it comes to knowing hockey and I’ll add this.

    Same person saying the same stuiped stuff.

    Yo Salty If Gaborik is sooo stuiped , come Carcillos knuckles are all cut up from Gaborik’s Visor?
    That was to True fans too. ( same guy)

    Funny how Salty says he never saw the game but has a big mouth with his opinion?
    * Salty January 22nd, 2010 at 9:37 am
    I didn’t see the game. Did see the fight briefly, and read the article.
    My gut reaction is to Gaborik… he dropped his gloves with a tough guy. That’s just a foolish move, was Carcillo really supposed to not fight him at that point. Carcillo admits “I was pretty much licking my chops”… I can’t say I blame him.

  275. Chuck, on the game thread, someone did mention dubi celebrating . it just didnt carry over here because everyone was so pissed about the Gaborik fiasco and then the Torts Brooks thing took on a life of its own

  276. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If Brooksie says stuff about the Rangers in the press ,then Torts has every reason to do it back. It just torts doesnt have a Newspaper article.

    I saw you Carp ,When you interviewed Torts , you were pritty nice to him and you guys were funny. You wouldn’t disrespect him cuz yer not stuiped , Brooks is dumb that way…brave??…no ,Just too cheeky. You say atheletes owe the press and thier fans cuz thier paying the tickets…well Atheletes get bad press,injuries and alot of heat from coaches and other players. If the atheletes never showed up …NO one would have a job.

  277. Oy vey. today is insane! Linda, you’re welcome back. Glad date day went well with the man.
    I’ll see you all tomorrow. Anybody got plans for Saturday night except here??

  278. Chuck
    I don’t know about you but that kind of thing does not surprise me. I like the kid, and I think he will become a good player. He seems to take himself way to serious at times.

  279. Laurel

    I dissed Gross? i just said he was full of it…but fine…ill take it back cause i don’t want to be kicked out by Carp! :P

    Torts was wrong and Brooks was wrong and we the fans keep chewing bubble gum!


    I hope not, that’s the last thing i need to know. Dubi’s been on my list since day 1, as much as im trying to like the guy, i just cant do it.

    Im looking forward to the trade deadline when we dump both he, and Princess Diana Girardi.

    I just hope the return is good, and not the typical Phoenix Coyotes losers.

  281. Oops. Forgot one thing…wicky, this laurel is for you, but really for Carp…

    Hey Carp, wanna post tomorrow about the caboose? xoxox

  282. Hockeymon,

    Unfortunately I doesn’t surprise me either. When Dubi first came up I thought that he had the potential to be an Adam Graves type of player, but now I don’t see that happening. He might have the skill, but I don’t think he has the heart.

  283. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    good point, it was over the top by a mile, I thought about it, but got overly involved with the toughness (or lack there of) with this team (imagine that, me talking about the lack of toughness on this team)! Bad move on dubi’s part!

    Ok, we’re off to the barn to watch some JR. hockey!

    later folks!

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