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  1. JonnyD- Dion and Staal would make one of the best d-pair in the league in a year or two. They both are still learning.

  2. Tks Carp, all of these guys deserve it over drury like previous posts have mentioned it is amazing he even made the team….I do not care about his leadership abilities this guy cannot play anymore i watch him night in and night out-in the boston game he did not even play that well, he tripped over himself 2-3 times, he fanned on the puck 2-3 times i do not know what it is but he cannot play anymore…it sounds Ironic but MAYBE HE CANNOT HANDLE THE PRESSURE OF PLAYING IN NY AFTER ALL HIS CLUTCH PLAY IN BUFFALO, COLORADO AND YES THE LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES, if you watch this guy each night i would seriously rank him above brashear with regards to the everyday forwards and thats about it….i do not want to hear about his PK play, callahan, dubie, and boyle due just as good as a job….he barely hits he is the first man deep with a pathetic forecheck which does nothing and every time he gets the puck he moves it or shoots ir right away!

  3. is there honestly absolutely NOTHING important going on in the world today for breaking news to be McGwire admitting to steroids and Simon Cowell leaving Amercian Idol? Fox, CNN, NY Post, NY Daily News. I think Drury not being Captain shoulda been breaking news there also!!

  4. Sadly enough, Seth has a point.

    The man just isn’t producing, if it’s because of the NY system of play, then that’s what it is. But he’s better suited elsewhere.

    Either that or Sather signed two crap players to two huge deals, and we all know Glenny could never do such thing!

  5. it’s like seth read all our minds. But if you listen to ANYONE calling the games, they all say how great he’s playing, what a warrior he is, what a great leader. Great leaders make everyone around them better. I don’t think he’s done that his entire time here. The franchise has taken on his lifeless, robotic personality, in spite of Avery being on the team. ‘get your Rangers tickets now…”

  6. I am being serious here forget the contracts for a moment if you were drafting a team how would you draft the rangers forwards….this is what my list would look like…

    1) Gaborik
    2) Dubinsky
    3) Callahan
    4) Anisimov
    5) Prospal
    6) Higgins
    7) Avery
    8) Kotalik
    9) Boyle
    10 Christensen
    11) Drury
    12) Voros
    13) Brashear

  7. Dreary already has a “C” and “A”. It stands for “Clutch Ass”, he doesn’t need any other letters. Im sure this wont ruin Dreary’s…

    Martin Luther King Day
    Groundhog Day
    Lincoln’s B-Day
    Valentines Day
    President’s Day
    Ash Wednesday
    Washington’s B-Day



    I knew it was LaCrackhead that he made those comments to, but i figured Black Canadians stick together, so he would hate him as much as LaCrackhead.

  8. i forgot lisin i would rank him probably around tenth or so and this is disgregarding contracts….WAIVE DRURY IMMEDIATLEY….


    Joe and Sam and John and AL and Dave have to protect him he is the captain of the NYR and they all want to get their next paycheck from Cablevision but trust me they know how bad he has been as a NYR they just cannot come out on the air and say how pathetic he has been…..

  9. Good choices Suter is one of the most underrated defensemen in the league glad he got an “A”.

    Drury should just be lucky to be on the team. I dont see how he deserves an “A”. I haven’t seen such great leadership from him on the rangers. How come its always Hank or Avery talking in the team meetings. And Captain Clutch isn’t the best american center on the rangers Dubinsky is better.

  10. LIN

    Really ?? He sounds so French. Actually i heard him talk once, but i changed the channel. I was trying to catch a sweet Angelina Jolie bang scene during the intermission, lol, i couldn’t resist.

    Even so, you’d still think he wouldn’t want to be teammates with him, and would take LaCrackheads word over him.

    Like i said, i don’t believe him though. I think he was trying to take advantage of the situation. Just like the “Cancer” comment Aves supposedly made a few seasons ago, which turned out to be BS.

  11. Linda,

    Amazing – i honestly dont know how anyone with hockey knowledge can say anything positive about drury’s game over the last two years-he has failed misreably the knowledgeable fans/commentators know this


    I think higgins is overall a bit better of a two way forward- i would agree their offensive skills are pretty similiar avery is probably a tad bit quicker but higgins is a bit better in his own zone and is a bit more careful with the puck…..no doubt he has struggled this year and most like we will lose him during the off season but i think he has potential

  12. i know what ya mean ORR. and hey, have we decided who’d win in a fight for Fox between you and mako yet??

  13. glad to see carp was all bark and no bite with threatening people with language and anti (whichever group)

    anything to keep the number of hits up right

    latest example at 4:31

  14. neither dubinsky or drury deserved to be on the olympic team. lets wait a while before we schedule the dubinsky banner raising ceremony

  15. 1)Gaborik

    2)Del Zotto
    Undrafted) Redden

  16. to jay – all he was saying is that drury isn’t even the best american center. how can you not agree with that? you’re not actually chris drury are you? is that you hiding behind someone else’s handle?

  17. afly

    neither deserved to make the team DUBINSKY OR DRURY. i read it as jay saying that dubinsky should be on the team instead. WRONG. answer should be none of the above between the 2. only callahan should have made the usa olympic team from the rangers

  18. and to top it all off to get myself “pumped” for tomorrow nights game i have opened the team calendar from last wednesday’s game and i have it at my desk….GUESS WHO IS ON THE COVER FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY

  19. Some people call meetings, and others answer the bell in clutch situations. Maybe Drury is waiting for the right situation to arise. Then look out.

  20. Rob M….really man? Rozi before Gilroy? And I hate to say it but Christensen and Gaborik have been tw of my fav plates since NHL 08. So glad hey are united on my NY Ranges and acually have some chemistry. I feel like I’m watching a team I put together in a video game. But we still have drury, rozi and redden. Damnit.

  21. MON, exactly how long do we have to wait? He could have been clutch vs the caps in the playoffs? did THAT not call for all the supremeness of the CLUTCH?

  22. stalemate!!!!!!!!! thats excellent ORR!

    i’m still lookin for that 431 post that needed censoring

  23. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..roszival has been better as of late i must admit, i predicted he would have a good season and i also predicted the devils would struggle-wtf do i know!

    anyway i do know at 7:07 tomorrow night from my seat i will be chanting drury dump the puck at go to the bench, hey chris get off the ice, drury sit down!

  24. The Rangers D is young for the most part, and can be frustrating to watch at times. The good thing is in my opinion the young guys are extremely talanted, and this defence, if Sather keeps the good young guys, will be if not the best but one of the best in the NHL in a few years. Not only that but there are some very good defencemen playing in Hartford right now. So when Redden and Rozy are gone, there are good guys there ready to take their place, and I don’t think thats far off.

  25. yea really Rozsival before Gilroy, Gilroy has alot of work to do in his own end, even though he has played more physical in his own zone since being recalled from hartford. Gilroy also has to start pickin his spots when to join the rush and when to join in on the offensive zone down low.. too often he will join the play and stay deep in the zone for too long, hes gotta join the rush and then after the play falls apart get right back, hes playing defense not left wing… Rozsival has played solid the last month or so, he is not making glaring mistakes like he did at the beginning of the season and he is getting quality icetime and making the most of it, according to everyone on here though him drury and redden couldnt possibly do anything right no matter waht so im not goin to try to convince anyone, but its just easy to tell that rozsival has been playin good, i mean especially when tortorella is complimenting the way youve been playin then u know ur doin somehtin right bc he doesnt go out of his way to give compliments, we all know this…the top 4 defensemen have all been great in this recent “run”, and del zotto is only going to get better both ways, staal can shut down anybody and girardi has just been so sound defensively after a little bit of a slow start to the year

  26. Some one wrote earlier Redden isn’t tradeable, no so he most certainly is, but your going to have to put someone very good and maybe young with the package, it’s doable but it will break hearts. No chance of winning any cup with Rosi and Redden on the team package one and demote the other. And BTW fire Sather. The Cap is the key to a future run @ the Cup.

  27. Rob, we have stated that Redden was improved earlier in the season, and Rozsi is a bit better but still prone to lapses…and taking a week to get up and out of the crease ;-)

  28. I may want to get a Team USA Callahan jersey. What might be the best place to get a good deal? It’s been years since I bought a jersey with a name on it (last was LaFontaine!)

  29. By the way, right after the USA team was introduced and everyone elsewhere said that Drury was a lock for C, it was said on this blog that Langenbrunner was a better choice. I’m a bit surprised Drury didn’t get an A. But I wonder if Torts had something to do with THAT? Perhaps a little message?

    Either way, it’s not going to destroy my upcoming long weekend.

  30. hes played much better… redden looked a little better earlier in the year but he came right back to where he was last year, hes not good and he doesnt care enough, drury cant score goals anymore like he used to be able to but he does do other things, he should get 3rd line time and anisimov shoudl start getting 2nd line mins and PP mins, redden is the one that just needs to be buried in hartford

  31. it like redden sat those 2 games, and came back and is not improved. you may be right, he may not care enough, and yes, AA should bet getting more minutes. hell even lisin could possibly get another minute or two.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And hedberg, this team isn’t winning a cup without Hank so don’t include him.

    Drury and voros have to fight it out on the bottom of my list. Kotalik and Brashear are easily at the bottom. This year’s worst defensman has been Girardi, followed closely by Rozsival. Gilroy, a rookie, gets a pass (and higher draft) for potential while MDZ is the best and Redden, on steadiness, is prob been the second best on the year. Not 7million good, but more steady than the others.

  33. I think Redden has improved, he has been playing pretty well as of late. I am not very impressed with his offensive play, he doesn’t shoot, and rarely carries the puck.

  34. Well I guess we are not winning a Cup then. Redden 2nd best d-man this year? Wow it must be that effort he’s putting in or that rocket of a shot that gets thru once every 23 times or the way he clears the crease and on and on and on… Or best of all how he helps develop his playing partners. Imagine making the big show and having him as your partner and getting blasted atleast twice a game because of where he puts the puck for you. 2nd best indeed!

  35. i really wanted to get a dubinsky team usa jersey. now i have to wait 4 years. major bummer.

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Redden has played better defense than Gilroy and since neither has been offensive, in terms of points, he’s been better. Who would you say has been better than Redden? Rozsival hasn’t. Girardi’s been easily the worst dman this year (not based on expectations vs. production, simply on quality of play). Redden’s probably been the most disappointing because of his paycheck, but he’s still been better than Rozsival, Girardi, Gilroy, and in my opinion Staal.

  37. Wicky

    Yeah, unfortunately.

    The team actually played hard for him and he’s right, they could’ve contended with a QB…it just gets sadder and sadder every year…

  38. yea Redden second best is a joke, almost as much a joke as Girardi being the WORST? i dont understand waht games some people on here watch, Girardi is great defensively, and thats waht he is, hes a defensive d-man, he had a slow start yes, thats it, give him a break.. im not even going to elaborate on redden being the second best d-man on the team this year, no need to

  39. Redden’s been mostly OK 5 on 5 but his offense other than that one game against Toronto leaves something to be desired.

    I think Girardi’s done a pretty solid job this year. As per Larry Brooks’s article, it would be a shame to see Girardi go, I think they can work something out $$$ wise but they better be sure that Heikkenen is ready. He’s getting better.

    Dale Weisse 5 goals in the last 4 games and named AHL Player Of The Week. Can we see him get a chance in NY please?

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Girardi is only defensively better than Gilroy. Even Rozsival is positionally more sound than Girardi, he just doesn’t hit. I don’t know what games you watch… heck, I doubt you even watch an NHL game that doesn’t include the Rangers so there’s a reason, you’ve never seen good defensmen. You’re forgiven.

  41. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Redden is better than Staal?????

    thats EPIC

    maybe the Wade Redden of the late 90’s early 2000’s, but not the Wade Redden that has worn red white and blue
    Some of these posts on here are so comical, i mean i know everyone has their own opinion but i mean there is stuff that is debateable and there are things that are just so far from the truth that you just have to laugh

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Heikennen and Sanguinetti could fill in for any of these dmen, except maybe Staal who *should* continue to improve (although I haven’t seen any this year).

  43. Based on nothing but play to say Redden has been better than Staal is simply ridiculous. Gilroy was clearly better the first 10-15 games took a step back and has been better the last 10 games and some of the middle games it was a push, so I do think Gilroy has been better. Danny G has expectations as well and all of us know he has not pick it up from last year and I think that hurts him with peoples opinion but he has been better than Redden as well. I am not going to argue between Rosi and Redden it’s like saying who’s more of a sc*mb*g Clarke or Linesman not worth the effort. And you didn’t mention MDZ I guess you give in on that one. Redden 2nd best NO WAY

  44. after the olympic break, i think staal is gonna come back strong. i also thing MDZ will appreciate the lil break too.

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Girardi has been the cause of more GWG against in the past 2 months than anyone on the team. He and MDZ are the only defensmen with overwhelming negatives in plus/minus and not that that’s a great stat, but how Rozi, Redden, and Staal are 0’s or slightly shows 1) Rob M, you don’t know what you’re talking about and 2) Girardi hasn’t been good defensively.

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nah, Hedberg obviously MDZ has his lapses defensively but as a rookie with a huge potential to hit AND score he’s been the brightest spot on the blueline.

  47. Okay seriously, I want a post made about this Carp.

    Why does Callahan so much deserve to be on the Olympic team and Dubinsky does not?

    Here’s each stat line:

    Dub: 32 Games, 8 Goals, 23 Assists, +10, .116 Shot %
    Cal: 45 Games, 10 Goals, 12 Assists, -13, .085 Shot %

    Now please tell me why everyone’s pissy with Dubinsky and in love with Callahan when Dub is OBVIOUSLY the better player between the two.

  48. Staal is 0 because he plays against top lines every night and the team doesn’t score enough for him to get any plusses while he’s on the ice…he holds Kovy to 1 SOG and it up against other teams best players….to say he is worse than Redden is more than ridiculous

  49. We’re 5th in the Eastern Conference in Goals Allowed…so how can the man with the most ice time for a defenseman be worse than one with almost the least?

  50. I think we need to give Drury a break. He just bacame a father. It’s a lot of responsibilities chasing little clutchsprings all over the house. Wicky can attest to that. Watch your toes, Chris!

  51. No I get that, but it seems to be an overwhelming popular opinion as well with fans. I don’t see it.

    I find Dubinsky doing more to help the team than Callahan has or probably ever will do. He checks and hits people, I’m sure we could call up half a dozen guys from the AHL to do that job.

  52. Girardi has been average, he still makes a lot of mistakes in his own end, mostly positioning mistakes. He takes the wrong guy, and sometimes he takes himself right out of play. Redden has played with a lot more intensity since he was benched. He’s not pushed around as much , and his all round play in his own end has been better. If they expect him to score any goals though, they might as well for get it. In my opinion Stall has been great lately. Very solid up and down the ice , and he is going to get better. Gilroy has a lot of things going for him, and its going to take time, but I am betting he will be a real good D man. Ditto with DZ. Rozy has been solid lately, and is getting well deserved ice time.

  53. yea Girardi is playing with Del Zotto, the youngest defenseman, a very offensive minded defenseman, who is going to make mistakes, that is the REASON girardi is playing with him, because tortorella has faith in girardi to save del zotto’s butt when he makes those mistakes, +/- is the most deceiving stat in the game, marek malik had a great +/- as a ranger that one year for a while so what does that tell you?
    I’m done with this particular debate though cuz its not going to go anywhere except back and forth, girardi is a real good defensive defenseman, end of my story

  54. I agree about why Callahan gets so much more positive attention than Dubinsky, yes Dubi has got to play with more talent but at the same time I think they are both very similar players, Cally has to get his scoring touch going, whether its pretty goals or its garbage goals in front like dubinsky had vs boston on saturday, either way he has to get going a bit, i think they are very comparable players and i think if dubi didnt get hurt he woudl have made the team also, i think they are both going to be big parts of future ranger teams, 2nd line center and 2nd/3rd line winger, hopefuly anisimov and grachev will emerge as powerhouses to be 2/3’s of our future first line

  55. Linda
    I bet if you asked Cally he would not say that. I bet he is happy to be on that line. I think thats a good line, They haven`t scored much, but a good line.

  56. Just stating the obvious Hedberg lol

    Also Mike, I agree Dubi is a more productive player…but I don’t think they were taking the top 12 or 15 forwards or whatever it may be. They were taking the top 6-8 scorers/top line guys…and then the rest all PK/Forechecking/Energy types for the 3rd and 4th lines…

    But remember, this is a guy who selected Chris Drury, so…

  57. mike you make some good points

    ok i agree callahan does not deserve the olympics either. but neither does dubinsky. so you succeeded in making a point to bring down callahan but not bring up dubinsky

  58. I wish Dubi or Cally both wouldn’t make it. Not to be a downer but the good old USA isn’t winning. Russia in a walk.

  59. You could be right , but I still think those guys play well together, they apply a lot of pressure when they get it going. They are a hard working line. I have no idea what their plus minus is, but they don`t get scored on a lot. To bad they don`t score more.

  60. So no “C” or “A” for Drury…Interesting! That has to ruin something for him, no? Or his buns-of-steel are “un-ruin-able”? I cant wait to hear what Joe (I like ‘em thick) Micheletti got to say aboot this!

  61. i am telling you, like i said a few weeks ago, Drury is gonna score 2 or 3 clutch goals in the Olympics! I am being dead serious here!

  62. Linda, you’re probably right. I hope that fires him up. Could be the best thing happen to all of us. After sending Sather for permanent fishing trip, of course…

  63. after the olympic break, i think staal is gonna come back strong. i also thing MDZ will appreciate the lil break too.”


    Uh oh, you made a typo, you better watch out for the typo police. I know someone who’s a wittle baby when it comes to typos.

    After reading Brashit’s wiki page, ehh, i try to feel bad for him, but then i think “well, he should use all that anger to beat up someone who is bullying his teammates”, BUT, he doesn’t.

    Screw Brashit ! His mother was right, he obviously has mental issues, i mean, why else would he pull a guys hair, or attack an 18 year old kid when he parades himself as the NHL “Heavyweight”, or when he threw a cheap shot at Betts, or when he sucker punched Aaron Ward.

    We should sign his dad, cause then Brashit will leave, and Brashit will abuse all of the losers on the team, and then they’ll leave, then we can fire Mr. Brashit, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

    Sounds like a plan.

  64. lmao @ ilb sather ‘sleeps with the fishes’!!!

    He just looks unhappy. I dont think i’ve seen the guy smile in the 2 years he’s been here.

  65. ORR, who’s the typo police? i’ve not seen much of that nitpicking here, thats for sure!!

    You are too much!

  66. I’m kinda hoping the Olympic break this year does the reverse of what it did to the Rangers in 06 when half the team went and it burned them out. 4 guys is not too bad.

    Dubi doesn’t get as much press this year because he was slumping and then got hurt. He’s been great since he came back. Cally has no playmaker to work with. I’d put him and Anisimov together, but Torts doesn’t wanna do that this week.

  67. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    January 11th, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Why is Piggins so high on your list ? Avery is ahead of him in my opinion. At least the guy draws penalties. So even if he doesn’t score, he’s helping us out in other way, as well as making us laugh.

    take your last statment orr and apply it drury. same thing. aves has 5 goals dru has the same. oh wait hes got 1 more. but still, u see how certain people cant figure out that the guy was never a scoring machine point producer like any high profile player around. he had 1 great season. why is everyone so surprised that he doesnt score that much? and like u said. “he does other things to help the team out”. so does drury, but its a freakin popularity contest here. i dont like drury either, but its hypocritical to say that. aves gets paid 4 mill. but only half we pay, so whatever he does, is a plus. no real expectations. the dumbass who signed drury to that contract is the one who should be takin heat here. you think drury would say, uhh no glen, i dont think i can score 50 goals so i think u should pay me less. the guy got by by playing on stanley cup teams and is american. hes scored a few real clutch goals in teh past for other teams to help them and was always considered a great role player. u think if u give voros 6 million more hes gonna turn into gaborik?? no, but yet, you guys just hate on dru soo much.

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