For a day, the sun shines on Rangers


Today they don’t have to beat their heads against a wall. They don’t even have to practice, because they got a day off in this busy schedule.

The Rangers can be happy with how they played against Montreal. I would dare to say, though, that they’ve played better games in which they didn’t score goals — a week ago against the Devils, for example, I thought they were better. Just shows, again, how perceptions can change when a few go into the net.

Here is my column from The Journal News and today.

1) I don’t know if those penalties were two minutes for Being Avery, but they were borderline. I like the way Tortorella handled it, as he promised he would with Avery. He’d said there would be a line, and it will be his (Tortorella’s) job to pull him back when he goes too far over. So Avery was given more minutes after an animated discussion.

2) It would be really convincing if the Rangers can continue the tough-guy stuff, the togetherness stuff, in Philly Thursday.

3) Maybe it is time to leave the first line alone. It’s Dubinsky-Prospal-Gaborik, and it should stay that way. All due respect to Erik Christensen, but he doesn’t belong there, and Dubinsky is such an important piece in the organization that it makes sense to leave him where he is most productive.

4) Tortorella likes to bring up that Redden has been “run over” in this city. Well, yeah. But it’s only because he makes a ridiculous amount of money, completely hamstrings the team’s ability to bring in more, desperately-needed skill players, and most of the time shows little or no emotion. Heck, Torts, you sat him out for two games and probably would for more if you had a seventh defenseman. On this night, he was one of the team. But how often has that happened?

5) A fan and RR reader came up to me after the second period, said he’d been going to Rangers games for 46 years, and he’d never recalled the Rangers outshooting the Habs 15-2 in a period, ever. That team’s a bigger mess than the Rangers.

6) Ryan Callahan is such a good player when he produces a little offense, and last night he produced a lot. Too bad he’s not a couple of inches taller and 10-15 pounds heavier. He’d be a monster. I think his offense has been coming around for a while. Maybe this was his lift-off.

7) I’ll take a show-me approach the next little while before I declare the Rangers’ offense cured.

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  1. Apparently Sykora is available, and that would be good…but whose spot is he going to take if we did happen to acquire him?

  2. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on


    what is that strange glowing orb in the sky that is making it seem warm?

  3. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Sally and anyone else who is interested

    I just started the official nickname list. seems there are a few guys we DONT have names for, outside of plays on their last name. some guys only have 1 (FANKIST, CALLY) some have several (take a guess). I am gonna fire the list off to mako for his additions. If YOU guys have any names, just post them on the Boneheads group, so others don’t get upset about non technical hockey related posts. If you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks, post ’em here. names with the most ‘posts’ will be added to the list.

    If Ryan Callahan could play like this every night, he’d be captain! He was a man possessed last night, him and Dubi, and it’s important that we have the 2 of them firing on all cylinders. See what happens when they do?! They energize, AVES antagonizes and energizes, 3 energy guys did their jobs last night, and the team picked it up and skated with it. It also helped that the fans were hopped up with the Jets win, and got totally into the game in the 2nd!

  4. This game was wonderful to watch, but given the consistent inconsistency with regards to effort/passion/energy/etc this team has been suffering from for far too long (and that malady has been present for YEARS, not just weeks), my sense of excitement is being tempered until I get to see what team shows up against the Bolts on Tuesday.

    And don’t forget, the opponent after that is Philadelphia, a team who historically tends to have its way physically against the Rangers.

    Also, next Saturday night the Rangers will face Montreal again, this team in their own barn and it’s a virtual guarantee they won’t be run out of the rink like they were last night.

    Am I writing the Rangers next 3 games off? Hell no, but I’m certainly not prepared to announce that they’ve turned the corner, as much as I desperately wish to say is true.

    That said, the Rangers do have a little more talent than many of us give them credit for, I think, but not enough to take shifts/periods/games off. When they’re on, they’re capable of playing with almost any team in the league. When they’re off, they suck, pure and simple.

    So what team will show up Tuesday night???

  5. very reasonable post Carp. I would also leave the 1st line intact….voros stinks but he brings more fire to the table theen brashear and deserves another start until he has some stupid offensive zone penalties….

  6. I agree — Dubi, Cally on Offense .. these guys are the core future. Let’s see if Dubi can mature into a real #1 – then we have a team core and can go places. I think he can do it – my god the kid can’t even grow a beard yet! LOL!

  7. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Tortorella likes to bring up that Redden has been “run over” in this city. Well, yeah. But it’s only because he makes a ridiculous amount of money, completely hamstrings the team’s ability to bring in more, desperately-needed skill players, and most of the time shows little or no emotion.”


    Carp: don’t forget the lack of any offensive production whatsoever too…it’s comical that this guy was given all that money to be our PP QB/1st pair D-Man…did Perry Pearn get a cut of Redden’s contract? did Redden score a clutch goal with 7.7 seconds left to beat the Rangers that I missed, and Sather just HAD to have him? those are the only explanations I can come up with for that contract

    Redden’s stats: 42 games played, 1 goal, 6 assists, 7 points…almost $1 million per point…2 points combined in Nov/Dec/Jan…he has more healthy scratches (2) than goals (1)…even at half his salary he’d be VERY overpaid

    I’m not sure what’s more painful to watch- Redden taking another one of his famous 12 MPH wrist shots, or looking like a slight breeze would knock him over whenever he skates with the puck

    Torts needed a Wolf from Pulp Fiction-style retort after he went on and on about Redden last night: “Well, let’s not start -you know what- just yet”

  8. Hi all (especially Carp) ! Been reading the blog for a long time (since before Sam left), but never got around to commenting since I mostly read at work(shhh!) You guys have cracked me up on more than one occasion and I love it. :)

    Last night was my first ever Rangers game at MSG( I live in upstate NY) up in section 313 next to some Habs fans from Quebec who kept checking their iphones during the game. I had 2 hopes for the game- to sing the goal song and see the stick salute. Suffice to say I got my fill of the goal song and got to see the salute. The whole experience was a total blast after the first period.

    Loved loved loved that Cally and Dubi each scored twice as they are my fav players. I got to see a Gabby goal, too, which was awesomecakes!

    It was phenomenal to feel the energy of the building and to be able to celebrate so much with fellow Rangers fans. Just a great great great night overall :)

  9. hahah thats a good one sgfs(still gotta fire sather)!! winston wolf would be a great motivator for this team before games! i watched it after work last night and i almost shut it off after the first was over. if we didnt score right away in the 2nd im not sure i wouldve finished it. we got a little lucky halak sucked and the habs d men are worse than ours. its like watching us vs the flyers or any other bigger tougher team. but for all the crap they put us through after so many depressing uninspired games it is justifiable for everyone to get overexcited and enjoy what the rangers did last night. i know redden has been horible offensively and average defensively, but if he will step up for teammates and be a moral leader back there for the younger guys, thats fine. i can see he isnt gonna be scoring much or fighting guys every night, but he doesnt seem like he cares and when your vet d man acts like that, it has an effect on al the kids. what he did last night should be done every game. he doesnt have to fight or score a goal every game but play like mara did. stand up and be physical. i think he can be a leader back there and no doubt had an impression on the game from that point on.

  10. As previously stated, Dubinsky should always play with Czechs and Slovaks — that’s when he’s been at his best.

    And it’s very annoying when Tortorella blames fans for hurting player’s feelings. Didn’t Redden want to get out of Ottawa because the criticism was too intense there? Maybe he should have signed with Columbus then. But regardless, he needs to step up, and he’s the only one who can control that.

  11. as i said in a previous post
    you’ve been spot on with
    your analysis.

    enjoyed the moment and hope for
    but don’t expect the exact team
    to be playing the same exact way
    for much of the rest of the season
    it’s even questionable whether it will
    sustained to the next several games.
    if they do
    i’ll be happily surprised that they
    FINALLY developed their own scrappy identity.
    we’ll see……..

  12. Good afternoon Carp !

    Do you know I have really the impression, whenever I listen to Tortorella´s press conferences, that he always answers your questions very generously.

    Carp, you seems to be one of his favourite writer to answer some inconvenient questions even when the Rangers have lost the game….:)

  13. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    lmao Matt! that’s one of the four times he’s shown any emotion since he’s been here. He’s been robotic Drago on ice since he’s been here.

    Good job mickeym, keep posting!

    Mike, missed you last night!

  14. Welcome Mickeym! LMAO at awesomecakes….

    Hey TR, what was post game at warren like last night?

    Linda, you’re generous contribution, first half, is posted at sister blog. Thanks.

  15. EddieJ (Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love This Team?) on

    Yeah, I know the next game they’ll probably stink up the place, but for now, the sun IS shining.

    Hey, can anyone tell me who the Vancouver goalie was in that clip they showed during the Steve Vickers interview? Whoever he was, he was barely taller than the net! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  16. Trade rumor from Yahoo Sports
    Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:07 am EST

    N.Y. Rangers seeking Vincent Lecavalier
    By Mark J. Miller

    Tampa Bay Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier(notes) may only have 11 goals and 34 assists in 47 games this season but that’s enough for the New York Rangers to come after him and hope that he can provide some scoring spark for them, according to the Toronto Sun.

    Rangers GM Glen Sather supposedly made the call to Lightning GM Brian Lawton to get things going. Lecavalier has a no-trade clause but the word is that the Lightning would like him to since the Rangers are willing to offer a package of players that would include defenseman Matt Gilroy(notes), defenseman Wade Redden(notes), and center Brandon Dubinsky(notes) or right wing Ryan Calllahan in order to get hold of Lecavalier. Plus, Tampa Bay wants to clear some salary and Lecavalier’s hefty contract would help that. That salary clearing is why Tampa Bay doesn’t want Redden in the deal, though.

    The hitch, of course, is that no-trade clause. It’s going to take a lot of convincing to get Lecavalier out of Florida. He apparently is happy with his life there.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rick! Sarcasm or not (yesterday’s post), this blog may have made you a little more negative than you have made it…

    Rick Carpiniello
    January 31st, 2009 at 10:45 am
    I’m hoping the Rangers win today, only because I want to see how drastically different the moods are on this blog after a win … because I’ve got to say, they’ve been brutally negative the last two days.

    …Your 4th day (or so) on the job. Someone replies:
    Carp, get use to the negetive

    Rick Carpiniello
    January 31st, 2009 at 10:57 am
    I am getting the idea about the negative … it would be a pretty boring blog if everybody was happy and satisfied with the team.

    So, all the outsiders take note… we soured Rick’s apple cart, not vice versa.

  18. just how many times is the coach going to say and do things and then the exact opposite, and think no one caught him in his spin?

  19. Not really sure how I’d feel about Vinny L coming to NY. He’s 29 yrs old which should indicate he’s in the prime of his career. BUT his play has been declining (at least statistically) the last two seasons. I’m not sure thats a function of the team around him, or him actually breaking down. I think he’s been in the league since he was a teenager. Any trade to obtain him would hinge around Redden (or Rozy + Kotalik) going the other way which would be IDEAL, but his contract (7.7 / year I believe) plus Captain Clutch + Gabby + Hank + a new Staal contract would really set us back for awhile.


  20. ilb2001 Have you driven an iPhine lately on

    Good afternoon! I’m still recovering.

    Carp, good post. #3 is of outmost importance. It’s been working. And it hasn’t when it was broken up. Time to settle.

    Callahan is a monster!

    Redden comes out firing on all cylinders once a year. That was his night, I’m afraid. Kidding aside, I liked what he did even before he fought. He had a few shifts during the first period when he went in deep in their zone, joining the attack and forechecked.

    Brashear should continue delivering pizza and picking up their towels during the intermissions. Dolan can afford $1.4 mil delivery man, can he not?

    Welcome, Mickeym

  21. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    lmao @ iPhine!! that’s what you’ll get if you get caught speeding, or texting !!!!!!

  22. ilb2001 Have you driven an iPhone lately on

    iPhine is an abbreviation that means I drive on my iPhone and I’m fine….Shuddup..

  23. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    blah blah blah, technobabble typos!!

    there is NO WAY anyone is gonna take Redden for anything

  24. EddieJ (Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love This Team?) on

    I’m glad Lecavalier is happy in Tampa. Let him stay there. I believe we’d have to give up too much and he’s not producing this year. I still don’t want to see Dubi or Cally go anywhere. Or Gilroy for that matter.

  25. Sorry,

    Vinny or not…I see no way Torts would get rid of Cally…without him, this team would lose serious amounts of life. I know he’s a 2nd liner at best, but I’m not sure about it.

    I’d honestly rather have Dubi and Cally at their price tags than Vinny at his

  26. I would take Vinny L. but the contracts not great for the cap. Redden has to be in the deal or walk away, add Gilroy and if we could get away with our draft choices I would prefer that. I can’t believe TB would take Redden contract though.Kolvy younger and maybe cheaper to get only because of the free agent status, that’s who I prefer in NYC but one of the big contracts plus sweeteners will have to be added. Anyway we unload Redden or Rosi contracts is a net plus.

  27. Please please please share your list of nicknames on here with the rest of us. Nicknames make me so happy.

  28. Please don’t even say that Glen (Robot Chicken) might deal either 24 or 17. They are our future. We’ll probably read that Redden beat up Huggy Bear in practise. DREADDENGOON.

  29. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Boston got destroyed by Ottowa 5-1

    Fishsticks are destroying the Debbie 4-0 with 5 min to go in 3rd period

    We dropped back down to 7th place, and are up on the Isles by a point

    Never a better time to string together 3-4 wins in a row


  30. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Winston,once the list is complete, we will post it on the Boneheads FB page, unless there is a major uproar from others that want to see it here ;-) !!Oops, am i stirring the pot again?

    hang around here long enough and you’ll see!

  31. watched the redden fight again. he kicked the guys *** in my opinion. he made contact with his face more often. redden is 2 for 2 in fights as a ranger. he should do it more often.

  32. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And NO TO VINNY!!

    To much to give up.

    Cally and Dubi arent getting traded, at least this season

  33. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    see what happens when you put bodies in front of the net?? you can score on ANYONE.

    I hope there is not a return to the tarpits play. They were just so much fun to watch last night. We all know Drury (yes, he did get a goal), Rozsi and Redden (even after his fight) will not take a seat, so I just hope it stays Brashear. The team seems different when he does not play.

  34. ilb2001 Have you driven an iPhone lately on

    Vinny’s cap hit is $7.27 mil per year. Which is only $1.2 mil more than Redden’s. If Lawton is crazy enough to take Redden back, I’d say go for it. Look, he becomes a legit number one center right away. With reasonable speed,skills, size and some mean streak. Under Torts his “prime age” will be extended, and the length of his contract will become less relevant after the new CBA. We don’t have anybody near his skills in our system. But I don’t know if Lawton is that dumb.

    Besides, anybody who gives that much to Pediatric Cancer Program should be in NY!

  35. There is no way Vinny is coming here unless Tampa pays half his contract like Jagr.

    We have a $7 million centerman, his name is Drury, he’s the 2nd line center. You don’t pay your third line center $7 million, so how does Vinny even fit on the team?

    Besides, if we are going to trade I would rather get a hitting defenseman first.

    Then I would give Dale Weiss a shot with the club if there is room. The kid has 15 goals and has an edge to his game.

    So I’d trade Lisin and Girardi to clear up some cap space if Tampa will take half of Vinny’s contract.

  36. Yea I dont want to see dubi or cally go anywhere, as any ranger fan should feel.. lecavalier is a star but like some have already mentioned his salary wouldnt help us right now, and with the upcoming contracts to sign with staal, girardi, etc…
    Last night somebody posted a link from ESPN by pierre lebrun about the rangers being a good fit for Souray if he waived his no trade clause, he is making 5.4million.. the only way that deal would happen is if Redden was sent to Hartford.. I would be all for this, even though Souray hasnt had a great yer, we’d still be getting a MUCH better defenseman to slot in the lineup than Redden, AND it would be a 1.1million less cap hit compared to reddens 6.5..
    As long as we didnt have to give up too much I would love this, and Souray is under contract for another 2 years after this year…

  37. TB paying half his salary what planet are you on? As far as Vinny fitting in here he has skill and talent I
    think we can find a place. It’s got to include Redden then demote Rosi. Still would rather have Kolvy.

  38. If we were that close to winning a cup and a V Cav would put us over the top…then OK. But have we learned nothing about getting overpaid over 30 players never works out and has future negetive ramifications? It is something that Glen (Bernie) would do. Please NOT THIS TIME.

  39. I have no idea if that is even a possible rumor, Im just basing it off what Lebrun wrote, but the one thing is is that Souray is on the Oilers, one of the 2 teams we always make trades with, so you never know.. and who knows what edmonton would want in return

  40. Hey hedberg – the same planet where Leonsis, the Caps owner, paid half of Jagr’s salary to send him to NYC, get with the program buddy.

    And why on earth would Tampa want Wade Redden for $6 million when they are trying to get rid of someone making $7 million?

  41. For the record though…. the Rangers are a top line center and a tough defenseman away from competing in the East.

    The won’t be as good as DC or Pittsburgh, but if they can bring in two guys willing to drop the mitts without a second thought and can put up numbers on the score sheet, they would be much improved, as would any team.

    Problem is there isn’t any room in their cap situation to take on a Suoray and Vinny and sign people in the offseason.

  42. Teams can’t share the price of a contract anymore even if they wanted to (at least until Brian Burke’s endless blustering about this issue goes anywhere). Jagr’s deal was pre-lockout – it’s not permitted under the current CBA.

  43. TB doesn’t want Redden’s salary vogs, that’s the point. He’s just about untradeable. So who do we send to TB on your planet when they send Vinny and pick up half his salary? And we still fit under the CAP with Rosi, Redden Hank,Drury and Gabby contracts. It’s not the money but the Cap space. And I know every CAPITAL fan is envious of the way the NYR are run and they know we are so much closer to the Cup then they George McPhee knows what he’s doing the Jags thing was for different reasons including Gambling Debts by the star. And oh by the way Montrl. is even dumber than us in taking Gomer $ but their are not too many more suckers out there. Under the new CBA can a team pick up half the $ like you propose?

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The way around it is to pull an “avery.” Drop the pro to the minors, call him back, send him down and on re-entry any team that picks him up does so at half the salary. The risk is that another team may pick him up and any other trade you make contingent on that may not happen. But it’s the only way to share salaries for one player between 2 teams.

  45. I think the Souray thing is much more legit than the Lecavalier bc of being able to demote Redden to Hartford, but with our GM he would be boneheaded enough to take on ANOTHER huge contract
    My cousin just called me and told me that on ESPN insider there is an article stating that Redden could be sent to Hartford in the next 2 days to make room for a trade… we’ll see

  46. Did anyone see the GRUESOME hit (or elbow rather) Patrice Cormier had last night??

    Easily the most disturbing play I have ever seen. This guy needs to be suspended for the entire season….and he’ll likely face charges.

  47. I agree we need a banging D-man and a center but we are still short after that. Maybe winning more than a round if Hank plays huge in big games, but we have powerplay players who have o goals and 1 asst. in 18 games. We are full of 3rd and 4th line talent on this team. At least we are seeing some good youth though.

  48. Ya – thats it. Weird, I try to post links sometime’s on this site but I always get blocked.

    The dude that got hit had some pretty scary convulsions as a result. He’s being released from the hospital tomorrow, but the head trauma he sustained will likely end his career.

    Supposedly Cormier is a repeat offender…. We’ll see what happens. He’s also one of the Debbies top prospects.

  49. Ugh, I wish I could have seen last night’s game. I had to travel back to school after sticking around home to see the Jets game (WHOOOOOO!). I’m sure I would have been cursing after the first period, so it’s a good thing that I forgot about it during the end of the Jets game. It’s smart to take a wait-and-see approach on the offense because it’s likely that this is just an aberration. I wish I would have known Dubinsky was moving back to the top because I would have added him back to my fantasy squad!

  50. That is the most horrifying & disturbing thing I’ve seen since Malarchuck had his neck cut. That SOB should go to jail and never play hockey again. If I was that kid’s father I’d press charges. There was absolutely NO REASON for that!

  51. That Lecavalier rumor was reported by Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, so it’s most likely not gonna happen. He was the one that started the “Malkin to the Kings” rumor, as Puck Daddy loves to remind us.

  52. No I just learned that… so my mistake. A good rule change in my book.

    The fact is Sather has saddled the team with contracts for players who don’t contribute enough to team success and consistency.

    Redden, Drury, Rozival all put together is about $15 million per season and to me the player we get the most value from that list is Rozival.

    I would be shocked if Redden or Kotalik get that kind of treatment from Sather.

  53. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    thanks (i think) for posting that link tony, that’s a pretty freaking brutal, dirty, cheap hit. what a scumbucket slimeball. Hopefully they ban him forever, and that he does get charged with something. What the hell is wrong with these kids that they feel the need to do stuff like that?

  54. Linda..he was Canada’s captain and is Devils property and is actually supposed to be an NHL Player eventually.

    The league needs to do something before we have another Bertuzzi cheap shot. And with the Devils playing the Rangers so much, we don’t want that happening to MDZ or Gabby or whoever a few years from now

  55. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    this kid needs to be made an example of, especially if he’s done similar acts before. at some point you have to make it plain and simple, those kinds of hits have NO PLACE in the game.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    January 18th, 2010 at 6:08 pm
    Perfect, now one day Cornier will make the Devils, and beat up Brashit.

    Doubtful, Brashear will likely be out with a sore … (fill in the blank)

  57. ilb2001 Have you driven an iPhone lately on

    He will do it again. There is no place for that in sports. None. Doesn’t matter if he belongs to the Devils or the Rangers.

    I’ll tell you, we’ve seen similar hits in NHL this year. That particular looked awful because he had a seizure on impact. But that’s a common case in sports related injuries. It doesn’t mean it’s more than just a concussion.

  58. Is it just me or are players getting nastier and showing less respect to other players?
    I just can’t believe that hit.
    I hope he never sees NHL ice.

  59. Apparently the kid is being investigated by the police and has been suspended indefinitely until the QMJHL can investigate. There is just no place in the sport for players who are willing to do this kind of thing. Yet, Sean Avery needs therapy because he has a potty mouth.
    The kid is still on the hospital but doesn’t appear to be getting worse.

  60. ilb

    This is his 3rd offense. This time I hope they throw the book at him.


    No its not, you’re absolutely right. Richards hit on Booth (even though its his shoulder) what’s the difference? Its a hit to the head. Booth STILL Isnt playing.

  61. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    yea Tony, that one win with 6 goals and a few fights should allow us to keep our sanity for, oh about a week

  62. “There is just no place in the sport for players who are willing to do this kind of thing. Yet, Sean Avery needs therapy because he has a potty mouth. ”

    Well said Winston

  63. This just in: Colin Campbell said Tam was “skating hard” and in the course of contact got in the way of Cormier’s elbow. No harm, no foul.

  64. I wonder how New Jersey will respond to all these doings? Will they move Cormier to their farm system? Thats the differance from this guy to the first guy suspended for life this year. This guy has been drafted, and is expected to play in the NHL in the near future. The first guy was basically just a goon, he will be playing in the beer leagues from now on. This cheap shot may get Cormier in the NHL quicker than he would normally have been. I really hope I’m wrong about this. This guy can be a loose canon at times, and hits like this are just wrong.

  65. Lol, that idiot Debbies GM Lou Fudd said “he doesn’t think criminal charges will be brought up, or he’ll be suspended for the remainder of season”

    Too late.

    The kid is perfect for New Jersey. That’s the only place in the world with people that start car fires after a Bon Jovi concert. He’ll fit in with the criminals.

  66. ilb2001 Have you driven an iPhone lately on

    ORR, which reminds me. I gather you’re done watching Australian Open since Sharapova lost today.

  67. ilb, there’s something called DVR. Lol. he may never be done watching sharapova play in australian open

  68. Back home safe and sound in the Capital District. Can’t beat Amtrak for the ride at their price; it’s a steal.

    Thanks for welcomes!

    Carp- I’ll try not to :) Gotta say I’ve read your two Rangers books and loved both of them, even with the typos that the editors didn’t catch.

    Linda- Sure will try! Besides, this place can’t have enough females, us girls gotta stick together :) Love your enthusiam and nickames for the boys. You always make me laugh with both of those.

    Blogmama-I picked up awesomecakes years ago and I can’t stop using it. LOL. I’ve been to sister blog before and one of these days I swear I’ll send you pics of my little guy. He’s a springer spaniel/beagle mix that’s 60 pounds and thinks he’s a lap dog!

    ilb- If Brashear delievered pizza to me, I’d scream and shut the door, then call the police. He’s that scary looking. *shudders*

    NO TO VINNY! Although I feel that if Torts could get away with it, he’d stuff both Vinny and St Louis into a closet at MSG and spring them in time for Thursday’s game. Oh look Slats, we have Vinny and Marty now! Don’t worry about the cap, I’ll do something with Redden to make him disappear and I need a new gardner so Brash is taken care of.

    That is a HORRIFIC hit. Throw the damn book at that kid.

  69. Chris from Buffalo on

    Hey guys. I just watched that hit by Cormier. That was absolutely disgusting. He should never play hockey again, period. Good job by the QMJHL suspending this loser.

  70. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    I am going to be waaaaaaaay in the minority here, but i thought cormier’s hit on the swedish player during the WJs was way more deliberate than the one last night.

  71. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    then that one must’ve been horrifically worse because this was just brutal!

  72. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    don’t get me wrong here, i’m not condoning it. My point is the guy on the ice is convulsing and everything so it makes it appear much worse. If he is groggy and gets up, bad hit yes, but not the lynching hit people are screaming about. The hit is the same either way, the result makes people react one way or another!!!

  73. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    it wasn’t anywhere close to having the same end result for the guy from sweden, but it was much more deliberate and thought out!

  74. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    that hit is no more “disgusting” than hollweg’s hit on simon, glencross on drury, bertuzzi on moore, and so on…….the result is disgusting, the hit is bad, but not disgusting. The mcsorely hit on brashear (stick swing)is far more disgusting than the cormier hit to me, but again the result is a different story!

  75. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    thanks wick. this guy is just a punk isnt he? any hit to the head is not good. that poor kid’s nose was a mess! why does there seem to be a lack of respect for your opponent? hit them legally, and not in the head. Iknow its a mans game, but you do have to respect your opponent, no matter what. Hits to the head are dangerous, you just don’t know what could happen.

  76. both hits are cheap and are deserving of suspension

    on another note, i at the start of the season i was in favor of bringing vinny here. but now i say no. 2 reasons, 1- he is on the back half od his career and his numbers are declining. 2- for the same $ the rangers can trade for and sign kovalchuk who will prduce more for the $. i know that doesn’t solve the center problem but its a better option

  77. both hits are cheap and are deserving of suspension

    on another note, at the start of the season i was in favor of bringing vinny here. but now i say no. 2 reasons, 1- he is on the back half od his career and his numbers are declining. 2- for the same $ the rangers can trade for and sign kovalchuk who will prduce more for the $. i know that doesn’t solve the center problem but its a better option

  78. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i agree with you linda about shots to the head, to me the problem is simply guys that play like that understand one thing and one thing only….physical play. THat is why i think the instigator rule is so frakking stupid!! You throw a hit like that on a guy, you get physically beat period. I would take it one step further and get rid of the 10 game auto suspension if a guy leaves the bench to get involved in an altercation on the ice. I would make it a one game suspension.

  79. I just read some of the Lecavalier comments.

    I’m pretty sure that per the CBA there can be no agreement to pay a portion of a player’s salary once they’ve been traded.

    “Nor shall any Club be permitted to retain an obligation to pay or reimburse another Club for a portion of any Player’s Player Salary or Bonus in connection with the Assignment of such Player…”

    Brian Burke has been pushing to get this changed, which obviously helps wealthy clubs like the Rangers/Toronto/Etc.

  80. Wicky- I mentioned that above, the hit looked worse because he was convulsing on impact. And we’ve seen similar hits with much less graphic outcome. The end result is the same- a concussion. That’s not the point. First of all, forget suspension. Regardless, the referees should’ve been peeling the whole team off this guy. I know, it’s a fine line between at times between clean and not so clean hit. But this was too obvious. That’s his third similar offense. He should not play in NHL.

  81. ALL hits to head are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    And just MHO, but we can argue about the hits and which were worse til the cows come home, but in the end it all boils down to this: Lack of respect for other players lives and livelihoods.

    Then again, there seems to be an utter lack of respect in all facets of society these days, but that’s another whole kettle of fish.

  82. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    nyr 13 and wick, i agree. the instigator rule is ridiculous.. and while we’re on that , if you are in a fight an have a sheild, arent you supposed to get an extra penalty for that??

    Ok, back to the topic. The reason why the suspension is there for someone who leaves the bench was pretty much to end the bench clearing brawls, no? Because that was the beginning of the wussification of the game. They are legislating the toughness, the machoness, the manliness out of the game for the OOOOOOOOOOOH SOOOOOOOOOO elusive ‘casual fan’. well guess what bettman, those people don’t give a freakin rats arse about it.

    But hits to the head, they really need to stop that because one day, someone is going to die because of it.

  83. Mickeym- welcome again. This time as a newcomer to sisterblog. We need more petlovers. Mama gets very lonely:(

    A 60 pound lap dog? Sheesh, your lap must look like Boyle’s..

  84. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    well said mickey, mako and i were just discussing that!

    ilb, i had seen, not that particular article, but something on his passing. We know we’re going to be seeing a lot more of that, in hockey and football. Boxing is a given.
    Lets take the Lindros brothers for example, I wonder if they have testing done once a year to just check on their brain function and things like that,just to monitor the after effects. Sometimes you never fully recover, is that correct?

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " give a hand to Callahan!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo MickeyM , You taking lesson’s fron Jess at BB? HAHAA!!

    The cheap shop is another example of Canadian hockey or Drafted Devil players…I’d say it’s the Devils fault considering im Canadian. Funny how Brashear clobbers a member of our team last year and now we have him…looks like we have no dignity either. Shame shame on that kid for hitting him like that..punk like that alway get the crap kicked outta ’em , you ‘ll see.

    Sharapova lost , she went down with grace. I felt sorry fer her and want to give her a hug. Sharapova would make a great curler ..”HURRY ,HURRY HARD!!” That woman sure has a beuty set of lungs on her.

  86. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    LMAO @ your lap must look like Boyle’s!!!!!!!! I was thinking when they were talking to Everlast during intermission that he looked pretty big too…not as huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge as flavah explosion, but not too shabby.

    and i am correct 6’4!

  87. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    It’s a slap in the face that he’s here Greg. I know we have people that defend him and say he’s not the reason we can’t score, but the 2.8 million dollar contract he received could have been better spent elsewhere. I was very disappointed when he was signed.

  88. Linda-yes, some never fully recover. There is a protocol that concussion specialists follow, but there is very little treatment to offer at the moment.

  89. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    i think i remember briefly seeing something last year about the NFL asking players to donate their brains after they’ve passed away, so they can be studied. That’s a step in the right direction for possible treatment in the future right?

  90. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Greg, are you on the Boneheads Facebook page yet???

  91. ilb- LOL at the Boyle comment. I’d take offense to that as a woman, but seeing as I’m not delicate, nor a flower, nor a delicate flower PLUS the fact that it WAS funny, I’ll ignore that and just LMAO. Srsly though, not offended at all :) As for the dog, he’s just a big baby. Likes to think he’s a tough customer but not so much.

    Greg- Jess from BB? Huh?

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " give a hand to Callahan!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda , who are we talking about when you said this :

    * It’s a slap in the face that he’s here Greg. I know we have people that defend him and say he’s not the reason we can’t score, but the 2.8 million dollar contract he received could have been better spent elsewhere. I was very disappointed when he was signed.

  93. Mickeym- had no intentions to offend. At all, trust me. Even if it sounded remotely offensive, I am sorry.

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " give a hand to Callahan!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Mickey , It’s a long story…I wouldn’t worry ’bout it.

    Yeah Linda , Im old school Yahoo , not really a twiiter twatter or a face bookokien but who knows ….Im interested to know the list of nic names too. Its hockey so There no reason ya can’t post it here.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " give a hand to Callahan!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Brashear!!! Right!! Duh …umm.. I seriously reread and couldn’t for the life of me fig it out , aw ty.

  96. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    thats why we love you greg!

    I am giving everyone until Friday to come up with any nicknames that are POSTABLE!! (Keep that in mind ORR!!) Once Mako and I give it the final viewing, it will be posted before the game on Saturday.

  97. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    lmao ilb, he looks like he didnt get enough techno music at the club so he’s lookin to get even!

  98. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Sally asked us to compile a list of the nicknames we’ve given the guys so when she’s blogging with us, she’ll know who we’re talking about. A few other Boneheads asked too, so we’re working on it.

  99. ilb — great picture of vick. I just might make that one my background. I live in Philly and grew up cheering the Eagles on but I can no longer support them since the signing of vick. I have a pit bull and a pit bull mix, both rescues and the sweetest dogs. This man should have been locked away for a looong time. You get more time for shooting yourself in the leg than 6 years of what her did. Thanks again…made my night!

  100. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    nah,just a splashing tail fin!

    hey greg, i dont know if the format will print in here when i post it.

    here’s my email address:

    email me and I will email it to you when its done

  101. Linda- I got Lisin, I think. FB.

    wicky, sounds like it’s a very, very big toe you stubbed this time.

  102. LFV- any time. Please, don’t get me started on vick…I can go for long time. He isn’t worth our time and space on RR.

  103. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    me too ilb….I just wanted to type ilb, everyone else was!

  104. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on


    wicky, Mako and I have already started compiling the list, it will be posted saturday before game time. Just add your ideas on the Bonehead group

  105. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    i ust gave you a nickname on the wall, i’ve got it all messed up!!

  106. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Hope everyone had a great day celebrating Mark Messiers Birthday!

  107. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    good girl Fozzy!!! i was pregnant at the time, my daughter grew up a Mets AND SOX fan, she just looooooves the SOX!

  108. ilb- No worries. I understood you weren’t being offensive and didn’t that at all in your words. I was just trying to make a funny and well, well all know how well sarcasm and trying to makes jokes goes over the interwebs- like a dead duck. LOL. We’re cool :)

    Greg- Mmmkay. If you say so. :) Wasn’t trying to stir anything up with my earlier comments, just making a general observation on the state of the game. I’m all for healthy disagreement on blogs, that’s what makes them so great.

    Linda- There’s a Boneheads Facebook page? SWEET! How can I find it so I can join?

  109. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Mickey, look up BONEHEADS, and look for the picture of Dubi picking his nose (someone said some nazi links come up, so look for sally’s lil man)

    I’ll be online for about 15 more minutes so I’ll confirm you right away

  110. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    OK, who is Chris P that just requested entrance into our ultra secret exclusive club?

  111. WOOT! Thanks Linda.

    OK folks, I’m out for the night. Gotta go back to work tomorrow after my fab weekend in NYC. Blech. Nite!!

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " give a hand to Callahan!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nothing ya said Mickey , its the way you refered to other posters with thier own paragraph. Kinda what an old editor used to do many moons ago. Think nothing of it , I though maybe Orr would get a kick outta it or something.

    Sure will Linda . Sounds groovey.

  113. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    niters kids. have a good one.

    GAME DAY unfortunately on VERSUS tonight!

  114. EddieJ (Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love This Team?) on

    I know the feeling. My wife and I had a 60lb. boxer who would lay across our laps while we watched tv. Our legs would usually end up falling asleep. After him, we had a 110lb. French Mastiff. Fortunately, he wasn’t a lap dog. Phew! That would have been rough. : )

  115. Chris – that would be the MOB line then?

    Just reading the puckdaddy article on line names going missing since the cap era – whats the best we could do with our current roster?

    Does anyone else think that have 1 guy in charge of NHL discipline is a bit suspect? Most other sports would convene a panel on this kind of thing – a ref, a coach, a couple of ex-players, maybe a doctor or psych doctor too.

  116. So I watched the dirty elbows Cormier threw in the juniors tournament and all I can say is, what a COWARD. Seems that his claim to fame is to throw cheap elbows at the heads of his opponents on his way on and off the ice. Every time he does that, there is a chance that he could cause permanent damage to another player or end their career.

    I hope he never plays in the NHL.

  117. Just looked at last night’s scores – at least the Rangers haven’t lost a game by 8 goals or given up 9 goals…yet…

  118. NYRguy – i read Brooksie earlier but most of the other source on the ‘net reckon that there’s been no contact between the 2 teams and that the Rangers get mentioned in every deal due to pre-cap era when we were in for everyone because we didn;t have a cap to deal with.

    I think Vinny could be a good addition to the team if he was a rental but thats a horrendous contract (and impossible to buyout) and i see no point adding it to Redden, Drury and Roszi’s horrendous contracts. Slats should be looking to offload the bad deals, even if we can only acquire picks or prospects in return.

    Our best chance at the moment is to move Roszi – his last 2 years are worth $4m and $3m in salary (albeit a $5m cap hit). Next year we can start thinking about trading Drury and the year after that maybe Redden.
    The other problem we have is likley raises to Staal, Girardi, DelZ and further contracts to Dubi and Cally which will hopefuly prevent Slats from adding yet more high priced dross to the roster.

  119. So I get to work today and my students ask me if the Rangers are going to win tonight. So I respond with a question to their question, and ask, “Is Too Tall Jones too tall?”


  120. Mornin’ all!

    The alarm going off at 6am is never my favorite thing, especially after a long weekend. UGH.

    Greg- Ahhh, I got it now. Sorry? Just my way of keeping everyone straight, I guess. I’d blame it on my training as a journalist, but that would be insulting to Carp and Blogmama, plus it’s not true so I won’t :)

    EddieJ- A 110 lb dog? That’s not a dog, it’s a small pony! Gotta love ’em though. This is the 5th dog I’ve had in my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. They are just the best.

    ORTY! I miss him, too *sniff*

  121. Linda if you request BONEHEADS membership, we need to know your posting name on

    hmm, is this name too long?

  122. Linda if you request BONEHEADS membership, we need to know your posting name on

    apparently NOT!


    yes, yes, we get the VERSUS circus of clowns tonight, aren’t we lucky? And then next Monday too with the Penguins, blaaaaaaah.

  123. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    aaah THERE he is!!

    so whats your take on the VL ‘rumor’ ilb. I say just say no. Even though a great player, its just tooooooo much money for toooooo many years? You wanna pay a 40 yr old 7 million dollars? We have enough of that right now. And even if he’s just a rental, thats a lot of youth to give up. I fear we’re heading even more in the direction of pre lockout. Did this asshat NOT learn the first time.

  124. Egads, Versus again tonight? Wonder which announcer we get- Doc or Joe”I neeed to invent a new word on every shift cause it’s makes me COOL”.

  125. I’m a little confused in my mind on VL. I believe that the length of his contract may become less of an issue after the new CBA. And he certainly makes the team much better. And with Torts, I believe his shelf life will be extended. But there is no way any of above mentioned young studs should go to Tampa in return. No bufiglyen way. Tampa may have to settle for picks with their financial situation. But, again, he is a legit #1 center. We have nobody near his skills in our system at the moment.

  126. VL is in decline, but he is still a better deal than any of the big $$$ guys we have. Only problem is that it is too long a deal.
    If I am Sather, just eat it for 2 more years, Drury and Rozi are gone, Redden will be bought out by then, Grachev and Stepan and MacDoughnah will be ready. . . .Sather has to be patient here. If you could turn Redden/Rozi into Souray, fine. Svatos? OK. But VL is a mistake, and frankly, I don’t think he and Torts are as chummy as many pundits are implying. Marty St. Louis? Different story.

  127. Keep me in your thoughts today please. I have to take my 2 year old to the Children’s Hospital in Philly. He was tested and is delayed in a lot of things, so they want us to test his hearing and also get a neuro test. Thanks Boneheads.

  128. Lacavlier is exactly what this team needs on the ice, but that contract….oooooohh that contract.

    I think this time Larry Brooks is right, but Larry’s been one that has gone back and forth as far as picking up free agents. One time he says no, then the next he says that they must pick up this guy. I guess it all depends on how he’s feeling that day.

    I don’t see it happening because the Rangers will want to unload one of their stifling contracts and why would TB want to take on the contract of the any one of the 3 albatrosses?

  129. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    GOOD LUCK Nasty and Lil Nasty man!! As always, thoughts and prayers for a great result

  130. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    great posts guys! That’s just like a shell game with the contracts. New package, same bad deal! Although yes, he has more skill than Captain Unisom and the R2 boys, but its still stiffling money that will prevent the team from improving. We need to free UP money for our guys who need to get paid this offseason and next, IF the Undynamic Duo decide to keep them.

  131. paul g in sunrise on

    at the risk of being carped so early in the morning…

    did anyone notice notice that on – Sean Avery is listed in the player wedsites – i get the alpha order, but the fact he is listed there at all took me by surprise – they love hypocracy

  132. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    good call paul. i loved the way they also say “SEAN AVERY and the New York Rangers take on Martaaaaaaan Brodoooooooor and the New Jersey Devils.”

  133. Guys – Im going to the game tonight.. but go an extra pair in Club Gold Section 77 Row J – About 10 rows off the ice.. on the blue line. Face for each is about 420 before fees and everything. Ill sell 225 for the pair. email me at if interested.

  134. Banj… There is a delay, usually about 5-10 seconds. But what I do is I pause the game on my DVR for a few seconds and that way I can synch them up!

  135. If VL has a huge game tonight (as in I’m trying to impress the rangers)lookout, slats will trade anyone to get him!!

  136. personally, as much as i like VL’s on ice demeanor and ability, to me brad richards is the better decision for the next couple of years!

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    No to Lecavalier.

    He’s grossly overrated. Not only is Lecavalier not the leading scorer on his team, he isn’t even the SECOND leading scorer on his team.

    7.7 million for a point per game player with only 12 goals? Yes, I know that’s better than Drury, but at least we’ll be rid of him in 3 years. We’d be stuck with Vinny for the next decade.

    No to Vinny!

  138. Linda if you request BONEHEADS FB membership, we need to know your posting name on

    lmao @ the espn board for the chargers extending norv turner 4 more years!

    I cant imagine having a 30 year old on the team with 10 years left on a monster contract…oh wait… maybe i can, we do have Dolan and Sather

  139. I still say richards is a more logical choice…plus he is one of the few guys in dallas that liked avery!

  140. Hey Fellers and Gals,

    I came into some better free tickets at work today and have two tickets for tonight for face value. Section 316, Row F on the aisle (side Rangers shoot at twice). Selling for face which is $112 for the pair.

    Office is in midtown on 51st and 6th. Give me a ring at 212-373-2256 if you want ’em.

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