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From the Rangers:

January 19, 2010 – New York Rangers 8, Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (Game #50, Home #27)
·         The Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning, 8-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden, marking the first time New York tallied six-or-more goals in back-to-back games since the 2006-07 season (Mar. 31 at Philadelphia, 6-4; Apr. 1 vs. Toronto, 7-2); the last time the Blueshirts notched six-or-more goals in back-to-back home games was Nov. 12, 2003 vs. Pittsburgh (6-2) and Nov. 23, 2003 vs. Ottawa (6-2).
·         New York have now posted a record of 24-19-7 (55 pts.) overall and 12-11-4 (28 pts.) at home this season; the Rangers have now tallied a point in 14 of their last 17 games (10-3-4).
·         New York notched three goals in the opening frame tonight, marking the third straight period the Rangers tallied three goals in a period following three-goal performances in the second and third periods of Sunday’s 6-2 win vs. Montreal; it is the first time since the 1998-99 season the Rangers accomplished the feat (third period of a 6-6 tie on Nov. 17 at Toronto and all three periods of a 10-2 win on Nov. 10 at Tampa Bay). *Statistic courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau
·         The Rangers had eight different goal scorers and 16 different players register at least one point; the last time the Rangers had eight players score a goal in one game was a 10-5 win on Dec. 13, 1992 vs. Montreal;  New York’s 16 players with at least one point ties the franchise record for a single game, accomplished twice before – Oct. 25, 1984 at New Jersey (W, 11-2) and Feb. 17, 1985 vs. the NY Islanders (W, 9-3). *Statistic courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau
·         The Blueshirts converted two of four power play opportunities (3:56), and are now three of nine (33.3%) with the man advantage in the last two games.
·         Marian Gaborik tied his career-high with four assists (last – Oct. 26, 2002 at Phoenix), and registered four hits and a plus-three rating; the four assists also mark a team season-high, and is the most recorded by a Ranger since Jaromir Jagr tallied four assists on Feb. 17, 2008 vs. Montreal.
·         Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, Vinny Prospal, and Christopher Higgins each registered one goal and one assist apiece, and Matt Gilroy recorded two assists; Dubinsky also posted a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, and Gilroy’s two assists marked his first career multi-point effort.
·         Henrik Lundqvist made 21 saves to improve his record to 22-15-6 on the season; he has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 18 of his last 21 games, posting an 11-5-5 mark, 1.77 goals against average and .941 save percentage over the span.
·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, Jan. 21, at the Wachovia Center (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division rivals; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
Henrik Lundqvist on the team crashing the net for goals… “We’ve been working on it for weeks now.  That’s how you score goals; it’s in front of the net, in the blue, you just have to battle.  It’s not often when you beat a goalie one-on-one, you have a clear shot.  A lot of times, its deflections in front, it’s rebounds.  And when you start getting those goals, then you start making nice plays too.  The last few games we’ve been doing a good job of coming in front and creating opportunities for rebounds.” 

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky is our leader!!! " … says Greg L. on

    3rd …sigh ( hard to be humble , when Im perfect in every wayyy!!!!!)

  2. Good job, ZzZz,

    For those just joining us, Uncle Glennie’s and Captain Clutch’s post-game updates are in the earlier post. They are priceless, as usual. Worth the scroll.

  3. now i want to see what happened tonight, happen to the flyers this thursday and then against the canes next wednesday, only because im going to the game next wednesday and it would be nice to see an excellent game.

  4. Clutch re-post for Carp! What a leader!


    Guess what? Captain Clutch has a FEVER! And the only prescription…is more CLUTCH GOALS!

    Ha-Ha! Captain Clutch loves that skit! I watch it all the time on my iPod Clutch! Especially during intermissions, when that hothead Torts is ranting about needing more jam, or peanut butter, or whatever he yells about!

    As for tonight’s win, the key was obviously Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH game-winning goal! What a winner! SUPER CLUTCH!!! Captain Clutch scoring the game-winner in a blowout, where I’m from (Trumbull) they call that the Chris Drury Special! Ha-Ha! That’s also 2 games in a row with a goal! Captain Clutch is on another hot streak!!! And what about the quote earlier by hockey historian Rick Carpiniello: “These past few games, Chris Drury is skating faster than any Ranger I’ve ever seen, including Pavel Bure, his contract is a steal”…thanks Carp!

    Time for Captain Clutch to update my “Best 4th Line Center In The NHL” standings!

    1. Chris Drury: 45 games played, 8 goals!
    2. Blair Betts: 29 games played, only 6 goals :(

    Take that Bettsie!!! Who said Captain Clutch was overpaid???

    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  5. give Voros the “C”!

    Voros has been effective since he was put back in the line-up…but the problem is that it makes uncle Glennie look bad because Donald “who you calling a duck?” Brashear was brought in to do the job Voros does and does it pretty well…so look for Voros to be prucha’d again very soon…

  6. EddieJ (Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love This Team?) on

    Ahh, we’ll all be able to sleep well tonight. Another great job by our heroes. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

  7. the next move that needs to made is to send Anisimov to Hartford to get his confidence back. right now he is floundering. bring up Dupont to center the 4th line, and have Boyle center the 3rd line. just for a couple of weeks, much like they did with Cali 2 years ago.

  8. Based on that performance last night Donald can Duck Off. I thought at the start of the season it would be useful having Brashear there to offer a deterrent for the opposition to go after Gabby, its obvious now that Voros, Avery and the “team toughness” that has kicked in this week is enough.

    Aren’t we forced to pay Brashear and suffer the cap hit regardless of where he plays, due to the CBA over 35 rules?

  9. The other thing that is obvious from last night is that i’d take a Cally and Dubi over 10 Vinny L’s – christ i’d take a Drury over Vinny L right now!

    Slats, if you’re going to trade anyone it needs to be Roszi, Kotalik or Donald Duck, maybe Higgy too.

  10. Happy Hockey Morning all!

    Still can’t believe they put up an 8 spot last night. That game and hanging with all of you during in it was most excellent. The boys just need to bring that kinda energy and toughness into Philly on Thursday.

    Keep the train going…

  11. ” the “team toughness” that has kicked in this week is enough.”
    Makes you wonder where that toughness has been all season.

    Before, they were doing the Chico & Harpo Marx routine – get tough with this guy, now get tough with the other guy, now get tough with both guys (I forget which movie that was in).

  12. We suffered through the game last night with only updates on the iPhone. Damn directv and versus. I can’t even express the frustration of missing an eight goal game. And to top it off, we had no satellite signal this morning so I had to go out and throw a hockey stick at the dish to knock the snow off it before I could even see highlights!

    And regarding the casting for the rangers movie, Paul Reubens as Joe “brokeback” Micheletti?

  13. What upside Dubie has!!! The famous Gordy Howe hat trick! He does everything but sell popcorn in the stands. And at $5 Glen (Bernie) is making a fortune. Rip that C off Dreary’s jersey and give it to our true leader. He can lead us to the promised land.

  14. My office blocks Facebook/Twitter. If Voros has updated his Twitter recently, can somebody please post it? I’m a huge fan of his misuse of quotation marks.

    ie: I’ll be having “penne” with “tomato sauce” for “dinner” tonight.

  15. That’s it! I think it’s time for an action. Carp needs to have a serious conversation with mr Brooks. This time he took a “rollover minutes” quote from RR. The one that we’ve been using since Sunday. Anybody with law degree? Start the paperwork!

  16. Good Morning all
    The last couple of games have been a treat to watch. The Habs, and the Lightning each scored two goals. Typically
    If the Rangers got scored on twice they lost. I said this before, we would be crazy to think this will continue. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

  17. lmao @ Staal

    I really like the Boyle, Voros, Avery line. All 3 can get in deep and drive the opposing D nuts when they get their forecheck going. Each brings something to table- Avery with his speed, Boyle with his big body (that it looks like he’s finally gotten the hang of using it properly) and Voros with his willingness to do anything asked of him.

    Torts need to resist the temptation to change the lines up as all three are clicking.

  18. i don’t know if this was asked before. but, if brashear retires (ala naslund) does the cap hit come off or is it different because of age? naslund was 34.

  19. I don’t mean to rain on our parade, but this situation in Haiti is larger than hockey and it’s getting worse.. The number of people dying each day is staggering. The infrastructure that was poor to begin with totally crumbled. Help is difficult to deliver. People with skills that can be vital can not get into Haiti to help. I can also tell from personal experience that people whith those skills can not get there because of incredible effing bureaucracy of our own country. But don’t get me started…

    Please, please anybody who can give anything: Unicefusa, World food programme, Direct relief, there are many more.

  20. I dont know if anyone heard yet but former Ranger PR man and author John Halligan passed away early this morning. He just recently co-authored 100 Ranger Greats. He was a expert on the history of the NY Rangers.I have no other details as to what happened. RIP John.

  21. nyr13, I think his cap hit stays even if he retires because he signed after he turned 35. Could be wrong though.

  22. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hmm two wins in a row and 14 goals scored in that time span

    My coffee does taste like it was picked from the mountinas of columbia this morning!!

    Philly will be a test, but again there goaltending is suspect so we should keep on doing what were doing. CRASH THE NET

    And If I was Torts, Kotalik isnt seeing the ice until we lose, and Brashear is sitting until April.

    And Kudos to Voros, I’ve always been hard on the guy but he played a hell of a game last night.And hopefully has bumped Old Man Brash from the line-up for the forseeable future

    And Kudos to Torts too, putting Boyle, Voros and Avery on the late powerplay. That is a classy move. AND they got a goal.


  23. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    good morning hockey fans! AAAAAAAAAH another glorious rest after a great win, and now i have to try all day to get in touch with a PERSON at the unemployment office because I got a severance check and have to see what to do. Anyway…

    Here’s Voros’ latest tweet:

    Voros34 Woke up a little sore, Poured myself a glass of “Mona Vie” all natural health drink, and a bowl of raisin bran.. packin for philly and mont.


    lmao! I’m gonna go write that I’m having cheerios and 2% milk ;-)

    STAAL,how is your finger????

  24. Carp,

    I know Lundqvist kind of touched on it, but did you ask Torts or any of the players if they noticed that they were actually shooting less, making passes across ice, and getting shots from the slot?

    Like I said last week, the team was shooting from terrible angles with no traffic and thats why they weren’t scoring. Now all of their goals have come off either cross ice passes (to move the goalie) and/or shots from inside the faceoff dots. I’m not genius and it’s not rocket science, I’m just not sure why they are doing it now when before they didn’t know why they weren’t scoring.

    I love watching them make the pretty passes and moves and crashing the net to create room in the slot. This team can be extremely good when they skate hard…it’s just a matter of actually skating hard and doing it consistently.

  25. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    “My coffee does taste like it was picked from the mountinas of columbia this morning!!”

    Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills COFFEE!
    Thanks for my laugh of the morning RealMikey

  26. MikeyNJ – I think a lot of us have been hard on Voros because of how much of a surprise he was to start the year last year. Then he took a few stupid penalties, got demoted, and we all kind of hated him.

    The fact is you have to love the Voros story. Guy almost lost his leg, let alone his hockey career. And sure he’s not the most skilled player, but nobody can deny that he is probably the hardest working player on the team and maybe one of the harder workers in the league. He cares, he wants to win, and he does whatever it takes to help his team out. Similar to Avery, Torts has to watch him sometimes, like when he takes dumb penalties, but when he’s on his game, he’s an effective player emotionally.

  27. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    from ZIPS twitter:

    stevezipay Another good man gone. John Halligan, former Rangers public relations man, team historian and author


  28. Good morning all! Can’t believe what I’ve seen the last 2 games. Who are these guys?!?

    Let’s just keep it going in Philly!

  29. Latest Voros tweet:

    Woke up a little sore, Poured myself a glass of “Mona Vie” all natural health drink, and a bowl of raisin bran.. packin for philly and mont.

  30. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao,these guys are too funny:

    seanaverydotcom Someone should tell AV that everyone wakes up sore……..
    14 minutes ago from UberTwitter


    JonnyD, well said. We all clown on him, but like Nasty said in preseason, everyone gets a clean slate. So Voros got his clean slate here. We still joke on him, but a lot of us noticed he made some improvements during the offseason and now that he’s played 2 games in a row over Brastrap, he’s done some good things. Plus I love his quotes from the previous thread, how he said he LOVES being a Ranger, and will do whatever it takes. Aaron Voros gets it.

  31. RIP John Halligan

    Let’s hope this year is much better than 2009 in regards to people dying, the disaster in Haiti notwithstanding.

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