Devils cross the Hudson


… So, Jim Dolan, get somebody to check and be sure that the electric bill has been paid. We don’t want the lights going out.

Although, if all the electricity goes out, we are spared from the Versus broadcast. Versus, where you have a better chance of seeing a good replay on the big screen in the arena than you do from your couch in the living room. Versus, the network that makes you pay attention for fear you might miss something. E-gads.

I was reading Puckdaddy, where they list five reasons why Chris Drury is on the US Olympic team. One of them talks about his shot-blocking, and I must say, he’s really, really good at that. A tad expensive for a shot-blocker/penalty killer, but really good at that.

Vinny Prospal returns tonight. Back to the top line with Marian Gaborik and Erik Cristensen.

Dubinsky drops down to play with Callahan and Drury.

By the way, how is Christensen pronounced Christiansen? Well, that’s probably not as bad as all the mispronunciations of Brodeur. Here’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer and even those on his team’s own telecasts can’t pronounce it. Here’s a tip, fellas: Listen to how Ken Daneyko and Chico Resch say it. That’s how Brodeur says it. And can everybody please agree on a pronunciation of Parise?

I’m sure the Versus crew will fix it.

And, on Christensen, he’s been terrific so far. But  let’s wait a while before we decide he’s the next this or that, and not the next Daniel Goneau.


We’re planning a live video chat here Friday at lunchtime. More details tomorrow. I’m headed to MSG later on.

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  1. i am ECSTATIC!!

    also because of the fact that FANKIST is back tonight. And Mako, i have ONE thing to say to you:

    ‘wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!”

  2. Shor, maybe we need to add 2 seasons together to hit that mark?

    Rick, come on, you posted a pic of yourself in a Merlin hat made of gift wrap!!!

  3. Rick, do we know beforehand who the refs are for the game? After the ruckus caused last night and with Burrows statement, everyones gonna be paying a bit more attention to the refs these days. I’m saying Aves gets called 4 times, 3 for entering #30’s gravitational force

  4. he blocks shots ok great—-id rather him be able to win some loose pucks during the PL and then hold onto the puck like boyle/callahan/dubie and kill some time of the oppositions PP…..seriously watch him tonight as soon as he has the puck whether shorthanded or 5-5, he will either:

    1) dump/ice the puck immediately
    2) take a shot immediately
    3) pass the puck blindly, carelessly, softly, recklessly, insert your Mad Lib adjective here

  5. MAD LIBS!!lmao

    damnit they are on the big screen tonight, unless i rearrange my living room i’ll have to use the netbook! aaaaaaargh!

  6. remember for people without versus.

    a watch the last game non wireless and it was pretty good.

    also it is free…….

  7. Orr – I don’t see how you can say Dubi is greedy because he wants more than Callahan. You can say points aren’t everything, but the guys that play 1st line minutes and put up points get paid more. Callahan was playing 2nd and 3rd line minutes because he isn’t/wasn’t good enough to run with the top lines. Dubi clearly was considered good enough to play up there (even though he’s really a 2nd line center at best) so he does deserve more money.

    I’m not saying Dubi isn’t getting paid enough, I’m arguing that Callahan is getting paid too much. But this is the Rangers so it’s no surprise.

    As for the Philly goal that has the NHL investigating FSN Pittsburgh, heres the link which has a youtube video of it:

  8. Brian Noonan Fan Club on

    The name Brodeur is very unique in that it has two distinct pronounciations, both of which rhyme with “overrated” and “system goalie.”

  9. Wow — has it really come to justifying Drury’s continued career and international participation with “he’s good at blocking shots.”

    Let’s face it: Chris Drury’s sucking is as obvious as Mark McGwire’s juicing.

    Hey Cap’n, when you don’t got it, you don’t got it.

  10. It’s been a long time since live video.. Can’t wait. Lunchtime?! I don’t have a lunchtime…

    LMAO at Rogaine

  11. Here we go with the Flyers’ annual victim act. In January, too. That’s late for them. Though it wouldn’t surprise me at all that the Penguins would pull something like that. This is the team that iced an AHL team for years to get high picks.

  12. The Flyers won the game. So they weren’t complaining. It was the booth in Toronto that saw it later on and brought it up to the NHL.

    Also in regards to the Auger incident, he is the same referee responsible for the Canadians “7-men on the ice” incident earlier this year and the one that had issues with Shane Doan saying he used an ethnic-slur towards French Canadians that got him a 10 minute misconduct.

    The 7 men on the ice thing was a joke. I mean I know the Habs are midgets, but come on. They had 2 guys in the slot, 2 guys on the boards, 2 d-men, and a guy up high with the puck (the goalie was pulled). If I find the pic I’ll show it to you guys.

    Get this ref out of the league though.

  13. speaking of 7 men on the ice did anyone catch the article from the ny times on saturday discussing the 6-3 formation that germany’s coach would possibly try if given a 5-3 advantage at some point in the game and trailing by 2+ goals…very interesting article-do you think anyone in the NHL would ever attempt this

  14. Hello all,

    I made the stupid decision to have a cardiologist appointment today at 4:30, for a check up. Heart issues run in my family, and I actually have a little bit of a heart defect of my own having to do with my myocardium. Anyway, I decided to also have my cholesterol checked while I am there, but in order to do that, I had to fast. I haven’t had anything since dinner last night, and now my head is banging and I am STARVING!!!!!!!

    I am going to have to have a stress test when I am there, which involves getting on a treadmill and all that. I hope they let me have the blood work first, then I will slam down a granola bar or something.

  15. Nasty1- why do you have to do the test in his office? You could’ve done at 8 am in any private lab around the corner.

  16. JONNY

    Christensen looks like a borderline all star while playing with Gabby. Which means, you put anyone on a line with Jagr, or Gabby, and they’re gonna put up points. He has done NOTHING while away from those players. It’s the sad truth. We should have packaged him while most GM’s thought he was a Lecavalier. Hopefully they still consider him a potential star while he’s putting up points.

    Anyway, my prediction for tonight’s game…Voros will fall while trying to do the Yo-Yo trick “Walking the dog”

  17. Because I am an idiot, ha. Plain and simple. I was not thinking. It is already almost 1. I think I can make it until 4:30.

    I am going to eat my face off for dinner, haha.

  18. good luck with that Nasty! I just had blood work done last month, and made sure i was the first person in the office. i’m such a big baby where needles are concerned. Also, good luck with the stress test! Hope all your results come back TOP NOTCH!

  19. i bet NOTHING happens to this auger dude. Another crappy ref we’ll be stuck with for 20+ years. personal vendetta be damned! ‘you made me look bad’ uh guy, you do that to yourself on a nightly basis with your ghastly calls/non calls.

  20. ORR- what if you out Brashear on the line with Gaby? Can he look like an allstar? I bet he would still need Cialis.

  21. Nasty 1..Hope everything is ok. If they want to give you a stress test, tell them to monitor you at home when Capt Clutch, Redden and Rosival are on the ice together tonite.

  22. I actually have an issue with my heart that is similar to what Chere had. I get check ups a lot, but there is not much you can really do. I got it from a throat infection that went untreated years ago. Sucks, but what can you do, right?

  23. I’m actually psyched about the game on Versus since it’ll be in HD for me. Foolish me, I didn’t realize when I switched to FIOS that there was no HD feed of MSG available.

    Does anyone know if the money-grubbing scum at Cablevision will ever make the HD feed available on FIOS?

  24. I would absolutely LOVE to beat the Devils tonight. I really hope we do. I am going to be stuffing my face and watching the game.

  25. Orr – I agree with you about that trading him when we had the chance. He could’ve gotten us Heatley. But I’m just saying, when you see what he’s done and what Callahan is done and you watch them on the ice, Dubinsky is clearly a better player.

    Callahan had his chance with Jagr as well and did nothing. Drury had his chance with Jagr and flopped, so did Gomez. So Dubi had an argument. All his agent was trying to do was get him a contract similar to a player that he was more important than at the time. Can’t hate the guy because he had a minor holdout.

  26. frida – hell would freeze over before the Dolan’s allowed any of their stations (HD or otherwise) on FIOS, in my opinion…

  27. If they traded Dubi and the package of players for Heatley they’d probably be in a worse position than they are now. They’re weak down the middle as is, so trading another center would only mean more ice time for Drury and everyone here would hate that.

  28. ps, no Cliche Machine (Beninati) tonight.

    Broadcasters: Mike Emrick (Play-By-Play), Eddie Olczyk (Analyst), Bob Harwood (In-Game Reporter)

  29. I am also looking forward to the game tonight. I don’t think the Rangers have beaten the devils yet this season. The Devs are in first in the east, and are a tough team. The Rangers have been playing a lot better lately. The last time the rangers played the devils, it seems to me the Rangers carried most of the play, but they lost 3-1 or something like that. Thats the thing with the Devils they sometimes look like the game is going against them, but they find a way to score. The Ranger defence has to have a good game tonight for them to win.

  30. Emrick? I guess we will be able to find out that Colin White is a big defenceman from Nova Scotia…Again…

  31. Hockeymon-

    We beat the devils in the rock early in the season, i believe 3-2- gilroy get the game winner late in the second period

  32. They’ve only played two games so far. Rangers beat them in the first game, Gilroy got his first career goal on a relatively soft goal. Devils won the the 2nd after the Rangers came back from down 2-0. I think this rivalry has started to reach the stage of Rangers-Islanders from the 80’s-early 90’s. No matter how good one team is doing, it’s always a tough game for both teams. Let’s hope Marty lets up his customary soft goal or two.

  33. Carp,

    not saying that Christensen is an all-star. just happy that he’s doing well and, hopefully, the move convinced Tortorella that Dubinsky should NOT be a center.

    as far as the comparison to Daniel Goneau, not that he turned out to be an all-star but in one of the usual questionable Ranger moves, right after the guy makes a big impression in his first couple of games his minutes were cut drastically and his playing situations were reduced to little or no power play time and 3rd or 4th line duty.
    he was a pre-Prucha type of player, receiving a much reduced role after showing promise early in his Blueshirt tenure.

  34. does it bother anyone else when the anouncers mess up or try to invent nicknames for the NYR players? Might be just me, I am a little ball of hate towards most tv personalities.

  35. jpg, history always repeats itself. so that goneau story doesn’t surprise me at all, even though its the 1st time I’m hearing it.

  36. Besides playing better at home we must play better within the division, i think we are currently 3-8 in the division with only one of those losses coming in OT….13 divisional games left, in the previous years we have head a very solid divisional record-its time to pick it up fellas-it starts tonight, everyone forecheck hard/backcheck hard,skate hard, go to the net hard…..

    henrik thinks we are on the devil’s level just sometimes we decide not to show up well lets GET IT DONE fellas

  37. yeah, i just remember that Goneau scored 2 or 3 goals in first few games and then next thing you know he barely gets any ice time and when he does it was rarely in good situations like first team power play unit.

    again, i’m not saying that the guy was an all-star and his inability to make it somewhere else attests to that but at the very least it was a strange maneuver to not play someone when they’re hot.

  38. JONNY

    He has done well, when playing on the top line. I wont deny that, but that being said, all respect i had for the kid is completely thrown out the window. I want him to play great, so he can get traded. To me, he’s a younger version of the overpaid Vets on the team. He’s gonna do the same thing in 2 years.

    I just hope Staal doesn’t do the same. You cant blame them though, they’re surrounded by guys that they are outplaying, yet they’re making a hell of a lot less than they are. So i can see where they’re coming from, but it’s no excuse. Do what’s best for the team.

  39. Fair enough Orr, but what do you expect the guy to do when he’s going into a contract situation? If you see a teammate, someone who is less valuable to the team than you are, make significantly more money than what is being offered to you, you wouldn’t try to get more money? Him holding out was partially Sather’s fault for giving out that contract to Callahan. The only knock I have on Dubi is that Callahan was a better player in that Caps series in the playoffs, but that was about it.

  40. Yeah, that’s what i mean. I wouldn’t like it if i see guys like Dreary, and Blowmez putting up nearly the same points as i am, yet they’re making millions, and im not.

    But that’s the point. This shouldn’t be like the NBA, or NFl, where these young guys get millions before they even play a single game. He still has a lot to prove, and doing what he did, to me, was still wrong.

    Maybe his girlfriend had something to do with it too. She rubs me the wrong way. Im sure Linda will back me up there, haha.

  41. Christensen has played pretty well with Gaborik. But Gaborik, like Jagr, makes other players better. Drury on the other hand drags players down with him. Let’s see how Gaborik does in the Olympics when he’s playing with Hossa.

  42. Doodie Machetto on


    Coincidence that you mentioned Goneau: yesterday I asked a trivia question about defensemen in the drafts, with the right answer being Chris Phillips in 1996. Who was the Rangers’ second round pick in 96? Daniel Goneau. Worst draft in Rangers history. Goneau played 53 NHL games. Ronnie Sundin (9th round) played in 1. That’s the total of NHL games played by Rangers drafted that year, and they drafted 8 players that year.

  43. Gaborik does make players better obviously, but Christensen has been doing his thing, on wednesday night against the Stars Christensen was the sole reason for Gaborik’s goal, he stole the puck at the blueline by staying with it, carried the puck to the outside and made a nice pass to avery, where avery threw it in front and gaborik backhanded it in
    Christensen has a real good wrist shot and can skate, and he is working real hard, especially bc he knows this team may be his last chance in the NHL, and hes working hard so that he continues to get the opportunity to play alot of mins and get PP time too.. Im not calling him an all star im just sayin that hes earned and deserves praise for his play and hopefully he continues playing this way

  44. Burke picked the wrong Ranger. Dreary was a terrible pick. Why not Byflughen? Or Dubi? Dreary still living off his little league win and a couple of goals for Colorado.

  45. Every team in every sport needs players like Christensen. The ones that have to bust their tails to stay in the league and can’t get by on natural talent or don’t have the contract that will set them up for life. In hockey it’s not always about putting the most skilled players together on one line but players that work well together. Look at Selanne and Kariya. No one argues they had loads of talent surrounding them in their year in Colorado but their best years came when they were centered by none other than Steve Rucchin.

  46. “Im not calling him an all star im just sayin that hes earned and deserves praise for his play and hopefully he continues playing this way”

    Stay out of my way, or you will pay. Listen to what i say.

    – Happy Gilmore

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  47. how bout i just go eat some hay, i could make things outta clay and lay by the bay, i just may, whatd ya say????

  48. Christensen does have some skills. As I mentioned the other day, when you watch him on the ice, he looks like a more physical and slightly less skilled (much less speed) Gaborik. He skates the same way even though its slower, stick handles the same way, even has the same equipment, all Easton haha. But really, him and Gaborik are on the same page. Dubinsky did well, but didn’t “click” with that line. While Christensen and Gabby knew when to shoot and when to make that extra pass, Dubi was still having trouble with that. Having a Vinny-Erik-Gabby line should work out pretty well considering Prospal is a solid passer and fights for pucks, Christensen hits and can hold the puck, and Gaborik can get the puck to and from both of them in the slot.

    Dubi moving to the 2nd line isn’t a demotion, but rather a promotion to see if he can get other guys involved in the offense. I just worry about his defensive positioning because he’s been terrible since he’s come back at that. Although if he’s playing wing it won’t matter.

  49. And when I say click, I don’t mean Dubi didn’t play well. I just mean he didn’t fit with the style the other two played while Prospal already proved that he does.

  50. Directv still doesn’t have Versus so I’ll be watching on the computer if I get done with work in time.

    Cablevision doesn’t have Food Network or HDTV and you hear the ads on radio and tv. I noticed that the HDTV and FN adds don’t bash anybody and say that they’re working on it but the Cablevision ads bash the head of FN and HDTV. Typical Dolan. How come I don’t hear ads about DTV vs Versus? OH!. That’s right, nobody cares.

  51. You’ll see that in a crunch Tortellini will have Dubi with ZsaZsa, He has a bit of the brain (Keenan) in him. He likes to put his best players on the ice at crunch time regardless of the lines and matchups. And the Rangers best players are Dubi, zsazsa, and Bobby Orr Zato.

  52. Anybody in the tri-state area have FIOS? I’m moving to NJ from NYC and have had the displeasure of having TWC for the past 6 yrs….curious as to peoples thoughts on FIOS.

  53. puddin is one of brashears nicknames

    ok, it looks like Voros is sittin per TRs last comment…hm

  54. jonny apples and oranges.cally is a bit older than dubi and had arbitration rights. dubi did not and accordingly held out. he is a selfish pig as is his agent.

    Jonny D
    January 12th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

  55. 22figure8 – that isn’t really Cablevisions fault though. The company that owns Food and HDTV is doing the same thing Comcast is doing to Directv in the sense that they are trying to charge a higher price for their channels which would jack up your cable bill. I don’t think its as much, maybe a dollar or so more, but I know Comcast was trying to charge upwards of 15 dollars just for Versus subscribers on Directv.

    So I don’t really blame Cablevision or Directv in these cases. Just the other companies trying to cut losses by jacking up prices.

  56. yes bring in jane for a guest appearance

    Reginald Dunlop
    January 12th, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    video chat…….. bring in Jane………

    Tony from AZ
    January 12th, 2010 at 2:17 pm
    Carp will need a good looking face with him on the chat.

  57. Cally didn’t settle in arbitration court though. He had the deal done before it even got there. He only filed for arbitration so he could stay a Ranger, not have to deal with the RFA crap of another team bugging him to sign with them, and it gave him a longer period of time to work out a deal. If Sather didn’t want to give him the money, then he would’ve went to arbitration court where he probably wouldn’t have gotten the 2.3 he did.

    So technically it wasn’t that much of a difference since he pushed Sather to sign him or risk either A) paying him more via his arbitration case or B) losing him to UFA status if he didn’t agree with the case.

    Dubi didn’t have arbitration rights, but he held out to negotiate a deal. Dubi could’ve left via RFA (which we would’ve received shitty compensation for anyway) or held out the whole season and hoped to be granted UFA status next season, but he didn’t. While I understand that people are pissed at him about the whole “hold out”, I feel it’s kind of unjust considering he didn’t miss a regular season game due to it and he was just trying to get the best deal for him.

    Callahan pretty much did the same thing, but used arbitration as his bargaining chip, something as you stated Dubi didn’t have.

  58. Dubi moves the 2nd line with Drury. there goes the hot streak. Question, who going to go get the puck in the corners, now that Dubi is off Gaborik’s line?

  59. four more years on

    sorry. you’ll have to wait at least 4 more years to get your dubinsky team usa jersey. drury did not deserve a spot but not at dubi’s expense. plenty of other americans deserved it over either one.

    January 12th, 2010 at 2:59 pm
    Burke picked the wrong Ranger. Dreary was a terrible pick. Why not Byflughen? Or Dubi? Dreary still living off his little league win and a couple of goals for Colorado

  60. Nasty

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. I really hope everything works itself out!!

    between you and Linda your trying to kill me at work lol

  61. jonny dubi is a year younger than cally. his turn at a bigger payday was this year like callys was last yr. he and his agent were greedy pigs unwilling to wait their turns

  62. Jonny D
    January 12th, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    “22figure8 – that isn’t really Cablevisions fault though.”

    Jonny, after all of the crap that the Dolans have pulled and still are, I blame them for everything from high cable rates to global warming. I’ve got Verizon phone and internet and Directv. The only time the Dolans get my $ is when I go to MSG to watch my favorite sports team.

  63. Jonny D,
    How much of a refund did you get from Dolan when the Yankees, Mets and Nets left the MSG networks.

  64. btw…i was watching a movie last night called “The Hurt Locker” What a great film! I HIGHLY recommend this film to anyone! One of the best movies people never hear aboot!

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The entire penguins organization is a bunch of byfuglien DB’s. I’m sorry, but when the announcing team IMMEDIATELY shows a replay that clearly has the puck going in the net and says “we had to save that one [replay], we saved it” you know they are scum. Wow, I didn’t think i could hate the Crosby lovers even more, but I do.

  66. you guys are way too much!

    RobM, you have been confirmed! Now say 3 Hail Marys

    lmao @ what would brian boitano do!

  67. Dubei is a better all round player than Callie. The money he got will seem like a bargain. Kodos to Bernie for signing him. Bernie? Ever see Weekend at Bernies? Glen has been dead for years. They just prop him up for photo opps. You wondered why he doesn’t do interviews? Now you know.

  68. Mike S – I got a bill for 4800 bucks…oh wait thats my season tickets price. Damn, they got me haha.

  69. Getting funny looks at the office because I can’t stop laughing – gravitational pull. You kill me….. :-)

  70. yeah, what is it with these media jerks like puck daddy who support Dreary against all odds and common sense facts?

    he does not even give them good quotes. he is an abrupt,sullen, cliche-spewing robot in interviews. so what is the fascination with this overrated, overpaid jerk

    Puck daddy is more like suck daddy. he is not worthy of even writing classified ads if he thinks that Dreary is still a worthy Olympic choice

  71. but he’s Chris Drury, and no other explanation is needed. I am telling you guys for the 3rd or 4th time, he is going to be clutch in the olympics, then come back and be a zombie for us, but he’ll block shots!

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Burke: “HE’s Chris Drury, you know what he brings!”

    Really, I do? Elaborate for me a little because i’ve been thinking about it nearly 206 regular season games and haven’t come up with anything yet.

  73. CCCP, MAKO, you guys are seriously inerfering with my work lol..

    Tony- I guess they don’t make ’em like that in Arizona?

  74. Penguins announcers are so obnoxious lmao. I love when the other team scores, it sounds like he’s in one of those old war movies telling someone their brother died in WWII or something. “He..uh…. he scores.”

  75. you're kidding right on


    he s*cks this year. he did not s*ck the previous 2 years scoring between 20 and 25 goals

  76. A Goneau reference!!


    I have been reading you for that long, and had to respond.

    His “big” year was Dube’s (Bern) “big” year with NYR.

    Thanks for the memories.

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