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OK, I don’t want to make anybody mad at me with a negative tone today, so before I head off to MSG for tonight’s game, I just wanted to fire off a few positive spins about last night’s game:

1) The Rangers scored. If they had scored once in each of their previous two games, they’d have had a win and an overtime/skills point. See, scoring is good. See, the Rangers aren’t that far off.

2) The Captain had a chance to shoot and decided to pass it up. How unselfish is the captain?

3) Henrik Lundqvist looked so happy to be getting some rest.

4) Aaron Voros and Enver Lisin played so well in their first game back. See, the benchings benefitted them. So I’m with Torts. I think he should sit them out for a while now, so that when they come back they have another good game.

5) The Rangers and all the broacasters on the game and the hockey-night show all said the same thing: They  have to get pucks and bodies to the net. I know, they’ve been saying this every night for almost four months. This time they mean it.

6) Higgins, Dubinsky, Drury, Avery, Callahan, Prospal, Anisimov, Kotalik  — they’ve just run into a streak of bad luck, that’s all.

7) Can’t wait to see how the crowd cheers Scott Gomez tonight. He did so much for the Rangers in his short stay. He got them into the playoffs single-handedly last year when he knocked out Buffalo’s goalie. I’m sure fans won’t forget that.

8) I’m also sure fans will be patient tonight waiting for the power play to make that perfect pass instead of just shooting, shooting, shooting all the time.

9) St. Louis’ power-play goal was about as easy a PPG as you’ll ever see. The Blues WON the faceoff (the Rangers didn’t lose it), then they made a bunch of great passes. There was nothing the Rangers could do, since they only had four players on the ice.

10) Seriously, how great was it to see JD and to see how emotional he got after seeing the photo montage and while chatting with his great friend Sam Rosen?

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  1. That post is hilarious, Carp!

    But seriously, is there something going on in the locker room of this team? What did Torts really mean when he made his “I believe they’re good people” quote??

  2. I was thinking about what JD said, when he said that ranger fans are the best fans in the world, but st. louis has pretty good fans too. I was wondering how st. louis fans felt about that comment. Then I also remembered that Dolan has his hand in the Blues as well, so maybe that made it more acceptable for him to say. I don’t know, I think he was sincere in his comment. It was good to see him none the less.

  3. 94

    Yeah last night I was thinking the same thing. I think we are all catching on. Something is rotten in the lockerroom – we’ll probably never know. I thought it was Gomez last year. But, he’s gone and this funk still remains.

  4. Carp is in a playful mood (1-9). Maybe you should be a comedian. JD was great and he was sincere. I was surprised he said it about the fans, but he meant it. I think he misses NY.

  5. Mako… I agree. Something is wrong. The players on this team just don’t seem to care about each other.

    I was watching highlights from other games last night, and they showed a piece on Doug Weight – where he is wearing the microphone during the game. He is very vocal, and obviously a leader on that team. What is up with Drury? Does he lead at all?? It doesn’t seem like he is even a part of this team at most times. I know everybody always says the right things about him, but does he really have the respect that we all think he does?

  6. Messiah and MAKO, I heard that, and I also heard the comment: “This is our team.” I took from both of those remarks that he meant his team isn’t very skilled or gifted. That he thinks they all try hard most nights, that they care, but that he expects they will have nights, or weeks, like this. And he was trying not to pile on them.

    That’s my take. I don’t think there’s a problem in the room.

  7. Seeing JD brought back so many great memories and what a great guy he was in the booth. I definitely dont listening to the game as much from a hockey stand point, but for comic relief Joe M is golden LOL

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Blue Saturday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , Cried all night …woke up with puffy eyes…bad game, really bad. It seems to get uglier and uglier…

    Hope MSG scraped the ice today.

    Maybe hire 2 zambonies?

    Get some ice chicks?

    3rd Jersey…umm someone said that already.

    we could dress Hank and put him on the 4th line..betchya he would score.

    Messier on the bench as assistant? He and Torts could stare down the whole team….

    Maybe we can cheer the whole game for once?

    Instead of yelling Potvin Sucks…could yell out sorry Potvin? Could lift the other curse ( curse of the Potvin)

    How about we practice passing like that utube vidio yesterday..

    New Captain? Or wait who could do it? Higgins? HAHAHAHAA!!

    See ya at gametime .

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Blue Saturday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    FUNNY POST RICK , awsome sarcasm!!! I think ya did a great spin on our whole situation. Loved yer post , HAHAHAA yeah Voros and lisen will sure benifit from this game, cant wait to see ’em in a few weeks again!!

  10. Rick

    I agree that they care. I just think some care more than others. There are teams in the NHL that dont have a star player like Gaborik, that dont have an all star goalie like Lundqvist. But they find away to battle and give effort almost every night. As a coach you should “expect” your players to have bad luck or bad weeks. As a coach you have to find a way to push them through the hard times. I think he’s all out of answers as he’s said in the past. But when you see a game like the Boston and Devils game and then 2 garbage games after that, you have to do a “WTF?”

    I wouldnt doubt if Avery and Drury bang heads. And who’s to say that Drury didnt have some reaction to LQ and Aves calling a team meeting. I know Im always down on the guy but we really dont hear much from Drury in terms of firing up the team. I know he’s laid back – but I just dont see him getting this team juiced when they need a leader.

  11. I wonder if Torts has lost control of the team. The screaming sessions loose their effect after they’ve seen it a few times. The benchings are really not doing much other than making a point. The only time these guys play well is after they have embarrased themselves, then they come out with a good game just to show that they can play better if they want to. There is definately something wrong, and I really hope Torts solves the problem real quick. Right now this is not a team, there is no chemistry there.

  12. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    “If the season ended today, the Rangers would be in the playoffs”

    This is a quote from my brother and friend, after I made some out of character and critical remarks about our Rangers.

    Perhaps, we will go on a roll starting today. Maybe some player will slash a rat in the locker room, or maybe some hometown fan will throw something on the ice that becomes a good luck charm.

    Carp, you left out one more golden nugget / silver lining. At least our defense (and they are still young) and goal tending has been solid. And isn’t that how teams built for the playoffs all about?

  13. Drury is who he is, and that can’t change.

    Torts hasn’t lost control of the team. He’s ticked off a few guys (Kotalik, Redden). So?

    All the amateur psychology is fine, and I’m not saying any of it is wrong. But unless you have enough skill to compete, it doesn’t matter who is the captain, who is the coach, who is ticked off, who gets along.

    You cannot possibly judge a coach who doesn’t have enough talent on his roster. Simple as that. And, ps, add the Blues to the list of teams who have better talent.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sunday is funday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Montreal you dumbazzes welcome to town!!

    Ya gots Gomez now , ya feel pritty silly for scooping him up , too bad Higgins sucks even worse or we’d be laughing you guys outta the building tonight. WE bug you about Gomez and all the habs have to do is cover thier mouths and snicker “higgins”.

    Montreal is so fast they heat up the ice and it “smoooths” it out a bit so we could be in for a really fast paced game tonight.

    Back 2 Back games are a treat , this way I can be 2 miserble two days in a row , TY NHL schedule maker.

    All fun aside…Rangers need the win and Gaborik need to score!!! I would SERIOUSLY put Gaborik with Voros tonight , watch him score.

  15. Hockeymon

    You’re right. There IS NO chemistry. I watch the other teams that the Rangers play VERY closely. There are passing patterns, there are players that can carry the puck into the zone, they have set cycle plays, they have their designated “tough guy” who bangs etc…. The Rangers have NONE of that. As I said before, Gaborik is no Jagr when it comes to him being strong on the puck. He’s just a pure sniper. Two totally different players and you shouldnt expect him to be strong on the puck. They smothered him last night and the games before that. You stop Gaborik, then you stop the Rangers offense. They are a one dimensional team. They have even stepped away from the basics of hockey. Where is Dubinsky in front of the net getting garbage goals? Where are the blasts from the blue line to get to the front of the net SO Dubi & Cally get garbage goals?

  16. Oh, and even great teams have spells where they look great one day and horrible the next, where they look like they don’t care. The Red Wings lost to the Islanders, 6-0! Jacques Lemaire said his players were sleeping yesterday. It happens. It is the NHL.

    Bad teams can rise up and have good streaks, and good teams will all go through slumps and look awful doing it at some point.

  17. Greg I agree…I would put Voros with Dubi and Gaborik
    Drury with Prospal and Callahan
    Anisimov with Avery and Lisin
    Boyle with Christensen and Higgins

    And just roll all 4 consistently…

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sunday is funday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry Carp , Talent smalent. Ya do say the Rangers need more talent. Last year , the year before and now this year. What ever happened to heart ,soul,teamwork,work ethic,smart system and all that stuff. COME ON Rick your telling me NJ is more talented then us? I really dont think so. Talent has Zero to do with us.

    We got the best goalie in sweden

    NHL’s scoring leader most of the year.

    NHL’s point leader most of the year too.

    Top NHL PP goal leader.

    Best agitator.

    Best shot blockers in the league.

    One of the bset hitters in the NHL on our team too.

    Carp , We do have talent…we just are not jelling right or maybe our Captain and few Rozies and higgins are really really bringing us down?

  19. Rick

    I completely understand what you’re saying. But there is no consistent effort. Look at the 6 – 0 loss to PHI (they might have put the goalie tutor on the net, they NEVER showed up for that game) and look at the 1 – 0 SO loss to the Devils. Same team different effort. You dont need a team full of superstars to be successful (well the Rangers did and they still sucked LOL)

    I know the difference of when I want to make money for myself (Im a corporate bond broker who is paid via commission) or when I just wanna half ass it. They do the BARE minimum to get themselves by. BUT teams know how to control their (the Rangers) tempo of the game.

    I think I can speak for everyone and say if the Rangers played hard like they did with the Devils and showed true effort. I dont think we would complain “as much” Even if they lose. Yes they dont have talented guys, but nothing stops the guys that they DO have for giving their best effort on a nightly basis.

  20. speaking of Christensen, I have seen enough. there is no reason for him to be playing instead of Grachev(I know he’s not ready). it would be a lot more productive for the organization for Grachev to be up with the big club, instead of wasting time with a journeymen.

  21. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    the favre lovefest today is going to be beyond nauseating! ugh………

    This is the last time I will say this regarding this game:

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sunday is funday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda…Montreal couldn’t lick thier own butts. Montreal sucks and Gomez is a tool. The habs are rehabs and we got this game….easy. I say 5 – 3 Rangers tonight…Am I on glue?..Nope ,,trust me on this one , Rangers win and they win big!!

  23. Linda…it won’t be nauseating when the Cowboys beat em.

    I hate the Boys but hate the Vikings even more

  24. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Mako, that’s all we’ve been saying all season, and for the past upteen years, just give us an honest, all out effort every night, from the captain on down to the 4th liners, and we would not complain the way we do. We don’t expect a win every night, but we would appreciate hard work and effort. Sometimes their play is just insulting to the fans,and should be embarrassing to themselves. Like I told my daughter when she was young, all I ask is that you do your best in everything you do, never give half effort because they you are shortchanging yourself.

    You cannot fault people when they honestly do the best that they can and still not be successful.

  25. I was in the pool!! on

    “Bad teams can rise up and have good streaks, and good teams will all go through slumps and look awful doing it at some point.”
    Unfortunately Carp,we are talking about a team mired in mediocrity with no gameplan or personnel to drag themselves out of it.

  26. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    me too NYRGuy. I dont think in my entire life that I have wanted Dallas to win ANYTHING, until today. Just soooooo sick of the whole non stop Favre love. Crosby is the Favre of the NHL. blllllllllech

  27. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao @ your name pool! thanks for the laugh!

    mired in mediocrity is the exact status of this time. Like i said yesterday, its prelockout all over again.

    I had an extremely odd dream last night, but one flash I remember is hearing that JD was named GM of the Rangers. Sigh to wishful thinking eh?


    I would love to know what Mess thinks of this team and Dru’s leadership skills.

    I feel so bad for Chad. The kid has played hard but he gets no support. Sure, the same can be said for Hank but Chad is fragile, being so new to the NHL.

  29. Exactly Linda!!!!

    I dont care if you have a team full of Voros’s or Roszivals. If I know and SEE you’re putting your heart and soul and TRYING. Then its all good. Um look at the Islanders!!!!! Hate to use them as an example. But they have a 40 year old goalie, a 1st over all rookie draft pick and not much else other than Doug Weight. All of their players dig, battle, check, forecheck.

    Oh and Ive been looking for how many games lost to injury Detroit has. They have them at 12th for only 18 games into the season.

    LETS GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Is this blueshirt bulletin?! Hahaha… I’m LMAO right now. You are clearly spending too much time with the MSG crew. Point 10 was great though, I realized even moreso, how bad Micheletti is once I heard JD’s voice. Some people have it, some don’t. JM might be the one piece of the Rangers organization really keeping them from winning big… as you said, everything else is in place. LoL

  31. Linda

    Dont care. Half the people I deal with are Dallas fans and the abuse I took when the Giants lost… I want Brett to BRING THE PAIN!!!!

  32. The only real option on Redden is to send him to the AHL and eat his contract. A buyout next summer doesn’t solve anything because the Rangers would still carry a $2 million cap hit from him for the next eight years.

    I guess if you’re New York, there’s also the hope that when the next collective-bargaining agreement is negotiated, whether that’s after next season or the season after that (the NHL Players’ Association has the option of extending it a seventh year), teams will once again get a one-time shot at buying out their worst contract without cap implications, which was the case in August 2005, when the last CBA started. That would be an opportune time for the Rangers to deal with Redden.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would love to know what Mess thinks of this team and Dru’s leadership skills.

    The captain’s clutchness supercedes criticism. He cannot be judged by mere mortals.

  34. Of course this (and every other) team will show variable levels of performance and effort from game to game. The last three games have been especially extreme though, which is more than a little frustrating. Was there even a single shift in the Blues and Senators game that exhibited the same degree of cohesion and intensity as was sustained for most of the Devils game?

    Ignoring arguments over the long-term construction and direction of the team (which I think the majority agree needs some work…), I don’t think the line-up as it stands is as bereft of talent as some do – a finish anywhere from 6th to 11th in the East would not shock me at all.

    I don’t think cleaning house yet again behind the bench will achieve anything, but it’d be nice to think the team could have some sort of identity by this point in the year. Torts doesn’t seem to know what it is (or how to get there). For a coach who tells us he’s not an Xs-and-Os guy, it’s this aspect that’s most disappointing to me.

  35. This game… beyond Carp’s sarcasm. Avery was astonishingly bad, if played even average, I’m pretty sure Anisimov or Lisin would score in this line by game developing scenario (yeah, woulda, coulda..).Gabby, not so surprisingly, played his worst I ever saw; I sense a great deal of frustration and physiological tiredness from him.
    I do believe Torts losing this team, clueless(according to his own answers “I don’t know..” which became kind of annoying after more than half of the season),with his inconsistent, selective “benching”, permanent line shuffling, wrong goalkeepers choices and probably, “cowboy’s”, careless approach to his players.(May be I’m wrong in this last one).All by all system less.
    What System?? There wasn’t and is not ANY system whatsoever, just wishful thinking and our high expectation of Torts and hope, on ice – total chaos, random moves, particular in entering offensive zone, painful to watch.
    Please, don’t tell me the “tools” – players are bad individually or collectively, I know. But, first, on paper team is much better – everyone agreed on that offseason, secondly – isn’t it coach (and management of course)to make it click and CREATE a workable unit from given That’s is measure of coach talent for me. Sorry, tryed to stay positive all season, didn’t even post, but such a disappointment over my natural optimism.


    When Torts came, we all said the team may not be the best in the league, but they will definitely be fun to watch. NOT! Did Renney leave his playbook behind?

  37. I’m interested to see what happens in the off-season.

    You have to think Torts says goodbye to those he doesn’t want and puts some life into this team.

  38. I think if Torts had a team he wanted (Minus VinnyL & St. Louis) I think you would have a better outcome of success.

    And they were on that 7 game run. Even that first game vs. the Pens was fun to watch. But you know… that’s the beginning of the season so it doesnt count LOL ;)

  39. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Puck, he left his line generator behind.

    Good post 4ever! I too think Gabby is burnt. And it must be frustrating for him to have been benched for a bit, but NOTHING to drury. Put drury back on the 4th line where he actually had some offense! Freakin give Gabby a game off, we don’t score anyway, so if he doesn’t play 1 game whats the big deal?

    Has Torts totally abandonded his system and is just flying by the seat of his pants? Honestly guys, what ‘system’ do you think this team could actually play and have a little bit of success with?

  40. LOL LW

    Thank you. Yeah I was curious to see the decades super power in the NHL losses due to injury/illness etc for this season. Thank you again….

  41. I’m sure there are plenty of players Torts would like to say goodbye to. Unfortunately that can not be done in a salary cap world.

    Why is NBC showing a game this week up against the NFL playoffs? Can’t wait to hear the ratings for that one.

  42. until the rangers cut rozival and redden, they will never be a good team. its pretty sad when sather makes the worst moves ever and still gets to run this team every year. he gave away a playmaker in zherdev and gave the money to kotalik who plays 5 minutes a game. its very hard to root for this team. also bring back JD. not only is he the greatest but he will say on the air how bad redden and rozival and others are playing unlike sam and mich.

  43. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    oops i forgot we had a hockey game on “national broadcast” tv today. what nuggets of superiority did assmouth Milbury come up with?

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sunday is funday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I’LL bet Gomez wont eevn get a shot on net.

  45. Linda

    Oh Im thankful you said Favre – for a second when you said “DIVA” you were talking about Cindy. My bad ;)

  46. Yoyo, we all love JD but in his last few years here he was just as big an MSG shill as the rest of them

  47. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Tom, i miss the days when the announcers could actually say what they thought. The monopolies have ended that, and its too bad because we as fans deserve honesty from the announcers. i mean sheesh we can see whats going on with our own eyes, and when you have someone like Joe M saying the exact opposite, its a slap in our faces.

  48. Yep. I don’t blame the announcers. Their jobs are at stake. If Marv Albert could be fired after 30+ years at the Garden, anything is possible. Cablevision is the evil empire.

  49. Tom Foolery
    You’re right on target. JD was the BIGGEST shill. Hardly ever called any player out through YEARS of not making the playoffs

  50. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i agree with nyr and zzzz on the lines.

    I hate dallas and jerry jones and think jared allen is a riot, so go vikings (plus i love it when they sound the horn of the riddermark)!!

    I still think dubi is a bit of a prob in the lockerroom, but it’s just speculation on my part (sorry sally).

    did you ever get my fb friend request??

  51. bklyn, not giving the coach a free ride. this team has one first-line player. One borderline first-pair defenseman. and a bunch of guys not playing even like second-liners. tell me a different coach would have better results.

  52. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    i dont want to hear the cries for Keenan.

    seriously, this team would give him an aneurysm within a week.

  53. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    this was on spector hockey this morning:

    OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the following: A league source claims NY Rangers GM Glen Sather has reached out to the Tampa Bay Lightning and another source claimed Vincent Lecavalier is on the market. It’s believed the Rangers are offering up Matt Gilroy, Wade Redden and either Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan but Redden would be a non-starter for the Bolts. The problem is it would be very difficult to convince Lecavalier to waive his movement clause as he’s very happy with the Lightning

    there was also a blurb by lebrun (i think) about souray to the rangers perhaps!!


    BTW, I have a new crush on the Lightning’s backup backup goalie. Does that count as a hockey-related topic?

  55. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Drury questioned going to the Olympics by JR!!!! Shill Milbury defended him LOL JR said Oshie should go in stead of Captain Snooze Button.

  56. Having Milbury stick up for you (“he scores big goals, leadership, yadda yadda…”) must be the ultimate humiliation for Drury. He’ll never recover from this.

  57. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    Chris, funny that you mention Voros, I just told Mako something along those lines.

    Torts can say they are good people and all that, but the fans know exactly WHO is PROUD to be on this team, and who is here just collecting their check.

  58. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    could it also mean the same as having Lee Harvey Oswald have your back?

    TOO SOON???

  59. Chris

    I said something along those lines in an earlier post. I just didnt name names LOL I just told Linda about the tumors I think are brining the team down….

  60. And in terms of Kots – I think he cares – I think he’s pissed that Torts keeps benching him & getting 4th line minutes.

  61. Sather is the overwhelming reason the Rangers are who they are today, Torts doesn’t totally escape the criticism. Here’s my Torts gripes…

    1. Doesn’t give Lisin an opportunity to play regularly. As a few have pointed out, his stats tell the story of why he should be on a regular line. He was the best forward last night, hit the post once and a great save stopped another attempt.

    2. Continues to play Breshear who is washed up. Keep him in civvies and put Voros in there instead. Voros played a good game too, made that check that freed the puck which he got out to Boyle for the only goal this week.

    3. Breaks up lines that work. Leave them alone if they work. Torts needs to set up the following lines and let them stay together..

    Dubinsky Christenson Gaborik
    Prospal Anisimov Lisin
    Higgins Drury Callahan
    Avery Boyle Voros

    Breshear and Kotalik watch from the pressbox or sent down to Hartford along with Redden and Rozi. Bring up Heineken and Sangs to take their place. So what if they are rookies.

    4. Having some guys regress since Renney days; Girardi, to a lesser extent Staal, Avery to name some. In Girardi’s case, could be that injury he suffered when he tangled with Cam Barker.

    5. Needs to increase Anisimov’s time. He has taken some hard hits so far and agree that Torts should watch his ice time until AA fills out that big body he has. A physically strong AA with all his other attributes will make him a solid #1 or #2 center.

    That’s about it. Since Breshear is over 35, think the Rangers will still be hit with a cap for his salary, is that right?

    Please Mr Sather, no more Morris, Antropov deals who move out along with Prucha and Dawes and you are left with nothing. If you can’t make the playoffs, better you keep the young guys and if you can make the playoffs, no need to make a deal where you are losing good young guys.

    Better yet Slats, include yourself in one of your deals!!!

    He’s a worse GM than he was a hockey player and he was never that good a player.

  62. Souray just refused to waive his NTC to come to Ottawa – I think he prefers to stay West Coast near his Kids and crazy ex-wife.

    I don’t know if Lecavalier will end up in NY, but I’m 100% sure he will not be wearing a Tampa Bay jersey next year now that Stamkos has blossomed.

  63. Did anybody catch Torts interview with Sam?

    His blunt answer was,”These are the players I got.”

    Think he’s referring to Sather giving him all those misfits??

  64. At least NBC has one guy now who will tell it like it is, not the usual candy-coated garbage they have been spewing at us. Roenick flat out said that Drury doesn’t deserve to be on the Olympic team after having 2 bad years in NY.

    He doesn’t deserve to be the captain of the Rangers either.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sunday is funday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    To go 3 games and to get only 1 measly goal…something has to be done Wicky. Gaborik needs space and we need bigger guys to play with him. Voros has some chemistry with Gaborik from the good old Minney days..but we need another brute with them to make that line a force..? Dubinsky?…maybe. Boyle..maybe haha , seriously maybe..

    The proposed:
    Voros with Dubi and Gaborik
    Drury with Prospal and Callahan
    Anisimov with Avery and Lisin
    Boyle with Christensen and Higgins

    It should have Drury on the top line because of his BIG FAT PAYCHECK so it should be this:

    Higgy,AA, Lisen …or Kotalek
    Aves,Boyle,Voros …or Brash

    Shur , Avery is on the last line , who cares ..it adds skill to the grit and the line plays PK …so no big deal.

    Roll these 4 lines Tortarelli spagetti and we’ll all be fine.

  66. Carp.. I know every team has a bad game every so often, even the great ones. Although there is always the Montreal Canadians team of the mid 70’s that didn’t have many bad games. This Ranger team is not a great team, although when they come to play, they can be pretty good. The thing that bothers me most is the total inconsistancy, plus the fact that they are bad a lot more than they are good. Even the poor teams can shut the Rangers down. They mostly just look like they don’t have any system. I know Torts a good coach, but this team playes like they don’t have a coach a lot of the time. It makes Torts look bad.

  67. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    we would have holes, but i believe that trader slatipuss is going to be very busy! If we did do that deal, the forward #’s would remain the same and the d would be hit, I really think slats is going to add 2 d men by the deadline. I also thing rozy is getting traded and if redden isn’t gone in a salary for salary deal, he ends up in htfd (too much smoke about that for the past couple of much, to not have some fire as well).

  68. Staal Wart drinks and drives 4x4 iphones on

    I may go tonight but I honestly don’t want to give Dolan any of my money.
    Plus I’m not sure I can watch some of these guys in person, I need at least the glass shield my TV will provide.
    Plus my couch is more comfortable than a Garden seat.
    Plus my food and beer are cheaper

  69. “This Ranger team is not a great team, although when they come to play, they can be pretty good. The thing that bothers me most is the total inconsistancy, plus the fact that they are bad a lot more than they are good. Even the poor teams can shut the Rangers down.”


    THANK YOU! This is what Ive been saying all along. When they come to play… they are VERY hard to beat. During that 7 game tear their forecheck was *FEROCIOUS!!!* They made very smart plays, crisp passes, they banged, they cycled, THEY SCORED. That is the team that needs to be resurrected. I dont care at what time of the season that was or who they played. That same effort needs to be implemented again.

  70. Chris

    Its funny that you say that. As important as they are… they are a constant joke because of who runs them. So sad.

  71. Carp Couldn’t disagree with you more. Tortorella never had control of this team. He ticks off the press, players and fans. He failed several year ago and he’s doing it again. Everything becomes personal with him and he does have a terrible attitude. Example; he benches Avery in last year’s Play-offs when we were up 3-1 and then argues with some Capital fan and we end up losing 3 games in a row. Most of us seem to have short memories. Also, from the beginning of the season, he had the team playing an aggressive offense style they can’t play. Then he has them trying to play defense. He continues to switch and mix up lines all the time. All he’s doing is mixing up the players. Most players are afraid to make mistakes so they become hestitant and Vanilla. Don’t get me wrong, we barely have an average team, but that be said Tortorella is not getting the best out of what he has. Regardless of what happens tonight, if they continue to under-achieve look for some drastic management changes right after the Olympic Games. There are quite a few former Ranger players that might energize both the fan base and players. Gretzky spent some time with Dolan before the Holidays and Janet does like NY. Messier loves the Rangers and Graves is the total motivational package. Sorry for venting like this but we need change.

  72. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    lmao ORR!

    great posts guys. had a little catching up to do. The man asked if he could use the comp, and since he paid for a little more than half of it, and it IS his birthday, i relented!

  73. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    well, sather can relinquish the gm title, but he is STILL the president, so his stench will stain this team forever until he goes to the great beyond or dolan actually has a brain put in his head and does the right thing an kick the fossil out altogether.

  74. Voros is really using his twitter alot lol…good insight into what goes on…such as him having a bite to eat with Hank today and that he sat in the same row as Avery last night on the plane lol

  75. wow Carp,

    lmao here. your notes were dripping with more sarcasm than my pancakes dripping syrup earlier this morning.
    for #10. it was nice and touching to see JD and he emotional he got just checking that out for even a second. too bad he doesn’t have our GM job, eh?

    can’t believe you didn’t add a Brashear comment in there, as in Brashear didn’t lose a fight last night…

  76. Chris, watch the language, and I think you are wrong if you think Drury and Rozsival don’t care. Not sure about some of the others you mentioned. I just don’t think they can play anymore, although Rozsival has been better lately. Drury is still a zero.

    loneranger, I completely disagree with you.

  77. Linda

    Sorry didnt see that post. I think Sally LOL I got all of the lovely ladies as my top stalkers =P

  78. ZZZ says to carp we do have talent! Boyle, Brash, Drury, Higgins, Kotaleak, Redden, Rosi, no back up goalie, the worst 6 as a group d-men of any playoff contender. Decent guys who are not playing up to where they should be in Avery,Cally,Dubi,Staal,DanG and the worst GM in the league with a Cap disaster for years. I have a headache, just blow the whole thing up keep some young guys and a couple with heart and hope were good in 3yrs. Best case senario.

  79. I’m back. Good points, all. I don’t think Torts lost the team. He knows what he has and is just trying to put the best pieces together. He’s made a few mistakes and he does get outcoached at times. But he has been successful before with his style: he runs his best guns on daily basis. He knows who has the best jump during the game and he will let the guy play more. Changing the coach would be a big mistake.

  80. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    damnit, another week of FAVRE IS GOD crap from espn and everyone else……ugh

  81. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    voros, aves, and hank are 3 guys that i guarantee care a whole helluva (sorry carp) more about the name on the front of that sweater than the one on the back!!!

  82. I really hope the Saints beat the Vikings…can you imagine all of the BS we will hear for 2 weeks if they make it to the Super Bowl.

    Colts Saints is my hope

  83. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    what would be better, if the vikings DONT make it to the SB, or if they do, and win….will Favre just go away forever then?? HMMMM what a quandry. I just can’t stomach it anymore!

    be back in a bit, don’t feed the trolls!

  84. Linda…what would be best is for the Saints to embarrass Minnesota and his old teammate Darren Sharper pick him off multiple times for TDs and they just steamroll them onto the Super Bowl. I don’t think there would be one person besides Vikings fans rooting against New Orleans

  85. btw,
    loved Larry Brooks column today taking colin campbell and the league to task.
    “Bad Cop and Even Worse Judge” — http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/more_sports/junk_justice_8xwcYPpTWAmEPYwWQ2yedL

    not a huge fan of the Canucks’ Burrows but if he went to the league or his coach it just would have been swept under the rug.

    the actions of the referee in calling those penalties speaking for themselves. disgraceful.

    it was surprised that the Canadian interviewer dared to bring up the idea of such a matter being swept under the rug. of course, collie avoided to answer. and then, Burrows gets based again.

  86. why all the love for Voros? Absolutely no talent tries to stick up for teamates, but way to many penalities, below average fighter, awful skater if he didn’t do the little bit that he has he wouldn’t even be in the league. I don’t want to pick on the guy just the guy who aquired him.

  87. Wicky, I think most of them care. Some more than others. I don’t think it’ a team made of Kamensky and Co. I care too. sometimes too much. But I’d be a complete disaster on the ice. Some of them have limited skills, others’ confidence is shut.

  88. hedberg…I think if we didn’t have Brashear to compare him too, we would be saying he shouldn’t be in the lineup…but the guy gives 100% every shift, and while that shouldn’t be “good enough” unfortunately it is for this team, b/c not everyone does that

  89. hedberg

    Voros came to play this year. He lost weight, was in the top 5 of fit players coming out of camp. He’s shown heart and shown he wants to be a NYR. He TRIES. Which is more than I can say for some of the other players. He’s a much better fighter than he was last year. OH and he doesnt get “nicked”, “injured” or ‘sore” after every fight.

  90. I read somewhere that the Dolans don’t care if they win the stanley cup. Their goal is to just make the playoffs. I would have never been able to guess that. For me its hard to see that they have any goals, other than make money.
    Sather has gotten this team in a situation that will take years to fix. Isn’t every team headed in the same direction in this salary capped NHL. Take the Black hawks for example, they have these young stars they drafted, that are right now playing for peanuts, they will have to pay these guys to keep them, or they will move them, then draft some more guys that will play cheap for a while. What will happen to these guys that want to be paid a big buck? Will the NHL just keep expanding to accomadate these guys, or will they have to go elsewhere? Or maybe I just don’t understand the system.

  91. Nasty

    Yep. I would stick him in the press box for a good portion of the remainder of the year. Screw it. He’s a bust.

    LOL Sally
    We did some silly app on FB about “top followers” (Its not stalkers BTW) Apparently, now Im Linda’s top stalker and she is mine LOL She asked if Orr or CCCP were my #2. But Im pretty sure its you LOL

  92. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i think i asked this already…are we “friends” on FB!!!! I don’t stalk, I’ll just put you through the glass!!!

  93. i know it’s honorable to give 100% like Voros, that’s why he gets paid, but plain and simple he’s not good enough, his fighting is below avg. at best. Brash is a bigger loser I agree bring up some young muscle. And i’m glad he came into camp in shape this year as he’s fighting for a NHL career as opposed to last year when he was a mess and worryimg about where him and Dubi would go drink after the game. Cut bait and lose them both one was never a NHLer the other Completely over the hill. No skill for old men

  94. Hockeymon

    That makes no sense, but I believe it. If you put a winning team together wouldnt that create a bigger demand to see that team? Dont they think that winning the cup would bring MORE money to the team? More press/media = more money. Its NYC for God’s sake!!!!!!! Why wouldnt they want to grow the best team in the NHL together to win another Cup? MORONS!!!!!!!

  95. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    THAT IS THE BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION Mako! Why would you not want to be the best, own the best? People in NY will spend MORE money on a team that is consistently good year in and year out, and WATCH OUT if they win a championship! Short sighted thinking by a little man riding daddys coattails

  96. LOL Hedberg

    I wish it was that easy to get rid of Brashear. But it isnt unless he’s traded. They put Voros on waivers last year, no one wanted him. I agree they can look to Hartford but Torts is going to go with what he’s been given. 10x out of 10 I would go Voros over Brashear. I was willing to give PUDDIN’ a chance but got nothing but disappointment. Again, I can say that for some of the other guys on the team LOL

  97. would you take the 4 guys chicago are looking to move for Hank. Sharp, Versteeg, Barker, and Huet.

  98. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    it is honourable to give 100% no matter what, but on a team of overpaid fatcats that seem to have a level of effort that comes nowhere close to matching their salaries, it is refreshing and he earns every penny of his contract. I mean even dubi (sorry sally) holds out for “more money” and since getting it seems to have lost his ability to play more of a “dirty” game (a lower paid fat cat it seems).

  99. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    bull dog
    probably not, hank is very very close to untouchable, but i would look into it none the less!! (hank for kovy, hedberg, armstrong, and valabik….yes)

  100. fat cats have been long associated with the NYR i’m soory to say. But the culture for the last 10yrs lies directly at the feet of Sather. First and foremost he’s got to go. The fans just want a honest effort and the longer he’s here the longer guys like MDZ,Gilroy,Cally,Dubi,Sangs,Artie,Staal are prone to the posion of effort only on select nights. We also have no where near the talent to go mutiple rounds in the playoffs. Again fire Sather and blow it up in a blockbuster and free cap space.

  101. I been saying Hank and Redden or Rosi(demote the other for Kovy and Hedberg for 2 weeks. Now we have cap space to work with and a Ranger nation pissed off about Hank forever.

  102. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    just a bit off topic..

    MAKE ME PROUD JETS! noones picking you to win and thats ok. Do your best and ya never know!!

    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. wickey, if you follow that up with the trade for Vinnie L,
    your centers become Sharp, and Vinnie. not a bad 1, 2.
    Staal is no Normand Rochfort.

  104. Thanks, Carp !

    Wish you a nice evening at the Garden…
    For me it will be too late at 1 am in the morning :)

  105. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    ugh Phillip Rivers. smug arrogant jerk. He’s from the next city over from here.

  106. carp let’s agree to disagree. The Playpens have Crosby & Malkin, most teams have 1 like Gaborik.Not many have a Lundqvist. The top paid guys were hand picked by the blind sheik genius. And the coach had a part in the 10+ guys gone and helped pick the new 10 guys. Management is an excuse machine except when they go on winning streaks or make the playoffs.

  107. 94

    I went to the Blues Blog and they all couldnt wait to get rid of him. The fans called him “Sister Christian” because of his “soft” play.

  108. Did Terry Virtue have his name tattooed in big gothic letters across his back like a jersey nameplate, or am I completely imagining that?

    Staal is no Jan Mertzig.

  109. hurray to JR for calling out craphead Dreary. he does not belong on Team USA, and Roenick is not afraid to tell the truth

    give me a break, Milbury. what “leadership” has Dreary shown on the Rangers?

    the Rangers problem continues to be the 3 big toxic contracts

  110. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    you guys are pulling up some great freakin names!!

    Staal is no ERIC CAIRNS!

  111. Carp,
    “…tell me a different coach would have better results.”
    I will: Lemaire, Ruff and even Gordon. All their teams sustained tremendous loses of proven talented players offseason and to injuries in the beginning of season and unanimously was considered almost out of playoff perspective. Honestly, I didn’t even know 1/2 of Devils or Islandorks players…Now we all are judges, but you have to agree, offseason Rangers staff looked much more POTENTIAL and definitely not worth than this teams. My point is, that turning potential to working, winning team IS major coach job, isn’t it? Besides, it is such a fast, emotional team game, not just competition of sums of pure talent or skills of individuals, so even granted, equal for most teams between 3rd and 27th place, everything is decided more by team spirit, mood, collective will, confidence and of course strategy on any (and every) particular game, which requires analyze and deep knowledge of your own and other teams and ability to create a best game plan. This is major coach responsibility and IMHO we are profoundly lacking this component. Without it team becomes just dysfunctional bunch of different players with their own agendas. Sorry, I can’t give Torts free pass just because I like his general, very attractive for every hockey fan, but also abstract (unless it is suitable and applies in a right way to the right team)per se. Everybody would like (and coach) 12 Ovechkins and 6 Lidstroms in team Rangers.I would.

  112. hartford Whalerpack on

    Good post, I liked the sarcasm. I’ll be at the game tonight—second one of the season.

  113. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow if only so I can get back in the bonehead game!

    Not sorry I missed last night, especially (Linda, you be quiet!) since I saw my non-hockey boyfriend in concert :)

    Jersey/NY/Conn. heads, if you don’t go to the Light of Day show, you’re nuts.

    Staal is no Linda’s man!

    Doodie, saw you here yesterday, welcome back! Return more often.

  114. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    hope they dont stink up the joint for you hartford

    Staal is no Scot Kleinendorst

  115. idk Linda… but it is kinda fun thinking back to all the D-men who played for this team.

    D-men like… Mike Hurlbut.

  116. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    bull dog
    yes, you are correct about that! I just think if we traded hank, we need a better than avg NHL goalie to have any kind of playoff success. I would be more apt to keep hank and get a lecav or richards, 2 tough hitting d men and a rugged forward with scoring touch like holmstrom or backes or burrows or smyth or doan. Obviously, alot of moving and trading and salary implictions, but i feel this team is 4 players away from a deep playoff run!

  117. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    can i play the staal game???

    staal is no dale purinton!!

    (i liked tamer, kind of a struds kinda guy)

  118. It started with Bull Dog in the last thread LOL We were talking about Staal obviously and how there is no Vet leadership to teach these kids. He mentioned that Staal was no Zubov and then it snowballed LOL

  119. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    sorry, someone used purinton i think!

    staal is no brad brown!!!

  120. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    omg you guys are too funny with these names.
    and Mako,i thought about that, but decided to post it anyway. I can do that since you’re my brother

  121. I think Hurlbut played for an Ivy League school… I could swear I saw him play against Princeton in the 80’s.

    (I didn’t go to Princeton… just to their games!)


  122. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    wicky, purinton was mentioned, but NOT in regards to Staal not being him. tamer, poeschek sheesh too funny!

  123. Rumun Ndur and Eric Cairns were so good, both ended up playing here in the UK, as did former Rangers 1st rounder, Jeff Brown.

    I have fond memories of Cairns’ run-ins with Theo Fleury, while the useless lunk was a Fishstick and Fleury calling him a “muffin puncher”.

  124. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    staal is no glen featherstone!!!

    popovic….the gentle giant!

  125. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    linda, you did not just go all bugs bunny on us!!!!!

  126. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    just trying to keep up with your awesomeness!!

    I liked him too mako!

    staal is no tomas kloucek

  127. Carp-
    You were wrong in your spelling. Staal is no Mario MAHWAH. I know because that’s the way Bill Chadwick used to pronounce it. : )

  128. Speaking of Bugs Bunny, doesn’t Kjell Samuelsson kinda look like a cartoon character?

    Kjell Samuelsson… another one that Staal is not!

  129. Oh, by the way, thanks for explaining to us new folk how the name “boneheads” came to be. I am proud to be a bonehead! LGR!

  130. Linda Love Uncle Glennie on

    too sweet Wicksta!

    ooh kloucek! sigh

    Staal is no Jim Wiemer

    aw damnit to hell

  131. Carp did you read my post a while ago about teams and the way the cap works? Am I way off base there? That seems to me to be the way the system works, but I must be wrong, because if I’m right the system does not work.

  132. Nasty 1’s comment about JD reminded me of this moment.

    a number of years ago
    up in Buffalo at the old Aud, where you could actually get close enough to the players and get autographs, unlike the new place.

    a light rain is falling and the Ranger fans are waiting, getting autographs, some pictures as well.

    out comes JD heading to the bus and my sister, all 5’1″ of her, asks if she could get her picture taken with him. he stops, sticks around even though it’s raining (i don’t think he had his coat on…) and bends waaaaaay down so that he’d be around her level in the photo. still got the pic. still thank him for being thoughtful.

  133. My Lord he curled his eyelashes and is wearing mascara. Ok I need to watch hockey and football for the rest of the night after that.

  134. Ok, I have a family event I have to attend, so I’m going to miss the game. I’m DVR’ing it, but if they play the way they have been I might not even watch it.

    Have a good nite everyone!

  135. Does anyone expect the good ranger team to show up tonight? Torts might have yelled at them, so maybe.

  136. Gomez knocking out Ryan Miller last year didnt “get us into the playoffs.”

    Do you realize even when he was injured, Buffalo finished 7-1-2 last year and missed by one point?

    Itd be a different story if they finished 0-10, but 7-1-2?


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