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From the Rangers:

January 9, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, Boston Bruins 1 (Game #45, Road #22)

• The Blueshirts defeated the Boston Bruins, 3-1, today at TD Garden, and have now recorded a point in 11 of their last 12 games (8-1-3).
• The Rangers are now 22-17-6 (50 pts.) overall, including a 12-7-3 (27 pts.) mark on the road; New York have posted a record of 8-1-1 (17 pts.) against the Northeast Division, and have out-scored their opponents, 33-18, in
10 games this season.
• New York improved to 36-17-10 (82 pts.) against Original Six opponents since the 2005-06 season, including a 14-3-2 mark vs. Boston over the span; the Rangers’ .651% winning percentage ranks second among Original Six teams over the span.
• Brandon Dubinsky tied his career-high with three points (one goal and two assists), including the game-winning goal; he has now recorded 12 points (five goals and seven assists) in the last 10 games.
• Henrik Lundqvist made 29 saves, including 15 in the third period and a penalty shot in the first, to record his 20th win of the season; he has held opponents to two or fewer goals in 14 of his last 17 games.
• Erik Christensen registered one goal, assisted on the game-winning goal, and tied for the team-high with four hits; he has recorded at least one point in five of the last six games, registering seven points (three goals and four assists) in the last six games.
• Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto opened the game’s scoring with an even strength tally at 7:56 of the first period; entering today’s contest, Del Zotto was tied for second in the NHL among rookies in assists, sixth in points and 11th in goals.
• Marian Gaborik tallied one assist in 20:35 of icetime; he has now recorded a point in 33 of 43 games this season, including five goals and 12 points in the last 12 games.
• Defenseman Dan Girardi recorded an assist on Del Zotto’s first period goal, and finished with four hits and four blocked shots; Girardi was tied for ninth in the NHL with 97 blocked shots entering today’s contest.
• The Blueshirts next practice is scheduled for Monday, January 11 (11:00 a.m.), at the MSG Training Center.
• The Rangers return to action on Tuesday, January 12, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division rivals; the game will be nationally televised live on Versus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Sather's Wrapup on

    Sloppy Seconds, anyone?

    Hey there, from Beantown, Ranger Fans! I used to play for Boston, you know. I was a teammate of Don Cherry’s. Taught him how to shop for clothes…

    I have Vinnie Prospel up here in the suite, while he’s still on the mend. Vinnie, that’s quite a tan you have there- are you by any chance from the Southern part of the Czech Republic? You know, along the coast? I thought so…

    After watching this game, I think it’s time to trade Lundqvist, while he still has value. I mean, why waste all that talent, using him up by just winning games? Now, take Rozival- he has stunk for a few years, so I extended his contract and have Torts play him every game. I’ll get everything left out of him. Nobody cares if I squeeze him dry. It sounds sort of counter-intuitive, but I’ve been doing this for years now- I know what I’m doing. The fans seem to agree too, we sell out every game.

    I’m also going to make an offer to Tiger Woods. If this team plays the way I built it, he’ll be our MVP in April. On the golf course… With him on the team, we can’t lose! Oh! That reminds me- Mess! Did you secure all the tee times for April? Cripes, do I have to teach you EVERYTHING!

    (singing)”Feelings, nothing more than feelings” Ooops, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone… Hey, Big guy! We beat Boston this afternoon. No, it was indoors. The TD Garden. No, you shouldn’t have bought out all the tickets at Fenway. Oh, those poor underprivileged kids, sitting in a cold empty outdoor stadium. Well, it’s the thought that counts. You can still write it off as charity. Knicks play the Rockets tonight, eh? Think they’ll get off the launch pad this time? No, I mean the Knicks… Why are you crying now, they haven’t lost yet. Geez, there’s no talking to him anymore… (click)

    Hey Muck! Muckler! You’re going to be my new scout in charge of giving prospects an incentive to come to New York. You’re my new Giving Head Scout. Did you notice there sure were a lot of Slovaks on the ice today? Gaborik, Chara, and Satan. No, a Slovak is NOT just a canceled Czech. That’s what I’ll be paying you every week with..

    Where’s My boy Brashear? Brash! Good fight today! When your helmet came off you looked like a Human Bowling Ball. No, It’s just a figure of speech. I know. You need 46 chromosomes…

    Well, I guess it’s back to NY for the Devils, see you then!

    Grand High Exulted Mystic Ruler

  2. Good evening all! Only have a second but just wanted to tell you that there’s nothing like watching the boys win against Boston when you’re with your Boston-raised cousins! Whee!
    Weather sucks in Florida…pray for sun for mama….later heads!

  3. Linda, it was just a game, not a tournament. “Our” team lost 36-18. It was still great. Thanks for asking. Made it back in time to see most of the Rangers-B’s but missed the fight … so I’ll look for it on Rangers in 60 or NHL Network.


    Begals looked pretty bad.

    I hate all this time waiting for Tuesday’s game. How long before Torts puts Chad back in goal? Torts should give him another chance for his first win real soon, IMO. He earned it.

  5. i agree Puck. it WONT be the versus game, you know Hanks got that. I wonder if it’ll be next Saturday.

  6. Next back-to-backs are next Saturday in St. Louis and Sunday home vs. Montreal. I’d guess he gets one of those. If not, then Jan. 30-31 at Phoenix and at Colorado for the start of three in four nights out west.


    Just finished watching DVR’ed game… Awesome game! One of the better games of the season! It’s great when you have nothing to complain aboot!

    Actually I do have something to complain aboot… Brashear! When he dropped the gloves I thought to myself “Wow, look who finally decided to earn his paycheck” …and then nothing happened! What a big pu$$y!

  8. CCCP it was more slapping than anything else! ok, to give him a break, the officials seemed to step….wait what am i doing? makin excuses for charmin!?


    The other night Torts said Chad will definitely get another start in January and I’m thinking… just one? How does that alleviate the drain on Hank in an Olympic year?

  10. Oh by the way… I was in downtown Brooklyn on Fulton and Livingston and there was a brand new “Tim Hortons” shop right where “Dunkin Donuts” used to be! So I couldn’t miss an opportunity to have “Tim Hortons” for the first time in my life and see what the buzz is all aboot! i had “Canadian Maple” donut and “Blueberry Bloom” donut with coffee! It was yummy!

  11. guys. brashear wanted to drop you a rap about his fight today. he left it with me.
    slapstatic. making slaps emphatic, 38 years of age and still at it Thornton put me on my ass, it don’t matter, hit me so hard,emptied my blatter 1.4 million a year. 1.4 million thanks to glen sather, you think i’m skilled, i’m no marshall mathers. Too good for you to fathom, dayum, welcome to my puddin kingdom. Gogurt, don’t gimme that fake crap, i like yogurt. refs stepped in cuz of my rep, gave thornton somethin to think aboot, be sure as hell he’ll watch his next step.!

  12. i love your raps 909!!! too damned funny! you put in every nickname or thing we say on the blog in them. mad props to you!!

    CCCP, when you actually pick one up, you can see the sugar just drip off them!

  13. i try to. if you want a word to go with somebodies name, ill do my best to work it out. btw that facebook group is mad gangsta. I decided to hire CCCP as my bodyguard. dude looks like he could pull a train. go CCCP

  14. Brashear Brashear… he aint no joke, Brashear Brashear he eats for breakfast yolk! I know that I’m no Puffy… Brashear looks mean but on inside he’s fluffy!

  15. idk. if there were some fat cakes in those coats, id have my money on brashear. he needs to have more motivation than the 1.4 million dollars

  16. I think Torts heavily violated the Torts rule between first and second periods. Because they came out looking like everyone had a firecracker inserted in their butts.

  17. oh, if you wanna watch a really good movie, go see a movie done by ben stein called expelled:no intelligence allowed

  18. I think Ranger909 should be NYR’s enforcer. All the guy does is work out, and make funny rap songs. He could kick ass, and make people laugh.

    Ill be your agent. Ill just tell Slats that you can score a shi*t load of points, and im sure he’ll buy it, and sign you to a 7 year 20 million dollar deal.

    Your future is in my hands, and the hands of a very dumb cigar addicted old man !

  19. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    timbits brother, got to get the timbits!!!!

    we fully expect a large amount of timbits and tins of timmy’s coffee to accompany on your journey out here!!!!

    I thought brash played a pretty good game….except for the fight!

  20. nice orr. betts had 2 goals vs the lightning btw. I’d me the francois boillion of hockey. mad short. lol

  21. This blob has great potential………but so many of you ‘whiners’ bitch bitch bitch.
    The Rangers will make the playoffs and possibly get past round one.
    You have one of the great goal scorers in the NHL!
    You have one of the great goalies in the NHL!
    You have a fabulous core of young players which many other teams would die for!
    And if you don’t know, you have a bunch of young talent coming up shortly!
    You have moved up in the standings!
    You have a team which may have found itself momentum-wise in the second half of the season…which is preferred!
    And you have done it without Vinny Prospal.
    So take your hands…hold them in front of you…now move them down on your seat and sit on them!
    Oh..yea..enjoy the ride.

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