It’s d’oh time! (in honor of the Simpsons milestone)


… even though I’m not much of a Simpsons fan.

Not much new to report from here. As we said earlier, Voros and Lisin are prucha’d. Prospal is back.

The lines, to start:

Higgins-Anisimov-Avery (avery on the right during warmups).

See youse during the game.

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  1. I have a question…I’ve noticed this the last few games –

    Watch when the action is at the Rangers net in the first period. There appears to be some kind of spotlight or something on the ice. There’s definitely a bright spot there looking towards the top of the paint (watching tv)

    It’s only on that net…not at the other one.

    You’ll notice it especially when players skate by, their shadows become much stronger.

    Just something I’ve noticed…not sure if anyone else has.

  2. FANKIST= prospal

    in preseason his tan was out of control, i said he looked like Sunkist soda, Mako said he looked liked Fanta… hence Fankist

  3. NYR, doesnt seem as if the usual links are running tonight

    just tried and channelsurfing and nothing

  4. Thanks CCCP…a bit choppy but thanks! Dunno how long I’ll be able to watch but at least I’m getting a glimpse!

  5. it finally came thru for me the 3rd time i clicked it, thank GOD i have versus IN HD!! WOOOOOOOO

  6. Wow, this period is flying by. Devils seem content to launch shots from the blueline and hope for a redirection or that Henrik loses sight of it.

  7. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Pretty much non-stop action. I hope all the close misses don’t come back to haunt us later…

  8. If Emrick screeches the word “careen” one more time, I’m going to “careen” my foot through the TV screen.

    Bring back Joe “BACKSIDE BANG!” Beninati…

  9. CCCP, that should be a new award here

    The Honorary Donald Brashear Move of The Game, brought to you by Charmin, My*T*Fine Pudding, and Cialis

  10. Hi all! OT but do any of u have ESPN america ? It suddenly became available here and I was thinking about getting it…
    Do they send a lot of hockey, rangers live???

  11. They’re willing to take hits to make plays, someone got them fired up for tonight’s game. They need a score and not let the Devils get a goal to negate a lot of good work.

  12. Krisy – I’m watching ESPN America in England. Not sure whether you get the same games wherever you are, but they show pretty much a game every night (plus HNIC on Saturdays). A LOT of Penguins (insert puke here) and Capitals, Rangers once in a while.

    We get more games on another ESPN channel (and in HD!) – think that one’s just in the UK though.

  13. Thanks LW… Its kind of cheap so I might try it… Its the only ESPN channel available here..

  14. Well, thanks for the link, unfortunately I have to go out…I’ll be back later hopefully! Go Rangers!

  15. Beth

    Someone commented on that trade I sent you. And I answered them on the site. I just want to let you know you can always counter offer… and the wise ass who posted thought they were being smart. There is no offense to your hockey intelligence intended for that trade.

    And that’s all I’ll say about that.

  16. LOL, never thought I was going to miss Amputee Annie! LOL
    DAMN my stream just frooze… IT is TOOO COLD here now :-)

  17. Rangers had some jump, looked good. Unfortunately, this is what the Devils do, wait for a team to get frustrated, then take advantage. Torts has to keep them focused.

    Weird not seeing Mike Sullivan after the 1st.

  18. LW, i absolutely LOVED that you made that scotty bowman connection, it was fantastic!! Cuz she does!!!

    and YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS on the FANKIST interview! My night is complete…unless they talk to my new lil crush also lmao!

  19. MAKO – it’s cool seriously. I’m all for helping people out if I know I’m in a no win situation.. I’m only doing it for fun, if this were a money league that’d be a different story.

  20. I used to play basketball with this kid that had a hole in his throat. I was way better than him, but he beat me every time, cause towards the end of the match, he would sweat so much, that his band-aid would peel off, and you can see the hole, and i would get so grossed out, that i would play horribly, and eventually lost.

    But damn it, i was better than him.

  21. speaking of 3D… a friend of mine is a super gadget freak went to Vegas for the annual CES and told me that they showed a few teaser clips of the Olympic teams in practice in 3d – hockey one of them and WOW. Can’t wait. They said they might have a 3d stream of it online!

  22. between periods they have two little kids ride on the Zambonis. This one kid is wearing a Devils jersey and he’s getting booed. He’s like five years old.

  23. lmao Carp!! in atlanta they had people dress in food costumes and run around the ice and have to traverse a few bumps. It was hilarious! Fajita chicken roll up won, it was very exciting!

  24. LMFAO @ go lose your fingers!

    Ilb, i’m GLAD he said the Rangers would not make the playoffs!! the ‘expert’ has spoken!

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "LOOK OUT FATSO!!, Avery's is in Da Howse !!! " … says Greg L. on

    No Scoring
    No penaties
    No powerplays
    No Fights
    No problems
    No complains
    No drunks on here
    No cheering

    Gonna be a YES YES period comming up!!!!!

  26. lol Linda. My Dad used to do that bowl cut on my brothers.
    Actually someone should do it to Duguay just to bring him into the 80s

  27. Joekuh - looking for an MDZ Authentic! on

    LMFAO @ this little piggy went all the way to the infectious ward

  28. Nor, it looks like Doogie puts his head in a colander(strainer) and pulls the hair through the holes. Man, he’s just too gangsta lmao!!

    Shor, its keith jones, he’d probably go Van Gogh and cut off an ear with the safety scissors

  29. Thank you Beth. I assure you the offer wasnt to get over on you. I was actually looking for you to counter and if you really want to see lopsided ridiculous trades you havent see what Mike has sent me in the past LMAO…. bustin’ your chops Mike….

  30. Olga Folkyerself on

    They should tell Smoking Lady that giving the finger to someone isn’t meant to be taken literally.

  31. CT, Keith Jones hates the Rangers because he’s a Flyer and because when he was a Capital, Tikkanen kissed him on the nose.

    Olga, LMAO at the smoking lady. we’ve managed to have more than a few chuckles at her expense.

  32. i’m sure Versus missed this, but while the refs were huddling over the penalty call, Avery and Brodeur were in each other’s grills.

  33. that call on christensen was a joke. i think one goals gna win this game. gotta come up big here.

  34. I’m sure the refs missed this, but while Avery and Brodeur were in each other’s grills, Dubinsky and Christensen committed nothing remotely looking like slashing and roughing penalties…

  35. Fabulous atmosphere here. Maybe the NHL and NBC ought to pay attention to this, since it seems nobody wants Rangers-Devils Winter Classic.

    By the way, I actually heard somebody say, “Yeah, Rozy!” You don’t hear that every day.

  36. I thought the Dubinsky slash was legit, but the Christensen penalty was baloney. Wussification of the game, as Milbury would say.

  37. I hate the fact that the Devils are going to win this 2-0 with their only two shots of the 3rd period (one empty netter).

  38. these guys are gonna sleep well tonight! breakneck pace, its great! THIS is hockey, well,except for that wussified penalty on FIMQOM

  39. LOL I absolutely HATE to say this…. But its not like Threeormore is in net. Come on guys Fatso is on a roll…

  40. The Burrows incident…

    STFU KEITH! Good the league should get some criticism for the bad calls!!!

    What does the ref arm around someone have to do what he says. You ever see a mobster pretend to be your friend right before you get popped? Stupid a-hole…


    I’m watching game on and now they are showing the Caps/Bolts game. Anybody else with the same thing? Did I lose the link to Rangers? I expected betw periods stuff.

  42. Milbury has moved on from “pansification” and “wussification” to claiming the league is pandering to “crunchy granola types”. The evolution of man right before our very eyes…

  43. mako,i posted on the group something about that… did you expect these guys to NOT side with the ref?


    Linda, I am happier with than with hockeystreams that I paid $100 to get. What in holy hell?

  45. Versus guys are nimrods… tools working on behalf of the NHL. Auger should be fired, even if he didn’t say anything to Burrows they were horrible calls.

  46. Watching online at work…. and it’s on VS… this totally sucks… missed a decent replay on Artie’s wrap around…. i hate versus. And i just listened to these guys bash the player for speaking out against the ref…. i don’t like Keith Jones.

  47. paulieplatypus on

    This is one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in a very long time, neither team deserves to lose. Lundqvist and Brodure are putting on an amazing display of their outstanding skill!

    Am I alone in my thinking, but ever since DelZotto got cheepshoted by Ruutu(?) and went around hitting everything in sight for the rest of that game… Have the Rangers as a whole been playing a much more physical game – that has them playing at the very very top of their game?

  48. Hypothetical question…

    Rangers-Canucks. Avery and Burrows both take chainsaws onto the ice and cut each other’s left hand off. Does any NHL ref make a call?

  49. anisimov has celebrated prematurely before too. he did it a few months ago and it was kinda funny. he didnt score there on brodoor, but yea, make sure you score first before u start celebrating. goofball. lol. u start celebrating liek that, ur teammates could get screwed up and stop playin. hopefully torts lets him know not to be doin that anymore. its happenned at least once before this

  50. two thumbs up Jimmy.

    Puck, I have versus so I’m not stuck with hockeystreams. Did you try the hq feed. sometimes that’s the best one!

  51. ilb

    OMG Jonezie is such an obvious Ranger hater. Him and Mad Mike used to go on about Jagr I wanted to choked the both of them through the TV.

  52. brodoor is playing great no doubt. but we still should have at least 2 goals. the boyle breakaway and that shot by gabby. lol. every damn shot couldve been a goal!! damn brodoor is not this good!! its just we cant score!

  53. back to the chainsaw question … as long as you don’t hook a guy’s hands, no penalty. Maybe a dive if the guy with his arm cut off goes down.

  54. Noremry…oh no that was Elishas…now that his dating a real model..he only wears clear! But he donates at truckload of twinkes to MAAAARTY and promise to haunt him, whispering faaatso in his ear every night when Marty is throwing down twinkies!

  55. waffleboarded

    my stomach is starting to hurt! i should have had that grilled chicken AFTER the game!

  56. LMAO Mike… I told ya who I’d want.

    Did you see how I was publicly criticized for my lopsided trade LOL

    OMG She said “INTANGIBLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Callahan and Dubinsky are hustling everywhere, but Drury is always a step slow. They need to just set him up and let him stand there.

  58. Great game considering no scoring. But it sure would be nice to have another real offensive threat.

  59. this has to be one of the most nerver wracking regular season games i’ve seen in my 31 years of following this team. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHEFFINHIGGINS

  60. the only reason my heart is where it belongs is cuz the chest is so big its holding it in lmao!!!!

  61. I don’t want this to go to this crap. shootout. bad ice. ugh. I don’t wanna get out of this feeling like crap. i can’t imagine how crappy the players feel after a loss like this.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    That had to be the best game I saw this year.

    Now a little skills competition for you all…

  63. Time for shootout practice for the Rangers. Can someone show them a video of Sykora’s backhand flip?

  64. We really dont have anyone on this team that can score in a shootout, we used to be a good team in shootouts and now we dont have anyone who can produce in it

  65. n actually had shot the freakin puck on a set up breakaway we mightve woin this thing!!! ughhh the team is just sad!! not one goal to show for this. not even after 5 breakaways. boyle at least got a shot unlike erik cartmansen. i hate that damn shootout.

  66. No worries, brashear visualizes checking the people he can’t catch up to. which is everybody.

  67. Funny thing is Sykora might be available as a very cheap option, he’s kinda not having too much fun in Minny.

    Isn’t like 1/3 of Kotalik’s salary to win shoot out? Grrrr..

    Oh well, great game. The Garden atmosphere tonight brought me back to the late 80s/early 90s.

  68. Bring back Prucha on

    LW3H January 12th, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    “Jacques Lemaire’s idea of heaven – winning games without scoring a goal.”

    ain’t that the truth.

  69. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    boy that skills competition is just awesome….we carry the play late in the 3rd, in overtime as well and then the stupid frakking sills competition. Give them all ballerina outfits and leotards and let them have a dance off to jazzercise music!!!!

  70. Christensen and Kotalik have two of the best career records in the league in shootouts, so it’s not like there’s nobody who can score. Struggling after that though – Gaborik’s record is awful and nobody else inspires confidence.

  71. This is why the shootout is such a crappy way to decide a game. Rangers certainly didn’t deserve to lose this game this way…

  72. why cant gabby even score on one? he had the weakest attempt i ever saw. what was he thinking that 5 mph glider ewas gonna just roll through brodivas pads??? i wouldnt be so pissd if it wasnt the devils and marty. rangers had way too many chances to score and didnt. hank deserved the win.

  73. Didn’t the Rangers used to always win shootouts? Funny I didn’t hate them then.

    Now I’m thinking ties are underrated.

  74. Puck Drops – couldn’t agree more – looked like they were actually afraid to shoot during the SO

  75. Gaborik needs to have Marcel and Marian Hossa show him some shootout tricks during the Olympics. Marcel won the Rangers some points on the shootout.

  76. i’m too disgusted right now…kotalik, shoot out specialist… BURNING MORE OF DOLANS MONEY TO KEEP WARM!!
    damnit, why cant we have someone who can score other than gabby???

  77. Mako,that is because not only is he NOT a gracious loser, but he isnt even close to being a gracious winner either. scumbucket

  78. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i would have used avery in the top 3, if for no other reason than his strong dislike for fatso and he has a really good shot.

  79. henrik, rangers lost cuz they couldnt score 1 lousy goal on 45 shots and 5 breakaways. now if this team doesnt need help scoring idk wtf they need. just cuz of the 1 devil goal one of the best games i ever watched became the crappiest. just gotta get some scorers here and fast. torts, i realize u dont have much to work with, but for craps sake, your starting to look like tom renny. remember with about 20 seconds left in ot, staal just took it back and let time run out? what if he got a rush and we scored? ohhh maqn i just hate losses like this. and carps right, get the damn shootout out of the game. id rather a tie any day than this

  80. why the hell is Dubi on the skills competition?
    he can’t shoot worth a crap and only gets the occasional goal when he bothers to hang around in front of the net.
    glad you hoodwinked that ol’ Edmonton genius Brandon into thinking that you are worth all that money.

    i’m sure you’ll somehow find your game when you wear some other team’s jersey.

  81. The only good thing about this game is that it reinforced my belief that the Devils aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs. It took them a shootout to beat our pop-gun offense!

  82. as i just said to Chris in Buffalo.. i hope sathers next cigar is defiled by Tila Tequila!

    why can’t anyone on this team get a timely, CLUTCH goal

    i bet the versus guys said how awesome drury was on faceoffs………..

  83. They did, Linda. And how great he was at blocking shots! lol

    BTW, did Avery play a shift after blocking that shot off his foot?

  84. Didn’t someone say that Christenson was a shootout specialist? Does that mean he’s bad at shootouts or good?

  85. Made a resolution this year not to watch shootouts- tonight was the hardest one to turn off. Really exciting game- really exciting overtime- then you piss all over it with “The Shootout”- I’d rather they did something innovative like flip a coin to decide winner. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- nothing makes me want to cry more than watching the impotence of NHL shooters in the shootout- it’s a league of Ted Irvines. Still Rangers are playing well and thank goodness there’s no SO in playoffs…yet.

  86. anyone still watchin versus?

    it kinda looked to me like ovechkin actually went after the other guy, and the versus guy said he went for ovechkin

  87. I don’t know why they don’t have Gilroy go in the shootout. The guy is a dman, but he has some great moves.

  88. Carp, why is Brashear dressed every game? Is Torts the only one that can’t see that he’s terrible? It boggles my mind why he’s dressed over other players. Is there pressure from above (Uncle Glennie) that influences Torts’ lineup?

  89. Sather's Wrapup on

    Happy Monday, Ranger fans!

    I was just talking with Lou Lam during the game. Boy, nobody ever gets the best of him in a deal. I even lost big on deals for guys we got from Jersey for free! He asked me if I was interested in trading Gaborik. I’d rather have my hemorrhoids operated on by Captain Hook.

    “Ringity Ding Ding, Dong Ding, Dingity Ding…” Oh, oh. That’s Dolan’s ringtone. I better get this. Hey, there Big Guy! Yeah, we did it again! We sold out! Must be a record by now. I told you, those fans can’t stay away! Doesn’t matter who’s on the ice… How’s the Knicks doin’? Lost to the Thunder last night? Who the hell are the Thunder? Never heard of them. They’re an NBA team too, eh? Well, at least YOU have tradition. Oh, you lost that, too? Stop crying, it’s your own fault. (click)

    Brashear! Where’s my great big enforcer? Brash! I want to ask you a very important personal question. Would you go down front and get me a bucket of popcorn? Well, do it anyway. (I gotta get my money’s worth somehow.) Take Drury with you. And this time, tell them none of that fake butter. The last time, it went through me just about as fast as ORR would have lasted having sex with Megan Fox.

    Call me crazy but is Brodeur mad at Avery for something? I’ll have to ask Torts…

    Wow! Don’t you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE those shootouts! Best idea Bettman ever had! The players are on overtime without getting paid! It’s like FREE HOCKEY! Just think of all the extra beer and snacks sold when the game lasts this long! Who won?

    EWWWW! Way too much scotch, lobster and caviar for me in the Suite tonight. Man! I’m going to be dropping some VERY expensive kids off at the pool tomorrow.

    Well, that’s all for me, fans. See you next time.

    Baron of Greymatter

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    High glove? Really? Imagine that. The first 3 Devils shooters should all be skating the bag tomorrow for shooting anywhere else. The glove does not even move. I don’t get it. Meanwhile, we have the weakest shootout crew ever.

  91. Christensen is a shootout specialist, and no one wanted him, there ya go.

    For as many shots as we had tonight, very few rebounds/deflections, we didn’t get to the rebounds. As much as we hate Marty, you need things like that to beat him when he’s on and we didn’t do it. Then 4 poor shootout attempts? We lose, but at least you know the gameplan is working, they just have to finish plays and we’ll be alright.

  92. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    nope, torts doesn’t like to play him late in the game or overtime, why is beyond me!!

  93. i love the guy who does sathers wrap ups!

    ORR, you’re the first Bonehead to make it into the wrap up!!

  94. Hey, this was a very well played game against in my opinion, the best team in the East. The best team in the league is the Hawks IMO. Either way, I will take this point after this game and be happy with it. Of course I always want a win, but this game was a great game, the kind of game that I want to watch, and not the kind of boring hockey that we are used to the Devils bringing. I applaud both teams tonight, and I will take the point and on to the next game. We always say, give us 60 minutes, and gives us compete, and dare I say, give us jam. We got all of that tonight. Just couldn’t score. Same old story, fine, you are right, but this is one of the best games this team has played all year, and coming off a solid effort in Boston the other day, and this nice little point streak run we are on, I will take it.

  95. I would have liked to see Drury score tonight. It would have been huge for the team and huge for us.

  96. Like Nasty said…

    They keep getting points, playing better and better, LQ has been fantastic. Lets hope its all clicking for them.

  97. No problem Linda, I am just being positive. I think for the next game you have the lines:

    Gabby EC Dubi
    Cally Dru Prospal
    Avery AA Higgy
    Kotalik Boyle Brash/lisin/voros

    I just like the chemistry of the Gabby EChrist Dubi during this little stretch.

  98. Nasty is the voice of reason tonight,and i appreciate it!

    like your lines and agree with you on the GCD line

  99. Sather's Wrapup on

    Listen you little twerp! I should know what day of the week it is. I’m President-GM of the New York Rangers!

    What’s that? It is? Well, here’s ten bucks. Keep your mouth shut. Cripes, it’s gotta be Monday somewhere…

    Never mind, Messiah…

  100. Linda-Orr made it in the wrapup, but his entrance wasn’t that…. hmm.. honorable.

    I think we should all snap out of it. This was the best, complete game they played all year. And Marty did what he has done to this league for years..plain and simple.
    And if the Rangers play like that for the rest of the year- we will be playing deep in the playoffs. Also, if the play like that against the Devils in the playoffs, they have an excellent chance to win it in 7.

  101. What to do now…. I feel kinda lost and angry and angry for being lost. *sigh*

    Im definitely in frown town right now…

  102. You’re right, Linda…. He could easily make $10 though. Just put some white powder on the table, arrange it in a straight line, and tell Redden you want to see him………

  103. Stop the complaining… was a good game could have easily gone the other way ..give em some credit .

  104. hehe

    Mako, just read Nasty’s post again. They did play well,they did get a point, they seem to play a bit better every game..

  105. Mama’s back! Did anyone actually miss me the past few days? Oy, I think I’m glad I was on a plane for this game.

    Everyone who “friended” me recently, I’m not ignoring you, but was away on a trip….will deal tomorrow. In case you missed my post Saturday, I was with a Boston-raised cousin to watch that win. Sweet day!
    Lots to catch up on….a demain mes amis! (wicky, if you’re here, help folks out).

    I missed you all….

  106. Just got back from the game. Holy hell what a good one despite the loss. 96 shots?! Both goalies deserved that shutout. Talk about a game that should have ended in a tie… just not fair. But lets be proud of our boys. That was a worthy effort

  107. Devils were missing Zubrus, Martin, Clarkson, and Zajac was hurt in the morning skate, Parise was damaged in Montreal on a hit, and you had a full strength team and still brought is to a shootout to the 4th inning. Marty did pretty good. But be happy that Henrik had a stellar game and got you a point in this battle. Can’t wait to meet up again when we are at full strength. You can thank Avery for firing up Marty. He talks too much. By far a bad effort by Avery. But, WOW!! Your queen stood on her high heels!!!! Nice game!! In the words of Sterling. Devils win! Daaaaaaaaa Devils Winnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the “trade drury” comments. Yeah, it’s all his fault. I’m just pissed hat you got a point in our horrible effort tonight!!!! Go Devils!!!!!

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