It’s Bo (as in Boston) time!


In the old days, this would have been a classic matchup. It always was when the Rangers went to Boston, usually for a Saturday matinee, back when they played at the old, rat-and-roach infested Boston Garden. The Garden rink was smaller than regulation, and while plenty of people complained about that, the result was a smaller neutral zone, and more shallow corners and hence you never or rarely saw a bad game there. If you had a banging team, there would be extra banging there. If you had a speed team, it would fly through the small neutral zone and bring an afternoon of rush-trading.

(Of course, Mike Milbury used to cry about how boring it was when Roger Neilson would trap his Bruins). One time, Herb Brooks put speedy D Reijo Ruotsalainen on the wing with Rob McClanahan and Mark Pavelich, and boy did those Smurfs fly.

Enough reminiscing (one more thing, they’d have these huge cats running around the building after games, chasing football-sized rodents).

Your boys have lost just once in regulation in their last 11 (7-1-3) and so have 17 out of a possible 22 points in that stretch. Hope they can keep the lights on at the new Garden.

This will be your game thread because I’m going to a big basketball game (10-year-old nephew) this morning.

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  1. Howdy everyone! I won’t be able to catch the game in real time today.. lots of home improvements to do today. I’ll DVR and check in later tonight!

  2. I remember beeing in Boston in the ninetys to take part in the Boston Tea Party !:)

    I cant imagine that B´s will invite the Blueshirts to a tea this afternoon at Banknorth Garden :)

  3. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    Good luck nephew of Carp in your basketball tournament!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then,
    LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So Lucic is back but Bergeron and Savard are out?

    This game will probably be another 2-1 matinee affair.

    Leave it to the Devils to find a way to ruin my stats in fantasy hockey since all my Bolts boys lost their points.

  5. Hi Linda !

    I hope B´are not so strong in putting pucks in net as they were hundred years ago in throwing the tea in the Boston Harbour :)

  6. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    KOALA!!! how are ya?!?!

    just a quick reminder, for anyone wanting to join the BONEHEADS FACEBOOK group, let either myself or sally know your RR posting name and your real name BEFORE you send the FB request so we know who you are!!

    Gotta agree with MikeA, arent all these Rangers Bruins games pretty much 2-1?!

  7. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    glad ya put (as in Boston) after that, because Bo can have several meanings, right Sharkie???

  8. BANJ says replace Redden with Revis! on

    Yes Linda, by 7:30pm I’ll need to be peeled off the couch.
    Let’s go Rangers!

  9. It’s funny how the Giants and Jets fans support each other. Kinda a nice change up from the hatred of Rangers-Islanders and Mets-Yankees.

    Go Jets! Use that defense and do what the Giants did in 07!

  10. Fun to watch the Bruins of yesterday in the afternoon. O’Reilly, Cashman, Secord, Middleton, Jonathan, Cheevers,Park, Ratelle. I know as a NYR fan I was supposed to hate them but I always found myself rooting for them especially against the Flyers and Fishsticks. Boring as hell now so vanilla, that’s Buttman.

  11. Good hockey afternoon to you all.

    And yes Linda… It can =P Bo Didley, Bo Derek, Bo Jackson, Ram-bo…. Etc


  12. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    you and me both Banj. My fiancee volunteered to do the food shopping so he’s not stuck listening to me yell at screens for part of the day!!

  13. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    NYRGuy, its kinda like God’s giving us sports fans a lil present. Now, if we get 2 wins out of the day, then its a HUGE present!

  14. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    body odor, and your fave person… hehehe big hugs to my bro!

  15. Hey, everyone! Game time in 30. Drinks are ready?

    Is it me, or does anyone else think that the “lights off” incident at La Piedra last night sounds a little strange?

  16. Only with the Rangers would we get points in 10 of 11 without seeming like it haha hopefully we can keep it going today and then with NJ and TB next week at home. No reason we shouldn’t get any points there

  17. We think our goal streaks are bad? Todd White had 22 goals, 51 assists last year for 73 points

    This year, he has 3 goals, 13 assists and is in a 33 game scoreless strea

  18. LVF (you can cal me FUZZY) on

    Good Afternoon all! First time blogging. Be patient I’m a rookie! I’ll try to keep up with you all :D. Looks only one feed on Center Icr today. Hope it’s Rangers but probably Boston. Oh well…LGR!!!!


    I’m worried. Our afternoon games record is pretty bad. Why is that, by the way?

  20. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISAPPEAR DOLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I wish… for ONCE… that Center Ice would broadcast a Rangers game in HD with MSG coverage. Somebody should bring a class action suit against them for false advertising. They claim “many of them in HD” but I don’t consider 1-2 games out of ten or more a day to be “many” nor do I consider zero of my particular team’s home broadcast to be many. Grr

  22. LVF (you can cal me FUZZY) on

    I got NESN & Andy Brickhead. Just switched to fios…man I miss Direct TV already

  23. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    you know it ilb!! rozsi not only has grit, but snarl!!!!!!!

    he’s actually been a bit better lately though, now, after typing that, he’ll have 4 giveaways today

  24. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    i’m glad you’re happy LW, enjoy the attack on your auditory senses!

  25. This should be a good game, likely not a high scoring event, but a good game to watch.

  26. LVF (you can call me FUZZY) on

    Ha Ha, He just said Brashear and Thornton – “a pay per view event”…uh I want my money back!

  27. At least there’s absolutely no chance of the Donald hurting his hands again after that tilt (copyright Joe Beninati).

  28. Five minutes for fighting? That was no FIGHT!! They both should get three minutes for delay of game.

  29. 3 minutes for delay of game, and make them wear pink skirts when they come back after that slaptastic display



  31. Leetchhalloffame on

    Brazier brings absolutely nothing to this team. Thank goodness Slats signed him for 2 years. FIRE SATHER!

  32. So how long is Kotalik gonna be off the ice for now? As much a dive as it was, he still made some dumb moves on that play

  33. Dive or not, it looked like the puck was a good 6-8 feet in front of Sturm when he went down. I thought you had to be in full control to get a PS?

    And Kotalik has to make much better decisions if he’s playing the point. He’s coughing it up almost every game now.

  34. That Boston penalty kill was not as great as Sam and Joe are saying. It’s just that the Ranger power play was crummy.

  35. OK, the rule says “The player in possession and control (or, in the judgment of the Referee, clearly would have obtained possession and control of the puck) must have been denied a reasonable chance to score.”

    I can live with the call, in that case.

  36. My kid just came down and wanted to watch the game with me. Its a first -sooo nice but now mummy have to watch her language… he he Love Henrik!!!!

  37. For some reason the on the PP the Rangers feel they need to play with the puck while never looking to shoot. They seem to have opportunities to attack the net early in the PP, but choose to play with the puck instead

  38. The Rangers game kind of went in the craper at the end of the period. Hank has been sharp. The D has been good, but for the times they have besn running around under pressure.

  39. frankly, the rangers stink. Please take off the glasses and see what they are, mediocre. It’s funny how under Renney the rangers played a defensive style and had no power play. Well, torts finally realize the only way the rangers had a chance to be in games and possibly win is defense first and the power play looks the same under Torts system as Renney’s. The rangers have one legit offensive talent, Gaborik. The rest are third line talent.

  40. tomg I disagree. I think the rangers have a couple of offensive threats they are just playing like 3rd liners. kotalik and higgi were offensive players before they came here they are just not living up to their potential.

  41. I cannot stand these two idiots. It’s like they have a personal vendetta against Del Zotto.

  42. With the current stupid NHL playoff system, there is no incentive for teams to be much better than mediocre because mediocre teams make the playoffs.

  43. why do people decide to talk to you during play, but NOT when the effin commercial is on! SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH dont talk to me when the game is on, or the show is on, wait for the commercial!

  44. BANJ says replace Redden with Revis! on


  45. sorry guys, just had to vent! he’s yappin away while play is going on about some story about a person we dont even know, and he gets mad at me.


  46. Joe and Sam have become so annoying to me. They spend so much time kissing the other teams behind you would never know the were for the Rangers. I know most homers are agravating bur I just had to watch without the sound. Guess what else I follow the puck better without them!

  47. he needs to go upstairs and finish putting his desk together or chill with the digital piano! sheesh! he does that all the time. Why do guys insist on talking to you when you’re watchin something? WAIT FOR THE DAMNED COMMERCIAL!

  48. Steve, watch the NESN broadcast (if possible) and you’ll at least appreciate some unbiased broadcasting. But I know what you mean, Joe especially makes players out to be the best in the nhl.

  49. That period was shocking, for it displayed something rarely seen – consistent Rangers offense. Great period overall, really great pressure.

  50. st0w- haha yeah they are. Everyone is a “real good player and a great guy”. And organizations are always “real excited about (insert rookie) in (insert city), aren’t they Sam?”

  51. TR I believe so…interesting stat-Gaborik leads the NHL with 20 goals at home…that leaves not too many on the road, but still pretty good lol

  52. May I suggest that the Rangers left the bus league during the second period. Crisp passes, win all the battles.. If not for Thomas- 4-zip

  53. ok, lets not have a 3rd period meltdown now!

    thanks ilb, you’d think after almost 7 years together, he’d know by now!

    lucky two fingers? isnt that the smoking chick bowman?

  54. MAKO- I hate to break it to you, but they play much better when you are in Pokonos. Where do I send the “Fresh Direct” truck?

  55. I fear only another light failure would stop the Rangers beat the Bruins..but 21 shots and only one goal shows the real problem..but I dont want to complain, overall a good and solid effort….

  56. my man and i were having a conversation yesterday about how when Tom Brady was hurt, he was gallavanting all over the world with his chick, and was not really around the team much. I told him about Fankist and I said, I bet ya he’s in Boston with them on Saturday. and tada, Sam just mentioned he was there. Hockey Players, a different breed.

  57. stupid penalties..Henrik is in danger to loose his shotout…
    Cally, Dru, Dubi, Higgi doing a good job on the PK..
    and of course HENRIK

  58. LVF (you can call me FUZZY) on

    ilb — how much poop you got? — the Rangers should be punished for missing the empty net twice!

  59. BANJ says replace Redden with Revis! on


    Afternoon delight.

  60. Best performance of the year possibly? They are looking really impressive and big road wins like this can really help their confidence.

  61. LVF (you can call me FUZZY) on

    No shutout but a win and 2 points…we’ll take it! Nice win by the boys.

  62. LVF (you can call me FUZZY) on

    It’s been fun. Work to do now. Rooting for the Cowboys and Jets tonight; TTYL

  63. Mia culpa, heads, got a bit too cocky. Oy, it wouldn’t be a real Rangers game without at least a little nail biter

  64. Rangers will never be a high scoring team but if they are able to score some timely goals like today….

    But they need to have it more often…

    Hank was just huge, when he´s hot, then it is fantastic…

  65. Only got to catch the last 15 min of the game. Just got back from Ithaca and my friend Curtis gave me a VHS about Messier that he found at his salvation army store and the boy left me a copy of The Fame Monster! And the Rangers won! What a great day!

  66. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hey there, from Beantown, Ranger Fans! I used to play for Boston, you know. I was a teammate of Don Cherry’s. Taught him how to shop for clothes…

    I have Vinnie Prospel up here in the suite, while he’s still on the mend. Vinnie, that’s quite a tan you have there- are you by any chance from the Southern part of the Czech Republic? You know, along the coast? I thought so…

    After watching this game, I think it’s time to trade Lundqvist, while he still has value. I mean, why waste all that talent, using him up by just winning games? Now, take Rozival- he has stunk for a few years, so I extended his contract and have Torts play him every game. I’ll get everything left out of him. Nobody cares if I squeeze him dry. It sounds sort of counter-intuitive, but I’ve been doing this for years now- I know what I’m doing. The fans seem to agree too, we sell out every game.

    I’m also going to make an offer to Tiger Woods. If this team plays the way I built it, he’ll be our MVP in April. On the golf course… With him on the team, we can’t lose! Oh! That reminds me- Mess! Did you secure all the tee times for April? Cripes, do I have to teach you EVERYTHING!

    (singing)”Feelings, nothing more than feelings” Ooops, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone… Hey, Big guy! We beat
    Boston this afternoon. No, it was indoors. The TD Garden. No, you shouldn’t have bought out all the tickets at Fenway. Oh, those poor underprivileged kids, sitting in a cold empty outdoor stadium. Well, it’s the thought that counts. You can still write it off as charity. Knicks play the Rockets tonight, eh? Think they’ll get off the launch pad this time? No, I mean the Knicks… Why are you crying now, they haven’t lost yet. Geez, there’s no talking to him anymore… (click)

    Hey Muck! Muckler! You’re going to be my new scout in charge of giving prospects an incentive to come to New York. You’re my new Giving Head Scout. Did you notice there sure were a lot of Slovaks on the ice today? Gaborik, Chara, and Satan. No, a Slovak is NOT just a canceled Czech. That’s what I’ll be paying you every week with..

    Where’s My boy Brashear? Brash! Good fight today! When your helmet came off you looked like a Human Bowling Ball. No, It’s just a figure of speech. I know. You need 46 chromosomes…

    Well, I guess it’s back to NY for the Devils, see you then!

    Grand High Exaulted Mystic Ruler

  67. OMG awesome Sather wrap up, and nice to see i am not the only one who uses that saying!!! Lmao @ 46 chromosomes

  68. Linda, ilb

    I’m so pissed I missed the game AND I passed out & missed all RR !shenanigans!!

    Cute ilb – I would live up here if you paid me lol and I think you’re right!!!

  69. i know you meant lack of sleep! you dont drink and drive to the poconos !!

    check this out, the first one is malkin, the 2nd is bettman, the 3rd looks like jimmy durante and the 5th is just…well, take a look

  70. Rangers must have all taken their 5 Hour Energy between first and second periods.

    “I”ll take Ithaca, double or nothing.”

  71. It’s very reassuring to know that Sather actually is alive and attends the game. Thanks for the insightful wrap-up, our exalted one!

  72. I wont because I have no tuxedo but I bet Carp will go because i bet he looks extraordinary in a tuxedo :)

  73. Kidding, MAKO, come back. We like it when you are here. You’re a good son, helping pappa is more important.

  74. Rangers Coach John Tortorella about the secret of beating the Bruins…

    “Whenever you play Boston you know you’re going to be in for a grind.The way they play, the way they jam the neutral zone, you’re going to play along the boards. … The key is getting through the neutral zone on them. They like to counter off of turnovers, and I thought we did a pretty good job of limiting our turnovers and getting through and then grinding through.”

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