It’s go time!


And that’s not short for Gomez.

Boo him all you want, by the way, and he did not come close to earning his money as a Ranger. But, he was better than some of the other unmovable mercenaries, and he’d be better than most of the guys who are still here, especially playing with Gaborik — assuming the Rangers could have traded Drury or Redden instead.

Bottom line, they traded Gomez for Gaborik, Higgins and this McDonough kid, a defense prospect.


OMG, I almost forgot that Paul Mara is on Montreal. The beard! Maybe I’ll ask him after the game if we can name our playoff beard contest after him again. He’s 0-8-8 with 44 PIM, which, by the way, is one more point than Redden, one more than Gilroy. Three fewer than Higgins. 


To repeat: Same lineup, with Lundqvist in goal, Dubinsky to play on the first line with Gaborik (not sure if Prospal or Christensen is the third member of that line). Brashear still out with a hammy injury. Kotalik is prucha’d.

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  1. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    I know last season was very disappointing for Gomez, and of course I make that trade with Montreal again in order to sign Gaborik, BUT…

    Gomez had 70 points in his first season as a Ranger…he averaged almost a point-per-game that year after a slow start in October

    Gomez had 128 points in 2 seasons as a Ranger

    Gomez had 16 points in 17 playoff games as a Ranger

    Drury would KILL for those numbers, and Gomez basically was run out of town by Rangers fans…it just goes to show what kind of pass Drury got from the fans/media before this season, and how long he’s been living off a false/exaggerated rep



    January 17th, 2010 at 6:55 pm
    Nope I would have rather them kept Gomez and RUN DRURY OUT!!! But Captain MATC and his forces against nature contract.

  3. Good question, Pux.

    Still Gotta … if they could have moved Drury and kept Gomez, I wonder if they would have. I know I would have.

  4. Gomez was run out of town by mgmt so that we had a chance to sign gaborik. I’ll take that trade 11 times out of 10

  5. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Carp: I would have too…imagine Gomez with Gabby? it would’ve been the perfect fit…Drury’s no-movement clause is the 2nd dumbest thing Sather has ever done, behind the Redden contract

  6. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao @ Staal is not in the bathroom puking!


  7. Got Carp’d! repost: Also, eddiej from earlier and ed truck and all you new posters, welcome to the Report! unless you’re old timers and changing names and messing with mama…..

    Carp/Pux…..I’m thinking yes.

    Off to watch…..ta!

  8. Gomez could’ve been setting up Gaborik. Drury wouldn’t be able to set up the wee wee pads for my dogs properly.

  9. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    YES MSG FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the Jets better get a TD. this is the time!!

    OMG I bet we get a gomez interview tonight.

  10. Given the inability of Jesus Gómez to mesh with any linemates at all as a Ranger, I wouldn’t be so quick to say he would’ve been a perfect fit with Gaborik.

  11. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    house breaking wee wee pads hehehe

    i wonder if there is selective memory erasing where i can have drury removed from my memory bank

  12. Still Gotta Fire Sather on


    they show a graphic with players in goal-scoring droughts

    they show Gabby, Higgins, Callahan, etc.


    the propaganda and protection of Drury is sickening

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hang on to your razors guys, Sather is still the head barber around here.


  14. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    its all part of the brainwashing STILL GOTTA, or as the say in alabama warshing

  15. The bumble from Trumbull can’t even score one for his new baby. He’s not alone though. It seems like half the team doesn’t give a Shattenkirk about the jersey. There just there collecting a hefty sum.
    BTW – I do love that chick in the Miller lite commercial!

  16. Watch the Habs power play they just simply shoot the puck, all the time, shoot shoot shoot.

  17. We may have to pull the goalie at the beginning of the second period to come back from that deficit..

  18. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    mako, we activated the rings too soon… we should reactivate once the Jets game is over.

  19. OMG, they are down a goal all ready…Maybe I should just go back to sleep.. Btw Hi guys and girls! Linda… what pics have u been posting now ? :)

  20. >>voros and laracque? Eeeeeh.

    With everything that’s going on in Haiti, I’d stay clear of Laraque if I were Voros.

  21. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    i’m strange when it comes to football, i love the Jets, Giants and Colts.

  22. so i was looking at ranger stats today and avery led the team with 23 minor penalties. make that 25 now. avery should not play again this game. and probably not next game either. being a turnover machine is bad enough but add bad penalties on top of it and thats too much for my liking.

  23. “Like the sun coming out–
    Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.
    And I don’t know when,
    But just saying it could even make it happen…”

  24. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    wow, it was a catch, but yet another penalty on the chargers…wow this time is the champs of whining!

  25. Here’s the difference’s in Lundqvist Mask:
    The lettering on the logo is in the style of the liberty jersey instead of the normal logo, the top is white instead of red, and the back plate is white instead of blue.

  26. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    fozzy, i will not comment on that until this game is done. dont like to count chickens before they hatch

  27. The only way to come back now is “safe is death”. What do they have to lose? Dmen in, let Hank bail ’em out. I liked what Redden did a couple of times- he went deep in their zone.

  28. Linda- it won’t last if he tangles with Laraque. At least it’ll be very short, so he may not feel the pain.

  29. The Rangers had a pretty good period, the first goal Hank would have stopped 8 times in 10. The second was a stupid penality, and real close to a high stick. They are really not playing bad.

  30. LFV, welcome! Hope you keep coming by…

    that was not 2 minutes for being Avery, that was Avery getting his 2 minutes….disagree if you must, but even the Aves-loving mama says so. still love him!

  31. I think your right ilb I can’t see Avery getting much more ice time after that. I wonder what was said in the room?

  32. OK, Jets win. Now, Linda, MAKO we need you here. Concentrate. They are not playing bad. Can any one of you score?

  33. For what its worth… that goal review was pretty short.

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! FANKIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    imagine that, driving to the net, getting bodies in front of the net…hmmmmmmmm newfangled technology

  35. I’m sorry but last I checked Sean Avery is expected to lead the team in penalties. Torts doesn’t seem to understand you have to take the good with the bad. He punishes Avery for his bad and then tries to tell us he didn’t put a leash on Avery. He was leashed the instant he was benched against Washington. This has not been Avery’s finest season, but between howthe league has treated him and how Torts has used him what do you expect? Torts says he wants Avery to be Avery until Avery is Avery in a way he doesn’t want. You don’t bench Avery for bad penalties, you look past those because he’s not there to be *smart*. He’s there be be annoying as hell to the opposition

  36. And I’m sure you all know I’m refering to the playoffs last yeear which was Torts’ biggest mistake. He made it all the better by getting that penalty the following game.

  37. John Doe, i’m probably gonna get flack for this but GREAT POST!!!

    and drury takes a clutch penalty himself, and finally shows a sign of life

  38. This team has no edge to it’s game. Callahan and Avery have been the two guys you turn to to knock the opposition off its game for the past couple seasons. Avery has always taken bad penalties, however one bad penalty here and there is outweighed by his overall worth, if you properly utilize him, which Renney did and Torts does not. Torts will bench him which hkeeps him from playing as Avery

  39. my goodness,did Torts threaten callys puppy or something??? He is a man possessed right now. and here comes drury and all the fun stops

  40. Drury’s C is beyond me as it will always be. Can you imagine Derek Jeter as captain while hitting 235? Lol, they’d cut him and eat the money

  41. WOW WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW DUBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. thats the spirit Krisy!!!

    too bad brashears not

  43. as i was saying too bad brashears not playing, he could get one for ORR.

    all we reallyl need now is a Fankist goal!!


    ooooooooooooo00000000000hh hey hey!!!

  45. Maybe by you, I didn’t expect anything from Brashear. Figured he’d barely ever be on the ice, which happens to the case. How can you lead the team in penalty minutes when Avery gets 10-15 toi and Brashear gets 5

  46. Win or lose, the last 10 minutes have been damn entertaining. Montreal has done a terrible job of getting the puck out of their own zone tonight.

  47. I say we Luongo it, give Hank the C. He’s the leader of this team no if and or buts about it. I’m kinda partial towards Avery because he’s so entertaining and he’s effective, but I’d give him an A. That alone would piss off the opposition enough to throw off their game

  48. they should watch the tape of the first 12 minutes of this period over and over and over again! THAT is what the fans want

  49. Linda – let’s not go completely nuts here. He’s already got one shot actually on goal this period. Baby steps. Baby steps.

  50. GO LISIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOLY SHEEEEEEEEP REDDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. REDDEN? REDDEN? Fast, what did their eat for lunch? We having that for our Spring gathering, heads. Carp-please as.

  52. Now, Rozsival can’t afford to be shown up by Redden like that. He should drop the gloves on his next shift.

  53. i need a refund on my eyes, they are not working correctly

    Rick you need to waive the language clause right now!

  54. hell, give Redden brashears money because he fought better than brash has at any point this season

    OMG FLAVAH EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with this entire team tonight, except drury lmao

  55. The Habs are practically giving away the game. We need to score one more goal before this period is over. PUT IT AWAY!

  56. the game vs the devils was their best of the season, but THIS has been the most entertaining, awesome period these guys have played all year!

  57. omg, why do we have 2 players sticked together at the pp at the corners? spread out but closer….

  58. JBytes- dunno about that puting it away. I don’t want them to overuse the “rolover minutes”

  59. Coming up in the 3rd…

    Voros’s one-punch knockdown of Laraque
    Hal Gill goes end to end, streaking past Gaborik to tie it
    Jesus Gómez breaks into a sweat
    The Captain comes through with the GWG with 7.7 seconds left

  60. I agree with giving the “C” to Hank. If Dreary had any class, he would do that.

    I still think we should trade Hank, but what ever…..Just kidding.

    And we should stop bashing Bull Dogs boy. I think it’s safe to say, he wont be in the lineup as much.

    Voros should be in the lineup for the rest of the year.

  61. I’ll tell you, if Brashear was dressed today, we would surely see him going against Laraque. Now, salary cap geeks: would that take his salary of our cap permanently?

  62. ilb – Even death isn’t enough to get the cap hit of a player signed after age 35 off your books. Whether Brash still had signs of life when he signed is still up for debate.


    ooo o , ooooo ooo o , oo o, ohohoooooooh!!

  64. Unless you can trade the dead player, of course. But since Milbury’s exit from the Fishsticks, the chances of finding a trading partner in such circumstances have greatly diminished.

  65. woooooooooooooooooooooooo!! now me and sally battle for the hat trick!!!

    Torts smiling? will his face break?

  66. Who’s this Dubinsky kid? I heard he’s been doing pretty well out there tonight!

    Carp, did you ask Mara about the beard contest?

  67. hmmmm protecting Hank also. sigh this is why we love them..they just hide it from us more often than not



    Whew , Relief.



  70. Assist to the official for the great pick on Hal Gill. Not that Gill – a man for whom the word “lumbering” was invented – was going to catch Cally anyway…

  71. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    sigh, calvin and hobbes!

    To hell with 12 21 12…its tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Krisy… it’s wrong cause it sounds nasty, but it’s also wrong because I don’t think Drury is kinda taking his time racking up the points…

  73. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on


    TWO FOR TWO!!!!!!! WOW great game boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    gabbby wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    dubi wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    RYAN CALLAHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    take that gionta lookin like he should be on the jersey shore!!!!!!!


    aw sally did you see that? dubi and flavah!!

  76. Wicky will smile in his sleep tonight, I’m telling you. And poor mrs Wicky will think he sustained permanent damage this time. To his toes!

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just when you are about to give up hope- they go and put on a performance like this.

    If they can do it once…

    Fire Sather anyway!

  78. WOW Just WOW. This is the effort Torts should get out of them every night. I know its difficult to sustain, but DO IT!!! TRY!!! PUSH!!!!

  79. El regreso de Jesus Gómez:

    Zero points, -1, zero shots, 6-for-20 on faceoffs.

    Welcome back, Scotty. It’s like you never left.

  80. I like what he said! He wasn’t thinking either, Al. He wanted his team to score! That’s why he is wearing THE Jersey

  81. The only thing better than a Rangers win??? The return of CAPTAIN CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you guys miss me??? Of course you did! Why? Because he’s Captain Clutch! Now where have I heard that before? Ha-Ha!

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Captain Clutch has been stressed out planning this road trip with Torts and Cally to Vancouver for the Olympics! I even had to get a new clutch for the Clutchmobile! Ordered it from my favorite website:! The new clutch is so clutch!!! Also had to get a new CPS (Clutch Positioning System) for the Clutchmobile too! Always gives you directions to the right place at the right time! You think I wanna listen to that maniac Torts if we get lost on the way there???

    As for tonight’s game, the key to the win was obviously Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH goal!!! At 5-2, we had the dreaded 3 goal lead! Montreal was poised for a comeback! So Captain Clutch decided it was time to step up! What a leader! Once Captain Clutch scored, at 6-2, Montreal had NO chance to come back!!!

    And it’s always good to see my BFF Scottie Gomez too! When Captain Clutch and Scottie G were teammates, that was my favorite time as a Ranger! You guys hated Gomez so much it kept the heat off Captain Clutch! Ha-Ha! Of course, we can also never forget when Captain Clutch won that CLUTCH puck flip vs. Scottie Gomez for #23! What a winner! That was Captain Clutch’s first clutch moment as a Ranger, and just think of all the clutch moments that have followed!

    Most clutch moments in New York Rangers history:

    1. Captain Clutch wins clutch puck flip vs. Gomez for #23
    2. Captain Clutch makes clutch dump-in vs. Philly, hockey historian Rick Carpiniello calls it “the smartest play I’ve ever seen”
    3. Old bald guy who runs errands for Sather now guarantees something over 15 years ago

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  82. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    LW so much going on i did not give you props on your lumbering comment!! very good!

  83. MY NIGHT IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Captain Clutch – post game posting

    Chris, did you have automatic word assembly on your ClutchBerry? That was mighty quick.

    Do we know the MSG Spin Machine on seeing an interview from Drury LMAO!!!!!!!

  84. Only saw the end of this one-wow! This game had everything you could want. Go Cally. Linda I love Reddenis a pugilist-Joe is such a goof.

  85. Only saw the end of this one-wow! This game had everything you could want. Go Cally. Linda I love Reddenis a pugilist-Joe is such a goof.

  86. Tonight is all about why we’re Rangers fans….3 byfuglien games followed by tonight!!! I’m speechless, but I know you all won’t be :)

    Sallly, helmet nuzzle, LMAO double time.

    nite all….

  87. noremry… I was referring to Captain Clutch of course! There can be no other Captain.

    Mama, what? The nuzzles are the best part of the game! After goals and fights, of course…

  88. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello Ranger Fans, from the World’s Roundest Arena!

    Ever since I played for the Rangers back in the 70’s, I wanted to have a team as good as the Montreal Canadians. Go check the standings- and thank the Rangers GM and President-for-life, Mission Accomplished!

    I know I traded Gomez for Higgins, but Gomer is secretly a spy for us. A mole. Or at least he’s as tall as a mole. He still wears Ranger blue underneath. Yep, A small blue mole. Kinda like the one on Muckler’s face. He ought to get that looked at.

    (The Knicks win! The Knicks win!) Ohhh, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone. I got it off one of those fantasy websites… Hey there Big Guy! It was another sellout! Did we win? I’ll put it this way, we’re not going to hear any of that ole, ole, ole, ole bullshit from the canadian fans. Hey, Boss! I’ll bet you a dollar that your Knicks CAN’T lose today! I know- they don’t play today. IT WAS A JOKE! You’re tearing up again aren’t you? Bite your lip. That’s how I got through it in Edmonton… (click)

    Brash! Where is my wounded warrior? What’s hurting today? Razor rash on your head? At your age, that could be fatal. We coulda used you in the game today. They had to open and close the door to the bench by themselves…

    Hey Mess! Wow wow wow wow wow! Did you see my buddy Redden out there? Now you can see what a good signing that was. He was actually fighting out there! AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Mess, I crapped my pants. No, not during the fight, just now- when I yelled AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

    I r-e-a-l-l-y gotta go. Uncle Glennie’s carrying quite a load.
    Tampa Bay here we come!
    Nity night, fans.


    I can’t believe it , The out come of a FOOTBALL game dictated the final score in a hockey game!!!!!

    As soon as the fans heard the Jets won , they freaked out making the Rangers play like ROCK STARS!!

    TY JETS!!! We owe ya one.

  90. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    and the night is complete with postings from THE Chris Drury and THE Uncle Glennie….what a glorious January 17th

  91. For a change it’s enjoyable watching the highlights on NHL Network-they’re showing Linda’s favorite pugilist now.

  92. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    i’m so gangsta i’m gonna have a tattoo of Redden in his stance when i come meet you guys in May!

  93. Linda, if you want a tat, you have to go to TR’s place….he doesn’t do the inking but he sure can dictate what you want…right TR?!

    hee hee. Ta all.

    hey wicky, this post was for you.

  94. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    i stillcant believe it! i am gonna watch the archive tomorrow just so i can see it again!!!!!

  95. finally got to the computer
    and all i have to say is
    HOLY CRAP!!!

    did Schoenfeld give the team a
    “have another donut” speech to get ’em
    fired up
    or did they just show Bluto from “Animal House?”

    not expecting such a fun and inspired 2 periods like that all the time
    so, i’ll just enjoy what transpired and leave it at that.

  96. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    ilb, i WISH they’d play like that from now on. But we can’t have Redden fighting every night, so Rozsi has to step up, we need some fisticuffs from Girardi and Staal too!

  97. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    lmao jpg! aves fight was great, redden was just surreal and outstanding! REDDEN LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    omg you seeing this chimchura nystrom fight… and lundmark scores… lmao!!!

  99. It’s obvious that Dubinsky is at his best when playing with Czechs and Slovaks. Fortunately for his career, the Iron Curtain came down.

  100. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    what a great performance by the guys tonight. everyone did something! higgins shot wide, redden fought, mine and sallys boys got on the board twice each, redden fought, avery laid the smack down..and here’s highlights on NHL NETWORK NOW

  101. Linda says Redden IS a pugilist! on

    its not exactly wireless, there’s a bird attached to fishing line and he just flies and flies……..

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