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Here are some post-game quotes. I’ll add the Rangers’ post-game package to the bottom in a little while.

Ryan Callahan:

“It’s a big character game for us as well, not only to score six goals, but to come back after a 2-0 lead at home where we’ve been struggling of late. So it was a good game for us to break out goal-wise, but also to show some character here in the room.”

“Guys came in here and said, yeah, we’re down 2-0, but we didn’t have a bad start.”

“Obviously, nobody seemed happy in here when we’re not scoring goals the last two or three games. So guys want to put the puck in.”

“It’s a weird game. You can definitely see it when a team’s playing with confidence or when a guy’s playing with confidence, and I thought you saw that after we got a couple of goals tonight. We started to play with a bit of a swagger again and that’s what we need to do.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

“Some guys really stepped up to the plate, that physical play and showing them that we’re not going to back down and scrapping a couple of times really gave our bench a lift and helped keep the momentum on our side.”

“I’m not going to say we’ve been fruatrated because I’ve said all along that we’re capable of scoring and playing well.”

“I’m playing on the top line there, and on any team the top line needs to be producing, so I do put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m pretty sure (Callahan) feels the same way. It’s important for your top lines to produce for your team to win.”

“It shows a lot. It shows a lot of character on his part. It shows a willingness to compete, a willingess to win, a to stick up for his teammates and be there. Same thing with AV and Sean and even Lis(in). It shows how much guys want to win and how much this game meant to us tonight.”

John Tortorella:

“I’ll never say it’s more important than the gioals, because we need the goals dearly. But that’s important stuff as you go along here. Again, I think for quite a while I think we’ve played harder along the boards. We’ ve had some blips on the screen as we’ve gone through it, but it’s been more consistent. And tonight in that type of situation, I thought some guys stepped up. Aves has a big fight, AV, lisin, Brian Boyle’s in there, Wade Redden. Everybody stuck up for one another, so from a team concept that’s important.”

“You never know how games are going to be played, you never know what triggers it. … The important thing is how you respond, and I thought we responded the correct way. Sometimes this year I don’t think we’ve responded correctly in those type of situations.”

“The guys pull for him in that type of situation. He’s been run over here in this city for quite a while, since he’s been here. I’m glad for the guy. I’ve seen him in his career and he’s a pretty tough guy, a pretty good fighter. I’m glad he stood in there, trying to get involed with our team here. And I’m sure the boys == well I know they were happy for him. No matter whether he wins the fight, loses the fight. It’s good he stood in there.”

“Cally ignited us tonight. He did a lot of good things. Dubi and Cally. … Those type of players, the secondary scoring, it’s important. Because I believe Gabby will get going again, and Vinny Prospal will get going again, then you hget a little bit of consistency with the othdr two guys coming in behind them. Not just the goals, but the way they played. I thought they did the right things along the well. Dubi was good in a lot of areas.”




January 17, 2010 – New York Rangers 6, Montreal Canadiens 2 (Game #49, Home #26)

·         The Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens, 6-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden, in a matchup between Original Six opponents; the Blueshirts have now recorded a point in 13 of their last 16 games (9-3-4).

·         The six goals were the most recorded by New York in a game since they tallied seven goals on Nov. 23 vs. Columbus at Madison Square Garden; Callahan’s goal at 0:57 of the second period snapped a 147:02 scoring drought at home for the Rangers.

·         New York have now posted a record of 23-19-7 (53 pts.) overall and 11-11-4 (26 pts.) at home this season; the Rangers improved to 9-2-1 (19 pts.) against the Northeast Division, and have out-scored their opponents, 39-22, in 12 games this season.

·         Ryan Callahan tallied the Rangers’ first goal 57 seconds into the second period and finished with four points (two goals and two assists), including a power play goal at 4:56 of the third; the four points tied his career-high (last – Dec. 17, 2009 at NY Islanders), and he has now recorded 17 points (seven goals and 10 assists) in the last 19 games; Callahan also led all skaters with seven shots on goal, tying his career-high, and posted a plus-three rating.

·         Brandon Dubinsky notched two goals, including one shorthanded tally and the game-winner, added one assist and posted a plus-three rating; his shorthanded goal at 8:28 of the second period was the first three-on-four goal scored by a Ranger since Adam Graves notched a three-on-four tally in the first period on Oct. 25, 1996 at Florida; Dubinsky also won a game-high 12 faceoffs, and registered an 80% (12-of-15) success rate in the faceoff circle.

·         Marian Gaborik recorded his team-leading 18th multi-point performance (one goal and two assists), and finished with a plus-three rating; the Rangers improved to 12-5-1 when Gaborik registers two or more points

·         Henrik Lundqvist made 18 saves to improve his record to 21-15-6 on the season; he has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 17 of his last 20 games, posting a 10-5-5 mark, 1.76 goals against average and .942 save percentage over the span.

·         Rangers Captain Chris Drury (one goal and one assist) and Alternate Captain Vinny Prospal (two assists) each registered two points; defensemen Marc Staal and Michael Del Zotto recorded one assist apiece.

John Tortorella on the team… “After the first period, they kept themselves together.  Even during the first period, although we were down 2-0, I thought we had some good minutes there as far as our forecheck was concerned.  Everybody played.  I think they played for one another, they stuck up for one another.”

Ryan Callahan on the team’s confidence… “It’s a big character game for us, not only to score six goals but to come back from a 2-0 deficit at home where we’ve been struggling of late.  So it was a good game for us goal-wise but also we showed some character in the room.”

Henrik Lundqvist on the team’s scoring… “We score some goals.  We feel the energy in the building, on the ice, on the bench and you get confidence.  Sometimes you try and try and there is no result.  It is tough to stay on the course.  Sometimes you try to do too much.  When it pays off like that you can feel the energy on the ice.  We know we can score.  It has just been a couple of games here where we have had a tough time doing it.”

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  1. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    who got carped? who’s leading our competition ilb?

  2. Now they just need to get Anisimov scoring — he’s been so close. But still don’t see why Higgins must play every game over Kotalik. Does it seem like Tortorella is calming down his act, or is he just in a good mood when they win? His temper tantrums seem to have lost any effectiveness they might have once had.
    And can we ban any post-game interviews with Drury? He says the same thing with the same blandness every single time. More Prospal interviews!

  3. hopefully, Dubi finally realizes that he shouldn’t shoot the puck. he should just hang around the net and put the puck in the net. he shows a better knack for missing the goalie’s chest that way.

    and i say, good for him!

  4. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    is Higgins playing because he may be traded???

    does Kotalik have a NT/NMC?

    Does Coach Torts face hurt when he smiles?

    These and all your burning New York Rangers questions, to be answered on tonights episode of DAYS OF OUR CARP

  5. Nice how Tortorella blames the fans for Redden’s problems. Noticed he was terrible for at least a couple of years in Ottawa also, but no, it’s the Rangers fan’s fault for “running him over” here. Maybe Torts coached a few too many seasons in Tampa where no one cares about hockey. He can’t gloss over the fact that Redden has not remotely lived up to his paycheck. One fight doesn’t turn him into a superhero.

  6. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    izzy, maybe the should have just called it rangers in 35, i think it was tied by then

  7. I’ll have to repost with some changes:

    Including Carp’s post carping me, we posted 502 comments. Long live RR!

    And for the trolls who came here the last couple of days blasting Carp and saying that we talk cat’s poop and have no clue about hockey: this team was loosing 2:0 and the blog was positive, most of us said they played well.

    Now, next time they show up, we should give them this to watch:

    If they read the place often enough, the’ll catch my drift

  8. Mrs. Captain Clutch on

    Hey hey hey!

    Did you guys see my husband! What a clutch goal! Just when the team was sagging a little, he takes a high-stick ON PURPOSE which leads to the 4 on 3 that we scored on! Then he buries them later on with a bank shot off the glove! What a leader! What a winner!

    And it looks like Ryan Callahan is taking after my man! He may need his own clutchmo- wait, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Where’s HIS LLWS trophy? Haha, when Cally wins a cup BY HIMSELF (that’s right folks, Sakic and Forsberg were just passengers on that team) then we’ll talk about it.

    Until next time, guys and gals, Chris just walked in with some clutch satin sheets! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!

  9. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If Redden is such “a pretty tough guy, a pretty good fighter” then where was it for the last couple years?

    He fights like a high school Drum Majorette. And about as often…

  10. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    lmao @ even the speck of thought of captain dred gettin his groove on! satin sheets, bow chicka wow wow

  11. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    Torts also blamed the fans for not loving Brashear. uh hello ditwad, besides the fact that he is a shell of his former goon self, he wrecked the face of a guy on our team in the playoffs. Honestly, how many of you had ANY respect for Brashear even before he clocked Betts? Yea he was a brawler at one point, good for him. I’ve seen wasps put up a better fight than him (and this is a true story)

  12. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    yea this was a draining day with all the ACTION!!!!!!!! morning noon and night, non stop action! I LOVE JAN 17 2010!

    niters brother mako!

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I didn’t want Brashear on the team. I thought he cheapens the Ranger jersey when he puts it on. Just like Lindros did for #88. They should take both those jerseys down into the lowest level of MSG and burn ’em and encase the ashes in cement. Notice they are both ex-flyers. I think that has something to do with it.

    Betts is dead to me, too.

    So was Nedved.

  14. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I can’t help thinking that this team is a different team during the second half of the year. Great win tonight though.

  15. Sather's Wrapup on

    Trade Redden? You people have no idea how to be a GM! I’ve been doing this in NY for 10 years, and look how well we’re doing!


    Hello Ranger Fans, from the World’s Roundest Arena!

    Ever since I played for the Rangers back in the 70’s, I wanted to have a team as good as the Montreal Canadians. Go check the standings- and thank the Rangers GM and President-for-life, Mission Accomplished!

    I know I traded Gomez for Higgins, but Gomer is secretly a spy for us. A mole. Or at least he’s as tall as a mole. He still wears Ranger blue underneath. Yep, A small blue mole. Kinda like the one on Muckler’s face. He ought to get that looked at.

    (The Knicks win! The Knicks win!) Ohhh, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone. I got it off one of those fantasy websites… Hey there Big Guy! It was another sellout! Did we win? I’ll put it this way, we’re not going to hear any of that ole, ole, ole, ole bullshit from the canadian fans. Hey, Boss! I’ll bet you a dollar that your Knicks CAN’T lose today! I know- they don’t play today. IT WAS A JOKE! You’re tearing up again aren’t you? Bite your lip. That’s how I got through it in Edmonton… (click)

    Brash! Where is my wounded warrior? What’s hurting today? Razor rash on your head? At your age, that could be fatal. We coulda used you in the game today. They had to open and close the door to the bench by themselves…

    Hey Mess! Wow wow wow wow wow! Did you see my buddy Redden out there? Now you can see what a good signing that was. He was actually fighting out there! AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Mess, I crapped my pants. No, not during the fight, just now- when I yelled AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

    I r-e-a-l-l-y gotta go. Uncle Glennie’s carrying quite a load.
    Tampa Bay here we come!
    Nity night, fans.

  16. AV on twitter – who is at Warren 77??

    Tired and hungry… On way to Warren 77 with Gaborik and in NYC for dinner… Time to take it easy with my boys..
    about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

  17. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! Torts is flamboyant!! on

    everlast on twitter is just too rich!!!

    Good night everyone! What a glorious day! I will bask in it until tomorrow!!

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " TY JETS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Today I became a Jets fan . Weird.

    * I can’t believe it , The out come of a FOOTBALL game dictated the final score in a hockey game!!!!!

    As soon as the fans heard the Jets won , they freaked out making the Rangers play like ROCK STARS!!

    TY JETS!!! We owe ya one.


    I am so proud of Dubinsky for setting up a teammate’s goal, and bypassing his own open shot which would have given The Hat Trick, had he scored it. Amazing and rare, in this selfish, FA era we live in. See, Duby is a Rangers organizational product, not a mercenary who is just putting in his time here while waiting for his contract expiration season to find some motivation. This is real leadership and I am just so impressed. Wonder how many of our FA’s would have done the same thing? FA’s are a breed apart, which is why I appreciate our own developed players, so much. We can’t develop, keep, and press too many of them into service on Broadway, in my opinion. Think about it, who are the biggest under-achieving clowns on the team?: Brashear, Drury, Redden, and Roszival, all FA’s. Enough said.

  20. The only thing better than a Rangers win??? The return of CAPTAIN CLUTCH!!!!!

    Did you guys miss me??? Of course you did! Why? Because he’s Captain Clutch! Now where have I heard that before? Ha-Ha!

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Captain Clutch has been stressed out planning this road trip with Torts and Cally to Vancouver for the Olympics! I even had to get a new clutch for the Clutchmobile! Ordered it from my favorite website:! The new clutch is so clutch!!! Also had to get a new CPS (Clutch Positioning System) for the Clutchmobile too! Always gives you directions to the right place at the right time! You think I wanna listen to that maniac Torts if we get lost on the way there???

    As for tonight’s game, the key to the win was obviously Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH goal!!! At 5-2, we had the dreaded 3 goal lead! Montreal was poised for a comeback! So Captain Clutch decided it was time to step up! What a leader! Once Captain Clutch scored, at 6-2, Montreal had NO chance to come back!!!

    And it’s always good to see my BFF Scottie Gomez too! When Captain Clutch and Scottie G were teammates, that was my favorite time as a Ranger! You guys hated Gomez so much it kept the heat off Captain Clutch! Ha-Ha! Of course, we can also never forget when Captain Clutch won that CLUTCH puck flip vs. Scottie Gomez for #23! What a winner! That was Captain Clutch’s first clutch moment as a Ranger, and just think of all the clutch moments that have followed!

    Most clutch moments in New York Rangers history!

    1. Captain Clutch wins clutch puck flip vs. Gomez for #23!
    2. Captain Clutch makes clutch dump-in vs. Philly, hockey historian Rick Carpiniello calls it “the smartest play I’ve ever seen”!
    3. Old bald guy who runs errands for Sather now guarantees something over 15 years ago!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  21. Wow

    Just watched the game…sick stuff…now that was awesome! Lets hope there is more of that in the near future!

  22. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 26 more!!) on

    ok, so first of all looks like torts learned his lesson with avery, you just do not take that guy out of this line up, he does whatever it takes to help his team. Too bad higgy boy doesn’t!

    ha ha you laureled….a lot!!

    yep, i was impressed with the overall scrappiness of the team, not my toes!

    well, it’s official, redden now has 2 more fights in his ranger career than rozy….exact reason I keep him over rozy if I had to keep one at all.

    One good game does not make a great streak, so tempered enthusiasm please!!!

    How could someone not put gionta on his butt at the side of the crease, he is like the smallest player in the league, no offence to redden, but we still have the softest D in the league!

    Night all (we still need a couple of hard hitting crease clearing physical d men)!

  23. The difference last night was obviously the fact that for once they decided to skate hard, and play hard for the entire game. They still like that long stupid passing play but less evidence of it in this game, and at least they were skating. Not gliding. And that’s really all that Redden had to do was get involved. They wouldn’t be on his case so much.

  24. Thoroughly enjoyed the game tonight. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this team? I know- I’m getting carried away, but when they play like they did tonight I can’t help myself.

    Thank you for the welcome, Blogmama. Sorry this response is a little late. My work hours are odd. I work until 2am. On game nights I watch the game when I get home and then visit Ranger Report at about 5am. Oh, and no, I’m not an old poster with a different name.

  25. A simple solution to the Redden problem:

    Just play with the same passion every game (or more games anyway).


    Hey Wade,show some f***ing pride, and maybe the fans won’t make you cry.

  26. Good (really!) morning everyone…and congrats. For once, our beloved team overcome physiological and fans in MSG sound barriers. I couldn’t believe my eyes and almost burst in tears of glee seeing Lisin slapping (what’s wrong with this Russians) his opponent and Redden(?!) throwing punches without any smirk on his face. No, seriously, the most emotional and entertaining game this season. Good prove they can do that, i.e. to score, fight, be nasty, play with a guts, etc, and possess all this qualities. The biggest question left – what happens to these team/players the rest/most of the games, what or who to blame for lack of such a pleasure al reason long? Meanwhile – pure happiness!

  27. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Don’t forget that EN clutch post a few weeks ago! Good to have you back, we know what Chris Clutch Drury brings.

  28. True fans bleed RW&B on

    And you not only posted, captain, you even spoke to a referee lase night? Wow, what got into you?! That was one crazy evening!!

  29. its funny how they act tough against the Montreal Midgets. I guess they felt like they could take them.its like beating up on your little brother HAHA.

  30. It was an encouraging night. Let’s all hope that Glen (Bernie) Has the electricity turned off in his office. I’m sure some of us here are familiar with Robot Chicken. Well Dolan is the mad scientist and Bernie is the chicken. As long as there is no power in the office, we will not hear the following about Glen (Bernie). …”He’s Alive”. Just want to make sure that he can’t even think about trading Callie or Dubie for an Kovalchuck or some other overpaid forward….KEEP THE POWER OFF!!!!!

  31. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Jsut so happy to see a competitive, comeback game with an explosion of goals

    its all been said above, great game, and GOALS!!

    LEts keep it rolling and hope this starts a run through the end of January


  32. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    oh yeah and i never thought I’d say this:

    Voros needs to be in EVERY Game over Brashit

    ITs time for him to ride the bench, PERMANENTLY!!

  33. I would ask Norwegians, who are not totally strangers to the game of hockey, to establish nomination category for Nobel Prize for person(s) showing Who, How and What have to be done to force or inspire this team/players to do that every game night. Also it was best of coronary/cardio treatment – fastest acceleration from total desperation to complete admiration in 60 min.

  34. What a game last night. So far I have watched it live (last night), then rangers in 60 while I had coffee, and just finished the full length repeat. Gotta take advantage off all those goals when I can!

    Joe “look at the size of those arms” micheletti is much more tolerable when we win, but still just as creepy.

  35. Mrs. Captain Clutch on


    I’m Norwegian and will ask my comrades to do just that lol

    Anyone see that assault by Patrice Cormier in a junior game this weekend, it’s on TSN’s front page if you haven’t. This guy is a scumbag (not his first offence) and should be suspended for at least a year. Despicable.

  36. Hello everyone
    The game last night was great fun to watch. Last night the Rangers would have beaten any team. The played a great game. It was nice to see the smiles on the guys faces, and the slaps on the back. It must feel good for the team to get something back for all their hard work. I know it would be insane to even hope for this to continue, but for now its just great.

  37. That was a fun game to watch, similar to the Blue Jerkoffs game in November.

    BUT, this is the same old team. Dredden only fought because he was fooled by his new drug dealer. He didn’t want to taste the cocaine because he doesn’t like eating before games, so he trusted the guy, but it was actually baby powder.

    The team scored goals because the Canadians are almost as bad as us.

    Great game, but it doesn’t change the thing. You gotta love how the MSG guys were saying “maybe this can be the game that changes things”, haha, not all dreams can come true.

    That being said, i wish all games were like that, win or lose, they’re fun to watch.

  38. Maloney was the only one not drinking the kool aid last night. This team hasn’t shown it can sustain that kind of effort into the next game, let alone the rest of the year.

  39. i realize i’m a little away topic, but i just desired to say i like the layout of this blog. i’m new to the blogegine platform, so any advice in getting my blog looking better could be appreciated.

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