This is where I came in


Game No. 51, 2009. Sam Weinman threw it to me.

He handed over a playoff-bound team that was doing fine … although plenty of fans, blogsters (not yet tabbed as Boneheads) had their doubts and their worries.

See, in Game 49 the Rangers won their second game in a row, and fifth in their last six. In Game 50, before Sam broke our hearts and left for literally greener fairways,they lost at Pittsburgh, 6-2. Still, they were 29-17-4 for 62 points, second in the Atlantic and fifth in the East.

Well, we know what started with that Pittsburgh game. I took over the blog. The Rangers were shut out 1-0  in Boston, and the downward spiral that included the 10-2 loss in Dallas followed, soon to result in the Feb. 23 coaching change … although not a lot of change in the scoring woes … and then a blown 3-1 lead in the first round of the playoffs, in which they ultimately were undone by their inability, again, to score. (side note: Feb. 2009 crushed the blog record for traffic because of all the controversy).

This season, the Rangers won Game 50 for a two-game winning streak in which they have scored 14 goals in the last five periods, after scoring one in the previous 10 periods. They are 24-19-7 for 55 points, third in the Atlantic, sixth in the East. In other words, not quite as good as last year. Just sayin’.

Now that I’ve gotten that out there, and for no good reason other than I realized that this is where I came in last season … there are 32 left, with tonight’s game in Philly a massive barometer for your heroes (who are 10-3-4 in their last 17, by the way).

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  1. Repost:

    Yeah Mickey, well unfortunately neither the Wilpons or the Dolans seem terribly interested in either selling their franchises or hiring people with the proper acumen to build sustainable winners. Even if in the NHL you can’t simply throw money at FAs any more the very least you can do is pay for the best scouting staff.

  2. kurt, Ahh, sarcasm, the one thing that doesn’t translate too well to the interwebs. Makes sense now, coolio :)

  3. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao @ TR and his STRIPES reference!


  4. made tukka rask look like a vezina trophy winner, valli has a horrible game next. this year i think is a little different than last year around this time.

    they need to win tonight and @ montreal and the pitt game wount seem so bad if they lose but play hard. then its 2 more wins and a “spirited bout” against colorado. if they go 4 and 2 the rest of the month ill be happy.

  5. CT, we can dream that one day it’ll be a reality for both franchises. A far-off dream, but one we can have.

  6. I would like to point out during the rangers recent 14 goal output I was in the hospital for food poisoning. Sorry, I was the bad luck! Therefore, I retire as a rangers fan and will attempt not to watch games until they start scoring below 3 goals a game! (So I may be back tomorrow…)

  7. Wow, Carp. Only a year ago? This blog has had a good year with you taking over for Sam. We all appreciate it.

    Interesting note about where this team was last year at this point. Those two teams (08-09 and this year’s) are so drastically different in almost all respects except for Lundqvist. What I remember most about last year’s team was their inability to control the puck. Good work in the defensive zone, but no transition game and very little forecheck pressure.

    This year’s team seems almost the opposite. Even in the streak of bad games when they weren’t scoring, they seem to be better at the forecheck than last year, but there are many times where they look so lost in the defensive zone. Maybe I’m just remembering wrong.

  8. I remember being psyched that Carp came on board. I read his stuff for years, and I only really knew Sam from the blog.

  9. Joeybriggs,

    Maybe we should just keep you in the hospital (you don’t need to actually be sick)!

  10. I’d say they are in better shape this year than last, all things considered. At least now they have someone (Gabby) that we know is capable of scoring at any time and a PP that looks decent even when they aren’t scoring (for the most part). Last year they didn’t have either of those.

  11. Carp,

    did you have heard anything about the Premiere Games for next season and if the Rangers would like to be involved again and do you know the venues in Europe where they want to play ???

    I dont exspect that they want to open the new season in koalaland (:

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    well TR, in that case,i rescind my LMAO ;-) ;-)

    DUH, they said boomchuggaluggalugga anyways!

  13. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on


    i came to the blog not too long after you took over, and its pretty much been a hilarious blast since then!

  14. I believe it’s actually Boom lakalakalaka:

    Feelin’s gettin’ stronger
    Music’s gettin’ longer too
    Music keeps on flashin’ me

    I want to, I want to
    I want to take you higher
    Wanna take you higher
    Baby, baby, baby, light my fire
    Wanna take you higher

    Boom laka-laka-laka
    Boom laka-laka

    (All these years later and it still will rock your abdelkader off).

  15. They are a little beter than last year for these reasons:Gabby can score anytime,better coach,they got rid of Gomers contract, younger d-men in MDZ,Gilroy, Staal,Dubi,Artie,Cally one more year of being in the show. But we are still so far removed from a Cup contender without a blockbuster.

  16. Carp, time machining there? LOL.

    Happy Anniversary! May the Rangers come out with a spirited game tonight and kick the Fly-guys behinds in your honor.

  17. Thanks, Domi. … the actual anniversary date is a week or so away. I’ll have more to say then.

    Koala, I haven’t heard anything.

  18. Keep up the great work Carp. Love coming here to read the posts and chat with other Rangers fans.

    BTW, Laraque is being bought out.

    I’m saying that not because I want him (he’s a worse player than Brash), but because Sather might end up doing this with Brash if he can’t stay healthy.

    Fact is neither of them fought much the last two years and I think a lot of that had to do with them A) getting older and B) people being afraid to fight them. If you look at the recent scraps they’ve gotten into, it’s usually someone just hugging them so they can’t get the hands loose to throw solid punches.

  19. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Sorry to hear that Domi. The devastation and loss of life is, of course, heart breaking, but I cannot imagine what your coworker and others are going through,having lost friends and family members. Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone who’s been affected.

  20. Due to Brashear’s age it doesn’t matter what they do with him, his cap hit stays right? At least send him to somewhere with no ice, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia?

  21. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    yes CT, because he’s 138, we’re stuck with his cap hit no matter what.

  22. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Tony, not a typo either… I meant to do that. heheh

    Getting antsy!!! The man put me in a bad mood, which is GOOD for a Flyers game… I will arrive in ‘ill humor’ as they say!!

  23. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    totally off topic, but i was just reading trash on the Daily News about that person Snooki from jersey shore. First, people, when you comment PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE, it will make the rest of the world NOT wonder if you have the reading comprehension skills of a catcus! Second, she kinda looks like quentin tarantino if he was a really short chick with bad hair!

    Back to the game..

    Is our new hero Everlast getting another start?


    I was supposed to have my yearly review today with my manager. Since she’s always off-schedule I changed plans after work til tomorrow in case she runs late. Now she just IM’d me to say “let’s do it tomorrow morning instead.” I really hate that. When you do a review with somebody (especially when reviews give some indication of your long-term outlook….if you’ll have a job!) you need to stick to the schedule. Not jerk people around. UGH Now I have to sweat thru this another day. Sorry, just letting off steam.

    Ignore me.

  25. Now that Carp brought it up… I came right before Carp took over this blog… maybe like a month or so before…at least that’s when I began posting… so when Sam left, it wasn’t such a HUGE tragedy for me as it was for some people who still cry for Sam!

    Carp, you rock dude! :)

    Happy Anniversary! If I was next to you, I would give you a big hug and kiss on a cheek!

  26. Happy Anniversary Carp!
    Thanks for your hard work and dedication and Keep on Rockin?
    Keep your day job, but thanks for the tune in my head for the rest of the workday!

  27. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Good luck Puck, hope it goes well for you, and that she doesnt change it again!

    and yes, Bras and Kotalik prucha’d again. Oh yea, that’s right, isnt Bras ‘nicked up’ again? This guy should be on the Mets!

  28. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao CCCP, should we turn down the lights??? bow chicka wow wow!!

    thanks TR. this is going to be an interesting game. On a nice lil roll with the scoring, Everlast in, and I’m sure bozo the clown ( or is it pennywise ) will be in for flyers. Hopefully Dubi and Cally keep up this relentless tempo they’ve been playin with the last few games. Aves needs a goal, and no more posts for Flavah!

  29. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    BANJ, if you are here, that profile picture is outstanding!

  30. Really looking forward to see how they play tonight. Let’s hope the Flyers’ trend of not having a real goalie continues tonight!!!

  31. I knew Gainey was a terrible GM, but this by far puts him way worse than Sather. He gave Laraque and NMC, which is why he can’t be placed on waivers and why they have to buy him out. Wow, at least Drury has a little bit of game in him. Laraque is strictly a fighter. What an idiot of a GM he is. Definitely the worst in the league.

  32. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    noonan, or, as someone stated earlier, he wants to defect TO russia!! lmao,who actually defects TO russia????

  33. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    noonan first link worked fine!!

    Joe M must be heart sick! Forearms asking for a trade???? defect TO russia, thats the best part…not that there’s anything wrong with Russia guys :-)

  34. LMAO, CT –

    noonan – I have to say I was very disappointed with Tortorella’s lack of patience for Kotalik. yes, I agree that he was overpaid (and for too long), and yes, he has not done enough, but the guy has got a wicked shot and can really bring it from the point. It would have been nice to see what would have happened with him if Torts gave him more of a chance earlier in the season. I know he was almost invisible at 5 on 5, but if this whole team concept was still forming, maybe he could have found a better place. Everyone knows this team could still use a shot like his from the point on the PP.

  35. On a follow-up note, does anyone with more acute hockey knowledge see potential for MDZ to develop a heavier shot from the point?

  36. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    to expand on Chris’ question, with the possibility for MDZ to pack on some muscle over the next year or two, would that help with his shot?

  37. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    CT, i literally went to twitter to see if Everlast posted that!! good job

  38. I don’t think MDZ’s problem with shooting is how hard his shot is, I think he’s got get quicker with it. Or develop a good wrist shot. Leetch never had a terribly hard shot but he had a very efficient wind up and had a deadly accurate wrist shot.

    Very few players, especially D, have both the hard slap shot that they can get off quickly. Obviously if you have both you can develop into a good scorer. Players like Hull and Shanny had very little back swing but could get off rockets that were usually on target. Even Gaborik doesn’t use the slap shot quite as much for his weapon of choice, it’s usually the very well disguised wrist shot using the D as a screen. Ovechkin and Carter probably are the best in the game right now for getting off quick and hard shots.

  39. Carp, thanks for being here. Can’t believe it’s been a year. Or almost. Please stay, buddy

    On Kotalik, it’s simple. Ay time somebody wants to go elsewhere, let them go. He doesn’t deserve to wear the jersey. West, East, Russia, China.. Ta-ta!

  40. I enjoyed watching Janssen destroy that douchebag Price last night. How hilarious. Id love to see if Price would do something if his teammate wasn’t there. Haha, he tried to act like he was trying to pull his teammate off him so he can get at him, ahaha you’re not fooling anyone.

    Fugg the Habs ! Who cares aboot LaCrackhead. He’s just like Brashit, and old garbage goon who doesn’t understand his role.

    I hope Slats grows a pair and gets rid of Bull’s boy, cause he doesn’t have a place on this team.

  41. Let that POS go. Whether he was great, or as he’s shown to his “team” less than par- if he doesnt appreciate wearing the jersey, he shouldnt be allowed to.

    Get him the hell out of the organization.

    And please lets send the Don with him.

  42. It is funny. Voros was the one who rode pine most of year. But before the season started Torts and Sather PRAISED Kotalik for being such a “Professional”. Looks to be completely the other way around right now.

  43. Alot of us put down Voros through the season, I am guilty as well. But one thing is for sure, if all our guys could have the heart he plays with, we would have at least 5-10 more W’s in our record.

  44. After a buddy of mine told me in the beginning of the season about the training Voros did to get in shape, and then actually seeing him, I was pulling for the guy. He dedicated himself to this team, plays a better/smarter game now, stick up for team mates, fights much better. He deserves to be in the lineup.

  45. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    We’ve been clowning of Voros since last season, but you gotta give him props. He said he LOVES being a Ranger, and when he does play, he sticks up for his guys, sacrificing his face most times, and he does play with heart. I agree Messiah. Anyonce can say they LOVE being a Ranger, but to actually see them ACT on those words is another thing. Like I said before, Voros gets it. Kotalik wanted the check.

  46. Voros was also the nicest of the guys I met after the last Pens game at W77. I told him that we as fans appreciate him being willing to drop the gloves and fight. I asked him how much it hurts when you’re in a fight and he said there’s too much adrenaline going at the time so you don’t feel a sofa king thing.

  47. All hail Voros?! Kick Kotalik to the curb?! I’m down with both.

    On another note, don’t you hate it when you can’t remember your password and after trying 12 billion combinations that it might be, you get locked out and have to beg someone to reset the darn thing? GRRRR!

  48. Who cares about George Larock!! He’s a bum good for the Candians to cut ties with this bum. Wish we could get rid of Brazear!!

  49. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    If that’s true about Kotlaik then that is pathetic on his part.

    Voros sits for almsot the hwole season, and doesnt complain once.

    Kot’s sits for what 5 or 6 games total thsi year and he wants a trade or will defect?

    What kind of calssless unproffessional is this?

    Big game tonight boys and girls, LETS GO RANGERS!!

    And Happy early anniversary Carp!! It’s been a great year in the blogosphere with you at the helm.

  50. He removed himself from the coaching position. How he’s still a GM, I have no idea.

    Could you imagine if Sather gave Brashear a full NMC?

    Also about MDZ’s shot, the kid isn’t even 200 pounds yet. He’s filling out. When he gets stronger, he’ll get a harder shot. As long as he can pick corners though, he’ll be fine.

  51. Giving Brashear any sort of contract is in effect a NMC. Brash can move somewhere, but his contract won’t.

  52. MAMA-brilliant! Yukel! I’m lterally in tears from LMAO. CCCP wil be speechless for a few days, fersure

  53. not sure how much merit the kotalik rumors have…

    first off, he’s never played in russia. during the lockout he played back home for a czech team. second, he said he wants to be traded out west.. he’s never played out west. his entire career has been with buffalo, edmonton, and the rangers.

    i can see him requesting a trade and being unhappy (and i honestly could care less, if they could move him, do it) but i’m not sure this adds up to anything but a lousy rumor.

  54. Thank you Linda. By the way, when I went for my afternoon walk at work, I could hear the noise the Jets are blasting in their indoor practice field. Good idea for Sunday.

  55. TR, NBA Jam ruled back in the day. When my cousins and me played, we didn’t even care about the score, whoever broke the glass won lol.

    Surely they won’t score a load of goals again tonight, will they? Hopefully we do and then we can hear that douche Richards crying after the game about the media being unfair. Suck it up you’re making millions you nancy-boy.

  56. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    i cant wait for that BANJ, gonna be an interesting game for sure! The man wanted to go to the movies sunday i said AH, NO WAY, Friday afternoong my friend! Then he remembered! :-)

    nyrcc, if i remember correctly, edmonton IS in the west :-)

  57. He’s never played out West? Edmonton pretty far West for me. If you there’s a caveat that he was only out there for a short period then I agree.

  58. Happy Anniversary Carp.

    I stood next to Voros at the first preseason game this year when him, Gaborik, Redden, Werek, Kundratek, and others were walking around the halls. He was like 70s Mick Jagger/Scott Weiland thin. Looked in great shape.

    If Kotalik wants out that’s fine. Even if they got Future Considerations for him (which they can’t anymore) it will be $3 million to go towards resigning our own, Frolov, or dare I say Ilya K.

  59. shor
    “Hopefully we do and then we can hear that douche Richards crying after the game about the media being unfair. Suck it up you’re making millions you nancy-boy.”

    I choked on my cheez-its with that one. Thanks, shor… I think. :)

  60. Good afternoon, Sally!

    It’s not really my anniversary yet. I think it’s later this month.

    And as for the Kotalik thing, that’s a pretty wild rumor. The Rangers don’t think he’s going anywhere, and who’s going to pay him $3M per the next two after this? I haven’t seen any of the main news sites with this rumor, have you?

  61. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Happy First Year! It’s been a great one! Thanks for all you do for us! I look forward to the read every day.

  62. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Happy First Year! It’s been a great one! Thanks for all you do for us! I look forward to the read every day.

  63. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    FAITHFUL!! how are ya!??

    damnit its 61 degrees here today and I am sick…Rick Tocchet, what are the odds?

  64. MDZ needs Thicker Forearms.

    So long Kots. Don’t let the door hit you. Bring Rozi, Redden, Brash, or your old buddy Dru with you.

    It’s one thing to have a heavy shot while manning the point. It’s another thing to give up at least one 2-1 shorthanded rush against every game because you can not hold the puck in at the line, or are always flat-footed on the way back.

  65. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Laurel, if your coughs, sneezing and hacking can travel 980 miles, then i’ve got a bone to pick with you!!

  66. I remember it, Carp. Don’t remember the date. You sub’ed for Sam a few times. And then after that emotional post that Sam gave us:” hi, it’s Carp here…”. Something like that.

  67. Funny how we bring in all these UFA’s and our best point man was drafted last year. Our best center was drafted 3-4 years ago. Our best goalie (ever?) was drafted 5-7 years ago.

    Ummmm. . . . .duh?!

  68. Kotalik giving up shorthanded breakaways had more to do with the people around him than him. I’m not a fan of the guy outside of the fact that he can shoot a puck, but the guys around him would give him the puck at the worst times and nobody would move around, so since they knew he was getting it, the PKers would jump him early and steal it.

  69. If Kotalik wants traded, that would be OK with Torts I’m sure. The big problem would be finding a team the would want his services. He has not had a good game for a while now, and I don’t think he has played at all in the last couple of games. Sather would try to trade him I’m sure, he will likely end up playing in the KHL, if the rumer is true at all.

  70. Also when are people going to just lay of Rozy already? Look at the stats over the last 2 months:

    Rozy – 23 gp, 0g 8a, +7
    MDZ – 23 gp, 1g 6a, -6
    Staal – 23 gp, 2g 5a, +4
    Girardi – 23 gp, 1g 4a, -4
    Redden – 19 gp, 0g 2a, +2
    Gilroy – 18 gp, 0g 3a, +4

    Rozsival is +7 while playing the most minutes (along with Staal). Not to mention he’s added those 8 assists, which gives him more points than anyone else. I know everyone has a history with this guy, but maybe you should take your blinders off and see that this guy has been very good for over a month now.

    What do you think Carp?

  71. MDZ and Girardi are the only two minuses on that list Jonny D provided. Any thoughts as to whether they should be broken up? They often seem to be confused in their own zone. Maybe put the D pairs as they were in the start on the season- Staal/Girardi and MDZ/Rozy.

  72. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Jonny, you are right about rozsi picking it up lately, but sometimes that guy cant get out of his own way, or Hanks net. He’s better than he was at any point earlier in the season, but i think, between him and redden,the game’s just gotten too fast for them. Maybe I’m wrong

  73. Jonny – I have to agree with you on Rosi – since the Redden benching, the guy has been playing much better hockey. If he starts shooting the puck more, I think he almost would be worth his contract. It’s easy to hate on the guy because of the way he’s played in the past (not to mention the excessive cash he got). Redden is really the bigger dead weight of the two. The young guys should have a lower rating, as they’re still learning.

    However, don’t automatically look at stats (especially +/-) when you’re comparing players. A lot of the time, a player is doing his job but someone else blows it and it kills your stats. Also, secondary assists can be luck, as well. They really should break the assists stat into primary and secondary. It’ll give you a better idea of who directly sets up a lot of goals.

  74. Rosi has been very good lately, and Redden has been good also. They are a big part of this team when they are good it makes a big differance. The last game Rosi took off with the puck a couple of times and made some nice moves, I have to admit I was really surprised. Redden has been better with the puck as well.

  75. I don’t believe it’s Kotalik’s fault either. In fact, I think he could still be effective on PP if used on the left halfboard. That’s not the point. The point is that if it’s true and he wants out ( big if, indeed), then he should go.

  76. ChrisOD – I know that. I agree they should separate the assists, but Rozy has had some really great breakout passes over the last few weeks to start up the rush. In the Devils game and the other night in Tampa, he was firing passes up ice, making smart plays defensively, and playing within himself. The guy who made the pass to spring Boyle on that breakaway was Rozsival.

    And while +/- is a bit overrated, with how bad the team has been in the last 2 months, to be +7 and play the most minutes out of anyone is still pretty impressive. Considering most of the guys on the team were a minus in December and Rozy wasn’t, I think that says a lot about how him and Staal have worked together and both picked up their games.

  77. Laurel

    Yukel?? Ai ai ai! Es tut mir vai, mama… Es tut mir vai.

    Im no yukel…I’m just a mamzerook!

    But…a gezunt af dein Yiddisher kop anyway! :)

  78. Jonny, I don’t disagree. The thing with Rozsival is that his mess-ups tend to be colossal … a huge blown coverage, a turnover that becomes a breakaway, a wide open point shot that sails wide, or he breaks his stick. Don’t know why that is.

    But if you take all his (team-leading) minutes the last month or so, he’s probably played as well as anybody on the defense, certainly better than a few of them. And he can move the puck.

  79. As someone who sees many games in person as well as on TV, I agree fully with JohnnyD. Rozy has been one of the Rangers better Dmen for the last 2 months, playing a steadily improving game. There have been several games where he has been the best defenseman out there period. Many fans refuse to acknowledge the improvement and wait for a mistake to pounce on him for it. You can’t have watched the games recently and seriously believe that he can’t keep up or make the plays. Watch the game with your eyes and brain, not with your heart.

  80. Maybe he finally realized that he can’t pass to Jagr, so he has begun focusing on the other aspects of his game.

  81. SCX
    I really think you are onto something. For 3 years Rozi played wtith Jagr, always passed him the puck, and got lotds of room on theice as 3 guys collapsed on Jags every time he got the puck. Last year, with Jagr gone, it was a different game and Rozi was horrible. I think he has adjusted and hopefully will continue to play well. The Rangers need him.

  82. “If Redden starts to shoot the puck more often, I think he would be almost worth his contract.” I don’t know wheather to throw up or cry. I used to think NYR fans were somewhat on the ball & just not watching with rose color glasses.

  83. Linda,Ilb
    Don’t give me too much credit (regarding our drafted players). I get all hot and bothered every time Kovi or Phaneuf or (stud UFA) comes available. And Gaborik was a GREAT signing. But sometimes you have to look at your own plate sometimes. 3-5 years ago, the Ranger youth SUCKED (Jarko Immonen?) But now, it looks pretty damned good. In two years, the BEST thing that can happen to the NYR is the LOSS of the big UFA’s (Drury, Rozi).

    Crazy if you think about it: The NYR will be BETTER without UFA’s!!!!!!

  84. Jonny, please write your stats about Rozi in an email, send it to Carp and see if Carp can drop it off to Sather at the next game in an envelope that says:

    Please Read Aloud to John Davidson/Larry Pleau, Bob Gainey, Don Maloney or Kevin Lowe/Steve Tambellini

  85. And Rozi’s success lies between his ears. If he can get his confidence back, he can earn his $$$$$. The guy was pretty damned good in the Jagr years.

  86. Where's Pavelich? on

    another fine $3 mil spent by Slats…jeez, he signed Kotalik & Brashear for $4.4 mil to “round out” the club.. fine job.. good thing he was working so hard on nickel ‘n diming Dubinsky..

    btw, tonight may be a game a co9nsider dressing both AV and Brash (if healthy – dont think he is) – to keep up the toughness level against an aggressive Flyers team (esp if Cote is in)- although not sure who I would to bench with Lisin playing better – just a tght

    Keep up the good work Carp!

  87. The guy was pretty damned good in the Jagr years

    well…it was Jagr who was pretty good…everyone else just followed him.

  88. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    cw, i get hopeful when guys like that become available also, but then I remember they are under 30.;-) and sometimes the grass isnt always greener on the other side. i appreciate the fact that they are letting ‘OUR’ kids play. Usually they make a couple of mistakes and next thing you know, their pictures are on milk cartons. Sometimes giving your guys a season or two to prove themselves is the way to go. That being said, Kovy would be astounding ;-)

  89. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    ok, if you guys are gonna type in foreign tongues, i say fantasy hockey chat should resume ;-)

  90. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    IF Philly gets dirty, there’s Voros and BOyle (even though he doesnt really fight)
    Let Philly be stupid and run around like morons, as long as were getting the goals

    HEading home, night all and LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  91. The $$$ Rosi was making in the Jags years is less than now and he wasn’t worth it then. Jags made him look better, now he more expensive and his spotty skills are slipping 3yrs later. And BTW no heart. It’s not between his ears, that might be the only thing working, he outsmarted Sather. Trades one of the R&R boys demote the other!

  92. Agree with everyone who’s said Rozy has been much better in the past 4-6 weeks. He raised his game around the time of Redden’s benching and has been VERY solid since. Yeah he makes mistakes and glaring ones as that, but who hasn’t at some point or another this season. They’ve all been guilty of doing things that make us scratch our heads/yell at the tv/throw things.

    I won’t be able to see or be here for the first half of the game tonight due to a church meeting. Have fun and LGR!

  93. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    i hope you knuckleheads know that i was kidding!! hence the ;-) that was broken up….grrrr carry on

  94. hedberg – Rozy has heart. he cares more than anyone except maybe Voros, Lundqvist, and Avery. Just because he makes mistakes doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Also one of the nicest guys on the team too.

    The fact is Jagr’s teams were defensive minded and were East-West on offense, so his lack of speed wasn’t shown and he could take more risks. The other team would get the puck in the neutral zone and turn it around and go the other way, so they weren’t attacking at full speed.

    In the North-South game that Torts plays, the other team is attacking at full speed from their own end, so Rozy’s lack of speed is shown more than before. He’s definitely altered his game where he looks much more comfortable playing in the system. He started the year almost confused whether he should step up or stay back, pass cross ice or up the boards. Now he’s doing everything a step quicker and isn’t hesitant like before.

    Even though he’s a veteran, it’s the first time he’s playing in this wide open system. Redden played it in Ottawa so his only excuse is that cocaine is a hell of a drug…

  95. Linda

    Of course we knew it! :P


    Kish mir en punim! :P

    Anyone wants to predict score for tonight’s game?

    4:2 Rangers

  96. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    This just in…
    Where have you been soldier?
    Training, sir.
    What kind of training?
    AAAArrrmy training, sir!

  97. CCCP
    I am impressed, and I think it’s great that you learned and continue to use the language of your ancestry. To often the children lose or never learn the language of their parents and grandparents. I salute you sir.

  98. When the Flyers run Hank tonight, i’ll be thinking of all the heart Rosi has. Any system you want to put him in he’s not worth near the $ he recieves, his limited skills are on the downside and ain’t coming back.

  99. i’m going to start speaking italian … oh, wait, the words i know are not allowed in the terms of service.

    si. si, si.

  100. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    And furthermore…
    Why’d the chicken cross the road?
    To get from the left to the right!
    He stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank!
    He ain’t no chicken no more!

  101. I really hope like Linda says, that Hank is to smart to go way out of his net to play the puck.

  102. BTW I could care less if he is the nicest guy on the team. I judge heart when they are on the job and Rosi ain’t in the top three. Cally,Staal,Dubi,Gabby,Vinny,Lisin,Avery,Hank,Artie,MDZ have shown more.

  103. Hockeymon

    Thank you! The language is called Yiddish (old Jewish language) When I used to live in former USSR i had a grandmother who didn’t even speak Russian…the only language she spoke to me and my sisters was Yiddish…i don’t remember much of it anymore but it’s always nice to throw few words here and there…


    Does it say in the terms of service that you cannot say those words in Italian? capiche? :)

  104. Same here Carp.

    Only reason I know those Italian words is from when my grandma and mom used to yell at me. haha

  105. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    So we’re all Boneheads, we’re all very, very different, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we were all stupid enough to be Ranger fans. We’re mutants. There’s something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us – we’re Boneheads. But we’re New York Ranger Boneheads! We’ve been kicking ass for 83 years! We’re 5 – 2 and 3 in our last 10! Now we don’t have to worry about whether or not we practiced. We don’t have to worry about whether Captain Clutch wants to have us hung. All we have to do is to be the great American bonehead that is inside each one of us. Now do what I do, and say what I say. And make me proud. LET’S GO RANGERS!


    Sam was faking it, here, never wanted to be here, resented being here. Great change in bringing in Carp – a REAL hockey man with insight, long-term observational experience, and a controlled passion without being a phony-baloney “homer.” Whether it’s a politician or a sports beat guy, one thing I detest is a fraud. Thanks for being genuine, Carp, and hopefully we will have you here as the Main Man, for a long time to come.

  107. Hockeymon – think the original was right; Hank is too smart to go way out of his net…

  108. yesterday people wanted to give Higgins a contract extension, today its how good Roszival has been, boy are we getting desperate around here. roszival hasn’t changed, the standards he is being held to have.

  109. Callahan, thanks for the kind words. But I have to completely disagree with you on Sam. He started this whole thing, and he loved it, and loved covering the Rangers, and he did a great job with the beat. He’d probably still be here if the paper actually had a full-time beat reporter position, like we had for all those years that Sam, Andrew Gross and myself did it.

  110. We have a NYRGal now?? Uh oh…now I really may have to change my name hahah

    I can’t wait for this game tonight…it’s going to be pretty physical

  111. YES LMAO!! he’s been training paul for several years, and that i guess, was his way of getting back at him!

  112. Hooray 4……brilliant rewrite of that speech!!!

    The only reason I know most Yiddish words is cause I cheat online.

    Running late for a dinner I have to go to….hope to be back before game’s end.


    P.S. Carp is dead right abut Sam.

  113. guys, theres plenty of things that factor into a goal before it happens. a big hit causes a turnover and puck goes to a player who then sets up the goal scorer. but the guy who made the hit, caused the goal indirectly. rozys stats are still pathetic and if this is the best we are gonna get from him, were screwed

  114. Avery was right about the NHL, they really are idiots.

    Ovie/Crosby for the first time this year and it’s on a Thursday where it’s not on national TV, and against Kobe/Lebron.


  115. aw carp, thunderstorm! and in huntsville, the land of rocket scientists and engineers, that means one thing…

    power outage!

  116. i got that worry too Tony, thunderstorms here usually means the power goes out a few times…blech

  117. thres no reason to even compare carp to sam. theyre both good. carp interacts more and is involved in it in a way differently than sam. hes knowledgable about the team, the sport, does lots of good posts, even if he cant get to the games all th time. sam did it differently, but im just happy the blog is still around.

  118. It would not be unlikely, That everyone changed their minds on Redden, rosi, and Higgins, after tonights game. I personaly hope that I like them even more. Go Rangers!

  119. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    ok, way behind here so if i repeat topics, sorry. So mtl bought out big george, maybe it was to make room for brash’s contract…i mean sather did get them once already, him for max laparierre straight up!!!

    Did anyone see kotalik has requested a trade says bleacher report


  120. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I am Neutral with Redden, a bit less than neutral with Rosi, and I like Higgins enough to lock him up for a 2 year low salary contract NOW.

  121. yea we saw it wick. but like carp said, nobody else has been reporting it, so take it for what its worth. i dont know if hes tradeable really. unless he really does go to khl. that would be better. just save the cap room ya know

  122. holy ship guys… the cloud on the tv is getting scary looking… gotta go find my cat!! sorrr

  123. jlone- nooo. hes horrible!! we can replace him with guys from the pack and you know he isnt gonna sign now or anytime soon. hes gonna wait until/if he starts baggin some points and will be the most advantageous for him. he will not sign a new contract now im tellin ya

  124. the apartment complex we live in was hit horribly in 1989, 5 building were leveled. Thankfully I only moved here in 2006 ;-) trying to find your cat when the sirens are going off is nerve wracking because she has so many hiding spaces.

  125. Great White
    I agree with you that hockey streams is a total rip off. I have been so PO ed at that site. The streams are very poor, always freezing up, having to restart all the time. Some games are so bad you can’t watch. Sometimes the volume is so low you can barely hear it. I go to all the free sites first . it’s a last resort for me.

  126. i luv ya grabby! i wish i had a tornado cellar fo’ sho’! the one that hit here in 89 was an F5 i believe. thats probably why we have no insulation around the windows, thebuidlings are all brick and cement lmao!

  127. i haven’t had problems with hockeystreams for a while. tonight we’re stuck with the flyers feed…ugh!!! Job thing is very slow Guy.

  128. hockeymon- its really messed up because last year i couldnt get some of teh free sites sometimes, so i got gamecenter. then they dont show any playoff games. rangers games anyway. then i drop them and when this season started, i couldnt get a game on atdhe one day an so i got h-streams, which was fine for awhile, but now all of a sudden, all the free sites are workin again. iits just a crapshoot everynight on the internet. thats why i love versus, lol. if i had any other means of watching i would hate it just like everyone else, but man when u dont have options, u start to appreciate things taken for granted. still gotta bust on beninati, but its still much better than online.

  129. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    thanks bro, and again sorry about your cousins horrible looks!!!

    Please tell me we have not been talking about keeping rozy. The guy would be a keeper if the other starting 5 d men were witt, volchenkov, orpik, komisarek, and carkner. Maybe with that group not needing another physical presence, but on our team as it is currently composed??? No way, get rid of the guy.

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