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Same lineup. Different lines, Dubinsky on first line for starters.

On the scoring problems (from a Montreal media member): “I get asked that question every day here. It’s a tough one to answer. Last night, I think we get the better chances in the game; we don’t finish. We’re down 2-1, we have our best player with two great chances right after they scored their second goal, and for some reason, Gabby struggled. He’s a big part of our offense. But why you don’t score offensively is a hard question to answer. We just need to get some finish, maybe get a deflection. They got goals off skates last night, and again I think we get the better chances, and come up empty.”

On Higgins playing his former team: “Oh, I don’t give a damn we’re playing against; his former team. Christopher Higgins played a good game last night on a couple of different lines. He’s a guy we need to score a goal, but I expect him to do the things he’s doing without scoring goals — and that’s do the job along the wall, kill some penalties, and hopefully chip in a goal.

“He’s just trying to find his game with confidence. A great indication of where Higgy is as a player, he comes down the left wing last night, has a chance to get in a pretty good scoring area, just holds onto the puck a second too long, and instead of getting a good scoring chance, the defenseman puts his stick on it and it’s deflected wide. That’s how it’s gone for him. In this building here, he’s had a couple open nets at key times in the game, and it bounces over his stick. But I think Christopher has really stayed within himself. I think he dipped a couple of games ago, and really wasn’t doing a lot of the things he has been, and I think he regained himself a little bit last night.”

On the PP: “We’ll see how it goes … We have to get something figured out there. Through our struggles scoring goals, the reason we were winning some games was that power play was working. So that’s very important for us to get going again.”



On his return to MSG: “The way everyone’s in the playoff race, the personal stuff and all that, no. I’ve been here plenty of times. There are more important things to think about.”

On whether he’s motivated by booing: “Until you go through it, it’s a little different. My first game back in Jersey (with Montreal) I was talking to (Ken Daneyko) and saying, ‘This time they won’t boo me.’ Geez, as soon as I tou ched the ice (they booed). Guys are asking, will I get booed here? I don’t know. I got traded. It wasn’t like I wanted to go, it wasn’t like I asked. I loved my time here. I loved the organization.

“I know a guy like Scotty Stevens absolutely loved (being booed). He could go out and stand at center and get booed. He fed off it. It’s fun. How many times do you get to go into a building and get booed? Unless you’re on the home team and they’re booing you; that’s a different kind of boo. It’s not going to motivate me. It is what it is. It’s a little different here.”

He was asked about the difference in the cities and the media attention, and he couldn’t resist a typical Gomez wisecrack.

“You guys are all (abdelkaders). They just speak a different language.” He laughed when he said it.

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  1. Congratz Linda!!

    January 17th, 2010 at 5:58 pm
    I need to bleach my eyes from what my eyes just witnessed !!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    it seems like a fun way to pass the time before the game instead of just rehashing the same old stuff. we’ll have plenty of time to do that during the game :-)

  3. “Linda Love Uncle Glennie
    January 17th, 2010 at 5:57 pm
    lmao @ he could ho out….

    I love Ricks typos”

    He was driving on his iPhone…

  4. Dubi back on the first line were he belongs. Gabby will much better because of it. Like to see Boyle get a little more time, he has been there most physical player of late.

  5. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lol ilb. i’m careful about posting things that others might not agree with, or be offended by. EXCEPT pictures of hot guys that is!

  6. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    dog, who would you like to see boyle with? i wish they’d put drury back on the 4th line, he actually had some offense.

  7. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    from now on when I post pictures of hot guys, i will make my posting name


    unless, of course, you’re into that :-)

  8. Did anyone watch Caps-Flyers “tilt”. Caps won 5-3. OV with sick move on penalty shot. This team is really great, I think they will be #1 in the East. But if they come out as a Cup finalist, it would be a miracle. Not with their goalies. This one is for everyone who thinks Hank isn’t untouchable.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " GOMEZ SUCKS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    RA RA RA RANGERS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

  10. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    I know last season was very disappointing for Gomez, and of course I make that trade with Montreal again in order to sign Gaborik, BUT…

    Gomez had 70 points in his first season as a Ranger…he averaged almost a point-per-game that year after a slow start in October

    Gomez had 128 points in 2 seasons as a Ranger

    Gomez had 16 points in 17 playoff games as a Ranger

    Drury would KILL for those numbers, and Gomez basically was run out of town by Rangers fans…it just goes to show what kind of pass Drury got from the fans/media before this season, and how long he’s been living off a false/exaggerated rep

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " GOMEZ SUCKS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    scores!! He scoresss , THATS A PP GOAL!!! Gaborik all alone ….he scorrreess!! Higgin ..missed the net ,AWWWW…Lisen , SCORES!???? YES HE DOES!!!!! I think Hank got a point on that one. Its a two on one ….Prospal, he scoreeeeeess. He flips it in , Boyle on the chase …over to to Higgins ..he misses the net!!?? In the slot , DELZOTTO!!!!! SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whew , gonna be a great game tonight!!!


    Almost gametime people , Time to shine!!! Or Shine shoes!??
    Who , what , where and why ..what Ranger team will show up?
    Where rappin 909?

  13. Still

    Nope I would have rather them kept Gomez and RUN DRURY OUT!!! But Captain MATC and his forces against nature contract.

  14. Also, eddiej from earlier and ed truck and all you new posters, welcome to the Report! unless you’re old timers and changing names and messing with mama…..

  15. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao @ Staal is NOT in the bathroom puking!

    Staal in NOT a hard hitting crease clearing physical dman, right wicky?


    wow Boyle ,Voros and Avery…thats what I said.



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