Rangers on a roll (updated)


Honest to God, yesterday before going to the Garden I was throwing a bunch of old Sports Illustrateds into the recycling bin when, completely randomly, a page opened to a tiny photo of Aaron Voros. In a little blurb, SI was touting an upcoming Rangers-Penguins game and talking about how Voros had led the Rangers to a 6-1-1 start, their best in years, at the start of the 2008-09 season. Imagine, promo-ing Voros, and not Crosby or Malkin, for a Pens-Rangers game?! What in Holy Hell?

Then Voros goes out and helps lead the Rangers to an 8-2 win over Tampa Bay last night.

He was a big part of my column in The Journal News and LoHud.com today.

Just a couple of quick thoughts:

1) Christopher Higgins, I thought, played his best game as a Ranger. Fabulous away from the puck, and he scored goal No. 8. No matter how good he’s been, and he has been, he’s going to cost himself a lot of money if he doesn’t start scoring a bunch of goals these last 32 games.

2) Is it just me, or has the Captain suddenly re-gained his skating legs? He looks a step faster these last few games.

3) I’ve always thought that hockey players were the most confidence-fragile of all athletes. I wonder why that is. But when they have it, it grows, and you can see it. When they don’t, it plummets, and you can see that, too. Right now, the Rangers have it.


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NHL Network will broadcast the CHL/NHL Top Prospects game tonight at 7 p.m. The top-rated prospects for the 2010 draft will play, including Tyler Hall, Tyler Seguin and Cam Fowler. Last year’s game featured 16 players who went in the first round of the 2009 draft.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 4:33 P.M.: This just in from the NHL.

NEW YORK (January 20, 2010) —
Gary Bettman, commissioner of the National Hockey League, released this statement upon the passing of veteran NHL publicist and historian John Halligan:
“John Halligan cherished the character of the game as much as the characters of the game. He loved the stories of the game and, over his decades in hockey, told those stories with an abiding respect for the history — and humor — so that future generations of fans could enjoy them as much as he did. Even as we mourn his loss, we recall his enduring smile and the sheer delight he derived from the chase of the puck.
The NHL has lost a dear friend. Our sincere condolences to his family.”

And this from the Rangers:

New York, January 20, 2010 – It is with great sadness that the New York Rangers announce the passing of a long time member of the Rangers family, John Halligan.
“John Halligan was an institution with the Rangers, and is as much a part of the tradition and history as any player who has worn the sweater,” stated Glen Sather, President and General Manager.  “His tremendous loyalty and love for the organization and the game of hockey will be greatly missed.”
Halligan joined the staff of the New York Rangers in 1963, and served as the club’s Public Relations Director and Business Manager during his first tenure with the team.  After 20 years with the organization, Halligan left the team in 1983 to join the National Hockey League as Director of Communications.  He returned to the Rangers in 1986 as Vice President of Communications and remained in that capacity until 1989 when he became Director of Community Relations and Special Projects.  He then rejoined the league in 1990 as the Director of Communications for NHL Anniversaries, the group which coordinated the League’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1991 and Stanley Cup centennial in 1993.  Halligan continued his tenure with the National Hockey League as the Director of Special Projects until 2006.
Halligan was a founding member of the Rangers Alumni Association along with Bill Chadwick and Steve Vickers and remained an active member.   In 1993, he was honored by the organization at the New York Rangers Golf Classic for his dedication and service to the Rangers and their alumni.
In his 53 year career as a public relations executive, author, and historian, Halligan earned numerous honors and awards.   He was honored by USA Hockey and the National Hockey League with the prestigious Lester Patrick Award in 2007 for his outstanding service to hockey in the United States.  During his career, he was also recognized by the Public Relations Society of America, the City of New York and the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.  In addition, he served as a member of the selection committee of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.
Halligan authored numerous works, including “Game of My Life: New York Rangers,” “New York Rangers: Seventy-Five Years,” and most recently “100 Ranger Greats: Superstars, Unsung Heroes and Colorful Characters.”
Halligan is survived by his wife Janet.

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  1. I think for the simple reason that Brashear backed away from Carcillo in the last game, that he has no business at all being in the lineup tomorrow night. Voros has earned his spot IMO.

  2. is voros running for captain? too bad he usually can’t sustain it, good luck to him. let brashrear stay out.

  3. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    And update on a shocker…..I was CARPED!!!!!


    best wishes to you and the halligan family at this time!!!

    So, not everyone here has ragged voros, i have said all along he is way valuable to this team and one helluva a teammate. He should have been in the line up all season, has more heart and courage than 90% of the other guys on this team!

    on a funny note, has anyone seen the movie hangin with the homeboys?? When i see voros’ tweets about him going to eat with aves, gabby, and hank, i always crack up because i see the other three guys going “he has to come, he has the only car”!!!! I kid, I kid!!! Love the voros!!!

  4. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    apologies if this has been posted already, but anyone one see the canes stripped the C from rod and gave it to staal?

  5. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    Dubi must have realized last night that he has enough money to get a mani-pedi because he actually got his hands dirty!!!

  6. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    oh, i get it, it’s because I’m french canadian and no one wants to blog with me….OK, FINE (stomps off)!!!!!!!!

  7. Make no mistake, Tampa played a real stinker. They were all over the place, their goaltenders are AHL caliber at best. How many odd man rushes did they give up? But give our boys what they deserve- they took a full advanage of it and picked them apart. Everybody played well. Even Brashear. I like where he is now, he plays better on the bench.

    The foufth line is turning into something that could actually make an impact every game. Who would’ve thought.

    To me, the most important sign is an evolution of our 2 young players- Dubinski and Callahan. They’ve been showing some improvement on consistent basis, but lately they, to quote mr Mandelbaum, picked it up a notch. Dubi is finding where he most likely will make his living at the NHL level- garbage goals within few feet around the net. Boy, did we miss that since Gravy! And Ryan is starting to realize that he may be more versatile than even he thought- he can actually handle the puck well, has some speed and can split the d-men. I hope I’m right about it. Thoughts?

  8. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    my apologies to ilb, who doesn’t judge by province!!!!

  9. carp
    not yet
    i havent “earned it” hahahaha

    on the voros tip
    he sets the mood everywhere he goes
    also he wasnt eating w/ aves last night.

  10. late to the party (a girl’s gotta eat, y’know), but mad props to linda for her earlier post. The most amazing people come into your life during the most difficult times and even if they are only there for a short time, the impact they have will stay with you forever.

  11. Wicky – They didn’t strip it from him, it was a mutual agreement earlier in the year that if the team didn’t turn things around, they would then give the C to Staal. Brind’Amour OK’d it because Rutherford asked him about the idea and he said yes.

    They did it because this season is a wash and Brindy is probably gonna hang em up after this season. So now Staal gets to be the captain before a full NHL campaign.

    Also in regards to Higgins, I have to agree Carp. The guy has talent, just a matter of putting pucks in the net. Although, if he doesn’t score much this year, we can re-sign him for cheap and hope he turns it around next year as we get added cap space.

  12. Dubi needs to play like that every night. He outplayed Lecavalier. I’m not saying he needs to be a superstar, but he needs to at least be doing what he’s done in the last 2 games on a much more consistent basis. Same with Callahan. When he’s skating and forcing things to the middle, he has success offensively. He doesn’t have too many moves or great hands, but he can get garbage goals.

    I personally think over their careers, they are something in the middle of what they were 2 weeks ago and what they’ve shown in the last two games. I said that for awhile and I stick to it. But if they both finish out the season how they’ve played recently, I’ll consider changing my stance on that.

  13. Wow on EStaal getting the Canes C. Good on him. Not surprised since Brind’Amour has been less than a shell of himself this season.

  14. Per Brooksie on Twitter “There has never been either a better or more fun-loving team in the NHL than John and Janet Halligan.”

    Thought that might make you smile Carp.

  15. Huh, didn’t realize Halligan was that young. Makes it even sadder. Sorry to hear that you lost someone who obviously made an impact on your life and career, Carp.

  16. Was it a combo of the Lightning being that bad or the Rangers being that good? The Blueshirts were winning every loose puck. They were skating hard and finishing checks. I saw a lot of hustle. Where the heck did the Rangers go and who are these imposters? Since the 2nd period of Sunday’s game we have 12 goals for and 2 against? Are you kidding?

    Anyway, I try not to get too psyched up when they win or too down low when they lose. This team continues to beat the teams they should beat. That’s good.

    Maybe I will stop right now….

    The games don’t get any easier with 12 in the next 26 days. They need to take 15 points out of a possible 24 to keep pace, IMHO.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  17. Piggins caused the first goal. It wouldn’t have happened if the moron didn’t shove a player INTO HIS OWN GOALIE !

    He may have scored a goal, but it was meaningless. The only good thing he’s done all year is that goal in Boston.

    He’s still worthless to me.

    Piggman, Kotalgeek, and Brashit should all be traded/waived.

    These last two games have been the best games of the season. Just flat out entertaining. That’s all i ask for as a fan. I want effort, and a game that doesn’t put me to sleep. They’ve looked like Renney’s Rangers the last few games.

    And Voros is the man. If he gets scratched again, it’s gonna be Prucha all over again, except with a different player and coach.

  18. Oh and btw, if Kotalik or Brashear sees the ice anytime in the next handful of games, I might go postal…

  19. Carp – since you were right above this, what was going on in the tunnel when Konopka and Malone were tossed from the game? Seemed as though some fans were giving them some lip, but both players were actually going back at the fans.

  20. Higgins actually had 2 goals one for each side, I guess that makes him even for the night. Probably right his best game he’s usually below zero. TB was flat baaad. He did have the biggest goal of the year against the B’s though. Voros-Higgins lack of NHL talent can’t get excited. BTW anybody see Malkin get a hattrick last night and be minus 2 for the night, doesn’t happen often.

  21. ORR …

    I got a trade for you – Apparently, Svatos and Liles are in the dog-house in Colorado.

    Would you trade Rozy and Higgy for Liles and Svatos?? its pretty much even money … Colorado would take on an extra million

  22. Thinking back on the game, I barely heard Redden’s name or saw him in action. He did play, right?

  23. Did anyone else hear that clown on Versus say that Gaborik “isn’t a goal scorer”?? It wasn’t the play by play announcer, it was the other one….ya know, with the thick Boston accent. He then went on to talk about the “Rangers system.” How the heck would you be qualified to talk about the Rangers system if you think that Gaborik isn’t a goal scorer?

    Just when you thought Versus couldn’t get worse enough…

  24. Carp it looked like you were in between the shouting match between the tampa bay player(whose name i dont remember nor can i pronounce) and a fan last night. From the looks of it the fan might have been a little over-served last night.

  25. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Christian, i believe the guy was sayin that he isnt just a goal scorer but also sets up his teammates rather well, i think they were talking about the fact that he had 4 assists.

  26. Versus is real bad on play by play and camera’s but the announcer was praising Gabby on being not “just” a goal scorer. Take the praise and move on. Trade with Col. two thumbs up to get rid of Higgins and Rosi

  27. higgins is the only one you could possibly trade (maybe get a 4th rounder back)

    -can’t waive or trade Kotalik w/out his approval and no one would want him at that salary for the next 2 years

    -no one would want brashear for this year or next and if u waive him his salary still counts against the cap

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  29. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i agree with nasty, liles to NY has been around for a couple of years. I mean liles is better than rozy, but he is no souray, nor is he phaneuf or volchenkov! Not the crease clearer we need. As far as forwards go, i would rather see the team add a holmstrom or backes than svatos (other than the obvious 1st line center). That being said upgrade at D, bit better at forward, 1 mil more in cap space…do it!

  30. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    THAT IS AMAZING!!! (the freecreditreport.com song that is)

  31. Have we discussed Sykora yet (been busy lately, haven’t been on as much)? I thought he was pretty good in his time here, and I remember him getting a few clutch~! goals late in games. He won’t make us a Cup contender, but it could be an improvement over some of our other 3/4th line dead weight, and he should come cheap. And if he finds some magic chemistry with Gabby or someone, then that’s a super bonus.

  32. souray isnt great and is more expensive than roszi, but at least roszi would be gone.

    -if sykora can’t hang in minnesota not sure he is what we need, tho i could see pitt taking another chance on him and putting him with malkin


    The Boneheads are a multi-talented, many faceted, select group of Rangers enthusiasts. Anybody including RR in their resume? Think about it…..

  34. One of the best moves Sather could make right now is to sign Higgins to an extension. The guy is playing very well. He is just starting to score. If I am Glen, sign Higgins to a 2-yr deal while he is dirt cheap. Sather is handcuffed right now. No Cap room. But Higgins can play in all situations, is one of the few guys playing a consistent physical game, and is still pretty young.
    Do it Sather. Keep Higgins.

  35. One of the best moves Sather could make right now is to retire immediately. The guy is managine very poorly. He is just starting to drive us to suicide. If I am Glen, retire now before the next draft and free agency period. Sather is handcuffing us right now. No Cap room. But Sather can smoke cigars in all situations, knows only a few guys to trade with, and is so very very old.
    Do it Sather. Retire.

  36. Voros has earned the right to play over Brashear. Brashear is slow, cumbersome, and no longer can fight.
    I never thought I would miss Colton Orr!

    Besides, Redden is still here and he can fight. :)

  37. No to Sykora. He should go to the team that is contending and needs some secondary scoring. Our young guys is just starting to show what they might be able to do. Don’t start messing with it.

    cwgatti, I’m with you. Even if he doesn’t score 25 per year, Higgins is pretty valuable in other areas. If he is cheap, he should be on the roster.

    Souray is an upgrade over Rozi. Even if he shies away from physical contact at the moment ( that is what the current rumor is ), he is still better on PP. But he can be a very intimidating force on the blueline. And he can really fight. Every third shift, if need to.

  38. cwgatti
    I agree Higgins has been one of their best players for a while now. He hasn’t scored a lot but he has done everything else very well. I think Sather should have a chat with him, try to and keep him.

  39. I don’t think so Linda. He said this early in the 2nd period. He also did not make mention of the fact that he is not “JUST” a goal scorer…he just said it. It was followed by awkward silence, and my buddies looking at each other in disbelief. Later on in the game the play-by-play analyst talked of Gaborik’s obvious scoring ability and Versus also put up stats of his goals in previous years…perhaps as an attempt to make up for the dudes blatant mistake.

  40. i really do

    ive applied @ HTC for the position of Social Media Coordinator

    sometimes companies want you to show that you go on blogs and comment

  41. Here’s a thought:

    Send Redden to Hartford.
    Offer Chelios a minimum deal (say $1mil pro-rated.)
    Chelios is like +20 in the AHL right now (wherever that is)
    Chelios =/> than Redden.
    Therefore, the Redden salary would be a wash, but the NYR gets cap space to make a move. . . . for say Kovulchuk.
    In 2 years, the NYR would buy out Redden anyway, by that time, McDoughnah/ other dman could be ready.

    Thoughts. . . on my thought?

  42. Good afternoon all! So sorry I missed the party here last night! Linda has chastised me for letting real life business keep me from the Report today, so hello and hooray for the boys.

    I’d like a job that’s just titled Social Coordinator. I could so do that.

  43. I agree, Versus is real bad on play by play… but last night we had no audio! That didn’t stop us, we watched the entire game with no sound, and it was still an amazing game.

  44. I want nothing to do with Chelios. Wade wasn’t really noticable last night because he played well. He was joining the rush a bit, making a few plays with the stick and making some solid passes. I still think he should be sent packing to Hartford, but at least he’s shown a pulse lately, especially for sticking up for teammates.

    Also we’re not getting Liles, he’s too valuable to Colorado. And say what you want about Rozsival, but he’s been very good lately. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but he’s probably been our best d-man for the last 3 weeks. Most people will say I’m wrong, but if you watch the games, this guy is confident again with the puck, he’s not hesitant, and he’s staying within his game. His outlet passes have been better than was DZ has been doing lately.

    Which means we should probably try to trade him now while his value is on its way back up. We probably won’t be able to, but if Rozy keeps this up, I can’t really complain too much about him.

  45. cwgatti – yeah, he’s doing a great job being pulled over for DUI in Chicago around United Center haha. I do like your idea bout Higgins. If he doesn’t score, its no surprise. If he finds his scoring again, he can be a huge asset. If we get him for cheap, we can find him a playmaker that can help him score.

    Lets stay away from Sykora. He’s had huge injury issues this year including a concussion. Let him go back to Europe (he has a clause that lets him go there instead of the AHL). Love the guy, but he’s pretty much done.

  46. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Good point carp.
    I have no idea how Drury got faster… Its like the speed of light ‘finding another gear’ as Joe M might say.

  47. LI and Situation, it was a lot of the usual stuff. Firetruck you, etc. Beer muscles, with security between them and the players. Overserved, indeed.

    Why would Higgins want to sign now, when he’s at his lowest bargaining point? His best bet would be to finish strong offensively and get a big deal. Then it will be a tough call for the Rangers.

    Well, then, I’m putting TR on my resume.

  48. I agree that we are not getting Liles, and good post Jonny D.. nobody on here wants to admit it but Rozsival has really played well in January/mid-to-late December

  49. carp
    awesome to hear
    i did however list this site second
    i do alot of open source work for google (chromium, wave, etc) so i had to put that down first. i expect to be in top 3 hahahaha

  50. ps, Chad Johnson is going to Hartford to play in two of the Pack’s three games this weekend, with Lundqvist to start both games for the Rangers. Matt Zaba is back up. Johnson will be back in plenty of time to play one of the three in four nights on the Western trip Jan. 30-Feb. 2, if not sooner.

  51. Higgins not scoring much is like saying it’s wet in the ocean. He has 0 goals and 1 assist in 18 friggin’ games and has missed 2 wide open nets for game winners! I’m all for buying low selling high but I think somebody must be high ofe signing this guy to a extenstion. He is a dime a dozen in the NHL, he’s small doesn’t over hit and doesn’t fight either. Please no, the only redeeming thing is we got rid of Gomer big money for him.

  52. Hey Carp,
    You think you can get around Chelios? We KNOW you can go through Redden. Which one is better?

  53. hedberg – he’s probably one of the best hitters on the team. Some are big, most aren’t, but he does the job that he’s supposed to do when he hits guys, he takes them off the puck and forces turnovers. He’s one of the few guys we have that is successful at doing that and can keep the puck deep in the zone. Not saying we should pay a ton of money of him, but if he starts to net a few here and there, we should look into it as long as the price tag isn’t too high.

    And he scored last night and had an assist. So I don’t know where the 1 assist in 18 games stat came from.

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  57. you have got to be kidding on Higgins! 5 lousy goals and you want to lock him up for 2 years! please, I can’t wait to see him go!

  58. I Was DuGuay's Top Button on

    Any word on how the Rangers will honor Mr. Halligan? Moment of silence before the game next Monday, I’m sure. Based on what I’ve read it seems Mr. Halligan is deserving of at least a helmet sticker if not a memorial patch on the sweater.

  59. bull dog – if you don’t pay him the 2.25 mil he makes this year, and more along the lines of a 1.5 mil or something, it’s worth it. If you pay him 2.25 to score less than 10 goals, forget it.

  60. JohnnyD, higgins is the kind of player who has to be let go in order to make room for the next batch of Wolfpack, meaning Grachev. no matter what the salary he needs to be replaced, and the Rangers need to move forward.

  61. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    TR, so its a good thing to put RR on my updated resume eh?

  62. Hooray, i have no idea what that was?

    No word on how the Rangers will honor John Halligan, but it would probably be a moment of silence and a tribute on MSG Network. I’m just guessing.

    cw, I’d rather go around a Hall of Famer than go through a mercenary.

  63. any of the Pack forwards could have scored 5 goals by now. Grachev is there top prospect, and he is not a Dman. Dane Byers, and Brodie Dupont are also forwards. there are guys that can play, and give you more than Higgins has this season. instead you want to reward him with a 2 year contract.

  64. Do you know any other names besides Orr, and Brashere, Orr?
    Brahers not any good for you on your x box Orr, is that why you don’t like him.

  65. Joekuh - looking for a MDZ Authentic! on

    he hasn’t been very good in the real game either bull dog….

  66. Bull dog
    Grachev is certainly a future prospect, but he’s not doing much, He has 11 goals and 22 helpers in 43 games he’s -4, but the kid has lots of potential. Crowder has been good at times, and your right Byers and Dupont are both there, but niether are great. Parenteau is is best they have by far, and we all know what he’s got. They have some good D men down there though that are ready to take the next step soon.

  67. Dominic is out of gas…and he doesn’t fight very well anymore either. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t root for a Ranger enforcer during a game. He kind of does that to me.

  68. …although I do get a kick out of seeing Voros trying to “enforce”. Tie Domi he isn’t.

  69. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Dominic? wait did we get a new guy i wasnt aware of? :-)

  70. Random Rangers-related news of the day:

    I just read that Brock Beukeboom is playing in the Top Prospects game tonight. Yea, Jeff’s son. Coolness.

    7pm EST on NHL Network for those with it.

  71. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Golfers are the most confident, yet fragile (psyche)athletes on the planet.

    The list of names of players who WERE great and now couldn’t hit a basketball with a golf club is VERY long.

    Hockey players may be a close second.

  72. You know why i don’t like him, ive explained it aboot 22 times in the last 3 years. I just like bringing him up cause i know you love him so much. It’s entertaining to me.

    And FYI, i have a PS3, not the Bomb-Box, and i never play Brashit, so i wouldn’t know if he’s any good.

  73. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Dubiiii, i think he won the hardest shot in the skills competition.

    damnit.. i cant find my frakkin comcast bill!! GRRRRRR

  74. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    thanks CCCP! i think he meant Donald ;-)

  75. Does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of the goal song that is the same as the one they play at the Garden? The only version I’ve found has let’s go rangers added into the song and sounds kind of cheesy.

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  77. Rest in Peace John Halligan. Always appreciated his stories and insight on all the specials and the Rangers 75th Anniversary Book was tremendous.

    As for prospects bull dog and Hockeymon-Dale Weisse is having a great year for the Wolfpack now at 15 G and 15 A which has already surpassed his totals from last year.

    Grachev might score 20 goals this year which is good for a 19-year-old playing his first pro year. If anyone is mad at him or giving up on him that’s just sad. It takes time.

    It looks like the next wave of prospects are all going to come in 2-3 years with Stepan, McDonagh, Hagelin, followed by Boruqe, Kreider, etc.

    It would be a sweet bouns to get both Valatenko and Pashkin over from Russia too.

  78. TR, LMAO on Aves’ blog post….I’m sure some people (thhhpppt to you :) will have something negative to say about his comment, but it cracked me up. Classic!

    In my illness I had a fever dream about the game last night (swear) and kept looking for him on the bench and couldn’t find him….even in my dreams I keep missing! wtf (me avoiding capital letters so I don’t get spammed) ???

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    January 20th, 2010 at 3:46 pm
    I don’t think so Linda. He said this early in the 2nd period. He also did not make mention of the fact that he is not “JUST” a goal scorer…

    Yo Christian , Clean yer ears man. I heard them say Gaborik is not just a goal scorer too. You and your buddies must of had yer…. ya know what im saying ,ya owe Linda an apology.

  80. Greg, you forgot to tell the butterfingers people that TR puts his hole heart into his work…(not a typo. ha ha ha ha!)
    (All, TR will get that. If you don’t, clink on his link and see if you get my witty humor.)

  81. Johnny D. where the o goals and 1 asst. in 18 is before last night with considerable power play time, that’s where. and last night he had 2 goals one on Hank. I didn;t say you had to be big to hit,I just don;t think he hits all that much. Better hitters,Lisin,Cally,Avery,Dubi and plently more out there. No thanks to a 2 yr extenstion, package him @ the trade deadline and in 5 yrs no one will remember his name.

  82. blogmama

    i dont post my real link here so if anyone is in the boneheads group they can find out a little about me there.

    i think sean is a little upset that av has more followers than him atm and is actually using twitter now. glad he started using it again thats for sure.

    i would have taken that job @ butterfinger but it was only for 6 weeks. my social media skills are second to none, lol.

  83. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    yes TR aves twitter has been dead for a long time, up until, i think yesterday! Voros is twitter king on the Rangers i guess.

  84. sean will end up w/ a ton of followers soon and then the nhl will do the same thing they did in the nfl and nba.

    and ill die a little inside, lol.

  85. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    i know what ya mean TR. my friend was just mentioning how she doesnt put ‘interesting’ status updates ( like the one i had earlier about the cow and the pig) on her facebook in case possible employers want to look up her activities. thats just bs.

  86. TR, my second bad brain freeze of the week…Nyquil is a bee-atch!….You’re right. Current link is not “the link.” But you got the joke!

    Not to be repeatedly dumb, but what do you mean by this?

    “sean will end up w/ a ton of followers soon and then the nhl will do the same thing they did in the nfl and nba.

    and ill die a little inside, lol.”

    CCCP, still waiting for that story….

  87. i dont follow football or basketball but some of my favorite people to follow (which i dont follow them i just visit their twitter stream) would be chad ocho-cinco johnson and shaq

    the nba and nfl made strict rules prohibiting players from using twitter before the game (180 minutes) after the game (1

  88. Linda, re: what you just posted…..that’s why I sadly can’t participate in the ladies boneheads FB survey you sent earlier. I assume you understand :)
    But I do go to Florida a lot, as you know :)

  89. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    LMAO LAUREL!!!!!!! that is outstanding!!

  90. TR, I have thoughts on twitter that I shan’t share here, but based on that link, I think it’s a good idea. Concentration should not be on social networking before a game, whatever sport…player blogging from the plane though is another story :)

  91. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    OH MAN I have to follow Mark Cuban, that guy is a riot!! Not a basketball fan, but that guy is comedy gold!

  92. TR, eh, not impressed. Rangers still rule. For example (and no, this isn’t Aves, but who I talked about yesterday).

    One for the girls:

    And one for the boys (trust me ORR and all, you’ll like this link. Sorry Carp):

    Ahh. mama loves off game nights here!

  93. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    thank you for the early evening delightful photo Mama!

  94. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I think avery changed his twitter name recently because it is now different than the one we used to follow!!

    I can’t believe they gave sutton two games for that hit…what a joke of a pansification suspension!!!

  95. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    the latest from EVERLAST!

    Voros34 4 Seasons Hotel Philly… Roast Chicken and Ceaser Salad room service dinner, Lundqvist had a Burger…were watchin “Mr Woodcock” now
    5 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  96. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao @ Lundqvist had a burger!

    i might go on twitter more now, and NEVER go back to work! lmao, i wish the man was graduating in May instead of having 3 more years left!

  97. No more Brashit or Kotalik, please. Without them on the ice sky is the limit! Redden is an after thought if they can keep this type of play up. On sunday at 7pm I was dreading the fact that I was about to watch the Rangers…but now tomorrow night cant come fast enough. “I love this game”

  98. Voros says Team Jet to Philly…what happened to the bus? It’s only like two hours jeez lol

  99. i guess NHL players should wear those Don Cherry stop signs on the back of their helmets and jerseys

  100. And I don’t really know if I like knowing that Hank and him are watching Mr. Woodcock right now lol

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , so ya think Hank is the sexiest man in the world!!?
    awww I didn’t know yer gate swings both ways.

  102. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao NYRGuy

    Mako, thats the first i’ve seen of the hit…wow! Big ups to ROLOSON waiving his stick to get someone out there.

  103. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao @ gate swings both ways! greg, again UNIQUE


    Yeah… Roloson patted him on the rear with the stick. Great classy move. Hope Dupuis is ok.

  105. They weren’t happy about flying to Philly. It’s easier and shorter to bus down. But they’re going straight to Montreal, so they needed the jet there.

  106. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    a fight in an all star game

  107. Damn you CCCP…yahna….don’t have time to google that properly….must go Nyquil more…ilb, help? at least send me private e-mail!

    Ta til tomorrow all…

    TR, since they’re jetting to Philly, short hop, what do you think’s on the menu?

  108. Just got home. Did CCCP seriously call you a “yahna”, mama? I’m not getting in the middle of that one.

  109. Nyquil, btw works for common cold as well as tea with lemon. Or without. If you want I’ll emai you a multicentral study on that one lol.
    Did I miss much? Did we trade Hank for Boucher and fourth rounder?

  110. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    nyquil is NOT as good as it was before they changed the formula! Just take a couple of shots of Jacks or vodka, and you’ll sleep like a baybay

  111. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    previous message not intended for those under 21, thank you very much, and please, drink and walk to your bed responsibly

  112. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    sorry to disagree about the dupuis hit, but he put himself in a vulnerable position and was too far away from the boards to properly absorb a hit that he should know is coming. I hope he is ok, but that is not a dirty hit or a suspendable hit in my opinion!!!



    While Im more on the side of agreeing with you about variations of hits like that. Dupuis was bent over at the waist. How is he supposed to know he’s going to get rammed into the boards like that? I absolutely dont think Sutton meant to hurt him and he didnt go out his way to run at him… Wick trust me I agree with you, there are players who purposely turn their backs to get the boarding penalty. He didnt – the on coming player has to be a tad more responsible when looking to throw a hit on a player against the boards, especially when they are bent over trying to play the puck.

  114. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    did anyone see price try to fight janssen in the mtl stl game?? Now that was a suspendable hit by janssen who really left his feet to hit price!!!

  115. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    To me it goes back to you have to know who is on the ice and what position you are putting yourself in. Sutton is going to hit you (sometimes with an elbow, ask cally). Dupuis has to realize he is playing hockey not figure skating, so he should not have put himself in that position without being up against the boards! That’s all I’m saying, and I do hope he is ok!!

  116. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    hell, you wanna come that far out of the crease to play the puck? PREPARE TO GET RUN!

  117. Any thoughts on the rangers going after Olli Jokinen…..Idk how with the cap but i read it on espn insiders yesterday and it keeps coming up on hockeybuzz.com…maybe he could be a good rental for a possible playoff stint.

  118. Evening all… seems I missed a bushful of stuff in the past few hours thanks to RL stuff and all.

    Good news and bad news.. good news, my dog got a clean bill of health at the vets (he wasn’t sick, just the yearly visit).. the bad news, I think I broke my big toe whacking it on a table earlier tonight. Still hurts :(

  119. Mickeym- no worries, we have a broken toe specialist here. He can give you some professional opinion. Wicky, can you help our newcomer?

  120. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I agree with you 100% about leaving the crease, prepare to get drilled, my point was how bad janssen left his feet!

  121. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Wickychops… do you think he was maybe trying to avoid him?? I mean,I know is Janssen we’re talking aboot!

    AND HEY, anyone hear from Staal? How’s his finger doing?

  122. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    thanks, i’ll take it from here…

    what you need to do is loudly proclaim you have “stubbed your (pick your favorite wickyisms/expletives here) toe”. Then have your hockey savvy spouse yell loudly “Matteau Matteau Matteau”, that laughter within itself should solve any and all toe problems!!!

    left you a message on the fantasy hockey board!

  123. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i suppose it is possible he was trying to avoid him, just doesn’t seem to be his style, but just guessing.

  124. May be a stupid question…but do athletes that travel (fly) so much have to go through the hassle we all do everytime they go somewhere?

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah but Montreal sucks Wicky , that guy shoulda pounded out Price for trying to be a tough guy. If Prices playing was as big as his mouth , Price would get shut outs all the time. I can’t believe he made the all star game . Using the all stars on NHL10 sucks cuz the East has Price and he is awfull. Price is another OVER RATED GOALIE to come oputta Montreal. They think they can conjure up another Patrick Roy or Ken Dryden? Haha Fat chance , those losers had thier decades.

  126. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao @ too tall price! he did not belong that far outta the crease! fair game baby!! and I HATE Janssen!

  127. OK, how in hell do I mess up one lil later in my screen name? *facepalm*


    wicky, lmao at Matteau to the third power. It would so work. There were expletives and colorful ones at that, for reals. As for the hockey savvy spouse, I can only dream about that one *le sigh* Sounds like you have a good one, though!

  128. What was Janssen supposed to do? He can’t just disappear out of thin air…he was going for the puck…it’s Price’s fault for even attempting to get it…leave your crease…deal with the consequences of a 200+ forward going for the puck

  129. I know this isn’t hckey related but I think this somewhat applies to all sports, did anyone see Vince Young was very recently added to the AFC roster? How is that even possible? I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t play more than half the season and wasn’t good at all. Just shows how lllittle it takes to be an all star these days. I wonder if Gaborik makes it.

  130. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Probably thinking Manning would be at the Super Bowl?? Didn’t the add ocho cinco too?

  131. I didn’t think janssen had anywhere else to go. He was along the boards trying to play the puck, Price came in from the side. Where else could he go. That is the way I saw it anyway. I have often wondered when a goaltender skates way out of the net like that. Why is he not fair game

  132. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    thanks MON, i feel the same way! you wanna come out that far…well BE PREPARED!

  133. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    hank wouldnt be dumb enough to venture that far out of the net!

  134. ilb .. did you really think it was a dirty hit? I didn’t think it was, maybe it was, but it was marginal, where could the guy go it was a race for the puck, and they got there at about the same time.

  135. Price came a long way out to play the puck. In my opinion he was in the wrong. As far as I concerned around the net they should be protected, but when they stray out that far, they are taking their chances.

  136. If they go that far out of the crease, they should be fair game. Yes it would suck if it was Hank that did that, but it’s a physical game and if you want to sally forth to play the puck, you better expect to get him.

  137. Hockeymon, he had no place to go, I agree. But I think he hit him with a bit of excessive exuberance. He left his feet.

  138. Greg, I justsaw that u invited me to ur club in NHL 10. I accepted, but idk what the hell that means. lol

  139. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    would price have been injured if janssen just took him out full force? i am NOT making excuses for the guy, but it looked like the ONLY way to go was UP!

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thanks Linda ,I’ll take Unique as a good thing…some reason I find it unique.

    The goalie should get a penaty for leaving his crease. How can a goalie fly outta his crease and go after the puck!!??
    that far away? It is stuiped for a goalie to do that …but as ilb prob stats , The hit was wayy to hard and aggressive. The player should of held up and not hit Price so hard. It is one of those dumb rules where a goalie can do that and he is NOT fair game. We have to protect our goalies like Football has to protect quarterbacks. As much as I dislike Price and think what he did was stuiped ,he was not at fault and should of never been hit like that. He did do a good thing by going after the guy who hit him. He showed alot of emotion and after it was all done , he got no penalty. Cudos for Price ( hurts to say that)

  141. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Ranger909 ,
    I thought i’d let ya see what it looks like and all that. Clubs give ya medals and crap as you use your “skater”. I go to the club “members” part to keep track of my stats game to game. You being on the club means we can try to beat other random clubs on the same team. My dude is all jacked up and fast . Our club leader had an xbox drama session (fight) and left with another member. This club has glitchers and other types of people . As a GM , I may boot out everyone or quit it all together.Stay as ya want because yer not obligated to stay. I play in “pick up” games in the community all the time with other friends. My character hangs out at the club but plays more comunity hockey.

  142. NYRGuy, you mean we don’t all take a luxury bus that drops us off right on the tarmac next to our private plane, which is all first-class seating, including hot gourmet meals?

    They go through security, but they do it separately from the public, so it takes very little time, and they probably don’t have to take off their shoes or throw away their water bottle. The customs agents come right onto the plane when they go to/from Canada. Then when they get home, the bus and limos drive into the tarmac next to the plane to take them home.

    Oh, yeah, they just worry about their carry-on luggage. The equipment guys take care of everything else.

  143. you're kidding right on


    this one from the one who spams the pet blog on here

    January 17th, 2010 at 7:59 pm
    Oh for crimney’s sake. we have a jets blog….football! blech. 3 seconds of play followed by 5 minutes of butt patting etc

  144. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I think the goalie should be fair game if he is out of the blue, period, just my opinion. I also think janssen did leave his feet. Do you keep your feet on the ice and hit him body to body, or do you leave your feet and more than likely give him a head shot????

    yes, i am very lucky in the spouse department!

  145. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    ok so nhl10 question, in the GM mode, can you esign your players in the last year of their contracts during the season?? If so, how?

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROLLIN . Rolling down the river!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ummm I don’t know wicky…I just play otp , not offline stuff.

  147. Wicky

    not sure if the GM mode is the same as when you play franchise mode but in franchise mode you cant sign anybody during the regular season…at the end of every season (after playoff are over) they give you a chance to resign the players you want…

  148. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    zzz and cccp
    thanks guys, i think mine is the same as cccp’s so that makes sense!!!

    c ya tomorrow fellas!!!

  149. EddieJ (Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love This Team?) on

    Hey Mickey-
    Is Kanopka as much fun to say as Sheldon Kannegieser?
    And in reference to Hooray’s post a bit earlier- “Fisheads” was a novelty song by a group called Barnes and Barnes in the ’80s. They even had a video for it on MTV. It’s 4:30 am, and I’m sure some of you couldn’t sleep until you found that out. Glad I was able to help! Good night everyone.

  150. Wicky…unfortunately I believe you can only re-sign players when their contract is expired. But you can buy contracts out for anyone in the off-season.

    Carp…that’s just not fair lol. What a luxury that must be…must making flying actually fun!

  151. There’s hockey today and the sun is shining- it IS a good morning indeed.

    EddieJ, Yep, but only cause Zenon is much funner to say than Shelden. Zenon sounds like it belongs in an 80s cartoon. Besides, how many people’s first name starts with a ‘Z’? Very rare.

  152. Anyone have 2 tickets for Wednesday January 27th vs Canes that they are not using and need to sell? Email me!!!!

    I am looking for 2 tickets for this game to bring my girlfriend to her first Rangers game!!!


  153. Good morning all! Greetings from “this one.”……you’re kidding right, you must be joking…

    (Linda, I couldn’t help it :)

    BANJ, saw that story yesterday…..very excited!

  154. LOL. I know this has nothing to do with the Rangers, but it seems like the Ranger are always the complete opposite of this…

    Quote about the Mets off-season from metsblog.com
    “in other words, the off-season storyline, so far, is: The Mets have Cooties…”

    Back to hockey talk…

  155. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Good Hockey Mornin’ everyone!

    Laurel, are you kidding me??

  156. Let me email those season ticketholders I told you about Patrick, didn’t realize you were looking for a game so soon.

  157. Please don’t talk about the Mets Mickey, it makes me very depressed.

    When you can’t get an overweight, old, catcher to sign with you when NO ONE else is offering him anything and he signs with his old team for less money then you’ve got problems.

    At least the Rangers can attract over the hill players.

  158. Ok, good. The guys I told you about usually start off at face value but Tues game they lowered their offer to like $20-$25 a couple of hours before game time. But if you need to plan in advance that doesn’t help you obviously.

  159. Exactly Mike….Could have had a few sets of freebies but being down the jersey shore….it’s hard to get there in time with last minute tickets.

  160. CT, I hear you on that in regards to the Mets. It’s just comical to me by now. Then again, I didn’t want Molina or Pineiro to begin with. I’m not sold on Sheets either and the catching situation- well, let’s just say I hope the Mets can pull a “Rangers” next off-season and steal Minny’s best player in free agency. It’s worked out before.

  161. Anyone get the read on the rodent,Kotageek asking for a trade or he will defect to Russia. Oh well back to Dredden as qb of the pp

  162. The Mets have somewhat opposite problems as the Rangers in that they have assembled a great core of talent but messed up with the complimentary pieces.

    The Rangers have assembled complimentary players thinking they should be core assets, obvious exceptions with Gaborik and Lundqvist.

  163. Great points, CT. Never quite thought of it like that, but you nailed each of them on the head. Imagine if they could each find the middle on these thought processes of assembling their respective teams- they’d both be damn good teams we could be proud of.

  164. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    TR mentioned that on the fb. Interesting. Defect TO Russia? I thought there was an agreement in place that they couldnt take guys already under contract with an NHL team? So what would happen if they can’t trade him? doesnt he have a 3 year contract…and ya just can’t void that

  165. Mick I was aware that DZ was the QB, it was a bad stab at sarcasim and maybe an under the table bit of frustration that Dredden is still here

  166. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    Kurt, how can you be frustrated with Wade “GOLDEN GLOVES” Redden?? :-)

  167. Yeah Mickey, well unfortunately neither the Wilpons or the Dolans seem terribly interested in either selling their franchises or hiring people with the proper acumen to build sustainable winners. Even if in the NHL you can’t simply throw money at FAs any more the very least you can do is pay for the best scouting staff.

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