Take the point, move on


Because that was about as good a point as you’re ever going to get.

I am not going to go on and on again about the silly skills competition that John Tortorella called a gimmick (and he’s right). But here’s my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today. (in the column I messed up and said it was the bottom of the fifth when Elias scored; it was the fourth round).

Some other thoughts:

1) I know that a lot of shots got through to Martin Brodeur, but the Devils, as always, were again excellent at getting sticks into passing and shooting lanes. Some Rangers coaches over the years have marveled at how well the Devils — no matter who is wearing the jersey — do this, and how this may be as much a reason for their success, or more of a reason, than their trap. You wonder why they are so good at it, and why other teams (the Rangers for one) aren’t as good.

2) One thing the Rangers did well was not let Brodeur handle the puck much behind or around the net.

3) Another solid performance by the fourth line, especially Brian Boyle, but also Donald Brashear and Ales Kotalik.

4) How good has Henrik Lundqvist been since he called that meeting after the Islanders’ embarrassment?

5) Maybe it’s time to stop over-analyzing this 13-game streak (8-1-4, points in 12 of the 13 games) now that the Rangers have played two games like that in a row against quality opponents.

6) I still don’t know why some of the Rangers forwards treat the skills competition as if somebody’s chasing them. Take your time. All the great shootout players go in slowly, and not straight down the middle. You are helping the goalie by going in a straight line, by doing so quickly, and you are increasing the chance that the puck will hop off your stick (example: Erik Christensen).

7) One of the best parts of that 0-0 game for 65 minutes was that the officials didn’t whistle every ticky-tac infraction. I thought the Christensen penalty was questionable. But for most of the night, the boys played hockey almost like the old days.

8) I haven’t heard MSG like that during the regular season in a long time, other than when they retire numbers, that is.

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  1. MORNING!!!

    carped again!!!!

    January 13th, 2010 at 12:01 pm
    Hey good morning all…
    I have to go back & read all the post but Rick did you read Jay Greenberg’s article in The Post?
    I’m glad he has the same dislike for the SO as we do. First time in a while I’ve seen both pages filled with hockey, more rare just ONE game. And what a fantastic game it was!!!!


    On a side note, what’s up with the Swedish porn music we play after home losses? Seriously, if you DVR’d it, go back and listen after Elias scores. It plays after every loss!

    I can’t say carped…I just can’t let Carp have that satisfaction. You’ll never take me alive, Carp!

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the crowd last night… It was bumping at one point. Nice to hear that for a change. One too many suits in the crowd sometimes; they need an intense finish like that to get excited

  4. The Garden was indeed rocking last night and a good showing by the Devil fans. I thought there were more in the bldg. than usual last night…..hopefully boston and pitt continue to struggle and we just keep playing this way….


    Is avery ok after he blocked a shot late in the third?

  5. Just read the Chris Drury “after 10 minutes, you knew it would be a 1 goal game.” Yeah, how about not thinking? How about thinking I better light it up so it doesn’t become a one goal game? Visualize some goals, man. Then score some. Don’t pre-decide it’s gonna be tight.


  6. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Honestly though who thoguht after the Hank & Avery meeting we’d go 8-1-3 in our last 12?

    No one if your being honest.

    So many positivies right now going for the team.

    I for one am jsut glad to see an extra effort in alot of there play. and not taking shifts off

    And was it me or did Redden actually take hits last nights to make plays?

    Anisimov is due to score a goal too, he’ s been a beast on the puck the past few games, jsut wiht no pints to show for it.

    I guess he’s finally realizing he’s a big guy and can control the puck for extended periods of time

    I think and hope there is no let down tomorrow against Ottowa. And remember there pretty thin right now, lots of guys hurt, and not playing well at all.

    Wont be a push over with Pansy Ass Ruutu playing, but we shoudl be able to get the win


  7. I thought Brashere was good last night, but the way the game went,Lisin would have made more sense.

  8. ORR,
    are you going to show me how much you know about hockey again?
    it won’t take long. stick to game playing, you know a lot about that.

  9. Even though it was a fantastic game, two regrets: having to watch it on Versus and having it end with a skills competition.

  10. You’re always first when I sleep in. Why is that?


    I just woke up too! First thing that I do when I wake up is turn on my laptop and come to the blog! Not the morning (or afternoon) things one supposed to do when one wakes up but come here…to the bonehead land! I go to sleep with the blog and I wake up with the blog! :P

  11. To be blunt, nobody seemed to have a problem with the shootout when the Rangers were dominant at it.

    The shots are misleading as the Rangers generated very few quality chances and even less second shots. Again, good effort everywhere but in front of Marty, who didn’t play very well despite the stat line.

  12. OGRO

    That’s because OT’s were boring when Renney was our coach, and we would always win the shootout. With Torts’ system, it’s a more exciting OT.

    But like always, we never have someone to put the puck in the net.

    I think our OT record is 0-4, and 2-3 in the shootout. Terrible. I cant wait for the Olympics.

    I still don’t get why Lisin didn’t play last night. He has more of a shot at putting the puck in the net than some of the guys playing.

    And we could have used PAP last night.

  13. Remember Nylander? The guy would take like half hour just to skate from red to blue line during the shootouts…and he was pretty successful at finishing! Btw, is he still available?

    Dr. Ogrodnick

    What happened? You suddenly missed us? :)

  14. Ogrodnick – disagree; many here have always been anti-shootout regardless of the outcome; it is a ridiculous way to determine a winner. Last night only emphasized the fact since it was an amazing game by both teams.

  15. I post from time to time, but with less resources going to Rangers coverage, I tend to get my Rangers news elsewhere.

  16. CCCP – skate from redline to blueline? more like glide. he’d take two strides and literally glide with the puck on his stick pointing straight towards the goalie.

  17. There was an amusing Brashear play last night that I doubt was appreciated on TV because you probably couldn’t hear the crowd cheer.

    Brashear made a very quick one footed stop in the defensive zone to Hank’s left to pick up the puck, totally deked a forechecker then skated the puck out of the zone.

    Not a special play in the grand scheme of things but it was surprising to see it come out of Brashear and the crowd applauded.

  18. Carp, you meant it…I said it!

    And btw…Another reason why I’m “first’ a lot when you sleep in is because I am your ego (alter ego)…remember? We, “ego persons” like to sleep in!

  19. We saw it and heard it JJP. It was a nifty move. I think Emerick said he’s standard “and Brashear swaggers away from X”

  20. Carp, I thought the Christensen call was a good one. I think it was the third hit that sent the Devil player to the ice that did it. Still HATE the SO.

  21. Can’t complain about the shootout, Bettman is trying to get a larger audience. Really good game last night, very entertaining hockey.

  22. Yeah JJP…That was a very Un-Brashear like move…I had to check his number up ice.

    Garden was rocking last night. Unfortunately a young devil fan right behind me giving play by play to impress his girlfriend….some guy in 401 turned and screamed shut up at him…pretty comical.

    lets go 5 mins 4 o4 and 5 mins 3 on 3. somebody has got to score 3 on 3.

  23. JJP – the place couldn’t believe it. I always knew he had soft hands, but that was sick. He totally faked out the forechecker. Even better, he laid a perfect pass to Ales to start the breakout.

    That’s why I called him “Chocolate Gretzky”.

    Orr – Anisimov thought he scored, but he didn’t. Puck never crossed the line. He was doing his best Matteau impression, except he forgot to keep whacking away.

  24. Dr. O- can you tell us what Rangers news you get that are not on this blog? And most importantly, can you share with us where you get them? We tend to share eveything..

  25. I still think the Rangers had better chances than the Devils. There were a lot of shots from the outside, but also plenty of chances around the slot that they missed due to pucks hopping over sticks or Devils d-men bumping them around so shots would go wide or they would whiff.

    Marty shouldn’t have had 51 saves, but he did play well. Just because he looks shaky doesn’t mean he actually was. Thats his style. Plenty of shots he would chest down and bat away with his stick. Most other goalies would give up the rebound and we’d have guys there to shoot the puck in.

  26. Speaking of MSG-even on VS, with Emrick’s migraine inducing screeching, one could hear how alive and vibrant the crowd was. Say what you want, but people in NY really know hockey.

  27. Orr

    Hahahha yeah…I put them on my iPhone too.

    The record since the player meeting has gone almost unnoticed by the media.

  28. I’m still so angry that I missed that game after what everyone is saying about it…I can’t believe it

  29. Avery in the SO would have been interesting. Imagine how loud the Marty chant would have been. Can’t argue with Torts picks even though they were all lousy moves. Maybe not Diub right there in the four hole. How’s Lisin @ the SO seems like he would be good?

  30. we have tried on several occasions to land shremp via trade. when a team claims a player off waivers it goesz in an order based on points. at the time the islanders were low in the standings (based on last season i believe) and were able to get schremp and moulson off waivers pretty much before the rangers.

  31. Ilb

    thank you for passing along that link. I will forward it to my family & friends. God bless the work you do.

  32. I was laughing during that whole Brashit scene. That was funny, and the crowd got a kick out of it.


    That sucks. It would have been great to get Moulson. I don’t know a thing aboot the guy, all i know is he did awesome for Manchester in pretty much every EA game, lol. Islandorks got a pretty good player. Im sure Lombardi is jamming his heel in his balls after letting him go, and never really giving him much of a chance to stay in the lineup.

  33. I read here lots of praising of Huggy Bear. He has better skills than Colton Orr…except fighting. To me he’s a waste. His new look with the shaved head and the BEARD. He resemples one of those Al Queda guys from Afghanistan except they fight with closed fists…not open hands.

  34. ilb2001
    >>January 13th, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    >>Boneheads, that’s a horrible thing that just happen in Haiti…
    >>Please, if anyone can help, do that: http://tinyurl.com/yd36jjp

    Being Haitian, I greatly appreciate your post, ilb2001. I’d also like to add that caring Boneheads can donate $5 to the relief efforts by texting the word YELE to 501501. Feel free to give more by visiting yele.org, which is headed by Haitian-American rapper, Wyclef Jean. NO, I do not like his “music”!

    Hockey relevance:
    Here a few hockey players of Haitians descent: Claude Vilgrain [ex Devils], Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre [ex Buffalo], his cousin, Georges Laraque, and Francis Bouillon.

    Once again, this Haitian thanks you for your support.

  35. Orr – Lombardi doesn’t care about Moulson with all the guys the Kings have coming up. Sure Moulson has done well, but he wouldn’t have had a chance to fit in with the Kings. He’d be playing 3rd or 4th line duties for the most part. That’s why they kept Loktionov in the minors until they needed him to come up (and he separated his shoulder in that 1st NHL game).

    Dubeliveau – Higgins has talent. He’s been a 25 goal scorer for most of his career (which is relatively young). Plus he’s been working hard off the puck and drawing a ton of penalties lately.

    He’s also the only one with the creativity to go one on one with a defender. He tried to pull a one handed deke against the d-man last night but it hit the d-man’s skate. He’s a much better player than his numbers show, I just wish he would start to score consistently already.

  36. I should say Higgins has been a 20 goal scorer, but he’s been on pace to score 25 in a few of his past seasons. I’m more impressed with his play away from the puck since he was always kind of lazy on Montreal (the whole team was though).

  37. JonnyD,
    this is the 2nd season in a row for Higgins that he has not scored, but you are right, he plays hard every game just can’t finish. we have to many guys like Higgins who can’t score.
    the Rangers need more top end talent, finishers if you will. 8th place is the best they are going to do with how they are built now.


    Carp, I get to work early (7:30) and as soon as I signed on I went to lohud.com. I then went to Sports .. Pro Sports ..Rangers and today’s column, by you, was not there. (Still isn’t.) So I had to go to Sports…. Columns and then I clicked on your name. Why is that? Shouldn’t it also appear under Rangers?

    After getting over the disappointment with the skills competition, I have to say it was a very entertaining, exciting game.

  39. Nasty 1 January 12th, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    “Hey, this was a very well played game against in my opinion, the best team in the East. The best team in the league is the Hawks IMO. Either way, I will take this point after this game and be happy with it. Of course I always want a win, but this game was a great game, the kind of game that I want to watch, and not the kind of boring hockey that we are used to the Devils bringing. I applaud both teams tonight, and I will take the point and on to the next game. We always say, give us 60 minutes, and gives us compete, and dare I say, give us jam. We got all of that tonight. Just couldn’t score. Same old story, fine, you are right, but this is one of the best games this team has played all year, and coming off a solid effort in Boston the other day, and this nice little point streak run we are on, I will take it.”

    I think this was a very accurate post, and even though they “just couldnt score” last night, i dont think thats a game where u come out and say man we suck we cant score, bc we gotta remember that as much as we hate him (i hate him more than any other athlete in sports ever), marty brodeur is one of the best goalies ever to play the game, and he definitely has always wanted to beat the rangers whenever he has faced them, and now even more so with avery being on our team and their whole saga, and he played great last night, got to give credit where credit is due

  40. Dr. Ogrodnick January 13th, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    To be blunt, nobody seemed to have a problem with the shootout when the Rangers were dominant at it.

    The shots are misleading as the Rangers generated very few quality chances and even less second shots. Again, good effort everywhere but in front of Marty, who didn’t play very well despite the stat line.

    I kinda agree with the shootout part, now that we are losing shootouts more often we are expressing how we dont like it but when we were winning them we didnt hav much of a problem with it, which is natural, but i think they shoudl do 5 mins of 3 on 3 after the 4 on 4 before they go to the shootout, but at the same time we cant keep changing the rules to our game, it doenst look good

    I completely disagree wit the 2nd part of this post, we generated much better scoring chances than the devils, the devils had so many shots from the perimeter and blueline, especially in the first 2 periods, we had better chances and marty played real good, i dont understand how you can say he didnt play well when he had 51 saves and was 4 for 4 in the shootout, but regardless of the stat line he played really good

  41. Because I was at the game and witness soft perimeter shot after soft perimeter shot without traffic turn into juicy rebounds in the slot. 28 other teams score several goals last night on the Devils.

  42. the devils were the ones with soft perimeter shot after soft perimeter shot, but we’ll agree to disagree

  43. Late in the 3rd period Christensen did some nice work digging the puck out in the corner. He past it behind the net to Prospal who fought his way towards the front of the net and then hit Gabby as he drove to the crease. He was about 10 feet out and looked like he had his corner picked. It was one of those where I knew if he got his shot, he had a goal. But the puck hopped his stick.

    We had plenty of times where we almost had it last night. It was like the entire team had a case of the Higgins.

  44. “I know people like offence, but it was a pretty entertaining game. It was thrilling. I had to shut them down to win. It was just one of those games.” -Marty Brodeur

    “I(if i could bold and underline this I, i would) had to shut them down.” he didnt say WE, he said I, thats not a great thing to say in a TEAM game, in my opinion at least

  45. The Puck, it’s complicated … because I don’t write game stories, my columns don’t go directly to the team or the sport. It’s not technically set up to do that. But right there on the main sports page carousel is the Rangers photo and my column.

  46. I had tickets for the game. A lot of guys asked me if I was a seller as I walked toward the entrance. Many Devil jerseys were at the Gardens.
    Some observations –
    (1) If Renney had coached the team, he probably would have anticipated the shootout and had a guy like P.A. Parenteau available .But the game would have been played much more defensively (boring) – not nearly as exciting to follow as was seen with the Torts game.
    (2) I thought the Rangers got their point because of Drury. On the 5 on 3 he singlehandedly controlled the puck while two Devils tried to pry away the puck and Drury somehow by himself was able to get the puck out of the defensive zone. His defensive play in the last 5 minutes -defensive draws, blocking of cross ice passes etc) of any game with a lead I think is the reason he was selected for the US Olympic team. Burke said in an interview that certain players were selected for certain assignments.
    (3) 51 Ranger shots vs. 45 or so for the Devils. A lot of the shots the Rangers made were wasted giveaway shots. Take for example the Higgins shots from the point late which was an easy catch ,glove save for Brodeur. Reminds me of a punt in football where you just want the opposition to take over and run with the ball)Now I thought the Devils shots were much more coordinated with another team player. (Like the Avery pass to Drury in the Dallas game that was a tap in.) The goaltenders are so good now that any clear shot they see is an easy save. The only way to beat them is to use deception. Like having the ability to shoot from the right side at the right side of the net but also have the quick pass over to the left side for a teammate to shoot at the open side.
    (4) Del Zotto -looked great at the start,then tailed off miserably. Coming on better now. Don’t get me wrong . He is a necessary part of the power play. But he also is a work in progress . Many of the close games with loses were with him on the ice for a key goal. What I don’t like are his hits in the defensive zone along the boards where he takes out the player but allows the puck to carom all around in the defensive zone for anyone to grab. That how key games are lost. For all you Redden haters, I don’t see Redden doing that. He can contol the puck and can move it up or back on the boards pretty well. Overpaid. Yes.But I prefer Redden on the ice in the last 5.

    Even though the Rangers lost it was the best game of the year.


    To 22figure8 re we have a shootout “because Bettman is trying to get a larger audience.” I would bet the ranch hockey does not have one additional fan, in person or watching tv, because of this cheap, Olympics-introduced gimmick. Remember, Bettman wants bigger nets, too. It is NOT ok to destroy the game in the interest of cheapening the game, in the hope that more people will be a party to it.

    I am hopeful, but not optimistic, that some of Bettman’s worst implemented ideas for the league can be rolled-back when he departs. Starting with contraction, 30 teams, about 15 of them mediocre and about five of them an outright fraud, is where tightening the loose ends of this league should start. And just playing 60 minutes and splitting two points worked fine for about 70 years, and franky I miss that and detest the ridiculous 4-on-4 O.T. format, plus of course the shootout which makes illegal aliens out of defensement.

    I would also enlarge the divisions, mini-divisions are a joke. You have over-exposure to some teams, and underexposure to too many others. Seeing more of the Blackhawks and Red Wings, and less of Pittsburgh and Philly wouldn’t bother me a bit.

    And ONE referee again, please. There cannot be more than 20 really competent referees on the planet. Some of these games are clouded by incompetent officiating, or just plain manipulation for gambling outcome purposes. It is a plague in all professional sports, now. The NBA just had it’s officiating scandal, it could happen here, too, such are the weaknesses and temptations people cave in to, all too often.

  48. Dr. Ogrodnick – Not every shot was like that. In the 2nd period, they had a couple of runs of total dominance where they were getting shots from near the slot.

    The tough part is that the Devils completely collapse in their own end causing you to shoot from further away from the slot than you would like. But they had a ton of chances in close, especially the 1st line, they just didn’t hit the net.

    bull dog – Higgins struggled last year because he was hurt. He scored 12 in 57 so he would’ve had about 17 or 18 if he played a full season. But like I said, he was coming back from an injury and never found his game when they eased him back to play (he played more on the 3rd line and PK where as in previous years he played some PP and 2nd line).

  49. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    I only got to see some of the hits (frakking versus), but I also really liked christensen’s and it really didn’t look like a penalty to me, but I didn’t have my striped shirt on either!!!

    The skills competition blows whether we win or not!!

  50. I should say that the thing about last night is that all of our best chances weren’t on goal. I’ll agree the 51 shots are a bit misleading as a bunch of them, especially later on were just floaters. But their slot chances all missed the net.

    They had guys going to the net for rebounds but as someone mentioned, pucks hopped over sticks or in some cases, players just overskated. In a few rare cases guys didn’t crash the net hard enough, but overall they were better.

    The point is that performance on any other night would produce a win. It was a goalie duel where both guys played great when challenged. That isn’t going to happen every game.

  51. Johnny D;

    Of course not every shot was like that, but a disproportionate number were. How many good scoring chances did the Rangers have? Boyles break away, Gaborik’s 1 on 2 in OT, Roszivals empty net miss, Arty’s wrap around, Gaborik wide from the slot, and Higgins also may have had an open net miss (although you could say that about almost every game and probably be right). I’m having trouble coming up with others. 5-6 good chances out of 51 shots mean that 90% of the shots taken were in fact soft perimeter shots with minimal chance of scoring.

    As I have said before, this team often thinks it can win on skill, which is only really true of Gabs.

  52. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i would put aves christensen gabby on one line, prospal dru cally on a line and dubi ani higgy on a line, to spread play making and grit out a bit (if you call what we have grit).

  53. One thing that I noticed as soon as I walked in last night was that it was a new sheet of ice. I could tell because the lines and logos on the ice were much darker than they have been. They had bull riders in over the weekend so I guess they melted down the ice. This may explain some of the bad hps – Higgins on a rebound, Gabby in the slot, Puck bouncing off of Christiasen”s stick in the shootout. Not an excuse, but possibly a reason.

  54. I would love to see Anisimov in a shootout too, he makes great moves on defenders in games, imagine if he didnt even have to deal with the defender, hes got hands, let him use em torts

  55. Good afternoon all! Yes ilb, I’m really back, but not allowed to post on sister blog this week as I’m on furlough, so save the e-mail or it will get lost (not checking work e-mail either)

    and it’s Big Man, not old man…yeesh!

  56. Haven’t had time to go thru all the posts from last night, but I sure hope you all did mama proud and defended Aves against our “guest” :)

  57. For lines, if they went back to the first line of
    Dubi – Christensen – Gaborik

    then for the next 2 lines, (call whichever you want the 2nd and the 3rd) I would have
    Prospal-Anisimov-Avery & Higgins-Drury-Cally

    with the 4th line being

    Kotalik-Boyle-Lisin when your arent playing a team like philly or isles or devils
    try it out and let Boyle be the “Enforcer” even though he cant win a fight

    I think prospal could be the set up man, avery in the corners, and anisimov could be the finisher, gettin dishes from prospal.. and leave the higgins-drury-cally line alone from the recent stretch before last nights game

  58. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    maybe we should sign nylander to a 5 mil a year skill competition only contract. We dress him as hank’s back up (he never gets games off anyhow) and just use him if we have to go to the figure skating competition after real hockey ends!

    get rid of the skill competition and quit rewarding teams for playing not to lose, no points for overtime loss!!!

  59. better than a shoot out would be

    1. 4 on 4 for 5 then
    2.3 on 3 for 5

    they are trying this in one of the hockey minor leagues -not sure which pone or for how long.

  60. I guess wicky likes his new name…LMAO! Sorry, wicky it wasn’t just me. Linda contributed to the TOE part.

    Oh, man.. This place is priceless!

    MAMA, I’ll wait until you’re back legally. Big Man, you are right. Perhaps I have no clue what you meant after all lol…

    SO- How about Gilroy, MDZ?

  61. Dr. Ogrodnick – you are forgetting about Gaborik’s off the post in OT, his shot from the slot that led up to that, the Christensen to Gaborik chance (I think it was those two) that Marty pokechecked away in the 2nd period, the shot from the point that Gabby tipped and it trickled in front before a Ranger could get there…there were a couple more too. They had at least 15 quality chances to score.

    Plus on many of the shots from the point (which is usually something I hate), we had guys there for rebounds. But I don’t think enough credit was given to the Devils team defense for picking up guys who had chances to put home rebounds. I remember a couple plays when Gabby, Higgins, Callahan, Dubi, Boyle, Kotalik, and a few others missed rebounds because guys were lifting their sticks or putting them on the ice.

    The Devils play like that all the time. That’s why Marty has 4 shutouts in the last 10 games. I don’t think that we didn’t have chances, they just did a great job limiting the second opportunities, something most other teams don’t do against us. Like I said, we play like that against most teams and it will result in a win because we’ll get those chances closer to the slot.

    Old Coach 92 – thats a great point about he ice. I forgot about it. The ice sucks at MSG in general so that must’ve really screwed it up.

  62. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    thought you guys would get a kick out of this tweet i got from a friend earlier:

    According to Cdn Transport Authority, cake is permitted on flights and not subject to volume limits. I can see a Seinfeld episode idea here.

  63. Carp,
    I used to coach at Woodlands back in the late 70’s/early 80’s and after late games at Playland you would call me after midnight for a recap and comments. Ah, the good old days. Of course that was before you made it to the big time! By the way, great column today.

  64. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    yep, a big hit here, we were laughing for about five minutes straight!!

  65. Was going to say something about the ice for some time now. Yes, the ice was brutal, and has always been.. But they just showed that if they play hard, it doesn’t matter that much.

    You know, there is an old Russian saying:

    Plohomu tanzoru yayza meshayut!

    Roughly translated- the bad dancer always complains that his own balls are on the way…

  66. good late afternoon gentlemen and ladies… just caught up on you guys and now reading tsn comments about the inaction on the ref in the burrows ordeal. I bet we get him next game!

  67. Anisimov has really improved since the first of the season. He really suprised me that he so responsible with and without the puck, and he’s a rookie. He is very good with the puck, he does the unexpected. It has been great to watch a young guy develop so quickly. I really hope Sather thinks he’s a keeper, because I think he will be a goal scorer in the future.

  68. Yup, MAKO, I thought itb was more colorful way to say it. It sounds better in Russian. Ask nachalnitza

  69. I agree, I got an Anisimov jersey recently, wanted to get somebody that I thought would be on the team awhile, i gottamembers think I may be the only person with one of those at this point in time, besides him, and his family/friends, ha

  70. Lmao!!! Brilliant!!

    She’s been out in the cold working on Law & Order the past week. But I’ll let the “boss” read it lol

  71. Btw, today is the Old New Year!

    Traditional Slavic Orthodox holiday, celebrated as the start of the New Year by the Julian calendar.


    It’s not an official holiday, but most of Russians celebrate it. Another reason (like we needed one) for us Russians to get drunk!


  72. I guess there isn’t much the NHL could do to the ref in the Burrows case. I mean there was no proof that he said anything close to what Burrows said. Although he did approach Burrows before the game. Why would he do that? That is something not often done, so you would think that would be a red flag for the league. I am sure they will be watching for this type of thing in the future. I have no idea what type of person Burrows is, but why would anyone make up a story like that. I really think there is a lot of truth in it, but no proof in it. Burrows had the right to say his piece, but he should have known the NHL would not take his side on just his story alone. He should have told his coach before the game started, even with that I doubt the NHL would have handled it any differantly.

  73. Thanks for this one, Carp. The picture out there is looking worse and worse. They, unfortunately, will be facing major medical issues in weeks to come.

  74. So, does everyone feel that the game tomorrow is very important? Against the struggling team that’s very close in standings. They need to convince eveybody, most importantly themselves, that they can play well on regular basis.

  75. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    The Julian calendar is way better as a whole!!!

    Sens fired their goalie coach today, borrowed this from nhl.com:
    OTTAWA – Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray announced the club has relieved goaltending coach Eli Wilson of his duties.

    “Performance of the goaltenders in the organization had everything to do with it,” said Murray, reached at the team’s scouting meetings in Florida. “I think Eli was a hard worker and paid a lot attention to it, but for some reason, both at the NHL level and American league level, we felt that the goaltenders weren’t where we thought they were going to be and where they have shown they can be.”

    Wonder if hank and his non-existent glove hand might need a change of tutilage as well?!

  76. Thanks Mako
    I guess 2500 is not a big fine for a guy making the bucks like he is. I guess the NHL had to do something because they just couldn’t just let him complain publicly about a ref. without something being done. I guess it has to do with respect for the league and its officals, No problem understanding that.

  77. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    I have not seen a ranger captain do this since messier (that’s why they have all SUCKED since him as captains). This is how a NHL captain is supposed to act on the ice and how his teammates should respond!!!!

  78. Also, kudos ilb for being first, raising Haiti issue here. One of my sons (doctor) will go at the end of this week over there with “Doctors without the Borders” program and was telling me their site taking donations and help too. Don’t know details thou.

  79. I forgot to tell you the story. It happened right after that horrible game against Atlanta at MSG. I did put it up on sisterblog the same day, but I didn’t want to do it here because at that time we had someone who was still trolling here and I didn’t want him to make a joke about my dad.

    Anyway, my father, 82(no, he didn’t get married in high school and I’m the youngest child…Shuddup) had to have an emergency cardiac cath at my hospital next morning. So, he wakes up after the procedure and tells me two things:
    1. I want something to drink.
    2. I can’t believe the defense they played last night!

  80. Hey TR i am glad you’re here, was ‘lookin’ for you the other night.

    In your opinion,what is the best night at Warren? I’ll be in NY in late May, and hoping the guys are still in the playoffs. Is a Friday or Saturday night a better night for a get together?

  81. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops- let me tell you, I’m not so sure that it would be an easy win for Downie. This Ovechkin guy is a Monster. And did you see how fast he yanked his helmet off? I don’t think he was bluffing.

  82. 4ever- I looked into it already. MSF already has the team set up in Haiti, they’ve been working there before the disaster. Whether they will be able to send more isn’t clear as yet. The transport links are difficult.

  83. Linda- thanks. For his 80th I bought him a new road bike. He bikes 10-15 miles every day and swims in the pool 3 times a week. Plays soccer with my nephews and knows the difference between good and bad vodka. I think he is fine.

  84. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    I agree, as a leader in hockey, some times you just have to drop them, period.

  85. ilb2001
    Wonderful story about our passion. I’m a little bit younger than your Dad, but mindset is exactly the same. Needless to say he was talking about Rangers defense (you will laugh, but my young friend’s father lives in Atlanta and big Trash fan, crazy about Kovi-who would blame him-) Hope he was OK after (it is very careful question/wish) Thanks.

  86. WOW ilb God Bless you father!!! I hope he recovered 100% from his surgery and has no other issues.

  87. Wick

    Thanks for that link. AO is just a monster… bravo for Bradley sticking up for his captain though…. AO wanted to go!

  88. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on


    My vodka ote goes to grey goose, but what the hell do i know!!


    Carp, back to your point about today’s column on lohud.com. In the past, I have found your column by going to Sports, Pro Sports, Rangers. If you go there now, two of your recent columns are there (New year, same old Rangers AND Real Avery emerges to annoy, destroy). The reader should be able to find your column from either way. Good grief, lohud has to help themselves. Don’t make people hunt for it. (Not faulting you, I’m just making a point.)

  90. Wicky- grey goose is an excellent vodka. Shor asked for the best… My guess is you never tried any of above mentioned.

  91. LOL ilb

    Not that manly of a drink =P Never had Kremly – but if its as good as you say it is. I’ll have the boss look into getting a bottle ;)

  92. I’ve been an Absolut girl for a while,but my bro did get me a bottle of Ketel One once, and THAT was tasty too! I have a small bottle of Absolut in my freezer as we speak. The Seagrams is all gone :-(

  93. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i’ve had imperial once but quite honestly it was in a very dry martini and I can’t remember how well i liked it (sadly). I usually drink the goose (now where is it from???) in my occasional martini and really really like it!

  94. Wicky- it’s Imperia. Perhaps I’ll bring one along in March. Just promise not to get on your bike the next day. You and Mrs Wicky are our only hope for the future hard hitting, crease clearing d-man!

  95. LMAO see ilb – there’s the shared brain phenomenon !

    Dorian Yates & Jay Cutler! Markus Ruhl is HYUUUUGGGGGGGGGE too!!!!

  96. That first guy the crease clearing d man. Who is that guy? He looks like a guy from the world strong man competions.

  97. yeah he was shooting igf into his biceps LOL Lunatic and said “its all natural, I never used steroids LOL” They had to cut the head of the bicep off

  98. Who’s gonna watch the return of Bettmans backdoor lover against sloppy seconds? Good name for a porn. Speaking of porn…. has he gotten out of the bathroom after seeing those pics of Megan Fox?

  99. Shor, i was thinking great strategy, just take your time. that was an awesome bench!

    we had a lil powerlifting meet at the gym i USED to go to… there’s pics on my fb of it. I was gonna do it this year because my max was 135 ( go on and laugh, i was just messing around) and that was better than the girls who competed.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    La LA LA LA , LA LA LA LA !!!! HAPPY new old newyear newnewman.

    Yeah daz it!!!

    Game was a BUZZ last night!! Thats what I want , I got chills from the croud. Best croud all year , by far.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Zach Parise should either buy some clearasil ( acne cream) or wipe off the pizza sauce all over his face!! Him and fatso got into the spagetti cans before the game and were really making pigs outta themseves. The team is so fat , BTW I love fat people … it’s just hockey players should be in shape .Devil’s stop all the shots cuz all thier players are obese.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Greggyland ,..ambiance?..wha huh? Mako …yo Mikey and company ( haha ,lazy hello)

  103. Greg

    That post was priceless… that marinara on Zack’s face could have been wiped off with one of Fatso’s rolls!

  104. i gotta at least check here every morning and night. and in between and here n there and everywhere on gamedays. boring though. got off work, watched the movie “the hurt locker”. very good movie with realistic depiction of the war in iraq. had sort of a documentary and an independant movie feel to it. anybody else see it yet? it came out in 08 but for some reason it wasnt released until recently. actors like guy pearce,ralph fiennes and david morse are only in for a few minutes, but the other 3 actors were good. i recommend it. wicky u might enjoy it alot. my 2 cousins who served in iraq really liked it. its sad cuz it kinda brought back memories for my 1 cousin and u can see he was remembering some bad stuff he saw.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    aww tanks Linda , I really am special :)

    Grabby , um…I insulted. Not all Canadian are stoned. Just 87.3 percent of ’em.

  106. The Puck, I totally agree with you … people should be tripping over our featured stuff, not hunting for it. But what the byfuglien do I know?

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah ,Mako it sure looked like mararanaria sauce !!!!

    Grabby don’t be shortening up yer post cuz the bad ol ILB can’ read for more than 10 seconds. His attention span can only handle a few thoughts at a time. He’ll have to copy/paste your thought and read ’em as a book at the end of the day…works for me ILB ;)

  108. 909- i have high blood pressure. hereditary. my dads a nervous ticking time bomb and i am always in a jacked up mood. i almost stroked out ayear ago, so the docs put me on some serious blood pressure meds and xanax. it still dont help when im watchin the rangers though, haha. damn near nothin can calm my nerves when theyre playin, especailly like last night.

  109. Mike
    We want ya around for a long time. Take your meds! I especially want you around for your “LOPSIDED WEAK TRADES!” LOLOLOLOLOL ;)

  110. woooooooooooooo!

    “do you remember anything?”
    “I remember……………..the ALAMO”

    “I’m trying to use the phone!” I love this movie

  111. linda- i told the doc that my ex wife was stressin me out with holdin my kid hostage from me, and she somehow gets half of my check for child support. that blew me off the roof. i was stressed out worryin how my bills get paid and between her, the rangers(last few years), and other family crisisis(is that a word), and with an already crazy temper i had a meltdown. i went jerkins perkins bat@$% crazy.

  112. GregL, Mike- you guys are just too much…Nice way to finish the hard day. Take care of yourself, Mikey, it’s a serious stuff..

  113. thats definitely understandable. SEE MAKO, that just goes to prove my point even more!! freakin evil women i tell ya.

    well, you see your lil cutie now, and its important for HER that you stay well!!

  114. yea i need to get fb. i have newer pics of me and her that i want to showe u. my sis keeps telling me to join it. all my friends here and back home have it. i got myspace years ago and havent updated it ever lol. my ex and my sis did it for me. i got tweeter when tr and pavel was talkin about it, but havent used it either.

  115. Mike

    Seriously, work out or something to relieve that stress. It does some effed up damage to the body. I would hate to see anything happen to you!!!

    Yes Linda – EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. mako- have u realized that they changed the chemical in ambien? the original used to make me feel weird and see stuff moving almost like a mild hallucinogen. now it just makes me sleep. now i know thats what its meant to do, but wtf was in it back then? idk but it was strange!!!

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Bad ice says Christenson!!! " … says Greg L. on

    MIKE!!!…..come mere you , GIMME A BIG RANGER REPORT BONEHEAD CLUB hugggg!!!! Dude , Watching Rangers will make anyones blood pressure boil. Ya need to take yer pills a few hours before gametime but time helps dude. Ya stress is semi-normal , Ya need a great place like this to vent and to say what ya feel.

    Rick , great article today . We love what you do , You now have a following forever …get used to fame buddy!!!

  118. yeah I felt weird too. I never saw things though. I couldnt walk, but the I still dont remember some things the next day LOL

  119. now really i do push ups, sit ups, but i used to go swimming at teh y all the time. i got so toned doing that. i like it better than running or jogging but i havent been to the y in awhile. when im not working or having visitation with my kid, im on here or at my gf house. actually, since i started seein this chick, my stress has goen down. you can figure out why lol. but man i love being single. no commitment man.

  120. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    yes, I noticed the typo (the L on the end) after i posted! And bring some along for sure!

    haven’t seen it yet, my wife doesn’t always agree with some of the nights I end up having after some of those movies (i really don’t either), but will probably check it out. I sleep with the TV on all night so I do not have as bad of nights as I used to!!!

  121. no linda. different girl. shes a co-worker lol. and shes married. i know i know. please dont jusge me though, its not what you think. its a failed marriage and shes leaving him. so, i jusmped on it. im only human. im not marty bro-(backdoor)!!

  122. yea i was linda. she lived in northern iowa, about 3 hours drive, and she worked all the time!! she was there sometimes 6 or 7 days and for 12-15 hour shifts and we barely saw each other. it dint last that long.

  123. Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    night all!! working tomorrow and so i’ll have to dvr the game!

  124. Carp, read your article in The Journal News and once again, get outta my head!!!! I have been saying this (to anyone who will listen) for 2 years now. At first, it was a novelty that was very exciting and ended a game with a clear winner. I hated ties in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and there seemed like there were a lot of them. But now, after a 5 minute, 4 on 4 overtime period, I’ll take the tie!!!! Especially after a game like Tuesday night!!! It was a breathe-taking game to be at and so very un-Devil like!!! Carp, you are right on about a lot of things NHL and I wonder if there is even a remote possiblity that the NHL will abolish the shoot-out in my lifetime??

  125. hey were tied 5-5. were the 2 best teams. ithink we should join forces and help each other out!!;). jut gimme hank and i’ll give u backdoor bang bang backstrom, plus a certain unnameable bruins d ma that just happened to get his 4th g lkast night!! lol. no really, i want hank damnit, and youre gonna give him to me!! how bout backdoor bang bang(who is red hot lately), chara,and a lower tier fwd like perron or bergfors, for hank and green.

  126. ok, talk to me more at our league site. dont wanna start heatin the blog up. i have some serious deals this time.

    hey guys, did anybody see how many devils jerseys were at the game tuesday? and u could hear cheering after elias goal. maybe it was cheering from devs fans and rangers fans for hanka nd for being treated for one of the best ranger-devil games, but i think local fan has been recruiting! lol

  127. Gday all. Looking forward to a more consistent team game tonight. If we play as posessed as we did on Tuesday, I pity the Sens. They will get destroyed, even if Dos Nueve is in net. Hope the ice is better tonight…

  128. This game has all the makings of a loss. I hope we take Ottawa seriously, even with their injuries. We played one of the best games in the past few years the other night, and if we take this game lightly, we will lose. I can just see it now. “We didn’t come out, we didn’t compete.”

    Rosen: “Coach, can you come up with a reason for such a lackluster effort tonight.”

    Torts: “Well Sam, when you play a game like the other night, we really left it all out on this ice, so it is easy to not be prepared for the next game.”

    Rosen: “But, these are professional athletes, isn’t that, I don’t know, their job?”

    Torts: “You are absolutely right Sam, we had no jam, no response tonight, and I tell you what, &%^^%^&%&^$&^()(*(*&^&%$^%$&%^$&*%*%*^%&^$&^%$*(*&)(&)(*^*^$&^$*^%(”

    Rosen: “Coach, you do know you are going to be fined for swearing right?”

    Torts: “Sam, you know what? They can take the fines and shove them &*&&^*&%*&)(&_(&)*^(*&^%*&%#%$@#%$#.”

    Rosen: “Back to the studio with Bill and Dave.”

    Bill: “Coach Tortarella is none to pleased with the effort tonight.”
    Dave: “You are exactly right Bill, and I can’t say you can blame him, because AT THE END OF THE DAY, your best players have to preform, and you need to show up, it is not a 20 minute game, it is a full 60 minutes.”

    I really hope that isn’t the outcome tonight.

  129. The game was awesome … even my 45 year old brother knocking some dude in the jaw because he told him to move during the shootout.

    Just an all-around great nite … no trap tonite vs. Ottawa!

  130. Sather didn’t get Schremph or Moulson off waivers, but he did get Christensen. I think that Christensen will be a s valueable as either one of those guys.

    Secondly, why the hell doesn’t someone call Malik to coach the Shootouts?!?!?!

  131. Lol Mike you’re gonna have to pry LQ out of my cold dead teefs.

    Green is the player on my team that’s unmovable.

    And… DeeP is playing Saturday, Biron – odd man out. I’m sure depening on how he plays – give it a few weeks….The Rangers should make some room & try at the very least to puck him up off of waivers IF the Islanders waive him.

    Yep I can totally see that!


    Nasty, we all fear that for tonight. UGH That is exactly what makes all boneheads crazy.

  133. Nasty1, MAKO- bite your tongues! I hope you’re wrong.

    Darn it, I see it too.. Do you know what the excuse would be?
    “We are not robots”

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