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Some quotes before I get into the official Rangers post-game notes: (apologies for the spacing on this idiot Mac laptop).
Ryan Callahan: “One of the more fun games I’ve played in in a long time. It had a playoff type atmosphere out there. I felt right from the get-go both teams were flying out there, takign the body, taking chances on net, and the crowd was into it. So it was an enjo7able game to play in.”

Chris Drury: “I think in this stretch we’ve gotten crisper and smarter, and I think we’ve grown in this stretch of good hockey, within our system.”

On the type of game it was:  “I could sense it and tell kind of right away, it was one of those nights where you think one goal is kind of going to win it for either team.”

On whether he likes the shootout?  “It’s got to end sometime and I think it’s exciting for the fans and I’m sure people on TV want to see it end at some point, too.”

Henrik Lundqvist:  “There’s a lot of energy and when the players are into it that much and the crowd’s feeling it and there are opportunities both ways, it’s a good night for hockey, absolutely. It’s fun to play in and I think everybody enjoyed it.

 “You have to be happy with the way you played and the piint, but it’s a little disappointing.”

 On the shootout: “You want to win. I think you need a winner. You fight for two and a half hours, you need a winner. … It’s just really frustrating to lose it.”

“We’ve got to score a couple of breakaways. In practice we’ve got to do better. We’ve been losing a few lately, so we need to get back to winning (those).” 

John Tortorella:  “We played a helluva game.”

“We didn’t play a good game. I thought we played really good. Do you want to win the shootout? Yes. That’s what you guys are going to get to. Yes, we need to get the second point, and eventually we need to start getting those. But we played a hell of a hockey game. If we keep on doing the things that we’ve veen doing the last little bit, we’ll stay consistent in getting our points.”

On when he knew this was going to be a 0-0 or 1-0 game: “Pretty early, Pretty early. The way they play, and in these types of games, similar to Boston, it’s who blinks first.” 

“I was glad I was involved, because I thought it was a hell of a game to watch. You look at the score, 0-0, and you think, ‘What the hell happened in that hockey game?’ But I though it was a pretty good game, chances for both teams, we kill off a 5-on-3 for two minutes. So I have no complaints with the way we played. It’s frustrating when you come out with one point there.”

He had a problem with the Christensen penalty call, not with the Dubinsky call that put them down two men for two minutes.

I asked him if he would have accepted a 0-0 tie after a game like that. Now remember, the NHL instituted the Tortorella rule against coaches using foul language within earshot of the media:  “You know how I feel about the shootout, and I can’t swear,” he said. “I think it’s a bit of a gimmick when you have two teams play that way. I’m at the wrong side of it, losing in a shootout, but I’m still trying to be objective here. I have different thoughts on how you end those games, and it’s not like that, especially a game like that. Jersey-Rangers and then you finish with a gimmick. … I’ve never liked it.”

On his way out, I mentioned to Tortorella that he managed to not get fined.
“No, not this time,” he said. “Almost.”
From the Rangers:

January 12, 2010 – New York Rangers 0, New Jersey Devils 1 SO (Game #46, Home #24)

·         The Rangers were defeated by the New Jersey Devils, 1-0, in a shootout, tonight at Madison Square Garden; the last time the Rangers and Devils finished regulation in a scoreless tie was on Dec. 9, 2007 (1-0 overtime win at MSG).

·         New York have now recorded a point in 12 of their last 13 games (9-1-3); the Blueshirts are 22-17-7 (51 pts.) on the season, including a 10-10-4 mark at home.

·         The Rangers recorded a season-high 51 shots on goal, their highest-single game total since they registered 51 against the New York Islanders on Apr. 4, 2008.

·         The Blueshirts won 29 of 47 faceoffs (64%), led by Chris Drury, who won 11 of 14 (74%) in the faceoff circle.

·         Henrik Lundqvist tied his career-high with 45 saves, including 19 in the third period, to record his second shutout of the season; he has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 15 of his last 18 games; the last time he stopped 45 shots in a game was on Oct. 18, 2008 at Detroit.

·         Brian Boyle led all skaters with seven hits and recorded four shots on goal in 7:58 of icetime.

·         Marc Staal logged a game-high 27:31 of icetime, registered a team-high four blocked shots and delivered six hits in the contest.

·         Marain Gaborik, Brandon Dubinsky, and Ryan Callahan tied for the team-lead with five shots apiece; Callahan also delivered six hits in the contest.

·         The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Jan. 13, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.

·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Ottawa Senators on Thursday, Jan. 14, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their third of four meetings this season; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


Brandon Dubinsky on Henrik Lundqvist… “He played phenomenally. He gave us a chance to win. Obviously Marty is a great goalie and played well, but we have to just stay on it.  We played a good game tonight against a good team. We just have to continue to work and find ways to bury a few of our chances and not let it get to those shootouts and overtimes.” 

Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “Obviously, we wanted to get pucks on the net. I thought we had traffic there. We had our chances. I think tonight’s game was the night of the goalies. Hank (Henrik Lundqvist) played great for us. Marty (Martin Brodeur) played great for them. They showed it in the shootout too, they both played good in the shootout. It’s tough not to get a win when you get that many shots, but at the same time you have to tip your hat to Marty there, he played a great game.”



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  1. Devils were missing Zubrus, Martin, Clarkson, and Zajac was hurt in the morning skate, Parise was damaged in Montreal on a hit, and you had a full strength team and still brought is to a shootout to the 4th inning. Marty did pretty good. But be happy that Henrik had a stellar game and got you a point in this battle. Can’t wait to meet up again when we are at full strength. You can thank Avery for firing up Marty. He talks too much. By far a bad effort by Avery. But, WOW!! Your queen stood on her high heels!!!! Nice game!! In the words of Sterling. Devils win! Daaaaaaaaa Devils Winnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the “trade drury” comments. Yeah, it’s all his fault. I’m just pissed hat you got a point in our horrible effort tonight!!!! Go Devils!!!!!

  2. Ok seriously, nobody won that game. Both played awsome. It was a playoff caliber game. Don’t be upset. Cause as far as I’m concerned, both teams won. Sick game!!!! That’s the beauty of this rivalry. Why can’t rangers play like this every game. Oh and thanks for giving Marty another shutout.

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp carps me, I carp Carp. How many carps can a carped Carp carp if an Izzy carp would carp Carp?

  4. Most enjoyable game all season. To be honest, I’m disappointed with all you Rangers fans that aren’t real hockey fans. Look back at the comments after we lost, a bunch of whiners saying how it was terrible and all this bs. If you honestly think that, then you have to ask yourself why you watch this game to begin with. I watch it because I love the game. I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know how to skate or play hockey. I’m not a great player, but that’s in my blood. So, when I watch a game like that I’m happy because that was a hell of a game, and I can appreciate it. Anyone who can’t is a Rangers fan first, and a hockey fan second.

  5. Ok, Carp. I’ll lay off. But can anyone actually say that anyone played bad? On either team? I almost lost my dinner 3x. Nobody stops Parise on a shootout. I’m stunned. It was one of those games where eventually someone had to win. As far as Gabby on the shootout, he did great. And that OT shot was a winner too. There are 2 seasons. The NHL and the Rangers Devils season. And this year add the olympics. On the bright side. Henrik was rewarded with a shutout as well. Both goalies got the shutouts. Well deserved. I guess the refs got the memo. Stay away. 3 penalties called all night?? Wow. Even Weekes said if you taped this game, save it!!!

  6. my man just asked me how the game went, told him it was probably their most complete game of the season, and that they lost in the shoot out. He asked why I was so down. Told him was disappointed they didnt get the two points, but that they are consistently playing better each game, they keep getting points, and that we just need some timely goals.

    Thanks to Nasty for his post earlier. Just emotional right after the game!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 12th, 2010 at 11:02 pm
    Devils were missing Zubrus, Martin, Clarkson, and Zajac was hurt in the…

    Know how they say old couples start looking like each other? You two even whine like each other!

  8. LIN

    Back in 7th grade, i started a comic called “2 Guys, A Lesbian, & an Olive Garden”

    It was aboot me and a friend trying to date a hot lesbian who worked at Olive Garden with us. The chick was supposed to be Jessica Alba, cause at the time, she was number 1 on my list. It was all made up, but it was funny. I don’t know what happened to the comics. I had aboot 6 or 7 issues.

    If i re-made it, it would be me, and Mako fighting over Fox.

  9. New rule to propose to Bettman. If a game goes to OT at 0-0. No shootouts. Start 4on4 then 3on3 till someone scores.

  10. All these guys make millions!!! Screw it. Let them work for it. We all have to struggle every day. Let them fight it out till the last man standing. But he ties always were a bummer.

  11. Sather's Wrapup on

    I know it’s Tuesday. It was a test.

    Happy Monday, Ranger fans!

    I was just talking with Lou Lam during the game. Boy, nobody ever gets the best of him in a deal. I even lost big on deals for guys we got from Jersey for free! He asked me if I was interested in trading Gaborik. I’d rather have my hemorrhoids operated on by Captain Hook.

    “Ringity Ding Ding, Dong Ding, Dingity Ding…” Oh, oh. That’s Dolan’s ringtone. I better get this. Hey, there Big Guy! Yeah, we did it again! We sold out! Must be a record by now. I told you, those fans can’t stay away! Doesn’t matter who’s on the ice… How’s the Knicks doin’? Lost to the Thunder last night? Who the hell are the Thunder? Never heard of them. They’re an NBA team too, eh? Well, at least YOU have tradition. Oh, you lost that, too? Stop crying, it’s your own fault. (click)

    Brashear! Where’s my great big enforcer? Brash! I want to ask you a very important personal question. Would you go down front and get me a bucket of popcorn? Well, do it anyway. (I gotta get my money’s worth somehow.) Take Drury with you. And this time, tell them none of that fake butter. The last time, it went through me just about as fast as ORR would have lasted having sex with Megan Fox.

    Call me crazy but is Brodeur mad at Avery for something? I’ll have to ask Torts…

    Wow! Don’t you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE those shootouts! Best idea Bettman ever had! The players are on overtime without getting paid! It’s like FREE HOCKEY! Just think of all the extra beer and snacks sold when the game lasts this long! Who won?

    EWWWW! Way too much scotch, lobster and caviar for me in the Suite tonight. Man! I’m going to be dropping some VERY expensive kids off at the pool tomorrow.

    Well, that’s all for me, fans. See you next time.

    Baron of Greymatter

  12. Linda moves on to next round in password! xoxox. I’m done laurel’ing….:)

    P.S. Don’t know what I missed, but from the few posts I’ve seen, may I just say….Aves!.

    P.P.S. Glen, you sound a lot like the Big Man pre-surgery (sorry, you all either get that or you don’t)
    Night all….

  13. Orr
    well, there you go. the comic can be resurrected with only a slight change from Alba to Fox.

    and if you could, run a special issue with fatso beaten by his wife with a golf club when she finds a racy text sent to him by his sister-in-law

  14. Why not leave Tiger out of this. At least marty’s sister in law wasn’t a prostitute. Wasn’t Avery confirmed as a client in a popular prostitutes blackbook?? So, Marty married his sisters brother’s wife. Why shouldn’t she? She was probably married to some Canadian out of work actor. Or something like that.

  15. the point is, troll, he was/is an adulterer.
    end of story.
    and it’s as much of his legacy
    as any amount of shutouts that are
    helped out by a trapping system
    and a 101 blocked shots a night.

  16. Also, I wouldn’t think I’m the local idiot. I believe that I’ve spoken highly of the rangers players while all of you so-called “fans” trashed your team for every loss. I can’t figure out if you guys are just NY fans or hockey fans. It’s a big mix here. Also, never has any ranger fan ever been threatened to be banned on any devils blog for ranting a rangers win over the devils. I’m surprised for being threatened to be banned. Especially since I’ve always voiced how wrong it was to slam your players just for not scoring more goals than another team. Very disappointed.

  17. RickYM2

    i’m not banning you. just ignoring you.
    you were originally obnoxious. then, you made a nice comment about the game as a whole
    and then got on my case because i mentioned the fact that brodeur committed adultery with his sister-in-law.
    the comment was about the devils goalie and any innuendo about Avery should not have even been brought up.

  18. rickyym2 is one of about 5 devils fans. the team has been great for 15 yrs and has about 5 fans…

    martin brodeur is the best goalie of all time and the guy married his wifes sister. that is sick…….

    he is accepted because he performs, that is not shocking or unusual. so zajac was hurt!!!really saw him play tonight, maybe there was an imposter in his jersey…….

  19. well on come the shenanigans… and now Im out. Dont waster your energy jpg…. he’s not worth it.

  20. How can Avery not be brought up? He is the thriving force behind the rivalry. Most devils fans (deep inside) were upset when Avery went to Dallas. It took away a big part of the rivalry. Is Marty an adulterer? Absolutely. But he’s not my uncle, he’s my goalie. I love his work ethic. I love Guilianni. But is he guilty of the same sin? Yes. So was President Clinton, and many others. I lime to leave out the players private lives. Shannahan was guilty of the same sins. I think we both loved his work too.

  21. Stuart. Not sure if it mTters, but he didn’t marry his wife’s sister. He married his sister’s bother’s wife. Not that either one is acceptable. But it wasn’t that close to home.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Just because you bring “up” Brodeur every night doesn’t mean we need to bring up Avery. Move on buddy… we know who you love and why you love them. It’s great. Go pay the electricity bill and add to the landfill that is your hometown.

  23. can't complain on

    i disagree with carp about the shootout. i like it in the regular season only. not the playoffs ever. points s/b 3-2-1-0

    3 for win in regulation
    2 for win in shootout or ot
    1 for loss in shootout or ot
    0 for loss in regulation

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    They delete the comment within 15 mins and add to ban list… don’t ask how I know ;)

  25. i wouldnt go to another teams blog and talk crap. I used to go to the Islanders talk back a few years ago when they got jobbed by the refs in the Sabres series, but not to talk smack. Some funny guys over there, and the sabres fans were brutal on it. Haven’t gone since.

  26. Did anyone else notice that prior to the 5 on 3 after dubinsky was called for a penalty the play continued after the rangers touched the puck leading to christensen having to take a devil off the puck and consequently the second penalty? The play should have been blown dead and christensens penalty should not have occurred. It should have been a one man advantage.

  27. niters Rick and the Boneheads!

    the boys are playing better! Great effort tonight, we just need someone else to put the biscuit in the twine!

  28. I’ve never talked bad about the rangers. Just Avery. Cause he’s contoversal. If you look back on all my other posts, you’ll see that I’ve defended drury while everyone slams him. He has great skills and plays hard every night. His salary won’t magically make him ovechkin just on a pay check. And henrik?? I’ve seen you call him softqvest etc… When every goalie let’s in questionable goals. Even marty let in a soft goal at the worst time in history (see G7 last year) but that’s not the point. Point is, all of the sudden I’m “a troll” when the devils win. It’s not like it was 8-0. It was 0-0. Then a skills competition had to end it. It’s the new rules, and we all have to deal with them. However, to say I’m “talking crap” about the rangers while everyone slams everyone on the team while I’ve voiced positives is just wrong. I’m not doing that or even want to do that. Look at my posts.

  29. Wow…I miss the game of the year and can’t even DVR the replay because it was on Versus…

    To say I’m pissed is a ridiculous understatement

  30. Another thing you guys don’t get. It’s not about who’s #1 in the standings. It’s all about making that 8th slot. Then it’s all about the playoffs. That’s about it. Playoffs (not a jim mora poke)

  31. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Wouldn’t Marty’s ‘sister’s brother’ be Marty? And therefore his ‘sisters brothers wife’ always be HIS wife? Is there a in-law relationship you’re missing?

  32. True fans. Tonight I do heart Marty tonight. He stole the game. Devils were on their heels all night. Was I pissed during the 3 periods and the OT? Absolutely. I thought we would lose. But Marty single handedly stole it. As he did many games. He had 51 saves tonight. Henrik did t have multiple break aways on him like Marty did. But that’s something that Lemaire has to fix. What surprised me was that there were no brawls tonight. But I guess nobody wants to get in the box at a 0-0 game.

  33. Either way. He won tonight. Doesn’t matter who he slept with. I’m glad he’s my goalie. If he were married to my sister, I would be worried. But I’m happy that they don’t count those incidents in the games.

  34. I’m officially jumping on Carp’s bandwagon of disliking the shootouts! What a great game and what a horrible ending! Its like getting punched below the waist!

    The game was very entertaining and it seems like they’re finally starting to play like an actual team! Scoring though continues to be an issue.

    Couple of things …Gaborik’s little “5 hole” move act is getting played out! You’re a sniper, man…try shooting the damn puck! Or dont you have any other moves??

    Avery…why wasn’t he in the shootout? I bet he would score one in against fatso…He thrives in situations like that (see Dallas game)

    other than that i have no complains!

  35. So I had to DVR the game because I had to work tonight. Had a great night at work and then watched a great game through regulation and OT. I’ve never been a fan of the shoot out, but it is what it is. I hate that we lost, but I liked the game we played, Devs are a good team this year and we hung tough all game. And please, stop feeding the f’n troll(s).

  36. As far as the NHL is concerned, it’s case closed.

    Stephane Auger won’t be fined or suspended by the National Hockey League for allegedly threatening Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows.

    The evidence isn’t there.

    Alexandre Burrows has been fined $2,500

  37. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    oh the humanity…french chops….lamb chop….toe…you kill me!!!!

    it was close and I knew what you meant….my french is really pretty crappy now, gutter style more for new orleans than quebec!!

    tiger woods joke….did you hear tiger changed his what?….cheetah woods!!!!! BAAZINGAA!!!

  38. 2nd period Staal put a hit on Langenbrunner that knocked his helmet off. If Staal would put one of those hits a game, I would shut up about trading him. Boyle was a physical force last night in the little time he played. Dubi was missed on the Gaborik line, they did not seem to have the puck much, and there was no space for Gabby. one of the best 0-0 games I have watched, ruined by the shoot out.

  39. Good morning, all!

    To all these abscess on the left buttock Devils fans: if I were you, I’d worry. Because on the night when both teams played great playoff type, entertainig hockey, your team got outplayed, outshot, outhustled and outhit. In fact, they were physically dominated in most of the areas. Your HOF goalie bailed you out, he’s done it for years. But in the best of 7, you would be lucky to take it to 5. Simple like that.

  40. Anisimov has been playing well, but his linemates Higgins and Avery seem incapable of getting that line to score. Someone has to start scoring consistently.

  41. I made a similar point in another forum yesterday ilb. The Devils play a disciplined, well executed game but they’re style is not to carry the play for long stretches but to counter attack and play off the transition game. Even if they’re no longer trapping per se, they aren’t the Caps or Pens and are not going to try to blow past the D with wave after wave of attack. Once they establish position in the offensive zone they are very good at working the puck around with a lot of perimeter passing. Very clean hockey from a tactical standpoint.

    However, with the exception of last year, every year since their last Cup in 2003 in rounds that they’ve been eliminated, the Devils have been ousted in 5 games. To me that says on a one game basis they’re usually good enough to beat their opponent, as their record indicates, however their flaws are exploited in a best of 7 series.

  42. I agree about these comments about the Devils. I am not scared of them at all, nor do I think they will be making any kind of long playoff run. They don’t have the beasts on defense that they once did, and over the course of a long series or 2, that will definitely be exploited. Other than Gabby, we just don’t have the finishers to do the job.

  43. And to all of us, bonehads: it always hurts to lose to the Devils. Always will. And I understand your frustration. In fact, mrs Ilb knew last night not to ask who won lol. However, we should all see that this team has been consistently playing much better hockey lately. All the accumulated points aside, they are crushing the net, win most of the battles, play sound defensively and their passes are pretty good. And the physical play! Those hits by Staal, Callahan and Boyle- even our beloved Toe-Wicky-Frenchchops should be proud of!

    This team still has flaws, but again, remember the best players are still very, very young.

  44. What a terrific watch. Zsa Zsa was a bit off on his direction. Viinny needs more time to recover. Dubie terrific defensively. Artie and Susan (Boyle) also suffering from Jan Erixon disease. It is incurable. Dreary dull as ever. But I’ll take the point although we deserved better.

  45. CT you can make that argument about flyers, pens, and habs too. There aren’t any consistant teams who always do well. Plus the last 2 years we seem to get matched by teams who we couldn’t beat in the regar season. Last year we beat Carolina once. That was the last game of the season. The year before we played you guys. We won only once that year too. Again. Last game of the season. And if you wanna bring up goalies who hold up their team??? Please, where would you honestly be without Hank? Last year we did pretty well with clemmensen.

  46. Carp,

    That game last night is where i agree no shootout. it was a very well played game. the most exciting 0 0 game ive ever seen.

  47. well, i calmed down since last night. the stress of one of those games just takes years off a ranger fans life!!. i get too into it, but it was in retrospect, the best game all season, despite the loss. its basically a tie. thats how i see it. were still gettin points and this game has moved torts up a few notches in my book. you would never ever see a more entertaining hard fought 0-0 game like this under renny. i actually feel pretty damn good even though we cant score. im thinkin duby was totally missing on the first line too. should never have broken them up. gabby did have chances but far from real good chances besides the ot shot. i thought he was gonna get the shootout goal when i saw him skate up to center, but cccp and i and everyone else who saw his attempt probably said wtf? at the same time. even christenssen couldnt get a shot!!. but teh d played one of their best games tonight. rozy had a good one and redden didnt eff up. he still sucks though cuz he is totally useless when joining the rush. boyle was kncokin devils on their butts all night!! did brash do that once?? but damnit boyl;e u shouldve scored that breakaway!!. im gonna go to work this mornin crazy and excited from the game, but if somebody effs with me, im gonna brashear them. im in a very fragile state of mind right now. especially if any of these hicks say anything about the rangers.

  48. MAMA, let me know if you’re really back. I have a pic to share. And I’m pretty sure I got your “old man before surgery comment”

  49. Fine ignore me. I guess you don’t know enough about hockey to even have a simple hockey debate. Like a bunch of NASCAR fans. All u can say is “fire sather” “dreary sucks” “higgins can’t shoot” “rozy and redden have to be traded” and the rest follow like sheep. Let me ask you, who have you considered to be a successful replacement for sather, and by what merits? If drury sucks so bad, why was Burke adamant about having him on team USA? How would you trade rozy or redden? What else would you be willing to give up? Have any of you considered that you just paid an injury prone player close to $8m a year? What about next year? If he gets hurt, who replaces him? And besides the usual up and down trips from Hartford I’ve never seen anyone ever mention anyone in your ahl league.

  50. A few points:

    1) Congrats to Brodeur and Henrik on both playing amazing last night
    2) Props to our PK, Callahan, Drury and Staal and a great play by Callahan to cross check Parise, that shoulda been another Penalty but Callahan is smart and realized the ref would prob not call it against us already down two man, he made a similar “smart” play last week against dallas when he made sure the dallas net was taking off to ensure the whistle was blown
    3) Prospal looked a little off his game last night but still backchecks hard everynight and if this team is going to be successful the top 9 forwards must backcheck hard every shift
    4) Anisimov is really starting to develop his game-he is creating chances, he is winning loose pucks, he is getting the puck to the net but TORTS SILL WONT REWARD HIM WITH PP TIME- HE SHOULD GET SOME PP TIME TOMORROW AGAINST OTTAWA
    5) Brashear was solid last night-taking the body and getting the puck deep

  51. 3 skill players on 1 line never works. Gotta have 1 banger/dirty goal scorer. That was Dubi’s job on the 1st line. My proposed top 3 lines:

    Dubi Chris/Vinny Gabs
    Vinny/Chris Drury Cally
    Higgins Ani Avery

    Gabby didn’t have any space to shoot, other than the PP and that OT shot.

  52. Sure, there isn’t any team that always goes on long playoff runs. Even the Wings have had their early exits (the 2003 first round sweep at the hand of the Ducks for instance).

    In recent years, the Pens went from missing the playoffs, to a 1st round exit to back to back Finals appearances. It was probably better for them in 2009 that they had to battle the Caps in the 2nd round in order to face some adversity and competition unlike in 2008 where they waltzed through the Eastern conference and then were on the verge of getting swept by the Wings.

    Along with the streak I mentioned earlier, how about every playoff round since the lockout, when the Devils have been eliminated they were the higher seed.

    I didn’t mention anything about goalies carrying teams in my previous post. So why’d you bring it up? Even so, you would be hard pressed to find a Ranger fan who doesn’t think that Henrik has been the Rangers de facto MVP since he became their starter.

  53. Seth-we’ve been saying that about Anisimov foe awhile now. How about Boyle? Last night he showed us why he was selected in the first round with his play in general. But on this breakaway he also showed why he shouldn’t have been.

  54. I’m not trying to bother you or anyone else. Just have hockey talk. But if you wanna take shots at me, fine. How about this to have o er breakfast, Rangers played their best game of the year by far, only to have it go up in smoke. It still goes in the L column. They’ll never bounce back from that loss. Season is over. But the good news is I’ve saved a bundle on my car insurance. Also, the Daytona 500 is in a few weeks.

  55. Ricky M2 –

    Ricky, if parise gets hurts what are you gonna do? if gaborik is out for an extended period of time yeah that is going to be an issue he is our best player obviously…Messier will be the next GM, once the garden figures out the renovation plans for MSG Sather will be asked politely to step down and Messier will take over the “NEW MSG”…..Sather deserves the most of the blame for the fabulous three contracts but the scouting staff deserves a lot of blame as well…

  56. Couple things:

    Don’t know what you guys are talking about. The 1st line had better offensive chances than it did with Dubi on there, especially in the 3rd period. Christensen and Gaborik made a couple slick passes and gave them chances to score. Prospal did the same. For the style they play, they were quick and had good shots.

    The 4th line was great last night. Boyle was physical and had 4 shots in the 1st two periods, Kotalik was skating hard, and Brashear…or should I say Chocolate Gretzky…was smooth on the puck and had a couple hits (more impressive was his skill/confidence on the puck).

    There really wasn’t a bad part of the game outside of the fact that they lost and didn’t do anything in the shootout. Christensen just had it fall off his stick and Kotalik was forced to shoot. Gabby missed by an inch (even Marty pretty much said he got lucky he made the save) and I have no idea what Dubi was thinking with that shot.

    Thats my only gripe right now is that Dubi’s shots are terrible. They are either into the goalies chest or extremely predictable. No shots against the grain or in tougher areas for goalies to stop them.

    Marty was a wall last night, as was Henke. I don’t think the Devils played their A game because the Rangers did have most of the better chances. If they play like this for most of the season though, they’ll beat most teams.

  57. Sally- it is contagious, I’m afraid. Sorry to say it, but your favorite nose picker has been showing the signs of the acute illness already.

  58. ILB2001-

    I agree Boyle is a big body get him some PP time-he has been consistent all year…I was at the game so it was hard to tell how good a save Matty made on Boyle but for a big guy boyle does have good hands and a decent wrist shot…..Torts benches players when they are not playing up to par why not reward some of the players who deserve some PP time…..

  59. ricky- to me, i could care less that you are here but when u start off trashing our goalie who played just as good maybe better than brodeur based on quality chances, is not agood way to then try to have real conversation about hockey. act like a man not a kid first, then maybe you wont be treated like that. we actually discuss all the things you m,entioned almost everyday. we talk about sathera dn drury(to no en), redden,rozy and everything else that needs to be adressed. but you come on here and say”the queen stood on her heels last night”, cmon. nobody is gonna take you any differently than the last devil fan that was banned from here. even if u arent as bad as him at all, or annoying.

  60. Morning All
    Dispite the lack of scoreing, I have to say the Rangers played a very good game. They played a good Devils team and held their own. Both goaltenders play great. Over all I think it was a very good performance. I know the devils have some guys out, and a lot of the Ranger shots were not great scoring chances, but the team is better, a lot better than they were a short time ago. They work hard and we are beginning to see effects of the hard work. They are winning a lot more puck battles, and there are fewer turnovers. They lost in a shoot out, but they earned a point.

  61. Good morning, Carp! Happy Old New Year Day!

    ilb, I’m sorry to say it’s true. Lil Man has a terminal case of the Obviouslys. But there’s still hope for Cally…

  62. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Just an amazing game

    Both Goalies get shutouts
    Most shots on goal in a 0-0 game in NHl history
    Fast uptempo game for 65 minutes

    And now we’ve gotten points in every game so far in January

    Team is really coming together and starting to gel.

    That felt like a playoff game from start to finish (except the shootout) And no I’m not a fan either.

    3-0-2 for the month so far
    I’m still holding to my prediciton that we at least get 8 or 9 wins this month


  63. Marty was NOT good last night. There, I said it. I know he had a gaudy stat line, but he was giving up a ton of juicy rebounds off of a lot of soft, perimeter shots. I was at the game, and the one area the rangers failed was in front of Marty’s net. Minimal traffic, and virtually no second chances. 51 shots is deceiving, as most were of the soft perimeter variety. 28 other NHL teams probably score 3 or 4 and win relatively easily. Unfortunately the Rangers thrive on making things difficult for themselves.

  64. This was the perfect example of what Carp has been talking about with the shoot out ruining the conclusion of the game. This was such a great game, and if it ended in a 0 – 0 tie I would have walked away thinking as much. But after the cheap ending with the lame breakaway exhibition, my brother, after being on the edge of his seat all night, stated “I want the last 2 hours of my life back.” I couldn’t agree more. The shoot out cheapens the game so much.

  65. dr ogrdonick,
    I 100% agree, There were a lot of high shots from 65 feet that instead of gobbling up, went off marty’s chest and left a juicy rebound. also a lot of low shots kicked out right into the middle. very good point!

  66. johnnyd,
    I felt the Gabby line missed Dubi last night watching it, and checked the stats to see if they showed it. they did. Gabby line had 5 shots on goal( 4 by Gabby), every other line had more, including the 4th line in limited play. they just did not have the puck as much without Dubi.

  67. Dr. Ogrodnick – I’d have to disagree. They had plenty of quality chances. The 51 number was inflated because some were just floaters, but most of their shots were quality chances. Marty always plays like that. You think he gives up these rebounds, but he knows what to do with them. Plenty of shots he got handcuffed on and swatted it away with his stick.

    He’s never played a pretty game, but he knows what he’s doing and makes plenty of huge saves. He did the same last night.

    The second chances part I’ll admit was one of the reasons why the Rangers didn’t score. A couple of times they had rebound chances, but guys either skated past the net/puck or didn’t skate to the front. Higgins and Drury did, but both were picked up by d-men or had the puck hop over there stick. I know Higgins in particular came in off of an Anisimov rebound and he went to shoot and it just hopped right over his stick (you can thank the crappy MSG ice for that).

    Best chance of the game was Rozsival’s, but it was a tough cross ice pass across his body from a bad angle so he couldn’t get off the one timer. I know fans got frustrated because he missed an open net, but I’d like to see them take that shot in that situation. Only the top scorers can net that off a one timer, so pretty much last night it would’ve had to have been Gabby or Parise.

  68. bull dog – they only had 5 shots on goal because Christensen and Gaborik missed the net like 5 times each. Prospal had a couple that missed too. But they controlled play most of the time they were out there. Shots on goal don’t equal time of possession, but unforunately the NHL doesn’t track TOP. They had a ton of possession and made some real nice passes to set themselves up. They just couldn’t hit the net.

  69. Hank got the shutout last night, right ?

    I could be wrong, but i think after 3 period, and an OT, both goalies get a shutout. Am i wrong ?

    Not a great way to get a shutout. I really don’t like the shootout. It’s different for a game like that one verse the Crapitals. But this was a tough game, great goaltending. It should have went 3 on 3 before the shootout. I really wish they would have done that at least before the shootout. The odds of scoring would be a lot higher.

  70. Orr, IIRC, the Versus announcers (Thank god for Emrick doing play-by-play instead of the other guy), said both goalies get credited with shutouts at that point.

  71. Joekuh, agreed, Emrick is way better than Beninati. Last night would have been painful to listen to him. How many times would he have called it a “war of the twineguardians” or something like that?

  72. I am nervous about a letdown vs Ottawa. Hopefully Vaclaw will be better and improve with each game. Tough to step on the ice after surgery. Dreary…so dull and depressing. Maybe he’s a leader in the clubhouse, but he always has that hang dog look and his play in uninspiring except when killing penalties. He’s holding Callahan back. Anyone playing with Dreary is handicapped. Not sure who is the worst contract…Dreary or Blomez…tough choice. And Susan needs to finish and play to his size. 6 ft 7 in and he sometimes plays like he’s 5 ft 8 in.

  73. Hey good morning all…

    I have to go back & read all the post but Rick did you read Jay Greenberg’s article in The Post?

    I’m glad he has the same dislike for the SO as we do. First time in a while I’ve seen both pages filled with hockey, more rare just ONE game. And what a fantastic game it was!!!!

  74. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I think had the NYR scored just once… just once I would’ve been fine with a shootout loss…

    but they’re so inept they didn’t even get the same ammount of shots on goal as there were shooters in the shootout.

    Let’s not kid ourselves… Fatso may have made a ton of saves but he was rarely tested… lots of perimeter shots.

  75. Hello. This is kind of an “unconventional” question , but have other visitors asked you how get the menu bar to look like you’ve got it? I also have a blog and am really looking to alter around the theme, however am scared to death to mess with it for fear of the search engines punishing me. I am very new to all of this …so i am just not positive exactly how to try to to it all yet. I’ll just keep working on it one day at a time Thanks for any help you can offer here.

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