Avery update (updated)


Just got word from the Rangers that Avery is “good to go” tonight. So for the second game in a row, the Rangers will have their entire roster available.

No morning skate today.

Avery will be able to play with a bruised left foot he suffered when he blocked a shot late in that classic game against the Devils Tuesday.

Imagine, that being the biggest of your worries. Well, OK, the other one is how you get up again for a non-division, weaker opponent after playing a game like that.

But I think the Rangers are at a place now where they will find a way tonight. It might be a struggle, but I think they will extend their streak in which they have points in 12 of the last 13 games (8-1-4) with only one regulation loss.


We will have a live video chat right here tomorrow at noon. I will have the link later on today or tomorrow morning. Hope you can all come by with some questions or comments. If it does good numbers, we’ll do these regularly.

Will check back later.

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  1. My stress test was not really what I wanted it to be. I was grumpy and had such a headache from fasting all day. My BP was 130/100 which is not good at all for a 32 year old, but I took it again today and it was 118/78, which is much much better. I have a rapid heart fluttery problem and it is still there. They want me to try taking a beta blocker to try and regulate it, but I hate meds. I don’t know what I am going to do yet. Waiting for my cholesterol results to make any decisions. I don’t want to take meds that are going to make me zombie like, and god forbid it affects “other” things. Can’t be having any of that nonsense.

  2. And come on guys, nobody gave me props on my Maloney impression from the last thread. THAT WAS SPOT ON!

  3. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Nasty 1, I’m a 21 year old on beta-blockers because i had open heart surgery when i was 18. Trust me dude, having some heart problems isnt as bad as having the open heart surgery, and I even got through that. Your johnson is gonna be fine too, my girlfriend has no complaints I take beta blockers..

  4. tonight’s tickets for sale: Section 303, row D, Isle


    Steve at blackS4 dot com

    Let me know! i can email them to you immediately after payment.


  5. Yeah man, that is what the doc told me too. I just don’t know what I want to do yet. I have a problem with my myocardium, which is the muscle that increases and decreases in size when your heart beats and pumps blood. I had something called myocarditis, which is pretty much an infection of that muscle because I let a throat infection go untreated. Now that muscle was compromised.


  6. Thanks Shor, ha. I did forget that. “In all honesty” “at the end of the day” “your top performers need to get the job done”

  7. Yikes, well I hope everything goes ok Nasty. I got word yesterday from my doc that my recovery from hepatitis took a step backwards yesterday. Looks like I shouldn’t have re-introduced alcohol so quickly. No W77 for me for a while.

  8. I don’t understand why PAP isn’t recalled to help address the team’s pathetic SO efforts. PAP participated in 2 SOs and scored on both. In addition, he held his own during the games he played and in fact, if you pro-rate his point totals (and keep in mind he had reduced minutes in almost every game he played), he produced at a rate higher than Higgins, Lisin, Boyle, Brashear and Voros. Another questionable roster manipulation choice by the New York Rangers.

  9. I don’t know if they’d recall a player simply because he might score in a shoot out. Even the best shoot out artists are about 50%. PAP was undersized and while he brought some skill to the mix, he wasn’t doing anything particularly noteworthy after his first couple of games.

  10. BTW, PAP’s pro-rated totals equal 13 points, which is only 2 behind AA, 3 behind Dreary and 5 behind Avery. And like I said in my first post, these were numbers accumulated with reduced icetime. This guy can generate offense and for a team that clearly struggles to do so, it is tough to understand why he isn’t given more of a chance. Perhaps, however, it’s simply a matter of numbers and he’ll get his chance if/when Sather moves a couple of forwards as the trading deadline gets closer. Just musing here, of course…

  11. CTBlueshirt: Some teams do actually keep players on the roster (and dress them for games) due to their skill at the SO. The Rangers SO record this year is dismal – they are 2 for 7. Turn that record around and they have 5 more points, which puts them in 5th spot in the east at 56 points, 3 behind the Penguins. It’s an important facet of the game that organizations should seriously look at finding ways to capitalize on.


    RIP Art Rust Jr. I used to listen to his talk show on the radio. He was amazing.

    Best, Nasty and CT. Take care of yourselves while you are young. It is much more difficult the older you get. Trust me on that one.

  13. GILROY in shootouts. Damn. GilROY Rogers has some hands and moves on him. I want him in the shootout. YOU HEAR ME TORTS!!!!!!!

  14. Kotalik and Christensen are supposed to be the shoot out specialists on the team. And rightly or wrongly Torts uses Gaborik even if he’s horrible at them.

    I understand that PAP did well in limited time but who would you suggest they sit in place of him?

  15. And another thing: Why doesn’t Gabbie shoot on his SO attempts? He’s got a lazer of a shot. On both his attempts this year, he tried the same move – it worked the first time, but not the second. Next time, shoot!

  16. If Brashear sits then it’s usually Voros that goes in.

    The staff obviously doesn’t think highly of PAP other than as an emergency call up. They have a couple of guys on the roster that have proven they’re halfway decent at the shootout and it seems they’re more comfortable leaning on them rather than a player with limited experience albeit with a good success rate.

  17. Gaborik in the shootout is way too predictable. Either quick shot through the legs or try to slide a backhand through the legs. How about ripping a shot gloveside like Elias?

  18. I agree, I’d like to see Gilroy and Del Zotto in the shootout… as long as we have to have the stupid things.

    The Puck, I’m 50/50 for tonight. Maybe less.

  19. I didn’t realize that we pretty much own the Northeast Division 8-1-1.

    I hope we can continue with that domination tonight.

  20. CT: I concur that the Rangers don’t seem enamoured with PAP and I do see his shortcomings (mainly inferior skating). That said, I don’t think he was given a legitimate opportunity to strut his stuff, especially when you consider the team’s biggest weakness is their lack of offensively skilled forwards. I have a soft spot for this kid because he seems to work his butt off in Hartford.

  21. One regulation loss to Buffalo (might be my last W77 meet up for a while).

    One OT loss to MTL.

    3 wins vs Boston

    1 win vs Buffalo

    2 wins vs Ottawa

    2 wins vs the Maple Weeps

  22. Wow,I knew about Teddy, but Art Rust Jr. also?

    Nasty and CT, for what it’s worth, I’m send good thoughts, good karma, and special prayers for you both on your health issues. You guys are all aces!!

    Is Aves ‘lower body issue’ a broken toe cuz wow, that shot he took hurt me! Didn’t Lisin’s bruised foot turn out to be a fracture?

    Please tell me Brash sits tonight. Remember, Tortsarelli said he was going to alternate there, since he said that, I think Voros has played once.

  23. Nasty: Ottawa has been stinking lately, in part due to a ridiculous rash of injuries that for some reason the Rangers continually steer clear of. Alfredsson and Spezza have both been out for a number of games – imagine the Rangers without Prospal and Gaborik? They’d struggle to score even a single goal a game. In addition, the Senators are plagued by spotty goaltending (they just fired their goaltending coach, so desperate are they to try to find a way out of that mess). Inconsistent goaltending is probably the worse thing that can happen to a club, regardless of how good the skaters are. The King lets in his share of weak goals, but for the most part, is rock solid (and has been throughout this latest Ranger surge).


    Aw, come on, Carp. We need you to represent the Boneheads at the game. You are our Spokeshead.

  25. No let down from the King, score early don’t let them hang around or you can smell a bad loss at home. No way we should lose or let them have a point if we are focused. This one’s on Torts tonight. 2pts move on, throw some dirt on the Sens. Can we make it easy on ourselves? my gut sys no.

  26. I am confident for tonight too, but just given the history of this team, you can just smell bad home loss like an old trout rotting in the grill of my neighbor’s car on a hot summer day, after he stole a ball that I accidentally kicked in to his yard.

  27. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Jim, I personally think the REASON for the recent stretch of play is because of Lundqvist. He stole the win on LI after the players meeting was called, and has been nothing short of superb. For some reason he goes into these slumps like hes not supposed to carry the team every night. Lundqvist can be among the best in the business. With those guys like Luongo, Brodeur and Kiprusoff and hold steady ground. But for some reason he goes into those slumps im talking about where he doesn’t seem to be as hopeful for the team. I understand, the team is patchwork every single year. We need consistency and pride in our brand. It’s time for changes.

  28. Nasti
    Not a lot of people like to take meds. but if they can prevent something like a heart attack or stroke from happening, It might be wise to relent. I really don’t know how theese beta blockers work. Are they something that you take to get the blood pressure down, then you get off them and control it with diet and excercise ect.

  29. Well it is more to control the heart beat. I have a rapid heart beat. This would regulate it. I am in good shape physically, so that is not it. I exercise every day, and have a pretty good diet. Sometimes though, all that is not enough, and my mom passed on more than her good looks to me ;) ha.

  30. 4Gens: For certain there is a direct correlation between the Rangers positive streaks and the King’s play (and the opposite). For me, however, the focus is too much on the King to NEVER let in a weak goal due to the Rangers pop-gun offense. Making matters worse is the fact that because of their paltry offerings, the opposition are playing Gaborik tighter now than they were even just a month ago. D-men are on him quicker and stay tighter to him, confident that any pass he might make will go to someone with 1/10 the scoring ability. When I play hockey (ball hockey to be precise) and I’m defending against an opponent who is much more skilled than those he’s playing with, I always cheat on him, giving him far less room to shoot, move, etc. In other words, I grant him a better opportunity to pass than to shoot because I know the odds of a goal occurring due to former are far less (because the less talented guys more often than blow even a very good pass). I am certain that’s now what the defensemen are doing with Gabbie. Making matters worse is the fact that Gabbie as a goal scorer knows where the lanes are, but his linemates (especially Dubinsky who truly struggles to complete even the simpliest of passes) can’t get him the puck. This team has several weaknesses, but a lack of skilled forwards to me is easily the most glaring.

  31. Could someone explain to me why TSN or NHL never feature the Rangers? Rangers never headline anything, and if they do, it will soon be replaced by another team (isn’t always a Canadian team, either)

  32. I agree with you guys Hank has been a rock since the meeting. He has most always been good, but it seems he has turned it up a bit lately. Maybe he’s pumped for the Olympics. I just think he would be almost unbeatable if he would not play so far back in his net. I guess he’s comfortable there though, its hard to argue with success.

  33. lol – I’d imagine it has something to do with the MSG network. They’re the strongest regional channel in the NHL. They do a good job retaining a percentage of Rangers games (and thank god for that. The less Pierre Maguire the better)

  34. Oh Carp, cant wait for the live video chat…
    Today I got new glasses, so I will see you much better at the computer than before….

    I try to watch the Rangers tonight at 1 pm in order to check if the new glasses are really good..:)

    With the old ones, I once in a while had flickers in front of the eyes when watching the Rangers, but I was not sure about the reason if the old glasses or the Rangers :)

  35. Oh OK Nasti I get it now. Good luck with finding the right answer for yourself and your health. I gotta get out of here for now, talk to ya’all later.

  36. Gaborik is terrible in the shootout because he’s pure sniper and doesn’t have too many moves. He’s predictable. He scores in games because he uses d-men as screens and teammates as decoys. It’s all about deception. When it’s him against the goalie, there is nothing that he can do to fool the goalie into thinking he’s not going to shoot.

    The move he made against Brodeur and in the previous shootout worked. He scored in the other one and Brodeur just got a piece of the last one against the Devils. Even Marty said he got lucky that he made the save.

  37. Nasty
    that’s rough. I hope & pray it’s a quick recover for you & your 100% soon.

    I got Hep A from bad clams (yeah yeah) and jaundice As a result from
    it. Everything shut down. My liver enzymes were out of control I think in the thousands ( it was in 96) my doc told me to eat nothing but carbs because protein is too hard for the liver to process when it’s in that state. And NO alcohol. If you do that, you’ll be golden & be back to yourself in no time. Get better soon!!!

  38. Lolfunny

    not exactly true last week they were featuring weeks best checks & MZD was first on the page. When the Rangers were on that 7game win streak they were featured almost every game they played. Now TSN is a different story lol

  39. I wish it was Hep A, unfortunately it’s Hep B. We assume I got it during my honeymoon last year in Thailand.

    It took a couple of months after returning to first seeing the symptoms and I went on a very simplified diet. A couple of months after that my enzymes went back to practically normally and the viral load was way down as well. The only thing that hadn’t developed was the anti-body against the virus.

    However yesterday my physician told me that my viral load had increased slightly.

    After the initial drop in viral load and normal enzyme counts, I went back to drinking in moderation but I’ve had lapses where I went a little overboard. I hope if I go back to the stricter diet that it goes away once and for all.

  40. CT

    Aaahh ok…. Sorry to hear that. Either way, I’m sure the protocol is the same. My doc told me absolutley NO alcohol. So I was dry for 5 months. No wine, no beer, no nothing. And I stayed away for another month to make sure. I know it sucks but it’s the best way to recover. I had to get blood work every 6 weeks after that for a year.

  41. Nasty and CT – get well wishes to both of you. Stay positive & my special prayers are coming your way.
    Boneheads take care of boneheads.

    and BTW – LET’S GO RANGERS !!!!

  42. “A girl with child on a donkey would be led through town to the church, where the donkey would stand beside the altar during the sermon, and the congregation would “hee-haw” their responses to the priest.”

  43. CT, hang in there. We’re thinking of you.

    Koala, these video chats … when I go solo … you’re better off without the glasses.


    I’m going to clean my computer screen for tomorrow’s video chat! Will Blogmamma be there, too? I’ll have to put up my kitty pictures.. Oh, wait. I can see you but you cannot see me. rofl

  45. I have payed 928,86 US Dollars for the two glasses only for you and the Rangers..:)

    Can you imagine..I just that thought about not more 4 or 500..oh man,

    You must now look like Superman or the Rangers must win tonight 7-1, otherwise I need to delare insolvent:)

  46. oh man,

    for 928, I could have instead a return flight to John F Kennedy. two or three nights in a three star hotel in Manhattans upper westside and a ticket for the Rangers in the 300er section of the Garden for the Rangers…

  47. The Puck….thanks so much for asking after me! Sadly, mama will not be there for chat (holy hell!) I’m on work furlough so can’t participate live. mama is not happy. but send kitty pictures for sister blog when I get back on the 18th….lbabcock@lohud.com

    mama is very, very upset. we better win tonight.

  48. CT and Nasty…..geez…take care of both yourselves eh?…sorry for delay but I’m slowly catching up.

    which reminds me, Linda, fun time at warren depends on game sked….can you book late til playoffs are set? if not, just come in for an early weekend (and pray), that’s my suggestion. TR, thoughts?

  49. Again, still catching up, so if you covered this, sorry. But did anyone ask the question on the whole Gonchar/Clutterbuck/Burrows/Auger dealio….(thanks for the links heads)…what if it were Aves? Just asking….

  50. Nasty,

    I’m 30 yrs old and I’ve been taking atenolol (a beta blocker) for the last 9 years of my life because of high blood pressure/rapid heartbeat issues as well. Trust me, its well worth it. And as far as “downstairs” is concerned… no difference! You’ll be fine… You won’t feel like a zombie at all! Hope that helps bro.

  51. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    hope the sens leave carkner and volchenkov behind and take rozy and girardi with them! Ok back to work!!!


  52. Craig, thanks for the input. I may look in to it then. I have to go back and talk to my doc next week.

  53. Nasty, i was on beta blockers for a short time a few years ago. Not even close to as serious a problem as for you, but it didn’t do anything wacky to me.

  54. Linda good to know, and thank you for the input. I guess what was concerning me is that fact that I am a hot blooded American male, and as Orr put it the other day, I really enjoy eating cupcakes and doing things of that nature, LOL, so I didn’t want any problems in that department. I have heard some stories from other people that they noticed a little drop off in that area. Maybe I will try them out, and if my zing still zangs, I will give it an honest try.

  55. Nasty, I am sure you won’t have problems in ANY areas! you’ll always keep that smile on Mrs. Nasty’s face!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. what the hell? how did that happen! my computer has the stutters lately, either that or Josh Thomson, 26, is on the scene!

  57. I’m not worried that they’re playing weaker opponent and the back-up goalie…
    I’m not worried at all..
    I’m not worried at all..
    I’m not worried at all..
    I’m not worried at all..

  58. LOL @ eating cupcakes.

    I’m sorry boneheads, I won’t be joining you tonight. I’m going out to watch the Sabres game. But in my heart of hearts, I am with you!


  59. If it was the Sens’ backup, I’d be worried. But it’s the backup’s backup, so nothing to be concerned over. Right…?

  60. Hi guys
    I hope everyone ready for a big Ranger win. I hate it when they are playing a team that has not won for a while. I don’t think Ottawa has had a good game for a while now. I think Mike Fisher has been their go to man since they have had so many injurys. I really hope the Rangers come out with some spark, and play the full sixty min. They need the points. Go Rangers Positive, stay Positive, Positive

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