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From the Rangers:

January 21, 2010 – New York Rangers 0, Philadelphia Flyers 2 (Game #51, Road #24)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers, 2-0, tonight at the Wachovia Center, and are now 10-4-4 in their last 18 games.
• The Rangers dropped their record to 24-20-7 (55 pts.) overall, including a 12-9-3 (27 pts.) mark on the road.
• New York now own a 14-3-1 (29 pts.) mark in their last 18 games in Philadelphia.
• Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves in net, and is now 6-2-2 with a 1.49 goals against average, a .944 save percentage and one shutout in his last 10 starts; Lundqvist has held opponents to two or fewer goals in 19 of his last 22 games overall, and is now 7-2-0 in nine career regular season contests at the Wachovia Center.
• The Rangers won 29 of 53 faceoffs (55%), led by Erik Christensen who won a game-high 10 faceoffs in 15 attempts (67%); Brandon Dubinsky also won nine of 14 faceoffs for a success rate of 64%.
• Alternate Captain Vinny Prospal tied for the game-high with six shots, and registered three hits in 19:33 of icetime.
• Michael Del Zotto led the team with 25:05 of icetime, and tied for the team-high with three blocked shots.
• Michal Rozsival tied for the team-high with four hits and three blocked shots.
• The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday, January 23, at the Bell Centre (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Original Six opponents; the Rangers last meeting with the Canadiens resulted in a 6-2 win for New York on Sunday at MSG; the game will be televised live on PIX 11 and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Re post

    I agree with not calling out your players during the press conference, but Torts has to agree with someone needing to take a 3rd man in penalty there. I tell you what, if Girardi stands in there and even gets pounded himself there, I A. Have a lot more respect for him, and B. Don’t even care so much about the loss. The Flyers didn’t look great tonight. It was really a 1 goal game. A loss is a loss though.

  2. repost…….Talkerella needs to man up…..go confront the other coach tough guy……………

  3. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    I guess he just didn’t answer any questions from the start because of that comment on Redden lol

    I love how MSG showed it all too

  4. repost:

    Jonny, you cannot let your best player get beat up by a goon, even if you lose 115-0. And they didn’t even get a PP out of it, did they?

    At the end of the game, it’s too late. If you instigate at the end of the game, you’re suspended. Somebody has to jump in immediately. The next best thing is you go after their skill guys (as Avery did).

  5. I think Torts got pissed cause he knows Brooks was just trying to get him pissed off. Im sure if Sam, or someone else said that he wouldn’t have reacted like that.

    Torts really hates the guy.

    That school bus comment was beyond hilarious though. Definitely the highlight of the night. I laughed so hard i thought i peed, but i realized i laughed so hard that i was spilling my drink all over my pants.

    This team still sucks though, they can all go to hell.

  6. “I live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-damn spine!”

  7. Carp – true, but thats with less than 5 to go in the period. They got a PP out of it because Dubi got an extra 2. So it would’ve been 4 minutes or a 5 on 3.

    They let the 4th line come in after and go after them. Somebody should’ve just stepped in right away, but Carcillo was a sneaky pr*ck and pulled Gabby away from the pile so nobody could get in there without getting blocked out by the refs.

    I honestly wish someone would’ve just punched Carcillo in the face away from the puck when he wasn’t looking. That would’ve been much more awesome to see, but also stupid.

  8. BTW, I do think Redden would’ve gotten in there to do something if it was him instead of Girardi.

  9. orr, the thing is tho that sam would never ask that question. brooks, for the most part, is the only one who asks real questions. msg/newsday aren’t gonna grill torts, someone has to try to do it, especially since you can never get to sather

  10. Is there anyway the video of Torts and Brooks will end up on youtube or My brother did not see it and I told him he had to see it, haha. Hopefully someone can put it on youtube, that was a classic. I was surprised we did not get a Brooksie though, I was disappointed.

  11. Tortorella comes off like a punk. The cyers and their fans are laughing at him, a bad joke…….he let his team be humiliated……..shameful………..the whole league knows it……

  12. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    Carp u gonna be there Monday?

    Jonny D…no question, Redden would’ve jumped in for Gabby

  13. but this wasn’t even a grilling. this was a question that somebody needed to ask. should somebody have taken a third-man-in penalty (game misconduct) to protect Gaborik? And the answer should have been, without hesitation, YES!

  14. Repost:

    I was on the phone during the press conference and was watching it with closed captions, and they did not do the exchange justice. If anyone has any links to video please post!

    It’s crazy how Torts acts tough in the post game yet puts out a team full of figure skaters. Really pathetic.

  15. Carp – I think your smarter than Brooks and value your job way too much to try and rub him the wrong way.

    But, at the end of the day, he’s not afraid to call the coach out in the largest NY paper and ask him questions MOST other reporters want to ask, but dont have the sac to ask.

  16. the team let THEMSELVES be humiliated. torts cant go out there and fight anyone, they are grown men and have to handle that crap out on the ice. The fact that only Aves and Voros did ANYTHING, says volumes. If they put 70% of this team on waivers tomorrow I wouldnt care.

  17. Sather's WrapUp on

    Tortorella really got that Brooks guy good! He’s been on my ass for years about something.. I don’t know what.


    Hi Ranger Fans! We really took it to those Flyers, Didn’t we?

    I want to introduce you to the Rangers new Head of Scouting, Mr. Elmer Fudd. Elmer, what is the status of our scouting for 2010?

    Well Gwen, I think we have a weawwy good chance of dwafting a top wookie in the fiwst wound of the dwaft. We awso pwan to be at the Owimpics to take a wong wook at all the teams- Canada, of couwse, Swedes, Amewicans Wussians, Swovaks, Czech Wepubwic, even Finwand would be intewesting.

    Uh, that’s it?

    Shhhh, I’m scouting wabbits…

    I’m sorry about that acquisition fans, but Fudd was Messier’s choice. They’re even starting to look alike, bald and fat! Mess! I don’t understand, I taught you everything I know, and you’re still stupid!

    Speaking of wabb.. er.. Rabbits, No Brashear again tonight? In Philly? We needed some Brash bash for all that cash tonight! Brash, you’ve got fresh legs, run down and see if they have any Tastycakes. For some reason I’ve been thinking about them a lot. Take Drury with you. He’s the captain; maybe he can lead you there. You’ll have to show him the way back though.

    Some idiot left his car in my parking spot at MSG. I flattened all the tires and had it towed before we left New York. Who in their right mind would buy a used 33-year-old Clutchmobile?

    Well, I’ll see you all in Montreal, Come on Muck! Get the lead out. Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?

    Glen Savior

  18. all from the coach who didn’t want anyone to walk on the crest….it just got crapped on… did girardi continue playing with a full diaper?

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Larry Brooks should shut his pie-hole cuz he looks like an idiot yakkin at Torts.

  20. Carp, after re-watching the video, Brooks asked the question, and then Torts replied he wasn’t answering questions from him. Immediately, it sounded like someone else asked the exact same question about somebody jumping in. It’s at that point that Torts went after Brooks personally. He didn’t want to have to answer it.

  21. Larry Brooks has been covering hockey for about 35 years now, love him or hate him, he knows what the deal is.

  22. That’s a fight Tortorella could have picked at his pregame press conferernce, or after practice, or some other time. That question needed to be answered, and he punked out.

  23. I’m sort of regretting selling my tickets for 3/14 (for a pretty good profit at least). But at least I kept the 12/26 Flyers game…

  24. After the bus stop comment, another reported was laughing out loud. Larry was PISSED!!! Looked like he wanted to deck that other reporter for laughing at him. Lol

  25. I’d love to hear what Girardi would say if Brooks asked him that 3rd man in question. Hope he asked.

  26. Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival+Redden
    January 21st, 2010 at 10:29 pm
    Redden had 16min of ice time

    if hes not going by force they are going to bore him to death so he goes voluntarily


    they should make him room with drury, that should do the job

  27. Who is Larry Brooks that he needs to be answered.

    Since when does the media have to be answered?

    It is a privilege for the media to cover these athletes.

  28. carp, your right, it was the right question to ask and how can torts hold a grudge about someone criticizing redden? wow, redden decides to show some emotion for 1 game a year

    torts is lucky that the NY media/people as a whole doesnt care about hockey, could you imagine him acting like this in montreal. every rangers beat writer should rip apart the team tomorrow for the lack of respect they showed the sweater and torts should be ripped apart for his conduct during the presser. but how many actually will?

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    I wish Brooks would raise his sights a bit and take on Stogypuss.

    Go for the jugular! FIRE SATHER!

  30. CR9: With all due respect, I think it is a two way street. The media should be happy the teams talk to them, but at the same time, without the media (who in turn bring the fans), the players would be paying $800 a season to play at Chelsea Piers rather than getting paid millions to play at MSG.

  31. I wish the Yankees would ban scum like Buster Olney, Peter Gammons, or Peter Abraham from their home games. And have them arrested for trespassing.

  32. the cryer coach knows exactly what he accomplished tonight, the nyr coach thinks he does…..BIG difference………….bench the coach and the diaper dan….

  33. So now we wish Redden was there as our enforcer-dman? This team is put together with no thought process. Fire Sather promote Schonny a hockey man. A blockbuster is needed or it’s 7-12 place and maybe 1 round in the playoffs.

  34. Carp – just so things are straight, if someone stepped in IMMEDIATELY after Carcillo got Gabby away, I’d have no problem with someone stepping in and trying to beat his *ss. But to come in extremely late and trying to get him is where you get the extra couple of penalties that could cost your team a game. Someone should’ve seen Gabby immediately get pulled away and stepped in there. Would’ve been Dubi or Prospal but they were tied up in front.

    Like everyone said, that little wuss Girardi was there and didn’t do anything.

  35. Did anybody else realize how pathetic our PP looked when Gaborik was in the box for “fighting”? A scary glimpse into the future had Gaborik got seriously injured in the “fight” with Carcillo.

    I’d scratch Christensen and give Kotalik another chance. That penalty Christensen took on the PP was terrible and he’s invisible when not on a line with Gaborik. You could put me on a line with #10 and I’d put up 30 helpers.

  36. Too me too long to type this up… so, REPOST..

    Only saw the third and the postgame so I missed the Carcillo punking of Gaborik. From what I saw on the highlights, Carcillo should have been put into hospital for going after Gabby like that. Uncalled for and unacceptable for the rest of the guys on the ice to let it happen to their best offensive player. What the hell was Girardi doing at the end there? Painting his nails? Get your ass over there and punch Carcillo’s lights out.

    The whole team looked bored in the third, like they’d rather be anywhere else. Where was the fire? Where was the team stood up for itself and fought for every inch of ice the past two nights? But at least they’ll sleep well tonight knowing they gave the Flyers something to think about (insert sarcasm).

    This team is so jeykell and hyde it’s frightening.

    Torts post-game- just wow. Good question from Brooks, so what was Torts problem with the queston. It was almost like Torts had decided beforehand to pick a fight with Brooks, to make some sort of weird personal point. Torts seems to do this after every loss, like he’s avoiding questions that might arise out of his decisons and the way he handles his team. Just answer the damn question, Torts and stop hiding behind your personal vendettas.

    I hope Gaborik bitches his teammates out after this one. Hank’s had his session, it’s time for Marian to do the same.

  37. CR9, what is with you and the asinine comments today?

    Privilege? It should be their privilege to make millions of dollars playing a game that people care passionately about, and pay dearly to watch. This is our jobs, not a privilege.

    And that last comment isn’t even worth a reply.

  38. “It’s crazy how Torts acts tough in the post game yet puts out a team full of figure skaters. Really pathetic”

    What ? That doesn’t even make sense. He cant force these douchebags to get be tough.

    Doesn’t matter who the coach is, unless we have a coaching staff of Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Steven Segal, this team will always be wimps.

  39. oh for the love that is good and holy HEDBERG we are saying that Redden would have went after Carcillo (or at the very least did SOMETHING) instead of just standing there like Girardi did with his stick up his arse. Girardi is a gutless puke for not doing anything.

  40. dubi was held up by,i think 2 flyers behind the net or i think he would’ve gotten over there. the fact that girardi was RIGHT there and pretended he didnt see anything, is disgraceful

  41. just throwing my two cents from a subject that was probably discussed earlier….

    i think Ranger fan would help Kotalik and his family pack if it meant that we’d get him and his 3 mil a season off the roster.

  42. Talkerella picked a fight with Brooks, but he and his boys chickened out during the game. He’s trying to change the real subject. Only his MEN played correctly, but he’s not one of them.

  43. CR9 I don’t really follow the Yankees, though I can see reporters going overboard with them because they, and especially Alex Rodriguez, had a lot more off the field/tabloid stuff going on. However, the Rangers, except maybe Avery, don’t have that. The question was about the game that was just finished (and that MSG, Torts’ employer, presumably made money off broadcasting), and wasn’t really even saying anything negative about Torts’ coaching, and I feel it was fair game. I agree, if Brooks asked something out of bounds then Torts has every right to refuse to answer. But here the question was fair, and I think as fans who pay [through the nose] we deserve an answer.

  44. Jonny, I don’t think there’s a person in the organization who would have had a problem with Girardi or anybody jumping in on Carcillo at that point. If it costs you a power play, a goal, or the game, so be it.

    And the Rangers ended up short-handed anyway!

    and let’s not forget, there was almost no reaction to Asham running over the goalie in the first period.

  45. Oh, and the next time we play Phility is March 14th? Goody, I get to watch the Rangers get their backsides handed to them again on my birthday. Early thanks for the non-present guys.

  46. Perhaps the team is too intimidated by their coach to risk taking penalties. Or maybe Girardi thinks he is being scouted by Calgary and doesn’t want to go — the Sutter brothers prefer the tough guys.
    Since Sam and Joe mentioned Calgary scouting, does anyone have an idea for whom?
    And remember when Jagr and Shanahan actually used to argue with the refs? Especially Shanahan who would talk to them during the game and complain about them after. Drury doesn’t ever say a word to the refs. How much does that hurt the team? Only Prospal seems to talk to them. Is Drury ever going to step up?

  47. “Drury doesn’t ever say a word to the refs. How much does that hurt the team? Only Prospal seems to talk to them. Is Drury ever going to step up?”


    You notice that too eh? LOL

  48. Shor,thats because Gabby is a man. After hearing how ‘brittle’ he was supposed to be, i am pretty impressed with his durability up to this point. And you gotta give it up to him, going with a tough guy. How is our superstar goal scorer tougher than almost anyone else on the team?

    Girardi lost respect tonight, and Gabby got it all.

  49. hey kc,
    in the case of Shanahan i think it was a matter that since he was respected and viewed as an elder statesman that the refs gave him much more leeway.

  50. Orr I believe wholeheartedly if the players knew there would be repurcussions (ie benchings/scratches) if they did not stand up for one of the two core players on the team (or both, really, as Asham ran Henrik pretty blantantly), I think we’d see some different behavior on the ice. I could be wrong, but I think if the coach is good, players play how the coach tells them to.

  51. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    It’s not just us that are fuming at Girardi…if you go to Gross’ blog, they are all wondering WTF he was doing and are calling him a variety of names

  52. the last thing this team needs is a blockbuster unless we are getting ovechkin, crosby or malkin….which ain’t happening.

  53. I got home in time for the press conference and just saw the Carcillo crap on IN 60. Micheletti keeps saying this one is going to get nasty, not with this bunch of pussies that wear the NYR colors. Torts should forget about Brooks and get on his team for being bullied by the Flyers. PUSSIES!

  54. LIN

    I don’t know aboot that. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t have.

    Im still pissed with Dubi after tonight. Im sorry, i just hate when someone acts tough but doesn’t do a thing aboot it. I was waiting like patience on a monument for Dubi to go after Carcillo, buuuut he never did.

    To most of you, you’ll probably not care that much, and that’s okay, but for me, im not happy aboot it.

  55. Shanahan may have been an elder statesman, but what was he, 4 years older than Drury is? Besides, Drury is the captain — someone has to work the refs, and Avery is probably not the most diplomatic guy to do it. Why make it easy for the refs? The captain is supposed to be there defending his team to the officials. Does anyone remember Drury ever doing that?

  56. CR, I deleted that one too.

    Pete Abraham is a professional and my friend. And if you are going to call him names, you not only risk getting deleted, but also banned. And you obviously have no understanding whatsoever about the news/media profession. None.

  57. ORR, i was kinda surprised that Dubi did nothing after all the yelling. I swear I thought he was gonna come out of the box like a time bomb! BUt while the incident was going on, it looked like he was trying to get over to gabby and was held back.

  58. I think Nick Fotiu was at the viewing party tonight. Can we hire him as a “balls” coach and teach these guys to stick up for each other?

  59. Reading Carcillo’s comments, I want to go punch him now. Firetruckin’ punk.

    I’ll punch Richards while I’m at it, just because.

  60. I think redden & Rozy will feel relived that (the deer in headlights)Girardi will be accepting the abuse this Monday.

  61. kc, i think i actually saw him talk to a ref once, and i think it was the game in atlanta i was at. I was shocked.

  62. kc

    Shanahan is going to be 41 soon
    while Drury is 33
    not even close
    Drury should be talking to the refs
    Avery couldn’t do the job since there’s the
    Avery Rule happening still among a number of refs

  63. “Pete Abraham is a professional and my friend. And if you are going to call him names, you not only risk getting deleted, but also banned.”

    On Yankees Lohud, Abraham encouraged people that he did not agree with to throw themselves in front of traffic.

    After his departure from Lohud, he bashed the paper that helped make him and helped get him his dream job at the Globe.

    I do not call that professional.

    I hope the above is within my right to post on this site and not be banned for.

  64. Yeah, Dubi looked so pissed that he was twitching.

    But now that i look back at it, maybe he was shaking out of fear that his teammates expect him to go after Carcillo.

    Even Callahan, he’s known to stick up for a teammate, all these guys did nothing.

    It’s funny to, cause after the last two games, they all were sticking up for each other, but then you get his carp. So embarrassing. Once again, im ashamed to be a Rangers fan. I think ill stay in my house for the next 6 days, and not see the light of day.

  65. Oh ok.

    Goodnite, all. I’ve had enough anger for one night. Looking forward to Voros’ tweets tomorrow!

  66. ThisYearsModel on

    We need a tough defenseman. Henrik got run and Gabby got beat up. Brooks is tougher than anybody on the Rangers.

  67. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    Here’s a thought guys…

    Maybe Dubi, Cally, etc wanted to go after someone? But our Captain, who said “they did the right thing in not taking penalties” told them to focus on the game and not retaliation.

    Anyone think that’s possible? Just a thought

  68. thanks bklyn, couldnt remember his name! Girardi needs to be removed from the team after that disgraceful display!

  69. The TSN link worked and notice the a-hole Flyer fans commenting how Gabby started it and got what he deserved. I am so glad that Sather didn’t give Orr the money and gave Brash more to protect his stars. Torts was way out of line going after Brooks. I know they have a history but I kinda like what Larry has been saying lately. The truth hurts.

  70. Carp

    Why have you felt the need to attack me repeatedly tonight?

    Why can you not attack my opinions rather than me?

    I have said the same things about Pete and about referees time and again on this site, and you never had a problem with it, or at least you never insulted me once for it.

    I could not have known that you and Pete were good friends, as you never warned me about insulting him on here in the past.

  71. CR, the fact that you said Gammons is garbage and should be “arrested for trespassing” pretty much destroys any credibility you may have had.

    Pretty sad when our $1+ million enforcer is a healthy scratch and #2 enforcer is 5’8″ and gets 2 minutes the minute he breathes on the other team.

    Aside from not being complete dirtbags like Carcillo, what’s to stop other teams’ goons from taking more runs at Gaborik? It’s pretty clear that most of the Rangers won’t do anything about it, so why not?

  72. now you know. I don’t put up with people insulting my friends, and I’m not going to tolerate comments suggesting that players should assault referees, and I just don’t think you are qualified to tell anybody in the media anything about working in the media.


  73. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    Sorry to interrupt this little feud going on lol but I’m going to sleep now, disappointed. Not because of how they played, but because of how gutless they were and how much of a joke Girardi was. That is all, talk to all tomorrow.

  74. “CR, the fact that you said Gammons is garbage and should be “arrested for trespassing” pretty much destroys any credibility you may have had.”


    Red Sox fan?

    All Gammons does is bash NY and have a lovefest of Boston.

    In his anger last year, he made a sexist remark about Mark Teixeira’s wife, because Mark T. signed with the Yankees.

    The height of unprofessionalism.

    On the night the Yankees won the World Series, he sat at the ESPN set on Sportscenter slouched over as if he were about to or as if he wanted to croak.

  75. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    WOW!!!! This team just does not have the right kind of “character” players on it. Hats off to aves and voros, and to boyle as well. Dubi is a paper dragon and a joke!!! Girardi is gutless and I have said it before! Higgy??? seriously, I guess he is “positionally sound” isn’t he jonny??? Lisin, is in the game why, because he skates well and puts every tenth shot or so net??? Rozy, yeah right! Did anisimov even play tonight. Oh yes, tollefsen was a free agent this past summer and I said we should sign that guy with his character and team first attitude, and all he did was rag doll our “great hope” dubi in a scrum that saw our best player get in a fight with carcillo and no one even 3rd in to help!

    This team needs to lose heartless guys like rozy, girardi, higgins, kots and pick up guys like burrows, malone, doan, phaneuf, volchenkov, carkner. I’ll take a couple d men that will go out of position to bury a guy any day over “positionally sound” d men that are softly in position all the time!! Avery deserves a letter over cally and prospal any day!!!!

    As far as who we should have or should not have signed as an enforcer, the fact remains that slats should have never traded away chris simon (just watched a vid of him chasing brashear all over the ice when brashear was with the flyers and MADE brashear fight him)!!

    This was a game when team “leaders” needed to step up like dubi, cally, and drury, who stepped up…..avery and voros! Enough said about true leaders on this team!!!!

  76. Gravey, thanks for the link, buddy. Unfortunately Center Ice cuts the feed right after the game, so no post game stuff :(

  77. Carp

    The first part, I got.

    The last part, I may not be qualified, but I can say 100% that a media member should not encourage people on a blog to “throw themselves in front of traffic” or make sexist remarks about wives of players out of anger.

  78. The guy has won “Sportswriter of the Year” multiple times and is probably one of the most respected baseball writers ever.

    Your comments are ignorant and you’re clearly blinded by your allegiances to your favorite teams (ie: high stick a referee if the Rangers aren’t getting the calls, kick Abraham out of the locker room because he asked a player who admitted to taking steroids about his steroid use).

  79. While I like Tort’s emotion, it’s getting very old and it is extremely unprofessional for him to single out a member of the media asking him a legitimate question.

    If he has a problem with Brooks (and I’m not a LB fan by any stretch of the imagination) he should talk to him about it in private.

    Instead, he embarassed himself and the organization by acting like a spoiled crybaby brat who throws a temper tantrum when things don’t go his way.

    Perhaps Brooks should have offered to fight him. It’s ok for Torts to scream and yell at Redden so loud that people ouitside the dressing room hear it, but Brooks calls Wade “Golden Gloves” Redden and all of the sudden that’s not acceptible.

    Grow up.

  80. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    the habs will be tough, they are fighting among themselves in practive, max L stirring it up again, boy he can get under the skin of people!

    I love how dubi fights at the end of a game to get his gordie howe hat trick, but when he needs to answer the bell in a game for the right reasons…………..NOTHING!!!

  81. Going to bed. Avery did a good job, Girardi….ahhh! Torts should bench him next game. Basic hockey-you stick up for your teammates.


    Night all.

  82. reginald dunlop on

    somebody should’ve beaten the heck out of briere or gagne…….forget asham or carcillo or any of the sideshow bobs on the flyers…..go after gaborik= go after their star and pummel him…… old time hockey

  83. Shoryuken

    Because they do, at least the ones I mention.

    Gammons has lifetime season tickets to the Red Sox.

  84. Torts didnt yell once in that interview. Sarcastic towards that quote about Carcillo licking his chops….

  85. “because he asked a player who admitted to taking steroids about his steroid use”

    I never wrote that or implied that.

    You attributed words to me that I never wrote.

    As for Gammons, he used to be a respected writer long ago, but in the last decade, he has fallen to nothing but a Red Sox schill. And I have read many other fans online (Yankees fans, Red Sox fans, and fans of all other teams) that think he has lost his senility.

  86. what Redden article was Torts talking about? Anyone have a link to that Post article? I am checking,but cannot find it.

  87. Orr, i just saw it again, Dubi was at the back of the net, a ref had his arms around him against the net and a flyer was holding the neck of his jersey over the net. Prospal was being held up. Girardi,how gracious, put his stick between gabby and carcillo when they fell to the ice, and thats when MDZ skated into the picture.

  88. CR9–Unfortunately there’s no way to confirm or deny what you may or may not have said since your posts have been deleted on account of your ignorance.

  89. oh man, just seeing that ticked me off again! girardi and his stick should pack his bags and resign from the team. disgraceful!

  90. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    that was tollefsen who was ragdolling dubi over the net, we really should have signed that guy during the summer, I think he signed for like 500k with them!!

  91. ZZ

    I understand that you are a Red Sox fan. And as a fan of the Red Sox, your hero is probably Gammons.

    Get over it. Deal with #27. Gammons used to be deserving of respect. Not anymore. He is a schill and a fraud.

  92. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    Give me a few less Enver Lisins and a few more Sean Bergenheims or Ben Eagers to put the fear of god into the opposition rearguard.

    AMEN BROTHER, preach it rodent!!!!!

  93. I read that one earlier and I cannot see anything about Redden that is bad. Am I missing something???

  94. In the A.M.

    Lundqvist: You know Gabby, these guys never stick up for me
    Gaborik: What do you mean Hanky ?
    Lundqvist: They never protect me
    Gaborik: I don’t know what you are talking about Hanky
    Lundqvist: You’ll know…

    In the P.M.

    Gaborik: I cant believe nobody stuck up for me Hanky
    Lundqvist: I know, i told you, you will soon know, and now you know, ya know ?
    Gaborik: I know Hanky, i know

    Girardi: Does anyone have any powder, i have a rash.

  95. Brooks should stop stealing ideas and lines from us here at the blog, it just gets him in trouble with Torts lmao

  96. oh, perhaps this paragraph from the article above it….

    “It can’t work, not with the 30-year-old Lecavalier under contract through 2019-2020 at an annual cap hit of $7.727 million. It can’t work even if the arithmetic does, even if Tampa Bay’s cash-poor ownership would be willing to accept Wade “Golden Gloves” Redden as part of the package in return that most surely would have to include Michael Del Zotto or Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan, and perhaps Derek Stepan”

  97. In the paper Im pretty sure it said Wade “Gold gloves” Redden. Im not hard on Redden any more because he’s playing much better than he was last year. And bravo on him for fighting and showing some brass ones.

  98. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    agreed about souray!! this lockerroom has to be culled of the faint of heart!

  99. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    he has more heart than rozy and girardi combined!!

  100. I like that Torts defended Dredden. He did do a good thing by sticking up for his teammates.

    Brooks is a puss, and im sure he’d never go up to Dredden and say anything to his face. Torts probably knows this, and doesn’t even want to bother taking questions from the douchebag.

    Im with Team Torts.

  101. Just want you boys and girls to know that today was our second-largest traffic day of the season. The biggest was after that Islanders debacle at MSG. Hmmm. Is there a common thread there?

    Good night, all. Good night, CR.

    Good night, Sally!

  102. TEAM TORTS! No really Im happy that Torts stuck up for Redden. Redden did that right thing, you know, what a teammate would do. Unlike #5 & #18.

  103. Pedialyte Gerber Osk Kosh.. he may take the title away from Brashear if he’s not traded before the list is posted

  104. are we choosing between torts and brooks???? please guys, dont go all emo on me and become twihards! its bad enough a few of you were posting that you actually watch that jersey shore crap

  105. Im totally in favor of trading Staal. I think it’s clearly obvious he’s not gonna be the guy we want him to be. Lets dump him before he pulls a Dubi on us.

    He’s gonna want a huge payday. He’s not like the other Staal’s, hmm, maybe that’s why he was a d-man.

    Maybe Curling was the better sport for him. Just a thought.

    Goodnight ladies.

  106. Come on Linda – I showed you “The explanation!!” LMFAO! I swear I was laughing the whole time. Made the abs pop out more.

  107. danny bibs, that is my favorite,that and effin pampers.. scroll down a lil on the link i posted and see the messed up teeth ones.

    arnold made the BEST bad movies ever!

  108. Now that I saw the whole thing, I know why he went after Brooksie like that. He was defending Redden. He had every right too.

  109. 1. Girardi is a pussy and deserves to be bood every time he touches the puck in the next game.

    2. How is it that Torts seems like such a tough guy but his team is a bunch of pussies?

    3. Girardi is a pussy and deserves to be bood every time he touches the puck in the next game.

  110. i just saw it a little while ago Jonny. Seems like Brooks likes to rile up the coach doesnt it? You can ask the questions in a respectful way and get an answer. I know these 2 have a history, but if you want to be treated with respect, you have to treat others that way. It seemed to me like Brooks can be a wiseacre sometimes.

  111. Just finished watching the DVR’d game and the “side show” aka Torts vs Brooks…

    well…other than couple of good fights Rangers didn’t do anything exiting…Carcillo is a low life scumbag…no questions there…It is very upsetting seeing Girardi do nothing while your best player getting pounded like that… i just dont have a clue why he didnt step up… it is either he didnt see or maybe Girardi got thrown off a little since you just dont see things like that happen much at all.

    as for Torts… i dont know…it was hilarious and pretty childish at the same time…It was a legit question by Brooks and Torts just kinda got carried away…cant wait to read Brooks tomorrow! LOL

    Torts to Brooks quote of the season:

    “You were probably beat at the bus stops most of the time… go stand somewhere else” PRICELESS!

  112. Linda – Torts went in knowing he wasn’t answering any questions from Brooks. At first I said it was childish by Torts, but the fact is Brooks has been ripping Redden apart all year and said the team isn’t tough.

    Wade comes to the defense of his team and gets mocked for it by Brooks. So Torts was going to ignore him because clearly nothing is good enough for the great Larry Brooks.

    He’s a crappy writer anyway. I give him credit for asking the tough questions and writing the tough articles, but sometimes he goes over the line. Torts does as well, but I give him a lot of credit for sticking by Wade like that after he did something that a bunch of guys in the locker room appreciated.

  113. agree with you totally Jonny

    i read brooks every day, and sometimes its as if he’s taking stuff directly out of the blog here. He does ask the tough questions, and THOSE need to be asked AND answered. Sometimes Torts doesnt have an answer, and i can understand that! I think Torts got angrier when he said “it was funny”. Guess he felt he disrepected Redden.

    There should have been NO need to ask a question about 3rd man in. Your offensive star is getting annihilated, and girardis standing there like… HUH?? He should have just jumped in there. There are times when the penalty and suspension are worth it, this was one of those times!

  114. i think you guys are being a little harsh on Danny G… i just re-winded to that play again and MDZ and Danny G were both there… MDZ started to skate towards Gaborik and Carcillo but sort of stopped… Danny G was at the far end of the zone and by the time he got there Gaborik and Carcillo were laying on the ice already…im just saying…

  115. Jonny D

    Exactly. I dont agree about the crappy writer part. But the rest of your post is spot on. Redden & Voros are coming out ahead of the class this year. Im really glad to see their overall play in every facet improve. They both came to play. Yes, Redden has his mistakes but he is more confident with the puck and is RARELY out of position. Last year he was horrible positionally. He was scored on more than “insert dirty joke here ______________________________”

  116. i watched it twice on the archive… girardi eventually got his stick in between gabby and carcillo yea his stick, and that is when MDZ skated in.

  117. i absolutely hate the fact that im unable to post much during games this season! But you guys are doing a great job posting! Over 600 comments on a game thread, and over 200 and post game?? GENIUS!


    check this picture out!

  118. The question I thought was fine Linda. If Brooks doesn’t make the “Golden Gloves” comment to mock Redden, I’m sure Torts would’ve answered it. But he wasn’t giving him anything to mock another player about.

    And no offense Carp, but sometimes people in the media wonder why the teams, players, and the league don’t want to answer questions from the media. Larry Brooks is one reason why.

    As I said its ok to be critical and make some valid points when need be, but he’s taken it over the line a few times by calling into question the character of some of these players as more than just athletes. I’ve seen numerous articles where he kind of takes shots at these guys as men rather than the athletes they are and goes over the line.

    Plus to me, he seems like someone with a ton of opinions, which is fine, but there are no repercussions for his comments as long as they aren’t false and are his opinion. If he laced up the skates and had to play Redden on the ice, I’m sure he wouldn’t be making jokes about a guy who tried at the very least to become a better hockey player for the Rangers and off the ice takes out a ton of time to do things in the community.

  119. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as i saw hot dogs, you know who i thought of doncha!!

    CCCP, we miss you during the games for sure!! Rick said this was the 2nd busiest night here,after the Isles debacle. wonder what trade deadline day is gonna be like

  120. yea, thats right, i’m watchin wrestling! It’s so funny how i’m a huge sports fan, and guys love that, EXCEPT MY FIANCEE!

  121. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I have faith that you can turn him to the dark side!!!

  122. Pimp, what is actually worse that Bush league, because whatever that is, Girardis pic is next to it ;-)

  123. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    Anyone have any idea who the flames scouts have been checking out on the rangers since a couple of games ago??

  124. I might be wrong, I do think girardi was a puss but in his defense. This is hockey and these are grown ups playing the game. It was one on one fight between gabby and carcillo, why would anyone step up??? Gabby wanted to fight as well so girardi could have easily thought that it’s a one on one fight and I shouldn’t step up.

  125. ok guys, have a good one… gonna go get my geek on and watch Star Trek next generation and hit the hay.

  126. Rodent was on fire tonight

    “Where was Chris Drury leading by example? When… tell me when he stood up to anyone wearing pumpkin and white?

    He didn’t. He didn’t because he is a p—y who doesn’t want to muss his coif.

    Avery was the captain this night. Sean effin’ Avery did every-freakin’ thing he could to try and stem the tide of momentum.


    Shameful that he wore the C this evening. ”

    Ive been saying this for 2.5 years now

  127. This clown of a team hasn’t had a tough defenseman since Beuk … and here’s comes Phaneuf on the market … get that motherf’cker and fast

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I Have to say ORR , Yer post sure cheered me up tonight. Hearing you say how they are all pussies and that Vagina comment was crazy funny ,HAHAHA!!!

  129. Glad i can help Greg. I try my best to bring joy to fellow fans, especially after an embarrassing game like tonight.

    As for myself, as im dishing that out, im checking out some Megan Fox pics for my own personal healing.

    And no, it doesn’t involve any “squeezing”

  130. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What’d I miss?

    Gaborik vs. Carcillo? That’s like Goldilocks vs. the Three Bears. Sounds like Girardi lost big time!

    Tortorella vs. Brooks? Isn’t it a reporter’s job to ask questions at a post game news conference? Cant wait to read the Post.

    Oh, yeah. Mandlebaum.

  131. EddieJ (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this team?) on

    Fortunately, I wasn’t able to view the debacle tonight. Saw the highlights, though. I guess they’re only highlights if you’re a Flyer fan.

    The bad thing is, I live in Bethlehem, PA- Flyer country. I’ll have to face all those crappy Flyer fans at work on Saturday. I’ll have to hang my head in shame. UGH! How do I even BEGIN to defend my team after what happened?

  132. Where's Pavelich? on

    i agree with just about evrybody’s comments 2nite..

    I really like Giradi’s game.. all he had to do was wrap his arm around Carillo and all would be fine – i expected him to do guess is he lacks that “thing” req’d to fight.. boooo him?? YEP! Keep him?? YEP!

    Torts/Brooks – fine, why not?? dosen’t Brooks just look like that kind of annoying guy, anyhow?? Let it go on..its entertaining..Im still not gonna buy the Post over the Journal!

  133. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    (Sung to the tune of Al Yankovic’s “Another One Rides the Bus”)

    Ridin’ the bench in the Rangers Game
    And the place was pretty packed
    Couldn’t find a seat so I had to stand
    With the rookies in the back
    It was smellin’ like a locker room
    There was spit all over the floor
    We’re already packed in like sardines
    But Sather’s bringing up more
    Look out

    Another one rides the bench
    Another one rides the bench
    And another comes up
    And another comes up
    Another one rides the bench
    Drury’s gonna sit by you
    Another one rides the bench

    There’s a hockey stick pokin’ me in the ribs
    There’s an elbow in my ear
    There’s a smelly old vet sittin’ next to me
    Hasn’t showered in a year
    Well, I think I’m missin’ a contact lens
    I think my helmet’s gone
    And I think that Slats is tradin’ again
    To get an overage veteran
    Look out

    Another one rides the bench
    Another one rides the bench
    And another signs on
    And another signs on
    Another one rides the bench
    Avery’s gonna sit by you
    Another one rides the bench

    Another one rides the bench
    Another one rides the bench, ow
    Another one rides the bench, hey, hey
    Another one rides the bench, heyeyeyeyeyey

    The door doesn’t open, and the Zamboni’s broke
    And my face is turnin’ blue
    I haven’t been in a game like this
    Since around 2002
    Well, I should’ve got out there a minute ago
    But I couldn’t get to the door
    There isn’t any room for me to breathe
    Now Slat’s gonna sign up more, yeah

    Another one rides the bench
    Another one rides the bench
    And another comes on
    And another comes on
    Another one rides the bench
    Torts is right behind you
    Another one rides the bench

  134. Today more than ever I am ashamed to be a Rangers fan. I can’t believe the Rangers allowed their star player to get beaten up like that and then did nothing about it. The rangers should have sent a message to the Flyers, the rest of the teams in the league and most importantly to their fans that they will not tolerate some goon or anyone for that matter to beat the living crap out of their star player and one of the leagues stars and greatest players. Instead they disrespected the fans and the Ranger franchise and each other for not giving it to the Flyers. What kind og mickey mouse organization is this. Too bad Joe michaletti isn’t on the ice !!!

  135. It seems that you all are beginning to see what I have been crabbing about RE Girardi since day one. He’s a sloth. He won;t move, won;t hit, won’t skate hard, won;t slap shoot why would he have been expected to drop the gloves? As I’ve said many time before, he’s the first guy on this team that I;d trade. He’s taking up space.

  136. Why are you Ranger fans not booing the hell out of Drury ?? what kind of captain is he ? do you know how much money he makes to be a washed up player ?? It is up to us as fans to make changes booo the hell out of Rosival, redden, Girardi , Drury, Anisimov, Lisin,Higgins, kotalik,Boyle,Brashear,gilroy,Staal. As long as these Players are Rangers the Rangers will continue to suck. Callahan and Dubinsky are over rated and show up one out of every 4-5 games. WHO EXACTLY DIDN’TTHE RANGERS WANT TO TRADE FOR HEATLEY ?? Wake up Ranger fans and start booing these lazy rich fat cat athelets. NO urgency, fire or hunger or even love and passion for the game. Unacceptable !!! What happened to Gaborik today has turned me off and angered me so much I can’t believe I am rooting for this horrible team and feel like I have no life and have to watch this stupid lazy disgraceful team !! no honor or respect for each other or their fans !! START BOOOING PEOPLE !!!!

  137. Ranger fans if you want to see changes and have most of these pathetic players moved. You have too BOOOOOOO !! that is the only way the organization will be forced to make some major changes. These players are not going to ever play like a team. Aside from Gaborik, Prospal, Avery, Lundquist and Del Zotto everyone else has to be moved somehow. We as fans have the power just keep BOOOOOOOING every home game non-stop and you will see the media will do the rest and the message will get through to Sather and Dolan. Tortorella stays !! he is a great coach but just doesn’t have the players that can play his system. Which is based in just showing up and working your ass off hard. Is that too much to ask from these fat cats ???

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on


  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo dude , Actually booing yer home team is a stuiped idea.

    To love these guys one game then to boo ’em all the next is totally stuiped.

    We Boo Girardi cuz it sends a messasge. We cheer everyone else and help our team win. That game last night was in Philthy filly and if it was in NY , we’d have gone beserk(us fans) Crap would have been thrown on the ice and chants of Carcillo is a goof would be chanted.

    We chant “Pampers” to girardi on Monday. The big baby.

  140. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I know this wont come as a surprise, but the Flyers announcers might be the most one-sided bunch of morons in the league.

  141. I’m still pissed this morning about that debacle last night.

    Carp, you said a few days ago that you don’t think that there is a problem in the locker room. Do you still feel this way? It is unfathomable to me that these guys stood there and did NOTHING while their leading scorer is getting pounded on. Avery & Voros get my respect, but you wonder if the rest of these guys care at all. And where is our fearless leader, Drury in all of this??

  142. Blueshirt, they’re close. But I think the Pens’ announcers are even worse. They are a total joke.

  143. Higgins played so well last night, I would give him a 4 year extension, instead of just the 2 that has been suggested. people finally figured out that Girardi is soft, now maybe you will all figure out how soft Superstar Staal is. Anisimov must go to Hartford, he is lost, and intimidated. Christensen has shown nothing, he needs to leave.

  144. I’d trade Girardi for his pu**y play last night. I can’t believe he stood there and watched when Gabs got beat like that. These guys aren’t the Blueshirts, they are the BluesKirts. Sickening.

  145. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Anywhere I can see the transcript of the post game interviews and quotes? My stream cuts out as soon as the last whistle blows.

  146. it’s not only about diaper dan, it’s really about the coach and his team not sticking up for each other and not doing it back to the cryers. They were worried about the 2 points, which they lost because they were worried. The coach showed poor leadership as did his captain and most of his wussy team. They were intimidated and afraid to fight, that’s bad hockey.

  147. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The bipolar fanbase gets kinda annoying to listen to everyday. A couple weeks ago Christensen was a top line center and everyone loved him. I come on here saying how bad and weak Staal and Girardi have been and finally something like this turns the entire fanbase against them. Players should be made or broken in a single game. They have bad games here or there but your opinion shouldn’t change entirely based on it.

    In my view, Drury, Rozsival, Redden, Kotalik are the 4 contracts you try to dump (in that order). You don’t boo staal, too young. Girardi is a UFA next year so maybe you call Sangs up and let him start filling in even if you only get a draft pick for Girardi this year. Christensen and Anisimov HAVE to stay simply because there’s nobody to take their spots.

  148. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    I’m still fuming about last night…all they had to do was stick up for each other…it’s getting old that Avery is the only one that will do it

  149. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    True Fans

    This isn’t about Girardi’s “game”
    I really don’t have a problem with it. I have a problem with his lack of a pair to stick up for his best player and not let him get pumelled by a goon

  150. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Girardi says he regrets not jumping and if he had to again, he would.

    Too had your chance, you passed up on it. Get ready to be booed Monday night

  151. Give credit to Voros too. Meanwhile Capt. Invisible was nowhere to be found.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if this happened to Crosby? 15 Penguin players would have gone after this clown. It sickens me how soft this team is.

  152. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Messiah we saw it first hand with Ovechkin…Bradley came off the bench and jumped in right in the middle of it

  153. Girardi’s non action was unexpected. I’ve thought he was a hockey player, but now he’s certainly in the chateau Bowow. Is anyone else grossed out by Capt Dreary and his mouth guard? Is he the Mike Pelfrey of the Rangers? His behavior is infantile. He must need his blankie or bottle. Did you see him “fall down” for no reason in the 1st period? Did you see his leadership when he went after all the Flyers? Oh…that’s right…he did nothing except chew that disgusting piece of plastic. How old is Capt Dreary? 6? He makes me sick.

  154. NYRGuy Says Girardi Is a Joke on

    Barnaby also said Brooks had a great question and Torts didn’t handle it the best way lol

  155. The problem is the coach who intimidates players when they take a penalty, so they can’t react naturally. How often do they show Tortorella freaking out over a minor penalty? Avery, naturally, doesn’t seem to care — he’s probably not cared about authority most of his life, but the other players don’t know how to react. The captain of the team doesn’t seem to say anything to anyone — he never questions a ref or a player. Jagr used to yell at Roszival, Shanahan worked the refs constantly, and they both stuck up for their players. Drury skedaddles back to the bench — he is even the one who criticized Avery on the ice during the infamous screening Brodeur power play years ago. It’s the leadership.

  156. “I wonder if they will have enough toughness in the lineup tonight in Philly (where they’re 12-2-1 in their last 15) , especially since Voros is playing with that nasty gash on his eyebrow. They’ll have to be team tough and smart.”

    Carp called it before the game. That was the most embarassing game I’ve watched in a long time. Carcillo should have left the game holding his face with a rag. I don’t care about suspensions. Blaming Girardi, who has been their best defenseman the past several games is ridiculous. Orr never should have been let go and last night’s game was the best evidence for that case. He would have left the bench and beat Carcillo and Asham with one arm tied behind his back. End of story. Sather is senile.

  157. Sure did, Barnaby takes Tors and Girardi, and pretty much the team to task in that interview. The interview also shows the Torts/Brooks exchange.

  158. i missed the game last night. we lost i know that. i just saw the press conf where torts acts like a little baby, and now i just wanna see what happened at the end. gabby willingly fought carcillo? and what is up with girardi? was gabby getting stomped on or what? it was that bad huh? girardi stood bywatching while gabby got destroyed? i read brooks article, and he said hed go after carcilllo if he was in the situation again. wtf girardi? his gut instinct told him to do nothing. that will always show u for what u are. a puss. if he ever gets in another situation liek that again, we all know the only reason he will do anything is because he had to b told to. hes a puss. his gut instinct shouldve overrided any thoughts about a penalty.

  159. KC is correct, Bren-dan the coach would have tied Orr’s hands too. He’s done it all season, and isn’t going to change. He’s a bubble gum tough guy with a dead pit bull named Brash-rear. The league knows they can run the soft NYR, starting with their goalie, and they’ll be little reaction. They won’t even run the other goalie……

  160. Yeah, that was a good video. Barnaby tells it like it is. Wish we still had him on our team.

  161. We’re living in a scary world when Wade Redden is our second-toughest defenseman.

    I’d say MDZ is our toughest, probably because he was never exposed to Renney’s soft system and is the only one with a legitimate nasty streak in him.

  162. Dubeliveau: Dreary plays like he’s 66 half the time. A terrible captain who shows no emotion and therefore, doesn’t lead vocally, but has such diminishing skills, can’t lead by example. And all for $7,000,000 a season. Another dreadful signing by the Master of Mediocrity, Glen ‘semi-retired’ Sather.

  163. but with torts as our coach, i wouldve thought the team as a whole would be tougher. we are a young team, but our leaders arent tough at all. thats a problem. are vets are gabby,dru,redden,rozy,brash,prospal,kots.only 1 is tough and he is useless at this pooint. my god look at that list of vets and it oozes the fire and emotion of an 85 year old man in a nursing home crapping his pants while he lays there and drools

  164. ZZ: Agreed on MDZ – he was exchanging nasties with that asshole mike Richards in the 3rd period. What happened to the edge Marc Staal came into the league with? I recall him punching Marian Hossa in the back of the head in his rookie year when he got pissed with Hossa’s hackiness in the crease. What’s with the wimpifiedness of so many Rangers anyways. I will give Redden some credit for standing up, but when he does, his body language clearly indicates his heart isn’t in it.

  165. Okay if I call Drury “Captain Courageous” for leading his team with “guys, to hell with the score. NO ONE beats on our elite player. Let’s make him pay and put the rest of the league on notice that this will not be done to the New York Rangers sweater!”

    Oh wait. He did as about as much as Girardi did.

    Our only “character” player is the mentally ill Sean Avery, who at 5’10” has more guts than Boyle (6″6″) or anyone else.


    What Would Messier have Done?
    What would Shanny have done?
    What would my long dead Grammie have done?

    Answer: More than what we saw last night.

  166. Danielle Girardi on

    I would have had no problem with Girardi standing there and watching if it was Briere or Gagme fighting Gabs, but not Carcillo. A goon fighting a scorer is just not done. That is equivalent to Colton Orr picking on a guy like Briere. Danielle wussed out there.

  167. I think Callahan is not a wus, nor Staal. But where was the leadership?

    Guys like Gabby raise the salaries of the trailer trash that punched him out last night. It made me sick to see us so beat up.

  168. I understand that it was a one goal game at the time that this whole scrum happened. To me, in a situation like that, it isn’t even about the points or the win anymore. You want to build a team, and have players that respect and fight for each other, then you have to take the 3rd man in, take some penalties, get tossed from the game, and show some courage and character. END OF STORY!

  169. I agree with kc. I think the players are afraid to be aggressive in fear of getting a penalty. Because if that happens, they may be benched for the rest of the game or for the next few games.

  170. Brendan: Cancerillo embarassed the Maple Leafs in a Leaf/Flyer game several weeks ago, mocking the Leaf bench after he scored a goal, a bench that included Colton Orr. Very little was done in response by the Leafs that game, too and just like this game, tons of tough talking by the Leafs players and coaches after the game. Brashear in his non-Ranger days is precisely the player you need to respond to Cancerillo’s actions. Brashear, prior to coming to NY, was often like a cruise missile with an unpredictable fuse – scary because you didn’t know when he’d go off and worse, what he’d do when he did (Betts’ face in the POs against the Caps is perfect evidence of that). What Brashear did to Betts is what should have been done to a Flyer last night (and please, in no way shape or form am I condoning what Brashear did to Betts – that action was not an act of retribution – it was pure unmitigated goonery and I’m convinced a big reason why he was signed – just dunno what’s happened to him, the big wuss).

  171. Bipolar fan reaction is correct, we are a smoke and mirrors team, we are avg. or a little above when we have a big effort and Hank is playing like Hank. Anything short of that is a good possiblity of being shut out or just a boring loss. Team is designed to be 7-12 place in the east depending on the effort. More 3rd line skill than anybody and the worst starting 6 d-men for a playoff contenter. Positive is we have some young guys, negative is they think the behavior last night is the NYR way and you know there not wrong sad! Nothing short of firing Sather and a Blockbuster to clear as much Cap space with demotions a part of it and give it a run in a couple of years, to piece meal it we will be right where we are for the next years to come as Gabby and Hank are getting older.NY STRANGERS

  172. Jim, so taunting and force feeding your best player are the same thing? That makes perfect sense. Carcillo dropped the gloves with your meal ticket, he didn’t skate by the bench calling out the Rangers’ mothers. Orr would have made the rest of the game very ugly for the Flyers. Brashear in 2002 maybe, not at this point.

  173. As coach, I would strip Drury of the C after last night’s humiliation.

    MDZ does have a mean streak, but he is just a kid. He will be a blast to watch at 25.

    I think Staal is showing more edge, as he ages.

    Callahan is not getting any bigger. I’d like to put his heart into the size of a Boyle.

  174. Last night made me wish, just for one night, the Rangers had been able to sign Chris Neil.

  175. What was Drury supposed to do last night? Fight someone? He can’t fight or else his brain will be scrambled for the last time.

    Fact is Girardi should’ve stepped in, he knows it, its done with. Gabby doesn’t care about it, I don’t think awe should, just as long as it doesn’t happen again.

    As for the game, up until then and after that it was pretty damn boring. Flyers clogged up the neutral zone and the Rangers didn’t get pucks deep. They’ll rebound tomorrow night against Montreal.

  176. Good Morning All
    Another loss, but not a suprising one. The flyers must be laughing at this team, they basically just ran them out of the rink. Most of the Rangers are scared of this flyer team. Torts is frustrated with this group of panseys for sure, but what can he do? Avery showed more leadership than anyone. Drury really isn’t much of a leader. when it comes to blame there is lots to go around. The last couple of teams they played were bad defensively and their goal tending was not that great, so they were easy pickens. This philly team is good in their own end and they press hard in the opposing end. Their feet never stop moving and they play tough, and if your not prepared to give it back. they will beat you every time out.

  177. And also what is this saying that Boyle has no heart? Did the guy not try to get after Hartnell (he kneed him in the head after him and Wade teamed up to knock him down quick) and was going at guys. Boyle is one of the few who come in to rescue or help out teammates when they are being attacked. The guy has heart, so I fail to see why people don’t think he does.

  178. I didn’t see the game. Did see the fight briefly, and read the article.

    My gut reaction is to Gaborik… he dropped his gloves with a tough guy. That’s just a foolish move, was Carcillo really supposed to not fight him at that point. Carcillo admits “I was pretty much licking my chops”… I can’t say I blame him.

    I understand the gripe with the Rangers for not responding immediately (and apparently Girardi was right there to involve himself before things got ugly for Marian…I didn’t see that part of it?). But still… Gaborik did drop his gloves first no?

    And JEEZ I barely was catching the Torts/Brooks exchange out of the corner of my ear and eye…but I had to commit 75% of my attetion to something else at that moment… is there anywhere to watch that again yet??

  179. Does anybody remember a couple years back a game where Brashear (then with the Caps) kept taking runs at Jagr, so finally Shanahan challenges Brashear from the bench and drops the gloves on his next shift? THAT’S a captain. And bonus points to Shanny for not getting completely destroyed in the fight.

    Check it out on YouTube if you need a reminder of what leadership is supposed to look like.

  180. Salty the larger issue with the fight was that Carcillo actively sought out Gaborik. They weren’t even standing near each other when the fracas broke out, Carcillo was not even in the TV picture and he immediately made a b-line for Gaborik.

    Laviolette tried to gloss over that fact, using the flimsy excuse that Gabby threw the first punch.

  181. Salty – whether or not Gabby dropped his gloves first, the team can’t let him take a beating like he did. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it was against someone like Briere, for example. Against Carcillo, someone has to step in there…

  182. First, Carcillo grabbed Gaborik from behind around the neck and pulled him away from the scrum. That’s who started it.

    Secondly, no one expects Drury to fight. But he can scream at the refs, or even speak quietly to them, because that is how you work the refs. He can yell on the bench — you can see Prospal doing that all the time. He can belittle the Flyers after the game to the press, instead of putting everyone to sleep with his cliche of the night. He can show some emotion or at the bare minimum, make a play, instead of another dump-in and a wave at the puck. There are many different ways to show leadership — how about if he tries just one way?

  183. Salty-Cardildo grabbed Gabby from the crease and pulled him behind the net where he then started gloving his face. With no one coming in to help, Gabby had no choice but to go. I don’t blame him but Girardi had front row seats to the fight, he just forgot his popcorn.

    ZZ-I was at that game and remember how pissed I was that Shanny had to take things into his own hands while nobody else on the team did. They were soft then and they’re soft now with a completely different roster. Nothing is stopping teams from taking runs at LQ or gooning it up. I’m pretty tired of letting a pussy team let me down every year.

  184. March 14th…Rangers Flyers….I expect Brashear in the lineup. I also would not for one second be unhappy with a 5 min intent to injure penalty from Brash on Carcillo. It’s needed. The more damage he can do the better.

    Meanwhile, Giradi WTF? When I saw it on my DVR and realized it was Carcillo on Gabby, I myself wanted to jump through the screen and get involved. Girardi was nervous for another penalty when the Rangers only shot at the playoffs was fighting one of the biggest scumbags in the league? Does he realize if Gabby gets injured the Rangers are 100% not making the playoffs. And he was nervous about an extra penalty? Either Girardi is STUPID or he is IGNORANT or both. “If there is a next time, I would surely go.” Brilliant Danny.

    I cannot get youtube here at work….can someone pls give me a brief recap of the Torts/Brooks exchange? All the exchanges above have me so curious…

  185. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    It was a solid game by the Flyers. They took the entire Neutral zone away, and i.e. we had little to no scoring chances.

    The classless way they play, is nothing new, and Carcillo is a classless goon, so is anyone surprised by his actions/comments? Im’ not.

    Girardi – that topics been beat to death

    Brooks and Torts: I’m sorry, but for all the faults Torts has, he cares about this team with his entire heart.

    And for Larry Brooks to joke, and try to get a reaction out of him, becaeuse you KNOW thats what he was trying to do, it sad on his part.

    If he wasnt such a smart ass, Torts would have answered the questions. I bet if Gross got it out before Larry he would have answered it and it would have been over.

    And I could care less how long he’s been covering Hockey, LB is a sad individual.

    What did you think was goign to happen about joking about one of the Coachs players? he was going to laugh with you?

    There’s being a reporter and asking the honest tough questions, and then theres being a smart ass loser trying to get a rile out of the coach for your morning article.

  186. I think Tort’s needs to show his whole team the Youtube video of the Capital jumping in for Ovie the other night as Ovie was about to drop the gloves…. his TEAMMATE took one for him.

    Can you imagine if Carcillo pulled that kind of $heet on Mrs. Crosby??

  187. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And anyone else notive Hank is playing with a different helmet?

    Looks liek his old one?

    Is his new one being re-painted for the olympics??

  188. Newman:

    Whats the point of going after Carcillo?

    Brash should go after Brier, or Carter, or Emery. Going after a good makes no statement at all.

    Let Brash get suspended for the rest of the year, he’s useless anyway, but at least go after one of their top players like they did to us.

  189. Jim…we agree, but you are wrong about Sather. He’s not retired…he died about 12 years ago and after the taxidermist did his job, they stick a cigar in his mouth and transport him from place to place. On Dreary…pathetic again. Did he stand up like Avery did last night? NO All he did was masticate that disgusting piece of plastic and look like a lost puppy. As Brian Burke said when he picked Dreary for the USA team in Vancouver…”we picked him because he’s Chris Drury”…EXACTLY. He and Mike Pelfrey are going to have a “CHEW-OFF” to see who has more oral and infantile issues in the NY area.



    I’m all for “that’s hockey”

    It is.

    Which is why Carcillo should have needed new teeth today… be it by having them punched out or chopped out with a stick (my preferred method in this instance).

    The guy crossed the line and the NYR did NOTHING to make sure it doesn’t happena again.

    Screw them. They deserve what they get from now on.

    Every team is going to take liberties ‘cus they know that these pansies can’t say “boo” about it.

  191. Associated Press on


    In a surprising move, Rangers GM Glen Sather has acquired Daniel Carcillo in a trade with the rival Flyers in exchange for seldom-used forward Enver Lisin. Carcillo is expected in the lineup when the Blueshirts visit Montreal on Saturday night.

    “What’s in the past is over,” said Sather. “Carcillo can help this hockey club in the future. I can watch from the pressbox with a cigar up my @ss like I’ve been for the past decade.”

  192. Staal plays with an edge? very funny. softest Dman in the league.
    best darn poke checker though.

  193. 1) Gabby did drop the gloves first, but that was after Carcillo freight-trained him, grabbed him by the neck, and dragged him halfway across the rink. Gabby was defending himself.

    2) BOO to everyone who stood there and didn’t knock Carcillo on his ass at the first opportunity they had. Even if you arrive after Gabby is already down and the fight’s over, you STILL knock him on his ass.

    3) I have NEVER seen Drury show any fire, giving an impassioned speech on the bench, doing anything physical. Nothing. You want to see a captain? Shanny fights Brashear. Jeter dives head-first into the stands. Messier scores a hat trick in Game 6. At some point, your Captain has to do something different from a regular, run-of-the-mill, every day player.

    4) Fire Sather.

  194. 1) Gabby did drop the gloves first, but that was after Carcillo freight-trained him, grabbed him by the neck, and dragged him halfway across the rink. Gabby was defending himself.

    2) BOO to everyone who stood there and didn’t knock Carcillo on his ass at the first opportunity they had. Even if you arrive after Gabby is already down and the fight’s over, you STILL knock him on his ass.

    3) I have NEVER seen Drury show any fire, giving an impassioned speech on the bench, doing anything physical. Nothing. You want to see a captain? Shanny fights Brashear. Jeter dives head-first into the stands. Messier scores a hat trick in Game 6. At some point, your Captain has to do something different from a regular, run-of-the-mill, every day player.

    4) Fire Sather.

  195. 5) Oh, and Gabby and Avery need letters. They are the heart and soul of this team. Hank too, if you could put it on a goalie.

  196. SCX – FWIW, you can give a goaltender a letter (e.g., Luongo in Vancouver). Personally, I don’t think Lundqvist would want a letter. You don’t need a letter to be a leader…

  197. Once again this game shows what a bunch of fags the Rangers are. From Lundqvist being run over AGAIN in the crease to the Gaborik Carcillo issue to their inability to clear the frot of the net every game. All I can say is HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS BEFORE THERE IS SOME ACCOUNTABILITY????

    Totally lost all respect for Girardi and Drury. Notice I didn’t say Redden. (Lost all respect for him a long time ago).

    Hey Torterella how about backing up the tough language with some tough action. That was a disgrace last night…..

  198. The friend of mine just composed and recorded a Rink Entering song – “Wussie-Pussie Girardussie.” Ready for Monday.

  199. You've been Sathered on


    Now that Carcillo showed what a gutless punk he is, don’t you think Sather should pull a Brashear and try to put him in a Ranger jersey next season?

    Sather must go!

  200. Everything under the sun is pissing me off today and it all started with last night’s game.

    You know what would be awesome and kinda make last night better? If someone- Avery,Voros, Huggy Bear(if he’s dressed), Boyle, whomever- does to Crosby on Monday what Carcillo did to Gabby last night. That would be more than OK in my book.

  201. More focus on the tough stuff may just be the wrong way to focus. Bottom line is they need to score. Hello ?
    Two years ago, Bradshear used to bang Jagr into the boards. So the Rangers put out ORR. He tried to get back at Ovechkin. Didn’t succeed but got a 5 game suspension.
    Who do you want to watch play-Gaborik or Carcillo? It is up to the league,the refs to step in faster on a mis match on goons against super skilled guys.
    Otherwise it is a waste of time watching this crap.

  202. MickeyM – so Carcillo is a goon for doing what he did to Gaborik, but it would be OK if one of the Rangers did that to Crosby? A bit hypocritical, no?

  203. Yeah Mickey, that’s Mickey Mouse bush league stuff. You wait and bite your pillow until the Flyers come back to town and then you try and get your testes back by putting some blood on the ice. Going after Crosby proves absolutely nothing.

  204. I watched the game this morning on DVR.

    The whole Gaborik/Carcillo thing was a tough situation. With Dubinsky getting feisty at the net I don’t think anyone expected that Gaborik/Carcillo were doing anything but pairing off to contain each other from joining the ruckus. I’m confident that’s what Girardi was thinking.

    Gaborik dropped his gloves first, unequivocally. Carcillo didn’t start the fight. You can’t expect Carcillo not to respond at that point.

    If it were Briere/Avery how would Rangers fans react? We certainly wouldn’t say that Avery should contain himself because it was Briere. Ultimately, it was a stupid choice by Gaborik.

    Girardi probably wishes he had a redo and jumped in but I thought overall the team responded well with Avery and Voros getting their hands dirty later.

  205. I am in no way a fan of crosby, but what exactly would that do to make what happened last night better? Crosbys got NOTHING to do with the Flyers or Carcillo. You want to make last night better, you get Briere or Carter or Giroux or Richards the next time you play the FLYERS. Sure it’s a long wait, but that’s the team you need to deal with. Now, if someone on the Penguins does what Carcillo did, THEN you deal with Crosby or Stallone.

  206. Flyers coach Peter Laviolette defended his player.

    “Gabby dropped his gloves first,” Laviolette said. “Danny can either get punched in the face or fight.”

    Obviously, Laviolette will defend his thug’s action however, Oh Danny boy grabbed Gaborik by the neck what did he expect he was gonna do because that.

    P.S.: Gaborik fought with Laperriere a few years ago.

  207. Salty
    January 22nd, 2010 at 11:15 am
    Maybe Brashear needs to fight Briere to get back up to speed?

    Perhaps, Brashear needs to run into Betts, oh wait a minute that happened last year. LOL

  208. Seriously though, thank god I wasn’t paying attention to the post game when it aired… talk about *douche chills*. Torts tried to be the though guy but he ultimately embarrassed himself pretty badly.

  209. Say what you will about Wade (and there’s a lot one could say) but he would have gotten in the middle of the Gaborik thing. He’s stuck up for guys after plays in the past, like when Drury got beheaded, he was the only guy to go over to Glencross after the play. I hope Girardi earned himself a one way ticket out of New York for July 1st with that pansy display.

  210. Ironically, Girardi *looks* likes one of the few Rangers you’d want to avoid dropping gloves with… always expected him to have a little more snarl…

  211. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    girardi’s quote says it all in brooks’ article “I guess I was overthinking it, Girardi said. “I didn’t want to take another penalty” Bad coaching to the point of guys willing to let anything go to not take a penalty!!! Girardi needs to be gone regardless!

    I agree with jonny about boyle, he is the least of this team’s worries!!

  212. Can someone help me – what is Torts talking about when he accuses Brooks of making fun of Redden for standing up for his team. What article is that?

    Domi – great vid – can’t beleive we did nothing.

  213. .There is no one on this team right now who can target carcillo,Avery tries as does Voros and forget about blushear, but no true fighter in the whole frickin organization thats just stupid.What we saw is what we’ve got for way to many years.Except when Orr was here.Torts talks tough but he doesn’t teach tough.How many times has Hank been run and nothing.Can you imagine where this team would be without him or Gabby.It’s a culture,the devils have it ,the bruins have it hell even the islanders have it you protect your own. I guess thats just one more thing sather didn’t bring with him from his glory days 30 years ago.I’ve ended way to many posts by saying these words. It’s sad just sad!

  214. ThisYearsModel on

    Girardi does not want to get his pretty-boy face marked up. There is no excuse for his reaction. There was no pride in the Rangers sweater by most of the players last night. They really are a group of spineless wussies.

  215. In the article, Girardi also claimed he knew Dubinsky was getting the extra penalty so he didn’t want to risk putting the team at a 5-on-3 disadvantage by jumping in.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Dubi given that penalty for going nuts in the penalty box and threatening Carcillo well after Danny Boy had a chance to intervene?

  216. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    BTW, higgy is a joke also, that guy hasn’t done anything “edgy” all season!!!

    I miss chris simon!!!

    For what its worth, it actually looked like carcillo held up at the end when gabby went down! I’m more pissed at the rangers lack of appropriate response than I am at carcillo!

    bring on sloppy seconds and get avery a letter>

  217. I don’t know if you can “teach tough”. Those players are what they are and their playing style is molded long before they reach the NHL. Carcillo was a tough guy on Phoenix, he’s a tough guy in Philly. Pronger has been a tough guy in Hartford, St. Louis, Edmonton, Anaheim and now Philly. Domi was a tough guy on the Rangers, Jets, Leafs, etc. You get the point.

    It’s obviously someone’s fault for assembling a roster that doesn’t have toughness ingrained in them. Some of that is due to the lack of continuity of the personnel. Teams that stay together for long periods of time, have gone through battles of the playoffs, I think are more apt to stick up for each other.

    Obviously all of this should be instinctive as you’d like to believe that these guys honor the idea that your teammates are your teammates whether you’ve worn the same sweater for a minute or a decade, but we all know in reality it doesn’t work like that. Especially with a roster that gets chopped up and re-made on as frequent a basis as the Rangers.

  218. You really do have to question the character of a lot of the players on this team. This team has been soft for so long, it’s sickening. You only have to go back a few months to the game in Calgary when Glencross delivered the cheap shot to Drury’s head & knocked him out. What was the Rangers response to that? Nothing. They did absolutely nothing about that either.

  219. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    you are correct sir…girardi sucks!!!

    Funny the flames are possibly interested in obtaining backes from the blues, while we will try and get another envir fata or marty st louis, frakking ridiculous!!

  220. I agree Wicky – Carcillo did to us what Avery has been doing to the rest of the league for the past few years. Good for him. Bad the way the Rangers handled a bit of their own medicine. Embarressing. My spelling is terrible sorry.

  221. ZZ you’re right. Dubi got a 2 minute misconduct for the yapping in the box. I’ve never seen that penalty called before. EVER.

  222. almost 360 comments on POST GAME NOTES! that is ridiculously good, unfortunately, what we’re mostly talking about is ridiculously bad!

    Rick, methinks its time for a fresh slate!

  223. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    anybody else like to see carkner on this roster?

    I bet keenan would have handled the situation differently, or even campbell!

  224. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    the character i do not question is avery, gabby, mdz, voros, boyle, hank, (gilroy and redden to a lesser extent), i would put cally in here, but I have yet to see him stand up for anyone else but himself, so I question his also!

    the rest…………

  225. Parros, I disagree. Avy doesn’t go and fight the leading scorer on the other team. He may go mess with them, but he doesn’t fight em. But we’ll see em again March 13th. Should be a fun one.

  226. At least Zsa Zsa dropped his gloves and did not Turtle. And if you think that the Afgani Warlord can still fight…well he can’t. Good comments about the comparison of some other captains. If Dreary is one hit away from his 25th coincussion…sit him down and rip the C off his sweater and give it to someone who deserves it.

  227. We have way too many pretty boys on this squad. They’re all afraid to get their faces bruised in a fight. I doubt Ian Laperriere would think twice about jumping in to defend a team-mate. Avery should challenge Girardi in practice and teach him how to be a man.

  228. we need graves behind the bench next year. he exudes the the heart and desire this team so desperately needs and will not stand for less. x’s and o’s and systems are important but will not prevail without the right attitude of the players.

  229. wicky (Dubi is a paper dragon) on

    and i’m sorry, but i fully expect drury as CAPTAIN to drop the gloves and get involved physically! There are certain times as a leader, you have to do things beyond your normal scope of operations, beyond your normal course of actions to show those that are following you that you are indeed their LEADER! Bottom line, you have to put your ass (sorry carp) on the line like the rest of your guys do and pohysically engage!!!

    That was the major problem I had with both leetch and jagr as captains of the rangers and I also have issues with drury for the same reason!

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