R.I.P. John Halligan


The first time I walked into the Garden pressroom in 1978, I was welcomed by John and Janet Halligan, the team’s public relations directors and one of the most happily-married couples I’ve ever known. I was this 20-something, bearded, long-haired, cigarette-smoking nobody in bad clothes, and yet John and Janet treated me as if I were the No. 1 columnist from the New York Times. Always did. Always treated everybody that way.

Today, one of my favorite people in hockey is gone. John Halligan, the foremost historian on the Rangers, and an author who just released a book about which he was beaming, 100 Ranger Greats, passed away in his sleep last night.

The first obituary I’ve seen is on that book’s blogsite. You can see it here.


I will get back to blogging about your heroes, and last night’s game, later on.

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  1. Oh SNAP! I was carped. I feel like a real member of the family now :)


    RIP John Halligan

    Let’s hope this year is much better than 2009 in regards to people dying, the disaster in Haiti notwithstanding.

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    RIP Mr.Halligan, thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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    ROFLMFAO @ RYAN MIRRER, the goalie….

    that is hilarious

  4. RIP John, thanks for giving the young renegade Carp a warm reception into the journalistic world of the Rangers.

  5. Some early math for the Rangers and the playoffs:

    Since their low point of the season where they fell to two games below .500 at 14-16-3 (after a 2-1 loss to the Isles), they’ve gone 10-3-4, capturing 24 of 34 points, or 70.5% of available points. That’s a full season’s worth of 115 point season. Post lockout in the East it has generally taken 92-94 points to make the playoffs. The Rangers currently have 55 with a total of 64 remaining. Let’s say they need at least 93 points to make it, 38 more the rest of the way. That’s just under 60% of the remaining points they need to win. They’ve currently won 55% of their available points (55 of 100). So they have to keep it up the rest of the stretch into the break and hopefully they’re not too rusty after the break.

    It could be possible they need less as the East is very weak this year but they need to at least put up records like 5-3-2 over 10 game segments.

  6. I agree, Voros DOES get it. He isn’t the most talented player, but he plays with emotion, and is willing to stick up for his teammates. I’ve been surprised pretty much all season that Torts hasn’t dressed him that much. Makes you wonder if there is pressure on Torts from above to play Brashear instead.

  7. TheMessiah94
    Agreed, this guy will do anything and always plays with passion. Does he take boneheaded penalties…yes. But they all do so I say pay B-hole to stay in the pressbox and play voros

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    I love the pressure from above.. “yea lets play a guy who bring nothing to the table because I (Sather) decided to give him a 2.8 million dollar 2 year contract. so what if he totally sucks, Tortarella will play him because I have to save face.”

    blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I am not saying Voros is the 2nd coming, but he’s an upgrade over Puddin

  9. Sad news, about John. He was at the book signing for 100 Ranger Greats in Oct., along with co-authors Russ Cohen and Adam Raider.

  10. BlueshirtBrawler on

    Sorry to hear about John Halligan, may he rest in peace. He was on all of those 1994 Stanley Cup videos including those on MSG about the Spring of ’94, talking about the frenzy that surrounded the Rangers run in the playoffs that year. He’ll be missed by the MSG family.

  11. I heard an interview with John Halligan right before the book was published. He sounded like he loved what he did, and definitely had some good stories to tell. RIP

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    January 20th, 2010 at 10:37 am
    lmao,these guys are too funny:

    seanaverydotcom Someone should tell AV that everyone wakes up sore……..
    14 minutes ago from UberTwitter


    JonnyD, well said. We all clown on him, but like Nasty said in preseason, everyone gets a clean slate. So Voros got his clean slate here. We still joke on him, but a lot of us noticed he made some improvements during the offseason and now that he’s played 2 games in a row over Brastrap, he’s done some good things. Plus I love his quotes from the previous thread, how he said he LOVES being a Ranger, and will do whatever it takes. Aaron Voros gets it.

  13. Oh, he could tell stories. I think that’s why he was so happy with his latest book.

    He was also front and center when the great Bill Chadwick died in 2009, writing and telling Big Whistle stories to anybody who would listen.

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    just realized i was carped from the previous thread! ILB, i am comfortably in the lead by 3!!

  15. BTW, another guy other than Voros that doesn’t get much love but has probably been one of the Rangers best forwards for over a month is Brian Boyle.

    I watched him grow at BC and to be honest, I never thought he was anything that special. I knew he got points, but he seemed like he was destined to be a 4th line goon that couldn’t skate and would just throw down and play cheap in the NHL. Boy was I wrong. The Kings turned him into a legitimate NHL center that does have offensive upside. He’s 6’7″, has become a great skater for his size, and is learning to use his strength and size to protect the puck and go right around defenders.

    He’s getting scoring chances but getting a bit unlucky. He definitely has great hands though and showed that last night on the breakaway (minus hitting the post). I love Blair Betts, but overall Boyle is an upgrade.

  16. I have no problem with Aves being on that line either. As long as they get a normal shift, then keep that line together. I think Aves is more than a fourth line player, but on that line, the 3 players compliment each other very well. I have liked Lisin’s game of late as well. I say keep this line together until something goes stale. I don’t want to see the donald in the lineup tomorrow night just because “We are playing Philly and need some more grit and jam.”

    Carp, I am very sorry to hear of your friend’s passing.

  17. Sorry to hear about Halligan. Carp, it sounds like he made an impact on your professional development too. Sorry, you lost your friend.

  18. I’m reading that book right now…it’s really good, and it’s definitely helping me brush up on my Ranger history

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    Carp, your story above just goes to prove that its how someone makes you feel, that can have a big impact on you. The first day you met Mr. Halligan, it didnt matter to him who you were, you are a person first and he made you feel welcomed and comfortable. He treated you with kindness and respect. He will be truly missed in the Rangers family, in the NHL family, and for everyone he knew.

    My man and I were having a conversation the other day and I said to him, you never know, during all the interactions you have with people during a day, that the ONE smile or kind word you give to someone can truly change their day, or their life. We don’t know whats going on in other peoples heads, but if you show them a little bit of kindness, it can prevent them from doing something stupid, or it can just really cheer them up.

    People step up in times of crisis, but just imagine how incredible it would be if everyone acted kindly and compassionately in regular day to day dealings with others. Just a smile or a nice word can go a loooong way for some.

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    Thanks Tony, and i just want you long time boneheads to know that YOU’VE done that for me! Youse guys are all special to me, and I swear I wish you were all here so I could give all of yas a BIGBRASHBEARHUG!!

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    see, i can put away the snarky comments when the time is right!!! But i truly do believe that, and i love youse guys for takin me in to this bizarro family last year!

  22. excellent posts by everyone.
    i wish i had nhl network @ work.
    anyone know if there is a stream somewhere?
    the one on atdhe isnt working

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    lmao!!!! I’m not as flimsy!!

  24. RIP Mr. Halligan. You devotion to our beloved team will be missed!

    Rick, I’m truly sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

    excellent post!!! POST OF THE WEEK!!!! Thank you for those words of true wisdom!!!

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    Mako, the check is in the mail ;-)

    ok kids, play nice amongst yourselves! I have errands to run, and Cartridge World waits for noone!!!

  26. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    best wishes to you and the halligan family at this time!!!

    So, not everyone here has ragged voros, i have said all along he is way valuable to this team and one helluva a teammate. He should have been in the line up all season, has more heart and courage than 90% of the other guys on this team!

    on a funny note, has anyone seen the movie hangin with the homeboys?? When i see voros’ tweets about him going to eat with aves, gabby, and hank, i always crack up because i see the other three guys going “he has to come, he has the only car”!!!! I kid, I kid!!! Love the voros!!!

  27. John H. was there when I got hooked in the 60’s. R I P. I have read some postings that Dubie is not well liked in the dressing room. I DONT CARE. Dreary is appearently liked and we see what we get from Capt. Comotose. Dubie finally “get’s it”. Puts himself in front of the net and keeps his stick on the ice. Also Voros is better than Huggy Bear (Mullah Omar) and with Susan Boyle who needs the Afgani Warlord. Let him entertain the fans in Hartfoord.

  28. Rick,
    I’m incredibly shocked and saddened by this news. I had just spoken with John last week. He was going to reach out to the Rangers to get me a photo pass for one last time (as he and Janet had do many times for me back when I worked for you in the late ’70s). Truly one of most generous and wonderful human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My thoughts are with you, and my heart goes out to Janet and their entire family…

  29. Charlie Garcia on

    I had the pleasure of going to school..Fordham with John. We drank a lot of beer and remember him as a sincerly genuine person was all about being real and nice to others and being a happy person. John loved his hockey and made a life out of it and from it. He gave as much to it as he ook from it. He was a great man. Our deepest condolences to Janet, what a great loss, so suddenly. He had so much more to give. We will miss you John Halligan. Charlie Garcia

  30. I knew both John and Janet Halligan when I worked in the MSG mailroom back in ’69-’70. What an absolutely wonderful guy he was (and still is).

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