A slow off-day (updated)


Not much happening with the Rangers today … or at least we don’t think so.

So we wait for tomorrow’s game against the Devils. From now (actually starting Jan 2.) this is the only two-day break the Rangers get until Jan. 28-29, when they go west for three in four nights. Other than that, it’s every other night. Or back-to-backs.

Hey, that Tortorella Rule (Torts Reform?) worked for one day, anyway. The Rangers coach didn’t drop a single F-bomb or BS-bomb in his first press conference following the NHL making it illegal for coaches to use such, um, colorful language when the media is present. Of course, Tortorella’s team had just had one of its best wins of the season. So let’s see if the rule really has as much bite as the coach.

I’m old-school on this. If Tortorella or anybody else wants to express himself that way, go for it. I’d rather have to edit or bleep his comments than have him hold back a point he’s trying to make. But, hey, that’s just #@&%!  me.


Team USA will name its captain and alternate captains for the Olympic games, which are now just 34 days away. The announcement will be made ta 2:30 p.m., although there isn’t much intrigue about who will be the captain. It has been reported and speculated everywhere that Jamie Langenbrunner will wear the C. I’d bet anything that Chris Drury gets an A.


For those of you into the future NHLers, tonight at 7 p.m. on the NHL Network (and streaming on NHL.com) will be a half-hour show on the mid-season rankings of prospects for the 2010 NHL draft. Those included in the interviews are Windsor Spitfires (OHL) D Cam Fowler and LW Taylor Hall.


LATE MORNING UPDATE, 11:48 A.M.: According to Andrew Gross, Prospal is back in the lineup tomorrow, and skating on the No. 1 line, with Dubinsky moving down to the second line.

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  1. They’ll be trading assets for a chance to make the playoffs and get two home sellouts, maybe three, and then be eliminated.

  2. question: if you were prospal and were traded as a rental, would you sign back here for next season?

  3. Ughhh. Games on Versus tomorrow…going to miss it unless I can find some way to watch it…but alas I have work anyway, so I am going to put this one in the Loss column for me.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s a trivia question:

    Erik Johnson was the last defensemen selected with the #1 pick (2006). When was the last time before that a defenseman was selected #1 overall, and who was that defenseman?

    Be honest, I know you can easily look up this information on a number of websites.

    Although to be fair, I had to look it up because there is no way in hell you would know this without doing so.

  5. Doodie

    I looked it up cuz I had no idea…interesting that 3 years in a row were a D-Man and only one since then

  6. Was it Chris Phillips? Coming of a time when D were getting selected very high in the draft in the mid 90’s?

  7. Guys,

    I was away for the weekend and did manage to go to a sports bar to see the Blueshirts take down the Bruins. I know the B’s are injured, but I thought the NYR played very well. Truly!

    Here is the other thing I heard: Dion Phaneuf is looking for a trade? Is that right? Did anyone else hear this or talk about this (again, I was away and have not caught up on the blog comments?) If so, how the heck could we pkg someone or some $ to get him? If we sent them Roszival or Redden (plus more obviously) and then paid half of Redden’s contract (or more), how does that affect the cap? Who would they want in return?


  8. If we got Phaneuf, we’d probably have to do something with Avery. I’d love to have him on the team, but no way it happens (especially since there’s no way Calgary would take Redden or Rozi in exchange for him to clear the necessary cap space).

  9. Dion Phaneuf would be a great addition to this Ranger team. He and Avery could hang around together. Seriously I would like to see Phaneuf here, but he would likely become a terrible D man after a couple of weeks in NY.

  10. why would calgary, or anybody, trade a guy like phaneuf without getting a staal or a dubinsky, minimum, back? no way they’re taking redden/rozsival in a deal like that.

  11. carp, sorry i missed your post about the buffalo chicken pizza. strangely, my father, who i sware u guys are long lost brothers from mideival sicily, loves the stuff too. i said dad!! is texas that bad?? of course the only place in town where he lives that sells pizza is the gas station!!! so i can kinda understand. they sell lots of fried catfish and tons of mexican joints sellin homemade burritos, enchiladas and there not bad. better than the bell. but back to pizza, he is from brooklyn and moved from there to elmont, then to middle island,(little side note here, everyone in iowa asks me where middle island is, and guess what i tell ’em, “in the middle of the carpin’ island!!) but hes lived in ny for 48 years before he move to texas. how can he lose his accent and his taste for food??? hes been there 7 years and hes already talkin slow like texans do. hes startin to even draw out his words. please carp, anybody, what can i do to stop the redneck-ification of dear ole dad? lol

  12. it boggles the mind that people still think reden is tradeable. its been known slatipuss has tried to deal redden already. beginning from last season. gainey got gionta so getting gomez, who is much more valuable to a team than redden wasnt that surprising. and seeing who we got in return i can almsot see the deal being more even than we first thought. higgins is a huge waste. betts 1.5 basically,3rd/borderline 4th liner at this point. and had we kept gomez and dealt drury, wed probably have one of the better top first lines in the conference. whatever deal sather makes, especially for a guy like phadoof, u can kiss grachev,mcdonut, somepicks and at least girardi. maybe we get a rene bourque or even this kid whos had a decent season named nigel dawes!! hahah. redden will be waived. then we can get averys best friend. edmonton might be willing to be better to deal with since the sather connection plus tambellini is desperate to keep his job. but if they were smart, they would just tank. get hall. atnd give him a 50 million signin bonus so he doesnt request a trade after a week. edmonton must be the coldestdamn place on earth. nobody wants to go there.

    doodie, philips was the one that came to mind. he was ca pick in the 96 draft i think

  13. Carp gets it. Larry had very little to share this morning, so he had to come up with a little Eklundism. They are as likely selling now as Sather retiring, returnung all his salary back to Dolan and admitting that he royally bufieglened up. Uh huh…

  14. Interesting that prospal is back on the 1st line….was dubi centering higgins and callahan or was dubi on the wing?

    Anisimov needs to get more PP time, he is winning battles down low and should be rewarded

  15. why would tortorella break up the 1st line of dub-christensen-gaborik when they’ve been clicking, scoring and generally playing well?

    put prospal on the second line…dubinsky has like 8 points in 4 games…keep him on the first

    am i wrong here?

  16. Rob,

    Totally agree…Dubi is playing well very well since he returned from the injury…..if dubie is playing LW i hope anisimov gets bumped up maybe have him play between dubi and callahan and let the third line be higgins drury and avery….lisin has been playing well as of late also so im sure the 4th line tmorrow will be lisin boyle and kotalik

  17. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Rob F,

    The same reason that he’s moving him… it’s a toss up either way.

    If Gabs and Christensen need Dubi (doubt it) then he can go back… but if Dubi sparks the 2nd line… great. It would be the same if he put Prospal on the 2nd line.

    Purely a 6 to one, half dozen to the other type of move.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Riche, I can.

    Gaborik’s line is still scoring with Christensen and Dubi. Why not move Prospal somewhere else to help get some scoring elsewhere in the lineup?

  19. I’m with Rob F, moving Dubinsky off the first line at this point is a mistake. That line is clicking, leave it alone. Prospal can ease his way back on the 2nd line with Callahan and Higgins.

  20. I think Dubi is the more versatile of the two (him and Christensen). If they can get a legit 2nd line going with Dubi involved then it’s worth it. And yes, no reason to break up Gaborik and Prospal, but truth be told Prospal’s production really started to dry up right around Thanksgiving.

  21. I totally agree with you guys on the defence situation. As far as Phaneuf goes, Carp is right there is no way Calgary will trade him without getting something real good back, and in my opinion the Rangers can’t afford to give up their good guys. Phaneuf has been struggleing lately anyway. We really don’t need any more struggleing D men. I think Redden and Rozy have been pretty good the last couple of games, all the defence have been in my opinion.

  22. Ah, I had to look up the 3rd D that was chosen 1st overall in that stretch. Jovanovski in 1994, Berard in 1995 and then Phillips in 1996. Could have been maybe 4 in a row had the Sens not chosen Daigle over Pronger in 1993.

    I somewhat cheated in that a week or so ago I posted about how the drafts in the mid-late 90’s were not very deep as compared to the drafts of the 2000’s and I remembered some, but not all of the #1 picks from that era.

  23. So the 2nd line is now Dubi Drury Cally?

    And the 3rd is what? Avery or Higgins is going to play the right side?

  24. Prospal is coming back from minor surgery. They have to put him on the 1st line so he can test it out without worrying about doing much else. It makes sense. Dubi should go back for the 2nd line just because I think he’s on his game and can make a bigger impact there than Prospal would. Plus Christensen is an exact clone of Gaborik with a little less speed and not as quick of a shot, but when you watch them play together, they look almost exactly alike out there (Christensen hits more too). Makes sense to play them together, similar to when he had Nigel and him and Drury (mind you Nigel is more skilled) played together.

  25. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im just glad Chirstensen has stuck on the top line, he’s played well and deserves it

    Plus Dubi looks alot more comfortable playing wing lately, so maybe he does spark the second line.

    My problem is the 4th line, and I know it doesnt really matter that much cause it is the 4th line, but with Prospal returning and dubi moving down a line, how do we keep Kotalik in the line up AND Lisin?

    Easy way to me is just sit Voros and Brashear, but Torts has a homo man crush on huggy bear, but a 4th of Lisin-Boyle-Kotlaik I would not ming seeing at all

    I hope this is the line up for tomorrow


    Bench Buddies – Voros & Brashit

  26. Also Phaneuf is hands down the most overrated d-man in the league. He’s better than what we got, but his highlights give him more credit than he deserves. He throws big hits and occasionally gets points, but his defensive coverage is absolutely terrible. He leaves so many guys open in front its not even funny. I’d take him just because he’s an upgrade, but he wouldn’t impress people in NY outside of a few hits.

  27. There is one bad thing I have noticed lately. They have been losing a lot of faceoffs. A short while back they were winning a big percentage of them. Duby moving to the wing could be one reason, at times he wins a good lot of them. I suppose it could have a lot to do with who they play.

  28. GWG(Great White Grab..)
    For you Old Guy: Just call him more often and engage in lo-o-o-ng Brooklyn flavored sophisticated conversations. Do that on constant bases. Both, you and Dad get Skype to do that for free.
    Can you please, give me some web site I could watch live stream tommorow game. I have no access to TV, but have my laptop in bed?!
    …and yes, I would leave 1st line intact, but my name is not Tortorella, so it doesn’t matter.

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  30. Interesting article by Brooks…he is trying to stir stale water again… but for what reason? Having Sather selling or buying only means that he will set this organization even farther back… SELL SATHER ALREADY!

  31. OO a fridge! Thanks Linda! You would think with all of that Versus would be included! Flight lands at 4:45…games starts at 6 central time…it’s gonna be a close one!

  32. If Dubi is actually good, he’ll be able to continue the way he’s playing, while playing with a loser, and a hard working guy like Cally.

    He doesn’t have any excuses. I like the move by Torts. I want to see if he’s actually playing great, or it’s just one of Dubi’s short hot streaks, that turns into long cold streaks.

    And Vinny has earned that spot on the top line. He should be back up there.

  33. We just stayed at the omni in ATL and they had it. Do you want the phone number for the place so you can call and ask them to make sure. I mean, with all that, there’s gotta be some versus!

    I agree with CCCP…. SELL SATHER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I agree with carp, no way that dion gets traded here without dubi staal girardi sangs yada yada yada going the other way in some combo! Redden is pretty much not tradeable at all (course I said that about gomer), so I think that is why you hear the rumours about him being demoted at times. I think we can still trade rozy by the deadline! Dion and avery on the same team….not sure, but i guess if pilon and stevens could play together here, they could too. I would love to see him here, but i seriously doubt it happens!

  35. this direct tv versus thing is pissing me off! I think we are switching to digital cable or dish after this season!

  36. Thanks Linda haha, I think I have the # on my itinerary. Nothing I can really do if they don’t have it, I’ll just come on here and get a link if I can.

    I’ll be there until Friday haha…I guess I can’t really complain, I mean it’s business, but it’s free at least!

  37. ouch Tony, thats just wrong on so many levels!!

    NYRGuy,it looks like a really nice place, and they have some good restaurants nearby too!!

    Can you image Aves and Phaneuf being on the same team? Oh the comedic possibilities

  38. Tony

    why don’t you hook the laptop to your TV? That is what i did.. i have one laptop permanently hooked up to a HDTV and i use it to watch stuff online… and one laptop that i use as actual laptop.

  39. I hear good things Linda…I just wish I was going somewhere cool haha…Kansas is nothing like the Metro area

  40. Thanks Shor

    That sux because i was thinking to leave cablevision because they don’t have two of my favorite channels anymore! HGTV and Food Network! Yes, I love watching “Home and Garden” network! Freaking Dolan killed sports franchises and now he is killing TV!

  41. can someone explain to me this:

    a company has a link on their website to inquire about employment opportunities, so i email them, and get a non deliverable email back saying that email does not exist! Hmmm

  42. I agree with a lot of the posts here. Why move Dubi. I’m A big subscriber to “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” Besides Prospal’s production has fallen way off since around Thanksgiving. Why mess with the chemistry that has been working so well over the dozen or so games. Torts stop tinkering and keep playing the combos that work….. How about trading either RosY and / or Redden for a Happy meal and a coke. Gotta bite the bullet on those 2 at some point.

  43. Apparently, HGTV and Food Network are owned by Scripps Networks. The contract they had with Cablevision has expired and according to cablevision (which I tend not to believe) Scripps Network is asking for additional $20 million annual increase in fees and cablevision decided to drop those two channels.

    “Cablevision pays Madison Square Garden – its subsidiary – in excess of $110 million per year for two of its networks, MSG and MSG+. Cablevision pays Food Network and HGTV less than 1/10th of that. And while Cablevision has announced a significant increase for its own networks, it is refusing to pay the market rate accepted by the rest of the industry for Food Network and HGTV.”
    Help the cablevision customers get their favorite channels back! Please… 8-D


  44. Linda- change directions you’re looking.

    Dion Phaneuf, folks is exactly what we don’t have- a big, mean, physical SOB with offensive skills. He is having an off year, agree. But in case you forgot, he is only 24. What would it take to get him is a different story. And, of course there is an Avery issue….

  45. Saw Bobby Flay more times than I care to remember yesterday during the football games. Please, reach an agreement with the networks before I find him at one of his restaurants here and punch him in the face.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    CT and Grabachev, sadly you get nothing.

    What ever happened with Fox and Time Warner?

  47. CCCP
    Thank you, buddy for asking. I’m alive, that’s only what counts, trust me…other than that trying to get out of pain to normal life, obviously will take a time…Suffering from limited access to TV and comp. Overprotective kids stupidly believe I’m hurting myself watching Rangers(fortunately, not true recently).

  48. Didn’t Luc Robitaille have an affair w/ Gretzky’s wife and get stuck together in NY? At least thats what I was once told was involved in his trade from the Kings. If that can work, I’m sure Dion & Aves can be buddies lmfao!

  49. Im sure it can happen. Brashit, and Aves don’t seem to have a problem, and supposedly Aves called LaCrackhead a “monkey”, which i don’t believe, but who knows.

    I like Aves, but i would dump him in a heartbeat if it meant getting Phadoof.

    We could help the PP, he could be the crease clearing d-man we desperately need, and he brings Cuth back to the Garden where she belongs.

    Sounds good to me. What would they want for him though ?

  50. 4ever-vyzdoravlivay, druzhok..

    Cross Check- this sloppy seconds is better than anything we have in our..hm..hands.
    How many sloppy seconds would you guys take from Chicago?

  51. tony from AZ
    Thank you buddy. Shouldn’t I move to Arizona for better climate? How do watch Rangers games over there?

  52. I can believe Avery saying anything to anyone. Judging by some of the reactions he gets, he is capable of saying anything.

  53. 4everanger
    I have considered that myself, I really could use some nice warm dry air right now.

  54. Don’t mistake Phaneuf for anything other than forward who happens to play defense.

    Does he make score? Yup. Does he make big hits? Sure. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to keep the puck out the net. Teams score when he’s on the ice, a lot.

    Huge offensive game, minimal defensive game but he is fantastic to watch.

  55. 4ever – I watch every Ranger game on Direct TV, Center Ice or MSG except those dumb ass Versus games. I watch them on my computer.
    AZ is great, the weather is beautiful in the winters. I moved here 29 years ago from Brooklyn. If you can live without good pizza AZ is a great place to live. Every high school has a hockey team & ASU has a club team. We have the Coyotes with Prucha & I still play hockey at 64 years old.
    Life is good

  56. Captain Clutch is not the captain on the Olympic team. He is not even Alternate Captain Clutch.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why dubi?! Why can’t they keep dubi on the wing and try Prospal back at center? It is obvious to Joe B, and myself, that Dubi has had more twine-finders than even Gabby in this most recent clip! Heck, why even try putting Prospal on another line while Christensen and Dubi are producing on the same line? Torterella’s disappointed me a few times this season with Renney-like moves, such as this one.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    God, what does that say about Drury’s leadership when, as one of the clear veterans of the US Olympics squad, he couldn’t even get one of the FOUR alternates? Add in the fact that Torts is the assistant coach. What does that say about Torts’ opinion of Drury’s leadership?

    Also, 3 of the 5 letter guys are past or present NJ Devils.
    Extra little jab for how much Drury sucks.

  59. Prospal isn’t in game condition and can’t play first line minutes. That will necessitate juggling. Better to move him down the depth chart and let him get in game shape playing third line or fourth line minutes and getting some time on the special teams. The Rangers have been winning since he left the line-up. Why screw with the chemistry now, especially with the way Dubi and Christensen are playing?

  60. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Are you at the game tomorrow night?

    I will be there with the Mrs. to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

    Boneheads…leave Torts and his line changes alone. He doesn’t stay with his lines anyway.

  61. I know it’s very hot there in the summer. Whta is the weather like there in the winter? How cold does it get?

  62. Hockeymon, today it’s 73 degrees – brrrr – LOL
    Our winters can get in the 50’s but not usually. Our summers are like hell – 100+ everyday. But it’s dry heat & I only go from my car to air conditioned buildings. But the summer nights are great.
    Lots of Ranger & Yankee fans here

  63. drurys gonna be the 4th line center and its a miracle he even made teh team, so nobody was expecting him to be captaineven though he became one by default here. hes not known as a true leader. and as far as i know, he will be better off not having teh c or a while playing in vancouver. less pressure will only be good for him. hes not a leader. everyone knows this. hes a vt, but weve sen hank,aves,prospal all be better leaders than him. no big deal. he should be stripped of it here, but it wont matter at this point. maybe next year when we have 15 new guys, we can make the change.

  64. Orr – it wasn’t Brashear he supposedly said that too. It was Laraque.

    JJP – not even huge offensive game, above average offensive game. he’s terrible on defense though. Like I said in my previous post, people just make a huge deal about him because of his big hits at the blueline, but his coverage in his own end is absolutely terrible for someone who has been in the league a few years.

  65. I don’t think the Rangers should trade anybody. Keep the same team, finish 8th every year and lose in the first round. Keep the team goals on the small side, this way the fans can never be let down.

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