It’s O time! …


… as in Ocho Cinco, since Chad Johnson is starting in goal. Or as in Zero, which is the number of all the goals the Rangers have scored in the last two games, overtime and shootout included. Or as the number of goals Johnson might have to allow in order to get a win. Or, as we said earlier, as in JD’s old No. 00 jersey.

(Seinfeld reference: CoCo wore it, too … As in Ooh-ooh, ah-ah).

Kotalik is prucha’d and Brashear is out “nicked”  which means Voros and Lisin are off the prucha list, and somehow Higgins continues to escape it.

It’s an 8 p.m. start, locally on WPIX.

By the way, WPIX loaded Thursday’s game with promos for tonight’s game thusly: “Same fire, same desire.” Boy, you guys better hope not.


A reader asked today, and another had asked me via email following the video chat on Friday, why you guys are Boneheads. And I’ve been meaning to explain the term of endearment for our newer folks. So here it is:

When Sam Weinman left the blog last January — we’re coming up on that sad anniversary — a bunch of vulture blogs attempted to jump into the comments section and steal our audience (yeah, like that might happen). Anyway, one of them came on with this idea, and I paraphrase:

“Come to such-and-such blog, where you get all the same Rangers news and information, but without all the bonehead comments.”

To which I replied, “I like the boneheads.”

To which a lot of you guys replied, in a parade of comments, “I’m a bonehead.”

Kind of brings a tear to my eye.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

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  1. Repost to Shoryuken’s repost:

    Not the first time the words “Drury” and “fleece” have appeared in close proximity…

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I am Bonehead!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Boys!!!

    Rangers Gametime is…NOW!!!

    Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go go og ogo go go go go goooooooooooooo!!!

  3. Someone give me a link to the game please! isnt working and neither is

  4. True

    While I agree with most that he’s probably the brother with the least star power. He hasnt had any vet leadership & teaching to learn from. Ya know?

  5. Got the Blues’ feed (grr) – might as well be on Versus:
    – Apparently Prospal won a Cup with Torts in TB in 2004 (nope, he didn’t)
    – They show replays while play is in progress?! Yeah, that’s not a dumb idea…

    The great Mike Brodeur just let in a crappy shot from the corner against Montreal. How come the 30 crappy shots from the corner the Rangers had on him wouldn’t go in?

  6. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I’ve watched Staal and girardi both get worse defensively the past 3 seasons. That’s my point, sometime potential has to translate to improving real play and I have yet to see it.

  7. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I was trying to tune him out, but he already said ‘big and strong’ and he may have even said forearms too!

  8. miked – I’m on the legit Center Ice thing in Europe. The game might be over before you can get here.

    Not sure what the game tells us so far, but I have a sudden craving for Puppy Chow.

  9. Kern – good one.

    These Rangers couldn’t score in a whorehouse with a wad of Benjamins…

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    No goals since Torts broke up the Dubi-Christensen-Gaborik line which had been clicking well. Maybe it’s time to put them back together. Prospal could play with Drury and Callahan.

  11. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i always miss the good stuff. I need to find an awesome pic of him and use as my desktop photo! Right now its the January schedule with Ryan Callahan, maybe February will be Fankist, that’d be great!

  12. Forget donating to Haiti, let’s collect for the Rangers to let them at least buy a goal (or Kavalchuk)!

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    “Forget donating to Haiti, let’s collect for the Rangers to let them at least buy a goal (or Kavalchuk)!”

    Or to a consortium of investors to buy MSG, Rangers, and Knicks from Dolan.

  14. I didnt say it when it happened but CONGRATZ to PRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHA for his 10th goal of the season!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Blue Saturday??!!! " … says Greg L. on


    come on guys…SCORE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Come on

    Come on

    Come on



    COME ON , SCORE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

  16. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    Doodie, i’d donate but we need at least ONE hockey person in that consortium!

  17. True fans bleed RW&B on

    No team of Chris Drury has been shut out 3 games in a row! Forsberg, sakic, tanguay, iginla, briere, and vanek would never allow it!

  18. What will happen faster… for us to collect money to buy MSG, Rangers, and Knicks from Dolan or for the Rangers to win another cup?

  19. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    mike are you seeing this Don Brown Chevrolet commercial?? What a horrible suit this guys wearing!!! It looks like his great great grandmas living room upholstery!

  20. kern- 1 more period and 37 seconds into teh 3rd, it will be officially 3 starightgames, actually the ot in teh devils game means that with 5 minutes left in teh 2nd if they havent scored, then it will be 3 full games worth of playing without a goal. and that is just downright maddening!!

    prucha got his 10th?? so hed be the 2nd leasding goal scorer on the team then? holy crap!!!

  21. Man, definitely not the first period I expected. I agree Doodie and I said it the other day. They should have never split up the Gabby EChrist Dubi line. When a line is clicking and hot, you leave it alone.

  22. yea mako, i saw that this mornin. and u lucky i benched perron too!!!! i always do that! im gettin rid of some fwds and gettina new d man or goalie. i jinx myself.

    linda, i see commercials in iowa that are just way goofier than that. but yea i see the don brown commercials here. lol.

  23. wow…it hasnt been this dry scoring wise in 10 mothertrucking years! They cant score with Gaborik in the imagine this team with Gaborik out of the lineup?!

  24. Sally,

    A fun Micheletti drinking game is to drink every time he says “big” or “strong” or any synonym of either word. Unfortunately, every time I play I pass out midway through the second period.

  25. Torts keeps on juggling lines but the most obvious line EC Gabby Dubi) combo hasnt been together since Boston game…so annoying

  26. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i am telling you, find the Renney Line Generator and just change the name to Torts, and block the obvious reunion of Gabs, Dubs and FIM

  27. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on


  28. Chuck, take two drinks if he mentions “forearms”. Finish your drink if he says something about someone’s “groins” being injured.

  29. Wait…one second Boyle has the puck deep in the Blues’ zone, the next everyone is celebrating getting a center ice faceoff. I’m confused. What happened?

  30. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    thats excellent Reggie but they are playing tuesday and thursday…grrrrr

  31. and its just that more pitiful that it was boyle that was the one to score. our big cave troll that eats hobbits scores the lone ranger tally with a bread crumb trail of tastycakes watin’ for him leading straight to sather office for a million dollar raise

  32. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    But does Flava bring the “intangibles” and little “things” that Drury does? That $3mm for the “little things” and $3mm for the “intangibles”

  33. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    Flavah may not bring those kind of intangibles, but hes tangy!!!

    touchdown colts!!!

  34. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    LVF, is that you fozzy???

    i love that line generator, funny half those guys arent on the team anymore lol

  35. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    you go girl!!! i was hoping it was you and that i wasn’t insulting someone with that nickname :-)

  36. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    I think Im going to drink every time Higgins misses the net. The game will be more fun that way. Who’s with me?

  37. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    LMAO ICEY CUP!!! i dont remember who the other guy was, but his nostrils were just outrageous!

    Colts are rolling 17-3 end of the half~!

  38. i just fell asleep watching this game..if it wasn’t for my neighbor upstairs farting really loud i probably be sleeping still…

  39. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    wow CCCP, you must have tissue thin walls floors and ceilings! hope you didnt have to smell it too

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    Another boring, awful Ranger game. Oh, Wait! They haven’t lost yet…

    FIRE SATHER is all I have to say about that.

  41. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    holy carp! shannon sharpe looks like baskin robbins designed his outfit tonight!

  42. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    I came prepared for the game LOL


    And an alcohol store near my house LOL

  43. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Seriously, get dubi and n Christensen back together. I don’t care who gabby plays with cause he’s sucking again.

  44. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    LOL Linda ;)

    Passing the bottle around…

    Hey can Captain Clutch score the tying goal?

  45. im already done 909. a 1 goal deficit for them might as well be 20. night everyone. just not in a mood for same old same old boring hockey. torts or renny, they all look the same to me. at least lately anyway. no passion until its too late

  46. Don’t worry Chad, your offense never would have scored that second goal anyway. You’re also being infected by the virus that has become this team.

  47. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    thank God for that BANJ. this is just getting really old. And how was that not a trip on Lisin????

  48. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Joe was talking about how hot Steen’s been! And Joe response: ‘didn’t mean to pound you on the back there’ in ref to football.

  49. these guys are losers. theres honestly no excuses for not scoring. there are teams with less skill who pot more goals. Honestly, we should just play the kids that go on the ice during intermissions. It couldnt be any worse. Any hit the kids made would probly hit a guy in the testies. we should put the hockey team out there from that south park episode. Now that would be entertaining.

  50. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    MAKO, did you get my message on fb? i hit submit and the screen whited out on me

  51. johnson was to blame for that 3rd goal. but yea, we dont play hard enough until its too late. doesnt matter. they do this every game. wonder what torts will say after this one. but hey, they got a huge goal from that 1st round draft pick boyle!!

  52. or we could hire a bunch of criminals…oh wait… i’m pretty sure stealing 7.5 million, 6.5 million, and 5 million respectfully, is considered robbery. I mean, i’m not a lawyer, but…

  53. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    they are getting pounded tonight, they get hit and fall down. this is insulting.

  54. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    No play makers to make room for Gabby since he’s being smothered tonight. Lisin is the best player on the ice tonight.

  55. I want to line up everyone on this team and just kick everyone in the balls one by one. It would be a bunch of fun. seriously. Then again, it wouldnt hurt them b/c most of these guys play like they’re castrated.

  56. good job lisin. best player by far tonight. just wanna see if torts keeps him out for the pp. just wished he wouldve buried that one shot before that hit the bar. i cannot see how he gets scratched everynight in favor of brashear. incredible.

  57. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


  58. Remember pruchas last game as a ranger. vs the isles. i think it was when he fought bergenheim cuz and i think it was also the time redden didnt even hold the guy from jumping dubi. damn, i miss prucha. hell of a battler

  59. Soo… I guess I shouldn’t be bummed about missing this one, huh? What’s up with them? They’re about as consistent as the G train.

  60. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    thanks for that Mako!!

    HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO ACCEPT A PASS??? i bet joe said there must’ve been a bit of snow buildup that caused the puck to bounce

  61. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Chris drury in the slot with nobody between he and the net and he skates away in a game down by 2!

  62. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    if sather EVER gives someone a no trade clause again, someone please poison his cigars and jameson

  63. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    I’d spend the $2,500 just to punch Drury in the face! I’d do it on a week night so I dont have to spend the weekend in jail.

  64. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    no trade,no movement, aaaaaaaaargh I despise that man and his boss for destroying this franchise

  65. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    WTF is the time out for? Like they’re gonna score 2 goals in 2 min.

    LOL 909 maybe I’ll hallucinate that they win, then I’ll be happy LOL

  66. 909 i’d like to see that. after you did it to the first guy he’d kick your *** and you would not get to the second. be lots of fun to see.

  67. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i guess Torts does NOT realize there is NOONE on this team who can score

  68. mako like to see that and what you’d look like after attempting to beat up a professional athlete

    key word is attempting

  69. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i swear, these guys should effin wear paper bags over their heads!! freakin absolute joke

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp: No more puns for “It’s Go Time!” Look how bad they’ve done since you’ve been riffing it!

  71. In order to score, you must have people who can be creative offensively. The old “get the puck to the net” mantra just doesn’t fly when you have three opponents stopping the puck before it can even get to the net.

  72. can i watch: It was a hypothetical situation. i obviously know they’d kick my ***. Come up with more constructive criticism.

  73. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    lmao,drury cant even hit a puck, i dont think mako would have any trouble with him

  74. can’t wait to read the players/ torts’ PR spin on the game.
    bet it goes something like this:

    “I think we did a lot of things well, just not score”

    ” We have to get through this slump”

    ” I have no answers”

  75. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    Oh and yeah Im sure the team would stick up for him like they did when he was blind-sided in Calgary LMAO.

  76. On a positive note –

    At least we only have to wait til tomorrow for more disgust and disappointnet

  77. mako you wanna say a guy sucks then go right ahead. unless you’re 6’5″ and built like lindas bf you’d **** your pants if the situation presented itself

    just another internet tough guy

  78. Prucha scored twice tonight for the Yotes. He now has 11 goals on the year… If he was on the Rangers, he’d be 2nd on the team in scoring! I find this incredibly funny. lol

  79. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    LOL thats a great post julio

    Glen Sather presents Turds on Ice… damn you sather and your overinflated sense of self

  80. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    LOL obviously you have a FB account or else you wouldnt know what her BF looks like and not a friend on mine or else you know what I LOOK LIKE LOL

    Im done with the shenanigans… I have no idea why I just continued with this stupid effing argument.

  81. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    hell I want to punch Drury! dont forget guys, my max bench is 135 lmao i can take him!

  82. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    seriously, i think the last time this team had killer instinct, Messier was playing

  83. Prucha has 10 goals and Dawes has 10 goals. Thanks for that trade Slats — hope Boston is happy with Derek Morris.

  84. well if playing the next day after a bad loss is what we have been hearing all year then, then tomorrow should be great!

  85. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    When Jagr was playing they came back a bunch of times to win. But over all killer instinct YES! That’s because he was a real captain he had all of the ingredients of a winner.

  86. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    Shor, he’d probably make me fall asleep with his monotone drone and LLWS highlights!

  87. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    Looking forward to the Torts presser of “I JUST DONT KNOW” & “I DONT HAVE ANY ANSWERS”

  88. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i am not disrepecting Jagr in any way on that either guys, because he was a freakin horse. But team killer instinct, no.

  89. This is the time of year that Jagr would turn it up. Instead, Sather brought us Drury to put us to sleep.

  90. Leetchhalloffame on

    Wasn’t home to see the game tonight but I check the boxscore and see the one NYR goal was Boyle from Voros? Is that a misprint? I fear not. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    “But over all killer instinct YES! That’s because he was a real captain he had all of the ingredients of a winner.”

    I was talking about Messier LOL sorry I didnt make that clear.

  92. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    keep me posted on that Mako, but being they were on PIX, isnt it just gonna be a quick blurb on hockey night live while they talk about the devils and islanders?

  93. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


  94. forget Dawes and Prucha…Antropov has 36 points, Gomez 32, Cullen 27…the current team is completely inept

  95. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    I’ll do the best that I can typing what he says. Hockey night live is on MSG right now.

  96. Will Torts speak for longer than 30 seconds? Will he say the questions are stupid? Will he say he doesn’t want to address that question? Will he practice his death glare? Which player will he blame?

  97. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    oh no Mako, i understood what you meant! I just didnt want anyone to think i didnt appreciate Jagr.

  98. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    Its not Torts they only show a min of it on MSG.

    Nothing yet. No players have been interviewed. Replaying Devils highlights.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Blue Saturday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Awwwww come on

    come on guys!!!

    Come on

    Come o…ohh the games over.

    See ya tomorroww Ralph , yeah later charlie.

  100. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    aw freakin carp Mako, its our fault! plus I missed the first 8 minutes of the game!

  101. This organization needs a major talent upgrade. Everyone but Henrik and Del Zotto should be made available at the deadline.

  102. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    On not scoring:
    “were’re trying sam”

    What do you have to do for tomorrow’s game.
    “I have to look at the tapes, this is our clubs, we cant split apart, we dont score goals. We have to keep on grinding through this. Our top guys are fighting it too”

  103. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    lmao @ grinding through..

    if anyone on this team knew how to grind ( in a hockey sense lmao) we may NOT be in this predicament

  104. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    I think Torts needs to start looking at tapes of other teams and not the garbage of what transpired the last 3 games.

  105. Mrs. Captain Clutch on

    Hey Ranger fans!

    Did you guys see my husband pass up that shot on the power play in the 3rd, trying to set up a teammate so he could restore some of that guy’s confidence? What a leader! What a winner! Where would you guys be without him? We lost tonight but we won’t let that ruin our National Religious Freedom Day! And Linda, you couldn’t take my man, hon, so settle down there. Now I’m gonna go borrow the clutchmobile while Chris is on the road and pick up some stuff to make him for breakfast tomorrow! You can’t be clutch without breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day! See ya!

  106. That was a weird comment by Tortorella. “I believe they’re good people”. What does that have to do with anything? Is that some sort of message? If so, what?

  107. Maybe he means that he tried insulting their hockey skills, but that didn’t work, so now he’s going to insult their humanity.

  108. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    it means that the people who cannot be moved are destroying any type of chemistry. UGH, its pre lockout all over again

  109. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans, from St. Louis- the Windy City. Well, something sure blows around here, anyway…

    I was talking trade today with JD. I wanted to send Sam Rosen to St Louis for Backman, or one of those other minor leaguers he has out there. I may have to throw in Redden to get the deal done. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’ve got this great idea for a movie! A hockey player dies and comes back as, get this; A TOOTH FAIRY! It’s so funny I pissed my pants. Oh, the irony! No, not the movie, the fact that I pissed my pants again. That’s the third time today…

    (singing) “And they called it- Puppy Love…” Ohhh! That’s my new ringtone for Dolan. (Someone called Blogmama sent it to me) Hey there, big guy! I’m so sorry; we had a real bad setback tonight. No, I meant the Rangers. Don’t worry. I got them scoring again. It’s only a matter of time. I see the Knicks lost to the Pistons. They’re a lousy team, aren’t they? No, I meant the Pistons… Why is he crying again? You’d think he had money on the Arizona Cardinals… (click)

    Sorry Ranger fans, I seem to have lost about a half hour of time here tonight. I just had Muckler deliver my usual between periods pitcher of Margaritas and after a few sips, I seem to have passed out. When I awoke, my rear end hurt like hell, and Muck was out in the hall with this big smile on his face.

    I was really concerned when my #1 defenseman, Rozival, went down there with an injury. They took him back to the locker room and x-rayed his head, but there was nothing there. I could have told them that.

    Mrs. Sather says hi to all the Boneheads. See you for the Montreal game.
    Uncle Glennie

  110. What was the context of his “I believe they’re good people” statement? What was he asked?

  111. I hope Gomez is booed tomorrow night. It’s the only thing I’m looking forward to at this point.

  112. I said jokingly last night that a peewee team could pick apart this team on any given day. I seriously wonder how bad this team really is sometimes. I mean is it possible that a good senior team could beat these guys some nights? I realise that hockey is a game of mistakes, and mistakes cause goals sometimes. Can someone please tell me why this team makes so many mistakes, the same ones over and over. Its like they are not a team, but some guys that just got together to play a game. I have to admit I missed some of the game because of a bad feed, but I have seen enough this season so far to say this is a poor excuse for a team, there is no chemistry here, none at all. There is talent here, no question. It has to keep Torts awake nights wondering how to put the pieces of this puzzle together. I was sure this team would be a lot better than the team Tom Renny last had, dispite the young defence. Still though I ask myself if this team played the Renney defensive style game how would they fare. They couldn’t score any less thats for sure. I have to say I think they would be better off. I hate watching that defensive hockey , and I don’t see Torts playing that style, so we are stuck with a team that will have a good game every so often. I know that is unacceptable for Torts, but he will have to get used to it like we do. Night all

  113. Talking about problems scoring, he said “Our top guys are fighting it too, but I believe they’re good people and they’ll work their way out of it.”
    Lots of implications there. Maybe he misspoke. Weird.

  114. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on


    Yeah I know. There’s friction in the lockerroom and Torts is fighting with it. There has to be. There’s no other explanation for it. Drury is the tumor.

  115. LMAFO Linda -at Shannon Sharpes outfit – I was dumbfounded
    intitally but I think you nailed it with BR

  116. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    lmao @ CCCP!! 909, its not ORR, ORR can’t go more than a paragraph without mentioning the FOX! its just not in his dna

  117. where is our own Chris Drury and his reports? i thought he said his vacation ends around the 13th of this month! Chris, come back to the family!

    P.S. where is Olga? its weird not having “her” here after the loss.

  118. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    ok, i think i figured out who Uncle Glennie and CHRIS DRURY are. I’ve let one person know who my guesses are and my reasons for thinking so.

  119. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    CCCP, Chris returns from vacation ‘officially’ tomorrow. but i have a sneaky suspicion he posted as his wife tonight!

  120. question… in my ESPN fantasy league… i just traded Jose Theodore, Frolov and Brad Boyes from St. Louis for Martin Brodeur… did i get robed?

  121. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    she’s just tryin to protect her drone.

    I just got my first pocket knife, seriously!!! lmao

  122. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    i will not divulge dde. but i have made my theories public to one person. gonna be interesting to see who they actually turn out to be, when they feel like revealing themselves.

  123. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    grrrrrrowl lmao!

    so, we should probably talk about how badly this team is playing, how much our owner and gm suck, and whats in store for tomorrow.

  124. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    LMFAO Linda! I was so not expecting that.

    Hmmmmm Frolov 30 point player, no loss with threeormore, Boyes 30 points.

    Are you ok on the forward front? Do you have other players who can put up points?

  125. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    lmao dde, i actually had that first instead of the satin! good call!!

    ok,so i missed it, what is up with brashear now? osteoporosis?

  126. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    ok we’re getting silly now!

    seriously MONTREAL IS LICKING THEIR CHOPS for this game tomorrow! Yea I know Hank is back in net and there’s no way HE’D tank a game like the guys in front of him do.

  127. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    Yeah I cant wait to see dirty sanchez and his goofy smile that I’d like to smack off of his face. At this point, I rather Gomez than Drury.

  128. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    shor, that is just brilliant! his bloated wc fields face… oy vey…nightmare inducing.

  129. MAKO

    this is what it looks like right now…plus there are some available players who can step up for Frolov and Boyes

    C Jonathan Toews, Chi C
    C Brad Richards, Dal C
    LW Ilya Kovalchuk, Atl LW
    LW Henrik Zetterberg, Det LW
    RW Brad Boyes, StL RW
    RW Maxim Afinogenov, Atl RW
    D Shea Weber, Nsh D
    D Dan Boyle, SJ D
    D Mark Streit, NYI D
    D Brent Seabrook, Chi D
    UTIL Loui Eriksson, Dal LW
    UTIL Mason Raymond, Van LW

    Bench Alexander Frolov, LA LW
    Bench Vaclav Prospal, NYR LW, C
    Bench Rich Peverley, Atl C

    Marc-Andre Fleury

    Marty Turco,

    Jose Theodore

    sorry… i dont mean to turn this thread into fantasy hockey…although fantasy hockey is a lot less painful…sigh

  130. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    Mako, are you threatening yet another hockey player tonight. you need to control your aaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  131. What’s the obsession with Brashear? —-Bottom line—- Brash or Orr –or any “enforcer” what’s the difference in the Rangers win total right now? An Argument could be made that his role is to keep Gabby healthy???

  132. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    lmao, Brashear is Gabbys dr. house!

    Actually, its the 2.8 million dollars that could have gone to someone who knows how to pass, or check.

  133. Even if the Rangers can’t score a goal at least Josh Thompson is still only 26. That’s a good thing.

  134. First off….

    I just want to set the record straight, i am NOT Uncle Glen, or Chris Drury. Im a fan like you guys, and i wont take credit for something that i have not done.


    I was away because i just downloaded Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers season 1, and i was watching it. It brought back great memories.

    Like i said before, if anyone likes that chick Carrie Prejean, who got stripped of her Miss America title or what ever it was, click my name. She’s the one that had the “solo sex tape” that was never released, and the nudie photoshoot that we never seen. She has nice nippies. Delicate tater tots. Take a peak.

    Lastly, i hate this team.

    Goodnight, and good luck, and everyone get drunk and laid, cause it’s the only escape from a horrible day brought to you by the New York Rangers.

  135. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    Rob, that gives us something to hold on to. Some stability, some consistency.

  136. MAKO....NEEDS TEQUILA!!!! on

    WOW CCCP that’s a pretty lethal line up.

    I gave up Raymond when he was stuck on 9 goals. He went on a tear since then LOL Man, you should be alllllright. Solid on D. Now Marty. That’s an all star team you have there….

    You gotta love Eriksson – he’s always under the radar putting up great points.

  137. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    this is the 3rd time this week i had to go to administrative tools and services onthe computer to restart the program so my iTouch would work…argh, damn technology. ORR, if I was working, I just might take you up on that. until i find a new job, i cant have any fun with my money lol

  138. Linda, mmmmmmmmmmm sangria! on

    mako, i must be gettin tired, i’ve been reading your tequila name all night, and it just looked like TESLA

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