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Thoughts on another goose egg:

1) Chris Neil was an unrestricted free agent last July 1, and the Rangers ended up with Donald Brashear? When they need a spark, do they tell Brashear, “go out and give their tough guy a wedgie?”

2) Against the two previous teams who clog the neutral zone, the Rangers got the puck in and went after it. So why not this time?

3) The hits, at least in the first period or so, seemed to be like 90-1, with an endless parade of Rangers getting their faces smashed into the glass, or spinning away from being hit and coughing up the puck.

4) I wonder if a coach gets in his players heads when he starts preaching and warning against a dangerous game like that; if it becomes almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

5) Henrik Lundqvist sounds like he wants to beat the living abdelkader out of some of the forwards who can’t score.

6) I know Marc Staal has been a lot better lately (though not nearly as good as some voices would have us believe). But what was he thinking on the Kovalev chance in the first period. The puck sails over the net, and Staal just leaves his man alone at the right post. Then, as Kovalev is whacking at the puck against the helpless Lundqvist, Staal tries to stick check it away from Kovalev instead of knocking him on his abdelkader.

7) I said it last night, say it again. I don’t know how you guys root for this team. I really don’t.

8) The last two goalies, the Brodeur twins, they’re both going to have to have the logos replaced on their jerseys, because the Rangers’ shooters sure wore out the middle of those guys.

9) I’d watch that Tooth Fairy movie before that Legend flick they keep promoing during Rangers games. Because when that  lady climbs the ceiling it really freaks me out.

10) Toronto wore its white jerseys at home and beat Philly 4-0 last night. Maybe the Rangers should try that Sunday.

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  1. Wow. My first first ever. I’d like to start out by thanking Jesus. I’m Jewish, but for some reason I feel like I couldn’t have done it without him. Secondly, I’d like to thank Carp for having this great blog. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    And lastly I’d like to thank CCCP, who, if he wasn’t sleeping in, would undoubtedly be first.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.


    Carp, in answer to #7, I have no idea either but I have been doing it since ’71 – ’72 and I’ll never stop. NYR all the way.

  3. Staal’s teeth are a huge target. He doesn’t want them knocked out.
    And Brashear gets beaten up not once but twice! Bring back Orr!
    I’m glad I sold my tix last night. I had a feeling about this game.

  4. Brashear has been a total disaster. I was dead wrong about him. Needs to be bought out at the end of the season.
    Staal continues to be totally overrated. He’s a good player and that’s it.
    Is there any offensive talent on the horizon for this team? Scoring has been a problem for at least 3 years now.

  5. who said anything about trading Hank last night. I know several of us mentioned, in jest, about when HE was going to demand a trade because these asshats are ruining his prime years. The guy says the right things in the post game show (from what you guys post) but his body language on the ice sometimes seems as if he is beyond frustrated and just wants to tear into someone. They do not play well in front of him, and they expect him to be perfect every night while they lollygag. I really feel for the guy.

  6. Donald Brashear needs to retire. He is 38. His only job is to punch people and he can’t even do that anymore. He hurts himself when he tries, and never wins. He can’t skate. He can’t score. He can’t forecheck, he can’t backcheck. He literally serves no purpose but to eat $1.4m of cap space, and I can say un-ironically that Aaron Voros is a better hockey player in all facets of the game than Huggybear at this point. Brashear was the worst thing to happen during the offseason and nothing he’s done since then has changed that.

  7. But a stupid worthless goon is the least of concerns on a team that can’t even net ONE byufglin goal. Hank is within his rights to be disgusted with the team at this point. I wouldn’t blame him if he requested a trade. He is being wasted here.

  8. How can you guys blame Brashear; be fair, if the rangers can’t score as a team it’s not his fault. Besides if someone wants to overpay you would you turn it down?

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The root of the problem is Sather. The cause of the problem(s) are still Brashear, Drury, Redden and Rozsival.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Speaking of which, Drury didn’t look god-awful last night! I’ll admit it!

    And how bad are those defensmen that Chris Byfuglien Drury can split them? Wow.

  11. We were going to sign Neil, but he used us as a way to raise his asking price from Ottawa.

    This team can’t score because they are afraid of the slot. They act like its the plague. The Kings last night lit up the Ducks because they didn’t just skate in and shoot the puck, but rather worked the puck around, possessed, and attacked from the slot.

    I watched a couple other games from last night. Out of all the goals scored that I saw, here are the numbers:

    Shots in-between the faceoff circles: 13
    Shots outside of the faceoff circles: 1 (and it was really on the faceoff circle by Kovalchuk).

    The Rangers NEVER shoot from the slot because they are afraid to go there. They have the most vanilla team I’ve ever seen. It goes with the leaders. Ryan Callahan might work hard, but he is absolutely terrible when it comes to being creative. Same goes for Dubinsky and obviously Drury.

    I never see any fancy passes or guys setup plays down low. Instead they skate in and just shoot floaters on goal. Those shots do nothing. They need to act like its a pickup game on offense and try some creative plays rather than just shooting from the outsides. It’s so boring, annoying, and completely ineffective. Maybe if we had a few more players that think smart rather than work hard, we’d have some goal scorers.

  12. Watch the Brown goal last night from the Kings. The passing between him and Frolov and Frolov’s 360 spin around the d-man with Brown crashing hard to the net was absolutely amazing to watch.

    They obviously don’t do that all the time, but its fun to see a team that can play well defensively and then be extremely creative on offense.

    I wonder if Torts has anything to do with that. Guys are afraid to get benched for trying something fancy (See: Lisin) so they play very boring and just shoot on goal hoping it goes in. It would be fine if guys crashed the net, but they don’t, so we don’t get any goals. A couple pretty passes would change up the pace and make them less predictable.

  13. Also it’s sad to say, but Rozsival was our best player last night and has been probably our best d-man for weeks now. The guys passing is incredible lately. I have no idea how that happened.

    And Brashear got out hugged against last night by Carkner (who was clearly afraid to fight yet again), but the 4th line had our best scoring chances. They got limited time, but they cycled and had decent chances from the slot. Boyle keeps impressing IMO.

  14. While the Neil hit last night was very close to being either clean or good…..My question is where is the heart on this team? Nobody even thought about doing anything to Neil. They just let him skate away. No heart. The guys on this team don’t care about each other. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve seen this happen this season either. It’s seriously time to start the fire sale. Put some guys with guts that care on the ice already. I’m not one to go jumping off the ledge after a loss, but that was pathetic last night.

  15. Carp…

    We like the diagonal R-A-N-G-E-R-S on a white or blue jersey just about as much as you do a puffy shirt.

  16. A game of mistakes. You make a big one in the last five and you pay for it. What was Gaborik doing? What was Torts doing with him on the ice in the last 1 and a 1/2 minutes? If you wanted the safer route and his offense and the point ,you could have put Gaborik on in the overtime!

  17. Dubi EC Gabby
    Prospal Dru Cally
    Higgins AA Avery
    Voros Boyle Kotalik

    We should have never split up that first line. They were playing very well together.

  18. Dammit, I wish this team would tank from once and for, thereby putting the pressure on Dolans to fire Sather and giving them a chance at drafting either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. This team is void of skill and heart. Captain Dreary is just that – dreary. $7,000,000 to do what the combination of Dom Moore and Jed Ortemeyer could do for 1/4 of the cost. SATHER SUCKS!

  19. I don’t think anyone is blaming Brashear for the loss, but a lot of people myself included are wondering why he is getting any ice time at all. There are guys sitting that are not great players, but are twice as good as Brashear. The fact that he is making more than a million bucks a year does not make it any easier to watch.

  20. Jim – They have a few skilled guys. The problem is all the money is locked up in players that are 3rd and 4th line role guys. Drury making 7 million kills us. Callahan making 2.3 isn’t necessarily handcuffing us, but the guy is a grinder at best. He gets goals from crashing the net, but has 0 skill with the puck.

    I’m not going to defend the fact that Higgins hasn’t scored much all year, but I honestly think if we actually spend money on a good playmaker, he would put pucks in the net. It’s tough to score when you are a creative player who has a few moves up his sleeves and are playing with guys who chip pucks out of the zone for a living instead of looking for an open pass.

    I swear to god then next time I see Drury and Callahan do that and chip pucks out of the zone instead of coming down to actually receive the outlet pass and look up ice to make a play, I’m throwing 2 beers at each of them.

    And Carp, I go to games now just for the comedy thinking that maybe I’ll see a good hockey game by either team. The MSG crew knows not to come to my section because I’m usually cracking jokes about how terrible most of the Rangers are.

  21. Jonny D: Their skill guys are Gabbie, the King, MDZ, Staal and to a lesser extent Prospal (IMO) and perhaps AA (but he’s young, weak and has much to learn). After that, they are all 3rd/4th bottom defensive 1/2 players. Making matters scarer is what’s in Hartford? Outside of maybe Grachev and Sanguinetti, more of the same. And in college and juniors despite the strong showing of the 3 US kids at the WJC, there’s not a whole lot either (that isn’t to say I’m writing those 3 off, plus I like Ethan Werek, too – just not about to pronounce any of them as first line NHLers yet – of all of them Kreider has that potential, but he remains a HUGE question mark, too).

    My point is that things to me look gloomy in terms of addressing the lack of skill, especially up front. And let’s remember the Sens played without Alfredsson, Spezza and their number 1 goalie – imagine the Rangers without Gabbie, whoever, and the King? OMG – they’d be 30th overall in no time!

  22. We play in Ottawa again this season, get Neil then, not with 2 minutes left in a tie game, which is when it happened.

    As for why we don’t score goals, we don’t go to the net! Simple as. No deflections, no garbage slam-ins, nothing. They did it in Boston and it’s like they forgot or something.

  23. what then?
    to get Kovalchuk, we’d have to mortgage the farm.

    We’d be at the limit of cap apace and still have no #1 center to get the puck to him or Gabby.

  24. I would definitely take Staal off that list. He’s solid, but yet again he’s another “vanilla” player. He doesn’t have any distinct skills. He throws a few hits, poke checks, and is usually sound defensively, but he’s far from being a skilled defenseman.

    AA is a potential skill guy and is probably one of the few that is actually creative. Higgins hasn’t produced, but there are times he tries a couple of one on one moves. Mostly I was just mad at the fact that there are simple breakout passes that could’ve been made, but guys like Drury and Callahan chipped the puck up the boards and tried to chase after the D instead of dropping low and collecting the initial pass to make a play.

    As for the kids, they are definitely question marks, but the one thing they do show is creative minds with the puck. Unlike the players we have now (most of which have the creativity of a rock), they actually aren’t afraid to try to do a few fancy plays here and there to change things up and get the goalie off his game, especially Kreider. McDonagh is another one that I’m excited to see come up.

    All I want to see if guys not do the basics that only role players do. Stop chipping pucks down the ice when you can make a pass. Go to the slot and try to zig zag and cross in the neutral zone to get the d-men moving and freeing up space. That’s why I wonder if its Torts scaring the creativity out of them or the players just being boring as hell.

  25. And sorry for the long posts today. I had a lot to get out after watching last nights terrible game.

  26. Hockeyman Rangers on

    RICK Not sure how you can even ask the question how do we root for this team??????? It’s a good thing this is a blog and you are not in front of us right now. You would have several people in your face telling you, when you start bleeding blue there is NO OTHER. That’s it Rick if your a real fan it doesn’t matter win or loose,Redden or Gabby,Renney or Torts. I havn’t read any reponses but I hope someone else has steped in and ripped Rick a new one. Well in a nice way of coarse. LOL how can we root for this team why I ought a………..

  27. Buccigross of ESPN suggests Higgins, Kotalik, Rozsival, and Grachev to ATL for Kovalchuk and Kubina (expiring contract). That isn’t bad (for us) actually. In fact, ATL might be stupid to make such a move.

  28. Bucci is crazy.

    Why would Atlanta take these dregs in exchange for their franchise player??

    Grachev is the only one in that group interesting.

  29. Hockeyman … again, I’m not questioning your loyalty. I’m admiring your ability to survive. It’s like saying, I don’t know how that guy eats all those hot dogs on July 4th. I am not questioning his ability or his motivation or his commitment. I’m just wondering how he does it and lives.

  30. hey carp whos that dude on the screen??? and do we maybe get to see Josh Thomson, 26, on the live chat today???

  31. Bucci clearly has been taking a few swigs of Melrose’s Dos Equis. Why would Atlanta take that trade. This isn’t Hossa, it’s Kovalchuk.

    2 borderline 15 goal scorers, a crappy d-man, and a prospect who has yet to make his NHL debut for a superstar ?

    Never in a million years.

  32. Kovalchuk would be exactly what this team needs. A BIG, goal scorer who is never afraid to fire the puck. The dude is rarely hurt, and would represent as much of a sure shot investment as the rangers are going to get. Too bad atrocious contracts limit the Rangers ability to make a real run at him. The Rangers need to sell, sell, sell. This team will be in perennial mediocrity as long as drury, redden and rozsival are here. They need to be purged even if it means losing picks.

  33. If Kovalchuk is going to be gone then Atlanta has to get something for him. It looks like it will depend on how much other teams are willing to give up. Atlanta may not get as much as everyone thinks they might because they don’t have the baragaining power in the end. The Rangers problem is salary has to be dumped to make this happen and re-sign him.

  34. is there ANYWAY we can do a hostile takeover of Cablevision Enterprises and do away with this assclown Dolan? Once that’s taken care of, get rid of his sidekick, the asshat Sather! I just cannot understand how you can own one of the original teams in the NHL, let alone ANY league, and be so horrendous at anything having to do with that team.


  35. To second the opinions above…Huggy Bear has been worthless. He looks like one of those Afgani warlords minus the robes. Another awful Sather (Bernie) signing. How quickly we become despondent from the euphoria last week. We are all Ranger Bi-Polar. Now that everyone knows that to shadow Zsa Zsa, is to beat the Rangers, when will he go down with the season ending injury? Just a matter of time. I wish good health to Dreary…but he needs to go away, permanently. It is going to be very difficult to root for my country with him on the team. Remember how long Dolan stuck with Isiah? They will carry Glen (Bernie) out on a gurney. He’s going nowhere, and Capt Weeper is not the answer either. Who had a better shot from the point…Harry Howell or Staal? Close IMO.

  36. NO WAY Atlanta lets Kovalchuk walk.

    Much like how Tampa couldn’t deal Lecavalier last year (before Stamkos blossomed), Atlanta can’t hope to keep a franchise if they deal their franchise player.

    They will re-sign him.

  37. Orr, you’re absolutely right. The Rangers should try to offer up Drury instead and waive Rozy

  38. if they sign him for what he wants, the don’t draw enough to pay their other guys. empty seats are not a good revenue stream Rob.

  39. Linda-
    He won’t get what he wants – even Ovechkin took a little less so there was room for others.

    Kovy will do the same because he CANNOT get the same amount of $$ anywhere else. The only places with that cap $pace available have committed to a youth movement.

    if he wants good $$, he’ll settle for less on a creatively constructed contract, methinks.

  40. good point Rob. Creatively constructed contract, that is a very interesting possibility. Do you think they could SOMEHOW tie it into attendance?

  41. i said this last week and im saying it again

    atlanta will not get alot for kovi. people, look at what they got for hossa!! christensen and some draft picks. thats it. same situation here.

    i don’t know if he will end up with the rangers or not. i hope he does if they resign him first or get enough cap space to sign him. but, when the deal goes down, watch everyones reaction…”wow! thats all it took to get him.”

    a decent NHL’er, a prospect and a draft pick will get it done.

  42. can they even do that in the NHL Rob? Never heard of it, but for teams on the fringes, an attendance clause may help them keep a guy like Kovy.

  43. yea nyr13, their hands are pretty much tied in what they may get back. if they DO trade him, we may all be surprised at whats going back

  44. “Because when that lady climbs the ceiling it really freaks me out.”

    Ummm…isn’t that the general idea? :)

    How many here thought the Brashear signing was good when it happened? Show of hands……

    How many here think the Breashear signing is good at this point in time? Show of hands….

    Hmmmm, nobody both times.

  45. Rozsival has been playing better lately. If we can dump him, now would be the time. Especially since he’s been our best overall d-man for the last 2-3 weeks.

  46. naah –
    it’s against the CBA to do such a deal.
    I’d love it, but, no.

    At the very least – Atlanta buys time and signs Kovy for 1 year while they work out a longer deal and continue to do their best to improve otherwise to keep Kovalchuck happy.

  47. I should say, that doesn’t mean people want him.

    nyr13 – there is a huge difference though. Hossa is a star player that you can add to your team to get some goal scoring. Kovalchuk is a superstar that you can build your franchise around for the next decade.

    Hossa is a great player, but he needs guys around him. He never has and never will carry a team to a Stanley Cup. Kovalchuk can take a team on his back and carry them to victory singlehandedly. So if he gets guys around him, its not even funny how good his team can be.

    He’s not coming to NY though. He already said he didn’t want to be in a big media market.

  48. CROSS

    Bull Dog does. He loves Brashit before and after the signing.

    Haha, and when you badmouth Brashit, he brings up his “past”

    I love it !

    If anyone wants to see an up and coming babe, click my name.

    Ashley Greene = Pure babe

  49. i agree with jonny on dumping rozy now!!

    I still think hedberg is the best back up to get for hank!!

  50. i thought so Rob. But that would make sense these days doncha think? Some performance or attendance based enhancements could be a good thing.

  51. Hedberg may soon be available as Lehtonen is practicing in Atlanta and there will be a 3 goalie logjam – like philly has now.

    Hedberg is a great every 4th game goalie.
    Reminds me of Glen healy.

  52. You are all soooo freaking dead for doing this live chat in the middle of the day, so all I can do is post this from my phone. Sooo dead! And nobody will be able to resuscitate you if it’s not available in your archives later on.

  53. lmao ILB, this is the first live chat i’ve been able to participate in in the year i’ve been coming to the blog!

  54. i just dont understand how an owner could be satisfied with mediocrity. I know all dolan cares about is the asses in the seats and getting an extra game or two in the first round of the playoffs, but if we had a better GM, dolan just might get more than 2 extra gates!!

  55. thanks for that answer Rick, pucks and bodies to the net, every game.. never happens! great answer

  56. That was fun. I am so glad that I had a free period for that, even though I always get some questions in anyway :)

  57. TR and anyone else, are you doing Warren on Sunday night? I think I might go to the game since I have off on Monday.

  58. Thanks Carp, you really make this blog fun.
    I still don’t understand how you’re not a Ranger fan.
    In my opinion, once a Ranger fan – always a Ranger fan.
    LGR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Just got my cholesterol results today, my cholesterol is 204. Good cholesterol is pretty much anything 199 and under. I was very happy with those findings. And my LDL is 101. Which is not bad at all either. Considering I have been eating crap a lot for the last little bit. The doc was very happy with the results, and I am too. Gives me peace of mind. Now I only have to worry about the myocardium problem. So I guess that is good :) ha

  60. thats not too shabby Nasty! Eat some oatmeal if you don’t already! I knocked my cholesterol down 30 points in 18 months! (then again, cutting down on junk food helped too ;-) )

  61. Laurel, I can’t change the week I am going to be in NY because my friend won concert tix and i have to be there for that week because thats when the 3 shows are, we dont know exactly which one we’re going to yet. I did move the day of arrival up a few days because it just so happens that my man has summer classes that start on May 24, so he will only be in NY for a few days and come back to AL onthe 23rd. and he wants to meet you guys too

  62. Hmmmm, they didn’t tell me the HDL. He was very happy with the results and just mentioned the other two, said they were both a tiny bit on the high side, but nothing to worry about and check it again in 6 months.

  63. kovalchuk will bring back more than hossa. LA has the cap room and numerous good young players to make a deal if they wanted, and we couldn’t match their offers. it would decimate our system to get kovalchuk and we have to clear a lot of cap space for him to play here this season or resign him (and atlanta doesnt want roszi or redden coming back).

    also its gonna cost around $8M at least to lock him up and then there would be no money to resign staal/girardi and the centers/wingers we need to have an actual team. it would be one thing if we could get rid of drury, redden, roszival and kotalik, but at best we could trade one of those guys if we are lucky (roszi) and then waive redden (and i doubt dolan would let sather do this). drury and kotalik aren’t going anywhere and that’s $10M of cap space that will continue to kill this team

  64. Nasty – borderline high, yes. BTW, HDL s/b between 40 and 60….. I know this b/c I am struggling on the low side with my HDL >.< Keep at it, though. You can only benefit from getting your numbers in line.

  65. Linda, e-mail me the dates so I block them computer is moving slower than a snail and I feel icky (not wicky) so I’m gonna go spend some quality time cuddled with the kitties. Later all.

  66. Good afternoon all…

    Sounds like you guys had a great time. Like ilb, I’m sorry I missed it.

    Who ever said the last threat Roszi made some great passes was right. For some
    reason very small pieces are fitting together. But they really do need to take more risks & be more physically. But SMART. Any word if PUDDIN’ was injured or sore? Will Lisin or Voros get the call?

  67. hahah that was my question. brash has concussion like symptoms (assuming) and i think its time for voros to play. weather or not hes good is up for debate but the guy gives 110% and wants to play for the rangers.

  68. TR, I agree 100% And Voros will fight, much better this year, sticks up for teammates, and is respected in the locker room. Do it!

  69. Gross said Brash out for tomorrow. Higgins sent to the fourth line.

    Line combos at practice are:

    Prospal-Christensen-Gaborik, Dubinsky-Drury-Callahan, Avery-Anisimov-Lisin, Voros/Higgins-Boyle-Kotalik.

  70. TR

    lol yep. He came to play this year. Last year him & Redden were our whipping boys. But his play & fighting has improved. His heart & passion for the team hasn’t been questioned. He should get to play. Didn’t Torts say he didn’t like extra players laying around? Well he has two of them eager to play.

  71. That is correct Mama. When is Carp joining? He didn’t know how to pronounce it. I guess you can use Banjo without the O. I can live with that.

  72. Linda – with Portugal in the World Cup in South Africa next summner, you’ll get to see more of CR – probably not in these poses, though. You’ll have to let your imagination run wild… ;-)

  73. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    when is the chat available on demand? is there a link?? Thanks again for doing it Carp!!

  74. i am not a futbol fan, but there was a pic of him on the Post and I just had to share with the ladies! My friend who’s originally from Brazil looooooooves him

  75. Linda – well, enjoy anyway…. As a former “futbol” player in college, it was hard convincing people that most professional soccer players are ripped (as is in evidence from this Armani photo-shoot).

  76. LI, they’d have to be ripped, all that running and everything else. I guess some people don’t realize that you dont have to be HUGE to be ripped.

    what general area of LI are you from?

  77. LI

    you would think since the sprint & run around for 90+ min that it would be too hard to convince ppl of that eh? Lol

  78. mako ijust read that article earlier

    SORRY TONY, i guess you missed the warning to guys that was above the GIRLS ONLY! lmao! you kill me

  79. look who posted on andrew gross blog on

    144 minutes without a goal?

    Brodeur(s)2, Rangers 0

    Posted by A Local Fan on 01/15 at 11:42 AM

  80. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So I admit it, I go to Eklund for and giggles to read his rumors osmetimes

    Today he has Rangers serious for Kovalchuk

    I mean , c’mon whoever he’s tlaking to, or pretending to talk to, how doe shtat make any sense

    we have no Cap space
    we have no desirable NHl players Atlanta would want
    We have no set up man for him if we did get him
    WE’d still have no $$ to resign him in the offseason

    IT aint gonna happen

    and if it did, all of our decent players, youth, and prospects would be goign back and then what would we have

    An all star goalie, two all star wings, and not much else

  81. Higgins has been awful. The PR spin is that he is doing everything but scoring, but that’s not true. He is just as bad defensively. Why doesn’t he hit anyone? And he is a slow skater who can’t make a pass. What exactly is he doing so well “away from the puck”? Everyone has slumps, but his has lasted the entire season.

  82. Linda, I learned my lesson. So I’m not clicking on that link. But tell me, is it Carp’s picture?

  83. lmao ILB! and you might be the only one who learned after the first time to NOT click on a link with the warning FOR GIRLS ONLY on it!

  84. Some of these trades are disturbing to me. The only 2 players that any other team wants are Callahan and Dubie…period. Will Glen (Bernie) make that kind of move? Does anyone remember the worst signing that broke the back of the NHL? Bobby (9 million) Holik. I sure hope that we won’t do that. And Linda…if you think Sather (Bernie) will retire…well don’t hold your breath. He has a job for life. Both Dolans love him. They could care less about gate receipts. MSG is a plaything for the Dolans. They make BILLIONS. If MSG loses a bit…they do not care. They have so much false pride. They stuck with Isiah even after losing the sexual harassment suit for millions. I am totally that Sather (Bernie) has something on the Dolans. Sheep?

  85. Tank The Season on

    The package we’d have to give for Kovalchuk is Dubinsky, Staal, Derek Stepan, and a first round pick. That still gets us nowhere near the cap room wed need and is too much to give up for a guy who is gonna test the UFA market no matter what.

  86. believe me Dube, i’ve been saying for years, and the one year i’ve been here, that sather has a job for life. We can DREAM about him retiring, but as long as dolan has the keys to the castle, we are STUCK with Yeti.

  87. Carp,
    i’ve got to say that you are REALLY ON FIRE lately
    and that’s not just because i’m in 100% agreement with
    a number of your observations.

    i was thinking the same thing about Chris Neil and wished that we signed him last summer. don’t know if it was a matter of $$ or…
    Staal completely frustrates me around the net for not taking the body. (could it be one of those things he’s not learning correctly because we don’t have good leaders in the room, especially on D?)
    i’ve noticed since Shanahan’s 2nd year here that Ranger players do a LOT of shooting to the goalies team logo. do not recall ANY other team doing the same. really strange and terribly pathetic.

    due to work i didn’t get to watch last night’s game nor take part in today’s chat. (i’m sure the chat went much better than last night’s game!!)

    and to paraphrase you, there are many times i don’t know how i cheer for this team. what kind of masochists are we anyhow?

  88. Nasty1- HDL is as, if not more important than cholesterol. As well as HDL/LDL ratio. Let me see if I can find a useful link for you.

  89. Carp–Boy, nothing is more consistently entertaining than total negativity….unsatisfied with berating the team, you now call your audience a bunch of idiots by saying “you don’t know how anyone roots for this team”.

    Well, I’ll take the bait. You’re a spoiled media jerk. Your editors should be embarrassed by your belligerence, and you should remember that being a paid employee of the sports industry makes you more pathetic than your readers, rather than the other way around.

    Last visit for me. Middle finger salute as I go.

  90. First of all, many thanks to everybody who participated or watched the live chat, and to those who will watch it later.

    Tony, here’s how it happened: I was a Rangers fan as a kid. Then they traded my favorite player, Vic Hadfield, for Nick Beverley and got rid of Giacomin and went to Winnipeg jerseys. So I stopped watching. Then I became a stupid teen doing stupid teen things. Then I got into the newspaper biz.

    TR. you can still ask a question. Any time.

    BANJ, so is it B.A.N.J. or BA-NJ. Or banj as in banjo or Ban-Jay?

  91. EXACTLY, Tank.

    Also , I love reading columnists who speculate about Kovy and Ovie going to the KHL who ignore things like:

    *Both players saying the KHL is a joke league and they want to play against the world’s best in the world’s top league – the NHL.

    *The fact that the KHL has missed payments to major folks this season (like Jagr, Yashin and Federov) because of the declining oil prices that have DESTROYED Gasprom’s holdings. (Gazprom is the major oil/energy company that Medvedev own and uses to finance the KHL.

    *The money problems over there have the KHL thinking about a contraction already.

  92. i will say this, some of you forget that it is the salary cap nhl and ALL the GMs know this. If a GM wants to move a 7mil per season salary, they understand they may have to take back a 3 or 5 million dollar salary in return. To say some of these guys are unobtainable is incorrect, they are obtainable, the question is what is the sweetener that is included to get the deal done (ie young players, prospects, draft picks). perfect example, the proposed heatley deal, we didn’t want to part with dubi (beats me why not) as the sweetener, but had salary going the other way to compensate for heatley’s coming in. The teams that do have the cap space to absorb a 7 mil plus salary without dumping someone are the teams that usually (USUALLY) do not purse big trades or free agents anyhow, so GMs wanting to trade big salaries know they must absorb some salaries back. ANYONE is obtainable for the right sweeteners!!!!

  93. Carp,
    not that you need this
    but i understood what you meant by you not understanding how we can root for this team. others don’t get the banging your head against the wall idea just….are not using their brains enough. sorry al.

  94. I explained it last night and again today. I know most of you Boneheads have the brains to handle it. Obviously one doesn’t. Byfuglien him.

  95. and I would say the same thing about Mets fans and Jets fans. You guys are so loyal. I don’t know how you do it. In other words, I admire that you are able to hang in there and not jump off buildings.

  96. Wow, some people just do not know how to take things that are said. Rick asking us how we can follow this team was in no way belligerent or insulting our intelligence. Honestly, why would Rick insult us? I understood EXACTLY how he meant that question, maybe its because I suffer with 3 teams, but mostly with the Rangers.

    How can anyone question Ricks intent with a question, when the camaraderie he has with us, and that we have with each other, drives us to come here every day. If you honestly thought Rick was insulting your intelligence, either you don’t come here often enough, or there isn’t much intelligence there to begin with.

  97. Hey guys,
    I was away doing training all week so I missed both the Debbie game and the Sens game. From reading and catching up it sounds like I don’t even have to go to the DVR

  98. Linda…we agree about Glen (Bernie) Have you ever actually seen him walking or talking? They just put a cigar in his mouth and ship him from place to place. Ever hear an interview with him? He doesn’t do interviews because he’s been dead for years! TGIF!!!!!

  99. Linda, most of us got exactly what Carp was intending to say. In fact, I think it was said in a positive and admiring way. But there is always one or two schmucks who are unhappy with their lives and look for reasons and places to spill their bile. They’re not worth spending time on.

  100. Years ago, leaving the garden after another playoff loss (i believe it was the Caps back in Bernie Nicholls days), I’m in the crowd descending the stairwell to the street.

    people are crying, some are screaming out “WHY? WHY DO I WATCH THIS DAMN TEAM? WHY!?!” others were saying they’d never buy season tickets again.

    As we reached the bottom, at the door to the street, a guy is handing out business cards, offering Therapy.
    Almost everyone I saw took one.

    But all the same guys were back in our section the next season.

    What can i say?
    Real fans bleed red white and blue, and like a battered spouse, we keep coming back and accepting the team’s apologies that it won’t happen again.

    it’s gotten so I don’t even flinch so much anymore when I see Sather on tv.

  101. LMAO, I dont doubt that slats was preserved by a truly skilled taxidermist and they are using a remote control to power him around also. That’s probably why he’s so enamored of Brashear ( from previous post about his run in with medusa).

  102. What can i say?
    Real fans bleed red white and blue, and like a battered spouse, we keep coming back and accepting the team’s apologies that it won’t happen again.

    it’s gotten so I don’t even flinch so much anymore when I see Sather on tv.

    thats just great Rob!!! and if we’re lucky, once every 54 years, they keep their promise :-)

  103. Well said Linda!!!!

    I just suffer with the Rangers lol

    I know a gentleman who lives on LI use to be a die hard Rangers fan, got season tickets etc. He & his buddies used to go back in the 50’s. The prices went up significantly & he and his friends went to the box office & complained & then they all wrote letters. They made such a big stink that it made the local paper. I know I saw the article from the paper. Ever since then, he became an Islander fan & hates the Rangers now lol I know it’s not exactly parallel but sometimes changes of heart happen lol

  104. Me and my dad go to one game a year together. And sadly yesterday was that game. We emigrated from USSR and to my dad the game of hockey resonates with a certain level of skill, tactics, and puck control. “This is not hockey” my dad said, “these guys have no skill or creativity, they just throw the puck to the other end of the ice, kind of like a volleyball team that just wants to get the ball over the net”

    The rangers play last nightwas probably the most boring hockey I have seen in a while. Garden was silent for most of the game as there was not much to get excited about…… pretty pathetic display by the home team.

  105. sorry about that Kev, too bad the Devils game wasnt the game you and your dad got to go to.

    people pay their hard earned money so these guys can be paid pretty decently, at least give the effort. I know they’ve been pretty good the last 10-12 games, and you’re due a stinker every now and then, but man, their stinkers are sallys cats litter box bad!!

  106. ok boneheads, someone just requested group confirmation..

    m.d. i just need to know your name on here before we can proceed with the blessing!


    Carp, here’s what you say to Al. And you have my blesssing.

    Chuck you, Farley.

    That’s simple.

  108. Carp,
    are you almost on board with my trading Staal thought. He is a coach killer, because of one word, potential. waiting for potential gets coaches fired.

  109. Stall – totally agree with Carp, re: the Devils game. Probably the best game to watch that I have seen in quite a while definitely worth the time.

  110. Carp,
    Ok I’ll try to watch it even though I know they lost in the shootout. That stupid carping skills competition.
    And Carp, I agree that outside of a few games this season, this team is hard to root for. I look forward to the days when the dead wood player types are gone, but dread the future dead wood that Sather is certain to sign.

  111. listen to your dr for Gods sake on

    Nasty 1
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:53 am
    Yeah man, that is what the doc told me too. I just don’t know what I want to do yet. I have a problem with my myocardium, which is the muscle that increases and decreases in size when your heart beats and pumps blood. I had something called myocarditis, which is pretty much an infection of that muscle because I let a throat infection go untreated. Now that muscle was compromised.

    cherepanov was one of ones to die of this per the link you cited

    you have 2 young kids do the right thing

  112. Some random thoughts…

    Kovy and Ovy are two Russian born captains right now! Has this ever happen before in NHL?

    Oh i just realized that Brodeur and Lundqvist got the same jersey number!

  113. Kev

    Sorry you guys had to see that last night. Too bad it couldn’t be the devils game. But my friend, your father couldn’t be more right!! As good as Gaborik is, he isn’t strong on the puck like Ovechkin, Kovy & Jagr. Sniper yes…. Horse on the puck, not really.

    Rangers have always been a blue collar, lunch bucket team. But when it comes
    to watching pretty passing plays, well… We were treated to early in
    the season. I think we’re all waiting for that same team to show up.

  114. Kaiser Permanente on


    My friend and I get together once or twice a year to go watch the Rangers at the Garden. Last night was the one game our schedules allowed us to attend. We both agreed that last night was the worst game we’ve been to in the last 10 years. It was boring and the way they lost was like somebody finally pulling the plug on a life support patient. Their play was beyond pathetic, it was diabolical.

    With that said. We also agreed to go to another game later this year because we could not allow ourselves to let that be our game of the year.

  115. drury worse than redden?

    and how about golden girls hips dipietro? 15 year contract and how many games has he played?

  116. I’m going to get slammed for saying this but the best thing a person can do is say away from Hospitals and medical Dr’s.
    I wish there was a way I could show you all what I learned at a training session this week…it was life changing.
    I do not go to medical doctors or hospitals…
    Unless of course I get hit by a bus…then I want a hospital.

  117. Mako,
    in my 40 years of watching the Rangers, they have never been a blue collar lunch bucket team. Usually they were skilled, but soft. this season they are not even skilled, just soft.

  118. “On another note, we should have shipped Staal and Dubi in the summer for Heatly. The only way we get anything for the future is by trading one of those two anyway.”

    Holy Carp…Its this line of thinking that has done this organization in over and over and over again…no thanks!
    Keep Staal, get a real #1 center and move Dubi to the 2nd or 3rd line

  119. Staal Wart

    show us! we need our lives changed! I never go to doctors either! And I hope I wont ever have to! Dentist only!

    Nasty1 and CT get well soon boys! LGR!


    Funny story. I worked with a man who was a life long NY Giants fan. Through thick and thin, that was his team. When the Giants season ended, he stopped watching football. He said he wasn’t a football fan….he was a Giants Fan. Then he told the story that he claimed his wife always said, “I’m not worried about Gene leaving me for another woman. Heck, he’s never left the Giants.”

  121. bulldog, the only lunchpail teams I can recall were the Smurfs, the 1989-90 team that won the division, and the Cup team. The Cup team had a lot of stars, too, but it worked its collective abdelkader off.

  122. StaalWart,
    how do plan on going about getting that number 1 center? some body going to give us one out the goodness of there heart.

  123. CCCP…dentists are worse…:(
    and in the medical community, I’d be considered a nut…
    I really can’t say on a public forum.
    I am into natural healing…lets leave it at that.
    maybe Carp can send you my email.

  124. Bulldog with the Reddens, Rozi’s and Drury’s on our roster we can’t do anything now.
    Lets see…Its like this…
    Sather has spent us into a corner just like the current administration…except…the Rangers can’t just print off money like Millhouse can so basically we are stuck until the 3 stooges are gone or sent the Wolfpack.
    Let me also add that even if we could get a number one center how would we pay him? getting rid of the cheaper youth isn’t going to clear enough space to pay a true number 1 center…and no one is going to take any of the 3 stooges.

  125. Carp, the negativity on your blog is disconcerting.

    You wrote, “I said it last night, say it again. I don’t know how you guys root for this team. I really don’t.”

    Well, let me think: I root for this team because I show a modicum of loyalty to the jersey. Regardless of how they play, I’m a ranger fan, and I’ll say it loud a proud.

    There’s a problem with a beat writer that insinuates a reader’s fandom would be better spent on another team. Weinman used to make good points and allude to the rangers’ failures without scruples, but he never stopped hoping–he was a ranger fan: that’s my point. Are you even a ranger fan? I feel like you may be a devils or isles fan in disguise, dropping anti-ranger propoganda to dishearten followers of the blue.

    Listen, pal, you ever think it might have been worth mentioning that Jersey lost their game also? I mean, after such a heated contest with a crosstown rival, isn’t there bound to be a hangover? Granted, the Devs played a far more competant team than the sens, and they showed more life in their contest than the rangers did in theirs, but an L is an L, isn’t it?

    Whatever, dude. Based on the things you’ve written, you apparently think Torts is a bad coach, Sather is the worst GM in the league (though he drafted Dubi, Cally, Lundqvist, Girardi, Staal, DZ, Cherepanov, traded Gomez–which are all lofty things to mention despite his freeagency debacles), Kovalchuck is better than Gaborik, so-on and so-on and so-on. Negative, negative, negative. I get sick of reading it, man, I really do. Frankly, I’m pretty certain you’ve chased me from reading this blog el permanento.

  126. staal wart
    does it have to do w/ the food, water and prescriptions? and what they are putting in it (squaline {spelling?) to weaken people and make people sterile?
    something similar to the h1n1 bs?

  127. some people just dont get it! you’re right ilb, although i did NOT doubt you for one second!

  128. sometimes it makes me wonder why they can promote certain medications on the tube that the possible side effects are worse than the actual condition, but they will clamp down on…. oh yea wait, cuz noones making money of that other stuff…aaaaaah

  129. Bull

    I agree completely. But that’s what they are “know as”. Sam, JD & other “media types” have droned on about it for years.

  130. The Gill, you are the second of all the readers to not be bright enough to figure out what I meant. I admire you people for your loyalty. It’s incredible how you root for this team throughout all of this stuff. That wasn’t negative.

    FYI, I think Tortorella is a very good coach, the best they’ve had in more than a decade. I do think Sather is the worst GM in the league. And I do think Kovalchuk is better than Gaborik. That’s not negative, either. I think Gaborik is an absolute superstar.

    But if you come here for pom-pom waving, and “Yay Rangers!” and spewing about how this team is going to win the Cup, well maybe we’re not for you. See ya.

  131. The medical treadmill goes like this…
    1 prescript for one prob…the prescript never actually fixes the problem…it covers it…but causes 2 side effects…soooo
    you go back to your doc and he gives you another prescript to get rid of the side effects of the first drug…then prescript #2 causes more side effects and the cycle continues and you end up at the end in a 6′ box
    Oh and CCCP I sent you an email

  132. Staal, this isn’t a forum to discuss any positives as well as pitfalls of allopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic or natural medicine. But suggesting to stay away from medical doctors in general is, sorry to say it, idiotic. With every bad story that happens to make it to our media, there are thousands of successful stories that never make it to the public. And if anyone has any natural ways to treat perforated appendicitis or respiratory failure, then that would be a real breakthrough.

  133. WRONG. try redden. 6 years at that price. noone other than sather wanted that deal done. other than the other 29 nhl teams. plenty of ranger fans wanted drury. you need to change your name bro. drury can not be waived with full no movement clause.

    Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival+Redden
    January 15th, 2010 at 4:07 pm
    linda the worst signing in NHL history is Chris Drury, atleast Holik did something

    On another note, we should have shipped Staal and Dubi in the summer for Heatly. The only way we get anything for the future is by trading one of those two anyway

  134. to gill – carp cares ONLY about hits to the blog. he is a businessman. some comments stroke the boneheads egos and make them feel important. some stir the pot. either are very good for his precious hits. the board was better under sam but gets many more hits under carp

    to linda – lets not go revisionist here. plenty of ranger fans wanted drury when he signed. far different than redden who nobody wanted.

  135. I know it’s impossible, but wouldn’t it be great like they do in football , make time of possesion a game stat . It would show how bad we really suck !

  136. I really, really LMFAO at Carp being a businessman!!!!Priceless! Carp, make sure you show that to mrs Carp lol

  137. ralph, but what about those times where they DO have most of the puck possession but don’t score?????????

  138. BillyDeeWilliams and comments

    why don’t two of you get together somewhere else and talk aboot how bad this blog is while blowing each other…because nobody else cares what two of you clowns got to say.

  139. ok, sather is not “bernie”, he is not a puppet. Sather is just like al davis from the raiders…he is a hologram! Al died about 10 years ago, occasionally if you watch him on tv interviews, the voice over is pretty good, but you can see his left eye pixelate every once in a while. As with Al, all someone has to do to slatipuss is get to the outlet where the projector is plugged in and well…unplug it. Of course just like Al, there are several lethal coutnermeasures in place so the task is not for the faint of heart……we lost alot of good men out there!!

  140. Wicky- what in a holy hell did you just say? I’m starting to worry. Did you get another concussion? Stay away from that bike, please.

  141. carp…the 1980-81 rangers could have gone toe-to-toe with the broad street bullies of the ’70s…that qualifies as lunch bucket,eh?

  142. Carp,

    I’ll admit I hated you when I was a kid. I thought you and Larry Brooks were so overly negative. This was also a time where I was so optimistic I thought the Rangers were going to win the Cup with Nedved as their #1 center…

    I have matured and found your recaps of the game to be spot on. I also enjoy when you and Larry Brooks rips into Sather…

    I was on the train last night coming home from the game and I was thinking about the same point you made, #7…

    I started thinking about Dolan and Sather…I blame all this on Dolan…He really doesn’t care about winning…not at all, as long as people keep paying for tickets he won’t ever care…there is no commitment to winning like with the Yankees…as much as they get criticized it’s nice to see George and his sons at least strive for a championship every year…the trucks of money helps too..

    Dolan is admittedly not a hockey guys and this franchise has been run into the ground because of it…just had to vent…

  143. It is funny that I brought up us possibly getting Kovy, and the amazing 1, 2 punch that he and Gabby would be for years to come, and some totally laughed in my face and said it was impossible. Now, I doubt we will get him, but it is definitely possible.

  144. i agree with Harvey, I mentioned the Yankees and their committment to winning a couple of weeks ago. It would be so freakin nice to have owners who cared about winning and the glory that comes with that. How Dolan hasnt realized the better they are, the more they win, the more successful, the more MONEY HE MAKES is beyond me.

  145. And I am not advocating throwing money at every free agent available like we always do, but Kovy is a player along with Gabby and Hank, that you can build a franchise around.

  146. I agree with anyone who says Sather is the worse GM in the NHL, and very likely the world. He proves it every chance he gets. Granted he has made some good moves, but the bad out weigh the good by so much, he would have to live two life times to make it up. Then again with Sather, if he lived two life times(God help us) the situation would be twice as bad, maybe three times worse.

  147. ilb…
    It all depends on what your definition of success is.
    Is taking a drug for the rest of your life success?
    I’m not saying everyone can stay away, or that medicine isn’t necessary. However medicine is way to far reaching and there are hundreds of thousands of people who think they need medicine but really don’t.
    Here is a perfect example of a total scam…
    Explain to me why they keep lowering the “normal” cholesterol levels…its because it puts more people on cholesterol lowering drugs. Cholesterol is very important to the body…our brains are mostly cholesterol…Cholesterol is needed for building and maintain cell walls…I have seen cholesterol lowering drugs destroy the lives of many people and its not acceptable.
    I have seen over the past year many people damaged and totally carped by prescription drugs…in fact in the last 3 months I’ve watched a few of my patients lives get completely destroyed by medicine.
    Iatrogenic death is responsible for the death of 250,000 of patients in the US every year… is that success? Hell no!

  148. Nasty1- yes, they are. The issue is that it will only leave the team with just over $30 mil to sign everyone else. Is it enough to give them a solid supporting group?

  149. Ok how could Dolan & Sather see in Rozsival, Redden, Drury and Gomez & think WOW we have a winning team? All 4 players are average at best. That’s why I say Sather signed Drury & Gomez with his ego. Yes his heart was somewhere in the right place, but couldnt either one of them have said… Eh we’ll pass. For the money he wasted, he should have just resigned Nylander to keep Jagr happy?! But they don’t have crystal balls & neither do we :(

  150. ilb,
    I like your posts and we both agree on the Rangers and if I remember right, politics as well
    but I’m not sure we could reach and agreement when it comes to this which is fine. So lets go back to taking Rangers.

  151. Staal- you never know, we might. I’m not a proponent of most of the life long medications, for example. You and are trained differently, but certain things that we do are very similar.

  152. We have two medical worker here…

    You’ll go to one and he’ll tell you to drink herbal tea and take your vitamins… you’ll go to another and he’ll give you Lipitor! Interesting… :P

  153. LMAO CCCP!

    i’d love to be in on their conversation! Two very interesting guys talking about interesting topics. I love intelligent discussion, makes my brain feel energized!

  154. cccp

    i said the board was better under sam did not say it is bad now. yes i really believe carp has done a masterful job of getting hits here. but plenty of the non hockey discussion (ie cats poop for example) should be on the facebook page not here.

    this board lost a lot of really good posters. probably for many reasons. some of which is the non hockey talk which is pervasive.

    see i can give my opinion without insulting you. can you?


    I and the rest of the posters really appreciate your opinion… the thing is though this board has been this way for almost two years now…poop talk and rangers talk seem to be closely related! So one doesn’t stand in the way of the other… you know what I mean?

    People on here have a connection and there is nothing you can do if people want to talk aboot other things while also talking aboot hockey 24/7.

    Hope this wasn’t very offensive.

  156. Linda,
    i’ll admit that, based on what Drury was doing in Buffalo, and what he had done in Colorado, i thought it was a good signing….high price but i saw that Sather was doing the type of deal that it would scare everyone else away.

    i didn’t think that Gomez would wither skating somewhere else than jersey (don’t know if he’s doing much better in Montreal)
    and i’m surprised at how much of a beige leader Drury has turned out to be. maybe there’s more to him, after effects of concussions or…?
    there’s a problem in the room and as someone else pointed out we definitely play soft (too much of the time)

  157. cccp

    and my point is the facebook account also exists for those types of discussions. i want quality not quantity in comments here. don’t think i’m the only one either.

    the cats poop was just one example of many i could have used


    No you’re not the only one…there are TWO of you…you and BillyJean or whatever his name is…

    Since there is NO WAY you or anyone else can complain aboot quality of posts on here.. I think I see what the problem is… you want to join the facebook! Why didn’t you just say so!

    P.S. Why won’t you use your name…why hide under “comments”? be a hero…show your face!

  159. Saying the rangers play soft is insulting to the word soft. I wish Mark Janssens would come back and beat up the whole damn team at this point. I’m not even asking for Kocur, or Langdon. (because Janssens was friggin tough as nails)

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ummm Carp…I aint diluted , I aint no fair weather fan. I know when were in trouble..but do I waver??? NEVER. I LOVE WATCHING MY FAVORITE TEAM win or lose.

    I don’t care about Washington,Colorado,Pittsburgh,Detriot,Toronto,St.louis ,NJ,or any other team in this league. ALL RANGERS BABY.

    RICK ,you would know why we do it if ya were one of us…hate to say it buddy , I’m married to NYR …hell or high water.

    I live with pain and I come here to cheer up. You do owe some of us an oppology Mr Carp ,atleast something for this comment. I honestly thought a troll posted as you.

    * “I repeat what I said last night: I understand why you love them. I just don’t understand how you do it … and live.”

  161. TR-
    to answer your question, I wasn’t talking about food water, prescriptions etc. But yes that is happening to.
    Remember the only foods worth buying are usually located on the outer edges of the store.
    What do you do Ilb?
    I am a Chiropractor, and just started working on getting
    a Certified Nutritional Counseling, Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Iridology and Master Herbalist degrees.

  162. comments- get a real name. It’s easier to get accepted. There is a reason you’re still here. It tells us you like what we say. Hockey, or not. This is a community of Ranger fans. WE ARE NOT ROBOTS. We talk Rangers and we talk life. That includes cats poop at times. If you like it, we are happy to have you here. If not, we will survive.

  163. cccp

    no desire to join the facebook. just asking that certain discussions migrate to that site. can save a bit of time trying to seperate the wheat from the chaff on this site


  164. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    we come here …thats how we “live”

  165. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ILB , you said this is a community of Ranger fans….then why is our leader not a fan, I know why but….

  166. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    RANGERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NOT SARCASTIC , Im really into this :)

  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OOOHH …got stabbed, OMG !! IM BLEEDING RANGER colors!!!!

  168. everything is always in a state of change…evolving or, in some cases devolving. There are some people who just want the blog to be talking about the hockey only, but honestly, how many conversations over line combinations can you have once all of those combinations have been used? Some people enjoy expanding the topics to include other things. As they say you can’t please everyone all the time.

    I enjoy coming here because of the variety of people that come here and the variety of topics—which ALWAYS comes back to the team, their play, management, ownership. I learn something here almost every day, and after watching hockey for 31 years, thats a good thing. I always enjoy reading what you guys have to say, whether you’re the guys who strictly talk about the hockey, or if you talk about other stuff. Unfortunately, I did not know of this place when Sam was here so I have nothing to compare it to, but it’s pretty great to have such a place, its like an internet CHEERS.

  169. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GOOD POST LINDA , well put.

    Carp , if your wondering how we can follow this team and such. BUT how can you write and blog about this team!!??
    If your wondering how we can still love this team , then Im wondering how you can follow a team that you dislike? Listening to Ranger talk , BLA BLA BLA do you do it? I know I could cuz I love Ranger talk from everyone..well execpt CCCP , hahaa just yolking!!

  170. I feel as though the bowel movements of current and former rangers to be very relevant to this and other discussions!!

    no worries bro, i like the long one better as well, short is from work computer!

    for what it’s worth (free country and all), i pretty much ignore you and others of your ilk, however i would sternly suggest you not talk trash about sally, linda, mama (and sister blogs) or any of the other ladies here or the subjects they discuss. That is a one way trip on the pain train!

  172. wicky, i think comments is just voicing his opinion on how the blog has changed in the past year, and he has a right to do that. Some people like change, some dont. i would like to read his comments on the hockey aspects if he is still willing to suffer through the hijinx, because its always good to read the guys who strictly want it to be about the hockey only. yea we’re all over the place on here, but like i said, its kinda like our ‘bar’ especially for those of us who no longer live in the tri state area and this is our only outlet to talk hockey, and other things, with people who’ve become friends.

  173. LMAO @ a divorce!!

    and bravo staal “our women” i think i can speak not only for myself but also for sally and laurel and beth and fuzzy and Liz who visits once in a while when I say “YOU GUYS ARE GREAT”

  174. hey TR, is that something that “the women” should even think about looking at? It sounds like it could be a bit… uh GRAPHIC!

  175. LOL ilb!!!
    That was great

    here it is…skip over it if you get grossed out.
    this is going to sound insane but it works…and I wonder if it will qualify for comment or remedy of the week.
    Keep in mind I have never tried this because I don’t have parasites.
    1. find a tire…used
    2. find a large bowl and fill it with warm milk, but not too much cause it will spill and place it in the tire
    3. Drop your drawers and sit in it for 20-30 minutes.
    4. Watch out because the parasites will leave fast once they start.
    5. dig a hole in your neighbors yard…lol
    6. dump the milk in with the parasites and top with karosene
    7. light on fire
    8. cover with dirt.
    9. Enjoy a parasite free life.

  176. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! ” … says Greg L. wrote:
    ” I know I could cuz I love Ranger talk from everyone..well execpt CCCP”


    Greg… should i check on your coat, buddy? :)

  177. linda

    from wiki
    Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to HTML web page content on the DOMContentLoaded event, which happens immediately after it is loaded in the browser (also known as augmented browsing). As Greasemonkey scripts are persistent, the changes made to the web pages are executed every time the page is opened, making them effectively permanent for the user running the script. Greasemonkey can be used for adding new functions to web pages (for example, embedding price comparison in web pages), fixing rendering bugs, combining data from multiple webpages, and numerous other purposes.
    basically if all he wants to see is rangers comments he could figure out a way to alter this website to look the way he wants it to.

    i used this for and was banned. altered the site to auto digg stuff my friends were submitting, sending out shouts etc. dont know if you are familiar w/ that website.

  178. he would have to be smart enough to alter a script or make a script specifically to do this so…. we will see what happens now.

  179. comments, the last thing I am is a businessman. I could care less about the hits and the traffic. My bosses do care about that stuff, and that’s why they asked me to do this blog. But personally, it doesn’t matter to me if we have 12 or 1,200 or 12,000 hits on any given day.

    I love talking hockey and everything else with these fine folks, I really do. But I would never shoot off my mouth and be negative for the sake of being negative. My goal is to be honest. Some people got mad when I was honest about, for example, Tom Renney. And that’s fine. I don’t ask people to agree with me. But I won’t be a cheerleader for the team. If there are good things to say, or that I believe, I will say them. If there are bad things to say, or I believe, I will say those too.

    But if you just want straight facts and no analysis, or no honesty, or no opinion, or if you want a “Let’s go Rangers” board, then this place ain’t for you. You can go to one of the other hundreds of blogs where there is less news and four or five fans with whom to chat.

    Or you can stay here and have a large audience and have some fun and lighten up a bit.

  180. thanks TR for the info, that’s pretty clever! I should have known, coming from you, it would be technology based! ;-)

  181. google one of sams stories from a year or two ago. less comments but much better quality. look at all the posters who used to post who no longer do. i doubt many changed their names they just stopped. many reason including the neighborhood change.

    as for non hockey talk it was using one example could have taken many others from the men on the blog as well. i’m not complaining about life or death type comments like high blood pressure where someone is looking to their friends for advice.

  182. BillyDee, I congratulate you on getting it right! You must have been sad that I wasn’t on the chat today, and can’t direct anyone to new sister blog news til Monday, but thanks!

    MAKO, missed you too.

    Linda, I think I shorted my computer with drool….

    and I’ll miss tomorrow’s game cause I’ll be in Jersey seeing Light of Day concert and praying for my non-hockey dream boyfriend to show up. Oh well.


    at the time sam did the blog, was he the Rangers beat reporter for the Journal News??

  184. carp not complaining about your musings. just how the board is barely moderated regarding language in addition to the non hockey talk. last thing i want is rah rah rangers from you or anyone else for that matter

  185. comments, if you read this blog then you should know Sam covered the team full time. Carp doesn’t. It’s the economy, um, my friend….things going great where you work, then lucky you. You have no idea how many people visit this site and don’t comment….don’t like the community here, then is for you….

    sorry, I generally don’t do that but I’ve been off all week and am getting cranky…:)

  186. linda yes

    so i admit carps role is different. also saying things were better with sam from his reporting standpoint plus the following the blog had

  187. blogmama

    i should be better at skipping posts from those like you who add little value. i’ll try to improve on that

  188. well comments I’ve only been here about a year, i think i found out about it just as Sam left and Rick took over. There are a few people who don’t post as much anymore and that’s too bad. One I can think of off the top of my head is Doodie, he always had some really good posts.

    If you can bear with the wackiness, I’d like to read what you have to say about the state of the team, what you think needs to happen etc. I know i’m one of the biggest goofballs here, but i really do enjoy everyones take on the team, good, bad, ugly, funny,serious etc.

    We’re almost all pretty much in agreement that Dolan and Sather need to go, and that the big 3 contracts are killers and that Brashera ( typo intended) is a big waste of roster space. What do YOU think?

  189. agree on sather and dolan. until they are gone the rest is moot

    hate brashear
    hate redden but he is here for a while unfortunately
    rather fall to the bottom and get a top 5 pick overall. sather and dolan will not allow it to happen


    let’s see if your “complaining” ability is as good as your knowledge of this team!

  191. exactly, because Jimmy noneck is happy with one or two games in one round of the playoffs. Very frustrating to have an owner who doesnt give two craps about the franchise, the history, the pride in the sweater. Do you think the fans could ever honestly organize a walk out to voice dissatisfaction with the state of the organization? The only way dolan MIGHT pull his head out of the sand is if he gets hurt in the wallet. I will tell you that I had tears in my eyes when I was at the Rangers game in Atlanta and there literally were entire sections of empty seats. Maybe dolan needs a dose or two of THAT medicine.

  192. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NO Comment!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Comments , YO , Leave blogmomma alone !!!! geeezeeee.

    CCCP , you coat check me, I’ll take away your american visa hahaha!!!

    Ive posted here alot and I don’t think Jane or Carp has EVER answered any of my comments.Ever. Come on Carp!!!!
    Ya answer all the trolls but ya always leave me out…geeeezeee!!

    ty Linda , the blog has gotton better sinse you got here, Im serious…Sally is very contravecial so she fits in good. SAo what she talks cat boots and hoo..sassy boots , all is good.

    Carp yer honesty is awsome . It really is.

  193. ok i think i figured out why my daughter hates Matt Bradley… she’s thinking because he stepped in the other night instead of letting Ovie go,that someone, one day is gonna beat the living carp outta Ovie. Hmmmm

  194. Thanks Greg, thats very nice of you to say. And I dont think Rick has NEVER answered your comments, I am sure he has responded to you. Sally is controversial? How so?

  195. cccp

    no quick fixes that is why i advocate doing the pittsburgh, chicago washington way. after that in 2 more years all the bad contracts other than redden will be gone. we have to be patient or will get more of the same

  196. I don’t get the point of coming on to this or any other blog for the purpose of saying that it was better in the past. I rarely ever read the comments when Sam ran the blog. Even though some were insightful, it seemed that it was always the same five to ten people patting each other on the back about how much they knew about the Rangers (or hockey in general) and if your opinion differed from theirs you were either “not really a fan” or “obviously someone who never played the game”. When the tone of the blog changed I started reading the comments more.

    When I want statistical analysis and expert opinion, there are a few hundred places that I can go on the interweb to find them. When I want some casual interaction with fellow fans, I come here. I don’t get why that concept is so difficult for some people.


    the problem with that is Sather and Dolan will still be in charge. like you said, until they are gone, everything else is moot. Sad sad sad. Dolan should be THRILLED to have an original six franchise.

  198. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NO Comment!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sally is controversial(copy/paste)

    She Cheers for Buffalo

    She is the only one who says goodmorning to Carp ,visa versi.

    she grew a beard and beat me in the beard contest.

    She called her cat Dubinsky , giving us updates.

    She joined the fantasy draft (Nosens)

    She bought boots and called them “sassy” (started a few topics)


  199. and mama loves Chuck :) Ok, heads, you’re on your own…I gotta go. If you’re still looking for the replay of Carp’s live chat, I posted link at 7 p.m. Enjoy, even tho I wasn’t there.
    And thanks again all….Linda, I give the girl keys to the castle to you :)

  200. ZzZz, I definitely know that I have answered your comments, because I can remember how difficult it is to type ZzZz. But if you have a question, I will surely do my best to answer it, my man.

    Comments, I agree with you about tanking and doing a Pittsburgh (or in the previous era, a Philadelphia). I think those two home playoff games mean too much to the owner and the GM, though. That’s why they bought AND sold at the trade deadline last year, and will do the same this year.

    Chuck, good point. You can go elswhere to talk in a smaller group and keep it focused one one point (the lines, in most places). Or you can come here and talk about hockey, the Rangers, and pretty much everything and anything, with a large group of fans who all love the team as much as you do. (and one guy who doesn’t).

  201. One more thing, then I’ll shut up (unless that previous clown shows up again) … this is the way this blog is, this is what makes it successful, and this is the way it is going to stay, at least until they fire my abdelkader.

  202. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NO Comment!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , I guess ya did . Aww tanks Rick!!!

    I havent heard the live chat yet but ill be doing that a little later when I get back.

    Laurel will be back ,Hence the name “laureled”.

    Good ol Krugar is lurkin around…I better behave.

  203. Good night, Carp! Thanks again!!!

    Comments, I think the real problem here is that you just don’t FULLY understand how truly smelly Princess Dubinsky’s poops are. They’re inversely proportional to her adorableness. You’d never expect it! If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around the magnitude of the stink, I’d be happy to pick one out, vacuum-seal it, and mail it to you. What a little stinker!

    Greg, you’re too much pal!

  204. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    I remember I starting posting when Sam was here. I used to post here and there but be an avid reader on the NY Post blog. Sam, as great reporter he is/was didnt join in on the fun we were having or most of the topics we discussed. Rick (and if I can say this) is one of us, posting right along with us, commenting while he’s working a football or baseball game. He’s Uncle Carp. Hell we’re all like family here, we may not all agree, we fight, piss each other off from time to time …. but we all have one thing in common and its the team we love. Jeeeeze we still wonder where Kaspar & Beer me disappeared to.

    And if you were here during the trade deadline last year. We crashed the servers LOL Rick gives us his time on this site when he doesnt have to. Keeps up appearances during the summer so we have a place to come to when you hear crickets on other sites. So when you come in here and disrespect and criticize him you insult US and that pisses us off.

  205. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    oh wait…the bowel movements are from cats??? They look just like people on the ice! CREEPY!!!! Does the NHL allow non-bipeds in the league?? I am soooo confused!!!

  206. I’m back!

    I’m watching last nights game now…holy crap what a save by Hank on Kovy…weird, I just read what Carp said about that play…5 seconds later, it happens lol

  207. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    “carp cares ONLY about hits to the blog” – disrespectful

    “either are very good for his precious hits. the board was better under sam but gets many more hits under carp” – disrespectful

  208. i’m not saying he’s not a smart man. he gives the audience what they want. also pretty ethical in todays business environment. he’s letting other blogs like the pet blog ride his coattails. so by caring about the hits to the blog, which he admits, he is indirectly helping others at lohud.

  209. Why are you guys even talking about this?

    It’s simple…if you don’t like the blog, don’t come…not that complicated lol.

    Anyway, if they don’t come out flying tomorrow night, I think they’re going to go right back to where they were a month ago

  210. OK, I’m back. Are we still bickering?

    MAKO- excellent point about insulting US, as us, the boneheads.

    Sally- whoever is a frequent visitor on sisterblog totally understands the poop issue…Geez, I can talk about my dogs for a few..

    Wicky- I know why you are confused.. #13?

    TR- wtf did you say about that add-on link? Sheesh.. We are neighbors, btw.

    And everyone who made fun of my “driving on iPhone”- shuddup. You try to make a left turn and type in “coma”…

  211. It’s a very moody team Linda lol once their confidence goes down, I feel like they just don’t have the “testicular fortitude” so overcome it

  212. When Sam was here, and the Rangers were led by Jagr and Shanahan, Avery and Straka, they were a more fun team, not to mention a more successful team. Hence the comments were more positive, and Sam reported on a lot of funny things in the dressing room and with the players.
    Then Drury arrived, and funny he is not. And then the team started losing, the respected coach got fired, the offense disappeared, and Tortorella came in and was angry all the time. The whole aura around the team has changed. Maybe that’s why the tone on the blogs has changed as well. The positive character this team had has disintegrated with the arrival of Drury. Avery said as much about last year’s team when he arrived. It’s a big problem.

  213. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    “And everyone who made fun of my “driving on iPhone”- shuddup. You try to make a left turn and type in “coma”…”


  214. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NO Comment!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Comments ,If Carp was obsessed with “hits” then he would have never banned Plum Localo fan. That guy lite up this place like no other.

    Vancouver is dull, Toronto really realy sucks, Buffalo are back to square one,Pittsburgh are bottom feeder who got paid off, Philly = goons ,Azzlander suck and were losers who got the lottery. Edmonton is useless and Montreal is hopeless. Calgary is really screwed up , all that defense yet so many gaffes happening. Carolina is washed-up ,Phoenix is lost, La are always gonna have hockey as second,third fiddle. Detriot is on the decline and are borring. Speaking of boring..the Devils are just that. Florida is sun baked and Dallas is spoiled and will never go any where with old man Modano.Nashville is pathetic and the Blues have never won anything. Ducks are shmucks that will never be good again and Tampa bay is a crap team gone good then gone bad then good again..I am dizzy. Boston is lame ,Washington is fully of babies,Atlanata should fold,Ottawa are has -beens and the Avalanche are now back to where they were , awful.

    So there you have it , Rangers rule and thats it!!!

    Enough said.


    you are dead on with the team taking on drurys personality (or lack of personality). they don’t seem as if they have fun, or if they enjoy what they are doing. I’d say there’s probably as much ‘off topic’ conversation on here because we’re trying to keep each other in good spirits and not become DRURYLIKE droidbots.

  216. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    so just curious here, what does everyone think about trading gilroy for a better than average NHL player that fills a need on this team? I mean to me MDZ is an untouchable, but what about gilroy?

  217. ilb, you’re way, way too smart to be doing something as stupid as driving while texting or playing with your iPhone. Sorry, this is a personal peeve. I think drivers playing with their phones are more dangerous than drunk drivers and stoned drivers. Seriously. C’mon, man, don’t do that. All of youse guys.

    kc, another great point … since the arrival of Tortorella, it has become impossible for the writers to develop relationships with the players because access is extremely limited (and monitored). In the old days, you’d get to the lockerroom two hours before the game and chat it up with Messier and Gretzky as they worked on their sticks. Now you get a few minutes, in a group, with a few players after practice and a few minutes, in a group, with a few players after a game. So very little fun coming out of there, very few decent stories. The captain has no personality, and the coach hides his behind his tough-guy act.

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gilroy wont fetch anything substancial.Better keep him , he is a rookie and ya don’t trade rookies…it’s silly.

  219. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Drury has infected this team. IF YOU PAY A GUY 7 MILLION a season…HE BETTER NOT BE BLOCKING SHOTS!!!!

    Drury always blocks shots…That just plain stupitity to have an asset worth that much risking injury. Why?


  220. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    how about just giving another bonehead the unmanned team in fantasy!

  221. Carp,
    just watched the chat, you were real good.did I understand you right, you feel this team is in a rebuild right now?

  222. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    ok, so yesterday my man was telling me about the seinfeld ugly baby episode. Now all i have to do is get him to love hockey and he’ll fit right in here!!

  223. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    that is a hilarious episode, it’s one of mrs wicky’s favorite!

  224. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    I wish I could hand over the team that was dropped I cant. The only thing I CAN do is waiver all of the players he has. But again, I emailed him a few times. I emailed everyone in the league what they thought most got back to me, some didnt. So unless everyone wants it then, its going to stay the way it is for now. I wanted to add Linda as co-manager and I cant even do that. I think it was supposed to be done at the time of the draft.

  225. i don’t think i’d call it a rebuild … but i’m impressed with the way they’ve let some of the kids play and play, despite their ups and downs, and that they have found an actual potential star (MDZ) to go along with some of the young veterans, and that this is what the season should be about to you guys. Obviously, to them it’s make the playoffs, get the two home dates, blah, blah.

    There are probably seven legit young NHL players who will still not be in their prime when the albatross contracts are gone (or most of them), plus Gaborik and Lundqvist. That, to me, is what this season is about.

  226. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    Carp, it all goes back to sather. If he is still running the team when those contracts are gone, who’s to say other bad ones will not take their place? Do any of the fans have any faith in dolan and sather doing the right thing for the franchise?

  227. Well said Carp. I work with some casual Rangers fans who are now now now but I’m glad that Torts has let some guys like Gilroy, Del Z, and Anisimov get valuable minutes this year.

    I’d like to see Weisse get a crack as a birthday wish, but, you know…..

  228. Tortorella’s angry chokehold around the team is getting old fast. It’s insulting to fans, and probably a p.r. disaster to keep the press away from the players. The management should realize that the players are what draws in the fans, not the jersey (or the laundry, as Seinfeld would say). Forget Drury, no one cares about him anymore. They need to push Lundqvist, Gaborik, Prospal and Avery, and then the young players to the forefront. By keeping the players locked up away from the press, the fans will start drifting away. Fans get sick of seeing an angry, rude coach every day. Jagr and Shanahan knew how to lead, and were allowed to bring the fans with them.

  229. I watched St. Louis- Blackhawks game a week or so ago. They lost 6-2, I believe. They have issues in goal. But I’ll tell you, they are fast, they work hard and they come at you with speed. If the Rangers decide to come out with their slow, deliberate start, the Blues will pick ’em apart.

  230. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    again, kc, another great post!

    since i’m in AL, i had no idea that access to the players was as restricted as you guys are saying. Is that something Torts did in Tampa also? I’m sorry, but you’re in the biggest media market in the world, how do you just make the same 3-4 guys available? You’re right, the fans build a stronger connection to the team if players seem accessible. Torts may need to loosen that grip for this team to relax and let their natural skills come back to them. They just seem very tense and lack confidence. Just go back to the basics, KISS and lets see what happens.

  231. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    hey ilb,did you watch that game in your iPhone, while driving??? :-)

  232. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    lmao i am watching how a cowbell is made and all i can think of is

    I GOT A FEVER…..

  233. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    holy cow those were huge cowbells!! come on science channel lets get some science on !!

  234. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    Are you watching the youtube video that CCCP posted with beautiful Ukraine woman with black bars on her while driving????? ;)

  235. Linda, they have a slingbox for iPhone app. Didn’t ya know?

    And are they talking cowbells or cow bells?

  236. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    i was thinking they were making the cow bell like from the SNL skit, then i noticed the thing was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, and yes, the cow was rather large MON!! thank you very much ;-)

  237. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    speaking of the blues, i wouldn’t mind backes on our team!!

    do we just send trades to cheaters?

  238. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    what do you guys think of Neil Peart’s version of the hockey theme?

  239. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    You can make trade proposals to whomever you want :)


    LMAO exactly! Has Orr come out of the bathroom yet since those pics of Fox came out for Armani? LOL

  240. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    MON, that guy is probably the best drummer I’ve ever seen live, and I am NOT a RUSH fan. He’s incredible.

  241. I always liked Rush, they were a really good band. They still tour, but the guys are getting old. I watch the Blue Jays a lot on TV, and Geddy Lee has seats directly behind home plate. I always look for him every game I watch. If he’s in TO he goes to a lot of games.

  242. MAKO- I just emailed you something. It’s pretty current review. I can help with technical pert, if need too.

  243. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    they are some great musicians thats for sure, just too “smart” for me. still rockin in their 50’s and sounding good. Neil Peart is amazing.

  244. Usually when you hear a good trio, they are all good. They have to be, It’s bonus to have a really good drummer like him. He can fill a lot of holes. Just like having a good goalie.

  245. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    no no… brashear had the medusa episode. The Real chris drury has been kidnapped by the personality police and they left this shell in his place

  246. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    so i guess we can say Hank is the Neil Peart of the Rangers? and Brashear like the Vanilla Ice?

  247. ilb,
    Yes I got it…Thanks!
    I look forward to starting a conversation and I totally agree with you. I’m happy you emailed me.
    Sometimes I just get frustrated…so forgive my rants above.
    I didn’t mean to stereotype or paint with a broad brush but that is exactly what I did.

  248. Staal- happy to talk.

    MAKO-let me know if you don’t get it. It’s an article from the subscription only site. They may have restrictions. I’ll email it to myself and resend it to you.

  249. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    WOW impressive that AO scored 5 points tonight. Good Job buddy!

    Nope nothing yet :)

  250. Heads- do you know why we hit way more than 400 hits on a no game day? Because Carp is a good businessman, that’s why..LOL. That was a priceless post..
    I think because those dingheads we all root for just had played too outstanding games in a row. And we all(including Carp, btw) thought: this is it, we got a TEAM. Finally! Not so fast. And we all got upset after last night’s text-it-in game. That’s why we’ve been ranting all day. Well, they are not robots, remember. Sometimes I wish they were.

  251. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    ilb, part of the ranting was replying to the posters who blasted Rick and the blog for the change in the neighborhood as comments called it. I hope he keeps posting here, i was serious when I told him i’d be interested in reading what he had to say. Some of us may be too goofy for the old school guys who came here when Sam had it. But i hope he posts again. we need all different kinds of views here, they just gotta lay off Rick, who does this as a favor. If it wasnt for him, well…….we all know how that goes.

  252. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    ..must go to MAX brenner in NYC for Chocolate Pizza…hey,how far is that from Warren???

  253. I agree Linda, I wouldn’t mind him posting at all. Except at the moment he hasn’t said anything hockey related that we haven’t heard. Blasting Carp was his main topic.

  254. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    I got your email but it cuts it off right after your email addy. “UpToDate” topic

  255. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    well ilb, we have 2 games over the weekend, so maybe he’ll post. all i know is this is a crazy sports weekend with my fiancees 30th birthday also! Football and hockey all weekend..and a nice dinner at Carrabbas.

  256. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    you guys are truly too good to me! i am gonna make a ton of cookies and pack them really good and give em out to you when I visit!

  257. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Good points BUT this one is WRONG ” The management should realize that the players are what draws in the fans, not the jersey (or the laundry, as Seinfeld would say). Forget Drury, no one cares about him anymore.”

    The NEW YORK RANGERs could dress scrubs kc , dress scrubs and the building will fill. You hear me? Scrubs ..i’d watch scrubs if they had the Rangers jersey on…It is ALL about the jersey. ALL about the jersey…

    Normally yer right , the players make a team..BUT not with alot of teams like Montreal and yes us Rangers. I’m here to cheer on the Rangers not it’s players..but I doo love cheering players myself Jagr and Gaborik.
    I just care so much about the Rangers have given Hugh Jessewoman a chance to play..I would have. Try to right a wrong…why not?

  258. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Last game was a HEART-BREAKER .

    To go 0-0 with like a minute left in regulation , pull our goalie and go into ” panick -mode” hurt.

    Losing 2 – 0 was so bad after the game we played….that is tough. I wanna rally beghind our guys and show all the pukes that we rule this league and I’m thinking we need Messier right about now.

    Gaborik not scoring is horrible. I want him to score really bad . Just think if he slumped at the start instead of now..would everyone being calling for Sathers heard even more? No need to panick , this team want to make the playoffs and I want them to too. I aint gonna wanna see pissburgh this playoffs ,I wanna see us make it…even with scrubs.

  259. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike hasn’t been here today so I thought I’d fill in for him on my last few posts :)

  260. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on

    Greg, are you really happy with them just making it one round and out? It’s not so much panic, its just more of the same old same old. We should be improving instead of being stagnate.

  261. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    cood night carp

    good night mary ellen

    I still say he’s a hologram!!!

  262. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Well Linda , if ya make the playoff …anyone can go all the way. Who says were just gonna make it to a few rounds?
    This team has key ingredients to go a long way in the playoff..if we make it. Ya see , once ya make it….It’s all up in the air. ALA Edmonton ,Calgary ,Carolina …who knows what could happen. Hank can steal the Stanley Cup …so if we make it , IM HAPPY!!!

  263. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just make it baby , Just make it!!!!!!!!!!

    Goodnight Jethro!!!

  264. Fan votes are in: Here’s your NHL all-decade team.

    Ill just post just one name…the rest of the team you can see by going to|NHL|home

    First Team

    Jaromir Jagr

    Teams: Pittsburgh (2000-01); Washington (2001-04); New York Rangers (2004-08)

    Fans vs. panel: Jagr earned the most votes among all skaters, finishing behind only Brodeur among total player votes. The Czech star, who will be suiting up for his country at the upcoming Winter Olympics and is the only Czech Republic team member remaining from the 1998 gold-medal squad, finished on the second all-decade team among panelists (and the third wing in out of four). analysis: *Jagr was one of the great physical talents in NHL history*, and figures to have a one-way ticket to the Hall of Fame when he finally hangs up his skates. His 121-point season with the Penguins in ’00-01 was one of the great performances of the last 20 years, considering the dearth of scoring at the time, *and his 54-goal, 123-point effort in 2005-06 carried the Rangers to their first playoff berth since 1997*

    Any questions?

    Just wanted to thank Slats once again for exchanging Jagr for Drury!

  265. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Come on Carp …new thread!!! I wanna be first!! dont tell anyone were here shhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!

    Awwww Carp went to sleep zzzzzz


  266. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! " … says Greg L. on

    472 whazzzzup wit yewwww.

    Go Rangers . Carp , awsome 1 hour news cast , beuty.

  267. Carp, you really didn’t have to defend yourself. Most of us know where your coming from. I didn’t come here until now because I was so bummed by the 2-0 loss. I was the same after the Flyers loss. I came here and soon forgot about the loss to the Senators. The humor here is very soothing.
    Ranger fans follow the team because for every bad game there is a good one. I don’t think we could handle constant success. Thank you for your comments, spot on as usual!

  268. Linda "NOW... PLAIN ZZZZERRRROOO!!!" on


    good to see LB coming here getting ideas eh? :-)

    Torts is so in love with Brashera inthe lineup because of the money he makes, that he’ll make sure he puts on a depend, drinks his ensure, takes his st. josephs baby aspirin, and is wrapped in jonhson and johnson gauze to make this game tonight.

    “Nicked” is something you do when you’re shaving, BRITTLE AND BROKEN DOWN is what overpaid (trend) former enforcers are.

  269. Brashere is your new whipping boy, after all he is the reason this team can’t score. you want to replace him with Voros, who is the old whipping boy, or Lisin, who many here have called “Rico Fata”. none of these guys are the problem. the problem is the so called top players. the Rangers only have 1, Gaborik, the rest are 3rd and 4th liners at best.Higgins, Avery, and Drury have produced nothing. Staal is an OK player, who is to soft. but lets blame Brashere, and after him blame Voros, and then blame Lisin. after all these guys are the real problem.

  270. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Comments, what was your old ‘nickname’ when all those “other” posters were here?

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Sorry Carp , #7 was bad!!! ” … says Greg L., what was that nickname *Salty* affectionately gave you? I can’t remember.

    I’ve been reading this blog about 5 years, people come and go but the general hockey knowledge doesn’t change. Staal Wart’s been here as long (prob longer) and a few others. People get busy and leave. Some people want an optimist’s view (rose colored glasses and leave). Others want to read Dubi from BB talk about the NHL targetting the Rangers and how no matter how good they are (if you believe it) they can’t win because Bettman and Campbell want to see the Rangers lose… whatever. Some go, some stay, but the truth is more people read this blog now than any other time i’ve been here. Just because we don’t talk about what you, *Comments* want to talk about, doesn’t mean it’s any better or worse you judgmental abdelkader.

  271. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Bull dog.
    You’re right, you really are. Some people just see Drury, Redden, Rozy, Kotalik as immovable objects… and they all are except perhaps Kotalik and Rozy or Redden packaged with a prospect. Beyond those gaffe’s (and they’re far from small ones) is the problem of Brashear and everyone (including Torts and Sather) who thought he’d be better than Orr… Umm. And the fact that Gabby can’t score and looks pretty miserable the last 8-10 games. Oh well. We live and die with this team, which is Carp’s general sentiment. But that’s why we’re boneheads.

  272. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    Bull Dog

    No one has ever said the reason they are losing is because of Brashear. Brashear was signed for a specific reason. He was signed for VERY good money. He is NOT fulfilling his “JOB” expectations. I really dont think any of us were expecting him to put up points. Just to enforce, protect LQ, stick up for his team mates and be the intimidating force he was with other teams and MAYBE chip in a goal here and there. HE HAS DONE NONE OF THAT!

  273. Rush is awesome! They do indeed still tour and still kick Bfuyglien.

    Carter Beauford used to wear hockey jerseys including a Rangers jersey back around 94-95 when the band was getting big off Under The Table and Dreaming. They’re ok but much like the Islanders, their fanbase is soooooo annoying.

  274. No, Carp, I think I’ve been reading you loud and clear, and I think I’ve been reading this blog loud and clear all along. The tone here is consistently negative. Even since you took the place of Weinman, the flavor here has changed–soured.

    And way to make a dig at my intelligence, by the way. I’m an English teacher. Teaching kids. You write a blog about a team you hardly care for. I’ll let our occupations speak for themselves.

    Listen, guy, you want to read real fans making real points, stop by one of these days. Or have a look at Actually, the Rodent made some great points about the game that you failed to, and there certainly wasn’t any pom-pom waving going on over there, just for the record.

  275. GM, everyone! Good posts, true fans.

    I suggest we initiate class act lawsuit against LB for plagiarism. Anyone up for the paper work?

    Carp, can we bother you for a new post? This one is taking too much time to scroll down. Ecpecially if you’re driving on iPhone ;)

  276. TheGill- if you’ve been reading this blog for long time, you should know that Rodent’s site does get quoted and linked too on daily basis. And by the way, speaking of negativity…But that’s a totally different conversation.

    May I ask you, what does your point have to do with your profession? Or with your intelligence for that matter.
    You sound very angry, for whatever reason. You know what:”Iuppiter iratus ergo nefas”

    And, lastly, if this place makes you so unhappy, why come back?

  277. We obviously come here because we like to…we like interacting with each other, we like conversing with each other when things are going great and things are going badly…the fact is…we like it! So, if people don’t, just shut up and go away…Why is this so difficult?

    You like it – stay
    You don’t – go

    Seems simple to me!

  278. Good afternoon all here
    Most Ranger fans are not real happy with Brashear, because he is a guy signed for a lot of cash to do a job he is not able to do. We were or at least I understood that he was picked up because he was a lot better all round player and better fighter than Colten Orr. Well I would say that is still up in the air, he has not proved that to me. As far as him being part of the scoring problems. The amount of fire he would provide would be like a pop gun. It would not make any differance.

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