A visit to JD’s boys (updated)


The Rangers take their blank-shooting show to St. Louis tonight for the first of back-to-backs and the middle of three in four nights, against John Davidson’s Blues. Appropriately, JD once wore double-zeroes on his back for the Blueshirts.

For those who don’t live in or around NYC, be aware that this game is on WPIX over-the-air TV (8 p.m.). I am not sure what that means for our Boneheads scattered elsewhere in terms of getting a feed somehow. It also means no post-game, though MSG will have its Saturday night hockey show.

Also, Chad Johnson probably gets his second start in goal, and Enver Lisin is likely to leave the prucha list and replace “nicked up” Donald Brashear. Or perhaps Aaron Voros will be un-prucha’d.  Christopher Higgins was dropped to the fourth line in practice yesterday. We’ll see how it all shakes out.


Thanks for all who tuned in to the video chat yesterday, and for all the comments we piled up on a slow off-day. You guys absolutely rock. I hope nobody takes that the wrong way (LOL). If you want to see the archived chat, click here and then click On Demand.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:13 P.M.: Just got official word that it will be Chad Johnson in goal tonight.

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  1. Uh huh..

    Something tells me that whatever transpired at the end of last post doesn’t bother you as much as we think. Good. Less visits to a cardiologist.

  2. I don’t understand people that go to a blog or message board and posting how much better other blogs are. If you like other blogs better, go there. If you want to come here accept it for what it is and kwityerbitchen.

  3. Call me if they ever score again. This must be such a disappointing year to be a season ticket holder.

  4. Rick (No, not that one) on

    If Voros does play, for the love of God, please don’t let him drop the gloves with Janssen again.
    I can’t watch that a second time.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I didn’t realize Cam Jansen still had a job in the NHL until 3-4 weeks ago when he fought I think a shark.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Cross Check Charlie
    January 16th, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    I don’t understand people that go to a blog or message board and posting how much better other blogs are. If you like other blogs better, go there. If you want to come here accept it for what it is and kwityerbitchen.
    A lot of them are guys who use to post here, formed a pro-Renney, pro-Drury clique and when those two were shown to be holding the Rangers back then those posters were embarrassed and left. Now they seem to be visiting to nit pick everything. Oh well. Time we start ignoring them.

    Mandibulum, your Carp-Clock is a little scary err. weird.

  7. Cam Janssen makes Ryan Hollweg look like a intelligent, savvy pacifist. Wouldn’t want the Rangers to go anywhere near the guy.

  8. tony- where im at i get fox sports midwest which shows st louis blues,cards, etc… today i checked the guide or 7 and they have womens basketball. no blues game. i barely get to watch on tv except versus, so im hopin atdhe has it. ive been disgusted with the hockey streams feed which me,tomb(who i talkd to recently and said his pc got friued but will be back to the festivus blog soon), linda,koala, rangermenace and other b’heads pay for. i had to download sopcast to watcxh the ottawa game and it was soo much better. no lag,no buffer every 5 seconds. its liek watchin a slideshow sometimes. but now with no msg feed tonight, and the game not being shown on fsmidwest, i might not get to see it either.

  9. I like Janssen. Both he, and Orr are two fighters that have balls of steel.

    Id take him over every goon in the NHL, cause he’s cheap, and he does what he is supposed to do, unlike that guy that gets 2 mil to skate around, and embarrass this team.

    I just hope Voros stays away from this guy. We all remember what happened last time he fought Janssen. He nearly was murdered on the ice !

  10. If janssen is running our guys I hope voros drops the gloves. Voros, every night he plays, sticks up for teammates. He’s 1mill a year and a 4th liner. I still to this today do not understand the venom fans hve for him

  11. WICK

    You should do what i did. I control two different teams. So i could do what ever i want. I created myself, and made me a 94 overall for the LA Kings, and im controlling NYR on the side, but i scratch Hank, and Gabby, and all the good players (which are not many), and im trying to get them to tank and get the first overall pick, so i can get it from them for a 6th round pick, then eventually im gonna trade myself to the Rangers, and do the same to the Kings.

    Im the king, i can do anything !

  12. orr
    hilarious…I have added richards (dallas), burrows, still have aves, gabby, christensen, drury, prospal, voros, boyle, cally, AA, dubi, and have weise and joel lundqvist as extra forwards and added valabik, volchenkov, souray, and carkner to go with MDZ, gilroy and staal on the blueline. hedberg and hank in goal!! Im only 4 and 4 in the season so far! -4 goal differential though

  13. Kotalik is benched but Higgins remains. At least Kotalik has a shot. What exactly does Higgins bring to the game? He can’t score, he doesn’t hit, he’s slow, etc.
    Oh never mind, what difference does it make. Drury has somehow moved up a notch — wow, that’s really stimulated the offense.

  14. KC I agree. Kotalik and Lisin are being punished but there are other guys on this team that have been just as bad. They sit Redden but not Rosy. They sit Lisin but not Higgins. They sit Voros but not Brashear(unless he’s hurt). Trots I hate to say it does not have the pulse of this team. How many times have you heard him say “I DON’T KNOW” in a press conference. Bucky Dent lost his job as Yankee Mgr for saying the very same words. Lets be honest they don’t have the horses again this year. They do it every year they bank on question mark players. Instead of sure things. They have gotten lucky so far with Gabby but even he has slowed down. They need to make a trade and shake the team up. Maybe when the league has an idea what the camp will be next year and will be able to make some moves.

  15. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    wicky, I got the same result on that quiz! a few years ago when I took it (not on fb) i was Jed Ortmeyer…so how do you go from Orts to Aves??

    hedberg, loved your question!!

  16. While Sather is responsible for this mess, Tortorella has not been particularly impressive either. There are a lot of crappy teams that at least put in the effort. That’s the coach’s fault. This desperate punishing thing that Torts loves so well doesn’t seem effective. Maybe it makes him feel better. But it doesn’t seem to bring out the best in the players.

  17. ThisYearsModel on

    Brashear is the worst signing since Redden. Can’t get rid of him and relieve his cap hit unless we trade him, and he is untradeable.

  18. roc

    Have to agree with you. They picked up a bunch of mediocre players and I guess they thought Torts could turn them into something more than mediocre.

    The thing is, most of them aren’t even playing up to the status of mediocre. Kotalik and Higgins haven’t been world beaters in previous years, but they haven’t been this awful either.

  19. Wow, Linda, I haven’t seen this. Did Olga write that article? What a well written, right on the money piece. I feel like it should be tatooed on Dolan’s forehead.

  20. Linda, I think there are quite a few of us here that have been saying the same thing for a while now. It’s good to see someone with a larger audience than us put it out there too.

  21. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    glad you liked it Staal!

    there are so many more, some more extensive, some from LB and the usual places, but they all say the same things we say here. I just grinds my gears how ownership does NOT give a crap!

    Carp, to add another wrinkle to the ‘how can you guys follow this team and live’ topic, I think, deep down, we all know that ONE day we will have the right people in ownership and management. I might be 85 when that happens, but it will :-)

    Dolan should have his ownership of the team stripped away due to conduct detrimental to the league, and that conduct is his STUPIDITY, and his terrible band!!

  22. You know, being a relative newcomer to this blog, I honestly don’t know the origin of the term “boneheads”, but maybe that answers Carp’s question as to how we can follow this team and live- We are indeed, boneheads. : )

  23. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    welcome aboard Eddie! hope you dont mind when we go off in non hockey related tangents!

  24. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    i guess we can’t link to that site, posted it twice and the posts have not show up, sorry guys!!

  25. Thanks Linda. I’ve been here for maybe six months or so and I thoroughly enjoy the people…er…the boneheads and ALL that’s discussed. I don’t post that often, but I read every day.

  26. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    you may be right ilb. funny thing is the title of the NEXT articl was this:

    Donald Brashear Is As Useful As a Lead-Plated Life Jacket

    the laughter decibel was inspiring

  27. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    eddie, dont be shy! POST !!! just don’t get mad when sally talks about her cats, i talk about baking cookies, or CCCP is Russian coat checking someone

  28. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    hey tony, dont know if you saw it yesterday, but I wanna say again, you were on FIRE on the live chat yesterday! Great questions!

  29. I guess I’m really slow on the uptake, but I just don’t understand how someone could buy a sports franchise and not care if it wins, even if it does make money. I don’t know anything about the Dolans other than they are rich, but the whole idea of not careing, flys in the face of human nature. Maybe they are just unattached to whats really happening, you know the old let them eat cake thing. How many NHL team owners would put up with Sather’s blunders this long. Not many I can tell you.

  30. Thanks Linda, I tried.
    Can’t wait for the next one. I want to ask Carp what’s the alternative to the shootout. I’d like to see a 10 minute OT.

  31. EddieJ- welcome aboard. Some people (mama) also call us knuckleheads. It’s your preference.

    Kinda quiet today, eh?

  32. “Call me if they ever score again. This must be such a disappointing year to be a season ticket holder.”

    Hah! In the last decade, these have been the GOOD years. 1999 up through the lockout was basically like taking a few thousand bucks and burning it in the fireplace. You think Drury and Higgins are bad, at least those guys look like they’re trying out there. How about Kevin hatcher, Theo Fleury, Stephane Quintal, Val Kamensky? Now THAT was awful. And they were cioached by some of the biggest morons you’ve ever even dreamed of.

    It ain’t a great year (honestly the Jagr years were the best we’ve seen since the Cup win by a mile), but there have been far worse.

  33. i love this T.J Oshie Kid and Alexander Steen has been hot lately. But screw that noise we need to break out of this scoring drought and get a win ! LGR !

    Donald Brashear Suffers Excedrin Headache # 9 at Hands of Matt Carkner


  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, you’re saying you don’t own a bullet proof life preserver? Shame on you…

  35. Rarely post, but am an avid reader – Just want to say thanks to Carp for a great job on the video chat – watched it today – very entertaining and informative and great questions from you guys.

    For those who want to talk about negativity, how about you coming on here and insulting Carp. Here’s a guy who says he is not a fan, but does this for you anyway and does it well. Nobody is forcing you to come here. Show some respect for a man who respects Ranger fans enough to keep the blog going, whether he himself is a fan or not.

  36. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    elias got carted off on a stretcher in the avs game with the devs!

  37. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    lmao true, not yet!!

    sorry about that posting twice guys, it took a long time for it to show up and i thought it was rejected.

    BlueBlood, thanks for saying what you said.

    Ok kids, taking the man out for his big 3-0 birthday dinner. See you guys at game time.. Rangers and Colts tonight, Rangers and Jets tomorrow!!

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LA LA LA LA , LA LA LA LA , YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!1

    Ranger today hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ummm Truefans, the name was something to do with bi-polar? He’s a tool and I’m sure he has said wayyy more than that.
    I floored him by asking about his sick mother …we may fight but I did wish his Mom the best recovery.

  39. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    Rick, the check is in the mail!!! hehehe


  40. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    yes he did, by wilson…fraser fought wilson like 3 minutes later!

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Look for 909 ,his rap are quite fine..he does it all the time, wish they were mine..his so good i’d hold up a sign.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    We need Gaborik to have a break out tonight!! I’m sick and tired of see him not score. I don’t care about secondary scoring , I just want our Gabby to score and score often.
    He all we got to really cheer for unless Dubinsky turns into Kovalchuk or something.

    Oh Yeah ,Mike Thanks to you not showing up yesterday ..I had to fill in for you buddy!! It was alot of typing but I did my best for ya man.It was a dirty job but someone had to do it..you owe me one.

  43. Hey all, how goes it?
    Nice to watch the Devs lose two in a row. I am hoping for a nice win tonight. I just shared this on FB, but I am not worried too much about that last loss. I am more concerned with how we play these next two games. I want 4 points this weekend.

    Buddy of mine just said that he heard from his nucks buddy that Rosi and Higgy for Demitra and Bieksa.


    Rosi did not practice with the team today and I know that Bieksa is hurt, but Demitra is back.
    Is this a chance that anyone here would take?

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah Tony A-Z , great job as guest on Carps radio show yesterday!!!! I didn’t know A-z ment Arizona…now I do.

  45. Good hockey evening to you ALL!!!!

    I was looking for the hit on Elias. The Devils site sucks to navigate.

    Anyone watching the NO game?

  46. I watched it. The hit was clean. He got totally rocked. Wasn’t a head shot from what the replay showed. He got hit high on the chest.

  47. Nasty

    If that’s true I will be VERY happy!!!! Demitra would be a perfect fit on the first line with his Slovak pal. He is a great play maker too….

  48. Staal Wart drinks and drives 4x4 iphones on

    I’ve been gone most of the week and I’m just looking forward to watching my below average NYR play tonight…

  49. If they are going to make a push… I dont see how this can hurt. 2 goals in 5 games for Satan since the B’s picked him up. Every little bit of Offense can help.

    Im sure he still has a little left in the tank. Lets just hope if the trigger is pulled on this his shoulder holds up.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nasty , Anyone for Rozi and Piggins would work. I’d take Rico Fata ,MAlik and Holloweg for them.

  51. Staal Wart drinks and drives 4x4 iphones on

    Wow nice!
    you were on your game today coming up with 2 great reads…

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Too Mushy in here , I wanna see some fight’en!!! HAHAA nawww we are winning today and everyone will be happy!!!

    JD used to be one of my favorite announcers .He seemed to really like the Rangers and he always gave us positive views. Now hes with St.Louis..I think he stinks. He reminds me of the welcome back Kotter teacher a bit with his pimped up Magnum Pi ‘stash.

    I have no symfon..sympathy for any team right now. Its all about US right now and if yer on the other team..I hate you .

  53. Carp- I finally watched the live chat. Good, solid work. Same goes to everyone who participated.

    Carp- I was wrong. You don’t root for Rangers.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its almost gametime….time to buck up and go out and get that first goal!! How hard can that be? Attack and attack and skate , skate ..skate like the dickens and score!!!
    If Piggins can’t score tonight , I’d shake that bugger upside down and get as much our money back as we can. this is rediculas.

  55. GregL- I’ve been saying it for sometime, if our team showed as much emotions as you do, we would be talking home ice advantage now..

    You still may want to look at the last word, though..:)

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im almost talking myself into an angry mood cuz Im about to get demoralized watch my team in a few hours. Do we prepare for a beating? Or do we get all pumped up for nothing? What team will show up tonight? Are we getting a Torts system or a Renney flashback? I could never bet on this game..Our team is too un-predictable. Yo Mike , Where are you , I can’t keep up with this pace buddy!!! Geeze , If ya planned to miss yesterday and sleep in today….Your fired if ya don’t show up soon.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Aww tanks ILb …are you serious? I spelt rediculas wrong?
    I got demoralized right and predict–able right too but misspelt rediculas? That is my friend…totally rediculas.

  58. If this trade is even close to being a reality I’d be stoked. Would only add 50K to this years payroll and clear up some space for next year. What type of player is Bieksa? I’m not too familiar with him.

    Higgins–$2,250,000 salary and UFA next season
    Rozival–$5,000,000 salary and UFA in ’12-’13

    Demitra–$4,000,000 salary and UFA next season
    Bieksa –$3,750,000 salary and UFA in’11-’12

  59. Bieksa is a nasty SOB. He is young, and had a pretty good year last year for vancouver, but they have not been too happy about him this year, and he is hurt right now. He is definitely someone that makes players on the other team keep their head up though. Something we are seriously lacking, and he will drop the gloves.

  60. Nasty that trade would be great but seriously do u think Vancouver really pulls the string in that?

  61. Well if Vancouver has only seen Rozi play during the last handful of games, maybe, ha. I don’t know. Sometimes players just need a change of scenery. Who knows.


    wanted him fired when he let jagr get hurt in last minute or two in game 1 against nj. that was way before most jumped on the fire renney wagon

    i was just critiquing the non hockey talk here. how does that have anything to do with renney or drury. i was in the read mode not really a poster in here

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    January 16th, 2010 at 1:28 pm
    Cross Check Charlie
    January 16th, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    I don’t understand people that go to a blog or message board and posting how much better other blogs are. If you like other blogs better, go there. If you want to come here accept it for what it is and kwityerbitchen.
    A lot of them are guys who use to post here, formed a pro-Renney, pro-Drury clique and when those two were shown to be holding the Rangers back then those posters were embarrassed and left. Now they seem to be visiting to nit pick everything. Oh well. Time we start ignoring them.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nasty1 & Staal Wart;
    well guys , one man garbage is another ones gold. Rozi has a hidden ability. He posseses a shot , (shhhhh don’t tell ’em he don’t use it) He’s a #1 PP dman (shhhhhh don’t let on about all his turnovers)and last but not least Rozi is fast. ( hahahaa ,sure he is)

  64. Bieksa had 11 goals 32 assists last season with 97 PIM.

    Hmmmm sounds like he has some knee trouble though….

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Comments , How did Renney make Jagr wave at Gomez and dislocate his shoulder? Or was it cuz he put Jagr on the ice at that time?

  66. There was news about interest by us in Demitra a little while back. I know Vancouver wants a d man that Rozi can be. This was from a friend of mine, so nothing substantial right now.

  67. yeah because he played him on the pk down 3 goals with two minutes or less to play. stupido

    i hated renney from the moment on

  68. I would like to see Girardi shoot the puck a bit more. He has a pretty good shot, and he can hit the net as well. I don’t know if he was told to stay back and let the other D shoot more, but he can score some goals.

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Renney did do that …just awful . I probally wanted him gone too at that moment . I seemed to block it out because of the pain it inflicked onto all of us. Dam Gomez!!

  70. Those defensive players in that video, did they learn those stick checks by watching you-know-who? Ooops. Sorry. Don’t mean to be negative.

  71. watching this bad football game and thinking, what the byfuglien does Tony Siragusa contribute to a telecast? He is just brutal. Might as well have Joe Beninati standing in the end zone.

  72. Ok can someone tell me what the hell Tortorella is thinking? I used to think this guy was a good coach, but i have to say sticking with the impotent Brashear all this time instead of Voros makes absolutely no sense. And was has Lising been sitting? He was playing…not ok…but good, compared to his offensively challenged teammates.

    Oh by the way, has Brashear won one fight this year? Cause if he has, I haven’t seen it

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