It’s go time!


First of all, same lineup, which means no Donald Brashear, and it means Ales Kotalik is prucha’d for the fourth game in a row. Matt Zaba (zaba-do) backs up Lundqvist. I don’t think they’ll need to score six or eight tonight. But they might need four. I wonder if they will have enough toughness in the lineup tonight in Philly (where they’re 12-2-1 in their last 15) , especially since Voros is playing with that nasty gash on his eyebrow. They’ll have to be team tough and smart.

As for the Kotalik rumor, well, I’ll believe it when an agent actually, you know, says it to a news agency of some sort. Not that I doubt some things may have been said or overheard by a blogster. I spoke to somebody with the Rangers today and he had heard nothing about a demand or request to be traded.

And I don’t doubt that at some point Kotalik will ask to be traded. There’s no way in hell he’s defecting because A) Euro teams can’t and won’t take a player under contract to an NHL team without making a deal with that team, so that’s not defecting, is it? And B) If the Rangers could get out from his last two years at $3M per, they’d let him use Jim Dolan’s jet.

As for asking to be traded, who is going to take a forward making that kind of money who also can’t get ice time with one of the lowest-scoring teams in all of hockey?

I actually think that Kotalik will be back in the lineup, lesson learned, at some point But they’re not going to break up the lineup that scored 14 goals in the last five periods, are they?

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

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  1. hockeymon- its really messed up because last year i couldnt get some of teh free sites sometimes, so i got gamecenter. then they dont show any playoff games. rangers games anyway. then i drop them and when this season started, i couldnt get a game on atdhe one day an so i got h-streams, which was fine for awhile, but now all of a sudden, all the free sites are workin again. iits just a crapshoot everynight on the internet. thats why i love versus, lol. if i had any other means of watching i would hate it just like everyone else, but man when u dont have options, u start to appreciate things taken for granted. still gotta bust on beninati, but its still much better than online.

  2. shazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!! with ilb being away for the next few days, i should be in a comfortable lead!!

  3. Linda, sorry to hear that. They don’t know what they’re missing out on!

    But it’s better for us at least :-)

  4. thats really nice of you to say NYR!!!

    mike, are you having that much trouble with hstreams lately? I had trouble about 2 weeks ago and very minor glitch last week, but other than that its been great for me lately

  5. I got H streams for the same reason. I couldn’t get the free sites. Then I remembered that I had just gotten a new computer. So I checked it out and sure enough it was blocking the free sites. I unblocked them and now they all work fine, except with the sop thing it’s not so good.

  6. I wonder if they will put Carcillo against Gabby again and have him slash him his whole shift like last time?

  7. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    Hilarious, LMFAO!!!! I got frakking CARPED!!

    thanks bro, and again sorry about your cousins horrible looks!!!

    Please tell me we have not been talking about keeping rozy. The guy would be a keeper if the other starting 5 d men were witt, volchenkov, orpik, komisarek, and carkner. Maybe with that group not needing another physical presence, but on our team as it is currently composed??? No way, get rid of the guy.

  8. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    btw, i changed the pic on FB, I think I understand this weeks!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Kotalgeek sucks , he can’t hit the net..his shot is awsome but he just can’t aim!!!!!!!!!

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go time , Go Time , Go time…GO Time!!!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Philthy scummy , Filly…Booooooooo U guys suck!!!!!!!!

  12. love it wicky!!!

    used to like pronger when he was a blue, then he became a lowlife punk and there’s no respect there anymore.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    There’s an awful lot of orange –I may have to adjust the color. Good thing Fankist is bo longer a Flyer!!

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper
    January 21st, 2010 at 7:02 pm
    No Joe for me tonight. Gotta watch Comcast…uggggg! Keith Jones :(

    That would give me a bigger smile than the one Joe has interviewing “the boys” in the locker room.

  15. MON, something killed our last computer, so we’re being as careful as possible with, what i’ve deemed, my supercomputer lmao. OMG their guy behind the glass needs a freakin valium

  16. Linda same here, i liked pronger as a whaler and blue and then he just gradually became this dirty cheapshottin goon, lets get em tonight

  17. True, his smile is very disturbing. It’s kinda crooked and sly, almost like he’s licking his chops. he freaks me out!

  18. Tampa Bay humiliated us the last time we played them before tuesday night and look what we did
    philly humiliated us last time we played them, lets respond againn like we did tuesday night

  19. Mon, i was trying to figure out if you thought staying away from sopcast, or boyle wearing the hat was the smart thing :-)

  20. they seem to be protecting Hank a little better each game.
    that’s a good thing, gotta protect the bread and buttah!

  21. That’s friggen horrible that Lappy had his teeth stolen LOL Im sorry I just had to laugh at that. Poor guy.

  22. This is sexy. I’m watching the game on an actual TV tonight! And no stoppages. It is the Flyers broadcast, but that’s better than Versus.

  23. Hi all! Hmmm, really want Rangers to get this one. Have friends in Philly and need something to shut them up after last game. SO LGR LGR LGR!!!

  24. I went skiing for a few days, too, but I was already taking time off from the blog. I’m just totally unacceptable. I *neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed* to get back in the Boneheads way of life.

    Happy anniversary, Carp!

  25. did not try to avoid the goalie at all,and put his arm and body into lundqvist… guy was a islander, devil, and flyer now, dont know if i could possibly hate this guy anymore than i already do

  26. smack that bastage around damnit!!!!!!!!!! lets go artie put the smackdown on that!!

    thats gotta be a penalty

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rosen says let ’em play as long as they’re consistent…

    Trouble is they aren’t consistent- if that was Avery, he be sitting for two.

  28. Aaron Asham = AA = Asian Adjacent

    (stole that one from Chelsea Handler, oops)

    Rangers need to get turnovers in the offensive zone since they’re having trouble getting in there on their own.

  29. Asham was the guy who stopped fighting Mara when he hurt his shoulder … and Mara went to the visiting lockerroom later to thank him.

  30. So why is Avery on the fourth line? I was reading the blogs and couldn’t figure it out.

    Let’s do a better job on that puck, Staal. I’m glad CSN is calling him out giving up.

  31. i still hate him i dont care he plays liek as much of an idiot as avery

    what a lucky pass how that thing slides right to van riemsdyk there

  32. what do you expect from MSG? they made a whole show about Staal before he had ever really done anything

  33. aaaaaah so THATS why they say the tastycakes thing…ok…still hope i dont hear it again tonight!

  34. In a bad mood tonight, so here goes….

    Who is this scumbag van RiemsDyk??? He gets a shot on a breakaway, then backhands in his own rebound. From a loser named vanRiemsDyk??

    This scumbag Blair Betts. Having already scored against us this season, and seeing him tonight, when was this loser ever around the net or in position to get a good shot on goal or real scoring opportunity with us. The guy had absolutely 0 offensive skill.

    And of course, the scumbag referees have decided once again that it’s okay to run over our Goalie. And we did not even argue.

    Every time a team bowls over Lundqvist and no penalty is called, Torts should send out Voros or Brashear to throw down the referee in the middle of a play (making it look like an accident)

  35. OK, we’ve got a period done with, now settle down and get some good shifts lol. Flyers look pretty sharp, us not so much lol

  36. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    Yeah, Linda — they’ve been saying that since the Gene Hart days in the 70’s. Don’t know who’s eating all those Tastykakes

  37. Did anyone notice any refs. talking to any Ranger players before the game started tonight?

  38. seriously NYRGuy – they need to get more physical – the Flyers are wiping the ice with blueshirts.

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sullivan seems to have all the answers in end of period interviews. So how come the rest of the team doesn’t?

  40. It seems like everytime the Flyers had a prolonged shift/forecheck, it was against MDZ and Girardi…I don’t know if that’s because they see an added opportunity with them on the ice or they just can’t get the puck out, but that’s what i’ve noticed so far

  41. Not to be a negative nancy but:

    Will someone PLEASE explain to me how a goaltender can play at such a high level, excel in shootouts, but be so terrible at breakaways and odd-man-rushes, even when a defender takes away half the net?

  42. Been trying to keep my negativity away from the site for good luck for the Rangers….

    But my attitude tonight coupled with the first period forced me to come on here and insult losers RiemsDyk and Betts.

    These referees (by that, I mean all sports’ referees) are disgraceful. They run right over our goalie and nothing. They trip down 5 of our guys and nothing.

    I just wish some team would stand up to these referees and have them thrown down in the context of an actual play (making it look like an accident)…

    Thrown down like the PiecesOS they are. A high stick to the face would not be too bad either. That’s what we have an enforcer like Brashear around for. Enforce to the referees that they have to be fair or they are going to get pummeled.

  43. lot of stick-checking around the net that period … a regression of sorts. lucky it’s only 1-0.

    boy, the J-E-T-S are sure taking advantage of this little run to try to sell those PSLs. Like anybody who can’t afford them is going to change his/her mind because they’re in the playoffs.

  44. Well, NYRGuy, MDZ and Girardi had the most ice time, so it may have just been perception – or they had the most ice time because they weren’t able to change because they were so bad at clearing the zone – who knows.

  45. Carp, they already have AFC champs stuff for sale! I was shocked when i saw that earlier. BAD JUUJUU

  46. I can’t really describe, he kinda kicked a dump-in to Fedotenko, then stood there with the puck behind him as half the guys on the ice went to jam it in, he seriously stood frozen, looking around, as guys whacked at it.

  47. shrink shrink shrink against the big bad Flyers…

    Man this team needs a tough player who can raise the level each and every game.

    We’re back to being run over, on our heels, no forecheck, diving…

    This team needs players who will bring it each game!

  48. I dont care WHO scores. I just want them to beat these bastages!

    My mother beat me once…. ONCE!!!

  49. And Girardi is just standing there like a big DUMMY while their best player is getting beat up by a goon. Nice going!

  50. the ONLY guy who would have done anything was being held by two flyers.. yea dubi was not happy

  51. Oh please you think Brashear would have done anything. He already felined out of fighting him ~~

  52. what the ……… i am so totally disgusted with that………. dubi cant fight, but wow, he is gonna get involved as soon as he gets outta the box… he looks like he’s percolating

  53. WooHooo

    They end up with the PP

    refs doing their job!!!

    They just grabbed Callahan and held him..

    Come on, Torts. Send Voros after the referees sticks flyin high.

  54. A penalty! I never knew it was possible. In our favor?

    Who cares, send Voros in, it’s time to take some aggression out on the refs!

    There the refs are stepping in to protect their players.

  55. Is it just me or does just about every single player on the Flygirls wear a windshield??

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    PHILTHY PHILLY ARE ALL GOONS!!!! Get ’em boys.

  57. Who cares about taking cheap shots are orange.

    The orange and any other team take their cheap shots at us because they have been given free reign by the black and white.

    Take cheap shots at the black and white.

  58. CR, you sound like an idiot when you say stuff like that. Even if it made sense, you’d be suspended for life if you ever did something to a ref.

  59. I’d like to see Avery out there every other shift for the next 5-7 minutes, Carp. How about you?

  60. This sick Flyers team had 100 scoring opportunities on New Years against the Bruins and lost like bums, scoring once.

    There was no fighting or cheap shots or jawing.

    But here they are, against NY, laughing and going after Avery and our superstar, and our goalie.

    Why not run over that Olympian Mike Dunham, errr, Tim Thomas.

  61. I love how when ovechkin went to fight, Bradley steps into soemone. Why didnt someone step in for gaborik. so angry right now. I was want to beat the puddin out of them, and then give the real puddin back to them.


    So what’s gonna happen? Voros fights Carcillo? Boyle fights Laperriere? Yeah, that will solve ALOT!!

    Voros should go kick the carp out of Gagne or Giroux or whatever POS that Philly throws out there that has never thrown a punch in their life.

    F Philly, seriously

  63. I love how Rozival gets the puck in the slot and instead of SHOOTING it, he passes it to Stahl who is up against the side boards… *face palm*

  64. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    why does Harnell have to keep exposing that mop on top of his head? eeeewwwwwwwwww

  65. avery go for someone else!!!!!! he goes for a guy we hope does NOT dilute the gene pool any time soon

  66. Why is that idiotic, carp?

    You do it in the context of a play, making it look like an accident.

    Voros is trying to fight in the corner for the puck, he flings his stick up and behind him and high sticks the ref right in the face. Oops, it was an accident. Nothing more than a high sticking penalty if done against an opposing player.

  67. you get two extra for instigating a fight with a shield.

    CR, the refs are not the reason the Rangers are down 1-0 and not the reason they’re going to get run out of the building.

  68. I really dont care for outcome of game, exept our guys, who unfortunately cant fight, still continue dirty or otherwise, keep hitting them ,any possible way or they will lose more then game

  69. Just show some spirit and uncontrolable anger,let Torts on ice for show and intimidation!

  70. Unfortunately we have several guys with a lot of heart (Dubi, Cally, Voros, Boyle a little bit) who just are not that tough. Avery is tough pound for pound but he’s too small to actually intimidate anyone worth intimidating. Besides that, we’re soft.

  71. Is anyone else nervous that the Rangers are gonna do jack you know the rest of the game and not retaliate whatsoever?

  72. All of the sudden they go from looking like superstars to looking like a bunch of bums. They can’t get anything going. The flyer’s have really got their number.

  73. NYRGuy, who’s going to do it? Avery tries something and gets beat up. If Voros tries something, he gets beat up. Higgins and Girardi and the Captain and those guys, they’re not going to do anything. So who?

  74. carp, I never said that was the reason we were down!

    I said, they ran over Lundqvist, they attack our superstar.

    And they got rewarded with a PP for it.

    If the opposition is going to get rewarded for doing those things by the referees, then the referees need to suffer the consequences.

  75. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    At some point, someone else is gonna go after Briere, Carter, or Gagne… RIGHT?!

  76. Forget about hockey fights code, f***ing Carsillo revoked it with Gabo,and friggen Girardi shouldn’t just stay and watch slaughter…hit gloved hand!
    My blood is boiling…Not healthy

  77. i was thinking it has to be a virus…trying to get people to click a link to a javascript file is never good

  78. carp

    it is kind of funny that you said that a player would be banned for life for assaulting a referee.

    Artest and others did not get banned for life for attacking fans.

    The Bruins did not get banned for life for going into the Garden crowd and beating Rangers fans to a pulp.

    An NFL referee did not get banned for blinding a football player with a flag.

    It goes to show that the leagues care more about the referees (as if they are worhty of compassion) than the fans!

  79. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    True Fans

    I hope so. I’m hoping Dubi gets a chance. He looked like he wanted to. What a disgrace no one jumped in for Gaborik.

    Yeah Aves!

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery ends up being our best fighter… what a shame. Brashear, Voros… and Avery steps up.


    Sorry for all caps I get exdcited!

  82. And there is the referee to protect Carcillo instead of letting Avery sucker punch him on the ice.

    And a cheap penalty against Gaborik.

    This is sickening.

  83. Carp I don’t care if they get beat up, just fn try and show you give a carp…double team someone, IDC, Voros and Avery just pummel Gagne…run over Emery, I have no idea, but do SOMETHING to show that you have your teammates back and you won’t tolerate that crap


  84. You could see the writing on the wall for this game, with the referees doing their darndest to influence the game with their corruption.

  85. Orr, you changed ur link? we’re down by 2. not likely that we score 2. lets try to bust their bones next period

  86. tough luck goal Joe? seriously? why is Staal standing almost on the goal line in the blue? its not like he’s knocking down Briere there

  87. If Avery gets the chance he is running over Emery, no doubt

    But that would actually require us to have possession of the puck in the Flyers zone, so that’s unlikely

    And wasn’t Higgins supposed to have a realy good wrist shot?

  88. well Staal could always make up for it by beating someone up…but i seriously think he would cry if he got in a fight

  89. I think it was Larry Brooks who talked about the Rangers needing to bank some of those goals from the last two games…

    The guy is either a jinx or a psychic

  90. Hockeymon, what do you mean?

    MSG Network better go strong with the interviews postgame. more quotes, less analysis on a night like this.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carcillo is a gutless pig , Hartnall fighting smaller Avery!?? Hes a gut-less puke to!!! These guys are pussies and pansies and I knew that crap organization would pull crap like this!! Who cares about Bett’s new baby…

    Brashear is not dressed for a game he should be in!!??? Brashear is useless…We got that idiot for games like this and he plays like a retard and gets benched and we can’t use the duffus for what hes really worth.

    Flyers are all idiots. Thier fans are homos.

  92. they have sam and joes as between period guests, talkin about who’s going to make the playoffs. wow, joe just makes me feel weird

  93. “The only guy available is Georges Laraque.”

    That’s a big HELL NO !

    Slats is so cheap, instead of donating to Haiti, he’ll sign LaCrackrock instead. Douche.

    I hope somebody grows a pair, and hurts one of the Flowers. That’s what i would do. Take the suspension like a man.

    As far as Bathroom Staal fighting goes, i wouldn’t want to see that happen again. Im still embarrassed over him getting molested by Semin. He got slapped, scracthed, and dumped.

  94. The Flyers don’t “have their number.” The Flyers, led by Richards, came out and decided they wanted this game and were going to be the harder hitting and harder working team, and they have been. Then it escalated and the Rangers did not respond at all. Just once, someone in this league should just lay out Richards, who is a captain in the mold of Messier. The Rangers did not answer the bell and now, down 2-0, this game is over. No way do they respond, no way do they win, no way do they even score.

    This game was a good test. I guess we know where our team stands.

  95. I really didn’t expect much against the flyers. The Rangers never seem to be able to play a good game against them. They can’t get any kind of offence against them. It’s funny I watch the flyer a lot, and they never that good against any other team, but man do they outplay the Rangers.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , I know hes worthless..if he was usefull , hed be here…dump him.

    Even Brian Leetch says to go after Richard and Carter.

  97. Carp seem to be getting the guys going a bit. I might be totally off base here though.

  98. Who is Calgary looking at on the Rangers, since Sam brought it up? Who is available on Calgary of any interest?
    This is the first game in ages that actually has some personal animosity.

  99. The Rangers have been good against Philly recent years. I think the record is 14-3?
    But the last 2 games (Dec 30) and this one they’ve don’t nothing offensively.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO PETER , Shut the holey hell up.

    We’ll see …

  101. girardi is a girlie man, a disgrace to the NYR. Hope they go after him, and kick his butt.

  102. At least Avery did something. I just don’t see torts or this team going after anyone. Team and torts and sather guttless.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!
    GO GO GO GO GO boys!!

  104. Dizziness from Success (previous)
    I just don’t understand, what, are guys mentally unprepared, and was it totally unexpected??? OK, if you don’t have needed toughness, just beat them with a speed of skating, thinking, forchecking , everything – your only weapon against… Be Ready! Now, just play dirty by all means and perimeters.

  105. Tom Renney After the 2/17/07 loss to the Flyers:

    “If I have Colton in the lineup, maybe there’s a deterrent. Maybe guys feel bigger and know they can play their game. We would have taken care of that one earlier and away we go. That’s all after the fact. But that’s my responsibility to make sure the lineup on the ice is one that can and maybe I missed the mark on that….We all have the benefit of hindsight, but I’m prepared to accept responsibility for my job.”

    I wonder if we’ll see a similar quote from Torts after this one…

  106. Trying to lighten the mood here – Avery has been in the box since the end of the second. It would be pretty funny if you had to stay in the box through intermission, the way they used to show in the old NHL hockey video games from the early 90s.

  107. MAKO yeah I know…and then the next game vs. Flyers Orr was dressed and made sure Fedoruk didn’t run Jagr again. Unfortunately Orr is gone and Brash is the best thing we have. My point is – we should know by now to dress a heavyweight versus the Flyers.

  108. Hello all! Quick catch up…shite Carp, when you’re around playing I have to be gone and miss all the fun!…despite the game so far, seems interesting here.

    Aves! Um, enough said by me, I think.

    What’s with Gabby and the penalities?

    Radio hockey is sofa king frustrating.

    MAKO, Excellent flick reference! One of my faves! You sure can banter!

  109. at least it looks like Lisin is trying, can’t say that about most of the team. is drury dressed tonight?

  110. You gotta give credit to the Flyers defensive game. the Rangerss have only been able to shoot the puck in all night long, and the flyers just bring it back out.

  111. I’m predicting big brawl at the end of lost game, with blood supply tanks delivered by Zambony, will be disappointed if Hartnell The Bozo, Cordzillo and Richard The Lowlife, will leave an ice without an ice on their ugly faces.

  112. Hard to sneak a goal in when you’re so weak on the puck – it seems like once a Flyer touches a Ranger, he gets knocked off the puck

  113. According to the boxscore, the Rangers have 20 shots on goal. I think I must have missed about 17 of them.

  114. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on

    There is just so little to cheer for in this game. They’re losing the score and the fights. *sigh*

  115. Hockeymon
    No credit. It is just lack of speed in everything from Rangers. All of few chances they had, was after acceleration in passing, skating, decisiveness in shooting, etc.

  116. besides revenge or whatever, this really bodes bad for the rest of the games this season. gaborik is gonnna get destroyed nightly :((((

  117. The Rangers look like they are playing short handed the whole game. They actually look better when they are short handed.

  118. “where brash?1?????????????????? only game he MUST be in there, c’mon!”

    Yeah you are SOOOOO right !! Im dying to see someone hug someone. Eh, not gonna see it tonight, so maybe ill just watch The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.

    Still waiting for Dubi to do something. Id hate to think he’s all mouth and no fists.

  119. Sigh. I’m too full from dinner and depressed here tonight :( Gonna go finish being depressed watching game.

    MAKO, never forget, Dames are put on this earth to weaken you, drain your energy, laugh at you when we see you naked. (OK, I had to fudge the pronouns to make that work :)

  120. the phithy homer radio announcers are total morons. they said gaborik initiated the fight with carcillo and was the first to drop his gloves.

    why do people lie when you can seee what occured with your eyes?????????????????

    dubinsky and gilroy are terrible tonight. just terrible. so the rangers stick up for themselves tonight and generate zero offense…


  121. I know I’m really pissed off watching this horrendous effort tonight, but has Emery even had to make ONE remotely difficult save?

  122. How do you think I feel I have to watch this garbage on the cryers station because I’m from south jersey effin black out rules.

  123. i saw it on tv and even if he did that was because carcillo tried to rip his helmet off with his gloves on and then was firing punches at gaborik again with his gloves on..

    carcillo is a total thug…

  124. LFV aka Fozzy Bear Trooper on


    It’s what they do. I live in philly. Trust me, most Flyers fans are not hockey fans. They only watvh the Flyers and know nothing about the other teams in the NHL They will repeat whatever they hear from the announcers and that will be what they talk about tomorrow. It make for a better story. They will always put a spin on it.

  125. I could care less about their on-ice play right now.

    It’s disgusting that only two people on this team give a crap to actually stick up for a teammate…and it’s even more disgusting nobody has even ATTEMPTED a big hit…

    And you know who I put this all on? Our freakin Captain…

  126. The most amazing thing about this whole night, is the fact that I haven’t put the Caps-Femguins game on yet.

  127. most of the shots again…….from the circle tonight eh?? noone in front, no close in shots… grrrrrrrrrrr bad game

    averys got testicular fortitude. too bad he didnt clobber that assclowns face off

  128. Can someone with Twitter write to Voros asking why him and Avery are the only ones with a pair on the team??

  129. Too bad Sat isn’t a home game or else Girardi would be getting booed. I lost alot of respect for him tonight…ALOT

  130. Exactly Carp, Avery does know the deal, and NOBODY else does. BS, someone on the Flyers should have been targeted tonight. Someone needed to run Emery, or take a run and Briere, or someone on their team. I understand two points are on the line, but you know what, make a statement, let them know that if they are going after our best players (Hank, Gabby) that we are going after their best players. I understand going after Carcillo, but I think we needed to after their goalie and go after their top scorers.

  131. Sorry guys. I’ll break my leg or something so I can be in the hospital for Saturday. (Don’t worry. I won’t hurt myself. this is a joke!) So if you are counting, that’s 1 goal while I have been out of the hospital, 14 when in.

    I am glad to see they cared enough to attempt to score with 7 seconds left. eh, you win some, you lose some. Besides, we all considered Philly a powerhouse in the beginning of the season. I think my September 09 self would be happy with a 1-2 record vs the flyers at this point in time. And the Flyers are playing good but they are just like us: Maybe can get a 5 seed and cause some troubles in the playoffs, but pittsburgh, washington, NJ, and the very very very quiet buffalo sabres will easily dispose of them.

  132. Hope they stick with Torts’ press conference. He should get fined tonight, no problem.

    Maloney, I guarantee, is disgusted with the reaction to the Gaborik incident.

  133. NASTY GETS IT!! how does NOONE ON THAT TEAM get it????

    nasty, slatipus needs to send you a contract pronto

  134. Who else has lost respect for Girardi? What a joke…didn’t jump in for Gabby…passed up 2 opportunities to take out Carcillo…lays on the ground like a baby after Betts taps him into the boards…

  135. “poor giradi..hope hes ok”

    Not me, i hope he’s mentally and physically hurt.

    Im done with the guy. I was done with Dredden after he let Laperriere help double team Dubi, and do nothing aboot it, and im done with Danny G after he lets his star player get beat up by a goon.

    This is pure Rangers hockey. I fuggin hate it. We’re the only team in the league that allows this BS.

    And Dubi looked like an idiot, he’s screaming his ass off like a tough guy, and he doesn’t do a single thing, i didn’t want to think he was that kind of player.

    I cant stand these losers, how can you allowed yourself to get bullied ? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  136. ed truck i hope you’re joking……that was a disgrace by most of the nyr chickens, giardi is #1…..

  137. Screw Carcillo, when someone targets your best players, you MUST go tit for tat. Simple as that.

  138. I don’t even blame Carcillo..he’s doing what he always does…but its up for the Rangers players to do something about it and they Didn’t!!!!

  139. well its nights like this i wish they took a bus and not a plane. im off for the night (maybe).


  141. “Screw Carcillo, when someone targets your best players, you MUST go tit for tat. Simple as that”

    Then you kidnap their cat, and stuff him in a hat, and give him to an old lady married to a guy named Pat.

    Ugh oh, Dreary post game reaction, i think im falling…to….sleeee…..zzzzzz

  142. Staal sure was strong on those 2 goals huh! let the first one have 2 shots while staring at him, and was to soft in the crease on the 2nd one. but he did have a couple of really good poke checks.

  143. is that seriously what he said???? because if it is.. he needs the C taken off his chest right now! I will effin do it myself!!!!!!!!

  144. No, you give Carcillo credit, even though he crossed the tough-guy line, broke the creed. So what? He beat up the Rangers’ best player and got away with it.

  145. was anyone more scared on the ice tonight than Anisimov. time to send him down to get some confidence. no more Christensen, please.

  146. I wonder if Dury will even flinch, or say OUCH, if you stick a hot branding iron in his cheek. The guy is LIFELESS!

  147. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hi Ranger Fans! We really took it to those Flyers, Didn’t we?

    I want to introduce you to the Rangers new Head of Scouting, Mr. Elmer Fudd. Elmer, what is the status of our scouting for 2010?

    Well Gwen, I think we have a weawwy good chance of dwafting a top wookie in the fiwst wound of the dwaft. We awso pwan to be at the Owimpics to take a wong wook at all the teams- Canada, of couwse, Swedes, Amewicans Wussians, Swovaks, Czech Wepubwic, even Finwand would be intewesting.

    Uh, that’s it?

    Shhhh, I’m scouting wabbits…

    I’m sorry about that acquisition fans, but Fudd was Messier’s choice. They’re even starting to look alike, bald and fat! Mess! I don’t understand, I taught you everything I know, and you’re still stupid!

    Speaking of wabb.. er.. Rabbits, No Brashear again tonight? In Philly? We needed some Brash bash for all that cash tonight! Brash, you’ve got fresh legs, run down and see if they have any Tastycakes. For some reason I’ve been thinking about them a lot. Take Drury with you. He’s the captain; maybe he can lead you there. You’ll have to show him the way back though.

    Some idiot left his car in my parking spot at MSG. I flattened all the tires and had it towed before we left New York. Who in their right mind would buy a used 33-year-old Clutchmobile?

    Well, I’ll see you all in Montreal, Come on Muck! Get the lead out. Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?

    Glen Savior

  148. Did anyone see the Washington game the other night when Ovie had dropped his gloves and was about to fight, but as soon as the fight was about to start a washing player hauled his behind and stepped right in front of Ovie and took care of business. That is EXACTLY what Girardi should have done tonight. I don’t even care if he got a third man in. You DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

  149. Something has got to be said about when thugs like Carcillo try to fight with players such as Gaborik, HELLO GIRARDI! Your teammate is getting mugged.

  150. I can’t wait to hear what Torts says…if this was at the Garden…fans would be SOOOO pissed…wow…I lost so much respect for Girardi tonight…and once again, Avery is the only one to do what they are supposed to, and Voros also

  151. WPIX is doing those “Same fire, same desire” promos for tomorrow’s game. Last time they did it during the Ottawa game, for the St. Louis game. That worked out well.

  152. What does this tell the Flyers for next time they play? They are going to have our number ALL year

  153. ThisYearsModel on

    Girardi should be benched for not coming to Gaborik’s aid. This entire team is gutless. The Flyers are laughing at them. Letting their franchise player get beaten up by a goon. Inexcusable.


  155. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on


  156. definitely kiddin bklynblue. he really ticked me off tonite.
    we need tough d-men not wallflowers. staal is a pansy too and should be traded in any big deal. he can be replaced.

  157. wow, i am glad i am not seeing this post game show. how dare any of them sit there and say anything was disrespectful.

    THEY WERE DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! Bread and Butter number 2 getting clobbered by a president of white trash central county and Girardi standing there with his thumb up his arse……didnt even move! Dubi being held up by 2 flyers and noone went over…

  158. Heck if I was in the stand and when that thug grabbed gaborik, I would of jumped over the glass and jumped Carcillo.

    Bottomline: Girardi deserves to get booed for not stepping in.

  159. nothing but a disappointment once again.
    that the Rangers dont even CHALLENGE ONE OF THEIR STAR PLAYERS completely defies ALL LOGIC.

    Eye for an Eye>?>

    Pathetic. I am truly embarrassed right now that nobody took a shot at Gagne, Briere, or even Carter.

  160. I’ve never been to a professional training camp, but I’m pretty sure the first thing that happened this year at camp was that everyone on the team got castrated.

  161. Anyone hear Carcillo post game?

    He said “Yeah, I don’t know who’s on that line that would be able to help him”

    Someone fire Glen Sather for assembling a team full of wimps.

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOO GIRARDI!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This games makes me wanna vomit.

    To see Gaborik get “punched out” was sick….We couldnt do ANYTHING to score or muster any bloody shots!!!

    Pussies are:


    Dump ’em all for all I care.

  163. yeah nasty, i mentioned that incident earlier. bunch of wussies. I literally crapped out a lung during that sather wrap up. by far far far far the best one ever. elmer fudd. haha

  164. Honestly guys. I don’t know why anyone is surprised! This is how this team has always been. They rarely stand up for their star players.

    I think the worst point is that the rangers penalty kill is pretty good. They should have taken a damn 10 minute penalty to defend gabby. My new gabby jersey hurts.. sadface.

  165. leave Staal alone, he is to important to the team to fight, you know being a shut down Dman and all. you will all eventually realize what Staal is, a soft, finesse, average Dman.

  166. Classy guy Torts by giving the Flyers credit.

    “there’s no honor in going after Gaborik… “

  167. Torts wants to kill someone right now. I can see it in his eyes. After the Carcillo comment was told to him, he wants to eat someone’s heart.

  168. bklyn.. that would be awesome. every estrogen pumping one of them that did nothing tonight should have to wear effin skirts for the next 2 damned days. How in the holy hell do you let your 2 meal tickets get hammered? And only Aves and Voros do anything. I thought dubinsky was gonna be a man on fire when he got out of the box, and he pretty much did nothing for the rest of the game! girardi needs to go. bring up one of the hartford kids, ready or not, and get girardi out of here.

  169. Carp,
    I’m boiling same old NYR in Philly, just reading the boards a hour after you said it. there was a scrum right after the Gabby mugging and Higgins who’s not big is standing next to Briere,WELL do we have to draw you a picture, you grab him, try him up, and then pummel him SIMPLE. Higgins isn’t the only gutless wonder we have but God knows he can;t hit the ocean from the beach and we got fans who want to sign him to a 2 yr deal! Contribute some way Please!

  170. Reporter just said “Carcillo was licking his chops to get after Gaborik”

    Torts replied in a VERY sarcastic way “Wonderful…. what guy he is”


  171. All –

    Say whatever you want about Larry Brooks, but he is without a doubt the only writer in NYC with the nad’s to stand up to Torts.

  172. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    I wish someone would’ve asked how he felt about his guys doing NOTHING about Gaborik

    Can’t wait to read Brooks tomorrow

  173. He didn’t curse. He didn’t scream. He was just sarcastic. He won’t be fined. That was hilarious! I spit up my Arnold Palmer with the bus stop comment.

  174. Fined for what? He didnt curse.

    “Have you ever fought?”
    “Yes… you wanna fight me”


  175. They should have kept airing the press conference, because it sure was going to end with some fireworks.

    NYRanger4, what about yours truly?

    Now I have to go back and read what Larry wrote about Redden’s fight, unless one of you guys remembers.

  176. Torts has so much balls, he needs to give some to his players, cause they clearly don’t have any.

    Brooks is a piece of carp, someone needs to steal his car, it’s a little obvious what he’s doing. He was pretty much begging Torts to punch his face.

    Seriously Brooks looks like an Steven King, an Ewok, and ET’s love child. Just a flat out ugly mug on that guy.

  177. Give Brooks some credit. His question was: Should somebody have taken a third-man in penalty? And the answer should have been yes. Torts went soft.

  178. ugggg. When is the next philly- rangers game? I probably won’t be able to hear the end of this since I live in philly. Worst, on top of that everyone keeps reminding me that pitchers and catchers report soon.

    For anyone living in another part of the country other than nyc, are you bothered at all by sports fans of that area?

  179. Orr

    That’s why I didnt know it was him. That pic they have of him in the post must be from 20 years ago LOL

  180. I agree Carp. I said that above. In that situation you HAVE to take the 3rd man penalty. You MUST! They need to fire Sullivan and hire John Kreese as the assistant coach. Nobody would push us around then.

  181. That was awesome.

    And guys did stand up for Gabby. They never had a chance to go at Carcillo because he’s a little punk. The fact is it was 1-0 at that point. You can’t take a dumb penalty trying to pay back someone when you need the points.

    About the game, the Flyers lulled the Rangers to sleep. They got a quick goal and then just dropped back and made the Rangers dump and chase. It was a boring game. Rangers didn’t play great by any means, but this isn’t going to happen on most nights.

  182. I agree Carp. When challenged about his team, it seems Torts doesn’t like facing the music.

  183. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    What did Brooks even say to initiate that response from Torts, all of a sudden it seemed like he just snapped on him

  184. brooks may be an ugly bastard, but he is the only one who calls out sather, redden, rosi and drury on a daily basis. it’s one thing for torts to play redden, but defending him? torts is acting too much like renney for my liking

  185. Carp at that point in the game though, you give up the powerplay. It would’ve been a 4 minute Flyers powerplay. They needed the points.

    The only thing I’m disappointed about is that in the 3rd period, guys didn’t go wild at the end to go after the Flyers players. That’s all. In the 2nd period, I can’t complain since we needed the 2 points in this key game.

  186. Was Brooks the one who said that comment about Carcillo licking his chops at getting at Gaborik? Because if he did, Torts was sarcastic about Carcillo. He called Brooks out about making fun of Redden and then didnt want to answer any more questions from him.

  187. I agree with not calling out your players during the press conference, but Torts has to agree with someone needing to take a 3rd man in penalty there. I tell you what, if Girardi stands in there and even gets pounded himself there, I A. Have a lot more respect for him, and B. Don’t even care so much about the loss. The Flyers didn’t look great tonight. It was really a 1 goal game. A loss is a loss though.

  188. been a awhile since i chimed in.

    brooks is great for battling with torts.

    also i just woke up from that dream of scoring 14 goals in our last 2 gms.

    back to reality tonight.

    we miss the playoffs with this current roster right now

  189. I’m sure Torts agreed with him there Carp, you can’t let your star get pushed around like that. However, i assume torts didn’t want to hear anymore crap from Brooks (god knows they’re best friends)

  190. Jonny, you cannot let your best player get beat up by a goon, even if you lose 115-0. And they didn’t even get a PP out of it, did they?

    At the end of the game, it’s too late. If you instigate at the end of the game, you’re suspended. Somebody has to jump in immediately. The next best thing is you go after their skill guys (as Avery did).

    new post.

  191. ThisYearsModel on

    I just e-mailed a WTG to Brooks. he is not afraid of holding Sather and Torts accountable.

  192. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    I guess he just didn’t answer any questions from the start because of that comment on Redden lol

    I love how MSG showed it all too

  193. so what does a coach do in this situation? Honestly, I am asking older guys since I grew up with the rangers suckfest from 98 to 2005ish, so what does a good coach do here? Freak out? Make all of his players uncomfortable? Send everyone to the minors?

  194. NYRGuy says Girardi is a Joke on

    I love how Brooks looked at a guy in the media who laughed like he was going to do something lol

  195. I think Torts got pissed cause he knows Brooks was just trying to get him pissed off. Im sure if Sam, or someone else said that he wouldn’t have reacted like that.

    Torts really hates the guy.

    That school bus comment was beyond hilarious though. Definitely the highlight of the night. I laughed so hard i thought i peed, but i realized i laughed so hard that i was spilling my drink all over my pants.

    This team still sucks though, they can all go to hell.

  196. Is there anyway the video of Torts and Brooks will end up on youtube or My brother did not see it and I told him he had to see it, haha. Hopefully someone can put it on youtube, that was a classic. I was surprised we did not get a Brooksie though, I was disappointed.

  197. I was on the phone during the press conference and was watching it with closed captions, and they did not do the exchange justice. If anyone has any links to video please post!

    It’s crazy how Torts acts tough in the post game yet puts out a team full of figure skaters. Really pathetic.

  198. Only saw the third and the postgame so I missed the Carcillo punking of Gaborik. From what I saw on the highlights, Carcillo should have been put into hospital for going after Gabby like that. Uncalled for and unacceptable for the rest of the guys on the ice to let it happen to their best offensive player. What the hell was Girardi doing at the end there? Painting his nails? Get your ass over there and punch Carcillo’s lights out.

    The whole team looked bored in the third, like they’d rather be anywhere else. Where was the fire? Where was the team stood up for itself and fought for every inch of ice the past two nights? But at least they’ll sleep well tonight knowing they gave the Flyers something to think about (insert sarcasm).

    This team is so jeykell and hyde it’s frightening.

    Torts post-game- just wow. Good question from Brooks, so what was Torts problem with the queston. It was almost like Torts had decided beforehand to pick a fight with Brooks, to make some sort of weird personal point. Torts seems to do this after every loss, like he’s avoiding questions that might arise out of his decisons and the way he handles his team. Just answer the damn question, Torts and stop hiding behind your personal vendettas.

    I hope Gaborik bitches his teammates out after this one. Hank’s had his session, it’s time for Marian to do the same.

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