Jagr’s KHL team brawls


Wild one in the KHL today, a game involving Jaromir Jagr’s team was called after four minutes, and 637 penalty minutes, featuring a few line brawls and then an all-out bench-clearing, penalty-box-clearing riot.

Check out the two videos here.

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  1. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    thanks for the links and story!!

    Anyone have another link to them, my computer won’t play them!!!

  2. I’m looking for details on the Brashear fight today. I saw a highlight, but it looked like it was over quickly. Was it?

  3. oh snap!! i gotta check out that game later! I have access to watch all KHL games online in fairly decent quality! BUUUAAHHHAAA!!

  4. LOL Carp

    The game got canceled?

    I love the slogan above the players’ bench… “If you come to us with the sword, you will die by that sword” or something in those line

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Look Out B's , were right behind you!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im back everyone , just been too sickly to post but Ive seen all the games and right now things are looking good!!!

    Hate to see all those fights when they only have 1 medical person there. Jagr’s team is a mess.

  6. They really are a mess. I feel bad for Jags. He can still play NHL hockey. It kills me to see him play in a garbage league. He should retire a Penguin, and they should retire his number.

    For all the people that say “Jags cant win a Cup without Mario”, all i have to say to that is…Mario cant win a Cup without Jagr, boo yaaaaaa, suckaaaaaa !

    Seriously, love the guy, and he’ll always be my favorite player of all time. He got me into the game, and i hate seeing him away from it. The guys a total class act, and one of the best of all time.

  7. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    anyone have a playable link of the fight, I can’t get the carp ones to load. I really want to see jaromir “the brave” go at it!!

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fatso is next!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Jagr in Pittsburgh would suck!! Jagr in NY would be even better!!! Jagr plays 2 more years for us and wins the cup …we retire his jersey and so does pissburgh. Never Ever want to see Pittsburgh with Jagr again..they dont deserve him. Zherdev should be here , I agree!!! What a waist.

    Two morons made a grade over the last few days….um can I say the word “morons” Rick?

    RickYM2 F ( Too many “Rags” comments and saying were like Philthy Philly)

    TheGill F ( Whaddup ,first time poster and last time..beuty)

    Ilb , B+ ( down from an A-) Linda had it right ” 5 minutes for unfanlike conduct” Sorry buddy …but you blew it!!

  9. GREG

    No, i want Jags here as well, but he has more of a shot at winning the Cup there, which i hate to say. But for the most part, it can patch up things with the fans.

    It would be a good way to end his career.

    But i would LOVE to see him return, and play with Vinny, and Gabby. That would be beyond sweet.

  10. paulieplatypus on

    Carp… Brashear vs Thornton was a short fight because whenever Thornton gets his fighting opponent in a bad situation, he calls the linesmen over to stop the fight. He did the same thing last year when he fought Orr and Orr’s jersey went over his head – see the enclosed link. Thornton is a class act with respect and honor for the art of pugilism rarely seen in hockey these days.


  11. It amazes me that there was ever even loose discussion of the KHL becoming a serious threat to the NHL. Looks like a damn high school game.

    Line brawls and bench clearers are always fun though. When was the last time there was a bench clearer in the NHL?

  12. paulieplatypus on

    Salty… There has not been a bench clearing brawl since the NHL imposed a 10 game suspension for any player leaving the bench during a ongoing fight in progress.

  13. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    i think it was in like 92 or 93 maybe….was it rangers devils maybe???

  14. Torts is in the world of his own!

    btw, Team USA will name the team captain on Monday…can it be our home boy Captain Clutch? He’s gonna put on cape and become Captain America!

  15. Shawn Thornton really is a HELL of a guy. Knew him at a hockey clinic like 13 years ago. For whatever reason we really got along and had a great time together(he was my councilor for 2 summers). He was still in the OHL at that time and I remember the two of us sitting in the back and poking fun at Manny Malhotra who was a guest speaker all the other kids are hanging onto Malhotra’s every word and Thornton leans over and whispers “This guy is a giant [cat]”… he was just trying to get a rise out of me and he did. Immediately after though he admitted “this guy is getting PAID in NY and I probably won’t make it”… it was only at that point that I realized this guy even had potential to sniff the NHL (even as a goon), let alone make it a few years later.

    He’s worked hard, been a roleplayer on a cup team, and has stayed in lineups. I’m extremely proud to have known him back then…I’d love for him to pass through in NY at some point.

  16. Salty… There has not been a bench clearing brawl since the NHL imposed a 10 game suspension for any player leaving the bench during a ongoing fight in progress.


    Right right… that little rule.

    Last full line brawl?

  17. I am more than surprised..

    Once in a while I watch a game from the KHL,(when nothing different going on :) especially when Jagr is involved with Avangard, but the last two times I felt asleep because the level of play was not really good, the atmosphere in the arenas were low and Jagrd didn´t show anything special..

    so maybe the lack of excitment brought up the idea of a brawl…..:):):)

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Blair Betts scored two third period goals last night! It was his second GWG of season and 5th/6th on the year. In 15 fewer games, Betts has 1 more goal, is a +15 better than Drury, and is contributing these ‘clutch’ performances for 6.5 million less than Captain America!

    Drury may be the biggest NHL scam since John Spano tried to buy the Islanders.

  19. The thought just occurred to me that by playing in this game, you might see a rejuvenated Drury emerge. It may be a long shot, but stranger things have happened. At least we know that we’ve seen him at his worst..just possibly can be a
    factor in the rest of his season.

  20. Dear Ranger Fans,

    Hello, from the gutters of NYC. I have seen it all, dead cats, dead rats, Donald Brashear. But what i saw yesterday , was a complete performance by the Rangers.Im happy.

    Goodbye kitties.

    – Son of Sam Weinman

  21. Someone said the faans and palyers have to bring their own toilet paper to games.
    If the KHL is in competition with the NHL then Gary Betman is as smart and wealthy as Bill Gates.
    The KHL looks on par with the Central Hockey League.
    I think the NHL players Association and the Agents who represent them bring this BS to inflate their salary chances.
    Thank God I live here in the States as I would rather get to the local rinks and watch Bantams.

  22. Good morning. The win feels even better in am, doesn’t it? Great team effort. Boston is without their key players, true. But our guys won most of the battles. Forgot to play the last 5 min, that may cost them in the playoffs.

  23. Jagr should be still playing in NHL. What a waste!
    GregL- happy you feel better. Welcome back.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 10th, 2010 at 9:40 am
    Jagr should be still playing in NHL.
    In the major city of a team playin in the Atlantic Division!

  25. I haven’t watched or paid any attention to the KHL, but from what I see in this video they won’t be around all that long. The building in this video is way to small to support a pro hockey team, unless these guys are not making much.

  26. Good morning all!!

    I can’t wait to get home and see that video!

    And damn skippy Jagr should still be playing in NY!

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Any of you boneheads think Chris Higgins belongs on Jersey Shore? He may not be “the situation,” but he can sure take your breath away (Ribeiro).

  28. Beth,
    I was just thinking that! He really should lose the mullet. Good friends don’t let friends grow mullets! He deserves better. That fight was ridiculous. Did anyone else find it amusing that the goalies were friendly and practically hugging each other??

    “Any of you boneheads think Chris Higgins belongs on Jersey Shore? He may not be “the situation,” but he can sure take your breath away (Ribeiro”)…LMAO!!!!! That is sooo wrong! He just cut his hair, so he can’t do the wind tunnel effect with his hair. As for causing a player to get a tracheotomy…OMG! That is insane. I’m surprised it wasn’t a double minor…he did sustain a serious injury.

    I was happy with the win against the Bruins, but it really P***ed me off that Henrik lost the shutout!

  29. I think Dubinski is getting good at collecting those garbage goals. He has enough size and good enough hands to do it consistently. Maybe being on the wing should continue for awhile?

    What I thought was lost in that win, and in a few previous games is how good Anisimov has been playing. He is not scoring much, at least yet, but his positioning is impecable. Have you noticed how he predicts the next move and skates exactly where the puck would arrive next? Great hockey sense. I was hoping Rodent would comment on that. He didn’t. But anything else in his rant, including pictures is pretty good:


  30. ORR,
    thank you for mentioning me yesterday, that was the first time for me.
    about Orr, I come from a time when the tough guys could play, and score, as well as intimidate. Orr does none of this well. he can fight, I give him that. but he does not intimidate. Brashere , at this point, no one can argue, is done. Orr will never be what Brashere was, which was a mean intimidating, scary to play against player.
    OK now I am done with this discussion.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He really said BackSide Bang and Backside Bullseye! Wow. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it myself.

    On a different Byfuglien note, how peculiar is it to hear “Semin, denied by Hedberg, but scores shorthanded!” This before, the ‘Backside Bang’, naturally.

  32. Does anyone have the tickets for tonight’s halftilt between Tampa and the Devils at the newly lid up La Piedra? I’m sure it’s gonna be a sellout..lol

  33. Like I said yesterday, half a Devils game with the team already 3-0 down doesn’t exactly scream NHL attendance record. Unless you’re talking record smallest.

  34. I miss Jagr!! Bring the mullet back!! He could still outplay anyone on the current Rangers roster. Viva Jagr!!

  35. http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/2010/01/09/12406066.html
    There has been talk the Rangers are going to place D Wade Redden on waivers and then send him to the their AHL affiliate in Hartford. There is nothing to stop the Rangers from doing that because Redden has a limited no-trade clause, but he doesn’t have a restrictive no-movement clause. Signed to a six-year, $39-million deal on July 1, 2007, the Rangers have tried to deal Redden, but haven’t been able to find any takers. Even if New York GM Glen Sather did want to deal Redden, he’d have to get a list from the defenceman of eight teams where he doesn’t want to go.

  36. BULL

    Wow, you just cant admit it, can you ? It’s alright to be wrong every now and then.

    The fact is, Brashit’s job is to fight, he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t even stick up for his teammates. Who cares aboot what he was, that was ages ago. We were supposed to replace a fighter with a fighter, and all we got was a guy who’s making 2 mil just skating and taking penalties.

    Redden, Drury, and Gomez were bad signings, just because of the money, but this is easily one of Slats’ worst signings. Im beginning to wonder if he actually thought Brashit would score 20 goals.

    He needs to choke on a cigar !

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