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January 16, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, St. Louis Blues 4 (Game #48, Road #23)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the St. Louis Blues, 4-1, tonight at the Scottrade Center, and have now recorded a point in 12 of their last 15 games (8-3-4).
• The Rangers dropped to 22-19-7 (51 pts.) overall, including a 12-8-3 (27 pts.) mark on the road.
• Brian Boyle notched a goal and finished with a team-high five hits in 10:51 of icetime; three of his four goals this season have come against Western Conference opponents.
• Aaron Voros recorded one assist in his return to the lineup after not dressing in the previous six games, and 18 of the last 20 dating back to Dec. 5 at Buffalo.
• Goaltender Chad Johnson turned aside 21 of 24 shots while making his second NHL start, and third career appearance in net for the Rangers.
• Wade Redden finished the game with a plus-one rating and has now posted a plus or even rating in 17 of his last 19 games, including 12 of the last 13 games.
• Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto led all skaters with 24:15 of icetime and registered three hits in the contest.
• Dan Girardi registered a team-high three blocked shots to improve his season total to 105; entering tonight’s game, Girardi was tied for ninth in the NHL in blocked shots.
• Marian Gaborik and Artem Anisimov tied for the game-high with four shots on net.
• Erik Christensen led the team and tied for the game-high with 10 faceoff wins, and registered a 77% (10-13) success rate in the faceoff circle.
• The Rangers close out their back-to-back set tomorrow, January 17, when they will face-off against the Montreal Canadiens at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Original Six opponents; please note there is no morning skate scheduled prior to the contest; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. 7.7th! Ha-Ha!

    Is Captain Clutch really back??? Will there be a clutch wrap-up coming after tomorrow’s game??? Stay tuned!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  2. Got to ask Sally, but I think that one stunk more than her cat’s poop.

    On a good note, they scored a goal. Baby effing steps, you know…

  3. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i cant even think of something better than lmfao to respond to that.. bravo izzy!

  4. Sather's Wrapup on

    Linda! NOW you are another bonehead mentioned by Glennie. Are you ddebened?

    Hello Ranger Fans, from St. Louis- the Windy City. Well, something sure blows around here, anyway…

    I was talking trade today with JD. I wanted to send Sam Rosen to St Louis for Backman, or one of those other minor leaguers he has out there. I may have to throw in Redden to get the deal done. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’ve got this great idea for a movie! A hockey player dies and comes back as, get this; A TOOTH FAIRY! It’s so funny I pissed my pants. Oh, the irony! No, not the movie, the fact that I pissed my pants again. That’s the third time today…

    (singing) “And they called it- Puppy Love…” Ohhh! That’s my new ringtone for Dolan. (Someone called Blogmama sent it to me) Hey there, big guy! I’m so sorry; we had a real bad setback tonight. No, I meant the Rangers. Don’t worry. I got them scoring again. It’s only a matter of time. I see the Knicks lost to the Pistons. They’re a lousy team, aren’t they? No, I meant the Pistons… Why is he crying again? You’d think he had money on the Arizona Cardinals… (click)

    Sorry Ranger fans, I seem to have lost about a half hour of time here tonight. I just had Muckler deliver my usual between periods pitcher of Margaritas and after a few sips, I seem to have passed out. When I awoke, my rear end hurt like hell, and Muck was out in the hall with this big smile on his face.

    I was really concerned when my #1 defenseman, Rozival, went down there with an injury. They took him back to the locker room and x-rayed his head, but there was nothing there. I could have told them that.

    Mrs. Sather says hi to all the Boneheads. See you for the Montreal game.
    Uncle Glennie

  5. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    ilb, no more baby steps from grown men. sometimes they look as if this is their first time playing the game.

  6. I like Chad looks like chicken little.

    Anyway, I say Lisin Voros stay in!!!!! Forget Higgins, Drury at the bus station!

  7. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao ilb!

    Mako, you FORGOT about drurys no movement clause? THATS IT…no movement…he’s backed up and needs to be snaked!

  8. LOL OH YEAH I forgot!!!! HE’S CONSTIPATED!!!!!! Good now Im going to cally Drury “CONNIE”

  9. Went out with mrs ilb. Sometimes I wish my DVR malfunctioned.

    Izzy- it’s pronounced S S S aiR. But you can mispronounce it wichever way you want, it doesn’t exist.

  10. I dont want to know who anyone else until said player is off of the team. It would be a buzz kill LOL

  11. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao dde, not even close, i am not that clever! the muckler stuff is hilarious,but visually disturbing!

    mako, have another drink and maybe you will type ANISIMOV instead of and

  12. We can safely start planning boneheads gathering for May without watching the games. Hopefully by then Drury will become a full time father and Sather will get his cojones bitten off by a shark (no, not you, MAKO) during his early deep sea fishing trip.

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    USSR is S S S aiR? Or CCCP is S S S aiR? I’m not Russian. Actually, I’m not in any hurry at all… I’m slow. As in Slovak.

  14. even though I’m pretty clever, funny and of course good looking…i am not Chris Drury, Izzy, or Sather!

    I am me, CCCP! The guy next door! :)

  15. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    you guys are wild tonight!!!!!!!

    Mako is about 8 sheets to the wind, that must mean a new guido pic on his facebook tomorrow!!!

    CCCP is charming as always

    ilb took his glasses off! and Izzy is Izzy, the champion

  16. Only if I get that shade of LIP GLOSS!!! I keep on telling you!!!! LOL and NO DOODLE DUST FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. but why all of a sudden everyone wants to know who’s who? keep the show going! we dont need to know until there is time to know…

  18. Im with CCCP – when its time to know. Preferable when those people are out of the ORGAN-eye-ZATION

  19. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    oh of course not. i just have a theory or two. They definitely HAVE to keep it going because it’s 2 bright spots in another gloomy season for Rangers fans! They are totally brilliant.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    i just checked AV’s twitter Voros34 and blog… wow, the three of them (AV, Sean A, HL) really have some love triangle going on. I can see AV and HL cliquing, both savvy, on their game, and as Joe might call it “fine young men.” I don’t know how Voros fits in though, but we’ve seen on TV (and pix) that HL does get along well with him. Interesting that those 3 are the *LEADERS* of this franchise.

  21. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Biker #2: [the whole gang holds Pee-wee hostage] I say we kill him!
    Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah!
    Biker #3: I say we hang him, *then* we kill him!
    Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah!
    Biker #4: I say we stomp him!
    Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah!
    Biker #4: Then we tattoo him!
    Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah!
    Biker #4: Then we hang him…!
    Biker Gang: [shout] YEAH!’!
    Biker #4: And then we kill him!
    Biker Gang: [shout] YEAH!’!’!

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    omg… what the hell is going on here? I post around this time and check to see the convo in the morning… i refresh and there’s 5 new comments! Wow. Go Boneheads!

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    ilb- seriously?

    Sather will be here as long as he can continue to sell out MSG for Dolan. Dolan has no interest in the Rangers. If they pay their way, then.. no problem.

    Sather is no fool, he will put Messier in as GM, as necessary to save his own job. Then sacrifice Tortorella, then Messier, then Schoenfeld. In no particular order.

  24. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Olga, sad but true. Like i said, we gotta cut the head off the snake to get true relief!

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Or make Sather so unpalatable in NY as to force his retirement. Then hope to God that Dolan picks someone that knows what they are doing…

  26. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Maybe he doesn’t hate his wife enough then? Get a couple more hours in at the office, especially summer time, June 29th and 30th. I hope they have a big fight this year, he sure as hell didn’t have any family problems 2 and 3 years ago! seems like he did no (good) work those years at all!

  27. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    NOTHING sather touches is pretty eh??? he just craps up everything!

    sather is canadian for ……. fill in the blank

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    I am really so serious on my quest to FIRE SATHER! Dolan wouldn’t know sh*t about hockey if he had a mouthful. Sather is the “guru” that has to be removed. It’s his show. Dolan is as dumb as a box of rocks, as far as hockey goes. Sather is the expert that is screwing it up!

  29. Sather is 66 years old. You gotta hope that at some point (soon!) bodily functions other than his brain are gonna start failing!!

  30. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao! i said a few weeks ago, he’s gonna outlive all of us…it’ll be the roaches and sather

  31. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on


    uh, we have not made one comment on the actual play of this team in over an hour.

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is the one that is supposed to know better. Sather is the one that has his own future in his hands. He can delay the inevitable for a few more years, he can keep the Rangers floundering around 6-7-8-9th place until either Dolan smartens up or a fan revolt takes place. As long as Sather sells out MSG, he is safe from either scenario.

  33. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    do you think the fans would ever organize well enough to actually stage a walk out during the game? they won’t even sustain a fire sather chant from game to game, especially if there’s a victory mixed in amongst the wreckage.

  34. Olga Folkyerself on

    Uh, the team blows. It doesn’t blow enough to get Sather fired. They are in 7th place! That’s close enough! Why doesn’t this team beat the teams that it “should” beat? Atlanta? Ottawa? St Louis? Islanders? I’m tired of seeing this team struggle against teams that they should be DESTROYING! At the risk of repeating myself, this team blows.

  35. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    i wonder if bettmans hand is in the hole in dolans back, and he does a ventriloquist act with him

  36. Just watched the game…oy vey

    Can’t wait to hear Gomez booed out of MSG tomorrow lol

    Will be nice to see Mara though.

    Definitely going to have to win this game or who knows what kind of tailspin it’s going to create

  37. Good morning all
    I wonder if Torts will say unacceptable. Accept it Torts, you might just as well accept it and go along for the ride. Sather has been doing it for years now.

  38. Does anyone think that Sather will actually fire Tortorella at some point in this debacle? Or, is this what we, the fans, are left with for the rest of the season?

  39. Done with this team. Done!!! Until someone can do what the objective of hockey is, I won’t waste my time anymore.

    Solution: Get rid of everyone on this team including Tortorella, Sather, and everyone else except Gaborik, Lundqvist, Cally, and Voros(at least the guy has heart). Everyone else…good bye. Let’s start all over.

    And anyone who says Avery is a good player has got sh**#()T for brains. Plays when he wants, can’t make a play, and is a feather when you knock him off the puck.

    One more thing…did Captain Clueless play last night?

  40. Funny how Gomez might get booed but Drury gets nothing. At least Gomez can set people up and enter the zone on the PP. Tell me you’d rather have Drury than Gomez?

    Well, I’ll be missing the game tonight to watch the Jets and hang out with ladies. And to think I was even reconsidering for a few minutes after these last few efforts.

  41. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Mike, good point. I been saying that 3 years now and I think the tide is finally turning.

  42. Gomez was their only puck carrier, who with speed thru the neutral zone could make Defensemen back up on there heels. Between the 2, I definitely would take Gomez over Drury.

  43. The thing about these losses lately, it has been a collective effort. They pretty much all can share the blame. One would be hards pressed to find a player or players that is not part of the problem. That includes owners, management, and coaches. I guess we can not put any blame on Hank for last night.

  44. It is just amazing how Backes went unchalleged last night. No one took a run at him, or gave him a shot. Other then maybe Voros, who really would have stepped in?

  45. I didn’t know why I was upset more last night than any other nights when they come out and don’t compete. I do know now. It wasn’t a stinker. They just couldn’t do it. They came out hard and the Blues came out even harder. But the Rangers couldn’t match their speed and their intensity.
    Torts, to his credit, made adjustments. They came out in the second and slowed down the game to the pace that was more comfortable for the Rangers. And it worked for some time. The passes started to click, their forecheck looked more effective, their hits made more impact. Didn’t last. Why? The Blues adjusted. They interrupted the passes and continued to pressure with even more speed. And your beloved team fell apart. They couldn’t continue.
    It’s a combination of having young, inexperienced players and veterans who do not know hockey. It isn’t Torts. He has what he has. So do we. We will have to deal with it.

  46. Paul,
    there was no reaction to Backes. he was aloud to run Roszival into the turnbuckle without a reaction. well there was one reaction, it was from Roszival D partner Staal. he made like King Arthur in Monty Python. RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

  47. the best part last night was when erik took a shot on chad and sam was like’ johsnon… shooting on johnson!!!,(this is joe m’s cue)” hey sam, its johnson on johnson”!!( sam quietly moves his seat away from joe little by little while holding back vomit)

  48. Can somebody give us a plausible explanation why Voros and Lisin are not in the lineup every day?

  49. ilb- damn tootin rozys been good. he still sucks. but hes been much better but even with him being better, the rest of his mates on d are pathetic. redden just does the absolute bare minimum to keep his spot, dz is like scrappy doo in his own zone chasing after big fws like a puppy tryin to hump your leg. he gets out of position and hes on for goals against almost everytime now. gilroy is a little better than redden but hes shown nothing since his demotion. staal n girardi are 2 pansies. they are not a shutdown tandem. staal is better but has 1 talent. hes smart with the puck and knows how to play good d. he doesnt always execute the way he should, but hes not physical. girardi is becoming another redden.

  50. ilb- lisin doesnt always play like he did last night. he played that way to stay in the lineup, but honestly, i usually never notice him. point is, he tried hard and was our best player last night, but still is not like that most of the time. but for now, i’d kep him over brash anyday of the week.

  51. Shame on the people knocking John Tortorella.

    Torts is the closest this team will ever get to real accountability. At least he tried. It’s depressing because he’s obviously just not allowed to really punish the big contract players long term… it’s clearer than ever that his (and any rangers coach’s) hands are pretty tied under sather/dolan.

    Drury had 3 goals in his few games on the 4th line. He simply belongs there. But it doesn’t look good for the organization. They were winning with Redden in the pressbox. But it looks bad.

    It’s obvious Torts is disgusted with his brat team, he’s trying to chip away at them with things like “team bus” rules and the like… but the painful reality is that this is NY and hockey eventually comes secondary to most of the people that get paid to play here. It’s the culture here and it has been that way for a long time.

    Torts may not be the greatest coach ever, but no one who steps behind that bench will ever have complete control of that locker room. Sad but true.

  52. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Torts ever tried anisimov between dubi and gabby? I feel like 2 puck handlers will create more ice for gabby to get open, plus it will keep the puck in the offensive zone as Gabby’s become a HUGE liability defensively.

  53. hockeymon- and if it wasnt for a flukey goal from boyle, we would have been shutout 3 in a row. that goal shouldve sparked the rangers and got them the confidence to go out and get a few more. they played even worse after the goal as if they were satisfied. i really do think torts screws with the lines soo damn much though, between games and during them, that they really need to put at least the top 2 lines together. do not break them up. thing is, with a 2nd line like drury duby cally, theres no creativity, theres no passer, there more like a 3rd line checking line. basically cally and dru are defensive players. cally isnt a goal scorer. drury isnt either. so guys like lisin AA avery(who would be teh enrgy gritty guy on the line would make a much btter 2nd line. give them more minutes. then u play drurys line 3rd line minutes and have them play against the top st louis line. give the gabby line more freedom to score. even though they have the last change, you do it on teh fly. but they are so inept at getting puck possession, they usually cant change because theyre pinned in their end.

  54. i think hes put AA there maybe once or twice truefans. lisin was there for a minute too. but he felt there not hard enough on the puck, and aa is big but doesnt use it to create room. at least he didnt when i saw them play together. lisin was fast and looked like it would be a good line but he was weak away from the puck and wasnt strong enough to get a forecheck established like duby or cally does. but AA should be tried there again. i think he definitely has more talent than most on teh team and could be defensively responsible too.

  55. Mike

    I think if Drury came back on another team he would get booed also.

    And for those knocking Torts, lets remember that his first season in Tampa wasn’t so great either but in his 2nd year they had 93 points and lost in the Eastern Semis. We have young kids and not enough offensive talent and Redden/Rozi/Drury preventing us from doing anything to help, so lets give it some time…it’s frustrating, but it’s the only thing that can be done

  56. good post salty. you are right now that i think about it. its true he did try to punish the bums on teh team, but sather most likely made him put them back in. guys like kots and lisin are prucha’d alot because he isnt allowed to keep dru or redden out.

  57. did not read all the posts. where was sullivan last night????

    lisin played well last night. he play like that all the time he can help.

    drury just seems weak or slow or both….

    at least grachev had 2 last night for hartford….

  58. nyrguy- i really think that after this season barring a miracle, redden will be put in the minors. rozy will be trade cat the dealine and hes also been damn good for his standards lately so if we get rozy traded, thats 2 of the top 4 bad contracts gone. u put redden in minors/halfway house, whatever the guy needs, and then u have 1 really bad contract left, and hes still valuable in certain aspects of the game so its not like we have brashear on the 4th line at 7-8 mill. drury at least has the ability to bounce back from this season and contribute his 55-60 points he averages. i would wish nothing more for him to be gone, but we cannot move him, or flush him. so im hopin he gets a bounceback season next year. with just his bad contract left, we can get grachev up here, and carry a 7th b d man, and sign a top center for gabby. dont want kovalchuk hes just too expensive and then we lose staal for nothing. maybe trading staal now isnt such a bad idea. i mean, he looks maxed out right now. i know hes been great for us before, but its his 3rd full year here now and he hasnt improved. hes actually regressed. no wait in fact, unless he wants rozy like money, keep him and dump girardi instead. i cant wish staal to be gone because of past history with this team. it will come back to bite us and he will become a top d man like zuby was. scratch that whole idea i mentioned about staal. unless we get a real good deal out of it.

  59. Salty,
    I do not want to fire Torts, I think if given the talent he will win. but there have been some odd moves, and he has been stubborn with some players. taking Dubi away from Gabby, and putting him with Drury, just caused 2 players to go into a slump. neither has scored a point since they were broken up. picking the end of the Senators game to bench Gabby hurt the team. that is the kind of move you make earlier in a game, so you can bring back that player later in the game

  60. Good HOCKEY Afternoon to you ALL!

    Amen Salty great post. I can blame Torts on VERY little. Like putting Cally, Dubinsky in the shoot out…
    Line juggling, but like you said, brat team! I cant see LQ, Avery, Cally, Gilly, MDZ, Gabby and VP apart of that….

    Lisin and Voros need to get consistent playing time. Lisin was the stand out player last night.

  61. Stuart

    He had to leave before the game – family emergency. They never commented it after they said it. Hope everything is ok.

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