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From the Rangers:

January 14, 2010 – New York Rangers 0, Ottawa Senators 2 (Game #47, Home #25)

·         The Rangers were defeated by the Ottawa Senators, 2-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and have now posted a record of 22-18-7 (51 pts.) overall and 10-11-4 (24 pts.) at home this season.
·         New York have now recorded a point in 12 of their last 14 games (9-2-3), and are 8-2-1 (17 pts.) against Northeast Division opponents this season.
·         The Rangers penalty kill held the Senators scoreless in one power play opportunity, and have now held their opponents scoreless on the man advantage in their last 21 chances, including each of the last seven games overall and the last five games at MSG.
·         Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves and has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 16 of his last 19 games; prior to Chris Campoli’s goal at 18:46 of the third, Lundqvist stopped 81 consecutive shots and registered a 127:06 scoreless streak, dating back to Jan. 9 at Boston (D. Wideman, 16:16 of the third period).
·         Rangers Captain Chris Drury registered a season-high 19 faceoff wins, and recorded a 79% (19-24) success rate; he has recorded a 50%-or-better faceoff winning percentage in each of the last six games, registering a 63.1% (77-122) success rate over the span; Drury also tied for the team-high with five shots on net.
·         The Rangers won 44 of 63 faceoffs for a success rate of 70% in the contest.
·         Ryan Callahan tallied a team-high six hits in 19:54 of icetime, and has now registered 165 hits on the season; entering tonight’s contest, Callahan ranked fourth overall in the NHL in hits.
·         The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Jan. 15, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the St. Louis Blues on Saturday, Jan. 16, at the Scottrade Center (8:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set; the game will be televised live on PIX 11 and can be heard on 970 The Apple.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “We were outworked.  That team wanted to play harder than we did tonight.  They deserve what they got and we deserve what we got.  It is funny what happens.  It is simple game of work habit and they simply worked harder.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “We played hard for the whole game and then I don’t know what we did in the last minute.  When you don’t score, a mistake like that costs you.  It is frustrating because, I think, everybody is playing hard and playing solid defensively but it comes down to we need to score goals, too.”
Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “No excuses. I don’t understand why we’re not ready, but we have to start getting prepared to play games. We wanted to make sure there was no let down after the (New) Jersey game, after being such an emotional game, and I thought we did that and tonight we come out and we have a start like that. I don’t know what the explanation is but it definitely has to change.”

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  1. I said it a few games ago, this team gets satisfied way too easy with modest success.

    The difference between a team like the Rangers and a team like the Devils, where I truly believe there’s a marginal difference in talent, is that the Devils play like they did the other night every time they take the ice. Maybe that’s a reason they’ve sort of flamed out in the playoffs the last couple of years because they beat themselves up in the regular season, but the Rangers don’t have enough talent to half-festival of ass it.

  2. I don’t understand why I am so let down when I was pretty much expecting this to happen. Oh well. On to the next one. Goodnight all.

  3. excellent post CT. this ‘we’re not ready’ excuse has already jumped the mako!

    oh yea!!! a hard days night is on vh1 classic!!!!

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The Rangers don’t NEED to win. There’s no one to drive the incentive. 8th or better is good enough. As much a bastage as Keenan was, he could get them to play for it all. Neil Smith got them to play for it all. Dolan doesn’t care. Sather doesn’t care. Until we get someone in charge that does, we will never win.

    We have to wait.

  5. At least most of the other teams trailing the Rangers lost tonight. And the ‘Yotes just scored!!!

  6. OH no! Princess Dubinsky has the WORST SMELLING POOPS in the WORLD. I know it’s TMI. But I live in a 1br apt. If I can deal with smelling it, you guys can deal with reading about it. It’s byfuglien disgusting. Ugh!

  7. holy crap we graduated to cat poop chat!

    there are no boundaries here.
    aves and his NO CENSOR BUTTON personality would love it here

  8. No Prucha, and Korpedo was only an assist, but it’s better than any current Ranger has done in about 5 periods worth of hockey.

  9. Chico Resch is great comic relief. I love his explanations for when Marty gets scored on. “Uhh…uh…after watching the replay 37 times, it looks like some fan wearing one of those puck hats was right behind the puck!” “Uh…Marty wasn’t expecting the pass, Doc! He was surprised! Unfortunate.” Chico, dude, he can get beat sometimes and still be a great goalie. Relax, man.

  10. Oh, and the best part is, since she’s the alpha, she’ll just leave it there til Gomez decides to bury it. So it’ll stink for like 30 BYFUGLIEN MINUTES. Ew. It’s soooooo gross.

  11. Sather's WrapUp on


    Hello again from the World’s Most Famous-est Arena!

    Maaaaaarrrtyyyyyyyyy! Maaaaaarrrtyyyyyyyyy! You gotta learn how to psyche out the Ottawa goalie, Ranger fans.

    Boy, Stan Fischler knows some of the most Amazing But True stories! He was telling me that one day, back in the old days of Penn Station, a man and his young son arrived for an afternoon Ranger game. In the HUGE crowd at the station, the boy got separated and lost, and they never found him. TWENTY YEARS LATER, the old man happened to be back at Penn Station, at the very spot where his son was lost, and there, standing right in front of him- was another HUGE crowd! Amazing But True!

    I have a hot tip for Ranger fans, and it’s not at the end of my Stogy. I think there’s a trade imminent with Ottawa! I suggested we get Kovalev back to New York. In exchange, we would send Redden back to Ottawa. Their GM said it would be a damn cold day before they would take Redden back. So I figure it will be sometime in January…

    (singing) “Oh, Mandy! Well you came and you gave without takin” Whoops, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone. S’appinin, Big Guy? Yep! Another sellout! That’s a win, no matter what the score is. That is fan loyalty! No, Brashear WAS wearing skates… Well, we could try double runners… You don’t need to remind me about Brash all the time. I’m not perfect, you know. I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong. How’s D’Antoni working out for you? See if he can pull a rabbit out of his ass! Geez, you cry more than Messier does. (click)

    (I know it was cruel, but he just pisses me off sometimes.)

    I had to go down after the first period to motivate the team. Just like in the old days, when I was coach. I gave them the old Newt Rockne Speech. I said they needed to play with some in-testicle fortitude. I told them they needed to win one for the Zipper!

    Mrs. Sather says Hello to all those nice fans at Rangers Report. All except Olga, who should STFU already. God! Does that train of thought have a caboose?

    See you in St Louis. Oh! That reminds me, I gotta find my passport…
    Uncle Glennie

  12. SidelineObserver on

    So Madison Square Garden is now to be known as “The Worlds Most Famous Litter Box”?

  13. Tank The Season on


    It will probably be the long-rumored deal with Edmonton for Cogliano and Souray. I would have to think Lisin and Rozsival will be going the other way, if not more.

  14. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    ok so first off, someone, ANYONE, needed to pay a little visit to neil after that hit on AA, legal or not (i’m leaning towards legal). I have said it before, avery needs to be on the line with gabby. Regardless of who is the center, avery draws enough attention himself on the ice that it WILL give gabby more space…period!!!

    speaking of centers, it is so sad as kovy is sitting there whacking away at hank for a puck staal just basically leans on kovy a bit and tries to stick check and get the puck instead of just putting kovy on his ass, finally a center (christensen) comes and hits him…..SAD SAD SAD defence with no courage or guts!! I would honestly trade dubi and sangs right now (sorry sally) to the sens for volchenkov and carkner (told you the guy can fight and he’s a d man that can enforce every 3rd shift instead of a “enforcer” that plays 3 minutes a night).

    lastly, hank has every right to be pissed and i love the slap shot line of “trade me right frakking now”, he should just go and say it to slatipuss. We need a center like richards or lecavalier for gabby almost as bad as we need a couple of hard charging hitters on D!!!!!

  15. so is souray gonna ok a trade to an east coast team? i had heard he wanted to stay out west to be closer to his kids. Rozsival being traded could benefit all parties involved. He just may need a change of scenery

    he already has a great nickname, so we wouldnt have to give him one.

  16. listen to your dr for Gods sake on

    Nasty 1
    January 14th, 2010 at 11:53 am
    Yeah man, that is what the doc told me too. I just don’t know what I want to do yet. I have a problem with my myocardium, which is the muscle that increases and decreases in size when your heart beats and pumps blood. I had something called myocarditis, which is pretty much an infection of that muscle because I let a throat infection go untreated. Now that muscle was compromised.

    cherepanov was one of ones to die of this per the link you cited

    you have 2 young kids do the right thing

  17. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    I would be happy if he did waive his clause to come here, like you said it’s a win/win. Rozy gone and a more physical d man in his place!!

  18. Ok…I know we lost 1-0 and I read the comments…and I didn’t see the Devils game either Tuesday (I don’t miss a game in 2 freakin years and the first one was that one)

    Someone enlighten me please on how the Rangers were so bad in a 1-0 loss since I didn’t see the game

  19. I am completely ashamed to be a fan of this team. Seriously, i used to walk around with my Rangers jersey, like i was the man, but now i don’t wear any of my Rangers clothes, because im to ashamed, and embarrassed.

    Boy, am i glad i didn’t drop $300 for a new jersey.

    Im not going to games, and im not buying their sh*t. This team doesn’t deserve the money.

    I thought after Renney got fired, we would stop witnessing the 3rd string goalies transforming to Hall of Famer’s before our eyes, but noooo.

    The only enjoyable moment was watching Brashit get dumped….TWICE ! Haha, better luck next time.

  20. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    you are correct sir.

    decent amount of scrums, carkner caught brash with a pretty good shot that put him down, several of us boneheads could have generated more offencive chances than the rangers did, higgins supposedly played (or someone wearing 21 anyhow), dubi picked his nose, the line combos changed every other shift or so, hank was rightfully a bit frustrated, neil threw a hard fairly legal hit that almost killed AA…that’s all!!!

  21. Wicky

    Thanks! That sounds like the Rangers…I hope this doesn’t lead to us regressing back to what we were and we can remember that we’ve got points in 12 of 14 or whatever it is…These are big games coming up against Montreal and Tampa (with JD in between)

  22. The Stars may be willing to deal according to and they do owe us for taking Avery! Maybe something will happen.

    Anyway, goodnight all, I’ll be back on here tomorrow night!

  23. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    no worries and i forgot to add that cable is still the coach… far!

  24. It’s more than “we were outworked” ( although that’s reason enough), but the fact is that this team is indeed the lousiest passing team in this league. Amateurish is too kind a word. They stink when it comes to knowing how and where and when to throw a pass…and all you had to do was watch the Islanders the other night, and you’d have seen a mountain of difference. There are far too many guys here who just throw the puck anywhere in the general direction of a blue shirt ( usually forcing the receiver to play hopscotch with a bouncing puck,) and they just love that long long long pass that allows them to not skate with it. Avery continually came to the blue line and dumped the puck, and NOBODY attempted to go in after it. They went the entire first 10 minutes of that first period playing completely in their own zone…largely because no one wanted to skate. This team is beginning to really and truly bore the hell out of me.

  25. Dubinsky was pissing his knickers from the first faceoff across from Chris Neil.

    Brashear is done. He can’t fight, and is less effective than Voros. Even Voros fights better and that is ridiculous.

    The Craptain makes me sick. Can he still throw a 55 mph curveball? I doubt it. He has lost everything else.

    Rozi doesn’t need a change of scenery, he needs a career change.

    Redden is a rotting corpse out there.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed the game last night.

  26. Wicky…Boogard and Carkner are both UFAs next year.
    Sather,over pay those two pronto(ill take big mean d-man,John Scott, from Minny too).

  27. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I posted a few days ago that girardi was the cause of most goals against in recent games and that staal’s been over-rated for his actual performance this season, last night was a great example. Girardi cant’ keep up with Kovalev, which is fine as long as Girardi decides to stick man to man or let Higgins cover him. Instead, Girardi gets stuck somewhere in between, the forwards don’t know whether they should stay on their men or release to help girardi and then Kovalev isolates staal on a 2 on 1 in which case Staal pulls this halfashe block, deer in headlights move he and girardi have done all season. Staal not only does nothing defensively, he also screens Hank pretty well too.

    Disheartening watching those two, especially girardi whose positional play is probably the worst on this team… Except for Voros (who lacks a position entirely)

  28. a bunch of 3rd line talent, when they outwork teams we are in the game when we don’t it’s nights like last night. Serious LOFT out there some good guys to root for and some youth, but until Sather is removed and some serious shakeup to give us cap space we are what we are. 7-12 place in the East.

  29. why haven’t they dressed 7 d all year? Are those 6 just too good to need as 7th?…..absurd mistake by the coach and the gm………………especially how the 4th line is used………….they need 8 d on most nights, instead they lean on Henrik to make the 6 survive.

  30. oh man what disastrous night..

    You wait until 1 am until the match starts and then you have some technical hiccups with the pictures and then you see a team which definitely unable to put this round rubber in a nets….you read or listen to all the stuff before the game, and then you really think its not worth the ballyhoo…

    and even highlights are not much around, the games burbles around with not much energy with the only exception the completly stupid attempt of a player, who really no one wants on the team, including fight another jerk…

    but i dont know, what it really is, but even when I look games with much more talented teams like the Sharks, Pens or Wings, the level of play dropped extremly and you rarely see even in the big matchups a good entertainment any more..

    then very often time for me to phocus on some different sports or even other things…

    I am sorry Carp, but I dont tolerate any kind of mediocrity when so much money is involved either if its the New York Rangers der FC Bayern München or a guy like Roger Federer who is not showing the same level of play than before…

    Then you need to draw some conclussion…
    Those guys want to earn so much money, want to get treated like heroes from the press and fans, and how about the product on the ice, the pitch or the court…???????

  31. I have traveled around the world for more than 25 years now, to see those events, but right now, you never had fewer passion for this like right now…


    I watched him now for five minutes in a game for Avangard in Russia. But what a heck a multi millonire like him can have to play in this mickey mouse league only because he can earns problably one or two millions more as in New York…

    How much can you have fun to live in the outskirts of the world as in contrast to New York because a multi millonaire have one or two millions a year more…

    What a ridicolous figure, a complety farce..


  33. Good morning all, there are two things I want to say today.

    1. The amount of games we have lost due to not scoring are far more than the ones we have lost because Hank let in a soft goal. Anyone who thinks we should trade him is crazy.

    2. I am just as pissed off as anyone with the loss last night, but I am more concerned with the game/s tomorrow night and Sunday. We all expected a loss last night. We all WANTED a win, but really expected what happened to happen. It happens all the time when two rival teams play such a high tempo exciting game. The Devils lost too, to the Desert Rangers. Now they scored 3 goals in a 4-3 loss, but they loss all the same. You have to get past a game like this, and see what the mental state of the team is in the games that follow a game after games like Tuesday night. I hope I made sense in that last sentence. I know they are professionals, and they should always be mentally prepared, but this team is still a slightly above average team, if that, and they are going to have games like this, just like many teams in pro sports. We have had a decent run here, getting points and whatnot. Let’s start to panic if we lose the next two.

  34. koala- the jersey game was great. it was a game that was so hardly fought that losing didnt really feel like a loss. it felt like a proud moment especially for hank and the team played tough. it was a good loss. last night was unreal. they definitely were hung over or just thought a team with most of their best players out, at home, would be easy. gabby would score 2 goals and wed win 2-1 or somethin. they really played down to the sens lat night and it was embarrassing. how does torts and the rest of them say”we just wrent ready”, or we need to make sure we play the way we have to” after the season is more than half over and were not in a position to be throwing around points, especially at home to a crap team. if they dont wanna play their hearts out for the fans and for the ranger sweater, then i dont wann watch them. this season has been so up and down, and its only 1 game, but you can see torts has no control over these guys, and he may have to start benching, demoting, or just smack some sense into these guys. i wouldve hoped to see them do sprints for an hour after a game like that. remeber last night when i was having problems watching on that crappy hockey streams? i went and watched it on sopcast and i said, why did i bother? i almost fell asleep a few times watching. thats why i feel bad for people to pay to go to the games. but you can see they arent selling out anymore. i dont see that as surprising, cuz they dont score, they dont fight, stick up for each other, they barely get a scoring chance on a minor league goalie, and they now are 22-25. 25 losses to 22 wins. 60 percent of teh time u go to the garden to watch the rangers they will lose. the only thing worth paying to see is henrik. he will make tons of great saves and he cares. he cares enough to keep these bunch of sloths in teh game. the guy has played soo well, hes not let in more than 1 or 2 goals in almost every start since december.

  35. Leetchhalloffame on

    Anybody who thinks the Rangers are going to be a playoff/Cup factor this year is drinking the Kool-Aide. FIRE SATHER!!

  36. Down to the level of the Sens? If they only matched the intensity of the Sens for the first 30 minutes it could have been a good game.

    And as much as I hate JoeMich, he was right about the Sens overplaying the puck thinking they needed to beat Lundqvist on quick puck movement rather than straight up shots. They passed up at least half a dozen good scoring opps with an extra pass.

  37. Grab, Sather has sold the Rangers Future in handing out ridicolous contracts to Drury, Redden, Roszival, so there is nothing more possible ….

    no cap space to acquire someone who is able to score….
    so what is more to discuss ???

    For me it is way beyond understanding that this man is still allowed to strike terror into people´s heart..

    in any other markets they would have him butchered up five years ago….

    truth to be told no one can take the Rangers serious for allowing this to go on all the time…

  38. Nasty1- I don’t think people here panic. Not yet. Everyone is just upset that the same team can play 2 totally different games within 48 hours. And yes, they are professionals, and very well paid ones. So they are expected to perform accordingly. As are you and I when we come to work every day. That “expected” letdown from Tuesday’s game is on the players, coaches and team leadership.
    Hank isn’t going anywhere, no matter what some visitors here say.

  39. nasty- im sorry, but as much as i want to give them a pass for last night because its what was ‘
    expected” and because of such an emotional game tuesday, i cant. they lost. thats it. they lost badly too. not even a fight put up. i cant say im that surprised, but thats just because we have been through this so many times before with them, no matter who is on our team, who is coaching, or any other circumstances. if they arent ready to play hard every night, then do something else with your life. let the guys in hartford play for them then, i dont care, but not scoring 1 lousy goal after almost 100 shots and more than 2 full games, is just pathetic and to be honest i thought we would come out after the timeout torts took and even after teh first intermission and just blow these guys out of teh water. i see what youre saying though. i am very demanding of these guys to play hard everynight, i am just like that. when i used to play in my roller hockey league, i started out as the worst d man on the team. i wanted to play fwd but i had a kotalik type shot and wasnt fast enough. i was slow as shanny. but none of us were getting paid to do this, we loved the game. by the halfway point i was playing like a madman. i didnt score but 2 goals in each of the 3 seasons i played, but i was the best shutdown d man on the team and played more minutes than anybody. coach had me out there every other shift and i loved it. these guys are gettin paid tons of money to play the game they love and look like they couldnt care less at times. still, i dont kow what it takes to play in the nhl. i dont know what the pressure of it feels like, and what teh players go through night in and night out. i just want them to play consistently hard no matter what team theyre playing or how emotionally drained they may be.

  40. ct- what i meant was them coming out of the gate not ready for the level the sens were prepared to play at. thats what i meant, not that both teams were playing even . it all came down to the rangers thinking they had this game as a lock to win. they thought even if we get scored on 1-2 times gabby will bail us out or someone will score. none of them took the leadership to start setting the tempo for the rangers except drury,cally and avery. and they arent skilled enough. drury wasnt that good either, but he won us so many faceoffs, gainedpossession only for rozy or dz or girardi to throw the puck up the boards to a guy who was being covered already or up the middle just to get a change. the d need to learn how and when to pass. they made the fwds have to come back and bail them out constantly last njight.

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nasty – The voice of reason here on Carpo’s blog!

    Couldnt agree more

    I thought from the minute the puck dropped they played like crap, but I was expecting it too.

    I thought we would sneak away with a point going to overtime, but Hank made 1 mistake, as well as Gabby, and game over.

    Trading Hank supporters – Your are complete morons whoever you are and no nothing about Hockey, period.

    3-1-3 for the month of Jan so far
    9 games left to play
    if we win HALf of the remaining games it will be a prodcutive month, but Im STILL sticking to my prediction:

    were going to win at least 9 games.

    Come on brothers and sisters stay positive.
    One game in the last 14 that we didn’t get a point, not too shabby.


  42. Grabachev, I totally get where you are coming from man, but I just differ in opinion a little. I will feel exactly the same way if we lose the next two games, or even one of the next two. Games like last night are either blips in a stretch of pretty much good play, or the start of a losing streak. I am hoping it is the first.

  43. Carp, I did LMAO at your sarcastic “NHL COMES UP BIG” last night. Especially because the amount they gave was exactly 1/5th of what one baseball team( Yankees) gave to Haiti. But I applaud NHL for doing it. Everyone gives what they can. That’s what keeps amazing about our country. People give what they can. Some give money, some give their time, some their skills. This disaster in Haiti may reach the magnitude we’ve never seen before.

  44. I can’t stand seeing Dreary’s hang dog look anymore. What am I missing with Dreary? Does he have photos of Dolan and Sather with farm animals? Captain comotose.

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