Ocho’s back, Zaba’s out


I’m not going to keep posting the whole press release every time they do this … you know, Johnson had an assist in his first NHL start … Zaba’s record with the Wolf Pack, etc., etc., etc.

Because it looks as if this will go on for a while. Ocho will sit, go to Hartford and play a game or two, Zaba will back up Lundqvist, or just work out in practice, then they will switch again, with Cinco coming back up.

So, simply, Chad Johnson was recalled from Hartford today and Matt Zaba was sent down.

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  1. That limo they’re using for Ocho going back and forth will cost the taxpayers this year some big $$.

  2. I think Torts said no more limos. He’s taking the bus from now on. Besides, they can just increase our cable bills if it gets too expensive.

    They do it so Ocho can play some games between his few starts here.

  3. I have been watching the wolf pack games, and Zaba has looked pretty good lately. Maybe we have better goaltending that we think.

  4. Cablevision has MSG HD! This is the only reason why i have cablevision! What other cable companies beside cablevision got MSG HD? None, right?

  5. LMAO, poor Zaba


    I don’t like either of them. They were brought in to score goals, and help out offensively, but they both have not done that. Only difference is Dreary is making way more money.

    I don’t like one more than the other. The only reason why i wanted Aves back is cause we would get him half price. I didn’t want to pay him what Dallas was paying him, cause i knew he wasn’t gonna put up 20 goals.

    Im not a hypocrite.

  6. The message I get when trying to see if TW is available in my area

    “Although Time Warner Cable does not serve your area at this time, Optimum Services does!”

    NO CARP! All roads lead back to Dolan!

  7. Naw, Dos Nueve is racking up miles on his Enterprise card riding the Greg Moore Highway.

    Good move, keeps Johnson sharp.

  8. aves is much more likeable, he has personality, he is everything ny represents. energy, grit,take no prisoner attitude and dru is the complete opposite. its just sather was willing to give him all that money. so anyone of us wouldve taken it. yea, no doubt he sucks, and he should be putting his best effort out there evrynight and you can clearly see he just cant. only when demoted he got off his ass, but he wouldnt even be here if it wasnt for slats. torts just needs to get the most out of him, and maybe benchin him a few games is what he needs, but then you see how he plays and its hard because he does try. he does block shots, he does the pk very well, and he is good at faceoffs. but we had a guy just like that in betts. what i dont get is why he all of a sudden cant score? what made him successful in buffao? he played pp in front of the net. torts needs to use him there. torts wanted him in a more defensive role because of the lack of experience on dand he would face against the oppositions top line. i guess thats one reason he isnt scoring but seth was right, he just looks like he cannot handle playing the game at this tempo anymore.

  9. ya know grabby, i wonder this: if he wasn’t the captain anymore, would we roast him as much as we do? As New Yorkers, or fans of New York teams, we expect our leaders to lead. He’s kinda of like Leetchie in the sense that he’s more laid back and not IN YOUR FACE like Mess was.

  10. well,they can’t do anything about the money, but something can be done about the C. Damn you SATHER

  11. As for being the captain, I doubt it makes much differance in how he plays captain or not. I think its the money thing that really burns the average fan.

  12. I don’t know if we have a Capt. the way the team is made up. Avery and Dubi play hard but head cases, Gabby I don’t see maybe Cally and or Staal. Staal quiet as well, Cally might put too much pressure on himself and needs to be a legit 30 goal scorer before he has the mojo. Forget the Capt everyone do what their paid to do.

  13. The avg. fan thinking with Drury is not only the money it’s that Sather bid against himself, the lenght, and the no movement clause, plus the Capt. could not be worse with the press. The only time he says something it’s the wrong thing. I do think he cares and tries but his skills are now way on the downside and they aint coming back. Thanks Glen

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *Grabachev* defended Drury at the end of the last post so I wanted to write a quick reply.

    Drury averaged 20-25 goals until the 2 seasons before ruining the Rangers. Those 2 years he had 30 and 37 (double check me, i haven’t seen the stats in awhile). That’s why he was signed to BIG bucks. To score 20-30 and to bring “clutch” scoring, big situations. He may not score 4-5 hat tricks, but he’s gonna get a team 5-7 GWG a season… this year, ZERO! That’s why he’s hated. Everyone knows what he’s expected to produce (~55points), but he’s not expected to have 10goals and 25 points! We get it, but he still doesn’t even match expectations of making his career average. He deserves every Anti-Clutch word he gets here.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great argument by MIKE last post:

    Why does Callahan so much deserve to be on the Olympic team and Dubinsky does not?

    Here’s each stat line:

    Dub: 32 Games, 8 Goals, 23 Assists, +10, .116 Shot %
    Cal: 45 Games, 10 Goals, 12 Assists, -13, .085 Shot %

    Now please tell me why everyone’s pissy with Dubinsky and in love with Callahan when Dub is OBVIOUSLY the better player between the two.

  16. sather is famous for bidding against himself as Rangers GM!! Didn’t he do the same with Redden? And were Rozsival that in demand? We all know it’s the man behind the curtain. Crazy YETI for sure!

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Youre right Grabby. Mike with a little typo, should say 15 assists. Dubi has 23 points (to Cally’s 22).

  18. i think prospal does but duby still is a better player than cally. cally and dru are a great pk duo, and hes better in a 4th line role to add energy and grit more than duby though. i guess at the time, cally just came off a little point streak and duby was still stuck on 4 or 5 goals. thing with duby is he is streaky. cally you pretty much know what youyre gonna get 99 percent of the time. only when he was sick with teh flu was he off his game really.

  19. and im still in first and franzen is close to comin back!! i see u passed somerset and the other wannabes for 2nd place. but ive defeated u before and unless u do that hank trade, i will continue to annhiliate your boneheads!!!!

  20. Bravo True fans. So right. I know Im VERY late to the party and it was hell not being able to keep up this weekend… but it says a lot when he was picked for unquestionable leadership was wasnt named Captain or even alternate captain. Hmmmmmmmm. Again I call BS! Shenanigans!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. drury does have a decent shot and hes been usin it lately. im hopin they put him on the pp at some point to set him up for one timers. maybe he’ll get some goals and get some confidence. him and higgins both really need to start doing more than the “little things” even if higgy can forecheck. but like linda said, i think hed do better without being teh captain. he just cant do it. tqake the c off him and give it to hank for the tiem being.

  22. yea mako i even added”great white” to my title just for u bud!! haha. go grabbys champs!! they got upgraded from grunts to champs after being the champions of teh world for 10 straight weeks now. i cant even remember the last time my team lost a round. watch, now i’ll choke in the playoffs and be the first round exit. if only ihad dru on my team! who has dru mako?? i want him!! lol

  23. Mike

    He said when Dru is no longer a Ranger he will reveal himself and we will have a RR banner night for him.

    And if it was voted unanimously I would auction off the players.

  24. ohh so why dont we just dlete his team so we can have some better players on our rosters.? i mean we all have to come to an agreement on how we do it and what players we get. or else just delete it and dont tell anyone and me n u can have a free for all!!

  25. its probably cuz he has multiple teams in different leagues and he was in last place in ours. even sally didnt quit after her top players orr and parros werent having thei usual 100 point seasons!! damn sally u make me laugh girl!!

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    sorry fella’s, I wish i had material that good.

    The witty post of L3WH with Joe M/Joe B’isms leads me to suspect him. If you haven’t seen it, it was priceless.

  27. hmmmm, thats a good guess True! He IS rather witty.
    It would be funny if they turn out to be Kaspar

  28. Linda

    Yeah. Hasnt had any moves on the roster and I emailed him about 5 times. AND I sent out an email to the entire league for a vote on auctioning his players off.

  29. Linda

    I would delete the team but it would throw anything off. And being commish. I will ONLY auction players off if everyone was ok with it. I got 5 replies of “be my guest” Everyone will be able to get a player.

  30. im back!! have no fear, just took my geritol and im ready fo any kindo action vince!! linda, join the league it’ll be great. if u do i’ll join the fb group. i’ll make some good deals with ya too wink wink. mako wont trade with me. only sally. lol. k now im really out!! 909- holla!!

  31. Linda

    This knucklehead wants to trade me Chara – who has SUCKED this year and Backstrom. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not even a forward.

  32. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    ok, so late night at work…..get home and mrs wicky says “you better get your “FRENCH CHOPS” over to the computer and check the blog!!!! I’m like french chops???? needless to say linda and ilb, you guys crack me up!!!! I was frakking cracking up when I read the last thread.

    i say sign the team over to someone else that isn’t in it from here…not sure if cccp or orr is in it or zzzzz or carp….not sure who is and isn’t in it. How about mama??

  33. when i do get a new job, it’s gonna be hell again tryin to catch up with all the hijinx that goes on here during the day!!!

  34. Dubi’s been awesome since he came back from injury, getting the garbage goals and crashing the net. He wasn’t being greedy holding out, he was trying to get fair market value for two 40 point seasons in the Filpulla range. Hold out? Even Richter held out!!!! It’s not that big of a deal.

    Cally will make a fine captain one day in a classier Dale Hunter or Bob Nevin mold. HE represents everything NYers love; hard working, giving his all, blue collar, sacrifice, etc.

  35. Dubi’s gotta keep it going. we need him to play consistently like this. i’m loving that he’s playing so well lately. i STILL see him slowly developing in an Adam Graves mold.


    Being a spors fan, for me, has devolved into the frustrating exercise of WAITING for my teams to get rid of their dead wood, in lieu of rooting for any of them to win a championship in the near future. So here is my Phillies, Eagles, 76ers and Rangers trash can wish list for 2010…

    PHILLIES – Just dump the man with the 75-year old body – Jamie Moyer. And Brad Lidge gets first alternate, here. Charlie Manuel is the WORST manger in baseball. Lead off hitter had an OBP of .296. Closer had a 7-run ERA and 11 blown saves, so of course let’s bring Charlie back for more and another mis-managed WS embarrassment, starting with dumping the second best starter from the rotation for the post-season (J.A. Happ).

    EAGLES – The moronic Andy Reid already has invited Donovan McNabb to return as the starter, in fall, 2010. Both must go, along with Michael Vick who served no purpose other than holding up Kevin’s Kolb’s development, and is the poster boy for “Be kind to animals week.”

    76ers – Allen Iverson, the most selfish ballhog and “hot dog, ever to play in Philly, is now 34 and faking it on a bad knee. That will probably get him a two-year extension. I mean, why develop the young guards when they can’t talk as fast or put an extra 25 people in the seats at home games?

    RANGERS – Not so surprising or different from anyone else’s trash can wish list, here… Sather the Blathering idiot, plus Brashear, Drury, Roszival, and Redden. Valiquette is gone, so that’s one down and five to go. Every day is Hell here in Trash Can Wish List City.

  37. I’d give my Trash Can Wish List City of the Mets if I only watched them enough. All I know is they are the Rangers of baseball… stupidass owners, an asshat for a GM, and always chasing those aging, diminished skills superstars. Only difference is they play more games in warmer weather.

  38. hey mako i got the win baby!! thats 1-0 so far!!. and watchin versus they are gonna show top ten plays of teh week. and they had a clip of averys spin pass to drury for the goal so im sure it will be one of the top ten. proabaly nuber 10 lol. but why cant aves do stuff liek that all the time??? he is inconsistent this year.

  39. Please Beninati. I respect doc but can’t stand his voice.

    The Mets need a complete organizational overhaul/firesale. They need to restock their farm system and they should have got Chone Figgins first and then Bay. The problem with the Mets is they gotta stop building a team like the Yankees.

    You’ve always played in a Pitcher’s Park so concentrate on pitching and getting a team full of Chone Figgins and David Eckstein in his prime type players.

  40. what was the reason for the rangers s*cking so bad for the ten years of sather before drury came here? he (drury) hardly ruined the rangers – sather did.

    you hated on drury even when he scored 20 + goals last 2 seasons. it is not a recent event for you based on his bad season this year.

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    January 11th, 2010 at 8:22 pm
    Grabachev defended Drury at the end of the last post so I wanted to write a quick reply.

    Drury averaged 20-25 goals until the 2 seasons before ruining the Rangers. Those 2 years he had 30 and 37 (double check me, i haven’t seen the stats in awhile). That’s why he was signed to BIG bucks. To score 20-30 and to bring “clutch” scoring, big situations. He may not score 4-5 hat tricks, but he’s gonna get a team 5-7 GWG a season… this year, ZERO! That’s why he’s hated. Everyone knows what he’s expected to produce (~55points), but he’s not expected to have 10goals and 25 points! We get it, but he still doesn’t even match expectations of making his career average. He deserves every Anti-Clutch word he gets here.

  41. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Thanks, beer me!

    We can say I was right two years ago then?! Call me a trend setter!

  42. If a man is having a down year, it’s a golden opportunity for someone else to step up and knock the king off the hill. The 11 other forwards have not done it. Truth is, on the Devils, langenbrunner had 2 bad years and Parise stepped up big. But he’s too young for a C according to Lou. I agree Drury has not performed up to his dollar amount, but u have to look in to why. He’s the big dawg and teams just shut him down along wirh gabby and they win. There is nobody left to draw top dmen. Especially with that sniper Higgins. He has as much accuracy as an Iraqi scud missile. Nobody hates on him as much as drury. Money doesn’t make u better, just makes you afford nicer materials. Like Avery, half of his purse collection is paid for by the Stars.

  43. Also, I can’t wait for us to light up Henry VII. Cause as The Maven would say “your nickname is Henry The 7th, cause your a 7th round pick”

  44. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    pictures form my childhood are all tintype and i don’t think they scan!!!

  45. RW&B

    what was the reason for the rangers s*cking so bad for the ten years of sather before drury came here? he (drury) hardly ruined the rangers – sather did.

  46. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    Sally i’m talking smack in our match up…..ok, not really, don’t mess with the sassy boots nosens

  47. ThisYearsModel on

    Sather could have resigned Rozy for a lot less when he was approaching free agency. Instead, he waits until he hits the market and is forced to overpay. He is senile and should retire.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "LOOK OUT FATSO!!, Avery's is in Da Howse !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Slats never ruined the Rangers. Geeezee.

    The Rangers were always never good enough. Every year another team has a dominate superstar who always crashes the Ranger Party.


    Did the curse really get lifted!!??

  49. You can never predict how a former player ( great or un great) will perform either as a coach or as a GM.

    That is why Gretzky seemed to be a shoo in at Arizona, but somehow didn’t quite connect with the players. What it takes is not only an agile mind and a real understanding of how to recognize talent, but how to manage a system financially. Great players do not become astute policy directors by dint of their personal on ice performances. And they do not become great coaches by npot recognizing the ability it takes to
    control and make demands of players.

    If you would ask me who I would look for as a GM of a hockey team, I’d suggest a veteran scout. These are the folks who have spent a career evaluating talent from every angle possible, and from every venue.

    You make a mistake in appointing a GM with a long term contract and you might end up with a disaster to an organization like what happened to the Islanders when they put in Milbury. He destroyed what had been an elite organization almost overnight. They are still affected by his tenure.

  50. Great White Grabachev In Ia –

    I will try to refrain from bashing our captain today, i am going to try to go to MSG tonight with an optimistic attitude tonight but after we give up that early odd man rush i will prob return to my normal self. We must remain patient tonight against against a consistent team. The dman must slow down Elias and Parise in the neutral zone or else it is going to be a long night for Henrik….and TORTS please give anisimov some PP time-he is winning pucks down low he is playing very solid two way hockey in this little run-the kid deserves some PP time

    LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS…i want to hear the maartyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chant multiple times tonight

  51. 100th!!!

    Prospal is back tonight. Hank doesn’t think the Devils are better than anyone, they are just consistent. Hmmmmm… Interesting comment on the day of…


    And happy game morning, everyone.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    what was the reason for the rangers s*cking so bad for the ten years of sather before drury came here? he (drury) hardly ruined the rangers – sather did.

    Beer Me, I will say it now as I said it two years ago. Drury didn’t write his check and he doesn’t sign his check, Sather does. However, For all the oo-ing and aah-ing you and other fans did, it was apparent to myself (and 3-4 posters here) that Drury was over-rated. By signing Drury (and then Redden and Rozsival), Glenn Sather occupied top line funds with bottom line talent. Those players aren’t at the root of it, but they are still the problem.

  53. Callahan 4 Captain-

    I actually feel bad for you…..and I’m not kidding. My other 2 favorite teams (Yankees & Giants) have at least won world championships within the past 3 calendar years and are run by men who have a clue…unlike the Rangers unfortunately.

    I bet you have a pretty serious drinking problem as a result.

  54. thats cool seth. i usually have no probs with bashing someone if they are playing like drury has. in fact, i dont care for drury at all. i think hes past his prime and did himself in blocking countless shots and probably is just running on fumes. im not sayin its an excuse, but the guy just isnt in it anymore, like u said. i think he very well could score more goals, and if put on the pp in the right position he will start scoring more. hes a dirty goal scorer, and even if torts said he wants him in a more defensive role, hes gotta get some goals when your team neeeds them. noboy will ever remember a crucial blocked shot or faceoff win, so in order for him to be accepted here is to score 50 goals. until then, there will always be people saying he doesnt earn his money. ive seen gabby backcheck like he was daydreaming and just loafed it back nmerous times and nobody cares. why? because he scores goals. alot of them. he gets paid less than dru yet his production is much higher. its kinda funny how drury has more goals than avery or higgins, but only higgins gets bashed, when i saw him work much harder than avery this year. its a popularity contest for some people. and if msg didnt cram all of drurys accolades down our throats all the time, would it make a difference? no, wed still bash him. if drury blocks a shot or makes a good play to clear the puck on the pk, joe n sam make way too much of it, i agree, and his nickname sure doesnt help either. i dont care about pokin fun at somebody but damn, this guy gets way too much crap.

  55. i agree that he is way overrated like true said. im not sayin he is anything other than a slightly more skilled blair betts at this point in his career. actually they have the same amount of goals. it is pathetic he is the captain of this team. im not sayin we have to accept it and like him or whatever. i just think the guy really does care and try to help the team win. hes just in way over his head and never was that go to guy at all in his career. im sure takin the c away would do wonders for this guy. im thinkin of gettin the most of drury while he is here. as long as he plays for us, i will cheer for him. but, dont get me wrong, i thinkits funny all the clutch posts and all. its kinda funny though, how nobody mentions the avery record anymore. cuz were not winning like we did when he first got here? or cuz hes invisible for 90 percent of this season? the guy is a fashiopn model!!! theres no many things to rag on aves about, but nobody does, because hes entertaining. and takes lots of penalties cuz hes a rugrat. coach/daddy torts has to watch him liek a 5 year old. hah

  56. Good points, Mike. In fact, I believe Gabby was benched because of his lazy backcheking a couple of games prior..

  57. I respect your comments and I believe he should be given a shot on the point-he does still have a decent shot, speaking of shooting for a moment did the rangers just take the one time shot out of their play book-kotalik is the only guy who takes a one timer-i think roszival last took a one time back in the playoffs against the SABRES…..

    but in no way does this guy get way too much crap-he is the captain he makes 7mm+ a year he has been an F….yes reddem amd rozvial have been brutal as well but in my opinion drury has been by far the worst….seriously watch him tonight watch him closely-whether its in the offensive zone or the defensive zone-watch his plus/minus tonight, watch when he is on the ice the scoring chances for the rangers vs the devs, the odd man rushes, etc….watch him as the first man in on the forecheck do nothing, watch how many icings he takes-watch him panic with the puck in both zones…..this guy plays against the oppositions 2nd or 3rd dman pair not the pronger/chara/etc……like i said yesterday it is ironic but maybe he cannot get it done in the spotlight anymore-maybe he would be a solid center playing in Calgary or Tampa-i dont know

    but w/ regards to Avery/higgins atleast they forecheck hard they stand up for their teammates they draw penalties and of course yes they take to many but that is due to their aggressive style…..drury immediately skates away from any scuffle im not saying he has to throw his gloves all the time but attempt to stand up once in a while for your teammates…all in all i really dont think he gets too much crap

  58. but i gotta say avery at least had the balls to call a team only meeting with hank. drury shouldve been the one to do that. that i will give aves a ton of credit for, the guy really isnt as immature as he seems on the ice sometimes.

  59. seth, i agree i think aves and higgy do forecheck harder than dru and theres so many things that we can say about all of the players, i just think he is shying away from contact because he just got over his 4th concussion. he came back too soon. its not like he was doin anything before the injury, but u can definitely see drury trying harder than he did before. so i will give him credit for that. he did fall on his ass when he couldve had an odd man rush in boston the other day and it was rozy like pitiful. but the guy is trying harder than ive seen him in awhile.

  60. naw dru hasnt been teh worst. if u break it down in all 3 zones hes been bad offensively, decent in the other 2 zones, sometimes good. besides not scoring, higgy has just started to get better at backchecking. redden started off better than became the turd he was before. rozy has had about 3 good games all year. avery has been great, almost mvp like in 2 games this season, the rest he has been too quiet and horrible defensively. kotalik has been horrible except for his shot. and hes only got 2 more goals than drury after playing the pp while dru hasnt. theres not many players who have consistently brought it. gabby,prospal,cally and hank. dz is a rookie and is doing great so far, so im gonna excuse his defenseive lapses. staal has been pretty damn good last month or month and half. girardi is solid mostly, but nothing great in any specific area. ya know i cant even talk about tis anymore. ive playe dthis subject out and if u would see what im tryin to say in a regular face to face convo youd get what im tryin to say. but nobodys wrong in this. its just opinion. thats it on drury. im getting sick of posting his name.lol

  61. lets change up subjects:

    lets dicuss the PP which has been brutal as of late..if the team continues to play strong defensively the PP like it did early on in the season could lead to a long winning streak…..it has been bad lately especially the top unit…..

    this is what i would like to see on the PP

    Kotalik and MDZ playing the point with Prospal-Dubi-Gabby

    Gilroy with Drury/Roszival with Higgins-Anisimov-Callahan

  62. Orr – No way you can call Dubi greedy and Callahan not. Dubi has better numbers than Cally over the last 2 years and Callahan got 2.3 million over 2 years. Dubi was only getting offered under 2 mil. Look at the stats in the past 2 seasons:

    Dubinsky – 164 GP, 27 goals, 54 assists, 81 points, +2
    Callahan – 133 GP, 30 goals, 23 assists, 53 points, +14

    Plus Callahan had some minors time to find his game while Dubi stayed up the whole year two years ago. Dubi wasn’t being selfish, he was trying to call Sather out for giving a less productive player more money than what he was willing to give Dubi, a guy who centered the 1st line the last 2 years while Callahan played 2nd and 3rd line duty.

    Fact is both are overrated, but Dubi is the better player. He’ll probably turn into a career 2nd line center while Callahan is a 3rd line winger on any good team.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    I will be at the game tonight to watch the Rangers struggle to keep up with the Devils.

    For all of the Avery/Brodeur hooplah that went down earlier in the season, why didn’t anyone mention Gaborik and Lemaire?

    Also, this will be the first game I will be attending with my wife since we got married at the beginning of the year. It can only go up from here!

  64. The two things Dubi needs to work on to become a consistent 20 goal guy are his shot and the time it takes him to make a decision when he has the puck. He has a tendency to hold onto it for too long. Fact is though he has better hands than Cally as you almost never see Cally do anything other than skate the puck straight up the ice and try to shield it with his body and take it toward the net. Not a bad approach, and he’s one of the few on the team that are willing to take a hit to make a play, but there’s absolutely zero deception to Cally’s game and he’s not a big enough body to bull through checks.

  65. cally and dubi are both good players. they can be pieces to any good team. they are also paid within in the realm of fairness, they are far from the ranger problems…

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, while Callahan and Dubinsky are far from the Rangers’ problems, they are representative of the team’s problems. When guys like Dubinsky and Callahan are supposed to be your top scorers (after Gaborik, of course), your team sucks.

  67. Hey – Anyone see the Burrows incident last night? Another great NHL cover up, you won’t find mention of it on the NHL site at all. Looks like they deleted the articles too.

  68. Hi Folks
    The CBC were just talking about it a while ago on TV. It seems the Burrows and the ref have had a few go arounds in the past. I guess Burrows got 16 min, in penaltys last night and he lost it on the guy.

  69. CT and stuart – they definitely are paid what they are worth. Well Callahan is paid a bit too much, should be around what Dubi makes (under 2 million). But they aren’t the problem.

    Dubi needs to pick his head up when he shoots. He should have a ton more goals than he does, but he rushes his shots when he should look up and see that there is an open part of the net to hit. Plus when he should shoot quick, he usually holds onto it too long and when he should hold it to wait out the goalie, he shoots quick. That’s the problem with a lot of Rangers players.

    Jimmy and Linda – Yeah my friends from Vancouver were talking about it. It’s not an NHL coverup, its a ref being an idiot and the NHL is looking into it. Burrows should’ve just taking it right to the league then went to the media after the investigation so he didn’t get fined, but good that he came out and spoke up about it so the NHL doesn’t get on Donaghy status.

    They are also looking into the issue with FSN Pittsburgh not sending Toronto the appropriate camera replays on the Gagne goal, which caused the refs and the booth to say it was no goal when one angle (which they didn’t send) clearly showed it crossed they line. They showed it literally right after the refs made the decision.

  70. banj i was thinking the same thing…i was gettin seasick watching him, i wonder if he was swaying because he was so pissed!! more guys need to speak out about the horrible officiating. I know it sucks for them AND the team for the guy to be suspended for speaking out, but somethings gotta be done.

  71. Jonny, that’s insane about the goal thing! What the hell is going on! I cant wait to see how many penalties are called on Aves tonight.

  72. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    The REfs in the NHla re some of the worst in pro sports

    Anytime refs can “interpret” waht a penalty is, you know they will make bad calls

    This has been goign on for years so I dont know why anyoneis surpirsed. Biased Refs? Refs wo hold grudges? Absolutely, there all jsut failed Nhl wanna be’s anyway

    And LETS GO RANGERS TONGIHT!! Kick some Dirty Devil ass!!

  73. I think the NFL suspeneds for speaking out against officials too. The refs calls should be reviewed by the league. They should get fined/suspended too.

  74. Mike

    it’s so easy for you to be up, I had one player play last night lol


  75. Ok going off topic…

    PED + Professional Sports… They are here to stay my friends. Personaly I couldn’t care less. Professinal Athletes are nothing more than entertainers. Without people paying to watch them, the sport as well as the athlete cease to be profitable. We all pay money to watch a team or individual accomplish amazing feats. Feats that you and I can only dream of. As for records achieved and broken, just memories of old men. Statistics are only important for current events. The PED doesn’t give an individual special powers, it only enhances their natural abilities. If someone wants to destroy their body/future to earn a paycheck or entertain me…. go right ahead. The only dillemma is that some of these PED’s are illegal. I haven’t done any research on the affects that the drugs have on the human body, nor have I read up on the topic ingeneral. This is just my feeling towards Professional Athletes using. I do not feel that kids, olympians or college athletes should be allowed to use and compete. Anyone that is getting paid to entertain though…. let em loose. Imagine the advances that would be made in that field of medecine if they had the backing and funding of Pro sport…..

  76. how about PEBs, performance enhancing boobs..lmao Hollyweird would fall apart if normal looking chicks weren’t ehancing themselves to make everyone think otherwise. and you guys and your rogaine… hehe

    as for PEDS,
    i won’t get into this topic much because, as with EVERYTHING, there is a ton of misinformation out there. as with anything else, don’t fully believe what is out there in the msm (they have their own agenda), research and draw your own conclusions. Being engaged to someone who is in a ‘sport’ well known for use of certain things, I read up on the topic, I’ve watched shows and videos on the topic and have formed my own conclusions. Just don’t believe everything the MSM tells you about ANYTHING!

  77. Linda
    He was swaying because he was on a bike. I agree if the guy actually got burnt by an offical he should be able to say so. I’m sure the NHL would not agree though.

  78. Thanks MON! I was wondering what was going on! its too early for me to think he’d have been on a bike while being interviewed!!!

  79. I wonder if they have proper channels to go through if they feel they are being treated unfairly by an offical. They must have but I have never heard of it.

  80. That’s some story about Burrows. I wish someone had the b@lls to say something after that Chicago game last year, even though they won. That was insane.

  81. Its kind of funny I remember Shanahan making fun of that one time when he was interviewed after a game, he was swaying side to side like he was on a bike. The Ottawa senaters were always interviewed on bikes. I thought it was kind of stupid. If they were going to do an interview why wouldn’t they just stop for a min or two.

  82. well Mon, if they didnt, this sure opened up a can of worms. I know officials are evaluated throughout the season to see who gets the Playoff call, but they should be evaluated a hell of a lot more. They should be graded after every game. Some of these guys should never step on the ice in an NHL arena again.

  83. JONNY

    Points doesn’t matter. Dubi gets to play with Jagr, then Gabby. Cally has been on the second and 3rd line, and rarely gets to play with those guys, unless it were the PP.

    Dubi is just flat out greedy, and thinks he’s the sh*t. Cally is different. He’s earned his money, Dubi has not before the contract, and to me has not earned after the contract, even though it’s still early. I want to see how he does when he’s not playing with a superstar. We need him to step up and bring secondary scoring, cause that’s what we desperately need.

  84. Avery has had lots of times when he could have said volumes to and about the refs. Suprisingly he has mostly been silent, I guess he knows now that it would not do him a lot of good.

  85. My feeling is that more and more stories about refs vs players will be coming out. It’s pretty obvious that some of the calls are questionable against certain players, subjectivity aside. I’m not surprised that at times it becomes personal between a player and a referee. I wonder what NHL has to say about…

  86. Linda

    thanks for posting that link. Good for him. Why shouldn’t refs get called out? If it’s legit like this was. He is absolutely right.

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