It’s O (as in Ottawa) time!


Same lineup for the Rangers, now 100 percent healthy (or at least, everybody available). That means Voros and Lisin get prucha’d, Lundqvist in goal.

The Rangers go from one Brodeur (Marty, with the shootout shutout after 51 saves on Tuesday) to another (Mike, who has had one NHL start and is undefeated). Mike gets the start for Ottawa tonight, according to Andrew Gross.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.


I think I’m going solo on the live chat tomorrow at noon. Sorry fellas. Anyway, you can access it by clicking here or by pasting this link into your browser. I’ll post it again later and tomorrow:



Just got this: The NHL donated $100,000 to Unicef for Haitian earthquake relief. Good job, NHL.

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  1. I want a win tonight. I want a regulation win where we score at least 2 or 3 more goals than them.

    Ilb, I will be in touch. Linda, I try to keep a big ol smile on Mrs. Nasty’s face all the time ;)

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lower ranked team, home game, lots of Ottawa injuries, Backup goalie?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    Oh! And FIRE SATHER!

  3. there ya go Nasty! you’re livin right!

    damn freakin hockeystreams!!!!!! and i am NOT downloading whatever sopcast is, all i need is THIS computer gettin effed up

  4. its ridiculous how the guy just gave freakin attitude… ‘wait a minute.’ uh jackass the games been on for like 8 minutes and we have no video

  5. thats really no way to handle paying customers. if he was in front of me, i’d give him a smack in the head

  6. uh,no feed means NO PICTURE…aaaaargh…

    thank God he got off his lazy arse and fixed the problem

  7. lundqvist got lucky? how bout kovalev got lucky that the puck popped right to him, lundqvist with a disgusting save

  8. i’m stuck with the lame sens guys…grrr. tried to listen to the rangers radiocast with the video, but it was too weird!

  9. Looks like the boys are doing their damnedest to make sure this one doesn’t have that “1-0 game from the start” feeling.

  10. i love the guy but staals havin a tough period, 2 or 3 giveaways and a penalty now.. he’ll regroup though

  11. Ah, Ryan Shannon, I now live in his hometown.

    Terrible start, Henrik deserves the rest of the team’s salary so far.

  12. If you wanna listen to the rangers broadcast, go to aol radio. they have all the local sports stations

  13. Ricky, thanks.

    I just meant that the video lag was about 45 seconds behind the radio broadcast and it was just too confusing for my old brain!

  14. OK, good kill. Perhaps Ottawa will get discouraged. That’s the only way to get them back in lol

  15. He may give up a few soft goals, but Lundqvist give them a chance to win almost every single night. He’s been ROCK solid the last few weeks.

  16. cripes what happened to these guys since tuesday, and WHY IS BRASTRAP still playing ever effin game???? Nice alternating there Tortsnocchio

  17. carp must have a detector that goes off when I post so he knows to put a new post post up lmao

  18. Good play Aves, but I would have preferred to see him hesitate to allow Gaborik to glide into the slot.

  19. Anyone know of a link that’s mac-friendly that I can watch the game on? I’m in DC and I can’t find anything!

  20. i’m in houston. and i can’t find a link that works anywhere…justin. tv,, ustream, adthe all not working

  21. you can always sign up for GameCenter on then tomorrow call and say, you made a mistake, that you have dial-up, and have no need for it.

  22. ok i usualy dont make fun of Joe M but did he really call that “Drury EXPLODING off the boards” ???
    i never hate on him but gimme a break

  23. BANJ

    Haha, i wish. That’s a great job. I wish i got paid to sit through movies just to record the nudie scenes and put them on a website.

    “The Brashear hat-trick: one takedown, one knockdown, one minute of ice-time”

    Lol, I love that.

  24. The Rangers do give up an inordinate amount of 1st, 2nd, 3rd goals of the season/career don’t they?

  25. If NHL listened to what Torts is saying in the locker room now, the fine would be enough to buy the Yankees.

  26. if this guy says madison square GARDENSSSSS one more time, I am gonna choke him out messblake style

  27. i think higgins needs to be sequestered, or better yet, quarantined from the rest of the team, except for brashear

  28. brashear looked at medusa and turned to stone. they are actually using a remote control to propel him. they have to justify that 1.4 mill a year X2

  29. A lot of people say lung fist. Sounds like some kinky carp that someone would do to a dead body.

    It was bad enough getting shut out by the Hall of Fame Fatos Broduer, but now we’re getting shut out by his illegitimate son ? Unreal.

  30. lmao ORR. every time they say this guys name, i shudder and feel like throwin fried twinkies at him. And carrie underwood must be there cuz these dudes keep sayin fishers name

  31. They did at the beginning of the season. Dont know what happened? No consistency..

    Good to see Artie on the PP though….

  32. ok, can someone please give these guys some of the gummi bear vitamins, or some viagra or something. Whats worse is the sens announcers, sheesh they sound like they are calling a wake!

  33. I don’t know everyone, my fake post game interview with Torts might come true if they keep up this play.

  34. Olga- could be in the dentist’s chair…

    Where is Miami? His evaluation of the first two perids would be right on the money.

  35. CCCP

    He has some AMAZING skills. Did you every see some games when he played for Pittsburgh? Played his best (consistent hockey) there. He was a treat to watch with Jagr & Straka.

  36. At least Gabby knows the best thing to do is get the puck on net. I agree his shots haven’t had the zip on them as earlier in the year.

  37. ilb

    LOL yeah but they got him back a few times LOL errr like Nedved and um Ruchinsky and mmmmm who else did they have back a few times?

  38. nyrguy, nothing to update…its another of those blah games still 0-0 with 10 minutes left in the 3rd

  39. Jeez…I DVR’d it hoping I wouldn’t miss another great one…I need to start telling my job to only send me to Kansas in summer! I have the game on the radio now from the rangers website

    Why does the crowd sound so loud??

  40. MAKO- I know. They should’ve let him grow. Smith said before the first trade:”We’ve seen everything Alex can offer” Uh huh..

  41. did you guys get it the first 600 times??

    Drury’s been great! Drury’s been great! Drury’s been great! Drury’s been great! Drury’s been great! Drury’s been great!

    He’s been tremendous!
    He’s been tremendous!
    He’s been tremendous!

    did you hear it??

  42. lmao sorry i am missing that! didnt you see that great glide the captain just did. he got tens across the board!!!

  43. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    Drury just exploded off of the boards!

    Drury just keeps going with the puck!

    Drury with a nice take-away!


    Gag, barf, spit, fart.

  44. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    Then I’ll be up thinking about what already on my mind and how piss poor they played tonight LOL

  45. i’m too lazy to do this, but for the next game, does anyone want to type everything that they say about drury and then post it after the game? that’d be fun.

  46. its a disgrace that this team cannot score.
    wow, he is freakin pissed, and he has every freakin right to be.

  47. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    WHAT A JOKE THIS IS! LQ plays his ass off and this rookie punk gets a shut out.

  48. NYRGuy do you like goals? Specifically Rangers goals? If not then this one was a beauty.

  49. Can’t say that anything I saw tonight surprised me. Mediocre team hangs on at the talent of their goalie and blew it in the last minute of the game. Nothing new there.

  50. just got in, what i miss? hahahahahahahahaahahah holy crap, im gonna just let the game do the talkin.
    p.s. mako- ur boy has no wins yet. hmmmm. talk about clutch play by gabby to screw up his defense assignment. man hes looked like doggydoo lately. well, hes looks just like the rest of teh team. hes burnt out u can see it. poor guy is burnt out!!! do u think the guy who does the announceing falls asleep during periods knowing he wont have to play th goal song for awhile?

  51. not as bad as the flyer fiasco but horrible..

    the senators did the d man sneak in down low all game and gaborik gambled with 2 minutes left for no reason.

    this team thinks they are good and they can take teams easy, that is laughable.. hey lucky lisin is sitting after all they have all the scoring they need…..

    henrik played well that is it…. what a disgrace………………………..this team will break your heart every time…….

  52. that was a tremendous waste of two and a half hours that i wont get back…when should we expect Torts and Hanks letters of resignation?

  53. And how does nobody do anything on the late hit by Neal on Anisimov?? Can somebody stand up for their teammates?!

  54. redden was the worst d man on the ice tonight, but del zotto was a close second…

    but at the end of the day you give up 1 goal, you should not lose………..

    henrik should demand a trade……

  55. Rick, i’m sure we all ask each other that same question over and over again. 31 years…sheeeeeeesh.

    when does Hank demand his trade?

  56. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    Its in our blood. Win or Lose, Happiness or pain – we love them and support them. No other way to describe it.

  57. Hey, anyone going to the game on Sunday and want to meet up? I’m thinking of taking my brother. We went to the opener and hung out at Blarney before the game… they have great food and I’m craving SOMETHING from them… and booze…

  58. gluttons for punishment, i think thats what they call it!

    ya just love em, what else can you say?

  59. That was brutal, it’s hard to believe they can be as bad as they were tonight. Hank has got to be really mad at these guys. None of them played good, Gaborik’s been a Ranger long enough to have lost his scoring touch. Tonight this team not only lacked scoring, but they also didn’t have any thing that resembled game. They got beat to the puck to often, and lost puck battles constantly. They had nothing tonight period.

  60. Not matter how much Joe tells us how great Drury is playing, the truth is on the ice. He is a step away from the play, can’t connect with passes, has no offensive instincts. He’s Blair Betts, nothing more, nothing less.
    How nice to blame Gaborik at the end. Gaborik is in a slump — can’t imagine why, when all the opposing coach has to do is cover him the entire game and the rest of the Rangers won’t do anything themselves. Gaborik will have 2 guys on him, and the Rangers are still trying to feed him the puck. Yet Tortorella doesn’t play him at the last minute to punish him for a defensive mistake? Drury is supposed to do something at the end? When was the last time that ever happened?

  61. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello again from the World’s Most Famous-est Arena!

    Maaaaaarrrtyyyyyyyyy! Maaaaaarrrtyyyyyyyyy! You gotta learn how to psyche out the Ottawa goalie, Ranger fans.

    Boy, Stan Fischler knows some of the most Amazing But True stories! He was telling me that one day, back in the old days of Penn Station, a man and his young son arrived for an afternoon Ranger game. In the HUGE crowd at the station, the boy got separated and lost, and they never found him. TWENTY YEARS LATER, the old man happened to be back at Penn Station, at the very spot where his son was lost, and there, standing right in front of him- was another HUGE crowd! Amazing But True!

    I have a hot tip for Ranger fans, and it’s not at the end of my Stogy. I think there’s a trade imminent with Ottawa! I suggested we get Kovalev back to New York. In exchange, we would send Redden back to Ottawa. Their GM said it would be a damn cold day before they would take Redden back. So I figure it will be sometime in January…

    (singing) “Oh, Mandy! Well you came and you gave without takin” Whoops, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone. S’appinin, Big Guy? Yep! Another sellout! That’s a win, no matter what the score is. That is fan loyalty! No, Brashear WAS wearing skates… Well, we could try double runners… You don’t need to remind me about Brash all the time. I’m not perfect, you know. I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong. How’s D’Antoni working out for you? See if he can pull a rabbit out of his ass! Geez, you cry more than Messier does. (click)

    (I know it was cruel, but he just pisses me off sometimes.)

    I had to go down after the first period to motivate the team. Just like in the old days, when I was coach. I gave them the old Newt Rockne Speech. I said they needed to play with some in-testicle fortitude. I told them they needed to win one for the Zipper!

    Mrs. Sather says Hello to all those nice fans at Rangers Report. All except Olga, who should STFU already. God! Does that train of thought have a caboose?

    See you in St Louis. Oh! That reminds me, I gotta find my passport…
    Uncle Glennie

  62. “I do not know how you guys root for this team. I really don’t.”

    Carp, it’s what separates the loyalists from the bandwagoners.

    You never stop believing, even when you have a team like this.

  63. It doesn’t take Dennis Green to tell you they are what we know they are. This had trap game written all over it.

  64. I sometimes think I have been a Ranger fan to long. Its like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. It feels so good when you stop. The problem is I can’t seem to stop. Looking forward to Sunday maybe they will be better.

  65. This team has no b@lls. What a bunch of wimps.

    Who cares about a team that lets themselves get beat up at home in front of a full house?

  66. ohh stop with hank demanding a trade talk. hes gettin paid big bucks and is the king of nyc. he dont wanna go anywhere. all hank is gonna do is just take the money and resign himself to the fact that he will never win a stanley cup. hes got a gold medal. hes gona be the best goalie in rangers history. in fact, with hank, we have teh best chance of getting a cup and we are wasting his talent. i cannot stand the rest of the players on teh team. i think if hank tells slats he wants a trade, o get some damn real hockey players on teh team, slats will trade for some scorers. hank will get what he wants. yea dz was bad stuart. but look at his teammates. all of them are supposed to be teaching this kid by example on teh ice and none of them did anything tonight. it was the most boring game i ever saw. from having teh best game in a long time to this is just bad. i dont get how people pay to watch this team. i will not go and pay money to watch teh rangers until sather is gone. is this a record or something for the rangers at home to get shutout twice in arow by 2 goalies with the same name? it has to be. i feel sorry for the fans who paid for thsi game. they had it sooo easy. no alfie,spezza,michalek, both starting goalies!!! the garden crowd was deader than the mausoleum tonight.

  67. Carp- we don’t know either. But we will be back tomorrow. And Saturday. Until we all look like the smoking woman. And right after we lose another toe, the first thing we will do is go and buy ourselves another ticket.

  68. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on

    Bipolar team!!!!!!!!

    What a high coming off an amazing game to this. Mike your right.

  69. Why does Tortorella think he is some amazing sports psychologist and spend more time benching players and torturing them than strategizing an actual game plan? How effective is that? He destroyed Kotalik, no one else can score, he has some misguided faith that Chris Drury is going to step us someday, and he hurts the team by benching Gaborik? Bad coaching.
    What is his strategy to free up Gaborik? Bad coaching.

  70. Hey I didn’t even realise they were playing Saturday. Saturday against St louis, should be a good one, after Torts swears and curses at them for a while, they will come flying.

  71. hockeymon- not just that, but did you see how many times the d would just throw the puck up right to an ottawa player, or make a pass to a teammate while theyre being covered, or what redden did by skating right in front of hank and almsot putting it in his own net? the d was slow. even staal was bad. gilroy was bad but he played the best out of all them. and isnt it about time we see what the hell gilroy is doin here?> wsnt he supposed to be this great offensive d man? he doesnt do jack. gabby hasnt lost his scoring touch. its only been 4-5 games without a goal, but he is lookin crummy defensively. he cost us the game with that lazy d coverage. hes also probably burnt out from playing half the game every game. its never a dull moment with this team. its either real good or real bad. i still love ’em though. bastages!

  72. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    “Very disappointing”

    “I cant answer that… Im not in their heads, we know they were embarrassed the night before, but I guess they wrent listening”

    “No really, we were out worked, they wanted with they got, we got what we wanted. they simply worked harder.

    “This is one game, we’ve played pretty well, I dont want you start separating LQ from the team. We stunk tonight.”

  73. stupid NHL 10 game! while Prospal was out they didnt care to update the roster…now that he came back they make you update and Prospal ends up being outta the line-up!! But one thing they didnt forget is to add to this update is that Montreal has 3000 wins! im double pissed right now!!!

  74. kc- torts is a dolt. renny was smart, but gutless. torts only redeeming factor at this point is that he speaks his mind and shows emotion. he wants to be a good coach. he wants the team to win, but hes too stupid. he had them practicing the shootout in practice!!! first of all, if u have to teach players how to score on a breakaway then ur team needs serious help!! try teaching them how to score on even strength!! try teaching them where to shoot on a goalie! they mustve shot at least half of their shots from horrible angles. brodeur couldve been a body with no limbs sitting there likem a stump in the net and made the saves he did.

  75. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “Newt” Rockne?

    In-testicle Fortitude?

    You’re pretty funny. You should be a comedian.

  76. hank says the right thing, but you can just tell by his body language that this team is just slowly sucking out his soul. Goalies like him freakin deserve the best game plan, the best offense and a stellar defense. Yea yea, he has his olympic medal,but you KNOW he wants to win a Cup. Damn freakin asshat contracts wasting the best years of Hanks career… what a shame

  77. Mike… your right I spent a lot of the game wondering if the keystone cop thing was ever going to stop. After a while I realised that once they start like that it does not stop until the end of the third. They screwed up the simplest things, and like you mentioned they made passes right to Ottawa guys. I don’t know how many times they did that. Hank played great, but other than that you would be hard pressed to say much about anyone else. I don’t think Brashear can fight much anymore either.

  78. Gaborik at least was honest enough to admit he made a mistake (when does Drury ever do that?). But he shouldn’t have to control the defense as well as score all the goals. Higgins did nothing on that shift, Staal dropped down instead of picking up his man, and the d couldn’t clear the zone, which was typical of the entire game.
    There is no offensive flow whatsoever.

  79. Linda, assuming Hank plays 70 games this season, he makes $92,857 a game.

    Others make more (and are 1000% overpaid), but I’d be relaxed if I was making that kind of money.

  80. We are horrible 6-on-5. We never get it to the net. Ever. We can’t even get it deep. We might as well keep Lundqvist in, because our 6-on-5 is pathetic. Drury is always out there for some reason randomly throwing the puck around, and..ugh I can’t even think about it anymore.

    At least we got to hear the Swedish porn music at the buzzer again.

  81. Not sure if Higgins actually “played”, but a guy that looked like him was occasionally gliding around in his uniform.

  82. we have a lot of gliders eh kc…. wonder who his partner is in pair figure skating in vancouver?


    thanks for makin me see the light kc!

  83. linda- i know what youre sayin, but will hank still be able to play like this by the time the rangers become a capable and winning team? i doubt it. sather hasnt done anything in 10 years here. guys like duby and cally are good, but nothing like we thought they would be. aa,grachev?? who knows if they are gonna become stars. torts hasnt shown much. his “offensive, safe is death” mantra has us scoring less goals than tommy boy!!! im gonna hit teh bricks,. well, everyone have a good night, theres a whole lotta folks who have it much worse than us down in haiti. we’ll move on and come back ready to root them on saturday. lets just be thankful we are safe and our families rae too. some horrible stuff goin on in the world much more important than this weak ass team to get upset over. later everyone.

  84. So Tortorella punishes Gaborik by sitting him during the last minute push, so we have to endure a feeble dump-in with no Rangers getting to the puck or getting in front of the net. Random skating around with Tortorella fantasizing that Drury will somehow score a big goal. FYI, Torts, Drury hasn’t done that in years. And Callahan is a great 3rd liner, but not a consistent scoring threat.
    Higgins is unbelievably invisible, and why again is Brashear out there? Wouldn’t Lisin’s speed have been nice?

  85. MAKO is a "WANTED MAN" on


    “theres a whole lotta folks who have it much worse than us down in haiti. we’ll move on and come back ready to root them on saturday. lets just be thankful we are safe and our families are too. some horrible stuff goin on in the world much more important than this weak ass team to get upset over. later everyone.”

    Amen Bro!!! Amen.

  86. shor- dru was actually one of our best players tonight. sorry to say he really wasnt good, but better than he usually is. isnt that sad!!!/ ok now inm out!!

    mako- i copy!! 10-4!! breaker 1-9 for radio check? over n out. roger that good buddy.

  87. You guys gotta relax. It sounds like you want the rangers to be #1 in the EC. Just worry about that 8th slot for the playoffs. That’s all. Every team from #1 to #8 gets a playoff run. You’re still very much alive. VERY.

  88. hey thanks im just depressed about the game but really its just a game at teh end of teh day. its over, we sucked, but we didnt lose in teh stanley cup final. u know they are gonna come out saturday and just score right off the bat!! im thinkin we win. 1-0!!!1 lol

  89. holy carp!!! what is wrong with my keyboard??? the. not teh!!!! ok. seriously now, thanks for sharing in the misery with me tonight guys. better times are ahead for the rangers everyday that passes is another drury,sather,redden and rozy are gone. maybe dolan too!!

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